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  • Uncles home
  • It was June 1976; I , Sean Brickman just finished my Senior year in high school in New York City, and now I was on my way to San Diego.

    I spent the past year on the varsity wrestling team and dating all the cheerleaders...and I mean all of them. I never really dated one girl for more than a couple weeks. The reason, of course, was that I got bored with girls easily. I was much happier hanging with my friends, especially my practice partner Rob. We were best friends and probably had more sex together than we both did with girls combined. It was mostly jacking each other off with the occasional blow job but for some reason it was more exciting than being with a girl. Girls smell pretty but after practice Rob smelled hot. We both couldn't wait to get to my apartment on Fifth Avenue and shed our cloths for a major jack off session. But now I was leaving for the summer and Rob was going to Long Island with his parents.

    Anyway, I'm on my way to San Diego for the summer and my Uncle Carl, my mothers 31 year old brother, was going to pick me up at the airport. He was going to be stuck with me for the summer even though we hadn't seen each other in about 12 or 13 years.

    My mother, Helen Shaw Brickman Thomas Hunt, was on her way to Europe for a three month honeymoon with her new, and third, husband, Theodore Hunt, a wealthy business man. So I would be spending my summer off at the beach at Uncle Carl's house while my mother figures out how to kill off number three. Well, number one, my father, Steve Brickman, is still alive, some place, but we haven't seen nor heard from him since I was a baby. Husband number two, Richard Thomas, was a New York real estate tycoon (or slum lord) and had left my mother quite a bit of money after he met his early departure from this earth by way of lung cancer.

    As I said I haven't seen Uncle Carl in quite a few years. It was before he went into the Marines that I last remember him coming by my mother's apartment. He must have been 18 and I was 4 or 5. He was in the Marines for 8 years. He saw bits and pieces of the end of Vietnam but not enough to affect him; mostly he pulled duty in the Middle East.

    My Mother and Carl keep in touch quite a bit but live on opposite ends of the country. Carl had a nice nest egg saved up from what my Mother said and bought a house not too far off the beach in Ocean Beach. He works construction and is pretty much self sufficient. Mother, on the other hand, has never worked a day in her life.

    I am pretty excited to be spending time in a beach city after the brutal winter we had in New York. My mind is elsewhere when I hear the pilot come on the intercom telling the passengers it is time to start our decent into the San Diego area. I look out the window, which is facing west, and see miles and miles of water. The plane lands and passengers start to get off.

    My uncle had said that he might be a bit late as my plane was getting in at 4:15 in the afternoon and he gets off work at 3:30 and that I should just wait for him at the Deli inside the terminal. I sat there for less than a half hour when I heard my name called. I looked up and saw a man that looked an awful lot like the man I know as Uncle Carl but older and beefier. He was wearing tight 501's that were well worn and sporting a nice package as well as a big round ass, work boots and a white tee shirt with no sleeves that was sweat stained and dirty and riding just above his jeans. His sandy brown hair was long and you could tell he had a hard hat on all day. His face had a bushier mustache than I imagined and he was unshaven. Mother and brother were definitely opposites. Mother could never imagine 'appearing' in public without her full 'face' on.

    "Hey Sean," Carl said to me as he grabbed me in a bear hug. As I hugged back I caught the scent of Carl. It was ripe and masculine. I felt familiar stirring in my shorts that reminded me of Rob. "You look all grown up man. Thank goodness your mother sent me recent pictures or I wouldn't have believed it was you bud. Lets get your stuff and get our of here. My place is about thirty minutes away."

    We walked out of the terminal and took a bus to a parking lot. After we walked a few spaces Carl said, "This is it bud hop in." It was an International Harvester 4WD wagon with the top taken off. It was tan on the bottom and white along the top. Just before we climbed in Carl took off his shirt and threw it in the back. I got to take a look at his beefy chest and sort of flat (a slight beer gut showing through) stomach, all deeply tanned.

    "Welcome to the West Coast Sean. The sun almost always shines and you can have a tan within a week that people in New York would be green with envy over. Don't be shy man. Start working on it now." With the permission of my Uncle I stripped off the pull over I had on and then realized the glare of my white skin was going to stand out here in sunny California. Just before we drove off I caught another whiff of his scent, natural and masculine, sort of like Rob's after practice, but more manly.

    We drove onto a highway and crossed over west to the beaches. We got off the highway and headed down a hill that looked like it bottomed out in the ocean. About four blocks from the beach he turned off onto a street with a bunch of bungalows on it. They were small but single family. We pulled into a driveway of a white house with a small front porch. The paint was in need of another coat and the yard was no more than some volcano rocks and bushes.

    "This is the castle bud. Don't be too much in awe. It only gets worse." Carl said as he laughed. We got the bags and went inside; small living room off a small dining room off a smaller kitchen. There was a hall with two bedrooms and a small bathroom. Off the kitchen there was a door to the backyard. It was small but very private. It had six foot high fences along the sides and it was backed up to a large cinder block wall of what looked to be a business. In the left corner was an entry way, kind of a neglected gate hung onto the side of the cinder block building, to what looked like an alley on the side of the business out to the other street.

    Uncle Carl came up behind me in the backyard, "My buddy from the Marines, Frank, who you will be meeting sooner than later, works in that garage, he owns it actually. He is the one that told me about this house five years ago. It works out perfect. He works there during the day when my house is empty and I am here at night when the business is empty. We kinda look out for each other."

    I turned and saw that Carl had taken off his boots and socks while he was still in the house and was just in his jeans, with the top button unbuttoned, I might add. He was about 5'10", a couple inches higher than my 5' 8", and looking very hot half naked outside.

    "I'm gonna throw on some cutoffs and grab a beer bud. Youre welcome to one or anything else you find in the fridge. You won't find much else I'm afraid. Since tomorrow's Saturday I figured we could go to the food store together and get you whatever you like. So get comfortable, grab a beer and a lawn chair and I'll be right out."

    Cool, Carl's gonna let me drink beer. Mom only let me on holidays like Christmas and New Year's and then it was very controlled. I was to sip and only have two. I walked into the kitchen and went for the fridge. On my way I glanced down the short hallway to the bedrooms and saw both rooms open and in the one that was obviously Carls I saw a bare leg getting into shorts. I leaned over a bit and caught a glimpse of the bottom of his ass just before the shorts went over it. I hurriedly grabbed the beer and headed out to the lawn chair.

    Carl came out with a beer in hand and grabbed a lawn chair and positioned it across from mine. His cutoffs were tight and short. His bulge was just above the fringe of the well worn shorts. "I figured we would just hang out and relax tonight. I got a couple of steaks in the fridge and plenty of beer. If you want to walk down to the beach later I'm up for that but I figured you might be a bit tired after that trip."

    "That sounds good Carl. I rather just get to know you for a bit then go off anywhere. I got plenty of time to explore."

