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  • Helping an older man
  • I had one of the best jobs I could think of. As a service and installation technician for specialty medical equipment, I got to travel and was paid quite well. I had worked for this company for almost twenty years and at 52 years old, was beginning to think about retirement. I had not remarried after my divorce 12 years ago, but occasionally got lucky with some divorced woman who was desperate for sex. I have to admit that I had let my self go with my weight topping at about 210 pounds, but what did I care.

    When I was on the road, I usually spent my nights looking at porn on the internet and had recently become intrigued with the idea of playing with an older man. It had almost become an obsession to the point that I would get hard when I was around any man over the age of 60.

    I was servicing some lab equipment in Florida at an urologist's office when I realized that I had to act on my desires and play with an older man. It seemed that there were dozens of older men at this clinic who would walk into the lab area where I was working wearing nothing but one of those clinic gowns. You know--the ones that let your ass shine to all who are behind you. I had just finished with the equipment I was working on when a 65ish grey haired man said, "Excuse me doctor, but where is the bathroom? I really have to go." Before I could tell him that I was not a doctor, he said, "Oh there it is, but thanks anyway." I guess I did look like a doctor with the white technician coat that I was wearing. As he walked over to the bathroom door, I got a great look at his ass and balls swinging from behind. What I would give to play with that chubby old man. Well, he was gone and it was time for me to go. I picked up my tools and headed back to the hotel for a drink and maybe some dinner.

    I got back to my hotel room and cleaned up a little and then headed down to the bar for a nice Jack and Coke. I had just finished my first drink when I heard someone behind me say, "Hello Doc." I turned to see the older man I had seen earlier with his wife heading my direction. My cock instantly began to stir seeing this nice chubby old man. His wife wasn't so bad either with big saggy tits, the kind you could suck on all day. They introduced themselves as Jim and Evelyn Swanson from Vero Beach, Florida. I invited them to sit down and join me which they did. I ordered drinks for us all and engaged in the usual chit chat. After about 5 minutes, Evelyn got very serious and asked, "Can we ask you something?" "Sure," I said, "Anything."

    "Well, Jim was at the clinic today because he has been having trouble with his prostate."

    I could tell that Jim was a little embarrassed about the conversation. I tried to reassure him that all men have some type of issue with their prostate at some time in their lives. Evelyn went on to tell me that the doctors told him today that he just had the usual enlarged prostate that is normal for a man his age, but Jim wanted some type of treatment for his problem. The doctors had prescribed some medication to allow Jim to urinate more regularly but she continued to explain that Jim really needed some relief from the feeling in his rectum. She looked me squarely in the eyes and asked, "Isnt there anything that can be done?"

    I knew that this was the opportunity I had dreamed of. I told them both, "There are some very easy treatments for an enlarged prostate, but most doctors won't tell you about them because of the potential law suits. None of the treatments are harmful; they just cross the line in what a patient will accept from his doctor." Jim and Evelyn both said that whatever the treatment is, they were willing to do it. "Jim", I said, "the treatments are incredibly embarrassing,, but I promise that they will help you".

    Jim said, "I am ready to try anything".

    "Okay, give me your hotel room number and I will meet you there in ten minutes." They told me their room number; I paid the check and quickly went back to my room to gather a couple of items.

    I gathered some KY lube and a box of condoms just in case and arrived promptly at their hotel room. I knocked and was invited in by the senior couple. "Jim", I said, "I am going to tell you some things that you will never hear from a doctor and you will understand why in just a minute. First, I need you to undress and don't be embarrassed". Jim began to undress and got down to just his underwear. "Go ahead and take the underwear off too and lie down on your back on the bed for me. Now Evelyn, I need you to watch everything I do and help when I ask." She nodded. I pulled out the tube of KY lube and squeezed a glob onto my fingers. As I mixed the glob of lube around on my fingers I told Jim that I need to perform a digital exam on his prostate just to confirm the enlargement. He nodded. Jim bent his legs and spread them apart slightly to expose his rosebud for me. It was then that I got my first good look at his cock and balls. I was about to loose control seeing the gray pubic hair and the uncut foreskin covering his cock head. His balls were real hangers too, so much that they laid out on the bed. Those balls were not just hangers, they were huge. My cock was so hard that I had to really concentrate to continue on with my plan.

    I began to massage his asshole with the lube ever so slowly. I took care not to rush it and kept a close watch on him until his hole began to relax and open. I explained what I was doing to both Jim and Evelyn. I carefully inserted my index finger and began to feel for his prostate. Sure enough, it was enlarged, about the size of a golf ball. As I was rubbing over it, I explained to them both that massaging the prostate was very beneficial and continued massaging would eventually decrease the size.

