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  • Fathers love
  • Tyler stared out of the window of the plane as it started rolling away from the gate. He could see his aunt from the window wiping tears away from her eyes as she waved to him. It was only a month ago that his mother was coming back from this very same airport and was killed by a drunk driver. Her funeral was three days later. Tyler's whole class came with their parents to be there for him but no one could comfort him. The only parent he had ever known was gone.

    He grew up quickly being the only child of a single parent family. His mother had moved him to Northern Minnesota when he was just a baby, and while many of his friends spent hours in front of video games, he had work to do. He never thought of it as a burden that was placed on him, he was simply used to hard work. Afternoons were spent splitting and stacking wood, laundry and homework. Tyler liked to stay active even though he was never good at sports; he had other things to do than chase balls around a field. All of his hard work turned him into a very mature 13 year old. His body had just come into puberty the year before; muscles growing and a deepening voice. He didn't have to shave yet but he wasn't in a hurry to start that, and at 5'2" he was still waiting for his growth spurt to kick in.

    He leaned back his seat as soon as the flight attendant said it was okay and poked around the little blue bag the airline gave him for his meal. His stomach was full of butterflies as he contemplated what was going to happen that day; flying to San Diego to meet his father. He had never met his father before and really didn't understand why he couldn't just stay with his aunt and uncle. His parents had dated a bit in high school but lost touch when they went to college. His mom never told him about Tyler until he was 2 years old. She never told Tyler much about his father except when a new pair of shoes or a new jacket would elicit "This is from your father" referring to child support.

    As he reached the halfway point in his flight his thoughts drifted from his mother to who his father might be. He had no picture, no personal facts about him, just that his name is David. He wondered if he looked more like his mom or his dad. Was his dad short like him? A thousand questions raced through his mind as the pilot announced that they were beginning their decent into San Diego. Tyler put his seatbelt back on and gave his trash to the attendant.

    It seemed to take forever for the plane to finally reach the terminal and for people to start leaving. Tyler finally got up and struggled to pull his bag down from the overhead compartment. A tall guy wearing a UCSD Athletics XL sweatshirt gave him a hand in removing his bag and ruffled his hair as Tyler said thanks. Getting off the plane he was amazed to see how many people were milling around the waiting area. Being in an airport was not something Tyler had ever done before and to make it more stressful, he didn't even know who he was looking for. The UCSD guy patted him on the back and said, "Welcome to California" as he watched the little guy observe the crowd.

    "You need to pick up your luggage?" he asked Tyler imagining how intimidated the young boy was.

    Tyler could only nod yes and started to walk with him down the hallway to the stairs. Once he was at the bottom he saw someone in a black suit holding a sign with his name on it "Tyler Whitter."

    "That's me," he said pointing, "That's my name."

    With UCSD's hand still on his shoulder he walked up to the man and introduced himself. The man and UCSD made small talk for a moment and then introduced himself to Tyler.

    "I'm Chip, I work for your dad. I'll take you back to the house."

    Once they picked up the baggage Chip led them out to the bus parking area and up to a black Lexus limo. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes as Chip opened the door for him. He'd never seen such a cool car. Now Tyler was no country bumpkin but growing up in Grand Rapids, Minnesota home to only 8,000 other frozen souls had never exposed him to such luxury. As Chip rounded the front of the car and climbed in he asked Tyler if he was hungry to which he said no. Tyler scooted up the seat to the window between the front and back of the limo and talked with Chip the whole time as they meandered through the hills of San Diego along the coast. Finally the car slowed down and Chip announced, "Here we are."

    Tyler looked out of his window and was blown away by the size of the house. They pulled up into a large circular driveway and Chip got out. Tyler's door opened and he stepped out into the California sun for the first time ever. As Chip opened the trunk a man came out of the house and smiled at Tyler.

    "Welcome to San Diego Tyler, I am Russell the house manager. If there is anything you need at anytime, just let me know." He shook Tyler's hand, grabbed his bags along with Chip and they headed into the house. The doors opened up into a huge foyer with curved staircases leading up to the second and third floors. As they climbed, Russell told Tyler that his father was called to an unexpected meeting and that he should be getting home in about an hour. Russell showed Tyler his room and Chip left saying that he was going to David's office in case he got out earlier. The room was great with a view that shocked Tyler; right below his window was the Pacific Ocean with beaches and people all over. "My deepest condolence on your mother's passing, and let me know if there is anything else I can get for you. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen, downstairs to the left of the foyer and there is a pool in the back if you would like to go swimming."

    Tyler explored practically every room and found everything from a library, a game room and a sauna. He went back upstairs to pull on his suit but just as he was heading up the stairs he heard a voice call out his name. He turned and saw a tall guy standing with Chip wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt by the front door. His first thought was his dad's trainer or gardener or something as he walked back down the steps, extended his hand and said "Hi, I'm Tyler."

    The man looked at Tyler's hand and got down on his knee and said "Hi Tyler, I'm David... your dad." Tyler was a little shocked and for good reason. Here he was meeting his own dad for the first time. He didn't know why but all of a sudden he started to get choked up. Tyler swallowed hard, his eyes started to tear up as emotion overcame him. David quickly leaned forward and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug. He could feel his son's tears wetting his shirt. He told Chip to put his things away and Russell quickly disappeared into the kitchen leaving them alone in the large stone foyer with Tyler's crying echoing off the walls and into his David's shoulder.

    David had never felt anyone cling so tightly too him before. He couldn't believe that this was his son, the one whom he had never met, right here in his arms. David got a little choked up as well. Tyler's grip was not lightening up at all so he picked him up and carried him through the library to the patio. He sat on a bench with his son and hugged him.

    Tyler's crying began to subside but he didn't let go of his grasp around his father's neck. There was something very comforting about the heavy arms around him. He was sitting on his father's strong legs and his head was against a very powerful neck. Everything about him made Tyler feel safe and secure. Everything was changing so quickly for Tyler, loosing his mother, moving. He had been feeling very vulnerable and lost but not right now. Right now he felt like he was going to be okay.


    David had often wondered what it would be like to know his son but he never imagined that it would happen under these circumstances. Rachael and David had talked a few times throughout the years and their conversations were always cordial but not quite comfortable- it wasn't easy to keep from getting frustrated when she said she didn't think Tyler would be ready to meet his dad who is gay. Child support was arranged through lawyers and it wasn't a bourdon for him. His family's money combined with his own business left him more than comfortable. He had offered to help out more but one of the things that David always found attractive in Rachael was her independence.

    Tyler relaxed his grip and leaned back, feeling a little embarrassed he slid off David's lap and sat on the bench in front of his dad. Tyler looked at the ground as David looked at the top of Tyler's head for a few minutes before David spoke.

    "I know that this can't be easy for you and I only want to help you through this. If there is anything you need all you need to do is ask. If I'm not here Russell will get it for you and if you need to go anywhere Chip will drive you if I'm at work. I also spoke with your old school and they have sent your record to your school here but since the school year is almost done here, we're just gonna say your summer vacation has already started."

    David noticed Tyler looking out over the edge of the deck to the beach below and as he joined Tyler's gaze, he noticed how many dads were down there with their kids. He had seen them before of course and at times maybe even feeling a little envious of these guys, that is, until he would hear one of his employees griping about one of their defiant kids getting in trouble at school. Without speaking Tyler scooted back a little, stood up and looked over the rail of the patio to the beach below. David tried to think of what to say next but every thought that passed through his mind seemed inadequate. Finally he stood up and walked to the rail. Standing beside his son he put his hand on Tyler's back and felt his shoulders tense and then relax. David was never good with awkward silences though. "Are you hungry? Let's go see what Russell is making for lunch." The two walked through the house as David tried to give him a layout of it. Tyler had already explored all three floors and nearly every room but he liked listening to David. The house was very large and was over a hundred years old but Tyler almost couldn't believe that. He tried to pay attention to what David was saying but got distracted at every turn and all he really gathered was that the house had something to do with Queen Anne and victory or Victoria or something like that. They walked through the library and Tyler saw a very old looking painting and thought that maybe that was her. As they arrived in the kitchen Russell was putting the finishing touches on a plate full of sandwiches. Chip walked in and they all grabbed a soda and started eating. Tyler listened to "the grownups" talking. They spoke of business of the day, matters of the house and vehicles and talk about the grounds. They laughed from time to time, though Tyler didn't quite know what they were laughing about. Helaughed along with them even though his mind was more preoccupied with the pool.

    Interjecting he asked "Hey David, can I go swimming?"

    "Sure- just get out if you start getting a cramp. I'll be out there in a minute." Tyler took the last bites of his sandwich, excused himself and ran upstairs to put on his swim trunks. He got to the top of the stairs and had to think for a second about which way his bedroom was. He knew the door at the very top of the steps was locked last time he tried it. Now, his mom had always said his curiosity would get him in trouble. He could hear everyone in the kitchen talking and decided to try the door again. It was unlocked- someone must have opened it up. He cracked the door open and peaked inside. The room was beautiful to say the least. It had a wall of windows looking out over the ocean with a couple chairs by a small table at the center of them. A huge bed was against one wall, a dark wood, very old looking four-poster bed with a canopy. There were three wide matching dressers, a full-length mirror and a huge walk in closet. There was a bathroom door towards the back corner by the table and chairs, and on the table was a pair of binoculars.

    Tyler walked over to the table and looked down at the beach- it seemed to be 100 feet down below the window and he could see all of it. It was amazing the number of people that where within his view.

    "I hope Russell didn't tell you that you could have this room." David said softly nearly giving Tyler a heart attack.

    Tyler yelped and almost knocked the binoculars off the table catching them before they fell. "I'm sorry- I was just looking but I didn- I-"

    "It's okay, don't worry about it." David smiled, "The house is yours too now; you can go anywhere you want. Pretty cool view it's it?"

    "It's awesome! My friends in Grand Rapids would never believe I live in a place as cool as this now."

    "Your room is the next door down the hall to the left." David said with a smile.

    Tyler smiled back and said "I'll race you to the pool!" Tyler darted out the door and into his room. David could hear the sounds of him fumbling through his bags, as he was no doubt searching for his suit. David got undressed and pulled his on and just as he opened his door he saw Tyler run down the stairs pulling his suit up over his butt. David laughed as he tied his drawstring and descended the stairs. Tyler was already in the water when David reached the pool. As he watched him swimming he could tell he was definitely a Northerner. Tyler fair skin sliced through the water and glowed white from the sun. David sat back in a lounge chair and watched. Tyler was definitely a head-turner. His brown hair looked almost black in the water. His body was trim and athletic. David could see some of his mother in him but he could also see a lot of himself. He had her eyes and height but that was about all. In the physical department Tyler looked like a much smaller version of David. Tyler's narrow waist, which tapered up to broadening shoulders, was just like his own. David smiled and leaned back in his chair. At 6'3" tanned and 200 pounds he was amazing to look at. Working out several times a week, Russell making the healthiest of meals and his youthful attitude kept his appearance in the mid-twenties- at least that's how old most people thought he was. David was 17 when Rachael got pregnant which put him at just 31 years old now.

    "Aren't you going to swim Dav- ummm-"

    "You can call me David or dad- whichever you feel more comfortable with. I'm okay with both."

    "Okay dad" Tyler said giving David a toothy smile "So are you going to come in here or what?"

    David suddenly jumped up out of his chair and did a cannonball into the pool right beside Tyler engulfing him in a tidal wave. Under the water he could see Tyler tumbling and trying to resurface. He breached the surface of the water and could hear laughing and the splashing of Tyler trying to swim away. David and Tyler played in the water for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine and getting to know each other. As the afternoon sun started heating up they got out of the water and sat in the shade at a table at the edge of the pool. Tyler asked how he was able to have such a nice house. David explained that he had gotten into realty right after college and in the past ten years had amassed a nice investment. He told Tyler about the area, his family and everything else except for the aspect of his own sexuality. Hours of in the pool and back out several times, Tyler had a lot of questions for David, and the two of them talked until well into the evening catching up on 14 years of history.

    A little before 7 o'clock Russell opened the door and said dinner would be ready in 10 minutes.

    "Go on upstairs and get changed" David said to Tyler.

    As he ran off David walked over to Russell and said "One hell of a son I've got there, don't you think?"

    Russell just smiled, nodded and headed back into the house to serve dinner. David walked back upstairs to get changed. Tyler's door was open just a crack and as David glanced in he could see Tyler changing in the mirror. Tyler was pulling up his pants but not before David could get another glimpse of his pure white buttocks. His pants rode just off his hips, that extra inch too low which makes every gay man's eyes drift. Tyler reached for his shirt and David could see the beginnings of soft brown armpit hair whispering in. For a moment too long his gaze was centered through that little crack in the door.

    "Hey! Is there anything else you need me for tonight?" Chip said from the foot of the stairs. It was obvious that he had startled David and it caused him to laugh a little to himself.

    "No- no, we will be fine." David said shaking his head "Have a good night"

    "You too- say good night to Tyler for me"

    "Will do- are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner? Russell is making prime rib."

    "I would but I have a date" Chip smirked "don't want to be late again."

    With that Chip was out the door. David turned to go into his room and nearly tripped over Tyler who seemed to suddenly appear right behind him.

    "Sorry! I'm sorry- I'll be ri- dinner's almost ready- I didn't see you." David said stumbling backward and tripping over his words just as he had just tripped over his son. "I'll meet you in the dinning room in a second."

    With that he was in his room with his door closed. He leaned back against his door and dropped his head back against the frame. He closed his eyes and tried to shake the image of Tyler's body out of his mind. How could he even think about that? He shucked off his shorts and jumped in the shower. He knew dinner was almost ready so he had to hurry. He grabbed the bar of soap and started washing up. He couldn't get those creamy white orbs out of his mind and without even realizing it, he was getting hard. As he lowered his hands down his stomach and reached his dick he was a little shocked to feel how hard he was. As fast as he got in, he jumped out of the shower and grabbed his towel. He pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, forgoing his underwear or socks; he didn't want to keep them waiting.

    Tyler was shocked when he saw the table all dressed and ready for dinner. Everything looked so elegant, like something from a magazine or a movie. Russell pulled out a chair for Tyler next to the head of the table. He sat down and took a deep breath of some wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. Russell asked him what he'd like to drink with dinner.

    "Water is fine- no ice though please" He replied.

    Tyler could hear his dad walking down the stairs so he put his hands under the sides of his thighs. His mother had always taught him to keep his hands down until everyone was at the table. David sat down at the head of the table right next to Tyler and gave him a slightly nervous smile.

    "It smells great Russell- what have you whipped up for us tonight?" David said

    "Prime rib, rosemary potatoes and grilled squash" Russell said as he carried the plates to the table.

    David took a drink of his wine and smiled again at Tyler. "He's an amazing chef"

    Russell brought his own plate to the table and the three generations of men dug in. Tyler couldn't get over how good it all tasted. He had never had prime rib before; He was a little apprehensive of eating meat that was still so red but was amazed at how it melted on his tongue with each bite. He couldn't help but compliment Russell over and over again throughout dinner. Russell would just smile and genially accept the young boy's praise. David couldn't help but notice each and ever time Tyler's knee would bump into his. The feeling of his smooth leg grazing his knee almost made it hard to maintain a light dinner conversation. Tyler ate quickly but stayed at the table to listen to Russell and David talking even though their conversation seemed to be a little out of his league. It made him feel like "one of the guys" when he laughed with them though. At 9 o'clock dinner wrapped up and Russell began clearing the plates. Tyler quickly grabbed the glasses and silverware to help clean the table. Russell said "That's not necessary" but Tyler liked feeling helpful. Russell loaded the dishwasher, grabbed his coat out of a closet in the kitchen and walked to the door.

    "I'll be going unless there is anything else I can do for you" he said to David.

    "Have a good night Russell- and I'll see you at 11 tomorrow- take the morning off."

    "Are you sure" he asked. It was not uncommon for David to give him the morning off but he always felt it necessary to ask.

    "Yes! yes, now get going before I call your wife and tell her you're trying to avoid her" he said with a smirk, "We'll be fine."

    David put his hand around Tyler's shoulder and guided him into the living room as the door to the garage swung shut. "Has anyone showed you this part yet?" he said as he grabbed a remote and a screen lowered above the fireplace. At the same time a small slot in the back wall opened and the TV was on. Tyler sat down next to David as CNN flipped on. "What do you feel like watching? I had Chip go out and grab a bunch of movies you might like- go ahead and take a look."

    Tyler walked over to the side of the fireplace and sure enough- there had to be 50 movies still in the plastic wrapping. He looked through and saw a bunch of his favorites. He grabbed Finding Nemo and opened the plastic and started looking for the DVD player. David showed him how the components were built into the end table and as the dick retracted into the player, Tyler found his spot on the couch. David thought it was a little ironic that he picked the story of a dad trying to reunite with is son but he was certain that it was just coincidence. They settled back on the sofa and as the movie started the rest of the lights in the room dimmed. After the first hour of the film David could tell Tyler was getting tired. With it being after 12 o'clock in Minnesota it was obvious why. Tyler turned from leaning on the arm of the couch to leaning against David's arm. Before the credits Tyler had his head resting on David's right leg with his hand draped over David's knee. David had his hand on Tyler's shoulder rubbing it ever so gently with his thumb. He was fighting hard to keep his eyes from closing. He just couldn't bring himself to disturb the angel that was sleeping on him.


    The movie had finished an hour ago and David still had his hand on Tyler's shoulder. As David drifted in and out of consciousness he couldn't help but notice that Tyler had a pretty nice chest for a 13 year old. His hand drifted across his back under his arm to his smooth chest and abs. It was nearly midnight now and David was falling asleep. He finally broke down and moved to stand up. He picked Tyler up and held him close to his chest as he carried him up the stairs. Tyler woke up on the way but didn't move, he didn't remember anybody ever really carrying him before and he liked being in his dad's arms like that. David walked into the bedroom and sat Tyler up on the edge of his bed.

    Gently rousing him from his sleep he told him he had to go brush his teeth and get changed for bed. Tyler got up and went into the bathroom while David turned down his bed. Tyler came out in nothing but a pair of dark green boxers. Tyler's eyes were still trying to adjust from the bright lights of the bathroom but David could see just fine. He watched as Tyler cautiously stepped toward the bed. The moonlight on his skin made him appear even more angelic than before. David quickly stood up to hide his fast growing erection. Tyler wrapped his arms around his father's waist and pressed his cheek into his shirt. David put his hands on Tyler's back and rubbed his shoulders while he crawled into bed. When he was in bed David said good night, left the room and turned off all the lights in the house, armed the alarm and went to his bedroom. Once in his door he took of his shirt, gave his chest a relaxing rub and lowered his shorts. As he did his hardon bounced up and a string of precum stretched from his arm to the head of his cock. He stepped out of his clothes and collapsed onto his bed. He lay there naked in the moonlight thinking of how his own son looked just moments before. His hand rubbed his chest and inched down to his abs. Following his fine treasure trail he felt the base of his 8 and a half-inch dick surrounded in hair. He closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around it and absentmindedly started stroking. He tried hard not to think of Tyler but it was impossible. After only 5 or 6 minutes he felt his balls tighten up, the image of his son's perfect little butt came into his mind and the thought of touching it pushed him over the edge. The first shot landed just below his chin. The following loads covered his chest and abs as his breathing heaved. He touched his chest and coated his fingers in his cum and one by one sucked them into his mouth. He released his hardon and walked to his bathroom. Grabbing a washcloth he wiped off the jizz and noticed that it was a lot larger than his most recent jerk off loads.

    Walking back to bed with his hardon still leading the way he got under the sheets. He quickly fell asleep, but it was a restless night as dreams of his son occupied his mind.


    He woke to the sound of the security alarm being disabled by Chip entering the garage. He rolled onto his back and smiled at his morning wood tent under the sheet. He gave it a quick squeeze and looked at his clock. 6am he thought- right on time. David got up to go to the bathroom just as Chip opened the bedroom door. Seeing David naked was nothing new, but seeing him hard was. Chip's mouth dropped open a little bit as he saw his boss's massive cock bouncing its way across the room. He couldn't help but notice this morning how big his boss was.

    "How was your date last night?" David asked sleepily

    "Huh? Oh- It was great! He's really nice but had an early morning so we had to call it an evening after dinner"

    "Well that's too bad. What's he like if you don't mind me asking?"

