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  • Instructing my son
  • "Okay, stand straight, arms relaxed at your side," I said to the fourteen year old hottie whose feet I was at. I held a measuring tape at his ankle then up against the bottom of the bulge in his white cotton briefs, pushing slightly while I took my time measuring his inseam. The boy giggled a little at the intrusion but didn't say anything as I bumped up against his boy stuff a couple of times, and what respectable boy stuff it appeared to be. Then I measured his waist, reveling in the fact I was eye level with a terrific belly as well as face to face with his boyhood bulge and that seemed to be moving slightly. I quickly finished since the boy's mother was waiting for him and left the fitting room so he could dress.

    I loved boys. It's a big part of the reason why I stayed in type of job I was in. I'd started as a clerk in the men's department of a large department store. It was a fairly easy way to help with college and worked my way up to manager of a more exclusive men and boy's store, dropping out of college in the process. In any case I loved boys and I thought that they were about the coolest thing on the planet. I loved everything about them, how they looked, acted, talked, rough housed, smelled, felt. Hell, what else can I say? Because of my job I'd seen plenty of boys in various stages of undress, often clad only in underwear, as well as fully naked and that more frequently that one might guess.

    I'd had the good fortune to actually engage in masturbation or oral sex with a boy every now and again. Sometimes it was helping a boy unload his young sperm out onto the floor of my fitting room or pumping that young sperm into my mouth. More than a few times it was done in front of a full length mirror so the boy and I could both watch what was happening to him.

    Despite my love of boys, at no time did I ever think of, or have the desire to have any kind of, sexual contact with my own son. In fact until we moved I hadn't seen London naked for two, maybe three years, the boy having been able to take his baths by himself for far longer than that. But it was time to step him up to a shower.

    Twelve years old was the age that my wife had decreed was an appropriate and safe age for a child to shower alone. She came to that decision after the ten year old daughter of a friend of hers had slipped in the shower, fallen through the shower curtain and smashed her head against the sink and eventually died. It had been a freak accident but no way was Caroline, London's mother and my wife, going to take that chance with our boy. But my wife was no longer there to enforce that rule and besides I no longer used the old, slippery surfaced, claw footed tub that had graced the bathroom in renovated loft that we'd lived in.

    When Caroline had gotten her new job we had upped our life insurance policies to almost half a million dollars. We had also taken out AD&D since it was practical, only pennies per month, so we each had an additional two hundred thou on our measly little lives. Caroline had accepted a new position as a vice principal at an elementary school that was located in a less than stellar neighborhood. The insurance was only a precaution she'd said. Turned out it was a very good precaution as she'd been gunned down along with two other people in a drive by as she walked from the bus stop, her car was in the shop, to the school one morning two days before Spring break and just about a year to the day after she'd started. Of course no one was ever caught.

    I was saddened by the loss of my wife but not grief stricken. Caroline had issues, some very deep ones left over from a not very pleasant childhood. Among other things she had been very controlling, our son's restriction from the shower only a small example and anal retentive nature that even she found oppressive at times. She had also put on a great deal of weight in the four years prior to her death and had ballooned up to slightly over three hundred pounds almost twice her weight when we had married. She wasn't pleasant to be around, she wasn't pleasant to look at and frankly I had been considering leaving her but couldn't be assured that I'd get custody of London.

    As I said, I loved boys and I adored my son. London was a great kid, the light of my life. He had a fairly laid back personality which he got from me, a good sense of humor for a child, his mother's intelligence. His almost beautiful looks were a combination from the both of us, his mother being a rather pretty woman before she metamorphosised into a blimp. I still maintained the weight I was when I was in college, perfect for my five foot eight frame, and my face and complexion remained that of a young man ten years younger than me.

    London seemed to have the same feelings that I had over his mother's death. He was saddened, especially by the violence of her passing, but he wasn't grief stricken by any means. The year before she was killed had been difficult for him as she'd been on his ass quite a bit and little I did seemed to curb what seemed to be a bitterness that Caroline harbored against life. Fortunately her behavior hadn't stifled my son's personality, only made it go underground when his mother had been around. At almost eleven years and twenty nine years old respectively London and I were buddies, pals and confidantes.

    Maybe that had been part of the problem, the fact that my son and I had always been close whereas the closeness that he and his mother had shared when he was small had deteriorated, encouraging his and my relationship to become even closer.

    London had never cared much for the loft that we'd called home for his entire life. It never seemed to be real warm, it was rather dark and gloomy and his room wasn't much larger than a walk-in closet. Caroline and I had talked about selling it but those conversations were mostly one sided, my side. She'd loved the place and couldn't see, or refused to, that with London growing up it wasn't practical anymore. Within 48 hours of her death I put the place up for sale at almost three times what she'd paid for it prior to our getting married.

    I was very fortunate when I unloaded the condo in that I had four or five parties vying for it so it ended up selling in less than a week for just about 18% more that I'd listed it for. Despite the fact that I hadn't cared much for it, Caroline's purchase of the condo had been a very smart move. A newly renovated building in an up and coming restored part of town it was now in a very desirable building at the center of the most desirable area in the city. We, I, did very well on the turnover.

    The insurance companies of course dragged their heels, especially the one holding the AD&D policy. In any case, the day the condo sold I started looking for another place but not to buy, only to rent. The goal was to wait until all of my funds were clear; the house, the insurance and my wife's retirement fund which netted another 38K or so. I was considering moving to another state, some place warmer all year round and where I could finish school and get my degree in retail management, a pursuit that had fallen by the wayside because her Masters degree had taken priority.

