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  • The seduction of the reverend
  • It was the fall of the year when I decided to take a trip back east. I had met a man on the Internet and on a whim, I decided to go see him. I packed up my car and drove to his house in Virginia. He was a nice man in his fifties and very attractive. Our meeting went well, but we just didnt hit it off. We have to many differences and didnt seem to be giving in to one another. I decided it would be best to just stay friends and not pursue a relationship. We said our good-byes and I left, with an empty feeling.

    I had a week of vacation left and decided I would take a more scenic route home. Interstate highways are fine for getting somewhere fast but you dont get to see any of the local attractions or character of America.

    I was alone in my car and enjoyed the sights as I took old routes through Virginia. The fall colors were just starting to come on and they were spectacular in many places. I emptied my head of thoughts of work and what needed to be done when I got home. I was just enjoying the drive and views I had never seen before.

    It was just a little after noon on the first day of my journey back home. I had been on the road for about four hours when I spotted a diner. It was in an area that was heavily wooded and seemed to be out in the boondocks. It was near a lake and way off the beaten path. I thought the diner would have some local flavor and decided to stop for some lunch and maybe see if there were any local characters to talk to. As I pulled in I noticed there were a few cabins in the back. The parking lot was small but there was only a mini-van and a black Lincoln in it, so I had plenty of room to park.

    As I got out of my car I noticed there was a bait shop with a "closed for the season" sign on it. It was attached to the diner but a wall separated it. When I entered the diner I noticed there werent many people. I liked that the diner had the character of an old hunting and fishing hang out. There were many mounted trophies of fish and deer, I presumed contributed by locals or the owners.

    I decided to take a seat at the counter. The waitress that had been talking to a man at the end of the counter came over and told me the specials of the day. The specials included fish that had been caught that morning. I decided to try the fresh fish. She took my order and gave it to the cook behind the window. I began to relax and check out my surroundings as I waited for my lunch. As I looked around the diner I checked out the few people, a family in a booth that were obvious tourists and the man at the end of the counter.

    As I looked at the man at the end of the counter, I thought if he would shave the three-day stubble from his face he would be very attractive. He was in his sixties and appeared deep in thought. It seemed he was very concerned about something. He had on an old fedora hat, dark glasses, and a brown bomber jacket. Under this he was wearing a plaid shirt and overalls. He had a long nose that suited his face well. He was chubby and his paunch made him very attractive to me. From what I could see his gray hair appeared very well groomed under his hat. His hands were small and had chubby fingers, another feature I found attractive.

    The waitress brought my lunch and made small talk that I barely paid attention to. The meal was fantastic and I let her know how much I enjoyed it. I finished and asked for a re-fill of coffee. She re-filled my cup and left to go help the tourist family that had finished and was leaving. As they were going out the door I heard one of the kids saying, "Thats him, I know it is". The older of the two just said, "nah", and pushed the younger one through the screen door. They piled into the mini-van and left.

    Upon hearing the child say, "Thats Him", I turned to look at my reflection in the shiny milk machine. Just me, I wondered what they were talking about. Then I thought to check the man at the end of the counter out again. As I turned to look at him, he was looking at me and then turned and looked out the window. I thought I recognized him but couldnt place the face. As I continued to stare at him, I could sense he was becoming uncomfortable. I averted my stare and looked back behind the counter.

    The waitress was busy doing something back in the kitchen. I heard her talking to the cook, but couldnt make out what they were talking about. I heard the words Reverend and Doctor several times but didnt think much about it.

    I noticed the man at the end of the counter was now looking down at his coffee cup, again a concerned look came across his face. The concern on his face made the crows feet by his eyes stand out under the dark glasses. I didnt know what to do next so I just asked him, "You from around here?" and hoped for the best. He looked up from his coffee, and kind of grinned and said, "Not really, Im just here doing a little fishing and getting away from it all." I said, "Yeah, me too. I just had a meeting that was a little less than I expected. I had some vacation time so I thought I would take a little road trip and getaway for awhile and relax before heading back to the rat race." I waited for him to reply but he just looked back at the cup of coffee. He put both his hands around it as he stared. I thought he might be thinking of something to say. Then I thought he might be on the verge of tears, as he pulled his cheeks back in a tortured grin, and let out a, "phew". I said, "Hey man, its all right", instinctively I went to the end of the counter to comfort him. I was not invited or asked but I knew this man was feeling very alone and my instinct was to move closer and help. As I moved closer the fear came across my mind. What if he didnt want me near him? What would he do if he sensed I was gay? I came to the stool next to his and sat down. I wanted to put my arm around him or at least pat his hand. Instead I just crossed my arms in front of me and leaned on the counter. It was what I thought would be a non-threatening posture that would show him, I am here and willing to listen and do what it takes to help you. He put his hand up to cover his face a little. I could tell he was very embarrassed to let another man see him cry. As thoughts of what to do next came to my mind something else dawned on me. He hadnt got up and left or taken a swing at me or done anything to shoo me away.

    I said, "I know Im a complete stranger, but sometimes thats better. You can tell me whats bothering you and not fear I well pre-judge you." "I am not even from here, as a matter of fact I come from Colorado so you may never see me again. Not that I wouldnt want toBoy does this sound lame Why dont you just try and tell me whats wrong and maybe I can help."

    He moved his hand a little way from his face, but still covered it. He raised his head a little and stared straight forward as he said, " Son, I am the one that should be helping". He had a slight southern accent, or maybe it was local. I did not understand his statement at all. I guess the puzzled look on my face must have been obvious. He said, "I am a minister." As if to answer my question he added, "Do you know who I am?" I still couldnt put a name to the face but his voice seemed familiar. I said, "Sorry I cant say that I do know you, but like I say Im not from around here." He laughed a little and then said, "For now lets keep it that way". I agreed and said, "My name is Jack and I am happy to meet you, whoever you are." He said, "Just call me Doc" as he shook my hand.


    Doc began to lighten up and he was starting to lift off the gloom he had experienced a moment ago. I wanted him to keep talking and not think of whatever it was that was causing him so much pain. I tried not to be too obvious about how much I wanted him. He seemed not to even notice my sneaking a peak at his crotch. His hands came down from his face to touch the coffee cup again. He still stared at the dark pool of coffee in it. He was quiet for a moment as he took off the dark glasses to wipe his eyes. When he looked up at me with his sparkling eyes, it was so fantastic; it was like getting hit with a laser beam. I couldnt help but stare into those eyes.

