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  • Uncles seduction
  • I was so happy a few years back when my brother Carl broke up with his domineering bitch of a wife, Marlene. She controlled him for the ten years of their marriage, and it got even worse when their son Nathan was born. For the first few years of his life, I was allowed to see him, until she got it in her head that Nathan would be corrupted by his 'fag uncle', and then i was shut out, except for large family gatherings and the occasional holiday visit.

    "Sorry Rick, you know how she gets..." Carl tried to explain it to me at first. He truly was torn, but I was a little miffed he was taking her side in all of this.

    "Yeah, she's a whore." I said simply. Carl had accepted me immediately when I told him I was gay, back when I was 15 and he was 18.

    "I know you and her don't get along, I'm sure this thing will all blow over soon." Soon, yeah. For the next seven years I barely saw my nephew, or my brother.

    When Nathan was around six, she started drinking heavy. By his eighth birthday, she was passed out in the den every night, a bottle of vodka or wine somewhere near her sprawled out body. Carl called me all in a panic a few weeks later, where he poured out most of the story.

    "She said she was going to get cleaned up last year." I suppressed a laugh. "Nathan found her passed out downstairs last week, and you know what he did? He cleaned up the bottles and covered her up with a blanket, then went upstairs sobbing. The kid feels sorry for her!"

    "At least one of us does."

    "That's the thing bro... I don't anymore. I go downstairs every night, and I just want to slap her." That kind of surprised me, Carl wasn't a violent man. "I just want to shake her and ask if she sees what she's doing to us."

    "Why don't you try that, without the slapping and shaking?" I asked.

    The next week she was in rehab, then out again a few weeks later. Then back in, then out, then in, then out for the next few months, till finally in June, Carl left her. I could have thrown a party that night, but it ended up just being Carl and Nathan coming to visit me, followed by a night of drinking.

    Turns out Nathan was quite happy to see me, as we showed him around my property. I'm a writer by trade, and the money I'd made from some of my novels was enough to get me a nice house in the country, along with a nice stretch of woods and lake to go along with it. Nathan was understandably happy, as any eight year old boy would be with a forest to explore. He already looked like his father at that age.

    "And over there is an island I like to go camping on." I said, pointing across the lake.

    "Oh my god dad, we have to go!" He practically shouted, pointing across the lake at the island.

    "It's called Bear's Island, apparently the Indians that used to live here named it that, since they used to go hunting around here." Although more than one of my exes has said it's because I looked so good on the island naked, hence why I don't shave my chest!

    "Are there bears?" Nathan said, looking around nervously. Carl and I both laughed, how this boy could go from excited to frightened in less than five seconds.

    Later that night, after we put Nathan to bed, Carl spent the night drinking ferociously, and giving me the story of his broken down marriage. He also spent a good deal of time apologizing to me, even after I told him it was fine.

    "I mean, how could I let her come between us? We were close as shit when we were younger!" Not one for drunken metaphors, my brother.

    "Truth be told Carl, a few years ago I would be relishing this, but now I'm just glad you two escaped from that witch."

    "And all her talk of how you were going to corrupt our boy. What bullshit!" He slammed his beer down. "I mean, who gives a shit what Nathan turns out to be, I doubt being around a gay man is going to change his sexuality anyway." Another swig.

    "I don't think it would really make a difference, aside from me teaching the kid how to dress." I smiled. Carl laughed like a madman.

    "Besides, I hope he turns out gay, then he won't have to deal with bitches like Marlene!" He howled with laughter. I laughed too, in that ironic way that you can only laugh at drunks, so full of their own drunken power they have full conviction over their words.

    In the morning, after Carl had quite a few coffees, we decided to take Nathan out to the island for a visit and a swim. His eyes lit up like candles when he first saw the canoe and paddles.

    "Wow dad, this is amazing!"

    "I've put him in a few day camps during the summers, he knows his way around a canoe." Carl said proudly.

    "Oh good, we can teach your old man a thing or two." I winked at Nathan, mussing his dirty blond hair. He laughed, and Carl stuck his tongue out at me. It took us about half an hour to get to the beach, Carl and I carrying the canoe, and another half an hour to get to the island once we were in the water. I was tired as hell by the time the trip was over.

    Once we got there, I stretched out on the small beach, facing the other side of the lake.

    "Shall we wake you in an hour?" Carl said sarcastically.

    "Make it two." I said, pulling my cap over my eyes. Before I could actually fall asleep, Nathan was pulling on my arm.

    "Come on Uncle Rick! You have to show me around the island!" I could have cried tears of joy at the sound of the kid calling me Uncle Rick, but I swallowed them down, got up and showed the two around the island. It wasn't much to see, a bit of woods, a bit of beach and some more woods. Really you could walk around it in ten minutes.

    Nathan was amazed though. He spent the next three hours running around the place, marveling at the trees and rocks. Carl and I were glad to eventually load him back into the canoe and head home.

    Soon it was time for them to get back to the city, Nathan had soccer practice and Carl had to eventually get back to work.

    "Can we come back next weekend Dad?" He asked excitedly.

    "Um..." He looked in my direction.

    "Sure thing!" I piped up, glad to have my estranged nephew taking such an interest in me.

    And so it began, soon they were spending all the time they could out at my place. Carl would even drop Nathan off overnight, something Nathan enjoyed the hell out of. I started teaching Nathan how to play the guitar, something I did quite a lot, especially in the summer air outdoors, and in a few years we had quite the little jam group going.

    Carl joined in a few times as well, singing or playing along on a small drum he'd bought.

    "We can call ourselves the Bear Island Boys!" Nathan said once. We were camping out on the island (which was a prerequisite of most of their trips now), and Carl had just finished a rousing sea shanty he'd learned for us. From that night on, The Bear Island Boys performed frequent shows, either on their island, or at my place.

    That same night, I got a shock. Nathan turned to me and asked; "So Uncle Rick, why don't you have a boyfriend?"

    I nearly dropped my hot dog in the fire. "I didn't know you knew I was gay Nathan." I said honestly.

    "Sure! Mom told me years ago." Again, I nearly fainted. What fucked up things did he think about me? "I asked why I couldn't see you that much, I liked seeing you at the family Christmas dinner, and I thought it was weird you were never around. So I asked. She said some pretty mean things, not just about you, but about gay guys in general."

    "But of course, I went upstairs after dinner and told him the truth." Carl interjected.

    "I didn't believe it anyways, I couldn't figure out why she'd get so angry about that." Nathan looked into the fire. "Dad told me it was because of her religion."

    "Ugh." I said. "Religion causes more problems than it's worth. I told you not to hook up with the churchy girl Carl!" I said, waggling my cigarette at him.

    "That's when I stopped going to church." Nathan said. We sat in silence for a few seconds. "I told mom that I couldn't believe in a God that would say to hate people for no reason. She freaked out. A few weeks later she started drinking..." His eyes started to well up with tears.

    "I told you son, don't blame yourself for that." Carl said, putting his arm around the boy. He quickly wiped his eyes.

    "I know dad, I know."

    "She was a drinker long before I met her, it was that stupid church that was supposed to have cured her."

    "Sorry Uncle Rick, I don't usually lose it like that." He smiled over at me.

