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  • Stepson seduction
  • Carl Boinkman was feeling pretty good about his life. Five weeks earlier he had married Kristy, the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful 33-year-old woman on earth. Three weeks ago, they had returned from their fuck-filled, cum-drenched honeymoon to begin what Carl hoped would be lifelong housekeeping with the woman he truly loved. And everything would have probably worked out that way -- nice and easy. Good life. Lots of great man-woman sex.

    Except for two complications.

    Mike and Dennis.

    Kristy's sons from her previous marriage.

    They weren't evil or anything. Far from it. Thirteen-year-old Mike and twelve-year-old Dennis were sweet boys. Very sweet. Too sweet, actually.

    Carl liked them from the day he met them six months earlier. And they liked Carl. It was just that they were odd. Not like other boys.

    Boys that age tended to be actively trying to be teenagers. You know, sullen little creeps who mumble out one-grunt answers and treat grown-ups with contempt.

    Not Mike and Dennis.

    In fact, they acted like much younger boys. Respectful. Grateful. With habits they held on to from earlier childhood. Like taking a teddy bear to bed. And watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

    That was the easier part to deal with.

    The difficult part for Carl was that Mike and Dennis were very affectionate boys. They were always hugging Carl and kissing him, sometimes even, briefly, on the lips.

    Carl didn't find that icky. He found it pleasurable. And that was the difficulty. Part of it anyway.

    The other part was that Mike and Dennis were drop-dead gorgeous. Like their mother, but in a mega-cute, quasi-masculine way.


    Which, combined with that hugging and kissing stuff, had poor Carl getting "involuntary reactions" that were crowding his trousers far too often.

    The honeymoon was great. No kids (they stayed with Kristy's parents) and Carl was able to concentrate on fucking Kristy. Not her cockteasing boys.

    Though Carl had to admit, at one time or other during the honeymoon, when Kristy wanted "it" yet again and Carl's resources were a bit depleted, he called on images of Mike and Dennis to make Mr. Johnson stand tall.

    Those kinds of thoughts made Carl feel dirty. And gay. He knew he might be dirty, but he was not gay. Uh uh. And he proved it every night with Kristy. Didn't he?

    Since Carl and Kristy had come back from their honeymoon, things had settled down into what Carl considered a nice life. Christy went to her high-powered job every day and brought home big slabs of "the bacon." Carl went to his high school, where he taught juniors and seniors how to use their native language.

    The boys went to their middle school. Every afternoon, Carl would be there when the boys came home from school. He would feed them milk and cookies and they would smile and tell him about their day -- unlike any other boy that age, who would grunt and then broodingly go to his room all afternoon.

    They quickly took to calling Carl, "Daddy," a title he didn't feel he had earned, but was working on it. Their biological father had run out on them before they could form memories of him, so he sure didn't deserve that honor.

    Things would have been all right, maybe, if Carl's cock had just minded its business whenever Mike called him "Daddy." Or when Dennis, beautiful Dennis, sat on his lap and told him how happy he was to finally have a good Daddy.

    Maybe things would have been all right too if Kristy's boss hadn't asked her to cover what he called a "brush fire" with a client over that weekend. Getting on that plane on Friday morning. Leaving Mike and Dennis with their new Daddy. Just the three of them.


    That Friday evening, Carl got the boys a pizza and they watched a Disney movie together. Carl on the couch. A boy on either side of him. Leaning against him. Giggling at the movie. Sweetly. No funny business.

    Which was just how Carl wanted it. Didn't he?

    His cock was undecided. It pretty much stayed stiff the whole time Mike and Dennis cuddled with him. Carl kept a pillow on his lap so the boys didn't see his "interest" in them.

    So no harm was done. Right?

    Anyway, the boys scooted off to get dressed for bed as Carl called Kristy to assure her that he loved her and the boys were fine.

    Carl then went upstairs, made sure the boys had brushed their teeth and gotten into their cute, shorty pajamas -- which gave Carl that "condition" again. But the boys didn't seem to notice as he tucked each into his bed in their separate rooms, then kissed them a soft goodnight.

    He went back to his own room, stripped to his usual night attire -- full nudity -- got into bed, turned on SportsCenter, set the TV sleep turnoff for 30 minutes and drifted off to an innocent slumber.


    It was a dark and stormy night.

    Which may or may not have mattered, given what Carl discovered later about Mike and Dennis.

    Carl was dreaming about fucking Kristy, an activity he had performed for 82 consecutive nights before this one -- even when she had her "regular visitor."

    Dreaming sweet dreams until a very loud thunderclap awoke him. Followed by a louder one. Followed by the flinging open of his bedroom door and the appearance of two terrified boys, wearing pajama tops (no bottoms) and carrying their teddy bears. Whimpering and running toward Carl.

    "Daddy!!! We're scared!" Mike sobbed.

    "Can we sleep with you, Daddy?" Dennis begged.

    Carl was still mostly asleep, but he thought vaguely that he was naked and would have to put something on, maybe sweats, before the boys...

    A third, louder thunderclap made the boys scream again, then dive into bed with their naked, perplexed, ashamed and soon-to-be-aroused stepfather.

    The boys snuggled up to Carl, Mike on his right, Dennis on his left. They hugged their stepfather in a death grip, trembling with what was surely real fear. With a nice dollop of "seizure of opportunity."

    Carl's brain was stunned by the rapid turn of events. And his cock didn't take long to get fully outrageous.


    "They're just scared," Carl thought. "They won't even notice that I'm naked. I'll just hug them for a little while and they'll go back to their beds."

    He was kind of wrong about all of that.

    The boys whimpered and rubbed their half-naked bodies against their stepfather every time the thunder clapped.

    Poor Carl feared the worst. If he spurted while they were hugging him, his relationship with his stepsons would never be the same. Which would sour his marriage. And essentially ruin his life. So Carl began to reconstruct in his mind the starting lineups for the 1993 World Series. Phillies versus Bluejays.

    As two beautiful boys squealed in fear and rubbed their stiff little cocks against both of his hairy thighs.

    Who was the Bluejays DH? Molitor. That's right.

    Mercifully, the storm ended. And a few moments later, Carl could tell by their breathing that the boys were asleep.

    Two gorgeous, half-naked boys were asleep in his arms. Their pretty, little, now-wilting cocks still pressing against his thighs.

    Carl sighed. He slipped the noose on that one, he thought. If the police didn't raid the house in the middle of the night and catch a naked stepfather in bed with his stepsons.

    Should he take them back to their beds?

    He was so tired. So he just went to sleep

    And so Carl made his first real "mistake." If you can call what happened "bad."

    You make the call.

    Carl drifted off and resumed his pleasant dreams.

    Real life soon became much more pleasant.

    Carl awoke to a very pleasant feeling. Kristy was kissing his face and stroking his cock very nicely. Rubbing the drooling head with her soft hand.


    When had Kristy gotten home?

    Carl's eyes blasted open. If Kristy caught Carl in bed, naked, with her sons, Carl was a dead man. How had she gotten home?

    She hadn't.

    The lovely person kissing Carl and stroking his cock so nicely was Mike, his 13-year-old, beautiful stepson. As his 12-year-old brother Dennis slept soundly on Carl's left.

    Adrenalin woke Carl completely.

    Fight or flight?

    He chose Door Three.

    Lie back and enjoy being wanked and kissed by a sweet boy eager to give his stepfather pleasure.

    Mistake number two?

    To this day, Carl isn't sure why he chose to lie back and moan softly, so as not to awaken Dennis.

    Maybe he missed Kristy. He certainly missed sex. He hadn't cum in 14 hours!

    Still, it's a big leap from that to letting a boy -- a young boy who lives with you -- do "sex things" with you.

    Though the "sex thing" was awfully nice.

    Where did Mike learn to stroke like that?

    And kiss?

    Seeing that Carl was awake, Mike applied his mouth and tongue to Carl's open pie-hole.

    The boy could kiss.

    And stroke cock.


    As he rubbed his own little, boy stiffie against his Stepdaddy's hip.

    What was happening? And why did it feel so good?

    Carl wasn't gay. Was he?

    But he couldn't remember ever being so excited.

    Kissing the pretty boy. Feeling his warm, desperate hand eager to bring Carl to orgasm.

    The boy achieved his goal.

    In spectacular fashion.

    Carl hurled six thick, creamy ropes of cum that drenched his tummy, chest and even a small spurt on the man's own chin.

    Throughout the orgasm, Mike tongued Carl's mouth and, as Carl began to spurt, Mike moved his hand to Carl's balls. Rubbing the hairy sack. Then milking Carl's nuts skillfully as he the man fully and completely emptied his testicles.

    Where did Mike learn that?

    Before Carl could catch his breath, Mike lifted his pajama shirt over his head, tossed it aside, then lay on top of his cum-drenched, naked stepfather.

    The boy began to rub his stiff cock against Carl's cummy stomach. Kissing Carl hungrily. Whimpering with boyish lust.

    Then spurting his boy's cream. Mixing his boy's sperm with his Stepdaddy's on the man's hairy stomach.

    As, miraculously, Dennis slept on.

    As boys (and men) often do after a monster cum, Mike rolled off the cummy precipice, lay next to his "New Daddy" and fell asleep.

    Leaving a terrified, but nicely satisfied Carl to stew in the mingled, cummy juices.

    And fall asleep.

    To dream again.

    Tortured dreams.

    Kristy was back, though it was a different Kristy. She had a knife in her right hand. And Carl's testicles in her left hand.

    As she moved her right hand to join her left hand, Carl awoke.

    An exhausted (and satisfied) Mike was asleep.

    Dennis was awake. Really awake.

    In fact, Dennis had his "New Daddy's" cock in his mouth. And was sucking it most deliciously.

    The boy's posture was also most unusual. He was reversed on his Stepdaddy, with his boyish stiffie hovering near the man's face. Dribbling its sweet goo only inches from Carl's face.

    Dennis was an awfully good cocksucker. So good, he astonished Carl.

    What was going on here?

    Carl threw his head back in some sexual (and psychological) torment as his new, 12-year-old "son" gave him a blowjob worthy of a $1,000 Vegas working girl.

    Oddly, he looked at the clock, noting the time -- almost two hours since Mike had coaxed a load from his fat balls.

    Then Carl looked at Dennis' lovely young cock throbbing, dripping and vacillating inches from Carl's lips.

    Carl gulped and surrendered to yet another instinct he didn't know he had. He moved his head forward and took the wet head of Dennis' pink, uncut, four-inch cock between his lips.

    For the first time in his life, Carl Boinkman was sucking a cock. And not very well. Compared to Dennis, anyway.

    The boy had a way of running his tongue along the most sensitive parts of a cockhead!

    Despite his inexperience, Carl's enthusiasm for his fellatric task threw young Dennis into a squeaking dither.

    Which excited Carl even more.

    Dennis spurted his cream first. Could 12-year-olds really spurt? This one could. Lots of it. Into his Stepdaddy's slurping mouth.

    The muffled scream that Dennis emitted as he orgasmed, yet sucked on, pushed Carl into Cum Gorge. Falling. Falling. Ka-boom!

    From unknown reserves, Carl deluged his "son's" sweet mouth with salty spunk.

    Like his brother, Dennis milked Carl's balls to extract the last spermy bit.

    Satisfied that he had drained his "Daddy's" sack completely, Dennis kissed each of "Daddy's" balls sweetly, then kissed the man's drooling cockhead. Licking up the creamy drops.

    Dennis then reversed his position, kissed Daddy on his cummy lips, sighed deeply and fell completely asleep.

    Leaving a terrified, amazed and erotically confused Daddy to stare at the ceiling until he too succumbed to exhausted sleep.

    Three -- Saturday morning confusion

    Carl awoke abruptly.

    His first thoughts were -- "It's a sunny day. I think I'll fuck Kristy."

    Then his memories slammed into him.

    Kristy was out of town.

    During the night, he had "violated" his stepsons. Both of them. And enjoyed it far beyond anything he had ever experienced.

    Which made him a felon. And worse, to Carl's thinking, gay.

    He had never thought of himself as gay.

    Men didn't attract him at all.

    But those boys of his did. He wanted to fuck them from the first time he saw them. They were so damned pretty and, well, fuckable.

    Carl's life was over now, of course. The boys would surely rat him out to their mother. He'd be led off in chains to "gay prison." Before Kristy returned he would have to hide all sharp objects. And blunt instruments.

    It was his fault, really. Not the boys. They were sweet and innocent and he took advantage of them.

    By the way.

    Where were the boys?

    He was alone in his bed.

    At 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

    Were the boys already at the police station? Telling their story to a sympathetic Irish cop who bought them ice cream? As a SWAT team assembled to arrest Carl?

    Carl leapt out of bed and found his robe. Maybe if he packed a suitcase, got into his car and drove to Venezuela. Stayed there for five or six years. Changed his name. Got plastic surgery.

    But he needed coffee first.

    He looked in the boys' rooms. Gone.

    Went downstairs and heard the murmur of a television. And giggling.


    The boys were in the family room. Eating sugary cereal and milk as they watched cartoons.

    Huh? Huh?

    Mike looked up from his cereal at Carl. "Good morning, Daddy," he said, then went back to the "Itchy and Scratchy Show." Dennis didn't even make eye contact, just mumbled "Good morning" as he laughed at a mouse disemboweling a cat.

