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  • Daddys lil ho
  • Hi, my name is Skylar and this is a story about how my life changed when I went to live with my daddy. Before I went to live with him I had never met him. See, mommy's a slut and a drunk. She and daddy were dating when she lived in New York City. When she found out she was pregnant she left daddy and moved back home to Toledo to be with her family. That's where I was born.

    Mommy wasn't much of a mother. When she was drinking she would tell me that if it wasn't for me her cunt would still be tight and her boobs wouldn't sag. She would call me names and if I was naughty or she got pissed for some reason she would smack me. I guess I deserved it for fucking up her cunt.

    By the time I was six I hardly ever saw mommy. I was enrolled in school full time and my cousin Zach babysat me from the time he pick me up from school until mommy would stumble in sometime in the evening. That was okay with me. I didn't really like mommy anyway. Zach would take me to his house. His mommy would have dinner for us. Zach called her the Crock-pot Queen. She didn't get home until 7pm so she always made sure there was a meal ready when we got there. Zach's daddy worked seconds so we only ever saw him on the weekends. Most of the time after we ate he would go to my house so I could play with my toys and watch TV, but that didn't go on for very long.

    I liked the weekends because I would get to stay with Zach at his house. He was so sweet to me like the big brother I never had. By the time I turned ten I was sleeping over Zach's house half the week. His parents got a trundle bed for me in his room, which I really liked. It was really nice too because if I got scared or had a nightmare Zach would let me sleep with him in his bed. Those were the best because he would spoon me and rub my belly as went to sleep.

    One night I had got scared and climbed into bed with Zach. We were laying there as usual when I noticed something, so I said to Zach, "Zach..."

    "Yeah Sky baby, what's up?" he whispered in my ear.

    "Zach, your thingy is poking me in the butt."

    At that mommyent Zach froze. He didn't even breathe.

    Then I said, "It's okay just a little hard to get to sleep with it poking me."

    Then I reached back and felt the big man-boy cock in his boxers. For a mommyent, Zach still didn't move. But a mommyent later, Zach grabbed my hand pulling it away from his cock and turned onto his back.

    "I'm sorry Sky buddy. These things happen to bigger guys and we can't help it."

    I turned over and cuddled up to him.

    "It's okay Zach. Please don't be mad at me for touching your thingy."

    Zach grabbed hold of me and pulled me up into an embrace. "No no no baby, I'm not mad at you. I could never be mad at you, little guy."

    Zach held me and reassured me with kisses on my cheeks. I hugged him back around his neck and kissed his cheek. We both took a big breath and relaxed in each others arms.


    "Yeah babe?"

    "Do all men have big thingies like you?"

    I think the question startled him a little because he laughed.

    "No baby, not all men are the same. And they are called cocks or penises, babe. Some will be bigger and some will be smaller. They come in all kinds of shapes too."

    "Oh, okay. Well I like your cock, I hope mine will be like it when I get big."

    We lay there a few more minutes. My head was pressed against the side of Zach's chest. I could hear him breath and I noticed that his heartbeat was getting faster.

    "Hey Sky, would you like to see it?"

    Excitedly I sprang up from the bed, "Really?"

    "Yeah, you and me are best buddies, right?"


    "You just have to promise not to tell anybody okay?"


    I sat there in the dim light of the room and watched with my heart pounding as Zach reached into his boxers and pulled out the most beautiful 7 and 1/2 inch cut teen cock. He gave it a couple strokes with his big man like hand as I just sat there with my eyes frozen on it.

    "Would you like to touch it again, Sky?"

    Without saying a word he must have known my response by the big Cheshire grin on my face. I reached out and put my hand around his big hard cock. It felt so warm in my hand. The skin was soft but it felt as if it was stuffed with wood or metal it was so hard. I gave it a couple of strokes like I saw him do. The skin moved over it so easily. I couldn't help looking at the big knobby head. My hand moved up to the mushroom like knob and with my fingers I gave it a squeeze. The head was wet and sticky. "Zach, what is that?" I asked as I dipped a finger into his oozing piss slit.

    "That's pre baby. Most guys make it when they get excited."

    He was excited. He was excited over me touching his cock. And, I don't know why I did it, but after hearing that I took the finger I had dipped in to his pre and put it in my mouth. It was incredible. It had a taste like nothing else I had ever known. It was slippery and slimy, a little bit pungent but slightly sweet. I reached back for Zach's cock but he cut me short.

    "Just a sec, Sky baby."

    Zach grabbed hold of the waistband of his boxers and pulled them off in one quick motion. He threw them across the room, almost hitting the hamper. Then he lay back with his hands under his head. I looked at him for a long mommyent at his tall strong teen physique. Zach ran track and wrestled and his body showed it. He looked like a dark haired god laying before me.

    "There you go, babe. Now you can touch whatever you like," he said reassuringly.

    My hand went right back to his cock. It seemed so big in my ten-year-old hand. I stroked it then let me hand roam down to his hairy nut sack. The hairs weren't real thick and they were kinky curly, but as soft as rabbits fur. Zach had balls as big as walnuts in an oversized sack. I grabbed them gently and rolled them around in my hand.

    As I continued to play with the big tool I rested my head on Zach's chest and stared at the head. I watched as the pre pooled into his belly button. I would dip my finger into it and suck it off.

    "Sky baby?" whispered Zach.


    "Would you do Zacky a favor?"


    "Would you put it in your mouth and suck it for me baby?"

    I wasn't exactly sure what he meant but I had a good idea. On night when I was at home sleeping I got scared and went to mommy's room, but when I started to open the door I noticed that there was a man in there with her. Not sure what to do I stood with my eyes glaring through the crack in the door. I saw mommy on her knees in front of the man. He was moaning and telling her "to suck it good" as I saw her head bob back and forth. After watching for a couple minutes I decided that I better not interrupt mommy or I might get smacked.

    Taking Zach's cock in my hand, I sat up moving closer to the bulbous fleshy head. As if I was going to eat an ice cream cone I gave the head a semi open mouth kiss. My tongue swirled around the head without thinking. I cleaned it of all the pre.

    Again whispering Zach instructed, "take it in your mouth baby. Try to get as much in as you can then suck softly as you pull it back out of your mouth."

    That I kind of got. Like when you have a Popsicle. Zach was a good teacher or I was a natural because I took that cock into my mouth and started to suck it. His cock felt like it belonged there. At first I got about half of it into my mouth. With each time I went down on him I took a little more. When I got about 2/3 of it in my mouth I gagged a little.

    "Careful, buddy. I don't want you to choke."

    I looked up at Zach and gave him a smile.

    "I'm okay."

    And I went right back to work on is cock.

    Zach began to moan as I sucked him. Then he started to gyrate his hips. I felt his hands reach into my hair and hold my head. Slowly and gradually he started to fuck my mouth. I moved myself between his legs so his cock would fit in my mouth better. This made Zach's knees come up along side my body. He was holding my head as he pressed up, his ass coming off the bed, driving his cock into my mouth and throat.

    "Oh fuck yes, Sky baby. Take my big fucking cock. Suck it for me babe. Suck it for me."

    And I did. I slurped and slurped on that teen stud cock as it thrust in and out of my mouth. My head felt a little dizzy and my heart raced as I could feel his cock throb in my mouth. I watched his crotch come and go away from my face. Around his cock I could see his balls tighten up.

    "Oh my gawd, Sky. I'm gunna cum, baby."

    I felt it. Zach shoved his cock down my throat. His balls pressed against my chin like they were fighting to get into my mouth and the big vein on the underside of cock swelled in a pulse as his cum gushed into me.

    After the first three spasms Zach released my head and I pulled back so I could breath. As I did my mouth filled with his cum. It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened. I felt the need to cough but I suppressed it. Instead I tried to swallow some of the load. As I did I started to suck again on Zach's cock. But, then he grabbed my head.

    "No no baby, don't do it. I'm too sensitive. Please just hold it in your mouth."

    I did as instructed, savoring the pungent treat my lovely Zach gave me. I realized then that I loved Zach, I loved cock, and I loved cum. This was going to be the start of something incredible and I knew it.

    *This is how I came to be a cum loving cocksucker. Zach and I had several adventures in sexual pleasure, but that will come later. Next segment will be when I finally met daddy.

