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  • Dads young bull son
  • Summer was coming and I dreaded having to go live with My Dad down south for he whole Summer. I Loved, Admired and Worshiped My Dad as would any 15 year old boy. But I had just gotten to come to terms with my being attracted to other Guy's. Thanks to my next door Neighbor and best Friend Johnny Miller I was able to explore with him all the wonderful things two Guy's could do in bed with each other. Not only was it convenient Our living right next door but Our two Mom's were best Friends and Single Mom's. Nearly every weekend now We would stay at one or the other's house Friday and Saturday nights. Our Mom's loved it as they were able to go out on the town and know we were safe at home with each other. We started out surfing the net and then having found some Gay sites we zeroed in on them. More as a lark then actually a sexual thing at first. The pictures of Guy's jerking each other off and sucking each other's cocks produced the results You'd expect in two hot blooded Teens. It was Johnny who first bought up the subject of Our trying out some of the stuff we saw.

    " You know Kevin" Johnny was saying as he sat next to me at the computer and We were looking at a film of two guy's sucking. " This whole Gay thing may not be all that bad? I mean hell if the Girl's are not putting out and two best Friends can help each other. Then what's so wrong with it?

    I looked over at Johnny. I couldn't believe what he was suggesting? He was not only my best buddy but a Kid I really looked up to. he was everything a Teen could ever want to be. Tall Blonde handsome as all hell. A real head turner with both the Girl's and the few out Gay Guy's in school. Was he serious about doing this stuff we were watching? Or was he just kind of testing Me? I for one would follow His lead into hell if He asked. I was afraid to be the first to admit it was a good idea. I looked at him and down at his crotch. I saw as I did most of the times we watched these films that Johnny had a hard on just like Me. He blushed and then was holding His hard cock saying.

    " I am serious about it Kevin, Think about it. If You have a good buddy and You suck each other like these guy's are doing. You both get sucked and both get off and who's hurt? Same thing with fucking. Hell all your cock knows is its a tight hole its getting fucked into.It Don't matter to a dick if its male of Female. I mean Hell look at them guy's in this film looks like they are enjoying it all the way Man. We could be too."

    We had always been pretty modest around each other. On sleep overs We'd wear at least PJ bottoms to bed. I'd seen his cock of course many times in the showers at school and while undressing at each others house. I'd even seen it hard in the mornings. I knew from us talking that we had both been measuring our cocks and both had exactly 6 and a half inches. I turned from the screen to say something. My eyes once again were down on his hard bulge in his jeans.

    Johnny smiled that handsome winning smile. " I know I know I am all kinds of hard watching this Fag stuff. Who knows man maybe I am a fag? Or maybe I am one of those Bisexual Guy's ? You know the ones who like sex with both Men and Women? I just know it all makes sense to me. Like I said if its just between two best Friends like Us?

    I spread my own legs to let him see I was just as hard as he was. I took hold on my own raging hard 6 and a half prick and loved that Johnny's eyes were glued to my bulging Member.

    " Look Johnny Your not the only one this stuff is turning on. Who knows maybe we are both Fag's Or both bisexuals? But You know me Johnny, I don't ever do anything half way. If we agree to try this stuff out then we have to do it all the way or not at all." I was looking in His eyes he was still string at my bulge which I was out lining with my hand for him. My heart skipped a beat when this handsome Blonde reached down and put his hand on the tip of my cock through my jeans and was feeling the head of my cock between his thumb and finger. Thrills and chills were shooting all through my body at this merest of touch. Johnny Miller my handsome stud Hero was crossing the line. Agreeing to go all the way with this. Feeling and touching my cock. I removed my hand to give him full access to my throbbing hard dick. he was now bent down in a squat position and one hand on my cock still and the other fondling my balls. As he was feeling my cock and balls I leaned back in the chair and undid my belt slowly. Then I was pulling down my zipper exposing my briefs. He came off my cock long enough to allow me to push down my briefs and let my hard dick hand down through my open jeans.

    " OH wow" Was all Johnny said and then he was holding my bare cock in his hand and now the unbelievable happened Johnny put my bare teen dick into his mouth and he was giving me head. Giving me my first ever blow job. The combination of feeling in my cock was all I had hoped it would be and more much more. I couldn't get enough of his tongue and mouth and His hand on my cock and his other hand on my balls. His moist sucking slurping teen mouth eating my dick and taking it all down until his nose was hitting on my pubic hairs and all the time Johnny was moaning and letting me know He loved eating my raw hard teen dick.

    I was holding his handsome head of Blonde hair and doing the incredible, Feeding my hard dick to my best buddy. At that moment I was totally in love with this boy. In love with what his mouth was doing to me and In love with the wild lust his sucking was creating in me.

    " Oh Johnny Yea eat that dick. Oh Johnny I can believe how great Your mouth feels on my dick. yea buddy you suck mine good like this take my cum load and I'll suck Yours too Johnny. Oh fuck Oh Holy fuck Johnny here it fucking comes man You better pull of now or I am going to blast your mouth full of Cum."

