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  • A plan to get uncle to pay for a car
  • My name is Bob. I am just about 19 and I live with my widowed mother. (My fathers insurance policy made my mother and I also very well off.) We have a nice house in a small town in Southern California and we have a good life. My mother is into clubs for charitable and environmental purposes in which she is active. I am still in high school since I was out with rheumatic fever for a year and a half when I was 14.

    My health now is very good and I have no noticeable problems. Well, almost no problems. I found out I was gay and I became very addicted to men and boys until I saw a psychiatrist who told me I was perfectly normal as homosexuality is as normal to nature as heterosexuality is. It is only society that fails to realize that fact. The doctor told me to read a couple books he suggested and to follow the rules of self control as outlined.

    Enough about me.

    In another small town twenty miles away, I have an uncle, an aunt, a boy cousin and a girl cousin. My cousins and I share an uncle on my mothers side who is what some people would think of as rich and he is a bachelor. Uncle Carter lives forty five miles further north from my cousins and all are on a modern interurban rail line.

    One day, I got a cell phone call from my cousin Carter also 19 (named after my "rich" uncle for obvious reasons) whom we all call Cart and my girl cousin Virginia, whom we call Gin. Gin was having her 18th birthday party that night so I thought it was an invitation when Cart called me on my cell phone and asked me to come visit for a couple days and my mother thought it was a good idea as I dont mix socially enough with my extended family for her tastes.

    Some time ago, my mother found an older Mustang car and bought it for me on my 18th birthday. Unfortunately, a part burned out in the computer and we had to wait until one could be found so the car was laid up. I packed a small bag that had an inside compartment I could carry my condoms, my Rush, and my small bottle of Listerine as I hoped to get lucky in a strange town without my cousins catching on. The fast train was almost as fast as I would have driven to get to my cousins town.

    Cart met me at the train station in his fathers pick-up truck and we stopped at a McDonalds for a snack as he said he wanted to talk to me in private. After the orders were delivered at the counter and we found a booth well away from other customers, we each ate a burger in silence. "Bob," Cart started our conversation as he took a good drink of the large coke he had selected, "I am a little embarrassed to say this, but Bud Watson who saw your photo my Mom has on the buffet, told me that you had sucked his cock in a steam bath house in the city a couple months ago. When he described the birthmark you have on your right shoulder, which I have seen several times at beach parties, I got him to give me all the gory details. You sucking guys cocks dont bother me, so thats not my problem now."

    "Well, Cart," I replied. "I thank you for taking it so well, but even if you did not approve, I would still be gay." As I handed my cousin the birthday gift for my female cousin who was at home, which was a cashmere sweater nicely wrapped by a chain of stores with impeccable tastes, I continued on a different subject, "So, who all will be at the party?

    "Some of my buddies and mainly pals of Gin." Cart replied. "I know you just came up to make us happy and you have. We have never been buddy-buddy, but I have another thing to talk about that concerns you, Gin and me and Uncle Carter."

    "How do you think Uncle Carter is?" I asked his namesake, "I talk to him about once a week on the telephone and he always says he is feeling fine."

    "Did he tell you he burned both hands pretty bad when he was barbequing in his back yard because his gardener left a hose in the way and he tripped and landed on his hands on the grill?" Cart asked me and then smiled a funny smile when I said I had not heard of the accident. "Well, my cousin went on, "I know that Uncle Carter is still very sexually active and I bet he is real horny now that he has not been able to jerk his forty eight year old cock off for three or four days."

    "Somehow, Cart," I ventured to say, "I dont think you; by yourself will be able to do anything to help Unc out unless you know how to use your mouth. I dont think you have the skill to do that." As I waited for Cart to reply, I saw that funny grin again. I got the message so I went on, "Sure, I could blow him as a goodwill gesture, but he would have to ask me to do it. I have my own rule against sex with male relatives."

    "Would you do his big fat cock if he did ask?" Cart inquired and I felt shock at his impertinence. You dont ask a guy a question like that until you two have had a more personal experience. I was sure that Cart was just guessing about the size of our uncles cock.