    "No problem Nathan, you ever want to get something off your chest, let me know. Want a cigarette?" I jokingly offered my pack to the boy, who was only twelve at the time. Carl threw a hot dog at me, and in a few minutes we were back to the music.

    After Nathan fell asleep that night, Carl and I were having one last smoke before we went to bed.

    "He still blames himself for her downfall." Carl said. "It breaks my fucking heart."

    "What do you think caused it?" I asked.

    "She told me afterwards. She thought he was going to turn out gay." He let that hang in the air for a moment. "That's why he turned his back on the church, she said. I told her she was full of shit. She said she couldn't bear to see how she'd failed him, and that's why she started drinking. Same old Marlene, blaming anyone, even her own son, before herself."

    "That's rough bro." I said, putting my arm around him, much like he had to his son earlier. "I had no idea."

    "It's fine... she's long gone now. Moved to the states I guess, hooked up with some trailer park dude. Sends us a Christmas card every year. I throw it out before Nathan can see."

    We threw our smokes into the water, turning towards camp. "I just hope he stops blaming himself soon. It's not his fault he was born to such a crazy woman."

    "He will Carl. He will."

    I talked with Nathan about it privately the next week when he was down. He said that he was slowly getting over it. My heart went out to this poor boy, who seemed much older than his twelve years as he talked about his lost mother, and how sometimes he couldn't help blaming himself.

    "Why does her church hate you so much?" He asked, with the innocence only a boy can have.

    "Truthfully, I've never understood myself..."

    Aside from that, the times were happy.

    Something strange happened as Nathan got older though, which I hated myself for. As he developed into a young man, I began to notice him in a different light. The excitable boy I knew had grown into a strapping young lad, his body toned and tanned from his rowing competitions and soccer, his childish grin growing into a square jaw, which no doubt would soon be covered in stubble like mine or his fathers. Truthfully he was looking more and more like his father and I every day. Strangers sometimes mistook me as his father. I did look quite similar to Carl, both of us with our short brown hair and green eyes. I kept a goatee whilst Carl was clean shaven, but we both had the same brown hair all over our bodies. Now, at 38, I was probably in the best shape of my life. I might not have had the tone that Nathan did, but I was slender. Nathan kept his hair a little on the shaggy side, somehow it always looked tousled. He was now 16, and still loved romping around my place. Carl had gotten a promotion at his firm and worked a lot more now, so Nathan was spending most of the summer with me. At first, it was wonderful to have him around, even if I was slightly distracted every time he got out of the lake, his body glistening in the sunlight (or moonlight if we went at night), the little brown hairs on his stomach leading down into his swim trunks, joining up with the hairs beyond... Needless to say I had to be on my guard. I never popped a hard on while he was around or anything, but every night I had to jerk off at least once. And every night was the same, I would try to watch porn, or think of a time with an ex, or just think of some random guy, but my thoughts always came back to Nathan. Heaven help me if I caught a glimpse of him in the hallway on his way to bed. He wore boxers to bed, and the occasional t-shirt or wife beater, but mostly shirtless. Somehow the cotton of his boxers seemed more erotic than bare flesh, seeing it drape over his bubble butt, or seeing the swaying of his package in the front of them. This was a new thing too this year, every other time he'd been here it was always pajamas, night after night, he even wore them to bed. Now I wake up in the morning and he's usually sprawled across his bed, the sheets kicked off in the night, his boxers exposed. I'd always been an underwear fan, and the hot boy down the hallway in his boxers wasn't helping any. I fondled my own package in my boxers, picturing the ones of his I'd seen the past few nights. The first night was a red cotton pair, simple but sexy. The next night was a patterned pair, palm trees, blue on white. Juvenile, but they worked for him. He also wore a wife beater that night, white and almost see through. Tonight had been a pair I'd seen peeking out of his pants before and loved, a pair of white Hanes boxer briefs. They hugged every inch of his form, every contour was on display. I fished my cock out of my boxers, rubbing the precum around under my foreskin. Was Nathan cut? Or uncut like me and his dad? Questions like that floated through my mind as I jacked myself off. Did he walk around at home in his boxers, or did he usually slip into some pajamas in the morning like he did here? Was he jerking off too? Thinking of some chick from his school, sliding his cock into her mouth or pussy? Would he leave those boxer briefs on while he fucked her? His cute little ass bobbing up and down as he thrusts in and out of her? What if he is jerking off right now? What if we cum at the same time, his thick white jets spurting up over his chest. Would he leave the boxer briefs on while he jerked off? Would he pull them down over his cock and balls, or use the fly like I was doing? If she was going to give him a blow job, would she kiss it through his boxers first? Would she request a special pair? Would she give him a special pair? I would definitely. Silk. A boy like that deserves silk on his cock. It wasn't long before I was shooting my load, trying not to scream as I shot. Like the past few nights, I cleaned up, got back into bed and sighed. I was having these sick fantasies about my nephew! Who was sixteen! God, I could get locked up for that shit. I mean, I was no prude, lord knows I've had my share of sex. But to think of my sixteen year old family like that? I'd never thought Carl was sexy or anything, or any of my uncles, or my dad. Why the sudden burst of incestuous lust? A mid-life crisis? God telling me I need to get back out there and get laid? I rolled over, tucked my cock back into my boxers and fell asleep.

    Of course, the next morning I was up before Nathan. I always was. I slipped into my pajamas and headed down the hall. There he was, sprawled out on the bed, although he was back in his palm tree boxers. His package looked a little tented too. My cock sprang to life, aching to get release. I slipped quietly into his room. He was going to be with me for a few weeks this trip, and had practically moved into this room. His laptop was on the desk, and his clothes littered the floor. I spied the white boxer briefs from the night before, crumpled up beside the bed. I reached down and nearly blew my load there. The crotch was damp. I picked up the boxers, and hurried back to my room, shutting the door. I tried to stop myself, I really did. But before I could think too hard, Nathan's boxers were up in my face. The smell was divine, the dampness was definitely cum, mixed in with a little bit of teenaged sweat. I laid them down on my bed and sank to my knees, licking at the still damp crotch. I pushed my pajamas and boxers down, rubbing the crisp white cotton down my hairy chest and wrapping it around my cock, giving it a tug or two.

    I laid down, kicking off the remnants of my pants, fisting my cock hard. I had the boxers open to the inside crotch, and was licking at the remains of Nathan's cum. My god it was amazing, like nectar. I was like the girl I was thinking about last night, reverently kissing at Nathan's package. It wasn't long before my throbbing cock exploded, covering my chest in jizz. I laid there for a few minutes letting my orgasm soak through my body.

    Then it hit me. It was bad enough that I was jerking off thinking about Nathan, but now I was stealing his underwear? Sniffing and licking it while I jacked off? It seemed so wrong somehow. I quickly cleaned myself off, threw my pajamas back on and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to make breakfast. I threw Nathan's boxer briefs back into his room on the way.

    I fried up some eggs and tried not to think of how much of a pervert I was. My cock was still half hard, remembering the taste of Nathan's cum. It seemed like the bacon and eggs couldn't wash the taste of it out of my mouth.

    "Hey Uncle Rick." His voice shattered my contemplation.

    "Hey Nathan." Lucky me, he'd thrown on pajamas and a white t-shirt. Yes Nathan, keep yourself covered, keep my lecherous eyes off of your skin.