    I was saying one thing but doing another. I was holding his head pushing it down on my big dick as the first blast of cum shoot through my cock down into his mouth. he moaned and gagged but took blast after blast of my cum load like a champ.

    Cum, My Cum was falling out of Johnny's mouth. His mouth now pulled to the tip of my cock head taking my boy load and moaning his pleasure at eating my load. He stood up and we two boys had been forever transformed. He pulled me into his arms and we kissed on the mouth. His tongue which had just sucked my load out of me came into my mouth. This was not disgusting as i would have thought before. No not at all. It was Johnny's tongue the boy who just was giving me head giving me my first blow job. I was tasting my own cum from his tongue and again not at all disgusted. In fact I loved it. Johnny was stripping all his clothes off now and I knew he wanted me to pay him back and I was ready to suck his big dick and eat his cum load too. Once naked I looked at his hard strong well built teen body. Look at it in a way I was never allowed until this moment. I reached down and put my one hand under his hairy big cum filled balls. His balls were over flowing the palm of my hand. Johnny closed his eyes as I explored His naked balls and was holding and feeling his 6.5 cut cock. The cock which i would now turn into a cock sucker for. His eyes still closed tight as i felt his incredible body. I now leaned to his face and licked my own cum from around his mouth and then i slowly knelt down and was face to face with his raging hard teen bare cock. Holding his cock which until this moment would have been unthinkable and now so natural. I inhaled his cock aroma. He was as big as me but from this vantage point his dick head seemed so much bigger? Would I even be able to fit it in my mouth? He had this drop of thick white cream like pre-cum and I stuck my tongue out to take it. Take Johnny's cum into my mouth. As i was swirling his cock head with my tongue he said.

    ' Yea Kevin that's it Boy taste me cum man. Yea eat my cum buddy. From now on We are going to be fuck buddies. Like You said all the way."

    I was by now bobbing my head on his steel hard 6.5 teen dick like a pro cock sucker. His bare skin so pliable yet steel hard. Did He just say he was going to fuck this monster up my hole? yea cool only I knew I wanted that. Wanted Johnny to fuck into my body join me as one person and give me his cum up in my virgin boy pussy. My Boy was too excited to last very long and I felt his balls contract and then his cock swell up even more in my mouth and then Johnny let out a scream.

    " Holy Fuck Kevin Your mouth is good. OH Fuck take my load Boy eat my load."

    It was nothing short of incredible. his load was warm and salty and thick as string after string shot into my virgin mouth. His whole body twitching with each release of his thick teen cock cream into my willing and loving mouth. I was getting up my mouth filled with Johnny's cum and the worlds newest cock sucker was born. As we kissed and i gave him his cum in his mouth as He had done. I knew I was to be a cock sucker all my life. I loved the feel of a bare hard dick in my mouth. The taste of hard dick and the taste of cum and the feel of another Boys hairy big balls.

    " We are going to have a lot of fun from now on cock sucker" Johnny said and we both laughed. We got into my bed naked and in the 69 position and even while we were still both soft from blowing our loads we began to eat at each others cocks again. Feeling them grow in our mouths. I was feeling Johnny's hairy legs and his bare masculine feet as his still cum soaked dick was growing hard and big in my mouth. His cock head getting that flared firemen's helmet shape once again.

    We feed each other Our second load of cum. After we laid in each others arms naked and talked. We agreed We would keep this all between us and that tomorrow we would buy some lube to fuck each other's asses. We fell asleep contented in each others naked arms. Readers and Authors meet on the 2nd Sunday of each Month at Uncle's Gay Bar Locust and Camac streets in Philadelphia Pa. 2 to 4 PM. Talk and have a few friendly beers. Totally informal. Just ask bar tender for Kevin Kelly.


    I woke up in bed next to Johnny as I had done so very many mornings before. Today of course was different to say the least. We had swallowed no less the four of each others cum loads that first night of Our new sex life. Plus turning to the Gay sites for inspiration We watched all the films we could on but fucking. I had the brilliant idea to jump the gun and get into it at least some. We both knew about the KY from the sites and planned on chipping in for some the next day. For now I suggested we kind of open our holes with a little finger fucking and maybe if it was going to gross Johnny out? We could even start eating and as they call it rimming each others cherry holes? Johnny was all for that part. We went into the bath room and were going to shower together and really clean each others asses up. I'd clean Johnny's ass and He'd clean mine. This way the guy eating the ass hole knew he'd been cleaning it real good. We soon discovered that the soap was acting like a lube for Us and Johnny had me bent down in the tub washing my ass hole and finger fucking first one then two then three fingers in my virgin hole.

    I have to admit I was taking to his finger up my hole like a duck to water. Johnny laughed and teased me that I was going to be his bitch. When he worked the last of his three fingers up my hole I was ready and actually begging him to use his cock now.

    " Yea OK" Johnny was saying " I know Your hole is really ready to get the real thing now dude."

    I looked around and there was My Blonde Adonis Best Buddy soaping up his 6.5 cut dick. The firemen's cock head looked so big and I was nervous as hell but too late now to back out. Kneeling on the floor of the tub my legs spread johnny came up behind me and lined up his cock head to my virgin crack.

