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  • Me and uncle jack
  • Callum woke up to the smell of pancakes and syrup. Yesterday was his last day of school. Now he was off for the summer. He yawned and stretched his thin, muscular frame. callum stood about 5" 9" and had a wiry wrestler"s build. His whole body was sleek and hairless except for the light brown patch above his cock. He threw off the covers, putting his feet on the floor. His oversized hands slipped through his long brown hair. He scratched the pubes above his big morning hard-on.

    "callum, breakfast is ready, and don"t forget, you"re picking up your uncle at the airport this afternoon."

    "Oh fuck!" he thought. He"d made plans with the guys, forgetting about his uncle. Well, he"d just have to call them and cancel. He hadn"t seen his uncle since he was a little guy; but always remembered him fondly. He checked his naked frame in the full length mirror, did a few muscle poses, and then turning to the side, and checked his morning hard-on. Now there was something to be proud of he thought, as he gave it a few loving pulls.

    Seven and a half inches and thick as his wrist, was nothing to be ashamed of. Must have come from his mother"s side of the family; because the one time he caught his dad in the buff with a morning hard-on, there was only four or five inches jutting out. He took a couple of more pulls on his meat and went in to shower.

    After woofing down eight pancakes and two glasses of milk, callum headed out to Beth"s house. He and Beth were friends since grade school. Beth knew everything about him. There wasn"t one secret he could ever keep from her. They hung out together until it was time to head for the airport. callum didn"t want to ask her to go with him and she felt a little left out; but callum wanted to greet his uncle alone. The fact was, Beth had been feeling a little left out for a while now. It seemed that callum spent more and more time with the guys lately.

    The loud speaker announced a 45 minute delay in Uncle Jack"s flight. callum swore under his breath; this meant an hour and a half"s wait. He sat for a while watching the people; but got bored with that. callum browsed around the stores then stopped to get something to drink and read. After that, he had to pee so he headed for the men"s room.

    The building was the oldest one at the airport and hadn"t been renovated yet. The bathroom was dark and the tile dingy. Hanging over the stalls were low wattage bulbs. The stalls themselves were made out of old corrugated wood that had been painted many times over. The mirrors were dull gray and lost their sheen. It wasn"t dirty at all, just old. You just had the feeling you stepped back in time.

    He stood at one of the two urinals in the place. As he took his meat out of his pants, an older guy about 25 came in and stood next to him. He always had trouble peeing in public; and even pulling on his cock didn"t help. His cock began expanding. "Oh shit! What the fuck am I going to do now?" he thought. The guy next to him noticed he wasn"t pissing. He stepped back from the urinal, showing off his nine inch slab of meat, and continued to pee. callum, made an involuntary movement of his head and glanced at the big dick that had stopped pissing and started growing. Wow! He thought he had a big dick. He turned away quickly. The guy faced him and stroked it blatantly. callum couldn"t help but take a second look and the cock was at full erection now. He didn"t realize he"d licked his lips. The guy put his cock away laughing. "Fucking cock sucking queer," he said as he left the men"s room.

    callum felt completely mortified. He turned to the sinks. The water wasn"t running. He checked them both and feeling like he would pass out, the blood having rushed up into his head, he ran to the toilet in the corner. It was for people with disabilities. The door slammed shut and he tried the sink. Water gushed out of the spigot. callum splashed his face with the cold water a few times; and started to feel better. He noticed his cock was still hanging out of the fly. A noise came from the other side of the door.

    callum didn"t know what to do. What if it was the guy that flashed his cock? He couldn"t possibly face him again. Maybe if he stayed in the stall until whoever it was left, he could get away then. He went to sit on the toilet to wait. As he moved away, he noticed the wood wall had been eaten away. A good sized round hole had been worn smooth. He could see the guy in the only other stall, sitting with his pants down. Every time he glanced over he saw movement. Not being able to make out what was happening, callum"s curiosity over came his fear. He inched forward. He couldn"t see the man"s face, but he saw what the man was doing.

    The man stood up and took off his shirt, pink with blue stripes running through it. His smooth naked chest flexed with muscles. He reached down to hold a big, fat, hard cock. Both his hands wrapped around it and the head still stuck out on its own. callum couldn"t believe it. With his eye against the hole, he watched as the muscular man started to stroke it. Every once in a while, the man let go and the straight thick cock bounced in the air as if it were saying yes, yes, yes. The man had already noticed callum watching. He leaned against the opposite wall and lifted the huge cock to show off his big fucking balls hanging low in their sac.

    callums mouth went dry and he moved away to the sink. He splashed more water on his face, and cupping his hands, drank some. When he turned around, the huge cock stuck out from the hole he had vacated. The big balls hung down against the wall and the cock stood straight out from the hole. callum looked at the disembodied cock. He absorbed himself in the oddness of having a living cock seemingly unattached to a body. He walked forward. callum bent down to get a closer look. The cock pulsed and hit him in the face. "Well, are you going to suck me off or what?" callum"s jaw dropped. The world became unreal to him. His head spun and he shook it.

    Here was this disembodied cock telling him to suck it. He bent forward again. "Well? Get on with it boy! Suck me!" callum lowered himself to a kneeling position. He stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked the cock head. He tasted the pre-cum. All of a sudden the cock pushed forward a little more and the cock slipped into callum"s mouth.

    "Ummmmm!" came the muffled sound. callum bobbed on the cock and took more and more into his mouth. From a third he took half. From a half he took two-thirds. The cock head kept hitting the back of his mouth. He liked the taste of the cock flesh and texture of the cock itself. It was hard as a rock, yet supple and giving with a silky feel to the skin. The cock head would squish and then bounce back into shape. He was mesmerized by the whole incidence.

    "Hold your mouth against the hole and let me fuck it kid." callum moved forward not quite pressing his lips against the wall. The enormous cock started to retreat and then slam into callum"s mouth. The wall of the stall shook. Then again it withdrew; and again it slammed forward. The man set up a steady rhythm. The wall bounced with a noisy beat, in time to the fucking cock.

