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  • Jakarta love
  • I met him in Jakarta, Indonesia where I had a project going which required frequent and quite lengthy visits. I had been there often, and enjoyed the young guys on offer. It was easy to pick them up. Whenever I visited I wandered around one of the shopping malls making eye contact with the handsome young men who congregated there. If they were interested they would start a conversation, which usually ended with them following me back to my hotel room. I must have done this a dozen times. Some were great, others OK but being able to find eager young men was always satisfying. It was always just, wham, bang, thank you Sam, and they left, with a taxi fare home.

    Ari was different. I had actually gone to the mall with an honest purpose, for a change: to buy a shirt. I was looking at around in a department store when I noticed this young guy following me at a distance. I kept looking and he moved closer and, in good English, asked if he could help. I wasn't sure about him, and wasn't very interested as I had had another young man in my room the night before, so I sort of brushed him off. He persisted, and asked if I minded if he practiced his English.

    "I dont think you need much practice, your English is fine", I said.

    "Thank you," his handsome face beamed at me, "but I am happy to help, if you need me."

    If you need me? Perhaps he had read my mind!

    I guessed that he was on the game. My interests centered on the amateurs who hung around the malls, not the pros, but I didnt send him packing and finished buying my shirt. He followed me around, asking the usual questions about where I was from, how old I was, did I have a family etc. I found myself being drawn to him, but still a bit wary: he could be under-age, I thought.

    He asked if I was going back to my hotel, and I said no, I was going to eat. He offered to show me the food stalls, so I accepted. I thought he wanted me to buy him a meal, but he didn't and just sat talking while I ate. He asked me more personal questions. He told me he was a student, and pulled out his student ID showing that he was 21.

    I found him increasingly engaging, very attractive and, assuming he was interested, began to get horny. On the way down to find a taxi, I diverted into a toilet. He followed and stood beside me at the urinal. I had a pee, and began to stroke my cock, watching to see if he was looking. Not only was he, but he was stroking a nice looking cock too. I got a hard-on, so did he and we both stood there watching each other masturbate for a few minutes. We both knew then what was in store as we tucked our cocks away and walked out. Had anyone seen us they would have thought I was his grandfather, save for when I got to the check out at the super market to pay for a dozen condoms and a tube of KY, where I got an odd look.

    We got a taxi back to my hotel. He sat right up against me, felt my thigh, and then brushed my cock with his hand. I felt his leg, but seeing the drivers eye on the rear-vision mirror, didn't go any further. By the time we got to my room we were both hot. He put his arms around me and immediately his tongue found my lips. I couldn't believe this was happening to me - a young, handsome kid, who looked even younger, coming on to a wrinkly old guy over 60.

    He was a fantastic kisser, our tongues entwined, hands wrapped around each others hard-ons through our trousers. I still wondered a bit about him, what he might be after, so I decided to cool it a bit, and suggested we talk as he had something to eat. We ordered room service, sat down and he told me all about his family and what he did. He knew by then that I was married and asked me about my family. I asked him how long he had been having sex with men and he told me the first time was when he was 20, about six months earlier, with an older married Indonesian guy who he now met up with regularly. He said he knew nothing much about sex till he was 16 and masturbated for the first time. He had never had sex with his peers, and was only interested in older men, preferably married. I asked him if he did it for money and he said no, he just liked older men.

    By this time we were both thoroughly aroused. I slowly undid his flies and was taken by the beauty of his boyish, circumcised cock, about 5", cut. His hand moved onto my thigh and slowly moved up my trouser leg to my very hard cock. He undid my buttons and zip and ran his hand down through the opening of my boxers. He went down on me almost immediately, and then I reciprocated, taking the length of his into my mouth. I suggested we would be more comfortable in bed, and he asked if he could stay the night. I was nervous about this, but agreed, being careful to put my things in the hotel safe. He reassured me by showing me his student card again, his work and other bits of paper to attest to his status

