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  • Dads into leather
  • A little about me, and then I will get to the good stuff. I'm 18, 5'9, 155lbs, good shape and a track star at school. I live with my dad. He is a great guy, tough but fair. My mom has never been in the picture, and dad has raised me on his own. I have known my whole life that I was gay, so I guess I'm pretty lucky. Mostly, I have always been attracted to older guys; teachers at school, coaches, and especially my dad. My dad is in amazing shape. 6'3" broad shoulders, hard hairy pecs, thick arms, and flat stomach. Ever since puberty hit, I have had the hots for him.

    So now to the good stuff. It was a Saturday about a month ago when everything began. I was enjoying a day where I didn't have to wake up and go to school. I got out of bed around 9:30 am with a raging hard on. I went downstairs and found that I had the house to myself. My dad usually works Saturday mornings, so I knew I had some time to play. Lately I have been going into my dad's bedroom and laying in his bed to jerk off. Sometimes I would pick up a sweaty jock or a pair of his underwear and sniff them as I jerked. I had got the idea from reading a story like this online, and found it to be very hot.

    This particular day was the day after laundry day. So there were no underwear or jocks laying around for me to sniff. I decided to do something I had never done before, and open my dad's drawers and look for a pair of clean underwear. Now I had never gone through his stuff before. My dad has always given me my privacy, and expected me to give him his. I was most definitely not thinking with my brain at this point, but with the seven hard inches in my shorts. I pulled open his the top drawer of his dresser where I thought his underwear would be. And I found them...along with three DVDs. They were plain back DVD cases with copied DVDs in them. They had numbers written in black sharpie marker on them, but that's it. No titles.

    I figured I had found my dad's stash. Every guy has a porn stash. I kept mine on my computer. So I fired up the TV and DVD player and put in the disk marked #5. I lay back on the bed, and prepared to watch whatever it was that turned my dad on. In my mind, I wasn't as excited to see some porno as I was imagining my Dad laying in bed and jacking off. I hit play, and got quite a shock. The movie began with two muscular guys getting sucked off by a third in a gym. I instantly started stroking my cock as my mind raced with the possibilities. My dad was gay?

    As I stroked my cock, I couldn't help but think of how I wish I could watch my dad laying in bed and jerking off. I slid a finger between my legs and slowly played with my hole. A hundred scenarios played through my head: should I tell him that I'm gay? Should I ask him if he is? The porno was forgotten as I imagined the conversation with my dad where we discussed out mutual desires, which is probably why I didn't hear him come into the room.

    "Hey son"

    "Oh shit," I gasped as panic set in. I bolted up and grabbed for the DVD remote, the DVDs, a pillow to cover my cock, all at the same time. "Oh shit Dad, I'm sorry."

    "What the hell, son..." There was a look of shock on his face, mixed with anger, and something else. Mostly it was the anger that concerned me at that moment. He was wearing a sweaty running shirt and running shorts. Apparently he hadn't gone into work that morning after all.

    `Sorry dad...I just found this movie..."

    "Yeah, I see that. And where did you find it?

    "Well, it was in your drawer."

    Dad began to cross the room toward me. I was still standing beside the bed with the pillow covering my now soft cock. He took the DVDs from my hand. "I know it where it was, what the hell were you doing in there?"

    "I'm sorry Dad, I was just looking. I know I shouldn't have."

    He sighed. The anger was draining from his face. Always a good sign. "Yeah? Looking for what? I keep private stuff in there. What all did you find?"

    Now I saw that his anger was cooling, I could tell he was curious as to what I had found, and maybe nervous. Why would he be nervous?

    "Dad, I just found the DVDs. I swear that's all. I mean, they were actually really hot."

    There was a moment of silence. Then he laughed. "Well, I guess you know I like them. Are you sure that there isn't anything else? I mean, if you have questions..."

    Now I was definitely curious. What else did he have? "What kind of questions dad? You have something hidden away that I should see?"

    He laughed again. "Well, I guess learning about this stuff with your dad is a little weird." He pulled out a duffel bag from the bottom drawer. "But better me than the Internet. Go ahead."

