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  • Daddy shows me
  • Ever since I can remember, I've had a fascination with the male body. I think back to times when I was a child, and I remember fantasising about being with naked men. I didn't really know what it meant then, but of course, I do now.

    Part of this fantasy was an obsession with my dad. When I was a young kid he'd be the one to bathe me and generally take care of me, (Mum was a workaholic and never home much). Dad on the other hand was a part time contractor for a constructing consulting firm. He had a pretty large build, all hard and muscly with a smattering of hair all over his body. Everywhere he went he turned heads. Even though both Mom and Dad worked, and we were reasonably well off, my parents decided to stay in the apartment they had bought when I was born. At that time, my Dad was only 20, and my Mom 19, and they didn't have much money. Our home had only a single bathroom and two bedrooms with a tiny kitchen and lounge room. It was enough for us however, and especially good for me, as I was to find out.

    I remember the first time I moved from having baths to showers, it was Dad who jumped in with me. I remember even at the age of 6 being fascinated with his dick. It was huge, to my childhood eyes; hanging down past his nut sack and as thick as a cucumber. When Dad turned the shower head onto me for the first time, I was pretty scared for some reason and I wrapped my arms around Dad's legs and started to tear up. My shoulder came into contact with his dick, and with my head against his hard stomach I squeezed as hard as I could. Dad started to laugh and squatted down on the tiles after shifting the shower head. He took me in his arms and gave me a bear hug. I lifted my legs off the tiles and wrapped them around his waist as he lifted me up. I remember the feeling of my little cock as it rubbed and bumped against his hard abs as he jiggled me up and down. "Come on, Tyler," he said, "it's not that bad."

    "Dad I'm scared," I replied. "What if the water goes in my eyes?"

    "Don't worry about it tiger, it won't hurt you, I promise." Dad cooed to me in his deep sexy voice. "Ready to go down now?"

    I reluctantly unwrapped my legs from his waist and he lowered me to the ground giving me a quick peck on the lips. It was at this point I noticed Dad's dick had gotten a little bigger. "Dad, what's happened to your peenie?" I asked him, "it's gotten fatter."

    Dad looked away, in hindsight; obviously embarrassed. "Umm, nothing sport, it's all fine." But following this, I heard him whisper under his breath, "just got a little excited."

    It was within the next few years that my full fascination with Dad's body bloomed. In the years to follow I used as many opportunities as I could to spy on Dad when he was naked. This was a little difficult, as my mother was a bit of a prude, and disapproved of any kind of nudity in the house. Even so, my Dad wasn't shy around me, and when I was 13, I eventually worked up the courage to begin walking in on him in the shower. At this time, Dad was 33 and was still in great shape. It was Friday morning and Dad had just gotten back from the gym. This was my last day of school and Dad and I had organised to spend the afternoon and evening doing something with just to two of us, as Mom was away on a business trip and had been for a few days already.

    As I walked into the small bathroom, I was enveloped in a cloud of wet steam. Immediately my full length pyjamas began to absorb it and get stuck to my body. Dad liked his showers extra hot, it seemed. "Hey, morning sport!" Dad yelled over the sound of the shower, "ready for your last day of school?"

    "Am I ever," I replied. I was especially looking forward to spending time with Dad.

    Dad shut off the shower as I stepped up to the vanity to begin brushing my teeth. I heard the sound of the shower door opening and looked up from putting toothpaste to brush to view my Dad's reflection emerging from the shower. Fuck he is HOT, I thought to myself as I looked at him through the still foggy mirror. He looked like a God to my hungry eyes, the water dripping off him.

    The light played off his wet muscles as they shifted underneath his lightly tanned skin. His short dark brown hair was slicked to his scalp and his wet dark eyelashes framed his cornflower blue eyes. His light pink nipples were erect and water dripped off the small patches of dark hair in his underarms. Best of all though was his cock. It hung thick and long just as I always remembered it. His massive knob poked out slightly from beneath it's hood, and water dripped from his brown neatly trimmed pubes down the length of his shaft. His balls were sparsely covered with short hairs, and though usually the size of eggs, were drawn up into his body and slightly wrinkled from the cold. "Finished getting an eyeful there sport?" His voice interrupted my study of his body and my eyes flashed to meet his in the mirror. They were looking straight at me.

    "Umm, umm.." I stuttered lamely, not wanting to admit that I had been caught perving.

    Dad laughed a deep throaty laugh that made my insides melt. He turned to take a towel off the rack and as he did so I caught a glimpse of his tight ass. Globes of pure steel with a light smattering of hair, they floated as if lightly attached to the top of his legs. I quickly turned my attention back to the toothbrush. "Hey buddy, why don't you take off those pj's, hey, they'll be soaking wet from all this steam in here." Dad commented.

    I flashed another look at Dad in the mirror, he was drying off his ample manhood, his cock and balls bouncing as he used the fluffy towel to wipe away the moisture. How I envied the towel! "Umm, but Mom doesn't like me just wearing my boxers, Dad, she says it's unseemly."

    "Yeah, I know tiger, but you're Mom's not here, and it makes sense don't you think?" Dad's voice was impeccably logical, I couldn't disagree.

    I was liking the line of his logic, but there was only one problem, as soon as I removed my pj's, my massive boner would be exposed through my boxer briefs. What the hell, I though to myself, and threw caution to the wind. I undid the buttons on my top and removed it. I flashed quick glances in the mirror to Dad as I did so. His eyes stayed on my reflection in the mirror watching me. He was still drying his cock and balls. I returned my attention to my pyjama bottoms, and slowly slid them down my legs, putting on a bit of a show for Dad. I stepped out of them, and threw my pyjamas in the corner. "That's the way buddy." Dad said as he came up behind me. By now he had his towel around his shoulders, his cock swinging like a pendulum between his muscular thighs. "Mind if I brush my teeth as well?" he asked.

    I nodded my assent as I placed my toothbrush in my mouth and began scrubbing. Dad stood behind me and began brushing as well. I looked up at him and grinned. He grinned back at me, and I began brushing faster. It was a game we played sometimes, to see who could finish first. Soon though it became a competition as to who could spit the most and we were both furiously scrubbing and spitting in the sink.

    I went to spit my next load but Dad grabbed me from behind around the chest with one arm and pulled my back towards him. He leaned over my shoulder so he could spit first. I fought wildly against his grip pushing us both backwards. I felt my back press up against Dad's dick, with the tickle of his pubes against my spine. Dad wrestled me to the tiles and wrapped his legs around me as I 'fought' to free myself. He tickled me mercilessly, and foam spat from my mouth as I tried to breathe and laugh at the same time. I could feel my hard cock rubbing against my Dad's legs through the thin material of my briefs. It was aching for release. I could also feel Dad's dick as a thick log against my hip. It seemed semi hard.

    I turned and positioned my butt so that it was rubbing into Dad's crotch. It seemed to work, as I felt it thicken and harden, God it was HUGE. After a minute Dad let go, and we both lay on our backs on the cool tiles breathing hard. I looked over at Dad's cock and it was so hard! It had to be about 9 inches! Dad saw me looking and smirked. "Seems we've both got a little problem here, hey buddy." I looked down at my own cock to see it straining against my briefs. It was only 5 inches, but still pretty respectable I thought.

    I started to blush and began to turn to hide my pulsing erection. Dad put a hand on my shoulder and stopped me. "C'mon, nothing to be shy about, look at me tiger, I get boners too." His grin was infectious, and I couldn't help from smiling myself. "C'mon," he said, let's take care of these hey?"

