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  • A daddy dream cum true
  • I knew it was cock, not pussy, that interested me from the time I was 10 years old. In particular, my Dads cock. Actually, I wanted everything about my Dad. He was, and still is, a beautiful man. Just over 6 feet and 190 pounds, dark hair and eyes and a wonderful smile. What I loved most was his thick body hair. It started just below his collarbone and fanned out over his well-toned chest, practically obscuring his large dark pink nipples. It narrowed down over his abs and swirled around his navel before disappearing beneath his waistband. It reappeared below the hem of whatever he was wearing and continued down his legs to his ankles, showing up again on the tops of his feet and toes.

    Dad wasnt an overly modest man, but since I had a little sister, I never saw him completely naked. Around the house he usually wore his jockeys, nice tight jockeys that left little to the imagination, or baggy shorts with wide legs. At night he would sometimes wear just a robe--a very short robe.

    The first time I saw his cock and balls, was a Sunday morning. Mom had taken my sister to church. I had been sick the night before and Dad had stayed home to look after me. I had slept in that morning and when I woke up I headed straight to the bathroom with my piss hardon tenting my jockeys. I emptied my bladder, flushed and headed back up the hall to my room. Just before I turned into my room, I noticed that Dad was laying on the couch. All I could see were his bare feet. The rest of his body was hidden around the corner. I peeked around the corner and there he was, lying on his back in his robe. It was only closed at the waist. His very hairy chest and belly were exposed and so were his thighs. He had a book in one hand and was scratching his cock and balls with the other.

    He hadnt noticed me, so I just stood there and watched him. I didnt have a clear view of his equipment because his hand was in the way, but each time he reached down to scratch his balls, his huge cock flopped over his thigh. It was soft, but it was still enormous! It had to be 5 inches long and an inch & a half across with a dark pink/brown helmet head. It looked very much like mine except it seemed 10 times bigger. Then he moved his hand from his balls to his cock and gave it a gentle tug exposing his egg-sized balls in their very hairy sac to my eager eyes.

    He reached up to turn the page and then put his arm behind his head, exposing an extremely hairy armpit to my view. Dad sniffed at his pit and then I saw his tongue slide out and into the mass of dark brown hair in his armpit. The tip of his tongue played with the hairs for a moment and then he lowered his arm and began to flick at his one of his nipples with a fingernail. The Dad began to pull and twist the nipple. His eyes closed, his head went further back and his mouth opened. I heard a soft moan escape.

    Then he shifted slightly, turning partially onto his side, facing toward me. His far leg went up on the back of the couch exposing his whole crotch to me. His cock and balls flopped down across his thigh and I could see the crack of his ass! Actually, I could see the dark fur curling into the crack, as the hair was so thick I couldnt actually see the crack.

    Dad continued to lay that way and read for several minutes then he reached down and undid the belt of his robe and threw the flaps back. His front was now completely exposed except for his shoulders, which were still covered by the robe. He then reached for his cock again and gave it a couple of tugs, before turning the page again. He laid that way for another several minutes, alternately turning pages and fondling his cock and balls. And then he shifted again.

    This time he rolled over on his other side so that he was facing the back of the couch. The robe didnt go with him so now his beautiful ass was exposed to me. I stared at his hard, round, hairy ass cheeks. The hair started in the small of his back, spreading out in soft swirls across those firm muscles and collecting in the crack of his ass. He then shifted again, bringing his knees up and showing me the open crack. I could just make out the puffy, pink pucker of his asshole through the forest of hair.

    Dad reached back with one hand and started to massage his ass cheek, running his fingers through the hair and kneading the firm muscle. Then his fingers slid into his crack and he dragged them back and forth along the trench across his rosebud. He then raised one knee and started teasing his asshole with one finger. Im sure I saw him try to push it up his hole!

    Then his hand disappeared for a second to turn the page again, and when it came back, the finger was wet! And it went back to playing with his hole. It disappeared again and when it returned it was even wetter. Dad rubbed it over his hole and then repeated this several more times. Finally, I guess, he had his hole wet enough and he poked his finger up his asshole. It kept going until it had disappeared entirely. He rammed it in and out several times and then withdrew it and shifted again, back onto his back.

    When he flipped over this time though, his cock didnt flop over on his thigh like it had before. This time it was hard and pulsating and much larger than before.

    Dad again raised his far leg exposing his crotch completely and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and started to run his hand up and down the shaft. It pointed straight up towards his chin and extended past his navel.

    His cock was now about 8 inches long, and he could barely get his hand around it. A giant helmet perched on the end of this column of hard flesh. Large veins crisscrossed the skin pumping more blood into the already engorged monster. A clear liquid oozed out of the piss-hole with each upward stroke.

    Dad continued to read his book while he pumped slowly on his beautiful cock. Every couple of pumps or so, Dad would cup the head of his cock and rotate his hand smearing the oozing liquid over the tip. After a while, the pace picked up and soon he was furiously sliding his hand up and down his magnificent cock from balls to tip.

    Then I heard a groan, a pant, a moan and thick milky white liquid erupted from his cock spraying all over his stomach and chest. Some even hit his face. There must have been 5 shots and then it just began to dribble out the end.

    Dad continued to slowly pump his cock as it softened and returned to more like its normal size, although it was now an angry looking red rather than the pale pink that it had been before.

    As his breathing became more normal he released his cock and it again flopped over his thigh. He started rubbing the white liquid into his chest hair and then he scooped up a large gob on one finger and put it in his mouth. He sucked the finger clean and laid back with a huge smile on his face. I thought I saw him wink, but I probably imagined that.

    A few moments later, Dad sat up, removed his robe entirely and used it to clean the liquid off his abs and chest and face. He was whistling "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as he did this.

    He stood up and stretched. He stood there for a minute or so, his arms high above his head exposing his now damp armpits. He turned his head and sniffed first one then the other pit and then he licked each one. He put his hands on his hips and did some bends to each side which made his cock and balls sway back and forth from one thigh to the other. Then he turned around and bent over to touch his toes showing me his firm hairy ass with the pretty pink pucker deep within the crack. He turned around again gave his cock another tug and as he started to come around the coffee table, I ducked into my room and lay on my bed with a book.

