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  • Artist and model
  • I held the boys business card in one hand, and the phone in the other. I was starting to feel nervous about calling the young man. Im generally a fairly confident guy, and somewhat experienced sexually, but I still cant shake that twinge of nervousness when Im about to talk to a boy I like. I took a deep breath and dialed the number.

    "Tanner Harris," the boy answered, trying to sound professional. He was, after all, trying to run a business for himself, even if it was just silly caricatures for parties.

    "Hello Tanner, its Julian. Remember me?"

    "Y-y-your portrait. At the fair. Am I right?"

    "Yes." I paused, not quite sure about how to proceed.

    "Do you know anyone else who wants a portrait done?" he asked hopefully.

    "Well, I was thinking," I paused again. "You want to get into art school, right?"

    "Yes I do. I'm a senior this year and I'm putting my portfolio together for my college applications."

    "Well, I was talking to some of my friends in the art department at Arkwright here," I explained. "And they told me that to get into art school you have to be really good at drawing the human figure."

    "Yeah, thats true. Im a little weak at that. Im great at faces, though!"

    "I was thinking maybe you might need a figure model. You know, to practice on."

    "Yeah, that would be great--just like in art school!"

    "Tanner, would you like me to be your model?"

    There was a pause on the other end of the line. I could almost hear Tanners heart beating.

    "Uh, you mean clothed or nude?" he asked, almost in a whisper.

    "However you want me."

    There was another long pause. Then I heard Tanners voice again, even more like a whisper.

    "When?" he asked hesitantly.

    I wasnt sure if I had read the boy right. When he was doing my portrait we made plenty of eye contact, and when I was looking at his drawings he did stand very close to me, almost pressing up against me. And then there were those drawings. I was pretty sure those drawings had some sort of homoerotic undercurrent. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe I wanted the boy so badly that I was imagining signs that werent really there.

    "Whenever you want."


    "Your place or my dorm."

    "Can you come over right now?" Tanner squeaked. There was a sense of urgency in his voice.


    "Let me give you my address. My moms gonna be away for a few hours."

    I was totally psyched! Everything was going according to plan.

    It took me about twenty minutes to get to Tanners house. From the looks of where he lived, his family was not that well off. Tanner was waiting for me at the door and eagerly guided me in.

    "Come on, my rooms this way," he said breathlessly as he grabbed my arm and led me to his bedroom. "Im sorry, Im like so scatterbrained," he said nervously. "I totally forgot your name."

    "Im Julian. And youre Tanner."

    "Yeah, Im Tanner. Thats right. Come on, my rooms this way."

    Tanners room looked exactly like I expected it to. Small and cramped, it was full of model tanks and airplanes, and the walls were covered with posters of such nerdy things as the solar system, the space shuttle, the lunar landing, and the famous picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue. On the wall near Tanners bed, there was a curious array of posters and black velvet paintings - all of unicorns. The unicorn pictures struck me as a little odd and out of place. There was a drafting table near the window and colored pencils, brushes and tubes of paint were scattered everywhere.

    "Okay," he said, "you can sit over there or on the bed. Maybe you should sit on the bed. Yeah. You want some ice tea or something?"

    "Iced tea sounds good. Yeah, I think Id like some."

    "Okay. You stay there. Ill be back."

    Soon Tanner came back with two glasses of iced tea. They were filled to the brim and he spilled them a little as he handed me my glass. "Oh, dont worry about that," he said.

    I took a sip of the iced tea. It was sticky sweet. Tanner came over and sat next to me.

    "Im really glad you could come over and model for me," Tanner said, smiling.

    "Well, I figured it would be a nice thing to do, help out a young artist. And besides, Id really like to see more of your work."

    "You really think Im talented? Cuz people just say stuff like that just to humor me and I dont know if they really mean it--especially my mom. Moms always say that sort of stuff."

    "I do think youre talented. I cant draw at all. I admire people who can do things that I cant do."

    "That means a lot to me. So uh, you want me to draw you now?"

    "Sure. Where do you want me?"

    "Right there is fine."

    Tanner grabbed his sketchpad and a stick of charcoal. "Do you wanna, um, you know?"

    I didnt have to answer his question. I smiled at Tanner and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. I did it VERY slowly. Tanner stared at me with his mouth slightly open. He took his glasses off and nervously wiped them on his shirt. Ill admit that dont have a great body. At least I dont think I do. When I went to college I gained the infamous "freshman 15", fifteen pounds from eating cafeteria food three times a day. I kept telling myself Im going to go to the gym and try to tone up, but I never do. But it didnt seem to matter to Tanner. He seemed in complete awe of this college guy who was stripping before his very eyes.

    Tanner fidgeted, trying to adjust his swelling cock in his jeans. Meanwhile, my jeans were coming off. Tanner was staring at my underwear. My own cock wasnt hard yet, but I could feel it start to swell when I noticed Tanner looking at it. Then I took my underwear off and stood before the boy, completely naked.