    "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Hold your head there kid. Here it fucking comes! Take it cock sucker. Take my fucking juice and eat it. Ohhhhh Fucking yeah!!! Fucking eat me. Suck my cum man. Suck it good you fuck." callum swallowed and swallowed some more. He ate the cum for the first time in his young life. At the last moment the cock head pushed past the back of callum"s mouth and plummeted down into the recesses of his throat. The last two loads shot deep within his cavern.

    The man"s hands wrapped around the top of the wall and he hung there with his softening cock still in the hole. callum kept sucking as the cock softened. He felt it going into a flaccid state and realized he enjoyed the cock hard and soft. He thought, he never had such a good time. Slowly he let the cock go and stood up. The cock retreated back through the hole. The man quickly zipped up, put on his shirt, and left.

    callum stayed a few more minutes, trying to figure out just what went on. He looked down at his pants and the wet feeling there. Fuck! Now he had cum in his pants. "Wow! He had just sucked his first fucking cock. Damn, it wasn"t half as bad as he thought it might be. The dreams he"d been having of other guys finally came about in reality. callum realized he would be late for picking up his Uncle and headed out of the men"s room with his sweater in front of him. He went to have his Uncle paged.

    callum parked the car in the garage and entered the kitchen. His mother was cooking at the stove. "You"re late callum. Go wash your hands and set the table for dinner." callum did as he was told. His mother went to the stairs, "All right you guys, dinner"s ready."

    callum heard his father coming down, his feet rumbling on the floor. His father walked into the dining room and behind him Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was wearing his pink shirt with the blue stripes. "Hey Buddy!! How are you doing? You remember me don"t you? Say you don"t mind the fact that we"ll be sleeping in the same bed do you?" callum went over and gave his Uncle Jack a big hug. "No Uncle Jack. I don"t mind at all." Uncle Jack felt callum lift his knee gently up between his legs, and wondered what that could be all about. callum couldn"t wait to tell him.


    Two days had passed since Uncle Jack arrived. Both nights callum was nervous and afraid to do anything. They went to bed and Uncle Jack wore a tight fitting pair of Jockeys that outlined his big meat invitingly. His body was thin but muscular; and callum had a hard time relaxing with him. He ached to tell him that they did it together; but callum became shy and hesitant.

    On the third night, Uncle Jack came into the bed room with a towel wrapped around him. He"d just taken a shower down the hall. callum lay on the bed watching him. "So little stud how was your day?"

    "Oh it was alright. I just hung out with the guys messing around." Jack pulled off the towel and started to dry his hair. He stood facing the bed and continued to make small talk. callum stared at the monster dick hanging flaccid over the heavy big ball sac. He licked his lips like he"d done the first time he saw it in the men"s room.

    When Jack pulled the towel off his head, callum quickly turned away; but not before Uncle Jack saw where he was looking. "So Karl, you dating any fine looking girls lately? At your age, I suppose they"re giving you a good workout huh?"

    "I go over to Beth"s house a couple of times a week. What do you mean by a work out?" callum knew damn well what he meant; but if Uncle Jack was going to talk about sex, he wanted him to be specific."

    Jack got a little flustered and looked at his nephew quizzically. He changed the subject and hopped on the bed naked. "Anything on the TV?" Jack grabbed the remote to turn it on. callum jumped up and hit the power button on the DVD player; but not before the credits of the movie showed up on the screen, "In The Locker Room".

    "What was that callum?"

    "Oh, nothing. I picked up a movie about sports, but haven"t looked at it yet."

    "Why don"t we watch that? I love watching sports."

    callum didn"t know what to do. He knew it was a porno flick. He saw the triple XXX and just grabbed one quickly. The guy at the flea market on the other side of town sold it to him with a sneer on his face. callum"s face had turned beet red and he scurried off, sticking the DVD in his pants and covering it with his shirt. callum hadn"t had a chance to view it since he bought it. "No, it"s probably just statistics on different teams. Let"s watch something funny."

    He jumped back on the bed next to his uncle. Jack flicked through the channels and stopped on one of the summer sitcoms. He absentmindedly pulled on his balls as they watched the screen. callum wondered why he hadn"t put on any underwear. He copped a look every now and then. His uncle"s cock stayed flaccid.

    Later, they shut the TV off. Jack rose off the bed. "I guess I"ll put a pair of skivvies on. I wanted to make sure my croquet set was dry." He chuckled at the joke.

    "Boy Uncle Jack, you keep making statements like that and I"m going to start thinking you"re a geek."

    "A geek? I"ll show you a geek!" Jack jumped on the bed and started to wrestle with callum.

    "Uncle Jack let me go or I"m going to grab those naked nuts of yours." callum made a couple of moves on his uncle"s big balls. Jack easily evaded his moves and pulled down callum"s underwear. When he was naked, Jack held him down. "There you go callum, now we"re both naked.

    "You"re perverted Uncle Jack." They both laughed and Jack let callum go. He got up to get some skivvies. "Uncle Jack we"re both guys and we"ve already seen each other. If you don"t want to wear anything to bed it"s fine by me."

    "What? What the hell was I saying?" callum couldn"t believe the words he just spoke. "Hey that"s cool, callum. I hate wearing clothes anyway and I never wear any to bed when I"m alone. Thanks." They both slipped under the covers and shut off the lights. "You"ve got a pretty big piece of meat there callum. You must take after our side of the family "cause I"ve seen your dad"s. It"s okay but nothing like us huh stud?" callum turned on his side. His cock lurched forward in length. He was still shy about getting a hard on with his uncle.

    "Yeah Uncle Jack. I"m glad I take after you." He managed to say quietly, a little under his breath.

