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  • Action hero
  • He's my hero. I'm his greatest fan. Who is he? Why, he's Action Hero, of course. That's right, Action Hero. You know him. He's on TV every Saturday morning hosting those morning shows like the ones you used to watch when you were growing up. Now, I'll get to meet him for the first time. My dad just became his agent.

    "Hi, Billy, I'm Action," he thrust his hand forward to shake mine. His grip was so tight and so strong my palm sweated. He wore his full uniform, red from head-to-toe, with the white star on the blue band that runs across his chest. Wow! What a chest!

    "Are those really your muscles?" I asked impulsively referring to the incredible bulges everywhere. Did I say that? It wasn't just his biceps and thighs. Action's suit fit his every muscle. When my eyes wondered down to his crotch I saw more than I ever expected. His uniform didn't fit that way on the Wheaties box.

    He smiled from under his mask. His eyes lit up. His teeth sparkled, just like on TV. The ends of his mouth curled up and his smile broadened. Although, he looked as sinister as he did sincere like when I'm pulling a fast one on my friends. All I can tell you is I wanted to kiss him right then and there. Could he know that as I grew up I used to play with myself in bed at night dreaming about him? Boys are supposed to dream about cars and guns and sports, they say, and eventually about girls. But, I creamed over Action. He's my Hero and always will be.

    "Is your real name Action?" I asked curiously.

    He laughed out loud, then came to my side and crushed me in his arms while tickling me. I laughed so hard I thought I'd pee, he tickled me unrelentingly. "No. But, I don't use any other name anymore so, Action it is." I was glad. He hugged me tight more like my father does, and he stopped tickling for a while. "Where's the Action?" he began like he says on TV when he introduces the next show.

    I joined in remembering how I used to jump up and down on my bed imitating his signature move, hand thrust to the sky forefinger pointing. I was surprised to feel his chest against my back as I repeated the move today. His hands seemed to rub me and squeeze. Then I thought I felt him pull my nipples while he ground himself into my butt. It sure felt 'funny'. I was as excited as I was on my first date. Only I was excited then because it was a double date. I was secretly hot for the other guy.

    "I've seen everything you've done, Hero," I went on as I turned to face him. We crouched like football players with our heads together, our eyes staring into one another's.

    "I don't think you've seen everything," he responded in a curious way. I had meant all his specials and the commercials he did. What did he mean? He was suddenly being sly. Maybe it was because I was a little older now and my father was his agent.

    "Where is your father?" he asked continuing our play and messing with my hair. I just play-acted as if I were wrestling with him. I ran my hands over the top of his mask pulling on the little yellow plastic wings that sprang up on either side. He was sweating inside his costume which I've never seen him do.

    "He'll be about an hour," I answered. "said he's sorry he'll be late but, he had to see Mel Gibson before he caught a plane. Something about a deadline on a contract. He needs his signature. And he promised me he'd get me his autograph, too."

    "That Gibson guy is hot!" I heard Action say. I couldn't believe my ears but, then maybe I was reading too much into it. All the sudden, Action strikes a wrestling pose and we start to mess around. He takes me in a headlock and pulls me to the ground. There I am on my knees in my father's office looking out the window at the view over Sunset Boulevard and my favorite hero has me in a 'half-nelson' wrestling hold. I can feel his breathe on the back of my neck, his body leaning hard into mine and my right arm being pulled tight behind me. He pulls my hair, grits his teeth, stares into my eyes, and I pop a boner: a stiff, bulging-in-the-pants boner.

    It's not just his hot breathe. It's the closeness of his body and his cheek next to mine. And it's his perfect skin that shows where the mask ends just below his nose around his manly mouth and his dimpled chin. I wonder, did he ever do those Aqua Velva ads? I swear I saw him in some shaving cream commercial. "Gotch ya," he prompts wickedly pulling harder on my arm. His groin pushes more insistently into my butt. I instinctively push back. He pumps his pelvis forward. "Like that?" He grits his teeth. "Is this what you want?" He humps hard and fast. "Is this what you want from your Action Hero?" Back, he pulls my head forcefully by the hair. My chin juts out. My neck strains. His eyes look steely into mine. He looks so Van Damme. I'm so anxious. Quickly, he flips me on my back pushing me hard to the floor with one hand, his arm locked at the elbow. His knees clunch my sides at my hips. His crotch pounds into mine. As my pants tent straight up his tent straight out. Does Action have a hard-on, too?