    "Not at all, he's a medical student at UCSD- very smart guy. Really funny and sweet."

    "Gonna go and marry a doctor are ya?" David said with a laugh.

    "Something like that" Chip laughed back.

    David walked into the bathroom and as he climbed into the shower asked if Tyler was awake yet. Chip had to go to the door in order to hear him over the running water. He could see him in the mirror washing his armpits and soaping his chest.

    "Yea- um- he was just walking out of his room when I came up the stairs, said he was going to sit out by the pool for a little while before breakfast. Guess he's still on central time."

    Chip watched as David's hand moved down to this crotch. He gave his own dick a squeeze as he watched his boss stroking his raging hardon right in front of him in the mirror. He knew he had to leave or he would be caught so he said he was going to go check on Tyler. He turned around and as he was leaving, noticed a wet spot on the sheets where David was sleeping. He walked over to it and touched it and could tell immediately that it was either cum or precum. He licked his finger and quickly left the room with the sweet flavor on his tongue.

    "Gonna get yourself fired if you keep doing that" he thought to himself as he walked down the stairs. For a long time he had a crush on his boss. How could he not? Chip was 6 years younger than David. They worked out together regularly in the basement since he was hired 7 years ago so despite their height difference their bodies were pretty well matched. Chip was 5'11" and 170 pounds. His short blond hair looks like it came right off a marine. Walking around the corner into the living room he could see Tyler standing outside looking out over the water. The white t-shirt fit closely around his waist and his dark shorts cupped around his butt enough that Chip couldn't help but notice. The wind was blowing through his hair as it rushed up off the cliff. "Did you get a good night sleep last night?"

    Tyler's eyes didn't divert from the water and with a timid tone he replied, "Not really, I kept waking up."

    "It'll get better- when I first moved out here from Nebraska I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I don't know if it's the sound of the waves or the smell of the salt but I just couldn't rest."

    "It's not that- the bed just feels different than my old bed I mean it's really comfortable but just different and the house makes different noises- - - and I miss my mom."

    Chip put his arm around him as Tyler wiped his eye. "Do you want to talk about anything?" Chip asked.

    "It's just that my mom would have to wake me up every morning and now when I wake up witho-" Tyler's throat closed for a moment "I-", Tyler choked and tried to hold back his tears, "just really miss hearing her."

    Chip gave his shoulder a squeeze as Tyler leaned into Chip's side. He could feel a tremble in the boy's chest and even though he had just met him yesterday it broke his heart. They both stared out over the water as the sun coming up behind them began bringing color to the sky. A gust of wind came up off the water and gave Chip a chill causing him to shiver. "Aren't you cold out here?"

    "Are you kidding- this is warm in Minnesota," Tyler said, "when you grow up having to shovel the driveway 8 months out of the year your idea of cold is different."

    "I guess so- I'm freezing!" Tyler didn't react and Chip really didn't know what to say. He couldn't comprehend what Tyler was thinking about right now. He'd never lost anyone close to him, even his grandparents were alive. Another chilly gust blew up the cliff face and Chip squeezed Tyler's shoulders in another sideways hug, turned them both around and started walking back into the house. "Come on- let's see if Russell left us anything for breakfast."


    David heard his bedroom door close as Chip went downstairs. He was a little embarrassed about Chip walking in on him like that but it's not like they had never seen each other naked before. Every time they went to the gym together they never had a problem stripping down to change or shower in front of each other. They had actually laughed about it a few days ago while they were showering off after their workout.

    "It's kinda like peeking at your Christmas presents before they're wrapped when you go to the gym with someone you're dating." David could remember Chip saying.

    David thought about all the times he'd seen some of the hottest guys around in the shower at the gym and felt nothing, and then Tyler came back into his mind's eye. Like still frames on a screen he could see Tyler's butt as he tugged his trunks up on the way to the pool. Then the tuff of hair under his arm; the way his back stretched as he worked his arms into his shirt. His hand already working hard on his cock, his other hand roamed his chest. His nipples were hard and sensitive as he gave one a little pinch. He could see himself in the mirror through the glass door of the shower as he stroked. The soap running down his hairy legs as the water gently ran over his back, carrying the suds over his ass crack. He slid his hand down his chest and rubbed down to his thigh. Looking in the mirror he remembered back to how he looked naked when he was just a kid and imagined that's what Tyler must look like about now. Tyler's muscles were developing faster than his were at that time though. All the physical work that Tyler did for his mom was quite evident. His hand came up to his balls, which were pulled tight to his body; he was getting very close. Again the image of Tyler's mounds came into view. He thought about the way they would feel in his hands or against his lips. David squeezed his balls a little and with a deep breath felt his knees go weak with the first blast. He opened his eyes just in time to see it hit the glass. Then the second and third ran down the foggy door.

    David put his head under the spray and leaned against the wall. "What am I doing?" he said out loud "He's my kid!" He shook his head to rinse out the shampoo and turned off the water. The room was filled with steam so he walked out into his bedroom to dry off. He looked out his window and could see a few runners on the beach already. Looking down a little further he saw Chip and Tyler leaning against the railing. He walked over to his closet and grabbed a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. By the time he pulled them on he got back to the window just in time to see them walking inside.

    "Hey David- what do you want for breakfast?" Chip shouted up the stairs. "We're thinking IHOP."

    "IHOP?" Tyler asked

    "Correction- I'M thinking IHOP", Chip said sarcastically correcting himself. "You don't have IHOP in Minnesota?" Chip asked in disbelief

    "We didn't have much of anything in Rapids other than Country Kitchen and Perkins."

    "Combine them and that's pretty much it. It's the place to go for breakfast no matter what time it is." Chip chirped

    David opened the door and bounded down the stairs looking at Tyler with a smile.

    "Ready for breakfast?" Chip asked, "Russell didn't leave us anything."

    "Yea- let me get some shoes. Hey Tyler- you ready to see San Diego?"

    Tyler was definitely ready to see it. He walked down the hallway with Chip to the garage. As the door opened he was awe-struck at the sight before him, the lights flickered on and the room glowed like a showroom.

    "Which one will it be buddy? It's your choice." David said resting his hand on his son's shoulder. "Buddy?" David thought to himself- no- that was definitely didn't sound fitting.

    His dad had 4 cars and they all looked so amazing. Tyler pointed to a black Audi A-8L sedan, the same one they road in yesterday.

    Chip opened up the door for Tyler and David and proceeded to climb in the front. The car purred to life and the door opened as father and son settled into the back seat. Tyler looked around and was certain that he'd never even seen a car this nice, and had definitely never ridden in one. He put his seatbelt on and looking over to David, promptly unbuckled and scooted over to center seat and fastened that belt. Tyler didn't say anything and David didn't ask but already it seemed like that distance was more than either of them wanted right now.


    Tyler loved riding in this car- it was something so incredible to him. As they drove through the busy roads in San Diego, David pointed out things for Tyler to look at. Half the time Tyler had to lean across David to see out the window at whatever David was pointing at. Each time, Tyler would put his hand on David's leg a little over halfway up his thigh. And each time Tyler touched his meaty thigh, David could feel his soldier respond.

    They arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a narrow booth- or it at least felt like it was narrow. Chip sat on one side and David slid into the other. Tyler sat down beside David and scooted over until they're legs were touching. David couldn't help but notice how much room was left on the other side of Tyler but there was no way he was about to complain. He simply put his arm around Tyler as the three of them looked at the menus and talked. Tyler leaned back and yawned wide and long shaking his head at the end.

    "How are ya feeling?" David asked Tyler in mid yawn

    Tyler stretched his back a bit, which pushed most of his torso up against David's side. As he relaxed he just leaned into his dad's side. Tyler felt the arm around his shoulder tighten a little bit pulling him into a sideways hug with David. With his menu in hand he leaned back and tried to decide what to have as David's hand rubbed his neck.

    "I just couldn't sleep last night- I kept waking up."

    "Oh- is the bed okay?"

    "It's the best bed I've ever been on- I just couldn't sleep." Tyler said back quietly.

    Tyler put his menu down on the table and leaned forward putting his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands. Chip looked at David and gave him a smile as Tyler yawned again. David grinned back and rubbed Tyler's back.


    David and Chip finished breakfast with Tyler almost passing out in the booth into his food. Tyler was still trying to eat but it seemed he could barely keep his eyes open let alone trying to coordinate a fork. The two men quickly finished eating and David settled the check as quietly as possible. David woke Tyler up enough to get him to walk out as Chip went ahead to get the car. Tyler crawled into the back seat apologizing for being so tired.

    "Don't worry about it- you had a big day yesterday," David said reassuringly as car began to pull away. "Do you know why you didn't get any sleep last night?"

    "I just couldn't get comfortable" Tyler said as he sat sideways in the seat leaning against his dad. He rested he head against David's side as David draped his arm over his shoulder, laying his hand on his chest. Very soon Tyler was asleep curled up against David's side.

    "Can you just take us home Chip? I think we'll hold off the sight seeing."

    "Sure thing- is he asleep yet?"

    "Yea- out like a light."

    Speaking in a hushed tone Chip said "When I talked to him this morning he said he couldn't sleep because the house makes different noises than his mom's house."

    "I'm sure it does" David softly said. He looked down and put his cheek against the top of Tyler's head. "This really can't be as easy on him as he's making it look. His whole world has changed. I just wish I knew what to do."

    "I'm sure you'll be able to help him- if there's anyone that could, it's his dad, right?" Chip smiled at David, if only he felt as confident and Chip's faith in him was.

    David watched as the landscape rushed past the window in silence. Tyler was sound asleep against him. The images of his son's butt that seemed to hang in his mind all night were gone. As he looked down he just saw Tyler. A boy, his boy, out of his comfort zone, feeling alone, stressed and lost. He rubbed his chest and held him close to his own.

    A few bumps and turns as they navigated the streets of San Diego caused Tyler to lean further across the seat and soon his head was resting on his dad's lap much like the previous night on the couch. David ran his hand along Tyler exposed arm as Chip navigated the twisting roads. Periodically Tyler would twist his head around inadvertently grinding it into David's lap causing him an obvious erection so with each bump Tyler's head rubbed against his shaft. As he felt himself swell the thoughts of yesterday came back again. David's hand wandered from his son's arm down to his side. He felt the trim tight muscles of his obliques and as the car entered the driveway to the house; his hand bumped the top of his shorts just below the boy's bellybutton. His middle finger slid under the waistband of his shorts just millimeters when the jolt of the car coming to a stop woke Tyler up.

    David quickly took his hand off Tyler's stomach. Tyler sat up and stretched with his eyes closed. David looked down and could see a clearly wet spot at the end of his dick. He was still very hard and felt another pulse and could feel the precum leaking onto his leg. Tyler looked at the dark spot on his dad's leg and before he could say anything David explained.

    "I just spilled a little water on my leg while we were getting out of the booth." He hoped Tyler would believe it- with all the nervousness in his voice he was sure that Tyler would be able to tell it was a lie. His face blushed as Tyler looked back at the spot where his head was just laying, rubbing his eyes still trying to wake up. Just then Chip opened the door.

    "Saved by the bell," David thought.

    Tyler climbed out first and walked into the house as David took his time getting out of the car. He didn't want Tyler to see him with a tent in his pants so he waited till he had started climbing the stairs. Once inside Tyler sat down in the living room on the couch. He was still very tired as was almost asleep when Russell came into the room.

    "Are you okay Tyler?" he asked

    "I'm just tired- I didn't get any sleep last night."

    "Perhaps you should go lay down for a little while. Lunch won't be for a few hours and from what I understand you dad has a few things scheduled for today to show you."

    "Okay- when my dad comes in could you please tell him I just went to my room to take a nap?"

    "Certainly- I'll tell him as soon as he comes in."

    Tyler walked up the steps and as he reached the top, he looked out the front windows behind him and could see David and Chip talking beside the car. He walked into his room without fully closing the door and took of his shirt and shoes. Unbuttoning his shorts as he walked to the bed, he kicked them off to the side of the room and climbed under the sheet.


    As David got out of the car Chip noticed the dark spot on his leg and could see the outline of the cock head straining against the fabric of David's pants. He stared for a moment too long and David asked "Seriously? Is it really that obvious?"

    Chip smiled and held back a giggle as he responded, "well- I don't know many people who could miss something that big."

    "Damn it- do you think Tyler saw it?"

    "I dunno- he was pretty beat when he went inside. What do you have on your mind?" he said with a laugh

    "Fuck you," he said laughing, "I don't need to take this- get this thing in the garage before I fire you."

    Chip snapped him a half-assed salute and hopped back in the car. David turned around walked back towards the house. As he opened the door he saw Russell walking towards him. "Tyler has gone back to bed for a little while. The poor boy looks absolutely exhausted."

    "Okay- I'll go and see if there is anything he needs."

    David walked up to Tyler's room and slowly pushed the door open. Tyler was in bed but still had his eyes open. "You feel okay pal?" The moment he said it he knew "pal" wasn't going to work either.

    "Yea- I just can't fall asleep in here. I don't know what it is, I'm tired and the bed is really nice-"

    "Feel like talking?" David asked as he sat down on the edge of his bed. "When I can't sleep sometimes it's because there are just too many thoughts in my head and it can't get them out."

    Tyler moved over to give David more room. "Okay, what do you want to talk about?"

    "I don't know- you're the one who can't sleep- what's on your mind?"

    "I dunno- I just can't fall asleep. It's like every time I get close it seems like there's a bunch of noise in my brain all of a sudden."

    David leaned back against the headboard beside Tyler but as they talked he slid down until he was laying flat on his back beside him. Tyler lay on his side facing David and laid his head on his dad's shoulder.

    David moved his arm so it was around Tyler's back and pulled Tyler closer. His head lowered to David's chest and he finally drifted to sleep listening to the heartbeat of the man he met only a couple days ago but strangely felt more comfortable with than anyone before. David hugged his boy and closed his eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of being there for Tyler. He didn't know all that he was going through and probably never would but he was determined to be there for him whatever was to come along.

    Tyler was sound asleep as David rubbed his back and side. He couldn't quite put a finger on it but he loved to touch him. It wasn't sexual, or at least not that he knew of, he just wanted to show him that he loved him. That he was there. Tyler squirmed a couple times pressing his body more into his dad's, settling into the contours of the strong male frame embracing him. Soon Tyler's leg was draped over David's and his arm was reaching across David's chest.

    "Get some sleep- I'm not going to let anything happened to you" David whispered into the top of Tyler's head.

    His fingers danced across the young boy's back causing goose bumps wherever they went. Several times he would look down and kiss the top of Tyler's dark hair or run his fingers lazily through it. He ran his hand down his son's side and ever so slowly drew it back up towards his shoulder. He was in no hurry and was, himself, becoming very sleepy. His fingers traced their way up and stopped the instant he felt the delicate touch of the hair in Tyler's armpit. He opened his eyes and looked down at Tyler's shoulder as his fingers twisted around the softest hair he had ever felt in his life.

    His cock filled with blood and was soon tugging at the material of his pants, begging for attention. David rolled his eyes at himself and again, kissed the top of Tyler's head. He reached down with his other hand and gave himself a squeeze. He moaned as he gripped his rod through the material of his pants and hugged his son's naked back against his body. As the minutes passed, more than anything he wanted to unzip his fly pull out his cock and stroke it but- if Tyler woke up- oh my god No!- he couldn't do that. Instead he just continued squeezing it. He felt the precum flowing already as he focused on the feeling of Tyler's hips against his leg. Imagining his ass again. His narrow waist. The glimpse of the top of Tyler's butt crack that he saw. Faster than ever he had himself on the verge of blowing his load into his underwear. His other hand left the downy perfection of Tyler's armpit and continued it's roaming around his back. He looked down to kiss Tyler's head again and he looked at the small of his back; the soft velvety curve leading into the loose fabric of his shorts. He hugged him closer and saw Tyler pull even closer to his side. In doing so, a small gap between the boy's shorts and his skin appeared; right at the base of his spine he could see the dark shadow under the clothes. He slid his hand down into it and for just a moment felt heaven. He knew what he was doing was so very wrong but there was no way he could stop. He slid his finger in an inch, and then two. He felt the crease that was the top of Tyler's ass crack. His breathing quickened and the throbbing of his cock was harder than he had ever felt it. He closed his eyes and pictured the perfect white mounds and saw in his mind exactly where his finger was and BAM! His body tightened and twitched as he filled his briefs with a giant sticky load of cream! He feared he would wake up Tyler but couldn't completely stop himself from jolting. He pulled his hand off of the shorts and hugged Tyler tightly.

    He looked down and kissed his head again and saw the pool of cum soaking through his pants; forming a large spot, just inches away from Tyler's arm. He dropped his head to the pillow and his entire body went limp as Tyler stirred ever so slightly. He closed his eyes again and let sleep overtake him.


    Russell and Chip sat at the kitchen table playing a game of Gin when Chip looked at the clock. "God, it's already 2 o'clock! How much longer are they gonna sleep?"

    "Oh settle down, you're only getting antsy because I'm beating you."

    "That's not the point- alright- maybe a little- but still it's been more than 4 hours."

    "Are you suggesting that we go wake up that poor boy after he's had his life flipped upside down simply because you're bored?" Russell quipped.

    "No- of course not!"

    Russell laid down his cards "Gin." He said with a collected tone- "you're cleaning the pool."

    "Damn it," Chip said as he threw down his cards, "I don't know why I ever agree to play this with you, in six years I've beaten you once- and YOU were drunk!"

    "Maybe deep down inside you really like cleaning the pool. Either that or you're humoring me because you don't want to see an old man like me scooping leaves out of a pool without a shirt on."

    Chip smiled and stood up. "Definitely the second part Russ." With a pat to Russell's shoulder he walked to the garage to get the supplies to clean the pool. As he opened the supply closet the pool rake fell and took 4 other items down with it. They crashed into the pavement making a loud bang. He quickly bent down to pick them up and finished gathering the pool supplies. He stripped off his shirt, took off his shorts and put on a pair of swim trunks incase he slipped into the water; which had happened more times than he'd like to admit.


    Tyler's eyes snapped open to the sound of a loud crash somewhere in the house. He looked around as much as he could without lifting his head and stretched his fingers before laying them back down onto David's chest. He could hear him snoring a little bit as he closed his eyes again and moved his hand around trying to find a comfortable position again. As he slid his hand down, he felt his dad's stomach, muscular but soft to the touch. His hand slid down a little more and he felt the end of his dad's shirt and his hand was on bare skin. He opened his eyes again and looked down to see just an inch of skin showing. He looked at the fine narrow line of hair that lead into his dad's shorts and then saw a large dark spot on his pants.

    He reached down and touched it and not only was it still wet but he felt his dad's dick under there. He withdrew his hand immediately and held very still. He listened. David's snoring had not changed so he touched it again- he was plump- and thick. "Oh my God" he thought. He had enough experience with jerking off to know what cum feels like but the small amounts of it that he had been making over the past few months seemed like nothing compared to the saturation he saw. He could see the outline of his dad's dick under his shorts and was amazed at the size of it. Tyler was bigger than most of his friends in the showers after gym and he had seen a couple of his friends hard before and his five and a half inches were much more impressive than theirs. He ran his thumb along the length of it and quietly marveled at how long he was. His small hands seemed even more dwarfed next to the eight inches of meat.

    He pushed on it and could tell it wasn't totally hard- or at least not as hard as his own dick got. Tyler knew that he liked to look at guys but never really thought about anything beyond that. He liked the way guys looked and acted. Everything about his male friends excited him the way they would talk about girls in their class. He even thought about his best friend Bryan when he jerked off from time to time. But he hadn't thought about anything like that since before his mom died. Slowly the feel of his dad's dick was overtaken by the weight of the arm on his back and the beating of his dad's heart. With the steadiness of his breaths putting him into a trance, he was soon asleep again.


    David and Tyler woke up to the sound of a man's yell outside. David started to stand up and felt and saw Tyler's hand slipping through the wet spot of cum and off of the front of his pants. David paused for a second and he saw everything in slow motion as Tyler's hand let go of his dick and slid down his leg. For a moment he forgot about the yell, he just looked at Tyler stunned.