    He started to tell me the story of what went wrong. He had reached a point in his ministry were he had doubted himself. He wondered if he was really doing Gods work. All his parishioners had looked up to him and considered him to be doing a good job but he wondered if all the stories they told him were true, and that they really seemed to be better off for belonging to his church. He liked the fact they all seemed to appreciate the work that he had done for them by creating his ministry and teaching them the word of God. He took this responsibility seriously and wanted me to know it. He knew that the teaching he was doing was not as important as the feeling his parishioners had of him guiding them through lifes rough spots.

    Doc became a little uncomfortable as he began to tell me the next part of his story.

    He ran his finger through the collar of his shirt and swallowed hard as he began to tell me what I thought was the most important part.

    There had been a man, in his sixties that had confessed to this minister that he was gay. When the minister found this out he tried to convert him to a heterosexual through teachings he had learned almost half a century before. When it didnt work the man tried to commit suicide. Although he wasnt successful it had left the minister with a gouge in his heart.

    He had tried to console the man, but it was not in his teachings to help other than try to convert him. He had reviewed all that he knew and there was nothing he could find to help the man. Thats when he decided to take this fishing trip. To ask God for an answer while he was away from his flock and wife. To see if there was an answer he couldnt find in all the books and teachings he had learned.

    When I had asked if he was from around here his grin was there because he had grown up in these parts and his family often vacationed in these mountains. He had returned here often to find answers and help him think more clearly than in the hustle bustle of the city were he was minister.

    I asked him were his ministries were located and he laughed. He thought it funny I had no idea who he was. He said he was actually famous and on TV a lot. It finally dawned on me he was a tel-avangelist. I knew I had seen him before but I dont watch much TV and when I do its not religious TV I am looking for. He seemed upset at me for not watching his show but also was amused that I had not recognized him.

    As the afternoon stretched on we talked more about religion on TV and I gave him my thoughts about seeking an answer to God on TV. I told him that people that seek God on television were already too lost to help. He argued that nobody is too lost to help and that he was sad that I thought so.

    Then he looked into his cup of coffee again and began a speech on how he had helped millions of people through his efforts on television. But he was hiding something inside and He knew I knew it. He went on about the benefits of reaching millions and teaching them the word of God.

    I asked if he was sure that all the people of the world were benefiting as much as his flock. Did their donations and unquestioned loyalty make them better than the rest of the people in the world?

    Thats when he stopped talking. He just looked in his cup and seemed to go back into his gloom.

    My question seemed to be at the heart of what was going on inside his head. Had I struck a cord that was a sour note? As sad as he looked I could tell he was wrestling with a decision he didnt want to make.

    He told me he wanted the man to go to heaven and that he feared he couldnt help him. How could he convince a man in his sixties that he needed to change and be like everyone else?

    I decided to put my arm around him and noted there was no reaction. It was something I would have done when talking to a friend and trying to console them. It really had no sexual meaning and he didnt take it as that.

    He was struggling to understand what his flock would think of him if he just let the man be himself and forgive him. Would his congregation know he was only trying to save the mans life, and not condoning his lifestyle? Why should he even care what they thought?

    I could tell it was a struggle for him to let the man just be and go against his teachings. I also sensed he had a more deep concern than of just this one man. I tried to figure out what was making him so sad and I knew it wasnt just this decision. The weight of the struggle he was having was more than just this one instance. I decided to press for more information.

    "What is the real reason you are here Doc?" I asked.

    He thought for a while before answering, "I am thinking of leaving my ministry", he said. As he paused to let the words soak in I tried to figure out why. I said, "I know this situation is upsetting you but is it the real reason?" "No" he said at length. "Its not just this man, that I almost let slip through my fingers, its also the fact that my whole congregation seems to be caught up in a struggle I have no control over." He was becoming more animated. "If they want me to make a decision and then follow through I cant let them know how I truly feel." I was starting to understand what he was struggling with. "I dont want to lose this man and yet I owe it to the congregation to make it clear that he has sinned." His confidence in what he was saying was a little thin as he added, "I want to hold their beliefs up and tell them they are right in hating the sin and loving the sinner. They just dont see it that way. They want me to try and make this man something he is not. If I could only find a way to help both the sixty year old man and my followers."

    His head bowed down and he seemed to be praying. I wanted to hug him and instead I just squeezed my arm around him and told him he was a very decent man for caring so deeply for everyone concerned.

    He responded by putting his head a little deeper against my shoulder. He seemed like a lost puppy that just wanted to be loved.

    We talked the rest of the afternoon and at about 5:00 p.m. he said he had better get back to his cabin. To my shock he asked if I would like to come and share a bottle of Brandy he was saving for a long cold night.

    He didnt have to ask me twice, I accepted almost too eagerly. We paid our bills and walked to his cabin.


    The cabin was small and quaint. It had a kitchen and a bay window with a view of the lake. There was a table with two wooden chairs that looked homemade. In the same room was a king size bed, which surprised me, as it was a pretty small cabin. Doc went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle and two glasses. He set the glasses on the table and opened the bottle and began to pour. He set a glass in front of me and then he started to take off the bomber jacket and hat. I waited for him to hang up the jacket and on his way back to the table he took off the dark glasses. My heart started pounding when I saw those eyes again. He gave me a grin and thats when a spark of recognition hit me. That easy smile, I had seen it before. Perhaps it was on a talk show or on the news. He came over and sat in the other chair. He was slightly in front of the table, enough so that I could see his crotch in full view. I tried not to stare but his basket was so inviting I couldnt help sneaking a peak at it. I know he noticed and I blushed a little, but pretended not to notice that he had caught me. His hair was the most fantastic silver and gray and the stubble was showing a little gray also. He lifted his glass and toasted, "To friendship" he said, and took a big gulp. I said, "To friendship and more".

    We began were we had left off in the diner discussing his thinking of leaving the ministry. I asked if he thought there was anyone that could replace him. He thought for a while and named a few men he thought worthy. I didnt know what to tell him about his choices because they were men I had never heard of. I asked if they were qualified to lead his flock. He gave me several reasons that they all would be able.

    We continued this discussion for another hour or so and then he seemed to want to change the subject. I felt there was something he wanted to know and wouldnt ask. I was wondering how to approach this handsome man and ask him more. We were sitting pretty close and I could have reached out and touched his face. I was looking into those eyes and feeling a love and deep respect for him.

