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  • Me and my best friends dad
  • My best friend in high school and I were always together. We went everywhere and had the same interests. We knew that we were gay, but did not talk about it. My friend's parents were divorced and he lived with his father. My friend's dad, Ron, was a nice guy, and was your typical "dad" figure. I always found myself attracted to him, and wondered why he never had a girlfriend since he had been divorced for 5 years. Ron was 39 years old, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, dark hair, hairy arms, chest, ass and he has an 8-inch cock.

    During our senior year I starting staying over at my friend's house every Friday night. My friend's dad would give us the run of the house as he worked the graveyard shift. My friend and I had a blast, watching movies, getting pizza; and just being your typical 18-year-olds.

    On one particular Saturday morning, all things were about to change and I was about to be introduced to gay sex. Ron, my friend's dad, came home at his usual time (6:00 am) on Saturday morning. The front door opening awakened me as I was sleeping in the guest bedroom. I had to piss so badly, but also had a raging morning hard-on. I heard Ron moving about the house, but things quieted down quickly and I made my way towards the bathroom. As I exited the bedroom, there was Ron sitting on the living room couch looking right at me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my hard-on tenting my shorts. Ron whispered, "Hey, come over here for a minute, I need to speak with you." I was really embarrassed, but for some reason I walked over and sat down on the couch. Ron said to me, "Don't worry about that," pointing to my hard-on, "I get those all the time in the morning. I've been meaning to ask you, Eric," he continued, "have you ever had a girlfriend?"

    I had no clue what Ron was getting at, but I told the truth and shook my head no. Ron then asked, "I left my wife 5 years ago due to her not being understanding about my needs." "What needs?" I asked. "Well, Eric, I have an attraction to young men." My cock immediately became so hard it began to hurt. I didn't know what to say, I just stared at Ron. "Eric, I would like to fulfill a fantasy that I have always had; would you be interested in participating?"

    I didn't know what to say, I was at a loss for words, but found myself nodding my head yes. "Excellent. Now, let me tell you about my fantasy. I've always wanted to secretly fool around with one of my son's friends while my son was in the house. I've always wanted to be fucked by a young man around your age; would you like to fuck me, Eric?"

    "Sure, Ron."

    I stuttered, "Good, let's go to my bedroom."

    As we walked to Ron's room I felt like I was in a daze. I was going to have sex for the first time in my life with my best friend's father. Ron's bedroom was on the second floor and at the opposite end of the house. He had a large master suite with a huge bathroom. My friend, who was sleeping downstairs, slept VERY late and it would take a nuclear blast to wake him up, so I knew he would not hear us. We entered the room and Ron spoke first, "Okay, Eric, I want this to be just a quick fuck okay? If we enjoy ourselves, we can do it again real soon. I'm going to take off just my pants and underwear; the only things you will need access to are my asshole and cock. Before we begin, I'll need to see the cock that's going to make me cum, so please show me your cock."

    I lowered my shorts and underwear and showed my pre-cum covered, 6-inch tool. "That's nice, Eric; just about the right size. Have you ever had sex with another man, Eric?"

    "No," I answered.

    "Neither have I. I only want to do this with one of my son's friends, so I figured it would probably never happen. You do want to fuck me don't you, Eric?"

    "Yes. Yes I do, Ron."

    "Good, now, walk over here behind me. I want it doggy style." Ron mounted his bed; got on his hands-and-knees and stuck his ass in the air. His hairy thighs were slightly apart giving a good view of his hairy balls. "Now, I think you can figure out what to do without any help from me. But, I do want you to reach around with one hand and gently massage my cock as you're fucking me from behind. Pay close attention to the underside of the head. When I tell you I'm about to cum, push your cock all the way in and hold it there while I orgasm. I want your cock putting maximum pressure against my prostate. Oh, and one more thing, I get to cum first. If you feel as though you are going to cum, stop, and then start again. Just don't get off until AFTER I cum, okay? Alright, so, do me."