    Tyler felt his Dad stand up all of a sudden and when he opened his eyes his dad was staring at him. He had no idea why but he just rubbed his eyes. David's stunned stare changed to a nervous smile as fast as he went from half hard to totally limp right in front of Tyler. He quickly got off the bed and went over to the window just in time to see Chip climbing out of the pool with the net in hand and dripping wet.

    "It's just Chip-," David said, "he slipped into the water when he was cleaning the pool."

    "Is he alright?" Tyler asked standing up to walk over to the window

    "Looks like it- wet- but he's fine."

    Tyler laughed at seeing Chip so wet and turned to walk into the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door was closed David dropped down onto the bed facing the window and put his face in his hands. He shook his head in disbelief- Tyler's hand wasn't on his dick- or was it? He didn't know how to react. Sure it was something he'd fantasized about but now that it was right in front of him it scared the shit out of him. When he stood up off the bed the puddle of cum was still far from dry and if Tyler missed it the first time there was no way that he would miss it when he came back out of the bathroom. David got up to go back to his room to change his clothes. He walked through his doorway and pushed it closed as he made a beeline for his bathroom. He stripped off his pants and shirt and tossed them in the laundry hamper under the sink. The head of his cock was still damp from the load he'd blown into his shorts and he could feel it in his pubic hair as well so he reached through the door and turned on the shower. As the water warmed up he tried to take a leak despite a returning hardon. For a moment he looked down and was almost mad that things were stirring in his hand right after he came so close to getting busted.

    Steam rolled out of his shower as he opened the door and felt the hot water strike his chest. He shuttered as the hot water ran down the length of his dick and caressed the balls in its heat. Grabbing a bar of soap he turned around and let the spray hit his back as he lathered up his chest; then his armpits; and then his bush. He ran his fingers across the head and shaft of his dick and his balls while his other hand rubbed the bar of soap up and down his butt. He turned around to let the water wash away the soap but he was still rubbing his crack. He put the soap up on the shelf and let his fingers drift over his asshole.

    David put a little more pressure on his fingertips as they grazed over his hole. The combination of the heat on his dick and the massage he was giving his hole reminded him of the last time he had gotten fingered- the last time he'd been with another guy- almost eight months ago. With his left hand he spread his meaty ass cheek and with his soapy finger he started to penetrate himself. First with his index finger but soon he added a second. David loved to fuck a nice piece of ass but getting fingered by the guy he was fucking always drove him wild. With two fingers working his ass hard his other hand began stroking his now painfully hard erection. He felt his knees getting shaky and thought about how Tyler's hand had been in his cum spot when he woke up. His fantasies unleashed thinking of how Tyler might have been rubbing his dad's cock in his sleep and even images of Tyler tasting his dad's cum off his pants. It was way too much for him to handle and his knees went weak. Pulling his fingers out of his ass and grasping his cock with both hands he sprayed a load of cum up onto his chest and stomach, feeling the thick cum being washed away by the flow of the water.


    Tyler came out of the bathroom just as he heard his dad's shower turn on. He rubbed his face again with his hands but one of his hands was sticky. He looked at it and didn't see anything on there but then he remembered touching his dad's pants with that hand. He thought it that had been a dream- he closed his eyes and smelled his hand and could pick up the faint but familiar scent of cum. He smelled it again with a deeper breath. He remembered how big his dad's dick looked under his pants and how warm he felt snuggled against him. He opened his eyes and before gathering his clothes he reached into his boxers and gave his hardon a squeeze with the hand that smelled like his dad. He buttoned his shorts and walked out into the hallway. He could hear David's shower still going so he opened up his door and walked into the bedroom. He went over to the table by the window and sat down in the chair. Picking up the binoculars he pointed them out to the end of a nearby pier to look at all the seagulls. While he was watching the people throwing food to the birds, the shower turned off and the door opened from the bathroom.


    David regained the strength in his legs and turned off the water. He stepped out, grabbed his towel and started to dry off. He started with his arms and opened the door to let out some of the humidity. Wiping his hand across the mirror didn't seem to do a thing because of all the fog so he tossed the towel over his face and head to dried his hair while he walked out into his bedroom to go to his closet.


    Tyler almost dropped the binoculars from being startled by the door. He turned to look but all he saw coming out was the steam. Then, all of a sudden, he saw his dad- totally naked. He popped up out of the chair in an instant and froze. He could see every square inch of his muscular beautiful body walking towards him. His eyes started at David's feet and slowly moved up to his hairy calves to his thighs and stopped at the hypnotic swinging meat nestled in the dark hair of his dad's crotch. For a moment time seemed to stop. He saw the glistening of water in the trail of hair that went up the center of his dad's stomach and spread out into a gorgeous spread of short hair across his thick pecs. He could see the dark patches of hair under David's arms as he worked the towel back and forth over his head. Each movement David made Tyler was sure he was able to see the muscles flexing that made that movement happen. For the first time since the door opened, Tyler blinked and as his eyes opened he was struck with fear- he knew he shouldn't have been in there. He wanted to run but his legs wouldn't move- and then the towel started to slid down off David's head.


    David headed for his closet while drying his hair. After only a two steps he dropped the towel to dry his chest and almost had a heart attack as he saw Tyler there looking at him. "AHHHHHOOOH MY GOD!" He shouted and immediately dropped the towel. After the shock was over he quickly bent down and snatched up the towel as Tyler bolted past him toward the door walking backwards as quickly as he could. David held it in front of his crotch as Tyler began stuttering an incoherent apology.

    "OhShit!I'mSoSorryDadIwasJustWatchingTheSeagu-OutOnThe-AndThenYouCameOu-IknowIshouldHaveKnocke-I'msorryBu-." David was saying a similar line of gibberish at the same time with each of them trying to speak over the other. Tyler didn't know what he was saying but he had never talked so quickly in his life. He quickly backed up towards the door but tripped over a pair of shoes at the end of the bed. He stumbled and then landed hard on the ground, flat on his back, with a thud that David could feel through the floor.

    David rushed over to Tyler as he saw his head hit the floor. He dropped to his knees right beside Tyler and put his hand under his head cradling it an inch off the floor. "Oh my God- Are you okay?" Tyler opened his eyes and felt a knot starting to swell up on the back of his head from where he hit the floor.

    "Yea, I'm okay, Oww- damn! It hurts!" Tyler yelped as he rubbed the back of his head while David helped him sit up. "Oww- God that's hard!"

    "I'm sorry I scared you- I really didn't mean to- you just startled me is all." David said as he gave him a hug and picked him up and carried him over to sit on the bed. After he set Tyler down he quickly grabbed the towel he again had dropped and wrapped it around his waist. Tyler squeezed his eyes shut and kept rubbing his head and grimacing while David knelt down in front of him and rubbed his arms. David had Tyler lay back on the bed and he quickly ran downstairs to the kitchen to get an icepack out of the freezer. He appeared and disappeared in a flash out of Russell's sight as he wrapped it in a towel and rushed back upstairs for Tyler to put on the back of his head. He charged through the door holding the icepack in one hand and holding his towel around his waist with the other.

    "Thanks dad- oh my God!" Tyler said as he accepted the pack from David's outstretched arm.

    David knelt beside the bed and looked up at Tyler and smiled as Tyler's face relaxed from the pain. He stood up still holding his towel and kissed Tyler's forehead and ducked into his closet. He grabbed clothes and got dressed faster than he ever remembered.

    As David pulled his polo over his head, Tyler looked into David's eyes. "Your floor is hard!" he said punctuating the last word. David knelt back down beside Tyler and started smiling a little bit. "What're you grinning at? It hurts!"

    David couldn't help himself and let out a little laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm sure it does- but you should have seen yourself."

    Tyler smiled and started laughing at his own clumsiness. He sat up with some help and smiled down at David who was now rubbing his legs. He looked down to David's hands, his fingertips would slide up just under the material of his shorts. He loved the way it felt, he had never been touched like that before. David noticed Tyler looking at his hands and quickly pulled his hands away thinking he was making Tyler uncomfortable. He stood up and cleared his throat before saying "Are you feeling hungry at all? I'm sure Russell has got something down there for us to eat."

    Tyler rubbed his head a little more, got up and followed David downstairs to the kitchen.


    Russell had been in the kitchen when Chip fell into the pool and had been trying to hold in a laugh ever since. Chip was the comic relief around the house. By no means a graceful person, he was somehow fortunate enough to never seriously injure himself. "What's so funny?" David asked as he and Tyler walked into the kitchen.

    Russell got up from the table where he was reading the paper and said "Chip, as usual, you should have seen the dive he took into the pool. Is everything okay? I saw a blur a few minutes ago that looked somewhat like you."

    "Oh! Yea Tyler tripped a little. Hey- is the cafeteria closed?" David asked

    "I'm sorry I slept through your lunch, Russell" Tyler said meekly

    "Its perfectly alright Tyler, a growing boy needs his sleep. Were you able to rest?"

    "Yea, I slept really good."

    "Sometimes it helps to have someone close." Russell said as he smiled at David. David blushed and gave a nervous laugh as he patted Tyler on the back.

    "Anyway- how about lunch-" David said making no attempts to hide that he was changing the subject.

    Tyler dove into the refrigerator, helping Russell carry a few covered bowls to the counter. "How does shredded pork sandwiches and a grilled pepper salad sound?" Russell said as he pealed back the foil. Into the microwave and in minutes Tyler and David were eating.

    Russell asked about plans for dinner. "Actually I was thinking of taking Tyler out to eat tonight, somewhere interesting." David looked at Tyler right after he said this and saw the young boy's face brighten up.

    "There's a place in Hillcrest that I think you two might enjoy." Russell offered.

    "Where is Hillcrest?" Tyler asked thinking that they were leaving San Diego after he'd just arrived.

    "It's a neighborhood of San Diego- lots of shops in old buildings that have been fixed up. A lot of really good restaurants too."

    Tyler and David finished eating and since it was already almost three o'clock, David decided it was time to head back out to continue the tour. They walked out to the garage where Chip was just finished a drying his hair. Chip pulled his t-shirt back on and caught Tyler staring for a moment. He just smiled and after talking with David for a few minutes about what the plan for the day was going to be and all three climbed into the big black car again. David climbed in first and Tyler promptly sat down and scooted as close to his dad as he possibly could.

    After getting a good chunk of sleep for the first time in what felt like weeks he felt more rested than ever. He didn't understand everything that was happening. In fact he really didn't know anything about how things were going to be but that didn't seem so intimidating now. He was wrapped in his dad's strong arm and knew he was taken care of. Tyler rested his head against David's shoulder and just enjoyed the view of all the palm trees as they zipped down the roads.

    David had his arm draped over Tyler's shoulders again and pulled him into a loose hug for much of the tour. He could feel his son's heartbeat against his chest and for him there was nothing better in the world. His son's arm resting on his thigh and the feeling of the short hair on the back of Tyler's head rubbing against his arm as he would turn his head from side to side to look at everything David was pointing out was very stimulating. He wasn't hard, or at least not yet, but his dick was feeling pretty full.

    Seven o'clock came around and the boy's decided to get dinner before it got to late. Chip dropped them off at the door he told David to give him a call when they were ready to leave. His apartment was only a few blocks away so he could go home and rest while they ate.


    They realized how fantastic the restaurant was the moment they got inside. The low lighting, soft music playing and the burgundy table clothes showed such an elegant atmosphere. Tyler shrank behind his dad feeling completely out of place in the shorts and t-shirt he had on. David introduced himself to the hostess and they were taken to a corner booth, which was already prepared for them special thanks to Russell. The large rounded booth almost seemed too big for two people especially with how closely Tyler wanted to sit to David. The server came to introduce himself as Brandon and informed them that Russell had already planned out dinner for them and asked David if he would like to review the selections.

    "That's alright- Russell as yet to pick anything less than amazing" he said smiling at the cute server.

    "Is there anything I can get you to drink?"

    "We'll have two Mudslides" David said "and is there anyway you could make one a virgin?" tilting his head towards Tyler.

    "Absolutely" he replied turning to Tyler, "and is there anything else you would like to drink?"

    "A glass of water please but-"

    "-without the ice." the server finished saying for him. Tyler smiled and looked at David.

    With that the server walked away as another person came up to the table and laid out the silverware for them. In just minutes Brandon was back with their drinks and said that dinner would start coming out in just a few minutes.

    "What is this again?" Tyler asked

    "It's a mudslide- pretty much a milkshake with chocolate and a few other things in it." David took a sip of his through the straw, as did Tyler.

    "This is good!" Tyler exclaimed as he alternated between that and his glass of water.

    Another server dropped off a little loaf of bread on a tiny cutting board and a little cup of butter. A few minutes later they were presented with a plate with bruschetta on one side and a stack on onion rings on the other. David smiled as he reached for one of the onion rings and put a piece of bruschetta onto Tyler's plate. He knew what Russell had intended but both father and son enjoyed the two very different but very delicious appetizers.

    David and Tyler talked about all the things they saw earlier today; the UCSD campus and the Geisel library, the beaches and the mountains- it was all so new to Tyler, so beautiful and he couldn't wait to explore it more.

    "Hey dad," Tyler said quietly, "thanks for all this- like showing me around and stuff- I'm having a lot of fun."

    David smiled from ear to ear and hugged Tyler tight to his side. "I'm very happy to do it for you- and always remember- anything you need- just tell me." Tyler smiled and leaned into his dad's side and pressed his ear against his ribcage as they hugged. He closed his eyes and could hear the heartbeat that he fell asleep to earlier.

    Brandon came back to the table carrying two plates and set them down in front of Tyler and David. "Jamaican grilled chicken pasta and glazed plantains" he said, "Is there anything else I can get for you right now?"

    "Not that I can think of- Tyler?" David said

    "No thank you."

    "Enjoy your dinner" he said, turned and walked away from the table.

    After Brandon was away from the table, Tyler suspiciously poked at something mysterious on his plate with his fork, turned to David and asked, "What's a plantain?"


    About fifteen minutes after Chip drove away from the restaurant, he pulled the car into his garage space below his apartment. As he climbed the stairs he called scrolled down through his most recent calls and hit send.

    "I was just thinking about you!" the voice on the other end of the phone said. "I was hoping you'd call me."

    Chip smiled wide as he unlocked the door of his apartment and went inside. "I've been thinking about you all day." Kicking off his shoes and dropping the keys on the counter he dropped down onto his couch. "What did you do today?"

    "Well, I was in class until five and then a few of us went to Perks to study. And I just got home about five minutes ago."

    "What's Perks?" He asked not so much for the reason of actually being interested in what that specific place was but Chip loved to listen to him.

    "It's a coffee shop on campus. It's a nice place to study with a group since they have a couple of pretty big tables and the chairs are actually comfortable."

    There was a moment of silence. Chip was smiling when he said, "Asher?"

    "Yea?" he replied.

    "Happy one monthiversary, boo."

    "Is that all it's been? Oh my god you're right! It feels like it's been so much longer!"

    Chip and Asher relived almost every detail of their first date and laughed at how Russell's wife and Asher's grandma conspired to set them up even though both of them had been reluctant to accept a blind date made by two old women. The conversation grew somber when they talked about how Russell and Asher's grandfather had served together in Vietnam for six years. How they were both drafted out of San Diego and with the first letters back home, their wives found each other. Asher gave a framed rubbing of his grandfather's name from the memorial wall to Chip for Russell a week after they first met. When Chip handed it to Russell, he saw the ever composed and collected man sit down on a chair and start to cry. Russell would never talk about Vietnam with anybody and at that moment Chip realized it wasn't because there wasn't anything to say.

    They continued to talk the whole evening as they had almost every evening for the past month. Conversation drifted from the serious to the playful, from talking about their families to the first night Asher slid down Chip's cock. The way things were going Chip was going to go crazy from not being able to be with the man he was already so in love with. The closer it got to nice o'clock they both knew that David could be calling at any minute. "Can you come over again tonight?" Chip asked.

    Asher laughed and said "I put some clothes in my backpack about twenty minutes ago."


    Father and son took their time eating and talked a great deal about some more of their respective pasts. David asked Tyler about school and what classes he liked, what he liked to do in Minnesota and what he thought of San Diego so far. Tyler asked David about his job and David told him about some of the vacations he had taken over the years. "We'll have to take a trip this summer before too long- where have you always wanted to go?" David asked.

    "Anywhere with beaches" Tyler said in an almost joking voice. "I dunno- I've never even been to the ocean. Well I saw it today but anything would be cool with me. Where's your favorite place to go?"

    "Well- we have plenty of time to think about it- and who says we can only go to one place" David said smiling and winked at Tyler.

    At 9:30 David gave Chip a call as he settled the check leaving the young server two one hundred dollar bills along with his signed credit card slip in the black leather wallet Brandon had dropped off earlier. He came by to collect the check and dropped his jaw a little when he saw what he left. "Thank you very much sir and come back anytime! Just ask for me, I'll be happy to take care of you!"


    Chip was genuinely happy to see Tyler coming out of the restaurant smiling and walking so close to David that they bumped into each other with nearly every step. Tyler went on and on talking about the food and how nice everybody was; he thought this kid deserved a good day.

    Back at the house the guys got ready for bed as it was already 10 o'clock and they had an early day tomorrow. They walked up the stairs together and David said he'd come in to say good night in a few minutes. David got undressed and put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt before he went in to check on his son. As he thought that it still blew him away that he was really there with him. Tyler had just come out of the bathroom and was himself in just a pair of boxers. For a moment they both just looked at each other. David's eyes giving Tyler's young tight body and once and twice over then lingering on the boy's smooth tummy. Tyler stopped in his tracks as his dad came into the room and walked toward him. Every muscle seemed to flex as he walked, muscles Tyler didn't think he even had on his own body. He couldn't take his eyes off his dad's strong chest, broad shoulders and the dark hair that started just above his knees and went down his perfect legs.

    David opened his arms as he got closer and pulled Tyler into a tight hug. The smooth skin of Tyler's chest pressed hard against his stomach as Tyler's arms wrapped around his waist. He could feel the line of his dad's boxers and could swear he could feel a soft but plump dick under the underwear. Knowing that it was that close to him, only separated by a thin layer of cloth started getting him flustered. He hugged tighter and felt it move against him just a little. David couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of his dick starting to swell against Tyler but also knew that he had a very limited amount of time before it would be more than just a little noticeable with nothing to cover it but his boxers.

    David broke off the hug and walked with Tyler over to the bed and knelt down beside it while Tyler climbed under the sheets. David leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead, which put the finishing touch on Tyler's quickly growing erection.

    "Good night," David said, "is there anything you need before I go to bed?"

    "No- I'm good," Tyler said with a yawn, "I love you dad."

    It took David a little by surprise. There it was, the first time his son told him that he loved him. He felt a lump rise in his throat and had to swallow hard before he could say "I love you too Tyler, sleep tight."

    With that David stood up and turned quickly to keep Tyler from seeing anything incriminating and walked back out into the hallway. He walked downstairs to arm the alarm and with the energy of a teenager he bounded up the stairs and into his room. He promptly kicked off his boxers and got into bed after turning off the lights but not before looking at himself sideways in the mirror almost gawking at how hard he was.

    He lay back as his hand wrapped around his now very hard dick. The idea that it was getting hard right up against Tyler's chest turned him on to no end and he started stroking himself. His left hand gently ribbed from his chest to his balls and his right gripped his engorged cock and slowly stroked it. He could feel his nuts drawing tighter to his body and wished he could have hugged Tyler naked. To look down Tyler's back and see the top of his little butt as he pressed his cock against his smooth boy's abs.

    David was about to pass the point of no return when the doorknob turned. Grabbing the sheets as fast as he could he looked up to see Tyler's head coming through the slightly opened door.

    "Tyler!" he said out of breath a nervous smile, "Are you okay?"

    "Well- uh" Tyler stuttered.

    "What it is?" he asked sitting up with a growing concern.

    "Can I sleep with you tonight?"


    "Sure Tyler," David said trying to mask his still heavy breathing, "Come on over here, are you okay?" David tried to be subtle as he tucked his sheet under his hip as Tyler turned around and closed the door. His mind was racing a mile a minute. Damn it!- here he was under the sheets totally naked and in just seconds Tyler was going to be under them as well. He figured if he just tucked his sheets under himself a little bit Tyler would never know and he could wait until he fell asleep and he'd sneak into his closet to put on some underwear.

