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  • Always a rancher
  • With an angelic whimper and a shudder strong enough to permeate my entire being I felt his cock swell then release its youthful load into my grateful ass. He fell onto me soaked in sweat, barely able to catch his breath. His body went limp from a combination of euphoria and exhaustion. For me it was nirvana to have him stretched across my body feeling his energy as his body tried to recover and as his powerful tool deflated held within the warm constraints of my bowels.

    Only the softness of his dark, curly hair and his rose colored cheeks belied his age. In appearance he was a fully grown man. Standing more than six feet tall, broad shoulders, smooth protruding pectorals and a narrow waist, he looked like an Olympian. Soccer had rewarded him with the legs of a gazelle, with powerful muscles that stretched from toe to hip. The perfection of his ass was as if two ripe melons had been lovingly placed by the gods.

    I had watched Javier grow up over the past 18 years. His parents moved here from Peru when he was still an infant. They purchased the small suburban farm adjacent to my 30 acre place and we had all become friends over the years.

    My job had brought me to the east coast 20 years earlier. Having grown up on an 8,000 acre ranch in Montana I couldnt stand the thought of urban life with people stacked on top of each other and the constant barrage of city noise. My little Maryland farm, less than an hour from downtown Washington, D.C. provided me with the solitude I needed. Technology allowed me to work from home.

    The appreciation and admiration I have always held for the males of our species was born in the freedom of growing up on a ranch, far removed from civilization. My Mom had died when I was young leaving me to be raised by my Dad and the ranch hands who worked our place. It is hard to describe the camaraderie and affection that men can develop for one another, especially when the pressures and influences of city living are absent. Men who are drawn to ranching and cow poking dont miss the presence of women. It seems their needs and desires are filled by men like themselves.

    Sex with another man had seemed as natural as the changing of the seasons to me. When Harlan Soder showed up as a new ranch hand in the spring of my 18th year it was as if the switch in my brain for color and sound had been turned on for the first time. My attraction to the tall, blond man was electric the first time I laid eyes on him. I could tell he sensed the magnetism, as well.

    One beautiful May afternoon, Harlan and I were finishing up fixing fences on the western boundary of the ranch. Spring was in all of its glory with the foot tall grass a spectacular shade of green, wild flowers growing on the ridge by the river and my teenage hormones pumping through me like crude oil gushing out of a freshly tapped well.

    We had both removed our shirts to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze. My enjoyment also included taking in the splendor of Harlans magnificent upper body. His expansive chest was lightly covered with blondish-brown hair, mostly on his pecs then forming a trail straight down his flat stomach past his navel before disappearing beneath his jeans. His back was broad and muscular, with the skin moving like the breeze across the grass as he worked his muscles using the shovel and hammer.

    When our work was done, Harlan suggested we take a dip in the river to cool off before heading back. Eager to see this gorgeous cowboy in his birthday suit, I mounted my horse and started racing to the rock cliff above the river we used for diving. After the horses were tied so they could eat and drink, Harlan and I stood on the cliff and talked about how inviting the water looked as we peeled out of our dirty jeans. As his jeans slipped to the ground all that remained was a movie star cowboy wearing nothing but an old straw cowboy hat. It was the most beautiful site I had ever beheld.

    His dick hung flaccid against his balls nestled in a soft bush of lightly color pubic hair. The foreskin covered the head with only a speck of the pink meat peeking out of the end. He stood there for what seemed an eternity allowing me to take in the magnificence of his naked body. Then, he tossed his hat to the ground, tussled my hair, and dove into the water. I quickly followed.

    We played in the cool spring-fed water for half an hour. Then he came up from behind me and grabbed my naked body. Wrapping both of his arms around my chest, he pulled me tightly to him. His mouth touched the skin of my neck and my body exploded in an electrical charge, I melted in his arms. As his cock started to swell between my legs, his hands moved across my chest and stomach. My mind was transported to a place it had never been before.

    Harlan guided me out of the water and we climbed the rock cliff to where our clothes lay strewn on the ground. He gently grabbed my chin and placed his mouth over mine. I felt as if all of my life force was pouring into him. His large, rough hands floated over the skin of my back and my ass. His cock had escaped the captivity of its foreskin and lay pressed against my stomach. I could feel his delicious juices pumping onto my skin.

    He broke our embrace and turned me around. He positioned my body onto a large boulder. With the warmth of the rock on my stomach and the heat of the sun on my back he began exploring every part of my exposed body with his mouth and his tongue. As he kissed and licked my back, his hands would lightly wander over my tender sides, the sensation was almost more than I could bear. My hips were gently moving allowing my swollen dick to slide against the smooth rock in the lather of my silky teen juices.

    Slowly he worked his way down my back and started licking the crack of my ass. My dick was rubbing raw against the smooth rock. His tongue slipped into my hole. Now I could feel his life force pouring into me. He worked my ass with his tongue until I was in a trance. The next thing I knew I was standing, holding onto a trim limb slightly above my head. Harlan was behind me, spreading my legs, readying my awaiting body for his hot, fleshy man rod. I steadied my grip as he placed his hands on my waist, his electric body teased me as his slid his cock past my hole, under my balls and out the other side. The huge purple head was shiny with slick juice; the shaft was gorging with blood as the veins pulsed in excitement. He drew back and positioned the head at my wet hole. My body and hips would draw to him eager for him to fill me.