    I instinctively furrowed my brow and Dad rolled his eyes at me. "You do know how to jerk off, don't you?" Dad looked at me incredulously as I slowly shook my head. "Well, that's something we'll have to remedy. Here, take off your boxers," Dad instructed me. I hesitated for a second, not believing my luck at this situation, Dad was going to show me how to jerk off! Of course, I'd been jerking off for about 6 months already, the first time was in my own bed. I was always very careful thought the make sure that I didn't leave any trace of it. No wonder Dad believed me.

    All these thoughts were swimming in my head as I slowly slid down my boxers. By this time the tiles under my back had begun to feel warm, and my whole body began to heat up as my dick came into view. My Dad let out a low whistle, "wow, my boy is really becoming a man!" he exclaimed. I began to blush even more, and removed my boxers completely. "That's a nice piece of equipment you got there buddy."

    "Thanks Dad," I replied, "I guess it runs in the family." I smiled as I said this looking at his cock.

    Dad laughed, "Sure does sport. Ok, we start by wrapping your fist around your penis, like so." Dad demonstrated, wrapping his fingers around his massive boner which by now was leaking pre-cum.

    Inspiration hit me like a steam train: "Dad, what's that clear stuff coming out of it?" I asked tentatively. Clear fluid was pouring out of Dad's piss slit in what seemed to be to be rivers.

    "You mean my penis, Tyler, well, penis, dick, cock, whatever, well, that's pre-cum, and it's meant as a sort of lubricant, to make it easier to jerk off."

    "Oh, I replied, I looked at my own cock, which was pretty dry, "how come I don't have as much as you Dad?" I asked. The truth was I already knew that I wasn't a big pre-cummer, but I thought I'd pretend ignorance.

    "Well buddy, some guys just don't get that much, of it, see, you've got enough to work with though, now come on, grab your dick like this." Dad once again demonstrated how to take hold of his cock. I followed suit. "And now, all you gotta do, is move your fist up and down like so." Dad slowly started to crank his cock. I watched mesmerised at how he expertly worked his dick, smoothly driving his fist up and down his shaft. "C'mon Tyler, you try it."

    Belatedly, I remembered that I was supposed to be wanking as well, and began whacking my cock with gusto. My fist pistoned up and down my cock as fast as I could. I could feel myself getting close to coming, hell, I was almost there anyway when Dad interrupted me. He grabbed my wrist stopping my up and down motion. "Whoa buddy, not so fast. You gotta be able to enjoy this. Here, let me show you." And with that, Dad removed my hand from my cock, and replaced it with his own. I couldn't believe the sensations coursing through my cock. It was unbelievable!!!

    Dad worked my cock expertly, slowly pumping up and down. When he reached the top, he gently squeezed the head and swirled his thumb over my knob through the pre-cum that had accumulated there. I was panting and jerking uncontrollably. Slowly after a minute, Dad began to speed up. I bucked my hips to meet his hand, willing him to go faster, to bring this unbelievable pleasure to it's natural conclusion. I moaned aloud, and I could hear Dad chuckle as my eyes were glued to his hand working my teen cock.

    I shifted my glance to his beautiful eyes and they were squinted with concentration as he stared at my dick. I ran my eyes down his body, taking in his muscular chest and pecs, his six pack abs, and eventually his cock. It was straining and pulsing, and only an inch away from my own thigh as we both lay on the tiles of the bathroom floor. I stared at his cock, willing it closer, closer, until finally it happened. It seemed like it all occurred at once.

    The moment the tip if Dad's cock touched my hairless thigh, my cock swelled and river after river of white cum spurted out of my dick. I had never come so much in my life. The first shot flew past my shoulder and hit Dad's chest, while successive shots coated my belly and dick as well as Dad's hand with white sticky cum juice. I lay on the floor in a daze, slowly recovering from the unbelievable pleasure that my body had just experienced. Dimly I was aware of Dad panting as well, and I looked over just in time to witness that which I had wanted to see for years.

    Dad was pistoning his cock faster than anything I had ever seen. His chest, stomach and arm muscles were all bunched and tensed as he worked his monster cock. My gaze was fixed on his hand as it flew up and down his shaft and all of a sudden he stopped. A moment later torrents of cum spurted from his cock. I couldn't believe the sight that I was witnessing. My mouth was agape with wonder at the sight before me. It was then that Dad's dick accidentally pointed towards me and I copped a full spurt in the face. Sticky cum coated my lips and chin. Dad hadn't even noticed as his eyes were tightly shut, and I quickly poked out my tongue and licked my face clean, marvelling at the salty yet sweet taste of the cum that made me.

    Dad opened his eyes and looked at me just as I swallowed his cum, and I looked away in embarrassment. "So buddy, what do ya think?" He grinned at me waiting for my reaction.

    "That was wild Dad, I can't believe how good it felt! Thanks so much, you're the best Dad in the world!" I decided to through caution to the wind once again, and rolled over on top of my Dad. I spread my legs and straddled his hard belly giving him a massive bear hug around his strong neck. Dad hesitated for a moment, and for a second I wasn't sure if I'd gone too far, but then a moment later his strong arms came around me and he gave me a big bear hug like when I was a kid.

    "Any time tiger, I thought it was wild as well! I love you buddy." Dad sat up and now I sat with my legs wrapped around his waist, my spent cock rubbing into his hard abs, swirling around in the juices that we both had made a few minutes earlier. I could feel his semi-hard cock resting between by ass cheeks, and I made no effort to avoid the contact, in fact, just the opposite. I ever so slightly pressed down with my ass until I felt Dad's dick completely in my bum cleft. After a minute, Dad leaned back and I felt like we were being peeled apart. We both looked down between us. The sparse dark hairs that coated his chest were matted down and shiny with dried cum and I had shiny patches on my chest and stomach where cum had dried on me. Dad laughed and again I felt my insides melt. "C'mon buddy, we'd better get cleaned up so you can go to school, hey?"

    I grinned at him. It was disappointing to have to go to school now, but I knew that when I got back I'd be spending the day with Dad and no one else, and that made it worth it.


    Over the next few weeks, all I could think about was the intense jack off session that I'd had with my Dad. Every time I stroked my dick I'd think about the feel of his warm strong hand on my cock and the sensations as he slowly jerked my dick until I came harder then I'd ever come in my life. Just thinking about it gave me a steely hard-on, and I was thinking about it quite a lot. Being holidays, Dad and I were spending heaps of time together...

    Dad and I had been spending time fixing things up around the apartment. As usual, Mom wasn't home much at all, so that left Dad and I by ourselves most of the time, which was fine with me. It was around midday and after a hard mornings work, Dad suggested that we both head down to the pool that was part of the apartment complex. I was ecstatic and ran into my room and stripped down to change into my bathers. I stopped for a moment to admire my teenage cock in my mirror before pulling on light blue Speedos. I quickly made my way to my parents room, hoping to catch a view of my Dad naked. I wasn't disappointed. I walked in and sprung a boner right there and then. Dad was side on to me, rifling through his chest of drawers. He'd already got undressed, and his naked torso rippled with muscle. I moved my eyes down his body, taking in his sculpted arms and chest and finally his cock. It was about 4 inches long when flaccid, and was the ultimate object of my desire. "Hey Dad, way to go, let it all hang out!" As I passed him I gave him a slap on the ass.

    "Hey," he said, trying to sound stern, "don't you know to respect your elders?" he joked.

    "Nope," I responded, "whatchya lookin' for?" I asked.

    "Just my bathers, can't seem to find any except these." He held up some lilac Speedos that looked like they'd seen better days. "I guess they'll have to do," he said, and promptly slipped them on.