    We said little over breakfast, Nathan was never quite awake until he'd had his food and coffee in the morning. "Gotta piss." He piped up after the meal, heading down the hallway. Damn, he didn't close the door.

    I could see it in my minds eye, his flaccid cock jutting out from above his pajama bottoms, the golden stream arcing into the bowl.

    Fuck. I almost slapped myself. Now I was thinking about my nephews piss? And how erotic it was? Jesus I needed help. And I needed it soon, since Nathan was supposed to be with me for another two weeks.

    "So what's the plan for today?" He came back and sat down across the little wooden table from me. His eyes, my god.

    "No idea. I was thinking we'd just hang around, maybe watch a movie or something."

    "Boring!" He said, gathering up the dishes. "I was kind of hoping we'd go out to Bear Island today, maybe even camp there tonight."

    "I dunno Nathan, it's supposed to storm tomorrow." Alone with him in a tent? Could I handle that? I don't know.

    "Oh we can handle a little rain, the tent's been waterproofed." He smiled at me from the sink. I couldn't resist the smile. He saw the resignation on my face and laughed. "I knew you couldn't resist." If only you knew Nathan, if only you knew.

    We set out in the late afternoon, by now it was a quick fifteen minute trip out to the island for us. Nathan's muscled arms easily propelled the boat. We had to make two trips to carry all the stuff we wanted, but it was worth it.

    Nathan had chosen a nice outfit for the day, a tight black tank top and khaki cargo shorts. Every time he bent over I got a glimpse of his boxers, blue striped Joe Boxers. I caught my breath every time the waistband came into view, let alone the cotton beneath. I'd dressed almost the same, except it was a black muscle shirt I had on. And my shorts weren't exposing my black CK boxer briefs every time I moved.

    By the second trip back, we were both pretty sweaty, and of course Nathan peeled off his tiny shirt once we got the boat unloaded.

    "Shit it's hot out today." He said, wiping his brow with his discarded shirt. Bits of hair under his arms sending a tickle down my spine.

    "Such language." He shot up his middle finger at me. "If only your dad could hear you."

    "Dad says worse things to the TV when his team is losing."

    "True." I conceded, helping him unpack our small tent. The tent was barely big enough for the three of us, but it seemed great for two people. We threw our sleeping bags and back packs in the tent, and went about getting the site ready.

    A couple of years ago I'd had Carl and Nathan help me drag some wood out here, we built a serviceable picnic table and a few benches around the fire pit. We set up a semi-permanent camping spot, on the grass just above the beach. It gave us access to the small trails and the beach all at once, Nathan's request.

    "Mind if I have one?" Nathan asked, opening up the cooler and taking out a beer. Part of me said to stop him, but part of me knew he treasured not having his father here, he treasured having me treat him like a friend, and not a child. Of course he flashed the smile too...

    "Go ahead." I said with a mock sigh. "Just make sure there's enough left for me."

    He laughed and cracked open the can, taking a huge swig. The muscles in his arm flexed and the teasing bit of hair flashed in front of me again. It was strange how everything he did seemed to be erotic, from the movement of his arm to his pants slung low around his waist.

    I busied myself clearing off the benches and table, tossing aside the twigs and detritus of the few weeks we'd left it last.

    "So, hows about we go for a swim?" Nathan asked excitedly. I didn't notice but he'd gone into the tent, and had come out wearing his swim trunks, white board shorts with blue and orange stripes down the side. Of course, the ever present boxers were sticking up an inch or so above the shorts. I don't know who decided that was stylish, but I wanted to give them my eternal thanks.

    "Yeah I'll join you in a minute or two." I said. He was already in the water, splashing around and swimming out. His long hair matted down over his forehead and practically in his eyes. I went to the tent quickly to change. Nathan had convinced me to buy a pair of board shorts last year, mine were solid black though.

    "Almost stylish." Nathan had said about my choice of shorts. "I thought your people knew all about style." His dad had nearly had a fit in the store, but Nathan and I just laughed.

    "I can't believe you let him joke about that." Carl said to me while Nathan was in the changing room.

    "It's better than him not talking about it at all, or being scared to death of it."

    "Good point... he's getting your sense of humor..." Carl said with a grimace. I was still laughing when Nathan came out of the changing room a few minutes later.

    I took a deep breath and left the tent, slipping back into my sandals. I took a towel from my bag and set it down on the beach, laying down to get some sun. I was plenty tanned already, but a little extra never hurt.

    "You're going to have some wicked tan lines with those shorts!" Nathan called from the water. I sat up, covering my eyes against the glare of the sun on the water.

    "It's OK, I usually tan naked when I'm alone. Thanks for the concern though." I flipped him off jokingly. I laid back down and closed my eyes, surprised to hear Nathan quite close to me all of a sudden.

    "Yeah, I ended up buying some tightie whities so I could tan at home in the backyard." He said, spreading out his towel beside me. "Dad got pissed when he found me naked on the back deck a few times." He laughed. I rolled over, partially to get some sun on my back, but mostly to cover up my growing hard on. I thought the boxer briefs were bad, but the image of Nathan in a tight pair of briefs? Instant arousal.

    "I thought all you boys wore boxers these days." I said, thinking before I spoke. Do I really want Nathan to tell me all about his underwear habits? My back was going to be burnt by the time my cock went down.

    "I wear briefs on occasion too." He said, matter of factly. "Good for sports, jogging, tanning." He stretched out on the towel, his leg brushing mine. "What about you? I hardly ever see your underwear."

    "Yeah, some of us don't want it hanging out every time we move." I stuck my tongue out at him. He flashed his smile.

    "Well the ladies like it."

    "I'm sure some of the fellas do too." Another laugh. How can a laugh be so sexy? "But I usually wear boxers, I have some briefs and a few other things around, gifts from exes and such."

    "Few other things...?"

    Me and my big mouth. "Like, thongs or jockstraps or something."

    He laughed harder than I'd seen him laugh before. "Man, that's crazy. I thought chicks were the only ones that liked sexy underwear." He sat up, leaning back on his arms. The muscles in his chest and arms were taut, his pale nipples hard in the summer heat.

    "Nope, guys do too." My cock was so hard it hurt.

    "I nearly bought a thong when I got the briefs, figured that would be better for tanning." Hard as a rock. "But I figured dad would throw it out."

    "Probably, he's a bit of a prude."

    "True... he freaks out if he sees me around the house in my boxers, even if I'm going to bed or something." He doesn't know what he's missing...

    "Shit, I don't care. Walk around in your boxers all day if you want to." I said. I'm going to get myself in trouble here.


    "Yeah, I draw the line at total nudity, but feel free to be yourself and comfortable Nathan. If you want to do something, go ahead." I smiled up at him, wondering if my smile would have the same effect as his did on me.

    "Damn, you rock Uncle Rick!" He said, standing up and running back towards the water. I tried to banish the thoughts of Nathan's briefs from my mind, eventually it worked. I figured a dip in the water might help calm me down, so I joined Nathan in the water.

    We swam around for a good hour or so, sometimes chatting, sometimes in silence. Nathan told me about all the new music he was getting into, I told him about the plot for my newest books I was writing.

