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  • A father and son fantasy
  • Rolling along the interstate at dusk, on vacation and with no real destination in mind, I pulled into the very large rest area. After finding a parking space away from the restrooms, I turned into a space and parked. I had been driving for a good while and needed to relieve myself in a bad way. Stepping up to a urinal, I whipped out my beauty and let it flow. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rather young looking man stepped up to the stall beside me and revealed a very hot looking, semi hard cock. His stream also flowed with great intensity and he must have needed relief as bad as I. He finally uttered something about how driving and having to pee caused his dick to stay semi hard and he needed to piss really bad. I glanced at his cock again after hearing this and it had grown even harder than before. In his hand was a very beautiful 6-inch tool with a swollen and glistening purple head, and it was spilling a stream of hot yellow liquid.

    I responded to his comment by saying, yeah, it does me the same way too. At this point, I could feel his gaze upon my own stiffening cock. The thought of him looking at my cock gave me shivers along the length of my body and my cock grew to a raging hard on in an instant. I slowly and openly stroked my cock while looking at his beautiful hard dick, which was now at full attention. The swollen crimson purple head looked very suckable as it gleamed wetly in the light from overhead. Slowly his hand made its way over to my stiff cock and he stroked my dick for a short while until we heard the door open; he quickly withdrew his hand and acted like nothing had happened. He put away his stiff dick and quickly made his way towards the door.

    Damn what a turn on and major disappointment all at the same time. I was now very turned on, perplexed, and frustrated at the same time. I zipped up and headed to one of the sit down stalls as I now felt an urgent need for some sexual release. I could still imagine his hard swollen cock head, so beautiful erotic and sexy. It was almost a crime that I never got to feel it in my hand or mouth. The effect it was having still lingered as my cock was now very hard and hot in my hand. I worked my stiff dick up and down in slow strokes.

    While looking around the stall I saw a message written on the wall. It seemed as it was just written a short while ago, judging from it's content. "Hot man sex wanted in rest area. Call pager for contact info". It was dated with today's date, and a time only 20 minutes previous from the current time. I pulled out a pen and paper from my pocket and wrote down the number. I then scribbled over the message so no one else would see it, just in case it was the real thing, as I wanted to be the only one invited.

    I zipped up and headed back to my car. The rest area was now quite busy and there were many trucks, RV's and other commercial vehicles parked in the lot away from the car parking area. I got my cell phone out and called the pager number. I left my cell number for the return call and waited for a response. My heart raced as the phone finally rang after a few minutes of waiting. The voice on the other end spoke.

    "Hello, my name is Bob and I am looking for someone who may be interested in a little hot man fun right now he said, are you interested?" You bet I am, I replied. "Ok, so follow these instructions closely. Go to the pay phone on the truck parking side of the restrooms so I can see what you look like. Stand at the middle phone, and I will call you if I like what I see."

    I nervously made my way to the phone as instructed, and waited for the phone ring. I felt like a hooker on parade as I waited for it to ring. The ringing of the phone startled me even though I was expecting it. The voice on the phone spoke

    "Hello, you look very hot to me; are still interested?" You bet I am very interested was my response. Have you ever been with two men at the same time was the next question asked by the mysterious, but now erotic sounding voice on the phone. No, but I have fantasized about it many times before. "Well this is your lucky day, as I have a very special person with me, and we are looking for a nice partner for some very special, and erotic man sex. Turn to your right and look for my RV. I will blink the lights 3 times. Come to the passenger side rear door and I will greet you."

    Finally, I saw the blinking lights on a very plush tour bus type of RV. It was an extremely luxurious rig with blacked out windows and a very artsy metallic paint job. It looked like it belonged to a traveling band or rock group. It was high class all the way. I made my way over and knocked on the door. It opened to my gaze revealing a very plush interior and a very attractive mid thirties gentleman dressed in thin jogging shorts. I could see the outline of a thong, or maybe even women's panties underneath the thin material of his shorts. I like to wear silky thin running shorts myself as they make me feel free and sexy when I wear them. The sight of this middle aged man wearing them and wanting me for hot sex made my thoughts race with what the evening might hold.

