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  • Daddys bitch boy
  • When you grow up on an army base the way my two brothers and I did, along with a military father and a mom who works all the time you learn to do things a certain way. You wake at the right hour; you brush your teeth in the right manner, your homework was done at the right time of day and in the right manner. There were very few things left for you to have to waist your time thinking about yourself. Between my father and older brothers my brain was only needed for homework and that was it. Mom, well I was a bit of a momma's boy I guess. When it came to me and Mom we had a bond where when no one else was around, just the two of us, it was my time, time when I could do what ever I wanted. Usually that was me doing nothing. There was so little nothing time growing up.

    When I turned fifteen I had just said good-bye to what few friends I had bother to make on the base and packed my stuff for the new base in the deep south of the United States. It was hot, humid and looked almost the same as the past seven bases we had been on. A big difference was that there seemed to be a forest of huge trees that surrounded the base so all you saw was army green and natures green.

    Chip my oldest brother was now a senior in high school and it was known he would be signed up for service before the ink on his diploma dried. He already looked like he was in the service. He was six feet tall exactly. He had very little body fat, shaved dirty blond hair with big head and brown eyes that could bore right into you when he stood in silence and waited for an answer when he thought you did something wrong. His arms where tree trunks and rippled just while walking. He had a huge barrel like chest that seemed to heave just from breathing in and out. He wore tight running shorts on our five mile morning runs ever morning and now as I got older I noticed that his solid thighs and caves snapped when he ran, but it was the big round bulge in his running shorts that just recently was getting my attention and I had no idea why.

    "This place is great." Chip declared in a solid voice as we stepped out of the jeep that had picked us up at the airstrip.

    "I think you'll find we have everything you could need right here on base." The Captain who had picked us up said as he walked up behind us and showed us to our new house. "Which is good seeing the base is so far from the nearest town."

    "What?" Mom said sounding shocked. "How far is the nearest town?"

    "It's about forty-five minutes from here." The Captain said with a smile to mom, "But as I said I'm sure you'll find everything you need right here."

    Dad gave Mom a once over and she took a deep breath and smiled, one of her I'll kill you latter smiles. Dad looked happy, this was a base that had been talked about for some time. It was his first base and he had talked about wanting to come back for years now. A Captain would never be sent to pick up anyone at an airstrip but my old man had friends here and he was excited to be back with them.

    One look at our house and it showed this would be a bit different than past bases. We now had a two-story home, the first for our family, with a nice front yard. When we walked in there was brand new furniture in every room and Dad seemed to be beaming with pride.

    "There are three bedrooms." Dad told us. "The biggest will be for you Mother and I, of course, the next down will be for Tony, the middle brother, and Mike-me, Chip will get his own room this time around."

    "What?" Tony said looking at me as if I had stink he was afraid he'd catch. "Why do I get stuck with him?" Tony said as he nodded towards me.

    Dad looked at Tony and then over to the Captain and back to Tony with a smile and said, "First, I said so. Is that good enough reason?"

    Tony looked from dad to the floor and loosing his nerve said, "Yes sir."

    "I thought so." Dad said smirking, "Chip has also proven himself worthy of this extra responsibility, Chip will be of to basic next year and a year of freedom from his two baby brothers." Dad sneered at us as he said the words baby, "is a right he should have don't you agree?"

    "Yes sir." Tony said.

    "When Chip moves out next year to live with the other men, you and your brother will then have your own rooms." Dad finished as three men showed up with all our boxes and our packs.

    "Will we still be here next year?" I asked kind of shocked.

    Dad had never talked about us in future tense when it came to housing.

    "If I have my way this will be our last stop for a while." Dad said.

    "Forty-five minutes away you said?" Mom said looking out the door.

    "Oh, Dear knowing you, you'll will be up to your old tricks in no time." Dad said, "You could take sometime off from work. With this move you might be able to do your work on a voluntary basis."

    Mom looked at Dad raised an eyebrow and said, "Maybe I'll be able to do it here on base."

    I looked at Chip and Tony and I don't think any of us had a clue what was going on at the time.

    Tony, Chip and I grabbed our bags and headed up to the second floor where we looked at rooms. At the far end of the room there was a large bedroom with two bathrooms and a wall of windows that looked out on the front yard. The back wall of the room was the bathrooms and a huge closet. This looked like no housing we had ever seen on a base.