    We decided it would be a good time for some supper, since the sun was starting to set. Nathan went to dry off and change first, coming out of the tent in his khaki shorts from earlier, and the white Hanes boxer briefs from the night before. Or were they a different pair? Still no shirt, of course.

    "I'll go get some fire wood, you get dressed!" He said, heading off to gather up some wood.

    I slipped into a fresh pair of dark blue Hanes boxer briefs and my own shorts, throwing on a gray t-shirt as well. At the last minute, I decided to take the t-shirt off, and slung my shorts a little low, showing off the boxers.

    I went outside as Nathan was getting the fire ready.

    "What do you think?" I asked, pointing to my exposed boxers.

    "Ha! Nice one Uncle Rick... we almost match. I think I have a pair of those at home."

    "I don't have a white pair." I lamented.

    "I've got quite a few, dad keeps getting them for me. They're comfy though, so I don't really care." So it must be a fresh pair he had on. Must keep cock down, must not get hard.

    I changed the subject as we took out our hot dogs and roasted them over the small fire. Nathan ate a few then took out his guitar.

    "I've been learning a lot of old folky stuff." He said, tuning up.

    "Old for you would be what, early 90s?" He stuck out his tongue at me.

    "Lots of dad's old stuff, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell..." He strummed a few chords. "I've been trying to write some of my own stuff too."

    "Really, I would love to hear it Nathan!" I exclaimed, genuinely excited. Creativity sort of ran in our family, Carl used to be a fine painter before he discovered working for a living, and I obviously wrote.

    "Maybe some other time, still working on them, still a little shy." He blushed.

    "Don't worry about it, but let me know when you're ready, I can't wait."

    He paused. "Dad said you used to write songs."

    "Oh, years back I did, probably when I was your age."

    "What did you write?"

    "Oh, probably what you'd call Old Folky stuff, songs about the world, how I thought I fit into it, what needed to change. Your dad called them my 'dreamer songs'."

    "I'd love to hear them sometime." He said, echoing my statement.

    "Tell you what, once I hear one of yours, I'll do one of mine."

    "It's a deal." He said, smiling. He launched into an old Leonard Cohen song, one I hadn't heard in years. I took out my own guitar and started to strum along, singing a harmony to Nathan's lead. His voice had been deepening in the past few years, I found it much easier to sing with him now.

    We went through all our old favorites and a few new ones he taught me. It was now pitch black in the sky, clouds covering up the stars.

    "Looks like we might be getting that storm." Nathan said. A few songs later, we felt the first few small rain drops.

    "Shit, guess we have to pack it up for the night." He sighed. "Just when your voice was getting warmed up." He smirked. We made fun of each other a lot, but it was all in good fun.

    "Let's get these packed away first." I said, putting my guitar back in it's case. Nathan took them into the tent as I filled our fire dousing bucket in the lake. "Get the flashlight on, it's gonna get real dark soon." I said. He turned on a small lamp in the tent and I doused he fire. It was raining pretty heavy now. Nathan ran past me to the beach, making sure our boat was secure on land. I closed up the beer cooler and we both ran back to the tent.

    "Shit!" He said, the both of us now soaked. He slicked his hair back out of his face and picked up his towel, drying his face. I followed suit.

    "Told you we were getting a storm." I said, waggling my finger at him.

    "Yeah, I didn't think we'd get caught in the middle of it though." He undid his shorts and dropped them quickly, stepping out of them and drying his legs. Luckily, his boxers weren't so damp they were see through, or I would have had to have jumped him right there.

    I slowly stepped out of my own shorts, and was drying my legs when we heard the first crack of thunder. Nathan let out a little yelp.

    "I hate thunder." He said.

    "I used to hide from it when I was a kid." I admitted.

    "Me too." He chuckled. "So now what?"

    "Tent chat?" I was trying to concentrate on something other than the fact the object of my lust and I were here in our boxer briefs, standing around in a small tent. I put out the lantern as Nathan stretched out on his sleeping bag. The crisp white cotton of his boxer briefs was just barely visible in the darkness. I laid down beside him, our bodies no more than a foot apart.

    "So what are your songs about?" I asked.

    "I've got a couple on the go, one is a cheesy love song."

    "Aw... don't say that. Love songs are never cheesy." A crack of thunder in the distance. I felt Nathan jolt a little. "You going to be ok?" I asked.

    "Sorry Uncle Rick, it's just... thunder and storms bring back bad memories."

    "Want to talk about it?" Another crash. The rain pattering on the top of our tent grew in intensity. Nathan rolled over to face me.

    "The night Mom left was a storm, just like this one. Every time I hear thunder or see lightning it just sort of brings me right back to then."

    "Do you miss her?" I asked.

    "All the time." He probably had a much more idealized version of her in his mind than I did, I was very happy to see her gone. There was another loud snap, almost overhead. I heard Nathan choke back a sob.

    "Don't cry Nathan, come here." I held out my arms, and to my complete surprise, Nathan came into my arms, his face buried in my neck, his hands pressed firmly up against my chest. His crotch dangerously close to mine.

    Try not to think of the smell of his hair, or the warmth of his body. The air in the tent was cold now from the storm. Hold him tight against you, yes. His hands are playing with your chest hair, his legs are wrapping around yours. Don't get hard. Don't get hard.

    "Sorry to lose it like that Uncle Rick..."

    "No need to apologize." I rubbed his back.

    "Just... dad doesn't like me talking about it with him, and I've tried talking to my friends, they just don't understand. Some of them try, but it still hurts." I thought he might try to disentangle himself from me, but he didn't. If anything, his body became more relaxed.

    "I'm here for you Nathan, I've told you that for years now."

    "I know..." He said dreamily. The rain was pounding down hard out there now, I was glad we'd just waterproofed the tent not too long ago. Another flash lit up the night.

    "I like being in your arms." He said, fingers wrapping around my chest hair. I lost control at that point, my cock shooting up like an arrow. I rolled over a bit, trapping it between my body and the ground.

    "Anytime you need it, let me know." I said. He looked up at me with a soft smile.

    "I love you Uncle Rick."

    "I love you too Na -" My words were cut off by his lips. My eyes opened in surprise, his mouth was warmer than the rest of him, and wet. I pressed him against me, and pried open his lips with my tongue. He let out a soft moan as our tongues wrestled inside of his mouth. He tasted sweet.

    My hands played down his back, coming to the soft cotton of his boxers, with his beautiful ass inside. I started to knead and play, enjoying the feel of his taut ass. His tongue was inside my mouth now, furiously trying to taste every nook and cranny.

    "Nathan..." I tried to say as he pulled away for a second.

    "Take me." He said, grabbing my cock. "Show me what I've been missing out on all these years." He stroked me through my boxers. "Fuck you look so good in those..." He trailed off, cupping my heavy balls through the fabric.

    I rolled over on top of him, desperate for more kisses. He obliged, melting underneath of me, opening his mouth to all I had to offer. Our hard cocks were rubbing together, his hands running up and down my back. One of them slipped inside my boxers, grabbing at my ass.

    "You're so hot..." He breathed as I kissed down his neck. He twitched as my tongue shot out and licked up and down the sides of his neck. My head moved down his body, past the nipples and the light dusting of hair on his chest. I nuzzled into his abs and the hair on those, the heat from his crotch on my chest.

    He let out a little gasp as I suddenly moved down further, taking his cotton covered cock into my mouth.