    He suddenly stood up and asked, "Do you want some supper, I have a left over roast in the fridge?" I said, "Yes, I am hungry and a roast sounds good." He went into the kitchen and got out the roast and put it into a large pan and turned the oven on. He opened the oven door, and then bent over to put in the pan. When he bent over I took a good look at his butt in the tight overalls. It was perfect, round and big. The way the overalls hugged the beautiful bottom really turned me on. His hips had spread through age and his butt had grown and filled the width nicely. It wasnt one of those skinny butts that didnt even show through his pants, but a nice round full ass. I dont know if he knew I was checking it out but he continued to stay humped over looking at the roast as he pushed in the pan. Then he stood and got out some plates and silverware and put them on the kitchen table.

    He told me he was the one that had caught the fish I had eaten earlier in the diner and after fishing in the morning he thought he should wash up and make himself more presentable. He said, "Make yourself at home while I go clean up. The TV is in the other room." I watched as that beautiful butt moved out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. I went in and turned on the TV and searched for a channel. There was no cable and the little rickety rabbit ears on top tried to pull in a signal. I settled for some news but the signal was coming and going. I sat on the edge of the bed and tried not to mess it up. From this position I could see him in the bathroom. He hadnt closed the door and I could see he was shaving. He had taken off the checkered shirt and the overalls hung from his hips. I wanted to go in and start massaging him but I just enjoyed the view for now. I watched as he lathered up and I couldnt keep my eyes off that beautiful butt. Every once in a while our eyes met in the mirror and I would look away sheepishly. He finally finished and returned to the room.

    His chest was bare as he went to the dresser to get another shirt. He had gray and silver hair on his barrel chest that was very sexy although I would have preferred more hair. He put on a shirt and hitched up the overalls and walked passed me to the kitchen. He asked if I had seen anything on the TV. I was knocked back into reality and said, "No, not much." I began to look at the TV again as he disappeared into the kitchen. It was the news from the city where he came from and I could just make out a woman doing a story about someone that had been missing for days. There seemed to be quite a commotion on the steps of a church. I couldnt make out too much of what they were talking about. Then I heard the word Reverend and it piqued my attention. I made out more of what she was talking about and it seemed the Reverend had left telling his wife and close associates he would be back when he got the answers. There was a short story about a gay man that had attempted suicide and how it was stirring a big controversy in the church. I got up and shut the TV off. I was beginning to understand now what had happened and how the Reverend was feeling.

    I went to the kitchen and Doc had already put out the dinner. It was sitting on the table and he motioned for me to sit in the chair facing toward the window. He put bread and butter on with the rest of the meal and sat down. He said grace and then told me to begin. We sat and ate the roast and talked a little small talk as we did. We finished and I helped him wash the dishes. Our hands touched a couple of times while he washed and I dried.

    He was saying how much he enjoyed the simple living here. No fuss or muss just put it on and clean it off.

    We finished doing the dishes and we went back in the other room and he went to the small fireplace to start a fire. I got hot watching him kneel on one knee and put in the logs. His butt again attracted my attention. When the fire started to roar he got up and he sat in a well-worn easy chair in the corner. I got one of the chairs near the table and brought it over and set it were I was pretty much in front of him and able to check out his package very easily as he sat spread legged in the chair.

    I started our next conversation by telling him what I had seen on the TV. He ran his fingers through his hair as he gave this a long thought. I watched him fidget a little. Not knowing whether he was uncomfortable from my close proximity or that I had seen the story on TV.

    He asked what I thought about the story. I told him I thought he was upset because one of his followers tried to commit suicide and that I thought it was the reason he had left the city. I said it must have something to do with his congregation not being able to reconcile the attempted suicide with their beliefs.

    He let out a breath, as he was about to begin the story of what took place. As he started a painful expression came over his face. I knew he was about to reveal the truth of what happened. He started off by telling me the mans name was Jim, and he had known him since they were boys growing up in Lynchburg.

    He had long ago suspected that Jim was homosexual but stayed friends with him. They had met a man in high school, a vice-principal that had changed Doc and Jim. They had been somewhat of juvenile delinquents growing up. This man had a profound effect on Doc and got him on the straight and narrow.

    Doc continued with his story and told me he was about thirteen when he learned to drive and he had a car and the rest of his cohorts didnt. Being that young and having a car made him very popular. They were tough times and he had a feeling some of the other kids only hung out with him because he had the car. To prove himself to them he got into a lot of juvenile type trouble. Jim had stayed his friend and never let the car amount to anything in their friendship. They both played football and other sports and were pretty good but Doc was always an outcast because of his extra weight. The vice-principal had taken a liking to Doc and tried to get him more involved in his schoolwork. Doc had a deep respect for this man and considered him a father figure as his Dad had died when he was fifteen.

    The whole thing came to a head when his friend Jim confessed to having had sex with this man so many years ago. Doc said he wasnt sure whether he was madder about his friends confession of doing it as much as with whom he had done it. He had always wondered but when the words came out it struck a blow to the two old friends relationship. Doc had tried to convince him to change his ways and wanted everyone in the church to help. Jim had been a deacon in Docs church and everyone knew him, and liked him. They all thought he did a great job and he would have also been one of the people Doc selected to replace him if not for the circumstances. When the news hit the church grapevine and they all turned against Docs old bud and wanted him defrocked it was all too much for Doc and he had to take his sabbatical to the mountains.

    When he had finished he again covered his face to hide the sobbing. My thoughts were to condemn Doc for not standing by his friend in need. I remember when the gay boy was killed in Wyoming how Docs church never once condemned the violent act. I thought how hypocritical they all were. I was pissed that they never came on TV, in the coverage that I saw, and said, "thou shall not kill". All I ever heard from them is, "He was a homosexual". I tried to forgive Doc and his church as I watched him sob. I didnt understand there thinking then and now here he was as big as day in front me and I wondered if he was sobbing for his friend or that there was a struggle in his church.

    He lifted his head and began, "Jim, my sweet deer friend, I wish this had never happened". I was taken aback at this and listened as he prayed for forgiveness. I felt the sincerity of what Doc was saying. He knew that he had to change his thinking and wanted to help his life long friend. He prayed for understanding and an end to violence. The tears began to roll down his cheeks and I reached to touch his face and wipe the tears. As my hand touched his face he grabbed it and pulled it close to his cheek. I felt his need to be touched by another human and I leaned in to hug him.

