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  • Full circle with dad
  • I have always had the hots for my father and sought every opportunity to see him without his clothes. My first recollection of being turned on by Dads body is about age 10. Whether he just had his shirt off, or was wearing shorts, or better yet, in his Jockeys or Speedo, or in his half-open bathrobe, I absolutely drooled over his body. I had never seen him completely nude, but a boy can always dream!

    Dad is 61", weighs around 190 and is covered in dark, curly hair from head to toe. Although he sat behind a desk all day, he was always in great shape. I dont remember him ever "working out" per se, but he was always active - working in the yard, renovating the house, walking rather than driving, etc. His "after work" outfit was most often a white T-shirt and tight, faded 501s. The T-shirt clung to his chest and arms like a second skin - clearly outlining his firm pecs, with their large nipples which always seemed to be erect, and his huge biceps. I loved the way his heavy pelt of chest fur peaked out through the neck of his shirt and the short sleeves exposed the profusion of hair on his strong arms. When he raised his arms, I could catch a glimpse of the thick forest of hair in his pits. His tight, worn jeans showed off his high, round, tight ass and thick muscular thighs and calves. The front of the jeans were worn and faded in all the right places to show off his large basket. I could actually see the outline of his cock and balls through the material and oh how I longed to see them hanging free and clear. His cock looked to be about 5 inches long under that faded denim and his balls looked huge. The denim was so thin and faded that it clung to and outlined his jewels in fantastic relief. He usually wore white crew socks and sneakers but when he would put on a pair of sandals they showed off his perfectly formed feet with patches of thick hair on each beautiful toe. Looking at him gave me hardons long before I even knew what they meant!

    When he removed his shirt, exposing his fabulous torso, I was in heaven! The pelt of thick, brown chest hair started at his neck, fanned out over the large, muscular mounds of his pecs, with their half-dollar-sized areolas and thick, pointed nipples protruding through the fur, then narrowed over his diaphragm only to spread luxuriously again over his abs and around his navel and finally tapering again as it disappeared beneath the waistband of what ever he unfortunately had on to cover his privates. On his arms, the soft, silky hairs started just below the elbow covering his forearms down to the wrist then continued along the outside edge of the back of his hands with little tufts on the first section of his long, thick, beautiful fingers. His back was completely hairless until your eyes reached the small of his back where that beautiful hair reappeared thickly before again disappearing beneath the waistband, making its way downward to what I could only imagine.

    When he wore a pair of shorts, I had an unobstructed view of his thick muscular, thighs and calves with their coating of soft, short, curly brown silk. When I was lucky enough to see him in his Jockeys or Speedos, I could see the thick, bushy hair as it escaped the containment of the material at his crotch. How I longed to see what was hidden beneath that scrap of cloth barely covering his cock and balls and ass!

    Dad wasnt particularly shy about showing off his body, except that elusive area, and would walk around the house in his jockeys all the time. He would sit in his recliner every night watching TV in nothing more than his tight underwear while I sat across the room, pretending to watch the show on the set, but secretly watching the show in the recliner. Often he would doze off and then I didnt have to waste precious time faking watching the TV. I could stare directly at my Dads extraordinarily sexy body.

    I could sit there and stare at his crotch all I wanted. The pouch of his jockeys clung to the outline of his cock and balls, hugging them and showing them off. If I were lucky enough, hed have an older pair on--one that was worn thin. Through the almost cheesecloth material, I could see the large vein that ran the considerable length of his cock. I could see the outline of the fire helmet shaped head and the indentation of his piss slit. I could see the dark area above the base of his cock where his thick pubic hair was, a few of them poking through the thin cloth.

    My favorite pair was one where the elastic in the legs was almost completely gone. They didnt hug his basket; in fact they hug from his waist more like a loincloth! Occasionally an errant testicle would hang out the side! It was as big as a large egg, covered by his loose, wrinkly sac and more luxurious hair. Sometimes he would sit in his chair and not notice and the ball would be on display for long stretches of time.