    Carl nodded back a "good morning," then made himself coffee, searching for an explanation.

    Had it been a dream?

    It had been so real.

    And that surely was dried cum on his stomach. Had he had a "nocturnal emission?" His first since high school?


    Tsunamis of relief washed over Carl as he drank his coffee. He should have never had anchovies on that pizza last night.

    But he was just a little sad too.

    He had enjoyed the sex with his stepsons. Real or not.

    And the little dickteasers excited him. There was no doubting that. So maybe he WAS gay. A little. For boys, not men.

    He would just have to watch his step around them.

    Carl went upstairs and got in the shower, thinking that if he were in a porn story, one or both of his stepsons would be getting into the shower with him.

    No such bad luck. It was bad, right?

    Carl finished his shower, shaved and brushed his teeth, then, wearing only a towel, returned to the master bedroom.

    Where he saw Mike and Dennis.

    All of Mike and Dennis.

    The boys were fully, gorgeously naked.

    Dennis was on the bed, on all fours, his perfect, plump bottom pointing at his "Daddy." His anal opening was slick with lubrication as his brother's three slick fingers dilated the celestial opening.

    "We flipped a coin for first and Dennis won, Daddy. But I got him ready for you. Go ahead, Daddy. Fuck Dennis. I won't be jealous. You can do me next. Dennis needs it, Daddy."

    The truth of that last statement was obvious. Dennis was in full "heat." Gasping and whimpering and begging his Daddy for a good, stiff fucking.

    Despite his shock and aweful fear, Daddy sprang to full erection.

    The sight of those pink cheeks and dangling baby balls!! The gaping, wet entrance to a land of delicious delights! The utter depravity of it all!

    Plus, he now knew that everything last night had really happened. And they can't hang you twice.

    Mike moved the program along a bit by stepping toward Daddy and undoing his towel so that the boys' randy studfather stood naked and rampant.

    Mike grabbed Daddy's cock, gasping at its beauty, then leading Daddy by the cock to Dennis.

    The elder stepson placed Daddy's peehole at his brother's sopping boypussy. "Push, Daddy. You won't hurt him. I got him ready for you."

    The thought formed in Carl's brain that, perhaps, this wasn't Mike and Dennis' "first rodeo," but he didn't care. Especially when he pushed. And found himself engulfed in the hottest, tightest, naughtiest place his well-traveled cock had ever visited.

    The visit was greatly enhanced by the enthusiasm of the host. Dennis was a very grateful fuck. He moaned and gasped and squealed in magnificent appreciation throughout the vigorous proceedings.

    Dennis especially liked when Daddy pushed him forward, putting his full weight on the boy's buttocks and back. Overpowering the boy as they fucked. Dominating him.

    Mike sat on the other side of the room. Stroking his four-inch stiffie, but not cumming. Greasing up his own bumhole with lubed fingers. Waiting his turn.

    After ten minutes of the most powerful bliss Daddy had ever experienced, Dennis cried out and spurted his spunk deeply into the mattress, box spring, carpet, and first floor ceiling.

    It was a ripsnorter of a cum. And the anal convulsions it engendered made Daddy rip and snort as well. The studman pushed hard and fast for three rough strokes, then blasted his first-of-the-day load into his stepson's hospitable rectum.

    When the man's and boy's convulsions stopped, Mike applauded. Then he said, "Yay, Daddy!! Dennis and I knew you would be a good Daddy to us. And now you're showing us you are."

    Carl thought, "Is this how you become a good Daddy? If so, I'm aiming for the Hall of Fame."

    Carl withdrew his limp, cum-drooling, poop-stained cock and lay on his back. Dennis dreamily rolled onto his back and cuddled up to Daddy. "That was awesome, Daddy," the younger boy said, then he kissed the man fully on the lips.

    As Daddy and Dennis tongued each other's tonsils, Daddy felt a warm mouth enveloping his limp penis. And soft, boyish hands caressing his balls.

    Mike was working hard to earn his turn with Daddy. Who gasped when he felt two of Mike's fingers enter his bottomhole. A place where no man had gone before. And where Daddy definitely wanted someone to go again.

    Mike was massaging Daddy's prostate. As he expertly sucked his cock. And Dennis tongue-kissed his mouth.

    Daddy was having a very good day. And his cock was resurrecting in record time.

    When Mike judged Daddy's cock to be fuckworthy, he stopped sucking, lest he "spill his reward." The boy lay on his back as his brother slid two pillows under his hips. Then he lifted his legs up as he spread them, grabbing his shins as he offered Daddy a stunningly beautiful target for his newly-born Woodrow.

    Dennis aimed the steppaternal cock at Mike's pootie and Daddy pushed.

    He was in!

    He was fucking a second beautiful angel that cum-drenched, never-to-be forgotten Saturday.

    And the angel was loving it.

    Fucking a boy when he's on his back is tricky, but very nice. Because of the kissing. And the domination. The boy feels helpless and emasculated. Thoroughly at the mercy of his lustful "violator." Powerless to stop the man from satisfying all of his disgusting, lustful needs.

    Wasn't that great?

    Mike and Daddy seemed to think so. They fucked like a prisoner and his wife on a five-minute conjugal visit.

    Since Daddy had cum once already that morning, Mike got a much longer fuck than Dennis had. Which his libido adored, but his asshole thought was a little too much.

    Daddy grunted, cried out and spunked. Watching Daddy's joy as he deluged Mike's bowels was enough to make Mike's balls release their creamies.

    Cum was everywhere that magnificent morning.

    And it was only 9 a.m.

    Thirty-six hours until Kristy came home.

    Oh my.


    Carl Boinkman was enjoying the last moments of what just about anyone would describe as a great weekend.

    Though he had to pick up his new wife Kristy at the airport in two hours and 24 minutes, Carl was lying in bed, naked, on his back.

    His two stepsons' bedroom smelled like the men's room at an adult theater.

    Stale cum. Fresh cum. Cum.

    Carl wasn't sure how he would get rid of that smell before Kristy got home, but that wasn't foremost in his mind.

    He was concentrating on the agreeable multitasks he was accomplishing simultaneously.

    Carl's thirteen-year-old stepson Mike was naked and kneeling astride Carl's shoulders, facing Carl's feet. The sweet, beautiful boy was literally sitting on Carl's face and Carl's tongue was stiff and active within the boy's delicious bottomhole.

    Mike was squealing most sissily as he was eaten out, though his cries were muffled by his brother's mouth, as the two were kissing, open-mouthed and ravenously as Mike's pooper was licked.

    Mike's twelve-year-old brother Dennis, equally naked, was kneeling and straddling Carl's hips and sitting on his new stepfather's thick, hard, hot cock. Which was stretching the boy's bowels in a manner that was highly agreeable to them both.

    Man eating out one boy as he fucked the other. Boys kissing as their pooties were serviced. Then, both boys shuddering with lust and spurting their thick, hot, boy's cream all over each other and their new Daddy.

    What fun!

    What a weekend!

    And totally unexpected, as far as Carl was concerned, at least.

    When Carl thought about it, which he tried desperately not to do, the boys had actually seduced him.

    The little temptresses had been the aggressors every carnal step of the fuck-filled way.

    And once they got their stepfather into a compromising position, there was no doubt that they were highly skilled practitioners of the erotic arts.

    Again, though Carl tried not to think, especially at moments like that "double duty" finale to the "weekend from paradise," he wondered how Mike and Dennis knew what they knew about sex.

    It's time to tell the reader all about it.

    Two -- All is bared

    Had Carl thought a bit, which once again seemed like a poor tactic that weekend, he would have remembered that the boys had spent six weeks of that previous summer at a summer camp.

    Six fantastic, fuck-filled weeks for Carl and Kristy. He certainly remembered that.

    He also would have remembered, vaguely, that Kristy won the entire camp experience for her boys in a sweepstakes. A sweepstakes that Kristy didn't remember entering.

    But why argue with good fortune, Kristy thought. The camp, called Powattamee, was certified and bonded and all that -- Kristy checked it out. And she hoped that the camping experience would help her boys "man up" a bit. Even their mother was concerned that Mike and Dennis were a bit "sissyish" for their ages.

    Carl, thinking that getting the boys out of the house would mean six weeks of carnal sleepovers with fiance Kristy, worked on Kristy to overcome her doubts about the camp.

    So, one week after school ended, it was off to Camp Powattamee for a very reluctant Mike and Dennis, neither of whom had ever spent a night away from home and their mother.

    Carl drove Kristy and the boys to camp, thinking as he drove that maybe he and Kristy could rent a room on the way home, rather than wait six hours for a piece of ass.

    Like most men, he seriously underestimated a woman's moods. Kristy was so guilt-ridden with feelings of child abandonment that when they got home, at 1 a.m., she almost didn't want to fuck. Thank goodness that that silliness cleared up completely by the next morning. And for 41 lovely days thereafter.

    Mike and Dennis put on quite a show as their Mom said goodbye. Crying. Begging to be taken back home. Promising to be good forever.

    No dice.

    It was time for her boys to man up, Kristy decided, though she wavered once or twice during the sob scenes.

    A counselor, who called himself, in U.S. camp-style, "Uncle Ron," showed Carl, Kristy and the boys a pretty typical boy's camp. The requisite lake and its accompanying canoes. As if all American boys wanted to be Hiawatha. Lots of athletic stuff. A wooden dining hall and wooden cabins where the boys would sleep. As well as the outhouses that make the camp experience truly unique.

    The usual stuff.

    Which looked great to Kristy and Carl. And like the seventh circle of Hell to Mike and Dennis.

    Despite the boys' best efforts, Kristy and Carl departed the camp at 2:05 p.m. And wouldn't be back for six excruciatingly long weeks.



    Mike just knew the counselors would be sadistic imps, intent on making Dennis and him learn such demonic skills as "archery" and "volleyball."

    Mike knew that the counselors would be bossy and pushy and the first moments after the boys' mother left, his fears were confirmed.

    That "Uncle Ron" person and his co-conspirators were herding all the boys into the dining hall, then an older man named "Uncle Biff" introduced himself as the head counselor, then welcomed the boys to Camp Powattamee.

    Well, that wasn't so bad, Dennis thought, who had a slightly better attitude about things than his brother.

    Uncle Biff assigned the 150-or-so boys, ten each to the 15 counselors, each of whom assembled his boys and took them to their assigned cabins.

    Mike and Dennis were relieved to see that they were assigned to the same cabin and counselor -- a felonious-looking character named "Uncle Luke."

    Mike and Dennis figured they would get their bunks, unpack their stuff, put on some dumb camp tshirt, then go to dinner.

    But no.

    Before they did any of that, Uncle Luke issued each of the 10 boys a red, brief, Speedo swimsuit. "First order of business is the swimming test, guys. Drop the clothes and put these on. Now. We have to be outside in 10 minutes."

    Undress?!?!?!? In front of other boys?!?!?!?

    Neither Mike nor Dennis had been naked anywhere except in the bathtub, with the bathroom door locked!

    Mike hadn't even seen Dennis naked, or vice versa.

    But Uncle Luke didn't seem to want to hear about such phobias.

    And they had to be outside in nine minutes.

    Mike and Dennis were really angry at their Mom (and Carl) for abandoning them to these petty dictators.

    They blushed crimson as they undressed, turning away from each other and the other eight boys, none of whom was looking at anything other than his own feet either.

    The darned Speedo was so brief that Mike and Dennis felt almost as naked in it as they did undressed.


    Uncle Luke marched his skimpily-clad squad outside and merged them with the other 14 decades of troops.

    Mike and Dennis had never been so humiliated.

    Though Dennis did notice that, compared to many of the other boys, he and his brother looked awfully good. The fatter kids looked awful in their Speedos. And so did the really scrawny kids.

    Mike figured if they could endure the swimming test, he and Dennis would get dressed, go to dinner and then, when it got dark, they would cut the barbed wire that no doubt ringed the place. Then they would maneuver their way to a roadhouse and call their mother to rescue them.

    But first the swimming test.

    Mike was a pretty good swimmer; Dennis was OK. But the swimming test was weird.

    There were three swimming "graders," including "Uncle Biff." The boys formed three lines and as they reached the "graders," Mike could see that most of the boys never actually went into the water for very long at all.

    Were they giving a swim test by talking to the boys about swimming? And by having the boys pirouette?

    When it was Mike's turn, Uncle Biff sat up very straight in his chair. He had Mike turn around a couple of times, then asked if the boy behind him was his brother Dennis.


    No swimming?

    Then why the suits?

    Uncle Biff nodded at a guy who looked like a bouncer and the thick man ushered Mike and Dennis away from the throng, over a hill and into a limousine.

    A limousine!


    Mike and Dennis were scared.

    Were they being taken to some Third World country to be chained to a loom, where they would make textiles 23 hours a day, eating a cup of rice each week?

    Not exactly.

    The limo drove around the camp's requisite lake and arrived at the requisite "camp across the lake." Which in American tradition is always a girl's camp.

    But not this time.

    The limo stopped and the thuggish driver said, "Welcome to Camp Kismidadi, boys. Your home for the summer."

    Huh, huh?

    Did "Sluggo" just say "Camp Kiss Me, Daddy?"