    We went to the bedroom and I watched in awe as this young man slowly undressed in front of me to reveal a beautiful, slim, smooth, boyish figure, except for his pubic hair and some on his legs. As soon as we were both naked we fell into each others arms, and kissed wildly. By this time I was forgetting my worries and inhibitions and decided that I wanted this boy as we fell on the bed. In a frenzy of passionate love-making, we hugged each other closely, our tongues entwined we kissed deeply, then I withdrew to lick his lips, his cheeks, his neck, then down to his chest, his nipples, down, down until I engulfed his balls one by one in my mouth, then ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, finally taking it all into my throat. Ari moved on top of me and I felt his manhood between my thighs. We lay like this, mouths meeting once more in the deepest of kisses. He motioned me to turn over and he lay on top of me again, his moist penis once more finding the flesh between my thighs.

    I felt his cock sliding up between my ass cheeks as he pulled back from between my legs, then heard him whispering in my ear: "Jim, I want to fuck you." I reached for the KY and the condoms as he knelt in front of me, between my legs, and slowly rolled one on to his rigid cock. I remember it was red, complementing the warm colour of his skin. He applied the KY and hoisted my legs over his shoulders.

    I couldn't believe the beautiful young face that hovered over me as he slid inside and began to fuck me, leaning forward to kiss me as I masturbated in time with his thrusts. I saw his eyes shut in ecstasy as his thrusts became more urgent. I asked him not to come inside me but to pull out, take off the condom and pour his youthful spunk all over my belly, my cock, my balls. I watched as he withdrew, tore off the condom, wrapped his hand around his cock and gave it one last jerk.

    The first spurt arced over my body, past my shoulder and landed on the pillow behind my head. The second landed on my chest, then a third, fourth a never-ending stream finally dripping over my cock and balls, lubricating my hand as my own cum gushed forth to mingle with his. He fell exhausted on top of me, and we lay like that for the next 15 minutes, out essence slowly congealing between our bodies, as I gazed into his eyes, and experienced that half-apprehensive, half-delirious feeling of love for this lad, an emotion that grew over the next few months as we explored each other in the depths that belong to lovers.

    We showered, and got hard again. Back in bed we repeated our love making, and he fucked me once more. I wanted to fuck him but he demurred, said he did not take it. I said I respected his wishes and would never ask him to do anything he didn't want to do. We fell asleep exhausted.

    When I awoke the next morning I found this golden youth sleeping beside me. I reached over and felt his limp penis that soon sprang to life. We made love again, he fucked me for the third time, then again after we had showered and gone back to bed. We ordered breakfast. Talked. I wanted to give him $20 for his fare home. He refused, said he loved me. I melted, said I loved him too, and persuaded him to fuck me one more time before he left, standing up in the bathroom with our trousers down, watching the spectacle in the mirror.

    The time had come to part. I could hardly bear it. He gave me his address. Made me promise to get in touch. Told me again that he loved me. I had to go to a couple of final appointments. We kissed. I dropped his off from my taxi. I couldn't think straight for the rest of the day, nor on the flight home. It was three months before I had to go back. I couldn't wait.

    That was the beginning of a white-hot affair that lasted for the next two years. Every time I went to Jakarta he stayed with me most nights. I found the strength to make love to him daily. Oh what a time we had, in baths in showers, in bed, even in the cinema. His passion knew no bounds.

    Our affair lasted over four separate visits I made to Jakarta over the two years after I first met him. I wrote to him after our first encounter telling him how much loved him, and he wrote back saying that he wanted to see me again. I made a further visit a few months later, this time to stay for about five weeks. I wrote and arranged for him to come to the hotel the night after I arrived. I waited impatiently in the reception: then I saw him. He looked more handsome than ever, neatly dressed with is dark hair brushed down. I could only shake hands with him in the foyer, but our eyes met in a loving gaze, as I led him to the elevator. We were alone in it and immediately embraced in a long deep kiss. I could feel his cock go hard inside his jeans. Mine did to. We unlocked our lips as the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened.

    Once inside my room we embraced again and kissed for several minutes, feeling each other's hard-ons before falling on to the bed. I opened Ari's fly and went down on his beautiful boyish cock. He undid my trousers and had my hard cock in his hand, already leaking precum I wanted to see his youthful body naked and we interrupted our love-making long enough to get undressed. I felt sick for love for him as we lay naked together on the bed, kissing deeply cocks pressed against each other as our bodies met in a tight embrace.