    There nearest door was another bathroom. The one next to that was a linen closet. I then figured out the master bedroom was close to the whole top front of the house.

    The next door on the right side walking back towards the staircase was a bedroom with two beds in it. The room was bigger than our last room and there where three of us sharing that one. It had big windows that looked into the back yard. Two beds a distance from each other, so we would have some space and it would be easier to pretend I did hear my brother jerking off in the middle of the night. There where two desks near our beds with computers on them. We looked at each other and then walked to the computers. Both Tony and I turned them on and looked at each other.

    "Don't mess with those, they must belong to the last family." Chip said in his Dad like voice.

    I walked over to the door on the left wall and opened it to see we had separate bedrooms but we shared a bathroom with Chip. There was a door opposite ours that lead to his bedroom.

    We dropped our stuff and walked to Chips room and saw it was set up with one bed, a desk, bookcase and weights to work out with in the corner. The room was bigger than ours but not by a whole lot. The fact that he was alone it was bigger. The thing both Tony and I noticed was a new computer on his desk too.

    I went quickly to the first floor where a bunch of our old stuff was being put away.

    "Hey the people who lived here before us left computers in our rooms." I said to anyone listening.

    "The computers are for your school work." The captain said as he handed over all the info for the new home to Mom and Dad. "You are hooked up to the inter net and have on there the book lists for next school year as well as a list of the regs for each of you. Being at different ages you'll find you all fall into different brackets of on base life. There are curfews that go with different ages and you are spread out just enough that you all fit into a different one." The Captain said with a smile. "Like I said it's all on the computers just look it up, it's under the file listed REGS. They also have extra files to help out with extra credit materials as your father requested."

    Dad just smiled big and nodded to the captain.

    I ran up stair and relayed the info to my brothers. Latter that night after a dinner with some upper staff at the base, dad's old buddies seemed to now be running the base; Tony and I went back to our rooms. It was hotter than hell and the humidity was so bad my balls where dripping like a faucet.

    Tony stripped down to a pair of tight white under wear and nothing else. He wasn't as tall as Chip and wasn't his big build, but Tony was solid muscle and his hard smooth muscles glistened in the sweaty humid night. Tony spread his legs as he sat in the chair and scratched his balls through the white fabric. I have no idea why but my eyes where glued on him.

    My desk to the right and slightly behind his and was a good way of me being able to look at him without it being too obvious. We where both looking at the computer and I was going over the REGS and there wasn't a whole lot there that I hadn't been told before.

    Tony was bagging away on the keys when I saw him smile big. "Hey go to your Favorite list and see what's on there." He said.

    I did and saw the usual crap and then there was a file that said EXXXtra credit, I clicked it and they're three web sites listed. "Fuck me Hard", "Co-Ed Fuckers", "Red Hotts". I just looked at Tony and as he smiled I noticed his cock had started to harden in his already tight undies.

    I could see on his screen three naked women fucking on a bed. I snapped around on the sites and soon I was watching on my screen a man with the biggest cock I have ever seen fucking frame after frame a girl that looked to be around sixteen or so.

    I looked back to Tony and saw his hand was squeezing his cock through the white fabric. He looked over to me and said, "Sorry, This isn't your thing hu?" Tony said with a smirk. "No fag photos."

    I know my face flushed and my eyes where burning. I shook a bit and I felt something warm run down my face and realized it was a tear. I quickly whipped it away and turned away from him. "Fuck You!" I said and I know my voice cracked which made me even madder at myself.

    "Come on." Tony said. He sounded as if he was truly sorry he had made me this upset. "What's the big deal? I've called you Fag most of our lives why is it such a big deal now?" There was a big pause and then he said, "Oh Fuck. Dude you know it might not be what you think it is."

    "I don't know what you're talking about." I said and looked at him and God helped me my yes went to his crotch again. I turned away and whipped away another tear.

    "Dude you're fifteen. Trust me at seventeen things change a bit." Tony said. "All guys check out other guys when they go through puberty. I know what you're going through I've been there."

    "Ya, but like you say you've been calling me a fag all my life." I said knowing my hands where still shaking. "Why?"

    Tony looked around and said looking down at the floor then to me and said, "No's just a thing brothers say and do to each other."

    "You think I'm gay, don't you?"

    Tony looked at me and took a deep breath and said, "I don't know. You're smaller than the rest of the family."