    I couldn't help but stare. The bathers were so worn and faded that they left very little to the imagination. The outline of Dad's cock was clearly visible, and the front pouch was so thin with no elastic that Dad's dick and balls were visible out the sides. But hey, I wasn't about the complain as my dick got even harder in my little bathers. "C'mon Dad, I'll race you to the pool!" We charged down to the pool, and spend the next hour horsing around in the water. I spent practically the whole time with massive wood in my cock. As soon as Dad hit the water, his bathers went see through, and left NOTHING to the imagination.

    Dad and I basically chased each other around the pool. Towards the end we started wrestling in the water. I surprised Dad from behind and jumped on his back, wrapping my legs around his waist, with my hands over his eyes. My hard cock was firmly pressed against his back, and I rocked up and down to try and take him off balance and pull him back into the water.

    Dad struggled and my feet slipped and I wrapped them around his thighs and held onto his chest tightly. I could barely get my arms around his pecs as he thrashed and dived to try to get me loose. All this jiggling caused my body to bump repeatedly against Dad's and I unconsciously moaned in pleasure as my cock escaped from the top of my bathers and came into contact with Dad's bare skin. It was pure ecstasy as my hard cock rubbed and bounced against Dad's muscular back. After a minute I couldn't hold on any longer and let go. Dad immediately turned around and grabbed me in a massive bear grip.

    He wrapped his legs around my thighs and his arms went around my chest as he playfully began biting my neck. I squealed in delight as I wriggled deeper into his grip and discovered my next surprise.

    My cock was still free and pointing up in the water when it came squarely into contact with Dad's massive dick. It was then that I noticed that not only was Dad's dick as hard as mine, but he'd somehow lost his tattered bathers in the scuffle. I giggled in delight as Dad began to tickle me mercilessly and ground my hard dick into Dad's monster cock.

    It was my wildest dreams come true and felt like pure heaven. What's more, Dad seemed to be enjoying it too. His hips twitched as he rubbed against me and our cocks battled each other in the cool water of the pool. It seemed to last forever, but only a few seconds later I felt a tightness in my balls and the feeling of being about to piss. I arched my back in Dad's tight grip as my orgasm took hold and let out a moan of pure pleasure. Wave after wave swept through my body as my cock pissed out streams of white fluid into the pristine blue of the pool water. Dad held me as I collapsed in the water. "Hey tiger," he said, "you sure do know how to blow a load." He chuckled as he said this. "Looks like I've taught you well then, hey buddy?"

    I was feeling so weak from such an intense orgasm that all I could do was nod. "Thanks Dad, that was fantastic, but tiring." I let out a massive yawn.

    Dad was on me like a flash, "C'mon buddy, maybe you need a midday nap?" He lifted me out of the water and carried me back to our apartment. When we reached our apartment, I noticed that he was still naked and my semi-hard dick was still hanging out of my bathers. Dad gently lay me down on the couch. I had closed my eyes when I felt a gentle tug at my bathers. "Hey tiger, before you fall asleep, let me take off these wet bathers, hey?"

    I nodded my assent, and as Dad removed my sodden bathers they pulled on the little hairs that had begun to grow around my cock and balls. "Ow, that tickles," I said, the gently tugging on my dick hairs got me excited again, and when I fully registered that Dad was standing naked in front of me, with his semi-hard cock at my eye level, I immediately sprung another boner.

    Dad chuckled, "My God, Tyler!" he exclaimed, "can't you go one minute without getting wood?!"

    I decided to go out on a limb, and replied "Well Dad, it's pretty hard when I've got a naked stud like you in front of me." I watched Dad carefully for his reaction, but his face just broke out into a smile.

    "You are a cheeky bugger," he said, "Why I ought to.." and with that he resumed tickling me. It seemed like his fingers were everywhere at once, and when he finally stopped I was leaking precum like crazy, and I noticed Dad had a full blown erection.

    Dad bent down, bringing his face close to mine. He hesitated for a moment, and then gave me a peck on the lips. I however, wasn't satisfied, and grabbed at his head, and brought it back down. I'd never kissed anyone properly before, but I did my best. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue between my lips. It was warm and wet and incredible sexy. Dad massaged my tongue with his, and rubbed his sexy hands up and down my chest. He rubbed my erect nipples sending bolts of electricity down towards my dick.

    Dad pulled away and looked me straight in the eye. "Are you sure you want to do this Tyler?" He asked me.

    I smiled and grabbed his hand. I pulled him down on top of me so that his body lay on top of mine. I was slightly squished with all those bulky muscles weighing me down, but it felt so damn sexy. I could feel Dad's heavy cock pulsing between my legs and my own cock pushed firmly into Dad's rock hard abs. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him again, this time for all I was worth. When we finally pulled apart we were panting. "Dad," I said, "you are so damn sexy, I've waited for this for so long."

    "I know, Tyler, so have I, but I never knew you'd be into me too." He squirmed a little, pushing his cock between my thighs and rubbing my own dick against his stomach. I was in heaven. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around his waist and began bucking my hips against him. Dad's rigid cock poked at the entrance to me hold, sending shocks of pleasure into my mind. Dad grabbed me around the shoulders and stood up, lifting me with him. I continued to buck my hips and grind into him. He carried me as if I weighed nothing, and took me into his bedroom and lay me on my parent's bed. He twisted so that he was underneath me and I proceeded to ride him for all I was worth. I bounced up and down on his body, grinding my leaking cock into him getting closer and closer.

    After a moment, I had a thought and stopped. "Dad, let's try something," I said. "What did you have in mind, buddy?" He asked. His strong hands rubbed my chest and I could feel his hard dick pushing against my back and I leaned back on it a little.

    "Dad, I wanna fuck you." I said. I knew I was pushing things, but Dad seemed completely into me, and I wanted to be inside him so bad. "I don't know, Tyler," he said, "I've never done that sort of thing before." "Please, Dad, pretty please," I pleaded with him. I put on a pouty face, the one Dad could never resist, and reached behind my back to massage Dad's massive erection. "Just let me try it, please."

    Dad seemed to think about it for a while, "Alright then, ok, let's do it. But first, you gotta let me suck your cock, to prepare it, ok?"

    "DEAL!" I shouted. Dad immediately twisted and down I went onto the bed. He scooted down to the end and as I spread my legs he knelt between them. The sight of this massive hunk of a man between my legs preparing to go down on my cock sent shivers through me. Dad tentatively brought his face closer to my pulsing erection and exhaled gently. This caught me off guard, and my dick reacted instantly. It felt like fireworks going off in my cock.

    Dad saw my reaction and smiled. He lowered his head to my round little balls and began licking them with earnest. My sensitive balls had never experienced this before, and I loved it! Slowly Dad made his way up my shaft until he reached the head. I was in pure ecstasy with the sensations running up and down my erect cock. Dad swirled his tongue across the top of my knob and I almost came right then. I managed to hold it back as Dad engulfed my cock with his warm and moist mouth. He gently began to suck and bob up and down on my raging hard on. All of my concentration was going into trying not to cum. I wanted to make sure that my fuck stick was as hard as possible when I jammed it into Dad's pussy.

    Slowly Dad slowed down, and a look of satisfaction came over his face. "I've always wondered what cock tasted like, now I know." He smiled broadly, so happy that he could share this experience with me, and I smiled back. "My turn now!" I yelled. Dad rolled his eyes, "Ok, Tyler, where do you want me?" he asked.