    He suggested we take a bath, and we disentangled our bodies long enough to run one. We took it in turns to soap one another down, paying special attention to the more sensitive parts of our bodies. He ran his hand around my backside, then gently explored my crack with his soapy finger and pushed it gently inside me. I massaged his whole body soap, and slowly masturbated him as he fingered my rectum. I lay down in the warm water with him on top, his cock between my thighs, mine pressed against his belly, gazing into his handsome, boyish face. I was in heaven, and felt a deep love for him. I could not believe how incredibly sensuous this boy was, who, only nine months earlier had had his first sexual encounter.

    We made love in the bath for an hour or more, before drying each other and returning to the bed naked, boiling with sexual passion. We lubed our cocks with KY, and fucked each other between the thighs, as we had the first time we met. I lay face down with Ari on top of me, his cock hard between my cheeks. I felt the tip at my hole. I wanted him inside me, just like that. He penetrated me slightly and I wanted him to plunge his cock deep inside me, but knew I couldn't take the risk of fucking without a condom, so reached over to the bedside table, pulled a condom out of the packet, gave it to Ari and watched him trembling with excitement as he rolled it on and smothered his covered cock with KY.

    Once more he lay on top of me and I felt the full length of his cock slide into me. It felt wonderful. I could hardly hold back, but I wanted to watch his face as he fucked me and persuaded him to change position so that he faced me and could cum over me when he climaxed. We were both so worked up by this stage I could feel myself reaching the point of no return as I masturbated while watching him fuck me, his face revealing controlled ecstasy as he cried out that he was cumming. I urged him to pull out and cum over me, but it was too late. As he withdrew I saw the tip of his condom filling with spurt after spurt of his cum, and that sent me over the edge too. He pulled off his condom and emptied the contents over my already spunk-covered belly, lay on top of me and took me into a deep embrace with our lips locked together in post-coital satisfaction.

    We made love once more that night after we had showered and gotten each other aroused again. He came again but I couldn't. I was content to lie passively on my front, with Ari on top fucking me till once more he filled a condom, but this time deep inside me. We went to sleep in each others arms, deeply satisfied. My hand found his limp penis the next morning and soon had it aroused. We made love again. I fucked him between his thighs, from behind, slipping my cock between the cheeks of his ass, and finding his anal passage, but he didn't want me to penetrate him. I spewed my cum over his cock and balls as I fucked his thighs and masturbated him to a climax using my spunk as lube.

    That was the first of our encounters on that visit. We met up every second night after that, and spent all day Sunday together. We would go shopping, see a film, go to restaurants like any normal lovers, except even in the cinema we made love. We sat in a dark corner at the back, watching some incredibly boring (to me) adventure movie, my hand inside the sleeve of his shirt, feeling his smooth chest and nipples, my other had moving down past his belly, inside his jeans and jocks, to feel his rigid cock, as his hand slid over my thigh, unzipped my fly, and masturbated me.

    At night we made love in the shower, in the bath, in bed. We talked about families and other things, but despite our uninhibited sex, he was coy about is sex life. Perhaps he thought I might be jealous, despite my assurances. He was even coy about how often he masturbated, until I told him that I did it daily at his age and assured him that it was very healthy. He unbuttoned a bit to tell me about his Indonesian lover, but not the details of the sex they had. In a way it was reassuring that he was so discreet, especially as I was with several colleagues and had to be careful.

    I went to Jakarta twice more over the following 18 months, but only for a week each time `The first time I was alone, and as well as sleeping together most nights I took him out, we dined, shopped and all the other things. The sex only got better. We always started with a bath and ended with a shower, giving each other sensual massages, fingering and fucking. My thoughts floated back to more youthful days when I had taken a bath with my best friend and seduced him.