    Sometimes Id see the mound of his crotch begin to grow larger as he slept. It would get huge and I knew he had to be having a hot dream, probably, unfortunately, about some big-titted bimbo. Whatever, Id watch his cock grow and harden until it was stretching his Jockeys to the breaking point. After a while he would reach down and re-arrange himself so that his long, thick, very hard cock was lying across the top of his hip giving it more room to throb away. I guessed it had to be about 8 inches long as it looked to be a couple of inches longer than mine was at its best. Occasionally, he would give it a few tugs or rub it a bit but usually he would just lie back in his recliner with his hands behind his head and his legs spread and continue on with his dream.

    There he was! Spread out in all his glory--as naked as possible with out being naked. And with a wonderful smile on his handsome face. I would just sit and stare at him and fantasize that he was dreaming about me and thinking of what we could do together, if only he was as hot for me as I was for him. Soon my boner would get so uncomfortable that I would have to rearrange it in my pants and then I could sit a while longer and ogle my hunky, nearly naked father. As I watched, the material at the end of his dick would moisten and then begin to turn translucent showing off the tip of his circumcised cock. By this time I was so turned on that I had to race to the bathroom to relieve myself. It would only take a few quick pulls; he had made me so horny. When I would return to the den, Dad would be awake, sitting up in his recliner, his soft cock neatly folded under his balls and his hand discretely covering the wet spot on his gaunch and a lazy smile on his face.

    "What did I miss?" he would invariably say and I would have to quickly make up a storyline for the program that had been playing while I was lusting after my hunky father. He would then get up and disappear into his bedroom for the night.

    This went on for several years and then at age 16 my parents divorced. It was amicable and the decision of where we kids wanted to live was left up to us. My sister stayed with my mother in the house and I moved with my Dad to an apartment across town. Dad took his recliner with him, so the "shows" continued in our new home. I would sit and stare at my Dad while he dozed, got a hardon and leaked some precum and then I would head for the bathroom and he would head for bed.

    After several months, the routine changed. One night Dad was wearing his bathrobe in the evening instead of his jockeys. I was very disappointed as all I could see was some of his chest hair, his legs from the knee down and his bare feet. He sat in his chair and carefully closed the robe over his upper legs and leaned back to watch TV. He started rubbing his feet together, and since this looked to be the only "show" I was going to get tonight I began to watch what he was doing with them. As I said, he has beautiful feet--long straight toes, with little tufts of hair on them, and more hair on top of his instep. He was rubbing the sole of one foot up and down along the top of the other, probably tickling the sole with the hair of the other. The he wrapped the big toe and second toe of one foot around the big toe of the other foot and began a jacking motion! I was fascinated! And turned on! I glanced at Dads face and he was watching me watch him! "Theyre itchy" was all he said and continued to rub them together.

    This routine went on for a couple of weeks and then one night Dad said to me "Why dont you go and put on your bathrobe? Youd be more comfortable than wearing all those clothes."

    I couldnt tell him I needed my pants to cover the erection I got every night from watching him so scantily dressed, so I went and did as he suggested. When I returned, Dad was sitting with his feet up on the footrest of the recliner, rubbing them with his hands. His knees were up and slightly spread and he had no underwear on! I could see his cock and balls and the crack of his ass in the shadows and folds of his robe.

    How I wanted to stand right there and stare, but how could I? If Dad knew how I felt it would ruin everything. So I opted for caution and returned to my seat. Better to be able to catch what glimpses I could, than to risk letting him know what I was up to and losing all chance of achieving my dream.

    After a while, Dad straightened his legs out and apart and leaned back in the recliner. But he didnt close the robe! I could see his bare thigh all the way up to his hip! I knew his cock and balls were exposed but the huge mound of his thigh blocked the view.

    I sat there for a while and, as usual, Dad dozed off. His hands were behind his head and he just lay there - fully exposed - with the belt holding the robe closed only at his waist. I waited several minutes until I was sure he was asleep and then I stood up.

    At last! I could see everything! The top of the robe was spread wide, exposing his thick pelt and huge nipples. I could see the hairs curling around and into his navel. I could see his thick bush of curly brown pubic hair nearly hiding his flaccid cock and bull balls. And I could see all of his hairy legs, right down to his beautiful toenails. I walked over and stood in front of him and I could just see the crack of his ass under the huge cock as it draped itself lazily over his big hairy balls. I watched in fascination as his balls shifted in their sac. I looked down and my own 6 incher was poking through the folds of my bathrobe. I figured Id better move out of his line of sight, in case he woke up.