    "Uncle Rick!" I massaged it with my lips. I stroked it with my tongue. I lubed it up with my spit, just like I'd done to his boxers this morning, I was doing it again tonight. Except this time, the object of my lust was inside of them, this huge teenaged cock.

    "I love your boxers." I gasped, taking a break from slobbering on them, long enough to nuzzle my face into them once more.

    "I'm glad you do..." He sighed as I started up my ministrations once more. Soon I would have to unveil it, take it out for the world to see. But not quite yet, although I doubted I would ever tire of this.

    His hands were in my hair now, urging me on and on. I couldn't do it yet though, I wanted him to remember this night for a long time.

    I moved back up his body, my tongue tracing around his ear. I left my hands to massage his stiff member through the wet boxers.

    "Ever had your cock sucked boy?" I whispered. A spasm shot through him as I spoke.

    "No sir." Sir? I could have shot right there.


    "No sir." He said again. "The most I've had was a handjob."

    "Who was the lucky lady?" I asked, rubbing my tool on his leg.

    "My friend Joe." He said quietly.

    This time I really stopped. "Really?!" I exclaimed.

    "Yeah... we were just having a sleepover and we got some of dad's porn on the TV... we started to beat off and decided it would be better to do it to each other..." I went back to his neck and cock, brining wave after wave of pleasure out of him.

    "Were you naked?" I asked, nibbling his ear.

    "In our boxers."

    "Even better." I smiled up at him from his nipple, which my tongue was swirling around. He almost blushed as I went back down. I took a hold of the waistband of his boxers with my teeth, and slowly pulled them down. He kicked them off as I admired his teenaged prick.

    His cock was damn near perfect, almost 7 inches long and uncut, enough foreskin to cover the head when he was hard. His balls and pubes were trimmed. I took a second to enjoy the musky scent of his crotch, before I wrapped my mouth around his tool.

    He let out a scream as I flicked my tongue up under his foreskin, lapping up the sweet precum that had gathered there. His cock throbbed as I licked up and around the head, his moans going in time with my tongue. I felt his hands brushing through my hair as I bobbed up and down on his gorgeous cock.

    "Oh Uncle Rick..." He moaned, his fists balling up his sleeping bag underneath of him. I began to really give it to him now, deepthroating his teenaged prick, my nose buried in his trimmed pubes each time I sank back down.

    He started to twitch a little. I knew he was close to cumming, but I wanted him to remember this night for a while. I stopped sucking his cock and moved down to his balls. He let out a yelp as I gave his balls a nice tongue bath. The thin wisps of hair on his balls tickled my tongue.

    His hands gripped the sleeping bag tighter as I moved my tongue down, licking the sensitive area undeneath his sack. His breathing got faster as I got closer and closer to his hole.

    Part of me wanted to flip him over now and dive into his ass, tongue fucking him until he screamed. Part of me wanted to take it nice and slow, take my time squeezing every drop of pleasure out of this that I could. Nathan made the decision for me as he pulled me back up to his face, pressing his lips to mine again.

    We rolled around for a while, merely stroking each other's bodies and making out. Nathan's tongue was surprisingly adventurous, licking all around my neck and ears. His cock was pressed into my leg, leaving trails of his precum as it went.

    His hands finally reached into my boxers, and he gasped as he grabbed the girth of my cock.

    "Fuck, that thing is huge." He said as he pulled it out through the fly in my boxers. "How big is it Uncle Rick?"

    "Almost nine inches." I said proudly as he pulled back my foreskin. I was oozing precum like mad, more aroused by this boy than I had been in years. He brought it up to his lips and gingerly stuck out his tongue.

    A flash of white went past my eyes as Nathan took my meat into his mouth. The storm outside was picking up, the winds howling around our tiny tent. The moans Nathan was pulling out of me were drowning out even the thunder though.

    God, could he ever suck a cock. His mouth was warm and wet as it slid over my shaft, and his hand jacked me off in time with his mouth.

    "Shit baby, I had no idea..." I managed to say, running my hands through his hair. He was deepthroating me now. How he was doing that with his first cock I had no idea, I just knelt on the floor of the tent and let him work.

    He laid down in front of me on his side, sucking my cock and jacking himself off. I looked down to see him smiling up at me, his tender mouth stuffed full of my cock.

    He was still looking up at me, smiling and grinning as he sucked my cock. I'd never seen a boy so happy to giving a blowjob before. He was pumping his own cock almost as fast as he was sucking mine.

    "Jesus baby, you've got me in heaven." I said. He stopped and knelt in front of me, my cock in his hand.

    "I want you inside me Uncle Rick." He sighed. "I want you to fuck me."

    "I want to fuck you baby." I said, playing with his cock. "On your hands and knees, I'm going to show you what it's like to be bred by a real man's cock."

    He turned around and pointed his creamy ass up at me. By the thin light of the lantern I could see the pink rosebud in the middle. His ass was hairless, and I wasted no time diving into it. He let out a scream as I started to tongue fuck him.

    "Oh my god Rick!" He gasped, grabbing onto the sleeping bag for support. "Fuck that's amazing... I'd always heard about... never thought..." He trailed off as I pushed him down, driving my tongue deeper inside his sweet hole.

    It tasted amazing, the slight bit of sweat gathered on his crack. His moans and screams were only making my cock harder as it jutted out of my boxers.

    "Fuck me Uncle Rick!! Stick it in me!!" He was begging.

    I kept on licking his hole though, being driven mad by the taste and sight of this boy's hot ass. By now he wasn't even talking, just making noises and gasping.

    I pulled myself away and spat on my hand, lubing up my dick. He pushed his ass further up in the air as I rubbed my cock up and down his crack. Every time it rubbed over his hole he moaned.

    Nathan let out a scream as I finally, slowly put the head of my cock inside of him.

    "Fuck! That's huge! God!" He was screaming over the sound of the thunder and rain.

    I leaned down over his back. "You gonna be ok Nathan?"

    "Give it to me hard Uncle Rick, fuck me like a whore." He breathed out. He must've felt my cock twitch inside of him because he smiled. "Yeah, fuck me hard."

    So what else could I do? I started to fuck Nathan, and fuck him hard, just like he had begged me to do. His ass was tighter that I could have imagined, and his moans were drowning out the sound of the storm around us.

    I fucked him for what seemed like hours, I really have no idea how long it went on. After a while we switched positions, face to face with his legs around my shoulders. Our tongues wrestled inside of each other's mouths as my cock drove deep inside of him again and again.

    His cock was leaking like mad, precum soaking into both of our stomachs as our bodies rubbed up against each other. I could feel his hands on my back, then moving down to my ass, grabbing it through my boxers and pushing me towards him.

    "Cum for me Uncle Rick." He said. "I want you to cum all over me."

    How could I resist a demand like that? Still, I wanted to keep this going for a while. Being inside of Nathan was heavenly, one of the best fucks I've ever had.

    "I'm not gonna cum yet baby, we're gonna enjoy this." I whispered in his ear as I rode him.

    "I'd enjoy it more if I was covered in your jizz." He said lustily.

    "Sure you don't want me to feed it to you?"

    "Next time feed it to me, for now I want to feel it all over me." He was begging for it now. I slowly pulled my cock out, jacking it as he flipped over onto his back.