    London started sleeping with me the first night of his mother's death. It was as much for comfort and company as the fact that his room was small and rather dreary. There was some comfort for me as well for he would cuddle up with me in the night, something that his mother hadn't done for years and, honestly, hadn't encouraged. There was something very comforting in holding my son while he slept and more than once I felt tears well up in my eyes at the pride and wonder that I had of him.

    So, I found a small, two bedroom one bathroom house on a month to month lease. It had a nice little fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood about twenty minutes from work. London had to change schools but that didn't seem to pose a problem for him. He hadn't particularly liked the school he'd been in and since the new school was only five blocks away he wouldn't have to take a bus.

    I took a leave of absence from work to do all of the settling things; Caroline's estate, sale of the condo and moving into the new house and getting London adjusted to a new neighborhood and school. I had considered dumping most of the furniture but decided to wait until I'd decided where we were going to move. I had no truck and few friends I could count on to help so hired a moving company to do that job. Overall there was a couple of days lag between the move out and the move in so London and I stayed in a hotel which he thought was just about the best thing he'd ever gotten to do in his life. To top it off we were in DC. London was crazy over anthropology so I decided to take him to the Smithsonian since we had the time. It was there that things started to change, at the hotel that is and not the Smithsonian.

    On first seeing our room London was excited about the two queen sized beds. "Can I have my own bed dad?" he asked. The sound of his voice was like music to my ears; that sweet, pure, innocent sound of a preteen boy.

    "Of course you can son," I responded. He hugged me tightly and said thanks a bundle and we left for dinner. Before he crawled into bed he came over and stood in front of where I sitting at the end my bed. Dressed only in white cotton briefs I'd been admiring his body as he got ready for bed; undressing, nicely folding his jeans and t-shirt then going about turning down his bed covers and gathering his pillows all in one pile.

    London was probably normal for his age; a shade or two under five feet tall and maybe eighty five to ninety pounds. Like me he had a well balanced physic with all the creases and bulges in all the right places. That is, well defined. His body was seemed compact, flat from below his pecs to his hips where his pubic bone narrowed and curved into the red lined waistband of his underwear. A view of his backside revealed a slim boyish butt, the twin globes pushing away ever so slightly from his lower back. As I'd watched him I wondered about getting him some new underwear as the ones he was wearing seemed a little tighter than they should be. When he stood in front of me I couldn't help but notice that the bulge of his boyhood charms seemed a little large for his age. Remember, I'd seen plenty of boys in underwear over the past fourteen years although I hadn't seen that much of London in his underwear.

    Another one of his mother's directives had been that he not parade around the house scantily clad. Bathrobe, sport shorts, bathing suit; all were fine but not underwear. Go figure. I dropped that decree the first night he slept with me because he asked about it. London and I had discussions about it before but it was easier on both of us to let his mother have her way in the matter.

    "Can I just wear underwear sometimes when we're alone in the house dad?" I knew exactly what he was asking and by way of an answer had unsnapped my slacks and dropped them to the floor.

    "Absolutely." He had literally jumped for joy and immediately peeled his jeans off right there. After that it wasn't like he stripped his clothes off the second he came home but he didn't have to worry about it either. In fact we both became more lax in that regard.

    So he stood in front of me in the hotel room and said, "Are you gonna be sad if I don't sleep in your bed." I shook my head.

    "Of course not son," I answered and I wasn't lying about it. He moved in between my legs and leaned up against my upper body, his arms around my neck.

    "I love you dad," he whispered in my ear. I'd wrapped my arms around his body, one hand holding him and the other rubbing up and down his back, stopping at his underwear. I was acutely aware of his warmth and the softness of his skin.

    "I love you too London," I whispered back, kept holding him for a ten count then patted him on the butt and started to move away. He wouldn't let go but instead pushed his weight against me. He also lifted his leg and put his knee on the mattress right up next to my crotch and between the two movements I went backwards onto the mattress with London lying on top of me. His knee caught me lightly in the balls and I let out an "oomph."

    "I'm sorry dad did I hurt you in your balls?" my son asked, his entire body now flat against mine and our faces less than a foot apart. I could feel the bulge of his cock against mine, since I too was wearing briefs, and actually felt him push slightly more into me. I focused on London's smooth face; perfectly shaped lips, the slight pink in his cheeks, the hazel colored eyes that were sometimes green and ultra long lashes that framed what was this time a look of concern. His Flaxen hair was cut short, no more than two inches long over his entire head, and sometimes gave him a bit if an impish look.

    "No baby boy you didn't hurt me just caught me off guard," I responded. He answered me with "good" then laid his head on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a good minute or two, my one hand having moved to run my fingers through his thick but soft, fine hair while the other continued to travel up and down his back even venturing farther onto the glorious globes of his butt. Then I rolled him over so we were on our sides. London threw his top leg over mine and stayed in close, our crotches still touching each other.

    "Can I start taking showers dad?" He asked and I nodded my head. "Will you show me, right now; before I go to bed?" London had not seen me naked since he was five or six nor had I seen him naked for at least four years. I wondered what made him ask me to show him how it was done so I asked him.

    "I've never done it before. I want to make sure I'm doing it right." That seemed plausible enough, considering. I nodded my head.

    "Okay London, if you feel you need instructions I'd be glad to help." He smiled and kissed me on the lips, something that he'd done all his life." He rolled away from me and stood up, waited for me to stand then followed me into the bathroom.

    The bathroom was actually a suite of rooms. The sink area was the first part, the tub and separate shower in the middle and the toilet was in its own little room past the bathing area. The shower and the tub were separated by a wall that contained the plumbing. It was walled on two other sides, the side facing the room being open. The entire floor was tile and had a slight tilt into the shower itself so any water might escape the enclosure would run back into the shower area and down the drain.