    Jack heard him any way and smiled. He turned on his side facing callum, his cock gently brushing against the boy"s ass. He put his arm over callum"s waist. Sleepily he muttered, "You"re a good kid callum." Jack dosed off but callum lay there wide awake. His cock kept growing until it was fully hard. callum was so horny, but after a while he too dosed off.

    An hour or so later, callum woke up. He could feel his uncle"s cock, stiff and fat, pressing against the full length of his ass crack like a hot dog in a bun. He backed up against it and grabbed his own hard meat. Jack moaned and humped his hips forward. His body felt so good to callum, the boy pushed his entire torso up against his uncle"s smooth, muscular chest.

    Jack turned on his back and pushed the covers down exposing his upper body. callum turned over onto his other side and looked into his uncle"s face. He looked a lot like his mother. The features were the same but a lot more masculine. He was quite handsome with his square jaw and high cheek bones. He touched his uncle"s chest; and followed the curve of muscle down, making circles around the dark brown nipples and then down to the deep set navel. He continued to look at his face to be aware of any change he might make.

    Jack didn"t move. His breathing was normal. callum got braver and slipped his hand under the covers. He gently grabbed the enormous cock shaft in his hand and softly stroked it. He had to stifle the moan that begged to be released. Jack continued to snore softly. callum pulled the covers back a little more, just enough to look at the beautiful cock in the moon light.

    He took a deep breath and leaned forward. callum pressed the fantastic cock head against his cheek. His lips kissed the side of the cock shaft. He turned his head and did it again to the other cheek, continuing to give soft light kisses to the extended part of the uncle he loved. callum moved down to the loose hanging ball sac with the monster balls nestled inside. He pressed his entire face into the man"s scrotum, relishing the smell fresh from the shower; and the manly aroma that moved up into his nostrils.

    His tongue licked gently at the cock shaft, as he held it straight up in the air. callum wanted this cock so bad. He thought he could suck it all night and not tire of its flavor; the silky skin that shined from his saliva and the spongy cock head that beckoned him to taste its nectar. He swirled his tongue around the expanded cock head and stuck the tongue tip into the deep flared cock slit. The taste of precum liquid caught in the slit, made him moan involuntarily out loud. His uncle squirmed and his hand came down to cup his balls.

    "callum, you"re awake," he mumbled. "What are you doing little stud?" He was fully awake now. "Oh shit callum. This is not...I mean this shouldn"t..."

    "It"s okay Uncle Jack. We"ve done it before."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "When I picked you up at the airport and you thought I didn"t show up?"


    "Well I did show up. I was a little early and they announced your flight to be late. I hung around checking things out for quite a while. Then I had to take a leak. You remember coming into the men"s room?"


    "Well guess who was on the other side of the partition when you fucked my face?" callum Smiled, finally the cat was out of the bag. He felt great relief and pressed his lips against his uncle"s cock head for a soft sweet kiss.

    "You mean.... You were the one? Impossible...I mean you couldn"t have...Wow! It was you, giving me that fantastic head in the john." callum laughed.

    "I"ve been looking for a chance to tell you. Yours was my first. I was embarrassed, I felt shy, I didn"t want you to reject me." Jack"s mouth hung down gapping as he was told, then he smiled. "callum I couldn"t be happier buddy. I"m surprised as hell; but damn happy. I always thought you were a hot little stud. Let"s enjoy it and have some fun."

    They rolled on the bed until they were opposite each other. Jack sucked the boy"s thick shaft into his warm mouth. By the look and feel of it, he thought it was a lot like sucking his own meat. It had been a while since he had been with another man except for getting a Blow Job now and then. Now he had a chance to do it with this beautiful sensitive boy.

    callum followed suit and tried to do what ever his uncle was doing to him. They licked and sucked and kissed and licked and sucked each other"s dicks. Jack loved the young fresh taste of this boy meat. He moved down to the big heavy balls and sucked it into his mouth. It was big and filled his whole cavity. He slurped and rolled it around in his mouth for a long time. Then he did the other one. He felt callum doing the same thing to him in the same way. It was blowing his mind, among other things.

    Jack was getting to close to climax. He pulled away from callum and rolled him over on his stomach. Spreading his legs, Jack shoved his face into the crevasse of delight. He sniffed the boy odor and ran his tongue up and down the ass crack. callum writhed on his belly, pushing his ass back at his uncle. Jack pulled him up to his knees and stuck his face under the beautiful mounds of his ass and started to lick and bite that area between the balls and ass hole.

    He bathed his nephew in oral juices. callum rocked back and forth on his knees begging for more. He had never received a tongue job or Blow Job before. His mind went wild with emotions and desires and physical touches that made him whimper and itch for more. Uncle Jack knew this had to be good for the boy because he understood it was his first real encounter. He was glad it was him and not some unfeeling guy prowling the street just for getting his rocks off.

    Jack slipped a finger slowly into the wet moist asshole. The boy pushed back on it. He continued to lick the outer ring; and slowly invaded another finger. Jack worked the sphincter muscle over and over until he felt it giving up the resistance. He kept spreading his fingers apart to stretch the entry. Jack leaned forward and pressed his muscular chest against callum"s smooth strong back. He reached around and took the giant cock in his hand and slowly stroked it.

    callum began fucking his cock into his uncle"s hand. The feelings were driving him crazy. anything else that was going on became a blur in his mind. Jack placed the head of his hard shaft against the ass muscle. He kept up the stroke on the boy"s cock and pressed ever so gently. Jack bit and sucked callum"s neck which started another series of erotic feelings; callum felt no pain. He only felt full, full of his uncle"s cock. Jack only had the head in so far.

    Jack inched the cock shaft little by little. He made short strokes back out and pushed a little further into the hot moist hole, Each time he made minute progress. It didn"t matter how long it took. He was not about to hurt this sweet kid. He pulled gently on callum"s big balls as he stroked him. callum loved all the feelings he was experiencing. He ass felt full and it also began an itch he couldn"t seem to scratch. He rocked back on the fat cock in his hot tunnel. After a while he was sliding most of the big cock shaft into him on his own. "That"s it callum. Move on it. A little more and you should have it all stud." callum pushed back harder as Jack pushed forward.