    Tyler latched the door and turned to walk to the bed and saw his dad fumbling with the sheets a little. "I don't know- I just couldn't get comfortable and this afternoon it was just nice not to be in there by myself." Tyler blushed a little bit as he heard himself say that. For a minute he felt like he was six years old again.

    David sat up a little and smiled at his beautiful angel. Could he be any more adorable? "How do you like to sleep? Which side do you want?" David asked still fiddling with the sheets. He was thankful that his hard on when down at least most of the way, it would have been hard to hide with only a sheet and a light blanket.

    "I'll sleep this way if that's okay?" Tyler said pointing toward the door as he sat down on the edge of the bed. He crawled up and pulled the sheet over him. He slid over towards David and turned on his side to face away from him and David laid down facing Tyler's back. David went to put his arm around Tyler but hesitated, not knowing for sure what he should do, after all this was his son not his lover. Tyler slid back a little bit more until his back lightly touched his dad's hairy chest. David lowered his arm around him and Tyler seemed to melt. David smiled and put his hand on Tyler's smooth chest and let his arm drape down his side. His dad's chest hair on his back gave Tyler goose bumps with each breath his dad took. David hugged Tyler tight and relaxed his head down onto the pillow.

    Tyler hugged his dad's arm and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of this moment. Even the breath on the top of his head felt good. David spooned his son pressing his knees into the back of Tyler's knees and instantly started to panic. The sheet was pulling out from underneath him a little bit and he could feel the soft skin of the backs of Tyler's legs. His mind was torn between the wonderful sensation of his knees rubbing the backs of Tyler's and the fear of being exposed- literally.

    Tyler settled back against David's firm chest and the steady heaving from his dad's breathing and the rhythm of his heartbeat soon put the young boy to sleep. David held Tyler close to his body, loving the smooth skin of his back against his chest. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the flawless skin of his chest as he ran his hands across it ever so lightly. Every so often Tyler would move a little in his sleep and invariably it seemed to rub his ass against David's crotch. As David's cock got more full he could feel the valley of Tyler's butt cheeks with his shaft. It had been an hour since Tyler had fallen asleep but every time David would even think of getting up Tyler would make a little noise and would hold David's arm tighter.

    The sheet came unstuck from under most of his body so there was a lot more skin-to-skin contact with his young boy. He loved it and hated it; not wanting to move but knowing he should- he had to. The only place where the sheet remained tucked in was under his hip, which shielded his cock from being exposed. David laid his head down on the pillow beside Tyler's and took deep breaths of his hair, kissing the back and top of his head. The first time his lips touched the cowlick on the crown of Tyler's head, David couldn't believe how amazingly soft and warm it was. He couldn't stop himself from giving it little kisses every few minutes.

    David looked up at the alarm clock and couldn't believe it was already 1 am. Two and a half hours had passed and it only seemed to be a few moments. Tyler had let go of David's arm and he had been sliding his hand up and down Tyler's soft, trim side for the past half hour. Each time, he would stop as soon as he touched the top band of his son's boxers. He propped his head up ever so slowly and looked down at Tyler's body. The sheet was down just an inch from the edge of the elastic. David ran his hand down to the band, pausing for a moment, he checked to make sure Tyler was still sleeping. In a moment of what he wasn't sure was bravery or indiscretion, he ran his hand further down to the top of his hip.

    He took a deep breath as he caressed his son's hip even if it was with just two fingers. His fingers slid around the front of his waist and slowly his thumb rubbed the side of his soft-as-a-pillow butt and still Tyler lay sleeping under him. His mouth dropped open as he felt Tyler move his hips back a little more, the image of having his hand on Tyler's hip and pulling him back to his groin came into view and quickly David's cock was fully hard. Rubbing into his son's ass crack his mind was a blur of erotic images.


    He saw Tyler on all fours completely naked on the edge of the bed with himself standing behind him with both hands on his kid's hips. He would line up his cock as Tyler would look over his shoulder and gaze at his strong daddy with a hungry stare. Time would stand still as Tyler panted, begged "Please daddy-," David looked at his bare cock head kissing the pink hole and pulled hard against Tyler's hips!


    He was so hard he knew he had to stop even thinking about it or he would make himself cum. He had never experienced anything like it before. He should have stopped, he needed to stop but his hip pushed forward and his cock was nestled down between Tyler's little mounds. The sensations had every nerve in his body reacting. He felt something. A pressure like he was about to go over the edge. More than anything right then he wanted to make his fantasy a reality. He started to shake.

    Tyler's steady breathing was interrupted and his eyes flickered open as David's hand quickly slid back up his side. He felt his dad breathing hard and trembling so he turned his head. What he saw was his father's face covered in sweat, eyes closed and he could feel his heart pounding like it was going to leap out of his chest. "Dad- are you okay?" He asked in a very sleepy and disconnected voice.

    David's eyes popped open to see Tyler's face just inches away. "OH!" he gasped, "Sorry, ummm- yea I'm okay, just had a weird dream." David's voice was shaking as much as the rest of him but he held on to Tyler so that he wouldn't roll over and see the telephone pole that was in between them. "You ever have that feeling that you're falling when you're asleep? It was like that. Sorry I grabbed ya- I thought I was gonna fall out of the bed."

    Tyler giggled and mumbled "I hate that feeling." No sooner had he said that than he laid his head back down on the pillow and cuddled back into his dad's body again.

    David relaxed and tried to lay as still as possible until Tyler fell asleep, then he would get up and put on some underwear. That's what he was going to do, he promised himself that he would. He fought off unconsciousness as long as he could but, with his arm wrapped around Tyler's body, his knees against the back of Tyler's knees and the adorable cowlick right in front of his face, he lost and drifted off to sleep.


    In their sleep Tyler and David continued to snuggle closer and closer together until the first glimpse of daylight began to peek in the window.

    Tyler had always been an early riser but this morning when he opened his eyes he had no intentions of getting out of bed. As he came out to, he could feel his dad's arm around him hugging him to his chest, the fine hair of David's thighs tickling the backs of his legs and his warm breath against the back of his head. He stretched a bit and tried to roll over onto his stomach but when he did he felt something against his butt. He froze as his mind processed the sensation. It was his dad's crotch that was pressed up against him but something felt different. He reached back behind him and as he slid his hand across his boxers he felt hair! His eyes snapped open and he knew what he was feeling. He slid his hand down further and soon his fingers were all touching IT. His own dick started to grow and in seconds was poking out of the fly of his boxers. He ran his hand up around David's hip and just barely touched his skin. He was naked!

    Tyler pulled his hand back in front of him quickly. He couldn't believe it! David's dick had, through out the night, worked its way down so it was pointing down Tyler's butt crack and with all the moving that he was doing all of a sudden, it was starting to stiffen. Tyler lay perfectly still for a moment to make sure his dad was still asleep before he did anything. David was still motionless so Tyler started to slide his hand back between his butt and his dad. He felt his pubic hair again and he bit his lower lip. He rubbed his fingers in it and shuttered at how it felt. He couldn't believe he was actually touching it. He rubbed his fingers in it very slowly for a few minutes and began to feel something between his legs behind him. He reached down further and grazed his fingers along the base of his dad's meaty cock. It was pointing right in between his butt cheeks and he could feel it growing harder. Without even thinking about it Tyler clenched his cheeks together and felt the hardon throb and jump as it pressed itself more into Tyler's crack.

    He tried to reach down further but with the way he was laying he wasn't going to be able to get any more of it in his hand. Very slowly Tyler removed his hand and brought it to his face. He smelled his fingers and reveled in his dad's scent. Instantly he became frustrated. He had an idea pop into his mind and gently lifted his top leg. Only moving a millimeter at a time he tried to reach between his legs to see if he could feel more of David's cock. With his knee raised eight or nine inches off the bed, he reached back as far as he could.

    His index finger brushed against something and on instinct his hand homed in on the object and grasped it. He lifted his leg as much as he could without disturbing David and he squeezed the semi hard cock in his hand. He couldn't believe what was happening; the cock that made him 13 years ago was now in his fingers! He rubbed the head of it while he closed his eyes and tried desperately to imagine what it looked like again. He could feel it getting harder, he pushed back against his dad's lap and it drove his cock even more into Tyler's little hand. He started shaking with excitement! It was everything he could do to keep from moving so much that he would wake up his dad but he couldn't help himself. He ran his fingers along the thickening length of it and pulled it forward a little between his legs. He craned his neck down and gasped when he could see the very tip of the head coming out from between his legs. For a moment all he could do was stare at it- then he brushed his fingers across it. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked them to see if he could taste it.

    Just as Tyler closed his lips around his fingertips, David moved. Tyler froze; not knowing what to do and not wanting to be caught he lowered his leg trapping the object of his affection up under his balls. David's hand slid down from his chest to his lower abs and came to rest just inches away from Tyler's very hard dick which was still sticking straight out of his fly. David stretched a little bit in his sleep, which pushed the full length of his now very hard dick in between his boy's thighs. Tyler closed his eyes and moaned internally at the sensation of his dad's dick rubbing the underside of his balls. The reaction clenched his legs together and he arched his butt back. Tyler gasped out loud as the full mushroom head of his dad's dick came into view. He immediately wrapped his hand around it and felt it slide in his fingers. He pressed his butt back again and watched as his dad's head swelled and pushed though his fist.

    David's grip on Tyler grew tighter and because of Tyler's manipulation, he began to rock his hips very slowly ever few minutes. Tyler wriggled his other hand out from under himself and began groping his own dick. He couldn't remember having ever been so excited. His dad's dick felt as hard as steel but as smooth as butter in his hand. As he held both cocks in his fists he couldn't believe how much bigger his dad's was. Although Tyler had never had sex with anyone before he had seen enough pictures online to know what he wanted to happen. He wished that he had been naked as well- to feel this big cock against his skin would be heaven.

    Tyler let go of his dick and pulled and pushed and stretched the legs of his boxers as David continued to periodically rock his cock between his boy's soft thighs. Finally Tyler was able to pull the leg of his boxers out of the way enough that David's dick slid up inside Tyler's shorts. Tyler moaned as he pushed his butt back and felt his dad's cock head rub and grind against the underside of his nuts for the first time. He dropped his head to the pillow and exhaled heavily into it. He wanted to scream. He though he was going to die! He let go of his dad's cock and focused on the sensation of rubbing his balls against his dad's head. While his free hand stroked his dick, he used his other hand to brace himself against the bed so he could push back further with his butt.

    His hairless little butt soon began to feel sticky. Tyler would produce a drop of precum just a little bit before he would cum and the fact that his dad was now making it made him so hard that it hurt. His whole ass crack was being soaked and slathered in precum, which made it 100 times more stimulating for Tyler. David even started to sigh a bit with each breath as he lay still while Tyler stroked his thick cock with his ass. Tyler began getting close and his hips rode his dad's cock a little bit harder with each push of his ass. His heart was pounding like a drum and his balls felt like they were on fire.


    David's mind was far from awake or alert but the feeling of something slick and soft stroking his cock was not going to be ignored. His hips started to rock back and forth with more urgency now as the tight grip on his cock continued. His arm gripped tighter around the form in front of him almost as though his sex drive was replaying a tape of David fucking the last guy he shared this bed with. David's mind very slowly began it journey back to the conscious.


    Tyler was too caught up in the sensation to be afraid of the fact that David was starting to move his hips with his own. As Tyler would pull forward on his hips, David's dick dragged up Tyler's butt crack and brushed against the soft rosebud of his ass. He moaned out loud as it dragged its way across it and arched his back harder this time as he thrust backwards. David's cock head slid hard against Tyler's hole making them both moan.


    David was getting very close to cumming but it was a race between his brain and his lust to see if he would wake up first.

    Tyler lost himself in the feeling of his dad's cock pressing against his hole, popping across and then sliding down between his butt cheeks. He arched his back over and over to make it happen with every hump. He started grunting and then all of a sudden David's arm violently grabbed him. The whole world disappeared as his dad's cock dragged back across his asshole and then lurched forward and stabbed his cock against Tyler's ass just as David opened his eyes. He could feel cum burning up the shaft of his cock and the instant he realized what was going on, he exploded. He drove his cock hard down Tyler's crack involuntarily and screamed "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" while he shot load after load between Tyler's legs.

    Tyler was torn back into reality by David's movement and, terrified by the yell, broke free of his clutching arm. He scrambled as fast as he could move, falling out of the bed and landing on his shoulder he started scrambling for the door. He was certain David would kill him. David tried to call Tyler back to him, he never meant to scare him, but before Tyler could get to the door he was already sobbing. David was on his feet just a second after Tyler was out of the bed trying to catch him. Tyler fumbled with the doorknob but before he could open it David ran up to him and dropped to his knees so hard the thud echoed throughout the house and blocked the door. He pulled Tyler tight into his arms "OhmygodTylerSHITI'msorry-" he said stroking Tyler's hair, "Idon'tknowwhathappened-fuck!-I'm so sorry." Tyler was crying into his hands, covering his face. "Tyler, please- please look at me, please? Tell me I didn't hurt you- plea", at that Tyler dropped his weight into his father's hug. Still crying he wrapped his arms around David's neck and cried into his chest. David hugged his son tightly and rubbed his back. David's throat closed tight and his eyes began to water. He rocked back and forth with Tyler pulled tight to his chest- he had never hated himself before but he did now.

    After a few minutes he could feel Tyler calming down a little bit. "Tyler, I am so sorry, I never meant for that to happen, I never meant to hurt you. God, Tyler, I love you. I didn't hurt you did I? Please be okay-"

    "I love you too dad" Tyler said with a loud sniffle, "You didn't- I'm sorry." Tyler's shoulders shook again.

    David's mind skipped like a scratched CD. He pulled his head back to try to look at Tyler. "What?" Tyler pressed his face harder against his dad's shoulder. "Why are 'you' sorry? You didn't do anything baby." David was cursing himself inside. "Ty, Please don't hate me." David's heart was shattering the harder Tyler cried.

    David looked down at Tyler's eyes as he dropped his head and could see tears streaking down. He pulled Tyler close to his chest and hugged him as the little boy's body shook. "You don't have anything to be sorry about Tyler- you didn't do anything wrong. I'm so sorry. Shit- I can't believe what I di- Tyler I'm so sorry."

    Tyler cried harder with each apology David made. He started shaking his head as it was nestled between his dad's neck and shoulder. His guilt was pounding him like the waves on the beach and David just held onto him. Tyler couldn't believe what he had done, he was sure that his dad was going to hate him forever and send him away for doing something so awful. As these thoughts seemed to be yelling at him in his mind he could hear David whispering "I love you Tyler- I'm sorry- please don't be mad at me-". These three phrases kept echoing over and over as he slouched there in his dad's embrace.

    They stayed there for what seemed like an eon as Tyler's crying subsided. David didn't know what he should do but the more Tyler calmed down, the more he realized he had to get some clothes on- that's what started this whole god damn mess. He wished more than anything that he had gotten his ass up out of bed when Tyler fell asleep like a decent father would have.

    "Tyler? Are you okay?" David asked tentatively

    Tyler just held onto his dad and nodded his head.

    "Okay- Can you do something for me?"

    Tyler didn't move.

    "I want you to close your eyes for a minute- I need to go to my closet to get some clothes- okay?"

    Tyler bit his lips and shook his head side to side but David wasn't sure if he was just wiping his face against his shoulder or if actually was meaning 'no'. "Is that okay?"

    This time, Tyler was able to open his mouth but could only muster a weak "no" as he slumped down into David's support even more. As he did Tyler rubbed his chest against his dad's hairy chest and spread his knees a little bit and straddled David's left thigh. He slid down and sat down his full weight on his dad's bare thigh and pressed his face against David's strong shoulder.

    David's eyes opened wide not knowing what was going on with Tyler. His smooth skin rubbed down his chest and Tyler's arms quickly moved around and went under David's arms and wrapped around his torso. The biggest surprise came when Tyler rested his weight on his thigh and he felt the wet spot of his underwear where his load had saturated his son's butt. He froze- he didn't know what to do- this wasn't actually happening was it?- he had never been so stunned in his life.

    Summoning every ounce of courage he had, Tyler slid forward on his dad's thigh, feeling the copious amount of cum sliding between his butt cheeks. He slid forward so he was touching his dad's body from his face up against his fuzzy chest down to their stomachs. Tyler could feel his dad's dick lying soft against his leg and he slid his foot over and pressed up against it.

    David tried to lean back away from Tyler as he realized what was happening.

    With a flushed face he looked straight ahead, put his hands on Tyler's sides under his armpits and swallowed hard- "tt-Tyler?"

    Tyler's arms held on a little tighter.

    Clearing his throat he stuttered "we-" he coughed, "You don't want this."

    Tyler's grip lessened, as did David's. Tyler started to lean back a bit and sniffled a couple times and tightened his jaw so he wouldn't cry. Before David would have been able to see his face, in an explosion of energy, he shoved back against David and bolted for the doorknob again. It caught David by surprise so much so that he fell backwards as Tyler opened the door and ran out of the room. As fast as he could recover he was back on his feet and had barely cleared his own door when Tyler's door slammed and locked; seconds later he heard another door slam. David grabbed both sides of the door jam almost tearing the trim clean off the wall and banged his forehead against the door with his eyes closed. "What- the- FUCK?" He shouted out to the emptiness of the house, punctuating the end of his question with a swift kick to Tyler's door. Every fiber of his being was infuriated with himself. "GOD-DAMN-IT!"


    Tyler ran into his bathroom crying, slammed his door and sat down on his toilet doubled over with his face in his hands. He couldn't believe that he had just done that, to his dad of all people; the only family he has anymore and he freaked him out. He heard David scream something, a very loud bang and then footsteps quickly going down the stairs. He was terrified that his dad figured out what he had done, how he'd played with his dick while, he's so mad, he was going to kill him. "Who would want a son who does something like that" Tyler thought to himself.

    He'd been sitting in there for about ten minutes when he finally stopped crying. He heard his bedroom door open and his stomach tightened with fear.


    David was so mad at himself he just wanted to pound the door down with his forehead. He ran down to the kitchen with a throbbing foot and shuffled around the junk drawers until he finally found what he was looking for- the key to the bedrooms. With it, he limped back up to Tyler's door and knocked. He looked down at himself and realized he was still naked. He quickly went back into his room and grab a pair of shorts. He went back to the hallway and knocked again on Tyler's door. He waited for a couple seconds but didn't hear an answer. "Tyler?- Can I come in?" Nothing.

    He inserted the key and opened the door and could hear the vent fan buzzing in the bathroom. He very slowly walked over to the bathroom door and knelt down in front of it, leaning back against the door jam. "Tyler? Are you in there?" he asked in a soft voice.

    Tyler was tensed, waiting for the door to be kicked open; he was surprised to hear such a soft voice coming from the other side. In fact- it was so quiet that the noise from the fan made it hard to hear. He leaned over to the door and turned off the switch for the fan and crouched down beside the door to see if David would say it again.

    "Tyler? Can you hear me?" David asked with his knees pulled up toward his chest and resting his folded arms on his kneecaps. "Please- let me know that you're okay"

    Tyler sat down on the floor up against the door and leaned his head back against the solid wood. "I'm sorry" he stuttered.

    David could barely hear him but immediately said "no- Tyler- you don't have anything to be sorry for. You didn't do anything wrong- I'm the-"

    "NO!" Tyler shouted at the top of his lungs, cutting him off as a lump rose in this throat again. "It was my- you didn't-,"

    David couldn't believe what he was hearing.

    "I'm the one who- who- I-" His voice closed up and he dropped his head onto his knees that were pulled up to his chest and started crying again.

    David sat there with his mouth open in stunned silence for a minute. He knew that what his mind was going through was bad but couldn't imagine how crazy Tyler's was at the moment. "Tyler? Can I open the door?"

    "NO!" He yelped- he was scared- he couldn't face him.

    "Please? Ty? Please open the door- I promise it's okay." David put his palm against the door and leaned his head back, "I just want to see you. We need to talk- - - I love you."

    Tyler pushed himself up harder against the door as David spoke until he heard him say "I love you" He started to lighten up on his barricade and leaned forward a little. "It's okay Tyler, do you want to unlock the door?"

    Tyler couldn't move his hand up to the doorknob but he knew he wanted to.

    David's heart was breaking for the scared kid on the other side of the door. If desire alone could move an object, the door would have been flung a hundred miles out to sea. "How about if we take a minute, okay?" David said "We can go sit by the pool? Does that sound okay?"