    He tossed the bag on the bed. I pulled the zipper and found the bag contained my Dad's sex stash! Handcuffs, bottles of lube, some leather stuff, some rubber stuff, dildos, anal balls, and some stuff that I hadn't even learned about from the internet.

    "Wow dad! Some of this stuff is really hot!" By now I was sitting on the bed, in the nude. The DVD was still running in the background. My muscular, sweaty dad was showing me his sex stash. Needless to say, my cock was back to full blown raging hard-on. I glanced over to dad and noticed the bulge in his running shorts was considerably bigger.

    "Well, it sure works for me boy."

    "I can tell Dad...your cock is so big! How big are you?" Again there was a pause, like he was considering all his options, or thinking how he wanted to respond. He smiled and said, "Pretty fucking big right now, boy."

    By this point you could feel in in the air of the bedroom. I was horny as hell, and so was my dad. I was turning him on as much as he was making me drool. I got off the bed and walked over to where he was standing. "Can I touch it dad?"

    "Yeah, if you want." I placed my hand on my dad's bulge. It was huge and hard. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. Then he grabbed my cock. "You turned on by those boys in the movie?"

    "I'm more turned on by you at the moment, dad!" I reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. It was a thing of beauty; nine inches of thick perfection. "Wow...its amazing. I don't think I could ever get a cock as big as yours in my ass.."

    His eyes widened. "Are you telling me you have let guys fuck you?"

    I laughed a little, but was excited by the note of shock, and maybe jealousy in my dad's voice. "No dad, but I do put my finger in my ass...and it feels good."

    Dad began running his hands across my butt. " want to try a big cock in there boy?"

    "Yeah I do Dad..."

    "Fuck boy....strip me naked."

    My heart was racing. I don't think it had stopped since he first walked into the room, but now it was absolutely pounding. I felt like I had just ran a marathon, but I was far from blown out and winded. I felt like I could run forever. I started to pull down his shorts, but he grabbed my hands.

    "Shirt first."

    He was wearing one of those tight running shirts, not spandex but still tight. I pulled it up as far as I could, but he was taller than me. He sort of laughed, and pulled it over his head.

    "Ok. Now the shorts."

    I pulled them down and freed my prize. He was rock hard. At least nine inches of thick cock, with balls that hung low between his muscled legs. I had never seen a cock like it in any school locker room. My dad had porn star cock!

    "Wow Dad!"

    "You like that boy?"

    "You are so big!" I grabbed his cock and began to rub it, feeling its heat. I wanted so many things at that moment, I wanted it in me, my mouth or my ass. Just inside me.

    "Hmmm...glad you approve! That's it boy, feel your dad`s meat."

    "What do you want me to do, dad?"

    "What do you want to do?"

    I laughed, feeling like we were both unsure where to go from that point, but both wanting to get there anyway.

    "Anything you want dad. But I do want you inside me. Tell me what to do?"

    He pulled me close, his hands grabbing my ass cheeks. I felt one of his fingers playing with my hole, and it made me want so much more. He didn't say anything, but I felt his finger slip into my hole. I gasped. "Dad, that feels so good."

    "You are tight son." I felt his huge cock press into my stomach. "You sure you want this in there?"

    "Yes!" I was panting at this point!

    "You sure son? You going to do as I say? No chickening out?" His finger was now completely in my ass. How was I going to say no?

    "Yes Sir!"

    "Good boy..."

    He suddenly reached down and kissed me on the lips, his tongue slipping into my mouth. It was like no kiss I had ever experienced before. Hot and wet, it took my breath away. "Ok son. Here we go..." There was a pause. And suddenly his tone shifted deeper, more commanding. "On your knees boy!

    I didn't even think. I just dropped, so eager to get eye to eye with that beautiful cock.

    "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue...wider.."

    I couldn't wait to get that cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head, and lunged forward. But instead of cock, I suddenly found my mouth filled with my dad's sweaty balls.

    "Lick them clean, fucker!" My surprise was replaced by lust as I sucked the soft velvety sack into my mouth. I started sucking.