    "Yeah baby, jack your cock for me." I told him. He smiled and grabbed his cock with his fist. I watched as he slowly jerked it, his eyes glued to my cock. He took his boxers from beside him and wrapped those around his cock, stil jerking it off.

    "Weren't you doing this earlier with them?" Nathan asked slyly. "I noticed when I woke up they'd been moved."

    "Actually I was licking them while I jacked off." I said hoarsely, getting close to cumming.

    "I wish I could have seen that." Nathan said, beating his dick faster and faster.

    "Maybe I'll put a show on for you later." I said with a smile, my balls ready to explode. "Fuck Nathan, I'm cumming!" I yelled as I started to shoot. I let out 3 huge shots all over his cock and stomach, some of it reaching his chest.

    He watched me as I came and kept jerking his cock frantically. "Fuck!" He cried as his cock exploded, shot after shot of his hot creamy jizz mingling with mine on his chest. I ran a finger down his stomach and brought it to his mouth, and he eagerly slurped the cum off of it.

    "More, I want more." He said breathlessly as I fed him some more of our jizz. I leaned down and ran my tongue through the puddles that were left. Nathan sighed and kicked his head back as I cleaned off his body. He pulled me up to his face and kissed me.

    "That was amazing Uncle Rick." He said. We kissed for a few minutes more, our tongues and bodies getting more lazy with each passing second. Soon, we were just laying there together, Nathan running his hands through my chest hair.

    "My god Nathan... I can't believe we just did that." I said, listening to the sound of the rain. Nathan slipped back into his white boxers, and then curled up tightly to my chest.

    "I've been waiting to do that for years now." He said. "Ever since I've hit puberty, I've wanted you. I just didn't think you'd want me. It wasn't till this morning when I realized you'd been playing with my boxers..." He blushed.

    "Trust me Nathan, I've wanted it for just as long."

    "I could stay here forever." He said, nuzzling up to my neck.

    "Can we?" I asked wish a smile. He was soon asleep, and I truly wished we could have stayed like that forever. I kissed him on the head and drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning I woke up with Nathan still laying across my chest. I smiled as I remembered the night before, the passion and the heat. I could hear a slight rain still dropping outside the tent.

    It wasn't long before Nathan was stirring. I tried to lay as still as possible to let him sleep longer, but his eyes opened wide.

    "Hey Uncle Rick..." He said sleepily, looking up at me. "I guess it wasn't a dream." He smiled.

    "Definitely not." I chuckled.

    "Good, then you won't mind this." Nathan said as he reached up to kiss me. It lasted longer than I expected, and soon Nathan's hands were travelling down my down, down to my hard cock in my boxers.

    I let out a sigh as his hands found their way inside the fly, pulling out my cock. His lips left mine and he moved his head down, taking my cock inside his mouth.

    "Shit!" I sighed as he worked on my head. I could feel his mouth swirling around my shaft and his tongue lapping at my precum. My hands travelled down his back, groping his ass through his white boxer briefs.

    He moved down further, pulling my boxers down. His mouth found my balls, and he started to lick at those. My hand was inside his boxers now, grabbing his taut ass cheeks.

    I was a lot closer to cumming than I'd realized, and Nathan's mouth was once again on my cock. He was deepthroating me now, I could feel my cock sliding deep into his throat.

    "I'm gonna cum soon baby... You gonna swallow it this time?" I asked. He didn't respond, he just kept sucking. I took that as a yes.

    I let out a gasp as I shot my load, my cock was deep into Nathan's mouth as I shot. I could hear him moaning as he swallowed my cum, shot after shot of it.

    I laid back and panted, and Nathan was soon back up in my face, kissing me. I could taste my cum on his breath, and it was amazing. I held him close to my body, his teenaged prick hard against my leg. I reached down for it, and he brushed my hand away.

    "I don't want to cum yet, I want to save it for you." He said in between kisses.

    "So do I get to wake up to that every morning?" I asked.

    "I hope so Uncle Rick." He laughed. "I could get used to falling asleep and waking up like that."

    "I could use a nap after that." I said truthfully. Nathan merely curled back up on my chest and we fell back to sleep.