    "Yea, you dont have to worry about being too bored while I'm at work. The beach is only about four blocks away and you can go anytime you want. Just don't go off too far. Your mother would kill me if anything happened to you."

    "I don't get lost too often Carl. I'll stay close to home."

    After a couple hours talking about school and the Marines I was feeling pretty good. I had never had more than three beers before--much less five. Carl was a lot more relaxed too. He was leaning back on his chair with one arm over the back and his legs spread out in front of him. His ball sack had stuck out a few times from his shorts and he didn't do anything to readjust it.

    "Now Sean, Ive lived alone for most of my life. Im pretty used to being by myself. Im happier than a pig in shit to have you here, but if you feel uncomfortable at any time or I seem to be moody, its not because I don't want you here, okay? Also, after being in the Marines and being regimented all those years I kinda went the other way when I got out. I'm a bit of a pig. Don't feel that you have to clean anything just because youre a guest here. We need to keep up on the dishes and clean the bathroom every few months or so (Carl laughed as he said it) but otherwise I don't expect anything out of you. I figured being a bit of a jock you probably aint too clean either, so I really dont have to worry about impressing you or anything."

    "Well yeah Carl. I think your place is pretty cool. You don't have to change your routine for me man."

    "Thanks Sean. I know how your mother is. She probably had you keeping your room clean all the time."

    "Actually Carl its a bit of a sty also. Mom put me down a long hall in the apartment and never ventures down there. My part of the apartment is the old servants quarters from the previous owners. I have my own room, sitting room and bathroom. Mom's cleaning lady doesnt even bother coming down there."

    "Well hell then, I don't have to worry about you."


    It was Saturday morning and I awoke with a start. You know, that foggy feeling of not knowing where youre at right away, and then it all sort of comes back to you. I was in the bed in the guest room of my Uncle Carl's house. I was naked under a single sheet and I was very dehydrated. Otherwise I was no worse for ware. I didn't remember getting into bed much less naked. I stopped counting the beers I was having after 6 and I did remember we ate steak and baked potatoes. After that though it was sort of a blur; it was just then I heard a noise. I looked out my bedroom door and I saw Carl come out of his room and go into the bathroom. He was naked and his cock was hanging low like it was half hard. I sprung an instant boner and slowly started playing with myself under the sheet as I heard Carl pissing into the toilet. Just as I was getting into it I heard the toilet flush but I was too far gone to stop. Just as I hit the point of no return I opened my eyes and saw my uncle at the door with one arm on the door jamb and his other hand at his crotch and a smirk on his face. Just then I shot all over my stomach. Right after that panic hit and I figured Carl would be pissed or something.

    "Well now that you got that out of the way we have to get moving so we can get to the store then get to the beach. What you say bud? I'll have coffee made in a jiffy." Carl said as he walked away from the door.

    "Er..ah...sure Carl" I got up and ran across the hall to the bathroom and pissed and wiped my stomach of my cum. I was too nervous to do my usual tasting of the load so I just wiped it with toilet paper and flushed it. I went to my room to throw on my shorts and then joined Carl in the kitchen. I was surprised to find him sipping his coffee at the kitchen dinette without a thread of cloths on. He looked up and saw my surprised face and grinned.

    "Sorry bud, like I said, I've lived alone a long time and I'm not real house broken." he laughed as he went on, "If youre uncomfortable I can try to remember to throw on shorts in the morning."

    " mean...Like I said last night Carl I would feel bad if you changed your routine for me. I'll just get a cup of coffee." I was nervous but also kinda excited. I liked to hang out at home naked but no one ever came down to my side of the apartment so it was pretty safe. To be thrown into a situation which you always fantasized about, being naked with another guy, but not knowing what to do was a bit overwhelming.

    "Well, like I said too, if I do anything to make you feel uncomfortable let me know. You are a guest even though you're family. But I have a feeling you and I are a lot more alike than I first thought so I'm not really all that worried about it. How about you sport?" Carl said as he released a surprise fart into the air and then he laughed, "Damn that one slide out...sorry Sean. Like I said I ain't too house broke." he laughed again.

    That sort of broke the ice and I was laughing too. "God you are a pig Carl." I laughed some more. I went to get my coffee while Carl was getting up.

    "All that means is the coffees working. I am headed to the throne. I'll open the window in there to help air it out a bit." He was still laughing as he headed down the hall naked. I got my first good look at that glorious ass of his. It was like the best ass I had ever seen. True I was mostly only exposed to high school asses in the locker room at school, but this by far had to be one of the best asses ever; very muscular and round. The globes just went up and down as he walked without so much as a jiggle. I started getting hard again so I concentrated on my coffee and the paper Carl had left behind on the table. I did glance up and notice that Carl had barely closed the bathroom door. But then I realized that he had no use for doors before I came along so it wasn't all that strange.

    Carl came out a few minutes later and said, "Well Id forgo a shower for a while bud. And if the coffee kicks in for you just go in there with your nose clipped. It was a healthy one." He was grinning with pride. "I'll throw on my shorts and we'll head out soon, cool?"

    "Yeah, but I better hit the bathroom also before we go."

    "Okay, I got some plants in the back that need to be watered. Get yourself taken care of and I'll be in to fetch you."

    With that I entered the bathroom and was hit by a smell that made my nose crinkle up. But it was soon replaced by my own. Since Carl was outside I barely closed the door myself as I was used to leaving it open at home as well. Actually the more I thought about it Carl was right. We do seem more alike than I realized. I wonder how alike we really are.


    The weekend was pretty much uneventful from there. After we went to the beach on Saturday we had steaks on the grill and turned in early. Then Sunday we drove up to Anaheim and went to Disneyland. It was only a two hour drive each way but it wore us out. We were both asleep before nine.

    Monday morning I heard Carl rustling and then he was at my door leaning on the door jamb totally naked and half awake. "Hey Sean, sorry to wake you man but I got to get soon. I left the number at the shop for you to get a hold of me if you need too. It takes awhile for them to get a message out to us so make sure its important. Otherwise I'll be back around 4 o'clock okay? Make yourself at home and dont worry about nothing. I'll make dinner when I get off."

    I was barely awake but managed to lift my head off the pillow long enough to smile at him and tell him to have a good day at work. I slept a bit more till about 8 am. Then I got up and made some coffee. I didn't have a need to dress right away so I thought I'd hang naked in the back yard while I drank my coffee.

    I was out in a lawn chair getting some morning sun when I heard a noise at the gate in the left corner. I looked up and saw a tall well built black guy coming into the back yard. He had on a pair of coveralls that was zipped down to his navel. He had no shirt on underneath and was completely smooth and muscular. His head was shaved but he had just about the same bushy mustache that Carl had. I was startled and dropped my coffee cup on the ground as I tried to cover my nuts. "Who are you?" I asked kinda scared.

    "Well I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm hoping youre a friend of Carl's seeing that you made yourself so comfortable in his backyard." the man said.

    "I'm his nephew, Sean...but who are you?" I replied.