    "That's it boy. Work your tongue on them...yeah"

    I worked on one ball, then the other, then finally I had both of them in my mouth. He still had one hand firmly behind my head, and the other was stroking his cock.

    I was starting to gasp for air, his balls filling my mouth and making my cheeks bulge. Suddenly he pulled his balls away.

    "Mmm...that's good boy.

    I was gasping for breath as he started rubbing his cock on my face, collecting my drool getting his cock wet.

    "Fuck, you're making me drip boy. You ready to taste some of that?"

    "Yes dad!"

    He placed the head of his cock on my tongue. Slowly he worked a drop of precum into my waiting mouth. It tasted salty, but I liked it. I started licking the tip of his cock right at his piss slit to get more of his juice.

    His hand pulled me onto his cock. It filled my mouth like his balls did, but it went deeper than they went, into my throat. I started to gag, and panic. I wanted it to bad, but it was so big. He eased up.

    "Too much too soon boy. Lets start on the head of my cock. Nurse some more cum out of it..."

    I started working his cock head the way I worked his balls, using my lips and my tongue. I worked the delicious piece of meat into my mouth, and soon I was getting about five inches down my throat. Dad was humping my face, thrusting his cock in and out. With his free hand, he had started working one of his nipples. I reached up and grabbed the other one, and he gasped/

    "Mmm...yeah fucker! You learn real fast. We are going to have some fun..."

    He quickly pulled me to my feet. My mouth suddenly was empty, but he shoved my head onto his pec, my mouth filling with his nipple. I began to lick and nibble on the hard tip. He worked me back and forth between his nips, putting his finger back in my ass. Soon he had a second finger in there, and my ass felt full. I was starting to worry how I would ever get something as big as his cock in my ass.

    Once again I found my head moved , and now we were kissing again, tongues wrestling around in each other's mouths. He pulled away and looked into my eyes.

    "Do you know what I want to do to you boy?"

    "No dad..."

    " I want to throw you on that bed, tie you down, and fuck you till you pass out and your ass dribbles cum for a week."

    My eyes must have gotten huge when he said that. He smiled at me.

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to do that. Not yet away... You aren't ready for me to fuck you the way I want to fuck you. So instead you are going to fuck yourself."

    He went to his sex stash and brought out a bottle of lube and a small brown bottle. He lay on his back across the bed.

    "Get of top of me boy!"

    I straddled his thighs, so that his cock and my cock were touching. He started to rub lube up and down his shaft, and then he started rubbing my cock. I thought I would explode right then. Finally he rubbed the lube on and in my ass hole.

    "Scoot forward son, and let my cock slide into your crack. That's it. I want you to start to work my cock into your ass. Just this once, I am going to let you be in charge. You decide how deep, how fast, how slow, whatever. I want you go get used to the feeling."

    He had his cock head tucked into my ass, right at my hole. All I had to do was move and it would slide in. I was at the long tall climb of the roller coaster. It was all down hill from here. I was about to take my hot dad's cock in my ass!

    I started to slowly work it into my ass, but I guess I wasn't being careful. Or maybe I just got a little too eager. I felt the whole head slip past my hole and into my gut. I gasped in pain, and I wanted to pull out, but dad held me in place.

    "Good boy. Here, breathe deep."

    He held the little brown bottle under my nose, and I took a breath. My dad had just gave me my first hit of poppers. I felt the sudden rush, and the pain in my ass subsided. After a few minutes, I started working the rest of that monster cock into my hole.

    "That's it boy, you got the whole thing. How do you feel?"

    "Good! So full..." I was still experiencing the sensation of having something hot and throbbing moving around inside me. The pain had been replaced by something else, and intensity that was completely sexy, but different than jacking off and cumming. It was an entirely new feeling, and I wanted more!

    I started to work my body up and down on my dad's cock. It was so hot! I was riding him, living out a real life porno. The DVD in the player was completely forgotten. Dad couldn't hold back anymore, and he started to meet my riding with thrusts of his own. Each thrust sent a new powerful sensation through my groin. It was like I had to piss, but not exactly. Later I would learn about prostate stimulation, but all I knew at that moment was that it was mind blowing!