    Why were Mike and Dennis there and not at Camp Powattamee?

    And what was this place, anyway?

    "Sluggo" held the door for Mike and Dennis. They got out. And stepped into a world quite different from Camp Powattamee.

    Camp Kismidadi had a dorm that looked like a small, luxury hotel. The dining hall looked like a restaurant with three Michelin stars. It had a beautiful swimming pool, manicured lawns and the look of comfort and wealth.

    Mike and Dennis stood there in frightened, but curious wonder.

    As they stood gawking, wearing only the skimpiest of skimpy bathing suits and bare feet, three other limos arrived, discharging equally confused boys -- eight in all, including them.

    Mike and Dennis studied them and themselves, looking for a reason why they were rescued from squalor and brought "uptown."

    Mike saw it first. Then Dennis.

    All the boys were beautiful. Pretty faces. Excellent bodies that looked very good almost-naked.

    Mike and Dennis were complete and total virgins. But they weren't stupid.

    Something very weird was happening.


    Moments after the last limo arrived, the boys were joined by the man who had called himself, "Uncle Biff."

    Smiling lupinely, the man asked the eight confused boys to listen to him. "My name is Biff Buggerall," he said. "But you can call me `Uncle Biff.' I own Camp Kismidadi and Camp Powattamee and every summer I offer the camps to boys whose families couldn't otherwise get the boys some good old American fresh air. It's my way of giving back some of the fortune I've made You boys are especially lucky because each year eight grand prize winners are selected, randomly, of course, for the special place we call Camp Kismidadi."

    A pretty young thing shot up his hand at that and Biff recognized the question, which was, "Why is it called Camp Kiss Me Daddy."

    Biff nodded at the familiar question. "That's the way it's pronounced, but it's spelled entirely differently.

    Another cherub asked, "Is that an Indian name?"

    Biff smiled and said, "It's a concept that cuts across all cultures. Now boys, let's get you to meet your counselors and get you settled, OK?"

    Mike looked at Dennis. They both wondered about the plural in "counselors," since there were only eight of them. At Camp Powattamee, ten boys were with one counselor.

    At Camp Kismidadi, each boy had his own counselor.

    Dennis and Mike were getting a really uneasy feeling. Though the two men who were assigned to them looked nice enough. Very nice, indeed.

    Mike's counselor was named Frank. He looked to be about 25 -- tall, dark, very handsome and extraordinarily virile.

    Dennis's counselor was named Will. Same general looks and age, but surfer-guy blond.

    When the counselors introduced themselves to the suspicious brothers, the strangest thing happened. Mike's "thing" moved in his pants. And so did Dennis's."

    That surprised them both more than anything that had happened to them that crazy first day of camp.

    The innocent boys, who had been told all their lives how they would like girls some day, marry them and then, with no actual sex being involved, produce children merely from the act of loving their wives, were aroused, for the first time ever, by the sight of their hunky camp counselors.

    Where did that come from?

    Was there some primal urge no one had ever communicated to them?

    It was all very unsettling to both boys, even more so when they sneaked peeks at the counselors' own "packages" stirring in their regulation camp shorts when they looked at the boys.

    Mike and Dennis didn't hear a lot of what the counselors were saying as they led them into the richly-appointed dorms that would be their housing for the summer. Each boy had his own elegant suite, with a living room area, a bedroom and en suite bath. Their rooms were connected by a door that could be locked. The counselors were in connecting rooms on either side of the boys. "Just in case you need anything, guys," "Uncle Frank" told them.

    It was truly stunning. As they gaped at the luxury, "Sluggo" brought their personal things, which they had left at Camp Powattamee, into their rooms. Laid out on each of their beds were a grey Camp Kismidadi tee shirt, navy-blue Camp Kismidadi short-shorts, and sturdy sandals.

    "Uncle Will" said, "Why don't you get into the camp uniform guys? Uncle Frank and I will be by in 15 minutes to take you to dinner."

    The counselors left and Mike and Dennis were alone for the first time.

    Dennis, the younger, asked his big brother the question that had been foremost in his mind, "Huh?"

    "I know, Dennis," Mike said. "Mom always told us, if it's too good to be true, it isn't true. Unless..."

    "Unless what, Mike?"

    "Unless we're here because you and I are special in some way. That would be OK, wouldn't it?"

    Dennis looked puzzled. "Special at what?" Dennis really didn't think of him self or his brother as pretty or sexy.

    Mike considered whether he should alarm his little brother. But he had to tell him the truth. "I think they think we're pretty. The other boys they picked sure are."

    Dennis looked at Mike. "What if we were pretty?"

    "Good question. Maybe they want us to be models or something. That Biff guy said he was in publishing."

    Dennis considered that. "Yeah. Maybe. Are you hungry?"

    "You bet," Mike said. "Let's get dressed and go eat."

    The counselors were back to collect the brothers as promised and they walked them the short distance to the dining hall. Which looked like a restaurant, but was much better.

    The boys sat with their counselors. No menus. "Just tell the waiter what you want and the kitchen will make it for you," Will told the boys.


    It was cheeseburgers all around and great conversation as the boys did something they almost never had an opportunity to do, since they had no father. Talk about themselves to a man.

    Will and Frank were great listeners who described themselves as "graduate students on summer break," though they looked a little old for that.

    Time seemed to fly and when the boys finished their triple-chocolate sundaes it was nine o'clock -- bedtime.

    Since it was the first night away from home, Frank told the boys it was OK if they wanted to sleep together in Mike's room. The counselors supervised the boys getting into their shorty peejays (seeing both tired boys briefly naked!), then made sure the boys washed and brushed their teeth.

    It all seemed like heaven. And it was about to get much better.

    Four -- Better

    The exhausted boys slept very well until Uncle Frank and Uncle Will awoke them at seven.

    They again supervised the boys getting dressed and washed, then escorted them to breakfast.

    For that meal, the eight boys at one table, the counselors at another. The boys helped each other to a groaning buffet table, then sat and compared notes. Everyone's mom had won a contest she didn't remember entering. No one had a father in the house. Each boy was a beauty.


    No time to consider all of that because the counselors had things planned that day. Every boy was given a backpack filled with lunch and a canteen filled with water. The eight boys and eight counselors took an all-day nature walk through beautiful country, stopping only for a great lunch break.

    They arrived back at Camp Kismidadi at around four, went to their rooms for a shower -- alone -- then to dinner with the counselors and other boys.

    By six, they were back in their rooms, quite tired.

    It was too early to sleep and Uncle Frank and Uncle Will had a really good suggestion.

    "Mike, you come to my room and Dennis can go to Uncle Will's room. It's a Camp Kismidadi tradition for the counselors to give the boys a massage after a hike. Will and I are trained masseurs and you'll really like it, we promise."

    Mike looked at Dennis. Both boys felt that "movement" in their pants again. But they didn't want to break tradition. That could get them sent back to Camp Powattamee, couldn't it?

    They agreed to the massage and, strangely enough, each counselor took his boy's hand to lead him to the counselor's room.

    Mike noticed that Uncle Frank's room was very much like his own. Except for the massage table and all those towels and oils around it.

    Mike had never had a massage and he was quite embarrassed when Frank told him he would have to get nude first. "I use warm oils, Mike. That would be messy if you were wearing clothes," Frank said amiably.

    That seemed to make sense to Mike, though he was mortified that he was achingly erect when he pulled off his short- shorts.

    Frank noticed and said, "It's no big deal to have a stiffie, Mike. We're guys. It just shows we're healthy. See?"

    And Frank pulled down his own shorts to reveal his own major slab of stiff meat.

    If Frank was doing that to make Mike more comfortable, it had the opposite effect. Mike was trembling.

    Frank said, Hop up onto the table and lie on your stomach, Mike. Don't be nervous, please. It's just us guys."

    Mike wished that Frank would put his pants back on, but instead, he just stepped out of his shorts and tossed them to the side.

    Mike lay face-down on the towel-covered table and tried to get comfortable. It was difficult with his cock being so stiff and his bottom being so exposed.

    But then good things began to happen.

    Frank was a very skilled masseur and the warm oils he rubbed into Mike's shoulders and back took the boy places he had never been. He heard soft moans and wondered where it was coming from. Then he knew the moans were his.


    Frank took his time, working on Mike's pretty legs and adorable feet next. It was awesome. He wondered if those poor kids over at Camp Powattamee were getting similar treatment. Uh, no.

    Mike was so relaxed and so delighted that he didn't object when Frank began to massage his bottomcheeks. That was a bit too intimate, wasn't it? But Mike couldn't criticize an artist, could he?

    Besides, those fabulous fingers massaging his bottom made him feel "funny nice," not "funny ha-ha." Unfortunately they made his cock harder and made his poor aroused balls start to ache a bit.

    Mike was really enjoying his massage, but was concerned when Frank told him to flip over onto his back.


    Frank would see how hard and drippy Mike was. Probably think Mike was a pervert or something.

    But Frank was so masterful. Mike rolled over. And blushed horribly as 1) he exposed his four stiff inches to Frank and 2) he got his first good look at Frank's stiff eight inches. It was huge!! And angry looking! Like it wanted to do something, but wasn't allowed to...yet. And that hairy ball bag! Mike didn't even know that men grew hair on their scrotums.

    The boy was blushing fiercely until Frank calmed him down with his talented fingers. Such a good masseur, Frank was. All up and down Mike's body. Warm soothing oils everywhere. Except for Mike's privates.

    Then that changed.

    Without skipping a beat, Frank applied warm oil to Mike's stiff cock and "dangling dainties."

    Mike almost sat up on the massage table until he realized how darned good it felt. So good.

    No one had ever touched him there. Heck, he hadn't even touched himself like that.

    Frank seemed to know. "It's OK, Sweetheart," Frank said. "Boys need to be `emptied out' now and then when they get to be older like you and Dennis. If you had a Daddy, he would have shown you. Moms don't really get it. Let me show you."

    Frank had called him "Sweetheart." Mike whimpered. And surrendered to Frank's skilled fingers and his own emerging desires.

    Mike had never felt anything half as good in his life. Frank rubbed Mike's oiled cockhead and stiff shaft skillfully and lovingly.

    Gradually, something strange was happening to Mike. Did he have to pee? That would have been humiliating. No. Something else. It became more and more urgent.

    Mike squeaked out to Frank, "Something's happening!"

    Frank smiled and said, "I know. Let it happen."

    Mike ran up the biggest white flag he could imagine and settled in for his first orgasm.

    It was a very nice one.

    And creamy.

    Four thick globs of boy's cream leapt from Mike's virginal testicles, through his pretty penis and all over his flat tummy.

    Mike tried to catch the license number of the bus that just hit him.

    What the heck had just happened?

    And why had he never done that before?

    It was beyond fabulous.

    Was that the "emptying out" Frank had described?

    Empty me often, Frank, Mike thought.

    Frank smiled at Mike roguishly and asked, "Did you like that?"

    Mike's tear-filled eyes blinked. He nodded and whimpered his assent.

    "I thought so," Frank said. "I think you'd like to do that again, would you?"

    Nod and whimper.

    "OK, then," Frank said. And he began a gentle massage of Mike's testicles.

    Mike didn't realize when he agreed to a "round two" that it would follow immediately, though he adored the feeling of warm oil on his testicles.

    The next big surprise came when Frank slathered up the fingers of his free hand from the puddle of boy's cream on Mike's tummy.

    Frank's creamy fingers went somewhere Mike would have never remotely imagined. Into the boy's tight anus.

    One at a time, until three were ensconced. Mike squeaked at each insertion, but he didn't try to get away. The boy's cock was reinvigorating quite nicely and he was too excited to object to anything.

    What was Frank doing? Mike squealed most unmanfully and his eyes got very wide when Frank found his prostate and massaged it unmercifully.

    Frank manually pleasured the boy's cockhead with his right hand as he tormented his prostate with the fingers of his left hand.

    Mike was in simultaneous agony and ecstasy.

    Then it was all ecstasy.

    Thick ropes of sperm erupted as Mike squealed through his first prostate orgasm.

    Frank continued to "service" the boy throughout his delectable experience. Even squeezing the last drops of sperm from Mike's drained balls.

    Mike lay on his back. Eyes closed. Chest heaving. Reveling in pleasures he had never known existed.

    He turned toward his benefactor and opened his eyes.

    Frank smiled and did two remarkable things. He scooped Mike up into his strong arms, then he brought Mike's mouth to his own and kissed the boy.

    Kissed him!

    An hour ago, Mike would have gagged at the thought. But at that moment, he kissed Frank back. And loved doing so.

    Frank was an excellent kisser and Mike was an enthusiastic pupil of the "sport."

    Frank carried Mike to an easy chair, then sat down with the naked boy on the man's naked lap.

    Man and boy kissed ravenously for quite some time until it occurred to Mike that perhaps Frank deserved some "emptying" as well.

    The boy broke the kiss and, tentatively at first, touched the head of Frank's cock. Frank moaned manfully.

    Delighted that he was giving Frank pleasure, Mike pulled Frank's foreskin up and down. Slowly at first, then more rapidly. Seeing that Frank obviously enjoyed Mike's manual attentions, Mike resumed the kissing that was making his own little pickle twitch all over again.