    "Oh shit man, I'm sorry. I forgot you were coming to visit bud. I'm Frank, an old friend of your Uncle's. I own the shop behind the house and kinda look out for the house while Carl is at work."

    "Oh yeah, sorry also. Carl told me all about your arrangement with watching each others stuff. Thats cool. Sorry also you caught me as I just rolled out of bed." I was now embarrassed wondering what he might think of me naked in the backyard like this.

    "Heck bud dont worry about it. Anyone walking into the backyard of this house knows that they could be catching Carl in all stages of dress or undress...we've been known to have beers back here together in all stages of dress...or undress." He was laughing now. "You got anymore coffee?"

    "Er..yeah, I actually made more than I was going to finish. Let me get you some after I throw on some shorts."

    "No need on both counts man. I know my way around and you dont need to get uncomfortable around me man. Carl and I are family which makes us family. You go ahead and relax I'll go fetch a cup." Frank said as he turned and went into the house. Now what? Would it be rude to go get some shorts? I haven't hung around a grown man naked before. Not even Carl. Although Carl hasn't changed his routine much since I have been here. He is very comfortable with himself and his nudity. I decided to sit tight and cross my legs. I heard the door and Frank came out with two coffee cups. He had also taken his coveralls off his shoulders and had the arms tied around his waist. His shoulders were massive and he had a dark tattoo on his bicep denoting that he was from the Marines.

    "I brought you another cup seeing how your original is on the ground. Now, I have about an hour till I'm needed at the shop so why dont we get to know each other." He sat down in a lawn chair opposite me after he handed me the other cup of coffee. He was smiling the whole time like he was enjoying himself. I couldnt help thinking how hot he was though. He was even more muscular than Carl and had a very flat stomach where Carl had a bit of a pouch, beer gut, I guess.

    "So how long you staying Sean?" he asked as he leaned back in the lawn chair and sipped his cup. It was then I noticed how worn his coveralls were and how the seams in the crotch area had become separated and there were a couple of holes larger than the other.

    "Well just the summer so far, but I havent decided where I am going to college yet or what I want to major in. I like it here though. Who knows?" I answered nervously. I am sure he caught the glances I was taking of his crotch. In fact, as I talked I could swear he spread his legs more to open up the holes. It worked with the bigger one; just enough so I could see he went commando as well. I couldn't tell if it was his cock or his balls I was seeing though.

    "Well I hope you stay. Carl was really excited you were coming. He's a bit of a loner and really could use some family around. I think I am really the only guy he hangs with. Now you won't mind seeing my ugly mug around here now and then would you?" He grinned again.

    "Heck no, nothing ugly about it... err I mean...yeah, Your Carl's friend, why wouldn't I welcome you." I slipped a bit but I think I recovered.

    "Well Sean, you got a girl back home?" He went right for it man... but I'll get out of it.

    "Not really, I am a bit of a loner myself." I said quickly.

    "Hmmm, maybe you are a lot more like your Uncle than I realized. Youre not still a virgin are ya?"

    What was he getting at? Maybe he saw me checking him out. He doesn't seem to mind if he did. In fact he has been displaying himself with more confidence. He has put his coffee cup down and had his hands behind his head. His biceps are huge. And his ass is right on the edge of the chair and his legs are spread wide open so I can see the holes plainly.

    "No, I'm not a virgin--at least with girls. Err, I mean I have been with a lot of cheerleaders." Fuck I know how to dig a hole.

    "So you have experience with girls but youre not really into them, right?" He was still grinning man.

    "Well I do get bored with them quickly. Why?"

    "Well Sean, I'm just thinking that you and your Uncle, and me by the way, have more in common than you realize. In fact by the way your man hood is sticking up between your legs I do believe you like looking at your new friend Frank. And I am assuming that your Uncle Carl doesn't know about you yet by the way your acting. You ever been with another man Sean?"

    " mean... well me and a bud on the wrestling team used to beat each other off when there were no girls available. But that's all." I tried to make it sound like nothing but I knew I wasn't succeeding.

    "And I bet you liked doing that with your friend more than you liked getting down with some puss. Am I right Sean?" Frank was grinning now like the cat that got the canary.

    "Sometimes I guess..." I replied.

    Frank stood up at that point and let the rest of his coveralls fall to the ground. "You ever see a black cock Sean?" His cock was huge and half hard. It hung there like a slab of meat; I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

    "Yeah, saw plenty of them in the locker room at school, just never any that big." I was in a trance now.

    "You want to touch it for Frank. I won't tell anyone Sean. It will be between us man." Frank said as he walked over to my chair. He stopped and the cock was growing right in front of my eyes. "Go ahead boy. It isn't the first time I played in this backyard." What was he sayin?. He and Uncle Carl? No way. I didn't figure Carl would be into other guys. Although I wasn't sure he was into women either since he never talked about women or anything.

    I reached out; I had to for some reason, and wrapped my right hand around his cock. It started getting harder. "That's right little man. Bring it to your lips if you want." I was ready to obey this dude. I brought the massive meat to my mouth and licked the precum off its head. Then I opened up and started sucking him off. I only got about three inches of him in before I started gagging. "Go slow boy. It will be ok." I was able to open up a bit wider and get a couple more inches then I just started sucking him. He was then trusting into my mouth getting a little more in at a time.

    "Fuck yeah boy. I like this mouth; might have to visit here during the day more often." My jaw was getting tired. It was about ten minutes later and he finally shot in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

    Then the guilt.


    I was still swallowing cum when Frank took the seat across from me again. His coveralls were still bunched up around his feet and his semi hard cock was still seeping what was left of his orgasm. He seemed spent even though he still had that grin on his face. "That was nice Sean. I really appreciated that." Frank said.

    "Ah...yeah... no problem man." I was nervous. What if he told Carl about what we did, I didn't even have a hard on anymore. I was just worried that my uncle would find out and hate me or something. This was after all his best friend.

    Frank was looking at me with worry now. "What's the matter little man? You worried about what we just did? I thought you liked it." Frank was for the first time not grinning.

    "Well...I did...I just..well..." I stammered.

    "Come on now. Tell Frank what the problem is. I would hate to see such a beautiful exchange like the one we just had turn into something bad for you little man. Talk to me man."

    "Well, I just am afraid what would happen if Carl found out what we just did. I don't want him to hate me. I am enjoying it here so far and don't want to mess it up." I was almost crying.

    It was then the grin came back to Franks face and then he started chuckling. "Is that all you're worried about? You had me worried for a second. I know your Uncle probably better than he knows himself and I can tell you right now that you have nothing to worry about. Carl is the least judgmental person on earth. He is gonna love you no matter what you do or who you do it with. Carl is a special man. It's not for me to say more than that but I will say that you have nothing to worry about. For one thing I'm not going to tell him anything till you tell him yourself and for another thing I wouldn't do anything that I thought would make your Uncle mad. He's my best friend. Now I have to get back to the garage. You going to be alright? You want me to check in on you at lunch?" Frank stood up and pulled back up his coveralls over his shoulders but didn't bother to zip up just yet.