    Just before my twelfth birthday mommy called daddy and asked him to take me. She was almost never home. When she would come home she was always drunk and usually with some guy I never seen before. They would go up to her room and he would fuck her. I think half the time she was passed out before he finished.

    She told daddy it was his turn. She was going to pack my bags and send me on the next plane to New York. She said that we would have to whole summer to get acquainted before I needed to start at a new school.

    I was heartbroken. By this time Zach and a couple of his close friends were fucking me more than all their girlfriends combined. And, I was in love with Zach. He had been my hero, my mentor, my big brother, my lover, and my one true friend. I really didn't want to go, but I didn't have a choice.

    Two weeks after I got the news that I was going to live with daddy I was on a plane headed for New York City.


    So here I was, 12years old and headed to New York City to meet my daddy for the very first time. Mommy let Zach take me to the airport. We took his dad's SUV. I said good-bye to my auntie and uncle. I thanked them for being so good to mommy and me. Zach threw my bags in the back and we were off.

    It was really hard knowing that it could be a long time before I would get to see Zach or any of his friends again. We were a block from house when Zach pulled the SUV over, reached over to me pulling me in for a kiss. I always loved when he was so manly and forceful with me. He kissed me hard, letting me suck on his moist delicious tongue. Then he broke our kiss to undo the front of his jeans.

    "Sky baby, I am going to miss you. I don't want you to forget me when you start letting all those New York studs fuck your sweet little ass."

    I looked down at the drooling head of his cock. Lust over whelmed me. I just couldn't wait to feel it in my mouth.

    With just two short words I went down on Zach's throbbing pole, "I won't."

    I nursed on that big stud cock all the way to the airport as he ran his hand threw my hair. At stops Zach would grab a hand full of my hair and fuck my head up and down on is cock. By the third light I had to beg him to let me get naked. He didn't even try to stop me. From there he would every once in a while slide his hand down to my ass and circle my now well used but still very tight hole with a finger.

    When we got to the airport Zach found a spot in the parking ramp that was almost vacant. He had lain the back seat into a make shift bed and threw a blanket on it. He pulled me onto it and threw my legs in the air. He made quick work of lubing my hole with his tongue.

    Once I was sufficiently lubed he threw my legs over his shoulders and pressed his manhood into me. As he pummeled my boyhole for probably the last time in a long time he kissed me deeply.

    "Mmmm, baby I am so going to miss this sweet little pussy," Zach moaned into my open mouth.

    He continued to kiss me hard as he thrust his cock in and out of me. The sweet music of his hips slapping against my bottom, the juicy rhythm of his cock and my hole filled our ears. Every breath thrust out of me and into Zach's beautiful mouth. His whiskers mildly scratching my lips as his thrusts slowly become harder and more deliberate.

    "Oh baby, I love you. I'm going to fill your sweet hot little pussy with my seed. I want you to carry it with you as long as you can. Promises me baby. Promise your man you will carry his babymakers as long as you can."

    With gasping breaths and tears in my eyes I tell my man, "Yes Zach, yes. I will, as long as I can. I want it in me forever."

    Zach's thrusts doubled in strength and in speed. I think he wanted to make sure that I remembered this last fuck in the parking structure at the airport.

    "Oh yeah baby, take my dick. I love you, Sky. I'm gunna shoot baby can you feel it? Do you feel how hard I am inside you?"

    "Yes lover, I feel it. Give me your seed stud. Fill me with your love."

    With a couple massive thrusts Zach cried out. I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me, blasting his white hot cum into my hungry young boy pussy. His whole body trembled over me as he pressed himself balls deep into me. My hands roamed over his firm well-muscled back that was now covered in the sheen of his sweat.

    Zach let out a big gasp then dropped on top of me. I kissed his cheek and ear as he caught his breath. A tear escaped the corner of my eye and ran into my hairline just above me ear. Then, Zach pushed himself up from me. He kissed me again on the mouth.

    "We need to go Sky. If you don't make this flight because of me I won't be able to explain it."

    Minutes later, we were at the security checkpoint. We said goodbye like we thought brothers might do. He reminded me that I would have to go to the baggage claim to meet daddy.

    After a frisking by security I quickly made my way to my terminal to wait for my plane. The guard had asked me where was my guardian. I told her that I was meeting the air nanny at the terminal, which as a big fat lie. Mommy once again didn't make any accommodations to make sure of my safety. Not that I felt I needed them.

    I got to the terminal a little after 9am. The flight was at 9:40am, so I was going to have to sit and be patient. I watched as people came and went. There were some very good-looking men in suits and college types in cargos and t-shirts. I checked bulges trying to figure out who had the biggest cock. This little game kept me entertained for a while. Then I noticed a man sitting not far from me looking at me. He was tall and lean with dark hair. I guessed his age at about 30.

    He looked at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back. He got up from his seat and walked over to me.

    "Hello. Traveling alone?" he asked.

    "Just on the plane," I replied coyly.

    "Where are your folks? Aren't they uncomfortable sending their little boy on a trip all alone?"

    "I'm okay. My daddy's picking me up at the airport in New York."

    "Well do you mind if I keep you company until we get on the plane?"

    "No, you seem nice."

    I didn't know if he was just being nice or if he liked me. He sat with me and chatted while we waited to board our plane.

    "I'm Michael, and you are?"

    "Oh, I'm Sky."

    He sniggered with a big smile, "You mean like in the big blue or like the heavens?"

    I couldn't help but giggle too, "Kinda, but not really. Skylar is my real name, but friends call me Sky."

    "Well that is a very handsome name young man. Sky it is. How, old are you, Sky? 10?"

    That made me laugh, "No, I'm twelve."

    "Oh, I am sorry," he said very politely.

    Just then an announcement came across the loud speaker.

    "Attention passengers of Flight 12 to New York. The flight has been delayed and your expected departure time is now 10:05am."

    Michael looked at me and said; "Well partner it looks like that puts us here for at least another 30minutes. Are you hungry or thirsty? I would be happy to get you something if you want."

    I had to think about it a minute, remembering everything they teach you in school about strangers. He seemed like a nice man and he was going to buy it from the restaurant in the airport so it couldn't be drugged.

    "Can I get a hot chocolate?"

    "Sure buddy, you can have a hot chocolate."

    Michael and I walked over to the restaurant and he got us each a large hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It was the prettiest hot chocolate I ever saw.

    We went back to our seats, sipped our hot chocolates, and chatted. At one point Michael put his hand on my knee. This told me he really liked me. I got excited and when I get excited I get hard.

    Moments later we were called to board the plane. As luck would have it we were only a couple rows apart so we could board together. As we walked down the ramp to the plane he put his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him and smiled. When we got the entrance to the plane there was a very pretty stewardess that welcomed us.

    "Do you and your son need assistance finding your seats, sir?" she asked.

    "No, I think we will be alright," he told her.

    We came to his seat first, but he walked me to mine. When we got to it there was a fat old woman sitting at the window. Her white hair, multiple chins, round belly and red dress made her look like Mrs. Santa.

    Without hesitation, Michael asked her, "Ma'm, the agent made a mistake with my son and my tickets, would you mind taking my seat so that my son and I can sit here together?"

    The fat lady gave a big grin and eagerly moved out of the seat to accommodate the stranger and 'his son'. Michael ushered her to the seat as I took her place at the window.

    The seat was already warm from her. It gave me the willies to think of her enormous ass and pussy on the seat, but I looked out the window in excitement about my first plane ride.

    Once everyone was seated and the plane headed to take off Michael turned to me and asked me if I had ever flown before. I told him I hadn't, but that I was very excited. He smiled at me again and put his hand on my leg. I was very hard.

    "Now look out the window when we go to take off," told me. "It's just like being on a rollercoaster."

    I didn't have the heart to tell him I had never been on a rollercoaster, but then again I couldn't have been more excited, on a plane for the first time and sitting with a very handsome very affectionate man.

    Within minutes we felt the plane accelerate. I pressed my nose against the window. The ground quickened as the distance seemed to stand still until the lift began.

    Just then I felt Michael's hand move between my thighs and up against my crotch. I looked back at him. He was leaning toward the window and he flashed me that big smile again. I smiled at him then turned back to the window. It was amazing and I was so hard. I'm sure Michael knew that.

