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  • Uncle buck
  • It was a warm Indian summer day in mid-September, 1973. My mother's first cousin was getting married and it was a tradition in her culture that the women in the family were to prepare the hall for the wedding reception. The men would come to the reception later. It seemed to be a silly tradition to me, and even sillier as I was dragged with my mother to help with the hall preparations. My brothers kidded me about it all day calling me one of the girls.

    As I sipped on my Coke I stared around the hall to find a place where I could relieve myself from the massive urination need that was growing inside me. My parents never let us drink soda pop unless we were at a party or special occasion. I guess after pounding down a few Cokes, it was going right through me.

    The hall was the clubhouse of our local German federation. My dad was from Germany and he had gotten the hall very cheap for a few of our relatives in the past. It acted as a meeting place and a sports complex. It was really just a large gym.

    I finally found a hallway and as I walked down it I saw a door that said "Men" on a sign hanging from it. I knew I was near exploding and swiftly moved through the entryway and scanned for the nearest urinal. I saw it on the other side of the room and pulled down my zipper while I made my move for relief! As I walked closer the sound of a shower running caught my attention and I glanced over to see a naked full-grown man showering in the open shower area past the urinal area.

    I had seen my dad and older brothers naked before, but for some reason I liked to see other grown men naked. I was only eleven and at an age where I was curious why men had hair around their genitals while I still didn't. I stared at the familiar shaped man who had his back to me while my penis unloaded the many Cokes that filled my blather. The man turned to face me, and my eyes locked right to his large cock and long dangling balls. He was definitely large and very hairy.

    I already knew I wanted to be as hairy as possible when I got older, hairier than anyone else.

    "Andy!" Rang out through the locker room.

    I immediately looked up from the man's cock to his face. It was my Uncle Buck. I just stood there with a heated red face from embarrassment. I was caught staring at my Uncle Buck's cock and I was sure he noticed it.

    "Uh, hi Uncle Buck," I squeaked out of a voice filled with embarrassment.

    His name really wasn't Buck, it was Heinrik, but everyone called him by Buck. He wasn't really my uncle, but my dad's first cousin, which made him my second cousin. He had come over from Germany with my dad and his brothers. He was so close to the family that we always called him by uncle.

    "So when are you going to get your butt out there on my soccer team?" He shouted back to me as he scrubbed his cock and balls hard with a soapy rag.

    I couldn't stop staring at his genital area. I knew he had to be noticing where my eyes were going but his cock and balls were so big and hairy, I couldn't stop.

    He was my favorite uncle. When I was younger he would let me sit on his lap when he played poker, and let me make some of his poker decisions. He was the only one who would take the time to teach me how to swim in our backyard pool. He was the one who gave me piggyback rides, raced me down the street in a running race, and would wrestle with me on the floor. And now I was seeing him in all his glory.

    "Uncle Buck, you know I like football!" I shouted back to him still feeling embarrassed.

    He grabbed behind his ear and shouted back, "Come closer I can't hear what you are saying over this shower noise."

    I zipped up and walked closer to his naked body as he kept scrubbing and rinsing his groin area. His cock was getting larger if that was possible and I still couldn't keep my eyes off of it. It was so big and so fat. The head was larger than the shaft and it would take both of my hands to get around it, if I would ever get the chance to grab it.

    "I said; you know I like to play football," I shouted again.

    "Football! You and your brothers are always into football. What a waste with all your speed. Do you know how great you would be in soccer running as fast as you do?" Uncle Buck finally asked while turning off the shower. "I have ran with you boy and there is no other boy your age with your lightning speed. Football is a waste of your time!"

    "But I play quarterback! I really like it!" I tried to convince my uncle as I watched him dry off his muscular and hairy body. He had just a small amount of gray hair on his chest with the rest being dark brown and trailing down his 6-pack stomach to his huge member where most of his hair sat. I looked up at his manly features and cleft chin. I realized that my own 11-year-old cock inside my pants was hard and aching. I quickly put my hands in my pant pockets to hide it.