    Finally the entire shaft embedded itself deep within the fuck cavern. Jack"s big balls rested against callum"s upper thighs. He stayed there motionless for a while as he feathered his palm over callum"s cock head. "Oh, Uncle Jack. Please, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me now." That"s what Jack had been waiting for, the boy begging to be laid.

    He pulled all the way out to just the head and pushed all the way in to the hilt. Again and again he drew it out slow, watching every inch appear before his eyes. Then he watched every inch slide back in. Sweat dripped down his forehead. His muscles were strained and bulging from their workout. The hollow in his ass cheeks became more predominant as he clenched them each time he pumped the massive meat forward.

    Jack was the vision of pure masculinity as he knelt behind the naked ass. The hair on his head was wet and dripping. Every muscle was covered in sweat and glistened in the moonlight from the window. Moon shadows played on his nakedness as he "porked" his nephew. The vision of his muscular naked body fucking the boy"s naked muscular body played over and over in his mind. It would stay with him forever.

    Now was the time for the heavens to break loose and a choir of voices to sing out their joy for this union of man and boy. Yes, he was eighteen and being fucked for the first time; and his uncle was twenty-nine and showing him the joys of man-to-man fucking sex.

    Jack grabbed callums"s hips and began ramming his fucking huge cock hard and unmerciful. callum met him pound for pound wanting every inch, wanting his big heavy balls, and anything else he had to shove in there. He gave his ass back with every inch his uncle plowed forward. Jack"s thighs slapped against thighs. His stomach slapped against the hard ass cheeks. They were both soaking wet with sweat.

    "Here it is boy. Here"s what you wanted." He shoved his big cock up callum"s ass so hard, they both almost fell off the bed. callum backed up on it and squeezed his ass muscles as tight as he could. Jack"s cock exploded its thick creamy hot cum deep up callum"s hot ass. callum felt the hot cum splatter inside him. He wanted it to go on forever. His own cock jerked up and shot cum up on his chest so thick it congealed and dropped onto the bed linen. Jack held the huge monster cock deep up the ass canal, jerking and sputtering and shooting wads of sweet cum. The cock jerked on Karl"s sphincter muscle and his prostrate kept getting beat with each ejaculation. Every time the cock hit the prostrate callum shot another load of hot juice.

    They both fell on the bed one on top of the other. Jack kissed and sucked callum"s neck as he ran his hands all over the sweaty body. callum"s head was spinning. It would be a while before he came down to earth again. Jack stayed where he was, not wanting to move. If his cock was still up callum"s ass in the morning He would fuck him again. The next week would be better then he hoped.

    callum"s only thought as he drifted off to sleep, "My Uncle Jack, what a fucker!"


    Uncle Jack and I had a great time while he visited. I mean we sucked and fucked every night; and then rimmed, and gave each other Blow Jobs every morning.

    He was a world traveler and over the next year, he sent me pictures of places he"d been and the hot hunks he"d met. I was more then a little jealous; but I do have to say that, the naked pics, he sent of those guys, did turn me on.

    High school was over and I spent the next seven months working. I wanted to take some time off from studying before going to college. It was just a regular job; but it paid very well. I saved up a nice amount. It was around then that I started thinking about a vacation, before going back to school, when I received a letter from Uncle Jack. Of course it had the usual pics of naked guys hanging it all out.

    Uncle Jack"s letter invited me to join him on an eleven day cruise, leaving Miami and going through the Panama Canal, up to San Francisco. It couldn"t have arrived in a more timely manner. I was having trouble deciding where to go; and nothing was permanent. I didn"t have anyone to go with; and going alone wasn"t as appealing as being able to share it with someone.

    Of course I accepted; and the idea of seeing my Uncle Jack again, gave me a hard on. That night, I whacked off while looking at all the naked pics he"d sent me. The two weeks went by so slow, I began to think it was a trick and I was dreaming. My mom told me she was going to lock me in the closet until it was time to leave, if I didn"t relax. "Lock me in the closet? Little did she know I just got out of the closet." I thought. But she was right. I needed to do something to relieve the tension, and keep me from thinking about the trip.

    I was already packed and everyday I checked my bag to make sure the plane ticket to Miami, that Uncle Jack sent, was in the side pocket. I"d already quit my job. My days were free. I guess it would have been better to stay on the job until just before leaving; but how did I know I would go batty waiting. To relieve tension, I drove out on the old state road that wasn"t used anymore except by truckers and a few travelers that got lost leaving the highway. It was nice and quiet being the only car on the road. About ten miles out of town I came upon an old ramshackle truck stop in bad need of repair.

    There were five or six trucks and a couple of cars in the lot. An old wooden sign hung from a pole. The paint was peeled and faded from years of hard weather. It still advertised showers 50cents beds $1.50. From the looks of the place the prices hadn"t gone up. An old man, with a couple of missing teeth, worked the desk. I didn"t go in. I guess I was a little scared. Instead, I walked around the side and saw a building standing alone, about a hundred yards to the back. I was in bad need to take a leak and, just when I had decided to whip it out and pee right there against the building, I saw the sign "Toilets"

    I went in and down a long skinny hall. The rug was worn and so dirty, the pattern had long since disappeared. The walls were in bad need of paint and the few pictures hanging there were covered in enough dust that you couldn"t see through the glass to the pictures. Having no windows, the hall was dimly lit by a couple of bare bulbs. I walked into the men"s room and up to an old long urinal hanging on the wall. For all intents and purposes the room stood fairly clean. I hung my cock out and started to pee. After I"d finished, I shook it and stroked it a few times.