    I ignored his too personal question, as I gave my opinion, "Uncle Carter doesnt seem to be the kind of guy who wants a man to ease his sex problems. I bet he has a couple ladies who are glad to favor him with their attention." After I had made that statement, I did think to myself that Uncle Carter does not look forty eight. He looks more like thirty eight and he has all his hair and a trim body and a handsome lineless face that also belies his true age. If I met my uncle at a party and did not know him, I would spend as much time with him as he wanted me to and of that I felt sure.

    "Here is my plan to help Old Unc out. " Cart said as he was getting down to the nitty-gritty of my invitation. "Gin and I share an old car that needs more repairing than we can afford. We are not like you are with your insurance money in the bank getting interest and getting fatter all the time. So, Uncle Carter has more money than he can spend before he kicks the bucket and we want to get a little of what he is going to leave us anyway now instead of ten years from now. Okay, here is my idea." I was too flabbergasted to speak and just waited to hear more of this nonsense. "Me and you and Gin will go up there after the party tonight which is going to end at eight oclock if I have to throw the rest of the people out by myself."

    "You cant just pop in there without telling him in advance," I tried to reason with my cousin. "He may be in bed trying to sleep with those burned hands paining him."

    "Took care of that!" Cart exclaimed. "Called him this afternoon and told him we were going to be in his neighborhood and asked if we could call on him. I was going to take some birthday cake but Gin said that would be too much like she wanted a birthday present." So it came out that Virginia was in on the plan, whatever it was, and had more sense than her brother about taking a piece of cake to Uncle Carter.

    "I think the whole idea is nonsense, "... told Cart, "But Gin was smart not to be so damn plainly after something."

    "Yeah, Gin is smart--maybe smarter than me, but she is also a girl and she is a good cocksucker and a hot piece of ass also which I aint." Cart, snickered unpleasantly and went on as his plan seemed to be taking shape.

    "Are you saying you have had sex with Gin?" I asked Cart with more amazement than the part about the visitation with our uncle had generated.

    "I aint going to tell you," my cousin replied. "But I also know that she has been made by a couple of my buddies who will be at the party tonight. Hot Hose Harry Macky told me Gin is a born party girl and he even offered me a hundred dollars if I would get her to go with him to Las Vegas on a weekend." I saw in my minds eye where the name, Hot Hose Harry came about.

    "Do your folks know this about Gin?" I asked.

    "Nah, they think she is the angel she acts like, but I do know how good she is in bed." I heard my cousin bragging tone as he went on, anxious to tell me his plan and my part in it. "When I see Uncs hands bandaged up so he cant jerk his dick off, I will say something like You need help with your penis with hands like that. Then Gin will say she could help him if he wants her to get into bed with him. Then I will say something like, That is awfully good of you, Gin to offer. Then you, Bob, will say, And I could help and make it a real party. Then I will tell Gin to strip and you will also while I just drop my pants and shorts so I can jerk off watching you two taking care of your poor helpless uncle. I think the old man will appreciate our doing it and let us have the dough."

    "Man, you are weird, but I think you two will try to do it even if I go home like I should. Just to watch out for Uncle Carter, I will go with you but dont expect me to read your lines." I said after a few minutes of thinking what might happen if I did not go also.

    My aunt and uncle had gone to a movie so the invited kids could have fun without being chaperoned. I thought that they must be stupid to think their kids, my cousins, could be trusted to play nice games at their age.

    The party was pretty dull since there had been no time to plan it while planning the other attempt to get Uncle Carter to spring for a car for my cousins. One thing did happen and I will make it short. One good looking guy who said he was 18, but looked more like 16, asked me if I was Carts cousin that Bud Watkins was talking about. I asked if this Bud was at the party and the guy said he failed to show up. The guy I was talking to asked if I was interested in him and I said that I might be for a mutual party in the garage. The guy led me into the bathroom that was empty at the time and pulled out his cock for me to evaluate I guess. It was a nice boys cock and my mouth did water but I was not about to give Cart any more proof I was gay. If the guy would just suck me first, I would have been happy to suck him off. I told him that I never suck off guys unless it is quid pro quo and the poor guy told me he had no money to pay me since I guess he thought that meant I was like a whore. I explained what I meant and he said he thought I liked to suck. I explained to the guy, his prick now drooping, that if he took my cock into his mouth and worked it just a little, I would do his cock to completion. "Did Bud Watkins do that? The guy asked and I said that was my rule for everyone. Saying "Maybe later," he zipped up and left me laughing. I wonder what that Bud Watkins would say when he heard of my rule now being published for all his friends to hear and think about.