    Dad started to gasp and grunt about the same time as I unexpectedly started cumming. I wasn't even really stroking, it just hit me like a truck. I was shooting my load all over my dad's broad chest.

    "Fuck yeah boy. Here I cum..."

    Dad started thrusting deep into me, shooting his load into my hole. It must have been a huge load, cause I could actually feel it in my ass. I think he was still cumming when he pulled out of me.

    We both lay on the bed, gasping for air, coming back to earth after an incredible high.

    "You ok, son?"

    There was a change in his tone, the tone of command gone, replaced with fatherly concern.

    "Yeah dad, that was amazing!"

    The bed was a mess. At some point his we had knocked his sex stash into the floor, and some of the stuff and fallen out. The porno DVD had changed scenes, and now featured a hot older guy in leather fucking a guy tied to a table. I nodded to the television.

    "So that's what you want to do to me, huh?"

    Dad laughed. "I like being dominant. That ok?"

    "Yeah dad. That's hot!"

    "Glad you think so boy. There are a lot of things I can show you."

    We lay there for a while. At some point he took me in his arms and held me, and it felt great! I knew that things were really just beginning for us. I just didn't know how far they would go!


    We lay there for a while, covered in sweat, cum, ass juice, all the by-products of great sex. We didn't say much to each other. I was just sort of enjoying the afterglow. Dad seemed to be dozing, or maybe just thinking. He must have noticed me looking at him, because he smiled and asked, "How does your ass feel?"

    "Good." Actually, I was feeling a little sore. He must have realized this because he laughed.

    "Ok then. Ready for me to fuck that hole? I mean really pound it..."

    "Umm...ok. I might not be ready for that."

    Dad laughed. "In that case, how about a shower? We can get cleaned up and be productive instead of laying in bed all day."

    "Ok. You going to shower with me? "

    "Why don't you go get started and I will join you."

    I jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Soon the shower was going, and I was enjoying the hot water washing my body clean. My newly fucked hole was already starting to feel better, and maybe a little hungry again. Soon the shower curtain was pulled open, and dad joined me under the water. I couldn't help but stare at my dad's broad shoulders, hairy chest, flat stomach, and semi-hard cock as he climbed in. His body was completely familiar, having seen in a million times, but I wanted to explore every inch of it. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed against me.

    "Got some bad news son. Work called. Looks like I am going to have to go in for a few hours this morning after all. Some sort of problem down at the building site."


    "Yeah, I know. I'm already getting horny for that ass again." I could tell. His cock was pressing against my stomach. "But there is plenty of time for that later."

    I tried to hide my disappointment, but I guess I didn't do too good a job.

    "How kinky do you want to get boy?"

    I looked up into his eyes. "As much as you want dad!"

    "Good boy."

    Then there was that change of tone again, from caring to commanding. I don't know why hearing that change brought such a jolt to my system. But when he gave me an order, it was electric. I wanted to do anything he wanted.

    "Get on your knees fucker.

    I dropped to my knees in a flash! I was hungry to suck that cock again. Maybe I could suck him off and taste my dad's cum.

    "Open your mouth boy, but don't suck. Just open your mouth and leave it open."

    I did as I was told as he stroked his cock over my face. He placed the tip of his dick at my waiting mouth, but didn't push it in.

    "Swallow boy."

    Suddenly my mouth was flooded with warm, salty liquid. Dad was pissing in my mouth! I was shocked, and didn't know what to do. It quickly overflowed my mouth and ran down my chest. He grabbed me behind my neck and pushed his cock into my mouth.

    "I said swallow it boy!"

    I sort of automatically started swallowing. The taste was strong, but not bad . It was happening so fast I wasn't really sure if I was turned on or grossed out.

    "Fucking hot boy. Get up."

    He pulled me to my feet. I was a little confused. I thought I was going to get to suck his cock. He grabbed the soap and stated washing his body.

    "I want to see you piss boy."

    Now, I have never been one to be pee shy, but I wasn't sure I had to go. It was such a strange turn of events that I didn't think I would be able to. But after a few seconds I started to let loose.