    Eric positioned himself and sure enough he didn't have any problem figuring out what to do. He positioned his dick, now harder than ever, right at the right place. He could feel Ron's asshole quivering in anticipation of penetration. He wrapped his right arm around Ron's waist and placed the fingers of his left hand around Ron's cock. Ron immediately began to squirm trying to force his asshole back onto Eric's stiff dick, which was already in contact at the entryway. Eric leaned forward and on top of Ron's firm, hairy ass and said a little timidly, "Not so fast. I'll fuck you when I'm ready. Maybe if you beg me, I might start." Eric couldn't believe he was saying this. I hope this is what he wants, Eric thought.

    Oh god, Ron thought, this kid learns fast! That was good. What a turn-on. "Oh Eric, fuck me Eric, please, I need to cum."

    "Okay you dirty old fucker, I'll screw you from behind like a dog and rub your cock for you, but only if you continue to beg for it." Eric plunged into Ron's ass and began to massage Ron's cock as he started out with slow but deep plunges.

    Ron softly moaned, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me good..." He was really getting off this time from the combination of good deep penetration, a good jacking-off, and of course the excitement of a fantasy domination by a young man. He was really hot. At this point the begging wasn't much of an act.

    "You had better beg louder, unless you want me to stop," Eric said more confidently with a growl. He also was having the time of his life. Poor meek and mild Eric, whom everyone bossed around, was getting to play the ultimate ego trip. Not only was he enthusiastically fucking an extremely horny older gentleman, a man who was his best friend's father and as old as his own father, but Ron was literally begging Eric to and obeying his commands. Just to emphasize his power over Ron, Eric stopped thrusting momentarily.

    Ron was close to an orgasm when Eric stopped. So he immediately became alarmed and raised his voice slightly, but not too loudly, "NO! Eric please don't stop! Keep going Eric! Fuck me hard with your wonderful dick." His tone was almost desperate and was definitely pleading.

    Eric was now thrusting deep into Ron's asshole once he was satisfied that Ron had begged sincerely enough. Ron began saying, "YES! YES! Keep fucking me! Oh god I'm almost there, oh, oh, uuuuuh! Fuck me Eric! Oh yes please, please, please; fuck me hard." Eric could feel himself cumming and made a conscious effort not to cum yet. He wanted this to last.

    Instead he gave another harsh command, "Tell me what you are, Ron; tell me what you want from me? Tell me or I'll stop." Ron again became alarmed. He was just on the edge again. He needed to cum and he didn't want anything to stop him.

    "No! Eric, Please don't stop! Oh god, please don't stop! I'm a dirty old fucker; I'm a fucking horny old man who craves young cock! I need to be fucked by one of my son's friends. Fuck me like a dog. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Shoot your cum up my asshole. Oh god, don't stop, I'm almost there. Please keep fucking me, Eric."

    Ron felt his orgasm building and knew it would be intense. When Eric sensed Ron was about to cum, Eric stuck his cock as far in Ron's asshole as possible and held it there. Eric could feel his cock pushing against Ron's prostate. Without warning, Ron began cumming, "Oh here it comes! OH GOD, YES! YES! FUCK ME! AAAAAAAH! Oh god again! That's it! I'm cumming! Eric, yes, oh fuck, fuck! FUCK! AAAAAH! Oh, Oh Oh, fuck my dirty old man ass, yes, AAAAAAAAH!" Finally Ron started to shudder through his final peak, so Eric resumed pumping his cock in and out of Ron's spent asshole. The feeling of Ron's asshole contracting around Eric's cock was such a turn on, it didn't take Eric long to cum. Ron faithfully held his doggie position, and Eric began to pound out his last few remaining strokes.