    " Go easy Johnny that monster cock of Yours is even bigger then Your three fingers"

    He was guiding his cock head into my hole now and the pressure mounted. My hole was refusing his wide bare cock.

    " Just relax Kevin. Push out like Your taking a dump man and it will go in easier"

    I was following orders and pushing out and then it happened his whole dick head shot up inside me. The pain was incredible and I tried to pull free of the invading monster dick. Johnny held my hips in place as more of that thick cock of His came into my burning painful pussy.

    Johnny was pushing it in and in and in not letting up.

    " Yea that's it baby take my cock. Oh yea baby let Johnny fuck it into You. Yea baby You said we would go all the way. Now that's it man I am half up inside You Baby. OH fuck yea Oh Kevin Your hole is so tight around my cock. Oh Baby yessssssssss Oh God I love You Kevin I love your Boy pussy. yea Your my first ass man. OH God Kevin I am actually fucking your Boy pussy. Oh Fuck yea. I'll take Your cock like this. Oh Kevin Yea boy feel my balls on Your hot ass man its all in Now buddy. All my big dick. Oh Yea Your my Bitch now Kevin. Yea buddy I want to fuck you like this every day. Tell how much You like my big dick up your tight hole."

    " OH Yessssssssss I love your big bare dick up my tight pussy hole Johnny. fuck me hard johnny give it to me Johnny fuck me hard buddy show me how You fuck pussy Boy. Fuck that big dick up my tight pussy hole. Yea My pussy is for Your cock johnny cream a load in me Johnny. OH Johnny, Johnny, Johnny OH fuck it feels so good Johnny."

    Johnny was breathing heavy and pounding my hole fill of His wonderful and thick cock. The pain was a distant memory now as I loved being filled with The boys big dick. Johnny was kissing my neck and telling me how he loved his big dick fucking into my hole.

    " Oh Kevin wait until You get to fuck me like this. Wait until You get to feel how great it is man. OH Kevin every weekend from now on we can fuck and suck each other. Every day after school. you got to let me fuck my cream up your hole like this. OH Kevin Your pussy is so fucking hot. OH fuck dude here it comes. Oh fuck Kevin I am going to blow my load in you Man OH yea Oh fuck here it comes now."

    We were both shooting our loads at the same time. me from the pounding his bare hard teen cock had given my prostate. him from my tight virgin Boy pussy around his bare skinned dick. Johnny's cock swelled up inside me and I felt his wet warm cum load flooding my cherry ass hole. I was now johnny's Bitch, his Boy pussy and we would indeed be fucking each other very nearly every day.

    Later after a rest and in My bed it was my turn to take Johnny's cherry and introduce him to the fantastic joy of being fucked by an 6 and a half cut teen cock. I wanted to do it like I had seen on the porn sites. I had him on his back and legs and feet on my shoulder as I fucked into his cherry hole. We'd finally thought of getting some cooking oil to use as lube. His pussy was so tight wrapped around the bare skin of my hard thick dick as I fucked his hole.

    I was able to bend down and kiss him while I had my hard big dick totally inside his clutching boy pussy. Johnny loved being fucked as much as I did. We were a perfect match in every way. I shall never ever forget the supreme feeling of pleasure, Power and joy as I was firing my first load of many into Johnny's throbbing boy pussy. We will never forget that first night we both lost and gave up our virginity to each other. At school and at home with Our Mom's we act as butch as hell. Maybe even over act the part? But home after school and weekends in bed we are to loving fag's who fuck each other silly. Hardly a day goes by we are not walking around with a load of each others cum up our ass and down Our throats. You can see my dismay at having to now spend the whole Summer without Johnny? I love my Dad but all summer with no sex? Dad loved alone in a big house out in the country. West Virginia and the most rural part of it now less. Out in the sticks. Dad was an Animal Doctor who wore three hats. he had his own small animal office in town and then His farm animal practice as well as serving as the County inspector. The Man was pulling down some major bucks and he was more then generous with Mom and myself. He had a staff of People to help him carry the load. There was the two Female nurses. The Male vet assistant for the larger animals and a secretary. Also a Male housekeeper-Cook. He put in six days a week split evenly by two days with all three positions. Unless there was an emergency? He lived in a single home out in the middle of nowhere. Just him the housekeeper and His male large animal Aide. Dad was at this time 36 years old. I have to admit and a handsomer man You'll never meet. I've no idea why He and Mom ever broke up and even know less why either of them never remarried? They just wouldn't talk about it. I thought Mom must be nuts ever giving up on Dad. The man was a hunk with a capital " H" Tall tan handsome and the perfect V shaped hard body. From past summers with him I'd gotten to see him naked and knew he was hung like one of the horses he cared for. Really big and uncut which turned me on no end. He had this charming sense of Irish humor. A carefree out look on life which endeared him too all. In fact the only thing I ever saw that bother Dad in any way was the pain or untimely death of an animal. He genuinely cared for them. His two live in staff Eric the Vet aide and Kirk the housekeeper were both 20 year old men who seemed to be much more then just workers, They were Dad's buddies and his only social out let. They each had a room in the house and there was the room I used every summer. On the bus down to Dad's I was depressed at having to leave Johnny and Our sex life. My mind was drifting on the boring trip. Then I recalled and episode involving Eric last summer and I brightened up some. I was 12 years old then and Eric and I were alone in the house. e were in the gym set up in the basement and Eric wanted to do some work outs. Our shorts and all were up in our rooms bu Eric said We really didn't need them to work out.