    As we lay in the bath and stood soaping each other down, he would turn me around and stick his cock between my soapy ass cheeks, then slyly find my hole and penetrate me bareback. In our later encounters I was not so careful as I had been at first, and I let him get right up me for a few moments, without a condom. God it felt wonderful, my excitement enhanced by watching us in the bathroom mirror. Our bodies would slither all over each other, and our dicks could find every possible crevice to explore, before we dried and tumbled into bed for extended sessions of love-making, in which he always ended up fucking me for real with a condom, and mostly spilling his cum over me. Occasionally, like the second time he fucked me and withdrew late, I would get him to withdraw and cum into the condom.

    One morning in the shower after a night of lovemaking, we were all over each other as usual, with soap liberally employed. We were both hard, as rocks, and he was standing with his back to me, and I had my cock between his thighs, then along his crack, before gently pushing the tip against his hole. We hadn't talked about me fucking him since he first declined and I was not going to force the issue. However he had responded increasingly to me fingering him as we made love, and I sensed he was getting more receptive to the idea. So I pressed ahead and felt his sphincter relaxing, and the head of my cock penetrating him slightly, to about 1/2 an inch. I withdrew, not wanting to hurt him, but he pressed back on me, so I pushed my cock once more against him and this time penetrated about an inch before he pulled away saying it was hurting. I turned around and offered myself to him, and he pushed his soapy cock right into me. I forgot about caution as he began to fuck me, and pushed back on his penis which was now fully inside me. I guess he was only fucking me for about 15 seconds before I felt him pulling out and turned around to see his cock shooting spunk into his hand as he apologised for nearly coming inside me

    After the episode in the shower I thought he was nearer to letting me fuck him, but he was still reluctant. I told him how much I enjoyed it now, and especially when it was him fucking me, but didn't press him till he was ready.

    I guess the fact that I had a guy sleeping with me was not lost on the hotel staff. One afternoon as I stepped out of the lift a bellboy was waiting there. He walked me to my room asking if there was anything he could do. He picked up the paper outside my door and carried it in for me. Then to my astonishment he flung his arms around me. I responded of course, and could feel his cock hardening in his pants, as was mine. In a moment we were feeling each other up, then he got his out and invited me to suck him, which I did. I had mine out by then too but he refused to touch my flesh. I kept on sucking him till I felt his body stiffening with the onset of orgasm, pulled away and masturbated him to a climax, leaving his cum all over my floor. He just pulled up his zip, apologised and fled, leaving me as horny as hell.

    Fortunately I had Ari on whom to work it off that night. When I told him what had happened he, who had done catering work in hotels, said that a lot of the guys who worked in them were gay and had it off with guests. Ari couldn't come the next night so I went down to the lobby and found this guy, who told me he was 19, and invited him back to my room when he finished his shift. He duly turned up around 11.30 pm. I greeted him naked, and persuaded him to get the same way. Again he wanted me to suck him off but was reluctant to touch me, so I was reduced to wanking myself as I sucked this nice, smooth sexy young guy (not as handsome as Ari) until he came a nice load over his belly. He took straight off to the bathroom to wash. I followed, as horny as hell, but again he refused to touch me, so I just wanked off as near to him as possible taking in his still naked body and landing a couple of spurts on it.

    A few months later I was visiting Jakarta for a week, to wind up the project. I didn't know if I would be back again so we sensed it might be the last encounter for Ari and me for some time, which, I guess lent a special quality to our love making. I was also with a group that meant I had to contrive to get away as often as possible to spend my nights with him. I had written Ari suggestion he come to my hotel the night I arrived. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for him when I was paged. It was Ari saying that he had a family commitment and couldn't meet me. He must have sensed my disappointment, and finally said he would escape and come later.

    Finally there was a knock on my door around midnight, and there he was, handsome as ever. We fell into each other's arms and must have just embraced, kissing deeply, pressing our bodies and dicks together for about 10 minutes, before we got naked, sucked each other wild on the bed before taking a bath together, with lots of soaping, massaging, fingering and Ari lightly penetrating me. He kept telling me he wanted to fuck me but I didn't want to go the whole way bareback.