    Dad continued to soap up, and soon he was washing me, paying extra attention to my cock and ass. He even slipped a couple of soapy fingers into my hole. This made me moan.

    " Fuck me dad. Please?"

    "I will boy, when I am good and ready. Rinse that soap off."

    Dad stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and headed into his bedroom. I rinsed off. I was horny as hell, and hungry for cock. I couldn't believe he was going to leave me hanging like this. I turned off the water and started toweling off. By the time I was done running the dryer over my hair, Dad was dressed in his work clothes: tight jeans, work boots, and a polo with his company's logo.

    I started to leave the room, head back to my bedroom to get dressed when Dad put a hand on my shoulder and stopped me.

    "Where do you think you are going boy?"

    `I was going to go get dressed..."

    "Oh, I will dress you. I got your clothes for the day right here."

    He grabbed his sex stash duffle bag and threw it on the bed, then pulled me over and sat me on the edge of the mattress. He took two thick leather cuffs from the bag and began to put one around my wrist. It was black leather, with a padded inside that was very comfortable. It was followed by the other cuff, the two more on my ankles. I had seen stuff like this on the internet, but never dreamed I would be getting cuffed by my dad.

    "Lay back on the bed boy."

    I moved to the center of the bed and looked at him, fully dressed but with an obvious bulge in his tight jeans. I wanted him so bad. I didn't know where this was going, and I didn't care. He climbed on top of me, pinning me to the bed. He had something else in his hand. It was a leather mask.

    "Head up boy."

    He pulled the mask over my head and attached it somehow. It was tight, and I couldn't see anything. I guess I should have been scared, but I wasn't. If anything, the smell of the mask, leather and sweat, turned me on even more.

    He pulled my arms out and attached the cuffs to something. I couldn't see what, but the kept my arms in place, but not uncomfortably so. My legs followed. I was now spread out in an X shape on the bed. I was thinking about his comment earlier about tying me to the bed. I couldn't wait to have him inside me again. A moment passed. Then another.

    "Dad?" I asked through the mask. I couldn't hear him. Another moment passed.

    I lay there and waited. I felt something warm and wet at my hole. It didn't take long for me to realize that it wasn't his cock, but a finger. He slid his finger into my hole. It felt so good, but I wanted more. After far too short a time, he pulled out.

    Then I felt something else take its place. It was harder, and colder. And bigger. I felt my ass lips widen as dad pushed it in, then narrow and close around the new intrusion, locking into place in my gut. Dad lay on top of me, his full weight pinning me to the bed. Finally he spoke, directly to my right, his mouth at my ear, on the other side of the leather mask.

    "I have a plug in your ass right now boy. It had better be there when I get back."

    "Back? I murmured into the leather mask.

    "I told you, I have to go to work for a little while boy. But when I get back we will pick up right where I left off."

    His weight shifted, and he was gone. I was alone, tied to my dad's bed, with a plug in my ass, and a raging teenage hard on. Now I knew why he wanted me to piss in the shower. I was going to be here a while, and it was a little frightening. I wasn't uncomfortable. I was tied to the bed, but not immobile. I could roll over on either side if I wanted to. But I wasn't getting up from the bed until dad decided to release me.

    With nothing else to do, I focused on the feeling of the plug in my ass. I found that I could tighten my ass muscles on it, and move it a little. Each movement sent waves of electricity through my body. I also began to move my ass up and down against the bed, humping the toy into and out of my hole. I wanted desperately to jack my cock, but my arms couldn't quite reach that far. After a while, frustrated as hell, I fell asleep.

    I woke up to someone moving my feet around.

    "Dad?" I asked. But there was no response. I felt strong arms lifting my legs, and putting something onto my feet. It felt like heavy shoes or boots. There was a long pause while they were laced up, or tied on. I felt the weight return to my body, and dad lay on top of me again.

    "Bought you a little present while I was out. I thought you should have a pair of leather boots to wear. Every good little slut should have a pair." I felt his hands move up and down my legs. "They look real hot on you boy."

    He rolled off the bed and was gone. I lay there for a few more minutes. Had he left again?

