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  • Lunch and grandpa
  • When I started high school, I was 14 years old and we were allowed to go off campus for the lunch hour. My Grandparents house was only 6 blocks away from my school, and my Grandmother said it would be fine to go eat lunch there. I wanted to take advantage of also being able to take a nap if I needed to, or catch up on homework at my Grandparents house.

    My Grandfather is a construction worker and has the body to prove it. I was always amazed at his muscles and how hairy he was. His chest was perfectly rounded and has the flattest abs any 56 year old man would love to show off. His arms were big and hairy as well, nice big biceps from lifting and carrying building materials definitely helped him out. I have always wondered what his cock looked like. It is tradition that every first born male is to stay uncircumcised and my Grandfather and myself are first born sons, so I have always wondered if his cock was as big as his bulge made it seem.

    When I first started school I eat lunch in the cafeteria just to socialize with my friends that I haven't seen all summer long. We all caught up on how our summer vacation had went and what we did, so for about a month I didn't take advantage of eating at my Grandparents house. I asked for permission from my Grandmother if I could have a spare key to enter the house when I was to go on my lunch hour, she happily handed one over to me. So starting that next Monday I was going to eat lunch in the comfort of my grandparents house.

    Monday was great, I had a pre-cooked meal from my Grandmother, she left me from the night before left-overs, and Tuesday was the same. As I was walking to my grandparents house on Wednesday, I noticed my Grandfathers truck in the drive way, so I assumed that he knew I was eating lunch at their house. As I walked in through the back entrance, I didn't see any sign of my Grandfather, so I walked through the hall and heard moaning and patter sounds. As I walked closer to the living room, where the noise was coming from, I noticed that the T.V. was on, and it was showing a porn video. I rounded the corner and say my grandfather, lying naked on the sofa, jerking off his thick, hung, uncut cock. I was shocked! My grandfather saw me and tried to hide himself as a natural reaction. When a few seconds of weird silence he spoke.

    "How long were you standing there boy?"

    "I am sorry Grandpa, I didn't know you were busy in here."

    "So what, you going to tell your Grandma what you saw here?"

    "No Sir. I will just go back to school to eat lunch at the cafeteria. Sorry to bother you Grandpa."

    As I turned around I could hear him chuckle, and I wondered what was funny. So I turned back around and asked I why he was laughing.

    "Well we are both guys, and I am sure you jerk off too. Am I right boy?"

    "Umm... yes Sir, I do every now and then."

    "And I thought you liked guys? You are gay aren't you?"

    I was even more surprised on how my Grandfather was being so blunt about my homosexuality that I wasn't sure how to answer his questions.

    "Umm... yes Sir, you are right. I do like guys, but I haven't done anything with one yet, so I don't know what it really does feel like."

    "Well how about you put down your stuff and come suck on your Grandpa's cock for a bit, then I will give you a ride back to school."

    Without even thinking, I zombie-liked walked over to my Grandfather, got down to my knees and was face to face with his huge cock. It was really thick with a huge mushroom head, and his foreskin barely covered half the head, so it did allow me to see the crystal clear pre-cum that was oozing from his cock. As I reached out to grab his rod, it twitched at the touch of my hand. I have never felt a cock other then mine, and it was incredible. I jerked his tool a few times, and every time I reach up to the head, it would ooze a bit more pre-cum.

    "Well come on boy, aren't you going to suck on it?"

    Without a second invitation, I leaned forward and placed my lips around his head and began to suck my very first cock. I could taste the salty but sweet pre-cum that was on his head, and I began to slowly lick the head with my tongue. He let out grunts and moans of approval, so I guess I was doing a good job. His hands were now holding my head as he guided his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could tell he was really enjoying it because he was being really verbal on how he liked his dick being sucked by his grandson.

    He kept his hands on my head and telling me when to take in a deep breath so he can shove his cock down my throat and hold it there until I almost choked. I sucked his cock for what seemed like forever, and then I knew he was close to coming. His big hairy balls began to tighten up and I could feel them as they banged against my chin.

    "Fuck boy, yeah suck your Grandpa's cock good, yeah that's the way he likes his cock sucked boy, yeah!"

    "Yes Sir, fuck I have been fantasizing about your cock in my mouth for a very long time Sir."

    "Shut the fuck up and suck my cock so I can give you your lunch boy, I am going to make you swallow Grandpa's load, yeah suck my cock boy, suck it!"