    Frank loved being a counselor at Camp Kismidadi. This was his third summer there and he hoped he could stay forever. This little doll Mike was the best yet, he was sure of it. He was gorgeous, innocent and as potentially hot as firecrackers in a bonfire.

    Mike felt so good in Frank's manly arms. And he loved making the man moan like that. He was becoming vaguely aware of why he had been selected for Camp Kismidadi. And he was pretty sure that something very nice was also happening between Dennis and Will in Will's room.

    Something very nice indeed. Frank soon reached his "limit" and doused his stomach and Mike's loving hand with thick doses of his manly spunk.

    Mike stroked and kissed Frank throughout the happy outcome. The boy was quite pleased with himself.

    And well he should be.

    They kissed a bit more until Frank suggested that Mike spend the night with Frank, rather than with Dennis.

    Mike eagerly agreed. Dennis was surely enjoying the attentions of Will. And Dennis was no fool.

    Frank stood Mike up, then stood as well. He removed the remainder of his clothing, drawing a gasp from Mike.

    Frank looked really good naked. Especially to a boy with a rapidly evolving libido.

    Frank led Mike to the bathroom, where he used a warm, soapy washcloth to clean up the cum from their bodies, then made sure that Mike brushed his teeth.

    Though Mike was still oily from his massage, Frank pulled down the sheet from his bed and got into bed, lying on his back. He beckoned to Mike, who semi-shyly joined his naked lover in bed.

    After the hike, the massage and all the cumming, Mike was very tired. He cuddled up to Frank, played with the man's chest hair a bit, then fell into a sound sleep.

    Mike slept the sleep of the innocent until around seven a.m., when he awoke to a delightful sensation.

    Frank had removed the sheet from both of them and was kneeling at Mike's right thigh. Mike awoke to both the sensation and the sight of Frank expertly sucking Mike's cock.


    Of course, this was all new to Mike, who couldn't believe how awesome it was. Frank knew just how to roll his tongue along the sensitive "arrow point" of the cockhead. So good!!!

    Mike squeaked sissily as he delighted in the sweet sensations. It was fabulous. And then it got better,

    Frank slid a wet middle finger into Mike's bottomhole as he sucked the boy's cock.

    Poor overloaded Mike lost his creamy cargo in about 30 seconds. But Frank just swallowed the whole creamy treat, then kept sucking and rubbing the boy's prostate. The man's good efforts produced a hasty restiffening of the boy's pretty prick.

    Soon enough, Mike was arching his back and crying out in sweet agony yet again and Frank was swallowing a second breakfast.

    And the day had hardly started.

    Mike, who 24 hours ago didn't even know what cocksucking was, had not only experienced it -- twice -- he was seriously considering reciprocating.

    Poor Frank's cock was so stiff and drippy. Frank NEEDED emptying. And Mike was developing a keen sense of the desire to satisfy not only his own needs, but his lover's as well.

    Mike arose from his post orgasmic torpor and scooted down to place a kiss on Frank's cock.

    Frank did an odd thing. He sat up -- on the end of the bed and said, "Honey, a boy should only suck a man's cock if he's naked and on his knees. It's a sign of respect. You're already naked. Would you like to get on your knees and suck my cock? I would like that very much."

    So would Mike. He scooted out of bed and hit his knees at Frank's feet.

    Having no real idea how to proceed, Mike surveyed his welcome task. A big stiff monster. Reaching for the ceiling. Dripping some clear stuff.

    Frank's legs were spread wide to give Mike full access.

    Mike loved the smell of sex and anticipation that Frank gave off.

    Deciding on a strategy, Mike leaned in and began to lick that drippy stuff off of Frank's pink, exposed cockhead. Frank moaned.

    So far so good.

    Rather than do that "sucking" thing, about which Mike was unsure, the boy decided on a licking strategy.

    He licked all around the man's sensitive cockhead. Up and down the scorching shaft. Then the hairy, wrinkled danglers.

    So far so great.

    Mike returned to the cockhead, licking softly and sweetly. When he sensed that the man was approaching a conclusion, he instinctively pulled back his teeth, opened his mouth and capped the man-sized cockhead with his boyish mouth.

    That did Frank in.

    The man pumped an enormous load of creamy goodness into Mike's mouth. The boy's first taste of sperm.

    And a big taste it was. A feast.

    The surprised boy was only able to swallow a little of Frank's load. The rest drenched the boy's face and covered his chest, drooling down to his restiffened cock.

    There Mike was. A kneeling, naked, submissive little sissyboy. Drenched in a man's cum.

    And he had never been happier.

    As he shared a naked, cummy kiss with Frank. Mike only hoped that Dennis had had as good a night as Mike had.

    He had.


    Dennis had enjoyed his first, well-counselored night every bit as much as his older brother had.

    "Uncle Will" had seduced the quite-ready-for-seduction lad quite thoroughly, though that great massage laid a lot of the groundwork.

    Dennis, who had thought about "things" perhaps a little bit more than Mike had, suspected that the massage was erotic in intent when Will first rubbed warm oil all over his "baby buns."

    Unlike Will's colleague Frank, the blond, manly Will didn't remove his shorts to show Dennis his cock as he massaged him. The way Dennis was reacting to Will's intimate touches, Will figured the boy was ready for a guy like Will, whether Dennis knew it or not.

    Will knew about such things.

    He had been extremely well trained. And had won a competition to get the greatly coveted job of Camp Kismidadi counselor.

    Eight months earlier, Will began his training program at the Sissy Boy Mansion, the home of publishing magnate Biff Buggerall, who also owned Camp Powattamee and Camp Kismidadi. And several Mediterranean islands.

    Will's three months at the Sissy Boy Mansion were heaven on earth. The place teemed with beautiful, naked sissyboys, eager to please Mr. Buggerall's houseguests in any way the guests wished.

    And Will wished a lot.

    Oh, if he could have only moved in permanently. Fifteen to twenty exquisite fucks and blowjobs each day -- coupling with the royalty of sissyboydom. Will went to sleep each night feeling as if his testicles had been horsewhipped.


    What a great feeling!

    After those magnificent three months, Will moved out for his "field training." He moved into a Sissy-Boy-Enterprises-approved apartment across the street from a middle school and was given three months to meet, seduce and fuck at least five different, extremely pretty boys. The evidence of which would be transmitted to Sissy Boy headquarters by the surveillance equipment that infested Will's apartment.

    That was a lot more difficult than Will had thought. With his great looks and big cock, Will could have fucked at least 25 boys, but only pretty ones would meet the Sissy Boy standards and secure Will his dream job -- counselor at Camp Kismidadi.

    It was "touch and come," but Will fucked the fifth lovely boy on his 87th day, which gave him time to wipe the place down for prints and get out of town.

    Sissy Boy Enterprises hired Will one month before camp started and he spent the past 20 days learning the fine art of erotic massage -- with the beautiful boys at the Sissy Boy Mansion.

    Will applied all his skills of massage and seduction that night with Dennis.

    And he found a very appreciative subject.

    Dennis's first-ever orgasm occurred when Will slid an oily finger into Dennis's bottomhole as the naked boy lay on his stomach.

    One finger.

    And the boy exploded.

    Which made Will feel pretty good. And Dennis feel even better.

    Will feigned surprise at Dennis's orgasm, flipping the boy onto his back to inspect what had happened. "My goodness, Honey," Will said. "You really enjoyed the first half of that massage, didn't you? Look at all that boy's cream. Do you make boy's cream often?

    Dennis squeaked out a "no." Dennis didn't know exactly what had just happened, but he wanted to have it happen again. A lot.

    One time, two weeks earlier (and he didn't even tell Mike) Dennis opened his Mom's bedroom door to tell her something and accidentally saw Mom and Carl "wrestling." Thank goodness neither of them noticed him, but he got a brief sex-education lesson. Mom and Carl were both naked and kissing. Mom was stroking Carl's huge, stiff cock. Carl groaned a little, then shot out some creamy stuff. Dennis slid out of the room, wondering if he could make that creamy stuff too. And whether it would feel good to do it. Carl sure seemed to like it.

    Anyway, it appeared that Dennis could make that creamy stuff. And it felt GREAT to do it.

    Dennis loved making his first cream, but he was a little scared too. He was naked and alone in a room with a man. Since kindergarten, he had heard that he shouldn't let strangers "take liberties" with him and there he was, all liberty-vulnerable.

    The fear added an extra layer of excitement. That and the way that handsome Will man was looking at Dennis's body as it lay before him. He looked like a hungry man sitting down to a feast. Was that drool he saw on Will's lips?

    Though he had just spurted, Dennis's willie was starting to refill with hot blood.

    Will noticed.

    Will made a nice production out of soaping up a warm washcloth and using it to clean Dennis's public area. "It's OK to do that, Dennis," Will said as he gently, erotically rubbed the washcloth hither and yon in Dennis's private parts. "Boys have to empty their cream. It's good and healthy to do it. And it felt nice too, didn't it?"

    Dennis nodded eagerly.

    Will had a flashback to saying the exact same thing to Peter, the third middle schooler he had seduced during his 90 days of training.


    It took Will a week to get him into the apartment, three days for him to suck Will's cock and three more days for Peter to welcome that cock into his backside.

    Peter... There was a beauty.

    But so was Dennis. And, like Peter, Dennis wanted to believe that the naughty things he wanted so badly were perfectly normal and healthy.

    Will resumed the massage. He rubbed warm oil everywhere except Dennis's "pretties" and his feet.

    Dennis understood the pubic part. That was too private. But why the feet?

    Dennis found out.

    When Will's expert massage had Dennis both ultra-relaxed and mega-excited at the same time, Will moved from Dennis side to stand at his feet.

    Locking eyes with the pretty boy, Will lifted Dennis's right foot to his mouth and gently, sweetly, began to kiss each perfect, pink toe.


    Was that part of a massage? Like that oily finger in the butt?

    As Will stopped kissing each toe and began to lick and suck them, one-at-an-agonizing time, Dennis wriggled with erotic pleasure. The toe-sucking felt nice, but that wasn't what made the boy's cock threaten to erupt. It was the act of being worshipped by a man. No one had ever treated Dennis like that before. He felt that he was so desirable, so loved, that a man would do something completely intimate and subservient to him, just to please him.

    What an incredible turn-on!

    Dennis writhed and moaned as Will licked and kissed the toesies of the boy's left foot. And then Will stopped.

    Dennis looked into Will's handsome eyes and whimpered. For more toe-kissing. Or more "attention."

    He got it.

    Will moved back to Dennis's right side and oiled up his right hand. Then he squirted warm oil onto Dennis's stiff penis and "pink purse."

    Dennis moaned again. He was pretty sure that Will was going to do to Dennis what Mom did to Carl.

    He was right.

    Including the kissing.

    Will expertly attended to Dennis's immediate needs with his right hand. Got a rhythm going. Enjoying the pretty angel's gasps and sighs. Then he leaned over and, without missing a stroke, began a scorching hot, open-mouth kiss with the boy.

    Dennis's first kiss.

    And it happened during his first hand job.

    What bliss!

    Will offered Dennis his tongue and, instinctively, Dennis sucked it. Writhing under the sweet attentions of his camp counselor.

    So good.

    Inevitably, the poor overloaded boy lost his creamy cargo. In thick spurts. All over Will's oily hand and his boyish tummy.

    Dennis liked camp so far.

    He liked it even better when Will stepped out of his gym shorts and presented his own cock for Dennis' inspection.

    Dennis was awestruck. It was a beast! Bigger than what he had seen of Carl's! And dripping some sticky stuff at a fearsome rate.

    Dennis was unsure about what he was supposed to do with that fat, hard thing. But he didn't want to disappoint the man who had just given him such pleasure.

    "Just touch it, if you want, my sweet angel," Will said.

    "Sweet angel!" Wow. Mom called Mike and him stuff like that sometimes, but it was different coming from a man. A big-cocked man, especially.

    Dennis definitely wanted to touch it, so he did. He rubbed his fingers all along the shaft. Loving the grateful reaction he got from Will.

    The man was quite steamed up by what had already happened that amazing evening. His favorite thing in the world was teaching a pretty boy how to shoot his boy's cream.

    And Dennis was a very apt pupil. "Rub the head, Baby," Will heard himself saying to the boy.

    Dennis complied eagerly. Anything Will wanted seemed like a good strategy if he wanted more of that "emptying."

    The "head" was swollen, red and very slick with some clear liquid that Dennis knew wasn't oil. Now that he thought about it, Dennis had secreted some of that himself on occasion. Like when he saw Mike naked in their bedroom. Or when he thought about Mom and Carl "doing things."

    Like Dennis and Mike, Will's cockhead was covered with a thick hood of skin, which Dennis slid back and forth, much to Will's delight.

    The boy was a natural, Will thought. Just like Peter was. Why was he thinking about Peter? Maybe he would go back to that town and seek Peter out. Of course, Peter had probably spoken to his pretty friends and schoolmates by now and realized that Will was stretching the truth as well as Peter's anus when he told Peter he loved only Peter.


    Dennis was an excellent Peter substitute. And would get lots better. His tiny hand was doing an excellent job on Will's hyper-sensitive knob.

    If only the boy would kiss it. That would be excellent!

    But Will couldn't expect the virginal little doll to...