    I heard a noise to my right. I turned, and there was a glory hole level with my cock. A finger was sticking through, calling me over. I got nervous and excited, at the same time, as I went over. The guy on the other side of the wall said, "Let me suck it man." I pushed my limp dick into the hole, and felt a very hot, wet mouth encircle my shaft, sucking the entire soft dick into his lips. "Fuckin Hell Dude!" My cock had always been hard when someone sucked it. To feel this moist, hot, soft mouth enveloping my flaccid cock felt erotic as all hell. "Oh yeah man. Suck it." His mouth and tongue were like velvet sliding along naked skin. I wished the wall wasn"t between us, so I could grab his head and fuck his face.

    This guy had to be sucking cocks for a good many years. He got me up and hard with his extremely wet mouth. He slobbered all over my cock. He swallowed the whole shaft down into his throat every time he went down on it. It wasn"t long before my hot nuts pulled up in their heavy sac. "I"m gonna shoot my fucking load man. Oh fuck, I can feel it cumming. Here it is man. Here"s my fucking cumahhhhhh!ahh!ahhhhhh!ahhh! Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!" I came deep in his throat, feeling his throat muscles squeezing the life out of my cock. He swallowed my cum, the throat muscles tightened, I shot my load. He swallowed, muscles tightened, I shot.

    When it was over and he drank the last of my cum, I zipped up and left. Outside I waited for the man to come out. I wanted to see the guy that did such a nice Job on my meat. He came through the door. His body barely managed to fit through the door jam. He stood about 6ft/3inches in height. He was a big burly man with large muscles and a very hairy chest. He had a long beautifully trimmed mustache. A leather vest hung from his broad shoulders partially covering his naked chest. His stomach was slightly large and even though it wasn"t ribbed, you knew it had to be hard muscle. He also looked like he had a large apple in the crotch of his jeans. His white hair had a buzz cut, and a little longer on the sides combed straight back.

    Although you could see he spent years in the sun, his face held few wrinkles. The skin was tan and smooth. I couldn"t believe that a masculine butch man like him had been down on my cock.

    He smiled as he walked by and in a rich deep voice said, "If you"re still around a little later, I might take a piece of that great ass of yours." Then he kept going. Still around? What else was there to stay for? I decided to investigate the grounds a little further. Walking to the other end of the building, I went in the door. There was another long hall in the same condition as the other one. Half way down, on either side stood a door. One door went into a small, sort of locker room, beyond that were the showers. The other door led to a very large open room, with cots and mattresses. Again, the paint was peeling off the walls; but the cots were all made up with linen very neat and clean.

    A few truckers hung around telling whoppers, and laughing like hell at the best ones. I had heard water running in the showers, so I went back to check it out. The lockers were old and dented and a few were without doors. I walked to the large arch and stood in the shadows peeking in. There were about fifteen spigots sticking out of the wall. Each had a place to put a bar of soap. Three men were in the far corner washing and talking. "When did you pull in Ben?" "About 20 minutes ago. I was talking to old Harry at the desk for a while. He"s got to be, what? A hundred years old? Anyway, his Grandson stepped out from the back. Cute kid, I"d like to get a hold of his sweet ass."

    "Well, he"s old enough to bend over. Maybe you"ll get lucky." The guy called Ben was a little on the heavy side; but when he turned around, he swung a cock that was just my kind of meat. I"d only been out a few times since Uncle Jack and although the Blow Job I"d just gotten, hit about a ten on scale, I was still horny and felt a churning in my big balls. Ben soaped up his meat and slowly stroked it while looking at the asses of the other two guys. For a minute I thought I would be watching an orgy going on.

    "C"mon Mike. We"d better get out of here before randy Ben decides to poke one of us." All three men laughed. As the two walked past Ben, The guy called Mike slapped Ben hard on the ass. "Just remember Ben, turn around is fair play." "When ever you think you"re man enough Mike, I just might spread um for ya." They all laughed again and the two guys walked out of the shower while I slipped into the dark corner and let them pass.

    When they were gone, I quickly shed my clothes and walked into the shower. "Hey kid! How you doing?" "Fine, I was glad to find this place. I wanted to freshen up a bit." There wasn"t any need to tell him I didn"t live far. I faced the wall and stood under the hot water allowing it to beat down on my back so that the skin would shine in the light. My round muscled ass was one of my best features and it hadn"t been used since Uncle Jack. I could feel an itching just inside the opening of my hole.

    I dropped the soap on purpose [no one drops soap by accident] and noticed him taking a long look. If I could have winked my asshole at him, I would have. "So where you headed boy?" He walked over to the spigot next to mine.

    "I have family in the next town."

    "Are you in a hurry to see them?"

    "Not really. I"ve got time on my hands. Where are you headed man?"

    "Name"s Ben; staying here tonight and headed west tomorrow. Early!" I dropped the soap again, only this time it slid under Ben"s shower. He just stood there facing the bar of soap. I hesitated long enough to see if he would move aside. He didn"t move or offer to pick it up and hand it to me.

    I bent over, retrieving the bar, my face about six inches from his beautiful cock. I looked at it boldly, and then up at Ben"s face. As I started to straighten up, He pushed on my shoulders, took his cock in hand, and pressed it to my face. It was full and thick; but not hard yet. The thick soft length of it pressed from my chin to the top of my forehead. His low hanging balls, the size of extra large chicken eggs, rolled against my skin, underneath my chin. The first sounds of moaning escaped my lips.

    "This is what you came for isn"t it boy? I thought I saw you peeking in just before Mike and Tony left. I bet you wanted to come in and have at all three of us didn"t you?" He put his cock at my lips and I opened my mouth, letting its softness lay across my tongue. It filled my mouth and I could smell his man odor with my nose buried in his pubic hair. The scent of the soap he just used and his manly aroma struck my nostrils, and I took a deep breath. I pushed my tongue against the under side of his meaty cock; and pressed it"s softness against the roof of my mouth. I loved having the weight of his cock laid on my tongue. When his cock got hard, it would stand up on it"s own without the weight. In this state, the feeling was a lot different; and just as wonderful as his hard throbbing cock would be in another minute.