    I reached in and got the water going then turned and pulled my briefs off. London stared for about two seconds, pulled his eyes away then shoved his underwear down to the floor and stood proudly before me. Clearly my son had started the pubertal process. His cock, pale and blue veined, had to be four and a half inches long and hung down whereas most boys his age had dicks that were still in the pointing stage. His balls had started to drop as well and already hung between pale smooth thighs, two marbles in a soft and slightly wrinkled sac.

    As much as I wanted to explore London's body I elected to step into the shower area and beckoned him to follow.

    "First rinse," I said and stepped backwards under the spray and wet my hair the reached behind and pulled my cheeks apart telling him that it was important to clean that area thoroughly. I then turned to face the shower head and had him stand along side me as I scooped water in a hand over hand motion just under my balls to drench my crotch.

    "Now you do it." I stepped back out of the way and allowed my son to go through his first ritual which I found kind of sweet in a way that I can't explain. I grabbed the shampoo bottle, scrubbed my own thick dark blonde hair then rinsed off. We were standing facing one another and although my eyes were mostly closed, they were open enough to see that London was looking at my crotch. I figured it was normal boy curiosity so took my time washing and rinsing to allow his curiosity to be somewhat slaked. I handed the bottle to London and stood back while he went through the process explaining that he needed to not move around too much with his eyes closed and to make sure he didn't get soap in his eyes and if he ever did he could put a hand on the wall for balance until he could see again. I took the opportunity to give his body a good glance over while he was in the rinsing process as well. I'm guessing that would be a normal father's curiosity and I was proud of how my boy was developing.

    Once he was done I went for the soap and realized there was only one bar so stepped out of the shower. I grabbed the paper wrapped bar that had been provided for the bathtub, peeled it open and stepped back into the shower. I started at the top and worked my way down, London following my moves. I gave my crotch a good soaping, explaining to London that it was important to get all the way back toward his butthole.

    "Why doesn't all that bouncing around hurt your balls Dad," he asked as he repeated the vigorous motion on his own body. I gave him my best explanation then moved to cleansing my asshole, reaching behind and hiking a leg up to get at it and explaining how important it was to make sure the area was soaped well.

    "Would you do that part for me dad, to make sure?" My son asked. I must have hesitated too long as I pondered that question so London added, "Please." I soaped my hand, had him stand with one foot on the sitting area at the back of the shower and got down on my knees behind him. I wrapped an arm around his waist to hold him steady then put my soaped hand to a butt cheek and slipped in between his legs.

    I hadn't touched a boy's butt hole for some time although like many boys I'd had my share of mutual exploratory sessions with other boys my age. I felt a tingling in my belly as I ran a finger back and forth across the tightly puckered muscle. I even went so far as to push forward and touch the underside of London's balls as I moved to and fro.

    "Gosh dad that feels good," he said softly as I cleaned him, probably taking a few more trips that absolutely necessary except that young boys tend to neglect that area and I wanted to reinforce the notion of cleaning it. Lord knows I'd seen plenty of evidence of that with boys in the course of my job and I really wanted my son to understand the need to do a complete job. I acknowledged to him that his butthole could be sensitive and stood up, directing him under the shower spray to rinse off.

    "I started to get a boner dad," he said as he turned and I looked down to see that indeed his not so little pecker had started to rise.

    "Well that's because it feels better when someone else touched you there son," I said by way of explanation.

    "It looks like you started to get one too dad," said, pointing toward my cock. Indeed my dick had moved upward about and inch, no more, but it was enough to be noticeable. "Why is that dad? Did it feel good to you too?" I explained that sometimes touching other people had that effect and of course wanted to know why.

    "Well, maybe it's because it feels good knowing that you're making someone else feel good," I told him Then he took a different tack.

    "You sure have a big one Dad. Will mine get that big when I grow up?" he asked as he pushed his butt out and rinsed off his butthole. I don't want to brag but in the interest of accuracy I was just a shy over eight inches. I had developed early, starting puberty about the same age as London, noticed my first pubes within days of my eleventh birthday. They had probably been there before but at that age I think most boys are still naive and don't notice or even care much about those subtle changes; balls dropping, penis growing and pubic moss. Once they do notice however it becomes all important.

    "Yes your penis, your testicles, your whole body is starting to grow and will keep growing for awhile. All of your boy stuff will peak by fourteen or fifteen and you'll reach your height by nineteen." He nodded his head in assent then said,

    "Do you want to check and make sure I rinsed the soap out good?" I decided to humor him and had him bend over and spread his cheeks, baring his tight little puckered hole to me for the first time. I told him he was okay and he stood up and face me, holding his balls up out of the way. "How about under here?" he asked. I got in close and checked him out.

    "All clear," I told him.

    "One of the great things about showering with someone else," I told him, "is getting your back scrubbed. I soaped my hands and had him turn around and washed his back for him, rubbing his growing muscles as I worked down to his butt. He almost purred. It wouldn't do but London had to wash my back as well and he seemed to want to take as much care as I did.

    Out of the shower, as we dried off, London asked when he would start getting hairs "down there." I explained that it would likely take place soon and may actually have already started which caused him to bend over to look down declaring that he didn't see any.

    "Here, let me look," told him and dropped to my knees. I pushed his penis down and looked close and it sure looked like there were a few very pale strands. I gently pulled his balls to the sides and looked him over carefully then lifted his penis up and checked out the wrinkled beginning of his sac.

