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  • A lesson from uncle
  • Tommy was the eldest of my dads three brothers and the one we got on best with. He had a son my age and we used to hang out. One day playing football with my cousins i fell and cut my knee. I went back to my cousins house to get cleaned up. There was no sign of my uncle so I went to the bathroom took off my jog pants and wiped my knee. I went to go into my cousins room to get some shorts but rushed into the wrong one. I swung the door open to see my uncle standing in front of an Indian man who was knelt down sucking his cock. I quickly mumbled an apology and left, shocked at the site I had witnessed.

    I just reached the front door to leave when I heard Tommy calling me. I turned to see him still naked and hard heading towards me. He begged me not to say anything to anyone about what I had seen. I promised him I wouldnt and he hugged me thanking me over and over. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my bare leg and I could feel myself getting a little excited. I went home and wanked off thinking about Tommy and the guy. That became a regular thing until I started dreaming that I was the guy with Tommy. He did have a massive cock and I longed to touch it.

    About three months later I knew Eric (my cousin) was going to be hitting the local bars with some pals and knew Tommy would be there alone or maybe he had arranged some company. I waited for Eric to leave then called round. Tommy greeted me and we started chatting. I told him I was at a loose end and my folks house was a bit crowded and asked if I could stay there for the evening. He said it was okay but he did have someone coming over soon.

    "Is this your man friend?" I asked.

    "Yep, are you okay with that?"

    "Sure, at least you don't have to hide it, enjoy yourselves." Then feeling a little horny I said, "I will try not to burst in this time, unless I get fed up down here."

    He looked at me in a way he hadn't done before. The doorbell rang; I got up to answer it. The Asian guy looked shocked but introduced himself as Benny. I assured him I was cool about the situation and he seemed to relax a little. Tommy came into the room; he had changed and was now wearing just a robe. He and Benny stood up and hugged then kissed fully on the lips. Without warning they were kissing quite passionately and I could see Tommy was getting hard. His cock was sticking through the robe and I could see his hand rubbing Benny's cock through his trousers. I watched as they got more and more into each other.

    Tommy could see me watching and lead Benny's hand to his now free and rock hard cock. Benny started to wank him off while they still kissed full on. I realized that Tommy was putting a show on for me when he kept looking at me and then winked at me. He unzipped Benny's trousers and released his thick cock before dropping to his knees and taking it in his mouth. I watched as Tommy slid his mouth up and down this lovely cock then suddenly he stopped and looked me right in the eye.

    "You okay with this or do you want us to stop?"

    "It's cool," I said hardly able to speak.

    Tommy took off his robe and helped Benny to strip before 69ing each other. Both guys started moaning then switched position so Benny was on his knees sucking Tommy all the way down. Then Benny turned over and leaned on the sofa by me so Tommy could move round the back. I watched as my uncle lubed his cock then slowly slid it into Benny' ass. Tommy started to fuck Benny really hard; he was groaning and moving about next to me.

    Suddenly Benny reached his hand out and touched my leg; I froze with fear and excitement. He rubbed his hand up my leg and a few times touched my hard cock through my shorts. He didn't keep his hand there long but I wanted him to. He did touch me a few more times, one time having a good feel of my cock before moving his hand to his own cock. Tommy jerked forward and stopped, Benny turned round so I got a good look at his ass. His hole looked massive and my uncles spunk started leaking from it. Tommy was now underneath him sucking away at his cock. Benny stood up and faced me. Tommy got behind him and started wanking him off. Only a few minutes later he shot his load onto the sofa near to my leg.

    I quickly made an excuse and headed for the toilet to wank myself off. I returned to the lounge, Benny was getting dressed but Tommy sat on the sofa fully naked. Benny was ready to leave, kissed Tommy one last time then said goodbye to me kissing me on the cheek. When he had left Tommy looked at me, "I hope I wasn't out of order carrying on like that. I got the impression you wanted to see it. Was I wrong?" I shook my head not daring to speak. "I hope you didn't mind Benny touching your leg."

    "He touched more than my leg," I said.

    "I know, he said you had a hard on." I blushed. "He likes you. When you went to the toilet he asked if he could see you sometime."

    "How do you mean see me?" I asked.

    "I think he wants to get naked with you and let you fuck him."

    I was shocked and scared; I didn't know what to say. Tommy came and sat next to me, still naked. We chatted for a while longer still not confirming whether I would see Benny alone or not. As I got up to go, Tommy hugged me again but this time more lovingly. Again I could feel his cock against my leg but this time I pushed my leg onto it. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Just a quick kiss then reached for his robe, I could see his cock had stiffened a little.

    I left to go home still thinking about whether to sleep with Benny or try for Tommy...


    After the night before when my uncle put on a show for me with his "man friend" I went to work still feeling horny but not knowing what to do about it. Benny had told my uncle that he wanted to have me and I was tempted but so nervous because I had never been with a guy before.

    At work I was still thinking about it when, "Hi, theres a guy downstairs to see you."