    "Umm, on your knees, no on your back," I said. I wanted to be able to see Dad's face when I pushed my cock into his man cunt. Dad lay on his back and lifted his legs up. I instinctively knew what to do. He feet went over my shoulders and I brought my cock close to his hole. It was soaking wet from Dad's saliva which was dripping onto the sheets. I located his hole and gently started to push my cock in. Dad began to moan gently as my cock head penetrated his man pussy. Once I was in, I roughly shoved my cock all the way in. Dad cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and bolted upright. "How is it Dad?" I asked. I was in to the hilt, and I wanted to wait for Dad's response before going any further.

    "That's great, Tyler," Dad gasped, "I just need to get used to it. Just give me a second!"

    "OK Dad," I replied. I was more than happy to wait for a minute. It was so moist and tight in Dad's hole I felt I could cum at any second, even if I just moved a few centimetres.

    "Ok, buddy, go ahead, but slowly, please." Dad panted. I began to draw my cock in and out of Dad, slowly going back and forth. I had never experienced anything like it. I reached forward and began to play with Dad's semi-hard cock. As soon as I began to massage his egg sized balls, his cock began to slowly inflate. It was absolute heaven. The sensations in my dick felt like a million explosions in my head, and being able to fondle Dad's cock was just a bonus. I ran my eyes up Dad's muscular pecs and shoulders which were tight as anything. He face indicated the pain was turning to pleasure and he began to let out little moans with each thrust that I gave him.

    "Oh yes, tiger, that's the spot," he cried out when I shoved in my cock on a particular angle. "That's it right there, yes.." he moaned. The hairs in Dad's crack were tickling my dick as it slid in and out of his warm moist hole and I began to feel the familiar feeling of my balls drawing up into my body.

    "Dad, I'm gonna cum!" I cried. Dad was too busy bucking his hips to meet mine to respond. My thrusts were going deeper and deeper. Just before I came, I pulled my pulsating cock from Dad's ass and jumped on top of him. I felt his hard dick between my thighs once again and my cock was pressed against his abdomen. I came so hard I think I almost passed out! All the pent up cum in me pissed out of my cock and jammed itself between our bodies coating up completely. My cum pissed out onto Dad's cock and I rubbed his dick with my ass crack. The cum made it slippery and soon Dad was calling out my name and saying he was cumming too! I scooted down the bed and put my face next to his cock ready to catch the first volley in the face. Precum was pouring down his shaft and I focussed on his piss slit, while Dad stroked himself a few times. Suddenly, Dad's mushroom knob swelled and out burst a fountain of white jism. The first went straight past my face and onto my back while the second and third hit my face. The fourth and fifth covered his dick and balls and my hands as I squeezed every drop from his slowly deflating monster cock.

    When it was over, I lay on Dad's left with my right leg up and over his right thigh with my cock against his hip. With my right hand I stroked his muscular abs and chest, running my fingers in the deep clefts that separated the muscles and pinching Dad's still erect nipples. My hands roamed everywhere, up down and between his legs. I ran my little hands through his neat pubic hair, feeling the tickly sensation of the coarse hairs. My nose nestled on Dad's chest with his muscular bicep as my part pillow. It was a perfect moment and I could've stayed that way forever.


    Hours later, after the intense sex session with Dad after I'd fucked the shit out of him, I thought that life couldn't get any better. As I lay there, half sprawled on Dad's hot muscular body, I couldn't help but imagine what my life was going to be like from now on. I lifted my head off Dad's arm to look into his beautiful face. The late afternoon sunlight streamed through the window, casting an almost angelic glow across his features. I gently lifted my leg up further, and placed my body over Dad's so that I was straddling his hips. I lay down over his warm body with my head on his chest, and closed my eyes. I could feel my semi-hard cock between our bodies. Dad's limp dick was a fat sausage against my ass crack and I gently wrapped my arms and legs around him as best I could.

    I felt movement from underneath me and looked up to Dad's smiling face beaming down on me. I smiled back and proceeded to kiss his meaty chest. Slowly I progressed up those massive pecs until I reached his neck and then face. I brought my lips down to his. He teased me, brushing his lips against mine, until I hungrily bent down and forcefully pushed my lips against his. This was what I wanted most in the world. My hot stud of a Dad was mine for the taking.

    Slowly I pulled away for air, and I faintly heard the sound of a door closing. A moment later, my mind screamed at me.. someone was coming! My reflexes responded for me as I jumped out of the bed an looked around the room for some cover. Footsteps were heading towards the bedroom door which luckily was shut at the moment. Suddenly my brain caught up with my body and began functioning again. It must be Mom returning early from work. The consequences of her seeing Dad and I together ran through my mind at the speed of light. Luckily, unbeknownst to me, Dad had caught on far quicker than I had. He gently pushed me in the direction of Mom and Dad's built in wardrobe and I quickly slid the door open, jumped in and slid it shut again, leaving just a crack to peep through.

    No sooner had I closed the door to the wardrobe did the bedroom door open, and my mother walked through. She was dressed in a charcoal skirt and jacket with a delicate white blouse beneath it. She took one look at Dad, who had just returned to the bed, still naked, and raised her eyebrows. "What's going on here?" She asked.

    My Dad rose from the bed. Even as scared as I was, I couldn't help but notice the way his heavy cock swung gently between his legs and the way the afternoon sun played over his smoothly tanned skin as the strong muscles beneath shifted as he moved. My cock started to rise. "Nothin much hun." He said rather nonchalantly. "Just catching a nap while I can."

    Mom looked around the room. For a moment, my breath caught as she looked straight at me. I withdrew a little more into the wardrobe, praying to God that she wouldn't decide to look in my hiding spot. It seems my prayers were going unanswered, as she began to walk towards me. She reached out a hand to open the sliding door behind which I was hidden, until she stopped abruptly, and half turned. I was like a deer caught by the dazzle of headlights until I refocussed my eyes on what was happening. Dad had come up behind my Mom and pressed his hot body against hers. "Don't Scott," she said. She turned to face him and pushed against his chest, putting some distance between them. Her gaze fell onto the dressing table top, and she quickly made her way to the opposite side of the room. She reached down and lifted a stack of papers of the dresser. "I left these behind this morning." she said, clearly annoyed. "I've spent all morning looking for them, and now I'll have to head back to work and stay really late to catch up. Don't wait up for me, ok?" She didn't give Dad a second glance as she headed out the room.

    I waited until I heard the front door slam shut before emerging from the closet, my heart still beating frantically from the close encounter. Strangley my cock was rigid as ever, clearly the brush with disaster had excited me. I looked towards my Dad who was still standing facing the door through which my mother had just left. I walked around him and looked into his face. Unshed tears glistened in his eyes and a moment later, a single tear spilled down his perfect cheek. Angrily, he brushed it aside, and turned his attention to me. "That was close." he said. His voice was toneless and flat. I could tell that something had upset him, and that something was clearly my Mom's attitude towards him.

    Dad began to turn away from me, clearly not wanting me to see him cry. I swiftly grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me in a rough embrace. At first, he resisted slightly and then suddenly, I almost choked as after a moment Dad began to squeeze me tighter than he ever had before. My skinny arms were wrapped tightly around his narrow waist with my hands linked across his bubble butt. Dad's his broad hands pressed my back firmly against his torso. My puny chest was squished firmly against Dad's cock, and the bristles of his pubes tickled my non existent pecs. I pushed my whole body against his leg, my little cock standing at full attention as it rubbed against Dad's thigh. I squeezed him just as hard as I could, passing along as much comfort as possible.