    I stepped into the RV and immediately noticed a semi nude younger blonde male around 18 years old sprawled out on a velvet sofa with a remote control in his hand. On the wall at the end of the sofa was a large flat screen TV with a hot looking male sex movie on the screen. The young male was only wearing a pair of silky see through thong style briefs with an obvious hard on underneath the ultra thin material. I could see the outline of his youthful cock pressing against the sheer fabric. The outline of his tight balls and pretty cock showed plainly through the thin material. My dick got even harder as I took in the sight of this youthful sexy twink lying almost nude on the plush velvet sofa. His hairless chest, and hard little nipples rose and fell with each breath he took. What a beautiful sight to behold as all kinds of wildly sexy thoughts raced through my head. I virtually ignored my gracious host as I ogled the youthful beauty sprawled out on the velvet sofa.

    I finally came to my senses as the older gentleman introduced himself with a warm and firm handshake. Hello, my name is Bob and welcome to my traveling home. Hello Bob, I managed to spill out. My name is Tommy and I am very pleased to meet you. My son lying on the couch over there is John. Say hello to Tommy now John.

    John stood up from the sofa and made his way over to us and I could not keep my eyes away from his youthful smooth body as he approached us wearing nothing but his sheer sexy thong. The outline of a hard teen cock was clearly visible as he extended his hand in a handshake gesture. His silky smooth skin felt hot, erotic, and very comfortable in my hand as the handshake lingered for a short while before falling to our sides.

    Bob finally broke the ice by saying let's get a little more comfortable on the sofa and get to know a little about each other. As we turned and headed for the sofa, I felt a warm hand reach out to cup my butt cheeks, and my how good that felt as those familiar shivers raced through my body one again as I sat between them. The electricity between us was extremely high. Bob said that John was his son, and they were taking an extended vacation to celebrate Johns 18th birthday, which was yesterday. Bob also stated that John had recently admitted that he might be slightly on the gay side even though he had never even had sex with a male before. He had un-fulfilled cravings that needed to be explored to help him decide if he may really be gay, and that was the purpose of this vacation, to find some answers about Johns sexuality.

    Bob again spoke up and suggested that we all get naked and take a hot shower together. I followed them to the back of the RV, each of us shedding clothes as we went. Not really knowing the lay out of the RV, I followed behind them and got the best view possible of two very smooth and pretty butts as I trailed behind them. Both pretty butts were tight trim and tanned. John has a smooth peach fuzz boy build, while Bob was trim and toned. Both of them looked very hot, but my mind kept thinking about John's hot youthful boy body. I have had thoughts in the past about sex with a young hot boy body for a long time, and now it seemed like the dreams were about to come true.

    John had the most perfect hot young body I had ever seen, and it was completely naked and on display before me. I shivered with excitement as we stepped into the small shower stall, our bodies naked and touching for the first time. The water was warm and relaxing as we explored each other's naked wet skin. I could not keep my hands off of young John as Bob's hands explored my nakedness from head to toe. He found the soap and started lathering me up with his soapy, slippery hands. His soapy hands with their expert touch roamed every inch of me as he washed my naked skin.

    As nice as this felt, I was overwhelmed by Johns smooth and hairless young body. My soapy hands also explored every inch of his youthful teen nakedness. His skin was flawless as my hot hands roamed over his smooth naked flesh. What an erotic situation I was in. Bob was exploring every inch of my man flesh with his hot soapy hands, and I was living a dream come true doing the same to his beautiful son's naked flesh. I felt Bob's hand as it found my raging hot 6-inch throbbing cock. Exploring Johns smooth, youthful flesh had given me the most intense erection I had ever felt, and now Bob was stroking it from behind with his soapy slick hands.

    I felt his loving grip close around my balls as he stroked the raging cock from behind with the other. He gently pulled on them with a light grip and I moaned with pleasure as he fondled my twin pearls from behind. I held Johns smooth body closer to mine and started planting kisses from behind on his silky shoulders and neck. I felt him shiver as I licked and sucked his wet naked flesh, as Bob continued to stroke my throbbing cock from behind. This went on for about a half hour as we became familiar with each other's bodies.

    Then I realized that I had not had much of a chance to see the father and son tool set I would be enjoying for the rest of the night. I turned young John to face me, and then I got my chance to see the most beautiful young teen cock I had ever seen, bar none. It was so erotic to see this eighteen-year-old beauty all naked, wet, and sexy, standing in front of me, literally offering himself to me for our pleasure. I pulled him closer to me and as our hot, hard dicks touched for the first time. I thought I would collapse from the shear eroticism and pleasure of it all.