    "I'll be fine Frank. I hope you're right. I was kinda hoping to go to college out here and I was going to see if Carl minded if I stayed."

    "I don't think you're going to have a problem with that either Sean. I think he would be thrilled if you stayed here. What would your mom think?"

    "She wouldn't mind. She has a new husband and probably will be traveling with him all year anyway. They would be able to come through California more than I would be able to go back to New York anyway." I was staring at the end of the zipper while I replied, looking at the mound of ebony flesh inside surrounded by coarse black hairs. I felt myself getting hard again. Frank noticed.

    "Alright, I'll be back at lunch. If I stay here any longer I am not going to get any work done today. You take care of that thing. If you need anything at all just come through the gate and ask for me at the front of the garage. Might put some shorts on before you do. My guys distract themselves enough without a young stud coming in and doing it for them. You alright?" Frank put his hand on my shoulder.

    I took his hand into mine and said, "I'm alright. Thanks Frank. It was cool meeting you."

    He then bent down and gave me a peck on the lips. "It was fantastic meeting you Sean." And with that he was off through the gate. I sat there and wondered a few minutes if he was ever going to zip up those coveralls.


    I went into the house and made some toast and had some orange juice. I was tired from the morning activities and still from the trip to Anaheim the day before. I watched some T.V. and piddled around. About 12:30 I heard a quick knock at the back door than it opened. "Hello, Sean?" It was Frank.

    "Yea Frank, I'm in the living room." I was lying on the couch watching a rerun of "That Girl". Silly show but I liked it.

    Frank appeared from the kitchen still in his coveralls although they were a bit more greasy than when he left. His zipper was not all the way down but it was below his navel. "You never put any cloths on little man." It was true. I never even took a shower. I still had some of his dried cum on my chest.

    "Nah, Ii's a lazy day for me I guess." I replied.

    "Well you don't look upset anymore. You had me worried before. I wanted to make sure I didn't do anything you didn't want done earlier."

    "I know Frank. I'm sorry about that. I was really worried but your right. Carl is too laid back to really be upset with me. He has shown nothing but love and been very protective of me since I've been here. And after you left I became really tired and lazy. It had a calming effect on me, this your lunch time?"

    "Yea I already ate with the guys. I have just a few minutes till I have to get back. I just wanted to check on you. By the way, you got me off but I never returned the favor." Frank was giving me that grin again. My cock started to react.

    " do you mean Frank?"

    "How about I put my mouth on that hot young cock of yours for a lunch time dessert?" And before I could respond he was on his knees with his mouth clamped down on my cock. His mouth felt like warm velvet on my cock and I was fully hard within seconds. He put one hand on my chest playing with my nips and the other hand he put between my legs searching for my hole. As he sucked my cock his fingers found my hole and he started rubbing the outside slowly. After a few minutes he brought his fingers to his nose and took in a deep sniff as he continued sucking. He broke off my cock for just a sec. "Nice and ripe just like Carl." Then he went back down on me. His finger found my hole again and he started entering me while I was feeling the pressure in my cock expand. He shoved his finger up my hole without warning and without mercy. I let out a gasp as the pain was replaced by his finger rubbing up against my joy button. It was just then I came in an explosion of pleasure. Frank swallowed hungrily esucking for more till every drop was gone. I fell back on the couch completely spent.

    "Now that, little man, was very fucking hot. I hope for a repeat someday soon. But for now I have to get back to work. If I don't the guys will screw off and get nothing done. Thanks Sean and I'm glad your okay." He started to get up and head for the backyard.

    "Thank you Frank. That was the best man." I watched him leave then I fell into a quick heavy sleep. The next thing I know is I hear the front door open and I hear a man laughing.

    "Well I see my nephew is making himself at home; can't be much more comfortable than falling asleep bare-assed in the living room after jacking off." I sat up with a start and realized I was still naked and there was dry cum on my chest and stomach.

    "I'm sorry Carl... I..."

    "Hell, Sean, don't worry about it. I ain't never going to worry about being bare-assed around you again though." he continued chuckling, "I'll get dinner started. Why don't you go throw some water on your face." he said as he kicked off his boots and socks. "I'm going to get comfortable myself, so stay as you are or whatever. It's cool." He was going to get naked. I love it when he gets naked...


    I sat up on the couch and put a pillow over my cock. I was embarrassed, confused and horny all at the same time. Next thing I knew Carl came out of the hallway naked with a beer in his hand. He went straight to the kitchen and got some hamburgers started for the grill.

    "Hey Sean, if your awake enough, why don't you go get the charcoal going and I'll make some macaroni and cheese to go along with the burgers?" Carl yelled from the kitchen.

    "Sure Carl, I'll go grab some shorts and do that."

    "Well, its up to you, but no one can see into the backyard unless they are really trying. I never bother."

    So I got up and started to head towards my room then thought about it some more and finally decided the heck with it. If he's confident enough to stay naked why shouldn't I be? So I headed through the kitchen and out the back door. "That's my boy" I heard Carl say under his breath as I passed through. I could swear I felt his grin without even looking at him.

    I found everything I needed by the back patio and got the fire going in just a few minutes. As I watched the coals slowly go from fire to ambers I heard a noise again from the back gate. "Hey little man, your uncle home yet?" It was Frank with the same coveralls on but this time unzipped all the way off the shoulders and arms tied around his waist again. He was grinning from ear to ear. He probably saw that I still havent showered and there was still dried cum on me.

    "Hey Frank, yeah he's in the kitchen starting dinner."

    "Alright, I'll head in. Just dropping by to see whats going to happen to our usual Friday night poker game with the guys from the garage. I didn't know if he would still want to do it with you around."

    "Why not, I dont mind poker"

    "Well lets just say the boys and us get a little out of control sometimes." He finished as he went into the door. I wondered how out of control he meant.

    I was done with the grill for the time being and went into the house. As I opened the door I came to a complete stop. Carl was bending over the kitchen counter and Frank was on his knees with his face buried in Carl's ass. "Yeah fucking clean my ass man; I havent washed it since yesterday man. I needed some fucker like you to clean it all day man. Fuck that feels good." Carl was saying. It was obvious that neither of them heard me come in since the door was ajar before I opened it. I stood there for a second and didn't make a sound. "I got some piss for you too boy if you hurry up. I don't know if I'm ready for my nephew to catch us doing this yet. But I don't know if I want to do without your tongue cleaning me man. I'm almost feeling clean back there now boy. You can stay there while I turn around." I slowly backed out of the doorway and went and sat on a lawn chair. I was completely hard. Carl fucking was into guys too, and fuck, Carl was treating Frank like a piece of meat. I Grabbed my cock and started jacking right there in the middle of the back yard. I started wishing it was me on the floor that Carl was treating that way. I was almost jealous of Frank.

