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  • Dads slutboy
  • Dad got real depressed after Mom left us. I guess she knew that he never really loved her. He only married her because he got her pregnant with my oldest brother when they were in college. He knew that he never lover her either. He was just depressed because he was living the lie so long he was unsure what do now.

    Dad is extremely hot. He is 6'2 has jet black hair, sparkling light blue eyes. His best feature by far though is his muscular body. Dad has always been very religious about keeping in shape, but in the last year he has spent a lot more time at the gym trying to avoid my mother. For this reason he has really bulked up. This is bad for me because the bigger he gets the harder it is for me to around him without giving myself away. Dad has that perfect v-shaped body--a strong well defined chest that tapers down to a beautiful, slim, cut stomach. He is not shy either. When hes around the house he usually wears no more than his boxers. This can be extremely frustrating for me.

    My name is Kevin. I am a senior in high school. I just had my 18th birthday. I play soccer so I am very fit; however, I am nowhere nearly as muscular as my dad. I have gotten most of my features from my mother. I am 5' 11 with light brown hair and eyes. Since I play soccer my best features are my legs. I have known for quite some time that I am gay. I have messed around with a few guys as far as sucking them off, but I was always afraid of actually getting fucked. Me and my dad have an okay relationship but I am definitely too afraid to tell him about myself. Dad is a very masculine man and I am unsure of how he would react. It is a total shock to me though that he hasnt figured it out. When we are talking my eyes usually wander down to his rock hard pecs or his abs of steel. I usually get weak in the knees and it takes all of my self-control to keep my hands off of him.

    That all changed very fast though. It was a Saturday morning around noon. Being the weekend I was still in bed when my father came to tell me that he was heading to the gym. I was excited because my dad was usually gone for hours when he left for the gym and my friend Alex was coming over. Alex is on the football team and is hot as hell. He has the same features of my Dad. That is why I love to suck him off. Since he looks like my father does, I like to pretend that Alex is really him.

    As soon as my father left I called Alex up and he was at the house within a half hour. He brought over some gay porn and I popped it in the VCR in my room. That of course got us hot and we stayed making out. Alex was nice and hard so I pulled out his 7-incher and hungrily inhaled it.

    "Your mouth is so hot on my cock Kevin, when are you gonna finally let me into that hot little ass of yours?" Alex said. I didn't say anything out of fear. I just sucked harder and he just kept moaning. Alex was moaning pretty loudly and the porno was pretty much at full volume. I guess that is why I never heard the front door open.

    Alex had just cum and had gotten half of it on my face and half in my mouth. All of a sudden he let out a "Holy Shit." I thought that he was happy with the hot blow job that I had just given him.

    "I know," I answered, "I just love the way huge cock tastes."

    Then he shot up off the bed. "Mr. Brennan I'm sorry, I...I"

    I turned around and there was my father standing in my doorway. He was staring back and forth between the porn in the VCR Alex and my cum-covered face. How long he had been there is beyond me. Kevin immediately grabbed his clothes and ran past my father. I was surprised my dad let him pass I was sure he was going to beat the hell out of Alex. My dad stood there for another couple minutes just staring at me; I was shaking and still on my knees on the ground. He took a step forward and I fell back, he stopped. He turned and looked at the porn that was still blaring on the TV. Some guy was getting severely fucked. He turned and looked at me in disbelief taking it all in. I was in shock but when looking back on it, it was hot as hell. There I was on the ground with my face plastered staring at my hot Dad. He always showered at home after the gym so he was still covered in sweat. His tank top was sticking to his chest which was swelling with each breath he took.

    "Turn that crap off and wipe that shit off of your face" he bellowed and then he turned and walked out of my room.

    He was pissed and I didnt know what to do. The moaning in the porn was still loud so I turned it off so it wouldnt piss him off more so. I grabbed a rag and ran it over my face. I thought that maybe I should jump out the window and hive him some time to cool off. What a way to find out your son is gay. A million things were running though my head. Would he kick me out, disown me. It was too much for me and I started to cry.

    "Well," I heard a scream from the living room, "What are you waiting for? Get your ass down here. NOW!"

    Slowly I began to descend the staircase. He was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms folded across his massive chest. He looked mad now. His face was red and he seemed to be breathing very hard. His massive chest kept forcing out. I stopped 10 feet in front of him making sure to avoid eye contact.

    "What the fuck was that?" he yelled. I shrugged. "Are you a fag?" he asked. I didn't respond. "Answer me you little shit!" My dad had never spoken to me like this; I thought he hated me. "Are you deaf? I just asked you a question. Are you a fag? Answer me. NOW!"

    I managed to let out a meek, "Yes."

    He walked up to me so he was standing directly in front of me. "You call me sir you stupid little fuck!"

    I was so afraid of the tone and anger in his voice. "Yes sir," I let out, still not making eye contact.

    "I can't believe... my own son is a dick suckin faggot. So I guess you take it up the ass too you filthy little fuck!"

    I responded, "No dad, never."

    "I told you to call me Sir you little bitch!"

    "Im sorry sir," I said with tears in my eyes "I have never been fucked, I promise what you saw was the most I have ever done."

    My dad just let out a grunt. I wasn't sure why, but even though I was scared out of my mind, I was slightly turned on. My dad was still standing in front of me. Since he had just finished working out all of his muscles were still bulging and since he hadn't showered yet he was shiny with sweat. The smell was intoxicating. I guess he had noticed somehow.