    Bob's slippery right hand now surrounded both hot dicks together and started to stroke them both slowly back and forth, as his other hand still massaged my twin pearls. I was dizzy with pleasure, my head spinning, and erotic feelings filled my being as I pulled the sexy kid into an embrace and planted a kiss on his open, inviting lips, as his dad stroked the hot twin cocks. My hands dropped to his smooth ass cheeks and I hugged him with passion as our tongues danced like snakes after their prey. I sucked his hot tongue in and out like a tiny cock as the sexy kiss lasted for some time, and the expert hands that belonged to this boy's father stroked our two hot cocks together as one.

    I did not think I could take any more pleasure as I could feel the urges coming in waves telling me to squirt my hot man cream. I let Bob know that I was very close, and he quickly stopped the stroking of the hard twin cocks, and said " Let's dry off, and get more comfortable in bed". I was a little disappointed that I did not get to blow my silky man cream, but I then realized he was right, the night was still young and there would be many more chances to experience the ultimate of forbidden human pleasures; an orgasm with someone of the same sex. John reached and turned off the hot shower stream and as we stepped out of the shower John grabbed some towels and we proceeded to dry each others wet naked bodies with the scented sweet smelling towels.

    Not wanting to leave Bob out of my attention giving, I concentrated on drying him and really got my first good look at his hot tool set. He had a nice cut and shaved cock with a beautiful set of small silky pearls tucked together tightly by a very sexy cock harness he was wearing. His tool set and pubic area was shaved silky smooth as my eyes concentrated on its details while I slowly dried him. I fully intended to pay even greater attention to his hard shaved dick and balls, so I dropped the towel and cupped his hot globes in one hand, and stroked his beautiful hard cock as he had done for me.

    Bob closed his eyes and his head fell back with ecstasy written all over his face and I returned his previous favors as he had done for me while in the shower. I crouched down to get a better angle, and now his lovely hot swollen purple dick head was just inches away as I continued to stroke his beautiful cock, which seemed to be begging me for some oral attention.

    I now had the chance to be the first of us to taste another's cock, and I intended to fulfill that role with eagerness. I looked closely at the task before me. In my hand was a steaming hot swollen cock, with a deeply crimson colored head looking right at me. I moved with extended tongue to welcome the swollen and glistening purple head into my hot waiting mouth. The velvety crown felt like silk as my wet tongue roamed all over the hot purple tip. Moans of pleasure came from Bob as I gave oral worshipping to his swollen man tool. I then noticed that young John was watching me intently as I pleasured his father's hot swollen cock. This gave me instant inspiration to show this beautiful young boy how to give pleasure to another mans hot hard dick.

    I lay Bobs steaming hot dick in my hand as if to worship it and then I wetly licked up and down its entire erotic length. I then licked all around the silky tasting crown, and slid the hot man cock all the way in until it disappeared from view, buried deeply in my now dripping wet mouth. I looked up at John to see him wide eyed with excitement at the sight of his dads cock deep inside me. I reached out for him and pulled him closer and his hot teen cock bobbed with excitement as he moved towards us. I released his dad's dick from my dripping mouth and moved towards John's beautiful teen boy boner.

    It was a lovely sight as it dripped an extra long stream of clear fluid from it's own swollen crown. I moaned with pleasure as the virgin young and dripping cock touched a hot wet tongue for the first time. The taste of his clear fluid drove me wild with excitement as I spread it over his hot dick head with my tongue. I twirled my tongue all over the dick head and then sucked the hot cock head into my wet cavern. I could feel John trembling as I made oral love to his virgin teen cock.

    His hot teen dick disappeared into my mouth again and again as I slowly and lovingly deep throated the most beautiful and youthful 6-inch cock that has ever been sucked. I could feel John's knees go weak as his raging hard teen dick plunged deeply in and out of my hot wet mouth, with his dripping wet balls touching my chin on every plunge. I grasped his smooth butt checks and set the pace for him as he filled me up with that sexy hot teen cock on every deep stroke.

    I now looked over at Bob's hot raging boner, and pulled him up beside his sexy naked son. I wanted both cocks in my mouth at once, and Bob took the queue and placed his hot dick against his sons. I sucked both hot dicks into my dripping mouth at once. I wondered how Bob felt with his hot sexy dick rubbing against Johns as I sucked as much of their twin cocks as possible into my mouth, while fondling their hot hanging balls at the same time.

    I then started alternating between their dripping cocks, deep throating one and then the other. I would give each stiff dick a few deep strokes into my cavern, and then switch to the other dripping cock. I then felt John's balls tighten in my hand and I knew the time of ultimate pleasure was near. I pulled both cocks to my mouth once again, and just in time to catch the hot streams of John's silky hot boy cream as they spurted from his beautiful teen boy cock. Bob sensed this too, and his own hot dick started filling my mouth in unison along with his beautiful sons.