    He leaned forward in the chair and put his arms around me. As we sat hugging at first it felt platonic, but then as he hadnt released me it got warmer. Our faces were cheek to cheek and he turned and kissed me on the mouth. It was a light little kiss and at first I thought more father to son. Then he began a long hard kiss. He started to move his hand up and down my back. I responded by pulling him closer. Then I started to rub my hands up and down his back. He opened his mouth and I pushed my tongue in. He began to squeeze me harder in his arms. Our bodies began to touch and I felt myself getting hard from the contact.

    I slid off my chair on my knees in front of him, we were still hugging and our crotches made contact now. He spread his legs farther and I began to push him back in the easy chair. I was starting to lie on top of him. I started moving my hips and rubbing our dicks together through the clothes. I could feel his dick was hard too and knew he was aroused. I reached for the fasteners on his overalls and undid them and flipped them over his shoulders. I reached down and untied his boots and pulled them off. He ran his hands through my hair as I grabbed the legs of his overalls and began to pull them off. He put his hands on the arms of the chair and lifted up so I could get them all the way off. I noticed his beefy calves on his smooth legs. I ran my hands over them enjoying every curve.

    Thick calves have always been a turn on for me and I let my hands explore his beautiful legs. I pushed my face into his boxer shorts and began massaging his cock with my mouth through the shorts. I unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his massive chest and torso. I again started to explore his body with my hands. Rubbing and caressing every part of him. I put my fingers in his shorts and slowly began to pull them down. I kissed his tubby tummy and slid the shorts off his legs. He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it back over my shoulders. He kissed me again on the mouth as I undid my pants. While I knelt I took off my shoes by putting the toe of one foot on the heel of the other and pushing them off. I stood up and pushed my pants and shorts down and kicked them over on his overalls. I looked down on his inviting big body and I lay on top of him and kissed his hot warm mouth. I began rubbing my hard dick into his. We kissed a long hot passionate kiss. I raised my head and looked into those laser beam eyes. He melted any bitter thoughts I had about him and his church.

    As we looked into each others eyes he began to raise his legs and spread them even more. His thick thighs were awesome to the touch. I put my hands underneath the beefy legs and raised them more until his legs touched his chest. He cupped his hands on the back of his legs as I reached for his virgin ass. I wet a few of my fingers and began to rub his hot willing ass. We were still looking into each others eyes as I got a finger inside him and started to massage his hole. He winced a little and closed his eyes. I took it slow and easy as I opened him up. He was just relaxing his hole around my finger when I grabbed my dick and started rubbing the head around his hole. As I started to push it in he winced again but I couldnt stop, it felt so good. I pushed in harder and he flinched in pain. I stopped and let him absorb my cock. As his sphincter relaxed I pushed in deeper and put my other hand to his mouth. He began sucking on my fingers. I kept the pressure up and pushed all the way in. I was buried deep in this handsome man.

    I was starting to feel the warmth and comfort of his ass as he looked into my eyes. I slowly started out until just the head was in and I pushed back in. This time he had relaxed his hole a little and it slid in easier. The pleasure of his hot ass was really turning me on so I began to pump. He was hard as a rock and I grabbed his dick and pumped in unison with my pumping his ass. He told me how good it felt to have me inside of him. I tried not to cum to quickly and yet I was really enjoying the sensation of his virgin ass squeezing my dick.

    He was getting wet and hot inside as I continued pumping him with my throbbing dick. He asked me not to come inside him and I obliged by pulling out and finishing by shooting my load on his hot tummy and chest. His dick was still throbbing and I put my mouth over it and began to suck this old minister off. He hadnt received many blowjobs and I knew it really turned him on to have me pumping up and down on his dick. He grabbed me by the hair, as he was about to fire off his load. I dont think he wanted to come in my mouth but I couldnt stop and he fired his load down my throat and with his loud groan I had finished him off.


    As I lay on top of him and we started to relax we looked at each other and I was thinking now he was going to go into a big guilt trip. Instead he said he wanted to clean up and that I should wait for him in the bed. We both stood up and he kissed me. I was shocked at this as I thought he would be in a different mood. Other married men seem to want to get it over with and send me packing or go themselves as soon as we are done. Not this hot preacher, he seemed to want more. He seemed to want to extend our lovemaking and see what would happen next. As we broke our embrace he started for the bathroom and I stared at his gorgeous body.

    I heard him start the shower and get in. I was in a euphoria I hadnt been in for awhile. Then I decided I was a little ripe too. I thought I should wash up as well and it would help him better enjoy the evening, so I went into the bathroom after him. I peeled back the curtain to the shower/tub and got in with him. He seemed only mildly shocked that I had joined him. I started to soap up and he did too. Our bodies touched as we cleaned each other off. The sensation of touching his body again started getting me hard. He saw my erection and with his chubby soapy hands started to wash my dick off. It really got me excited having this lovely man grab my dick and being completely naked with him in the shower.

    As we continued to clean each other with our soapy hands I reached for his cock and balls and soaped them up. I ran my hands between his legs and he spread them wider so my hand could reach under and head towards his love hole. He put his hands out to brace himself and I started massaging between his legs. Rubbing and caressing his cock and balls and moving my hand deeper and deeper between his legs. He turned his beautiful chubby body around and I started running my slippery soapy hands over his big sexy buns. My massaging his buns was starting to turn him on again and I reached up his back and started to massage him. I was so hard and excited I could hardly stand it. His chubby body was so perfect and he had longed for someone to touch him. I could tell he wasnt getting the physical attention he needed from his wife. I moved closer and wrapped my arms around his chubby body. Running my hands again down to his cock and balls. He was hard and I massaged and caressed his beautiful cock. My penis was touching his buns. Then I started to pull his buns apart and touching his love hole with my fingers. He loved the physical attention I was giving him. I dont think anyone had ever shown him physical love and attention the way I had.

