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  • The barber
  • Picture it, a town of 900 in 1960 with one barber - that's enough since half the population would be men.

    Mr. Daniel, my father's barber, was a nice old man who only charged 2 "bits" for a hair cut - that's two quarters and he even gave us back ten cents if I sat still. Then Bud came to town. He charged a whole dollar. He was also divorced with a son my age.

    Bud had all the newest equipment and a shop on the street. Mr. Daniel had his shop in the basement of the hotel. Yes, we had a hotel. Why, no one knew.

    Bud also gave the newest hair cuts, flattops with Butch wax and every thing Mr. Daniel had a hard time doing a flattop since he was old and his hands were not steady. So being 15 and wanting to be in style, I went to see Bud.

    Sitting in Bud's chair was neat. Bud was over 6 foot tall and had muscles bulging out his sleeves. He wore a white coat which hid most of the rest of his torso.

    During my first haircut, I noticed something different about Bud. I sat real still for him, like I did for Mr. Daniel with my hands hanging over the arm rest. But as Bud moved around the chair to cut the sides and front of my hair, he would lean into the back of my hands. At first I didn't think a thing about it, but the second and third time it happened I noticed a large bulge drag across my fingers.

    When I looked down I noticed that my fingers were right in his crotch. When I looked up into Bud's face, he smiled. Next trip to the other side of my head, he did the same thing but pressed a little harder on my fingers.

    Being the good kid I was, I moved my hands and placed them in my lap. When the hair cut was finished, Bud took off the cape and started to brush me off with his duster brush. He went for the back first and then moved to the front.

    Since this being a small town, there was no one else in the shop. When he moved down to below the belt area, he brushed my crotch area and made a comment, "Boy that is one stubborn hair" then reached down with his fingers and proceeded to squeeze my dick.

    In shock, I just stood there. What is a 15 year old kid going to do when a grown man squeezes your dick.

    He finally quit when he got the last hair. I paid him for the hair cut and walked home. Since we lived on a farm, it was a 3 mile walk along a dirt road. I had a plenty of time to think and get horny. When I got to the bridge, I slipped under the bridge and took care of business.

    A week and a half later, I was still horny thinking about Bud. I talked my parents into letting me get another hair cut since my flattop was looking bad.

    Bud was really busy when I stopped and asked me to come back later around 5 pm. Since it was only 4 pm, I agreed and went up to the Dime Store to see what was new.

    Around 5 pm I went back to Bud's shop. His last customer was leaving. He greeted me as I sat down. He was cleaning up the floor with a broom and as he went past the front door, he pulled the shade and locked the door, saying, "Don't want anymore customers today. You're my last one."

    I didn't think anything about it and walked over to his chair when he motioned he was ready for me. He asked me to wait a minute, he wanted to change his white coat caused the one he was wearing was all full of hair. I watched as he walked through the back door of the shop. I could see into the back room and watched as he took off his coat. I immediately noticed all his muscles and the fact there was not a hair on his body. I was extremely hairy. As he put on his clean coat, he undid his fly to tuck it in. When his pants fell to the floor I got the shock of my life, he wasn't wearing any underwear. He was standing there naked from the waist down.. Hanging out from under his coat with the biggest, thick, uncut dick I had ever seen.

    He looked at his dick, gave it a couple of jumps then looked at me. I guess my face registered shock cause he immediately pulled up his pants and tucked in his coat. When he got back to the chair, he started the hair cut.

    Like the time before, as he passed the front of the chair, he pressed his dick into my hand. This time I began to move my hand around. Bud began to groan a little and a big smile flashed across his face. When he finished the hair cut, he pulled off the cape like before. Instead of using his brush to clean off the hairs, he used the palm of his hand.

    As his hand moved across my backside, I began to wonder how he would brush off my front. I didn't have to wonder very long.

    As his hands moved across my belly and down to my crotch, my back stiffened and I grasped a breath of air. Sure enough his hand moved over my dick and I felt a little pressure as he pinched my dick. I got hard real fast. I wondered what he was going to do next when he said that was pretty good and walked into the back room.

    As he moved through the door, he asked me to get the hairs off his back so I followed. In the back room, I started dusting off his back side. As he slowly turned, I noticed his dick was as hard and as big as a small baseball bat. I continued to pick hairs off his pants. When I got to the front, I figured since he pinched my dick, I could pinch him. When I squeezed his dick, he moaned and groaned again.

    It seemed like I touched his dick for an hour but it really was only about a minute; I even tried to feel his foreskin through his pants. I wanted to remove his pants but being only 15 I didn't know what was proper and what wasn't proper. I stopped when Bud asked me if I needed a job. He needed someone to help him clean the shop on Mondays when he was closed. I could come in after school. He would feed me and drive me home or my dad could pick me up at 9 pm. I chose getting a ride with Bud.

    His final statement that day was that he was look forward to working with me. We were going to have a lot of fun.

    Just the thought of being close to Bud was giving me such thrills I couldn't hardly walk out of his shop. I wondered how I was going to make the walk home with a boner like I had. Guess there wil be a trip to "under the bridge".