    So I moved up to the head of his chair and stood there looking down the length of my Dads naked body. He moaned and shifted a little and his cock flopped over onto his thigh. It started to thicken. It started to lengthen--it got harder and harder. It throbbed with his heartbeat. It thumped on his thigh. Then it sprang up to full erection and lay, pointing straight at me, throbbing away, about an inch off his stomach. The piss-slit opened and out oozed a drop of clear liquid. Then another. And another. It dropped towards his navel in a long string that vibrated with each new throb and soon his navel was full.

    I leaned forward to get a closer look and the tip of my hard cock touched his forearm! It felt wonderful! His skin was so warm and soft. I pushed my pelvis forward and my cock lay on his arm. I started to sway from side to side - rubbing the underside of my teenaged cock back and forth over my hunky fathers arm! I knew I was going to pop, so I quickly ran to the bathroom and shot the biggest load of my life into the toilet. I looked in the mirror and my face was so flushed from my excitement that I knew if Dad saw me like this he would want to know what had caused it. I couldnt risk everything by telling him how much I lusted after him, so I just went to bed leaving my father asleep in his chair.

    The next morning, Dad asked if I was feeling all right as he had woken up and found that I had gone to bed long before my usual time. "Were you not feeling well?"

    "No Dad, I felt great, I was just tired."

    "Well next time, pull on my toe or something to wake me up. No point in wasting electricity with the TV on while Im just sleeping." I wanted to pull on something all right!

    "Sure, Dad. Whatever you say. See you tonight!" and out the door I went to school.

    That night when Dad came home from work, he showered and changed into some very short shorts and nothing else, even his feet were bare. The shorts were so soft that they left nothing to the imagination and I could see Dad had no underwear on. They clung to the outline of his huge cock and rode up the crack of his ass, outlining each full, hard cheek. I mentioned that I hadnt seen that outfit before and he said he had just bought it that afternoon on the way home. He wanted something loose and cool to work around the apartment in.

    He said he had bought some energy-saver light bulbs and wanted to change all of the lights over. The apartment was an older one with very high ceilings so he had to use a step ladder to reach the ceiling lights.

    "This old ladder is kind of rickety, so Ill need you to help steady me."

    Great! I could stand on the floor and look up the loose legs of his shorts and maybe see his cock!

    Dad climbed up the ladder a few steps and the ladder began to rock. I grabbed hold of it to steady it and he went up another step. It wobbled again and he said, "You better hold onto my legs, holding the ladder doesnt seem to be helping." I put my hands around his ankles and he said "That wont help much if this ladders goes. Hold me higher."

    So I put my hands on his calves and he said "Higher" so I grabbed hold of his thighs. "Thats better, now hold on." He took another step up which brought his ass level with my face and I leaned forward so that my nose was almost touching the crack of his ass. The scent was intoxicating and I inhaled deeply.

    Dad shifted his weight and suddenly my nose was buried in his ass crack. He didnt pull away so neither did I. I just stayed there breathing in the scent of my father! He reached up towards the light and his cheeks clenched, squeezing my nose between them. I took another sniff and then backed off. The ladder wobbled again and Dad said "Put your head back against my butt. Its steadier that way." Not being one to argue with my father, I pressed my face back in his crack.

    A moment later, he half-turned and reached down to hand me the bulb he had removed. Now the tip of my nose was touching the tip of his cock. Again, I backed off.

    "Quit bobbing around and just hold tight or Ill fall off this thing and break my neck!" So I tightened my grip around his legs and my nose was again back so close to his cock that I could smell his musky balls.

    "Ill have to turn some more to get this shade back on so hold tight" and he shifted around until he was facing me. Following his instructions, I held tight and ended up with my face pressed right into his crotch.

    I looked up to see him smiling down at me. "Good, hold on now." And he started struggling with the shade. His crotch was moving against my chin and I tilted my head back down so his cock was rubbing against my lips. He continued to move his hips around as he worked on the shade. I dont know where I got the courage, but I pursed my lips and gave his cock a kiss and then exhaled into his monstrous basket.

    "Oooooh! Yaaah! That works!" he said.

    I wasnt sure what he was referring to but I did it again and felt movement in his crotch. His dick was getting hard! I rubbed my face along the length of it and it grew some more.