    "That's ok Andy, you gotta do what you enjoy, and if you love football, it does me no good to try and get you on the soccer field," Uncle Buck admitted as he wrapped his arm around me and brought me into the side of his naked body.

    We walked to his locker, and my left arm kept rubbing on his hairy right cheek of his ass as we walked. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I quickly sat on the bench by is locker to hide my bulging pants.

    "You should come to one of my games Uncle Buck!" I shouted out in excitement. I thought of how awesome it would be to have my uncle watching me play. "We are 2 and 0, and I have already ran for three touchdowns and thrown for one!"

    My Uncle Buck then lifted his leg up on he bench in a way where his cock and balls were about a foot away from my face. I could smell the soap he used to scrub them with, mixed with his manly smell. He kept tugging and playing with his balls while he said, "We play soccer the same time you do, that is why you can't do both sports, and why I never get to see you play."

    "Huh!" I replied while my mind was fixated on the hairy cock pointing right in front of my face.

    "Andy! You have never seen a grown man naked before, have you?" My uncle shouted chuckling.

    "No!" I quickly lied in shock that my uncle was confronting me on the subject. He knew I was staring at his cock and balls and now he was going to bust me on it. Thoughts of him telling my dad about our locker room chat ran through my mind. My brothers would all start calling me a queer and I would never live this incident down. I could feel my face turning ten shades of red. My life was falling apart in front of me.

    My uncle placed his hands on my face and it felt like he was going to shove my face right into his crotch. Or at least I was hoping he would. All these emotions were running through me and I was realizing that I wanted to have him shove his cock into my mouth. Even though it sounded gross, with it sitting right in front of me it was what I wanted. He pulled my head up from the vision of his cock and made me look at his handsome face.

    "It's ok Andy!" He comforted me. "We all go through a phase in life when we are curious about grown men and how they look different naked. Some day you are going to grow up and look just like me and then you won't be so interested in seeing what other men look like."

    I felt like he could read my mind. I wondered if he knew that I was thinking of his cock in my mouth. I wasn't even sure if his large cock could fit into my tiny mouth.

    Suddenly a sigh of relief ran through me as I realized that Uncle Buck didn't mind that I was staring at him and that he wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag to my father. I wouldn't be getting into trouble.

    "Did you go through that phase too?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

    "I did, your dad did, and I am sure all of your older brothers did also. It is only natural to be curious about something different." Uncle Buck explained as he finally pulled his pants up over his manhood without any underwear on.

    "You don't wear underwear!" I shouted out, not thinking of what I was saying.

    My Uncle Buck just laughed out loud, "I don't have a mother to yell at me if I don't wear any!"

    I started laughing and then silence filled the room.

    "So I am not queer?" I finally asked needing more confirmation from my uncle.

    "Come up here!" He shouted down to me. "Are you still young enough to give your uncle a big hug?"

    "Sure Uncle Buck, I will never be too old to hug you!" I shouted back.

    With the strength I always remembered, my uncle picked me up and bear hugged me as hard as he could. "No, you are probably not queer, but I will always love you no matter what," He said into my ear. "Now give your uncle a peck on the cheek."

    I puckered my lips as my uncle still held me tight. I could feel the outline of his cock on my thigh, and my still throbbing cock was pushing against his stomach. I smacked my lips against the rough skin of his cheek and said, "I will always love you too Uncle Buck."

    "Andy are you in there?" I heard my mother shouting from the other side of the locker room door.

    I quickly pushed myself out of my uncle's arms. I was going to get it now, I was supposed to be helping with the party and I was in the locker room talking to my naked uncle.

    "He's in here talking to me about football Dee," My uncle rang out. "I am sorry if I have been keeping him from helping you set up." He finished as he winked to me.

    "Oh no Buck! That is ok that you two are talking. We were just worried stiff when we couldn't find him. You two guys better be getting in here pretty soon, some of the other men are starting to show up!" My mother shouted through the door.

    "We are coming in as soon as I can get my shoes on!" He shouted back as he rubbed my head with a big smile on his face.