    " Hell You got the same thing between Your legs as I got so no big deal" Eric had jokingly said I remember He was sitting and taking off his boots. The smell of his sweaty feet filling the air but kind of turning me on. Guess I was already leaning that way? His shirt came off and somehow we fell into each undressing together. His shirt off, mine off. his pants off, mine off. His briefs off, mine off that kind of thing. Then there it was. This humongous uncut cock. The foreskin covering his cock head. forming a short of nipple in front of what had to be the biggest cock I'd ever seen.

    " You've got skin over your head" I said in awe

    Eric " Yea sure do buddy boy aint you ever seen an uncut cock before?

    " No I never have. I mean how does it work when you want to take a piss? I said staring at the monster and getting hard myself.

    Eric laughed. " Hell boy then You just pull the skin back like this." He pulled his foreskin back and I was looking at his big red cock head.

    " Wow that's so neat. Can I try doing it once?

    Eric looked at me and said. " Oh Boy You know how much trouble I would be in if Your Daddy ever found out I let you touch my peter like that?

    I didn't care at that point and just reached up took his cock into my hand and was pulling back his skin. Then pulling it forward and back again. It was growing like crazy in my hands and Eric was just looking on not making a move to stop me. I soon even forgot he was there. It was just this enormously big bare cock and the newness of his skin. The cock head was so big and dripping pre-cum. I kept running my palm around its head when it was free of his skin and He'd moan in delight eyes closed. I took hold of His big hairy man balls and they filled the palm of my young hand. He weakly sat down on the chair and I kept masturbating his big long 8 and a half dick. Inhaling its manly aroma. Soon Eric was in convulsions and His big dick was gushing cum all over my face and in my hair and on my chest. I had beat off my first other cock. Eric made me swear never to tell. I promised not to if he would let me do it again? That summer Eric tried his best never to be alone with me but as things worked out we did often end up alone and Eric would know from my eyes what I wanted to do. I masturbated his big 8.5 dick and Eric would return the favor. It dawned on me amid these thoughts. This really need not be a sexless summer after all. There was Eric and the way I saw it he owed me? I'd be getting to suck his cock and with a little luck have him at least fuck my boy pussy? As the bus pulled into the station I saw all three of them Dad, Eric and Kirk waiting for me and I was rock hard. Eric was looking good. As we shook hands I was rubbing my finger on Eric's palm to let him know I had plans. Can't say I forgot about Johnny but lets say there was at least one ray of hope. Eric. That evening Kirk laid out a full fancy Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. just like it was Thanksgiving for my first night. Dad had taken me on a grand tour of the remodeling He'd done to the house since last summer. First the basement gym was completely redone. All the walls were now mirrored floor to ceiling. A thick red carpet installed and the latest work out machines. The bath room in the gym was ripped out and an all new marble on replaced it. The single shower stall was enlarged to a marble one that had our shower heads so if need be We could all shower at the same time together. This sure made my dick jump. My room was also done over with a large 54 inch TV king sized bed and new desk and new computer. After the tour we all four sat in the bar area them having beers me soda.

    Dad said. " So Kevin what do you think of the remodeling?

    Me " Wow its really fantastic Dad. I can't wait to try out the computer, The new TV and all. But mostly I want to see what its like with all four of Us taking a shower in the new shower down stairs?

    There was an awkward moment of silence as the three men looked at each other.

    Dad ' Well I am not sure that is all that appropriate Son? I mean Your a minor and all."

    I was crestfallen. Then of all people it was Kirk the cook who said.

    " Hell no harm in that Doc ( as Dad was called ) We are all Bulls in this household any ways. No harm in a Man-Boy of 13 seeing other guys naked like that. I know for one I can measure up and if Kevin here takes after His Daddy I am sure even at 13 he'll measure up too?

    To my delight Dad laughed. Eric looked at me a blushed.

    Dad " Yep this is my little Bull Son here. I guess its cool? Hell just don't go telling Your Mom that we three were exposing ourselves to you like that Boy"

    I laughed and said. ' Dad like I am going to rush home and be telling Mom how big all Your cocks are"

    Another awkward moment of silence. I should not have used the word cock?

    Then Dad said. ' Well Kevin She already know my size so no need to remind her what she is missing. hey look boy I am glad your OK with Us all showering together like that. Hell that's why I spent all that money to build the dam thing. So we didn't have to wait in line to shower. Glad Your not bashful Son. Your a real bull."

    To my surprise Eric said as he later told us with out thinking." what about our shower rule Doc. Does that still apply with young Kevin here?