    Dad walked past my room on his way to the bathroom, still whistling, "Mine eyes have seen the glory..." and carrying his robe in one hand. He was completely naked. As he passed, he said, "Morning buddy, didnt know you were awake yet." and continued down the hall.

    Next thing I heard was the shower running and I crept down the hall. Dad had left the bathroom door open and his soiled robe was lying on the floor. I could see some globs of the white liquid on the robe so I crept into the bathroom, picked up the robe and lifted it to my nose. It smelled wonderfully of my Dad, but there was also a new smell--pungent and musky. It was the white stuff. I scooped up some it with my tongue and ran it around in my mouth. It was delicious. No wonder Dad had smiled as he licked this stuff off his fingers.

    Just then I heard Dad turning off the water so I ran back to my room. I lay on my bed pretending to read and Dad came in with a big smirk on his face. He was naked except for the towel that he was still drying his hair with. He must have known that I could see his cock and balls as the towel swung back and forth in front of him.

    Dad said, "So what should you and I do today? Would you like to do some more sightseeing?"


    After the couch incident, I decided that I had to do everything I could to see his beautiful naked body again. I had always loved my Dad, but now I was in love with him and his gorgeous hairy body.

    I discovered that I could get out of bed undetected and sneak around through the kitchen and into the dining room to stand behind Dad as he lay back in his recliner watching the news in just his jockeys.

    I quit resisting when I was told to go to bed. My younger sister went to bed first, then me and then Mom as she had to get up early to make breakfast for the rest of us and Dad stayed up to watch the 11 oclock news on TV.

    I would stand there barely breathing as I looked down the length of his beautiful body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. I could see most of his fabulous, hairy body. And what I couldnt actually see was clearly outlined in his tight white jockeys.

    I could see his wide, muscular chest rising and falling under the carpet of thick brown hair as he breathed. I could see his large pink nipples poking through the fur. I could see the hair trail down over his stomach to swirl around and curl into his navel before it disappeared under the waistband of his jockeys.

    Beneath the cloth of his jockeys, I could see his 5-inch soft cock with the helmet shaped head folded over his two large balls. The jockeys were tight enough to show everything in perfect relief.

    It was best when he wore an older pair, which had worn thin as his cock and balls rubbed against them over time. Then I could actually see the dark mass of hair around the base of his cock and the hair that covered his ball sac. I could actually see Dads balls move around in his sac!

    As Dad lay there in his recliner watching the news, he would play with his nipples, making them stand erect, poking through the thick mat of hair on his chest. He would flick at them and then pinch them and finally start to pull on them. As he did this, Dad would grunt and moan softly.

    Then he would play with the long, thick hair in his armpits. He would twist the long strands around and around his index finger and then raise his finger to his nose and breathe deeply.

    Sometimes Dad would also rub his feet. He would bring one size-ten foot up and rest it on the hairy thigh of his other leg. He would then massage the bottom of his foot and each individual toe and then the whole foot. Then he would switch feet and work on the other one. After he was finished, he would then bring his hands up to his nose and inhale his own fragrance. One time I saw him try to bring his whole foot up to his nose to smell it. I guess he couldnt get it close enough, because I saw him stick his long tongue out and to lick at his big toe.

    Dad would occasionally scratch himself or rub his package. How I wished it were my hand down there. Sometimes he would reach into his jockeys and readjust his cock so that it was lying across his pelvis. Then I could clearly see its outline as well as the 2 distinct protrusions of his balls.

    Sometimes he would pull it straight up and the head would be caught under the waistband. The eye of his cock would be staring right into my eyes. I could watch as it flared open and closed.

    Occasionally he would hook the waistband of his jockeys under his balls and expose his whole package to me. Usually when this happened, the sports were on. Dad would lazily pull on his cock with one hand and tug on his balls with the other. Soon Dads cock would start to enlarge and harden as he continued to play with himself.

    Some nights Dad would be in his robe in the recliner. This offered a better view as he had to make an effort to close it over his crotch, which he seldom did as he thought he was alone.

    On these nights, as he lay back in his chair, with me standing undetected behind him, the robe would fall open exposing the treasure I sought. Often Dad even loosened the belt and pulled the robe open exposing his whole front to me. This was the best because I could just stand there with my tiny pecker pressing against my pajamas and take in his whole body.

    Dad did much the same as he did when he was in his jockeys, except that his cock and balls were in full view the whole time!

    It was wonderful to stand there and watch as Dads cock changed shape and texture. From a 5 inch soft, but thick, noodle hanging over his egg sized balls in their full hairy sac - to a slightly plumper and longer sausage laying across his hairy thigh - to a throbbing, bobbing pole of hard flesh, thumping away to the beat of his heart, on his stomach.

    Dad would reach down and play with it for a while but when he stopped, it would make the same transition in reverse--from pole to sausage to noodle. Leaving a trail of clear liquid on his stomach and thigh as it retreated to its normal size.

    Then it would begin to make the transition back to a pole--back and forth. It was fascinating to watch!

    Once in a while, Dad would raise his knees, with his feet up on the chair seat and his legs spread wide open. He would then reach down past his balls. I couldnt see what he was doing and I wanted to move around in front of him to see what was happening, but then he would see me and that would spoil everything.. I had to content myself with imagining that he was playing with his ass pucker as he had on the couch that day. He would bring his middle finger up to his mouth, wet it and reach back down where his hand would disappear beneath his balls. He did this several times and then I could see his hand moving in and out as I imagined him poking that thick finger up into his tight, pink, puckered asshole. He seemed to be enjoying this judging by the sounds he was making.

    After a few minutes, Dad would remove his hand from his ass, lay back and I would see his very hard cock throbbing away and oozing that clear liquid while he licked his finger.

    Unfortunately, the news would end and he would shut off the TV and go to bed. I learned to judge when the news would be ending so that I was back in bed before he passed by my room.