    After a moment, Dad bent down and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I loved it when he carried me. There were no words, just emotions as I slowly bent in to kiss him. This time, lovingly and passionately. My raw cock grated against his six pack and I could feel his hard cock leaving sticky residue as it poked at my ass and balls. He carried me towards the tousled sheets of the bed, still mussed from our previous love making. "I love you Dad," I said as soothingly as I could.

    "I know, buddy, and I love you more than anything in the whole world," he replied. His words were rasps. His breath was puffs of air pushing gently against my neck. I shivered with the sexiness of it all and leant back as he gently laid me down on the bed. "Listen tiger," he said, his voice almost back to normal, "Now I want to fuck you, if that's all right? Do you reckon you'd let your old man 'pop your cherry'?

    "Dad," I replied, "I would want nothing more. I want to satisfy you in every way I can, and I know what that means. I'll do anything for you, anything."

    Dad beamed at me, and slowly crawled on his knees to the top of the large bed. He lay next to me and gently ran his fingers through my soft hair. I knew what he wanted. It was what he'd given me, and I knew I had to return the favour. I slowly crawled down the bed, moving down Dad's body as I went. I ran my hands once again over his muscle bound torso. His pecs, his sexy arms, his washboard abs, it was all so damn HOT! I reached Dad's cock, the ultimate object of my desire. I was hard, yet it wobbled a little as I lifted it at right angles to Dad's body. I guess even a sexy stud like Dad could only cum so much in one day!

    Slowly, with my eyes remaining on Dad's face, I brought my face down towards Dad's cock. I held it in my left hand and began to target the base of his 9" man tool. I closed my eyes as I heard Dad moan in pleasure at the first few strokes of my teen tongue against his hunk of man dick. His cock quivered as I ran my tongue further and further gradually beginning to lick his cock like an lolly pop from bottom to top. I continued this for a few minutes, all the while rolling is sexy balls around in my right hand. I pulled on the skin of his ball sack and ever so gently massaged his tender balls.

    My neck was beginning to get tired so I held it in position just above his cock head. Slowly I extended my tongue and swirled the bottom of it over the head of Dad's knob. Dad's whole body tensed at the feelings and sensations coursing through his cock and body. I withdrew for a moment, and then performed the action again. Dad's body tensed again. I enjoyed playing this cat and mouse game with him, providing and then delaying pleasure. He began to buck his hips towards my mouth, and I would allow my tongue to gently tap his swollen cock before I pulled away. Each time, Dad's dick seemed to firm up a little more, until he was once again as rock hard as I knew he could be. As soon as I felt this I engulfed his hot member in my warm wet mouth. I pulled my lips over my teeth to protect his sensitive glands and began to suck. I pushed my throat as deep as I could go. His massive girth stretched my mouth the point where it felt like it was going to snap my jaw. I pushed and pushed but I continually felt my automatic gag reaction. Instinctively, the next moment when Dad thrust his hips into my throat, I swallowed, and Dad's cock dived down my waiting neck.

    I felt my nose slide into Dad's pubic bush and I inhaled deeply. This was heaven, I thought to myself. I can't believe this is happening to me! Dad's left hand was a slight pressure on the back of my head, gently encouraging me to bob up and down on his hard Daddy Cock.

    Suddenly I could wait no longer. I steadied myself, and while holding Dad's cock with my left hand, I reached between my own legs and began to wildly jack on my own cock. I continued to noisily suck air through my nose and just went wild. A moment later, I felt a strange pressure on my wrist and twisted slightly, looking down. I saw Dad's sexy strong foot which was lightly covered with hair pushing my wrist away from my boy cock. I looked back up at Dad and he was gently shaking his head. He didn't want me to come yet. I gave in and resumed giving my full attention to servicing the cock that made me.

    After a moment, another surprise hit me. I felt a pressure against my ball sack and bottom of my cock. I managed to swivel my eyes around yet again and saw out of the corner of my eye Dad's muscular foot gently rubbing my dick and balls. He used the hairy top of his foot to tickle me mercilessly and I could barely hold it together. This was so hot.

    I began to apply myself now to Dad's cock, and basically began to slobber all over it. I wanted as much lube as possible if that massive tool was going up my shit chute. I worked my tongue around, and slobbered as much saliva as I could on it.

    I quickly released Dad's cock, and decided that I wanted something else as well. I looked up and Dad and his face told me it was now or never. I quickly climbed up and pulled myself up over his body. I skilfully placed my ass crack over his masculine face until I felt his nose right in my boy crack. Dad needed no explanation. Wet electricity shot up into me as he tongue darted in and out of my tight virgin boy cunt. Gently he inserted a finger, and then after a minute he inserted another. What Dad didn't know was that the reason he was having such ease with this was because I had been practicing with various vegetables for a long time! I was still tight, but I knew I'd be able to take Dad's 9" long and fuckin fat cock.

    After a minute, Dad pronounced me ready and I slid down to his cock. He lay on his back still, and placed his hands behind his head. He chest and arms muscles especially were obvious and as I gently lowered myself onto his hard as a rock dick, I thought that I was about to be fucked by a God.

    I reached beneath me and gently guided Dad's fuck stick to the entrance of my hole. His massive knob pressed against the door and I gently lowered my tight teen ass onto it. There was a moment of blinding pain that I had not expected and I involuntarily cried out. Dad immediately sat up and held me gently. "Are you ok tiger?" he asked.

    "Yeah, Dad, I'm ok. I just need to sit here for a while." I gasped through the pain that was slowly subsiding.

    "Ok buddy, you take all the time you need. God buddy, you are so warm and tight inside! It's so hot!" Dad's deep voice only served to make me feel hornier and his dirty talk made me ready for another round.

    "Ok Dad, let's go, slowly." I cautioned him. Dad held perfectly still as I gently slid down his pole. I relaxed as much as I could, and inch by inch, my stud Dad's cock made it's way into my boy cunt. Slowly my intense pain turned to intense pleasure and I began to bob up and down on Dad's giant man dick. Slowly I gained in speed and stroke length. I raised my butt higher and higher off his cock and slammed it down on this balls with increasing force. I wanted Dad to enjoy this, and I wasn't about to half ass it for him! I began to move faster and faster. I kept my eyes on Dad's face which was screwed up in intense pleasure. Dad reached up and pinched my nipples hard and bolt of energy whipped through my body to my cock which was bouncing up and down. Each time I descended, by balls slapped against Dad's pubes, tickling a little each time.

    "Buddy, I'm about to cum," Dad suddenly announced. This wasn't so bad, as I was beginning to get a little tired from bouncing up and down!

    "Ok Dad, I'll be ready in a minute." My cock was ready to go, all it was going to take would be a few quick strokes to get me shooting whatever cum I happened to have left in my body.

    "Tyler buddy, I'm nearly there, any second now." Dad's voice was strained, and I could see he was VERY close to cumming. He was ready to shoot his man juice up my boy cunt and I was waiting for it. I grabbed my already raw cock and prepared to give it once last yank. I slid my fist up and down in rhythm with my bouncing as I keep fucking Dad with my ass.

    Again, like before on the bathroom floor, it seemed to happen all at once. Dad groaned and suddenly I felt Dad's cock expanding briefly in my teen cock chute. A moment later warm thick liquid began to flow out of Dad's fuck stick and into my ass. The expression on Dad's face was one of pure joy, and that's all it took to send me off into another orgasm. I looked down at my boy cock as I bounced for the last few times on Dad's dick and watched as just a few drops of jizz seeped out of my cock. Nonetheless, I still felt the intense wave of pleasure that this orgasm brought and I slumped down, unable to continue doing anything more.