    "Gosh it feels so good when you touch me there," he said, the feelings of being handle rushing through is body, especially his cock. I could feel him begin to harden in my fingers so let go. "I'm getting a boner again dad," he said and clearly he was. His cock was now pointing at me and didn't seem to inclined to stop until it reached its zenith.

    "Well," I reiterated, "like I said, that happens when you get touched, especially down there." Of course he wanted to know if that would happen to me if he touched me there. I explained that it would but it would probably take a lot more touching than it did for him because it was all so new to him.

    "Do we have to get dressed right away dad? Can we just stay naked for a little while?" I smiled and said that we could do whatever we wanted to. Besides, I did want to check him out a little closer in the light. Back the room I went to sit in an arm chair next to a floor lamp and called London to me. I turned him toward the light and got in as close as I had and again touched the base of his penis.

    "Well London it looks to me like you've started to get some fuzz here." Once again I lifted his little appendage, moved it from side to side then held it up out of the way while I inspected is balls. Needless to say my handling of him along with the warmth of my hand and fingers brought on the gallant reflex. I could see the beginnings of a few hairs on his sac but pretty much knew it would be some time before those little mitochondria like strands amounted to anything. I'd had a few hairs on my nuts too but they didn't start to get furry until I was mid-fourteen.

    "Jeez it's hard again dad," London said as though I wasn't looking right at his rigid boner. Unlike the other two times, this time it reach full on stiff and stood proudly at attention in front of his flat, firm pubic bone.

    "I see that son, pretty good size for a boy your age too." Indeed the rampant cocklet was pushing just under five inches and after so many years behind a measuring tape I could say that with certainty. I couldn't resist so squeezed it a few times which cause my son to sigh loudly and me to smile. I felt my own cock stir, not because it was my son but because it was a boy.

    "I would guess that you'll have some very visible hairs there in another few months London." I sat in the chair while London bent over, pushed his rock hard young cock down to inspect himself then stood up with a big shit eating grin on his smooth beautiful face.

    "I can see em dad, I can see the hairs growing." That being said he climbed up onto my lap and made himself comfortable while I adjusted my body to accommodate him. He was lying mostly on his back snuggled into one arm so needless to say his cock was right there. I let my other arm drape across his legs about knee level. I like any boy with a hard on London's hand went to his crotch to squeeze, fondle, poke, prod, push and pull at his cock mostly but also his balls which had started to shrink back up due to the temperature change. He giggled a little bit then said,

    "Your hairs are poking me in the butt." He didn't wait for a comment but went on. "How come my balls are getting smaller dad. My penis does that too sometimes. I don't mean hard or soft but sometimes it seems shorter." By that time his cock head was getting red from being so hard. I explained to him the whys and wherefores of why his body reacted the way it did. He accepted that and went on.

    "Does your dick get big and hard if someone touches it dad?" I told him it did. "Can I touch it, can I make your dick hard, I'd like to see it hard I bet it's huge." He'd already started to move his body in order to gain access to my cock, which at the moment was hanging lazily between my legs but already stirring at the dialog we were having as well as the position we were in and the fact that my son seemed totally unashamed or embarrassed about playing with himself in front of me..

    "Well that probably isn't a good idea London." That prompted the typical response from him

    "Because I'm an adult and you're a child not to mention I'm your father."

    "So what dad, you touched me and I liked it. I bet you'd like it if I touched your dick." I explained that a boy or man's genitals were indeed sensitive to anyone's touch but doing that with boys close to his own age would be more appropriate. Besides sometimes a parent needs to touch their children like that. Like tonight I was showing him how to clean himself and inspecting his body in answer to his question about growing hair.

    "Well I think it's appropriate for us to touch each other and not with strangers," he informed me. "I think its okay because you're my dad and you're spose to teach me stuff."

    As I said before; yes I liked boys, no I hadn't looked at my son in those terms but the way the conversation was going I was started to see him in a different light. And he was at the age that I most loved boys; the beginning stages of puberty. Don't get me wrong, I loved all boys but the ages of eleven or twelve to fourteen were the hottest to me for a whole bunch of reasons that I'm not going to get into. Suffice it to say that London was entering, or had entered, that phase of his life and he seemed more than inclined to share that with me in fact it appeared that he wanted to.

    Even as I was telling London about the inappropriateness of sharing those things with him my mind was working out a way to actually do it without it seeming to be inappropriate, such as my instructing him in the shower. On my lap, my son continued to be focusing on his boyhood charms. He squeezed his rampant penis, pulled it down and let it snap back, pushed it into his body and let it bounce back up and repeating that gesture two or three times. I had to chuckle and London asked why.

    "Oh, just that you remind me of when I was your age doing what every boy does with his penis. It seems like you could spend hours playing with, pushing and pulling and snapping it about." He asked if I was serious and I told him I was, that every boy on the planet probably did stuff like that and even more which of course prompted him to ask what more stuff could a boy do.

    "Well those are things you'll discover as you get older son." Naturally his retort was why couldn't I show him since I was his father after all. He yawned hugely.

    "It's your job."

    "Well it's your job to get a good night's sleep," I said, sidestepping his arguments. He slid up off my lap but then crawled back in, this time facing me, kissed me on the lips and leaned his upper body into mine and hugged me whispering I love you in my ear. I held him, one hand high and the other low which prompted him to push into me a little harder. I was acutely aware of his rock hard cock pressing against my belly and reflexively put my hand on his slender little butt and held him a little tighter. I could feel my cock stir once more, this time a little faster than before.

    I loosened my hold on him and gently encouraged him to move away and as he stood up he looked down and saw my physical reaction, about a quarter mast or less. I wasn't sure but there may have been a little bit of a smile forming on his perfect lips.

