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  • Thank heaven for young gay men
  • Several years ago, when I was in my mid-fifties, I owned a trendy adult store unlike any business that the public had encountered ever before. All different kinds of adult merchandise was in stock and available to my customers. In addition to some excellent gifts, trendy clothes, male swimwear, balloon arrangements and household items, the inventory included such things as risqu T-shirts, greeting cards, adult novelties, erotic games, sex toys, erotic chocolate candy, etc. The aim was to stock whatever may be the latest trend.

    This was not a typical sleazy type of adult store but one where any open-minded adult person would feel comfortable to shop. We catered to the gay community but the majority of the customers were straight and most of whom were women.

    This was at that time when leather outfits were becoming popular among some the gay community and also the time that male strippers were becoming popular both in gay establishments as well as those patronized by straight women.

    Our stock included the largest selection of erotic leather items and T-backs available in the city or even the state. I had always been pretty handy using a sewing machine and began custom designing and sewing leather pants, cock rings, jockey straps and T-backs, however, I preferred sewing and making fabric costumes and T-backs for male strippers. I had gained a statewide reputation among both straight and gay dancers and/or strippers who would come to my store to buy or have me custom make what ever they wanted or needed.

    One of the nice fringe benefits to my job was the fittings or measurements of customers and to offer my opinion as to which T-back or costume looked best on them. This provided me with the opportunity to see and observe my customers, who were all good-looking dudes, in the nude while trying on whatever they were considering in buying or I was making for them. I have to confess that sometimes while checking the garment on them that my fingers sometime got carried away and touched parts of their body that I had no business in touching but the customers did not seem to mind. Designing and fitting cock rings on the erections of customers sometimes provided special dividends in addition to making a sale.

    In our state there was a law that no male dancer or stripper could take everything off while performing on stage and had to at least keep on a posing or jockey strap or a T-back.

    Many of the dancers/strippers would come up with very specific and unusual ideas as to what they wanted. One of my customers had me design a T-back looking like an elephant and his penis fit into the elephants trunk and he had me make the trunk so it would fit his erection. This project was most rewarding. Another dancer/stripper had a clown costume and had me to design a T-back looking like a clowns face with big eyes and an eight inch long red tongue that flopped up and down while he danced. Part of a customers costume that I spent a lot of time on and was very proud of was an elaborate Indian headdress with beads and feathers and the T-back was covered in beads and had a miniature Indian headdress matching the one he wore on his head.

    (Pardon me for digressing from the story. When one reaches my age, sometimes we reminisce about some of the good things that happen to us during our earlier years.)

    Shortly after opening the store, I needed someone to manage the store for me. Ron and Duke came together for an interview. Both were gay, roommates but not lovers, twenty-three years old, not only cute but very good-looking with great bodies, had very nice personalities and met the public very well. They were very mature for their age. I hired both of them and when the store was open for business, at least one of them was on duty and sometimes both during the busy hours. One of their responsibilities was to hire, train and supervise the other salesmen and employees with the only restriction being that they were either a gay male or a gay female or gay friendly.

    One day Ron and Duke came into my office and suggested that the store sponsor a fashion show to be held on a Sunday afternoon when the store was normally closed. The models would wear and show swimwear, leather outfits, T-backs and clothes that we had in stock. Their idea was to invite dancers or strippers, the gay community that was interested in leather and good customers that may be interested. To my surprise, Ron and Duke offered to be models and they had asked a couple other employees and regular good customers who all had agreed to serving as models if the store did sponsor a fashion show.

    I reluctantly agreed, and the store did sponsor the fashion show and the store was packed with people in attendance. It was a tremendous success and resulted in having several other similar shows that also turned out to be very beneficial and profitable adventures.

    After the first fashion show, I invited Ron and Duke to have dinner with me. They had been working for me for sometime and I did not feel like I really knew them nor did they know me. After dinner, we set in the restaurant for three or four hours talking. I asked them if they ever considered being a dancer or stripper? Their answer revealed a lot about themselves that I did not know and frankly did not understand. They said that they were not good dancers, were too modest and the thought of guys their age touching them while putting money in their T-backs as tips was disgusting to them. They both were sexually attracted only to men who were over fifty years of age.

    I knew that numerous very good-looking young customers had made many advances towards them and wondered why they always turned them down. Cruising in the store was norm and the employees did their share of checking out other gays. There was a young lesbian employee who also did her share of checking out the women.

    Ron and Duke said that they were waiting for the right older man to come along and then there may be a fight to see which one of them could get their hands on him first. Ron grinned and said, "We have discussed the possibilities of one of us making a play for you. You are our type and we are very attracted to you but since you are our boss, we decided against it".


    A few days later, just before closing, a customer came into the store and told Ron that he wanted me to wait on him. Ron came to my office and told me that Robert was a customer that lived and stripped in a city that was about a hundred miles from us and always bought one or two dozen T-backs every time he came to shop and that he had requested that I wait on him this time. Ron asked, "Everything is closed up except closing out one cash register and putting the cash drawer in the safe. May I and the other employees go ahead and close up and leave?"

    Ron and I went out into the showroom and Ron introduced me to Robert and I told Ron to close up and to have a good evening and I would see him and the others tomorrow.

    Robert appeared to be twenty-three or twenty-four years old, tall, broad shoulders, thin waist, beautiful face and smile, brown bedroom eyes, blond hair and a body that showed that he had frequently worked out and had lifted weights. There were no signs that he might be gay and I assumed that he was straight and stripped for women.

    I asked Robert how I may help him and he told me that he needed to buy two dozen T-backs and they all had to be different and he wanted me to advise him on which ones looked best on him. He told me that he would go into the dressing room and undress and I could gather up the T-backs and bring them to him to try on. I picked out about three dozen and took them into the dressing room. My God, Robert was standing there nude and I could not help but stare at him. Most guys look better when dressed but not Robert. It was easy to see why he was very successful as a stripper.

    While Robert was trying on the different T-backs, I asked him why he needed so many? He smiled and said, "I have this racket going on. After I finish my performance, I auction off the T-back that I am wearing. I step back of the stage curtain and change into another T-back and take the one I was wearing to the highest bidder and collect my money. Some of those faggots will grab the T-back and in front of God and everybody they will sniff the crotch to see if some of my odor is on the T-back. I assume that they take it home and masturbate while thinking about me. I make much more by auctioning off my T-backs than I receive in tips while dancing. Hell, I make a profit of a thousand bucks a week just off my T-backs.

    No matter which T-back Robert put on, he looked great in it. Some of the material was very thin and you could see the outline of his huge cock and large balls and he seemed to like them more than the others. There was just barely enough material to cover his privates.

    After Robert had made his selection and still nude, he turned to me and began to undress me. I asked him what in the hell he was doing and he replied that it was my turn to put on a T-back. I told him that I never put one on in my life and that I did not have the body for them. He told me to let him be the judge. Within seconds he had undressed me and I was so embarrassed to be in his presents showing my ugly old body to such a good-looking man. I quickly put on a T-back trying to cover my dick and balls. He took me by the shoulders and turned me facing the mirror and told me that I was a good-looking man. He reached around me and put his hand under the pouch, and took hold of my dick and moved it and told me that it looked better lying straight down than off to one side.

    Up to this point I had been able to control myself and not gotten an erection but after he had touched my dick it became erected and the head was sticking above the waistband. Robert was staring at my erected cock in the mirror and I looked in the mirror at Robert standing behind me and his huge erection was sticking out in front of him. He whirled me around and got on his knees and removed the T-back and began to suck on my dick. I stood there while he was going down on me in disbelief as to what was happening. Robert could easily have his choice of having sex with any number of young men his own age. Why was he interested in an old coot like myself? I thought about Ron and Duke and what they had said about preferring older men. I thought to myself, "Hell, getting old may not be as bad as I thought".

    Robert was doing a number on me, he had me so excited and at the height of passion that my body was trembling all over. His effort in giving me a blowjob that I will long remember ended when I shot my load deep in his throat. He stood up and put his arms around me and said, "Wow, did you enjoy that as much as I did? You are one more good-looking man. I saw you the last time I was in your store and knew that I had to have sex with you".

    For several minutes we were facing each other and were stroking each others cocks. I was surprised that I still had an erection and was not going to loose it as long as Robert was jacking on it.

    I was not about to miss the opportunity that I had wanted to do all evening. I dropped to my knees and began to try to get as much of Roberts cock into my mouth and throat as I could. It took me several tries before I had my nose buried in his pubic hairs and smelled the odor that those "faggots" had been spending high dollars to smell. It had been many years since I had had a young studs cock in my mouth and I was taking full advantage and making the most of it. As I was deepthroating him, I reached around his hips and at the same time I pinched both of his buttocks real hard. He jerked back and looked down at me and asked, "What the hell was that was all about". I looked up at him and told him that all evening I had been wondering if his good-looking buns were real. He patted me on the head and assured me that they were real and that I could touch but no more pinching.

    I had given and received many blowjobs in my time but I certainly would remember being able to have sex with Robert. He was mumbling, groaning, and loudly telling me to suck his big cock. Thank goodness no one was in the store because they would have heard him for sure. Robert was showing more pleasure than anyone I had ever sucked off before. It seemed like his cock was getting harder, thicker and longer and I was aware that he was going to climax at any time. As Robert was cuming he yelled, "Lookout I am blasting off. Swallow my fucking cum and cock". I sucked him even after he became limp he was still a mouthful and I did not want to quite. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and leaned over and helps me to my feet.