    I once more placed my sweaty brow on my father's chest and listened to the fast paced beating of his heart, and his deep breaths as I felt his cock juice, the cum that made me seep out of my crack. His cock was still buried inside me, and the way it felt, I thought we might have needed to excavate it. My own spent cock was once again pressed against the rock hard abs that had for so long been part of the forbidden fruti that I so desired. Eventually though, Dad's cock slowly deflated and popped out. By this time I had dragged myself up Dad's body, pulling on his thick slabs of muscle as hand holds and brought my lips to his. I swirled my saliva around his mouth and I could taste his cock as the juice went from my mouth to his. Was there any better taste in the world? "C'mon buddy, let's get cleaned up, again!"


    So the months passed, and Dad and I developed what I can only describe as a deep love for eachother. It wasn't just physical sex, it became more than Father and Son into something I can hardly describe. We were always extremely careful to keep our relationship an absolute secret. The consequences of not doing so were clear to me.

    One afternoon, as I lay in Dad's arms after a particularly intense session of love making after school on a Friday, Dad make a suggested something which made me shudder in anticipation. "Hey Tiger, what do you think about a camping trip, just the guys?"

    I think my heart actually skipped a beat! The opportunity to spend some time COMPLETELY alone with Dad was too attractive an opportunity to pass up. Although my workaholic Mom was often at the office or away on business, having her live with us severely limited the boundaries of the relationship between Dad and I. "Dad, that's wicked!" I screamed. I jumped up on my knees and straddled his heavily muscled stomach. "Just us guys! Imagine how much fun we can have!" My cock was getting hard just thinking about it. Out in the wilderness, no-one but Dad and I, endless fuck sessions and plenty of time to spend cuddled up in front of a fire.

    "I thought you'd like the idea," replied Dad, reaching out a hand to play with my quickly hardening cock. He gave it a significant look. "I think I can tell what's on your mind already! Since you're on holidays as of Monday, there's no reason why we can't leave tomorrow. I've already mentioned it to your Mom, and she's fine with it."

    There was a definate strained note in my Dad's voice as he mumbled his last sentence. His strained relationship with my Mom was something of a sore point with him, and I didn't question him about it as he often got upset when I mentioned it. "Well, I think it's a great idea, Dad!" I practically yelled, "I can't wait to go!"

    He slowly massaged my cock with his broad palm, almost distractedly, swishing his thumb over my exposed knob through the juices of my still wet cum from only a few minutes before. I took hold of his wrists with both my hands and held them down to the mattress on either side of his head and leaned over his muscular body. A thin sheen of sweat covered his torso, and the afternoon light played tricks over the rippling muscles of his stomach and chest. His biceps bulged as he pretended to struggle against me. I leaned down teased his lips with mine, brushing against him and pulling away a moment later. He leaned his head to follow me each time I pulled away, but I was too quick for him. I leaned in close and started to kiss his neck and behind his ears while still holding down his wrists, preventing him access to my body. I could feel his torso shift beneath me as he wriggled around.

    Finally I released his arms and leaned down to kiss his soft, pink lips. They parted and his tongue wrestled hungrily with mine while he gently hugged me closer to him. I settled onto his chest with my legs still astride his hips and my arms tucked as tightly as possible around his chest. His hands rested on my back and lightly traced my spine, up and down. "Well since you're all in, there is one other minor detail." Dad definately had a note of trepidation in his voice as he voiced this.

    "What's that?" I mumbled, too caught up in being with Dad to pay too much attention.

    "I've invited Uncle Jake to come along too. He'll be here tomorrow morning." Dad rushed through these sentences, as if saying them faster would lessen the impact on me.

    "Huh!?" I sat bolt upright. "I thought this would just be the two of us!" I hated the whine which had crept into my voice, but I couldn't stop it. "I wanted to spend time with you!" Ordinarily, I would've been more than happy to have Uncle Jake accompany us on a trip like this. Jake was just a few years younger than Dad, and he was always great company. He also shared Dad's genetics, and although not as muscular in bulk, he possessed a leanness and definition that was unbelievably sexy. The only time I'd seen him close to naked was at a family trip to the beach where he was wearing a tight black speedo. Even though the temperature was cold on the day, he was definately packing!

    "I know Tiger, but I haven't seen Jake in months, and neither have you. I think he would really appreciate the invite, particularly considering he's just broken up with his girlfriend." It sometimes seemed that Jake was ALWAYS just breaking up with a different girlfriend. I was just about to roll my eyes in what I imagined was the most theatrical fashion possible when Dad's tone of voice actually registered. It was filled with diplomacy and I realised how important this was to him.

    "You're right Dad. I'm sorry I got worked up. We'll have plenty of time together. I just.." I paused, not knowing how to say what I wanted to get across. "It's just, now that we've really discovered eachother, I want to spend every moment I can with you, ok?"

    Dad looked deeply into my eyes, and for a moment I thought that he wasn't going to respond. It seemed almost as if he was considering me and a sad smile crossed his lips. "Of course, Buddy, I know. I want to spend time with you as well, but I don't want to keep you all to myself. You need to spend time with other adults and family as well." I had know way of knowing that Dad was thinking of a time far ahead when life wouldn't be so simple.

    At this point, I executed the roll of my eyes that I had saved up and groaned, "What ever you say Dad!" I smiled as I climbed off him and hit the floor of his bedroom with a little bounce. Maybe a week or two in the wilderness with TWO extremely sexy men wouldn't be so bad afterall, I mused. After all, I might get to see Uncle Jake naked. The prospect of this excited me and I jumped in the shower to clean myself up and start packing. If I'd had eyes in the back of my head, I'd have seen Dad's rueful shake of his head as he sat up and watched me exit the room.


    The next morning I awoke to the sound of a car pulling up the communal driveway in our apartment block. I rolled over and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. The sounds of manly voices exchanging greetings floated up through the window of my bedroom on the slight breeze that shook the leaves outside my window. The events of last night came back to me as I realised who this must be.

    After my shower yesterday afternoon, Dad and I had proceeded to start packing his SUV with everything we might need. We had often taken family camping trips up until about a year and a half ago when my mother's work became her priority and she declined to accompany Dad and I on future trips. We hadn't been on any since. We had two tents, one that was designed for two, and another designed for one. Mom had always insisted on sleeping seperately. We also had a specially constructed shower tent and toilet tent as well. Dad had a mini refridgeration unit that could be hooked up in the back of the car, and this contained some food supplies, however, most of it was canned stuff that could be cooked up easily over a fire. By the time we'd sorted everything out, it was quite late, and I was beat. I went to my room and crawled in to bed. By this time, Mom had returned home and I could hear the sound of her false nails clicking on her notebook as she lay in bed working, as per usual.

    I was awoken from my reverie by the sounds of heavy footsteps outside my bedroom door. The door swung open to reveal a dark shadow. It moved over to the window and yanked the curtains open. "RISE AND SHINE!" yelled my Uncle Jake. He jumped onto the end of my bed, causing the springs to squeak and my end of the mattress to buck up and down.

    "Hi Uncle Jake!" I managed to stammer amid the shock and awe campaign I felt I'd been assaulted with! I couldn't help but pay special attention to my rather young uncle, (he was only 27). In some ways he looked very similar to Dad. He had a strong jaw, and large hands as well as broad shoulders, however this is where the similarities ended. Uncle Jake had light brown hair which fell into his pale green eyes which gave him a boyish look. This was offset by his sharp cheekbones and smattering of stubble around his jaw. He was as lean as I remembered. He wore faded blue jeans with a green polo top which brought out his eyes. The sleeves were rolled up to reveal more toned than muscular arms and his collar was up, his V neck revealing the tip of a hairless chest with a clearly defined line between his pecks. The polo top clung to his torso showing a ripped and lean body on top of slim hips which fit neatly into low slung jeans. I imagined that if I pulled up his top, I would see the beginning of a treasure trail to what was clearly a decent sized cock packed into the tight jeans.