    Dad pressed his groin firmly against my mouth and his hand clamped on the back of my head.

    "Ive been wanting this for so long, but I wasnt sure you were into it too!"

    "Oh Dad! I love you! And Ive been spying on you for years trying to get a look at your great body."

    "Id hardly call it spying when Ive been putting on a show for you every night!"

    "You knew I was looking?"

    "Of course I knew you were looking, the question was did you want to touch? That question was pretty much answered last night when you were rubbing your hard cock on my arm and then ran into the bathroom."

    "You were awake?"

    "Of course I was awake and loving every second of it. I was hoping youd touch my cock as it was bouncing around there, and I knew if you did Id come right then. When you didnt, I just lay there and played with myself hoping youd come back and "catch" me. Then you went straight to bed. Wed come so close to doing what Ive wanted to forever. I decided that I needed to find a way to get you to touch me, to be sure we were on the same wave length, and that it was more than just curiosity on your part."

    "So I thought up this scheme and this morning I loosened the bolts on the ladder and went out and bought the skimpiest shorts I could find and these stupid light bulbs."

    "When you didnt pull away when I shoved my ass onto your nose, I was fairly sure this was going in the direction I had planned."

    "I cant believe you went to all this trouble when Ive been drooling over you body for as long as I can remember. Watching you every night in your chair. Wanting to touch, to feel, to wrap myself around you. "

    "I didnt want to do anything that you didnt want to do. I had to be sure you wanted me as much as I wanted you. Lets get off this ladder and get more comfortable."

    As I let go of my father and backed off from him, I noticed that the head of his huge cock was now sticking out the leg of his shorts. Dad saw where I was looking and said "Go ahead, touch it. Do whatever you want with it."

    I took hold of his warm, soft, silky cock and gave it a small squeeze. It flared in my hand sending sparks up my spine and straight into my own 6 incher which immediately sprang to attention.

    "We had better get you out of those clothes before you snap that big cock of yours in two."

    I started to unbutton my shirt when he said, "Let me do that. I have always wanted to strip you naked." He finished opening my shirt and ran his huge, soft hands over my chest.

    "I wish it had hair on my chest like you do Dad."

    "Youve got a good start on it already and the rest will come over the next couple of years. For now, its just perfect for a man your age."

    "Im hardly a man, Dad. Im only eighteen."

    "Well, that log in your pants says youre man enough for me!"

    Dad continued to massage my chest and began to flick at my nipples with his finger. They immediately hardened and stood at attention. Dad pinched one then the other sending shock waves throughout my body. Then he leaned over and took one in his mouth and began to suck on it.

    "Oh, my god, Dad! That feels so good!"

    "Just wait son, Im only getting started."

    Dad reached for the waistband of my jeans and undid the button and pulled the zipper down. As he did so, he pressed the back of his hand against my cock and I felt a surge in my dick and felt the warm wet feel of a spurt of precum in my shorts. He grasped the waist of my jeans and underwear and, in one swift motion, my pants were around my ankles and Dad was kneeling in front of me. He opened his mouth and wrapped his sexy lips around my cock and gave it a couple of quick sucks. My dick slipped from his mouth and he began lapping at my balls.

    Then he trailed his tongue down the inside of my thigh to my knee while he undid my shoelaces. He pulled off my shoe and sock and then lifted my leg out of my pants. He rubbed my foot, over the sole and in between each toe. Then he moved his mouth to my other thigh, down it to the knee and did the same thing with the other foot. After rubbing it for a few moments, he lifted it to his mouth and ran his tongue over it. Over the top, over the sole, between each toe and then he sucked each toe into the hot, moist cavity of his mouth. When he finished with that foot he did the same to the other. He then turned me around and pushed his face into my ass crack. I felt the unbelievable sensation of his hot, wet tongue circling my shute and licking up and down the length of the crack. Soon, he was, not so gently, probing my hole with the tip of his strong tongue. Too soon, he turned me again, stood, and pulled my mouth to his. His soft, firm lips pressed against mine and I felt the tip of his tongue enter my mouth. I began to suck on it desperately, feeling our saliva mixing in my mouth. I could taste my ass on his tongue and was really turned on by it.

    He broke off the kiss waaaay too soon, looked me in the eye with those beautiful green eyes of his and said "Your turn."

