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  • Moving day memories
  • I had boxed up everything in my three room basement apt and was waiting patiently for my father-in-law Edward to arrive with his pickup truck. School was over and I was moving back in with my in-laws for the summer break and I was glad to be finally getting out of the place. I had been renting the basement of this small house all year and while the folks upstairs were nice they were just a bit too intrusive for an older student who wanted his privacy. However, it was a Tuesday morning and by 8am the upstairs was empty and the entire house lay silent above me as I sat looking out the ground level basement window watching for Edward to arrive.

    The new summer breeze was cool and sweet and I sat quietly looking up at the clouds, with growing anticipation of Edwards arrival. He was a husky, 60ish, stocky bear with big, strong arms and a nice round "mature" belly. A true French Acadian, he was ruggedly handsome and he had a smile that could melt an iceberg - he was friendly and always out to help the under dog, but he tolerated no nonsense from anyone.

    Apparently Edward was as much of a bull as he was a bear. My wife had commented on more than one occasion of her father's seemingly insatiable appetite for sex as her mother had confided to her that "nightly" was the norm. Also, at two different occasions I remembered him describing himself as having "a big one", but I paid no mind to his bragging until some time later when talking about "honeymoons" and my mother-in-law spoke of how afraid she was when she (a young virgin at the time) saw the size of him on their wedding night. Their honeymoon consisted mainly of him breaking her of her fear of his "big one" - he was a very kind, gentle man with no hang-ups about sex and he apparently taught her well from the beginning. A true French man's sex drive!

    I was sweating, both from the morning sun beating down on me and from the lusty thoughts I was having imagining my big, hairy bear Edward shagging his wife with his big one. I had one of those "don't think about a white elephant" situations whenever I was around him. I was consumed with thoughts of "just how big is it?" and I was obsessed with trying to estimate measurements by constantly "crotch watching" him at each and every opportunity. My cock was stiff as I remembered various glimpses of his packaged goods, and I unzipped my jeans and stroked myself as I waited for him to arrive.

    I decided to take a quick shower to freshen up before Edward arrived and I stripped naked and tossed my clothes in a pile by the window. My mind was conjuring up all kinds of images of Edward's manly frame and my cock begged to be stroked so I lingered, with glazed eyes, by the window stroking my cock. I watched his truck pull in off the road. The basement window was level with my head so Edward couldn't see me as he pulled up the long drive. I had a few minutes before he actually got to the house and my mind was racing, fully aroused, partially insane with lust as I decided what to do next.

    With no time to think anything through I dashed to the bathroom, leaving the door wide open and climbed into the shower. The shower was on the far wall of the small bath directly across from the open door. What made this decision so exciting for me was the clear vinyl shower curtain which was completely transparent except for the water droplets on it's inner surface.

    I blasted the shower and started stroking my cock. I quickly worked up a lather of shampoo on my head and I heard him calling my name as he entered my box filled apartment. I pretended not to hear him. When I knew he was standing in the doorway I thrust my head under the shower spray and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock again. The sound of soap and water slopping about the shower created quite a din that could easily account for why I didn't hear him, should he ask. My fist pounded my cock with loud sloshing, sucking sounds as the soap and water ran down my chest and over my cock and balls.

    I groaned an obviously orgasmic groan as I pumped a load out onto the shower floor and watched it wash down the drain. I rinsed off and shut down the shower. The hot steam was rising as I pulled back the curtain and with half closed eyes I fumbled for a towel I knew wasn't there. More dramatic effect I hoped.

    "You looking for this?", Edward said as he handed me a towel,"You cleaned it pretty good I think."

    "Um, what? How long have you been here?" I asked, trying to sound startled, standing there dripping with my cock still semi hard.

    "Long enough to know you cleaned more than just behind your ears." he said smiling with squinted eyes.

    I visually assessed the effect my show might have had on him. I quickly scanned down his shirt, down over his perfectly round belly, past his black belt to his crotch region, hoping for some sign of life on Jupiter. My breath stopped and I froze. There was definitely something going on down there because there was a noticeable increase in the size of his package, something visibly pressing along the length of the zipper on his kakis.

    Before I could stop myself I blurted out, "Sometimes you have to do a one man play. I see you approve of my performance?" I tried to divert my gaze by towel drying my hair.