    "I'll give you some time- just come outside when ever you're ready okay? I love you Tyler." David stood up and walked back to his room to put on the rest of his clothes. He pulled on a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt and walked downstairs. As he passed Tyler's door he could hear the bathroom door open. He didn't want to crowd Tyler so he hurried downstairs and out the door after turning off the alarm.


    Tyler walked out of his bathroom and could hear his dad's footsteps on the stairs, the alarm chirping off and then the back door opening. He looked out his window and watched his dad walking across the patio and down the steps to the pool. David glanced back up to Tyler's window for a second and then sat down on a chaise lounge chair facing out to the ocean. Tyler pulled off his underwear and kicked them over to the corner of the room beside his bed and started digging though the few clothes that were still in his suitcase that he had not packed away yet. Pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt he went back to the bathroom, wetted a washcloth and wiped his face so it didn't look so red but couldn't even bring himself to look at his own reflection. He hated himself and slowly walked out of his room.

    He went down to the patio door and could see his dad sitting there looking out over the water. Tentatively he pushed open the door and started walking out towards him.


    A few minutes after he sat down, David heard the door open but didn't look right away. He wanted to let Tyler walk around the pool without being stared at. He turned his head with a smile and looked at Tyler, now only about 8 feet away, "Wanna sit over here with me?" David said patting the seat in front of him on the lounge chair.

    Tyler nodded and walked over to the chair. David had put his feet on the ground on either side of the chair and David sat between his knees facing the rolling waves just like his dad. David pulled his son back against his chest and wrapped his arms around him very gently and gave him a hug. "Tyler- I love you and I mean that- there isn't anything that is ever going to change that."

    Tyler melted back into his dad's chest as his eyes watered. He leaned his head back against his chest. He closed his eyes and didn't say a word- he knew if he opened his mouth he'd cry again.

    "I know you must have a million things going through your mind right now and I want you to know, you can tell me anything; anything at all. No matter what it is I won't be mad and I'll never stop loving you." David said as he put his chin down on the top of Tyler's head and watched the sky slowly brighten from behind them.

    David and Tyler sat like that for the better part of an hour in total silence; listening to the distant cry of the seagulls, the rumbling of the waves and the sound of the neighbor's dog barking. Neither of them was tired but they both sat there with their eyes closed- partly from it just being very calming but mostly because they were both afraid that if they opened their eyes, something would need to be said.

    The silence was broken by the sound of the garage door opening as Chip pulled into the front of the house. David opened his eyes and gave Tyler's chest a squeeze and a kiss on the top of the head. Tyler smiled and pushed back a little harder against his dad. "Hey- I have to go into the office for a little bit this morning- but only a couple hours I promise. I just need to check make sure everything is okay at work." With that Tyler leaned forward and stood up. David took his hand in his own and turned him around so see his dad smiling at him and got up. David opened his arms and gave Tyler a long hug. They hadn't talked about anything yet but things were better now. They both felt better knowing that the other wasn't angry or hurt.

    They walked inside and up the stairs before Chip came in from the garage. David went into his bedroom to get ready for work. Tyler went back to his room to get cleaned up- and mostly to hide. He wanted to be alone and he just sat on his bed looking out his window watching someone walk along the shore with a dog. He stood up and paced back and forth a couple times and would sit back down on the bed. He unpacked a few of his clothes and put them into his dresser and closet and started picking up the dirty clothes from around his room and the bathroom. He piled his dirty clothes in the hamper in the bathroom and as he came out he noticed one item he forgot; the pair of boxers he wore to bed last night.


    knock knock knock

    "Tyler? I need to get going but I'll be back in a couple hours" David said through the door as he cracked it open just a little bit. Tyler quickly turned to the door. David pushed the door open more and saw Tyler look away from something against the wall. "Can I get a hug before I leave?" he said with a smile on his face.

    Tyler quickly walked over to the door and gave his dad a big hug and he pressed the side of his face into the expensive silk suit he was wearing.

    David hugged Tyler tightly and just for a moment glanced at the only item out of place in the room. He squinted for a second and recognized them as the boxers Tyler was wearing last night. "Okay, I won't be there for long, just take it easy here- Russell will be coming in around eight o'clock. I love you so much." David held onto Tyler for a minute and turned to walk down the stairs and as he opened the front door to meet Chip out in front he looked back up to Tyler. "Love you" he shouted as he walked out the door.

    "Love you too dad" Tyler whispered to himself.


    Tyler tentatively walked over to the wall and picked up the boxers that he'd been wearing that morning. As his fingers reached out to grasp the fabric his mind began to forget about the anger he had towards himself about what he had done. As he lifted them up to his face he closed his eyes and all he could remember was the feelings. He felt so secure under is dad's arm, so warm and sheltered. He took a slow breath and was flooded with the smell of his dad. He turned and sat down on his bed and as if moving in slow-motion, lay back bringing the boxers up to his face again. As he lay down a wet part of the boxers fell against his chin. The cool feeling made him jump a little bit and knowing that it was David's cum sped the tent that was growing in his sweatpants that were quickly becoming too tight.

    He slid the shorts up his face and felt the wet spot run over his lips. Sticking his tongue out slightly he was able to taste the sweet flavor of his dad's semen and it was on his own boxer shorts. It tasted different that the precum he tasted earlier but knowing that it was his dad's spurred him on. He opened his mouth wide and let the wet spot drop past his lips and into his mouth. His other hand lowered into the waistband of his sweatpants and grasped onto his very hard dick. Giving himself a squeeze he sucked on the fabric in his mouth and was rewarded with a sweet drop of cum on his tongue. He let go of his dick and ran his hands down along his balls and pressed his fingers into his butt crack and felt the cum that was still damp in his hairless buttcrack. He quickly sat up and pulled the boxers away from his face. "What if there's more on the bed?" he thought to himself.

    Tyler ran over to the door. He slowly opened it and peeked out to see if anyone was around. The coast was clear so he rushed into his dad's room and closed the door as quietly as he could and locked it. He quickly pushed his sweatpants down off his feet and with the boxers in his left hand; he walked over to the bed.


    David sat back as Chip maneuvered the busy streets. His mind understandably preoccupied with the events of that morning. He put his hand on his thigh and brushed the head of his cock under his pants. He scooted his hand closer to his belt and ran his palm along the length of his shaft as he looked out the window. His mind bounced back to the moment he woke up, the very moment as he yanked Tyler's hip back and blew his load between his butt cheeks. His dick was getting hard under his hand the more David thought about where his cock was. His mind created the images of his hardon, wet with precum, gliding between the little teen's thighs poking out in the front with every thrust. As though he were watching a tape taken from above of the whole event he could see his cock disappearing between Tyler's tight creamy thighs.

    "Do you want me to wait at the office or do you think you'll be a while today?" Chip's voice popped in.

    David took his hand off his lap and pulled himself back to reality. "How bout you just wait for me for a few minutes. I'll find out how much stuff I need to get done and then I'll let you know if you can wait or come back."

    "Sounds good like a plan."

    As they neared the office David tried to get his thoughts off of Tyler but it wasn't working. As he stepped onto the elevator he thought about what Tyler meant when he was apologizing. Why would he want to apologize? What if it was him who started it?


    Tyler crawled back up onto the bed and found a wet spot on the sheets. He lay on his back so that his narrow butt covered the wet spot and again he took the boxers in his hands. He opened up his shorts and found the very center of the wet spot. It was completely soaked and practically dripping with his dad's load. He lowered it to his naked and very hard dick and rubbed it all over, moaning as he felt the cool cum spread all over his shaft. Using his dad's cum as lube he slid his hand up and down over his swollen head while he pulled the boxers back up his body rubbing the wet spot all the way up the center of his stomach and chest. He opened his mouth wide and pushed the whole wet spot again, into his mouth and moaned as the flavor roused his taste buds. The sweet taste delighted his senses as he stroked himself. Taking his hand from the boxers he pressed his fingers between his thighs and rubbed them around the slick cream as he fervently stroked his dick. He spread his legs wide on the bed and almost by accident his fingers rubbed across his hole, nearly pushing himself over the edge from that brief touch. He gasped through his underwear and quickly pushed his fingers back against his asshole. His breathing got heavier with easy new sensation coming from his little hole. He remembered how David's cock felt when it pushed hard against it and slid down it. The way that as David pulled him back he could feel a sting as his head tried to punch through his virgin hole. He pushed his finger against his ass as every muscle in his supple body tightened at his orgasm. His balls pulled tight against his body and he could feel the cum burning its way out of his head as he shot. He looked down just in time to see his first blast fly through the air and land on his chin and neck. The rest of his load landed onto his chest while he continued to wiggled his finger against his butt.

    After what felt like an eternity of ecstasy, his body relaxed and he pulled his finger out of his crack. He lay on the bed covered in his own cum. He lowered his legs and took his underwear out of his mouth and as he let go of his dick he ran his hand up his chest smearing his load up his body.


    David's erection grew under his suit as he thought of the whole thing being started by Tyler while he was still sleeping. He put his hands into his pockets to hold his cock down while he neared his floor. As the doors opened, his secretary greeted him and started giving him a break down of the activities of the weekend. His agents had rented and sold quite a few properties and there were a number of contracts that he had to sign to close the deal on a merger he'd been working on to buy out one of the smaller realty companies in his area. It didn't look like there was going to be very much work to be done that he had to do himself so he told his secretary to clear his schedule for the rest of the week.

    "I'd really like to spend the rest of the week at home with Tyler, ya know, help him get adjusted."

    "Yes sir," she said as she scribbled notes down on a small steno pad in her hand. "oh and also, your travel agent called to see if you want to continue with your cruise this year like you did last year or if you wanted to make any changes."

    David stopped in his tracks and one could almost see the light bulb appear over his head. "Yes- absolutely- that'll be perfect. Call her back and tell her to add another ticket- wait- two more tickets and tell her I'll call her from home tomorrow with some suggestions."

    "Yes sir," she said with a smile. "I'll make sure that gets done today."

    After about 15 minutes of speaking with a few of his other employees, David sat down in his office and called down to Chip who was parked in the basement of the building. "You might as well just wait for me- I should only be a couple minutes."

    "Sounds good David, just call me when you're ready to go and I'll meet you at the front doors." Chip said back in a rather distracted tone, which was just different enough for David to notice.

    "Is everything okay?" David asked

    "Yea- I was just readjusting the seat."

    "Okay- I'll call when I'm ready." With that David hung up the phone and got back to his contracts.


    Tyler felt so relaxed he knew that if he didn't get up and move around a little bit, that he'd fall asleep. And even though sleeping naked on his dad's bed sounded appealing he didn't want to get caught. Tyler picked up his boxers and walked over to the door and quietly opened it to see if anyone was in the hallway. "All clear" he though to himself as he took the few fast steps out his dad's door and into his own. He paused for a minute once he was inside his room as he decided whether or not to take a shower. He wanted to because he felt gross but washing the load out of his butt crack is what made him rethink it. In the end he decided to wash up.


    After dropping David off, Chip had called his boyfriend. Finding out that he had a break in between a couple of classes and that he was only a few minutes away from campus, Chip drove to pick up Asher outside of his last class. So instead of sitting in the parking garage like David assumed, Chip was now behind the School of Medicine at UCSD with Asher.

    Chip hung up his phone from talking with David and leaned back against the rear seat. "Damn that was close." he muttered as Asher's lips opened and engulfed his cock again. The leather felt cool against Chip's bare back as his shirt lay with Asher's on the floor of the car. Asher had an amazing mouth and all Chip could manage to say was "Oh my god" and "fuck yea" as he ran his fingers through Asher's shaggy hair. Asher loved to please and especially loved the way Chip reacted to his blowjobs. With each grunt and grown that passed his lips, Asher's mouth would get that much more hungry. With his free hand Asher was quickly unbuttoning his shorts and pushing them down over his ass as he bobbed up and down on the delicious cock in front of him.

    Bringing Chip to the edge over and over again was filling the long car with so much moaning that he was sure that someone would hear the raucous but that never bothered him. Asher loved to suck cock and Chip was definitely noticing but after 20 minutes of sucking he brought Chip up to the point of no return and he quickly pulled his lips off of the dripping hardon and turned around on all fours, "Shoot in me again" he said offering his ass for Chip to take. Wasting no time Chip was on his knees in an instant pushing his pants down a few more inches, straightened up and pulled Asher backwards impaling him on his staff. Asher threw his head back and gasped as he was suddenly stretched open and with a grimace on his face he bit his lower lip and accepted his man's fucking.


    Tyler opened the door to the bathroom and was greeted with a billow of steam which resulted from the bath he had started to draw. Completely naked, he had been looking out his window at the people collecting on the beach. The hot water felt good as he stepped into the bathtub and he began lowering himself into the water. He jumped as he balls reached the water and then his little butt. After a couple seconds of cool down he lowered himself into the water and leaned back against the tub.

    He loved baths ever since he could remember, showers were preferred when the clock was ticking but he loved to soak. He ran his hands up and down his body paying special attention to his armpits, feet and face and then down to his dick. The hot water was plumping his dick up and made his balls hang loosely in his sack. He played with them for a few minutes, gently swishing the water around them, feeling the current flowing through his wispy pubic hair and across the smooth surface of his balls. He spread his legs wide in the jacuzzi tub and waved the hot water into his butt crack. He purred inside as he rubbed his fingers up and down the hairless trough and circled his rosebud.

    His whole body tingled the more he played in his butt crack. Using both hands he'd spread his cheeks apart under the water and rub up and down periodically pushing just the very tip of his finger up against his hole. Everything around it was tender from all the action that it had seen that morning. He tried lifting his legs up in the water to give himself better access and after a few different position, rested on his back with his face just a couple inches above the water with his thin legs pulled up to his chest. He closed his eyes and wished David would walk in right then. He imagined that he was on the bed with his dad again. From pictures he had seen online he knew what he wanted.

    He stretched his legs back out and slid up to the head of the tub as he rubbed his hands up from his thighs to his chest feeling the firm bumps of his little nipples. He resumed playing with his dick, rubbing it very loosely, not enough to be jerking off but just enough to feel good.


    Chip laid forward onto Asher's back as he continued slamming his cock into him. Asher loved it hard and that's exactly how Chip liked to deliver it. With his left hand wrapped around Asher's tight stomach, Chip used his left hand to pull Asher's head back a bit so their lips could meet while Chip's breathing got heavy. Asher kept his hands on the seat in front of him so he could support them both and even though he hadn't touched himself since he pulled his mouth off his boyfriend's cock, he was already on the verge of cumming. Each jab from Chip's cock stabbed him in the prostate making him grunt, he was sure with each pounding his cock was most of the way up to his neck.

    "Oh fuck yea Chip- OHHHHGGG- God! Ride my ass" he yelped as Chip increased his pace.

    "God damn you're so tight- CHRIST!" Chip moaned. He knew he wasn't going to be able to last much longer inside such a hot hole. "You want my cum baby?" He said breathlessly

    "Oh fuck yea stud! I want your fucking cum up my ass!" Asher squeezed and clenched his ass as hard as he could, "Feel how tight I am- god I want you to shoot in me!"

    Chip started giving Asher long irregular thrusts pulling his cock almost completely out and then following them with rapid short jabs. Chip's movements were loosing their rhythm Asher knew any moment he was going to get filled again which pushed him over the edge. Asher's body went wild as he bucked back against Chip. No longer caring about anything other than the cock in his ass Asher cried out loud enough that anyone within 15 feet could have heard him. "Oh my god- shit Chip I'm gonna cum- I can't stop it- oh god FUCK the cum outta me- unnnngnghghhh- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

    The energy coming from Asher's pulsing ass quickly took Chip up to the edge. Chip tried to hold his orgasm back as hard has he could as was able to rack Asher's ass with another volley of fifteen or twenty more long hard slams before he bit Asher's shoulder and emptied his balls inside his hot little medical student's hungry hole.


    David's mind was definitely elsewhere as he pawed through the contracts before him. The idea that Tyler started the events that transpired just a few hours ago kept him hard the whole time he was behind his desk. His cock pressed against the underside of his desk drawer as he verified dates, amounts and benefits for his soon to be employees. Finally he had come to the last one. He gave Chip a call on his speaker phone to have him meet him out in front of the building in 10 minutes.


    Chip and Asher enjoyed their afterglow wrapped in each other's arms kissing each other tenderly. Even with as wild as Chip got during sex, afterwards, he was as gentle as a kitten and very affectionate. Asher loved that about him more than anything, it was at moment's like this that they really knew they loved eash other.. Chip pulled one hand free just enough to pick up the phone "Are you ready to go David?"

    "Just about- give me about ten minutes and I'll meet you out front."

    "Sounds good"

    Chip always waited till David hung up the phone and as soon as he did he closed his phone and gave Asher a very long and loving kiss as they pressed their sweaty bodies together. "I better get going" Asher said, "I told a few people I'd meet them at Perks to go over today's lectures."

    "Okay- are you going to be home tonight?" Chip asked as they twisted and wiggled back into their clothes.

    "Yea I should be- gimme a call when you're done with work" Asher said, pulling his pants up and turning his shirt back right side out.

    Another brief kiss and they both crawled out of the back seat as Asher headed back towards campus and Chip climbed up front to go back to the office.


    Tyler relaxed in the bathtub surrounded by the hot water and steam and was quickly feeling his energy soaking out of him and into the water. His fingers slowly and gently played as he pulled on his surprisingly relaxed scrotum and toyed with his balls. He ran his fingers over the hairless skin and tried to imagine what his dad's balls looked like; were they very hairy? He tried as hard as he could to remember if he felt them at all that morning but finally gave up with the thought that if he had touched them, he didn't realized it. He grabbed the bar of soap off the ledge of the tub and began to run it down his arms and legs. As the water became cloudy from the soap he stood up and washed his dick and balls. Then lathering up his hands for a few seconds he placed the soap back onto the ledge and slipped his hand around behind him and started to wash his butt. In no time his fingers were playing around his tight rosebud and gingerly pressing against it.

    He pulled up the drain for the tub and turned on the shower head to rinse off all the soap. With one hand still playing with his butt he aimed the shower nozzle down and rinsed off his dick. Turning around he spread his butt cheeks and felt the suds being washed down his legs. Not wanting to take too long in the shower knowing how much hot water he had used in the tub, he turned off the water and lazily stepped out to dry off.


    Signing the last form on his desk and doing a quick double check to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything David hollered "Diane- Can you take care of these contracts?"

    "Sure thing David- just leave them on your desk and I'll make sure they get copied."

    David checked his watch, grabbed his briefcase and walked out of his office. Deciding to take the stairs he pushed open the door. Descending the six flights of stairs took just a few minutes and right on time, Chip had pulled up in front of the building and had the door open for David.

    "That didn't take long" Chip said as David stepped into the car.

    As Chip pulled away from the building he looked back and noticed the smile on David's face. "Okay- either that was a really good day at the office or you're up to something."

    David laughed a little bit and responded "A little bit of both I guess- no catastrophes over the weekend and had an idea for our vacation this summer. With everything that happened to Rachael, the business of moving Tyler out here and trying to get everything settled completely took my mind away from it." David's grin was beaming as he told Chip of some of his ideas for future vacations now that Tyler was with them.

    "I can't think of a better way to get settled in a new home than to spend a week away from it getting seasick." Chip said with a laugh. David learned the first year that Chip came to work for him that it would be best to not bring him on any trip that involved the water.

    "That's assuming that we're going somewhere warm again."

    "True- then I'd need to add getting eaten by mosquitos depending on where you take us."

    "Bitch, bitch, bitch- I still think you miss all the fun by flying when we sail somewhere. There is something to be said for waking up and going to the highest deck on the ship and see nothing but water." David said which evoked a nauseated look from Chip. "You big baby!" David said laughing.


    Tyler had dried off and with the towel wrapped around his waist he stood in front of his bedroom window again looking out at the pier. Maybe he and his dad could take a walk down there tonight but as he thought that his stomach tightened a little bit as he knew that there was going to have to be a conversation about what had happened that morning.

    Tyler walked over to the bed and sat down. The hot water had made him a little drowsy so he positioned himself so he was facing his window while he laid on his stomach. Essentially lying sideways on his bed he bunched up his pillow and placed it under his bare chest. He couldn't see the beach from this angle but looking out over the water was interesting in a very different way. There is only one body of water that he'd ever been to that was so wide that you couldn't see the other side and that was Lake Superior. The whole family would go there a couple of times every summer- I guess that's what his big vacations were each year. It didn't compare to the vacations that David had talked about at dinner but remembering them still made him smile.