    Seized by a passion he barely understood, Dennis kissed Will's cockhead. And gave it some nice licks -- just as Will had done for Dennis's toes.

    The little darling!

    He was even better than Peter on that score.

    Surrendering to his body's urgent needs, Will's gut clenched and he heaved his large load of creamy man juice all over Dennis' gorgeous face -- in thick, arching ropes.

    Which startled Dennis. But didn't disgust him.

    He had seen one man, Carl, shoot his juices, but he had no idea how plentiful a man's cum could be when he shot it. In preparation for the moment when Dennis would see him spurt, Will hadn't cum in nearly two days!!!

    Which darned near killed him!

    The night before the campers arrived, Will had let off some steam with his collection of back issues of Sissy Boy, some nice lube, and a cock-like, anal toy whose head rotated as it vibrated deep inside the rectum. All of which were a poor substitute for a boy like Dennis, but any port in a spermstorm.

    Dennis knew his face was drenched in the hunky man's hot cream. He was naked, lying on his back on a massage table and was pretty much helpless -- at this man's sexual mercy.

    He wasn't scared. If anything, the boy was very excited and expectant.

    Will was like the infantry commander who had met almost no resistance as he had swept past his objective. And was wondering if he should exceed his orders by going to the next hill.

    Counselor guidelines suggested that the pretty boys not be fucked on "first massage" night. Didn't prohibit fucking. Suggested progressing to cumming in the boy's face. Emasculating him a bit. Beginning true sissboyfication. Backing off from even that if the boy resisted at all (though none ever had).

    But this Dennis...this perfect cherub...was red hot!!

    And let's not forget Will's condition -- even though he had just expended his sperm, he was still "en fuego" for the beautiful boy.

    Will sighed. And decided to see how Dennis liked something in between "so far" and fucking.

    Will kissed Dennis's cum-soaked face and thanked him for being so sweet and generous to Will.

    Then Will said, "Would you like me to show you some other special things?"

    Dennis's heart fluttered at the thought and said, "Oh, yes, please, Uncle Will."

    First Will gently cleaned Dennis's face with a warm washcloth. Then he grabbed a chair and placed it at the foot of the massage table. The man walked to the closet and extracted three large pillows. Will cranked the far end of the massage table up , raising Dennis's upper body so the boy could see Will, even if the man sat.

    Will lifted Dennis by his hips and slid the three pillows under them, elevating the boy's pubic area and presenting a better angle for the man's intentions.

    Which were far from "honorable."

    Infantry commander Will's offensive was planned in three phases. Phase one was giving the boy his first cocksucking -- something every boy in world history has adored.

    Will was an excellent sucker of boy's cocks. And their "associated dainties."

    Dennis trembled in anticipation as Will sat on the chair and considered his prize. A stiffening, little, boy penis. Three-and-a-half-inches tops. The cute, little hood was skinned back revealing a pretty, pink head that was leaking little drips of moist anticipation. The boy's balls dangled prettily below, inviting kisses.

    Will accepted the lewd invitation. He reached forward with his right hand and eased his fingertips under the boy's pink sack. Dennis moaned.

    Tenderly, Will lifted the two spheres a half inch with his fingers. "Two perfect pearls," he said out loud. He looked at them for a few moments, noticing that his cock was restiffening from the luscious sight. Won't need "Mr. Johnson" for a while, Will thought, but it was good to know he was ready.

    Then Will leaned forward in his chair and found a comfortable position for what would be some serious "love instruction" for Dennis.

    Will placed his warm, moist lips on Dennis's right testicle. Then his left.

    Dennis moaned again. He was SO vulnerable. The big, powerful man literally had him by the balls. Poor Dennis was helpless! And he had never been so delighted about anything.

    Dennis's cock twitched as Will continued his sweet, testicular kisses. Then the man began to use his tongue on the defenseless boy's most vulnerable assets. Dennis cried out as Will bathed Dennis's balls with his practiced tongue.

    It was a wonder that the boy didn't cum, but instinctively, he knew he should try to hold back for a larger moment. Which arrived quickly.

    Will actually sucked each pretty pearl for a while, then licked his way up Dennis' short shaft arriving at "Nerve Central." Dennis was so aroused that tears were streaming from his eyes as Will licked the boy's swollen, tender knoblet.

    Instinctively, he placed his hands on Will's head as Will mercilessly applied all his considerable oral skills to giving the boy pleasure.

    Pleasure was way too mild a word for what was happening inside Dennis's head and his scrotum.

    Joy. Bliss. Ecstasy. Intense delight.

    Was such deliciousness possible?

    Dennis actually screamed when his orgasm overtook him. He arched his back and heaved his cream into Will's delighted mouth.

    Will loved to make a boy scream with joy. It was what he lived for. That and fucking the boy.

    Phase One was a great success.

    Dennis lay there, chest pounding. Not knowing he had two phases to go.

    But the night was young and there were two more hills to climb.

    Will stood up and leaned over to kiss Dennis tongueily. Feeding the boy a bit of his cream as they kissed. Rubbing his stiff mancock against Dennis's limp, drooly boycock. Seeing if the boy had the fire to move forward.

    When Dennis locked his legs around Will as they kissed, Will knew the boy wanted more.

    Will broke the kiss, which earned a whimper from Dennis. But Will was really sure that Dennis would enjoy Phase Two.

    Will made a few positional adjustments in the boy and himself, then sat in the chair once again. Dennis was anticipating another ball bath and cocksucking. Which seemed like a really good idea. But Will had a better one.

    Will gasped at the sight that lay before him. He was looking into the gate to nirvana. Dennis's pink (with brown undertones), wrinkled, tight, virginal, tiny anus!

    The real fun, as far as Will was concerned, was about to begin.

    Dennis's ball sack lay just above the pretty portal. Will nudged the little bag with his nose. And took a nice whiff of the boy's building excitement.

    Dennis eagerly awaited Will's lips on his balls. But no.

    The man's thumbs were doing something to him in an even more private place. They were spreading his pretty, pink bottomcheeks. Exposing him in a way he had never...


    The man was licking Dennis's anus!!!!

    Licking it!!! With his tongue!!

    You can't do that. Can you?

    It was the dirtiest thing Dennis could have imagined. And it was happening to him. Uncle Will was licking...Ohhhhhh. It wasn't just licking anymore. The man was sticking his tongue inside him. Not as far as he had put that finger before, but his tongue was "in there." Roaming around. In foreign territory. Without a visa or anything.

    Will licked the boy's pink hole as if it were the finest feast he had ever tasted. Which it was. The tangy taste was part of the fun. So was the dominance -- knowing that the boy was submitting an act that emasculated the boy totally. But the best part of it all was the way the boy enjoyed it so much.

    Dennis was gasping and panting. And mewing. Actually mewing.

    The boy couldn't believe that anyone would emasculate himself like that for him. Licking his anus! In a way, Dennis felt very much in control of the situation. Obviously, Uncle Will wanted Dennis very much. He was STARVED for Dennis. So ravenous that he would so something as "degrading" and "icky" as ass-licking, just to excite Dennis -- and please the boy.

    Dennis LOVED having his pink boyhole licked!

    The sensation was intense -- even better that having his cock sucked. In a way.

    It was just so...dirty.

    Will licked on. And was pleased when his loverboy lifted his knees and spread his legs, to allow Will better access to his "inner Dennis."

    That told Will that the boy was ready for just about anything Will proposed. Including "Phase Three."

    Will was in no rush. He made a proper meal of Dennis' pootie. Delighting in Dennis's lust-fueled sobs. And the boy's inevitable orgasm, without anyone touching his swollen pricklet.

    He ate the boy out for a good 40 minutes. When he stopped, Dennis whimpered. Was it relief that Will had stopped or regret that there would be no more?

    No matter.

    Will used a cloth to wipe the ample anal juices from his mouth. He wanted to kiss Dennis a lot more that night and not every boy enjoys tasting the fruits of his own anus.

    Before Dennis could collect his thoughts, Will replaced his tongue with two fingers in the boy's pucker.

    Dennis squeaked. And groaned when Will found his prostate.

    Dennis began to wonder if he should have completed his last will and testament before coming to camp.

    He was already well into a different plane of existence.

    Will's third finger in Dennis's sopping, loosened hole convinced the man that Phase Three was at least feasible that very evening.

    Will applied the decision-making strategy that every man in history has employed.

    He let his cock decide.

    Will's cock said, "Proceed directly to Phase Three. Fuck the boy's pretty bottom. Do not pass `Go.' Do not collect $200."

    Will agreed.

    Briefly, Will considered flipping Dennis onto his stomach and taking him from behind. But the boy looked so darned good lying on his back the massage table.

    So Will removed his fingers from Dennis's bottom, stood up and applied a liberal portion of oil to his swollen, throbbing cock.

    Dennis looked on in a haze of lust and wonder. What was Will doing? Was he rubbing oil on his cock to make himself spurt? He didn't need to do that. Dennis would have kissed the man's cock until it spurted.

    Dennis was truly puzzled. He had no concept of a man putting his cock into a boy's bottom. That seemed impossible. In fact, he didn't even know that a man put his "thing" into a lady's "thingie."

    So he watched Will put the oil bottle down, then move forward. Will held Dennis's shins in his hands and gently pushed them back, exposing the boy's pink hole to the maximum.

    Will placed his peehole at the wet entrance to the boy's anus. Rubbed the head against the "wrinkly."

    Mmmmmm. That felt good to Dennis. Will could keep doing that. It was nice. And dirty.

    Will made sure he had eye contact with Dennis. He always wanted to see the look on a boy's face when he fucked him. Especially the first time a boy was fucked.

    Will wasn't sadistic -- reveling in a boy's pain. The opposite was true. He wanted to see a boy's first feelings of carnal bliss when the pain eased and pleasure began.

    For Will, the worst part of fucking a boy for the first time was the pain the little angel felt.

    But that didn't deter Will from fucking them. Oh no.

    Will kept rubbing his young lover's anus with his cockhead. Enjoyed the boy's pleasure from it. Then Will sighed. And pushed.

    The wet, swollen knob and one inch of shaft entered Dennis's wet, impossibly tight boypussy.

    Dennis's mouth opened, but no scream came out immediately. That's how surprised the boy was.

    Wait for it.


    Dennis screamed.

    The pain!

    Raw. Hot. Blinding.

    Will did the only humane thing.

    During Dennis's initial scream, Will pushed the rest of his monster in. All the way.

    Which seemed to choke off Dennis's scream in mid-eek.

    Perhaps Will's cock had gone all the way up and was stuck in Dennis's throat.

    No. The pain was so distracting, he couldn't even scream.

    Will left his cock just where it was. Fully embedded in the hottest, tightest place it had ever been,

    He didn't move it. Not at all. For two good reasons. 1) he wanted Dennis to get used to it. 2) he was fighting the urge to cum. Which surprised Will.

    Generally, that didn't happen that quickly. But this little scamp had Will quite steamed.

    Will leaned over and kissed Dennis hard on the lips. Which also distracted Dennis from the agony of that hot spear in his bowels.

    Nearly seven minutes passed.

    Dennis stopped whimpering. The pain had been replaced by a great, sexy, full feeling.

    Will's "crisis" had passed.

    It was time to fuck.

    They fucked.

    Slowly at first. Then quite athletically. With lots of tonguey kissing.

    Oh my.

    Dennis spurted for the last time that red-letter evening.

    Which triggered Will's shuddering ejaculation.

    Followed by Dennis's ass's involuntary rejection of Will's spent cock.

    Will carried Dennis to his bed. They got between the sheets, kissed for a while, then did what we guys do after all that sperming.

    They fell asleep in each other's arms.

    Two -- The all-over tan

    Breakfast was scheduled for eight the next morning, but nary a pretty boy nor camp counselor arrived at the appointed hour -- a pattern that would follow throughout the next, six glorious weeks.

    Dennis was just a teensy bit embarrassed about seeing his big brother Mike that morning. Dennis had done some very naughty things with Uncle Will. Very naughty. And he was worried that Mike would think that Dennis had turned gay or something.

    Taking a man's cock up his bottom, for instance. By most measures, that's gay.

    Maybe if Dennis and Will had only done it once...

    But Dennis kind of woke up around 2:30 a.m. and sort of licked Will's bottomhole while the man was asleep... just as Will had done for Dennis.

    That was certainly gay. Though it was awfully nice.

    It was nice too when Will awoke during the "dirty-licking" and fucked Dennis again. It didn't hurt nearly as much as the first time. And the third time hurt even less.

    Oops. That third time was at around 6:30, when Dennis awoke and sucked Will's ccok to kind of, you know, tell the man that he wanted to try that cock-in-the-bottom thing again. Will eagerly granted Dennis's unspoken request.

    Dennis wondered if Mike had done things like that with Frank.

    Then he saw Mike. With Frank.

    Dennis could tell right away that Mike and Uncle Frank had "done things" together. It looked as if they couldn't wait until they could do more things.

    The counselors exchanged greetings with the brothers, then left Mike and Dennis alone while they ran off to get the boys' breakfast.

    Dennis and Mike didn't know what to say to each other.

    Then Mike said, "Did you get the oil massage?"

    Dennis looked at Mike a bit sheepishly and nodded.

    "Did you like it?" Mike asked.

    Dennis smiled. "It was awesome. Did you?"