    I continued to watch out the window until we were above the scattered clouds. When I sat back I saw a steward was coming down the isle with a cart. When he got to us he offered us coffee, juice, tea, milk, or soda. Michael had removed his hand, which made me a little sad, but I understood. We each got a juice and the steward gave us cereal bars. We sat quietly enjoying our snacks.

    When we finished Michael turned to me, "Do you need to use the potty, baby?"

    He called me baby. That made me instantly hard again.

    "Um uh, yeah Daddy. I wanna wash my hands too."

    Michael stepped into the isle and I bounced out of my seat. We walked up to the bathroom together. Michael opened the door for me. By my surprise he walked in right after me.

    There wasn't a lot of room. I stood at the toilet, pulled out my little cock, and proceeded to pee. Michael stood behind me rubbing my shoulders and running his fingers threw my hair. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back as I peed.

    I finished and he took my by the shoulders to turn us to the sink. He soaped up my hands and helped me wash them just like Zach use to do when I was little. We rinsed. Michael dried our hands with paper towel as he kissed the top of my head.

    "Feel better baby?" he asked me.

    I turned to face him. I put my hand right on the hard cock in his pants. I looked up at him wantingly for a kiss. He didn't need any other encouragement. He kissed me hard on the mouth. His big wet tongue entered my mouth. I hungrily sucked on it.

    Michael reached for his pants, opening them for me. I reached into his tighty whities to pull out a beautiful 8inch uncut mancock.

    "Mmmmmm daddy..." I cooed, breaking the kiss.

    I barely took a breath when I took the head of his cock in my mouth. "Oh my gawd, Sky. Oh yes, suck Daddy's cock, baby."

    And I did just that. As I gleefully slurped up this beautiful strange man's cock he undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. I had on my favorite SpongeBob undies. Michael gave my butt a little squeeze then pushed his hand into my undies.

    Just then I panicked a little. Not enough to stop sucking Daddy Michaels big delicious cock, but I just remembered that if he tried to finger me he would find Zach's seed in my hole. I had no idea what he would think.

    And Michael did. As I greedily sucked on his cock Michael pushed a finger into me.

    "You have been fucked before, you little scamp, and recently. That's so hot."

    Michael grabbed me and sat me on the sink. He pulled my undies, pants, and shoes off in one tug. He picked me up again then sat on the toilet.

    "I want to fuck you baby. Can Daddy fuck you?"

    "Yes Daddy, yes please fuck your baby."

    He held me over his lap as I semi-stood on his legs. I reached down grabbing his cock then aiming it at my hole. Michael lowered me onto him as I directed his juicy pre oozing cock. It slid right into me as he sat me down.

    "Oh my gawd baby, you took it all in one shot."

    Slowly he helped me bounce up and down on his big hard cock. It felt so good going in and out of my boyhole. He kissed me as we fucked. He would buck his hips up to meet me as I came down the length of him.

    "Oh baby, I can see my cock going in you. Your tummy swells so cute."

    "Fuck me daddy, fuck me good."

    Michael picked up the pace. His hips slammed against my ass as joined. My head was spinning his cock felt so good inside me. He was rubbing the sweet spot inside me.

    "Oh Sky, Daddy's going to cum, baby. Can Daddy cum in baby's little pussy?"

    He called my hole a pussy! That was so hot. He had me then. He could have done anything he wanted with me at that moment.

    "Oh yes Daddy! Please, please cum in my pussy! Baby needs your cum in my pussy Daddy!" Michael made a few more hard thrusts as he practically jacked his cock with my whole body then he let out a muffled cry as he pressed as deep into me as he could. I could feel his cock throb as it erupted its payload of Daddy seed into me.

    It took a few minutes for us to get ourselves back together and return to our seats. The stewardess came up to us.

    "Is everything okay?"

    Michael responded, "Yes, we're fine. My little guy here wasn't feeling well, but I think he is okay now."

    I looked at the Stewardess and smiled.

    Michael spent the rest of the flight rubbing my cock through my pants. I laid back and took a mini-catnap. When the plane landed Michael escorted me off the plane and toward the baggage claim. Just before we got there he pulled me into a restroom.

    There was no one in there so Michael took the liberty to give me a kiss.

    "Thanks baby. That was incredible. I hope I run into you again someday. Your daddy is a very lucky man."

    He kissed me again and then patted my bottom encouraging me out the door.

    I walked down the hall toward the baggage claim area. I followed the signs to where my bags were supposed to be and my daddy. I was happy and scared. I had a butt full of man love and I was about to meet my daddy for the very first time.

    As I got to the baggage claim I noticed a sign. It read, "Skylar XXXXXXX." That must be Daddy, I thought to myself. He was average height, about 170lbs, and brown hair. I can see why Mommy thought he was hot.


    So, here I am in the airport walking up to the baggage claim when I see my daddy holding a sign with my name on it. I was so nervous, nervous and excited. I always get hard when I'm excited. Oh no, what if he sees it. What if he thinks I'm a freak walking around with a boner. It was awful I wanted to hide, but I also wanted to run up to him throw my arms around him and give him a big kiss.

    I stood frozen for a minute, but then he saw me. He looked right at me. His eyes searched me, I imagine because he was looking for something that remotely reflected his own identity. They scanned me from head to foot and back, then without warning he smiled.

    With a grin he shouted, "Skylar. Skylar is that you?"

    I think this took me by an even bigger surprise. He actually seemed glad to see me.

    Beaming with joy I ran to him just stopping short of an embrace. His arms were held out wide ready to take me up into them. I looked him in the eyes again. He smiled. Okay, I'm safe. I threw myself into his arms. He held me close then pulled me off the ground in a huge hug. He surprised me again with a kiss on the cheek. It was completely welcomed. I hugged his neck has hard as I could and kissed on his stubbled cheek.

    He put me on the ground. Gave me another hug and kiss on the cheek then released me. As he stood back up one of his hands ruffled my hair. I liked that; it was something uncle used to do. We stood for a minute our eyes fixated on each other before he broke the silence between us.

    "So kiddo, are you ready to go see your new home?"

    "Yes," was all I could say.

    "Oh, before I forget..."

    Daddy turned to reach into a large shopping bag that sat on the ground next to him. It was the first time I noticed the bag. He reaches into it and pulls out a big fluffy plush chocolate brown teddy bear.

    "I hope it's not too late to give you one of these?" he asked with a mild trepidation.

    I beamed with joy, "Oh no, Daddy. Thank you."

    I took the bear from him and hugged it to my chest. I started to cry a little. Mommy never gave me any stuffed animals. His body was semi-firm making it yummy to squeeze and the fur was soft as a bunny. I rubbed my face into the head rejoicing in its silky softness.

    He had me heart and soul. I was now my daddy's boy. I just knew that life was going to be great for me with him.

    Daddy took my hand, which surprised me, and lead me out of the terminal. We took a taxi to Daddy's house, a quaint row house, you know the type, it looks like every other. The taxi ride itself was over stimulating between the sights and sitting in the backseat with my Daddy, it seemed over far too quick.

    We walked into the house and Daddy showed me up to my room right away. It wasn't huge or elegantly furnished but it had a double bed and it was mine that Daddy gave me.

    "Hey kiddo, what do you say we leave the unpacking for later and we get some lunch? You must be starving."

    "Sure Daddy. Can I use the potty first?"

    Daddy showed me to the bathroom. I really had to go. The two loads in me wanted to come out.

    "Here ya go. I'm going to head down to the kitchen and start lunch," Daddy announced.

    I did my business, leaving myself feeling really empty without Zach or Michael's stud loads in me. Then it hit me, what is this new home going to be like? Will there be studs that will love me and want to fuck me? Would Daddy? Oh how I hoped so.

    The rest of the day was I guess what most people would call normal. We had lunch. Daddy gave me a tour of the rest of the house and of the yard. He showed me how to log onto the computer, so I could "email or chat with my friends." We played video games. And, Daddy made us dinner. After dinner I was so tired I passed out on the couch while watching TV.