    He shifted his hands to grab Ron's shoulders and leaned into his ass, forcing his face into the bed. As he felt the semen rising through his system he gave two more extremely rough plunges and shouted, "Take my cum you fucking dirty, old, young-cock-craving, mother fucker!" He then grabbed Ron's hairy thighs and gave his deepest possible penetration and held it for almost thirty seconds while Eric blasted his load deep in Ron's ass. Then, Eric collapsed forward knocking Ron down on his stomach and lying across his back while Eric attempted to catch his breath.

    "I think we'll be doing this again, Eric."

    "Yeah, I think I'd like that, Ron."


    For the next 7 days, all Ron could think about was how well Eric fucked him. He went through each day in a constant state of arousal, and could not wait until the coming Saturday. Ron was mentally planning what he and Eric would do next.

    Saturday finally arrived and Ron came home from work at his usual time, 6:00am. To his delight, Eric was sitting on the couch waiting for him. They both didn't say a word to each other; Ron only nodded in the direction of his bedroom and Eric followed, as Ron's son slept in the downstairs bedroom. Upon entering the room, Ron quickly closed & locked the door and was the first to speak, "I've been thinking about your cock all week." Ron began to remove his pants, "I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to begin right away. I've been so fucking horny thinking about your hard cock that I need to cum very badly."

    Eric smiled and said, "That's cool, I've been thinking about you too and I'm looking forward to this very much."

    Ron felt the need to clear something up, "Eric, I want you to understand something, this is all about fucking and only fucking. I don't want to give you the idea that I'm looking for some sort of relationship, because that's not the case at all. The only thing I want from you is your hard cock; do you understand?"

    Eric quickly answered, "Fucking is all I'm looking for, Ron, and nothing more."

    Ron finished removing his pants, underwear & shirt, and stood before Eric in only his white socks and a wife-beater T-shirt. As Eric stared at Ron's body, he could see his curly armpit hair poking out from the side of his T-shirt. Eric was also staring at Ron's 8-inch cock, which was surrounded by a dense forest of black pubic hair. Ron's big, hairy balls hung behind his cock.

    Ron began telling Eric what he wanted to do in explicit detail, "Today we are going to start off a little different. I'm going to teach you how to eat ass like a pro. What I'm going to do is layback and lift my legs in the air. I want you to get your face down between my legs and below my balls. I want you to stick your tongue out as far as you can and slip it in my ass. I only want you to lick my asshole and NOTHING else. Move your tongue around in figure eight's until I tell you to stop, okay?"

    Eric, being the courteous young man he is, just nodded yes and moved towards the bed where Ron was already laying. As Eric climbed onto the bed, Ron lifted his legs to expose his extremely hairy asshole. "Come on, get your face between my legs and eat me out nice and slow."

    Eric obeyed the command and began licking Ron's hairy hole. Ron was in ecstasy having his ass eaten out by his son's best friend, and the fact that Eric was only 18 excited Ron even more. Ron strained to be quiet but just had to release his pleasure in words, "Ahhh, that's it, fuckin' eat it. Put your tongue in my asshole, that's right, eat it out nice and slow, that's it, ohhhhh man, I can't wait to have your cock in me again. I'm gonna cum so hard when you give me some cock."

    Eric was working his best friend's father up in a frenzy. Ron's cock was dribbling pre-cum all over his hand as he jacked off. He was careful not to make himself cum, as he wanted to save his orgasm for when Eric's cock was up his ass.

    Ron couldn't take the ass teasing any longer and told Eric to, "Stop".

    "Okay, I need some cock, Eric. Take your shorts and underwear off." Eric quickly got off the bed and slid his shorts and underwear down to his ankles as instructed. Ron also got off the bed, stood up, turned around, bent over and placed his hands on the mattress. Ron got into his favorite position, doggie style. "I need to cum, Eric, give me some cock; just like you did last week." Eric positioned himself behind Ron and aimed his slippery cock at Ron's wet, hairy asshole. Eric's entire cock slid in quickly and easily achieved a perfect fit. Eric began with slow, deep plunges in and out of Ron's asshole. Eric loved the feel of Ron's wet ass, "Ahh, your ass is so wet and tight. Do you like that cock, Ron?"