    "I'm the youngest." I said in protest.

    "Your hairs longer than ours." He said.

    "My hair is an inch longer than yours."

    "You always where a momma's boy." He said adding up the tally, "You never had a girl friend, your friends where always the week kids, the geeks the ... fags"

    I didn't know what to say I mean what do you say when I knew he was right.

    "And then there was the time I saw you and two of your friends jerking off together." He said and pushed back his seat and rocked on it, a smirk on his face.

    My face was on fire. I couldn't speak.

    "So I've always wondered, did you guys suck each other off too?"

    "No." I said quickly.

    "Hey Dude it's alright if you don't want to tell me."

    "We didn't." I said my mind buzzing. "We did it cuz one of my friends brother was on the football team at school and he told us that the football team got together and did it after they won a game."

    "Ya, most of those guys where fags."

    "They where?" I knew I sounded way to excited when I said it and turned red again.

    "So you're telling me that we can jerk off in front of each other and it's not a gay thing, but a guy thing?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

    "Ya." I said trying to keep my cock down at the thought of jerking off with my stud brother.

    "You know it's not my fault." I said. "I can't help I'm smaller than you and Chip, I'm younger. I work out just as hard as you guys and I plan on joining up for my country when I'm old enough just like you guys." I could feel I was getting myself worked up. "I have a smaller frame...and my hair is more like mom's than dad's it's thinner and if I cut it too short I look bald...non of that makes me gay." I said in a slight huff.

    Tony stood up and walked over to me, the heat causing a nice layer of sweat covering his skin making it shimmer and shine as he moved. His underwear where still pushing the crotch out in a beautiful bulge that made my mouth water with want.

    He walked over to me and looked down at me with a smirk on his face. "No, I guess not. You are skinny and have smaller features than the men in the family." He said with a grin.

    "I am a man in this family." I said tears welling up in my eyes, now I was trying to convince myself.

    "Oh sure." Tony said with a short laugh, "I didn't mean you weren't. I just meant you where always better playing with the girls than the guys."

    He could see I was getting pissed.

    "I think what makes me think you're gay is this." Tony said and in one move he pulled the front of his shorts down and his stiffening seven and a half inches of fat teenage meat busted from behind the fabric and bounced in front of my face.

    My cock was like steal in my shorts as I stared unable to blink as his magnificent cock as it started to rise in front of my face. I could see his thumbs hook under the fabric and his huge eggs sized balls plopped out and bounced under his cock, weighing his cock down so his cock head was now pointing at my face.

    Tony's hand stroked his cock and my gaze was broken and I looked up at him. His eyes where dancing with fire and his smile showed he knew what I know felt I knew for sure. I was a big old fag.

    "See this is what makes me think you might be a fag." Tony said smiling. "Most guys would have pushed me away. Fuck if you walked over to me and did this I'd kick your ass and tell dad so I could watch him kick the gay out of you."

    I swallowed and hot burning tears rolled from my eyes.

    "But what really makes me think it is this." Tony said with a laugh and then he did it.

    In one big move Tony took his fat cock in one hand and the back of my head in the other. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop only to feel his cock head slamming the back of my throat. Tony held my head as he fucked in and out of my throat and mouth. His fat balls slapped my chin and I could feel the start of hair growing on them.

    I have no idea what was going on. My brother was rapping my mouth, or can you call it rape if you're enjoying it more than life its self? I just sat in my chair and did nothing. Tony took my arms and raised them and with no thought at all I started to caress and fondle my brother's ass at first and soon it was like I was made grabbing and squeezing his tight firm hairless ass cheeks.

    Tony was fucking in and out of my throat when he went a bit deeper than before and I gagged. Tony seemed to get made that I hadn't been able to swallow it all easier. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face forwards and soon I was breathing pubes. His cock now slid easily down deeper into my throat and I chocked again.

    Pumping his cock deeply in and out of my throat, tears rolling down my face as Tony moaned, "You take all of it my Bitch Boy."

    Just when I thought I would pass out Tony moaned loud and pulled back and shot his first stream of cum down my throat and all over my tongue. I gasped for air and swallowed my brother's cum as I took in air.

    "Love it don't you?" Tony said in a lustful mocking way.