    During the whole time I was giving head to Robert, I maintained my erection. He took a hold of it and once again began stroking. I reached for his and he told me that his dick had had it for the night but he was going to suck on mine as long as I had a stiff. I told him that I doubted that I could cum again. He told me that it did not matter and he was going to suck on it anyway. He began eagerly to give me head and it did not take me as long as it did the first time to ejaculate and then my cock almost immediately became soft.

    We got dressed and gathered up the T-backs that he wanted and went to the cash register. I offered him a discount and he told me, no way, that he was the one going to make a big profit on them. He said, "However, I will be back in ten days at the same time of the day and I want you to wait on me. I like the way you give service to your customers". I rang up his purchase and he wrote me a check. I looked at it and looked at him and winked and asked if that was his correct phone number in case I got desperate. He put his arm around my neck and said, "Pal, anytime you need me just call". I put my business card in the sack with his T-backs and walked him to the door.

    The following Monday morning, I received an unexpected call from Hoss who was a friend of mine that lives in a cottage on the beach just North of Miami. He informed me that he was going to pay me an unexpected visit and would be flying out of Miami in two hours and asked me if it would be all right for him to come to visit and if I would meet him at the airport.

    I picked Hoss up at the airport and asked if he would mine if we went by the store so I could help close it up before we went to my house. He had never been to my store and wanted to see it.

    Hoss is a year or so older than I and his deceased lover was a long time best friend of mine. He would never tell anyone what his real name was but we assumed that he obtained his nickname from being hung like a horse. I had never seen his erection but had been told that he was huge. Hoss had been retired for a few years and he was very well off financially and owned a large number of very valuable acres surrounding his beach cottage and owned other real estate in Florida. He was very conscious of his body and made a habit of jogging in the nude along the private beach on his property. He also exercised daily and eats healthy food. Having spent a lot of time on the beach, he had a very nice tan and his hair both on his body and head were bleached out from the sun. His body looked twenty years younger than his actual age. A few wrinkles in his face are the only hint that he is as old as he is.

    When we arrived at the store, both Ron and Duke were there and I introduced them to Hoss. I had never seen Ron and Duke smile bigger and as happy as they were after meeting Hoss. There was no doubt that both of them were attracted to him and Hoss knew it and thoroughly enjoyed the attention they gave him.


    As most gay older men, Hoss appreciated and was grateful for any attention of all gay men whether they were younger, the same age, or older. The potential of having sex had nothing to do with it. It was a matter of being accepted and acknowledged that he was a worthy person. The very large majority of Hosss sexual encounters involve men close to his own age or older. Like most older men, he never made it a practice of hitting on younger men but was not immune to them hitting on him.

    On the way to my house, Hoss questioned me about Ron and Duke and I told him all I knew and about them being sexually attracted to older men. Hoss said, "Well, I can tell that this is going to be a very interesting visit".

    After I got Hoss settled in the guest bedroom, we went out to eat dinner at a very nice restaurant. When we finished our meal, Hoss went to the cashier desk to pay for the bill and asked if the restaurant made food deliveries. He found out that they did and obtained a menu to take with him. On the way back home, Hoss asked, "When we get home, would you call Ron and Duke and invite them to have dinner with us tomorrow night? I will have the restaurant to cater the meal".

    The phone call was made and the invitation was extended to Ron and Duke and they were very excited and accepted the invitation. The next day they were still excited and could not wait to close the store and go to my house for dinner and told me that they wanted to have sex with Hoss.

    When we arrived at my house, Hoss had set the table, candles burning, wine in the wine cooler and an enormous amount of food on the table. We had a delicious meal and very enjoyable conversation. I excused myself from the table and began to put away the food and wash the dishes. When I was through, I turned around and they were no longer at the table and they were not in the den. I heard some noise coming from the guest bedroom and I immediately knew what was going on. I started to set down in the den and Hoss yelled at me to come join them.

    When I walked into the bedroom, all three of them were naked, Hoss was laying on his back with his legs in the air and Duke was fucking him and Ron had straddled Hoss chest and was receiving a blowjob. I saw Hoss erection and he was properly nicknamed. His cock had to be at least ten or more inches and would have certainly thrilled and delighted any "Size Queen". The sizes of Ron and Dukes cocks were very adequate for pleasuring most any cocksucker or bottom. In comparison to the other three, my cock was the smallest of the group.

    As fast as I could, I removed my clothes and Ron told me to stand on the bed in front of him and he would suck my cock while Hoss was sucking his and Duke continued to fuck Hoss asshole and jerk him off at the same time. Everyones cocks were receiving attention and everyone was expressing their pleasure by grunting, groaning or making other sounds.

    I dont know if it was old age or what but my body began to tremble again. Ron reached around my hips and held on to my buttocks that helped me to steady myself. When he began to squeeze my butt, it stimulated my cock in his mouth and it was getting harder and nearing the climaxing stage. Ron removed my cock from his mouth and looked up at me and said, "Boss, give me your cum. Shoot it down my throat. I have been wanting to suck you off for so long". Then he told Hoss, "Man, I am about to unload a huge amount of cum. Are you ready for it?" Hoss mumbled something while still having Rons cock down his throat. The closer Ron got to ejaculation the faster, harder and deeper he sucked on my dick. I was looking over Rons shoulder and could see Hosss big rod being jacked off by Duke and the expression on Dukes face showed that he was also nearing a climax. Ron was the first to shoot off and then I released my wad to be followed by seeing Hoss shooting off and I looked at Duke and his body was ridged and he was shooting off inside Hosss asshole.

    We all lay down on the bed with Hoss and were exhausted. All of us were just about to go to sleep. Ron said, "Guys, Duke and I have certainly enjoyed our dinner and especially the dessert. We are going to have to go home and get some rest before going to work tomorrow or our boss will be very unhappy with us". They got up and got dressed and Duke came to the side of the bed and took hold of Hosss limp dick and said, "Hoss, thank you for the dinner, for letting me play with the big boy and for letting me fuck your ass. It has been great and hopefully while you are visiting we will get together as often as you wish". As Ron and Duke were leaving they told me that they would see me tomorrow.

    Wednesday morning after I went to work, Hoss dialed Ron and Dukes phone number and Ron answered the phone. Hoss asked him when he had to go to work and learned that Ron would not be going to work for three hours and Hoss invited him to come have sex with him before going to work. Ron ceased the opportunity and they enjoyed having sex together. Later Hoss called the store to talk to Duke and arrangements were made for him to come have sex with him when he got off work.

    That night after Hoss and I had dinner, Hoss told me that he was certainly enjoying Ron and Dukes company and suggested that the four of us go out to dinner the next night and get together for a foursome again. I told him that I had other plans and suggested that we do it on Friday night instead. I explained to him that Robert was supposed to come tomorrow night and restock his supplies of T-backs and I told him about us having had sex together.

    After giving some thought about Roberts pending visit, I called Robert and learned that he was planning on coming and I extended an invitation for him to spend the night with me and that I had a houseguest that I wanted him to meet.

    Robert arrived at the store earlier than planned and I told him to pick out the T-backs that he wanted to try on and then we would pick up Hoss and go to dinner and afterwards would come back to the store so he could try them on and make his decision as to which ones he wanted to buy.

    When I introduced Hoss to Robert, Hoss put his hand over his heart and pretended that he was having a heart attack. He was very impressed with Roberts good looks.

    After dinner, Hoss asked that we drop him off at the house and said that he was tired and wanted to take a nap. I had not told Hoss that Robert would be spending the night with us.

    As we drove back to the store, Robert played with my penis and it was as hard as a rock when we arrived. He also had a very firm erection. We made an agreement that neither one of us was going to climax until we returned and had sex in bed at my house. We set in the car and waited until we had lost our stiffs before going into the store.

    Both Duke and Ron were on duty and had everything ready to close. Ron left one cash register open and they locked everything up and left Robert and I alone in the store.

    Because Robert kept getting erections while trying on the T-backs it took much longer than it should have plus the fact that Robert wanted three dozens this time. Observing Robertss beautiful body and big hard dick caused me to get a hard on that I could not loose. Robert made his final selection and I check him out and put his purchases in two sacks. He held one of the sacks covering his stiff dick and I covered mine with the other one as I locked the front door and we went to our cars and Robert followed me home.

    As soon as we got inside my house, we went to check on Hoss who was in his bed lying on his back, sound asleep, stark naked, with his ten or so inch stiff standing straight up. Robert looked at Hoss and said, "Now that is a good-looking man with a b-i-g dick. I just am going to have to have his dick up my ass before the night is over. But, first I want to suck you off and I want you give me a blowjob".

    We went to my bedroom, undressed, got into my bed and began performing oral sex on each other. Having Roberts big cock in my mouth again and smelling and tasting his manly odor were causing excitement and pleasure beyond description. The way Robert was sucking on my cock, also, indicated that he was enjoying the moment. We sucked, deepthroated, licked each others cocks and played with each other nuts and assholes until we both shot off. We lay down beside each other and hugged and kissed each other for a while before we got up and took a shower together. We returned to the bed and Robert lay on his side and I was on my back and he had his arm across my chest and I fell asleep.

    Several hours later, I woke up and Robert was not in bed with me and I heard noises coming down the hall from the guestroom. I knew that Roberts desire to be fucked by Hoss had become a reality. My only thought was that I hope they were enjoying themselves and I fell back into a deep sleep.