    Going back to the party that was dying on its feet, I passed a room with the door cracked open and I saw Gin being doggy fucked by one guy while another guy was jerking his dick, watching the fucking pair. I kept going and I saw the kid from the bathroom excitedly telling a couple guys something and they looked at me with open mouths.

    Cart made sure the house was cleared out by 7:50 and we were on our way.

    "I was afraid you were going to suck some of my friends in my home and I would never hear the end of it," Curt said as we were in his old clunk of a car. My cousin Gin added that she worried also and was glad I played a straight guy while there.

    "Did that other guy get his turn playing doggy on a bitch?" I asked Gin so Cart could hear and that seemed to stop all further talk about the sex habits of any of the cousins.

    A block from the electric train station, Carts car quit and refused to be a part of their crazy plan. We were lucky that the right train came in a minute or so after we got to the station. We rode the few stations before our destination, talking about family members and there were no allusions to my sex proclivities or theirs.

    It was the first time I had been to see Uncle Carter in his fairly new to him home as he traveled a lot and was seldom home. The taxi left us at the gate in a six foot security fence that surrounded the house that was further set back on a lot that had to be at least an acre and a half. Cart spoke in the intercom box at the gate and the lock clicked open.

    At the front door to a fairly large but probably built in the big depression years house. When Cart pressed the door bell, the door lock also clicked open and the door opened a few inches.

    We found Uncle Carter in his study. It is a large room with a desk, two computers in one end and a TV that had to be at least 60 inches in the other end. The TV was playing an older Hollywood movie with Clint Eastwood. It might have been "Dirty Harry." Around the TV were eight leather arm chairs with small tables in front of each. "Hi, Kids," Uncle Carter greeted our group. "I let the help off early tonight so you can find drinks and snacks on that table over there."

    It was behind the chairs, in between the desk and the TV set up that surprised me most. A fold out bed was standing open with clean sheets and white pillows on it but no blankets could be seen. Maybe our uncle was using it to rest during the day since his accident. Over the bed there was a crystal chandelier with lights burning brightly.

    Cart, seeing that Uncle Carter did have gauze bandages on his hands, went right into his scripted talk. Gin spoke on cue, but I stood mute. "How about you, Bob; Do you want to make it a real party?" Cart asked me, trying to keep the plan in motion.

    "We are guests in Uncle Carters house." I replied. "If he wants a party, and you have made sure he knows what you mean by a party, he doesnt need my two cents worth."

    "You wouldnt be a spoil sport if I did want a party, would you, Bob?" my uncle asked with a smile on his face. Something about that smile came to me as if he was saying I know whats going on and lets you and I see it thru.

    "Of course not," I replied and I tried to give him a smile that would also say that I know you know and dont get suckered.

    "All right." Uncle Carter said. "Someone like Gin please pull my pajama bottoms off my legs and you all get naked. This is something I dream about. Love orgies with young people." Cart and Gin hurried to comply with our uncles request but I was the last to finally be naked. By the time my shorts were on top of my pile of clothing, Gin was licking and sucking her uncles nine inch hard-on and making loud slurping sounds. Cart had a hard cock he was stroking as he supervised Gins part of the plan.

    Cart was standing close to the bed and engrossed in the sex scene and only I noticed that Uncle Carter had a remote control in one hand that he quickly dropped in a waste basket by the bed. I was surprised that the TV movie continued without interruption.

    "I heard that you are a real minx," our uncle said as Gin was deep-throating his cock, but let me stroke your dick, Cart as I remember I saw it when you were a new born baby and I want to feel that little cocklet and see how it has grown." On hearing the invitation, Cart got an instant boner, a great big happy smile and stood where uncle told him too as the older man began to lightly stroke his nephews manhood. Cart had the big smile on his face as this was going easier than he had planned.