    "How long do you want me to pose?" I asked. "My friends in the art department say they usually warm up with a few quick poses and then finish off with one long pose. Do you want to do it like that?"

    "Uh, yeah, okay. Im gonna start drawing you now. Standing like that. Okay?" I did several short poses for Tanner. I could see him getting more flustered as he kept drawing. He was trying his hardest to keep me from noticing his erection. He kept fidgeting. His cock was about to burst out of his jeans, and it looked like it must have been a bit painful for him. The harder he got, the harder I got. The harder I got, the more he stared.

    Finally he threw his pad down in frustration. "Im sorry," he said, burying his face in his hands. "I just cant draw any more!"

    I broke the pose and walked up to Tanner. I gently grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of his chair and up to a standing position. I held his face in my hands. I looked deeply into his eyes. His pupils were getting wider and wider. I put my lips to his. His lips parted slightly, giving no resistance as my tongue slipped inside the boys mouth. I heard him swallow some saliva before he started to reciprocate. We stood there, locked together for a full five minutes before Tanner broke the kiss.

    "How did you know?" Tanner asked, looking at me in amazement. "How did you know I was, uh, you know?"

    "I didnt. But I hoped you were. I think you are very handsome, Tanner."

    "But why? Why me? Im not good-looking at all. My ears stick out."

    I kissed Tanner on the lips and looked into his eyes again. "It doesnt matter, Tanner. You are very handsome TO ME. And I can tell youre smart and talented. I like that. Got it?"

    At that moment Tanner lost all of his hesitation, pulled me very close and started kissing me again. The boy was on fire. We fell onto the bed together. I was on my back and Tanner was on top of me, wildly thrusting his eager tongue into my mouth. His hand reached down and grabbed my cock. I began rubbing his monster meat through his jeans. I struggled to get his jeans unbuttoned. He helped me the buttons, and we both struggled to get Tanners jeans and underwear off.

    It was a very long makeout session. All of Tanners lonely schoolboy horniness was unleashed at once. He was clumsy, wild and passionate. His kissing had no technique or subtlety, but I didnt care. I responded with equal sloppiness and enthusiasm.

    Tanner came up for air. He was grinning. "How am I doing?"

    "Youre doing great!" I didnt even have a chance to catch my breath before Tanner started up again. He was sucking so hard on my tongue it almost hurt. But I decided I wasnt going to complain - I didnt want temper his exuberance and spoil the fun.

    Then Tanner stopped. "Okay, uh, what do we do now?"

    I stroked his back and kissed him again. "Whatever youd like to do."

    "Well, um, Ive never really done anything like this before. Youre the first person Ive ever kissed. I hope its okay. I mean, I hope Im an okay kisser."

    I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him again. "Youre very talented, Tanner. Not only at drawing but at making out!"

    "My breaths okay?"

    There was something very charming about Tanners nave self-consciousness. I held him closer to me and rubbed his nose with mine. "You wanna know if your breath is okay?" I laughed.


    "Well then breathe on me and Ill tell you if its okay."

    Tanner grinned, took an exaggerated deep breath, blew on my face and giggled. We both started giggling and I rolled the boy over on his back so that I was now on top of him. Back to another deep kissing session.

    I licked Tanners ear and whispered into it. "What would you like to do?"

    "I dunno. I told you I never did anything like this before."

    "Is this okay, Tanner? We dont have to go any farther if you dont want to."

    "Oh, I want to. Im just new at all this."

    "I can blow you if you want. Would you like that?"


    Tanner struggled to get out of his clothing. I slowly made my way down to Tanners cock, kissing his chest, stomach and navel along the way. Finally, I was holding the massive, uncut beast in my hand.

    "Hey Tanner," I said, rubbing his cock against my cheek, "you do realize that you are uh, quite well-endowed. Your cock is huge!"

    "I guess."

    "Have you ever measured it?"

    "Nine-and-a-half inches," he groaned, rolling his eyes.

    "You dont sound too happy about it. Most guys would kill to have one as big as yours!"

    "Nine-and-a-half inches is kinda hard to hide," Tanner complained. "Especially in the locker room, you know, cuz uh, theres so much to look at and its um, hard to keep it under control."

    I slid the foreskin down and began licking the head until it was wet and shiny. "Well, you dont have to keep it under control around me!" I said. And then I took as much of it in my mouth as I possibly could.

    Ive been trying to learn to deep throat with some success, but I didnt even bother to try it with Tanners cock. It was just too thick for me to even attempt - I knew Id gag. Instead, I contented myself to just suck, lick, stroke and kiss his beautiful member. His cock was very beautiful - the skin a pale salmon color with well-defined veins.

    Tanner had a nice little thatch of reddish-blond pubic hair just above his cock. I could tell that it was newly-sprouted. It had that soft, straight quality of a young teens first hair, before it thickens and starts to get curly. I loved the musky smell it produced. I moved onto Tanners nearly hairless scrotum, licking it and gently sucking on each of Tanners balls. Tanner moaned with pleasure. This was the first response I had gotten from the boy since I began the blowjob.