    His eyelids began to droop so he just listened to the sounds of the waves, the wind and the seagulls that echoed up from the beach. He imagined that he was once again down by the water with his cousins. The hundreds of seagulls hovering above the point in the cold wind in Duluth. Even in the middle of summer that wind just never seemed to warm up. They'd eat at the Green Mill and stand by the canal while the lift bridge would make way for the titanic cargo ships. The last time he was there the grownups splurged and everybody stayed at the Hawthorne right there in the middle of the park; The coolest part was that from their room they could watch the humongous ocean liners float into the harbor. The rhythmic crashing of the waves definitely sounded much louder, stronger and more frequent than the ones in Duluth but they too soon had him rolling off the pillow and falling asleep.


    Russell prepared lunch as he looked out of the window and saw the car pulling up to the front of the house. Chip hadn't even reached the end of it when David opened up the door and bounced out. David smiled at Chip and told him to put the car away and then come in right away for lunch- it was almost 11 o'clock and he was hoping that Chip would be as hungry as David felt. David walked in the door with a smile on his face and started climbing the stairs. He walked into his closet to change clothes and as he was stripping off his suit he saw the outline on the sheets that his cum left. He froze in his tracks for a brief moment and for the first time since Diane mentioned his travel agent he forgot about telling Tyler about the trip.

    Just as David stepped out of his pants he heard a knock at his door. Shortly after knocking, an embarrassed Russell entered the room. Chip hadn't told him how long David was going to be out of the house so he had not yet gone upstairs to strip and remake the bed. David disappeared into the closet and before he had finished hanging up his clothes and grabbing a more casual set, Russell had the dirty sheets on the floor and was mostly done making the bed with the new sheets.

    "I'll never understand how you can do that so fast" David said as he walked out of the closet pulling his shirt over his head.

    "Years and years of waiting till the last minute" Russell said with a chuckle.

    David laughed as well at the sarcasm in Russell's voice. Of all the people he knew, Russell was the last person to procrastinate about anything. "Have you seen Tyler yet today?" David asked

    "Not yet- I have heard his shower going but he hasn't come out of his room as best as I am aware."

    David helped Russell tuck in the clean set of sheets and then opened the door for him as Russell carried them out. David closed his door and walked over to Tyler's door and had to stop himself from just walking right in. Having lived alone for so many years, the whole idea of needing to knock on a door before entering was something he'd have to get used to. He knocked on the door and waited a few moments but he didn't hear anything so he knocked again. Still not hearing anything he turned the knob and peeked his head in the room.

    "Tyler?" he said quietly, "you in here?"

    Tyler was completely dead to the world and didn't hear his father open the door, nor did he hear his voice. David opened the door a little more so he could look into the room and could hear a quiet snore coming from the bed. Realizing that Tyler had fallen back asleep, he slowly opened the door. Walking into the room and quietly turning around to close the door behind him, he tried to be quiet so he wouldn't wake up the young boy. As he turned around his eyes gravitated to the young form lying on the bed, naked except for a towel loosely covering his waist. From the angle David was looking at he could see the form of Tyler's butt framed by the terry cloth and his smooth legs extending out from it. Tyler was clutching his pillow and his body was slightly curled around it. As David stood at the end of the room, his eyes dancing over Tyler's skin, they drifted back down to the bottom of the towel and the shadow that was created by the space between his legs as they went under.

    David could feel himself getting hard the longer he looked into the darkness. As soon as he moved his hand down to give his dick a squeeze the little angel on his shoulder yanked out a high caliber rifle and in a quick movement, blasted his counterpart off David's other shoulder and yanking the gun back, smacked David in the head with the butt of the gun. David's hand froze, his eyes closed and wanted to hit himself. "Not even six hours ago! I almost- almost-." He shook his head and thought, "What the fuck is the matter with me?"

    David looked down at the floor in an attempt at avoiding temptation as he walked over to the bed. Standing behind Tyler he looked at the perfect boy, crawled onto the bed and dropped down beside him not being at all careful about how much he shook the bed. Before they stopped bouncing he saw Tyler's arms move and he could see he was waking up. Without a moment's hesitation David wrapped his arm around Tyler bare chest, pulled him close and gave him a squeeze. "Here I go and work my butt off for two whole hours and I come back here to find you asleep? I just don't know what I'm gonna do with ya-"

    Even though Tyler was still waking up he could obviously hear the sarcasm coating every word David was saying. He rubbed his eyes and just started giggling. David held onto Tyler tighter, laid his head down on the pillow and put his face up to the back of Tyler's head. With Tyler laughing David made a wish that God would let him hear that laughter everyday for the rest of his life. He knew if he could have that wish granted that'd he'd be happy forever.

    Tyler started to roll over and was soon face to face with his dad. He wasn't thinking about the fear he had earlier, about "the talk" that was still going to happen and instead leaned forward and lifted his arms and wrapped them around his dad's neck. "Is it dinner time already? Is it Tuesday? You've been gone forever, I missed you!"

    "Well I got out of there as fast as I could! And I've got good news but I'm not going to tell you what it is until after we eat." David kept his arm wrapped around Tyler, rolled and lifted him off the bed and for a moment just stood beside the bed holding his son in his arms like he had always wanted to when he would think about his little boy who lived so far away. Tyler's chin resting on his shoulder and his hand reaching down and supporting Tyler's butt. He closed his eyes and hugged him as Tyler wrapped his legs around his waist. How many times had he seen his friends or even strangers on the street pick up their little boy and feel jealous? He twisted back and forth slowly and realized why he didn't see very many men carrying their five foot tall son's like this. David bent over a little bit as Tyler's legs unwrapped themselves from his waist and his feet made contact with the floor. "Maybe you don't need to eat anything- you're heavy!"

    "What EVER!" Tyler exclaimed, "You didn't even grunt when you picked me up?"

    "Okay fine, you can still eat." David put his hand around Tyler's shoulder as they started to walk to the door to go down to see what Russell had made for lunch. "but I'm going to have to work out more if I'm gonna do that again."

    Tyler heavily leaned into his dad's side as they walked when he suddenly stopped. "Wait, I have to go to the bathroom really quick." Tyler said ducking out from under this dad's arm and walking towards his bathroom. "I'll hurry!"

    David walked over to the door as he heard Tyler's zipper going down and said "Just come downstairs when you're done."

    "Okay!" Tyler replied.

    "and just so you know-" David paused for a second, "I missed you too."

    With that he walked out of the bedroom, downstairs and into the kitchen.


    Tyler smiled from ear to ear when he heard his dad say that he missed him too. He pulled his dick out of the fly of his pants and went to the bathroom as quickly as he could. He turned to the counter after he zipped up and as he washed his hands he looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled, smoothed out a little bit of bed head, killed the light and ran out of his room.


    "I'm not sure exactly what's going on but I think it's about our vacation this year." Chip said to Russell as they sat along the bar in the kitchen.

    "Would I be right in guessing that you'll be flying this year?" Russell asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

    "Oh my god! Five years! This is never gonna die is it! When we got to land I completely understood why God had me born in Nebraska- there aren't any oceans!"

    "I was afraid they weren't going to let you come on shore when we finally got there with as sick as you looked." David added as he walked in the door. "It's a wonder they didn't quarantine you."

    All three were laughing as Tyler walked into the kitchen. "What's so funny?" he asked as he sat down next to Chip.

    "We were just talking about how much Chip here just loves life on the sea." Russell said putting his hand on Chip's shoulder.

    "These guys will never let me live it down; I swear to God." Chip said turning to Tyler to explain. "The first time I went on vacation with these guys, we went on a week long cruise around Hawaii and back. I started feeling sick two hours after we left and didn't stop heaving until after we got home."

    Tyler laughed a little at the face Chip made. "Who went?"

    "Last year it was just David, me and Russell and his wife Louise" Chip said.

    While Chip and Tyler talked, David joined Russell back at the counter while he was cutting the last of the fruit and placing it on the plates. "I know this might be short notice but what are you and the misses doing next week?"

    "As far as I know she doesn't have anything going on that can't be missed and up until now I assumed that my schedule was pretty similar." Russell replied.

    "I was thinking, for the last couple years we take a long weekend at the beginning of summer and then the longer trip in the fall. This year, because Tyler is going to start school about a month before we usually take the second trip, what would you think if we switched it?" David asked already knowing that Russell would say "That sounds fine to me" as he always does when talking about the plans for their vacations. Since David had always paid for these trips, he was more than happy with whatever David ended up deciding on.

    "I just think it'd be easier to steal Tyler away from school for a long weekend when it starts to get cool rather than for a whole week ya know?"

    Russell nodded and true to form said "That sounds fine to me."

    David grinned and turned around just in time to see the door slowly closing as Chip and Tyler walked out to the patio.


    "The first year I started working for your dad, he chartered a yacht which was why I got so sick. If we had we been on a regular cruise ship I probably would have been fine but David likes the idea of deciding when we wanted to move from port to port rather than having to stick to a schedule."

    Chip and Tyler were leaning on the same rail they had been the morning before last and as a gust of wind rushed up, Chip remembered the trouble that he'd had trying to sleep that first night. "Did you sleep any better last night? You seem a bit more awake than before." He said with a smile.

    Tyler tensed up knowing that he couldn't just come out and say that he crawled in bed with David, "yea- I guess it just takes a little getting used to being in a new bed and stuff," he said never taking his eyes off the ocean. He hoped that Chip wouldn't say anything more on the subject and just as Chip started talking again, David stuck his head out of the door and called the guys in to eat.


    Tyler again helped Russell clear the table after everyone was finished eating and was about to go out to the pool again when David said, "Hey Tyler, how 'bout we go check out the beach?" Tyler made no attempts to hid his excitement about that idea. Chip asked him if he'd need anything else for the day and letting him know that the lawn and the cars were taken care of. "No I don't think so, I think I still remember how to drive- at least short distances." he said through a toothy smile.

    "That's debatable," Chip laughed as he got up from the table. "If you need anything I'll have my phone with me and I'm only 20 minutes away so it really wouldn't be a problem."

    "I'll keep that in mind but go, enjoy your day and I'll see you tomorrow. I'm going to be going into the office only for the essentials this week so you can come in around nine or ten."

    "Sounds good, I'll see ya then. Have a good one Russell!" he said as he walked out the door.

    Tyler followed Chip out to the garage and gave him a quick hug.

    "I'll see you in the morning buddy." Chip said.


    "I'm glad that you are feeling better today."

    "Me too" was all Tyler could say in reply. He already felt dumb enough for being unable to sleep in his own room- there was no way he was going to say anything else. After Chip left Tyler walked back toward the kitchen but turned and went straight outside instead. He walked across the grass and found himself again at the rail looking out at the beach. This time though he was checking out the beach itself more than the people and making a list in his head of the stuff he wanted to check out up close.


    "How much stuff do you have to do today?" David asked Russell as he joined him by the counter.

    "After cleaning up in here I was going to go through and dust unless there was something you needed."

    "Not at all, I was just going to say that if you'd like to, you can take the rest of the day off as well. Tyler and I are going to be down at the beach for a while and then we can go out to eat again tonight for dinner. Oh- and by the way- dinner last night was amazing."

    "I'm glad you liked it, I'll give the restaurant a call before I leave to set dinner up for tonight as well." David helped him put away a few last things while glancing out to the pool from time to time when he thought Russell wasn't looking. As he was getting ready to leave Russell put his hand on David's shoulder and asked if everything was okay. The look on David's face spoke volumes as he searched for the right words. Before he could speak though, Russell said "Nobody has ever learned how to do this over night. I raised three of them and I still don't know what the hell I'm doing half of the time. I don't envy what you are going through; at least for me, my kids were too young to remember all of my first big mistakes."

    David felt both comfort and doom in Russell's comments. "Thanks," was all he could think to say. "Oh- could you give Chip a call and tell him about next week too? Tell him that he's bringing his boyfriend."

    "I definitely will. If you need anything, you know where to reach me. I know Louise would be more than happy to help you with Tyler if questions arise." With that Russell picked up his keys and phone and walked to the front door leaving David leaning against the counter and looking at Tyler out by the pool. He knew these two would be fine- in time.


    After another minute or two David slowly opened the door to the patio where Tyler was sitting. David knew that right now was not the right time to have the talk that neither was looking forward to. Instead he perked up his voice and said "Hey- how 'bout we go check out that pier without the binoculars?" Tyler looked up with a smile on his face. Standing out by the rail and seeing the lounge chair where he and David sat that morning got him thinking that the talk was coming. "The guys are gone for the day, so we're gonna have to try and fend for ourselves this afternoon and tonight."

    Tyler walked over to David as he held the door open. As Tyler passed through the door, David patted him on the shoulder and immediately felt Tyler stop, turn around and hug David tight for a few seconds before running upstairs to put on some shoes. David just smiled and walked over to the door and put on his tennis shoes. Tyler came down the stairs as David was tying his laces and asked how they were going to get down to the beach.

    "Well- we can either repel down from the pool or we can drive" he said expecting that to get at least a little laugh from Tyler but instead it looked like he was about to leap out of his own skin.

    "For real? We can repel?" he asked excitedly.

    "No! What? No no no- " David laughed, "I was just joking. Even IF we made it down alive we'd still have to find a way back up." David said as he put his arm around Tyler's shoulders and walked to the garage door. "I think it'd be best if we just drove- at least for today. We'll test our mountain climbing skills later- maybe."

    Tyler leaned into David's side as they walked, he knew he'd never get tired of this feeling.

    Once in the garage, David walked to the last bay that held his favorite car. It was his 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL hardtop convertible. "Well- what do you think?"

    "Oh my GOD!" Tyler shouted. "This is so cool!" he said as he ran around to the passenger side and climbed in.

    David got in, started it up and as they pulled out of the garage he told Tyler "Press this button and hold it down." As he did the top unlocked and lifted making this the first convertible Tyler had ever been in. He was so enthralled with it that he almost forgot about his seatbelt. David pulled out onto the street. As they came to the first intersection Tyler noticed the road name.

    "La Jolla Farms Road."

    David laughed at the way Tyler had pronounced it and said the proper way to say it was 'La Hoyya' and as they meandered down La Jolla Shores Drive, David told Tyler that the pier that he could see from the house was called "Scripps Pier."

    Tyler was blown away at the size of some of the houses they saw along the way. Some where so big he was sure that they had to be a hotel or something. When they got down to the pier and parked the car David asked Tyler if he wanted to go out on the pier first or if he wanted to go down to the beach. Tyler opted for the beach and with that they descended the stairs.

    Tyler couldn't believe he was actually at the ocean. He could taste the salt in the air and as soon as he hit the sand he made a beeline for the water. As he ran he could see people surfing and sunbathing and hordes of people just walking around. He turned to say something to David but he wasn't there. For a moment he looked around- nothing, his chest got tight; He started to hurry back away from the water and after going about a hundred feet through the swarm of people he saw David again whom he obviously left behind in his haste.

    "There you are," David said "I figured you'd be in the water already."

    Feeling sort of sheepish he said "I was- a little- but when I couldn't see you I- got a little weirded out."

    "Well this beach probably has more people on it than everyone within fifty miles of Grand Rapids." When David put it into that context Tyler didn't feel so foolish. David just put his arm around Tyler's shoulders and together they walked to the water.

    Feeling his dad's arm around him, Tyler leaned into him as they walked. He all but blocked out the people all around him and tried to match David's gait step for step. He had to stretch his legs to match David's steps but it felt so good being that close to him. As they got closer to the water Tyler couldn't believe how amazing it all looked. The beach definitely wasn't like any beach they had back home. The sand stretched up and down the shore for as far as he could see and the beach in front of him looked like a table; not just a few feet of sand between a grassy yard and the water. It was completely flat and stretching out for a hundred feet or more. As a wave would crash it would wash up the shore all the way to where they was standing. After slipping their shoes and socks off they walked closer to the water feeling the water rushing past their feet with each step.

    To the left Tyler looked up at the massive pier and they started walking away from it. "It sure is crowded up there." Tyler said.

    "Right by the pier is always the worst but if we walk a ways up the shore it should thin out quite a lot."

    After walking for an hour or so Tyler looked down and saw a shell like he'd never seen before. "Hey- what kind is this?"

    Tyler bent down and for the first time since getting there David took his hand off of his son. He crouched down as Tyler picked it up. "Looks like an oyster shell. I guess you probably wouldn't have see any of these in lakes up north, huh?" As they stood up Tyler brushed the sand off the shell and David said "and look where we are."

    Tyler followed David's hand with his eyes up the bluff but didn't see at what his dad was pointing. "What?"

    "That's our house," David said kneeling, "see those two roof peaks right there and there? This is why we drove." He said with a smile.

    "Wow- we really walked this far? What time is it?"

    "A little after 4 o'clock, hey- let's sit down for a minute." The distance from the pier and the increasing number of rocks on the shore certainly thinned out the masses. Walking a few yards away from the water they found a pretty big rock to sit on. Tyler and David sat side by side and just stared out at the water while the occasional person would walk past. Tyler slid over a little bit closer to his dad and David's arm went around him with his hand wrapping around Tyler's warm soft side. When Tyler would turn and look at something he could feel the muscles in his side contract.

    David knew he needed to say something but really didn't know what. The silence had been holding between them as they just sat together watching sailboats out on the water. As a catamaran came cruising past them David had the perfect conversation starter. He pointed out to the yacht and asked Tyler "Hey- have you ever been on one of those before?"

    "I've never even seen anything like that before. It's huge!"

    "What would you think if we went on a trip on one of those?" David asked, knowing that he would soon have a very excited kid on his hands.

    "Really? That'd be so cool!" Tyler said jumping off the rock and almost dancing with excitement. "Where would we go? Do we have one? I mean- do you have one? Like that?" Tyler was instantly overflowing with excitement and David loved to see it.

    "Well "we" don't but we can rent them. The captain usually comes along but there was one that was easy to control so Russell took care of it." Russell always took the helm when he could. He had loved sailing when he was younger but had been relegated a little dinghy.

    "Hey kiddo, what do you say we start heading back down the beach? I'll tell you more about it on the way and then we can go grab some dinner."


    Tyler and David walked slowly back towards the pier while David was telling him about all of the things they've done in past years and what they can do this year; scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, exploring on some of the islands and so on. Tyler couldn't believe that he was about to go on this trip his dad was telling him about. He'd never been on a vacation that didn't involve visiting grandparents or cousins and sleeping on a couch. To go from that to something as incredible as this was just making his head spin.

    As they got back to the pier David looked at his watch and it was 6 o'clock. "Hey- how 'bout we head back to the house and get ready for dinner. Maybe tomorrow we can come back and look at the pier. How's that sound?" David said.

    "Yea, I'm starving. I can't believe its six, it feels like we just got here!" Tyler said still clutching his oyster shell.

    The drive back only took a few minutes but to David it felt like it was taking forever. Without the anticipation of the beach and the ocean, his thoughts again centered on the need to talk to Tyler about what happened this morning. David backed the car into the stall and lowered the door while Tyler put the top back up and then climbed out and followed David back into the house.

    "Why don't you take a shower before getting changed? All that salt that's on your skin is gonna dry you out if you don't rinse it off." He said as he became more and more distracted by the thought of having the talk.

    "Okay- I'll be back down in a little bit" Tyler said as he bounded up the steps.

    As if there wasn't enough on David's mind right now he couldn't take his eyes off of Tyler as he ascended the stairs. His shirt was clinging to the trim sides of his waist; his calves flexing as he was taking two steps at a time not to mention how his round little butt seemed to roll under the thin material. David had no idea what to do. He knew what he wanted to do- it's the same thing that any gay man would WANT to do.


    As Tyler entered his room he took his shirt off and threw it on the freshly made bed and looked down into his had at the oyster shell. He took it into the bathroom and put it on the soap holder in the shower and slid of his shorts and underwear, kicking them back into the bedroom and pushing the door closed.