    He never did make that white stuff shoot out of his cock while he was watching the news, but after he had closed his bedroom door I could hear muffled sounds coming from both he and my mother.


    When I couldnt find an opportunity to look at him naked, I resorted to the next best thing. The clothes that he had worn. I was forever rooting through the laundry hamper - pulling out his jockeys and undershirts and eventually even his socks. Occasionally, though not often enough, I find things that were still warm from his body and I would be in heaven.

    I started with Dads jockeys because they had held the things that fascinated me the most - his cock and balls. Holding them to my nose, Id smell the pouch for a while and then stuff it in my mouth and suck out whatever treasure he had left for me. Usually it tasted like piss, which I loved because it was his piss--it had come from Dads beautiful cock. But sometimes I was rewarded with the same taste as Id discovered that morning when I licked the white gob off his robe.

    I loved to smell the armpits of his undershirts. Usually they smelled of his deodorant, which was fine, it was his scent too, but I wasnt fond of the taste when I tried to suck it like I did his jockeys. However, the T-shirts that he wore on the weekend were another story. The pits of these smelled wonderful. Just as hint of deodorant combined with the odor of Dads sweat. If he had been working in the yard that weekend, I was in heaven on Sunday night as I lay in my bed with his T-shirt wrapped around my head breathing in the fragrance of my father and sucking the sweat out of the material.

    I had to make sure that I got all his underwear back in the hamper before Mom started the laundry on Monday morning and I knew enough to mix it in with the rest of the familys laundry so as not to be discovered.

    One day, for some reason, I noticed a dirty sock in the hamper. They had always been there, I just hadnt "discovered" them before. I held it to my nose, breathed deeply and felt a rush of exhilaration course through my young body. This was exciting because there were 2 socks for every set of jockeys and my "treasures" had just doubled. I would breathe in the slightly acrid smell of Dads feet and then stuff them in my mouth and chew on them, getting them wet with my saliva and then sucking Dads sweat out of them. And since Mom was forever complaining about losing a sock, I could keep them longer, allowing time for them to dry before returning them to the hamper.

    Discovering the wonderful aroma of Dads just worn socks, added a new dimension to a once hated chore of mine. One of my jobs to earn my allowance was to polish Dads shoes each Sunday so that they would be ready for him to wear to the office the next week. This had never been one of the chores I enjoyed, but now I couldnt wait for him to take his shoes off at the end of the day so that I could run to the basement with them and stick my nose in them.

    As my pilfering of Dads dirty laundry continued, I discovered another treat. I had occasionally noticed a brown streak on the seat of his jockeys. Not a lot, just a smear, now and then. Realizing that this was his shit grossed me out and I avoided it. Eventually though, my curiosity took over. I remembered that day on the couch and the times in the recliner when Dad had repeatedly moved his finger back and forth between his asshole and his mouth before jamming that finger up his ass. So I figured it couldnt be that gross. Maybe I should give it a try. I did and I was hooked. I could imagine my tongue replacing Dads finger as I replayed that couch and recliner scenes over and over in my head. From that point on, there really were just "traces" of the streak left on Dads jockeys. I had licked and sucked most of it off!

    Sniffing and sucking on Dads dirty underwear, socks and shoes was exhilarating, but what I really wanted was to see him naked. Staying up to watch him as he watched the news often didnt work out as I fell asleep before Mom went to bed.

    So, I decided to make my own opportunities.


    Smelling and sucking on Dads dirty clothes was stimulating, but I needed more. I needed to see Dads gorgeous naked body and although spying on Dad while he watched TV late at night was fun. I still wasnt getting to see what I wanted to see most of the time, so I decided to make my own opportunities.

    I decided to see if I could watch him while he took a bath. The main bathroom in the house had one window, which overlooked the patio. The patio itself was surrounded by a hedge, which provided privacy from the neighbors but still allowed lots of sunshine in. There was a table along the side of the house, beneath the bathroom window, which Dad & I had constructed out of sawhorses and 2 x 4s with a plywood top. It was sturdy enough to hold me so that I could stand on it and peek through the drapes.

    The bathtub ran along the same wall that the window was on so I could look down under the bottom of the drapes and see into the tub.

    Dad always took a book into the tub with him as he liked to soak for a long time in the hot water to get the kinks, from sitting hunched over a desk all day, out of his back and shoulders.

    He would sit there in water up to his waist with his cock and his balls floating lazily in the warm water. The hair on his stretched out legs moved gently with the ripples in the water as did his crotch hair. Dad would sit like this for a while, releasing the tension in his thickly muscled hairy legs. Then he would lie back to soak his back and shoulders.

    Dad was quite a bit taller than the length of the tub would allow, so when he wanted to lay down, he had to put his feet up on the sides of the tub, spread his legs wide open and slide down. This gave me a perfect view of his crotch. His warm wet soft cock would flop back onto his stomach and his heavy, hairy balls would float on the surface of the bath water as he read his book and fondled his nipples.

    Sometimes, as Dad lay in the water reading, his cock would grow hard and begin to throb, so he would reach down and begin pumping it. After several minutes of pumping, Dads toes would curl, the muscles in his calves and thighs would tighten as he arched his back, raising his ass out of the water and pushing his cock closer to my mouth (on the other side of the window, damn it) and begin shooting thick gobs of white all over his wet mat of chest hair. After he finished shooting, he would lower his hot body back into the water and rub the white stuff into his chest hair before licking it off his palm and fingers.

    Then he would wash himself off with soap and a washcloth and rinse and get out of the tub to dry. He always spent longer washing his cock and balls and ass crack than any other part of his body.

    As he dried himself he would face the window and slowly rub the towel all over his naked, hairy, dripping muscular body. First his hair, and then his chest and back, then his crotch and legs. Then he would turn his back to me and put one foot and then the other on the toilet seat as he dried each foot and each toe and then his ass crack, showing me his pretty, pink pucker deep in the trench with the thick brown hair curling around it.

    Then he would carefully fold the towel and hang it up and turn towards the mirror. He would raise his arms, exposing his hairy armpits and comb his hair.