    Just after the sun came up, I woke up and Robert was back in bed with me and again had his arm across my chest and was sound asleep. I got up and dressed to go to work and went into the kitchen and made coffee and began to prepare breakfast for the three of us. Hoss staggered in all blurry eyed and set down at the breakfast table. I pour him a cup of coffee and he said, "Man, I had a hell of a night. I had the wildest dream. I fucked some dude and shot off twice in his ass. It was the most realistic dream I ever had. In my dream, it was so dark in the bedroom that I could not see his face but I could feel his wonderful firm muscular body and he had a real nice dick on him".

    I had seen Robert come in and he was wearing one of his T-backs and was standing behind Hoss and had overheard his remarks. He was smiling and said, "Pardon me Hoss, but my asshole tells me that it was not a dream". Hoss turned around and saw Robert and said, "Holy Shit! I had my cock up your ass? God almighty! I can not believe it". Robert took Hosss remarks as a compliment and set down at the table.

    After we had eaten our breakfast, Robert told us that he had to head back home that he had a performance that afternoon and one that night. Hoss told me that he would be leaving tomorrow to fly to California to visit a friend before going back to Florida. Robert hugged Hoss and then hugged me and told me that he would be back to restock his supply of T-backs and that he would call me and let me know when he was coming. After Robert dressed and left and as I was leaving to go to work, I told Hoss that I was looking forward towards us having dinner that night with Ron and Duke.


    Just before we closed the store, Ron asked if it would be all right for he and Duke spent the night at my place and he volunteered to take Hoss to the airport the next morning.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy their dinner but everyone eat real fast and it was evident that they were anxious to get to my place and have sex. This time we used my bedroom where I had a king sized bed. After we got undressed, Ron more or less assumed command and told me lay down on my back, Duke was to get into a position to straddled my head so I could suck his dick and he could suck mine, Ron was going to fuck me, and Hoss was to stand and straddle Duke and I so he could suck off him while fucking me. I had the best position than anyone else. Everyone was doing their utmost to please each other.

    Ron had taken on a little more than he could handle in trying to suck off Hoss. He could not get Hosss long cock all the way in his mouth and throat. Hoss came to his aid by jacking himself off with only the head and part of the shaft of his cock in Rons mouth. Duke was the first one to shoot his cum down my throat but he did not move from his position and continued to give me head while I drained him dry and sucked his semi-hard dick. Hosss ejaculated next and Ron swallowed his load of cum. Hoss got off the bed and got behind Ron and played with his tit and asshole while Ron kept on fucking and shot off inside of me. Duke was vigorously sucking my dick and moments later I climaxed.

    Everyone lay down on the bed and there was almost complete silence in the room except for some heavy breathing. After some time passed, Hoss spoke up and said, "Well gentlemen, you guys are great and have made my visit the most enjoyable one that I can remember. All of us are going to have a busy day tomorrow and I for one need to get some sleep. I am going to go to my bed and if one of you want to join me your welcome". Ron told Hoss that he would go to bed with him.

    After Hoss and Ron had left, Duke told me that he did not think that he could cum again but asked me to suck on his cock and he would suck mine until we got sleepy. We got into the sixty-nine position and each got a pillow and put under our heads and leisurely gave each other head until we got sleepy and fell asleep.

    Sometime during the night, I woke up and neither one of us were sporting an erection but our soft penises were near each others faces. I feel back asleep and woke up again just as the sun was coming up. Duke was giving me head and had me fully aroused and his hard dick was touching my face. I took his cock in my mouth and we began to fuck each others mouths until we shot off. Both of us were just about to go back asleep and we heard Ron in Hosss room yelling, "Fuck me harder, Hoss. Put your big cock all the way in me and fuck me". Duke laughed and said, "Well, I guess they are having a good time".

    Everyone slept in late and we all scurried around shaving, showering, getting dressed and had a quick breakfast. During breakfast, Hoss told all of us again what a good time he had had and invited all of us to come to Florida and visit him. Ron and Duke had never been to Florida and told Hoss that they were going to take him up on his invitation. I told them that they should go but only one of them could go at a time because I could not handle the store by myself.

    Duke and I said goodbye to Hoss and left to go to work leaving Hoss to finish packing before Ron took him to see him off on his flight to California.

    During the next few weeks, Robert made his periodic visits to the store and I had noticed that each visit he was purchasing less T-backs but we always had sex together during each visit. I never questioned him about not buying the quantity that he normally purchased.

    One morning just after opening the store, Robert called me and asked me to have dinner with him after I closed the store. He said he wanted to talk to me about business.

    After we finished our meal, Robert cleared table in front of him and put his elbows on the table and said, "I guess you have noticed that I am not buying many T-backs anymore. It seems that all those faggots who wanted one have already got theirs and very few gays are bidding on them anymore". I told him that I was sorry but was surprise that it had lasted this long. He said, "Well that is not why I am here. My father and I had another long talk and he told me again that I should grow up and start doing something to make a living that had a future. He has offered to buy me a business of my choice and wants me to go to work fulltime. I have thought about it and I want to buy your business. Would you consider selling your business to me?"

    The idea of selling had never occurred to me and I was in a state of shock. I told Robert that I had always figured that I would work in the store at least five to eight more years before I retired. I told him that I would have to think about it before I could give him an answer. Robert told me that I should think about it and if I decided to sell that I let him know the dollar figure and his fathers attorneys would handle the closing of the sale. He also told me that I could continue my custom design work and keep the profits because neither he nor anyone else that he knew could provide those services to the stores customers.

    Robert reached across the table and took my hand and said, "Think about it and in the mean time I want to go home with you and give you one or more of my best blowjobs and receive the same from you"

    The next day I kept thinking about Roberts offer. I had no idea as to the value of the business and decided to obtain the services of two different gay men that did evaluations and appraisals of businesses and real estate. Both of them came to the store and looked at my books, records and inventory and submitted their appraisals as well as offered their personal advice.

    Their appraised values were within one thousand dollars of each other. The value of the business was much more than I anticipated. Both advised me to sell and one of them stated that Robert would be getting a good deal. Since most of my customers were young people, that a store like mine needed a young person as an owner and buyer because they would be more inclined to buy merchandise that the younger people would be interested in buying. It is also a fact that younger gays tend to frequent and patronize gay businesses that are owned by gays near their own age. Both of them believed that a store like mine would be successful in other cities and branching out and starting a chain of stores should be considered.

    A phone call was made to Robert and I told him that I would sell my business to him and gave him my asking price. He told me that there would be no haggling over the price and that he had discussed the business with his father and he was in favor of my pursuing the purchase. I told him that I would work and train him for four weeks at my expense. I also advised him that Ron and Duke were valuable assets to the business and he should talk with and assure them that they would have jobs when he took over as the new owner. I invited him to live at my place until he found a place of his own.

    Robert told me that he would get the attorneys to begin the work on closing the sale and would get back in touch with me. He said, "Now of course after all the paper work is done and the money is exchanged that the sale can only be finalized by my going to bed with you. Hell, we may have to finalized it several times".

    Robert is the new owner and I did train him for a month and he did move in with me. The cocksucker has not once ever made an attempt to find a place of his own. In fact he has never once spent a night in the guestroom where we moved his things. He is paying more than his part of our living expenses and when we are alone in my place, or perhaps I should say "our place" he is either nude or wearing a T-back. Almost everyday he tells me that the closing of the sale has not been finalized. Robert told me that he now has two "Daddies" that one was his father and that I was his "Sexy Daddy". Man did I ever make a good deal. Thank Heaven for young gays who prefer older men.


    It may be of interest to note that the fashion shows in the store are even more popular. Robert is the star model and uses his talents as a stripper and has taught Ron and Duke how to dance while modeling. The fashion shows are very popular and attract a lot of older gay men as well as the younger guys.

    After Robert got settled into operating the new store, he began to miss stripping which he really enjoyed doing and undoubtedly he was good at. At nights after the store was closed, he volunteered to fill in as a stripper, if one of the regular strippers for one reason or another could not perform, at a local gay bar and club.

    It could have been because I was selfish or it could have been that I was jealous and afraid that he might meet and be attracted to some other older man, I dont know but I was opposed to him stripping. I was honest with Robert and tried to tell him how I felt. He tried to appease me and told me that I could go with him when he preformed and that he would use any tips and money that he got from auctioning off his T-backs to buy me gifts.

    Perhaps out of stubbornness, I refused to go the first two nights that he preformed. The third night I did go with him and it was the first time I ever saw him perform and when he started auctioning off his T-back I became so enthusiastic and engrossed in the auction that before I knew it I was placing bids.

    A few days later a very evil and devilish idea occurred to me. One time while I owned the store, a salesman that I bought a lot of merchandise from gave me a sample of a product on the market which I did not care for and never placed an order to stock it in the store. It was spray can of an odor that spelled like the male odor that sometimes you smell in poorly ventilated sweaty gym locker rooms. The smell to me was very offense but to someone who had a passion and a very strong desire to have sex with a certain individual and identified the odor to that person, to many, it was a turn on.

    By accident I discovered that you could spray this odor on a piece of fabric and place it in the sun or heat it up to a high temperature and it would go away until it was warmed back up. After a person exerted himself such as dancing, the body temperature was sufficient to cause the odor to return. You guessed right. The crotch of Roberts T-backs that he was going to perform in got sprayed, outdoors, and left in the hot sun. Those that out bid and paid for one of his T-backs got their nose filled and got their moneys worth.