    "Hell, we've all played that part before, son, don't you worry," he said chuckling. "But I've never been one for going solo unless I had to." Taking me completely off guard he turned sideways toward the toilet right next to me and unzipped and pulled his cock out. "Christ, I've had to piss for the past 45 minutes and I can't hold it any longer."

    I watched what seemed like a slow motion replay as he held his semi engorged trouser snake in his hand and began to void his bladder. A heavy, forceful stream of liquid gold flew from the tip of his wide, fat cock head, battering the bowl and turning the water to thick frothy bubbles, like the head on an expensive ale.

    "What's that?" he asked, turning to face to me.

    "Did I say something?" I asked, forcing myself to lift my eyes from his beautiful cock.

    "I thought I heard you say, 'WOW'," he said, smiling once again, looking down at his dripping cock as he finished his pee, "It's been know to have that effect on people."

    I had no doubt that the word "WOW" had escaped my lips as my jaw fell open while watching him do his job in the toilet. My wildest fantasy of this man packing such a long, thick member were fully realized. My cock hardened again and gave me away - I was hot for the old bull and I was hoping he'd approve.

    "You want to wash off? I have an extra towel in a box over there," I said, stepping out of the shower beside him.

    "The folks up stairs are all gone out?" Edward asked, still holding his cock out over the toilet.

    "For the day I think." I said.

    Without another word Edward slipped his cock back into his pants and proceeded to pulled his golf shirt up over his head, revealing his fur covered chest in all it's grey glory. I was mesmerized as I watched him lean back against the vanity, unbuckle his pants and then step out of them, one leg at a time. His white fruit of the loom briefs were filled to capacity at the groin and the outline of his semi hard member wrapping down over his ball sack was clearly visible. His fur covered chest was mostly grey around the nipples and between his titties, but jet black down over his belly and around his navel. I visually followed a wide trail of black hairs from his navel that disappeared down into his underwear, in startling contrast to the whiteness of his briefs. I found this image sensual and arousing.

    "So the stories are true," I said while eyeballing his package.

    "That all men are equal until they meet in the shower?" he asked grinning.

    "You've just proven that! But I remember you mentioning that you 'Had a big one', and Jesus you weren't kidding!",

    "Well, when you got it, flaunt it.", Edward said, "and I'm not one to exaggerate the facts." And with that he turned and leaned over the tub and turned the water on in the shower. While he tested the water and adjusted for temperature, I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it while watching him from behind. I loved the way his white briefs pulled tight over his ass and I could see the shadow of his ass crack through the thin cotton.

    When the water was just right he turned and balanced himself on the vanity and slipped his thumbs into the elastic waistband of his briefs, pealed them down and stepped out of them.

    Edward was built like a big old bull from heaven.

    His thick crop of pubic hair framed a most delicious looking center piece and the angle of his pubic bone served up his cock and balls as if on an small platter. His cock and balls looked heavy and substantial. They were a toasty, dark brown and hung in dark contrast against his thighs. My cock began to throb, at the height of its hardness, and I moved the towel in front of me. He climbed into the shower and I turned to take care of business.

    I watched him through the clear shower curtain as he let the water soak into his hair. He turned once, wetting his body and then reached for the shampoo and began washing his hair. I pulled slowly on my cock as I watched him work up lather and then suds up his chest hair. I watched him slather shampoo foam down over his belly and into his pubic patch. He worked up some suds in the hairs there and swirled his cock and balls around in the foam. My cock ached for release as I watched him take hold of his suds covered cock and pull it a few times, fast then slow.

    He pulled back the curtain and said, "Solo just doesn't work for me. Do you mind giving me a hand?"

    I hesitated, not sure what he meant and when he noticed I wasn't moving he said, "Come on now, I don't bite. I just need you to wash my back."

    "Oh. Sure." I said, moving to the edge of the tub.

    "You can't get the job done from out there, son. Get in here. It's no different than if we were at the gym shower."

    I stepped into the shower. There wasn't a whole lot of room and I stood behind Edward with his back facing me. He twisted backwards and squirted some shampoo in my hand. I began to gently soap up his back. He was incredibly hairy all over his back and I was again turned on by this beautiful bear under my hands. I worked up a lather all over his back and began to press a little harder with my hands. I grabbed hold of both sides of his neck muscles and worked the area firmly with my fingers. He rolled his head from side to side.