    Sweat was pouring down my face as I furiously rode my bike towards home. I had just left the local swimming pool and was in a hurry to get home early for dinner in hopes that my parents would let me go back to the pool after dinner. I had joined a local swim team a little over a year ago and was swimming in summer league at the local pool also. All my friends were coming back for the last night the pool was open for the summer and I wanted to be there for the fun.

    As I pedaled up the driveway, I leaped off my bike dumping it in the back yard and raced through the back door. "Is mom and dad home yet?" I screamed to my brother standing in the kitchen!

    "No! And you are so lucky they are not!" he screamed back.

    I gave him a look of curiosity.

    "There is a five dollar bill on the dining room table that has your name written all over it. Did you forget that football starts Monday and today is the last chance you have to get a haircut?" My brother responded to my look.

    "Oh crap! I forgot!" I said as I looked at the clock. It was 4:45 pm. already, and my regular barber closed at 4 pm. "Mr. Harper is closed already, where am I going to get a haircut?"

    "Uncle Buck has a place on Adams Street if you want to ride your bike there!" My brother answered.

    "Uncle Buck has a barber shop on Adams now?" I asked in disbelief.

    "Yeah you got 15 minutes to get there too!" My brother screamed into the air.

    I looked at my shorts. They were still soaked from my wet swimming suit underneath them. There was no time for me to change so I was going to have to go as I was. I swept the five dollar bill off the table and in two seconds I was on my bike heading towards Adams street. It would take me the whole fifteen minutes to get there even if I rode full speed.

    As I pedaled to the maximum speed my legs would move, I thought about Uncle Buck. I hadn't seen him since the wedding almost two years ago. We had such a weird locker room chat, that I couldn't help but think he thought I was queer and was staying away from me. Something had happened to Uncle Buck shortly after that wedding. His wife divorced him, he never came around the house again, and he lost his job at the German Athletic Center. It was something my parents always avoided telling us the truth about. I could only hope they couldn't track it back to our locker room incident.

    As I turned down Adams Street I saw in the distance a sign that said "Buck's Barber Shop." I raced my bike into the parking lot and dumped it by the front door. After hopping off I immediately tried the front door. My heart sunk into my chest, the door was locked. I looked around into the windows and saw a shadow moving inside, so I decided to knock on the door. In a short time I saw Uncle Buck's face peak through a window drape.

    I heard the door slowly open and then all of a sudden a shout rang from behind the door, "Andy! What are you doing here?" Soon the handsome face of my Uncle Buck appeared around the door.

    As I caught a glimpse of his face I sighed in a sigh of ecstasy. He was even more handsome than two years ago with longer wavy salt and pepper hair and a thick salt and pepper mustache to match. I could feel shivers running down my spine and my whole body began to tingle inside. After a two-year wait the site of Uncle Buck was a site my eyes really needed.

    "Uncle Buck, can I still sneak in for a haircut?" I asked with the cutest smile I could muster up.

    "Well I am closed," he teased, "But I think for the right price, I can sneak in one last hair cut."

    "I only got five bucks!" I shouted back not getting his humor.

    "Andy!" He laughed. "It's a joke! Sure I will cut your hair!"

    My body tingling was replaced with relief. "Oh thanks Uncle Buck. I would have been killed by my parents if I didn't get a haircut today!"

    Uncle Buck looked down at my shorts and crotch area and started laughing. "Did you wet your pants trying to ride here?"

    I looked down at my still wet crotch from my swimsuit. "Ha! Ha!" I snarled back at him. "I didn't have time to change from the pool."

    "I heard you are quite the swimmer now," He said to me as he helped me through the door putting his arm around me. He then turned and locked the door behind us.

    I liked when Uncle Buck put his arm around me. With most guys I would feel uncomfortable and would shrug away, but when Uncle Buck did it, it felt strong, and gave me a feeling of security and almost of true love.

    "I won the state championships in butterfly and the IM. "I replied trying to keep focused on the conversation and not on the feelings Uncle Buck was giving me. I could already feel my cock growing in my swimsuit. "Can you believe that, in the first year of swimming. I owe it all to those swim lessons you gave me."