    When I knew he was ready I touched the tip of my erect penis to his hot love hole. He reared his head back and I began to push it in. He moaned and asked me to go slow so he could enjoy it as well. His love hole didnt resist as much this time as I pushed my dick in ever so slow. I didnt want it to hurt him and he squirmed a little as his taught ass began to open. He loved giving me pleasure and I knew he was doing this to let me know how much he wanted me to take pleasure in him physically. He began to bend over to take more of me inside him. I reached down and pulled his gorgeous butt apart farther. I pushed in as hard as I could. I did not start to pull out but left my dick buried to the hilt in him. He started to groan as he fully enjoyed the sensation of my cock in him. I slowly began to pull out and when the head of my penis was just visible I slowly pushed back in, as deep as I could go. He pushed his butt as hard as he could back down on my shaft. He wanted it all. The sensation of him pushing his hot big butt on to my cock was driving me wild. I grabbed him by the hips and started to pump him. I wanted this to last as long as I could so I stopped pumping and left it as deep as it would go, and I started to massage his shoulders and back. I looked at his broad body and couldnt believe I was so lucky to be humping this hot silver fox of a reverend. He had his hands on his knees and said I should finish before we ran out of hot water. I put my hands back on his wide lovely hips and started pumping him again. He opened up and was taking me all in, and the sound of the whack, whack, whack as our bodies slapped together was really turning me on. I could hold it no longer, my body tensed and I pulled him as tight as I could against me and shot my load into him. I began to relax as I pulled out of him, and he grabbed the soap and a wash cloth and cleaned us both off. When he finished cleaning he turned around and kissed me and asked how it was. I wasnt lying when I told him it was the best I ever had.

    We got out and toweled off. I wrapped a big towel around me and he put on a robe. We went back into the other room and he sat in the easy chair again. He started to cover himself with the robe and I asked that he leave it open a little so I could admire his body. He obliged and blushed a little. He was basking in the knowledge he had satisfied my wildest dreams.

    It was late and he said we should go to bed so he could sleep and he could think about what he should do.

    He said a little prayer I couldnt hear, and got into the bed. I followed him in and pulled the covers up as he shut off the light on his nightstand. He rolled into my arms and I hugged and kissed him. He said, "goodnight my angel" and we both fell asleep.


    I awoke to the sound of sizzling bacon and the smell of coffee. I turned over and there was no Doc. So I got up and found my boxers and put them on and wondered into the kitchen. There he was wearing nothing but an apron cooking breakfast. He hadnt noticed me yet as I stood in the doorway admiring that beautiful butt again. He was whistling and seemed extremely happy. I didnt want to interrupt this happy man so I just watched for awhile. Then he caught a glimpse of me and turned around. "You scared me", he said, adding, "How long have you been there". "Just a minute", I said. He noticed my morning piss erection through my shorts and said, "Well take care of that latter." "Now go wash up Im fixing us some breakfast." He then came over and kissed me and called me, "my angel".

    As I stood peeing in the toilet I couldnt get over the fact this gorgeous reverend had called me "his angel". I loved it. Here was one of the most handsome men I had ever met calling me "his angel".

    I finished peeing and washed my hands and face. I remembered my suitcase with my shaving kit was still in my car but I saw some mouth wash by the sink so I gargled and combed my hair and felt a little more presentable. I went back out to the kitchen and he had breakfast ready. No one would ever believe me if I told them "This" minister had cooked me breakfast after a fantastic night of love making. I went over and kissed him. He looked a little shocked and I pointed to the apron that said, "Kiss the Cook". He said, "Oh this, I found it hanging over there, he pointed to an empty hook by the window.

    As we sat and ate our breakfast I was still wondering why he had called me, "his angel". I decided to ask him and he said, "Because I believe God sent you to me to answer all my questions. I have been praying for an answer since I got here". He looked down at his half-finished breakfast. "Yesterday in the diner, just before you arrived, I heard a voice tell me, " It has come". I didnt know what to think of it and asked the waitress, Betty, if she heard anything. She was telling me she hadnt heard anything when you walked in. At the time I didnt realize it was you. I was still feeling badly about what to doand then you came to the end of the counter. I still wasnt sure and my mixed up emotions didnt let me understand. Then when you accepted my offer of a brandy I knew you must have been sent here by God to help me understand. As the evening went on it became clearer to me, He wanted me to understand and accept the lifestyle Jim was living. The feeling of being loved over-whelmed me as I slowly began to see what he was showing me. He brought you to me to help me understand. I gave in to the feeling when I noticed how much you were watching me. How desperately you wanted to be with me". I blushed and couldnt look him in the eye when he stated the facts. I tried to remember all the longing glances I had given him. How desperately I really wanted him.

    He said, "Dont be ashamed, it was meant to be." He reached across the table and lifted my chin so he could look in my eyes. "You were a divine messenger, you should be proud" I knew he was right but I still couldnt shake the feeling I was under someone or somethings control. Was I sent on a mission from the time I had left? Was I just some pawn in a game? When exactly was I put under this control?

    All I could say was "Doc I thought you were with me because you wanted to be."

    "Of course I wanted to be with you, I just was more accepting when I decided it was his will. He wanted me to experience a different kind of love. To know he made all men the way they are. He made some men and woman homosexual and they shouldnt be treated differently because of it." He paused to see my reaction. "I have lived my life for him and thought homosexuality to be against his will, but then, last night he showed me everyone fits into his plan. He created gay people as well as the rest." I looked up at him and he seemed to be beaming. "Dont you see, you were sent to show me that gay people are Gods people too." He didnt want me to resent the past but accept what we had done as a lesson. "God showed me that I should accept Jim for what he is. One of the people he created. A person with his own identity even if he doesnt fit into what I was taught was right."

    "Sometimes we see words in books and assume there is no other interpretation. Then God has to guide us beyond what the words say and show us what their real meaning is." I was listening to the new awakening in Doc. The new meaning he had found for the words he had read. "All people were created by God. Now I know God created gay people too. It was not a choice given to them like we had interpreted all these centuries." He seemed. "Enlightened" at his discovery. "He sent me an angel, you Jack, to show me there are different kinds of love."

    "He wants you to teach me about being different. To experience love in a different way and not to be intolerant of that difference."

    I didnt know what to say. Could I live up to these expectations? Doc assured me he enjoyed every minute of my "teaching". He told me he hoped there would be more. I wanted to show him more, and I tried to think of ways I could help him learn. For now I was content just to know how he felt.

    We finished our breakfasts and he seemed extremely happy. Doc was beaming a beautiful smile now.


    After we finished cleaning our breakfast dishes I said I thought I should bring in my suitcases to get a change of clothes. I wondered how the people in the diner would react to finding me coming out of his cabin. He said, "Dont worry, they take Monday and Tuesday off. I havent told you but I actually own this little getaway."