    Carts cock was almost as big as mine when I get a woody, but knowing why the party was being played out, I had a problem getting my cock to swell up.

    "Oh, Bob. Not hard yet? "Uncle asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "I think you should get behind Cart and near the bed and finger fuck your favorite cousin." Uncle Carter said with a laugh. Cart gave me a dirty look but reluctantly handed me a jar of Vaseline that was on our uncles bedside table mixed in with his burn medicines. After all Cart must have rationalized, his doctor used his finger to check on his prostate. Now, finger fucking guys was one of my pleasures that I got to do usually while their hard prick was in my mouth and I was anxious to get a taste of peter pudding. My joy rod swelled up right away as I slipped one finger into what I was thinking was a virgin asshole. Cart groaned and reached back to slow my digital intrusion. I brushed his hand away and got two fingers instead busy in his rectum.

    "Damn, Bob!" Cart exclaimed trying to stop my two fingers pumping his fuck hole. "Thats not part of my plan. Im virgin there and that hurts. Take those damn fingers out of my butt hole!"

    "It only hurts for a little while," I said and I kind of remember that I almost sang the words like they are in the song. "You dont lose your virginity with just being fingered and your ass is so hot I am losing control." I added another finger and the Vaseline made my digital rape very easy.

    "If your fingers are hurting Cart," Uncle Carter said very slowly and somewhat louder than necessary, "Better slip your cute little cock in there so he can enjoy your attentions."

    "Remember a good car is at least $25,000." I whispered in Carts ear as I followed our uncles instructions, suddenly liking the way the plan was going. Cart cried out as I got my cock knob in, another inch in, half my hard cock in, then up his well lubed fuck tube went the full firm fleshy steel hard rod. Then his next moan was softer as I was in all the nine inches. I heard the boy sob a little and he did not move.

    "Fuck him good, Bob! Fuck him good for me. I wish I had popped his cherry but seeing its you who won the honor, Im just as happy.. Show that snot nosed kid what a good fucking feels like." Uncle Carter was talking to me in that overly loud tone as Gin was straddled over him with his shiny saliva covered fuck tool was being used like Gin used her fingers to masturbate herself as she kind of bounced up and down. Uncle Carter released Carts hard prick which he had been stroking lightly all the time I was getting Cart ready and up until I was pounding his virgin ass like he was a whore. "You can jerk him off if you want to, Bob. Might make your fucking his ass better." our uncle suggested as he turned him mind to what Gin was doing on top of his groin with his towering cock.

    I got my hand around Carts hard swollen prick and worked it good as I gave his asshole long and hard strokes with my happy cock. I did not expect it, but I begin to feel Carts movements working with me.

    "Oh! My god!" Cart cried out, "I am going to cum. Please dont stop, Bob. I gotta cum and cum hard. OH! I cant help it. Pleeeeese dont ever tell anyone you fucked me and I had to cum it was so good."

    "Make him cum in your hand, Bob." Uncle Carter almost commanded me. "Make him cum in your hand so you can feed him his own cum. Then he will be more willing to suck your cock off later." our uncle continued and I liked what he was saying. I cupped my hand over the knob on Carts prick and I felt a nice amount of warm cock sauce shoot into it. "Eat it Cart! If you think I am going to loan you any money tonight, I want to see you eat your own fucking cum." our uncle went on to demand that Cart entertain him further. "Dont you cum yet, Bob," our ring master ordered me. "I think Cart wants to suck you off to thank you for fucking him his first fuck."

    I let Cart lift my hand to his mouth and I felt his tongue cleaning his cum off of the palm of hit. I just realized that I had fucked my cousin bareback and his ass juices would be all over my cock if he was to suck it off before I washed it.

    Cart had slumped to the floor in a kneeling position, fully defeated after my withdrawal as my hard use of his butt hole had fatigued him. I asked my uncle where the bathroom is as I wanted to wash my hard greasy prick before I made Cart suck it off. I was really surprised at my uncles answer.

    "Dont you dare wash it off, Bob. You wash it when I tell you to wash it." the older man once more used his most demanding tone. "Let the smart ass taste what a ripe cock can taste like after it has been used to fuck his fucking ass." Our uncle continued. I returned to where Cart, now completely defeated was still kneeling and feeling the gapping asshole I had left for him.