    I sucked the cock head hard and rolled my tongue all around its pulpy tissue. Now it was Ben"s turn to moan. He stroked my head and brought his hands down along the sides of my face. I felt his big cock grow in length and girth as it hardened. When it was fully hard, I moved down to those unbelievably large gonads. I licked and sucked, bringing one then the other into my mouth and licked and sucked some more.

    Ben placed his hands under my arms and lifted me like a rag doll. When I was standing, he grabbed my legs and lifted my body up, pulling them around his waist, and pressing my upper body against the cold tile wall. With my legs wrapped around his waist, my asshole was left open and vulnerable to his cock"s invasion. He reached under me and grabbed his mighty meat, aiming it at my sphincter muscle. He moved his hips forward. I felt the expanded cock head at the door to my hot tunnel. He pushed gently, and the left over soap around the hole helped his entry. I felt his mighty cock head move past my love muscle and into my hot cavern. Ben started moaning again. "Oh yeah boy, I want you. I want my fucking cock deep up your fucking hole. You"re so fucking tight and wet in there."

    Ben was very aware of just how tight I was. He moved into me gently, an inch at a time. I whimpered as each inch past into my body, letting me know how much my ass was made for this wonderful intrusion. My lust grew higher and higher. By the time Ben had all his big dick inside me, I was so ready to be fucked, wanted to be fucked. He started with short easy strokes as he pressed his furry chest up against my smooth one. He buried his face into the crook of my neck. I felt his slightly round stomach press into my hard one; and it was so erotic, to have so much of his body touching mine.

    Ben lowered me a little on the wall and his thrusts became longer. I could feel all of his cock retreat to the cock head and thrust hard into my hole. "You like that fucker? You love fucking cock filling your fuck hole? You like my big fucking dick pumping into your ass, huh? You"re a fucking dick lover, a cock sucking pussy for a hard bone. You take it good too, you little fuck. Uh! Uh! Uh! Take my fucking cock." Ben thrust harder and harder into my hole. His sex talk turned me on even more and I tried humping back on his dick with every deep thrust. "That"s it, Ben. Fuck me. Fuck me good and hard. Pump that fucking cock in my ass. Common man, you can do better then that. Fucking fuck me man. Pound that fucking thick, long, meaty, hard fuck pole up my hot hungry ass Ben. You fucker! You"re a good fucking fucker! YEAH! FUCK ME GOOD YOU BASTARD!"

    He pulled out and dropped my legs down. He spun me around and bent my torso over. "Grab your fucking ankles kid. Here comes the cock." Ben threw his hips forward with the weight of his body behind them. His cock made perfect aim and shoved up into my fuck shoot with one mighty movement. His big heavy balls slapped up against my upper thighs. His stomach made sucking sounds against my ass as he drove his thick cock shaft in and out of my hole. I put my hands against the tile and pushed back with every hard ramming movement into my butt. Yeah, this is what I wanted. This is what I hoped for. This was why I came for this ride out of town, a man sticking me like a stuck pig on his pole. Two men servicing each others needs. He needed to fuck and I needed to get fucked; and we were both getting laid.

    There was no love here. There was no passion. It was just two men getting it on. Two guys rutting in the shower. Ben grabbed my hips and began slamming into me as fast as he could. I put my hands close together to cushion my head as it banged against the tile. Then, it happened. He rammed one last, ass splitting time Deep into my recesses his cum came to a boil. His cock expanded. His thick swollen cock head gave up the creamy white spice of life; and exploded his hot cum deep into my ass. I wanted to claw the tile wall, but my fingers wouldn"t dig in. I slammed my ass back so hard; Ben stepped back and took me with him, holding his cock deep in my warm tunnel. We stood away from the wall, Ben with his back arched, hips thrust forward, cock pulsing up my shoot, balls roiling in their sac releasing their sweet nectar; and I, standing up, pressing my back against his hairy chest, stomach muscles contracting, chest heaving, hard thick big fucking cock sticking straight out into the air, bouncing and spewing forth hot thick loads of cum onto the tile walls and floor.

    I reached my right arm up and grabbed his head, pulling it down into the crook of my neck. He sucked and bit into my flesh, leaving a huge hickey, which sent shock waves down into my cock head issuing forth another hot load. If I could have kicked his fucking ass while his cock throbbed inside me you can be sure I would have. That"s how animalistic I felt at that moment.

    When it was over, Ben walked forward and pressed my body between him and the wall. He kissed my neck one more time and let his big softening cock slip from my hole. "You are one hell of a fantastic fuck kid." He moved underneath the shower next to me.

    "Thanks, I could say the same about you." I smiled, taking the soap bar and running it up and down my sore ass crack. Ben smiled back.

    Heading home, I felt better and more relaxed then I had in two weeks. Three more days and I would have Uncle Jack right where Ben had just been.


    Dad took me to the airport and stood with me while I checked in at the curb. After check-in I told him I would be just fine. He gave me a hug and told me to have a good time, then drove off. I went into the airport with a small carry on bag over my shoulder.

    At the gate a good-looking guy behind the counter, helped me choose a seat. I told him this was my very first flight and could I have a seat where I could stretch my long legs out. He leaned over the counter and took a long look at my legs, and I"m sure, my cock, snaking down the inside of my thigh in the tight jeans, didn"t go unnoticed either. He smiled with one eyebrow slightly raised and then winked. "I see exactly what you mean. There"s an empty seat in first class. Since this is your first flight, why don"t we put you there so you can really see what it"s like to fly?"

    Hey, that was fine with me. I didn"t know what the difference was anyway. On board, I showed the lady in uniform my seat number and she directed me to my seat on the aisle, just before going into another section of the plane. There was a wall behind the seat, but it didn"t seem to affect the way the seat reclined. I watched as the other passengers boarded. There were a couple of guys that I would have really enjoyed sitting next to. Once everyone was in their seat, we waited a while and a final passenger boarded. The guy that helped pick my seat came on board behind him and closed the door.