    As a gasped for air Tony took his slick cock in hand and started to stroke it shooting his load all over my face. As he shot on me I opened my mouth knowing it would some how make what happened even worse and just not caring. A great glob of cum landed on my bottom lip and as I sucked my bottom lip clean I pulled out my aching hard inches of six inches of fifteen-year-old nub and started to jerk off staring at my brothers shooting cock and tried to catch it in my mouth.

    It didn't take long for me to shoot my load all over the bottom of my desk and my thighs, as the last dribbled down my hand Tony stepped closer and slapped my face with his cock making a slapping thud as he hit.

    Tony smiled down and in a whisper like voice said, "Ya, you're a fag."

    I felt like I would fly with the happy airy feeling inside my body and his words made my world seem like it would crash around me

    Tony took a step back and started to pull up his underwear, but with his wet softening cock still hanging out and my still stiff cum cover cock in had both Tony and my eyes looked at the open door, that had been closed when we came in and looked into our father's eyes.

    Dad stood there his chest out his back straight as he looked at us. There wasn't the look of disgust on his face or hate or anger or shock. His expression was like every other night.

    "It's time for lights out." Dad said, "So let's get this mess cleaned up and get into the sac." Dad started for the door and stopped and turned to us, both of us not moving, I say a nice seven mile hike in full pack at the crack of dawn should get up ready for the new base."

    With that Dad moved to the door and shut it behind him. Tony stood bent over his cock and balls still out, me my limp wet cock still in hand. Tony's eyes moved to mine as he stood and shucked his wet tidies and pulled out a pair of fresh ones and pulled them on. When he turned around I was still sitting there crying.

    "Come on and get cleaned up." Tony said his eyes not really looking at me.

    I said nothing but hung my head and cried into my dry hand. Tony locked the door and then shut off the lights and came over to me with his dirty underwear in hand. He grabbed my hand and dried it off with the old underwear. He tried to clean off my limp cock, which could have been mistaken for a belly button it was so shriveled up.

    "Fuckin." Tony said sounding confused and scared and annoyed all at the same time. "Come on if he comes back and finds you crying he's going to freak."

    "Ya Tony." I blurted out loud. "That's it you fuckin genius. He sees me crying and he'll kill me but me sucking your cock, not that big of a deal I'm sure." I said tears rolling down my face. "He's going to kill me."

    "If he was going to kill us he would have just done it." Tony said pulling me to my feet.

    "He's not going to kill you." I said still crying as Tony pulled my underwear off and I stepped out of them not paying any attention to what was going on. "He's going to kill the fag isn't he?"

    I looked down and saw Tony was on his knees whipping my legs of cum and then my balls and cock. "Your not a fag. I just said that to get you all riled up to get a blow job from ya." Tony told me matter of factly. "I knew at your age your hormones where going wild, you start looking at girls and guys."

    "Dad saw me sucking your cock, playing with your ass, swallowing your cum." I said and as I did my cock got hard again.

    Tony looked at my hardening cock and said, "See dude," Pointing at my cock, "hard all the time."

    "He's going to kill me." I said and for the first time I knew I felt as if it where true.

    Tony inhaled and looked up at me still on his knees. He looked at my dick and in one movement sucked my cock into his mouth. His mouth worked my cock for only a few minutes and the ecstasy I was feeling made me blow my wad right into my older brother's mouth. Tony didn't flinch he sucked it all down and then drained any remains before licking my cock clean.

    He stood up and looked around the room as if nothing happened. My hands where shaking as I plopped down on the bed. I pulled up a fresh pair of boxers and looked at Tony as he finished his evening rituals for bed.

    "What?" He asked me. "We're even."

    "Dad saw ME." I said shaking still.

    Tony thought about it and then shaking his head said, "I'll take care of it, alright?"

    "What are you going to do?" I asked.

    "I'll take all the blame so it will be my ass that gets tanned." Tony took a deep breath and as he reached for the door he looked at me and said, "I do this for you and get you off the hook a hundred percent then you owe me."

    I tried to breath and asked, "Like what?"

    Tony smiled and grabbed his crotch through his under wear and said, "What ever I say for a month."

    "Two weeks." I said with out even thinking.

    "A month." Tony said, "But only when Dad's not home or we have a locked door."

    I shook my head yes. "Thank You." A tear rolled down my cheek and I brushed it away.

    Tony walked down the hall shaking a bit as he reached his folks door. He knocked and listened for the command, there was none. He knocked again and listened, still none.