    "I heard!" He said as he sat me in the barber chair beaming with his own pride. He threw a barber cloth over me and I wiggled my hands out and placed them on the armrests getting into a comfortable position. He quickly pumped up the chair and I began to relax enjoying the ride.

    "So how do you want it cut?" He questioned.

    I didn't want it cut at all; I took pride in growing my hair long. It was the 70s and everyone had their hair long. "I am getting it cut for football so I guess I have to get it cut pretty short," I replied with a sense of disappointment.

    "Don't worry Andy, I will make it still look good!" Uncle Buck said giving me a wink.

    The room became quiet as Uncle Buck started working on my hair. I wasn't sure what to say to him. It had been a long time since we had seen each other and I wasn't sure why.

    "So you are still playing football, are you still playing quarterback?" Uncle Buck said breaking the silence.

    "Yeah! I just wish I would grow! All my friends are starting to grow and I am still not growing. Coach is going to be so disappointed that I didn't grow that much this year!"

    Uncle Buck moved around to the front of me to start cutting the front of my hair. He leaned into the chair for balance and pushed his crotch right on to my hand sitting on the armrest. "You'll grow in time, don't rush it Andy!" He spat out nonchalantly.

    I didn't know what to do. The top of my hand could feel Uncle Buck's cock and balls as they rested on it. I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear because it was like I was feeling him with no pants on at all. I wanted to move my hand, because any straight teenager would have moved their hand, but I let it sit there wanting to feel his manhood. Trying to act normal I said, "Well in football it helps to be a little bigger."

    Soon he pushed back from my hand and took a little look at my hair. I quickly looked at his crotch and could see the outline of his cock running down the side of his pant leg. He slowly moved forward and pushed his crotch on my hand again. This time his cock felt much harder and I could feel some throbbing coming from it. My cock was aching inside my swimsuit as it grew.

    "Everyone goes through puberty at a different time. You have no control over it," My uncle advised.

    I was speechless as my uncle moved away from me again. I immediately looked at his crotch again and his cock was now pointing sideway in his pants and was bulging. It was by far the largest cock I had ever seen reaching all the way to his hip. "Well I hope I grow soon, I am tired of being so short!" I finally sputtered.

    Uncle Buck moved to the other side of me and leaned into my other hand. This time his balls were all that were resting on me and I could see his huge cock trying to push out of the top of his pants! He took a few snips of hair and pushed away again.

    My eyes were fixated on the bulge in his tight pants. He walked around me investigating his work and then pulled out a mirror shoving it in my face.

    "Is this short enough Andy?" He asked.

    I wanted more action on my hand and begged, "A little more on the top please!"

    He turned me around and leaned lower into my hand so his throbbing hard cock pushed right against my knuckles. I was in ecstasy feeling it pulsating against my hand as he worked more on the top of my head.

    He pulled away again and stayed a little bent over almost embarrassed of the bulge in his pants. He plopped the mirror in my face again and asked, "How's this?"

    My cock was throbbing so hard into my pants I couldn't take another bout of his cock against my hand. "Looks good!" Croaked out of my throat.

    Without blowing any hair off of it Uncle Buck quickly grabbed the large barber bib around me and all my blonde glistening hair flew high into the air and landed resting all over my wet shorts and shirt.

    Oh I am so sorry Andy!" Uncle Buck shouted as I swiftly stood up out of the chair. I tried to push the hair off of me, but there was just too much of it embedded on my clothes.

    I looked at my Uncle Buck and he was staring at my crotch that was filled with hair and was bulging out from my hard cock stuck inside of it.

    "Andy, I always use the vacuum on my clothes before I leave work, how about we go into the back room and use the vacuum on you. If not, you are going to itch until you can take a bath."

    I agreed and we snuck into the back room. The back room had a couple chairs, a toilet and a sink, and some high shelves dividing the room. Uncle Buck vanished on the other side of the shelves and quickly reappeared with a large vacuum with a hose on it. "Have a seat on the chair and throw me your clothes," He instructed me.