    All of this took a few seconds for me to process, but Jake was already talking: "Thanks for inviting me on this trip Bud, I really needed to get away, you know?" Jake started to talk about his most recent girlfriend, and how it hadn't worked out. He'd always treated me more like a friend than a nephew and I liked this about him. He didn't talk down to me.

    At this point I realised that I was near naked under the covers, (my chest was already exposed due to my rude awakening) however I was also sporting a massive hard on underneath the sheets. Dad was always joking that it was impossible for my young teen cock to stay soft for long, but it did tend to become hard at THE MOST inconvenient of times. I nodded politetly at what Uncle Jake was saying, my brain scrambling for a way out of this predicament! While I thought Jake was hot, I wasn't sure he'd be into seeing his nephew with a full blown boner!

    "Hello! Tyler! Are you there?!" My eyes refocused on Uncle Jake and suddenly I realised he'd asked a question. I clawed through my mind trying to recall the last few minutes of conversation. Jake had asked if I was looking forward to the trip!

    "Yeah! Definately Unc! I'm wrapped about it! Can't wait to get going!" I breathed a sigh of relief. I hated to appear like a little kid in front of Jake simply because I liked him treating me like an adult.

    "Wicked!" Ok, I'll let you get dressed, but hurry up! We gotta leave soon if we wanna beat the traffic!" Jake bounced off my bed, once again making the springs squeal painfully and walked towards the door with a spring in his step. I couldn't help but pay close attention to the way his butt fitted extremely well in the tight Levi's he was wearing. He turned the corner in the corridor and I started to pay more attention to the situation at hand.

    I decided the best bet was to take care of my boner in the shower. Dad and I had also spoken last night, and we'd agreed to be discreet while we were on the camping trip. Jake was definately a cool Uncle, however Dad wasn't sure how he'd react to our relationship. I got out of bed, and walked out to the corridor. I stopped at the linen closet on the way and looked down at my cock. The fabric of my boxer briefs strained over my aching prick, and I knew that I'd have the relieve it first thing in the shower. I grabbed a soft fluffy towel and sidestepped into the door to the bathroom. I closed the door, unable to lock the damn thing and turned on the hot water tap in the shower. Immediately, the steam from the water began to fog up the mirror on the wall.

    I slid off my briefs and the warm steam caressed my cock. I took a moment to look in the mirror. I was definately starting to shape up, considering the time Dad spent helping me train. I was on the athletics team at school, and as a result, my body resembled a younger Uncle Jake more so than it did Dad. My brown hair too flopped over my face, however it fell into blue eyes that were exactly like Dad's. I stepped into the how piping hot shower and let the water cascade over my lightly tanned skin. The water fell over my shoulder and onto my cock, stimulating it even more. I started to massage my cock with my right hand slowly and with rhythm. My left hand stole to my chest and began to pinch my coral pink nipples. After a moment, I moved my left hand down to my ballsack and began gently tugging on the excess skin as it softened in the warm water of the shower.

    My hand began to move more and more purposefully up and down my hard cock. The cascading water hit my knob and further added to the sensations coursing through my body. I began to pound my cock with earnest. I grabbed the soap dish attached to the wall with my left hand and rose up on my toes as I began wanking with gusto. I closed my eyes against the tiles of the shower and pictured what Uncle Jake would look like naked. My cock started to swell and my balls drew up against my body. I could feel my orgasm coming on but I bore down and held it back for another few seconds...

    Suddenly, cum erupted from my 5 inch cock and coated the wall of the shower in front of me. After three spurts, I was spent and I rested back on my heels on the warm tiles of the shower floor, my semi hard cock dangling between my legs.

    A moment later, the bathroom door opened and in came Uncle Jake! "Hey Buddy, sorry, I've gotta take a piss." His eyes swept my body through the lightly fogged shower glass and came to rest on my half hard prick which still had cum dripping from my piss slit. "Looks like I just missed a show!" He laughed.

    I stood there, frozen in shock as he turned to the side and unzipped his Levi's and the object of my fantasy only moments ago was displayed in front of my eyes. Jakes cock was not as thick, or as long as Dad's, but it was perfectly shaped and definately still larger than average. A thick stream of piss shot out of his cock and made a loud splash in the toilet as it hit the water. Jake's eyes focused on the ceiling, but I couldn't look away from that cock. A moment later, the stream of piss ended and Jake was tucking his dick back into his pants. I woke up enough at this point to look away and hide my now hardening cock. "Cheers Bud," was all Jake said as he walked out the door.

    "No worries," I stammered in return, determined not to look like an idiot. As if I'd never even seen a cock before. I dried myself off quickly and returned to my room to get dressed.

    "Tyler come on, get moving, we gotta leave now to miss the traffic!" I heard my Dad call from outside near the car.

    "Coming," I replied. I bolted outside and saw my Dad and Uncle Jake standing next to the car ready to go. They both looked so damn sexy and as they turned to me and smiled, suddenly it occurred to me a whole new range of possibilities had opened up with this trip. I determined that I would do my best to now seduce my Uncle and maybe even more!


    I was initially excited about the possibilities of going out on this camping trip, with both my Dad and Uncle. They are both really sexy guys, in different ways. But three hours of travel in a car, with a guy who can't seem to get over his last girlfriend really tends to put a dampener on things...

    "I mean, I don't know what else she wanted from me," Uncle Jake was saying to Dad for about the 63rd time. Dad nodded and mmm'd appropriately. "We had a great sex life, you know?"

    Dad looked at me in the rear-view mirror and smiled. I rolled my eyes in reply. This was something I liked about Uncle Jake, he treated me like one of the guys, not like a kid, but he did tend to go on and on about his girlfriends. "Maybe she just wanted more of a committment?" Dad suggested diplomatically. Too damn diplomatically if you asked me! I was only in my teenage years, but even I knew that women sucked you dry. If you weren't ready to commit; then see you later. You would think their biological clocks were fucking time bombs.

    "Well, I wasn't ready for that yet Scott. What? Am I supposed to pretend?" Jake was getting a little rowdy now. He'd had a few beers in the car. To help him 'relax' he'd said.

    "No, no of course not..." Dad made soothing sounds. "You did the right thing, Jake. You have to know that and accept she wasn't the right girl for you, no matter how great the sex was." Dad knew when to say all the right things that was for sure. I began to look at him in a new light.

    "Well, the sad fucking thing is that sex was fucking great!" Jake turned from the front to face me in the back seat and started to whisper conspiratorially and I leaned in to hear better. "Tyler, buddy, she had the wettest pussy I've ever had. Didn't need any lube, dude! Plus, massive tits, you know?"

    My cock started to get hard thinking about Uncle Jake fucking the shit out of some chick with blonde hair and huge tits. "Did she give good blow jobs?" I asked.

    I could sense Dad's disapproval at the discussion we were having, but I don't think he was in any position to say anything. Jake's eyes lit up at my enthusiastic attention. "The best man! She knew how to suck buddy. First a bit of foreplay to get me hard up, and then she'd take my cock out my pants, and down the whole lot." He winked at me, "She'd swallow every drop too, bud. That's the way you want it."