    "God, that feels terrific.", he said and I could feel him lean back against my hands, prompting me to press harder.

    I let my hands drop to his lower back. I worked the soap into the area just over his buttocks, pressing firmly with my thumbs into the muscles there. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the shower wall in front of him and pushed his ass a little higher in the air. I let my hands fall just a little lower. He pushed his ass back against my hands. I ventured a little lower and had my hands down over his ass cheeks. I began to kneed the flesh like warm bread dough and he pushed back harder, grinding his ass in small circles.

    "If it feels good do it," he said, still grinding his ass, "So don't stop what your doing. It feels great."

    He didn't have to ask me twice. I worked up a rich lather over his small, hairy ass. He straighten up and reached back and grabbed both my hands and pulled me up against his back. My raging hard on pointing skyward nestled in the crack of his ass. With his hands on mine he guided me through his chest hairs and dwelled long enough to twist his nipples between my thumb and fore finger before he forced my hands down over his big, hard belly. I loved the feel of his hairs, all wet and slick, as they passed between my fingers. He was grinding his ass back hard into my throbbing cock when he forced my hand onto his thick, fully erect member.

    "You think I don't know that you want to feel my big cock in your hand?" Edward said, guiding my handover the length of his rigid member, "I told you I don't like going solo. And judging from the cock against my ass you are more than happy to help out." Edward said.

    Happy was not even close - heart stopping, earth shaking was more like it. His cock was slick with soap and I ran my fist down over the length of his long, thick cock. My knees weakened, but I held on tight. His cock head was fully engorged and inflated and I rubbed my fingers over the big, slippery knob. I pulled my hands back and quickly started massaging his ass hole with my index finger. He pushed back onto it as I got a second finger inside him. I moved it in and out and pulled it from side to side to loosen him up. I pushed a third finger into his ass and he let out a groan.

    "Ohhhh yeah, that feels good son", he said, catching his breath, "show daddy what you got."

    I pushed the head of my cock into his loosening ass hole and began to fuck his ass.

    "I want to make you feel good, dad", I said and I reached down and found his hard cock once more, throbbing harder than ever in my little hand. Before I knew what was happening i was pounding a load of cum into his ass. I finished quickly and Edward turned round and forced me to my knees in the tub. The hot shower spray was hitting his back as he grabbed hold of his cock and began stroking it hard and fast, aiming his one eyed monster into my open mouth.

    "I'm cumming!", he gasped.

    I grabbed hold of his tight, wet nut sack and I could feel the muscle under his nuts flexing as he erupted.

    I stuck out my tongue and opened my mouth. He held my head steady and sprayed his thick, white seed into my mouth. I swallowed his spunk and Ed planted his cock into my mouth. With both hands on my head, he pumped his hips and plunged his cock down my throat. My pain was his pleasure, and with watering eyes I moved under the guidance of his strong, persuasive hands. His cock was not softening and continued to stay hard.

    He slowed down to a sensual, rhythmic grind, running the full length of his cock past my lips.

    I watched him fuck my mouth. I looked up into his face and watched him close his eyes and heard him whisper bits of "ooooh", "ahhhh", "Soooo ny....ce".

    I ran my hand back under his balls and found his loose ass hole. I worked my fingers back into him as best I could while kneeling in front of him. He bent his knees slightly as if to urge me deeper into his beautiful ass.

    "Fuck my ass, son. Fuck my ass while I wash your tonsils."

    The next thing I knew he was head fucking me harder than before. I pushed my fingers into him while twisting my hand slightly and buried my fingers past the knuckle, into his tight, hot ass.

    Edward gasped, "Ummm, suck that cock son. Oooooo, Jesus! Yeahhhhh," and I felt him shudder and pulse in my throat as he unloaded a second round of hot jism into my belly.

    "Ummmm", was all I could say as he slowed and began pulling his meat out. I sucked hard on his waning erection and there was a wet "pop" as the head of his cock escaped my lips. I looked up at my beautiful bear of a man, amazed that I had managed to get so much of his big fat cock into my mouth. I was amazed at the double header. I was proud that I managed to take all of him and I pulled him close and nestled my face against his crotch.

    "I love you, pop," I said, looking up into his smiling face.

    "I love you too, son. But lets not get caught in here so we can do this again some time," and he smiled with his big, squinted eyes, "I have much, much more still to teach you."

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