    Mike giggled. "And a lot more," he said.

    The boys "dished" to each other about their landmark evening, night and morning. Expressing shock and awe at what was done and how much they adored all of it.

    The only downer was that Mike knew he had been "short-sheeted," as they say at camp, regarding fucking. At which exact moment, Frank and Will arrived with breakfast and Mike asked, "Uncle Frank, why did Dennis get Uncle Will's cock AND tongue in his bottom and all I got was your cock in my mouth?"

    Stunned, Frank put Mike's food down, then shot daggers at his colleague Will for going a hill too far.

    Gathering his wits, Frank replied, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I wasn't sure you were ready for that yet. But it appears you are. If you like, we can go back to my room or your room after breakfast and correct my error."

    Mike looked at Frank, then at Dennis and Will. "Can we go now?" he asked quite reasonably.

    Frank loved the boy even more. "Of course, darling. Gentlemen, would you excuse us?"

    Dennis gave Mike a big smile and a big thumbs-up. Then he and Will shared a giggle and a breakfast.

    "Your brother will be missing some of today's planned activities," Will said. "Or all of today's activities by the looks of it. But he can catch up. We're having a little get-together for boys and counselors at the pool. We could go back to the room after breakfast to get your bathing suit, but I'm sure, being the randy little piece that you are, we wouldn't leave the room for quite some time. And I think you'll like meeting the others. Anyway, no one wears a suit at the Camp Kismidadi pool."

    Dennis thought about that as he tore into pancakes and sausages. Will was right about Dennis being a "randy little piece" -- whatever that was exactly. If they went back to the room, Dennis would probably insist that Will play another round of that fun game of theirs. And Dennis wanted to get to know the other people he would be with for the summer. He had seen them and talked a little with them at yesterday's hike. But today everyone would be naked.

    And that's different.

    Dennis looked around the room at the other counselors and boys. What a beautiful bunch they were! The men were so handsome and manly! The boys were so pretty and sissyish!

    Dennis hoped that they would think he looked good naked. He was encouraged that Will apparently thought Dennis looked good.

    As Dennis walked hand-in-hand with Will as they left the dining room, he wondered how Mike was getting along.

    Frank probably had his tongue six inches up Mike's kiester by then. He hoped Mike liked that. But he knew he would.

    Dennis knew Mike would like being, what was it that Uncle Will called it, "being fucked" -- by Frank.

    This was going to be the best summer ever!

    Man and boy arrived at the pool as the other six boys arrived with their counselors. For fun, Dennis tried to figure out which of them had been "fucked."

    None of the boys seemed to be walking with the same gait Dennis had observed during yesterday's hike.

    Had they all been playing "hide the salami" with their counselors?

    Was Uncle Frank learning a valuable lesson about what it meant to be the only one who follows the rules?

    Dennis blushed when he took his clothes off and stood naked at poolside. Though he knew deep down that he had a great body.

    The boy had felt the hot stares of men for as long as he could remember, though he didn't know what those stares meant until Will showed him last night.

    Seven naked, teensy-cocked, 12- and 13-year-old boys were sneaking peeks at each other's charms and the seven naked, big-cocked counselors.

    Dennis liked what he saw.

    As delicious a display of puerile beauty as had ever been assembled. Enhanced by the sight of three or four cum-drooling bottoms, including Dennis's.

    And the men!

    Oh my.

    Hairy and virile. And sexy as a tonguetip poised at one's urethra.

    Their big cocks were all so erect!!

    Dennis felt very warm. And, though it was a sunny day, he didn't think that was the reason.

    The boy was blushing at all the hot stares he was collecting from the other boys and the men at the pool. And his little pickle was standing tall.

    He was pretty sure that he was going to enjoy himself that day. Then enjoyment found him.

    "Excuse me," he heard a boyish voice say behind him. "You're Dennis, right? I'm Paul"

    Paul? Wow. Dennis remembered him from the hike yesterday.

    He sure looked better naked than he had in his camp outfit.

    The boy was very pretty, with curly, longish blond hair. His body was slim and he had a penis that had never seen three inches. But Paul's really distinguishing features were his boy nipples.

    They were quite oversized for a boy -- almost two inches in diameter. Very brown. And very erect.

    Looking at Paul would be an effective cure for erectile dysfunction for any breathing man.

    Paul blushed a little as Dennis appraised him with his pretty eyes. Then he said, "You're fair, like me. If we don't get some sunscreen on soon, we won't have any fun with our counselors until our sunburn heals. And I know we wouldn't want that. I'll put some lotion on you if you put some one me, OK?"

    Dennis gulped. That sounded really good.

    So he said, "Sure."

    Paul beamed and produced a big bottle of sunscreen lotion. He squirted a big dollop of lotion into his palm, then stepped behind Dennis. Slowly, sensuously, Paul rubbed lotion onto Dennis's shoulders, then all along his back. Paul stepped around to Dennis's front and rubbed lots of slick lotion all over Dennis neck, tummy and chest, with some slow, exciting attention to Dennis's nipples. Then Paul got behind Dennis again, onto his knees, and worked the lotion into Dennis's thighs, calves and [gasp] bare bottom cheeks.

    Dennis's sissyboy pole was achy stiff when Paul asked Dennis to "about face" so he could apply the lotion to Dennis's pubic region.

    Which was what they both wanted to do from the beginning, but were saving it for last like the cherry on a sundae.

    Paul had Dennis gasping and panting as he rubbed the boy's pink parts.

    And then he stopped. And stood up.

    "My turn," the little dickteaser said.

    Dennis groaned, but rubbed Paul with lotion, slowly and thoroughly, just as Paul had for him.

    And there they were. Both body-lubed up. And protected from the sun. Naked. Aroused by each other.

    Dennis made the first move. He took Paul into his arms and kissed the 12-year-old angel deeply, with lots of tongue.

    Paul kissed back. And rubbed "tiny ticklers" with Dennis.

    Dennis's first kiss with another boy.


    Paul was a very hot little muffin.

    The boys kissed passionately, oblivious to the other males at the pool. The counselors had stepped back a bit, letting the boys rub lotion on each other -- which is a time-honored, "getting-to-know-you" technique.

    Paul and Dennis were very close to spurting when they took a little break. Not wanting to spill their seed so quickly. Knowing that pleasure delayed is pleasure enhanced.

    Having laid the groundwork for a torrid little sissyboy love affair, they walked arm-in-arm to one of the pool's several double loungers.

    Dennis sneaked a quick peek at what was happening with the other boys and men.

    And didn't like what he saw. Uncle Will, Dennis's Uncle Will, was sitting in a double lounger with that 13-year-old, pretty boy Carlos. Both were naked and kissing tonguily and that tarty little tramp Carlos was rubbing lotion all over Will's stiff, fat cock.

    Dennis's pretty eyes flashed with jealousy. Paul recognized the signs and said, "It's not like you're sitting in a corner by yourself while your counselor and Carlos get friendly. You're with me and we're naked and friendly too, right?"

    Dennis calmed down a bit. Then Paul said, "I think there's going to be a lot of that over the next six weeks at Camp Kismidadi, Dennis. I'll bet every one of the uncles will fuck us and we'll have little sissy love affairs with all the boys. Even you and your brother!"

    Wow. Dennis hadn't thought about that. All those hunky men! Their big cocks thrusting up his bottomhole! Those pretty boys! And most naughtily, making spermies with Mike! As he and Paul writhed on the lounger, kissing and rubbing lubed body parts, Dennis spurted really hard.

    It was going to be a fantastic summer!!

    Three -- Meanwhile, back at the minor mansion

    Biff Buggerall, editor and publisher of Sissy Boy magazine, was having a great day.

    But every day was great for the media magnate.

    Biff was in residence at what most people called the minor mansion -- a smaller, Camp Kismidadi version of Biff's legendary Sissy Boy Mansion.

    At the major mansion, there were always at least 15 pretty boys in residence -- all eager to please "Uncle Biff," as he liked the boys to call him, Biff's houseguests and his major employees. The boys were also eager to please each other.

    At the minor mansion, which Biff occupied every summer so be near the proceedings at Camp Kismidadi, he usually made do with only seven or eight boys.

    It was "roughing it" a bit, but the boys were rotated in and out every few days so Biff could enjoy a bit of variety.

    The morning of the first Camp Kismidadi "pool party" Biff was enjoying the sweet attentions of an achingly beautiful and sexy Asian creampuff named "Wang."

    The boy was nearly 13 and was innocent as a puppy when he arrived at the mansion six weeks earlier. The only English words the boy had learned thus far were, "Please fuck me again, Uncle Biff."

    Which was plenty fluent as far as Biff was concerned.

    Wang and Biff were locked in a coital clinch in Biff's large bedroom. Biff was spooned up behind the lovely lad and his considerable cock was embedded in Wang's ridiculously tight anus.

    It was a true wonder of nature that Wang could accommodate a little finger in there, let alone a cock the size of Biff's. But accommodate it the boy did.

    Wang's non-English whimpers and exclamations made the fucking even more pleasant for Biff. Who was a true connoisseur of boyish delights.

    Biff caressed Wang's tiny phallus and baby balls as he fucked the delicious treat. The boy always exploded at least twice during a fucking. And his cum production was inversely proportional to his two-inch cock size.

    The boy made serious sperm!

    And so did Biff. He deluged the boy's intestines, pumping creamy globs of ecstasy into Wang. Much to the boy's obvious delight.

    Six weeks earlier, when the Sissy Boy talent scout had arranged with Wang's parents to send the boy to a new, better life in America, Wang had never been with a man or a boy. And the boy had had no "gay" notions at all.

    When Wang saw the lovely Sissy Boy Mansion and the naked, gorgeous boys who inhabited it, he quickly added two and two.

    One night with "Sissy Boy of the Year" Damon convinced Wang that he would like being a sissy boy. The next night, with Biff, convinced Wang that he wanted to please men.

    Biff loved all his sissy boys. And he took very good care of them.

    Though the mogul had a brief attentions span when it came to specific boys -- usually three to six months -- he always ensured his boys' long-term well-being.

    Many of the boys were "married off" to prominent, rich men, who adored the lovelies as their "boy wives." Others, who chose not to marry, were educated at an excellent private school managed by the Buggerall Foundation, where the boys could learn lifelong skills as they enjoyed the favorable attentions of their fellow students and instructors.

    Each boy received a substantial trust fund that ensured his financial comfort for life.

    That morning, Biff arose from his bed with Wang, took the boy to the shower and fucked him as they refreshed for the day ahead.

    Biff dressed in shorts, tee shirt and flip flops. Wang, like all the boys in the mansion, stayed naked. Biff kissed Wang goodbye and was off to work.

    Biff went downstairs to his massive office where his loyal assistant Kevin awaited him.

    "Morning, Chief," Kevin said.

    "Good morning, Kevin," Biff replied. Biff really liked Kevin and with good reason. "Did you get the goods?"

    "You bet, Chief," Kevin said. "I stayed up all night. Without `comfort.' To make sure it all went well. We have them all, except for Frank and Mike. And that's happening now. Wow, is it happening now! That boy Mike is getting it hot and hard. And he's spurting an ocean."

    Biff's first concern was Kevin's well-being. It was OK that he hadn't slept. But no "comfort" from a boy all night? How was Kevin functioning?

    Kevin addressed that concern. "I'm just about done here, Chief. Then I'll grab Chrissie and get some relief. We got some great stuff. Enough for three or four issues, maybe five. And the videos! Wow."

    Every room at Camp Kismidadi, as well as the public areas such as the pool, were completely set up for HD video and photography. Literally thousands of hidden, still and video cameras from multiple angles record every moment of lovemaking between a boy and a man and a boy and a boy.

    "The `first-time' material is always big with our customers, Chief." Kevin said. We have every angle and motion of seven, and now eight beautiful boys being seduced and fucked for the first time by their mega-hunky counselors. Now that the magazine is going from monthly to weekly, we'll need all this stuff. The videos will sell like hotcakes too, Chief. I'd say you made nine figures today."

    Wow. As mentioned, every day was a great day for Biff Buggerall. "I see a million-dollar bonus for you too, my friend," Biff told Kevin.

    Kevin beamed. The boss was very generous. Especially with his sissyboyfriends.

    "And we still have nearly 40 days of camp, Chief. This summer will be a gusher."

    Every day was a gusher for Biff Buggerall.


    One month after the best weekend of Carl Boinkman's life, the one when he learned that his stepsons, 13-year-old Mike and 12-year-old Dennis, truly loved their new Daddy, things were very good for Carl.

    His new wife Kristy was absolutely delighted that Carl was getting along so well with her boys. So Carl was getting all the pussy anyone could handle.

    Though Kristy would have sliced Carl into bite-sized pieces if she had known the full nature of the relationship between Carl and the boys.

    It seems that Carl was, well, fucking the two gorgeous, young darlings every chance he got. Which, for starters, was every afternoon after school, since Carl was a teacher. He used to give them cookies and milk, but added man's cream to their after-school diets. He was also able to squeeze in a bit of naughtiness with the boys some mornings, when Kristy had to leave home early for her high-powered job. Kristy had also been out of town on business three nights during the past month. So Carl and his stepsons had become very close.