    For the next several weeks, the popularity of Roberts T-backs being auctioned off skyrocketed.

    Robert had bought me a complete new wardrobe and new jewelry before he became concerned about recently having the terrible body odor. He told me that he had made an appointment with the doctor. I had to tell him to cancel the appointment and told him what I had done. Robert was furious at first and then it hit him as being funny. He agreed to stop stripping if I would stop spraying his T-backs.

    With Roberts approval, I filled in at the store while Ron and Duke visited Hoss in Florida. The things that happened to Ron and Duke during their visit with Hoss and his older gay friends is a very interesting story yet to be written. Have you ever heard of sun burned dicks?


    Ron and Duke had just had their twenty-fourth birthday within a week of each other. Robert and I had given them birthday presents and had taken them out to dinner but I wanted to do something special for them.

    The last part of May and the first part of June had always been rather slow at the store. I told Robert about Ron and Duke wanting to go visit Hoss in Florida and offered to fill in for them at the store if he would give both of them their vacation time. Robert had no objections, so I called Hoss to see if it were a convenient time for him for them to visit. Hoss was very excited about them wanting to visit him and told me that he was going to pay for their plane tickets and all their expenses in making the trip.

    Ron and Duke had not known about me talking to Robert and Hoss and their potential trip to Florida. I went to the store and they were both working and had just closed up the store for the day. Robert and I asked them if they still wanted to go to visit Hoss and take their vacation in Florida. Both of them smiled and said that they wanted to go but did but did not think they could afford such a trip. I told them that Hoss was going to pay their expenses and asked them if they could be packed and ready to go in two days.

    The way they hugged and kissed Robert and I, you would have thought that we had just given them a million dollars. At that moment, if they had asked me to fill in for them a year, I would have gladly agreed to do so.

    All arrangements were made. Hoss not only wired enough money for their plane fare but several hundred extra dollars in case they for some reason needed it. Hoss said that he would meet them at the airport when they arrived.

    It was difficult to tell who was the most excited when I took them to the airport. This was going to be their first experience in flying. I told them to have a great vacation, to tell Hoss I sent my regards, to have a great vacation and that I wanted a full report and see photographs when the returned.

    It was the middle of the afternoon, when Ron and Dukes plane touched down at the Miami airport. Hoss meet them as planned and it was evident that he was pleased to see them and they were pleased to see Hoss.

    After they got their luggage, Hoss ushered them outside and there was a man standing by a brand new convertible who took their luggage and put them in the trunk of the car. Hoss introduced Ron and Duke to the man whose name was Luke. Hoss climbed in the back seat and asked who was going to ride in the back seat with him. Ron jumped in and Duke climbed into the riders seat. Luke closed the door and went around to the drivers seat.

    It was about an hours drive to Hosss cottage on the beach. While on their way, Hoss told them that Luke was a long time friend of his and lived in the servants quarters behind his cottage and that he did most of the driving, cooking, shopping, and took care of the swimming pool, grounds, and the cottage. Luke smiled and said, "I take good care of Hoss and he takes good care of me except our peters are off limits to each other".

    Lukes descendents were German and Spanish. He was fifty-three years old, five foot six inches tall, slight frame, weighing around one hundred and twenty pounds with limp wrist. His personality, smile, and humor cause everyone to like him and he had no trouble making friends and putting those around him at ease.

    While Duke was seated in the front seat, Hoss leaned over and patted his shoulder and put his other hand on Rons leg and told them that he and Luke were going to see to it that they enjoyed their vacation. He told them that tomorrow evening that a few of his friends had been invited for a cocktail party in their honor. Ron told Hoss that they did not bring clothes for a cocktail party. Hoss said, "Shit! You have your birthday suit or you can wear a T-back or swimsuit. All the guys are fifty years old or older and they all appreciate gawking at young guys especially if they are gerontophilias".

    As they were driving down the highway, Duke asked Luke how long would it be before they reached Hosss cottage. Luke smiled and told him that it was not much further, that for the last three or four minutes they had been driving through Hosss property and that he own the land on both side of the highway and his property extended several miles after they turned off to go to the cottage. The beach and Atlantic Ocean was about a mile from the highway. Moments later Luke turned off the highway onto a blacktop road and there was a big No Trespassing sign. Duke had been seeing these signs all along the highway but the one at the entrance was huge.

    Duke and Ron had no idea what Hosss cottage would be like. In their minds they were expecting a small structure maybe with one guest room and a master bedroom. To their amazement, it was enormous. It had four guest rooms, a very large master bedroom with extra large custom made bed, six bathrooms, a huge living room or den, large dinning room, a big breakfast area, a big kitchen and a three car garage. In the back between the cottage and the servants quarters was a small swimming pool and patio. The servants quarters or Lukes living area was more what they were expecting to be Hosss so called cottage.

    Upon arrival Hoss took them on a tour of the cottage while Luke unloaded their luggage. After they finished their tour, Luke had set their luggage down in the entranceway and had fixed everyone cold lemonade. They all set down in the den to talk, relax and drink. Hoss asked Ron and Duke if they wanted separate guest rooms or wanted to stay in the same room. Ron said, "We will only need one room to put our things in but I suspect that both of us will be sleeping in that big bed with you". Hoss smiled and answered, "I was hoping that would be what you wanted and my bed is large enough for the three of us and more. I assume that besides just sleep that you also have some sucking dicks and fucking in mind?" Luke started laughing and everyone joined in.

    Duke looked at Luke and said, "I suspect that before we leave that your peter will be crying for mercy. Ron and/or I will see to that". Luke put his hands together and looked up as if he were praying and said, "Thank you God. Please give my peter mercy after these guys are finish with it".

    Luke stood up and told Hoss that they had time to jog on the beach or take a swim before dinner would be ready and while you all or gone I will put their things in the guest room next to yours. He turned to Ron and Duke and told them that as usual dinner would be formal and they had a choice of eating while nude or wearing a swimsuit. Hoss remarked, "Yes we are very formal here and are always properly undressed. No women ever come here without an invitation so nudity is an acceptable dress code. However, if you should display an erection or even a semi-erection, you are free game for Luke or I to take full advantage of the situation or stimulation as it might be".

    Hoss invited Ron and Duke to go jogging with him or they could go for a swim or walk along the beach. Ron told Hoss that they would change clothes and go with him. Hoss put his arms around their shoulders and led them outside and took them into an outside dressing room that had a shower and shelf full of towels. He told them to take off their clothes that he always jogged in the nude and they should also enjoy the beach as it should be enjoyed.

    They started jogging down the beach and had not gone very far until Ron and Duke were out of breath and could not go any farther. Hoss stopped and asked them if they could walk back by themselves. He told them that he would jog a couple of miles more before turning around and jogging back.

    Ron and Duke had difficulty accepting the fact that they were in such poor physical condition that they could not keep up with an older man like Hoss.

    Ron and Duke slowly walked back wading in the water that was washing onto the beach and when the got in front of the cottage they went swimming and played in the surf and waves until Hoss returned. Ron looked at Hoss and said, "You fucking bastard. You are not even breathing hard".

    They took a shower, dried off, and gathered up their clothes and went inside nude and went to their rooms. Ron and Duke put on a T-back and returned to the breakfast room for dinner. Luke had changed clothes and was wearing what looked like pajamas and the material was so shear that you could see everything he had and both Ron and Duke did a double take when they saw his peter. For a small man, his dick was so big that it did not seem to go with his slight build. Hoss joined them and he was wearing a robe that was also a see through material. Ron and Duke quickly set down at table to hide the sudden big bulges in their T-backs.

    Luke had prepared a delicious meal and after everyone had eaten all they could they went into the den and Luke served mixed drinks to everyone.

    After having several rounds of drinks and an enjoyable conversation, Hoss got up and turned on the TV and said he would like to listen to the evening news before going to bed. Luke said he was tired and excused himself and told everyone goodnight. Duke said, "I am going with Luke and see that he is properly tucked in bed. If either of you guys have a climax before I return, I am going to wait until you are asleep and cut your god damn balls off".


    It did not take Luke long to get in bed and be joined Duke. Duke went down on Luke erected peter and before long had Luke nearing his peak and yelling out describing the pleasure he was receiving and giving Duke instructions to suck his cock faster and that he was about to shoot off. Duke had Lukes big cock all the way down his throat when Luke let go a mouth full of cum. . He told Duke that it had been a long time since he had had blowjob and he never remember ever having one that was more enjoyable. Duke lay down with Luke and within a few minutes Luke was sound asleep.

    When Duke returned to the den, the news was just over and Hoss was turning off the TV.

    As Hoss was getting in bed with Ron and Duke, he said, "I have not had sex with any young studs like yourselves since I visited with you. This is bringing back a lot of good memories. It is nice to have both of you here".

    He told Ron that in the drawer of every end table in all the bedrooms was a stock of regular and extra large condoms and lube and for him to put on a condom and fuck him like he had done before.

    Duke got over Hosss face and put his cock into his mouth and bent over and tried to suck Hosss big ten-inch plus dick. After numerous tries Duke was never successful in getting Hosss member all the way down his throat even though he so badly wanted to satisfy Hoss in that manner. Hoss was accustomed to the fact that his cock was too large for most guys to swallow in its entirety. He had only experienced a couple of guys that deepthroat and could take it all. He asked Duke to turn around and get on his knees on top of him fuck him in the mouth.