    I notice but, my attention lies in his deep blue eyes. His intense stare mesmerizes me. He rips his mask off breathing quickly. He's no Phantom of the Opera. He's really handsome. He's so handsome I feel my cock leak a sticky drop of precum. Van Damme, was right! No wonder my father wants his contract. Action Hero wears a mask all the time. This guy is too handsome to live in a mask. He could make more money after midnight then on Saturday morning TV. Is this my father's voice I hear in my head? Will I grow up to be an agent also?

    "Billy," Action asks, "are you going to wrestle, or are you going to lie there with a hard-on in your pants waiting for me to pin you?" He took my hands in his and thrust them above my head leaning closer, and closer and closer. His lips start to pucker and I nearly faint. I watch his handsome face come closer to mine. I think myself an actor in a movie about to get kissed and, at last, yes! The hero kisses me! Action kissed me! My hero kissed me! YES! His lips melted into mine. My mouth opened and his tongue slipped in. My tongue went exploring. I moaned, I groaned, I squirmed, and my cock kept leaking cum.

    "Help me out of this thing," he eventually pleaded when we eased up. Over his head he pulled his red top. It clung to him every inch of the way. My hands traced their way up his chest. My fingers went immediately to his nipples. As he reached for the ceiling wrestling the lycra suit over his head I couldn't help but, study his body: Tan and tightly muscled and smooth, except for light hairs that covered his pecs. A sandy blonde and heavenly, his underarms alone were ideal with soft hairs running up and down from their sweating center. I leaned up and took a long stroke with my tongue diving in with my nose. I felt the texture of the hairs with my tongue. He laughed a bit and shivered as he dragged the last part of his top off of him. Action threw it across the room where it dropped over a replica my dad had of an Oscar.

    I laughed a little, too, at the humor of it. "Maybe he shouldn't see what I'm about to do with you," Action joked referring to stiff 'Oscar'. "After all, there are no men who have sex with other men in Hollywood movies," he continued. (He called me a 'man' despite my age. I liked him even more!)

    ". . . or on television," I added while I hugged and kissed him. I moaned as my hands roamed the straining muscles of his back. They glided over his sweating skin and dug into feel his taunt muscles. Eventually, my hands dipped into the top of his lower uniform.

    "Oh?" he mused, "Do you like the leading man's bottom? I bet Schwarzeneggar never did this for you," as he rose so my hands could squeeze him down there. My hands slid over his ass feeling the firmness of his cheeks. When I had the fullness of his butt in my grip I closed my fingers. Round, pliant and squeezable - feeling his ass cheeks made me picture myself a classic casting director. And if my eyes were a camera they would have the greatest close-up. The 8" wonder that appeared in front of me could have made Action a star - a porn star! I couldn't imagine an hard-on with more commanding power. Star power. I instantly leaned up towards it.

    Action had turned down his uniform like a striptease, revealing first his pubic hair then each and every inch of his joint. Happily, it seemed to go on forever. Action was hung like no one I knew except now that I think about it, my dad. I don't ever remember seeing any others bigger. Not in real-life anyway, and not on a guy so handsome. At this point, Action was more than my hero. "Now it's your turn. Strip, Billy, Strip," Action commanded. There on the floor without moving out from under him I threw off my Action Hero t-shirt, my sneakers, socks, jeans and underwear. I had gone from fully dressed to naked without moving from under his thighs. He just loved it. Now I was more naked than he. "See," I insisted, "I am your greatest fan," and I showed off my body to him.