    "Can I sleep without underwear dad?" I nodded my head.

    "You bet you can baby boy. London snuggled into his bed and was soon fast asleep. I turned the light off as soon as he went to bed but continued to fondle and nurse my cock into a full blown erection. I let my brain run over the events of the evening, trying to focus on the actions and not the fact that it was my son. I slowly stroked my cock, fondling my heavy sac and fantasized about London watching me and maybe even doing it with me, a father and son squeezing the weasel together, a real bonding experience. I hadn't had an orgasm for at least two weeks maybe longer so was more than ready to unload the pent up sperm. I groaned as my cock thickened and the first of seven volleys of thick gooey cum blasted out onto my chest and belly and in my mind's eye I could see the look of astonishment on London's face as he witnessed for the first time that which he would see and do a couple a thousand times in his lifetime. I half sat, half lay in the chair wondering if London's curiosity was going to take this anywhere, hoping on some level that it would. I finally cleaned up and went to bed.

    I woke up from a somewhat bizarre dream in the middle of the night to discover that London had climbed into my bed and was snuggled up to me and somehow in my sleep I had managed to get an arm around his neck and was holding him. I was on my back and he was up against my thigh with one leg thrown over one of mine, his knee resting against my balls. His arm was thrown across my belly, low enough that the head of my hard cock was pushing against his elbow. London had a middle of the night boner that was pressed up against my hip and I was sorely tempted to move just enough to fondle and stroke him, but I didn't.

    I woke about seven and discovered immediately that my son was awake as well. I was still on my back and London was gently feeling me up, squeezing gently up and down on my morning erection. He moved his hand down and cupped my nuts, hefted them as if feeling their weight then went back to feeling my cock. I thought about feigning sleep then slowly coming awake to give him time to remove his hand without me supposedly knowing what he'd been doing. Or I could simply "wake up" and catch him at it then go from there. I elected to go for the latter. I popped my eyes open and turned my head toward him. Although the room was darkened by the curtains I'd left the light on in the toilet area in the event that either of us had to get up to piss in the night. Subsequently there was a slight amount of light in the room and in this case enough that my son realized I was awake, that he'd been caught feeling me up. He jerked his hand away as though it he'd touched a hot iron. I rolled to my side and looked at him in the thin light; saw the expression of guilt and embarrassment on his smooth young face.

    "Look son," I started in my softest most caring voice. "It's normal for boys to be curious about stuff, especially sex and sexual organs. I rose up over him and turned on the small light between our beds then tossed the covers back exposing us both. Of course he was young boy hard. I stayed on my side propped up on an elbow looking at him.

    "I want you to go ahead and look all you want, touch if you want to, explore my body. Satisfy your curiosity son, its okay." I lay back and looked down at my cock standing proud and strong above my flat smooth belly.

    "It seems strange to do that while you're awake dad," he said, then finally looked at me.

    "Why? You said yourself last night that we're father and son and you felt that I should be teaching you stuff, remember." London hesitated then slid down on the bed and leaned close and took hold of my cock. The feeling of his small hand grasping me was incredible and I felt my dick change from piss mode to sexual mode. London felt up and down the length, got in close and examined the swollen head then moved to my balls and hefted them again.

    "Gosh your so big dad, I can't believe it," he said with a little awe in his high voice. "Everything is so big, I can't believe I'll ever get as big as you." My cock throbbed at the praise my young son was heaping on me.

    "Why is it hard in the morning dad? My dick seems to be like that every morning when I wake up. Sometimes it's annoying when it's like that, not like sometimes when it feels good." I chuckled and explained the male body to him and went on to say that he would notice that he got hard quite a bit more and not just at night and not because he was touching himself. I explained a little more about the maturation process and that he would have quite a bit of intense feeling for the next few years but eventually things would slow down a little bit.

    "Does it feel good when I touch you dad, like it does when you touch me."

    "It sure does son."

    "Well if it feels good then why can't we do it more often?" Fuck I love the logic of children. I reminded him of what I'd told him the night before and he responded by saying that if nobody else knew about it then so what. I thought for a moment then came to the same conclusion that London had, not that I needed a whole lot to arrive there.

    "Okay, well, how about let's just see okay?" He asked if I meant it, excitement in his voice and I nodded my head. Without another word he rolled over on top of me and adjusted his smaller body to mine. His put his arms around my neck and relaxed into me, our hard cocks not quite aligned but his on my lower belly and mine along the crease of his pubic bone. I put my arms around him, surprised at his move and rubbed him, not avoiding his tender little butt at all but going right for it. My hand on his butt seemed to encourage him to press his cock against me which in turn pressed mine against him.

    "That feels really good dad, when I push against you," he whispered and gave his hips a little more motion. "It makes me get a tingly feeling in my belly like Christmas or something." Yeah, well I knew the feeling. An innocent move on London's behalf had changed a more or less innocent action into a very charged sexual situation. In reaction I held his soft smooth body a little tighter, reveling in the warmth of him, the weight of his body on mine. I really wanted to cum, wanted him to keep moving his body against mine until I peaked and my sperm oozed out between our bodies. I was dying to show London the secret of life, dying to allow my son to take me there and eventually me taking him there. He raised his head, looked at me and kissed me on the lips.

    "This feels so good dad, I love it when you hold me. I love you," and he kissed me again. My hands kneaded his tender butt and one moved a little lower and touched the underside of his bag. London squirmed at my touch and ground his cock into my belly even farther.

    "That tickles dad," he said. I told him I knew that it would, that was why I did it, then rolled him off of me and onto our sides.