    Ron had been fucking Hoss in the ass and as last time was jacking off Hosss cock at the same time. Ron was nearing his climax and he let go of Hosss cock and concentrated on fucking Hosss ass and his near ejaculation. He shoved his cock as far as it would go and stopped his fucking motions and let go his cum and then returned to jacking off Hoss with his cock still up Hosss asshole.

    Within a few minutes, Duke shot off into Hosss throat. After Hoss sucked on Duke for a short time, Duke got up and returned to suck on Hosss cock. He had three or four inches in his mouth while Ron continued to jack on the remaining part of his shaft. Hoss was nearing his climax and Duke put one of his fingers up his asshole and Ron took hold of his nuts and gently pulled on them to the rhythm that he was jacking him off. Hoss was yelling, "Fuck guys. I am about to shoot. Shit! Dont stop now. Oh Shit! Here it comes. Damn! Yea! Yea!" Hoss let go a big load in Dukes mouth and his whole body began to shake.

    Duke and Ron lie down close to Hoss and put their arms around him and each gave him a kiss. Hoss said, "Boys, I have not had a climax like that since I dont know when. I am going to have to keep you around for a long time". Hoss soon fell asleep and started snoring so loud that Ron and Duke could not go to sleep. They rolled over a good distance and put their pillows over their heads and finally fell asleep.

    The next morning, Ron and Duke woke up shortly after the sun came up and Hoss was not in bed with them. They got up, put on their T-backs and went to the kitchen and were going to make some coffee but Luke had already made the coffee and was fixing breakfast. They asked Luke where Hoss was and he grinned and said, "He is jogging and doing his exercises like he always does but he seemed to not have as much energy this morning as he normally does but he was smiling and happy and not grouchy as he generally is this time of the morning. What did you guys do to him last night?" Hoss walked in naked as a jaybird just in time to hear Lukes question. Hoss took hold of his limp dick and while shaking it he told Luke, "They gave the big boy a hell of a workout. They certainly know how to get the big boy in shape".

    During breakfast, Luke asked Hoss if he mind going into town and picking up a few items for the cocktail party. Reluctantly Hoss said that he would go and Ron asked him if he could go with him. Duke offered to help Luke get ready for the party.

    Shortly after Hoss and Ron left, Luke put his arms around Dukes neck and kissed him on his cheek and told him how much he enjoyed and appreciate the blowjob that he had given him last night. He said that it had been a long time since he had sex with another man and that it had been ages since being with a young stud. He gave Duke a hug and while doing so, Duke felt Lukes erection. Duke stepped back and took a hold of Lukes stiff cock and said, "I dont think it is yelling for mercy yet. I am going to see what I can do about that".

    Duke got on his knees, pulled down Lukes pajama pants down and swallowed Lukes peter. Every once in a while Duke looked up so he could see Lukes face. Luke was thoroughly appreciating and enjoying what Duke was doing to him. Luke first began to yell out things in Spanish and just before he shot off he was saying things in German. Duke had no idea what Luke had said but he had a pretty good idea. Luke helped Duke to his feet and put his arms around his neck and said, "Man you have no idea what you have done for my ego and my peter wants to thank you. Any time you want me to suck your cock or to fuck your ass, just let me know. Now, I have a lot to do to get ready for tonight. Those old farts will be here before I know it".

    Duke helps Luke as much as he could and they had made a lot of progress. Luke poured a cup of coffee for each of them and they set down to take a break. Luke told Duke that tomorrow was also going to be a busy day. He said, "Tonight, those fuckers will mess up every bed in the house. They always shoot off on the sheets and leave their damn used condom laying everywhere. I will have three or four washer loads of linens to do".

    "What really chaps my ass is that everybody is being sucked off or fucking someones ass except me. I am too busy mixing and severing drinks, picking up and cleaning up after their sorry asses. Hoss is always so busy playing host or having sex that he is no fucking help. But since this cocktail party is in you guys honor I am more than happy to do what ever is necessary. Just keep this in mind, dont let anyone of those motherfuckers sick anything in your mouth or up your asshole unless you want them to. They are going to be after your body like you would not believe. If things get too sticky for you, let me know and I will kick them in their balls before throwing them out on their asses."

    "Dont let all my bullshit scare you. It is going to be a nice party and the guests are real nice men even though they do not have the courtesy of disposing or flushing their used condoms down the toilet.

    An hour or so after lunch everything seemed to be ready for the party except the last minute things that needed to be done. Hoss told Ron and Duke to go swimming, walk on the beach, take a sun bath, take a nap or do anything they wanted to do before dinner.

    They decided to take a walk on the beach and began to pick up seashells that were pretty and they could take home as souvenirs. They were not used to the Florida sun and even though they had applied suntan lotion on each other, they did get very mild sunburns.

    The cocktail party was a tremendous success and everyone enjoyed himself. By Ron and Duke being Hoss houseguest everyone assumed or knew that they were also his sex partners and made no advances or came on to them.

    There were sixteen or seventeen guests who were fifty years or older and were all successful professionals. There were several couples that had been lovers for a number of years. Some of the guests were in the nude and others had on shorts or swim trunks and all were barefooted and made themselves at home. The hors d'oeuvres were passed around and the drinks were continuously being served. No one got drunk or obnoxious but everyone had had enough to drink that they were feeling their oats and having a good time.

    Through out the party, two or three of them would disappear and go into one of the guest room and have sex and no one said anything or raised an eyebrow. By the time the party was over, Ron and Duke had seen so many of the guest that they would not have minded going to bed with that they were horny and were looking forward towards going to bed with Hoss.

    It was close to midnight before the last guests left. Duke went and got Luke and brought him into the den and asked him what he wanted to drink. Duke brought everyone a drink and the trays of left over hors d'oeuvres. Duke set down next to Luke and everyone had collapsed and became relaxed and not saying very much but was listening to the sound of the ocean and the peace and quiet. Duke unconsciously placed his hand on Lukes leg and was gently rubbing it not even being aware as to how it might be affecting Luke. Hoss noticed what Duke was doing and had caused Luke to have an erection. Hoss called it to everyones attention that Luke had a big boner going. Luke played like he was real embarrassed and grabbed a pillow and put it in his lap. Duke was somewhat startled that he had been the cause of Lukes erection.

    Hoss stood up and while rubbing his dick told everyone that his bed was big enough for four and that Ron had told him earlier that he wanted his big boy up his ass. He told Duke and Luke that they could make out with each other. Everyone jump up and helped Luke to put away the food and did whatever was absolutely necessary to do, turned out the lights and headed towards the master bed room.


    Hoss rimmed Rons asshole and got it as relaxed as he could, applied an ample amount of lube and put on an extra large condom. He lay down on his back so Ron could set down on his ten-inch thick big boy. Ron slowly set down on Hosss cock and after the initial penetration was able to take Hosss cock inside him a little at a time. Both of them were surprised when Ron had it completely up his ass. Ron set real still for a minute or two before he started to move his asshole up and down on the shaft of the big boy.

    Duke and Luke were in a six-nine position on the other side of the bed and had been performing oral sex on each other. Duke had learned that Luke was extremely good at cocksucking. Both had successfully shot off into each others throats and were attempting to obtain their second climax while Ron had barely started to fuck Hoss with his asshole. About the same time Hoss ejaculated up Rons love tunnel, Duke shot off his second load. Ron lay down on his back and Hoss began to suck him off. Duke continued to suck on Lukes cock and after some time Luke shot off his second load for the night and it was his third load for the day. Then Ron released his wad down Hosss throat.

    Everyone moved so they were lying beside each other and for sometime there was a very noticeable silence. At the top of Lukes lungs he yelled, "Mercy that was good. Dont misunderstand me. No way does that mean that my peter is calling for mercy as yet". Everyone laughed and told each other good night.

    Everyone slept in late the next morning and had a late breakfast and Hoss did not go jogging until after breakfast. Ron and Duke tried to help Luke get things back in order. They all were in the kitchen and Luke put on some rubber gloves and left for a few minutes. When he returned he said, "Wouldnt you know it? I only found one used condom and it belong to that bastard who requires an extra large that had sex in the master bedroom last night. The only soiled sheet was because of the old fart that gave Duke a blowjob couldnt swallow all his cum and he let some of it dribble out of his mouth onto the sheet".

    The place was in a mess but with the three of them working together, it did not take long to get everything back in order.

    Ron, Duke and Luke were setting in the den drinking a coke and relaxing when Hoss returned from jogging. Hoss set down and seemed upset or concerned about something. Luke got him a coke and asked him what was bothering him. Hoss told them that he found footprints about a quarter of a mile up the beach and he looked at Luke and said, "I guess that idiot did not get the message the last time". Ron told Hoss that the footprints he saw could have been his or Dukes because they had walked in that area yesterday afternoon. Hoss had a relieved expression on his face and said, "It never occurred to me that the foot prints could have been yours. I just jumped to the conclusion that we may have trouble again.

    Duke wanted to know what kind of trouble. Hoss said, "Well, it is a long story but I will try to be brief. There is a man that has trespassed several times and has come into the house while Luke and I have been gone and have stolen liquor from the bar and a few other things. He was caught and arrested twice. The third time, which was about a month ago, Luke and I caught him one early morning stealing again. Undoubtedly being arrest twice had not bother him and Luke and I decided to teach him a lesson that he would not forget. We took him down on the beach and stripped him naked. Luke used a shovel and dug a hole in the sand and we put the bastard in it and cover him with sand. The only part of him that was not cover was his head and his dick. We placed an umbrella to protect his head from the sun. The sun beamed down all day and it was hot. Periodically through out the day one of us would check on him and gave him water to drink though a straw. The profanity that he used and the names that he called us will be left to your imagination. Each time we checked on him we would move his penis into a different position. Around 6:30PM, we dug him out of the sand and released him".