    "Holy shit, you nasty little fuck are you checking me out?" he said. I shook my head and was about to deny but he never gave me the chance. "Don't lie to me you dirty dick licker. I see fags like you checking me out at the gym all the time. Don't you think I know how hot I am, I mean look at me... " He pulled off his tank top. "Look at me... " he bellowed again.

    I just stared at my dads rock hard body wondering what the hell was going on. "Look at you checking out your dad you sick little piece of shit. You fucking disgust me and need to be punished." The look in his eyes were cold. "Is this what you want bitch, my hard body?"

    That was when he lifted his right arm above his head. He grabbed me by the head and forced my face into his armpit. "Clean it bitch--with your tongue!"

    I was in shock and didnt know what to do but he held my head in place with his strong hands. "You arent going anywhere until you fucking clean me up fag boy so you better clean the sweat out of my pits."

    I worked this hot body extra hard today. He wasn't lying either his pits were soaked and had a strong pungent manly odor. I was in fear but was wondering if my dad was messing around with me. I held out my tongue and started to lap at his dank pits.

    "Clean those pits you nasty little whore! Holy shit I can't believe youre really doing this."

    His grip on my head loosened. I wasn't sure if he was messing around with me but I knew I couldn't pass up this chance. I moved to his chest and kept up my tongs bath then to his strong arms back and back to his chest. Then he shoved me back. I stumbled and fell onto the floor. He walked forward and pinned me to the ground with his foot on my chest.

    "You nasty piece of dog shit; you are lower than scum in my toilet. If this is the life that you want then so be it." He pulled off his gym shorts and was now in just a pair of boxers. "On your knees whore!"

    I rose up to my knees and was eye level with his package. He was definitely into this. His boxers were tenting and I could tell that what lied underneath was straining to break free. "With your teeth... " I knew what he meant. I used my teeth to grab at the waistband and pulled them down as I did this his hard tool rubbed against my check. I don't know how I was functioning I was shaking beyond my control. I opened my mouth and his boxers fell to his feet he kicked them off. I looked up to see a gorgeous 8.5 inch cock throbbing in front of my face. "What the fuck are you waiting for pig boy? This is what youve been waiting for; get that pussy of a mouth on my cock!"

    Without thinking I inhaled his cock. As I began to bob up and down on his shaft he immediately started to moan. "Thats right pig boy, you do what I tell you, its all about my needs here cause I am the man. When I point to the ground you drop to your knees where you fucking belong. Sluts like you belong on your knees in front of a man like me."

    Hearing all of this just made me suck harder. His head flew back with a smile on his face. Then he grabbed my head and started to fuck his dick to my mouth. "That mouth fucking belongs to me bitch--me. Its nothing more than a pussy for me to use. You hear me you little cunt?"

    I grunted as he continued his assault on my face. It seemed like an eternity yet I never wanted it to end. His breath became heavy and I could feel his balls rising against my chin. He started to scream as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could as his cum poured out of my mouth. "Get it nice and clean cumboy." I used my tongue to look for ever last drop. Then he pulled out. He slapped his dick hard across my face back and forth. "Faggot" slap "bitch" slap whore slap "Fucking cunt!" slap. This was sick but I was in total heaven as he kept dick-whipping my face and verbally berating me.

    "Surprised I'm still hard bitch? Well I got more in store for you." Then he reached down and lifted me with his strong arms. I knew he could lift a whole lot more than me and could easily do whatever he wanted with me. He threw me over his shoulder without saying a word and began to walk up the steps. "Fucking faggot I am going to show you your place as my whore you stupid little cunt shit, you are worthless to me." When we got to my room he effortlessly, but forcefully pulled me off his shoulder and threw me onto the bed. Then he literally tore my clothes off of me.

    "Holy shit," I screamed out when I realized what was coming, "I don't think Im ready..."

    "Shut he fuck up!" he screamed, "I didn't ask!" Then he flipped me onto my back. "No lube for you, youre gonna feel everything!" With that he began to shove his dick into my hole. I screamed out in pain as he buried himself in me to his balls. The pain was nothing like I ever felt I though that it would never stop. Tears were pouring out of my eyes and my dad was laughing in my ears. He held it there for a few minutes and when I thought I had gotten used to the pain, he pulled it out and then shoved it back in. I shuddered.

    Slowly he began to do this again and again pulling out slowly and then forcefully into me. Steadily he began to pick up the pace. I was still in pain but as it seemed as his dick was pressing something inside of me that was overriding the pain. Before long he was pistoning into my ass."Do you feel that you fucking little slut? Do you feel me fucking your ass?"

    "Yes!" I screamed out in total lust. "Please don't stop!"

    "Don't worry you fucking pig cunt, this is just the begriming. You belong to me. You were made for me, by me, to service me. Now fucking tell me you belong to me; tell me I am your master!" he ordered

    "You are my master. You are so hot, so powerful. I am nothing compared to your. This is where I belong, beneath you, your whore."

    "YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. YOU ARE MINE YOU FUCKING SLAVE; NOW TAKE MY FUCKING CUM YOU STUPID BITCH!" he was screaming at me so loud I am surprised the whole neighborhood didnt hear. It was so hot. I could feel him tense up as he was cumming again. This time though in my ass where his dick belonged.

    He fell on top of me and he felt so powerful as his muscular chest was heaving against me. He rolled over and lay next to me for a few minutes. I spent the time exploring his powerful body with my hands. Then he stood up and began to walk away as he walked out the door he said, "Clean yourself up you nasty fucking faggot"

    I lay there still very much in shock and very happy but wondering if it would only be a one time event. Thats when I looked up to see him back in the doorway, "And I want you naked and on your knees by my bed when I wake up!"

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