    Ron loved every inch of it and he let Eric know, "Oh, yes! Your cock is wonderful; it's so hard! Ahhhh!" Due to the excellent ass eating Ron had just received, he could already feel his orgasm building and new it would be strong. Eric sensed it too, by Ron's erratic breathing, and stopped thrusting for a moment. Ron immediately became alarmed, "Oh my god, don't stop now, I'm getting so close, Eric, come on, I need to cum, please fuck me."

    Eric wanted to let Ron know who was really in charge, "You'll cum when I let you, understand, you fucking pervert." Ron began to plead desperately, "Oh, please, fuck me, Eric. I need to be fucked. I'm always thinking about young cock and need yours to make me cum. Please, let me cum with your cock in my asshole." Eric resumed thrusting and within minutes, Ron felt his orgasm building again. Just like the previous fuck, when Eric knew Ron was going to cum, he pushed his dick as deep in Ron's asshole as possible and held it there. Within seconds of doing that, Ron began cumming: "AHHH!!!!, I'M GONNA CUM!!!, YES!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! OH!!!!!, SO FUCKING GOOD, AHHHHH!!!!!, UH!!!!, YES!!!!!!! AHHHH!! UHHH!

    Eric could feel Ron's asshole contract with each orgasm. Ron's body was shaking as each load dumped from his 8-inch, hard cock. Ron wasn't even jacking off; just the good fuck job he was receiving was enough to send him over the edge. Eric gave a few more thrusts, grunted and soon shot his 18-year-old load into the 39 year-old's asshole.

    Ron was the first to speak, "Man, you fuck so well for a kid your age. I think I'm gonna have to introduce you to a friend of mine."


    Eric was invited by his friend to stay over the entire weekend. Ron was more than happy to allow this, as he knew he would be able to get Eric's hard, young cock in him one more time on Sunday. Ron anxiously counted the hours until the following morning.

    Eric awoke at 6:00 Sunday morning. Ron did not have to work the previous night, so he was already waiting in the living room. Ron was the first to speak: "Let's go down to the basement this time." Ron's house had a completed basement with a wide screen TV and game room. There was a black leather couch and plush carpeting, making the room feel very comfortable. Upon entering the basement, Ron smiled at Eric and began undressing. "Okay, Eric, I want to begin with you eating me out again. Yesterday you did it so quickly I didn't have a chance to really enjoy it." Ron finished removing his clothes and stood before Eric in only his white socks. Eric just loved Ron's hairy chest, legs and ass. Ron had a lot of dark pubic hair around his 8-inch cock and his balls were large and as equally hairy. Ron made Eric keep all his clothes on while Eric orally pleasured him. Ron liked the idea that Eric's hard cock was dripping pre-cum and straining to get out against his underwear.

    Ron got down on his hands and knees and told Eric, in detail, what he wanted next. "Come over here and get behind me. I want you to eat me out from behind this time. Do it exactly the same way you did yesterday. Lick up, down and around my asshole. Every once in a while, stick your tongue in as far as you can and move it around as fast as you can. I'll let you know when I've had enough."

    Eric was the kind of kid every parent liked. He was very polite and would always do as he was told without question, and today was no different. Eric got down and behind his best friend's father and got ready to pleasure him orally. Ron's cock was already dripping pre-cum, as he was jacking off in anticipation of the thorough ass eating he was about to receive. Ron was extremely hot and horny this morning and knew he had enough cum to get off more than once. "Eric, I want you to make me cum twice. The first time I want you to make me cum with your mouth, and the second time I want you to make me cum with your cock, do you understand?" Eric quickly responded, "Sure man, whatever you want." Eric loved it when Ron spoke nasty to him; it made him hot to hear someone's father talk like that. Ron was the perfect father figure: 39 years old and masculine. No one would suspect Ron was into getting cock, and especially not from a young man his own son's age.