    Just as I shot my load I heard Frank chuckle as he came out of the door. "See Carl, I don't think you have to worry about your nephew man." I looked up and saw Frank being followed by my hunk Uncle Carl. Carl's cock still was half hard and swinging. Frank was still dressed the way he was when he arrived.

    "I guess your right Frank. He was bare assed on the couch when I got home with cum stains on him and now he's jerkin in the backyard. I got a feeling he's a horny little fuck. Is that right nephew; are you a horny bastard like your Uncle bud?"

    I was caught and I didn't know what to say. I wasn't sure still what was going on and I didn't know what sort of relationship my Uncle and Frank had. But I really wasn't sure I wanted to let my Uncle know that the whole thing so far turned me on to no end.

    "You ok Sean?" My Uncle started to look concerned and walked over. I just stared at his cock bouncing while he walked then I snapped back to reality.

    "Ah...yea Carl...I'm fine man. Just lost in my own thoughts I guess. What's going on" I recovered.

    Carl started laughing then, "The little fuckers out here jacking off in the middle of the backyard in full day light and he acts like he just finished mowing the lawn or something."

    "Told you that you two had a lot in common man." Frank spoke up between his chuckles as well. "Well I gotta go. Sean I'll check on you again tomorrow around lunch time if your not at the beach or something...alright little man?" He said as he started for the gate.

    "Ah... yeah sure Frank. Thanks" I said.

    Carl grabbed a lawn chair as Frank was leaving and brought it close to mine. "I heard you and Frank met this morning. He said he might have scarred you at first. You okay?"

    "Yeah. He did kinda frighten me when he first came in the yard. He didn't know who I was and I didn't know who he was. We sorted it out pretty quick though. He seems like a nice guy."

    "Yea he is. So Sean, how much did you see when you came into the kitchen?" Carl blurted out.

    "What you mean man. I was out here the whole time."

    "Listen Sean, you are my favorite person in our so called family so don't blow it by lying to me. I saw your shadow in the doorway. I know you caught some of the action. How long were you there and how do you feel about it man?" Carl said a little more sternly. I saw a hint of anger in his eyes for just a second but then it was gone.

    "Don't be mad Carl. I'm sorry I walked in. I didn't know what was going on..." I was getting upset.

    "I'm not mad at you for seeing anything. I only get mad if people lie. Did what you see upset you Sean?"

    "No...I mean...I didn't know you were like mean, No, it didn't upset me, really..." I stammered.

    "What do you mean 'really' Sean. And yes, I am like that. Frank and I have been friends since the Marines and we have shared some stuff. But we are not a couple. I don't have anyone 'special' right now. I tried the thing with women and, like you; they don't hold my interest for very long. So, anyway, I assume what you saw turned you on since you came straight out here and started pulling the old pud, again." He laughed.

    "Well, yeah, I mean...don't be mad Carl. I guess..." I was still scared he was going to hate me for liking guys even though I caught him in the act.

    Carl got off his chair and got on his knees and gave me a hug. I loved his naked muscular body so near mine. And his scent, his scent was so masculine and overpowering. I was lost in it. "I couldn't be mad at you for having the same feelings I do bud. We're wired for men. Although many people think that's wrong we don't have to associate with them. I could never be mad at you for that. I only will be mad at you if you lie to me. I won't hide anything from you any longer and I expect the same from you bud. We are family and fast becoming friends. With that double whammy I expect even more from you than my usual friends. Okay?" He backed away and looked me straight in my eyes.

    "Whatever you say Carl, I love being here with you and wouldn't want to mess it up for anything man."

    "Good, because I like having you here and don't want to have to lose that either. Now be a good boy and go get the burger patties and put them on the grill and get us two beers. I need a little air and sun." I got up and did as he asked. Without question; our relationship was so new and yet was changing.


    We sat outside and had burgers and beers. We kept the conversation pretty light and I was really feeling comfortable and relaxed.

    "Get us a couple more bud and I'll toss these paper plates in the trash out back here." Carl said as he got up. So I went in with the empty bottle and soon returned with some fresh ones. Carl was standing in the middle of the yard with his legs wide apart taking a piss. His hands were on top of his head while he did it. It was fucking hot. The more relaxed Carl gets around me the sexier he is.

    He looked up at me and grinned as I sat back down in my chair. I started getting hard again but it was starting to get dark and I didn't think he could see.

    As he walked back, his cock still dripping piss, Carl said; "Nothing like pissing outdoors man. You should try it. I just use the john to take a dump mostly. Never have to be shy around here anymore Sean."

    He grabbed the beer and sat back in the chair. "Hey Sean, massage my foot man. It's killing me. I was on concrete all day and those boots don't have the cushion they used to have".

    "Uh sure Carl..." He then put his right foot up on my knee. I could feel the warmth of it on my thigh and I started to get hard again. I tried to just concentrate on the job at hand but it was tough.

    "This is nice Sean; naked in the backyard drinking beer with my new best friend. Well Frank is my best friend but you got one up on him being family. It makes coming home a lot more fun than it used to be. I hope you like it here and you do decide to go to College here. Your Mom and I had already considered it and she said it was totally up to you where you wanted to go. You had the grades to get in most places. But this is June. You have to decide soon I guess."

    "I really think I have already decided. I really like it here too Carl. But you don't want me in the way all the time. What if you met someone you would want to have move in or something?" I said actually hoping he felt the opposite.

    "What more do I need man. I get sex when I want it and for companionship I have you. We get along so well because we are so much alike man. I don't think I can be lucky enough to find that in a stranger. I am content. And if either of us meets someone we can't live without we will cross that bridge when we come to it. OK?" Carl said.

    "Yeah Carl. I'm happy if you are."

    "That's what I like to hear. Can you do the other foot now and then I'm off to bed. 5:30 comes quick. If you want to stay up though its up to you. Or you could try my schedule for a while." Carl said as he traded feet on my thigh. It was darker now but I could still see his cock flop from one thigh to the other as he exchanged his feet.

    We sat like that for a little while without talking. Then Carl took his foot back and stretched before he got up. "Thanks bud. They feel so much better. But it was putting me to sleep. Keep treating me this way and you can stay forever." He laughed. "Now I am on my way to hit the hay. Don't you hate it when people try to rhyme when they talk?" He laughed again and then rubbed the top of my head as he passed. "I'll see you in the morning bud; if you want to watch TV or something thats cool. It shouldn't even bother me at all. Good night."

    "Good Night Carl." I said as I watched his dark figure go into the dark house. He didn't turn any lights on as he went. I think he just went straight for his bed and went to sleep.

    I cleaned up the beer bottles and went inside and locked the door. I grabbed a couple of glasses of water before heading off to bed myself.