    At this point, my cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy into my shorts. Luckily we were pulling into the camp site and my cock was straining for relief. I formulated a plan to duck into the restroom and have a quick jack off before we went deeper and set up camp. Dad announced that he wanted to have a quick sit down and coffee (since he was the one doin the driving, Uncle Jake being half pissed). Jake said that he wanted to have a shower before we really head into the woods and camped out. Even better, I thought. I said I was going to have a look around.

    I made my way indirectly to the restroom and walked into one of the cubicles. The arrival part of the campsite had blocks for men and women's toilets and showers. We would be moving further into the reserve where these weren't available, later on. I could understand Jake wanting to have a shower to start with considering he'd been up all night on a bus in order to get to our place initially. There was heaps of writing on the toilet stall walls. They were covered with phone numbers to call if you wanted a fuck, or blowjob, or anything in between. I pulled down my shorts and freed my cock from my underwear.

    A moment later I heard the door open and peering through the crack, I saw the unmistakable shade of green that was Uncle Jake's polo top. I placed me eye right up to the crack between wall and door and saw him enter the showering area with a duffel bag. The area itself was only a few benches placed in front of a tiled area with 3 nozzles next to each other, each with a set of taps on the wall. I was sure that he wouldn't know I was in here. Suddenly I heard some soft moaning and the sight that I beheld was what I'd been waiting for.

    Jake stood at a bench. He'd already undressed most of the way, and only his underwear was left. His right hand was caressing his cock and balls underneath his boxer briefs while his left hand gripped his extremely toned and ripped pecs and pinched his nipples.

    I was in ecstacy. I stood glued to the sight of my sexy uncle, virtually naked and touching himself. Before long, the underwear came off, and I really got an eye full. Jake's cock when soft was something to be proud of. When it was hard, it was something to be worshipped. His dick was perfectly straight and even along the entire length. His balls hung neatly underneath, slightly smaller than my fathers, but hanging very low. I watched as Jake moved to the shower section and slowly started jacking his cock as he waited for the water to warm up.

    When it did, Jake carefully balanced on the balls of his feet with this left hand on the wall and his right hand slowly jerking his erect cock. His cock was beautiful and perfectly shaped. It wasn't as thick as Dad's, but it was long, and Jake drove his fist smoothly up and down the shaft, rubbing his thumb over the head each time this fist reached the top of his dick. By this stage, my cock was bouncing up and down, desperately crying out for relief. I reached down and started rubbing the head of my dick and I could feel myself gettin more and more aroused as I watched Uncle Jake jerk off in what I imagined was a private show for me.

    I started to jerk my cock in time with Jake's, imagining it was his hand on my hard cock. As he sped up so did I and it wasn't long before I was shooting pristine white cum onto the floor of the cubicle. I wiped my cock with a bit of paper from the roll and chucked it in the bowl. I decided to be daring, and see how far I could go with this. I pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. The noise from the ancient pipe system could definately be heard and as I exited from the cubicle I looked over to see Uncle Jake peering to see who had come out. His body was turned towards the wall though, clearly trying to hide his hard on. When he saw it was me, he dropped any attempt at hiding and turned his full body towards me. Another reason I loved Uncle Jake!

    I walked over to the shower area where Jake was, taking in his sculpted physique. Up close it was apparent that his body was simply beautiful. My Dad had a fantastic body, sculpted from the gym and his construction work. Jake was just perfectly in proportion. Nothing was overdone, everything was perfection. I stood there mesmerised by the beauty before me, in particular the cock that was still rock hard. "Yo! Buddy! You right there?" I was jerked out of my reverie by Jake himself, looking rather concerned.

    "Yeah," I responded, "just a little distracted, you know?" I gestured to Jake's body and he grinned.

    "Hey, it's just us guys right? Nothin' to be ashamed about!" Jake turned off the shower and walked towards the bench where he'd left the duffle bag, where I stood. My eyes followed his body, and I could see him watching me, watch him. His cock did not soften one bit the entire time.

    I suddenly realised that, even though I had already jerked off twice today, my cock was once again, rock hard! My dick was tenting my shorts something chronic, and it was definately obvious.

    "You lookin' at anything in particular, Tyler?" Jake was looking at my with one eyebrow raised.

    I decided that honesty was the best policy... sort of. "Um, Uncle Jake, I'm just amazed with your body. It's really cool! My eyes drifted down to his manhood. "And you've got a really big cock too. It's kind of amazing!"

    Jake laughed in an embarassed, drunken kind of way. Still his cock didn't go down. He was enjoying showing his body off to me. "Well, it's pretty big when it's hard, Tyler, like now. Do you know about jerking off?"

    I nodded my head, "Yeah, but it's kinda hard with a small dick like mine to get the technique right. I wish I could practice on a bigger one." I sighed as heavily as I could.

    "Oh, I see." Jake was playing along with a drunken smirk on his face. "Do you wanna have a go on mine, just to see if it's any different?"

    I grinned hugely and practically yelled; "Thanks Uncle Jake!"

    "What the hell? They can't teach you this stuff in Sex Ed, right?" he rationalised. I didn't waste any time goin' for it. My right had grabbed Jake's cock and started to slowly pump up and down his shaft with a tight grip. My left had tickled his balls mercilessly, pulling on the excess skin and massaging his low hangers.

    Clearly Jake thought it was just teenage curiosity driving me, but I knew better. I was in this to make him cum, and cum hard.

    "So how does it feel, buddy? Any different?" Jake's eyes were closed. Whatever he thought, he was enjoying getting and hand job from his nephew.

    "Hmmm, what's this stuff?" I asked Jake, playing dumb. I referred to the clear pre-cum flowing steadily from his cock onto my hand.

    "Oh, that's pre-cum," he gasped. I could tell this was making him hot, and he was getting close. "It makes it easier, to ah..., to jerk off." I nodded sagely. "Hey Tyler, I think maybe you'd better stop now. He looked down at me seriously. I know I said I'd let you give this a try, but, ah....." he gasped as I ran my thumb over the top of this knob. "I'm about to...ah..." he continued gasping as I swirled my thumb through the pre-cum that had collected at the head of his cock.

    "It's ok, Uncle Jake," I said softly. I looked into his eyes. "I like practising on you."

    Uncle Jake returned my look. His green eyes smouldered as they bore into mine and I could see the gears shifting in his head as the truth of the situation dawned on him. I gripped his cock even harder and started to really milk his dick. He closed his eyes and leaned back, thrusting his hips out towards me.

    His breathing deepened, and I could feel his balls retracting ever so slightly. Suddenly, with a whoosh of breath from his nostrils, and a breathy "FUCK!" Jake was coming. Ropes of cum flew from his piss slit and coated my hands and his perfect abs. I slowed my jacking but continued to run my fist up and down his now spent cock, loving the way his whole body twitched when I reached the senstive head. His eyes remained closed, but he had a small smile on his lips.

    Suddenly, his eyes opened, and he looked down at me with that smile and beautiful green eyes. "Thanks Buddy!" he said brightly. His right hand tousled my hair, and my scalp started to tingle. "I definitely needed that! Cheers for the helping hand."

    He turned and bent down to grab the towel that he'd left on the bench. As he did so, one of his perfect ass cheeks brushed the massive tent I had in my shorts. For an over-sexed teenager, this was all that it took. I moaned softly as cum leaked out from my cock directly into my shorts. Jake was still bent over, searching for his clothes in his duffel and I unconsciously leaned in and rubbed my hard cock against his thigh. I'm sure he must have noticed, but he ignored me. After a moment, I stepped back, stuttering some excuse about seeing Dad and walked out of the block. I looked back over my shoulder and could've sworn I saw a small smile still on Jake's lips.

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