    As he stood trying to decide what to do next Chip walked up the stairs to his room, he looked a bit off. He opened his door and looked over his shoulder and saw Tony.

    "What are you doing out of bed? Dad said he ordered lights out already."

    "I know I need to speak to him about something." Tony told him.

    Chip looked his brother up and down for a minute and said, "He's down stairs watching the game."

    "Is Mom with him?"

    "No. She went out with some of the girls in camp." Chip said with a smirk.

    Tony walked down the hall his head up high; his back straight and he looked his brother in the eyes as he started down the stairs. When he got down stairs he made his way to the living room and stopped and took a few good deep breaths as he watched his father sitting back watching the game.

    Their dad was in his green boxers, and nothing else. He had what looked to be his belt in his hand as he slapped it into his palm as he cheered on his team. His hairy chest covered in sweat and humidity, glowing in the light of the TV.

    Tony stepped forwards and cleared his throat, His Father turned and looked at him with a look on his face that said he wasn't surprised to see him there.

    "Dad." Tony started.

    "I thought I said I wanted lights out." His father said and looked back to the TV.

    "You did sir." Tony said and took a deep breath. "I need to talk with you about tonight sir."

    "You didn't think it could wait until morning?"

    "No sir."

    His father turned in his seat and placed his feet firmly on the ground and spread his legs as he leant back and slid his hands over the leather belt.

    "Well than speak." He said in a controlled voice.

    It was a voice they all knew all to well and all hated. They couldn't tell if he was listening, thinking, angry and waiting to blow his top, or if he found it all to amusing and after scaring you to death he would just laugh it off.

    "What you saw when you came into the room tonight sir was all my fault." Tony said all in one breath.

    "Really?" His father said, "Which part, was your fault?"

    Tony looked at him for a second not sure what he meant, "All of it sir."

    "And how was it all your fault?"

    "I...I..." Tony stuttered as he tried to think what to say. In this house taking full blame was good enough, until now. "I, teased Mike and was giving him a real hard time..."

    "About what?" Dad asked in a very calm voice.

    "About...ahm... well I was calling him a virgin and stuff."

    "Your brother's only fifteen years old you are surprised he is still virgin?" Dad asked.


    "Are you still a virgin."

    This was not the way Tony had seen this all going down. He knew if he said yes than his father would ask why he was making fun of his brother's virginity and if he told the truth he would flip for being so young when he lost it.

    "Did you forget the question?"

    "Hu? No. I mean no I'm not still a virgin."

    "How old where you when you lost it?"

    "I was sixteen." Tony said.

    His father smiled a tad and Tony would swear his father's cock moved inside his boxers, he pried his eyes from his father crotch; he had enough on his plate already.

    "So you where teasing Mike and he decided to loose his virginity tonight with you?" Dad's voice smooth a he spoke.

    "No." Tony said trying to remember what spin he was planning to give the story to get Mike off and not make him seem to bad.

    "So your brother sucks you cock often then?" dad asked.

    "No. This was the first time." I he said, "I kinda made him. I was teasing and he was getting mad and I was just going to make fun of him and slap his face with it..."

    "With what?" Dad asked and shifted in his seat.

    This time there was no thinking his cock moved and Tony saw the shaft through the open fly hole.

    Tony's mind was whirling, "What?" He asked forgetting the question.

    "What where you using to slap your brother's face?" Dad asked almost sounding board.

    "My penis." Tony said and took a deep breath to try and get out the rest of the story before he lost his place again, but dad would have none of that.

    "So you are a homosexual?" Dad asked in more of a statement kind of way.

    "NO." Tony blurted out.

    "You where slapping your hard fat cock against your little brother's face and you don't think that sounds gay?"

    Tony stood there not sure what to say or do. He just stood there looking down at his father.

    "Answer me boy." His father said voice raised for the first time.

    "It does sound gay sir but I do like girls. I wasn't thinking. I slapped his face with my cock and he opened his mouth to yell at me and my cock just went into his mouth is all."

    "That's not all." His father said leaning back in the seat rocking in it a bit as his fly opening widened and his thick fat prick shaft could be plainly seen. "You fucked his face."

    "Yes." Tony said, he was now sweating he could feel his cock getting hard every time he saw his father's bulge and part of his cock peaking through the hole. "I held his head and I fucked his face and I told him to play with my ass or I'd beat the shit out of him and he was shocked when I shot in his mouth and all over his face."