    I walked back to the bedrooms and Carl was already snoring. I looked in on him and saw him lying on his back with the sheet barely covering him and his right hand on his crotch and his left arm over his head. It was such a hot pose I just stood there for a few minutes and soaked it in. The only light in the room was from the street lamps outside and they were a couple houses down. So in the shadows it created a very sexy image. I finally pulled myself away from his door and walked into my room. I went down on the bed and was pretty much asleep right away. I slept so sound that I couldn't believe it when I heard Carl get up. It couldn't be morning already.

    He went to the restroom to piss again and then came over to my room. "You awake Sean?" he whispered.

    "Yeah Carl. I heard you get up. What time is it?"

    "It's 5:30 man. I leave in less than an hour. You want to have breakfast with me?" He said as he stood at the door playing with his nuts.

    "Sure, you want me to make you something?"

    "You can cook Sean?"

    "Yeah Carl; my mom never got up before 10 in the morning so the staff never came in before 9. I always made my own breakfast, and most of the time dinner too." I said as I woke up.

    "Well it sounds good to me man. I'll get the coffee going and you get the eggs going. Sound like a plan bud?" He said as he backed away from the door and headed to the kitchen.

    I got up and went into the kitchen. The coffee was already brewing and Carl had gone into the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet. From the noise he was making I thought I would stay clear for a while.

    I fried up a couple eggs each and some toast and he was back before I was done.

    "Grab a plate Carl its done." He did and spooned himself some eggs and grabbed the toast and coffee. He sat down at the dinette and woofed it down in no time. I barely sat down before he was finished.

    "That hit the spot Sean. Thanks. Can you do the dishes too? I have to get soon." he said as he lifted one cheek off the chair and farted. "I think I have to hit the john again before I do man. That one was rank." he laughed and I joined him.

    "You are true to your word Carl. You are a pig man."

    "Yeah but you love it man." he said with a wink.

    I was getting the dishes in the sink when Carl yelled out to me. "Hey Sean can you come back here a second man?"

    I went back to his bed room and he was sitting on the bed with his jeans on but not closed no shirt and his boots and socks on the floor at his feet. "Could you help your old uncle out? My back is a bit sore from yesterday and I can't bend down all the way. Help me get on my socks and boots man."

    "Sure..." Still naked I knelt down on the floor in front of him and first put on his socks. I rubbed his feet a little like I did last night after I got the socks on. He let out a slight moan of appreciation. After I did each sock I put his right boot under his foot and helped him guide it in. I put the boot between my thighs and started to lace it up. The toe of the boot was right under my balls. As I got the other boot on I looked up and saw my uncle look down at me with a sexy grin on his face. I finished up and started to stand. As I did I noticed his hard cock sticking out of his fly of his pants.

    "Thanks bud. I can't believe I lived this long without the joy of having someone put on my boots for me."

    "Anytime Carl; least I could do for the room and bored." I smiled as I got up and started to head out of the room.

    "Well maybe you could show me some of that cooking when I get home tonight. I havent had someone cook for me in a long time."

    "You bet Carl. You get home around 4:00. You want to eat right away?"

    "How about a couple of beers first then we can eat around 5:30? How's that?"

    "Sounds good man." I left to put on some swim shorts and a tee shirt so I could go down to the beach early. I would do the dishes when I got back. Carl was gone by the time I came out of my room saying a quick goodbye on his way out the front door.

    I walked down to the beach and hung out, napped and walked till about 1 o'clock. If Frank had come by I had missed him by now. By the time I got back to the house it was 1:30. I took a quick shower to get the salt water off me and stayed undressed. I got the things I needed to get together for dinner and then did the dishes and straightened up the house a bit. Before I knew it, it was 10 minutes till 4.

    About five minutes later I heard the International pull up in the driveway and a few minutes later the front door opened and in walked Carl with his shirt already off. I was in front of the door with an opened beer for Carl. He walked in with a grin on his face. "Now that's a nice welcome home." He said as he took the beer and eyed me up and down. I laughed and started to turn.

    "Hey Sean, 0would you mind getting my boots again? I'm still a little sore man." he said as he sat on the couch.

    "Sure Carl," I laughed. "Youre going to get too used to this and I'll be doing it everyday." I said as I took my position on the floor in front of him.

    "And who said anything was wrong with that. I wouldn't mind the appreciation." He grinned at me as I started to unlace his right boot.

    I took off his shoe and then his socks. The smell of the day escaped and his foot was ripe. I took in the scent with a deep breath. "I think my nephew gets off on my stink man." He was grinning down at me. It was then I realized I went hard. "You want to taste it man?" Carl said confidently but still with a touch of nervousness to his voice.

    I froze. I didn't know what to do. His foot was so sexy and smelled so good.

    "I'd love for you to lick it man. That warm mouth on my foot would be so welcome right now Sean." He was egging me on. I was so hard I was producing pre cum already. I bent down a bit and took his big toe into my mouth. I licked between his toes and down his arch. I spent about five minutes on that foot then I took off the other boot and sock and did the same to that foot.

    As I was cleaning the second foot Carl too his other foot and started playing with my balls. "That's a good boy, making your Uncle Carl feel so good." He unbuttoned his pants then. "Pull my pants off me boy." I got up and did as he said. He sat back down on the couch and spread his legs and then put his hands behind his head. "Come and taste my pits boy. I got them nice and ripe man. I got a feeling youve been wanting to dive into them man. I've been needing them cleaned all day and Frank won't be over tonight. Why don't you do his job?" I was becoming more and more turned on. This is what I wished for last night. I was in Frank's place man.

    I knelt in between his legs and dove into his left pit. I got high off the smell and the flavor. As I ate his pit I felt his hardness against mine. "That's right boy, time to take this roommate situation up a level. I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't sure you were like your uncle man. Youre a horny fuck that needs to be needed by your Uncle Carl. That's right man. Clean it good." He kept talking as I licked and sucked. I went to the right pit and did the same. I was so far gone by this point I didn't care where I was. I just needed this.

    He started to push me away a bit and then got up. "My ass is sweaty as hell man. It's time you show me how much you like this." He bent over the couch and I stuck my face right in his crack. The odor was strong. I sniffed up and down his crack and then darted my tongue out and down along the crack till I got to his hole. I didn't know exactly what I was doing so I just went for it. I tried to get my tongue up as far as I could go. I licked and sucked again making Carl moan a lot more.

    "God damn boy, Im gonna burst in a second. Stick that fucking cock up there now." I was at first shocked but then I shook it off and stood up. "Just shove it in man. Don't worry about it."

    I did just that. I used the spit from the rim job I was giving him to thrust it in quickly. It was tight and hard to push in without some sort of lube but I got it down to my pubes. Carl let out a gasp and then said panting, "Oh fuck man--that hurt. Just start doing it now man. Fuck me hard man; dont stop till your done fucker." I couldn't believe this was Carl. He was totally turning me on.

    I started fucking him hard. I fucking loved his muscular ass. I couldn't believe he was letting me fuck it. I got going really hard to where I was banging into his butt with my hips. "Fucking empty into me man. Don't waste any of that fucking seed man." Carl was jacking off like crazy. Then the front door opened.