    "Let's take a shower and get started on our day, okay?"

    "I have to peer first," he said as we entered the bathroom area.

    "You can pee in the shower." He looked askance at me. "Why not," I said, "it's just going to go down the drain anyway besides I bet you leak out a little pee when you take your baths." He smiled and agreed with me.

    "Well I don't want to pee on you."

    "Why not? I mean, it's not like I WANT you to pee on me but on the other hand it's not going to hurt a thing. Urine is perfectly sterile, it has no germs what-so-ever," said. That being said I forced my pee up and held my dick down and pissed on London's legs and feet. He laughed, aimed his own dick and just started pissing, his stream arcing out of the much smaller tube and splattering my belly.

    "Oops I'm sorry dad I didn't mean to pee so high." He started to redirect his stream but so did I and began aiming at his stomach and his crotch. He laughed again and of course it became a pee war. Afterwards London declared that it had been fun then we went through the cleansing process and it wouldn't do but what London insisted that I check him out as he bent over and spread his cheeks for my inspection the faced me and lifted his growing boy stuff for me to have look there as well. Pronounced good, we got out and dried off.

    It was barely seven thirty when we finished and both of us were hungry so I ordered room service. We lounged around naked until the food showed up then I tossed on a bathrobe and London climbed under the bed covers, both of us returning to our previous state of nakedness after the delivery boy left.

    "It's kind of strange but fun eating without any clothes on isn't it dad?" London asked. I agreed that it was and told him that I preferred nudity to clothes but that his mother hadn't. That produced a sad look across his smooth young face but he didn't say anything and was soon back to his smiling effervescent self.

    Afterwards we got dressed and headed out to start our day which was filled with lots of ooh's and aah's and look at this and isn't that cool, all from London. I loved seeing my son excited about things and much of the time I shared his wonder at the displays we viewed.

    Back at the hotel room that night we lounged and watched TV, London electing to lay between my legs resting back against me, both of us in underwear. That was due in part to the fact that I have never in my life been able to keep a hotel room at a constant temperature. So there we reclined, my arms around London's waist and his arms on mine. It didn't take a whole long time before one of his hands found its way onto his crotch where it fumbled and poked until the front of his briefs tented out. I tried not to pay too much attention, focusing on whatever mindless stuff was on the tube but it soon became apparent that London wasn't watching television at all. I moved my head somewhat and whispered in his ear,

    "Feels good doesn't it baby boy?" His whole body shivered for a moment in reaction to my breath in his ear, something that I'd sort of hoped for. As I said, I'd never ever considered being sexual in way with my son but things were moving in that direction and it felt like I was being led there.mostly.

    "Yeah," he responded in a more husky voice. "Sometimes I can't help it dad, I just have to touch myself. Once it gets hard it seems like I have to touch it even more." That being said he squeezed his rock hard cock tightly and I swear he moaned very softly. "Can I take my underwear off dad?" As if I would say no.

    "Of course you can son, you don't have to ask." He lifted his butt and quickly got rid of his briefs then lay back in my arms and resumed playing with himself. He held his hard cock upright, pushing at the base, then squeezed up and down its length. He wrapped a hand around the swollen head and squeezed it tightly then let go and watched it swell back up then wrapped his hand around his cock and his balls.

    "Gosh that feels so good dad." He said. I felt myself start to get hard as I watched my son explore his preteen body. "You want to feel it dad? You want to see how hard my dick is?"

    "If you want me to London, I will."

    "I do dad." I slowly let my hand move down his flat belly until it was stopped by the base of his cock then wrapped my fingers around him and gripped my son's boyhood pride and joy for the first time. London's entire body went stiff for a second and he moaned out loud then relaxed into me again, his breath having picked up speed. I lowered my hand and cupped his balls then gently squeezed and tugged at his smooth sac earning myself yet another moan of pleasure.

    "Oh man dad it feels so much better when you touch me," London stated after I retrieved my hand. I told him I understood completely. "Are you getting a boner too dad? It feels like it." he then leaned forward and reached back between us, found my cock and squeezed it. "You do have a boner dad." He turned around to face me. "Can I see it? Please dad, can I see your dick?" It was my turn to lift my butt up off the bed. London moved to give me room as I tugged my briefs down, relieving my dick of the pressure of having been cooped up in a confined spot, then slid them down and off.

    "My gosh dad it seems bigger than it was this morning," he commented as he tossed one leg over mine and sat on my thigh with his legs curled back beneath his upper legs. He all but stared for a few minutes then reached out and grasped onto me. I felt my body tingle as my son felt me, reveling in the touch of a boy again.

    It had probably been five years or more since my last time I'd had such an encounter with a boy. Terrin had been thirteen at the time. I'd fitted him for a suit at the shop then delivered it to his house, a large home in an affluent neighborhood, for his fitting. It was mid afternoon, his parents were out of the country and the maid had been out on afternoon errands. We had gone up to his room where he immediately shed everything down to his bikini style briefs, an unusual undergarment for a boy his age and at that time, the late 1970's. Clearly the boy had spent time in Europe.

    So there he was in all of his boyhood glory, his boyhood glory barely covered and the lack of an undershirt only making everything seem more prominent. Terrin had seemed rather well endowed for his age when I'd first measured him, especially when he'd gotten hard, his cock pushing against the front of his underwear. He hadn't seemed embarrassed in the least and had even cupped himself more than once while we went through the measurement process.

    "Does this happen to boys a lot when you measure them Mr. Carter?" he'd asked in a still somewhat high pitched boy's voice. I told him it happened all the time, that it was no big deal.