    Then I felt a tug on the leather mask. Suddenly there was a ray of bright light. The mask must have had some sort of snap on covering. The light was so bright after so long in the darkness that I was blinded. When I finally could see, I was amazed.

    Dad was standing by the bed. He must have changed clothes after he got back from the site. Now he was wearing tight leather chaps, boots, and leather arm bands. Again I thought about how he looked like he had just stepped out of a porno. Everything on his body was skin tight and accented his already amazing physique. Most importantly, his amazing cock was jutting out from his thighs and drooling like it was hungry.

    He pulled on the mask again, and my mouth was suddenly free. He tossed the covering on the floor.

    "Damn boy, you look hot. All tied up and ready for me. How does that plug feel?"

    "Real good dad! But it makes me want your cock."

    Dad laughed at this. "You are about to get all you can take."

    The bottle of poppers appeared and he held it under my nose. I took a deep breath. As the rush hit, I felt him pull the plug out of my ass with one quick movement. I suddenly felt empty, and hungry for something in my ass. I didn't feel that way long.

    In one movement, dad began to push his cock into my ass. One long, slow thrust, and he was buried. I was moaning, out of control. I could feel his balls resting on my ass cheeks. He was much bigger than the toy. I felt full, and maybe a little sore. But I had my dad's cock in my ass again, and that was all that mattered.

    "Fuck yeah boy, such a nice tight ass." I just kept moaning as I experienced the sensation of his cock entering me at a different angle than the last time. Dad began to slowly fuck in and out of my ass. He reached up and played with his nipples while he stretched my hole. I wanted to reach up and help him, or run my fingers through his chest hair, or jack my cock. But I was still chained to the bed and could only lay there. Dad was in control.

    He stopped playing with his nips long enough to grab my legs and up them up on his shoulders. The new angle meant new sensations for my hole. He also picked up the pace, with a steady thrust warming my ass. I could feel his heavy balls slapping against me. I was gasping and groaning, completely lost in the amazing fuck my dad was throwing me.

    "We are changing positions again boy. Don't you dare let that cock out of your ass, understand?"

    "Yes Sir!"

    He thrust deep into me and held himself there. He reached up and released one of my hands. Next he pivoted my body on his cock, until I was flat on my stomach, and he was on top of me. Finally he pulled me up onto all fours, assuming a doggie style position. I still had one arm attached to the bed. He began to really fuck me. He handed me the bottle of poppers, and I took a hit with my free hand.

    "That's a good little slut. Take my fucking cock boy."

    Dad was pounding my ass now, filling me up with very thrust.

    "This is my ass now boy. Understand?"

    "Yes dad!"

    He was fucking me faster now, and I could tell he was getting close.

    "Here it comes boy!"

    Dad started shooting in my hole. I could feel the warmth as it filled me. It must have been a huge load. Later on I would find out just how big his loads were, but for now it was amazing to feel him inside me. I collapsed onto the bed, and dad fell on top me, his cock still in my ass. He was breathing hard, and his sweaty body felt good pressed against mine. With my free hand I was stoking my own cock, and was getting close to blowing.

    "Did I say you could jack your cock boy?

    With a quick movement, Dad grabbed my free arm, and flipped me back onto my back. With a snap I was attached to the bed again.

    "I'm sorry dad!"

    He didn't respond, but I suddenly felt his mouth on my cock. My dad was sucking my cock! It didn't take long and I was cumming. Dad slid off my deflating cock, and moved to kiss me. When he did, he flooded my mouth with my own cum. It was the hottest kiss I had ever experienced.

    He pulled the leather hood off my head. We kissed for a while, and finally he released my arms from the bed, but he stayed on top of me, looking into my eyes.

    "This ass is mine now son, for as long as you want me to have it. Understand?

    "Yes Dad!"

    "Mine to take when I want, how I want?"

    "Hell yeah!"

    "Good boy."

    Dad rolled off of me and once again I found myself in his arms. I never imagined that I would find this kind of wild lust for my own father, mixed with my admiration and love. Fantasy had become reality, and I couldn't wait to see what happened next.