    "So Mike is a homosexual then?"

    "No." Tony said as his father's brow slid down his forehead and he leant forwards in his chair.

    "You shoot your cum in the boy's mouth, all over his face and he shoots his load and neither of you are fags."

    Tony was sweating bullets and he was now willing to sell out his brother if he had to. "No, we're not. It just kind of happened. Just two brothers fuckin around."

    "What had he just said, blowing a guy was alright if he was your brother? Is that what he had said?" He thought as his Dad's elbows where planted on his knees he leant in looking at his son and Tony could keep his eyes on his fathers anymore and looked down.

    There was an intake of air as Tony saw his father's fat cock head poking out the leg of his green boxers.

    His father leant back and when he did about six inches of manly army cock was exposed as he closed his eyes and inhaled. Tony's cock was growing so fast he knew when his father's eyes opened he would be from that point on be branded...

    "Fag." His father said in a smooth tone. "You know that's what they'll call you; on a base for God's sake it's even worse."

    "But I'm not."

    "Your cock is hard son." Dad said shaking his head at the boy.

    "So is yours." Tony said before he could stop himself.

    His father stopped and looked down at his ragging stiff cock and then back to his son.

    "You lost your virginity, to a boy or girl?"

    "A girl. Marry Ann." Tony said praying his cock would go down.

    "I would love to believe you but you used a fraise upstairs and I'd like to know where you heard it?" Dad said with a smile.

    Tony felt week and looked at his father and said, "What?"

    "You called your little brother your Bitch Boy, where did you hear this?" Dad said looking at him closely.

    Tony thought for a minute and then said with all honesty, "Sir...I don't remember."

    His father sat there not speaking for a moment and then said, "Well looks like you're here to protect both your brothers. Get over here."

    Tony walked over to his father and his father sat up straight and said, "Pull them down."

    Tony pulled his shorts to the ground and his cock bounced in the air.

    "Get in the position."

    Tony leant over his father's waist and his father raised his belt and slammed it down over Tony's ass. Tony yelped.

    "You better get used to it, we'll be doing it all night or until you get your memory back."

    His father started to slap his ass with his belt and after the first ten he numbed up and the pain wasn't so bad. For the life of him he couldn't remember where he had first heard the fraise, it was like I dream.


    Tony shifted a bit and his father's stiff cock slid over his bare chest making his own cock come back to life which slammed into the inside of his father's thigh. This made his father's cock start to throb as he slapped his son's ass now with his bare hand and now dad's cock head was throbbing on Tony's right nipple.


    "Come on son be good boy." Dad said in a somewhat sexy tone.

    "Wait." Tony yelled out. "I remember I heard it from... you."

    Tony's father stopped in mid swipe and pushed his son off his lap. Tony slipped off his father's knees and hit the ground between his father's legs. Tony's cock was rock hard and red like it was ready to burst.

    "Explain." His father said with a raised eyebrow.

    "One night I was on my way to the bathroom and I was going past your room and I herd you say it sir." Tony said, "It was like two or three years ago, it sounded so..."



    Tony looked at his father embarrassed.

    "What was it you heard exactly?"

    Tony thought hard and said, "I'm not sure it was something like, you're a good...."

    Tony's eyes got huge as his father smirked at him and stood up over him. "Say it boy or I'll tan your ass so bad you won't be able to sit ever again.

    Tony thought and looked his father in the eye and said, "You're a good boy, you like being Daddy's Bitch Boy don't you?" Tony took a deep breath and said, "And someone said yes. But more like a moan."

    Tony's father pulled his waist band on the boxers out and they dropped to the floor his cock sticking straight out at Tony and his father smiled big and said, "Funny Chip and I where trying to figure out how old he was when he became his Daddy's Bitch Boy. Some how I thought you where too young, but I'd say you should be ready for it by now."

    Tony stared at his naked father and couldn't believe what he was hearing. His father had been having sex with his big muscular brother for years now, and now was he saying it was his turn.

    Dad grabbed Tony's head and aimed his cock for the stunned boy's open mouth and as he started to fuck his middle son's mouth he asked, "So Mike gives good head?"

    All Tony could do was nod as his father's massive nine inches of fat army cock slammed in and out of his throat as his father grunted and moaned and started to repeat over and over "Ya, suck that cock...Ya, you love being Daddy's Bitch Boy right.... Ya you do...."

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