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  • What daddy wants to hear
  • My name is Devin Sanders I am a healthy 18 year that has gone through a lot. It's my entire fault I guess to a certain point, let me explain.

    It was a cold day, December 1991, the day that Devin Sanders was born. To the world and to me, (until I found out the truth) , I was the son of Dr. Mason Sanders. Mason Sanders was a young Dr, smart, Handsome and rich to top it off, every woman wanted this man for there husband. But the one who caught him was my mother, (at least I thought so at the time) , Maria Lopez, well Sanders after the wedding. She was a Beautiful Hispanic woman that was disowned by her family for marring a white man. The perfect family, young, wealthy and the envy of their social circle and most of the people they knew.

    For most people the day you bring a new born home is the happiest day of their life, but for the Sander's family did not seem so. They hired a nanny service to take care of the new born from then on, never taking time to enjoy their new child.

    That's where my nana, now the woman who I actually call mom comes into play. She was a small Hispanic woman with a heart so big there are no words to explain. Since the first time Gloria had me in her arms, she fell in love with that cute baby, blue eyes, blond hair and so pale it was scary.

    As the years past and the baby became a toddler, life was odd. He being a white child to the eye, but having a Hispanic mother, o well. The real odd think was that the energetic 5 year old dint know his parents language, he only spoke spanish. My parents dint stop to think that the woman the hired dint speak English very well. When Dr. Sanders found out he was appalled at the fact that his boy was being brought up like a Mexican.

    "Gloria, what the hell is going on here, my son doesn't speak America's tongue. " "I don't want him talking that Spanish shit, he is a full bread white boy."

    "Dr Sanders I am sorry for that, but if you were around your son more than just once every couple of months he might speak English also.""Also, your wife and Devin's mother is Mexican; I think the whole full bread when out the door, don't you."

    "You watch yourself or you will be looking for another job."

    With that he stormed out like a raging bull with the feeling that he said to much. This is kind of how thinks went for me till that point, let me give you a brief summary of the were I left of till when the bad stuff started. My father thought is best for me to be home schooled and hired the best of the best, I had 4 teachers come to my home and educate me. From learning English to reading writing and math, and all the other good stuff, things were getting good. Now let skip to the time when I was 12 years old and my whole life changed for ever.

    I was a exemplary child, I was 12 and I already knew how to play some piano was in kick boxing and a junior model. My mother loved showing me off to all her friends, telling them how many shows I done and things I won, made herself look like the perfect mom.

    One night after a kickboxing match I had and won, we drove up to the drive way, my mother stopped the car and ordered me to get off and go inside, she had things to do. I walked in the house finding myself in total disbelief of what was inside. I saw my dad, sitting recliner drinking a beer and watching TV, naked as a jay bird. I ran over to see him and gave him a hug so tight I thought I would tear him in half.

    "Dad what are you doing here, and you are naked why, you are always at work." "I am so happy to see you I can't believe you're here with me."

    "Sonny boy, I love you so much I'm sorry if I am not around as much as I should.""Now you want to make daddy happy."

    "Yes Daddy that's all I want, what do you want me to do, I will do anything to show you I love you and want you to spend more time with me."


    My father ask me to undress and to sit on his lap, I followed orders. He got me from the waist and sat me on his lap, as I felt him running his fingers up and down my boy cock. He turned my head and kissed me like if I were his lover, I felt his tongue in my mouth caressing every inch inside. He carried me to the bead and laid me face down, he ordered me to get on all fours and he ran his tongue up and down the crack of my ass teasing my rosebud with his fingers. He slipped one finger in, taking something that I could never get back, he made me moan; don't know if it was pain or pleasure. After about 30 minutes of hot oral stimulation, he pored some KY, in my ass and slowly started to penetrate my butt, tears ran down my eyes, and I had never had so much pain like I did that moment. He was riding me like if he was fucking a whore, not thinking that I was a 12 year old kid. After what seemed like a eternity to me, I felt him slow down and put pressure on my hips, I felt his hot load all over my back and trickling down my ass. i felt like I just felt like someone had just beat the shit out of me, that's how much pain I was in.

    I saw my father get up not say a word, put on his pants and he was out the door, with not even a good bye. My heart was broken, I dint know what had just happened to me, I was scared and in lots of pain. That night after crying for hours I finally cried myself to sleep, hoping the feelings I had inside would go away.


    I awoke the next morning to a bright sun; giving my skin a must needed tan. I jumped out of bed and headed to the shower, trying to wipe off the disgusting things I felt, product of last night. I was scrubbing so hard that I felt my skin peel off, and the blood start to flow. After an hour or so I finally got up and made my way to the kitchen were Gloria and the rest of the staff would often hang out. I liked to hang around them, they would always make me feel so good and feel like I was wanted. (Even though I knew they got paid for it). The rest of that day when like a blur, I basically just veged out all day and dint do anything at all, my mother and brother were out so I was alone with the staff.