    If looks could kill Eric would have dropped dead on the spot, From the look Dad gave him.

    Dad then looked from Eric and to me saying. " We been showering ever since we had the big stall put in together the three of Us and We have a joke rule who ever gets a hard on has to at least give the other two guys a hand job. All in fun of course."

    I looked Dad square in the eyes and said. " Dad I am no little kid any more. So if that's the rule then that's the rule. I am ready to play by the rules all the way. But You guy's got to treat me like on of You and not some snot nose Kid."

    Kirk laughed. " Boy has a point there Doc."

    Dad laughed. " OK My little Bull. Around this house your equal to us all. you guys hear me and what I am saying. My little Bull here is a man in this house."

    Soon we were all down in the gym basement and undressing. Do not ask me how I was able to not pop a hard on seeing My handsome Dad, Kirk and Eric undress and to smell all that cock but I was able to keep from showing a hard on. Well at least until we hit the showers. We no sooner stepped in the door of the showers buck ass naked and my dick sprang up hard as a nail. Kirk turned around under his shower to spot my hard dick first.

    " Oh Boy looks like we three are in for at least a hand job now guys. Kevin done went and got a hard on looking at our pretty asses"

    The three were now looking at my hard 6.5 cock as I stood there.

    " Deal a Deal" I said as I went over to My Dad's growing cock and keeling on the shower room floor in front of his big bare cock

    " Son No, man No You don't have to do this. Not here not know"

    Too late I was kissing the side of his tick bare dick right there in front of the others.

    I took Daddy's big prick into my mouth and he was holding my head feeding me his big bare prick. As I sucked him for all I was worth. I heard Kirk saying. " See Doc. No need for all that worry. Your Boy is as good cock sucker just like the rest of us."

    Dad pushing his 9 inch cock down my throat nice and easy his cock head spreading my throat wide to accommodate his wide bare prick said. " OH fucking A right. Kevin is taking it all down his throat. Hell took You boy months to learn to deep throat my meat like the boy is doing." Then I was feeling the other two studs standing there and ready to feed me their hard big cocks. I pulled back the skin on Eric's head and now unlike last summer I was eating his big 9.5 uncut meat. licking my tongue all inside his skin over hang. Tasting his big prick. Then on to Kirk's monster 8.5 cock. eating and sucking his dick. Wishing my lover johnny was here to enjoy the treasure which was now mine. Preparing to take no less then three Men's cum loads in my mouth.

    Now I was leaning back on my legs sucking the two men's cocks loving it all while Daddy was finger fucking my boy pussy. he asked me if I had been fucked yet and I told him Yes and now he was eating my pussy rimming my ass hole and getting ready to fuck me. While I was sucking on Kirk and Eric's big Man dicks. Daddy had my feet up on his shoulders while his 9 inch cock came into my boy pussy.

    " Oh yea boy Your going to love living here stud. Your going to love getting this hot tight ass of your fucked every day by the three of us, Boys you can fuck my little Bull boy anytime he wants. He'll love your two big dicks just like His Daddy does. Nothing feels as good as getting big dick from both ends. Daddy pounding my boy pussy Eric and Kirk stuffing my mouth with cock and then all exploding into me at both ends and me shooting my own load as I was filled with manhood cream top and bottom. The night finished in an orgy of fucking and sucking. I lost count of how many loads of cum were fucked up my ass hole or taken down my throat. We all slept that night and every night since in Daddy's big bed. all four of Us naked. i learned more and more ways men can please each other in bed. I still pined for my Lover Johnny and his cock. I was plotting and planning to get him here. I confided only in Daddy about Our love life. Johnny's and mine.


    I was savoring the moment as My own Dad was pumping his first load of cum into my hole. He smiled and then laid down and was actually kissing my lips. Eric and Kirk's cum going into his mouth as he did. I of course knew by now Dad was no stranger to their cum loads. Dad and Kirk decided they needed a little rest and they dried off to head back into the bar area. To my joy Eric decided to stay in the shower with me. With all the excitement I hadn't noticed that there were mirrors on the shower stall walls. Eric had me up against one of the mirrors as soon as we were alone and was eating Dad's cum load out of my ass. I was moaning and telling Eric how very good his hot tongue was up my boy ass as his tongue was thrusting in and out of my hole licking and lapping up all Dad's cum. His hot rimming drove me over the edge. I turned and took Eric and had him against the other wall of the shower. Wanting that big 9 and a half uncut cock of his fucking me up the ass.

    I was humping my hard dick on Eric's hairy leg while he was reaching around and spreading my ass cheeks open and then fingering my itching hole.

    You want me to fuck You Boy? Eric was asking

    I looked down at that long thick uncut meat. All 9.5 inches of it ready for my asking.

    I reached down now and took Eric's bare uncut cock in my hand. Loving the freedom I now enjoyed as one of the Bull's in the house. Eric moaned. As I was pulling on his monster cock Eric was saying in his hot southern accent.

    " I got to warn you once Boy, I fuck long and hard. I'll have you walking bow legged fore I am done fuck your hot boy pussy."