    Some time later I woke up. The house was dark except for a dim light from the kitchen. I was still on the couch, but my jeans and socks had been removed and I was covered in a blanket. I laid there for a moment in a happy glow knowing that Daddy had undressed me and covered me up.

    Thinking about Daddy made me hard. All day he was so sweet to me, and he was good looking. His cheeks were dimpled that accentuated his square jaw, bushy brown hair, and sparkling grey eyes. His shoulders were brawd and round. I imagine he could have been a model if he wanted he was good looking enough. I could have laid there the rest of the night thinking about Daddy, but I wasn't going to.

    I took off my shit and found my way up the stairs and right into Daddy's bedroom. My SpongeBob undies were tenting as I stood just inside the doorway. I could just make out the silhouette of Daddy in the bed. He stirred.

    "Sky, is that you?" he whispered in a very groggy semi-awake voice.

    Coyly I responded, "yeah Daddy."

    "What's the matter, buddy?"

    "Um nothing Daddy."

    "Are you scared? Why don't you climb in here? It's going to be okay."


    I crawled into my dad's bed. The night was cool and his bed felt warm. I lay down next to him and he did exactly what I hoped he do. He reached across to me, put his big meaty hand on my chest and pulled me into him so we were now spooning. The very idea of Daddy's mancock being near my hole left me excited.

    This was not going to be a replay of my first night with Zach however. Daddy fell right back to sleep with his hand on my tummy. It was delicious and warm snuggled there with him. So delicious that I couldn't help letting my hand roam. First I found daddy's knee. It was hard like a rock covered in rough skin and a few coarse hairs. My hand moved behind his knee, which was much softer. Up my hand went traveling along the firm muscle on the back of Daddy's thigh until I got to his boxers. I let my hand rest there.

    Daddy's hand moved up to my chest. His leg wrapped about my hip and he pulled me closer into him. His cheek was pressed against the top of my head and I could hear his deep restful breaths right in my ear. My nipple was right between two of his fingers. I could feel it getting hard. The top of my leg was now pressed hard against Daddy's groin. I could feel his flaccid manhood his shorts. My hand was up the leg of his boxers.

    I wanted to try to touch Daddy further, but I got scared. What if he didn't like it? Would he hate me for it? I decided to enjoy being hugged to my Daddy like a rag doll as slipped off to sleep.

    The next morning I woke spread out across the big king size bed and it took a minute for me to remember where I was and that Daddy wasn't with me. Then off in the distance I heard a shower running then footsteps. I turned onto my back and looked to the bedroom door. In walks Daddy completely naked. For a moment time seemed to slow as I watched Daddy walk into the room. There was a small tuft of hair on his chest attached to a thin trail that lead down a set of six-pack abs and into his modestly trimmed bush of pubic hair. His legs were moderately hairy, but what really struck me was the complete smoothness of his ball sack. His balls were generously sized about the size of walnuts. His cock fell over his balls like a sausage. The head was big, flared, and a reddish pink color. The shaft was very wrinkled, implying that it would probably grow quite a bit. Soft he was about 5 inches long. I was certain that it got much bigger.

    "Hey sport, I'm going to grab a shower. When you are ready I'll make us some breakfast."

    Oh my gosh, how long had I been staring at Daddy's cock? Did he notice? Oh no, I'm hard and I have to pee.

    "Daddy, can I use the potty first?"

    "Sure honey, you go right in."

    I hopped out of bed and scurried into the bathroom. It was all cozy warm with steam as I made my way to the toilet. I pulled my little boner out of my undies pointing at the toilet bowl. Just as I was about to release the stream there was Daddy's hand patting my butt and his head over my shoulder.

    "Don't pee on my floor boy, or I'll make you clean it up," he joked.

    His hand felt so big and good on my butt. I could feel my little boy hole just open for him under his hand. And, I just know he saw my hard peepee.

    Dad ruffles my hair then turns getting into the shower. I stood there in front of the toilet for a couple minutes. I was so hard now it was hard to pee.

    Once I did relieve myself I went to the sink to wash my hands. I couldn't help looking at Daddy in the mirror through the glass shower door. He was a beautiful man. I tried to make short work of my hand washing; semi dried my hands then made way to my bedroom.

    There, I collected shorts, underwear, and my transformer tee. I sat on the bed waiting for Daddy to exit the bathroom. In a minute the shower was off and a couple more after that Dad was in the hall calling to me.

    "Hey Sky, I left you a little hot water just in case you wanted to shower."

    I picked up my things heading for the bathroom. In the hall I was met with sight of Daddy again naked with a towel around his neck.

    "Hey sport, don't be too long. Breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes, okay?"

    Practically stuttering I reply, "Su..s.sure, Daddy."

    He turns away from me walking toward his bedroom. His broad shoulders glisten with beads of water. His perfect and hard butt flexes was he walks away.

    I get into the shower and with no preamble start to beat my dick into submission. I soap up two fingers and push them into my ass. The warm water feels so good as it washes over my body and imagine that Daddy is there with me. He tells me that he wants to fuck me. "Do you want me to fuck you, baby" I hear his voice say in my mind. He is standing over me. I get on my knees.

    In a whisper I reply, "Yes Daddy, yes. I want you to fuck me. Please Daddy take me. I need you inside me."

    The warm water of the shower transforms into his hot golden piss. Again, I can hear him, "You're just a dirty little faggot, aren't you boy? A dirty little faggot that needs his Daddy to fuck him, aren't you boy?"

    "Yes Daddy, yes," now with three fingers punching in and out of my hole, "I'm a dirty little faggot. Please fuck me Daddy," I plead.

    The rush fills me. All my senses tingling, my head spins as my seedless boy orgasm irrupts. My little hole tights around my fingers as the waves wash over me.

    Once it subsides, I sit there in the bottom of the shower and I realize; I have to have him. I need him and I will do whatever I can to get my Daddy to fuck me.


    Life with Daddy was starting to feel a little normal, but it was hard during the hours he was at work. He has signed me up for a local latchkey program. Once or twice a week I get to stay home if I want, but I am not allowed to leave the house other than to go into the back yard. I have stayed home twice a week since I started the program.

    I love the back yard. Even though the houses are really close together Daddy's yard offers a good amount of privacy. On those days that I am home alone I spend much of it sunning myself. I love tanning and I have couple really cut swimsuits that Zach bought me. Daddy has a really nice lawn chair that I use. Daddy also keeps the fridge stocked with sandwich stuff and juice. Our agreement though is that if I stay home I have to do some yard work, cut the grass or water, that kind of stuff.

    Daddy doesn't have a pool, but he does have a hot tub that he keeps cold during the summer. At least one time a day when I get really hot I get into it. It feels so good.

    I had been tempted to go naked in the yard, but I hadn't worked up the courage yet. I would love to have an all over tan, but for now I'm okay that my butt is so white it almost glows in the dark.

    One Saturday morning after Daddy fixed breakfast we were sitting at the table, both in our underwear, when he asked if I wanted to go to the beach. I jumped right out of my chair and hugged Daddy around the neck. I bubbled with excitement and Daddy laughed at my reaction as he pulled me close for a big hug. His one arm was around my back and his other hand placed on my butt scooped me onto his lap.

    It may have been an accident, one of Daddy's fingers pressed right against my boy pussy hole. With the excitement of going to the beach, feeling his big hand on my bottom, and that finger feeling my hot button, I got instantly hard. I just hugged Daddy tight hoping he hadn't noticed.

    Daddy let go of me and pulled back a little looking down at me.

    "You like the beach, huh there baby boy?"

    Then followed his eyes down to my hard little package inside my Spiderman undies. For a moment I panicked, but then Daddy gave me a big smile.

    "You are as bad as your ole man there kiddo."

    That's when I noticed I was sitting on Daddy's hard-on. This made me giggle nervously.

    "Okay baby, you better go get your stuff for the beach. Get us both a beach towel from the closet, and please get my swimsuit from the second left-hand drawer in my dresser. I'm gunna do the dishes. We won't pack a lunch. How about we grab some dogs at the beach when we get hungry?"

    Breaking the smile that stretched across my face for just a moment I answered, "Oh yes Daddy that would be great! I love hotdogs!"