    I was surprised but the way things were going I wasnt shocked. I went to my car and drove it to the cabin entrance. I got out my luggage and put it in the cabin. Doc was sitting on the edge of the bed and watching TV. His story was on and appeared to be getting bigger. Not much new information. They just re-hashed the facts they had. I sat on the bed next to Doc and put my arm around him. He hadnt dressed and was very warm to my touch. I decided to get comfortable too and took off the clothes I had put on to get the car. Sitting on the bed next to him our legs began to touch. It started the feeling of wanting him again. I started to get aroused and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and started hugging and kissing me. I scooted up on the bed and he laid on top of me. We stayed like this making out for awhile. He was rubbing his dick against me as hard as he could. The friction of our dicks rubbing together was fantastic. He lifted his face off mine and slowly raised his chest off me while still grinding his dick into mine. He reached behind himself and raised up a little and started playing with my cock. He started running my dick up and down his crack. It felt so good that I almost came. Then he started to push his gorgeous butt down on my shaft. I reached down and pulled his buns apart as he groaned and my meat went in. He started bouncing his big beautiful body up and down on my cock. The sensation was indescribable. It felt so good to have this man want it so bad. He kept pumping up and down on my dick until I couldnt hold it any longer. I shot my small load into to him. After the previous night when he had drained the biggest loads I thought this one felt as good if not better but I didnt have much left in me.

    He leaned back down and kissed me again. I started kissing him back and could tell he was still pretty hot. I rolled him onto his back and proceeded to take care of him. First I kissed him and started running my fingers through the hair on his chest. I squeezed his nipples and then ran my hand down to his cock. While I was still kissing him I started to jack him off. As he got closer he started to moan and I moved my mouth over his cock and started to lick his tasty treat. The head was red and full on his fully erect penis. I was surprised that he achieved such a full and hard erection. He had recovered fully from the night before and my attention to his dick was really turning him on.

    Then without warning he grabbed me by the hair and forced my head down on it as far as I could take it. He began to pump his holy juice into my mouth. I took it all and he screamed in ecstasy. It was fantastic to know I could give him so much pleasure. He gently released me and was still hissing through his teeth and breathing frantically. "Oh god that felt good", he said.

    After we had cleaned up Doc asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him. I said yes and I felt like a young son after his dad asked him to go fishing for the first time. We got dressed and went out to the lake. He had a small wooden boat tied to the dock. The cool clean air was very refreshing. All the splendor of autumn was taking place around us. The trees were in their magnificent fall colors. The cool fresh air was reviving me. I felt as if there was nothing in the world that could be this close to heaven.

    We had packed ourselves a lunch and I knew he wanted to take a long time showing me his lake. I sat towards the bow of the little boat and he got in and started the little outboard motor. We cast off and he headed out on the lake. He had brought extra gear for me to use and I settled in as he steered us toward a cove. Once we rounded the point were the cove began he switched to the quieter trolling motor. We glided in on this beautiful cove. There were no roads or other signs of civilization here. He stopped the motor and dropped the anchor in. It became very quiet and I swore I could hear myself breathe. He handed me a pole that was already rigged and then he grabbed his and cast towards the shore. I followed suit and we just floated there soaking it all in.

    I was facing him and just relaxed in the sun as I waited for a bite. He was at the stern of the boat and sat on the plank near the motor spread legged and smiling at me. Very dirty thoughts were running through my mind as I watched this reverend. I looked at his cock through the overalls and smiled at myself for knowing the taste of his treat. He knew I was watching him with more than just a little interest. I think it made him feel proud to share his secret hiding place with someone that he enjoyed being with. He stared off into the water and seemed very content. Although I wanted to move over to him and start him up again I stayed in my seat at the bow and just enjoyed the view.

    We caught several fish and mine were bigger than his were. We both had a great deal of fun and enjoyed the sunny autumn day. He took us to another one of his favorite fishing holes and this was even in a more secluded cove. We had eaten our lunch and I guessed it to be about four in the afternoon now. The shadows were getting pretty long on the still calm water. The fish had quit biting about an hour before and I started to take more of an interest in my fishing partner. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off him. At times he seemed like a child and at times he seemed like a comforting grandfather. He showed me how to make a quiet cast and where to aim for the best results. He had moved up to the bow and on one knee was showing me how to gently drop the line in a spot that a big fish would be resting on the bottom. I turned and his face was within inches of mine. I looked into those loving laser beam eyes again and kissed him.

    At first he seemed shocked. I had woken him from some kind of daydream. Then he seemed to come back and he started to kiss me back. I set the pole down and started to hug him. As I pulled him closer he started to rub my crotch. He began to squeeze my cock and he put his tongue in my mouth. I reached down and touched his hand rubbing me and he broke the kiss. He then started undoing my zipper and reached in for my now hard dick. He pulled it out and looked at it. Then he wanted to show me how much he was trying and he took it in his mouth. The sensation of his warm mouth and the touch of his hand on my balls were like nothing I had felt with another man. I began to spread my legs so he could have better access to my cock and he began to undo my pants and push them down. He wanted it all and pushed down my underwear. Now I was completely accessible to his loving attention. He grabbed my balls and put his mouth back over my throbbing cock. He pushed his head down on it as far as he could without gagging. I felt the head rubbing the back of his throat. I looked down and saw the gray hair bobbing up and down on my dick. His hair was perfect and it shined in the slowly setting sun. He was eagerly gobbling my cock and it was as if he was a starved man trying to satisfy his hunger. I began to run my fingers through his thick gorgeous gray hair. I started to push him down farther on my dick. He opened his mouth and relaxed his jaw to take more in. I squirmed to let him know I was about to cum and he just shoved his head down farther on me as I began to erupt in his throat. He sucked every drop out of me and when we finished he pulled his head up and looked at me. I know he was wondering how it was so I told him it was fantastic before he could ask. I couldnt believe how much of me he had taken in his mouth. It was as if he wanted my cock buried in his throat. It was his way of thanking me for a great lesson he was learning.