    He quickly washed up, mostly just rinsing everything off and then picked up the shell. While he thought it was cool in its own rite, he started to feel more of a draw to it than just that. This was what Tyler would always be able to use to remember the first thing that just him and his dad did, the first thing time he hung out with just his dad. As the water ran over him he sat down on the floor of the tub and washed it as good as he could in the water that was on its way to the drain. He didn't know why but he started thinking about "the talk" that they had not yet had. Why did David tell Chip and Russell to go home early? The more the thought about it the more it made his stomach tightened up. His thoughts turned to the worst possible outcome; David being angry when he found out exactly who started it all and would send him away. His heart sank and he knew his eyes were watering even as the shower poured over his head. He couldn't help but think that if his dad did sent him away then at least he would have the oyster shell that he clutched in his hand.


    David stood at the bottom of the stairs as Tyler closed the door to his room. Almost laboriously he lifted his hand to the rail and walked up to his room. He could hear Tyler's shower turn on and he pulled his shirt off over his head. He stretched for a couple seconds and tossed his shirt to the corner of the room; shortly followed by his socks, shorts and boxers. He stood there for a few moments in front of the window looking down and guessing where he and Tyler had been sitting on the rock.

    When he suggested going down to the beach he thought that would be the best time to talk about it but when the time came the closeness that he felt on their walk made him reconsider. It just felt too good being out with him and seeing him experience something that he'd never seen before; he didn't want to ruin it.

    David found himself struggling with the temptation to go into Tyler's room while he was in the shower. Not with a desire to get in the shower with him or anything, nothing even a little bit sexual, but just to be close to him. Spending all afternoon with his arm around his shoulders and sitting together on the rocks felt good but it wasn't until now when he really realized it.

    He grabbed a fresh pair of boxers out of his dresser and headed for the shower just as he heard Tyler's shower turning off.


    Tyler calmed down and convinced himself that David wasn't going to send him away or anything. He finished rinsing off and got out and started drying off. He walked out into his room to get away from all the humidity. He stood in front of the wall of windows and started thinking about what had happened this morning that had gotten him in trouble. At first he started wishing that he would have just stayed in his own bed last night but changed his mind back as he remembered all the sensations he felt that he never had before. He put one foot up on the bed as he dried his leg off and he rubbed the towel up his thigh his hand traced the edge of the towel up his butt crack and his other hand rubbed the towel against his dick and balls.

    His mind wandered back to what he felt as his dad's cock was pointing out between his legs and rubbing the underside of his balls. He closed his eyes and saw what the head of that big cock looked like as it appeared underneath his sack. He saw how wet the head of it was and then saw it pull back under and disappear as he traced his fingers up his crack; his memory was almost strong enough to relive the feeling of the thick head sliding past his asshole and up to the top of his butt.

    He lay down on the bed exactly how he remembered laying that morning when he woke up. His dick was already very hard as he lifted his leg and rubbed his fingers along the space between his balls and his ass and moaned. The precum started to drip onto the bed and before it fell he pulled his hand back and wiped it onto his fingertip and placed his fingertip directly on his little hole and rubbed it in a small circle. The muscles in his legs tensed and his bit his lower lip just a bit and pulled his finger away to get more precum on it. He couldn't believe how alive his butt felt as he stroked the ring with his precum. He rolled over onto his back and spread his legs as wide as he could and after getting some spit on it, he slid it back between his cheeks and kept rubbing. His other hand went to his dick, which was fully hard and standing at its full five and a half inches. He squeezed his dick and a string of precum dribbled out and ran down his fingers, which he quickly licked off. He laid his head back on the bed and imagined that his butt crack was still loaded with his dad's cum and desperately wanted it there again. He wanted to feel that head rubbing back and forth between his thighs but most of all, he wanted to rub his fingers across the head of it while it was wet with precum and taste it. Right now, he didn't think about how much trouble he might get in or any of that; he just wanted to feel his dad again.

    His finger was pushing harder against his hole and his balls were pulled up as Tyler arched his back and with a moan, shot his load all over his stomach. His body went limp right after he came and as he was still in that euphoric afterglow, he raised his hand up to his mouth and tasted the cum from it imagining that it was David's.


    "He let you have the whole day off? Well that was nice of him!" Asher said into his cell phone as he walked to his final lecture of the day.

    "Yea- he and Tyler went down to the beach and were going to hang around the house for a while tonight just the two of them."

    "How's he doing? Is he okay?"

    "Which one?"


    "They're both stressing out. They are trying to act like everything is okay but I can tell that neither one of them knows what's going on."

    "What do you mean?"

    "like, for Tyler- he's just started getting to know David; and for David, before Rachael died, the most up-to-date knowledge he had of Tyler was what size clothes and shoes he wore. Ya know the last picture he got from her was his school picture from four years ago?"

    "What a bitch! I know its got to suck finding out the father of your baby is gay but it could have been worse! He could have been an crack head, or a deadbeat- or a 700 Club member!" Asher spouted trying to interject some humor to calm Chip down a little.

    Chip started laughing.

    "Hey- I'm here so I better get inside before all the good spots are taken" Asher said as he climbed the steps to the hall.

    "Oh wait- when is your last day for class?"

    "Today is my last classroom day and Thursday is my last test. Why?"

    "Perfect- just don't plan anything for a little while. I got a call from Russell today and you'll want to keep yourself available for a little while but I'll tell you more about it tonight." Chip said resisting the temptation to blurt out the invitation that David extended to Asher.

    "Okay- I'll see you at your place at six or so" Asher said

    "Sounds good- see ya" and with that Chip close his phone and laid back in the lounge chair on the roof of his building in the sun.


    David tried not to think about Tyler. The more he thought about it the less and less he felt inclined to bring up the subject of the talk before dinner- maybe even skip the topic all together for tonight. He knew full well that he was pushing off the inevitable but he didn't care. He figured Tyler might already be feeling like he was on shaky ground, he didn't even know what the phone number to the house was yet for God's sake. As he debated more and more with himself, he noticed that for the first time since Tyler got there that he didn't spring a hardon in the shower.

    He washed his hair and grabbed the soap and lathered up and started rinsing off all the while he was thinking about his son. He was truly looking forward to having the evening alone with him; going to dinner, maybe watch another movie or something. As he stepped out of the shower he thought he heard the bedroom door closing but figured it was just Tyler leaving his room to go downstairs.

    Not wanting to keep him waiting David hopped out of the shower and started drying off. He dried off his hair and arms and chest and wrapped the towel around to dry off his back before he went below the belt. As he dried his cock and balls he fought to keep his mind from getting any ideas. He quickly dried his legs and feet and then did another once over of his butt and under his balls. Beyond his control his dick was getting more full by the minute. He dropped the towel, put some gel in his hair, put on deodorant and brushed his teeth. By the end of this he was completely hard. As he brushed with one hand he was rubbing his balls with the other. When he spit he knew that he needed to do something or he was going to walk around looking like a pup tent at dinner.

    He reached under the sink and grabbed a bottle of lotion and put some in his hand. As he smoothed the cool cream on his cock he reached into the magazine rack and grabbed a dirty magazine and started flipping though. He flipped through and started seeing a strong resemblance between a lot of the young guys in the magazine- and Tyler. That realization almost made him cum in and of itself. He began imagining Tyler's beautiful face on the bodies of the boys in the pictures. He sat on the counter and fisted his meat and could feel his balls tingling. He cracked his eyes open and leaned against the mirror when he let out a low moan and blew his load across the centerfold picture; but it was Tyler he saw on that page now covered in his cum.

    After a few seconds of slowing his breathing back down he reached over, turned on the water and slid off the counter and washed his hands and then his still mostly hard dick before drying off again, much more relieved than he was when he got out of the shower. He slipped on his boxers and just before he reached for the doorknob he heard a bedroom door close again. He poked his head out into his room to make sure that there wasn't a repeat of what had happened yesterday and once he saw the coast was clear he walked to his closet and pick out some clothes. He put on a pair of linen pants, a silk button down shirt and a nice pair of shoes and walked out of his room while rolling the sleeves up a couple times. Right outside of his door his stunning angel was standing in a clingy black tee shirt and jeans and with an odd look in his eyes.


    After Tyler came down from his orgasm he could hear that David's shower had turned off. He had put all of his clothes away and expecting David to be ready soon, he wanted to get ready to go. He had felt pretty under dressed in the t-shirt and shorts he had worn at dinner last night. Everybody else there looked so dressy, so he looked for something a nicer.

    He quickly realized that there just wasn't anything he had that was much nicer than cargo pants and old polo shirts that he got as hand-me-downs from his older cousins that were too baggy. He put them on and looked in the mirror and it just didn't seem to work so he tried on another shirt, then a different pair of pants. He even tried on a polo with a nice pair of jeans but aside from making his butt look nice, nothing looked very good. Tyler went to David's room and opened the door and hurried over to David's closet. He couldn't believe how many clothes there were in there. And they all looked so nice. Not wanting to get busted- again- he hurried back out of the room.

    Tyler went back to his dresser and looked through the few shirts that actually looked kind of nice but they all had designs on them. None of his dad's shirts looked like his. He pawed through them and found a plain black tee shirt, stripped his shirt off and slid it on. He went over to the mirror to see. The shirt was kind of on the edge of being tight and sexy to being just plain being too small. He didn't know what to do and he was getting frustrated that he didn't have anything nice.

    The water had turned off a few minutes ago so Tyler went over to David's door and knocked. He didn't hear an answer so he opened it and saw that the bathroom door was still closed. He walked in and could hear a sound he knew all too well coming from the bathroom. He walked over as quietly as he could and snuck beside the door and listened to his dad beating off. The wet noise and heavy breathing had him getting hot and bothered right away. He could hear another noise that he couldn't quite put his finger on but after a few moments he thought it sounded like pages being turned.

    He had a porno in the bathroom! Then the breathing changed- the pages stopped turning and he heard his dad grunt. He just about died; here he was only a few feet away from his dad's orgasm and separated by a door. He wanted to open up the door and see it, watch him shoot and see how his muscles moved when he went over the edge.

    He knew that soon he'd be coming out so he quickly left the room and stood out in the hallway to cool down. After a few minutes he heard David walking towards the door and as it opened his mouth fell open. His dad was a knock out!

    "Oh- wow!" he said finding himself speechless and unable to produce a follow-up statement.

    "Well thanks," he replied noticing that Tyler was staring just a little. "We were a bit too casual last night and since we're going to the same restaurant again tonight I didn't want them to think we were a couple of hitchhikers" he said.


    "What is it?"

    " I don't have anything that nice. I'm gonna look like a homeless kid next to you." At first David thought Tyler was being funny but as the radiance in Tyler's face disappeared when he looked down at himself, David reached out and pulled him into a tight hug.

    "You are beautiful Ty. Here- lets take a look at what you've got." David caught himself in a thought for a moment. Did he just call him beautiful? David and Tyler walked into Tyler's closet and quickly realized that Tyler really didn't have many clothes with him yet. "Is your aunt going to be sending the rest of your clothes?"

    "This is all I have. I brought everything. I left some stuff for my cousins that fit didn't fit me but this is it." Tyler said looking at the stark closet. With a closet that had to be about eight feet by ten feet he only had nine things hanging up and used two drawers in his dressers. He felt poor and hated it. He always hated that feeling. Kids in school that always wore expensive clothes would always make fun of the kids that couldn't afford them. Tyler turn halfway around and stood in the doorway looking away from his empty closet as David glanced through the few things that were hanging.

    David really didn't want Tyler to feel like he didn't have anything to wear simply because he didn't have reason in Grand Rapids to wear anything more fancy than a pair of Old Navy cargo pants. "Well- how hungry are you? Do you think you could put off eating for a little while?"

    "Yea- why?" Tyler replied still looking away.

    "There's a Saks a little ways away from the restaurant. How bout you just wear what you have on now and we can stop by there and start filling this closet?" David put his hand on Tyler's back and they walked out of the room and out to the car. David definitely was not going to bring anything up now so they got in the car and of course Tyler immediately put down the top, which proved to be a good distraction. With the top down the noise from the road was enough to fill the air so father and son could just smile back and forth to each other as they drove. As they pulling into the parking lot and the wind noise toned down, David started asking Tyler what kinds of clothes he likes.


    Asher arrived right on time at Chip's apartment and was greeted with the only meal Chip could wow people with; spaghetti, garlic bread and a lot of wine. As they sat down and started eating, Asher asked why he should keep his week open.

    "Well," Chip started to say tentatively, "ya know how I've told you about the places that David has taken me to on his vacations?"

    "Yeah yeah- Hawaii, Aspen, Barbados, bastard- Oops! Was that last part out loud?" Asher joked.

    "Well, I got a call from Russell after I left the house and he told me that David told him that we're going on vacation next week- and" Chip paused to take a drink, "that he is buying a ticket for you to come along- that is if you would like to."

    "WHAT? Are you serious? But- why would he take me? I've never even met him!" Asher said is pure amazement almost spilling is wine.

    "Because you're with me. I don't know where we'll go but if they will be sailing, we would be flying; so we'd have a few days just by ourselves. And I can't think of a better way of spending a week than with you, wherever we end up going." Chip said trying to sell Asher on the idea.

    "I had no idea, of course I'll go; I'd love to!" Asher exclaimed. "So who all will be going? And you still didn't say where he's taking everyone."

    "Well that's the thing. He never tells us where we're going until the day we're leaving but it's always some place either tropical or in the mountains. Every year we all show up at the house with two suitcases; one for the surf and one for the turf." Chip said taking another drink of his wine, "oh and it'll be you and me, David and Tyler, and Russell and Louise."

    They talked for hours about the trip and upcoming exams for Asher. He didn't usually drink anything so close to an exam but with as hard as he'd been working he figured that he had earned it. As they got up from the table, Asher faked falling on his back onto the couch and Chip climbed on top of him straddling his legs. They continued their conversation lying chest to chest but things soon turned a bit less innocent. Chip's hands found their way under Asher's shirt and began rubbing up his trim and tight abs and obloquies as they kissed. Asher put his hands on Chip shoulders and Chip slowly slid down his boyfriend's body and began kissing the smooth skin just below his belly button. He unbuckled Asher's belt and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. Kissing his way down Asher's treasure trail, he unzipped his pants and pulled Asher's boxers and jeans down.

    Asher lifted his butt up and Chip quickly pulled his pants off and, as he unbuttoned his own jeans, he dove down on Asher's cock as it pointed up to his belly button. Licking his way up from his balls, up the shaft of Asher's cock and finally to the head, Chip loved hearing Asher moan. He felt Asher squirming under him as he continued sucking him off. He knew that Asher could never hold back when he was getting a blowjob and Chip loved to take him over the edge. Chip gently pulled on Asher's thigh, to which he responded by spreading his knees apart to give Chip all the access he wanted. Chip spit on his fingers between bobbing up and down on Asher's drooling cock and with almost no warning at all, he rubbed his spit on Asher's asshole and quickly shoved his middle finger into him. Both Chip and Asher were in heaven as Chip sucked Asher's cock down to the balls while rubbing his fingertip across his prostate.

    As Asher got closer and closer to the edge, Chip could feel his head swelling in his mouth and Asher's hands were all over Chip's head, arms and shoulders. Asher's long low moans turned to short irregular gasps, his fingers dug into Chip's shoulders, his body went stiff and Chip's mouth was filled with the warm sweet load that he knew all to well. He loved the taste of Asher's cum but didn't swallow a drop; he knew what he wanted to use it for. Asher's orgasm started to subside and Chip stood up and lewdly finished stripping for him and in just seconds was back in between his boyfriend's knees and let the fresh cum drip from his mouth onto his very hard cock as it pointed at Asher's hole. With most of Asher's load now covering Chip's cock or dribbling in Asher's crack, he swallowed the rest, put his lover's feet against his chest and quickly began sinking his throbbing cock into him. Asher grunted, winced and groaned as Chip's balls pressed up against his ass and the rapid thrusts started. Asher wrapped his hand around the back of Chip's neck and pulled him down for a deep kiss. "You feel so fucking good-" Asher growled "Fuck me!" If there was anything Asher ever wanted to do to get Chip in the mood, all he had to do was let out his sexy little growl. He looked at his beautiful boyfriend, pulled completely out of him and slammed it back in making Asher yip. The sensations that Asher was feeling were too much for him as he gripped the couch cushions and arched his back and started shaking as his second orgasm hit.

    The tightness of Asher's ass and the incredible display he was giving Chip were too much and he felt his cum exploding into Asher. Wave after wave of intense pleasure ran through Chip just as wave after wave of cum filled Asher. Slowly Chip pulled out of him and, after a little rearranging, laid on the couch behind him and spooned with him as they both enjoyed their post-orgasmic bliss.


    Tyler put the top back up when they found the right spot, got out and walked with David through the garage toward the entrance. When they crossed the threshold Tyler's jaw dropped a little, this place was amazing! David was watching him out of the corner of his eye and delighted in being able to show Tyler things that he would have never seen living in Grand Rapids. "Let go up the escalator," David suggested, "I think the men's department is on the third floor. This is gonna be fun- just don't look at any price tags."

    Tyler stepped on first and one step behind him was David. As Tyler looked forward, David pulled him back a little bit so he was leaning against his chest. He wrapped his arms around him and as Tyler brought his hands up to clutch his dad's forearms, David put his cheek against the back of his head and whispered, "You're worth more than everything in this whole store to me and I mean that."


    Tyler couldn't believe how much his dad had just spent on clothes for him. He was wearing a new set of clothes that weren't too different from what David had on; he felt like a million dollars. "I don't think I've ever worn anything this nice before, really! These are awesome!" Tyler said as they walked back to the car. He looked down at the new leather shoes he was wearing and couldn't believe he was wearing shoes that cost more than a hundred bucks. As he walked he make sure to pick his feet up and not scuff anything.

    "You're welcome!" David said beaming. "That's a good enough start for tonight. We can get more stuff later- like when we 're not so hungry." He said winking at Tyler. David's heart was still beating hard from watching just the few minutes that they spent around the changing rooms. All he could think about doing tomorrow was taking him shopping again.

    Tyler looked again in his two bags that held another two pair of pants and three more shirts; as well as the clothes and shoes he was wearing when they left the house. For the time being, he wasn't worrying about "the talk", he wasn't even thinking about it; he hadn't thought about it since he started trying on clothes and coming out to model them for David. He was having fun again. He thought it was fun trying all that stuff on because David complimented him on everything.

    David made a quick call to the restaurant to let them know they were on there way and asked to be seated at one of Brandon's tables if he had room. "Do you go there a lot?" Tyler asked as David was hanging up the phone.

    "Actually, last night was only the second time that I had ever been there. One of Russell's friends is an owner there and that's how I heard about it" David said, "plus, they'll sneak me in if there is a wait; one of the benefits of knowing the owner." David flicked his hand out to the side meaning to tap Tyler's hand to punctuate one of the joys of nepotism but instead the moment it made contact, Tyler opened up his hand and David's hand slid into his own. If it had been anyone else David would have felt uncomfortable and for a moment he was but that was very short-lived as he laced his fingers through Tyler's. "Maybe tomorrow we could go get some more clothes. There wasn't anything that didn't look good on you." He was right. Tyler has the body that clothing designers dreams of; round butt, narrow waist, broad (okay okay- broadenING) shoulders, tight trim body plus he was just as cute as hell.


    David thought- How does a dad say this? If Tyler had been just one of his friends he would just say he was hot or sexy or even make some salacious flirt but Tyler was so much more than that. "You're perfect, Ty." He glanced at his dad's face and smiled, gave David's hand a squeeze and leaned into his arm as they got to the car.


    "Russell? How much did Tyler bring from home?" Louise asked as she started to wash up the dishes from dinner while Russell put away the leftovers and cleared the table.

    "Surprisingly little. He only had a couple of bags and from what I know there isn't anything else that is being sent."

    "I can't even imagine," she sighed, "Is he eating?"

    "His plate is always the most clean when the table is cleared and he's usually the first one finished. I think I need to make him a bigger plate."

    "Well what do you expect? He's a growing boy! You remember the boys when they were his age- their legs were hollow when it came to food."

    Russell put the last dish into the dishwasher and sat at their little kitchen table reflecting on when their kids were Tyler's age. "David is worried, he's always wanted this but I don't think any amount of desire can prepare a man to be a father."

    "It's not just men, dear, the only advantage Rachael had was that when she started being a mother- Tyler wasn't so complicated."

    "When she brought him home he was a potato in diapers."