    It was Thursday when Bud asked me to work for him and I was to start the following Monday. My week end was filled with constant day dreaming of Bud. My farm work just got in the way. I was always finding reasons to go take a "pee" behind a tree. Of course, it was hard to pee with the boner I had. My 7 inches just didn't want to stay in place behind my zipper. An adjustment was in order most of the time.

    Finally Monday rolled around. Sitting in at a desk in class was almost impossible. By 2 pm I had taken at least 6 trips to the restroom to bring things under control. I was almost sore from jacking off so much. 3 pm rolled around and school was out. The trip to the barber shop took all of 10 minutes. Of course I was running most of the way. Didn't want to be late.

    The blinds were down and it was dark in the shop so I knock on the door. Bud opened up. He was wearing his famous white jacket. He escorted me in to the shop and closed and locked the door. I could tell by the broom in the corner he had been cleaning up already. He led me to the back room and told me to get comfortable, he was almost done out front. I watched as Bud finished the main part of the shop.

    As he came back to the rear room, he told me that there wasn't much to do back here but he did have a favor to ask. I asked what and he told me he was a body builder and he had a show next weekend. He needed someone to shave his back for him as his body looked better without hair. He wanted to get me practiced up so he could rely on me instead of his son. Seems his son didn't like to touch his father's body. I thought his body looked pretty good the way it was but I agreed anyway.

    Bud set up the shaving equipment on the long table. He covered the table top with a large white sheet and stacked some towels on the end of the table. As he began his instructions, he started removing his jacket and clothing. I just stood there with my eyes bugged out. I had never seen a body so perfect. The muscles rippled with excitement just moving around in and out of his clothing. When he had stripped, he turned to face me and asked, "Well what do you think?"

    Pretty nice was all that I could say. He then grabbed his dick and plopped his belly down on the table. He then asked me if I knew how to shave. Well, being 15 I had started to shave my face but nothing else. I replied with a stuttered, "well I think so". Bud jumped up on his feet saying, "Okay let me show you how."

    My mouth must have dropped open cause Bud just smiled and started undressing me. As he got down to my shorts he had trouble with my dick getting caught on the elastic band of my underwear. He smoothly reached into my shorts, grabbed my dick and slipped down the underwear. As he did this, he softly said, "we'll take care of this later".

    As I got on the table I laid face up. Bud said no, we start face down so I turned over. My dick was so hard I couldn't lay flat so Bud ran his hand under my belly and gently slid my dick into a comfortable place. First thing he did was to wash my back with warm water. Then he applied shaving cream. He took his straight razor out of the case, running over the sharpening belt a couple of times then proceeded to shave my back.

    It felt so good I almost went to sleep. When he was done, he finished off by washing my back again. He then said for me to flop over which I did. With my dick standing straight up like a flag pole, I wondered what he would do next. Not to worry, here came the warm water for the whole front. Then he applied the shaving cream starting at my neck and moving down to my belly button. Then from the ankle up to the crotch.

    The last think I remembered was that warm shaving creaming being applied to my dick. I was so horny by this time I shot my wad after 2 strokes on my dick. Bud just smiled. He then proceeded to shave my chest and then my legs. When he got to my crotch, my dick was standing at attention again. It looked real funny with white soap hanging over the edge of the head.

    Bud swiftly shaved my shaft and balls and then took a warm cloth and washed me off. With a big smile, Bud said he had only one more trick after I was dry. He reached for a bottle of baby lotion on the shelf. With large, ample piles of lotion on his hands he applied the lotion all over my body. When he got to my shaft, a few quick slips down the shaft brought another orgasm. Bud just smiled with a quick statement that it was his turn.

    We freshened the water and towels and Bud laid down. I did exactly what he told me to do on his back. Then it came time for the razor. He asked if I had ever used a straight razor before and of course I said a big resounding NO. He then showed me how to use it on his leg. I proceeded to shave his back side with only a couple of nicks and then wondered what I would do on the front.

    Back all finished, Bud rolled over. There was that damn 9 inch flag pole of his. He was uncut and his hood hung loose to one side. It reminded me of a flag hanging on a pole. I did his chest and legs but was reluctant to do his crotch. He told me just to go slow so I put a large amount of shaving cream in my hand and began to apply it to his dick and balls. He first said that was right then he said apply a little more pressure.

    I knew what was coming. I was jacking him off using the shaving cream. In almost a flash he shot his load. A big smile flashed at the same moment. Bud liked the way I applied the shaving cream. He then instructed me in shaving his dick by pulling the skin tight around the head. Then came the balls. Pull the scrotum tight was the instructions. I finished with out one nick.

    After washing off Bud's dick and balls he handed me the lotion. I applied it just like he did on me. And just like me, he shot another load. When we finished cleaning up all the messes we had made Bud asked me if I wanted to try one more thing. I said sure, why not.

    Bud had me lay down on the table and he climbed into a 69 position. He instructed me to do everything he did. He grabbed my dick and slipped it into his mouth. I followed his lead. I had sucked my cousin's dick before but had never done 69. What a thrill.

    This began my long career into being there for Bud each week. Once I reached 18, my family moved and I lost contact with Bud, but I will never forget his introduction into M2M relations.

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