    What a feeling to have this father and son duo filling me with their combined streams of hot silky love cream. The amount was overwhelming as the cocks kept delivering their hot silky payload. The hot cum spilled out of my mouth and they each moaned in ecstasy as they felt the ultimate in human pleasure and ecstasy in unison.

    Some of the hot cream dripped onto my swollen cock and I reached to spread the man cream onto my own steaming cock and balls. I stroked my shaved, cum covered cock as the hot cream still dripped down my chin. I could not take this level of ecstasy any longer as my own cock, now covered with the pair's hot spunk spewed great streams of my own man cream many feet across the floor. I released the still dripping cocks from my mouth and collapsed onto the floor.

    Now, my gracious host Bob grabbed a shot glass and proceeded to scoop the man cream from my body. He wiped the nectar from my face and chin, and then my cock and balls. He took the nectar and spread it onto his still hard dick and, applied some onto John's teen cock to. He quickly rolled on to his back and coaxed John to straddle his face. John, being the good son, kneeled down and then Bob took his own sons cum covered cock deeply into his mouth. He sucked on his hairless teen balls and stroked his smooth butt crack from top to bottom until John was screamed with pleasure. John quickly pumped another load of teen cream into his own fathers sucking mouth. Man what a sight that was to see Bob sucking his own son's hot teen cock.

    After resting in a calm and satisfied sleep for a while, I woke up to Bob suggesting we take another shower, so we all got cleaned up and dried off, but no one attempted to dress and we all just stayed naked. Bob then asked if I would like to stay and have dinner with them, and of course I said yes! I told Bob I would be honored to have dinner with them. I volunteered to help with cooking, but Bob would have none of that. He whipped up a nice meal of steak, baked potato, and a salad in the RV's kitchen while John and I lay on the rather large bed watching a hot, all male movie on the other big screen TV. The dinner was fantastic, and it was accompanied with several glasses of red wine. After dinner young John whipped out a pre-rolled joint and lit the end and we all passed it around until it was gone.

    The atmosphere was very relaxing with the wine and smoke, and we all lay naked around the large bed watching the all male movie. The movie was all right, but I was thinking that it was no hotter than the sex we all had earlier. After a short while, I saw that John was starting to get hard again from the effects of the movie on the TV. His pretty teen cock was as beautiful as before, and was quickly rising to the occasion as the movie played on.

    Bob suddenly spoke up and said that he and John owed me a debt of gratitude, and asked John if he would mind helping him pay me back. I saw a smile come to his face and he replied, "You know it dad. We really do owe him".

    Bob got up from the bed and went to the entertainment center. The TV went blank for a few minutes, and then it came back on. He had changed the video, and now showing up on the screen was video of our previous hot sex session. Bob apologized for not telling me that he had cameras located at various places in the RV and asked if I objected to being taped. I said, "Not as long as I get a copy of the tape". He said "That's great" and that he would make me a copy of the tape. Even though he did not have a camera in the shower, he did manage to catch the earlier hot sex session after the shower. Now on the screen was video of me on my knees, servicing their father and son cocks. I could not believe how erotic it was to watch me sucking the two hottest cocks I have ever made oral love to. The effect on me was obvious as my dick immediately came back to attention.

    Suddenly I felt two pairs of hands exploring my naked flesh. Bob massaged my upper chest area while John concentrated on my legs, feet, and then my stiff love tool. He gently took my rigid cock and shaven balls into his silky young hands and caressed them with loving tenderness. Bob lay beside me and started sucking my hardening nipples with his hot experienced mouth. He kissed along the skin of my abdomen with long silky strokes, as John continued to caress my raging hard on. Bob moved to gain better access and he planted hot wet kisses on my lips face and neck. His hot tongue snaked its way around mine causing me to suck his tongue deep into my mouth. I was again being overwhelmed with ecstasy as the pair repaid me for providing their previous oral worshipping.

    Bob then rolled me onto my stomach, and then coaxed me up onto my knees. He massaged my back and shoulders as John lay on his back and slid underneath me. He now had a perfect view of my raging hard cock and tight shaven pearls. John now reached up and grasped my aching boner and pearly globes and caressed them with both hands. I then felt Bobs hands move towards my silken butt cheeks. His smooth hands massaged my buns and crack. I felt his fingers occasionally glide over my hot manhole as he continued to pleasure me. He shifted positions and straddled John's naked body, their hard father and son cocks now rubbing together.