    We got back to the house a little after dinner time that night. We'd managed to keep our hands off of each other (mostly) for the day, but I could tell from Nathan's hanging off of my arm that he was in the mood. Oh, to be young again. "So what do you want for supper?" I asked. "Hmm..." He said. "I'm not sure." He reached over and ran his finger down my bare chest. "How about some meat?" He smiled as his finger got to the waistband on my denim shorts. "Contain yourself." I smiled, bringing my face to his for a quick kiss. "You're a growing boy and your father will kill me if I don't feed you." "Well part of me is growing." He said with a wink as we got to the door. "You find us something for dinner, I'm gonna get cleaned up." Nathan went upstairs and soon I heard the shower running. Pasta. Nathan loves Pasta. I grabbed the pot and started to boil some water. I heard Nathan coming down the stairs and turned around to greet him. "I needed that shower." He was wearing my blue bathrobe, which he had tied closed. It looked a little too big on him, but looked comfy at the same time. I idly wondered what he had on underneath of it as I browned some beef to go with the pasta. "I should probably get one soon too." I said. "I don't know." Nathan came up behind me and gave me a hug. "I kind of like the outdoorsy smell on you." I chuckled and kept cooking. "Why don't you get us some wine from downstairs?" I asked. "I know nothing about wine." He laughed. "Well I'll have to teach you." A little while later we sat down in the dining room to eat. Nathan was leery of the wine, but seemed to warm to it as the dinner went on. "Well I have a deal for you." I said as we finished. "Name it." "I'll go have a shower, and you can do the dishes." I smiled as I got up from the table. "Bastard." He laughed. I kept the water as hot as possible, trying to get the sweat of the night before off. For the first time I really had time to think about what had happened. Before I was feeling guilty about even finding him attractive, and now I'd fucked him and it didn't even seem to phase me. That's my nephew down there, my brother's son. It was almost like I was trying to make myself feel guilty, but it wasn't working. Maybe I was too caught up in the feelings I was having. I cared for Nathan a great deal, and the added sexual tension was overwhelming. But what would happen if anyone knew? Fuck, Marlene was right. The fag uncle had corrupted her boy. Corrupted and molested. Or did I? Nathan seemed to be in control last night. There was no forcing myself on him, no coercion. Just a horny boy and a horny man doing what came naturally to the both of them. And doing it very well. My cock started to harden as I remembered Nathan's touch. His hands on my chest, his mouth on my cock, my body pressed up against his back as I fucked him. The taste of his sweat as I rimmed him. I had to get dried off quickly, I needed to get down there, and I needed to have my way with him again. I turned off the shower in a frenzy, and dried off as I went to my room. I picked out a pair of boxers, black microfiber, almost like spandex. I loved the feel of these on my cock, and I knew I would love the feel of Nathan on them even more. I grabbed my black robe, tied it, and headed for the downstairs. I passed Nathan's room and stopped. He was on his bed, still in the robe. He had lit candles all over his room, and he looked beautiful by the soft fire light. "Dishes are done Uncle Rick." He said softly. "Come here." I didn't need any further direction. I was on his bed next to him in a flash. He leaned over and laid on my chest. "Dad is going to be here tomorrow afternoon." He said with a sigh. "That's going to suck." "Why do you say that?" "Well we won't be able to do this for one thing." He said. "Or any of the other things I want to do with you." He smiled. "Well we'll just have to keep ourselves in check. He'll only be here for a few days." Truth be told the idea of it was driving me crazy. I was head over heels for Nathan now, and I don't know how I could spend a few days without his cock in my mouth. "He texted me earlier, said he can't wait to go camping on the island again." Nathan sighed again. "The whole time we're there I'm just going to be thinking of last night." "Me too baby." I said, kissing the top of his head. "But unless you want to tell your dad about it, we're going to have to keep it to ourselves." "Well then..." He said, his hands moving down my chest to my crotch. "I'm going to have to get it all out of my system tonight." He rubbed my package through the robe, stroking me to full hardness in a matter of seconds. I pushed him over onto his back and climbed on top of him, pressing my hardness into his. He moaned as I leaned in and pried his lips apart with my tongue, forcing myself into his mouth. "I'm so fucking horny." He whispered as I pulled away for a second. "All that cum I've been saving for you is aching to get out." "Well it's going to have to wait a little while longer." I said, licking his neck. He spasmed underneath me as I licked along the sensitive arteries in his neck. "Because I'm going to make this last Nathan, you'll forget all about last night by the time I'm done." He laid back onto his pillows as I untied his robe. To my surprise, he had on a little pair of white briefs underneath. "What do you think?" He asked, stroking himself through the white cotton. "These are the ones I was telling you about." "I think they look amazing on you Nathan, even better than the white boxers did." I kissed down his chest, licking his nipples. "Really?" "Yeah... everything is on display." My tongue traced down over his abs, and he jumped a little. "That tickles." He laughed as my tongue reached his briefs. I opened my mouth and took his cotton covered cock into my mouth. He let out a gasp as I licked at his cock head through them. "Kiss me again." He begged, and I obliged. I pulled myself up and wrapped my arms around his back, underneath the robe. I started to kiss him and pulled him on top of me, putting him in control of our make out session. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth, wrestling with mine as we kissed. He was untying my robe now, his hands running down over my chest and onto my stomach. He used my own trick against me as he licked down my neck. I moaned as his tongue traced from my chest up to my ear, and back again. He had my robe undone now, and his hands found my hard cock. "Nice boxers Uncle Rick!" He said, moving down till his face was in line with them. "I want to try them on afterwards." He looked up at me and smiled as he opened his mouth, his tongue tracing the outline of my cock through the stretchy material. "Sure thing buddy." I ran my hand through his hair. "Just get them nice and wet for now." He went to work, sucking, licking and nibbling at my cock through my boxers. I was in heaven as his teenaged mouth manipulated my dick. "Mmm... fuck yeah..." I pushed his head down as his saliva soaked into my boxers, making my cock even more wet than it already was. "Take it out baby, suck on it." He pulled my thick cock out and slid my boxers down. I kicked them off as he took my entire shaft into his mouth. "Jesus!" My eyes rolled back as he expertly sucked on my cock. For someone that hadn't had one till yesterday, Nathan was a quick learner. His tongue was wrapped around my cock head and his fist was pumping my cock. I just laid there and moaned as his tongue went down to my balls. He seemed lost in his work as he sucked on my balls, taking each one into his mouth and running his tongue over it. I watched as he stroked himself through his briefs with his free hand, his other one jacking my cock. I got an even bigger shock as he pushed my legs up into the air, and admired my hairy ass. He smiled and then drove his face in. My eyes shot open as he started to rim me. "Nathan baby... my god..." I managed to get out as he licked at my hole. I never thought he would do that to me. "I have to return the favor." He said. "Besides, it's a lot of fun." Another stab with his tongue and I was screaming with pleasure. His mouth and tongue flicked around my ass and I was lost. My eyes rolled back in my head as Nathan returned to my cock, taking it all down into his throat. Minutes blurred as Nathan sucked me off. Somewhere along the line he had slipped off his briefs and robe off, and was beating his own cock in time with his sucking. "Come here baby." I said eventually, close to the edge. Nathan's tongue which had been furiously wrapped around my cock was now deep into my mouth as we rolled around on his bed. My hands found their way to his ass, kneading the muscled globes of his asscheeks, fingers prodding at his tight hole. "I have to taste your cock." I practically hissed, throwing him down on his back and moving down the bed. I took all of his cock into my mouth in one swift move, his moans and groans echoing mine of only a few minutes before. "I'm so close to cumming Uncle Rick." He said. "I want to shoot so bad." I sucked harder, feeling his teenaged cock throb in my mouth. I had one hand wrapped around the base of it, and the other one playing with his balls. His moans got louder and quicker, higher in pitch. I knew he wasn't far off now. I redoubled my efforts, moving faster and faster over his cock. My reward came soon. Jets of his cum shot out of his cock as his body convulsed on the bed. He was moaning unintelligbly as he shot, his cum tasted amazing. I kept sucking even after he had finished shooting. He was trying to pull me off of his cock, but I was determined to give him a ride to remember. I moved up to his face, kissing him hard as I kept jacking his cock. It was slick with the final spurts of his cum, and he was making noises of pleasure. Each stroke of my hand brought his back to a higher arch, his eyes so far back in his head all I could see were the whites. I moved back down and started to suck his balls as I jacked his still twitching cock. "God dammit Uncle Rick! I'm gonna cum again!" He shouted, as his head and chest flew up off of the bed, then back down onto the pillow in a flash. Another few small jets of cum shot out of the tip of his sticky cock, along with panting gasps from the boy. "Jesus... Jesus..." Another small shot. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his lips, his tongue now forcing it's way into my mouth. His forehead and chest were covered in sweat, and I knew he was exhausted. Still, his hands moved down to my slick cock. He started to jerk me off as he kissed me. "Thank you... thank you..." He panted in my ear, frantically licking my neck. His hands kept up their feverish pace, and I knew my own orgasm wasn't far off. "I'm close baby..." I whispered. To my shock, he shot down and took my dick into his mouth again. His hands kept up their work on my balls as he sucked my cock yet again. "I'm cumming Nathan!!" I called out as I shot my load, deep into his throat. He swallowed fast as his mouth filled up with my jizz. I pulled him back up to kiss me again, both of our bodies now slick with sweat. After a few more kisses, we fell back onto the bed, Nathan beside me panting still. "I've never cum twice like that before." He said breathlessly. "We'll have to try for three times next time." I teased. "God, I'd die." He laughed. I pulled him close and we were asleep in seconds, Nathan naked and spread across my body.