    I got down and kissed the 20 year olds cock. Which was about to fuck me bow legged. Got in position on all fours ready to have the souther Bull dick my tight teen ass. Eric the handsome Cowboy look stud got some lube from the wall dispenser ( Dad thought it all out ) Down behind me now and lining up his bulb headed uncut man meat. I was picturing how it looked from last year when i first saw it and now that very dick was coming into me entering into my pussy hole, Spreading me wide, Wider and even wider. his cock was one of those that get wider as it goes down to the root. Out a little then in much more. Out a little and even much more cock in.

    " Oh Yea God Almighty man fuck me with that big country prick. Yea Eric give me all that big country boy dick"

    I had my feet up against Eric's strong hairy legs as that country Bull cock fucked me hard and fast. Suddenly Eric pulled all 9.5 inches out of my ass and pulled me up. He laid me back down only now up against the walls of the shower. My legs up I watched as he was coming back into my hole again. And the fucking pounding by his dick in my tight ass continued for more the 45 minutes. His big dick in and out in and out. I was cuming. Then getting soft. And then getting hard all over again. All while Eric just kept slamming that country boy Bull dick up my hole.

    At last Eric nearly screamed out. " Here it comes Boy. Its going to be a real gusher too" His face contorted and then this handsome smile came over his face. He yelled. " OH Fuck Boy take Like a man, Yea Boy feel that gusher."

    I'd never before and seldom since except with Eric felt any man who had such powerful force behind his cum load. And He'd just came in my mouth a short while ago. I was then helped to my feet by Eric and He was right. I wasn't exactly bow legged by it took some help to walk out of that shower room. We joined Dad and Kirk in the bar area. That night I found out that usually the three of them all actually slept in Dad's room. So that night it was the four of Us sleeping there naked cum soaked and sucking and fucking the night way. I was fucked then by Kirk who woke me in the middle of the night and lead me down to his bed room. I was in a 69 with Kirk eating that big 8.5 meat of his and then he fucked me up the ass.

    I had already fucked my dick up Dad and Eric's tight asses and now here I was fucking Kirk. This man loved cock up his ass. Thing was to look at him and talk to him You would think he was a real country red neck. Put that dick to his ass hole and the man is one wild cock hungry fag. I lo ed him bucking under me as I slammed my big teen cock and rode him like a bronco. Creaming my load up his hot tight ass.

    The next Month was the most exciting time ever in my life. My time was mostly split between going on rounds out to the Farms with Doc. ( as even I now called Dad ) and Eric. Helping with the live stock or at the office with the small animals. The rest of the time I'd be helping Kirk with the house and cooking. The grounds around the house and the pool were taken care of by the Boyd twins. Jack and Joe. Both were identical Twins. Now of course i was wondering just how identical they were. I joked with Dad that one day I'd find that all out. he told me he expected that they were into male on male? It was just them and their Dad who lived down the road. They earned a good living doing lawn work and landscaping in town mostly. Jack and Joe were then 19 years old. Every day I'd e-mail Johnny back home. I would tell him how much I missed him and that was all true. However I did neglect to tell him of the situation here. That was to be Our secret. Even from Johnny Doc. had told me. Mom I would call every Friday night and we would talk for a good hour or more. Yep life was going pretty good. I told Doc. I'd made up my mind to be a vet just like him and I hoped to join him in his practice? Ever since I'd told him that I noticed he took great pains to let me know everything he was doing with the Animals and the why of it. Like I was a Doctor in training. We were so very close now my handsome Dad and me. Lovers, Best Friends and Fellow Animal lovers. My world fell apart one Friday. I was home that day helping Kirk around the house. We were in the kitchen with the Boyd Twins cutting up vegetables for dinner. Dad walked in and I knew from his nearly faint looking face that something horrible had happened. I immediately thought of Eric who was not there?

    Doc. ' Kevin there has been a terrible accident. There is no way to put this to you easy Son. Your Mother was killed in the accident." we ran to each others arms and we were both crying uncontrollably. The Twins and Kirk were there and hugging us to comfort Us.

    " Son" Doc was saying " I've got to get this all out so please let me get it all out. Johnny's Mom Mary, was with Your Mother and she was also Killed in the accident. Years ago Mary who has no living relatives named Your Mom and me as legal guardians in case of Her death. Johnny is now being looked after by a Mrs. Greene who worked with his Mom until we get there. I've rented a small plane and a pilot to fly up there right now. Will stay at Your old home until the funeral arrangements are taken care of then we'll bring Johnny back here with Us. Son We've got to treat Johnny like he is Family. He is Your Brother now and that is just the way it is going to be."

    Through my tears and so many mixed emotions. Pain at My mom being gone. Happiness that Johnny was going to be taken care of. All these things swirling in my head. I said

    " Dad Your wonderful. I love You so much.'

    Dad hugged me even tighter and Kirk and Now Eric joined in with the Twins in saying " It will all work out."