    After a while, Dad and I got up and hit the showers again. It was nice being naked with him under the water. At that point we were both used up most of our sexual energy. After getting cleaned up, we threw on some old workout clothes, ate some cold cut sandwiches and watched a basketball game.

    I sort of expected things go get weird, but they didn't. We didn't talk too much about what had happened. But when we sat on the couch to watch the game, Dad pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. It was a gesture of affection, but also possession. I was his boy.

    After the game was over it was near dark, my stomach was growling again. I guess hot kinky sex works up an appetite. I mentioned this to dad and he laughed.

    "I know a place where we can get some good Chinese food. Sound good?"

    "Yeah, Dad! Sounds great!"

    I started to head to my room to get changed. Dad put a hand on my shoulder.

    "Boy, I want you to wear your new boots, and a jock. Jeans, tee shirt, socks. That's it. Understand?"

    I didn't but I nodded. My heart skipped a beat. What sort of surprises did dad have in store after dinner? I quickly got up to my room where I had stashed my new boots earlier. I stripped and grabbed one of my nicer jocks. On went my jeans and a black tee shirt. Finally I got to my boots. They were black leather, made my a company called Georgia. I had never hear of them, but I could tell they were really nice.

    Dad was already changed and waiting when I got out of my room. He was also wearing jeans and boots, with a tight white t-shirt that showed off his muscular build. I noticed he has his duffel bag slung over his shoulder and my heart skipped a beat. Every time I saw him I wanted to rip off my clothes and preset my body for his use. It was almost overwhelming.

    We got in the car and drove for a while. We ended up at a place in a strip mall on the other side of town. It seemed like an out of the way place to get Chinese, but the food was good. After dinner, we got back in the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

    "Ok boy. Open my bag and get that leather hood out."

    `Yes Sir!" I couldn't help but smile, even though my heart was pounding. I opened the bag and the hood was right on top. I slipped it over my head. The familiar smells of leather and sweat filled my nose. The snap on piece that covered the eyes, was on, so I couldn't see anything. There was now a new piece snapped on that covered the mouth. It had a rubber gag built into it. I put it into my mouth. I felt a few pulls, and the hood tightened into place. Once again, I was unable to see, and now unable to speak.

    I felt dad's hands pull me down, so I was bending over. My head was resting against his crotch, his hard-on evident through his jeans. He had one hand on the wheel, the other holding me in place.

    I don't know how long we drove like that. After 1fter about 10-15 minutes, the car stopped. I heard a my dad get out of the car, and the garage door closing. He came around to the other side and got me out of the car. He led me down hallways and through the house. It was strange how disoriented not being able to see made me. Dad stopped me, and I heard his voice right by my ear.

    "We are going downstairs. Take a step down."

    I felt his hands on my shoulders, and I took a step. He guided me the rest of the way into the basement. After a few more twists and turns, he stopped me again.

    Suddenly I feel a tug on my jeans, followed by the sound of ripping fabric. Dad was tearing my jeans off of me, or cutting them off. I couldn't be sure. I could only feel the cool air on my legs. A few more rips and my shirt was gone too. I was standing in the basement wearing only my boots, and a jock. I felt the leather cuffs go onto my wrists.

    "If you feel behind you, you are going to feel something hanging. It's a sling. I want you to climb in, and I will help you. Understand?"

    I nodded and reached behind me. There were leather straps hanging in mid-air. Where did he get a sling? This was so hot! With Dad's help, I climbed in and positioned myself. I was laying on my back. He attached my feet into some sort of cuff, so my legs were supported. Then he put my arms into restraints which were attached to the chain supporting the sling. Once again I found myself at the mercy of my father. He didn't take long to take what he wanted.

    The snaps covering my mouth were removed, and the gag slipped from my mouth. I had a second to relax my tongue before my mouth was filled with cock. Dad slid his massive tool all the way down my throat until I began to gag. He pulled out a little, and began to fuck my mouth. He was rougher than before, really fucking my mouth like he had earlier fucked my ass. I could feel my eyes begin to water from all the rough treatment my mouth was getting.