    I could now feel his warm breath on my smooth cheeks as his hot wet tongue found my hot pink hole. He licked along the length of my crack, and with each pass he would dip his hot tongue lightly into my manhole. As Bob continued this, I realized that John had now taken my stiff man pole deep into his hot young mouth. I was honored to be the first hot dick to enter young John's virgin mouth. It was wet and warm as he proceeded to suck it deep into his hot wanting mouth. He caressed my tight globes with his silky hands as I watched my stiff dick disappear deeply into his hungry teen mouth. He was getting an education in sucking a hard dick and a chance to practice what he had seen earlier in the day.

    The scene was getting me hotter by the second as I watched my stiff six-inch dick disappear deeply into young John's inexperienced mouth, while Bob worked his magic on my now sloppy wet manhole. Bobs anal manipulations were getting more intense as I felt him slide his hot, wet tongue along the length of my man crack. He would lick its length, and then slip his hot snake into the slowly yielding hole. His expert manipulations told me he had done this many times before. His hot tongue seemed as if it were six inches long as he slipped it deep into my steamy open butt hole. He then inserted a slim finger into the hot cave, and I could feel it sliding in and out of my hot manhole. I saw him reach across to the nightstand beside the bed and produce a medium size rubber cock and a bottle of lube. He spread the lube along the length of the rubber cock and dripped some onto my waiting love canal.

    I wanted it badly by now, and I was shaking with anticipation as I felt the rubber cock touch my anal opening. He placed a few inches into the hole and held it there to let me get used to the pressure. He would then pull it out and plunge it in a little deeper with each stroke. Suddenly, the rubber dick slipped deeply into my depths, now free of any resistance my muscle ring may have offered. He fucked me lovingly with the rubber cock as John continued his oral pleasuring of my aching stiff dick and tight balls. Suddenly, Bob pulled the fake dick from my slippery hole and it made a wet slurping sound as he withdrew the pleasure tool from my now sloppy manhole. Bob dripped some more lube into my open, waiting cavern and moved himself to gain access to my waiting man puss. I could feel the heat of his stiff love tool as he slid his hot slippery shaft up and down the length of my crack. He slowly pushed the velvety smooth purple head slightly into my hole and then withdrew. He repeated this method several times and it seemed as if he was teasing me, making me beg him to put his burning hot love tool deeply inside me.

    I pleaded with him to fuck my aching hot hole with his stiff love tool. He pushed it in a little deeper as I again pleaded with him to "Please put it in me now". He obliged me in my request, and pushed about half of it inside me, and I almost blacked out from the pleasure of it all. Here I was about to get slowly fucked by Bob as John watched from below. Young John was sucking on my hard dick and manipulating my tight balls with his hot youthful hands. As he looked up, he could now plainly see his father's hot dick disappearing deeply into my hottest depths.

    Finally, Bob pushed the entire length of his hot man meat deep into my burning cavern and the waves of pleasure overtook me as he fucked me passionately and lovingly. The heat from Bobs toned body merged with my own as he plunged his hot meat deep into my depths, and we became one as he fucked slowly and deeply in and out of my steaming love canal. I could feel his hot shaved balls touch my cheeks as he plunged his lovely dick in and out in rhythm as his young son was sucking my extremely hot cock and watching from below.

    I felt extreme ecstasy as the sexy pair made love to my hot naked body. It seemed like hours had passed as I felt the ultimate pleasure of being loved by this father and son team. I could now feel it building deep inside me as the moment of ultimate pleasure was quickly approaching for all of us. Suddenly I cried out "I am very close to Cumming now" and I then felt the hot dick inside me begin to unload gobs of hot creamy man silk deep inside my slippery fuckhole.

    As Bob filled me with his steaming hot man cream, my dick began to explode my own seed into young Johns sucking mouth. He tried his best to catch it all, but it was a huge load of hot man cream and it was more than his inexperienced mouth could take. I looked down at this beautiful young specimen taking his first load of burning love cream into his throat, as his dad emptied his hot load deep inside me. John had hot cum dripping down his cheeks, and I felt like my balls were going to follow, as the most intense orgasm I had ever felt was now ours to share.