    Daddy picked me up off his lap and with a slap to my bottom sent me on my mission. I ran up the stairs, into my room, and to my dresser. Now was my chance to show what a sexy boy I am. I had to pick just the right suit, but which one. I pulled them out and examined them one at a time. After minutes of deduction I decided on the yellow bikini with the orange stripes on the sides along the bottom that would show off my tushy.

    I slipped the bikini on then some shorts and a Transformers tee. I got Daddy's swimsuit from his dresser, they were a two-tone blue boxer with a Hawaiian print, and got the towels.

    Daddy met me at the car, a Dodge Durango. He doesn't drive it too often, because taking the train is just so much faster in the city, but we were going to the beach. We climbed into the big truck and drove off.

    After what seemed like a drive out of state we got to the beach and found a parking spot.

    "Hey kiddo, I put a cooler in the back with some juice, water, and pop for us. Throw me my suit then grab it for us would you babe?"

    I pulled Daddy's swimsuit out and threw it to him.

    "Sure Daddy."

    Next to me on the floor was a cooler. I got out of my seat and as I was going to grab it I saw Daddy pulling off his shorts in the front seat to put on his suit. His big cock flopped as it pulled from under his underwear. It looked so inviting. I wanted to touch it so badly. Then it disappeared from sight as Daddy leaned over to pull on his suit.

    I turned, opened the back door, then grabbed the cooler and dragged it across the car floor. I hopped out of the car and pulled the cooler closer to the door.

    "Let me help you with that sport."

    Daddy was standing over me now. I turned to look up at him. He looked so sexy with his bare chest and sunglasses on. He grabbed the cooler. I grabbed our towels and we headed to the beach.

    The beach was really busy. There were lots of pretty teen girls in bikinis and lots of hot guys in their boxer swimsuits. It was hard to keep my eyes on Daddy when every step brought into a lean buff stud into eyeshot. I was checking bulges. Some of the guys look like they were carrying a big snake in their shorts. I lowered the towels in front of my crotch because I was getting so excited from all the muscled torsos and hot buns just out of view under thin cotton and nylon shorts.

    We found a nice spot not far from the water and close to the concession stand. Daddy put the cooler down and we laid our towels out. Daddy took his flipflops off and sat on his towel.

    I knew I was still boned, but this was the moment I had hoped I might get Daddy's attention. I took my shirt off, laying it at the head of my towel. Then I turned away from Daddy to slide my shorts off. I grabbed them holding them in front of my bone before turning around. When I did I got a huge disappointment. There sat Daddy on his towel looking at the ocean. What a bummer!

    I dropped my shorts lying on my towel face down. I gathered my shirt to use as a pillow and relaxed as the sand conformed to my body.

    "Hey sport, we better get some sunscreen on you. The sun is really strong out here and I don't want you to burn."

    I don't know where he had it, but Daddy produced a bottle of sunscreen. He squirted a glob of it into his hand then rubbed his big hands together. He started with my neck and shoulders. Firm, but gently he massaged the cream into my skin. It felt so good I almost started purring.

    "Does that feel good baby boy?"

    "Uh huh, mmmmmmmmmmm..."

    "I could tell, kiddo. You sound like a kitten purring."

    OMG! Maybe I wasn't just thinking it.

    Daddy worked on me slowly going down my back. His big warm hands on me.

    "That's a really nice swimsuit Sky honey. Did Mommy buy that for you?"

    For a minute I didn't know what to tell Daddy. What would he think if I told him Zach bought it? Would he care? Then I decided that it didn't matter. One way or another Daddy was going to find out his little boy liked cock.

    "No Daddy, Zachey buyed it for me."

    Okay, maybe baby talk wasn't appropriate at the moment, but I just couldn't help it. Daddy was rubbing the cream into one of my thighs and his big hands were so close to my balls and boy pussy I just couldn't stop myself.

    The funny thing was Daddy didn't say anything about it, but instead he just guffawed and kept covering me in the protective cream.

    "You better turn over and let me get the other side of you, kiddo."

    Apprehensively, I turned onto my back. I knew my boner was right there for him and the world to see, but oh well, he was either going to poke fun at me or he was going to like it.

    The sun was so bright as I lie there on my back even with my sunglasses on and my eyes shut it still burned red into my eyes.

    Daddy started working the cream into my chest and arms. Not a word from him. I tried to look at him when he was in front of the sun but it was still hard to see his face. My heart thumped in my chest as his hands massaged me. When he reached the top of my legs I knew there was no way he could miss the tenting of my suit, but still not so much as a snigger out of him. He worked his way right to my toes.

    "Hey baby boy, do you think you can help out your ole man and work some of this cream on me?"

    Trying not to seem too excited I replied, "Sure Daddy."

    I knelt next to him and started to apply the cream to his shoulders.

    "Sky? Go ahead and sit right down on Daddy so you can massage my shoulders, okay baby?"

    I did just as he asked. It was so hot to be astride my Daddy's waist. My little butt sat right on top of his manly ass. I did my best trying to work that cream into his big hard shoulders. I rubbed and rubbed as hard as I could into every muscle of his back.

    He must have really liked it too, because for a minute I think he started to snore. I finished his back then moved to his big hairy legs. I was so hot as I massaged his thick thighs right near his ass and balls. I worked my way down those thick legs massaging every muscle like I did his back. At one point I was straddling his feet working his legs and I wondered if he could feel my boner between his feet. I was so hot I could feel my little hole pucker with want.

    Then something a little ways away caught my eye. I looked up and off into the distance. There was a man. He looked kind of familiar, but surely I wouldn't know anyone here. The lean dark haired man was walking toward us. He was wearing a red boxer style swimsuit. He was headed right toward us.

    OMG, it was Michael from the plane. I couldn't believe it. Did he see us and was he coming over to see me? This made me really nervous.

    "You all done, kiddo?" Daddy asked.

    In one quick motion Daddy flipped onto his back.

    "Don't forget my front."

    I looked up Daddy's body. He was so sexy lying there in his swim trunks. And, I couldn't really tell for sure, but I think he had a hard-on in his suit.

    I got up and went to straddle Daddy's hips again to put the sunscreen on him, but he stopped me.

    "Ah babe, you better not do that here. We don't want people to get the wrong idea."

    Disappointed in a way, but also relieved I knelt along side my daddy to finished my job. I had gotten hardly started when a shadow stood over me.


    I looked up. "Hi."

    Daddy looked up bewildered, "Hello?"

    Michael greeted Daddy, "Hello, you must be Skylar's dad. I'm Michael Xxxxxxx. I had the pleasure of meeting your son on the plane from Toledo."

    Daddy reached up and grabbed Michael's hand in a handshake.

    "Nice to meet you. Sky, you never mentioned you made a friend on the plane?"

    Stuttering I replied, "Um, yeah Daddy. Michael sat with me on the plane. He seen I was alone and he made sure I was okay."

    "That was very nice of you to look out for my son like that, Michael. Thank you."

    "Oh it was my pleasure. You have quite a boy there. He's a very good kid. You are lucky."

    Daddy beamed, "Well, thanks again,"

    "Nothing of it. Well I will leave you two be, I was actually just heading up to the shop for something to eat when I saw Sky here. You guys take care."

    We said our goodbyes and I quickly tried to get back to work on Daddy's sunscreen. I watched Michael walk up to the concession as I worked on Daddy's torso.

    "He seems very nice. I'm glad there was someone looking out for you baby. I hated when I found out your mom didn't get you a sky-nanny."

    I just smiled at Daddy.

    As I finished my job-helping Daddy with his sunscreen I could see more definitely that he had a hard-on in his suit. I also could see Michael in the distance at the shop eating a hotdog and drinking a Coke, as he looked my way.

    This just might be my lucky day. I wanted a chance to see Michael again. I wanted him to fuck me again and here he was on the beach. I had to try. I needed fucked in the worse way. It had been weeks since I had arrived in New York.

    Finished with Daddy I sat back on my towel watching Michael watching me. He turned and retreated into the building. He must be going into the restroom.

    "Daddy, I got to go peepee, do you mind if I go up to the potty alone?"

    "Okay, but don't talk to any strangers and try to get back as quick as you can. Don't stop in the shops or anything. We will have plenty of time for that later."

    "Okay Daddy."