    Then he would slip on a clean pair of jockeys, pick the dirty ones up from the floor, throw them in the hamper and leave the bathroom.

    I would jump down from the table and race into the house and into the bathroom, lock the door and pull his dirty jockeys out of the hamper and put them over my head. I was in heaven.

    However, this only happened on Friday nights. Every other night, Dad showered in the bathroom in the basement. Unfortunately, that bathroom had frosted glass in the window, so I had to resort to other means to spy on him there.


    The basement bathroom presented more of a problem for me. The small window was frosted so there was no way to see in from outside. Even if Dad opened it, which he usually did when he took a dump, it opened from the top on a hinge, so you still couldnt see anything in the room.

    This called for something a little more daring. The sink, toilet and shower were lined up along one wall of the small room with facing the door. There was no keyhole in the door so I had to figure something else out. The walls were thin pressboard paneling on the inside of the bathroom and open studs on the outside. Next to the door was the light switch. I remove the plate on the light switch and carved a small niche in the paneling. Just enough to be able to see in when the plate was put back on but not very noticeable from inside the bathroom.

    Looking through my little hole, I had a head on view of the toilet and the shower stall with its clear glass door.

    Dad seemed to like to use this bathroom more than the one upstairs. He would come home from work, grab the newspaper and head down there to a half hour or so. I made sure I was usually down in the basement "doing" something when he got home.

    As soon as I heard his belt buckle hit the tile floor I hurried over to my peep hole to watch him sitting on the toilet. At first he would sit holding the newspaper in his lap to read it and I wasnt seeing much until his finished, put down the newspaper, wiped himself and stood up to pull up his pants.

    After a while though, he started taking a book down there with him instead of the newspaper and he would prop his arm on the side of the sink, holding the book off to the side and giving me a clear view of his thick bush at the base of his cock and the first inch or so of his cock as it hung below the toilet seat.

    Then he began to lean back while he read, exposing his whole cock and balls to me. This was great! I got a full 15 minutes or so of staring at my Dads beautiful, big, hard, hairy body from the front! He also began unbuttoning his shirt to expose the thick mat of curly brown hair on his chest and stomach. This was better than the recliner, although that still had its advantages.

    Some months later, I heard the belt buckle hit the floor and assumed my position. However, Dad wasnt sitting on the toilet. His pants and jockeys were lying crumpled on the floor and he was standing on the rim of the toilet naked, reaching up towards the suspended ceiling. I heard the tile settle back in place and he stepped down off the toilet. His cock swung back and forth as he seated himself on the toilet and it seemed somewhat larger than usual. Then I noticed that he had a magazine in his hand.

    A magazine with pictures of naked men and women in it. As Dad flipped through the magazine, his cock grew bigger and bigger until it was standing straight up and throbbing against his hairy navel.

    I could see the pictures that he was looking at and there were a lot of naked women lying spread wide open. Dad flipped through these but stopped to look a little longer when there was also a naked man in the picture.

    This was too good to be true! I could look at my Dad as he sat naked on the toilet and now I knew where I could also see pictures of other naked men. Life was too good!

    Many times I watched as Dad stroked his long, thick, hairy, hard cock while looking at those pictures. Sometimes he stroked himself until the thick white liquid shot out of his cock. He would catch it in his palm and then lick his palm clean, and lean back on the toilet with a beautiful smile on his wet lips.

    After that day, I would go into the bathroom and retrieve Dads magazines from the ceiling to look at the naked men. This was exciting. Some were blonde, some had red hair, some were brown or black haired muscular men, most were smooth but a few were hairy, some were black but most were white. One thing they all had in common - great big hard cocks and large heavy balls.

    I liked the ones that looked most like my Dad the best, but I loved looking at all the different sizes and shapes of those big hard cocks. Some curved up, some curved down, some curved left, some curved right. Some were straight as an arrow like my Dads. Some had mushroom shaped heads; some were pointy like arrowheads, some had round heads, like ping-pong balls, but most were shaped like a firemans helmet - like Dad and me. Some even had some loose skin partially covering the head. I wasnt sure what that was about, as I could not make mine look like that, but I liked them too.

    I never spent much time looking at the women in those magazines, just the men. They were the ones that excited me.

    While I enjoyed the pictures and the "education" the magazines provided, I preferred to watch my father looking at them, getting hard and blowing that white liquid all over himself.

    Often, after Dad had smeared the thick white liquid into his chest hair and licked his hand clean, he would get in the shower.

    I could also watch Dad showering from my little peephole in the wall. The water running down his gorgeous body really excited me. As the water hit it, all the curly, swirly hair on his body straightened and darken following the water down his hard body to his feet.

    Dad would lift his arms and sniff and lick his pits before soaping them up. He played with his nipples, making them stand up all hard and pointy. I could see them more clearly when his chest hair was plastered wetly to his skin. Dad would pull on his nipples and he would moan a little.

    When he washed his cock and balls, his dick usually swelled and got hard. But even if he was in a hurry, he still paid a lot of attention to his crotch before moving on to his ass where he would slide his soapy fingers up and down his trench and rub one finger around and around his asshole. Sometimes hes shove the finger into his pucker and pump it in and out a few times while pulling on his cock with the other hand.

    Sometimes, hed make his cock pump out another load in the shower.

    Over the years Dad pumped a lot of that white stuff down the drain of that shower. Well, what he didnt eat went down the drain.

    As time went on the pictures in the magazines got steamier and steamier and there seemed to be more men in them. Some of them even had a women with two men doing things to her - and to each other!

    By this time, I had figured out how to make that white stuff shoot out of my own cock and had figured out from the magazines that it was called cum.

    I remember the first time I came. I was sitting on the toilet with one of Dads magazines on one hand and my hard cock in the other - just like Dad did - when I turned the page and there was a picture of one of the guys with the other guys huge hard cock stuffed in his mouth. In the next picture they had switched places and in the third picture they had each others cock in their mouth (I learned this was called 69ing that day too) while the woman had her face buried in one guys ass. Well this was too much for me. I pumped my cock faster and faster, just like Id seen Dad do and soon I felt this strange sensation all through my body. It started in my groin and spread throughout my body. Down my legs to my toes, up through my arms to my fingers and up through my neck to my head. I almost passed out.