    "Wait, Bob. Turn him towards the TV more before you put your cock into his hungry mouth." Uncle Carter instructed me and then he turned to Gin and halfway snarled as he told her, "You can get off me now, Bitch girl, go over to the chair behind my desk and finish yourself off. I hope your dear brother will want to suck me off also so we can get to the discussion of how much money you two want to borrow. I knew Bob didnt want any money from me so he must have been talked into this charade against his wishes."

    I was smiling a big happy smile as I slipped my cock into Carts only half willing mouth. It took a couple minutes of face fucking him before my cousin began to involuntarily suck on my cock and I was so keyed up I poured a fairly good load of cock chowder into his mouth in about ten minutes. It was ten minutes of following verbal orders from our uncle as to when I was to deep throat my cocksucker and when I was to rest my cockhead on his lips and make his tongue lick it like a lollypop. It was our uncle who told me Cart would comply with my demands if I just twisted his ears until he did. Uncle was right. I am sorry to say, but that was one very satisfying blowjob.

    When I pulled out of Carts mouth, Uncle Carter was there to fill in the vacant receptacle. Cart made no complaint and he began a good job of sucking the nine inch prick that had been soaking in Gins cunt juices and the cum deposited by the two guys I was sure had fucked her at the party and maybe there were more. Uncle Carter was better to Cart than I had been as he climaxed in his nephews throat after about five or six minutes of face fucking. The way he climaxed, Cart had to take his full cum load right into his stomach but he had been getting a lot of flavor from Gins pussy before that, I am sure.

    Uncle Carter laughed and told me to look at Carts cock. It had gotten hard again and as Uncle Carter had ejaculated, what could have been a weeks worth of cum in his throat, Cart had another climax himself. It was then that Cart broke down and really cried like a well whipped child.

    We were all treated to snack crackers and wine of our choices as Uncle Carter got us to sit before the large TV. After apologizing that the DVDs he wanted to show us had not yet been edited and perfected, the screen was filled with scenes shot first by one camera and then scenes shot by another camera and then a third camera. The four of us were the porn stars and Cart was the featured player. We relived the last forty five minutes. Cart became ill after the first DVD played and was in the bathroom for fifteen minutes before he recovered enough to rejoin us. When I saw him coming from the bathroom, I thought of a young age puppy that had been scolded and had become submissive with his tail between his legs.

    As I had good manners taught to me, I thanked Cart for the pleasure his ass and mouth gave to me. There was no reply from my cousin saying I was welcome, but I did my duty.

    The negotiations about the loan were filled with pleadings by Cart and Gin but Uncle Carter controlled them efficiently. Cart wanted a gift of $25,000 and our uncle counter offered a loan of that amount to be repaid at $209 a month or by two blowjobs a month for Uncle and two blowjobs a month for me. I dont know why I was included in the payoff, but Uncle insisted. If the money was not paid on the first of each month, I was to visit Uncle on or about the fifth of the month and Cart was to come up and blow us both and also again on the twentieth of that month. That was $52 a blow job, which was pretty high, since Cart was not a natural cocksucker. It was all in the loan agreement I wrote up on Uncles computer and Cart and Gin signed on the dotted line, so to speak.

    Unfortunately, Cart got a good job with an ex-schoolmate and was able to pay his share of the bill each month on schedule. Where Gin got her share I could only guess. I never heard from our cousins again, which was no loss.

    Once in awhile, I go up and give Uncle Carter his way with me. I know that there are a couple other guys doing him also, but I also know he gets a kick out of having a nephew swinging on his cock or offering a willing ass for his use..

    That first time I spent a day and a half with Carter, as he then asked me to call him around his large circle of friends. Cart and Gin he told to go on home that first night with a check that made them sadder but richer young people and to be sure to call him before they came to see him again.

    Last I heard of Cart and Gin, Gin was living with Cart in Los Angeles and Cart was being kept by that ex-schoolmate as his live in cocksucker and house boy, and Gin is like a maid, but since she gets little sex from the two guys she lives with, she has a string of guys who pay her for her pleasing them.

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