    I reached up and ran my hands through the thick hair on his chest. I cupped his tits in both hands and squeezed them. Dad moaned quietly. I rubbed the palms of my hands over his huge nipples and he moaned louder. I pinched both nipples at once and he shouted, "Yes, twist those babies! Harder! Harder! Now lick them. Okay, chew them up! Now!"

    I did as I was told and he writhed and squirmed and moaned some more. Then I moved my mouth over to his armpit and licked at the hairs sticking out. Dad raised his arm and grabbed the back of his head and I dove in! I could smell the faint scent of his soap, which was almost covered by the stronger odor of his fresh sweat. I was in heaven! I sucked the long hairs into my mouth and bathed each one with my tongue. When that pit smelled mostly of me, I moved over to the other one and cleaned it as well.

    Then I ran my tongue over his bicep and down his arm to the soft skin on the inside of his elbow and down his forearm to his hand. I licked the palm and then each finger and his thumb. I opened my mouth and took his whole thumb in and started sucking on it, bobbing up and down and swirling my tongue around and around.

    "If youre that good on my thumb, I cant wait until you get to my cock!"

    I ignored him and moved across to his navel and stuck my tongue through the forest of hair encircling it. It was warm and moist and delicious! Then I moved across to his hip and down the front of his thigh. As I past by his crotch, I caught the musky scent of his cock and balls. I was almost pulled in by the smell and heat but I knew if I went there now I wouldnt get to the rest of his body. If this was going to be a one-time deal, I wanted to taste every inch of him!

    I continued on past his kneecap to his shin and down to his instep. I lifted his foot to my face and breathed in the faint smell of sweat. I licked the top of his instep and played with the hair there with my tongue. Then I licked the top of each toe and ran my tongue between each one. The tang of his sweat was superb. I then sucked each of his toes into my mouth and thoroughly cleaned each one with my tongue. Then I licked the sole of his foot while he squirmed a little. I did the same to the other foot.

    After placing his foot back on the floor, I reached up to his hips and turned him around and proceeded with my journey back up his fabulous body, up the back of his calves, tonguing and kissing and rubbing my way.

    When I got to the bottom of his hairy ass cheeks, I ran my tongue the length of the crease beneath the cheeks, from one hip to the other and back again to the middle. My nose told me a treasure was buried in there somewhere and I needed to find it.

    With a firm, hairy ass cheek in each hand and a thumb on each side of his ass crack, I spread his cheeks to expose his hair covered ass hole. Leaning forward, I licked from the back of his low-hanging, super-sized balls, along his perineum, up his asscrack to his anus and up to the top of his asscrack continuing to the small of his back where a small forest of silky, dark hair sprouted. Then I moved my tongue back down to his pink, puckered ass ring. I swirled my tongue around and around the wrinkled muscle and probed the opening with the point of my tongue. Dad leaned over and grabbed his ankles and his sphincter opened slightly. I probed deeper and Dad cried out "Fuck my man-cunt with that hard tongue, Son! Deeper! Deeper!"

    I spent several more minutes doing just what he asked while he flexed and loosened his ass-ring. I was in absolute heaven, but there was one more place that I wanted to put my mouth before this dream ended.

    Sitting on the floor, I turned around and slid between his muscular thighs bringing me face to face with Dads cock. It was half erect by now, plump and hot, hanging over his large balls in their hairy, wrinkled sac. There was a drop of clear fluid at the tip. I licked it off and Dads cock began to lengthen and fill before my eyes. I knew it would be big, but it just kept growing. I opened my mouth and took the whole thing in. It continued to grow and stiffen and I rolled it around on my tongue.

    "Thats it, Son! Suck Daddys cock! That feels soooo fuckn good! Make your Daddy hard! Oh yea! Oh fuck! Your mouth feels so good! I knew it would! Ive wanted this for so long! Ive never felt hornier in my life! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

    "Fuck your mouth on Dads cock, son! No cunt ever felt this good! No ones mouth ever felt so fuckn fine either! Keeping suckn Daddys cock like that and youll soon have a mouthful of the nectar that made you!"

    A few minutes later, Dad was as good as his word. "Oh baby, I gonna cum! Oh yeah! I gonna cum!"