    "The next morning the Sheriff paid us a visit and told us that the night before he got a phone call and the man was in the Emergency Room at the hospital and wanted to press charges against Luke and I. The man had third degree sunburn on his penis and was in a lot of pain. The Sheriff said that when he got to the Emergency Room and he had listen to the guys story trying to keep a straight face and lied when he told the man that he did not believe him. The doctor came in and examined the mans penis while the Sheriff was there. The doctor and the Sheriff looked at each other and started to laugh. The doctor told his patient, "You do have a third degree burn but right now I do not think that we will have to amputate. I would apply some ointment but if I did you may get an erection and it will hurt like hell. I am going to give you a prescription for the ointment for you to get filled and you are to apply it six times a day and try to expose your penis as often as possible so air can get to it. I recommend that you do not get an erection or have sex of any kind for two weeks. In a few days, the skin may start to peal and it may look like your penis is rotting off. In the future, dont expose you penis to the sun long enough to get a sunburn".

    The Sheriff thought the whole thing was funny but told us that he could not officially condone our method of punishment but unofficially if we caught the man again, to expose his butt to the sun so the man would not be able to set down for a week or so.

    Ron and Duke laughed historically over Hosss story while Hoss and Luke had an evil grin on their faces.

    Hoss asked Ron, Duke and Luke if they might enjoy going into town later that afternoon and go to a gay bar for a few drinks before dinner and then go bar hopping an see a drag show and visit several bars that had gay male strippers. Everyone thought it was a great idea and Ron asked if they could go in the red convertible. Hoss told him that they could and told Ron that if he did not drink too much that he could drive them back home. Luke said, "Shit! That means that I can get drunk and fall on my ass and you guys can take advantage of me. If I do fall on my ass and you want to fuck me, just roll me over. I dont give a shit. Hoss, I even give you permission to stick your big rod up my asshole if you want to".

    Ron and Duke took advantage of the time they had before their excursion into the big city by swimming, walking, and working on getting a suntan while nude. After hearing Hosss story they were careful to not get their penises sunburned.

    The evening out on the town was a memorial event. At one of the bars that had strippers, Luke had drunk so much that he was out of his loving mind. One of the strippers that Luke like had just finished dancing while stripping and Luke decided that he was going to get on the stage and strip. It took Ron, Duke and Hoss pulling him off the edge of the stage to keep him from stripping. The bouncer came to help them and the bouncer told Luke that if he didnt start to behave that he would have to leave. Luke thought the bouncer was cute and started to try and make out with him. The bouncer was getting a kick out of the way Luke was acting and force Luke to set down and the bouncer set in his lap during the next strippers act. This was the last performance before an intermission. During the intermission they decided that it was time to go home and the bouncer assisted in getting Luke to their car and Luke got in the back seat.

    By this time it was close to 1:00AM and it was a forty-five minute drive to get back to the cottage. Ron got behind the wheel and Hoss was in the front seat. Ron put down the convertible top and they were on their way. There was very little traffic on the highway but there was a car behind them. Luke decided to moon them and Duke was not alert or fast enough to stop him. The car behind them speed up and was honking their horn as they passed. Luke decided that since he had lowered his pants that he would just take them off. Duke tried to stop him to no avail and Hoss told Duke to not bother that the turnoff to the cottage was just a short distance. By the time they reached the turnoff, Luke was butt naked and telling everyone that he needed another drink and wanted someone to fuck his ass.

    After arriving at Hosss home, it took all three of them to get Luke on Hosss bed. It did not take the three of them long to remove their clothes and get in bed with Luke. Luke was lying on his stomach giggling and asking who was going to fuck him.


    In a half way manner of apologizing for Lukes behavior, Hoss said, "Once a year, Luke gets drunk like this and every year he wants me to fuck him. That is the only time we ever have sex together. If it is all right with you guys, I will give him what he wants and while I am screwing him, one of you can fuck my ass and I give one of you a blowjob. Ron had always enjoyed fucking Hoss and Duke always preferred getting a blowjob when he could.

    Hoss took a tube of lube and stuck it up Lukes asshole and practically empted the hold tube. He but on a condom and without any hesitation he rammed his whole cock inside Luke. Luke moaned a little bit but did not say anything. Ron rim Hosss asshole and applied lube, put on his condom and began fucking Hosss hole. Duke had positioned himself where he was practically setting on the back of Lukes head giving Hosss mouth access to his cock.

    Everyone was being very unusually quiet and was concentrating on performing their part of the sexual activity. It seemed like everyone want to shoot their loads as soon as possible and get some sleep.

    Hoss had been fucking the hell out of Lukes hole and Luke started mumbling something in Spanish. In a few seconds, he said, "Guess who just unloaded their cum on the sheets and guess who is going to have to wash them in the morning?"

    The next one to shoot off was Hoss and he let everyone know that he was shooting when he kept saying, "Shit! Shit! Holy Crap".

    Hoss had been uncomfortable in his position from the beginning. He asked everyone to stop and switch positions. Luke roll over to the edge of the bed making room for Hoss to lay on his back and put his legs on Rons shoulders so Ron could continue to fuck him. Duke straddled Hosss chest so he could fuck Hosss mouth. It was only a few minutes after they changed positions before Ron ejaculated and a little later Duke shot off into Hosss throat. By the time they had finished, Luke was sound asleep and softly snoring.

    Ron lay down on one side of Hoss and Duke laid down on the other side of him. Both of them put their arms on Hosss chest and gave him a kiss on his cheeks. Hoss said, "Guys, I really enjoyed tonight and I am so glad that you all came to visit me. Let me warn you. Luke is going to be a real bitch tomorrow. All day long he is going to complain about having a hangover and about his poor fucking sore asshole. I have almost got him trained to make his complaints speaking Spanish or German so I dont know what he is saying. So, if you hear him speaking Spanish or German tomorrow, he is probably saying something about his head or asshole hurting".

    A couple hours after the sun came up Ron and Duke woke up about the same time. Hoss was still sound asleep and Luke was not in bed with them. They quietly left Hosss bedroom and went to the kitchen for coffee. Luke was walking around bowlegged speaking Spanish to himself. When he saw Ron and Duke he pointed towards his head and then to his ass and shook his head. Ron and Duke could not help from laughing at him but Luke saw no humor about the condition he was in. Luke fixed them breakfasts and set down with them and drank strong black coffee with a frown on his face. No one said very much and Ron and Duke did feel sorry for him.

    It was about an hour later before Hoss got up. He told Luke that he did not want any breakfast and he was going to drink a cup of coffee before he went to jog and do his exercising. Luke was speaking Spanish and Hoss interrupted him and said, "Luke, no one here forced you to drink last night and you are the one to ask me to fuck you. We do not want to hear anymore about it. Why dont you fix us some sandwiches for lunch and you go to your room and sleep or whatever for the rest of the day. I am going to grill some steaks on the patio for dinner tonight and if you feel better you may join us. If you do not feel better, please stay in your living quarters and spare us of your misery." Without saying a word, Luke got up and started making sandwiches and Duke did what he could to help him. Hoss told Ron and Duke that he had not planned anything for the day other than grilling steaks for dinner and for them to make themselves at home and do whatever they wanted to do.

    After Luke and Hoss left, Ron and Duke decided to take their first swim in the swimming pool and to lie out in the sun. While in the sun they were always nude because they did not want any suntan lines on their bodies that would show when the returned home to model in the fashion shows. They were very happy about the progress that they had made in obtaining a nice all over suntan and were going to take ever opportunity they could to be in the sun as much as possible without getting a sunburn.

    They had been in the sun for more than two hours and were getting ready to go inside when Hoss called them and told them that the sandwiches and food was on the table and to come and get something to drink and have lunch with him.

    After lunch, Hoss told them that he was going to take a nap for a couple of hours. Ron and Duke told him that they would probably go to the beach for a while and swim or take a walk.

    Ron suggested to Duke that they check on Luke before going to the beach. They slipped into Lukes bedroom and found him lying naked on his back asleep.

    Ron looked at Duke and Duke shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why not?"

    One of them got on one side of Lukes bed and the other one got on the other side and they got on their knees and reached over and started gently tickling and playing with Lukes dick, nuts and nipples. Luke started squirming and mumbling in his sleep as his dick started to get an erection. Then they took turns in kissing, licking and sucking on his now very erect dick. After four or five minutes, Luke dick was so aroused that they thought that he would climax at any moment.

    Luke woke up grinning and speaking German. Then he realizes what Ron and Duke were doing and that they did not understand what he was saying. He rose up on his elbows and said, "I know what you guys are doing. My peter is not ready to cry for mercy yet but I will tell you one thing, it has never received as much attention in as short of a period as it has since you guys have been here. Dont misunderstand me, I am very grateful and so is my peter". Ron was deepthroating him and playing with his nuts and Duke was licking his nipple when Luke ejaculated.

    Luke had been stroking Ron and Dukes erections while he was receiving his blowjob and offered to suck each of them off but they declined and said they did not want to shoot off until they had sex with Hoss that night. Duke asked Luke if he was feeling better and Luke smiled and said, "You have just cured me of all my ills. I feel much better but I do think I can go back to sleep. Thanks for dropping by and would you please do it again? My peter does like surprises".