    Jim's cock began to grow as I continued stimulating his cum gland. I reached and rubbed his cock with my other hand and explained that sexual stimulation was important in getting the prostate to release its fluid. I switched between stroking his cock and massaging his balls while my finger was buried in his asshole. Jim's cock had grown to full erection and he was beginning to whimper like a puppy as Jim began to move his hips in rhythm with my massaging. I knew he was getting close to cumming. I turned to Evelyn and asked if she had ever sucked the cum out of Jim. She said that she had never had a man's pecker in her mouth in all of her 65 years. I told her that she would have to learn to do it. She nodded her head and said that she was willing if it would help Jim. I told her that I would show her how, but there was one more thing the both of them needed to know.

    I boldly stated, "Semen is one of the most beneficial natural healing agents known to doctors. Its full of nutrients, vitamins, and natural immune system strengthening agents as long as the donor isn't infected with other major diseases. It must be consumed to be effective." She just stared at me as if I had told her that the sky was falling. With that I leaned over began to lick Jim's cock. I licked from his balls up the rim of his cock head and stopped there. I explained to Evelyn that licking and sucking his head would make him ejaculate and that she needed to be ready for that.

    Jim's cock was pulsing as he needed to cum and cum quickly. I took the whole thing in my mouth and began to bob my head up and down on his short thick uncut shaft. I could feel the foreskin rolling against my tongue and every vein on his cock against the sides of my mouth. From the corner of my eye, I say Evelyn begin to rub her pussy through her slacks. She was getting wet seeing her husband get his cock sucked. Suddenly, Jim began to jerk as stream after stream of cum began to fill my mouth. The salty taste was incredible and I readily swallowed every drop that filled my mouth. I had just sucked my first cock and boy was it great.

    I stood up and licked my lips looking at Jim. He was smiling as he exclaimed, "That was so incredible". I said, "Jim, I'm glad you liked it because one of the things you need to do to continue the treatment of your prostate is find an older man about your same age and the two of you do to each other what I just did to you." Jim nodded and I told him that he needed to learn how to massage a prostate. I began to strip and told Jim to hop up and let me lay on the bed. As I pulled my briefs down, Evelyn's eyes were glued to my cock as it sprang into the air. Mine wasn't as thick as Jim's, but about an inch or two longer. I looked between her legs and her pants were soaked. I lay on the bed as Jim took some KY lube and applied it to my asshole. I talked him through finding my prostate and then let him settle in on massaging it. Jim was enjoying the experience as well as his eyes never left my cock. He began to massage my balls and stroke my cock as well. I looked over at Evelyn and asked if she would stroke my cock while Jim continued to massage my balls and prostate. She slowly came over and carefully grasped my cock. Very mechanically she began to stroke. As the two of them worked on me I asked Jim if he had ever sucked a cock. He said that he had never even touched another man's cock. I asked him if he would be able to suck mine. He said that he would give it a try.

    Evelyn had finally got the rhythm of stroking and I told her to let Jim begin sucking me. She moved out of the way and Jim slowly lowered his head and opened his mouth onto my cock. As he began to get accustomed to sucking me, I noticed that he was getting hard again. Evelyn had backed away but had her hand down the front of her pants and was fingering her wet pussy. My body began to quake and I told Jim that I was about to cum and for him to try and swallow all of my cum. I had never squealed during sex but this time I thought that anyone in the next rooms surely heard me as I began to pulse streams of cum into Jim's mouth. I know that I shot at least five full squirts into his mouth. Jim stood up and licked his lips saying that he also enjoyed the taste of my cum.

    As I recovered, I knew that it was time to get Evelyn involved. I told them both that there was a special position and technique for sex between the two of them and I needed to talk them through the first time. I think that Evelyn heard part of what I said but she was still focused on my cock. I looked at her and told her that she needed to get naked. She hesitated for a moment, but she was so horny that I don't think that she cared if she stripped in front of a stranger. She began to remove her clothing and until she was down to her bra and panties. She unsnapped the bra and two huge tits were released from their retainers. She had large areolas and her big erect nipples reminded me of my grandmothers. They were at least an inch long. I think it had been a while since Jim had seen her that aroused as well as we both stared at her enormous tits. Both of our cocks were standing at full attention. She then stuck her fingers under the waist band of her soaked panties and began to lower them. Her cunt was incredible. It was very bushy with salt and pepper hair covering it. I wanted to fuck her so bad but it was first time to get her ready.

    I asked her to lie on the bed and move over the far side leaving enough room for Jim. Jim then lay next to her as I explained the new position for them both. Evelyn was to lay on her back with her legs as far apart as comfortable; Jim was then to lay at a right angle to Evelyn with one knee bent and resting on Evelyn's stomach and the other leg under hers. As the two of them got into position, I went over and began helping to guide Jim's cock into her pussy. She was so wet and open that he slid right in with no resistance. I explained to them that in this position, Jim's asshole would be open and accessible to Evelyn and that she needed to slowly begin inserting her finger into his asshole. Jim was beginning to pump his cock slowly in and out of her pussy but there was a noticeable change when she inserted her finger in his asshole.