    The man walked over to where I sat, excused himself, and squeezed by to plop down into the window seat next to me. I looked him over. "Not bad" I thought. He had very strong looking heavy thighs that bulged in the suit pants he wore. The same was with the shoulders and biceps stretching the dress shirt when he took off his suit jacket. He leaned across me handing the jacket to the young man to store away, excusing himself once again. The aroma of scented oil and raw masculinity wafted into the air and my cock nudged in recognition against my thigh.

    I took him to be about thirty to thirty-five. His hair reminded me of the color of dried wheat in the summer sunshine. His green eyes, set wide apart, spoke of a no nonsense demeanor. The raw masculine sexuality of this man brought only one word to mind. STUD!!! in every sense of the word. I wanted this man. I was nervous, without a clue as to how I might approach this man that seemed unapproachable. My palms began to sweat and I rubbed them on the arms of the seat.

    "Your first flight?" Did he speak? The voice, as rich and low as a bow moving across the strings of a cello.

    "What?" my voice cracked, "Oh, Oh yes." Dummy, say something intelligent. "I"m on my way to meet my Uncle Jack. He"s taking me on a cruise." That was brilliant. Now he thinks you"re just a kid. We hadn"t even left the ground and I already made an ass of myself. "Oh, well I hope you have a good time." His smile put everything around us in a blurred haze. The drone of the plane"s engines and the chatter of everyone around us faded into the beautiful sounds of the cello. I felt weak. I know I was young, but I"d never felt anything close to how this man made me feel. What was I thinking? I didn"t even know this guy.

    He got involved in his laptop and we didn"t talk much the rest of the trip. The good looking guy came by and served us drinks. He rubbed his crotch against my shoulder. "Oh I"m sorry. Did that bother you?" "No, not at all." We smiled at each other. Now I was eighteen and tasted my first drink. I ordered a vodka tonic, more to let the guy know I was of age then wanting to drink. Later, about half way through the flight, the man put his computer down and lowered the back of the seat. I had been listening to some jazz music but now I laid it down. "My name"s William, Bill... by the way, what were you listening to?" "Oh, some jazz. I like the older greats like Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, B. B. King. It"s mellow and sad, in a nice way. I"m callum."

    "Well callum, it nice to meet you. I wanted to say thanks for not trying to talk my head off. I had some important work to go over. Most people I sit next to on a plane always seem to want to talk and it isn"t always welcome when I have work to do." "That"s cool man. I don"t like to bother people unless they want to be bothered." Bill chuckled deep in his throat.

    We talked for a while and then I dosed off. When I woke up, my head was on Bill"s strong shoulder. He seemed to be sleeping too. I took the chance to really take him in. One of my hands lay next to his thigh. I could feel the heat of him as if steam were rising from his pores. The strong muscled chest rose and fell with his breathing. I had to control my desire to take my hand and caress that hard chest; and rub the nipple protruding through the shirt material. The aroma of him, once again made my cock lurch. An announcement came over the loud speaker that we would land soon. Bill stirred. "Wake up sleepyhead we"re about to land." He spoke softly. I raised my head from his shoulder reluctantly. "Sorry, I guess I used you as a pillow."

    "No problem. It felt good having you feel relaxed enough with me to do that."

    "Well you"ve got a big shoulder to lean on. You must go to the gym a lot."

    "Three or four times a week. I go after I finish work so it"s usually late. You know the gym on Tremont St.?"

    "No! I"ve never been to a gym except in school. I"ll be going to college this fall and will probably use the gym there."

    I didn"t want the flight to be over. I guess sometimes you meet people that everything clicks with but they just pass through you"re life. This must be one of those times. Boldly I let the back of my hand brush hard against his thigh. Oh my God, like fucking steel it was. Bill didn"t pull away. I did it again just to make sure. Again Bill didn"t pull away, and I could have sworn he pushed back a little. Don"t be ridiculous. This was a lady"s man all the way I told myself.

    We were the first off the plane. "Here"s my card. When you get back give me a call and maybe we can get together so you can tell me about this great vacation of yours."

    "Thanks Bill. I"ll do that." Coming out of the gate, Uncle Jack stood waiting. We hugged and Uncle Jack kissed my right on the lips, in front of the whole terminal of people. I turned to introduce Bill, but he was gone. I could not see him through the crowd.

    The cab rushed us through the crazy traffic and to a beautiful hotel that overlooked the bay and Miami Beach. The room was painted in pastels and very elegant but tropical furnishings. There was a balcony and off to the right we could see the port of Miami. "Which one is the one we"re taking Uncle Jack?"

    He came over and encircled me with his strong arms and nuzzled my neck with his face and lips. "Ours isn"t there yet. It"ll come in sometime during the night and be there in the morning." His hands slid down my torso and he grabbed my crotch. "Let"s get you out of these tight jeans. They must be uncomfortable after wearing them all day." He undid the belt and pulled down the zipper. Reaching down inside my jockeys, he gently squeezed my cock and nuts rolling them around in his palm. Now he pulled on the jean legs and dropped to his knees to take off one leg at a time. Uncle jack buried his face in my crotch, rubbing it all over my cock and balls.

    I was usually the one on my knees in front of him first; but I placed my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, enjoying the feelings that started coursing through my body. Uncle Jack sucked on my growing hard on through the jockeys. He licked and sucked until the wet material outlined my cock. I kept pushing my hips forward, wanting to shove my cock deep into his throat. He obviously wanted to sexually tease me. I had already teased myself on the long plane ride with Bill, so this teasing started bringing out the animal in me.