    We all collapsed into a hot mass of man flesh and we were all spent but satisfied. We drifted off to sleep for some time. I finally awoke to the sound of John's sweet voice asking me to "Please make love to me as my dad did for you". How could I ignore this golden opportunity to take make hot love to his virgin teen boy hole. My dick spoke for me too as it quickly recovered, and was once again ready for some more hot man sex. I drew John to me in a warm embrace and whispered softly to him "I would be honored to make love to you John". I pulled him even closer and planted a kiss onto his pretty pink lips. My tongue found his and we kissed deeply and passionately. He responded by sucking on my tongue like a small dick as he had earlier done to my cock. As our embrace faded, I rolled him onto his stomach and urged him up onto his knees into the same position that I had been in earlier.

    Bob was still asleep as John and I prepared for me to take his hot teen boy pussy for the first time. I found the rubber cock and lube and placed it in easy reach. Now arched up before me was the most beautiful silky young boy butt one could ever ask for. The deep pink pucker was just pleading to be kissed and licked, and I was more than ready to do just that. I messaged the smooth globes of his perfect young ass while planting wet kisses all over his silken ass cheeks. I then lightly traced the length of his smooth hairless crack with my hot tongue and he moaned with extreme pleasure.

    "OH my lord" escaped from his mouth as I prepared his lovely virgin boy pussy for my own passion. He writhed in pleasure as my tongue found his tight pucker and I slowly fucked his virgin hole with my wet mouth snake. I massaged his smooth buns as I gave oral pleasure to his lovely hot boy hole. I then slipped a finger slightly into his tight hole, and the moans of pleasure once again escaped his mouth. The single slim finger slipped even deeper into his depths as the moans became louder. I reached for the lube and dripped large amounts along his exposed slit. I also applied generous amounts to his young hard cock and balls. I took the hot dick in my hand and stroked it as I fucked in and out of his lovely young hole with my finger.

    He was now experiencing the same level of ecstasy as I had earlier. I removed the finger and grasped the rubber cock. I slid the fake cock along his lubed ass crack while still stroking his hot and well-lubed cock. He almost screamed in pleasure as the fake cock traced its way along his young hairless crack. I then paused the rubber invader at the entrance of his hot boy hole and pushed it slightly into the virgin tunnel. He seemed to be very wanting of this fake cock inside him as he rose up to meet the rubber love toy. I was trying to be very gentle while he seemed to crave with animal lust what was about to come. He reached back and spread his pink love tunnel open for me. As I gently pushed on the rubber toy, he rose with spread open cheeks to meet the cock shaped invader. The jelly cock slipped inside him with surprising ease as even deeper moans escaped his lips. He met the plunging toy as it slipped completely into his wanting hot hole.

    I increased the tempo and fucked his boy hole with even greater intensity, as he rose to meet each plunge of the rubber dick. I then pulled the fake cock from his hot cave and replaced it with my own hot love tool. He had the hottest fuck tunnel I had ever been inside of. He was like a slutty teen whore who craved cock as my hot dick plunged in and out of the steaming hot boy hole. I fucked him with extreme passion as the moans turned to animal like growls. I then noticed that Bob had woken up and was watching us with extreme interest. He must have been ready for more too as he reached out to stroke my smooth ass cheeks as I passionately fucked his virgin sons hot butt hole. He then took his sons lubed dick in his hand and stroked it back and forth as I plowed his virgin teen cavern.

    After several minutes of hot fucking and stroking, I felt Johns body tense up as he screamed out in pleasure. The streams of hot boy cum spurted out of his stiff dick as his dad stroked his son's hot cock Bob captured as much of Johns hot cum as he could and rubbed it on to his own cock, He stroked his own cock too, which now covered with Johns hot teen cream, while helping finish off his son's powerful orgasm.

    With my passion now being as great as Johns, another moment of great ecstasy was now upon me too. My dick started filling the boys hot cavern with steaming silky man cream as the animal like growls emanated from Johns lips. Once again it felt like my balls would follow the hot cream deep into the cavern. My pearly globes ached with passion as they emptied their hot contents deep into young Johns hot passion hole. I fucked him as long as I could until my softening pole no longer cooperated. We again collapsed in exhaustion as the passion slowly subsided.

    We all slept for hours until the sun rose the next morning. Bob asked me where I was headed and I told him I was on vacation for several more days. I said that I had no real plans in mind, and he then invited me to go along with them for the remainder of the week. We drove to an RV center some miles down the interstate and he bought a tow bar to tow my car behind the RV. Needless to say, we had several more nights of steaming hot sex before I had to head home for work. Bob told me as we parted that I was welcome to come to his place anytime I wanted to. It turns out that we lived several states apart, but Bob said that he would pick up the tab for my plane ticket any time I wanted to "CUM" and visit, and you can believe I have taken him up on that offer many more times to "CUM".

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