    Ron and Duke had a wonderful afternoon swimming in the ocean, collecting more sea shells and just enjoying being out of doors in the nude together. They had a very unusual friendship and loved and respected each other but no real sexual attraction except that they would on occasions have sex with each other just for their own sexual gratification. While they were walking along the beach, they realized that neither one of them had thought about their jobs back home and were enjoying their vacation nor they had not realized how much they needed a break from their normal routine.

    It was a perfect evening for a cookout on the patio. There was a cool breeze blowing and it was so quiet and peaceful. The moon was full and not a cloud in the sky. Luke was swishing his little ass around with his wrist flying in the air and was the life of the party. After dinner, all of them were setting around talking and Luke made sure that everyone had something to drink. Hoss began talking about the store and asking about how Robert was doing as the new owner. Ron mentioned that the appraisers had suggested that Robert consider branching out and starting similar stores in other cities. Hoss became very interested and said that Miami needs a store like Roberts and told Ron and Duke to tell Robert that he should consider Miami as a possibility and to tell him that if he needed financial backing for any new stores that he should contact him.

    He also told them to tell him, "I would love to stick my big boy up your ass again". The remark was a surprise to Ron and Duke because they had not known that Hoss had ever fucked Robert in the ass before. Both Ron and Duke told Hoss how much they liked working for Robert and how much respect they had for him.

    It was getting late and Luke asked, "Who is going to fuck me tonight?" Hoss quickly replied, "Dont start your crap again. You got fucked last night and went around complaining all day". Ron smiled at Luke and said, "Luke, your cute little ass turns me on and I havent had a chance to fuck you. I have never had sex with anyone in a swimming pool. How about it? I will go get a condom and some lube and be right back". Hoss turned to Duke and told him that it appears that we are going to be sex partners tonight. Name your poison. Do we do it out here or in my bed? Duke yelled to Ron to bring him a condom since he was going.


    Ron and Luke jumped into the shallow end of the pool and Luke leaned over on the edge of the pool exposing his ass to Ron to apply the lube. Ron put on his condom and slipped his cock into Lukes tight asshole and began to fuck him. Lukes stiff was between his abdomen and the slick tile around the edge of the pool. Rons fucking motions was causing Lukes cock to slid up and down of the tile which was causing his cock to have delightful sensations as if he were being jacked off.

    Hoss had lain down on his stomach on a chaise lounge that had webbing and Hosss cock had slipped through the webbing and hanging underneath the lounge. He was able to reach under the lounge and jack himself off while Duke was on top of him fucking his hole. Duke normally preferred being the bottom but he had always admired Hosss firm body and being on top of him feeling his muscular buttocks close to his cock and laying on top of his back had really sexually excited Duke and for a change he liked being the top.

    As Ron speeded up his fucking motions causing water from the pool to splash up on Lukes butt and Luke was lying in a puddle of water. Luke was going crazy with the feelings he was obtain in his love tunnel and his cock sliding on the tile. He started yelling something in Spanish before the started shooting his wad. He tightens up his asshole causing Ron to fuck faster and for him to shoot off.

    Duke had a firm grip on Hosss shoulders and was fucking him as hard and fast as he could. Hoss was whacking on his dick and it was feeling great and much more firm than it had ever been before. He ejaculated is cum onto the patio below the chaise lounge. He had been flexing his buttocks that had heighten Dukes aroused dick until he climax inside Hosss hole.

    As Luke slipped back into the swimming pool, he saw the puddles of his cum on the edge of the pool and said, "That beats the hell out of washing those damn sheets". Ron and Luke started playing around in the pool splashing water on each other and trying to grab each others dicks or nuts.

    Hoss and Duke jumped in and joined in on the rough housing. Luke jumped up and put his legs over Dukes shoulders and his soft dick was in Dukes face. Duke opened his mouth and bit down on Lukes dick fairly hard. Luke screamed out, "Mercy! My peter is crying for mercy".

    Hoss was the first one out of the swimming pool and announced that it was past his bedtime and asked if anyone wanted to go with him. Everyone got out of the pool and dried off and put their arms around each others shoulders and headed to bed. Ron told Hoss and Luke how much he and Duke appreciated their hospitality and how much they were enjoying the visit. He said that today has been the nicest day of them all and tomorrow would be there last day there and he hoped that it would be equally as enjoyable.

    Luke was the first to collapse on the bed Duke got on one side of the bed next to Luke and Ron got on the other side of Luke and Hoss was on the other side of the bed. Luke kissed Ron and Dukes cheeks and told them that he appreciated them accepting him as a friend and that their visit had brightened up his and Hosss lives. Ron and Duke hugged him and told him goodnight. Ron rolled over and put his arm around Hoss and told him goodnight. Duke took a hold of Lukes soft dick and told Luke that he hoped that he had not hurt poor peter and if it still hurt that he would kiss it and make it well. Luke responded, "Keep your fucking lips and mouth away from my peter".

    Hoss and Luke got up early and Hoss ate breakfast and left to go jog and do his exercises. Luke cleaned up the mess left from the cookout the night before and when Ron and Duke got up Luke was at the breakfast table looking at recipes. He told Ron and Duke that he wanted to prepare a special dinner for their last night. Duke said, "Luke, what I would like is for us to fix enough sandwiches for both lunch and dinner and to have dinner on the beach so we could watch the sun go down and see the moon come up. Ron and I do not want you to go to a lot of trouble on our account. We would prefer your company instead". Luke put his arms around Dukes neck and gave him a kiss and told him, "Thank you. You both are so kind. I didnt want to slave over a hot fucking stove all day anyway. Just for that I will give both of you one of my best blowjobs. Do you want it now or after breakfast?"

    After breakfast, Duke help Luke fix the sandwiches and when they finished Ron and Duke asked him if there was anything else they could help him do before they went walking on the beach. Luke told them to go enjoy themselves that he was going to make a grocery lists of things needed for the coming week and tomorrow after taking you guys to the airport on the way back he would stop and do his shopping.

    Ron and Duke had walked a short distance along the beach and had picked up several pretty shells. They meet Hoss jogging towards them. Hoss stopped to talk to them and he asked what they had in their hands and they showed Hoss the shells. Hoss looked at them and said you know they are pretty. Where did you get them? Ron told him that they just picked them up on the beach a short distances back. Hoss said, "You know, I am always jogging and I guess I just havent paid them any attention to them before".

    Hoss decided that he would walk with them for a while. Ron mentions how peaceful it was and wonderful the sound of the waves and the noise of the sea gulls. Hoss stopped and looked at Ron and Duke and said, "Guys, I never listen or hear the sound of the waves and it is nice and I do not pay any attention to the sea gulls. You all are calling things to my attention that I have always overlooked or have taken for granted. I am not going to give up jogging but I am going to start walking along the beach. Thanks for pointing out what should have been so obvious to me".

    They walked further up the beach than they ever had before. While talking to Hoss, they learn a lot about him and about Luke. Hoss talked about his deceased lover and how much he missed and loved him. Hoss also learn more about Ron and Duke. Hoss was in between Ron and Duke and was walking with his arms around their waist. He said, "I have never known two guys like you. I love you both and hope that we will always be good friends. I want you to know that if you ever need me, I will always be here. I hope that you will visit me as often as possible. You will always be welcomed".

    By the time they returned to the cottage, each of them had both hands full of shells that they had collected. They went to the outside dressing room and took a shower together. They were soaping each other down and Duke got on his knees and took Hosss limp dick into his mouth and began to suck him off. Dukes actions caught Hoss by surprise but he was not about to in anyway object. Ron continued to put soap on Hosss body touching and rubbing him all over and occasionally passionately kissing him. Duke had Hosss cock fully erect in no time and was swallowing as much of it as he could. Hoss said, "I guess you guys know that you are spoiling me. I am certainly going to miss you when you go home tomorrow". Hoss put one of his hands on Dukes head and he started jerking himself off with the other one while Duke was sucking on four or five inches.

    Hoss was showing the thrill and excitement that he was receiving by tightening and relaxing the muscles in his muscular body. When Ron began to see signs that Hoss was nearing the peak, he changed places with Duke. Duke got behind Hoss and as Ron sucked on Hosss cock, he was applying soap and washing Hosss body, gripping and massaging his buttocks, and then with one hand he was alternating in gently pinching and playing with his nipples and with the other hand he was finger fucking his asshole. Hoss yelled, "This has never happened to me before. You guys have gotten me so fucking hot. I am enjoying this so much but I am going to cum at any second. Holy Shit! Ron I feel like I am going to unload a bucket full. Shit! Here it comes. Take it all man".

    While they were drying off, Duke said, "Ron, I do not know how you feel, but this being nude all the time sure is nice. All day yesterday, none of us ever had on a stitch of clothes. Being able to dry off like this and going into the house and eating in the nude is great". Hoss replied, "When Luke and I are here alone. Most of the time when we are around each other we have our equipment covered. I dont like to look at his and he does not want to see mine. But, being around you guys is another entirely different story".

    After lunch, Hoss told everyone that he was going to take a nap and would join us later. Duke told him that they were going back to the beach but first they were going to be sure that Luke was tucked in for his nap. Luke smiled and said, "Tucked in or Fucked in? I do have my priorities of the two. Do I have my choice?"

    Ron got on one side of Luke and Duke got on the other side and walked him to his bedroom and had Luke lye down on his back. Ron started sucking on Lukes dick and Duke got on top of him so he could receive a blowjob. Duke was pulling on Lukes ears and said, "Listen to what I am saying. Your peter is not to shoot off until it is down my throat. Do you hear me?