    It had to be around 8 pm when I dozed off in to my imagination, were everything was great and no one bother me at all. I was awaken by a sharp pain, a pain that I had experienced before. I felt my father cock entering my most privet area. I was confused of the whole situation that was happening to me. I just though why is he hurting me like this, he is the man who should be there for me and protect me from any harm, and he is the one causing the harm. But this time it was quick, it stopped before I was able to experience more pain and discomfort. He rolled off me and I could smell him breath, smelled of old whiskey and beer. The smell made my stomach turn, and I saw him blow shunks all over the floor.

    I saw him get up, and walk towards me, almost falling with every step.

    "Get over here you little shit" He screeched at me

    He got me from the top of my head and with one powerful kick, got me to my knees, I dint know what was going on or what was about to happen.

    "Clean the floor" he managed to get out with out vomiting once more.

    "Ok dad, let me get some paper towels or something" I told him with fear on every word

    "With your tongue"

    When I heard him say that I though he was kidding around, I never though that he would actually make me do this. I felt him grab me from the back of the head and force my mouth to the floor, as I refused to open my mouth; I felt his shoe connect with my ribs.

    I DID IT

    After I was done and humiliated and he had finished having sex with me I went to my room to think, I could not sleep. So many things were going threw my head at that time, how did something that hurt so much feel so good at the same time. I had never felt so much pain and so much pleasure before, was I going crazy. I knew it was wrong and that he should not be doing that to me, but when I felt his hot lips on my dick I just melted. When he ran his tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, it felt like I was going crazy, I felt like I was going to pass out from the pleasure. That night I could not sleep at all, I toss and turned all night and after what seemed like 20 minutes of sleep threw the whole night, Gloria, my nanny walked in my room.

    "Devin dear, get ready, you are going on a trip with your father, he is taking you on a trip to New York City. He wants you packed and ready to go A.S.A.P."

    "Thank you nana, I will get all my things ready to go"

    I packed my bags and I was ready to go in just a couple of hours, I was still not all there, I was like in another world just thinking of what would it be to have a normal father and a normal mother, a real family. I don't know if I was destined to not know how that feels, but up to now it feels like it.

    That trip to New York city had a lot in store for me, I dint know how that trip would change my life for ever. That trip to the big apple would take away so much and give back at the same time, good bad and all of the above.

    Early the next morning, around 3 am me and my father got into his small, but yet cozy privet airplane. As the plane took the sky's my father went to work on my body, taking more and more of my childhood with everyday. After he had his way with me, I had the bright Idea to make a smart ass remark. (I have always been a smart ass).

    "Dad, next time use a condom, I don't want to catch anything"

    I had read about gay sexual intercourse and all the STD`s you can catch.

    Out of no were I felt his fist connect with my face, I felt him on top of me pounding away like if I was a lifeless, worthless rag doll. He finally got off me and went to go sit down, I sat in the corner of the plane for the rest of the trip, like a coward. I don't know what was going on, I was more confused than ever before, first rape, then violence I mean he was humiliating me in every shape and form possible. Why, what had I done to him to make him act like that with me, I was a good kid.

    When we finally landed and got to the hotel, we were greeted by a tall, robust black gentlemen. He was so tall and scary looking, he look like he could tare me in half, using only his eyes. "Hello", he murmured with a deep scratchy voice, he looked at me smiled.

    His smile was so warm and so comforting, I had no idea at that moment that he would be my guardian angel. (HE, had a name, John). We walked in and checked in and went up to our room, it was a really nice room, with a wonderful view of central park. I put my thing down and told my dad I was going down stares to see the pool, he ignored me and I made my way to the pool. In my way there I bumped into John(The gentlemen that met us earlier)

    "Hey kid, what are you doing all alone, don't you know you are not in Kansas anymore"

    At the time I dint get the humor, I just noted and smiled, "I am just bored" I told him.

    One thing let to the other we ended up drinking milkshakes and talking for like 4 hours.

    He finally told me that I should get back, that my dad would more than likely be looking for me and dint want to get my in no kind of predicament. I agreed and went off, as the night went by, john made his rounds of the floors, to make sure everything is ok. He knew that I was alone with my father and he knew our room number, I told him. As he past threw our room he heard some noise, he put his ear to the door and heard me moaning, and crying, he finally heard me say, "please stop it dad, it really hurts". At that moment, he called the police, used his master key and flung the door open. I had never seen my dad jump so high in my life, and so scared to see such a big man come after him.

    "What the hell do you think you are doing to this kid, you perverted s.o.b."

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