    I took off like a shot, practically running to the concession stand. I dodged bodies, Frisbees, dogs, and other kids making my way to the building. Around the building there was a cement walk. As I entered the building my feet instantly cooled on the cement having been over heated by the hot sand. I found the men's room and went right in.

    To my right Michael was standing at the sink washing his hands. He was watching me as he did. To my left were community showers. In front of me were the toilets and up pass the showers was the changing rooms. I walked into the changing room area. There wasn't anyone in that area, but you could tell there were a few people in the rooms because the doors were shut. There were three vacant rooms. Just as I was about to look into one Michael came up to me.

    "Hey baby, this way."

    Without question I followed him into a large changing room in the corner. It was darker than the others and would have been hard for anyone to see us in there together. Once I was inside Michael closed and locked the door.

    Michael turned to me and swooped me up off the ground. He kissed my mouth and neck as his big hands held and groped my bottom.

    "I can't believe this," he whispered. "I thought for sure I would never see your sweet little ass again baby.

    I kissed him back hard on the mouth.

    He sat on the long bench that rested against one of the walls. One of his hands slipped into my suit and he pressed a finger against my boy pussy.

    "Did you miss me baby?"

    "Oh yes daddy, I missed you a lot."

    Michael pulled his hand from my suit bringing his finger to my mouth. I knew what he wanted. I took the finger between my lips and sucked on it. I knew I had to get it good and wet because this was most likely the only lube I was going to get. His long finger felt so good in my mouth. His kissing on my neck was driving me wild. I needed him inside me and fast.

    Keeping his finger in my mouth I stood on the bench. Very carefully, not to step on my precious man I slipped off my swimsuit. As I did, Michael pushed his suit down to his knees then let it drop to the floor. I sat right on top of his cock when I reclaimed my place on his lap.

    Daddy Michael pulled his finger from my mouth. Gently he inserted it into my awaiting pucker. OMG, it felt so good. He kissed me more as his finger pushed in and out of my fiery boy cunt. He pressed a second finger into me as I sucked onto his meaty tongue. He was driving me wild with passion.

    "Okay baby boy, try to be quiet as daddy pushes inside you, okay?" he breathed heavily into my ear.

    He pulled his fingers from me then I felt the head of his cock press against my boy hole. I kissed him hard. He pressed up entering me. I met him by pressing my bottom down taking almost the full length of his thick uncut cock in one motion. I gave out a little cry into his mouth. He held me rubbing my back, bottom, and hips. I let him know that I was okay by raising myself off his cock a little then pressing down harder onto it.

    Slowly Daddy Michael started to thrust up into me. We continued to kiss. As our kisses became more intense Michael's thrusts became harder. He grabbed my waist and helped me bounce on his hot man cock. He broke off our kiss and latched his lips to one of my titties and he sucked it like an infant on a nipple.

    I had to grab my dick and hold it against my belly as we fucked. It was so hard and the slapping noise it was making against Michael's stomach seemed so loud in our silent fuck that it could have drawn attention.

    I whispered to Michael, "Yes daddy, yes fuck your little boy. Your big cock feels so good in my pussy daddy. I want it in me all the time."

    He doubled his thrusts into me. His big cock pushed in and out of my pink hole, its heated mass filling my guts. It pressed against my bladder and my dick drooled a little pee into my hand. He kissed me again hard pushing his big tongue into my mouth.

    "You ready little bitch? I'm going to breed that sweet little boy cunt with my daddy juice. You want it baby? You want daddy to cum in that hot little cunt?"

    "Oh yes daddy, yes!"

    Not a moment later I could feel his cock swell inside me as he pressed his mouth hard against mine. He sucked and blew breaths into my mouth as his daddy seed filled my hot guts. He grabbed my hips and pressed me down hard as he made one last jab into my bottom.

    His body went limp under me and I lay against him for a moment enjoying the afterglow of our fuck.

    Then the thought came to me. My daddy was probably wondering where I was. I needed to get back to him before he came looking for me. I pulled myself from Michael and quickly got into my suit. He just sat there and watched me all sweaty, smiling.

    "I got to get back to my dad. I'm sorry."

    "It's okay baby. We will see each other again. Thank you."

    I gave him a quick kiss on the lips then exited the change room. As I got to the sinks there stood Daddy looking at me with a disappointed look on his face, hands on his hips, and his eyes burning a hole right through me.

    "What took you so long, Skylar?"

    "I'm sorry Daddy. I, I really didn't mean to take so long."

    "Are you okay?"

    "Yes Daddy, I'm fine."

    "Alright, well go wash your hands then lets get something to eat."

    I did as I was told then Daddy and I made our way to the shop. Just as we finished ordering Michael came up to us.

    "Hey let me get that."

    Michael pulled out a twenty and paid for the dogs and sodas.

    "Thank you very much. That is very kind of you," Daddy said.

    "Not a problem. Anything for a friend."

    Daddy and Michael exchanged smiles then as Daddy and I ate they talked. They talked a lot, like they were old friends. And, I sat there with Michael's still fresh load of daddy cum in my guts as I nibbled on my hotdog and admired the two men that I most wanted in my life.


    So here I am at the beach with my Daddy and my fuck buddy pretend daddy, Michael, at the beach catching rays and playing in the surf with Michael's load of daddy cream still in my boy pussy. Most of the afternoon I was off in the water playing. I did make friends with a couple kids there. Daddy and Michael watched me from afar as they talked on and on about everything, including me. Daddy told Michael about how he and mommy dated, had sex, got pregnant, and she left him.

    Michael seemed sincere in his discussion with Daddy, though I think his major interest was in me. As I played on the beach in my little bikini swimsuit I would look over to Daddy and Michael to see Michael looking at me.

    When it came time to leave the beach I was a little sad I didn't get to be with Michael a second time. He walked Daddy and me to our car.

    "Say Michael, you live in the city right?" Daddy asked.

    "Yeah," Michael replied questioningly, "Over in Elmhurst. Why?"

    "How would you like to come over tomorrow night for dinner? Nothing fancy, just us guys, a pizza, some brews, and the game."

    I was aghast. Daddy liked Michael, enough to be friends with him. That would mean I would get to see him more often. Thank goodness I had put my shorts back on because my little bone got stiff again.

    "That sounds great. Looking forward to it. Can I bring anything?" Michael inquired.

    "Yeah man, you're in charge of the beer," Daddy said with a laugh.

    I was so excited. Now if I could just think of a way to be alone with Michael again so that he could fuck me.

    Daddy and Michael exchanged information then shook hands and patted shoulders making their parting gesture. This was my first real encounter with a man friend of Dad's so I thought I should set the tone. I went right up to Michael giving him a big hug around the waist. Michael mussed my hair and gave me a pat on the back as I hugged him. I could feel his big cock getting hard in his suit as it pressed against my chest. That just made the hug that much more special.

    Daddy and me got into the car. As we drove off we waved to Michael until he was out of sight.

    Once we got onto the highway I started to really relax.

    "You look tired little buddy. Why don't you shut your eyes and try to take a nap on the way home?"

    Drowsily I replied, "Okay Daddy."

    I must have nodded right off because it only seemed like a few minutes later when we were home. Still really groggy, Daddy guided me into the house. On the couch sat my bear. I ran over to the couch snatching up my bear then plopping myself onto the couch.

    Daddy turned on some cartoons for me then went to put away our things from the beach. A few minutes later he popped his head into the living room.

    "Hey kiddo, are you hungry?"

    I just looked up at him and nodded.

    Daddy smiled as he asked, "How does spaghetti sound?"

    I gave Daddy a big smile and hugged my bear. He left me there to enjoy my shows until dinner was ready. I got up for a few minutes to use the bathroom. As much as I didn't want to let it go, Michael's load had to come out.

    By the time we were sitting and eating dinner I was back to full charge. Daddy and I chatted about the day and what fun we had.

    "You really seem to like Michael, babyboy."

    "I do Daddy. He was very nice to me on the plane. Do you like him too, Daddy?"

    "We had a good talk and I do like him, honey. He and I have a lot in common."

    I don't know if I was being overly exuberant about Michael but Daddy kept looking at me as if something was up. I tried to down play it, but my boy pussy just started to itch every time Michael was mentioned.