    When I opened eyes, there was the same white stuff that Id seen shoot out of Dads cock all over my hand and fingers and on my legs and there was a puddle of it on the floor!

    Wow, I had discovered masturbation! And I liked it! I wanted to try it again, but I was too weak. I could barely keep myself upright on the toilet. Besides it was getting late. Dad would be home from work soon. Id better get cleaned up and out of the bathroom before he got home.

    I licked the cum off my hand and it tasted different than I remembered Dads tasting. Very similar, but different. I loved the taste and promised myself that Id have to do this again tomorrow.


    As Dads hidden magazines got raunchier and raunchier, and the stories in them got hotter and hotter with all kinds of bisexual activity (always two men and a woman) being described, I found smelling Dads dirty clothes and watching him virtually every time he got naked (in private, he thought) just wasnt doing it for me. Oh sure, I still did these things and enjoyed them, but I wanted more. I wanted contact. What I really wanted was to get my hands and mouth on my fathers hot, hard, hairy body - but that was out of the question.

    I knew by this time that being gay, which I certainly was, was not a good thing in most peoples minds. The magazine stories had taught me that much, as had the nasty remarks my friends made about fairies and queers. It didnt change anything for me, I lusted after hard, male bodies - not the soft, curvy ones that my friends talked about constantly.

    They were always daring each other to sneak into the girls shower room. I was perfectly content to stay right where I was - the boys locker room. In here there were lots of hot, hard teenaged male bodies for me to look at and lust over. Some were smooth as a babys ass while others had started to grow body hair. And best of all, they all had cocks!

    My best friend was Tony. He was an Italian kid who had matured faster than the rest of us. He was already shaving and his body hair was thick and silky looking. Keyword "looking"! Thats all I could do but not all I wanted to do!

    Tony had the most fantastic body. Just under 6 feet tall with black curly hair, broad shoulders, barrel chest, narrow waist, bubble butt and long, thick legs. He had me almost drooling - in his street clothes! When he started to strip down for gym class I would start to pop a boner.

    His body was very similar to my Dads. He was well built with a lot of black, curly hair on his chest, under his arms, down his legs and even on his toes. His high, round butt was covered in swirls of black hair all pointing their way towards his ass crack. His dick was about 4 inches long and thick with large balls hanging low in a very hairy sac.

    I wanted him almost as much as I wanted my Dad, but having him seemed just as impossible as having Dad.

    I did notice that he never participated in the queer jokes, maybe just a smile now and then, and he was quite shy around the other guys. He wasnt shy with me though0always joking around and throwing his arm around me--even when we were naked in the locker room. Nothing too obvious, but I sure noticed.

    One day, after football practice Tony and I stayed on the field running pass patterns. After half an hour, we returned to find the locker room completely empty. We stripped off our equipment and headed for the showers. Tony took the shower head right beside me, even though there were 20 in the room and we began to wash off the dirt.

    Watching the water run down Tonys fantastic body brought thoughts of my Dad in the shower to mind and I sprang a big woody. I turned away, willing it to go down. I wanted Tony in the worst way, but I didnt want to ruin our friendship.

    Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder and something poking me in the butt. I turned around and my hard cock met Tonys hard cock. We both stood there looking down at our cocks and then into each others eyes and back to our cocks which were rubbing together as each one bobbed to its own beat. We looked at each other and we each seemed to have the same questioning look in our eyes. I reached for Tony and he reached for me and we held each others throbbing dick in our hands. We simultaneously nodded and smiled at each other as our mouths moved towards each other. We met in a crushing kiss of lips and tongues and teeth and saliva. Meanwhile we stroked each others cock as the warm water poured over us.

    As we pulled away from each others mouth, we both had huge silly grins on our faces. We both spoke at the same time, both saying "I was hoping..." before our voices tailed off. Only to both say, "Im glad..." and begin laughing.

    Tony then said, "Lets get out of here and go to my place. My parents wont be home for a couple of hours."

    I agreed as we dried off and reluctantly covered our naked, horny young bodies and took off for his house. As soon as the door closed behind us, Tony grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to his bedroom.

    When the door was closed and locked, Tony put his arms around my neck and said, "Do you want this as much as I do?"

    "Probably more, Tony!"

    "You couldnt possibly!"

    "Ive wanted this since the day we met a year ago."

    "Me too, but just to be sure, the this were both talking about is sex, right?"

    "You can bet your big, hairy balls on that!"

    "Only if youre willing to bet that delicious looking cock of yours on it!"

    "So were both talking about the same thing. So lets stop talking and get at it!"

    We started to unbutton each others shirt, exposing our hairy chests. Tony had more hair on his, but mine wasnt too shabby either. We ran our fingers through the hair and played with each other nipples before reaching for the others armpits. I lifted Tonys arm above his head and stuck my nose in his pit. "Good thing we didnt stay in that shower very long. Could have washed away all this wonderful sweat!" I proceeded to wash first one pit then the other with my tongue before moving towards one of Tonys nipples.

    "No fair! Youre getting too far ahead of me. I want into your pits too before we move on to anything else. This is my first time and I want to experience both the give and take of each experience. Ive been looking and fantasizing all my life, but Ive never actually touched or tasted anyone before."

    " Me too. So were both virgins at this? But youve done it with girls before havent you Tony?"

    " No way, my fantasies have all been about my d..."

    "Youre kidding! You fantasize about having sex with your Dad?

    Tonys face got bright red and he stammered " I ... I... I know its wrong, its just that hes so sexy."

    "I know what you mean. My Dads been the object of my fantasies since before I knew what they meant! And your Dad is one hot guy too."

    "Yeah, but if I cant have mine, Id take yours. But for now, his son is what I really want!"

    Tony raised my arm and dove into my armpit with his nose and his tongue, driving me wild. Then he did the other pit and moved on to my nipples. I was on the verge of cumming, way too soon, when I pushed him away and dove onto his nipples while I undid his belt and zipper and let his pants fall around his ankles. I moved down to his navel while I groped his jockey-covered basket.