    His pace quickened and Evelyn began to moan as her clit was getting rubbed from a new angle. Her pussy was so wet that Jim's cock was making wet sloshing noises like rubber boots moving in and out of mud. Jim had reached over and was pinching her long nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Their speed had picked up to the point that her tits were beginning to bounce. I could see that her finger was going deeper and deeper into Jim's asshole. The farther she went in, the faster he fucked her. The two of them were moaning in unison. Jim's thrusting began to be mechanical in motion and his ass clamped around Evelyn's finger. He was cumming inside her and she could feel every squirt of his warm cum inside her cunt. The two held their ass muscles in tight tension for at least 30 seconds as their orgasms began to fade away.

    Jim rolled off of Evelyn and I could see that his cock and balls were covered in her pussy juice and his cum. "Evelyn," I said, "you need to consume some of your husband's cum to help strengthen you as well." She looked as his cock and licked her lips. She was about to suck her first cock too. She got up on her hands and knees and leaned down and in one motion consumed her husbands still hard cock. She was in a perfect doggy position for me as I knew I had to fuck that dripping wet grandmother's pussy.

    My cock was so hard from watching the two of them fuck. I moved up behind her and placed my hand on her ass so I wouldn't startle her. I moved my hand down to her pussy and slowly began to finger her cunt. It was so wet and open. Jim was watching every move I made and I could tell he was enjoying seeing another man play with his wife's pussy. Her pussy opened even more as my fingers went in deeper. I had three fingers in when I pulled them out slowly began inserting my cock.

    Jim's eyes were glued to me slowly going where no other man had been. When my cock was all the way in, Evelyn realized that she was getting fucked by another man. She stopped sucking and looked up at Jim to see him smiling. She then went back to sucking his cock and began rocking against my cock. I matched her rhythm until I couldn't hold back any more. I began to fuck her hard with my pelvis thrusting against her ass--so hard that she would moan as my skin slapped against hers. She opened her legs apart a little more so that I could go in deeper with each thrust.

    As she opened up, her asshole also began to open. I licked my finger and began to massage her tight asshole until I had my finger all the way in. The fat on her ass began to bounce as she began to fuck against my cock and my finger harder and harder. She was cumming. Jim was also cumming. I could see his body becoming rigid as he shot his load into her mouth. She also stiffened and her pussy clamped around my cock. I couldn't take it anymore and filled her pussy with all the cum I had left as well. We all collapsed on the bed.

    My cock was still in her pussy and I could feel the cum and pussy juice begin to run out down my shaft. I had never been this hard for this long and I was ready for more. There was one more thing I wanted to do. "Jim, your wife's pussy is full of cum that is going to waste, why don't you come and lick it all up. Remember, it's good for your prostate." Jim hopped up to get between his wife's legs. I told him, "Lets do it a little differently this time. Why don't you get in what's called a 69 position so that she can suck you again as well." I made sure that her head was near the edge of the bed and his ass was sticking up and available for me. They were really enjoying licking and sucking on each other and Evelyn could see me begin to massage Jim's asshole again.

    He was still covered in KY lube. His ass opened for me in no time and Evelyn watched with excitement as I withdrew my finger and began to massage his asshole with the head of my cock. "Jim, I doing something a little different back here that will help massage your prostate even more". Jim was ready and continued licking out his wife's cum filled cunt. His asshole suddenly opened enough and my cock head popped right in. Jim never stopped. I inched my cock in very slowly until I could feel his prostate against my cock head. He moaned as I moved back and forth against it. The lube let me begin to fuck him slowly. Evelyn couldn't believe that she was seeing her husband get fucked. Jim realized that she was enjoying it too as her pussy began to flow again with nice musty smelling cunt juice.

    Jim began to rock against me and even though I had already cum several times that evening, I was about to cum again. Our pace began to quicken and Evelyn moved to allow us to speed up even more. She had her hand buried up her cunt watching me fuck her husband. I finally knew it was time to empty my load deep inside him. I slammed against him and our bodies jerked together. I reached around rubbed his hard nipples and I knew he had enjoyed it as well.

    We were all exhausted, but well satisfied. We all sat on the bed next to each other. Jim began to explain that his prostate hadn't felt that good in years and that he knew that this treatment would help. He then said that he and Evelyn had a neighborhood couple who were a few years older than them. They would approach them about being prostate massage buddies. Evelyn then asked, "Would you come and help us teach them what to do?"

    "What do you think?" I asked as I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples.

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