    My need to cum was at a very crucial point. I pulled on my own jockeys, sending them down past my crotch and ass cheeks. I grabbed my dick and Uncle Jack"s head. With one shove, my cock entered his mouth and forced its way into his throat. I screamed, "Oh yeah man. Good fucking mouth. Suck it Uncle Jack. Fucking suck it hard. I need to fucking cum so bad." I held his head and fucked his face like a man reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

    I pounded my hips forward regardless of whether he was choking or not. I fucked his lips with a vengeance. My cock head tore into his throat and my big fucking balls slapped against his chin almost painfully. This was it. This was what men were for. To be fucking and sucking and tasting and shooting their cum loads into each other--real men doing real men. I pressed him back up against the rail and grabbed the top of it. Using it for leverage, I did body presses as I pumped my steel rod into his face. Uncle Jack grabbed my ass cheeks and helped pull my hips into him. He moved a hand into my ass crack and felt for the sphincter muscle. He rammed his dry hard finger as deep as he could up into my asshole. I screamed and let loose a thick hot load of cum.

    "Arghhhhhh Yeah you fuck! Arghhhhhhh Eat it damn it eat it. Please! Oh! Oh please! Oh Uncle Jack. Yes! Yes! Oh I"m cumming. I"m cumming."

    I felt the cum in my balls gather up and head through the thick shaft of meat. I squeezed my ass cheeks on Uncle Jack"s finger, trying to hold it in as long as I could. He used his finger to feather my prostrate and I blew the thickest hottest fucking load than I had shot in a long time. My cock kept pulsing in his throat and he kept sucking it all down. He took it all. He never let any cum escape his lips. He drank my nectar and wouldn"t let me back off. He sucked and ate my cum until there was nothing left and continued to suck until my legs gave way and I collapsed on the tiled balcony.

    "Oh fuck Uncle Jack. I haven"t had a blowjob like that in such a long time--maybe never."

    "I could tell you were all tensed up as soon as you got off the plane. You kept looking around as if you were meeting someone other than me. I figured we"d take care of your needs first and move on from there. "Thanks, Uncle Jack. I was looking around because I wanted to introduce you to someone I met on the plane, but he disappeared." He helped me up off the floor and we went into the room.

    "Well, are you hungry callum? If you don"t want to go out I could send up for some room service. They usually have some very nice Cuban boys deliver." He smiled in that slight smirky way that always said "How about it baby." "No thanks. The flight made me so tired I"m really not hungry--not for food anyway." I tried smiling the same way he did. Uncle Jack laughed and I threw a pillow at him. He ran over and tackled me onto the bed, laughing and kissing.

    "Uncle Jack, if you don"t mind, get out of my bed."

    "Why?" He stood up.

    "I don"t let any man into my bed unless he"s naked." I smiled and laughed with glee as he ripped at his clothing to get them off as fast as he could.

    "I"m going to fuck you silly nephew. You"re about to find out what your uncle"s cock is for." "Well, hurry up. I think I already found out; but I want to know if you remember what it"s for." Uncle Jack jumped and landed on top of me laughing and biting my neck. His hard cock nuzzled under my balls making my ass twitch. He reached on the nightstand and grabbed the lube. "This is going to be a long session Karl." He entered me slowly. His cock filled my ass hole. The thick shaft pushed it"s way deep and deeper. I felt the big balls press into my ass crack.

    Uncle Jack pressed his shoulders down into the backs of my thighs until his chest hairs tickled my nipples. His hips moved in a long slow steady rhythm. I could feel the entire length of the fat shaft rubbing every crevasse in it"s path. I felt my ass muscles give way to his cock head. I closed my eyes and in my mind could see Uncle Jack"s beautiful cock head and shaft making its way in and pulling out for reentry. He kissed my face, my eyes, my lips, in soft passionate caresses of love. Those full wonderful lips pressing against mine in loving exploring gentleness.

    How I loved my uncle. How I loved all the things he taught me; and how he helped me understand myself. He never approached me until he found out I"d already sucked his cock on my own. Now he was making love to my body in such a gentle caring way. With every movement of his cock inside me I loved him even more. Uncle Jack fucked me for a long time. I felt the intensifying excitement. My cock had grown hard again. My prostate was being tortured in exquisite pleasure. He began to growl.

    "Uphoof! Uphoof! Arghh! arghhhh! So good Karl. Your fucking ass is so good. Do you feel it Karl? My cock? Sliding in long and easy? You feel every inch of it?" he whispered in my ear. The feelings built. The excitement slowly climbed higher, and higher. I thought it couldn"t go much higher, that we were just at the top; but it kept climbing. When would we go over? When would we reach the edge and tumble over the waterfall spewing our cum together?

    I could feel Uncle Jack"s cock expand; the cock head grow to hammer size. It was pounding slow and hard now, to the easy rocking rhythm of his hips. I could hear myself pleading, "Please Uncle Jack. Please fuck me harder. Please let me feel you shoot your hot cum inside my ass."

    "You want it so bad. You"re so fucking hungry for it--hungry for my fucking cock; hungry for my fucking cum. You"re my little nephew cock sucker needing to get fucked; wanting my big ass cock to fuck you good."

    He knelt straight up and pushed my legs as far as he could over my head. I watched him, watching his cock drive into me. He hadn"t quickened his rhythm; but he drove it harder, slamming his giant cock into the dark recess of my ass. Then Uncle Jack drove his monster meat in to his balls. His entire body began to shake. He pulled out to the flared cock head and rammed it one more time, banging my ass. I felt the explosion of his fucking cock, shooting thick wads of cum into my ass. I felt the thick loads pulse out of his cock head into my hot waiting hole. I closed my eyes and saw, in my head, his cock as it shot deep inside me. Tears came to my eyes with the need to have that wonderful cock like an army cannon popping off globs of cum up my ass tunnel.

    Uncle Jack brought my legs down and lay on top of me. His full weight felt so great. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed everywhere my lips could reach. He rested his head on my smooth chest and kept his imbedded cock nice and snug inside my butt. I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of a bow moving across the strings of a cello.

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