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  • When i touched my daddy
  • I was so young when I first started jacking off that I didn't even have a name for it. I just did it. And I loved it more than anything.

    Very early on I began fantasizing about my dad. He was a swimming instructor and everybody was always saying how handsome and sexy he was. I spent a lot of time at the pool where he taught, and I would stare at him when he was walking around in those tight swim briefs, creating in my mind an image of him completely naked. I don't know just how I came to realize it, but somehow I knew that he liked having me look at him, especially when no one else was around. He would sometimes stand directly in front of me, talking about nothing in particular, and run his palm down over his taut belly to the huge bulge in his briefs. I had just turned eighteen when this happened, and I was still innocent in a way. I still jacked off all the time, but I had long since begun to have dreams about sucking cocks. And especially, I wanted to suck Daddy's cock.

    I wasn't completely innocent. I knew that nobody else was to know just what we were doing. It was a kind of secret, something we didn't tell others about.

    We began doing other things, too. I mean, it wasn't just at the pool. Sometimes when we were riding in the car, Daddy would move his hand down over the fly of his pants and glance at me without saying anything, making sure I was watching. He would squeeze his hand over the front of his pants, and before long a huge bulge would appear there. Then one night when we were driving home from town, Dad turned off the highway to take the long country road to our house. There was no traffic on that road. Dad slowed the van almost to a crawl and turned the panel lights down to dim. He put his hand over his fly, the way he usually did, and I stared, my lips and mouth going dry. My cock was getting hard in my pants, and I moved my hand down between my legs, trying to hide what was happening to me.

    We drove a long time, the woods getting ever darker. Then Daddy loosened his belt and opened it and unzipped his fly, spreading it wide open. My breath caught in my throat and my heart began to pound in my chest. Daddy wasn't wearing any shorts, and as I watched, fascinated, he lifted out his long, thick cock and massive balls.

    I guess I must have gasped, because for the first time he looked directly at me for a moment, and in a very low, soft voice, asked, "Are you okay?"

    I nodded, unable to answer just then.

    Slowly, his cock stiffened and he began to stroke it. "I've thought for a long time that you wanted to see my cock." He paused long enough to steer the van around a long curve. Then he asked, "Do you like it, Jason?"

    My voice was almost inaudible, but I managed to rasp, "Yeah."

    He reached for my hand and drew it to his cock, curling my fingers around it. "You can play with it, if you want, Jay. It feels good."

    His huge cock was throbbing in my hand. He wanted me to jack him off! And I wanted to do it, too. I had wanted it for a long time. I began stroking Daddy's cock, and he pushed the seat back, spreading his legs wide. I ran my hand down over his massive balls, then up again over his cock.

    He reached over and unzipped my pants, his fingers sliding in quickly ad finding my stiff cock. He eased it out and began stroking it. After a while, he asked me to push my pants down. I did, and he did, too, till we were both practically naked.

    I looked down for a moment, watching Daddy stroke my cock, and then turned again to him, watching his cock tremble and spasm as I stroked it.

    After a moment, he pulled the van into a little side road that was hardly more than a wide path, and turned off the headlights, leaving the dim panel lights on. Then he leaned over, licked my balls and cock, and whispered, "Can I suck it, Jason? Can Daddy suck it?"

    I didn't answer. I just raised my hips a little and let Daddy take my stiff cock into his mouth. He sucked slowly, his tongue running up and down my cock, his hand massaging my balls. The sensation was like liquid lightning shooting through me again and again. I reached under his chest, moving my hand back to his cock, stroking it again. And I whispered, "I want to suck yours, Daddy. Let m... Let me suck yours!"

    He sat up again, releasing my cock from his mouth. And I leaned over him, stroking my own cock as I licked his balls, the way he had done to me, then taking his hard cock into my mouth. I liked being sucked, but I liked this even more. I was sucking Daddy's cock, and he loved it as much as I loved doing it.

    He was moaning and whispering, "Yeessss, Jason ... do it to Daddy ... suck it sweet baby....Oh, yessss ... suck Daddy's cock!"

    I could feel that he was about to cum, and I was, too. I quickened my strokes on my own throbbing cock and sucked Daddy's cock faster and harder.

    And suddenly we both let loose at the same time! I began to shoot my cum all over the dashboard and onto myself, and his cock suddenly shot a mass of hot cum into my mouth. I gagged a little, pulled back, letting some of the cum dribble from my mouth. Daddy let out a long, deep throated groan, arching his hips, his cock pulsing. I took it deep into my throat and swallowed all that I could.

    When it was over, we both sat back, panting, our hands once again on each other's cock, catching our breath.

    Then Daddy pulled some tissues out of the glove compartment, and we cleaned ourselves up, and then pulled our pants up again.

    Just before we got back to the country road, Daddy looked over at me. "Our secret, Jay."

    "I know," I said.

    We both knew that we would do it again.

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