    "Then fan the flames," he sounded very tough. I thought Sly Stallone would come busting in any minute. Action stood straight up on his knees, his tights well down his thighs, his balls closer to my chin. Hero stuck his knees deep into my armpits so his cock could buck just above my lips. I could smell the musky odor from his big cockhead bouncing up and down above my nose. I could even sense the heat from his groin, his crotch all moist and sweaty. The air was cool against his skin but, he was hot to fuck my face. I prepared myself with long deep breathes, slow and nice and easy. "Lights...Camera...Action!" I yelled humorously before chowing down on his cock.

    Now who's giving all the orders? I stared down my nose to watch his large pink mushroom head reach my lips. To see the slit of it and the curvature of the crown was almost too much for me. I could feel my bucking dick leak precum down its underside. Almost instantly I felt its hot moist stickiness against my cool skin. "Cool," I reacted.

    The softness of his cockhead created the most phenomenal sensations at my lips. I became aware of my heartbeat speeding up. I was sweating something incredible. As I parted my lips for his round cockhead sweat began to drip from my forehead. From my point of view he was all cock. I wondered how on earth I was going to take it all in. But, his huge tube was sliding into my mouth fast, I didn't have a chance to change my mind. Of course, I didn't want to. In fact, he was fulfilling my greatest fantasy. He arched his back forcing every inch of his sausage in one long thrust down my anxious throat.

    At the moment it seemed like slow motion. My lips felt every curve. My libido went crazy. My eyes were given the close-up of a lifetime as he loaded his canon into me. Naturally, I wanted it to go off, to explode, but in the meantime I wanted to suck on it like candy. I hoped he wouldn't come off too soon no matter how much I wanted his cream. As my lips poured over his tool I devoted myself to satisfying my long pent-up desire. I imagined how it would feel to have him flood my throat with an endless stream of hot and sticky cock-cream. How long would I have to imagine?

    It wasn't long before my eyes were filled literally with his bushy pubic hair. Like a jungle it blinded my view but, only reminded me that I was taking him to the root. My mouth was happily stretched to the limit but, my lips squeezed hard and my eyes blinked just to punctuate my triumph. I had every fucking inch of my hero's dick in my mouth when my feelings overcame me. I moaned instinctively and grabbed my own joint feeling some form of internal orgasm. I was more fulfilled at that moment than at any other time I could remember. I didn't think I could ever be more satisfied.

    But, it just got better. My hands rose to his powerful chest and spread out across it. My fingers ran through his soft chest hairs. They reached up out over his muscles. He had pecs so powerful I pretended bullets would bounce off them. SUPERMAN! He heaved a sigh as my fingertips passed over his nipples. They immediately came erect and he arched his back to enhance the feeling. The sensations he felt must have been extraordinary for his grin widened significantly and his chin rose toward the ceiling.

    That gorgeous face and his perfect body was drawing admiring moans from inside me. The man was so ideal I could scarcely believe myself. Was this really happening? I was so happy I felt weightless. The pressure round my lips, however, was almost unbearable. His cock seemed to be growing as it throbbed inside my mouth. I believed I could suck the cum right out of him. He always seemed on the verge of cumming. "I want you to feel this," he assured me pointing a finger down at his dick while forcing it into my throat. "Have you ever had one up inside you?" he asked. Of course he meant fucking, and I never had. I shook my head 'no' feeling as innocent as I was. "Do you want me to be the first?" I didn't have to even think about it. 'Yes', I nodded enthusiastically moaning as I did. He started bucking like a cowboy riding a bronco. I thought he'd cream in my mouth instantly. Believe me, I wouldn't have minded it a bit!

    "Just call 1-800-4ACTION," he humorously began repeating a commercial message for which he was well known. ". . . and tell Action what you want," he continued as if still selling Action toys. As he leaned down over me, slowly withdrawing his cock, he put his finger to his lips and whispered in my ear, "Shh, I know what you want," and rising up again his voice rose, "it isn't plastic toys." His huge throbbing member hung mightily above me not one inch from my eyes. I knew exactly what he meant.