    So there in the middle of his large bedroom the boy stepped into the slacks, hooked and zipped them. I was kneeling in front of the boy and slipped my fingers into the waist band of the pants, my fingers warmed by the heat of his body. I had him turn around and patted his terrific little butt.

    "How does it feel back here?"

    "You mean the pants or when you pat me?" he asked with a clear tone of coyness in his voice.

    "You tell me," I countered.

    "It feels good." He paused then said, "And they fit well too." I turned him around.

    "How does it feel in the crotch?" I asked.

    "It feels a little tight to me, what do you think?" I put my hand on the front of the slacks and pressed, immediately detecting that he'd gotten hard.

    "Well I wonder if it would fit better if this," and I squeezed gently on his cock, "wasn't awake." I looked up at him so see him smiling down at me.

    "Probably," he said. I took the liberty of undressing him, sliding the slacks to the ground. Terrin put his hands on my shoulders and stepped out of them and stood up. My face was directly in line with his groin and the fact that he was rock hard was painfully apparent, the tube of his cock stretching up toward his right hip.

    "That looks a little uncomfortable Terrin."

    "It is Mr. Carter. Would you be embarrassed if I took them off?"

    "Not at all. Would you like me to help?"

    "Would you." he stated rather than asked. I reached up and hooked my fingers in the waistband of the deep green garment, pulled outward so as not to snag him and pulled down. His boyhood sprang to attention, standing proud and strong in front of his slender body. I slipped the underwear to the floor and he stepped out of them.

    "You are a pretty big boy Terrin," I said, staring at easily seven inches of fully erect boy cock. The tiny patch of moss at the base was sandy colored and sparse enough that skin showed through very easily. Below that his sperm makers hung freely in a soft smooth sac.

    "Thank you. I bet you're pretty big too aren't you Mr. Carter?" I shrugged my shoulders. "May I see please?" he asked. I asked about the maid and he assured me that she would be gone for two hours at least.

    I stood up and removed my jacket, my slacks and started on my shirt. Terrin all but stared at my crotch, slowly feeling and stroking his boy boner. When I slipped my briefs to the floor he smiled.

    "I knew you would be big Mr. Carter," he said. "Can I touch it?" I nodded my head and the boy stepped up close and took hold of my cock and stroked me a few times. Close contact with boys, like this, had been fairly limited since I'd been a teenager. Sure I'd jacked off and even sucked a few boys but being naked with one and having him touch me was a distinct rarity. I loved it.

    "You can touch mine if you want," he said as he continued to explore my body. I didn't need to be asked twice and took his boy cock in my hand and squeezed it.

    "God that feels great Mr. Carter," he all but gasped. "Lets go lay on my bed." We lay down facing each other on his king sized bed and both immediately took hold of the other's cock.

    "Isn't that weird how our balls hang down like that?" he said, adding, "Yours are pretty big too." With that he cupped and fondled my sac. "Can I suck on you please?"

    I didn't need to be asked twice about that but nodded my head and rolled onto my back. The boy slid down the bed and draped himself about halfway across my body and took hold of my dick. He lowered his head and took me inside of his mouth and began bobbing his head. My size didn't seem to bother him and made me wonder how much experience he had. I reached over his hips and took hold of his cock and began stroking him as he did a credible job of giving me a long awaited blow job. Terrin kept it up for a good minute or two taking time out to lick my swollen head then going back to sucking me.

    "My mouth gets sore, especially on one so big," he said with a smile. "Do you want to suck on me?" in answer I pushed him on his back, draped over his body like he'd done to me and took hold of his raging boner. I loved the feel of a boy in my hand, the warmth, the firmness yet softness of skin. I lowered my head and took him into my mouth and throat, managing an easy half of his length before backing off.

    "Oh shit," he gasped. I cupped his smooth nuts and gently pulled on them then allowed a finger to trail down to the beginning of his crack. Terrin placed his feet flat on the bed and spread his legs a little further then reached down with his free hand and pulled his slender little butt cheek open. I got the hint and continued down until I touched his puckered hole and got yet another gasp.

    "I want to suck on your cock again Mr. Carter," he said so I moved into a side by side sixty nine and felt the warmth of his mouth on my cock at the same time I took him into mine. I was surprised at the depth of Terrin's enthusiasm and was wondering how far he'd be willing to go. I was sure that he would be more than open to stuffing his thirteen year old cock up my ass. What I really wanted was to fuck him, to have him on his back with his knees up against his shoulders as I drove eight plus inches of man cock into his slender little body until I filled his ass with cream. Apparently Terrin and I were on the same wave length.

    "Damn Mr. Carter, I think I want you to fuck me," he said after rolling away from me. I looked into his eyes, the deep blue orbs barely visible through the slits. The boy was in a fog of hotness the likes of which I hadn't seen for some time.

    "Have you ever been fucked Terrin?" He shook his head

    "No, but I want you to fix that for me?" I didn't have to ask if the boy was sure, I could easily tell that he meant every word of what he was saying.

    After spending three or four minutes finger fucking the boy to a point of orgasm I lubed my dick with intensive care lotion - the jack off grease of choice for boys I understand - and had him pull his legs back, knees to his shoulders. I guided my swollen head to his puckered hole and pushed, the third time I slipped inside.

    "Ooooow fuck," he cried out so I didn't move and told him to relax his butthole and to breathe. He did as I asked, losing his boner in the process, but eventually told me to go ahead,

    "Slowly." I kept my eyes on my dick, getting a huge visual stimulation as well as physical. It was hot as hell to watch my cock disappear inside his virgin body and the tightness on my dick was beyond anything I'd felt in a long time and considering that it had been some time since I'd fucked a boy I thought for a moment that it might well have been worth the wait.