    It wasn't that he didn't love his new wife. Carl loved Kristy. Deeply. And he loved fucking her.

    But Carl had to admit to himself that he loved fucking Mike and Dennis even more. Lots more.

    Kristy was an outstanding fuck. Heck, on six occasions in the past month, she had even let Carl stick his cock into the "servant's entrance." And how many women can you say that about?

    But those boys...

    So young and yet, so experienced. Somehow. Carl wanted to know how, even as he never wanted to know how.

    He was not about to ask.

    Basic guy rule -- when you're getting great, regular "pussy," never ask the "pussy" donor anything about your predecessors or how the donor learned to make love so well. Something about geese and golden eggs.

    Carl also had to admit to himself that he was tired. He fucked each stepson at least once during every schho-day afternoon. Sometimes ripping off another piece, or even two, if Kristy was late at work. Every night before they went to sleep, Kristy "wanted it." Then again each morning.

    Carl was getting calluses on his cock.

    And his balls never quite stopped aching.

    This is what we call a "good problem."

    Weekends were actually a breather for Carl, since he could only fuck Kristy.

    At first, Carl felt a bit guilty about depriving the boys for two days each week of what they clearly needed. But then he thought it through.

    Just about every weekend day since he had been dating Kristy, Mike and Dennis had gone to the local gym to "work out and play basketball and stuff," as Dennis described it. They hitched a ride with two older boys from down the block -- 17-year-old Rick and his brother, 16-year-old Brad.

    Kristy's boys 1} seemed to be VERY happy when Rick and Steve took them to the gym and brought them home and 2} never showed any signs of muscular development from all their gym work. And Rick and Brad were practically peeing their pants to get Mike and Dennis "to the gym."


    Were they...? If so, maybe that was where the boys learned to be the best fucks on the planet. But what could two young boys learn from two five-years-older neighbor boys?

    Carl considered all that as he went to the supermarket one evening to pick up some things for the family.

    As Carl waited at the checkout his eyes wandered to the gossip rags. Such trash. Did he need any AAA batteries? No.


    There, where it had been for six months or so now, was the display of "Sissy Boy" magazine's latest issue. Carl hadn't really looked at it too closely since his real-life sex life was quite satisfying. Sometimes he just looked at the cover. Which was what he saw that day.

    There, in vivid color, were a man and two boys. They were all naked and cum-drenched, which was de rigeur for that trashy "Sissy Boy." But in this issue...which was a ballbreaker for won't believe this...the boys were Mike and Dennis!!!

    Carl's Mike and Dennis.

    Carl's stepsons and bedmates.

    THAT Mike and Dennis!!!

    "Excuse me. Are you all right?" asked the lady behind Carl in line.

    He must have been frozenly catatonic.

    Carl snapped out for an instant and said, "Uh, yeah. Thanks."

    Ignoring the lady's disapproving stare, Carl added "Sissy Boy" to his purchases and rushed out to the car to verify what he thought he saw.

    Carl threw the groceries onto the back seat, ripped "Sissy Boy" out its plastic bag and sat in the front seat to "read" it.

    A passer-by saw all that and went, "Tsk, tsk. That pervert couldn't even wait to get home to beat off to that disgusting filth."

    But Carl wasn't interested in self-abuse. He "read" through the first 23 pages of the magazine -- a "pictorial" entitled "Daddy's Double Date." It was Mike and Dennis all right. And they were vividly portrayed as that "Daddy" person's dirty little fuck toys.

    Which was ridiculous. Since they were Carl's dirty little fuck toys.

    Carl was nauseous.

    Who were those two kids that he'd been fucking?

    And how had they gotten involved with Sissy Boy magazine?

    Last summer's camp never occurred to Carl. But that was where the "pictorial" was created.

    NOTE: You'll find a detailed description of Mike and Dennis's "Sissy Boy" issue at the end of this story.

    Two -- Stars are born (then fucked)

    Halfway through Mike and Dennis's past summer at six-week Camp Kismidadi (pronounced "Kiss me, Daddy) Mike was enjoying his morning clean-up.

    The front of the boy's body was pressed against the glass of the shower cubicle and "Uncle Greg" was the one doing the pressing.

    The man's fat cock was buried in the boy's plump bottom and he was fucking the helpless, trapped boy mercilessly. Imposing his will on the boy. Tormenting the boy's prostate with each vicious stroke.

    Mike liked it a lot.

    So much so that on the 29th stroke, Mike began to helplessly ejaculate the few dribbles of sperm that remained in his beautiful body after a glorious night of complete, sissyboy submission to all of Uncle Greg's disgusting needs.

    Uncle Greg grunted manfully as he too shot the last of his precious seed into the boy's spectacular asshole.

    Mike giggled a little to himself. The counselors all seemed to be taking naps every morning these days, after three weeks of fucking the eight luckiest boys in the country.

    The boys had to "amuse" each other before noon.

    Uncle Greg managed to gather his dehydrated body through a shave and toothbrushing. Then he escorted his overnight companion to breakfast.

    Like most of the counselors after three weeks of camp, Greg was naked. And limp, as the counselors usually were until after their morning naps.

    Some boys walked around nude. Others, like Mike and Dennis, usually wore something that was even cockteasier than mere nakedness.

    That morning, as Greg and Mike walked hand-in-hand to the dining hall, Mike was wearing a very brief, pink loincloth. The so-called "garment" consisted of two folded-handkerchief-sized pieces of linen held together by strings. The front flap semi-concealed only the boy's penis -- his pretty testicles dangled below the flap. The rear flap concealed only four inches of "separation" between the boy's bottomcheeks. The boy's anus and a rear view of his testicles were clearly exposed.

    Despite the exhausted languor the counselors displayed in the mornings, Mike's outfit drew five firm erections from the counselors who saw it. Which pleased Mike tremendously.

    Every pretty boy has a little "dickteaser" inside him.

    Still, the counselors knew that if they were to endure this sweetest of ordeals they called Camp Kismidadi, they would have to husband their resources. So after breakfast, the boys paired off with each other.

    Mike was delighted to see that his little brother Dennis wanted to be his "morning partner" that day. The little scamp had developed into a magnificent piece of sissyboy ass and was getting sexier every day.

    The brothers had become frequent lovers and often had overnight "double dates" with two fortunate counselors. One of their favorite things was to lie next to each other, on their backs, touching bodies, fondling each other's cocks and kissing tonguily as the men stood and fucked their bottoms.


    That morning, Dennis was wearing only a pretty pair of miniscule, white, silk bikini panties. Last night, the pretty angel had been magnificently fucked, within an inch of his life, by "Uncle Rob," Camp Kismidadi's reigning "big boy." And was feeling quite chipper.

    It was amazing how well the boys' assholes had evolved to adapt to their changing environment.

    As the counselors slinked off to their IV bottles and four-hour power naps, Mike and Dennis shared a tongue-moistened kiss. Though the boys didn't like to think about returning to their dull, normal lives after Camp Kismidadi, they knew that, unlike the other six boys, they would have each other. And maybe, unless he was insane, they would have Mom's soon-to-be-husband Carl.

    Arm-in-arm, then hand-on-bottom, the boys slowly began a walk around the camp. It felt good to walk and it was a beautiful day.

    They chose a longer route that day, walking past that odd mini-mansion that was just over the rise, out of sight from Camp Kismidadi. Mike often wondered who lived there and had been by it with a sissy boyfriend or two to see what he could see. So far he had seen nothing.

    And then he did.

    Two gorgeous, 13-ish, naked boys emerged from the house's front door and walked to the lawn. If they saw Mike and Dennis looking at them from 20 yards away, they didn't show it. But they did make sure that the watching boys got a nice view of their bottoms and peenies as they laid down a blanket on the front lawn, then lay on it.

    The boys were sunning themselves quite prettily, as they slowly skinned each other's tiny, erect cockheads. Mike and Dennis wondered who they were, but were no longer shocked by the sight of beautiful, naked boys "doing naughties" with each other. Or with a man.

    Who, by coincidence had just stepped out of the front door and onto the porch, accompanied by a tall, slim, very pretty and very dark-skinned young boy.

    Dennis said to Mike, "That's that weird `Uncle Biff' guy we see at camp sometimes. I've never seen him naked. He looks really good, doesn't he, Mike?"

    Mike nodded and his own cock twitched at what he saw. The man looked very good naked. The boy was unconventionally pretty -- but quite lovely. His skin was a lot darker than Uncle Greg's, who had fucked Mike so well the previous night and morning. Greg was African-American. Was this boy African?"

    Biff and the boy sat on a double-seater couch on Biff's porch. They were kissing very hot and heavy, sucking tongues and stroking each other's cocks. Dennis and Mike expected them to spunk at any minute. But then they stopped. And Biff looked directly at Mike and Dennis.

    "Hello," Biff said. "Welcome to my home. You're Mike and Dennis, the pretty brothers from Camp Kismidadi, right? Come join M'botu and me on the porch."

    Curiosity flooded their boyish veins and the brothers sissied over to the porch.

    "M'botu is from Kenya. Isn't he a doll?"

    Mike and Dennis nodded. The Kenyan boy was even sexier close up. Though he had a really tiny cock, the head, which was peeking over his thick, very dark foreskin, was pink. So cute!

    "Do you think Mike and Dennis are pretty, M'botu?"

    M'botu smiled. "Oh yes, Uncle Biff. Maybe they should live with us in your house, no?"

    Biff chuckled. "That would be up to them. And their mother, of course. But they're certainly pretty and sexy enough to be one of Biff's Boys."

    Mike and Dennis looked at each other. "Biff's Boys?"

    M'botu said, "I don't want to be rude, Uncle Biff. But you promised me a good, stiff fucking and I really need it now."

    Biff chuckled again. "All right my randy darling. Mike and Dennis, you can stay with M'botu and me, you can join Sven and Omar on their blanket, you can walk back to camp, or you can go inside. I'll give you a house tour after I keep my promise with M'botu."

    The boys stayed. And watched M'botu lube up his own bottom, then Biff's cock, first with his mouth then with some nice oils. Then the pretty Kenyan straddled the sitting Biff and impaled himself on Biff's massive monster.

    Mike and Dennis winced a little when they saw that thick rammer buried in that tiny, pink hole. But M'botu took it all. And loved ever centimeter of it.

    The lovers kissed and fucked for a good 20 minutes, as the spectators, Mike and Dennis, kissed and skinned each other to a nice cum. Then M'botu screamed and pumped what looked like a week's worth of sperm all over himself and Biff. The boys looked in wonder at the white sperm on the boy's dark skin.

    Biff spunked in M'botu's plump buns soon after.

    Unlike those wimpy camp counselors, Uncle Biff was hale and hearty after his love encounter with the pretty boy. He kissed M'botu lovingly for a long while. When his limpened cock retreated from M'botu's excellent asshole, he sat and smiled as the Kenyan sank to his knees, licked his uncle's cock clean, then sucked it to a fresh stand.

    Biff thanked M'botu and the boy disappeared.

    "How about that tour now, boys?"

    How could Mike and Dennis refuse?

    Biff led the boys through the door to an elegant foyer, framed by a long, winding staircase. The boys were a bit wary, but followed Biff up the stairs. They giggled when they saw that the sconces on the banisters were carved, wooden cocks. There was some very naughty artwork along the stairway walls -- men fucking pretty boys -- with lots of spurting from both parties.

    The second floor was ten large bedrooms, each with an en-suite, full, luxurious bath. Biff's bedroom, he told the boys, was on the first floor.

    "Ah, here we are," Biff said. "This is M'botu's room. Let's see if he's in."

    Biff knocked and M'botu scurried to the door to open it. The Kenyan was delighted to see Biff again.

    That was when Mike and Dennis realized that "Biff's Boys" loved Biff.

    And apparently, Biff loved them.

    M'Botu opened the door wide and led the three visitors in. Mike snickered when he saw that the boy's asshole hadn't closed up yet and he was still leaking a great deal of Biff's man's cream.

    It was a very nice room, with a big bed. Since the boys at Biff's houses were always naked, there was nothing in the closets. But there was plenty on the walls. Fifteen or sixteen framed, large photos of M'botu being fucked by a very pale, very blond, very hunky man.

    Mike and Dennis stared in wonder, then looked at M'botu.

    "That was my `Sissy Boy' magazine, May 2008 pictorial. `Sperm-Exchange Student.' In it, I played an exchange student who finds love and sperm with his exchange `Daddy.' It was lots of fun to model for it and Uncle Biff says I produced over 80,000 gallons of sperm. Minimum."


    "Sissy Boy" magazine? What was that?

    Gallons of sperm?

    Biff loved seeing Mike and Dennis's innocence.

    "All the boys at this house and my primary house, the Sissy Boy Mansion, have appeared in my magazine. It's how I can afford such luxuries as food, shelter and Camp Kismidadi. The boys modeled for the magazine because they wanted to. Plus, it's the greatest cockteasing opportunity in world history. You can make millions of men worldwide lie in bed, stroke their stiff meats and pretend they're fucking you. Can you imagine?"

    Mike and Dennis were beginning to imagine. As stated, every pretty boy has some cockteaser in him. What an incredible way that would be to scratch that particular itch. How exciting to enflame all those men!

    Biff asked, "Would you boys liked to stay at the house tonight? I can promise you'll enjoy it and tomorrow, if you wish, we can discuss a possible modeling job for you."