    As we both were recovering we sat on the bottom of the boat and he reached to hug me. I put my arms around him and started to kiss him. He started to lean back and let me crawl on top of him. He wanted more and I wanted to give it to him. I started undoing the fasteners of his overalls. He wanted our bodies touching so badly he helped take his clothes off. He lay back down on his back in the bottom of the boat. I finished taking the rest of my clothes off and I stopped to look down at this magnificent mans body. It was the first I noticed the hot gray hair on his chest matched the gray hair on his head and his perfect patch in his crotch. I was in awe of the perfectness of his body. The chubby thighs and calves. The bulk of his barrel chested torso. He was my dream man. As I stood admiring his body he began to wiggle his pointing finger in a motion for me to come to him. I pushed his legs together so I could fuck his chubby thighs. I grabbed his balls and dick and lifted them up and inserted my penis between those thick hot thighs. I pushed it all the way up to the crack of his ass. With my legs outside his I had good leverage and began to fuck him. I let my body rest on top of the massive man underneath and I whispered, "This is what is called a Daddy Fuck". He let me make love to him and enjoyed the sensation of my cock going in and out of his crotch. I was kissing him and sucking his face as I continued to fuck him between his legs. He was squeezing my dick as hard as he could with his thighs. I felt his hard dick against my abdomen and I wanted it. So I pulled out and moved down to were I could get it in my mouth. I put the head in and began to pump the shaft with my hand. The sweet smell of his crotch turned me on and I couldnt stop myself from sucking him. I ran my tongue all over the head and he grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down on it as he began to spasm and release his load. He groaned a wild animal groan as he fired his potion into my throat. I needed to fuck him and he saw I still wanted him and he spread his legs and smiled as he said, "come and get it". I grabbed both his thick calves and pulled them up were I could reach his hot ass with my cock.

    I didnt need to lubricate him, as his ass was juicy and ready. I put the head of my cock against the willing hole and began to push it in. He sucked in a deep breath but didnt flinch as I pushed the full length in. I didnt pull out but started to gyrate my hips to give him the full sensation of being fucked. He opened his eyes and looked into mine and said, "Fuck me hard Jack I need it". So I pulled out slow and just when the tip was about to come out I rammed it back in as hard as I could. The slapping of my thighs on the back of his echoed through the cove. I pulled out again and again rammed it back in. I began to wildly fuck his hot ass. He was moaning and begging me to fuck him harder. The slapping sound was getting more intense and I started to wonder if anyone could hear.

    The boat was rocking to our rhythm and it helped to intensify the sensation. His tight hole was magnificent and hugged my cock tight. He was squeezing my dick with his hot juicy hole. I was about to cum and he grabbed my arms and said, "Wait I want it from behind." I stopped and he turned over and got on all fours. When he presented me with this view I wanted to eat him out. I took a paper towel off the roll on the floor and wiped him clean. I then spread his butt as far as it would go with my hands, and began to lick his ass. I started at the rim and gently pushed my tongue inside of him. This drove him wild and he pushed his ass back farther on my probing tongue. He was moaning loudly and I continued fucking his ass with my tongue and mouth. I could tell he wanted me to fuck him hard and I grabbed my cock and started to touch the rim of his hot wet ass hole. He pushed his love hole on to my cock and I pushed my cock in all the way. His ass was so tight and wonderful I didnt want to pull back. He began to rock up and then slammed his butt back on to my dick and he did it again and again. I started to fuck him in his rhythm slow and easy. We had a perfect tempo going. The ecstasy of the feeling of fucking him couldnt be matched by an orgasm. I pushed and he squeezed, I pushed and he squeezed on and on. I finally couldnt hold it any more and grabbed his hips and drove my cock deep down inside him and I let go of my load. I spasmed three or four times and fell off him to the floor. "Wow", was all I could say.

    It was starting to get dark so Doc told me we should head back. We put on our clothes and he guided the little boat back to the dock. We took the fish that we had kept and headed back to the cabin. Doc was humming again and started for the kitchen once he had taken his coat and hat off. We cleaned the fish and he prepared them for supper.


    We ate our fish dinner in relative silence with only small talk and smiles between us. He sat next to me at the table this time instead of across from me. Once we had finished we cleaned up the dishes and got the kitchen back in order, then he went into the other room with the bottle and two glasses again setting them on the table. He poured us a drink and again toasted to friendship but this time added a wink and a smile.

    I asked him if he thought it was a sin for us to be doing what we were doing. He said, "Ordinarily it would definitely be a sin, but since it was a lesson for us both, I think god is showing us an answer." I was puzzled by how he thought I was being given a lesson, I knew he was but how did I fit in. So I asked, "What about me, how do I fit in?"

    He said, "You are learning how to love without asking too many questions." I thought about it and tried to remember the recent relationships I had had. It seemed like a simple answer but the more I thought about it the more it seemed so.

    Whenever I got into a relationship I always questioned why. Why was I so lucky? Why had I chosen this man? What was the real reason for being with them? I was learning to accept my fate and love when I was loved back. No reason just that I felt loved. It seemed too simple but why ask questions. It usually only hurt the relationships when I asked why would someone love me.

    I asked Doc what would happen when he went back to his church. Would I be left alone and once again asking, "Why am I alone?" He looked at me and put his hand to my face and said, "Havent you learned anything, dont ask me to explain why I love you just accept that I do." He was looking at me with those laser beam eyes again, "It was Gods will that we find each other, I cant explain it anymore than that." He took another gulp of his brandy. "I promise I well always love you, even if it means giving up my church, if it is Gods will. I think he wants me to love you. I dont know how but he well give us the answer."

    I had more questions than answers. My head was spinning and I couldnt think of what to say. So for the first time in my life I didnt ask why. I just accepted that I was with this dreamboat of a man and had no answers why.

    It felt a little cool in the cabin so Doc went to the fireplace and started another fire. I watched but I was in a kind of daze and didnt pay to much attention to his hot body as he worked to get it started. Once the fire was burning he went and sat in the easy chair. I brought the chair from the table over and sat by him.

    I couldnt think of a way to start a conversation that didnt seem to go back to the same old question of why. So I was quiet for awhile-just thinking of what to say. It seemed I could have asked him anything and he would reply with his straightforward answer but I didnt know what to ask. Finally it came to me to see what he had learned. So I asked, "Doc what is it that he is teaching you?"

    "I feel he wants me to express the way I have always felt, that loving a man is not as two dimensional as it has been written about. That I have always had thesethese, yearnings, I guess you would call them." He reached over and pulled me closer. "I have always dealt with them in my own way. I let myself get close to men in a platonic way but never in a physical way. The vice-principal of my youth was a good example. I wanted to be with him and show him physical love but I feared he might not have wanted it to be more than platonic. So I just stayed friends with him and never let him know I wanted it to be more."

    "The more deeply I got involved in the church, the more I felt I had to hide my feelings. My yearnings had to take a back seat to what I was taught. I wasnt going to let God down so I began to believe what I was taught. It had been so hard to fight my true feelings and so easy to do just what was expected. I kept up the battle and as time went on it became easier to accept my teachings were right rather than the way I felt. It was so easy to be on the side of the majority and not buck the system with what I truly needed."