    "My clothes?" I questioned.

    "Yeah you have to take your clothes off for me to vacuum. I am going to have to take mine off."

    I pulled off my t-shirt and handed it to him. I reluctantly turned my back to him and pulled my shorts off so that my uncle wouldn't see my hard cock through my Speedo swimsuit. I handed him the shorts and he boldly said, "No need to be shy here Andy, we are both men!"

    I turned and quickly sat in a nearby chair. I looked down quickly at my bulging swimsuit and noticed it was full of hair also.

    Hand me the swim suit also Andy or we won't get all the hair and you will itch like crazy!" My uncle demanded.

    I stood up and slipped it off, and there standing straight up to my stomach was my 5-inch throbbing cock. I had sprouted a couple pubic hairs just in the past week and if it wasn't for them I would be totally hairless. My uncle took a good look at it saying, "Oh the glory of being young, I wish I could still get a boner over nothing. When you get my age getting a boner is rare, or something is really turning you on!"

    I turned 6 shades of red listening to my uncle talk about my cock and I sat back in the chair no longer trying to hide my erection. Quickly he turned putting his back to me and began undoing his shirt. As he ripped it from his upper torso I could see his well-defined back muscles flexing as the slight amount of hair on his back glistened from the ceiling lights. Next he undid his belt and I heard his zipper sing out as he lowered it slowly. When he grabbed for the button that held the pants around his waist my heart was beating out of my chest in anticipation of his pants finally being lowered. I was going to see my uncle naked again and my cock was screaming for attention as he teased me with his strip tease. Finally he lowered his pants bending over and stepping out of them one leg at a time. His hairy butt cheeks were sweating and he remained bent over sending them inches from my face. I could smell sex in the air as I reached for my cock to give it a quick tug of relief before my uncle turned around. I followed the hair from his crack, which showed a little glimpse of the puckered lips of his ass hole as they trailed to his cheeks and down to his hairy dangling balls that were situated half way up in his sac leaving at least an inch of dead sac skin hanging at the bottom. I had never seen anyone's balls sit in a sac like this, as if they were suspended in space. "I want my balls to dangle like that," I thought to myself. I was searching hard for his monster cock to be dangling past his balls but it wasn't there to be seen. Finally he stood straight up.

    He started up the vacuum and started on my shirt. "Please turn around so I can see your cock," I prayed deep in my head. But he didn't.

    "When you get a boner as easy as you do, I bet you masturbate all the time, huh?" My Uncle screamed out over the vacuum cleaner.

    His statement took me by surprise and threw my eyes away from his hairy and muscular cheeks.

    "No! I mean I don't masturbate!" I lied as loud as I could.

    "C'mon Andy we all masturbate!" He screamed back. "Me and your dad started masturbating together when we were 9 years old. Hell your dad shot a load six months before I ever did. Then we used to shoot our loads on each other!" Uncle Buck laughed out into the air.

    I was getting warm and my head was feeling no relief as my cock ached even harder. It was jerking back and forth in midair as it throbbed pulse after pulse.

    "Well I guess when ever I get naked now I pop a boner. I can't control it, it just happens! And, well when I am taking a bath I beat it off so it will go away. I am afraid someone will need to use the bathroom and I don't want to have a boner when someone comes storming in the bathroom." I finally said letting out some of the truth.

    "So you have never had sex with any of the girls at school or any of your friends before. You know you and your friends beating off together?"

    As we continued to shout over the vacuum cleaner the room wreaked more and more of hormones and manly sex sweat. It was all I could do to stop from having my little boy orgasm right there as we talked.

    "No! No one is having sex that I know!" I shouted back.

    "I'll bet they are!" My uncle professed just turning his head back to speak to me. Then he turned the vacuum off. "Andy, I think maybe I should help you have your first real experience with sex, have you ever shot a load yet?"

    "Uncle Buck!" I said with embarrassment. My face was heating up worse than the room.

    "It's ok Andy, it's me your Uncle Buck. We used to be able to talk about anything before."