    "Did he give a name?" I asked puzzled.

    "Nah, he's waiting in reception."

    I headed downstairs to find Tommy (my uncle) standing there looking out of the window. "Do we have somewhere I can talk to you?" He looked a bit worried so I led him to the back of the warehouse to a little office never used.

    "Whats wrong?" I asked.

    "Nothing really I was just worried how you were feeling after last night," he moved towards me, "I was scared in case you were disgusted."

    "To be honest, I was still feeling horny this morning about it," I confessed.

    He smiled, "Cool, so you're up for it again?"

    "Yeah, can't wait."

    He reached forward and touched my hand. I didn't pull away so he took my hand in his and pulled me closer. "God, I wish I could have you myself," he said, his voice breaking up a little.

    This was my moment to speak up, but I could hardly get the words out, "You can, I would love for you to teach me."

    He looked at me and I made a move. I put my hand down to his bulge and stroked it. He stopped me, looked over to the door obviously worried about someone catching us. "Come over to my house after work," he said and then left.

    I left work and headed straight to Tommy's. He answered the door naked and hugged me before I had chance to close the door. I couldn't wait and reached down to his cock for a feel. The first time I had touched another guys cock for real. He was almost hard and it didn't take long til it was rock solid. I wanked him for a bit.

    "Please uncle show me how you suck cock," I was almost begging him. He took off my top and the slowly unbuttoned my trouser and unzipped me. My cock was hard and sprang out; he sank to his knees and took it in his mouth. He then proceeded to suck me whilst keep telling me his technique.

    I didn't last long before I jerked forward and filled his mouth with my cum. He looked at me and then swallowed. He stood up and led me down to his cock, I took it into my mouth and started doing what he had shown me. I was really pleased because he was soon moaning and groaning so I knew I was doing well. He was getting closer but I wasn't ready to take his load in my mouth, so he pulled out and shot it all over my chest.

    He sank to his knees again this time to lick his cum off my chest and then kiss me full on so, I got my first taste. We cleaned up and chatted, holding each and kissing. He looked at me with those eyes.

    "Benny really likes you, he told again on the phone today."

    "He has an amazing cock, I want to play with him too," I said, and so it was to be arranged...


    Benny was an Indian guy, my uncles lover of a few years. He had told my uncle he wanted to have his wicked way with me and after a few hot man to man sessions with my uncle I was ready and horny for Benny's cock.

    Benny shared a house with his older sister who was there when I arrived. He kissed me on the mouth and led me into the lounge. I was surprised to see this woman sitting there and disappointed because I was so horny I just wanted to rip his clothes off and have him.

    Benny had showered and was wearing just a robe which was quite loose and close to coming open. He sat by me on the sofa and we watched some telly, his hand kept gently touching my leg and at one point he was stroking my leg in clear view of his sister. I only had joggers on and started to get hard which stuck out a little too much for comfort.

    Without warning he reached over and stroked at my hard cock. I looked at his sister who was watching her brother feel another mans cock. Benny's robe was now open and his big thick cock was sticking out and up as he slid his hand in my joggers and touched my cock. I was embarrassed but so turned on that his sister was watching that I reached down and took his cock in my hand gently wanking him. He stood up and took off his robe then slowly pulled off my jog pants and t shirt. He bent down and kissed me full on the mouth forcing his tongue inside; I responded and kissed him back hard still wanking his amazing cock. His sister stared at the telly but I caught her a few times watching us, at times she would be transfixed which was turning me on even more.

    Benny climbed on the sofa and then lowered his cock towards my waiting and ready mouth. His cock was so big I didn't think I would fit it in my mouth but I did. He slowly slid it in and out then started to get faster until he was fucking my face real hard. He grabbed my head and really gave it to me almost choking me. Then he pulled out and started wanking himself furiously. I knew he was going to shoot in my face so I kept my mouth closed not ready to take a load down my throat yet.

    Warm jets of spunk hit me in the face as he kept jerking away. I could see his sisters hand was very close to her pussy as she watched. Benny climbed off the sofa and kissed me all over tasting his own spunk and forcing his tongue into my mouth so i had no choice but to taste him too.

    I thought that was it until his sister passed him a bottle. He poured something into his hand and rubbed it around his ass area then reached over and rubbed it over my still hard cock. Once he had lubed up he turned round and lowered himself onto my cock. The feeling as my cock slid into his ass for the first time was amazing. He bounced up and down only for a few minutes because I was getting close to cumming.

    His sister had gotten up from her chair and was now standing behind the sofa watching my cock go in and out of her brothers ass. I looked at her and she smiled then I could hold out no longer. I jerked forward and shot my load in his ass; he kept bouncing up and down on me until I could take no more. She leaned down as he slid off my cock and seemed to love seeing my cum dribble out of his ass. She kissed him goodnight and left the room.

    We lay together naked and cuddled for about 30 minutes before I got dressed and left for home. My next aim is to get my uncle and Benny together for a 3-way session, maybe his sister can watch that too...

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