    The phone ringing woke me up the next morning. I woke Nathan, who groggily rolled over to the other side of the bed. I walked down the hall to my room, my cock half hard and bouncing. "Hello?" I asked as I picked up the phone. "Come let me in bro!" "Carl? Where are you?" I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "At your front door. I got here early!" "Oh cool, I'll be down in a second." Holy shit he was here early. "Nathan!" I called. He looked up at me from the bed, laying on his stomach. His creamy ass was up in the air a little, but I tried not to stare. "Your father is here! Go get in the shower before he realizes you smell like you were fucking all last night." He got up slowly and grabbed a towel. "He's early, isn't he?" "Yeah, too bad we don't have time for a quickie." I pulled Nathan in for a kiss, and slapped his ass as he went off to the shower. I grabbed my boxers and robe off the floor of Nathan's room and threw them on, running downstairs to see Carl. "Nice of you to get dressed up." He said as I let him in. "Nice of you to wake me up." I shot back. "Well it's 10 AM. I figured you two would be up by now." "Well Nathan is just in the shower, he should be down soon." "You should get in there yourself bro, you could use it." He smiled over at me. "Hot night?" "Oh yeah, the air conditioner didn't want to work." If he only knew how hot of a night it was... "It seems to be good now." Yeah it was almost chilly, fuck. "Must've come on this morning." I yawned. "Want a coffee or anything?" "Whatever you're gonna have." He said, sitting down at the kitchen table. "I'm not too picky." "Coffee it is." I said as Nathan came downstairs. He had on a white t-shirt and a pair of red basketball shorts. "Hey dad, what's up?" He asked as he sat down. "Not a hell of a lot son. Glad to be off for a few days so I can see my favorite guys." "Well I need that shower, I'll be back." I said, heading upstairs. So now I had gotten the boy of my dreams into bed, and he was just as horny as I am. Except now we had to behave ourselves for the next few days, since my brother (his father, I thought with a grimace) was here with us. As it turned out, it wasn't too bad. Sure the sight of Nathan gave me a painful ache in my stomach, but once we were out hiking with Carl, it kept my mind off of it. Of course, something would happen to throw it right back. Nathan bent over to tie his shoe once and of course his shorts were slung low. Imagine my surprise when I saw a pair of my boxers, black ones with a white houndstooth pattern, poking up over his shorts. He turned back and saw the surprise on my face, all he could do was wink. I nearly shot a load in my pants there. We had a picnic lunch down by the lake. Carl was talking about some new clients he was working with as I ate my sandwich, wondering when I could next feel Nathan's bare body next to mine. "So are we heading out to the island again soon?" Carl asked. "Well we were there the night before last." Nathan said. "In that awful storm?" "Oh yeah Dad, it was crazy out there. Luckily Uncle Rick was there to keep me sane." He smiled at me. "Well that's good, guess you guys don't want to go out there again so soon." He said, with a touch of sadness. "Oh no Dad, we could go tonight if you want to, right Uncle Rick?" "Sure thing guys." I had no problem with it, and obviously Carl was looking forward to it. "We can get ready once we get back."

    So later on that day we were back on the island, Carl and Nathan setting up camp while I gathered some firewood. When I got back they had the tent set up and the fire pit ready. "Good job guys." I said, throwing down my bundle of wood. "Should be a real blaze tonight." "I'm surprised it's as dry as it is." Nathan said, setting up some wood for the fire. "With that storm the other night." "Well it was blazing hot today. Must've dried it out." Carl said, standing up and taking his shirt off. "Still is." "We should go for a dip." Nathan suggested, peeling off his own shirt. There were my boxers again, above the shiny red material of his shorts. "Sure thing, let me go change." Carl said. "I can just go in these." Nathan said, heading down to the water. I went into the tent to change with Carl. "Man he hasn't been this happy in a while." Carl said. "Smiling all day, I don't know what you're doing for him out here but he seems to love it." It was almost funny to hear Carl say that. "Well it's good to get him out of the city and into nature for a while." I slid on my black board shorts over my grey boxer briefs. Carl still wore old school swim trunks, and usually didn't wear anything underneath of them. "Or it could be Jenny." He said. "Jenny?" I asked. "You haven't heard about Jenny? He hasn't been talking about her the entire time he was here?" "First I've heard of her." "It's his girlfriend." Carl said with an eye roll. "They're together all the time back at home." "Girlfriend?" I repeated. My mouth went dry. Nathan had a girlfriend back home? What was he doing fucking around with me then? My mind was racing as we went out of the tent. "Picking up on his bad habits." Carl said, pointing to my boxers sticking up over the shorts. I just laughed. "The kids think it's cool." He rolled his eyes and went down to the water. It was true what Carl had said, Nathan seemed happier than I'd seen him in a long time. Even before the sex had started, he'd just seemed more happy and open this whole summer. Maybe it was this Jenny girl that had done it all. Funny how I hadn't heard of her yet. I wondered what else Nathan wasn't telling me about. I stopped myself and just floated for a while on my back, thinking. Could I seriously be jealous of some teenaged girl because she was dating my nephew, who also happened to be my lover? It was a trashy talk show waiting to happen. "So how come you haven't told Rick about Jenny?" Carl piped up, breaking my concentration. "Oh... it just hasn't come up yet." Nathan said, staring at me. I met his eyes and raised my eyebrows. "She's not really that important anyways." "That's why you're constantly with her, eh son?" Carl laughed. "Sometimes boys have to keep things like that to themselves." I said. Nathan gave me a look that I read as `I'll explain later'. I hoped he would.

    Later on that night we were eating our usual supper of hot dogs and whatever we could cook over the fire. I was still preturbed about Nathan's apparent girlfriend.

    "I gotta go take a piss." Carl said with a bit of a slur, getting up shakily and walking out to the woods. Now was my chance.

    "So who is this Jenny?" I whispered at Nathan.

    "Just a friend, I told Dad she was my girlfriend so he wouldn't get suspicious."

    "Of what?"

    "Isn't it obvious? That I'm gay."

    "Oh..." It was kind of obvious now that I thought about it. "But Nathan, you know your father wouldn't care."

    "I don't know..." He looked deep into the fire. I wanted to hold him. "I know he's cool with you and all, but I dunno.. I just think it would be different for me."

    "Sorry to freak out like that Nathan... I was actually getting pretty jealous." I chuckled.

    "I know, it was cute." He smiled at me. "I'll punish you later." He winked as Carl was coming back through the trees.

    "So what're you boys saying?" Carl asked loudly. He'd had a few beers and it was pretty obvious he was drunk.

    "We were saying you need another beer dad!" Nathan said, tossing a can to his father.

    "Sounds good!" Carl said, popping the top.

    That night, we all climbed into the tent. Carl was out like a light on one side, Nathan laid on top of his sleeping bag in the middle.

    "That was a good night." He whispered to me, inching closer. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

    "Stop it Nathan, your father is right there." I hissed back at him.

    "Snoring like a baby... besides..." He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his hard cock underneath his pajama pants.

    "God..." I whispered, my heart racing as I rubbed his hard tool.

    "And yours?" He raised an eyebrow as his hand worked it's way into the fly of my pajamas, then inside of my boxers. I closed my eyes as he slowly jerked me off, his father less than a meter away from us.

    "Is this my punishment?" I asked with a smile.

    "Sure is Uncle Rick." His hand got faster now, my cock starting to get wet with precum. I breathed out my nose, trying not to make any sound.

    "I can't wait to see you cum." He whispered, jacking me even faster now. I was damn close after the teasing he'd given me today. I slammed my eyes closed and bit my lip as I gave in, shooting into my boxers.

    I opened my eyes to see Nathan leaning in to kiss me again, then pulling his sticky hand out of my pants and licking it off.

    "You're welcome Uncle Rick." He smiled, licking my jizz off of his hand. I just laid back on my pillow and soon was asleep, wishing I could pull Nathan closer to me.

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