    He was right, I used to be able to say anything to my uncle and he was always cool about handling it with me and teaching me about life. If I couldn't trust him, whom could I trust?

    "No, I never shot a load before," I finally answered. "I want to so bad, but nothing comes out." I continued crying out.

    "It will come some day and man are you going to enjoy it! Do you know how to fuck someone?"

    "No, I mean I have an idea how it is done and stuff, but I have never done it before."

    "How about if I let you fuck me and in doing so I teach you how to do it. Then when the time comes, you will know what you are doing and won't feel so uncomfortable doing it!" Uncle Buck screamed out as if he was still talking over the vacuum cleaner. Then with a quick move he turned around to reveal his monster to me. It was standing an inch higher than his belly button at full attention. It was as thick as a beer can and the head was twice as thick as the shaft. My eyes could not be moved from the direction of his cock by an explosion in the shop. I was seeing my uncle's hard cock for the first time. That cock that I fell in love with two years earlier. I never thought I would ever get such an opportunity in my life and I was going to savor every second I got to see it.

    "You like what you see?" My uncle asked.

    "Yes," I admitted as if I was in a trance.

    "Your old uncle can still pop a pretty good boner for his age! I would let you play with it, but I really think you need to learn how to fuck!"

    My uncle turned around and faced the sink in the room. "Now I am a guy so you are going to have to fuck my ass hole, do you think you can do that?" He asked as he bent over putting his arms on the sink and sticking his ass in the air.

    "You mean stick my cock into your ass, like it is a woman's you know what? Isn't that kind of gross?" I asked even though my cock wanted to be relieved so bad.

    "I promise you it will not be gross. Can you trust me on this?"

    "I guess, what do I have to do?"

    "Well we are going to do it doggie style here!" My uncle said making me laugh uncontrollably.

    "You mean like two dogs doing it? I have seen dogs fuck before!" I said still chuckling.

    "Right! Just like two dogs. Now I want you to get on top of me like you are going to ride piggyback ok!"

    I reluctantly grabbed my uncle's shoulders and slid my one leg around his back. My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to break when it rubbed around his body. It finally nestled into his butt crack like it was a perfect fit of a jigsaw puzzle.

    "Ok now wrap your arms around my chest instead of my neck and I will bend over more on to the sink." He instructed.

    I moved my arms around his thick lats and for some reason rested them both on his nipples. His chest hair felt so good that I couldn't control myself from rubbing it.

    "Oh Andy," he moaned, "You have no idea how good that feels."

    I continued to rub his chest as he barked out instructions for lining my cock up with his asshole. After we were lined up he pushed just the head of my boy cock into his ass. It slid in with ease and then he tightened his hole muscles tight around it letting out another moan

    My cock and body were already feeling like my orgasm was ready to take place. I fought like crazy to hold it back.

    He finally grabbed my butt cheeks and screamed out, "One, two," and when he screamed three he pushed hard on my cheeks shoving my cock all the way into his ass letting out the most painful scream I have ever heard. I tried to pull out to let him out of pain but he held on to my cheeks keeping my cock shoved deep inside him. His ass hole squeezed even tighter on to my throbbing cock and finally I screamed, "I can't hold it any longer I am going to..."

    "No Andy! No yet!" My uncle shouted as he slowly released is ass's grip on my cock.

    I prayed for the orgasmic feeling to subside and we stopped for a while so I could control myself from having my orgasm.

    "You ok Andy?"

    "Yeah, I'm ok but I don't know how much longer I can do this, every movement makes me want to explode. The feeling is so much stronger than before. Even my balls ache!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

    "Ok Andy, just relax. I want you to wrap your legs around my hips and lock your ankles in the inside of my knees. Go slowly."

    I did as my uncle requested, and I began holding and rubbing his chest again. He began to moan again.

    "God Andy, your cock feels so good in my ass! I just want you to know that before we get started! Now I want you to think about how you kick in butterfly, you know how you push your hips forward and backward. I want you to try and slowly do that."