    As Eric stared in lust at Ron's hairy asshole, Ron was getting impatient. "Come on, Eric, get that tongue in there; I need to cum." From behind, Eric had a great view of Ron's hairy asshole and big hairy balls, which hung tightly in their sac. Eric dove into Ron's ass with a vengeance. Eric licked and sucked and moved his tongue around like an expert. Ron was in heaven and loved every second of the ass eating he was getting. "Ohhh, Yeah! Fuckin' eat it, Eric. That's it, keep doin' that and you'll make me cum."

    Eric loved the sweaty, funky smell of Ron's hot ass; Ron smelled like a real man and it was causing Eric's cock to steadily release large amounts of pre-cum. Ron was trying to maintain some sort of control, but couldn't help releasing his nasty thoughts verbally, "Uhhh! Yeah! Eat it, Eric. OHHH, YEEES! You eat ass like a fucking pro! Oh, man! I'm gonna fucking cum so hard when I blow, AHHHH! OHHH!! UHHH!" Ron could feel his orgasm coming. As Eric pushed his tongue deeper in Ron's ass and moved it around as fast as he could, Ron went over the edge and started cumming, "AHHHH! I'M CUMMING! OHHHH! AHHHHH! YEAH! UHHH! OHHH! OHHH!" As Ron finished convulsing through the last pulse of his intense orgasm, Eric continued licking until Ron finally told him to stop. Ron's breathing began to return to normal and was the first to speak. "Man, that was fucking great! You have the best tongue for eating ass, Eric." Eric quickly responded, "Thanks, man; and you have the hottest fucking ass for eating; it smells so good and I love how hairy it is."

    Ron could already feel his cock getting hard again, and he also began to feel that twitching sensation in his ass when he wanted cock. "Eric, get those shorts and underwear off: I need your cock." Ron remained in the doggie position while Eric removed his clothes as instructed. Eric positioned himself behind Ron's ass, grabbed Ron's hairy thighs and began pushing his pre-cum-covered cockhead into Ron's wet, hairy asshole. All the saliva from the ass eating Ron received made wonderful lube for Eric's cock. Eric was able to push his entire cock in, in one stroke.

    Eric began with deep, slow plunges in and out of his friend's father's ass. Ron let out low moans of pleasure and he felt all 6 inches of Eric's cock tease his prostate with alternating degrees of pressure. "Ohh, that's it, fuck me, fuck me good, Eric. I need your cock, keep doing me, don't stop until I cum." Ron grabbed a hold of his cock and began jacking off again in hopes of being able to shoot another big load. Ron's cock was rock hard and already began releasing pre-cum, so he knew an orgasm was coming soon. Eric faithfully kept thrusting and Ron thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful fuck he was receiving. All of Ron's fantasies were coming true: He was finally getting cock from one of his son's friends, with his son in the house and without his son knowing. Also, Ron wanted to be fucked by someone under the age of 20, so he was fulfilling that part of his fantasy too, as Eric was just 18. All of these thoughts kept running through Ron's mind and were enough to start his orgasm building. As Ron kept jacking his hard 8-inch cock, Eric kept giving Ron the deepest penetration possible with each stroke.

    Finally Ron exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum!" Eric pushed his cock as deep in Ron's ass as possible and held it there, to ensure maximum prostate stimulation, while Ron climaxed: "YEEAAH!! AHHH!! I'M CUMMING! YES! YES! AHHHH! OH! OH! OH! UHHH! UHHH! FUCKING YES! THAT'S IT! UHHH! OH! OH!"

    After Ron finished shooting his second load of the day, Eric resumed pumping Ron's asshole and within seconds began cumming with his own large load, "OHH! YEAH! TAKE MY FUCKING LOAD, FUCKER! YEAH! OH! OH! OH!" Ron loved hearing Eric cum, and loved even more the feeling of Eric's hot cum filling his asshole, "That's it, fill me up kid! Dump your teenage load in me." Eric finished cumming and the two of them just lay there in a daze.

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