    Tony pulled me back up and stuck his tongue in my navel while he removed my pants, cupped my restricted equipment in his hands and massaged it while he licked around the edge of my crotch and sniffed my cock and balls.

    I pulled him back up and knelt before him while I removed his shoes and socks and pulled his pants over his beautiful, hairy feet.

    I reached for his jockeys and pulled them down his legs while I licked around the edge of his crotch and sniffed his cock and balls. "I hope it doesnt gross you out, but I want to suck your toes next."

    "I intend to suck each one of your toes clean too, just before I bury my tongue in your ass, so carry on."

    I lifted one of his sexy feet to my face and smelled his light, sweet/tart aroma before engulfing his hairy big toe with my mouth. I sucked each separate toe into my hot mouth and licked it clean before proceeding to the other foot and repeating everything.

    "Okay, stop! Youre going to make me cum before we even get the real prize!"

    I stood up and Tony went to his knees before me, pulling my underwear to my ankles. He took off my shoes and socks and remove the pile of clothes around my ankles and proceeded to suck each of my toes clean. Then he put his hands on my hips and turned me around.

    Starting at the small of my back, he ran his tongue down my ass crack all the way to the back of my balls. Then he put a hand on each of my ass cheeks and pried them apart. He licked up and down the sides and bottom of my trench and then he began to swirl his tongue around and around and back and forth across my asshole.

    "Oh God! That feels so much better than using my finger ever did."

    "You should try it from this side. It feels incredible on my tongue and the taste is indescribable!"

    "I will try it, as soon as youre finished. But dont ever finish! This is fuckin fantastic!"

    After a few ecstatic minutes of probing and tickling my asshole with his muscular, soft tongue, Tony removed his face from my ass and stood up and tried to kiss me.

    "Uhn Uh! Ive already tasted my ass on my finger! I want to taste your ass! Then we can mix them together!"

    I spun Tony around and pushed him down on the bed and pulled him up on his knees so that his ass was sticking up in the air - his crack wide open and his rosebud staring out at me through the curls and swirls of hair in his trench. I climbed on the bed and lowered my face to his ass. The smell and taste and feel of my best friends ass sent me into orbit. I could have stayed there for the rest of the afternoon with my tongue stuck up Tonys shit chute but there were still a couple of things I wanted to get my mouth around - his balls and his cock.

    I lay down on my back on the bed between Tonys legs and pulled his ass down towards me. I kept pulling him down until his hard cock was laying on my forehead, my nose was buried between his cock and balls and his nuts were in my mouth. I licked his hairy sac clean and then sucked first one then the other of his rocks into my mouth. I tried to get both of them in at the same time, but they were much too big to both fit in. I sucked and pulled on Tonys nuts with my mouth while my finger played with his asshole again.

    Suddenly Tony pulled away. "Stop, unless you want my cum all over the top of your head!"

    "No way, I have other plans for your spunk!"

    Tony rolled us both over so that now I was kneeling over his face. He began to lick and suck my balls, driving me up the wall. Just when I thought I couldnt take it any longer, I felt my throbbing cock being encased in Tonys wet, warm, soft mouth.

    "Stop! Im too close! I dont want to cum yet! Lets take a break and settle down a bit."

    We lay on Tonys bed and relaxed until our breathing returned to normal and our near-orgasmic excitement abated a bit.

    I propped myself up on one elbow and began kissing and licking Tonys beautiful face. His lips, his eyes, his nose, his ears, his hair and Tony did the same to me.

    We talked about our fathers and our fantasies of having sex with them. We talked about what we had done so far and we had very similar stories. Except that Tony had actually touched his fathers cock! Actually, he had just brushed against it when they were changing at the pool one day, but, hey, that counted! Maybe not to anyone else, but if did to me and I was envious.

    We discussed how we could get our fathers to have sex with us and decided that was never going to happen, for either of us. Then we discussed how either of us could get the others father to have sex with him. While this seemed more likely to happen, neither of us thought that it would.

    Finally, I said "Okay, as I remember it, youve already had my cock in your mouth, so I get to be the one to suck you off first!"

    "Well, twist my arm! What are you waiting for?" So I turned around and lifted Tonys throbbing 6 1/2 inch cock to my lips and kissed the tip. I stuck out my tongue and licked the bead of pre-cum off the opening. It tasted a lot like mine and my Dads, but a little different somehow.

    I swallowed the entire cock and, of course, choked. I back off a little and was able to handle more with each slide down that exquisite pillar of manhood. I was busy bobbing, and swirling and twirling on Tonys big salami when I felt him wrap his lips around my ready to burst cock.

    We were 69ing and I thought I would die, I felt so good. We bobbed up and down on each others boner for maybe a minute before I felt the cum building at the base of my cock.

    "Im gonna cum Tony!"

    "So am I! Lets cum in each others mouth at the same time, okay?"

    "Okay, but youd better be ready to cum right nooooowwww!"

    Tony didnt answer because he was busy swallowing the first blast of my cum. Then again, he didnt have to as my mouth was filled with his first blast!

    Several blasts later by each of us and we were each sucking the remaining dribbles out of ever softening cocks.

    Completely exhausted I crawled back up to Tonys face and kissed him deeply, mixing his cum on my tongue with mine on his tongue.


    Tony and I continued our friendship, and our extra-curricular activities, through junior and senior high school. We decided that we needed to date a little as a cover for our own special relationship, so we did. Usually it was a double date. We rarely dated the same girl more twice, except when we switched dates. That got us four dates with just two girls then wed dump them both.

    No one suspected that we were lovers. We got enough time in each others arms on our own time that we didnt have to act like lovers in public.

    We still fantasized about our fathers and decided that if we could not actually have sex with them, we would just touch them as often as we could and anywhere that we could.

    My Dad was a real handyman and was always fixing things around the house. Often he needed help holding things and such and I was only too happy to help.

    When Dad worked around the house or in the yard, he would wear a baggy old pair of shorts without any underwear and work boots. Nothing else. No shirt to cover that glorious fur on his chest.

