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  • Helping dad and uncle
  • Being at college I don't get to go home as much as I'd like to. Although I live only about 20 mintues from my parents, it's still hard being so busy with school any everything else that I have to do.

    I'm Jake, moderately hairy 20m 170lbs, brn/haz 5'9 and about 7c. As you would guess it seems like I'm horny 24/7.

    Probably from the stress of school and work, a good load being shot makes everything seem a little be easier to cope with.

    Anyway, it was probably mid afternoon right after I had gotten out of class. I got a call from my dad. He needed me to help him with something at the house that night and asked if I could meet him there after he got out of work.

    I decided that I'd head home right then. It had been a long week, and I didn't have anything to do. Seeing as I have roomates, it's hard to always find some time when I can get naked and work my cock. I knew that my mom was out visitng my sister with my brother, and seeing as my dad didn't get home usually until 630, I had a few hours to kill when I could go homoe, strip, and play with my cock.

    Today I was wearing just sweatpants and a tshirt, no underwear. I loved the feeling of my cock against my pants, and the free feeling it had. I hadn't showered since the day before, so I knew my pits and balls had to have smelled amazing. Sweaty ass and pits are two of my biggest turn ons.

    So right after class I went down to my car and hopped in to head home. I got there probably around 330, so I knew I had three hours to play. I got to the house, a few bottles of water and went to sit down on the couch. I downed the waters, and then took off my clothes. My cock was already semi hard, waiting to be played with. I sat down in the middle of the couch, feet up on the coffee table, spit on my hand and dick, and started stroking my hardening cock. I sucked on my fingers to get them wet and brought them down to play with my ass. It had been a while since I'd been fucked and my ass was begging for it. I let my first finger slide in, making my cock harder and start to precum. I let the second one slowly start to enter. I needed to be fucked hard. I slipped my fingers out of my ass and grabbed the old blanket that was sitting next to me. I slipped it behind me, covering the couch then moved my had back down to my ass, letting my fingers enter again.

    In doing this I hadn't heard my dad's car pull into the drivway, and I was sitting in clear view of the front door.

    I started to let my piss go. I had built it up with the three bottles of water I had downed when I first got home. It felt soo good to have the piss flowing over my chest. I bent my head down, letting my stream hit me in the face, opening my mouth to take it down. It tasted soo fucking good. I put my head back and closed my eyes. I was in heaven. My hot piss soaking my body and 2 fingers in my ass, I didn't realize that my dad nor my uncle had come into the room. I opened my eyes and that's when I saw them, jumping and spraying my piss all over the couch.

    My heart was beating soo fucking fast, I didn't know what to do. Then I noticked that they weren't angry, but getting turned on, seeing the rubbing their cocks through their pants.

    Still having a ton to piss, my stream was still going. They both walked my way. My dad knelt down, putting his mouth over my cock, catching my piss, then swallowing everything I could give him. My uncle came over to me.

    Leaning over we locked mouths, our tongues fighting each other. It was the hottest kiss I had ever had. Leaning up I looked towards his pants. I wet spot was forming in the front where he began to let his bladder release. I pulled him over towards me and stuck my face in his crotch where the wet spot was now running down his leg. I started sucking for a few seconds on his pants, before undoing the button and zipper and taking out his pissing 5in uncut soft cock. His stream was hot, immediately hitting my face where I took the stream in my mouth, then it splashed down my chest, flowing over my pubes. My dad was just coming off my cock. I had finished pissing, and he was reaching down to undo his pants. He stood up letting his hard 8in cut fat cock out. It was dripping pre cum.

    He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, me pulling him closer. I grabbled him from his hairy ass, pulling him closer to me, having him stick his leaking cock down my throat. It tasted amazing. I could smell the man sweat from his balls and pubes, which turned me of sooo fucking much.

    "Fuck yeah son .. suck your dad's dick ... mmmm .. fuck that's right" My dad was telling me. My uncle was still pissing, though almost done. They got into a lip lock as I sucked my dad's cock. I pulled off, licking down his hot shaft making my way to his balls. He had such hot, hairy balls. I took each one into my mouth, rolling them around.