    "I don't want to be disrespectful but the way she treated David still gets me mad. She didn't say word one to him unless he called her every day for a week." Louise clasped her hands on the table manifesting her frustration. "People have a right to be upset but not for 13 years."

    Russell put his hand under hers and regained her attention. "Enough about her." he said, "David is thinking of taking the long trip early this year."

    Russell and Louise moved to the couch in the living room to mull over past vacations and talked about how much more fun things would be with Tyler coming this year.


    After just a few minutes they pulled up in front of the restaurant and David gave the keys to the valet and they walked inside. The hostess recognized them from last night and said, "Right this way Mr. Scarden, we have your table ready for you."

    As they were being seated Brandon came over looking genuinely thrilled to see them again. With him he already had water for Tyler and David, Tyler's without ice of course.

    "I wasn't thinking I'd have the luck of seeing you two again so soon!" Brandon said with a very sincere smile on his face.

    "Well I don't think that anything could have possibly made dinner last night any better; you guys did a wonderful job." David replied as Tyler scooted next to him.

    "I'm very glad you liked it!" Brandon said bringing his hands together in front of him, "I understand that Russell has arranged your menu again tonight but can I get you something to drink?" he said looking first to David and then to Tyler.

    Tyler asked for another mudslide and David asked for whatever wine the chef would suggest. The procession of plates closely followed the drinks and again just as the night before, Russell had picked a wonderful meal. Father and son took their time in eating their dinner, enjoying the view they had of being able to look out over the rest of the restaurant from their booth in the corner of the dinning room.

    David was enjoying the slight buzz that he was getting from his third glass of wine as Tyler was savoring the last of his milkshake. Tyler's knee was up against David's leg almost constantly as they ate and David had given up with trying to keep his hardon down shortly after the salad. With as low as the ambient lighting was, he had no fear of Tyler seeing how hard he was. He would however catch himself glancing over at how Tyler's shirt perfectly wrapped around his chest. The fine fabric showed every contour and that was becoming harder and harder to ignore as the evening progressed.

    Dinner lasted much longer than before and for a while after they ate, they just sat together. David putting his arm around Tyler's shoulder and Tyler's hand rested between his thigh and his dad's but as good as that felt, David knew it was time to head home. As they started to stand Tyler put his open hand on David's thigh to help him scoot his butt across the seat. His fingers came dangerously close to feeling the hardon David was now going to have to try to conceal.

    As they walked to the door David put his hands on Tyler's shoulders and moved him to the front as they meandered between the closely placed tables. He couldn't help but notice the movement of each muscle as Tyler's arms moved as he walked. He looked down and even with the low lights he could make out Tyler's little ass.

    Having been told by Brandon, the valet was just pulling the car around the front as they made it out past the cluster of waiting patrons and out onto the sidewalk.

    "That was so good! I've never had a sandwich that tasted like that before."

    David smiled and again opened his hand slightly offering it to Tyler and said "Russell told me before I came here the first time that the chef here could make anything worthy of a king."

    Tyler quickly picked up on David's gesture and immediately took David's hand again. Even if it was for just a few seconds before he'd have to let go to get in the car he wasn't about to pass it up. As the valet opened the door for him he let go and climbed in and immediately went for the button to put the top down. David had to wait for a second as the roof slid into place before climbing in but took that chance to look down at the back of Tyler's shirt as it pulled up exposing the bare small of his back.

    The drive had Tyler adequately distracted but the two shared more than a handful of glances at each other. Tyler looked over and let his eyes travel up from David's knee to his crotch and slowly up to his chest until he finally reached his face only to find that David was looking right in his eyes. He could feel his face blush as he looked away and out at the lights rushing by. David chuckled a little bit at Tyler's embarrassment and reached over and patted him on the thigh.


    Pulling into the garage and putting the top up, David and Tyler walked into the house, both showing signs of being tired. Given the option of going to bed or of being able to stay together longer they sat down in the living room and David suggested they watch a movie. It was almost ten o'clock but David wasn't ready to say good night yet. Tyler got up to look at the movies again and tried to hide a little yawn. He found "Legally Blond", and though he'd seen it several times but it was funny and more importantly, it meant that he'd get to stay close to David longer.

    As the movie played Tyler cycled through a variety of positions from sitting directly beside David to laying with his head against the opposite arm of the couch with his feet against David's leg. David smiled at that one because his cute little feet would burrow a little under this leg and he could rest his arm on Tyler's legs. Both of their favorites though was when Tyler would lay on his back with his head turned toward the screen resting on David's thick thigh. David couldn't help but look down at Tyler's tummy. The pants that the had just bought, that hours ago seemed to fit him as though they'd been tailored, were now looking loose around his waist. "Did he shrink?" David thought. Tyler's shirt pulled up a little and David could unabashedly peek at the top of Tyler's boxers. The more into the movie they got the more comfortable they got with the constant contact with each other. Tyler would put his hands behind his head stretching his chest with one arm resting against David's chest and the other pointing down his leg. David finally gave into something he'd been wanting to do this whole time and laid his arm across Tyler with his hand coming to a rest just below Tyler's ribcage.

    With the way Tyler's arm was resting against his chest, he could look down the sleeve and see down into Tyler's armpit. He was so beautiful, it was so beautiful; the hair must have just started growing last weekend, David thought jokingly. Not that it was in ANY way unpleasant, but David could smell Tyler. It wasn't body odor, he wasn't really sure what it was but he was simply magical. He wanted to kiss down his arm and feel the softness of that tiny patch of silk against his lips. He wanted to kiss every inch of the underside of his arm as he went.


    All too soon Elle was delivering the commencement and the mortar boards flew into the air. It was almost midnight but he didn't care. The movie switched off but father and son didn't move. Tyler, still laying on his back, simply turned his head so he was looking up and straight into the eyes of his dad. His mind suddenly went in ten different directions as he held eye contact but in just a moment they all came back to his amazement that he was with his dad and all he could do was smile.

    David looked at the angel on his lap and moved his hand from his tummy up to the side of his face. His thumb stroked Tyler's temple and he watched Tyler's eyes slowly close. Tyler turned his face against David's abs and rolled his body so his knees were against the back of the couch and brought both hands up to his chin and let the backs of his fingers enjoy full contact with his dad's hip.

    David knew Tyler was going to fall asleep down here and was in fact looking forward to it. He rubbed Tyler's back slowly from the back of his neck to the elastic band of his boxers. He moved his hand up to his side and would stroke from Tyler's hip ever so slowly up to his armpit. Over and over he would repeat this movement and by design each cycle would pull Tyler's shirt up a little bit and would work his sleeve down until a little bit of Tyler's hair was peaking out and his shirt was pulled up enough to show off three or four inches of beautiful creamy skin. He knew he should stop but he didn't; he knew he didn't want to. He carefully adjusted himself to allow his cock to grow down his left leg while Tyler's head lay on his right. He looked at Tyler's butt sticking out just a little and slid his hand down past the exposed skin and rested his hand on the hip with his fingers reaching nearly a third of the way across the most supple cheek he'd ever felt. God how he wanted to unbutton Tyler's pants and push them down to he could cup his whole butt skin to skin. He made slow long strokes up and down his leg massaging the cock that made this boy in front of him.

    Precum started to flow and David got a naughty pleasure in seeing the damp spot form and would in fact flex his cock to coax out another drop. He knew that lusting after his son, his little boy, was so wrong but that made the fantasy of fucking him that much more intense. He knew he was going to make himself cum and his only regret was that he had not aimed his cock down his other leg so his head was under Tyler's cheek. He closed his eyes and imagine that he was naked and Tyler's head was in the same position as it was now except instead of sleeping, he was trying to suppress his gag reflex as David would pull him closer, slipping his cock into his mouth deeper. With his other hand he'd be finding Tyler's little hole. The same place where he has already blown one load. Did he go into him at all? When he shot was he pressed tight enough up against it that a shot or two as forced up into him? David opened his eyes and dropped his jaw an inch as he felt the cum surge. Up from his balls, through his prostate and shooting out hard into the leg of his pants. He could nearly feel Tyler's throat swallowing it down as the spot went from a one inch circle to an obscene two inches wide and four or five inches long with enough in the middle that you could clearly see it seeping through the linen material.

    He didn't want to feel guilty about this; nobody got hurt and it's not like anything really happened right? His endorphins subsided and in it came. In his mind he had reduced his own son to a cheap fuck he might have brought home from a club. He looked down at his face again and could hear the giggling that happened up on the bed when he got home from work. He felt Tyler's first hug at the bottom of the stairs. He felt him take his hand in the parking garage. He stood up slowly and gently laid Tyler's head down on the couch and walked into the kitchen to clean up his mess. He didn't want Tyler to see anything so he walked back to the couch, crouched down and scooped Tyler up in his arms and climbed the stairs. Tyler woke up and put his knuckles against his dad's chest. "I'm sorry I fell asleep again." he mumbled.

    "You don't have anything to be sorry about," David said "We should get ready for bed though."

    David carried Tyler into his dark bedroom and set his feet down on the floor. He crouched down and said "How about you get ready for bed and I'll be back in just a minute?"

    Tyler was not looking forward to spending the night in his room alone, nor was he even considering going to his dad's room again. David stood and quickly walked out of his room and back into his own. Tyler looked around and even though his room was amazing, he didn't like it as much as his dad's. Mostly because he wasn't alone when he was over there. He brushed his teeth, went to the bathroom, stripped down to his boxers and climbed onto the mattress.


    David closed the door to his room and pealed his pants off. Pulling his shirt up over this head he stretched and reached his fingers up toward the ceiling. His cock was soft and fat and felt so good. He went into his closet, grabbed a dirty shirt to quickly wipe off the remaining cum and pulled on a pair of running shorts.


    Just a moment after Tyler had pulled the sheet over himself he heard a knock at the door. David poked his head in and asked if it was okay to come in. Tyler sat up in bed as David came around and kneeled beside it where Tyler was. Tyler laid back down and father and son just looked at each other for a minute.

    "I guess we should get some sleep. I love you Tyler- and-" David paused, "after having you here with me now, I can't imagine how I ever lived without you."

    Tyler's eyes watered as he rolled onto his side and his dad pulled him into a long hug. David absolutely didn't want to let go. Tyler laid his head on David's strong shoulder and wished more than anything that he would just climb in bed with him. For the past thirteen years he hadn't had him around at all and for the past thirteen hours they hadn't been more than five feet apart for more than five or ten minutes; he didn't want to see him walk out of the room.

    "Are you feeling okay?" David asked.

    "I'm okay- " Tyler paused "I just had so much fun today."

    David still didn't want to let go of the hug and especially not now; he knew that something was bothering Tyler- he just didn't know what it was out of a list of good possibilities. "Okay" he said releasing the hug and still holding the back of Tyler's head as he laid back down. "I love you."

    "I love you too" Tyler replied. He didn't say anything else but in the back of his mind Tyler hoped that maybe David would just forget about the talk.

    David got up and walked to the door and looked back to the bed as he stepped through it. They smiled at each other and David closed the door and walked back to his own bed forgetting to close his bedroom door. He kicked the shorts off as he walked back to his bed and fell back landing sideways on it with his feet hanging over the side.

    As he was drifting off to sleep he couldn't stop thinking about Tyler. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around his plump shaft giving it a few squeezes as he fell asleep.


    Tyler lay wide-awake staring at the ceiling long after his dad had closed the door. The room was completely dark except for the moonlight coming in through the windows. The gray, lifeless glow seemed to make everything in the room two-dimensional. The walls and ceiling looked like they were closing in and at the same time as if they were rushing away from him into oblivion. Tyler held the sheet up over his chest as he felt his heart beating faster. He tried to take a slow deep breath but his breath seemed to be drawn out of his chest and sucked into the monotone shadows in the room; that gray hue that blanketed the soft and warm colors that were there in the daylight.

    For no reason whatsoever he felt completely alone, isolated and exposed. He felt guilty about what happened that morning; the way he had made his dad think that it was his fault. When he finds out- his dad was going to make him leave; he was sure of it. He was sure that he was going to be sent away. He was quickly becoming so worked up he was on the verge of tears. The room continued to expand making Tyler feel as though he were shrinking into nothingness; as though he were being absorbed by the shadows that stretched around him.

    He could hardly breathe. It felt like someone was sitting on his chest; tears welled up in his eyes and he broke out into a cold sweat. He didn't know what to do; he didn't know what was wrong. Looking out of the window that seemed to be such a great distance from his bed, his fear exploded when he saw a black form appear in the window. Tyler pulled the sheet tight up to his neck and slammed his eyes closed. Tyler screamed "DAAAAAAAD".

    The harmless bat that chased a bug past the window had no idea what it had triggered in Tyler's mind.


    David had been in the deep reaches of slumber when he awoke to the most terrified scream he had ever heard. "TYLER!" he shouted. In an instant he was on his feet racing to the door. In seconds he flew through both doors almost knocking Tyler's door off its hinges. He flipped the light on and all but dove to the side of his little boy's bed, landing on his knees with his arms stretched out over the sheet to Tyler's body.

    He saw a look on Tyler's face that he had never seen on anyone before, his hair was wet with sweat, face as pale as porcelain and his knuckles clenching the sheet so tightly that they too had turned white.

    Tyler scrambled across the large bed to his father's open arms and wrapped his arms around him as he climbed his dad's torso. David wrapped his arms around his body completely confused as to what was happening. He stood up while Tyler's arms nearly strangled him and his legs wrapped around his sides. He pulled his son as tightly to his body as he could and tried calming him down.

    "Tyler, what's wrong? Its okay, its okay." David said into Tyler's ear as he twisted back and forth, rubbing his boy's back. Tyler's sniffling and hard breathing was strong competition but eventually David's soothing voice seemed to reach through to Tyler as he came back to reality. David remembered that he wasn't wearing anything and to avoid being caught in the buff yet again he carried Tyler back into his room where the light was still off. He kicked the door shut as he walked in and sat down on his bed with Tyler on his lap.

    Tyler was silent now as David rocked back and forth softly talking to Tyler saying "its okay" over and over as he stroked his back. He felt Tyler's skin begin to goose bump from the sweat so, with a good yank, he pulled the top sheet off the bed, untucking it from the mattress and wrapped it around Tyler's back. He sat back further on the bed and leaned over effectively laying them both on their sides as well as covering his body from ribs to knees with the trailing end of the sheet.

    "Tyler, please talk to me. What's wrong?"

    Unsure of how to answer Tyler could only reply with "I don't know."

    Father and son laid there for quite some time as Tyler regained control of his senses. David put his chin on the top of Tyler's head and continued to rub his hand up and down the sheet-cloaked form of his son's body.

    "I couldn't breathe," Tyler said breaking the silence. "I don't know why."

    "Everything is okay now. I've got you." David said.

    At hearing that, something in Tyler's unconscious was triggered. As the minutes passed he felt peace again; closing his eyes and feeling the warmth radiating off of his dad's chest against his face.

    "Can I stay in here?"

    David pulled Tyler in tighter and put his hand on the back of Tyler's head. "Of course you can. Anytime you ever want to you can." As the words were coming out of his mouth David wondered what he might be getting himself into.


    Chip woke up with Asher still sleeping under his arm and slowly rubbing his chest he mapped out his boyfriend's chest and abs in his mind's eye. He kissed the back of Asher's neck and smelled his hair until he realized how badly he needed to take a piss. Ever so gently he lifted himself out from behind Asher and made his way to the bathroom. He looked back at his naked lover just before closing the door and walking up to the toilet. As he finished he had the idea of breaking in his bathtub. He would wait to turn the jets on until they got in but turned on the water and not having anything else he could think of, he added a few shakes of aftershave to make it smell good.

    He crept out of the bathroom and gathered every candle he could find and placed them around the bathroom and lit them. When the water was nearly halfway up the side Chip turned off the light, gave his eyes a moment to adjust, walked over to Asher and sat on the floor in front of him.

    Hoping to wake Asher up in the most romantic way he could think of, he leaned forward and gently kissed him on the lips. He held the kiss for a couple of seconds with no success. He kissed him again, with a little more force and a little tongue but he still did not stir. Chip laughed a little to him self and put his hand up on Asher's knee and slowly started sliding his hand up his leg, to his hip and gripping his round muscular ass cheek. He slid his fingers in his crack but still nothing. Giving up on the subtle approach he slid up to his shoulder and gently gave Asher a shake.

    "Come here- I have a surprise for you" he said as he held Asher's hand.

    Asher's left eye opened halfway for exactly one second before snapping back shut which was followed by an indiscernible grunt.

    Chip laughed and again made an attempt to get him sitting upright. When Asher re-opened his eyes he could see a glow coming from the bathroom and Chip was naked; okay- his interest was piqued. He could hear the schmaltzy tunes of Kenny G's saxophone coming out of the bathroom and had to laugh.

    "Kenny G?" he said in a slightly teasing tone, "Who plays Kenny G.?"

    "This is as close as I could get to being romantic- deal with it" he said with a smile standing up while pulling Asher to his feet. They hugged, pressing their naked bodies together. Their lips met as Asher's arms went up over Chip's shoulders and Chip's went south and caressed Asher's bare butt.

    They walked to the bathroom hand in hand with Asher's head on Chip's shoulder. As they walked in, Asher was the first to climb in sitting at one end of the tub. When he got comfortable he looked up and saw first, Chip's semi-hardon slowly rising and then up to Chip's face across which a suggestive smile spread.

    "What?" Asher asked in a playful tone.

    "I can't help it, you bent over in front of me," He said with a sly grin. "And you being down there at just about the right height isn't helping."

    "Get your ass in here," Asher said splashing water up at Chip. He climbed in and after a couple minutes of getting arms and legs sorted out, both men lay back against opposite ends of the tub with each other's feet on the other's chest. Chip slid down an inch at a time until he could feel the underside of Asher's legs. Reaching between their legs, they restfully and playfully rubbed each other's fingers, dicks and thighs.

    After a half an hour with the water rushing around them, the water temperature started to drop. Chip and Asher took a quick shower to rinse off and with both of them nearly asleep as they walked, they climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.


    With just streaks of moonlight peering through the blinds to light the room, David told Tyler to roll over and get more comfortable. Entirely against his will, Tyler obeyed even though he didn't want to face away. Once Tyler turned and was settled, David got up and in four quick steps, made his way into the closet where he looked for a pair of shorts. He grabbed a pair of cut off sweat pants that he used to work out in and pulled them on along with a very thin white undershirt and stepped out of the closet.


    As he felt his dad get up Tyler wanted to turn and watch him. He didn't know that David was naked but he wanted to watch his bare chest and back as he moved. The closet light turned on and after a minute turned back off causing him to turn around. What he saw made his skin flush. His dad, his tall, strong, handsome dad was walking towards him. His shirt clung tightly to his sides showing off his incredible V-shaped torso and his thick thighs leaving very little room in the legs of his shorts. The aspect of the moment that made Tyler's heart race though was that he was coming to bed- with him. His lips parted and his mouth hung open a little as he felt himself melt.


    David turned to the bed and, in slow motion, saw the most beautiful person anyone had ever seen turn to look at him. He had never had anyone so perfect waiting for him in bed and definitely not someone who he cared about so deeply. "We should get under the blankets or one of us is going to wake up cold." he said as he took hold of a free edge of the sheet that wrapped around Tyler.

    Tyler didn't say a word but moved up onto his knees as David slowly pulled the blanket from him. David balled it up and tossed it to the side and stood in amazement at Tyler as he sat back on his heels completely unashamed, showing his nearly naked body to his dad. David moved toward the bed and peeled back the blanket and watched the little imp react by quickly climbing under. David sat on the bed and pulled the blanket back over him and without hesitation put his arms around Tyler and pulled him into a hug as he slowly laid back.

    Tyler was pulled almost on top of his dad's chest and laid his head down on his collarbone. For several minutes Tyler listened to his dad's heartbeat while David rubbed his son's back. As the embrace relaxed, Tyler slouched against David's side and rest his head on the muscular shoulder feeling a little bit of his dad's armpit hair tickling the side of his neck as it peaked out of the sleeve of his shirt. He reached his arm across his chest and as he moved his leg a little, David moved his own leg over encouraging Tyler to drape his knee across it. Their breathing eventually became synchronized and they let their eyes once again close. Both of them happy that, like they were for the majority of the afternoon and evening, they were close once again; no walls separating, just together.

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