    Dad now looked me in the eyes saying ' Now don't you worry. From what you told me about Johnny and You two having sex he'll fit right on in here with us guys"

    There was a strained silence among the four of Us in the house as we all recognized that Doc. had inadvertently let out Our little secret in front of the twins. The silence was broken by Joe the one twin.

    ' You guy's all have sex? Gay sex? Wow how about that Jack?

    Jack " Hey ass hole drop it and forget what You heard. These people have enough problems to deal with now."

    Jack touched Doc's arm and said. " I am sorry Doc. Really. If it makes you feel any better just know We won't mention this to anybody. See we are Gay too and so is Dad."

    Within the hour Doc and I were on the chartered flight to Philadelphia and Johnny. e only had three days time all Doc. could get a retired Vet to take care of his practice. The only good thing I could hold onto was that Johnny my best Friend and lover would now be my Brother.


    Doc ( Dad ) was giving me my space on the flight up. Lord knows I needed some quite time to process the whole thing. MY heart burned with sadness to have lost my Mom and Johnny's Mom Mary who was like my second Mother. So Young and both enjoying life so much. I was also painfully aware that now I had just the one Parent, Doc. I was thankful to God He was as He was. I was so happy Doc was standing up to His agreement and going to raise Johnny as My Brother. Having no other Family Johnny would have been bought up the next three years until He was 18 in foster homes. So on the flight there was sadness a plenty, Joy as well and Love for Doc and my new Brother Johnny. The flight was only an hour an a half. From the minute we hit the tarmac Doc and I were on the run. We wanted to have as much of the arrangements as possible done and make things as easy for Johnny as we could before picking him up. We rented a car drove first to the funeral home made the arrangements for a double funeral the next night. Went to the Lawyers and Doc signed all the required papers to take Custody of Johnny all nice and legal. The Lawyer would arrange the sale of the two homes and what ever we left in them to include the cars furniture as things.We just had time to stop by the school and get the Trans scripts Of both Johnny and my records so as to transfer to the schools in Virginia. All this done We at last were going into the Neighbor who had been looking after Johnny the last couple of days. The most emotional Heart wrenching screen of My life then followed. As Johnny ran to us and there was a group hugging and tears flowing and sobs heard all around. We were joined in our group sorrow and hug by the Neighbor Lady and Her husband. We separated after a long emotional time each have that strange almost hysterical laugh urge one has at very emotional times like this. At last all cried out we all sat in the kitchen having tea and coffee with some home made cakes. Dad gave the keys to both homes to the Neighbors telling them to look over the place and take what ever furniture they or their Families might be able to use and give the rest to charity. The Neighbors were telling Us that they had contacted the Church and the place Our Mom's worked. The two groups were chipping in to have a dinner after the burial for Those who came. The Women whom I had always loved said that she felt it would be just too emotional for the three of Us to spend the night in either house. She and Her Husband had cleaned out the furnished apartment above their Garage for Us to use the next few days until we left. They with the help of Johnny had gathered all His clothes as well as mine and all were ready to go. The apartment had just the one room with a pull out sofa bed and a pull out sofa chair. Small kitchen with a half refrigerator which they had filled with beers and soda. We'd be expected to take Our meals in the house with them. We were all three of Us just so over whelmed by all they had done. The three days went in a blur. The emotions the tears the fears and Johnny looking so lost. At last we were ready to go the Air Craft waited to fly Us three back to Virginia. We kissed and Hug the Neighbors the Wilson's goodbye I'll never forget that moment when Mrs. Wilson stood back looking at the three of us and admiringly said.

    " You Know Your going to be just fine You three. You already look like a good Family. Now I hope You'll not only stay in touch with Us but maybe We can volunteer to be Your Grand Parents?

    It was Johnny who stepped up to both of them and gave them a hug saying " Thanks both of You and You really are my Grand Parents now."

    " Doc this isn't the same Air Port we took off from" I said as we landed in Virginia.

    Doc " Nope, I arranged a little alone time for Us three boys. Got Old Doc. Jones to cover for me and we are going up to the getaway cabin. Its all stocked with food and goodies. Now we have three more days with just us. We can use that time to really get to know each other."

    That of course went over Johnny's head but the sly look Doc gave me I knew all too well what the " Getting to know each other" Part was all about. My dick was twitching in my pants just at the thought of Doc and Johnny and Myself getting it on up in the cabin.We pulled up in a rental car. Eric and Kirk had prepared the cabin for Us and stocked it. The place was really a one room log cabin used for getaways and hunting in season. There was just the one large bed. Bathroom and the living room kitchen combo. Stepping in Johnny exclaimed " whoa, There is just the one bed for all three of Us?

    Doc opening the refrigerator and getting a beer said. " Hell Boy that's all we need is the one bed. Hell if there were three beds here Boy Us three horny cock hounds would be in the same one any ways."

    Johnny's jaw nearly fell to the floor He couldn't believe what he was hearing from the handsome strong Adult Doc. What I did next to Johnny had Us all in stitches. I was pulling down his shorts and slowly exposing his already hardening cock.


    Johnny was getting right on into the swing of things and allowed me my fun exposing his big dick to Dad.