    It was Frank. "Fuck me. What we have going on here. You been holding out on me Carl or you just getting this boy trained?" Frank was taking off his coveralls as he shut the door.

    "This kid is fucking the shit out of me man. He doesn't need no training. I wish he cum then you can stick your fuckin dick in me man." I started pumping harder now. Fucking thinking about Frank fucking Carl was too much. It brought me over the edge and I emptied into Carl. "Well I guess he did it after all man. Fucking hot boy; now back out man and let Frank in." Carl said as I slowly backed out my cock. Frank came over and sucked my cock into him mouth and cleaned it off for me then he put his mouth on Carl's ass and lick around the hole.

    "Come on fucker. I told you to fuck me--not kiss me." Carl was almost yelling.

    "Oh that's how its gonna be, huh Carl. You want this black cock to breed your white ass? You got it man. I hoped the boy opened you up enough because I'm gonna shove this fucker in fast." And that's what he did. Carl let out another gasp, louder than the time with me, and fell forward on the couch.

    Frank fucked him hard. His hips were slamming up against Carl so hard it and it was so loud I was getting hard all over again.

    "Sean, get over here and let me have your ass man. Let me eat it while this fucker fucks me man." Carl yelled out.

    I got on the sofa and stood over Carl and bent over. He started eating me like crazy. I never experienced it like this before. It was so hot. His tongue was up my hole and I was getting loosened up. I didn't even realize till it was too late that I let out a fart. Then I heard Carl say, "Oh fuck yeah man." and that was it. He just kept eating me out and Frank kept slamming into his ass. I was jacking my cock as fast as I could.

    Then I heard first Frank cry out in an orgasm. He was slamming into Carl so hard that Carl couldn't keep his face in my crack. Then Carl came also crying out. All of a sudden Carl grabbed my hips and swung me around and clamped his mouth down on my cock. That was all I could take. I came right then and there and Carl swallowed it all. While he was doing that Frank grabbed my face and brought his lips to mine. He tongued my mouth and I did the same.

    Finally Carl came up and joined us in a sloppy fucking three way kiss. It was so hot.

    After everyone was spent Carl looked over at me and said, "Now for sure youre going to college here. What a fucking hot four years that will be." Then he looked at Frank and said, "Thought you weren't coming over tonight man?"

    "I got done a little early and I drove around the block and saw you were home so I thought I'd stop for a quickie. I didn't know I would be involved in a mini orgy man. What a fucking hot end to a boring day." Frank said.

    I lay back in between these to hot men and thanked my lucky stars. Then I heard, "Thought you were gonna make dinner boy." Carl said with a sexy grin. So much for relaxing!

    "Coming right up Carl; you stayin Frank?"

    "I think I might just do that if you don't mind Sean. I might just do that..."


    I made a salad, corn on the cob and grilled some steaks. Frank and Carl finished everything. I barely was able to grab a steak for myself. Then I gathered up the plates while Frank and Carl gave each other shit. It wasn't long before Frank got dressed and took off. By that time I was dog tired and Carl was heading off to bed. So I finished cleaning up and headed to my bed.

    The next thing I knew the sun was peaking in the curtains and I heard, "Sean, get in here!" I sprung up out of bed and went into Carl's room. "What's wrong Carl?" I said as I looked at him lying on his bed, his hands both behind his head and his sheet just covering below his belly button. He was so fucking sexy.

    "Nothings wrong Sean. It's only 5 am and I dont have to get up for about 30 minutes. I was thinking it would be better waking up with you in this bed. Now get in here." I was taken aback for a second then I jumped up on the bed and dove under the cover. "Thats a good pup. But this all doesn't come for free you know." I looked up at him. "What you mean Carl?" I was a little nervous. "Oh, I just kinda liked the way you appreciated your old uncle when I came home last night. I was thinking maybe you being in this bed I could get more of that; a lot more." Carl said as his hand slid over my ass. His finger came in contact with my shit hole and he started massaging it. "I want this hole in my face boy. Why dont you climb on top of me and lick my balls while I eat this ass for breakfast?" So I switched positions and did as Carl asked. I had a knee at each side of his chest and my legs under his arms. "Shit man, you got the fucking hottest bubble butt boy. I could stare at this all day." As I licked his balls and cock I felt him still fingering my hole then he grabbed my hips and shoved his face into my crack. He shoved his tongue up my hole as far as it would go and he went to town. He was eating my ass with such force that I lost concentration and forgot I was supposed to be licking him too.

    Carl stopped for a second, "Sean, my balls don't feel any of your appreciation. What happened?"

    "Sorry Carl..." And I went back to licking and sucking his balls as he assaulted my ass with him mouth.

    "Hmmm, damn boy. Thats nice. Come up here and kiss me. Taste your shit hole on my tongue." I whipped around and he gave me the sloppiest kiss i ever got. He tasted like ass and spit and morning breath but I was so hot I didnt care. As we were kissing I felt him push back on my hips and I felt his cock at my hole. I didn't say anything I just was waiting to see what happened. Then I felt it enter, the pain was instant but then it subsided a little. He forced it in more and I kept kissing him harder. He slowly entered and I was holding on. Finally he bottomed out and I was full. He stopped kissing me and looked up and said, "Its time the Uncle breed the nephew." and he started moving his hips and slowly started pounding into me. We were both sweating and stinking and I was in pig heaven. I felt his cock massaging the walls of my shit hole.

    He fucked me harder than grabbed a hold of me and flipped me onto my back while still inside me. He put his arms behind my knees and lifted my legs and started to really fuck me. I went soft but was still so turned on. I was being used by this man I wanted so much. I felt dirty and hot at the same time. I wanted it to go on for ever. Finally I heard him groan and he said, "I'm ready Sean. I'm gonna give you some seed now and I'm gonna do it in your ass boy." and with that I felt him come in one final thrust. Then he collapsed on top of me. "I have to piss boy, don't move." I didn't know what he meant at first then I felt it. He started pissing up my ass. He was filling me so full I didn't know what to do. "Don't lose it boy. Hold on." and he lifted me up and carried me to the toilet. He sat me down on it and kneeled in front of me. "Okay, let loose" and then he started kissing me. My bowels just let go and I was kissing him and shitting at the same time. It was so erotic, so dirty, and so fucking hot. I felt so many emotions. I loved every minute of it.

    "I got to get ready for work boy. Get my breakfast started." Carl said as he stood up. I wiped my ass and got up and washed my hands and headed to the kitchen. As I stood in front of the stove I felt a warm tingling in my ass. It felt good.


    Once Carl and I got into a routine the summer seemed to go by so fast. I decided to attend college right there in San Diego and Carl seemed happy about that. I didn't have to work since Mom and new hubby was paying my way as well as a nice monthly allowance. But the best part of all was the way I became use to Carl as the Daddy and I was his boy. He was right, I was a lot like him, and I love to be naked.