    I fucked him between soapy thighs, standing up and pressed my cock a little way into his virgin hole before he pulled away. I told him I wanted to fuck him too, but not until he was ready. We finally made it to bed and made love for an hour or more, climaxing in him fucking me with my legs over his shoulders, and mixing his sperm with mine on my belly.

    It was after 2 am when we finally slept. I was jet-lagged and exhausted and had to breakfast with my colleagues and lead a series of meeting the next day. Nevertheless we made love again in the morning, finishing with Ari fucking me in the shower, once again pulling out just in time.

    He came to see me and make love every night for the week I was there. On the second last night I told him that I did not know when I might be back in Indonesia, maybe not for years. As we hugged each other, he cried and told me how much he loved me, how no one had ever meant as much to him, done so much for him. His father had run off with another woman, and his mother had died soon after, leaving him to be brought up by an aunt. He told me all about his family, his younger brother, who was "naughty" and about his two lovers, the original Indonesian one and a new Chinese man he had met. I was reduced to tears myself as he told me of the difficult emotional life he had had. I told him how much I loved him, how I felt for him not only as a lover, but father, grandfather who I wanted to help and protect him. It was in this emotional state, our bodies entwined, my cock between his legs that he looked up at me, rolled over onto his stomach and said: "Jim, I want you to fuck me."

    I hesitated. I told him I loved him too much to hurt him. Did he really want it? Was he ready? It might be painful. Had he been fucked since we last met? No, he said, his Chinese friend wanted to but he hadn't agreed. He was laying face down, his head turned to one side on the pillow. He looked so young, so vulnerable, his eyes till wet with tears as were mine. He took the cheeks of his ass in his hands and spread them, saying: "Believe me, I want you to fuck me."

    I knelt between his spread legs, my cock hard as could be, well-lubed with a red condom on. I leaned forward and did something I had never done before. I rimmed him. I started at his neck, and kissed him all the way down his back. I wanted this to be a memorable experience for him. I kissed his ass cheeks, ran my tongue down his thighs, licked the inside, found his cock and balls squeezed between his legs and licked them too. My tongue slowly found its way up his crack to his anus, and flicked across it, teasing, then penetrating ever so slightly. He was moaning with pleasure, so I went around again, ending up once more at his hole. Gently I eased my lubricated finger inside him. He told me it felt good. I pushed in further until the length of my finger was inside him. I slid another in beside it and massaged his anus.

    My cock was bursting by this time as I slowly lowered my body onto his, staring into the handsome young face looking up at me from the pillow. I looked into his eyes as the tip of my cock found its target, determined to withdraw at the first sign of pain. I eased forward as gently as I could till the tip of my cock was barely inside. I flexed the muscle in my ass to engorge the head further and stretch his sphincter without pushing further in. I saw no sign of stress in his eyes so pressed on till the head of my cock disappeared. I sensed his body twitch, so I withdrew. Go on, he told me. So I pressed in again. I stopped as the head disappeared. I saw that he was smiling so I eased in a little further. More pain, so I pulled out again, then re-entered him. This time the passage was easier. His face told me that he was enjoying it so I pressed on till half my cock had disappeared inside him. He let out a sigh. That feels good, he told me. So I pressed gently ahead till I was fully inside him.

    "Fuck me, Jim, fuck me", he cried. I was overcome with emotion, with love for this boy who had surrendered his virginity to me, who loved me, and I just wept as I fucked him, the feelings in my cock matching the emotional levels in my consciousness until, my cock buried to the hilt inside him, I shot spurt after spurt of cum into the condom, before collapsing on his smooth body.

    He told me how wonderful it was. His eyes were filled with tears too. He rolled me over, pulled off the condom and licked the spunk off my cock. He rolled a condom onto his own cock, and emptied the contents of mine onto it. "I'm going to fuck you with your own cum," he said, and did just that as I lay half dazed watching his young body move back and forth above me, and felt his young cock moving into me, until he too exploded in a might orgasm and collapsed on me.

    So ended Ari's virginity. We had one more night together. We fucked each other twice. As he left the next morning his parting words were: "I'll always love you, Jim". I haven't seen him since. I sent him some money to complete his tourism course and more English training. I love him still.

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