    Mike and Dennis were shivering with lust at the thought of a million men spurting as they cried out their names. Of course they didn't consider that some people they already knew might have concerns about seeing the boys naked and fucking for all to behold.

    Mike said, "Thank you, Uncle Biff."

    Biff smiled and showed them to their room. "You're way too overdressed now that you're staying here, boys."

    Mike and Dennis stripped off their meager attire and enjoyed Uncle Biff's appreciative attentions.

    "Why don't you boys wash up? Kevin, my business manager and I will be by in a half hour to discuss `arrangements.'"

    Even Dennis could decode that. Biff and that Kevin guy would have their cocks up the brothers' butts in 45 minutes tops.

    Dennis was right about that.

    Both Kevin, who was a major man-babe and always called Biff, "Chief," like he was Jimmy Olsen or something, and Biff had amazing stamina. They gave Mike and Dennis the "fuck night" of their young lives.

    No wonder all those young "models" loved Biff and his magazine so much.

    Anyway, the next morning, the boys' bottomholes were stretched and sopping wet, but Biff and Kevin acted as if they had just had a 10-hour, REM sleep.

    The boys' resistance was a bit low when Kevin introduced them to Hans.

    "If you agree, you and Hans are going to do a pictorial called, "Daddy's Double Date." It's a tale of a single father who loves his boys so much that he rushes home from work to be with them. So he can love them the way they need to be loved. Hans is Austrian and doesn't speak much English, but you can see that he's a very good model."

    The spunk-covered, tired-but-happy boys could see that all right. Hans was a mega-hunk. And he had that universal, language-not-required look that said, "I want to fuck you till you faint."

    The boys loved that look.

    "Here's the deal," Kevin said. "You and Hans `model' every morning for five or six days. Hans rests up the rest of the time, because our pictorials require a LOT of sperm. We splice it together so that it looks as if it happened in one night. You boys stay here with us and `sleep' with the Chief and me every night."

    That last "pot sweetener" sold the deal to the boys.

    And thus was created the most spunked-on pictorial in "Sissy Boy" history

    ANNEX -- The "Sissy Boy" magazine issue that featured Mike and Dennis.


    [The magazine logo is in "Comic Sans" font, upper- and lower-case. The "i" in "Sissy Boy" is an erect cock with attendant balls, "dotted" by a white splurt of sperm.] Volume 4, Number 10 October 3, 2008 A Buggerall Enterprises publication $39.95 USA $47.99 Canada 40 Euros NOW WEEKLY!!!!!

    The cover picture is a dazzling attention getter. A 30-something, Clooney-handsome, very well-built and magnificently-cocked alpha male is lying in a large bed between two boys -- Mike and Dennis. Everyone is naked and everyone is smiling broadly. The sheets on the bed are rumpled and drenched with creamy emissions. The boys are also rumpled and drenched with creamy emissions.

    In a masterpiece of the photographic arts, the posed boys are on either side of the man, who has his arms around the boys. Both boys' anuses are displayed to the camera. Both anuses are gaping and drooling sperm. The boys' gorgeous faces are deluged with cum and their tiny cocks are limp and drooling cum from their foreskins. The boys' stomachs are lakes of sperm, presumably their own. They look delightedly happy.

    The ultra-hunky man looks as if he's in love with the boys, whom he has just thoroughly and repeatedly fucked. His cock is semi-soft and also leaking cum.

    The cover picture is captioned, "Daddy's Double Date."

    In the upper-right corner, a tab teases another story within -- "Sissyboy Suck Party" shows the cummy faces of four beautiful, smiling boys.


    An advertisement for "Sissy Boy Vacation Tours" shows a collage of beautiful, naked boys frolicking with older men on a luxury ship in a warm climate.

    "Come join the fun," says the caption. "Cruise the Caribbean and fuck the world's prettiest young boys for 15 glorious days and nights. Beginning at only $199,000 for our fuck-one-boy-a-day-as-often-as-you-wish package. Rates for the even randier, who want two or three boys a day, available on request.

    "Tours are always full. Book now and attend a pre-cruise weekend with the boys who need what you'll give them. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx."


    Headline -- "Daddy's Double Date"

    Four smallish pictures show Mike and Dennis 1) getting off a school bus 2) walking "home" 3) throwing their schoolbooks onto their beds and 4) getting naked

    Caption: 13-year-old Chip and his 12-year-old brother Skip come home and get ready for their date with their Daddy.

    [Calling Mike and Dennis "Chip" and "Skip" is the magazine's only bow to protecting the "models'" anonymity.}


    "Skip" (Dennis) is on all fours on the double bed that the boys share in their bedroom. His perfect bottom is facing the camera and Mike is running his Vaseline-coated fingers in and out of his brother's butt -- much to Dennis's delight.

    Caption: "Do a good job, Skip. You know how big Daddy is."


    Dennis and Mike switch places and Dennis lubes up his brothers' pretty bottom. There's an excellent view of Mike's dangling testicles.

    Caption: "That feels great, Chip, but Daddy's cock will feel even better.



    Dennis, on his left side, and Mike, on his right side, lie on their bed, kissing and stroking each other's enflamed, swollen mini-cocks.

    Caption: "Don't make me spurt, Skip. You know Daddy likes us to keep all our spunk for him!"


    Three fingers of Dennis's right hand are buried in Mike's beautiful bottom as they kiss. Mike is reciprocating for Dennis. Both boys' cocks are creamimg mightily.

    Caption: "Ooops. Well, that was just a tension-reliever. There's plenty more for Daddy."


    The incredibly hunky man from the magazine cover is shown standing at the bedroom door, watching the naked, orgasming boys. He's wearing an expensive suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. His trousers are seriously tented by his massive cock.

    Caption: "You little rascals just can't wait, can you?"


    The naked boys are seen hugging their "Daddy" fiercely. Rubbing their cream-drenched tummies against Daddy's $1,500 suit.

    Caption: "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! We were so excited about our `double date' with you tonight that we just couldn't wait."


    Daddy has stripped to magnificent nudity. He is sitting on a straight-back chair. Mike is sitting on his hairy, right thigh; Dennis on his left. Mike is kissing Daddy with open mouth and stroking Daddy's huge, erect cock with his right hand. Dennis is kissing/sucking Daddy's hairy left nipple as he cuddles Daddy's ponderous testicles. Daddy has a finger up the bottomhole of each boy.

    Caption: Daddy gets a warm greeting every night.


    The boys are standing as Daddy sits. He is exciting them with two or three fingers in each of their bottoms. Dennis is kissing Daddy's mouth and Mike is kissing Daddy's neck. The boys have all four hands on Daddy's cock and balls.

    Caption: "It's OK to cum so early in our date, Daddy. We'll get you hard again real fast."


    Daddy has surrendered to the Cum Powers That Be. He is spurting in thick, creamy ropes and so are the boys.

    Caption: A nice icebreaker for the evening.


    The three lovers are on the boy's bed. Daddy is lying on his back and Mike is kneeling at his hip, sucking Daddy's cock. Dennis is lying next to Daddy, kissing him and sucking his tongue.

    Caption: "See, Daddy. You'll be real hard real soon. Then you can fuck us."


    Daddy is rampant once again. He's still lying on his back and the boys are both rubbing against him and kissing him.

    Caption: "Fuck me first, Daddy!" "No, fuck me!"


    The boys are on the bed, side-by-side, offering their well-oiled, perfect bottoms to Daddy, who is standing at the foot of the bed, cock very erect, deciding on the order of business.

    Caption: "Hmmmm, let me see. You're both perfectly delicious. But I think I fucked Skip first last night, so Chip it is."


    A mildly disappointed "Skip" (Dennis) is on his knees sucking the cock of his standing brother "Chip" (Mike). Mike is enjoying Daddy's huge cock, which has been thrust deeply into his bottomhole by a very excited "parent." Daddy is tweaking Mike's erect nipples as he fucks him quite fiercely from behind.

    Caption: "Oh, Dadddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"


    "Daddy" is obviously cumming into Mike's bottomhole, just as Mike is spurting all over his kneeling brother's pretty face. Mike's face is a mask of rapture. Cum is beginning to ooze from Dennis' bottom.


    The "Sissy Boy" centerfold in all its glory.

    A naked Mike has his back to the camera. His just-fucked bottomhole is obscenely stretched and is oozing a great deal of sperm and semen. Mike is looking back at the camera over his right shoulder with a "come-hither" look that they can't teach you in modeling school. A naked, erect Dennis is still kneeling to Mike's right. His face is soaked with Mike's cum. He is smiling as he skins his own cockhead, which the camera has caught in mid-orgasm -- a string of cum is arcing through the air. Daddy is not in the picture.

    Caption: "Who's next? You?"

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This centerfold, at last count, sold 6.4 million copies of "Sissy Boy," was posted on the wall of more than 1,000,000 male bedrooms and has produced more than 100,000 gallons of sperm.


    Dennis is lying flat on his stomach on the bed. A rejuvenated Daddy is fucking the boy and has put his full weight on him. Mike is lying on his back next to Dennis, stroking his tiny, restiffened cock.

    Caption: "Give it to him good, Daddy. That sissyboy's been asking for it."


    Dennis is on his knees, bottom raised as Daddy sperms it properly. Mike is on the far side of Dennis, skinning his penis to a nice, creamy cum as Daddy makes a contribution to his younger son's "night deposit box."

    Caption: "Good job, Daddy! Nice creamies, Skip. Me next!!!"


    Daddy is lying on his back. Mike is sitting on Daddy's face, with Daddy's tongue buried in his bottom, as Dennis sucks Daddy's cock. Mike is cumming hard as Daddy eats him.

    Caption: "Eat me, Daddy! Unnnnhhhhh."


    Daddy is still on his back as Dennis sucks him to an extremely copious, face-glazing cum.

    Caption: "Daddy, you said man's cream was the `breakfast of champions,' but Skip's eating it for dinner."


    Daddy lies back, stroking his limp cock as he watches Mike and Dennis in a sixty-nine. The boys deliver yet another thick load all over each other's faces.

    Caption: Time out for Daddy, but the boys don't need one.


    The glorious cover photo.

    Caption: "We have lots of fun at our house. Every night is Daddy's Double Date. And mornings too!"


    New "story" entitled "Sissyboy Suck Party."

    A lovely young man aged 12 or so greets his three overnight houseguests -- equally gorgeous boys, similarly aged. The host boy's handsome, hunky Daddy is in the background.

    Caption: "I'm so glad you could all come to my slumber party. Let's get dressed for bed."

    "Thanks for inviting us, Timmy. Bed sounds really good, doesn't it, guys?"


    The four boys reappear in Timmy's room. They've all brought tiny overnight bags and have unpacked them to retrieve their "sleep"wear, though no boy who wore those garments in the presence of another male ever got any sleep.

    Randy, the blond guest, is wearing a pink pouch that encases his substantial genitals, but exposes his highly fuckable bottom. Stevie, the brunet guest, is wearing the wispiest of blue bikini panties that display a miniscule set of "pink pretties" to his three friends. Raymond, the redhead, is wearing an emerald-green, silk bikini bottom and a matching bolero jacket that complements his red hair but fully exposes his nipples and belly button. Timmy, the host, is wearing only a silk loincloth whose flap covers none of his bottom and only his penis -- his balls dangle saucily and exposed.

    Caption: "We're the four prettiest boys in town."


    Randy and Stevie are kissing lustily. Both boys have slid fingers up each other's bottoms as they tongue each other's tonsils.

    Caption: "Oh, Randy. You know I love you." "Your finger feels so good, Stevie, but your tongue would be better back there."


    Wasting no time, Raymond is on his knees. He has lifted Timmy's loincloth and is voraciously sucking Timmy's cock.

    Caption: "Oh, Raymond! I'm cumming."


    Timmy's prediction comes true. He blasts Raymond's gorgeous face with a large quantity of boy's cream.

    Caption: So much cum for one so young!


    Stevie grants Randy's wish, kneeling behind the standing boy, and eating out his perfect asshole as Randy's cock explodes, drenching the covering pink pouch.

    Caption: Those underpanties will be stiff tomorrow.


    Timmy and Stevie are lying in bed kissing, fondling each other's tiny peenies and cumming their pretty guts out.

    Caption: Great party so far, Timmy.


    Raymond is lying on an oval rug. Big-cocked Randy has Raymond's boypanties down and is sucking the cum from Raymond's little tickler. As he does so, he has brought himself to a creamy climax and is cumming all over Raymond's pretty legs.

    Caption: Will Randy put his "big boy" into one of his sissy friends' bottoms?


    The boys are all on the bed, naked now and groping, kissing and sucking. They are all either in the act of orgasm or have just recently spurted.

    Caption: Any men out there care to join the party?


    A panoramic shot shows the four lovely lads in bed and looking up to see Timmy's bedroom door fully open. Two naked, fine-looking, 30-something men stand there, pointing their huge, wickedly-erect cocks at the boys.

    Caption: NEXT WEEK -- Daddy and Uncle Joe join the party.


    "Do you enjoy `Sissy Boy' magazine? Then you'll love our videos."

    [A collage of incredibly arousing pics of beautiful boys and men in coital bliss. Cum everywhere.]

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