    "You wanna do sixty-nine?" I asked. "Then you can try blowing me, too."

    "Uh, I dont know if Im ready for that yet. Ive never done this kinda thing before. But I dont mind if you keep doing that to me. It feels good."

    "Sure. Just let me know when youre going to cum."

    I decided not to rush Tanner. He had already gotten a lot more than he had bargained for, and I didnt want to scare him off. I began jerking myself off while I continued to leisurely work on his cock. I was enjoying myself immensely. A lot of the guys Ive blown cum too quickly and its over before I get fully aroused. But Tanner just lay back and let me lick and suck on his huge, sweaty member like an all-day sucker.

    I wondered how Tanner would feel about me rimming him. I had only rimmed one other guy before, and I had really enjoyed it. I licked from the head of his cock to his scrotum in one long movement, then spent a good deal of time licking and sucking on his balls, then slowly moved to the tender pink flesh underneath his scrotum. Tanner gasped when he felt my tongue go down there. Slowly my tongue moved further.

    Tanner didnt understand where my tongue was heading, so I had to gently spread his legs and lift them up a bit to get access to the boys anus. It was an absolutely gorgeous hole - pink, clean and almost perfectly shaped. There were a few red hairs around his ass crack, but his hole was completely hairless. I started by giving Tanner one long lick from his scrotum all the way up his ass crack.

    Tanner was surprised. "W-w-what are you doing?" he asked.

    "Im eating your ass."

    "Eating my ass?" Tanner was perplexed. So innocent, I thought.

    "Yeah, eating your ass; kind of like eating a pussy, but better!"

    "Arent you worried about germs and stuff?"

    "You got Listerine?"

    "Yeah. Well, not Listerine. You know, the drugstore brand. But its the same thing. I mean, it doesnt have to be Listerine, does it?"

    I thought it was hilarious that Tanner seemed deeply concerned about whether the mouthwash was name-brand or generic.

    I laughed. "Doesnt matter. Kills germs either way. I eat your ass and then I use the Listerine after. Or the fake Listerine, whichever one. How does it feel? You like having your ass eaten?"

    I didnt wait for Tanner to answer the question. I dove right into his hole and began to wiggle my tongue in.

    "Ooh, yeah! Thats good!"

    Tanners hole was fairly clean, and all I really tasted was sweat and a slight muskiness. I tried to get my tongue in deeper, but his hole was too tight or my tongue was too short. After a few minutes of straining to shove my tongue in as far as it would go, I resigned myself to simply licking and sucking Tanners delicate bud. I noticed that as I was eating his ass, Tanner had begun to jack himself off vigorously. I put my lips around his puckered hole and began to suck hard on it. Tanner moaned even more. I was enjoying rimming him even more than blowing him, and I had resumed playing with my own cock. I was coming very close to going over the top.

    Then I felt Tanners body tensing up. I knew what was coming. I stopped rimming him and moved up towards his cock. Tanners face had an intense, almost pained expression. His eyes were scrunched shut and he was gritting his teeth. He looked so goofy as he approached orgasm that I found myself really touched by the sincere display of emotion on his face. What a sweet boy!

    As he was jacking himself off furiously, I moved to put my mouth over his cock head. He slid his hand down a bit to allow me to wrap my lips around the head. But the boy was jacking himself off so vigorously that it was difficult for me to keep my mouth on it. Then he stopped.

    "Uh, I think Im gonna squirt now. Is that okay?"

    The way he said squirt was so cute!

    "Go ahead, Tanner. Squirt in my mouth!"

    "Is that okay?"

    I didnt answer him. I just wrapped my lips around that bulging head of his and waited for him to squirt his juice into my mouth. I was approaching my own orgasm, but I wanted to time it so I came right after Tanner squirted his spunk onto my tongue.

    When Tanner came, he whimpered a bit like a little puppy dog. He gripped his hand tightly around my cock and stopped moving. I felt three short bursts of the boys semen on my tongue. Then there was a fourth, longer burst that completely filled my mouth up. The taste? Grade A, light and sweet.

    I held his spent cock in my mouth, taking in as much of it as I could as I savored the taste of the boys cum. I frantically massaged the underside his still twitching cock with my tongue as I lost control and shot my load all over the bedspread.

    I looked up at Tanner. He was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. His face radiated in a state of bliss. His fingers were clasped behind his head and I could see the delicate, wispy reddish-blond hairs that had just begun to sprout in the boys armpits. The rest of the boys body was completely smooth except for the equally wispy pubic hair, also a nice golden color. So cute! I was definitely crazy about him.

    "Thank you so much, Tanner," I said. That was great!"

    "No, thank YOU, Julian! Ive never been so happy in my whole life!"

    Tanner grabbed me for another hot kiss. I remembered how squeamish the boy had been about my eating his ass.

    "What about the Listerine," I laughed. "Arent you afraid of germs?"

    "Oh, to heck with the Listerine," Tanner pulled me closer and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He sure wasnt squeamish any more.

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