    Whether he was building a fence, planting a tree or renovating the kitchen, I was right there - lending him a hand, or an elbow or a eye or a nose. Seeing, smelling and touching any part of him that I thought I could get away with. Which, as it turned out, was pretty much everything.

    If I had to hold a ladder for him, I would look up the leg of his baggy shorts and stare at his cock and balls. If he wasnt too far up the ladder, I could work my nose around to smell his balls or his ass depending on how he was standing on the ladder. If he were a little further up the ladder, Id hold his legs to steady him. So what if I ran my hands up his legs to where I was going to actually hold him. If he needed to reach out from the ladder, hed want me to be just one step below him with my arms around him to steady him. I never refused to hug my near-naked, sweat-dripping, hairy hunk of a father.

    If we were working in a tight space, Id wedge my body into the area with his and press whatever part of my body that came in contact with him against whatever it was touching. My crotch against his leg - better yet, his crotch against my leg with my hand in his armpit and my armpit in his face, with my face against his ass. Whatever!

    If I saw a bead of sweat rolling down his body, Id lick it off, if at all possible, or catch it in my hand and then lick it off.

    I was just soooo helpful!

    Meanwhile Tony was doing the same things with his Dad.

    If either Dad had a big job that required both of us to help, so much the better. Wed just gang up on the poor man and hed have been all but raped by the time the job was finished.

    Neither father seemed to object to the attention so we just continued - getting a little bolder as we grew older.

    When we were alone together, we were either making love or scheming to get one or the other of our fathers into bed.

    We were just about to turn 18 and become legal. At that point, at least the age barrier would be out of the way. Okay, so it was still "incest". But it would be incest between two consenting adults. All we had to do was get them to consent.

    Graduation was coming up. Tonys birthday was two days before grad, so we decided grad night would be the night.


    I graduated high school when I was 18. I had known I was gay since I was ten and had been lusting after my Dad since then. My best friend and lover, Tony, and I had made a plan that would hopefully result in each of us having sex with our respective fathers before grad night was over.

    The tradition in the small town that I grew up in was an after-grad keg party. Everyone knew what was going on, most of the parents had participated in one at their grad too.

    Older brothers of the grads would purchase the keg and then act as designated drivers so the grads could have a good time without having to drive home.

    Tonys older cousin Brian was acting as one of the "chaperones" and drove us and our dates for the evening out to the party. I took a girl from my class to the party, but it was her brother Id rather have been with. Or anybodys brother, or cousin, or uncle, or father, or even grandfather! I was that horny for male sex.

    Id seen Dad naked many times since that first time on the couch, but that was as far as it ever went. Seeing him naked. I never got to touch the real thing. But I had a plan for tonight.

    I proceeded to drink beer and have a good time with all my friends. After all this was probably our last big party together.

    As the night progressed into early morning, Tony and I were feeling no pain, but we were acting drunker than we actually were. About 4 in the morning, the party began to break up and Brian drove us home. I pretended to be absolutely wasted and had fallen down several times around the bonfire so Brian had to help me out of the car. He propped me up against the side of the house and rang the door bell.

    My Mom answered the door, took one look at me and called my father. "Come and get your son. Hes yours tonight!" Little did she know how true that statement would be.

    When Dad came to the door he was laughing and asked Brian to help him get me down the stairs to my room. They tossed me on my bed and left me there. A few minutes later Dad came back into the room saying, "Well, wed better get you tucked in!" He stopped and starred at me. I had purposely puked all over myself.

    Dad grabbed me under the arms, sat me up and started to peel off my T-shirt. As he did so, I let fly with another stream that landed in my lap. So Dad proceeded to unzip my jeans and I immediately got hard. As he pulled them down, my jockeys went with them so I was now sitting on the edge of my bed naked except for the ball of clothes around my ankles with a throbbing hardon.

    Dad let go of me and I flopped back on my bed. He proceeded to remove my shoes and socks and then got the jeans and underwear completely off. I was watching him through half closed eyes. He just stood there looking at my naked body and bouncing cock for several minutes. Then I saw his tongue peek out and he licked his full lips. I saw his hand move to his crotch and he groped himself. The bulge in his pants was very obvious.

    Dad called my name several times, but I didnt answer. He then lifted me to a standing position, draped my arms around his neck and pressed my naked body tightly to his. Then with one arm around my back and the other hand firming on my bare ass, pressing my boner into his crotch, he hauled me into the bathroom.

    He propped me up against the wall in the shower stall and turned on the water. As the water hit me, I started flailing around completely soaking Dad. He then sat me down on the floor of the shower and proceeded to remove all of his own wet clothes. When he got into the shower with me he was sporting a huge hardon. He put one foot on either side of my body and proceeded to lift me up.

    He reached into my armpits and pulled. As he did so, my face fell forward right into his crotch. Of course I opened my mouth and his hard cock went right in. I gave it a quick suck before he lifted me to my feet.

    Dad propped me against the wall and with one hand on my chest to steady me. He proceeded to wash my body. I looked down and saw his big cock bobbing there, above his huge balls hanging in their very hairy sac. I kept my eyes focused down on the most fascinating thing in my world while Dad soaped up my chest, armpits and stomach. He then proceeded to wash my throbbing cock and balls and between my legs - very slowly. He turned me around and washed my hair, then my back and then my ass - slipping his hand into my ass crack and fingering my hole.

    Dad had been talking to me the whole time, but I had not responded to anything he had said. Then he asked me if I knew where I was, whom I was with, what was happening. I didnt respond except to push my ass back towards him.

    I felt the water run down my back and along the crack of my ass, rinsing the soap off. Then I felt Dad separate my cheeks and I felt something very warm against my pucker. It felt rough yet smooth, hard yet soft, and I realized that my dad was licking my asshole! He began massaging my cheeks and I could feel his whiskers along my trench as he tried, successfully, to jam his tongue up my chute. As he ate my hole, he picked up one of my feet and began to slowly rub the sole of it over his hairy chest. He played with my toes and then his mouth left my ass and I could feel him licking the sole of my foot. Then he put each toe into his hot, wet mouth and sucked on each one. He ran my foot back down his chest and into his crotch and rubbed it over his cock and balls. He placed it back on the floor and put his hands on my hips and turned me around.