    " God must have seen my flaw and wanted to test my values and thats when Jim told me his story. At the time I didnt know but I was put to the test and so were my teachings. Then he gave me the answer, You." He hugged me and rubbed his chubby hands through my hair. I knew this wasnt easy for him to say. He was choosing his feelings over his beliefs for the first time.

    I hugged him back. I wanted to tell him how much his church had hurt all the men that had the same feelings he was having. He should have known all the men, like him, that had the same desires and wanted to be loved, had their lives destroyed by the revealing of such a secret. How should I tell him how these men might feel? Jim hadnt wanted to be a martyr, but was made so, by his church.

    I asked if he was going to tell the members of his church about us, about what was happening. He said, "I wont give them any details but yes I well tell them. I think it is what God brought you here for. To have me show them that there is love of another man that can be part of his plan."

    I was glad to be of assistance in this arena but wondered how he would go about doing it. "Your not going to mention me by name are you?" He laughed, and said, "No" and added, "To me, you well always be, His Angel". He was starting to formulate a plan of how to tell his flock. I could tell he was trying to think of ways to help them understand. He hadnt got all the answers yet but was thinking of how to do it. Just knowing this made me feel proud to be helping him show the new meaning he had found in the words that were written so long ago.

    He got up and started to undress. When I saw his naked body again it started the feeling of wanting to be with him all over again. I took off my clothes and we started to hug while we were still standing by the bed. I stretched my arms around him and he pulled me close and started to kiss me. We got on the bed and he lay on his back. I started to kiss his eyelids and moved to his mouth. His breathing was getting more rapid and I started to kiss his neck. Then I ran the hair on his chest through my teeth. I sucked on his nipples and he began to moan and started thrusting his hips in the air. I ran my tongue down his chest to his patch of gray pubic hair. I ran his sexy gray hair through my teeth and grabbed his dick. I began to lick his dick like a Popsicle. I knew what the reward would taste like as I kept up the licking on his lovecicle. As I continued licking I began to rub his balls and thighs. His breathing was almost frantic now and I knew he was about to burst. I took the whole cock in my mouth as he started to launch his load. He fired it deep down my throat and was groaning.

    After he finished I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I came back to the bed and crawled in beside him. We were both to tired to do more and he hugged me and we fell asleep in each others arms.


    At about midnight I had to get up and pee. I was half-hard from hugging him and when I came back to bed he had turned onto his side facing away from me. I got into bed and snuggled up behind him.

    He pushed his butt against me and got comfortable again. My dick touching his magnificent bottom started to get me hard again. I reached down and started to massage his big round buns. I stuck my dick between his legs and he started to push back and forth on my cock with his thighs and butt. I knew he wanted to do it so I pulled his buns apart and started rubbing my cock against his hot hole. He whispered "give it to me" and I started to push my throbbing cock inside him. He lifted his leg so I could go all the way in. He was absorbing my whole cock in his tight ass. I reached around his big tummy and started to masturbate him. I began to fuck him and he was rocking on his side pushing his hungry hole farther on to my cock. We were both moaning and it felt so good that I didnt want to stop.

    He rolled onto his stomach and spread his legs. I mounted him and began to push my hot rod in his juicy hot hole. I pumped and pumped as his rectum became slippery and no longer resisted my pushing in and out. His ass was making a suction sound as I continued to pump him. The wetness of his love canal was exciting me and I started to gyrate my hips to give him the full effect of my cock rimming him out. I kept up the pumping and finally the tide came. I slammed it in for three quick jerks and a final push deep inside him as my liquid love flowed into him.

    It had taken longer as I was pretty well drained from our previous lovemaking. I stayed on top of him for awhile until I had enough energy to roll off. He leaned back on his side and rested his head on his hand while leaning on his elbow. He smiled at me and said, "I guess I know how to take care of an angel" and he winked. We embraced again and he kissed me before we fell back to sleep.

    The next morning Doc awoke before me and I heard him getting out of bed. Then I saw that beautiful butt again as he walked around the bed. He went to the closet and got out a briefcase and opened it. He took out a tablet and pen and what looked to be a small framed picture. He went to the desk and sat down and began to write.

    I watched him from the bed and realized he was writing his sermon. I didnt want to disturb him so I just watched him for awhile. I looked at the picture he had set in front of him. It was a photo of him with his wife and children and what I presumed were his grandchildren. A funny feeling came over me. I was realizing I had been an interloper into his life. I became uneasy as it was dawning on me I didnt want to be part of this mans down fall. I didnt want to be the reason for a divorce or break-up and have his children and grandchildren hate and resent me.

    I got out of bed and went over to him. I was going to try and explain that I didnt want to be the catalyst of his familys destruction. I wondered how to tell him I no longer wanted to be apart of this lesson.

    I put my arm around him and said, "Doc I cant be your angel anymore." He stopped to look at me. He had a puzzled look on his face. "I wont be the one that ruins your family and causes you so much grief." He started to look at me with his laser beam eyes again only this time it was accompanied by a deep look of sorrow. I hugged him and said, "I know you want me to go with you to your church and explain what has taken place to them, but I dont want you to change your life for me. They would ridicule you and cause very unnecessary pain. I want you to go back and teach them the lesson you have learned but not destroy your life. I have decided I well leave you here to finish your work and I well go on to Colorado and try to remember the good things we shared. I dont think telling everyone about what we did here is going to help. You should just tell them of the new meaning you found in the words of your lessons. Go on with your life and try to teach them that being gay is not a choice people make, it is part of Gods plan."

    He was having a hard time putting together his thoughts to respond to me. I could tell he was trying to come up with an answer and make me want to stay. He was about to say something and I put my finger to his mouth and said, "I know this is right and what God wanted. I was sent to you to show you how to receive love, not just to have sex. To feel loved and not think it was wrong. I think you have had a chance to experience this and now it is time for me to go. Our lesson is over and now we have to do what we were sent here to do. You have to go and teach your church and I have to go home and find that special someone to bring happiness to. I well always remember this time and use it to help me with whomever he chooses for me. I know it cant be you because you have already got your special someone and you have to show people the lessons you have learned here."

    I could see a tear forming in his sparkling eyes. He knew I was right and our time together had come to an end. He looked down at what he had started to write and ripped the page he was writing on out of the tablet. On the new page he started to write, "The Dawning of a New Age,"

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