    I began slowly moving my hips back and forth against my uncle's butt cheeks. The hair on his ass tingled my skin with every push and my cock throbbed harder and harder. I felt safely wedged in without needing my hands on his chest and my instincts kicked in and I grabbed his massive monster with one hand and groped with a tight squeeze both of his now tight balls. My hand over his cock could only grab half of his circumference and I started moving the skin of his cock back and forth as I continued to fondle his balls. His soft pubic hairs felt so good pressing against my skin with every pump of his big throbbing hard on.

    My uncle began to moan uncontrollably as I pushed my cock in and out of his hole. My butterfly kick became larger and larger with each thrust and my cock was completely coming out of his hole and then directing itself deep inside of him.

    "Ohhh Andy! Beat my meat hard Andy! Pound it real hard!" He shouted.

    I started going berserk as my butterfly kick went full sprint speed. My hand pounded on my uncle's member as I grabbed on to it with all my might squeezing as I pumped. My body started screaming for an orgasm as the tingling and chills flew through my body shoving that good feeling down into my loins.

    "Ohh Andy! My uncle screamed as he tried to move my hand away from has cock, but I wouldn't let him holding on tighter and pumping even harder!

    "Oh fuck Andy! Oh fuck Andy!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, as he stood up straighter.

    I kept pumping my cock deep inside his ass. It had to release as the feeling in my balls turned from pain to massive pushing. My thrust became almost like convulsions

    "Oh Fuck!" My uncle screamed and all of a sudden white stuff started shooting up and on to the mirror above the sink. I could feel his cock jerk hard with every shot! His ass hole pulsated, squeezing down on my cock and all of sudden my body began to jerk into wild convulsions as my cock started to jerk hard in his ass. My balls pushed hard as the most intense feeling ran through my body. My cock uncontrollably shot fluid deep into my uncle's ass. I kept convulsing and shooting and convulsing and shooting. It was never going to stop as my body was feeling complete heaven. After about five minutes of unloading my fluid I went limp on my uncles back. I could feel the load I shot deep into his bowels dripping out and down my tight balls. The wet hair in his ass crack tickled my hairless groin area and my cock lay hard as a rock in his ass.

    My uncle just laid forward resting his weight on the sink. His breathing was fast and shallow and he finally screamed out, "Oh man, you were great! That is the best orgasm I have ever had in my life."

    I just lay on top of him, my hand still holding on to his cock, which was beginning to soften. I didn't want to let go of it. I wanted to hold on to it the rest of my life. It felt so good in my hand, like it belonged there. Like it was something that was supposed to be.

    Uncle Buck finally started to stand up, and I finally slid out of his ass, my cock still hard and throbbing. He turned to me and in celebration he picked me up into his arms and screamed, "You shot a load Andy!"

    I was still limp from my ecstatic encounter. It was new to me and drained whatever life I had in me out threw every load my cock shot into my uncle. As he pressed me into a deep hug I felt his huge monster push against my still hard cock. It felt good, it felt right, and it felt like that was the way it was meant to be.

    "I love you Uncle Buck," I whispered into his ear and I turned my head to give him a peck on the cheek. He turned his head at the same time and engulfed my lips with his. He pressed his soft lips hard against mine and forced his tongue deep into my throat. I played with his tongue using mine and then he sucked my tongue deep into his mouth and began playing with it with his tongue. His mustache felt rough as it tickled my upper lip and nose.

    I had always thought that French kissing would be gross but with my uncle it was like we were joined to each other with the purpose of sharing our love. Neither of us could let go of the kiss for minutes.

    My uncle finally placed me on the chair with care and took a look at my ever-hard cock still throbbing in air. He chuckled asking, "Does your cock ever go soft?"

    For my uncle it would be forever hard because that is what I have always wanted. From the time I was small and he would play with me, I knew that the love I had for my uncle was not natural but a love that I should be sharing with someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.

    "I lied to you Uncle Buck," I confessed. "I have masturbated with someone before, but we only masturbated and nothing more."

    "We all do it Andy! Who was it with?"