    Now, suck me off so I can change places with Ron". After having the sex encounter with Hoss before lunch, Duke was primed, horny and it did not take him very long before he was shooting down Lukes eager throat. Luke had been making more noise that a pig hung under a swinging gate. Duke and Ron changed places and Luke could hardly wait to deepthroat Rons very ridged big cock.

    Duke was doing his best to give Luke as much pleasure as he could and had been rapidly moving his head up and down on his erection. Luke removed Rons cock out of his mouth and asked, "Duke, my peter wants to know if it can shoot off its pearly thick cum now. Jesus! Oops. Sorry you did not answer soon enough". Duke had Lukes cock as far in this throat as he could when Luke shot off. He started laughing while trying to swallow the cum and got choked. It took him a while to recover. He nor Ron or Luke could not stop laughing. Moments later Luke returned to finish giving Ron a blowjob and Duke continued to suck on Lukes flaccid peter until Rons ejaculation.


    Ron and Duke went to the beach and went swimming for a while and then set down on the wet sand at the edge of the water. The water was splashing up on their bodies and with the slight breeze it kept them cool. Before long they lay down to soak in the rays of the sun and dozed off. When they woke up, they were surrounded with water. The tide was coming in and they had to move to higher ground and lay down again. After an hour or so, they decided to take a walk along the beach, which would probably be the last opportunity to do so.

    Before starting their walk, Duke went to the cottage and got his camera. Thus far, they had neglected to take very many photographs. On his way back, Duke snapped a silhouette shot of Ron looking at the ocean with his bare butt and back to the camera. He also took several shots of the cottage. As they were walking down the beach, he got several shots of seagulls flying overhead and one shot of a nearby pelican.

    As they were returning from their walk, they began to run in the shallow water kicking and splashing water on each other and acting like a couple of kids. When they got back in front of the cottage, they set down near the water facing the ocean and put their arms around each others shoulders and put their heads together. They looked like lovers instead of just being the best of good friends. They had no idea as to what time it was and it really did not matter. They were enjoying each others company and the moment at hand.

    Without them knowing it Luke and Hoss had walked down to the beach to join them. Hoss had brought an ice chest of cold drinks and Luke had brought a large blanket. Hoss saw Dukes camera lying in the sand next to him. He got the camera and told Ron and Duke to not move that he wanted a photograph with them setting together like they were. Hoss took several shots and handed the camera back to Duke. He said, "If those photographs turn out the way I think they will, Luke and I each want a copy. We can look at them while we beat off.

    Luke spread out the blanket and asked Duke if he would mind helping him bring down the food and said that they were going to have a picnic on the beach tonight.

    Ron and Hoss set down on the blanket and for several minutes neither one of them said anything. Hoss broke the silence, "You know Ron, this is nice. The sounds of the ocean are calming and restful. It just never occurred to me to have a picnic down here. Luke and I are going to have to do this often. You know, to my knowledge, Luke as never walked along the beach and he certainly has never been in the water. He is afraid that a shark might bite his precious peter off".

    As they were finishing their dinner, some seagulls were flying overhead and Duke started throwing chunks of his sandwich into the air and the seagulls were diving down and catching them. He had done this several times and more seagulls began to come around hoping to be fed. Duke decided he wanted to take some snapshots and asked Luke to toss up the bread. Luke began to enjoy the activity and Duke was getting some great shots. Luke ran out of food to throw and remembered that there was a stale loaf or bread in the kitchen that he had been intending to put in the garbage. He went and got the loaf of bread and continued to feed the seagulls. Before long, there was a huge flock of birds flying overhead. By accident, he threw a piece of bread that landed on the blanket between Hoss and Ron and several seagulls dove down to retrieve it. Hoss and Ron were lying on their backs watching the seagulls flying above them. When the seagulls dove down to get the bread off the blanket, Hoss just looked over at them but did not move.

    Luke being clever and mischievous as he was, tossed a small piece bread aiming for it to land on Hosss crotch. His first toss missed its target. He thought to himself, "What the hell. Im tired of this game anyway. I still have about three-forth of loaf left and I will toss the whole thing". He did just that and it hit the intended target and seagulls from all around were diving down to get bread off of Hosss crotch and on the blanket around him. After the attack from the seagulls subsided a bit, Hoss managed to get to his feet and started to run towards Luke. Luke took off into the deep water to get away from Hoss. He kept going farther and farther out from shore even though Hoss was no longer after him. Ron became concerned about his safety and went into the water and swam out to where Luke was. Ron asked him where he was going. Luke said, "I think I should go visit Cuba for awhile!"

    It is fortunate that Ron went after Luke because he had to help him to get back to the shore. By then Hoss realize the humor in the occurrence and all was forgiven. Duke had managed to take numerous shots Luke and of Hosss encounter with the seagulls.

    Before the sun was going down, Ron asked Hoss if it would be alright for him to build a bonfire and Hoss had no objections but suggested that he build it close to the edge of the water so when the next tide came in that it would wash away any evidence of a fire being built there. Luke and Duke took what food that was left back to the cottage and Ron asked them to bring some matches when they returned. Ron began to gather driftwood for his fire and Hoss went for a short walk along the beach by himself. Ron saw him leave and picked up Dukes camera and took a shot of Hosss naked backside as he was walking off.

    All of them were setting on the blanket together and watched a beautiful sunset and a full moon was coming up on the horizon. Rons fire was burning nicely and Luke and Duke had brought back a couple bottles of cold wine and glasses. Hoss was lying on his stomach and Duke was on his back with his head propped up on Hosss butt. Ron was setting down with his legs spread apart and Luke was setting between his legs with the back of his head and his back were resting on Rons chest and shoulders. They all seemed to be comfortable and content while looking at the colorful clouds, the sun disappearing, the bonfire burning and enjoying their wine.

    Duke told Hoss, "Stop flexing your butt. When it is hard it does not make a good pillow and besides that you are making me sea sick". Purposely Hoss flexed his buttocks a couple more times and Duke move his head and bit the cheeks of Hosss buttocks. Hoss yelled, "God that felt good. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again". Duke moved so he could lick the crack of his ass. This time Hoss yelled, "Im not kidding this time. That does feel good. If you dont stop you are going to get me hard". Duke returned to his original position and again rested his head back on Hosss butt.

    For several minutes, no one said anything. Ron had reached his arms around Luke and had been gently and very slowly stroking Luke flaccid penis. Ron was not intentionally trying to get Luke to have an erection but doing it as an affectionate gesture. Luke looked up at Ron and quietly told him, "Peter likes to be touched like that even when soft. You have from now until you catch your plane in the morning to stop". Ron kissed him on his forehead and continued with his stroking. Everyone knew that sometime during the evening that they would have sex in some form or another, but right now it was the time and opportunity to just be together.

    Duke asked Hoss, "Would it be okay for Ron and I to take home some of your property? I found an empty jar and filled it with sand from the beach. Could we take it home with us?" Hoss answered, "You can have a couple truck loads of it, if you want it". Luke said, "I packed the sea shells that you guys had collected in a suitcase that Hoss was going to throw away and your jar of sand is packed with the shells. God, you two are dirty people. I washed all your clothes that you have worn since you have been here and it was all-most a forth of a load. Dont you ever wear the same clothes twice?"

    While everyone had been talking, Ron and been stroking Lukes erection and Luke had put his arm behind his back and been holding Rons stiff cock.

    Duke had been watching Luke and Ron and had been playing with himself. Hoss said, "Duke, my cock is so hard that it going to poke a hole through the blanket and bury itself in the sand unless I move. Would you please get your head off my ass so I can get up?"

    Hoss rolled over on his side and Duke positioned himself so they could perform oral sex on each other at the same time. Duke had never been able to deepthroat Hosss cock but he was swallowing more of it than ever before. Another half inch and he would have taken it all. He alternate trying to deepthroat and gripping his hand around the base of the shank and taking the rest of it in his mouth and moved his hand up and down in rhythm to his sucking movements.

    Rather than the usual sixty-nine position, Luke preferred that Ron get on top and him and fuck him in his mouth while Ron was sucking him off.

    Within fifteen or twenty minutes everyone had ejaculated and they all decided to take a quick swim before putting out the fire and going back to the cottage. They then took a shower together in the outside dressing room before going to bed.

    After they got to bed, Hoss told Ron and Duke that he would probably get up early and go jog before breakfast and that they would have to leave here around 9:00AM to get to the airport on time. Luke put his arms around Ron and Duke and said, "I dont want you all to leave and my poor peter doesnt want you to go either". Hoss replied, "Yea Luke, I dont want them to leave either. They are good cocksuckers that treat your dick a lot better than those damn sharks that you are always afraid that they are going to eat your peter".

    The next morning everything went according to schedule. On the way to the airport, Hoss reminded Ron and Duke to relate his message to Robert about Miami being a potential city to open a branch store. He also, made the remark that if Robert decided to open a branch store in Miami that Ron and Duke would be ideal managers for it.

    Thanks, words of appreciation and good times were express and everyone had hugged, kissed and said their goodbyes before Ron and Duke boarded their flight home.

    As Ron and Duke were getting on the plane, they saw Hoss trying to console Luke. Luke had two handkerchiefs, one in each hand. With one he was wiping the tears rolling down his face and the other one he was waving goodbye to them with his limp wrist.

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