    After dinner Daddy ordered me upstairs to get showered and into my pajamas. I didn't pause but went right up to the bathroom and got in. While in the shower I got all the sand out of the nooks and crannies of my body, paying special attention to my bottom. I soaped up really good then pressed two of my fingers into my hole. Oh it felt so good. How I wished that I could figure out a way to get Daddy to fuck me. I just knew he was big and he would be good.

    The shower curtain opened. Completely startling me. There stood Daddy in his boxers as I stood under the spray of the shower with two fingers in my pussy. I pulled them out quickly hoping Daddy hadn't noticed as soon as I had realized the curtain had been pulled back.

    "Hey sport, are you going to save your old man some hot water? You aren't the only one with five pounds of sand up his ass."

    OMG, did that mean that Daddy did see me fingering myself?

    "Come on, if you are all soaped up rinse off and get out."

    I giggled. Then I realized I was standing naked in front of my Dad in the shower with a stiffy. I quickly rinsed off then grabbed a towel, as I got out of the shower not even bothering to turn off the water. As I stood on the mat I watched in awe as Dad stripped off his boxers and climbed into the shower closing the curtain behind him.

    Standing there for a minute thoughts of Daddy's beautiful ass, back and legs replayed in my head. I dried myself off, put my towel on the bar and ran butt naked to my room as the shower blasted behind me. In my room I put on a pair of Spiderman undies.

    Dad had the air on, but it was still a little warm in the house. I decided to try something. I chose not to put on anything else to sleep in. I went downstairs in just my Spidey Underoos taking a seat on the couch in front of the TV.

    A few minutes later Daddy came into the living room. His hair still wet and dressed in only a pair of boxers. He sat down next to me.

    "Looks like you and me had the same thing in mind there baby boy," Daddy acknowledged our state of dress. "It's funny how close we already seem to be considering that we really have only known each other just a couple weeks. Wouldn't you say, babe?"

    "Yes Daddy, I'm very glad we do too."

    I moved around so I cuddle up to Daddy. He put his arm around me as I tucked myself into his side with my head on his chest.

    "You know I love you, don't you Sky?"

    "Uh huh. I wuv you too, Daddy," I couldn't help in my vulnerable state turning on the baby boy voice.

    Daddy kissed the top of my head and squeezed me tight to his side. His hand went to my bottom and he gave it a little pat. Daddy let his hand rest right on my bottom.

    "You really like Michael, don't you baby?"

    "Yes Daddy, he is wilwee nice to me."

    "Is he nicer than Daddy, baby?"

    OMG, what was Daddy asking me? It could be completely innocent, but maybe he knows. Would Michael have told Daddy that he has been fucking his little boy? Nah. No way. But, then what? I needed to be careful, but this could also be my chance to get into Daddy's pants.

    "No Daddy, just nice a little different."

    "Could Daddy be like Michael?"

    Daddy's hand squeezed my butt cheek. Two of his fingers pressed into my crack right along my boy hole. Certainly this was just Daddy trying to win his son's affection and not sexual, wasn't it? Unable to resist my little butt pressed against Daddy's hand yearning for something or someone to enter me.

    This alerted Dad, he grabbed me, picked me up and placed me on the floor standing in front of him. His big hands on my tiny shoulders he looked me in the eyes with a slightly shocked look on his face.

    "Skylar, has Michael touched you?"

    I knew right away what Dad meant, but I decided to play it out.

    "What do you mean Daddy?"

    "Skylar, has Michael or anyone ever touched you in a sexual way?"

    "Ummm, ah" I studdered trying to think how I could answer this without getting Michael or anyone in big trouble.

    "Sky, do you like men touching you?"

    "Yes Daddy, please don't be mad at Michael. It's not his fault. I wanted him to."

    What did I do? I just told my Dad that I wanted to have sex with men. Suddenly my mind was flooded with fear.

    "Go to your room."

    "But Daddy..."

    "Skylar, go to your room, now!"

    That's what I did. I crawled into bed hugging my bear and cried myself to sleep. I was so afraid that Dad would call off our dinner with Michael and worse hate him and me for what he now knew.

    In the middle of the night I woke. Someone was getting into my bed. It was Daddy. He put his arm around me and hugged me tight to him. There was the smell of beer on him. His body was so warm I was just glad he was there. I fell back to sleep.

    In the morning I woke up in bed alone. Did I dream that Daddy had come to sleep with me in my bed? I got up dragging my bear along and headed down the hall to Daddy's room. The door was open. The bed was made. No Daddy in sight. So there was no telling if it was real or a dream.

    I went downstairs. I could smell coffee and bacon as soon as I got to the bottom of the steps. Dad was cooking breakfast. I followed my nose to the kitchen. There was Dad at the stove in his boxers cooking. He must have seen me in the corner of his eye because he turned then gave me a smile.

    "Hey kiddo, did you sleep okay? Sorry if I hogged the bed."


    "No, I slept really good, Daddy."

    "Are you hungry?"

    "Yes, the bacon smells yummy."

    Dad got me a glass of milk. There was waffles and bacon with lots of maple syrup. I gobbled them up like I hadn't eaten in days. Daddy sipped his coffee watching me eat as he waited patiently for his waffle to cook.

    "What do you feel like doing today, sport?"

    "I dunno."

    "Well, maybe we will just hang around here today. What do you think?"

    "Okay," I confirmed.

    The rest of the day was pretty normal accept that neither of us bothered to get dressed. Daddy didn't make any mention of our talk. He didn't seem mad or upset and it looked as though our evening with Michael was still on.

    Around six o'clock Dad told me to go upstairs to get some shorts on. Understandably I complied. When I got back downstairs Daddy was in a pair of jeans sitting on the couch with a beer in hand. A few minutes later Michael showed up.

    {ding dong} Rang the doorbell. I jumped right out of my seat on the couch next to Daddy.

    "Sit down Skylar, I'll get the door," Daddy announced.

    As I sat there I could hear Daddy open the door and greet Michael. They walked into the living room together. I just looked up at them and smiled.

    "Don't I get a hello?" Michael asked.

    I looked at Daddy and he gave me a small nod. I jumped off the couch again and gave Michael a big hug around the waist. He mussed my hair with his free hand.

    "Here, let me take that," Daddy offered grabbing the case of beer hanging from Michael's arm.

    Now with another free hand Michael put it on my back and hugged me into him. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked so sexy. He was wearing a tight light blue tee and jeans with flipflops. Michael winked at me as we stood there.

    "Are you ready for a beer?" Dad called from the kitchen.

    "Sure," Michael replied.

    I retook my spot on the couch and Michael sat down on one of the chairs.

    Things seemed like a pretty normal men's night through dinner. Accept that Daddy was drinking about three beers to every one that Michael drank. Daddy also only ate a single slice of pizza. After the game Daddy told me to 'get my butt upstairs and in the shower.' I think Michael noticed his tone.

    I did as I was told. Twenty minutes later I was in my undies holding my bear standing in the kitchen doorway.

    Daddy and Michael were sitting at the table talking. Daddy looked over at me and as if in slow motion a smile came over his face. His hand reached out for me. I went right to him and he pulled me in for an embrace.

    Daddy held me tight. His bare chest felt so warm. He kissed me on the forehead, then on each cheek.

    "I love you, baby boy," Daddy said with a slight slur. "You smell so good just out of the shower. Go give Michael a hug."

    I went to Michael and threw my arm around his neck. He grabbed me and pulled me into him. We hugged for a moment then Michael pulled me up onto his lap. I sat there very comfortably as they resumed their talk.

    "He really likes you, Mike," Daddy slurred.

    "I'm glad he does, but he loves you, Kurt. Don't you, Sky?"

    I gave Daddy my biggest smile and nodded my head enthusiastically as I felt Michael's hand work its way under the elastic band of my undies. One of his fingers burrowed its way under my bottom and pressed against the tight pucker of my boy pussy.

    "You do, don't you," Daddy knowingly stated.

    "He is a beautiful boy and he would do anything for you," said Michael as his finger tried diligently to enter me.

    Then Daddy did something unexpected. He rubbed his crotch.

    Michael started to kiss on my cheek.

    "You like that baby?" Michael asked me.

    "Uh huh."