    Silently, he lifted my legs by my calves far over my shoulders right there on the plush carpet in my father's office where Action's picture graces the walls. There I was bare ass naked panting heavily preparing for my first fuck and my last minute of virginity. He and I were sweating so much I didn't even think to ask for lubricant. I don't use any when I jerk-off anyway. I wanted him inside me so badly I could feel my ass lips part. There was an instant when his hands gripped my ankles and I saw the head of his cock touch my asshole when I feared he'd be too big for me but, then he spoke reassuring words and looked into my eyes, "Relax and take it slowly. You're going to enjoy this. There's a sharp pain you'll feel at first," I did, "and a sense of being filled up." I was. "Slowly now, feel the head?" I nodded as my hands gripped his thighs. "Take a deep breathe. Now another. And one more and relax. Oh, that's it, Billy. That feels so good. Can you feel it?" Could I ever! A filled-up feeling? More like overwhelmed! But, I wanted it so badly I looked more deeply into his eyes.

    His pupils widened and I swear his cock did, he felt so huge. "Uhh hhh!" I moaned uncontrollably. Then I gave in and more inches of him slipped farther into me. He only smiled more broadly. I saw his face light up. Then his jaw dropped and his chin rose in a quick jerk. He said something obscene. Then I felt it. I felt his belly flat against my soft ass and I realized he was all the way inside me. I felt very powerful then and my pucker gripped his rod hard. It seemed to draw him in and he lost control. Suddenly, he began to withdraw. I didn't want him to. I reached for his thighs but, to my surprise he immediately plunged back in. He exhaled in a broad stroke then withdrew again, only to come crashing back down on me. So this is fucking. I'm fucking half-crazy with the sensations. They're building up in me. What is that spot he keeps striking? The one that feels so good. "AGAIN!" I implore him. "DO IT AGAIN! YES! LIKE THAT! YES!"

    "Oh, you fucking hot shot! Where has your father been hiding you? My greatest fan - Billy. Well, Billy," he huffed while banging into me, "right now," he went on pumping, "I'm your greatest fan," and he humped me a dozen times fast.

    On my back, then on his lap, and finally sitting on top of him I bounced on his dick. To ride the length of his big dick was like bouncing up and down on a pony. If I wasn't fisting my own cock, he was, and his strong hand felt incredibly good. The time got away from us. I sweat so much I practically slid over him. "Action, Action, Action," I began repeating while he repeated my name.

    "Oh, Billy. Uh huh, Billy, I'm going to cum," he finally relented. "You've beaten me," he whimpered as if like the bad guy I had won over him. But, I had won over him, hadn't I? And I was about to get my reward. My soft ass clung to his throbbing cock as if drawing the cum up out of him. As my fingers tweaked his nipples he moaned and he groaned and he lifted off the floor, "UHHHHH HHhhh hhh!" and he shot.

    "WHOA!" I cried out as his scalding hot spunk shot up into me once, twice, and three times. "One Eight Inch Man for Action!" I shouted playing on the sound of that silly phone number. My balls flew up and down. My fist stroked my cock just under his. "COWABUNGA!" I yelled mocking those other kid's shows. Oh, if my stream of spunk didn't shoot high in the air and cover his face from one side to the other. It was practically humiliating to see him showered with my jizz. But, if he didn't stick out his tongue and try to lick every drop he could reach you'd think I had just creamed him, which of course, I had.

    "What's this?" My ears ring with the familiar sound of, oh, no, it's my Daddy!

    "Oh! Sir!!?" Action rises startled covered in our sweat and cum. "How long have you been watching!!?" My dad stands leaning in the doorway his arms crossed. But, he has a big grin on his face!

    "Since 'DO IT AGAIN!'," he tells us laughing as he points at us while holding his taut belly. He walks into the room and leans over me lifting my chin with his finger, "Would you like to do it again . . . and include me?"

    I can't resist. "Really? Can we?" Another fantasy. "Oh, Daddy."

    "So, Billy, now what to you think of my ACTION?" my dad asks me of his HERO.

    I blurt out, "He's the best sex. He has the best body, the biggest dick, and he even kisses! It's hard to believe I thought he was straight."

    "Straight? ACTION? The only thing that's straight about him is his big dick when I shove this Oscar replica up his ass!" !!! Well, that's a new twist on my fantasy.

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