    Then there were the poker games. My first one was at the end of July. Carl finally decided it was time I was included.

    Carl came home that Friday afternoon about two hours earlier than usual. As usual, however, he already had his shirt off before he even got out of his SUV and his jeans were unbuttoned. I was really surprised to see him so early. I had been working out in the back yard in a jock when he got home.

    "Sean" Carl yelled out the window when he saw I was out back. "Come in here a minute".

    I got up off the bench and walk in the kitchen. Carl already had a can of beer to his lips as he was sitting on the counter. "Damn boy, you smell ripe, come on over here." I walked over to him and stood in between his legs. He put down his beer and lifted my arm. He sniffed it real good then he started sucking out my stink. It was a turn on as it always was. "Damn you taste good. But I don't want it to go to waste." I wasn't sure what he meant but it sounded like we weren't going to be getting each other off real soon.

    "It's time I hosted the poker game again and the guys are gonna be over about 6:30. Frank closes the garage at five but the guys usually stay till six, as you know, to finish up on cars and to wash the grease off. It's going to be Frank, Jimmy and Pedro from the garage then another guy you haven't met. He's an old friend of Frank and I's from the Marines. His name is Jack. Jack's a bit rough around the edges but you'll like him as much as you like the other guys I'm sure. So I'm gonna take a nap for a couple hours then we are gonna run to the store and get the beer and snacks. OK?"

    "Sure Carl, you mind if I nap with you. I kinda am bushed after my work out."

    "Well sure buddy. You were gonna have to clean my feet anyway so come on."

    We headed to the bedroom, the one we share now, and Carl took his pants down before he sat on the bed. He lifted his boots and I undid the laces and pulled them off. Then I pulled off his sweaty socks. After that I yanked down his jeans and tossed them to the side. Carl watched me the whole time. Once he was naked he nodded at me. I took his right foot and sniffed his toes then took the big toe in my mouth. I sucked on it and licked around it. Then I cleaned the rest of his toes. I was hard as a rock and dripping in my jock. I put his right foot down and lifted up his left one and did the same thing to it. As I did though, I felt his right foot move behind my jock underneath me and play with my hole. I felt his big toe right at my shit hole and I was trying to sit on it. I was so turned on and I could see that Carl was too. But then all of a sudden, "whoa buddy, lets save this till later. We got a long night ahead of us. These poker games last all night and we need to rest. Come on up here pup and lets get some sleep." I was heartbroken. I was so horny and this is the first time he stopped us.

    I crawled up on the bed and Carl ripped off my jock and pulled me close to him. We both fell off to sleep pretty quickly. The next thing I know is Carl is shaking me awake telling me its four oclock and we gotta get to the store. We both got up and threw on some shorts and flip flops and headed out. We went to the liquor store and loaded up on beer and some whiskey and then went over to the grocery store and got the snacks. Everywhere we went we were being checked out by both women and men. We never wore shirts in public unless we absolutely had to and we probably both stunk a little.

    Both our shorts were old cut offs. Carls were more well-worn than mine since I didn't use to wear shorts as much. We both cut them short up on the upper thigh. Carls are worn out where both front pockets are. The white pouches are about the only thing left. And there is a hole at the top of his rear pockets as well. It is really a wonder how he keeps his balls in them.

    Carls got more skin showing through his shorts and it gets noticed. Once we were done we hit the parking lot on the way to the Harvester. Carl kicks his flops off and picks them up. He hates all cloths and would kick off his shorts if he could get away with it. I am the same way.

    We get to the truck and put our purchases in the back. I kick off my flops when we get in. Carl unbuttons his shorts and slides them off. "No ones gonna see Sean. You should give it a shot." I look around, we are up high off the ground, it is a four wheel drive. So I slip mine off too. Of course I get hard right away. As we drive out of the parking lot Carl gives my shaft a tug and then pays attention to the road.

    Nothing unusual happens on the way back to the house unless you count the trucker we pulled up next to. He had long brown hair and a beard. No shirt on either. He was leaning out his window talking to us at a red light. He obviously liked what he saw and so did we truth be known. We decided to pull over and he got out of his truck to talk with us further. He was wearing cut off shorts and construction boots. His shorts weren't as short as ours but they were well worn. He also had a nice scent to him, not unlike ours.

    Carl took a chance and told him about the poker game to see if he was interested. The trucker, Mark, said he was game and was actually just getting off work. He was on his way to the hub to return the truck and pick up his own pick up.

    Carl gave Mark the address and told him to be there around 6:30 and to just come as he was. We won't have on any more than what we had on now. And that was nothing.

    We got home at 5:45. Carl opened us both a beer and got the coolers out. We iced down three cases of beer and then got the table ready. We moved the table into the living room and put two leafs into it. We then found seven chairs; none matched, and put them around the table. We piled up the living room furniture in the dining room. All the front windows were closed and drapes were drawn tight. Then next thing we knew it was 6:25 and I heard a motorcycle drive up. "That's Jack".

    Carl opened the front door and in walked a hot, hot man. He was about 6' tall and about 200 pounds. He wore a leather jacket and jeans with black boots. He had no shirt on and once inside he took the jacket off. He had tattoos on each arm and one on his chest; some hair but not a lot. He had the scent of leather and sweat. "I guess I'm over dressed eh Carl" Jack said with a grin and sat down and took off his boots. "This must be Sean, how you doing boy?" I was shaking and all I could think about was taking off those boots for him. "Greeaat" was about all I could get out. He stripped down the rest of the way and out of his pants came a cock only second to Frank's. It had a little blood in it so it was about half hard.

    I already didn't know how I was going to make it long before I just shot my load. Between Carl and Mark and knowing that the trucker was coming over I was already dripping. The anticipation was making me crazy.

    Then I heard the back door open. It was the guys from the garage. Frank had already taken off his cloths in the back yard. Jimmy just had on his tank top and his jeans were in his hand. Pedro was still dressed in his garage coveralls. He wore his with the sleeves cut off and they were very tight. They were zipped down to his navel and you could tell he had been sweating all day. His huge arms were glistening with sweat. He had been my favorite of the guys at the garage and I always wanted to get him alone. Maybe tonight was the night.

    It wasn't long before Mark the trucker showed up. He was still in his same shorts and boots. He was more than a little surprised at the display of naked men in the house but got over it real quick and lost his boots and shorts right after he got a beer. Everyone chatted and got to know Mark. After about a half hour we took our places a the table. Pedro had finally lost his cloths too so the room was just filled with naked smelly men getting drunk and playing cards.

    I was sitting in between Jack and Pedro. Carl was right across from me. Frank was to his right and Mark was to his left. Jimmy was sitting at the head of the table. The other end of the table was up against the wall. It was the only way it would fit.

    After about two hands and about four beers I was looking at my cards when I felt Jacks feet playing with mine. I looked over and he was grinning at me.

    Now the real games begin.

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