    The head of his dick felt hot as a coal as it touched my hole. His lust was testing the limits of his gentleness. He grunted as he pushed himself into me. The dopamine in my brain erased any pain as, inch by inch; he thrust all eight inches into my burning ass. Time seemed to stop. The world around me seemed to vanish. All I could sense was my naked body gripping the tree, my feet digging into the ground, and Harlans immense being entering and consuming me. When he was fully inside I exploded in orgasm that shot repeatedly from my steel hard cock onto the ground in front of me.

    He fucked me for what seemed like hours -- gently at first, then with the fury of a stallion. As he exploded inside of me, his cock expanded to fill my virgin ass completely. His ecstasy pushed me to shoot again without ever touching my dick. Slowly, he removed his cock from me and held me as we sank to the ground. Harlan and I remained lovers until I went away to college.

    Now I could see Javier enraptured by the same teenage experience--a boy becoming a man, captivated by the pleasures of his sexuality. Oddly enough, it had been just like with Harlan, the first time Javier let me take him. The horses I kept on my place were what got Javier to spending time with me. He was taken in by them the first time he came to ride them. Over the years, I let him have free reign at the stables. Being single and having no kids, it was good for me that he would help work the horses. One afternoon, about a year ago, I came home from a trip and saw Javier down at the stables. After I got settled in, I headed down to the stables to see what he was up to. As I approached the barn I heard the unmistakable moans of a boy jacking off. My curiosity got the better of me so I quietly entered the barn to get a view of the handsome teen stroking his meat.

    I maneuvered myself to within just a few feet of him and through the cracks in the boards of the barn saw him perched up on some bails of hay completely naked with his fat cock in his hand. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, while he slowly massaged his cock from the head to the base. His fat dick was wrapped in meaty foreskin that slid up to cover the head on each stroke. A couple times he reached down and ran a finger inside the skin covering the head. Then he would bring the finger to his nose to get a whiff of the cheese.

    This hot boy show was arousing me to no end, bringing back memories of Harlan, many years ago. I shed my clothes in silence, careful not to interrupt the entertainment. Realizing that I was not going to be satisfied just peeping through the wall, I opened the barn door and walked in. Javier just sat there with a smile on his face. Just like me staring at Harlan for the first time, he took in my naked body from head to toe.

    After a moment, I approached him and took a seat next to him on the bails of hay. Neither of us said a word, he just continued to smile and continued to stroke his meat. My dick was now throbbing hard. My mind was transported back into time more than 20 years when I was the boy encountering sex with a man for the first time.

    There was no awkwardness. We had known each other for so long it felt perfectly natural. Javier and I always spent our time together without other people. He was the first to make a move by reaching over and placing his hand on my thigh. My hand reached to his face and I traced the outline of his cheek with my finger. He responded by leaning over and placing his head on my chest. I stroked his curly hair. He looked up and into my eyes; I let my head drop and placed my mouth on his. A deep purr rumbled in his throat.

    The hay bails were fine for sneaking a quick jerk off in the barn. But they quickly got itchy. I got up and went to the tack room to grab a blanket. We moved onto the blanket and coiled in an embrace. We would kiss. Our hands explored each other tirelessly. Finally, he looked at me and said, "I want to fuck you".

    Without missing a beat I rolled over onto my back. He grabbed my legs and thrust them into my torso. This boy was a fiery Latino. Knelling, he continued to slowly stroke his cock. As streams of his juice oozed from his cock, he would gather it and smear it in my hole. He milked my cock for more lubricant, applying it to his throbbing boner.

    Suddenly, he grabbed my hips and pulled them up to his face, plunging his tongue down my hole. I let out a wail of ecstasy. Javier worked his tongue in and out of my hole. He took gentle bites at my balls before sucking them into his mouth. Finally, he lowered my hips and positioned his dripping dick firmly at my hole. I looked up to see a devilish grin on his face as he started his assault. His cock was both longer and fatter than I remembered Harlans being and I couldnt wait for him to plow it into me.

    As the head slid past the entry, he closed his eyes and let out a low moan. He worked the head in and out of my quivering hole. On each re-entry he pushed in a little more. I looked at him to marvel at his incredible physique. His olive colored skin was shiny with perspiration. His nipples were the size of half dollars, centered on a chiseled chest. Under his arms were furry balls of jet black hair. His flat stomach was hairless with a perfect navel at the base of a well developed set of abdominal muscles.

    He hit his stride banging my ass and I could feel his big balls hitting against my ass cheeks. His fingers toyed with my nipples. When he let my legs fall free he hunched up to my face and planted his tongue down my throat. He was rocking and rolling. My cock was streaming its juices. His smooth stomach rubbed my dick on each thrust of his cock into my ass.

    I could feel my balls draw tight as my ass clamped down on his fat, meaty cock. His breathing became labored, sweat dripped off his forehead. When my cock started emptying its load he threw his head back and thrust his hips forward. In short, spasmodic strokes, he drained his balls into my thirsty ass.

    Javier fell slowly onto my chest. We lay there enjoying the aroma of our passions. Finally, I whispered in his ear, "Now that you know all about horses, I have to teach you what it means to be a man on a ranch".

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