    He started to pull his big dick out of my mouth but I pulled him back in. "Oh, you want Daddys load in your mouth do you? Well, here it comes! Oh, Oh, Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You are one fantastic cocksucker, Son! Take my load! Here it comes! Nooooowwww!"

    Dads cock swelled even more in my mouth and I felt his hairy balls draw up along my chin. Then rope after rope of Dads cum coated my tongue and filled my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed but there was too much! It began to squirt out between my lips and his throbbing dick and to run down my chin and onto his balls.

    Dads whole body quivered and jerked with each blast. He put his hands on my shoulders and gasped "Oh man! That was the best orgasm I have ever had!"

    Then, suddenly Dad pulled his dripping boner out of my mouth and dropped to his knees. He bent over and began sucking on my young pole. Slobbering all over it.

    Just as suddenly, he stood up again and brought his now softening, but still dripping cock back to my mouth. I reached for it with my tongue but it was gone again.

    Dad began to squat over me, and then he reached back and grasped my ready to burst cock in one hand. He continued to lower himself and began rubbing the head of my cock back and forth through his ass trench. The hairs of his crack tickled my piss-slit and I thought I would explode.

    "Oh Dad, Im gonna pop!"

    "Not yet, you dont!" And his lowered himself bringing the head of my cock to his asshole.

    "Youre gonna fuck Daddys man-cunt! I need you inside me so bad! I need your cock up my ass! I want your cum spurting in my shute! I wanted to be fucked by my own son!"

    I felt my cock slide into my fathers asshole as he lowered himself some more.

    "Oh yes! My sons big cock is in my ass! Fuck me, Son! Fuck your old mans ass!"

    Dad began to bounce himself up and down along my shaft. What an incredible feeling! My own father, impaled on my cock, begging me to fuck him! My lifetime dreams had become reality. I was fucking my big, hairy, macho father and he was begging for more!

    I leaned forward and took one of his big nipples in my mouth and his cock in my hand! He was limp but began to harden again as he bounced up and down on my cock and I jacked him with the same rhythm.

    Dads chest hair tickled my nose as I continued to suck on his tit and his cock became slippery in my hand as his juice began to flow through his rigid pole and ooze out of the slit in the head.

    "I need you deeper inside me Son!" he said as he lay back and pulled me on top of him. Dad lifted his legs to his chest, and then hooked them over my shoulders. "Slam that cock into me Son! I need to feel it on my love-nut!"

    I had no idea what he was talking about, but if Dad wanted me to fuck him harder and deeper, I was only too willing to oblige!

    I grabbed a hairy tit in each hand, arched my back and drove my cock as far up my fathers ass as it would go.

    "Oh yeah, thats it! Shove your cock up my ass. Let me taste it in my mouth! Faster! Harder!"

    Dad then unhooked one leg from my shoulder and brought his foot to my mouth. I didnt need any invitation as I began sucking his big toe. I let go of one tit and grabbed Dads cock which had returned to full erection.

    This was too good to be true!

    I had my cock in Dads ass! I had Dads cock in my hand! I had Dads foot in my mouth! I had Dads hairy tit in my other hand. I was complete! It couldnt get any better than this! Then I felt Dads other foot playing with my balls and my asshole!

    "Im gonna cum, Dad! I have to cum! I cant take this any longer! Im cumming!" I shouted as I began to shoot my juice up my fathers tight ass.

    "Yes, Son, Yes! Bring it full circle! Ive waited for this since the day you were born. I shot my cum into your mother to make you, now you are shooting the cum of my cum into me to make the circle complete!"

    "Its like Im fuckn myself!"

    "You kinda are Dad!" I gasped as I continued to shoot my sperm into my fathers ass, "I have a belly full of your cum inside me right now so your cum is my cum and my cum is yours.

    "I love you Son! Youve made me a very happy and proud father today."

    "And you have no idea what youve done for me today, Dad. Ive loved you all my life, but now I can truly say that I am in love with you too."

    "Im in love with you too Son, and I hope we can always feel this way."

    Later that night, my father fucked me for the first time, but not the last.

    We slept in the same bed every night after that, except for the year that I got married and conceived my own son. Then I divorced my wife and moved back in with Dad and back into his bed and his arms.

    When my son turned 18, he joined us there.

    Dad died this year and Im happy to say he lived a full life--full of my cum!

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