    "Mmmm.. that's right" I could hear my dad wisper through the kissing. I licked between my dad's balls and his leg.

    That drove him wild. I could feel his body shudder as my tongue ran over his balls and in between his lets, and between his balls and ass. They broke the kiss.

    "How about we show him just how appreciated it is that he's here to help us" My uncle winked at my dad. "Sounds good to me" Dad said with a smirk. My dad pulled his cock from my mouth and both of them stripped completely down. My dad stands 5'8, about 180, hairy body, blk/brn and like I said a think 8in cut cock. My uncle is about 5'9 or so. He's got a nice uncut 8.5in cock. My dad push me back towards one end of the couch. My head layed on the armrest, and he got over me. I started lick his cock again, before he moved up, setting his hot balls on my face. As I started to suck on them I felt my uncle at the other end of the couch. He lifted my legs up, exposing my ass. I felt his tongue stick in, going deep in my wanting ass.

    "MMM Fuuuuck yeah" I gasped. It felt soo fucking amazing. My dad turned around and put his ass right up to my face, giving me perfect access for my tongue. I licked at his hairy sweaty ass, digging my tongue as far as I could go. My uncle then stopped rimming my hole, spit on his dick and put it up to my hole. He slipped the head in "FUuuuuuuuuuuck" I winced in pain. It had been a while since I'd had something that big in my ass. However, as he slid deeper and deeper that pain went right to pleasure.

    "Mmmm .. fuck me ..... yesss .. fucccckkkkkk" is all I could manage to get out between my dads ass and my uncles cock. He was slamming me good, pushing his cock all the way in to his pubes, before pulling it almost all the way out, then slamming me again. As he fucked me, they got into a hot lip lock again. Then my dad got off me, turned, and came down. He spit on my face and in my mouth before he came in for a hot kiss. It was my first time kissing my dad and it got me soo fucking hott. I couldn't think of anything I wanted more than to be fucked by my uncle while making out with my dad. I broke the kiss and lifted my dad's arm. He was like me and hated deodorant. I started licking his hot hairy pit. It tasted soo fucking good. I moved over to his other pit, taking in the scent and the sweat.

    "You like my slamming your ass don't you boy" my uncle was moaning behind me. My own cock was rock hard and oozing precum all over my stomach. Pulling out of my ass, we repositioned on the couch. My dad bent over the edge, gave my cock the perfect entrace. I leaned over do give my dad's ass another good licking while my uncle bend down to suck my cock good, making it nice and wet. Then coming back up I put my cock up to my dad's hole.

    "This is what I've been waiting for" I told him as I started to insert my cock into his tight hairy hole.

    "MMM, that's right, fuck your dad" he was telling me. As I slid my hard cock all the way in. It felt soo good to have my dad's ass squeezing around my shaft. As I started fucking him, I felt my uncle behind me once again. He again slid is hot cock deep into my ass.

    "Fuuuuck your ass is fucking hot" my uncle told me.

    "mmm fucking slam me" is all I could respond to him before turning my head and kissing his hot lips.

    "FUUUCK i'm going to fucking shooott" I moaned, right on the edge of seeding my dad's hot ass.

    "Here it comes ahhhh ... fuck" My uncle yelled. I could feel my uncles hot load being shot deep into my ass at the same time I was shooting into my dad's. I collapsed on my dad, and my uncle on me, cocks still in each other.

    The I felt it. My uncle being unloading his hot piss deep into my ass. It felt soo fucking good. When he was done, he slowly pulled out of my ass, and me out of my dad. My dad turned over, letting me go down and suck his hot cock. I could barely get the whole thing down my throat, but I wanted it more than ever. I felt my uncle's hot tongue around my ass again, and felt him start rimming me deep. I let the pissing and cum out of my ass and he lapped it all up.

    "FUUUUCK .. take my cum son" I heard my dad say as he unloaded 8 hot squirts of cum down my throat.

    "Well, with your mother gone, I think you and I should stay in the same room, maybe with your uncle" my dad encouraged me.

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