    " Boy that's one Bull of a Cock You got there. Hell I needing a good taste of that meat."

    With that and as Johnny's face was wide with surprise Doc was on his knees and taking Johnny's big teen dick into his mouth. Johnny was looking at me and then down at My Dad as He now was pumping his teen dick into Dad's hungry mouth.

    " Welcome to the Family Johnny." I beamed watching His big dick moving in and out of Dad's mouth. " Your going to learn that life down here is one big orgy. We all Bull's in the house all four of Us and now with that Bull cock of Yours there is five of Us stud."

    Johnny his face all excited as Doc was surely pleasing his hard teen dick managed to get out. " God I love this Kevin. OH fuck Yea. man I was hoping You were still into Us messing around and now look Your Dad is sucking my cock."

    I got down and while Doc was sucking away at johnny's thick meat I was pulling off Doc's boots and socks. Then stripping his shirt and working his jeans down. I knew Doc was determined to get that first easy load from Johnny's prick. Now I had Doc all stripped and Johnny was looking down in amazement at Doc's big 9 inch prick.

    "Hot Dam Mr. Kelly Can I suck on Your cock too?

    Doc came off his cock long enough to say. " Johnny Boy call me Doc or Dad from now on and Kevin You get Us into a hot daisy chain Boy. We started out in a daisy chain and ended up in all kinds of positions three Men could possibly suck on each other. Johnny loved eating dick through briefs and so at one point we put on briefs and sucked with cocks out the legs over the top through the piss hole, every which way we could take each others cocks. I was showing Doc real proud of myself that Johnny could take three fingers up his hole.

    " I got him to that point Doc. So now You and the other Bull's Kirk and Eric can all fuck his boy pussy good and hard."

    Johnny was then saying as I finger fucked his hole. " OH man since You left Kevin I've only had that dam fake cock up my ass. Man I really need a good hard dick fucking into me."

    Doc got up and said. " Johnny boy Your wish is Our command. We'll do a hot three way fuck and then switch off for as long as We can last. I'll fuck my prick up your ass hole Johnny and Kevin here will be fucking into mine."

    I dam nearly popped a load just hearing it and Johnny was spread eagle ready for Doc to stick his monster 9 inch thick cock bare back up his boy hole. Doc got him up on all fours and reased up ready to fuck me new Brother.

    Johnny was squealing like a pig as Doc was shoving his 9 inch man meat into the boy. " Take it boy get use to being fucked by big men's cocks like this monster here." Doc was saying as his fat man meat entered the boy's tight hole.

    I was behind Doc ready to fuck him soon as He was all in Johnny's hole. I came to johnny's defense. " Doc" I said " Remember the Boy has only been fucked by me and my dick is only 7 inches and half as thick as Yours is."

    The conversation ended there. That's when Johnny was pleading

    " Oh Fuck Yea Doc give me that big thick bareback meat. yea I can take it Cowboy fuck that big Bull meat up my tight ass. Yea stud show me what kind of Bull You are man. Fuck my pussy hole raw stud."

    That's when I kissed Doc's bare shoulder and started to fuck my own cock into his pussy while he was slamming His fat meat up my buddies pussy. He paused just long enough to get my teen meat deep up his own hole.

    Doc's dick had came out of Johnny's hole while I was fucking mine into him and Johnny was calling out. " Oh man Doc put it back in me. I need more of that hot big dick."

    I am a major fan of three way fucks to begin with but this was fantastic. feeling doc's balls as i banged his ass. hearing Johnny moaning and begging to get fucked more and harder. Doc's body moving into Johnny's body then back and taking in my thick meat. We wanted it to last and so We switched places. Now Johnny my first love was fucking into my hole and Doc was fucking again into Johnny's tight hole. The wonderful mess of feet, Legs hands cocks balls backs chest all touching and fucking and the smell of manly fuck sweat filling the air I was creaming a major load of cum and once again Johnny was cuming in my ass like before. Doc was really releasing a big load of man juice up Johnny boy's pussy hole. We pulled out of each others hole our collective cum loads making the floor slippery. Our cocks all still dripping and Our asses oozing cum.

    " You one of the Bull's now" Doc was saying as We all three hugged.

    Our Three days alone up in the cabin were like three minutes. We talked fished some and talked and hardly ever had clothes on. We fucked each other slept together and sucked gallons of each others cum juice. We told Johnny every detail of the new home which was now his. About Eric and Kirk. Even about the very real possibility of adding the Boyd twins and their Daddy to the Bull's?. I not only told him and showed him my new foot and under arm fetish but got him into it too. I caught him more then a few times smelling Doc's or my old sweaty socks and rubbing them on his hairy teen balls. I loved Our walks alone just Johnny and myself in the surrounding woods. We talked abut the future and the present and even dressed We would stop and feel and love each other.

    It was great to be able to just stop when the mood hit You and get it on with Your buddy. Your Brother and then know You'd be doing it with both Your Dad's later. Yes life was looking up for the Bull's Now Daddy had two Young Bull's on his hands. But Daddy with the help of Eric and Kirk sure knew how to handle Us two Young Bull's

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