    As he shoved his cock into my mouth again, he began to breath harder and jerk my head harder and harder onto his cock. Then I hear a big load moan as he shoots rope after rope of thick, hot, sweet, grandpa cum down my throat.

    "Yes boy, swallow every bit of Grandpa's cum, yeah swallow it all! Fuck I haven't cum this much in a long time. Keep swallowing boy."

    I tried to keep up with his load but some of it began to come out the corners of my lips as I eagerly tried to swallow his huge load.

    He finally took his cock out of my mouth and told me to stand up. He then looked down at my pants and saw that my cock was straining inside.

    "Lets see that cock boy, I bet you have a load waiting to shoot. I want to see if big cocks run in the family. Come on boy, take off your clothes, I want to see what your body looks like naked."

    I obeyed with what my Grandfather was telling me to do. I took of my shirt, and as I was pulling it over my head, I feel my Grandpa's big rough hands run over my moderately hairy muscular chest.

    "Damn boy, you have a hairy body for a 14 year old, but a nice muscled body. Now take off them pants and show Grandpa your cock."

    As I unbuttoned my pants and began to pull them down my Grandpa couldn't believe the size of my cock.

    "Fucking shit boy, big cocks do run in the family. How long is your meat? Looks like a good 7.5 inches, or more! And its fucking thick too, DAMN!"

    "Sir it is 8 inches long, but not as long as yours, and not as nearly as thick."

    "Have you had anyone suck your cock before boy? Ever experimented with your classmates?"

    "No Sir, I haven't. I have not messed around at all."

    He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him, my cock nearly hitting him in the face. He take a firm hold of my cock, which nearly made me cum.

    "Don't you cum yet boy, I want this to feel good for you as you made it feel really good for me."

    He put my cock into his mouth and began to suck on it. Fuck I couldn't believe that my fucking hot grandfather was sucking my cock. Right here, in the middle of his living room, my cock was going down my Grandpa's mouth.

    "Fuck Grandpa, I am going to cum, I cant hold it any more, I need to shoot!"

    "Yeah, come on then boy, give me your boy juice. Unload in my mouth."

    And with that he put my cock back into his mouth and sucked vigorously. I let out a loud moan and start shoot my load in my grandfather's mouth. He kept on swallowing and swallowing what seemed like a gallon of my cum, and wasn't missing a drop.

    When he finally exhausted my cock, it just went limp as it slipped out of him mouth. He stands up and comes up close to my face. He leans in and licks his cum off the corners of my lips and then shoves his tongue into mouth, giving me my first ever man to man kiss. I almost went weak in the knees as his beard and mustache ticket and scratched my face.

    "No word of this to anyone boy, your promise? I don't want to end up in serious trouble."

    "Yes Sir. I will not tell anyone. But one question. Did you know I was going to be coming by today? Is that why you stayed home?"

    "No boy, I didn't know you were eating lunch here, but I am glad you are. I am off every Wednesday from work. So I usually stay home to catch up on some sleep and jerk off a few times. Your Grandma and I have not had sex in a long time, but I am so glad that you came by, I really wanted to suck your boy cock, but that boy cock is huge, when did it begin to get that big?"

    "It began to get big about a year ago or so. I noticed my cock was bigger then the other boys in school. Plus I was getting hairier then them. But I knew that you were a hairy man, so I guess it was just genetic, but I didn't know your cock was so fucking huge!"

    "Alright then boy, well put your clothes back on, get yourself ready to go back to school, I will give you a ride. Are you still hungry? Do you want something to eat on the drive?"

    "Naw Grandpa, I got full with that big load you shot down my throat, damn that was a lot!"

    "Ok. Hurry boy, so I can take you to school."

    I put my clothes back on and got myself ready to go back to school. My Grandpa just put on some gym shorts and was ready with keys in hand. As he was giving me a ride back to school I had a thought that just had to be asked.

    "Grandpa, will I be able to suck your cock every Wednesday when I come to eat lunch?"

    "Of course, you're a natural cock sucker. Fuck, I still cant believe that was the first time you ever sucked a man's cock. You did a great job taking down my meat all the way to the base. That is fucking talent boy."

    "How big is your cock Grandpa? I mean have you ever measured it?"

    "Boy, I work in construction, I am always carrying a measuring tape. Of course I have measured my cock. Its 11 and some inches long."

    We finally arrived to my high school and we had big smiles on our faces as we were saying good-bye. As I leaned in to give my Grandpa a hug and kiss good-bye, I saw his cock stir in his shorts. All in good time, all I had to wait for was Wednesday.

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