    Daddy's eyes were glued on us. Michael kissed me more, on the shoulder, on the hair then the neck. I couldn't help but moan a little. Daddy's hand moved to his crotch and stayed there as he watched.

    "Isn't he a pretty boy, Kurt? Prettier than any girl I'd say," mused Michael.

    Michael now had the tip of his finger in me, was nuzzling my neck, cheek, and ear, and reached up with his other hand playing with my nipple.

    "You know I saw you," Daddy announced.

    "What did you see, Kurt?"

    Daddy leaned forward pointing with one finger while his other hand gripped his crotch.

    "I saw you come out of the men's room jusss before my li'l boy here. And, I bet I know what you did."

    Daddy reached out his hand to me. I put mine in his. He gently led me over to him. He would have had to have been blind not to see the hardons in my and Michael's pants. He would have to have been deaf not to hear the elastic of my waistband snap as Michael pulled his hand from my Underoos.

    As Daddy pulled me up onto his lap my bear dropped to the ground. I straddled his legs like a pony as a faced him. I could see a tear escape and roll down his cheek.

    "I love you, baby boy."

    Then Daddy kissed me, just soft on the mouth. Both of his hands came up to my face, holding my head so still. His lips were firm but soft. He kissed me again then again, and again. Each time was a little bit harder, a little more certain, a little more intentional. Gradually his mouth opened, and mine did too. His tongue found its way to my lips. He lapped at my tongue.

    Daddy grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in. His tongue filled my mouth. I sucked it like a baby on a tit.

    Daddy grabbed me and pulled me away. His eyes were wide and red. He just sat there for a moment looking at me, not saying a word.

    Michael grabbed my arm pulling me to him. He kissed me. It was a long sensual kiss. His tongue explored my mouth as his hands roamed my back. I could tell that Michael was watching Daddy as we kissed.

    Michael broke our kiss but pulled me closer, his hands now on my bottom. I kissed him along his jaw and down his neck. I felt Michael's finger dig beneath the elastic band of my undies.

    "Let's show your daddy what a beautiful baby boy you are, Sky."

    With that Michael pulled my undies off of me, letting them drop to the floor. His hands needed my plump cheeks.

    "Look at your boy, Kurt. Look at this sweet little boy's pretty little ass."

    "No no no, this is all wrong."

    Michael's neck was delicious, just a hint of salt on in it. I kissed and licked at it with my tongue.

    Michael turned me around pulling me onto his lap. He started to kiss my neck and cheeks again as I sat on his bulge with my little bone standing at attention. Daddy's eyes were glued to us.

    I felt Michael's hands come up my body. He took each of my nipples between his fingers, pinching them softly.

    "Tell your daddy what you want baby," Michael coaxed.

    I cooed as my nipples got harder, "ahhh, fuck me. Pweeze, I want Daddy 'n' you to fuck me."

    "Do you hear that Kurt? You got a baby slut here that wants you to fuck her little ass pussy."

    Daddy still had that shocked look on his face, but his nipples had gotten hard. They were like two tiny erasures stuck to his chest. His hand was still on his crotch, but I could tell he was hot because he was rubbing and needing it. I figured this was my chance.

    I pulled away from Michael. I reached for Daddy's hand pulling it away from his crotch as I got onto my knees between his legs. I looked up smiling at Daddy as I unfastened his jeans. Once open I pushed my hand into the open fly. There I found Daddy's burning hot stone hard man cock.

    Daddy grabbed my wrist, "Sky baby, you don't have to do this."

    In my best little boy voice, "I want to Daddy. I wuv you. Pweeze can I have it? Pweety pweeze?"

    Not awaiting a response I pulled Daddy's cock from its confines then took the head into my mouth. It was all sticky with precum, which was a little salty, a little sweet, and whole lot delicious. I heard Daddy moan as I started to bob up and down on his meat.

    Daddy leaned back in his chair giving me a better chance to get all of his cock. I pulled on his jeans and he helped me by raising his ass as I slid them to his ankles. I watched Daddy as I continued to suck his beautiful cock, which I was guessing between 8 and 9 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. I knew Daddy was a stud.

    As I sucked on Daddy, Michael reached behind me and started to play with my hole. He was getting me lubed up with his spit. Michael kissed on my back as he fingered me. Daddy's hand took rest on the back of my head. I felt his hand grab a handful of my hair then he started to guide my head up and down on his cock.

    It was amazing. My Daddy was now using my mouth to jack his cock. He pushed my head down into his pubes. I did the best I could to open my throat to his big stud meat, but I still gagged a little.

    Then I heard Michael, "Save a little big guy. After all, it's the other end you are really want to get into."

    Then I felt Michael pick me up. Daddy's cock left my mouth with a load pop, which made me giggle. Michael laid me on my back on the kitchen table.

    "Here ya go, Kurt, one prime piece of boy pussy ready to fuck."

    I watched as Michael helped my drunken Daddy to his feet. They put my legs up and Michael helped guide Daddy's big dick to my hole. But, then Daddy stopped and looked at me.

    "You sure you want this, baby?"

    I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my hole. My little pucker tried as it could to suck him in, but to no use. I knew this was what I wanted, what I needed.

    "Yes Daddy, pweeze pweeze pweeze fuck me. I need you in me, Daddy."

    Daddy's brow furrowed. He grabbed his cock and pressed forward. A look of ecstasy came over his face. I was guessing he was about half in and I really appreciated the pause as my hole adjusted to his girth. Daddy's hands grabbed the top of my thighs and he pushed the rest of the way into me.

    "Oh my god, Skylar! Oh my god, baby! Oh sweet jeezus, your ass is so tight!"

    Slowly at first he started to pump his cock in and out of my stretched boy hole. I watched in awe as his head flopped front to back and side to side as he took in the sensation of being inside of me.

    I could see my belly bloat as he grinded his cock into me. The sight and feeling was beginning to make my head spin. I didn't realize it at first, but with each push of Daddy's cock into my guts I gave a rather loud sigh, almost a groan.

    "Oh yes Daddy, yes. Oh you feel so good. Fuck me Daddy, fuck your baby."

    Michael walked around the table leaned over and started to kiss me. I felt Daddy's hands move to my waist. His thrusts began to get harder, more determined.

    "You like that baby? You like your Daddy fucking your little cunt? Well you are going to get it bitch. Yeah, Daddy is going to fuck your ass good."

    And he did. Daddy started to pound my ass. His hips slammed into my little plump cheeks as he buried his cock deep into my guts.

    I was breathing into Michael's mouth with each thrust from Daddy as I sucked on his tongue. Michael was again playing with my nipples.

    "You like that, don't you baby? You like your daddy fucking you?" Michael asked me. "How long have you been dreaming of this?"

    "Uh, uh, uh" I grunted as Daddy's cock pushed into me. "Since I seen him," I managed to say.

    Daddy grabbed my shoulders and was really pounding my pussy.

    "Fuck yeah bitch, you need this cock, don't you! Daddy is gunna fill your cunt with seed that made you, faggot!"

    Daddy looked like a god above me grunting as he fucked me. He was now covered in sweat, and his heated skin blushed red. His face was twisted and angry, which really turned me on.

    I could feel his cock get even harder and thicker as he thrust into me. The room was full of squishy fuck noise as he pounded my ass with his big meat. I could feel my own orgasm swell inside me.

    "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Take it, take it bitch!" shouted Daddy as his cock released his seed deep into my bowels.

    Michael kissed on me and whispered in my ear, "There you go baby. You got your wish, Daddy just fucked you good."

    Daddy took a deep breath staring out into space as he pushed his cock into me like he just got a shock in the ass. Then as he exhaled he collapsed on top of me. His sweaty chest and belly pressed into me. I kissed his neck and shoulder to show my gratitude.

    After a couple minutes, Michael went around to Dad and picked him up off of me. Daddy looked half passed out.

    "Sky, I'm gunna put your ole man to bed. You take it easy. I'll be back in a few."

    Michael stepped on Dad's jeans so they came off as they made their way to the stairs. I got up off the table and got myself a glass of milk. I grabbed my bear and Dad's jeans laid them over a chair in the living room and took a seat with my bear next to me. I felt all warm and fuzzy knowing I had a fresh load of my Daddy's cum in me.

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