    As I felt my rock hard cock being engulfed in his hot steamy mouth, I said, "Yes Dad, I know where I am, who Im with and whats happening."

    He started to pull back but I put my hand on the back of his head to keep my cock buried in his mouth and said, "Im in the shower, with my Dad, doing what Ive wanted to do for a long, long time!" and with that I shot off in his mouth.

    Dad stood up, with my cum shining on his lips, and I pulled him to me and kissed him hard. Our tongues met and wrestled as we tried to shove them down each others throat. After a few minutes of the most intense kissing I had ever experienced, I put a hand on each side of Dads face, pulled our mouths apart and said, "Ive been waiting for this moment since I was ten years old."

    Dad looked at me with more love in his eyes than Id ever seen before and said, "Ive been waiting for this from the moment you were born. It nearly killed me to wait until you turned 18 to do anything about it. I had to be sure you wanted it too and were old enough to make the decision for yourself. Ive been waiting since your birthday for an opportunity to present itself and finally tonight..."

    "It wasnt a fluke tonight, Daddy. It was a plan. I wasnt even drunk tonight. I had had enough beer to smell drunk, the rest was an act. I didnt know if I could puke on cue, but I guess I was so excited that this might finally happen that I made it work."

    I reached down and wrapped my hand around my fathers hard cock and said, "Ive wanted this beautiful thing in my hand and in my mouth every day since I was ten. Thats when I first saw you naked. It was a Sunday morning, Mom and Sis had gone to church and..."

    Dad took over the story, "You finally woke up and went to take a piss with that cute little pecker of yours. You flushed and came back down the hall to "discover" your Dad nearly naked on the couch. Then you stood there for 45 minutes watching me perform for you."

    "You knew I was there?"

    "How could I miss you? After the first minute or so you forgot that you were peeking around the corner and moved into the middle of the hall to get a better view. I pretended not to see you but I was watching you out of the corner of my eye. You were so cute, standing there with your little hardon in your pants. You never touched yourself, so I guessed that you hadnt discovered how good that felt yet. I wanted to start making love to you then, but I knew I had to wait until you were old enough."

    "So you knew I was gay way back then?"

    "Well, if not gay, then pretty damn curious! I knew you were standing behind my recliner while I lay there watching the late news and performed for you. You spying on me got me so worked up that Id go into the bedroom, wake your mother up and make love to her, wishing it was you in my arms.

    Then I found the that hole you drilled into the bathroom wall and I started performing for you in there."

    "That hole was there for months before you ever did anything more than just sit on the toilet, wipe your ass and then stand up and pull up your pants or have a shower, dry off in the stall, put on your jockeys and shave!"

    After I found the hole, I knew it had to be you that made it and I could hear you outside the bathroom. Those magazines were for your benefit. I didnt need anything more than knowing that you were on the other side of that hole watching me to get me off. I wanted to get some gay ones for you, but I stuck with the bisexual ones - just in case it was just curiosity on your part."

    "And dont think I didnt hear your climbing up the wall outside the main bathroom so you could peek through the curtains at me while I lay in the bathtub jacking off for you. I nearly froze in there a couple of times waiting for you."

    I realized that while we had been talking, I had slowly been jacking off my father. I looked down at his beautiful cock and said, "Ive been waiting 8 years to have this in my mouth and Im not about to wait another second!"

    As I knelt in front of him, my Dad said, "Ive been waiting 18 years to have that sweet mouth of yours nursing on my cock. Have at it. When you were first born, you would grab hold of my finger and stick it in your mouth and suck on it for an hour before falling asleep. I used to fantasize that it was my cock you were sucking and Id blow a load in my jockeys as you sucked on that finger and squirmed in my lap."

    "Well, blow a load in my mouth for real now! I want to taste the sperm that made me!"

    "This may be the first time you tasted it direct for the faucet, but it wont be the first time you had my sperm in your mouth. I was watching you through the shower curtain that Sunday when you licked it off my robe. Ive also noticed the suck marks on the inside of the pouch on my jockeys. Not to mention the gaps in the skid marks on the rear of them. Or the teeth marks where you chewed on my dirty socks."

    "Well, Ive got the real thing now and Im going to enjoy it!" I continued to ram Dads big cock into the back of my throat for a few minutes and then I sucked first one then the other and then both his huge hairy balls into my mouth. I could barely get both in but I made it. Then I turned Dad around, bent him over and shoved my face into his ass crack. I breathed deeply as the water had not reached in here to wash his scent away as it had with his cock and balls. I licked up and down his trench savoring the delicacy that was my Dads ass. I played with his pucker with the tip of my tongue until he started to moan and then I drilled my tongue up my fathers ass as far as I could reach.

    Then I spun Dad around and swallowed his massive erection, bobbing up and down, swirling my tongue round and round until I heard his screaming, "Im gonna cum. Oh God! Oh fuck! Im gonna cum! Im gonna cum in my babys mouth! I AM cumming! I am cumming in my beautiful sons mouth finally! Ive never cum like this before! Not even when I made you! Thank you, my boy, my love, my son, my lover!"

    Then Dad knelt in front of me, took my throbbing cock in his hot, wet mouth and sucked the biggest load Id ever shot out of my balls. As he licked his lips and swallowed my load, Dad stood up and kissed me.

    Then Dad said "Now that weve moved beyond the look but dont touch stage, I want make love to you every day from now on."

    " Just once a day? I could make love to you 24/7 and still not make up for all the frustration Ive felt over the last 8 years Dad"

    Just then Mom called down, "Is everything all right down there?"

    My Dad answered, "Hes fine, but Im going to sit with him for a while, just to be sure."

    Then I said to Dad, "Well, I will be fine by the time Ive finished licking every inch of that hot body of yours!"

    With that, Dad and I climbed into my bed and made love to each other for the next hour.

    My dream had finally cum true.

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