    "My football coach! I go over there on Saturdays before a game to go over the plays for Sunday's game. He would never wear underwear under his shorts and I could see his cock and balls sometimes. One day we got to talking about it all and I told him I wanted to see another guy shooting a load. So we masturbated together so I could see him shoot. We did it about four weeks in a row, but I never shot, not until today. I am so glad the first time I shot was with you!"

    "Andy I love you so much! I have always loved you since you were little. Not like an uncle should love a nephew. You and I were a perfect fit, like you should be my son," he explained.

    I knew now that was true, but I couldn't figure out why he never came over after the wedding. I had to know.

    "Uncle Buck, why didn't you ever come over after the wedding? Was it because of what happened in the locker room?"

    "That day in the locker room, I knew for sure that I loved you more than I should. You were just eleven and even today, we shouldn't have done this, you are too young..."

    But I wanted so bad to do what we did!" I interrupted.

    "Hear me out Andy! Your parents promised me they would never tell you kids, and with you being here today I suspect they never did. What happened in the locker room would have never kept me away from seeing you."

    Uncle Buck wiped the sweat off of his forehead and continued, "My wife, your Aunt Emma is a very religious women. She would only allow us to have sex if we were trying for a child and then when we realized she couldn't have children she wouldn't allow us to have sex at all. I loved her very much and tried to live her way, but I needed to have sex. Working the athletics at the German Center well I would see a lot of men take showers and well one day one of them made a move on me. The next thing you know I am having occasional sex with a couple men from the Center. We all had wives and hid it from them. Well one day I was showering and one of the 16 year olds on my team was showering and he came on to me right in the shower. I knew better than to do it with him, but it felt so good and when he started sucking on my cock I couldn't stop. I just grabbed his head and pounded his mouth with my cock until I shot all over his face. I felt awful about it and had him come to my office the next day to talk. When he showed up he had pictures that another team member hid out and took and was threatening me for money."

    "Wow Uncle Buck that is terrible, I would have creamed the guy!" I said pissed off that someone would do this to my uncle.

    "Well I had no money to give them and the pictures looked like I was raping the kid so I played along at first. When I didn't come up with the money they went to the Board of Directors and told them I forced myself on the kid. They said I took the pictures and they stole them from my desk."

    "So Aunt Emma left you and got a divorce, but why didn't you come around our place?"

    Uncle Buck continued, "Well they said that if I left my job there would be no charges and they would keep it hush, hush. I couldn't lie to your aunt so I told her the truth and she left me and told some of the close relatives. I begged your parents not to tell you kids, and they made a deal that if I stayed away from you kids, they would keep it our secret. Don't you see it is really wrong for me to have sex with someone under age."

    "But why is it wrong if like let's say me, I want it too! I mean this guy wanted it, it is his fault you gave it to him."

    "Andy are you going to go home to dinner and tell your parents you fucked your uncle this afternoon?"

    "No! They would kill me!! My mom is as religious as Aunt Emma!" I shouted out.

    "Then it is wrong for us to do this, or for me to do it with a 16 year old."

    "Just cause my parents think it is wrong doesn't mean I think it is wrong. My parents don't need to know everything I do. They think it is all there business, but it ain't. I love you Uncle Buck and I love what we did and I want to do more. I want you to teach me more. Believe me when I don't want my parent's to know something they are not going to find out!"

    Uncle Buck quickly grabbed me and hugged me again. "I am glad you enjoyed the experience. I am so glad I could be your first fuck and even though your load is going to drip out of my ass for the next two weeks it was the best thing that has happened in my life. If you want to make love with me, I will be there for you just like I was when you were little."

    We kissed a passionate kiss one more time and I dressed myself and as I left Uncle Buck gave me wink saying, "Next time you can play with my cock if you want."

    I went home that evening to a house where the secret love that was shared between my Uncle Buck and me would always remain our secret.

    Although we eventually went our own ways, until this day Uncle Buck and I keep in touch. I am still adamant that at the age of 13 I knew what I wanted when I had sex with my uncle and I was in total control of my destiny. I was a sexual predator as much as my uncle was.

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