    I felt Dad tug on my jock, and my cock sprang free. I was so hard I knew I had to be drooling precum. I felt a strange pressure against my hole, followed by a long and very hard cock. Someone was fucking my ass! As this second monster cock began sliding into my body, I wanted to panic. But my dad had a firm grip on my head, my mouth was full of his cock, and my arms were tied to the sling.

    The cock in my ass had bottomed out. I couldn't tell if it was longer than my Dad's but it felt thicker.

    "That's it son. You are taking two cocks now."

    I heard the other voice say something. My Dad laughed.

    "It's a damn fine ass. Wait till you try his mouth."

    The man at my ass was slowly grinding his cock into my hole. Dad gave my throat a deep pump, then pulled out. I gasped for air, and my mouth was filled with my Dad's balls.

    I should have been scared, or pissed off at my Dad for bringing me into a situation with a complete stranger, but I wasn't. I was too turned on to be anything but turned on. My cock was rock hard, and my ass was humming from the slow grind that the stranger was giving it.

    Dad pulled his balls out of my mouth and held the bottle of poppers up to the nose holes of the mask. I took a whiff and felt my head spin. Dad undid something on the mask, and I felt it loosen. He pulled it off and I could see my surroundings, and the man who was fucking my ass. I was in a basement, but not my basement. The sling was at the center of a large room filled with all sorts of bondage stuff. There was a cross, and some benches, stuff that I had seen in videos. The man who was fucking me looked like he had stepped out of a porno as well. He was shorter than my Dad, but extremely well built, giving him the appearance of being as wide as he was tall. He looked like he was in his early 30s, with dark features and Mediterranean complexion.

    He looked into my eyes as he fucked me. "You like that boy?"

    "Yes Sir!"

    He looked at my Dad. "Swap?"

    "Fuck yeah!"

    The man pulled out of my ass. I gasped at the sudden empty feeling. The two men traded places, and my Dad's cock began a plunge deep into my hole. The man grabbed my face, and brought his cock to my lips. He wasn't as long as Dad, but he was thicker. I licked the head, as dad began pounding my hole. He held his meat just out of reach, and I struggled to get it to my lips. The momentum of my Dad's fucking didn't help matters any.

    "You want that cock boy?"

    "Yes Sir!" I gasped.

    I pushed forward, and filled my mouth with his thick dick. He was much thicker than Dad. I was struggling to get him down my throat. He began to slowly fuck my mouth. I worked my tongue along his shaft as he face fucked me.

    I felt a hand wrap around my cock. I glanced down and saw Dad jacking my cock while he fucked me. I was in heaven.

    It wasn't long before I felt Dad start to tense.

    "I'm cumming boy. Take my load!"

    Dad slammed my ass as he buried his load in my ass. I was moaning like crazy around the dick in my mouth. I was getting close to cumming myself.

    I felt dad's cock slide out of my ass. The man at my mouth had increased his speed and I knew he was getting close.

    "That's it buddy," I heard dad say, "Cum in his mouth."

    The man at my mouth began to groan, and I tasted his salty load fill my mouth. It tasted so fucking good. Finally his semi-hard cock slipped from between my lips.

    I lay there in the sling, gasping for breath, my own hard on still raging. Dad and his buddy moved to my waist, and both began to work my cock with their mouths. It was a cock sandwich, their lips were the bread and my meat was, well, you know. The were kissing and licking each other right around my own cock, and it was driving me crazy. I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

    "I'm going to cum!

    My cock exploded into two waiting mouths. I have no idea how many times I shot, but it was the hardest orgasm I had had that day. Both men moved to kiss me, and fed my load back into my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I had become quite the cum addict in just one day.

    After I had come down from my orgasm, Dad untied me and I was finally introduced to our host. It was an amazing evening. The drive home was a little nerve-wracking though. I only had my boots and my jock on.

    Later that night, we got back to our house. Once again I was struck by how this should be weird, but it wasn't. Just sexy as hell. Dad invited me to spend the night in his bed, and of course I accepted. I figured before the sun came up I'd get another load, and I was right.

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