    I continued moving until my fuzz touched his skin and my balls rested against him. I asked how he was doing and he replied,

    "I'm fine. Are you going to fuck me now? I'm ready." I decided that an answer wasn't necessary and began to pull out of the boy, stopped about half way and moved back inside of him. I managed a dozen strokes then leaned forward and put my hands on the bed along side of him so that I was then driving down into him. I picked up a faster rhythm and began pulling farther out of Terrin's tight little asshole before plunging back inside. It didn't take long before the boy's breathing became faster and the grunts, groans, and moans became louder. He had put his hands on my shoulder and every once in awhile his fingers would grip my flesh, not painfully however.

    I felt myself getting close to cumming, picked up speed. Terrin must have sensed something was up because he asked me if I was cumming.

    "Not yet but almost," I told him. One of his hands left my shoulder and snaked in between us and from the motion I figured that he was jacking off. About a minute later Terrin let out a moan and I felt his asshole constrict against my dick. Well, you know that took me right over the edge right along with him and I began pumping jet after jet of thick, pent up sperm into the boy's bowels. I continued to drive into him but slowed down, moved my ass in circles and sideways before resuming the normal pumping action. Below me Terrin continued to groan and moan but his arm action had slowed down as well.

    We both finally stopped about the same time and just lay there panting like racehorses. I opened my eyes and looked down on the boy who had a rather beatific expression on his smooth young face. He finally opened his eyes, looked at me, and smiled in a lazy sort of way, then raised his head and kissed me on the lips.

    "That was fucking awesome Mr. Carter. I've been waiting for that since you first fitted me in your shop and I was hoping even then that we'd do something together." I told him to hold on then managed to get us into a sitting position with Terrin on my lap, impaled by eight inches of cock. He wrapped his arms around my neck, kissed me a few more times then lay his head on my shoulder. I held him, rubbed his back and just reveled in the feel of his body melded into mine. I'd have loved to have stayed there but of course that was impossible. I'd also hoped that I'd be able to spend time with Terrin in the future, wanted to feel his boyhood deep inside my ass, but of course that wasn't possible either. We separated and both took a quick shower. Fortunately my hair was fairly short and dried quickly for no sooner had we dressed that the maid knocked on Terrin's door to let him know that she was back home. He told her he was trying on his suit and would be out in a minute, quickly donned the garment along with a shirt then went to find her for her approval. I left the house to return to work.

    My son stroked me a few times, squeezed my cock, then used his other hand to cup and fondle my balls. I felt my body tingle at the familiar feelings of a boy's touch.

    "You know London, if you keep doing that, moving your hand on my dick like you are, something really great will happen." Of course he wanted to know what that was so I told him to keep doing it and see. Needless to say, he did. Also needless to say, his hand got tired and he had to switch hands but I was really close and encouraged him to keep it up, that he would get a big surprise.

    "I'm almost there baby boy. Oh yeah, keep going, keep going, Oh God." My body stiffened and the incredible feelings of orgasm ripped through my body and I squirted; a long thick ropy strand of sperm that landed just below my left nipple. That was followed by five more jets that gradually diminished in volume and distance before my cock slid into oozing mode, thick globs of cum that slipped out then slid down over London's fingers.

    "What was that dad, and why are you breathing so hard? He stopped stroking me so I took over and continued a slow stroke, my cock needing a firm grip for just a little while longer.

    "That's sperm son, the stuff that boys produce to make babies. You can't actually see the sperm because their so tiny, in fact there are over a million of them in the white stuff which is called semen. It's made mostly in the balls, the sperm that is, while the semen is produced by other glands then the two get mixed and come out just like you saw. I'm breathing hard because it's exciting to make it come out and the feelings are the best you'll ever feel. What we just did is called masturbation but most guys call it jacking off, or beating off or any number of other names."

    "Oh boy dad, can I do it, can I make the sperm stuff?" I explained that he was most likely to young to produce sperm or any liquid but that he was growing up pretty fast so it probably wouldn't be very long before it actually happened.

    "What would happen if I just jacked off, anything?"

    "Well at the very least it would feel pretty good."

    "Will you do it for me dad, will you jack me off?" My boy was pretty excited at the idea and I have to say that I was too. I had him get a hand towel from the bathroom and cleaned myself off then had him lay next to me. I was dying to suck his cock but I was also pretty nervous about it. Had I jacked him off before I came it might have been different but as any male knows, one's ardor tends to wane after cumming and often time's one's thinking becomes a little more clear.

    I took hold of London's cock with thumb and fingers and began the process. I then moved to a kneeling position between his legs so that I could play with his balls while I jacked his cock. Of course he started breathing faster, moaning softly. Amazingly enough, I didn't know that preteen boys actually experienced a dry orgasm. I was thirteen, had hairs for almost a year before I'd first jacked off and discovered the wonderful world of sperming. I'd never been with a preteen boy in my life so when London said that it was starting to tickle in his dick I was a little surprised.

    "Gosh dad, stop, it tickles." Well I didn't stop and seconds later my almost eleven year old son experienced his first orgasm. He started humping his hips upward into my fingers then practically screamed as his little cocklet thickened in against my fingers. His whole body went stiff for a second, his hands clawed at the bed sheets and his moaning got much louder. I was watching very closely but didn't see any evidence what so ever of cum, not even a droplet. London relaxed back onto the bed, breathing heavily, and I slowed my stroke to keep the feelings alive for a little longer.

    I finally stopped and moved along side London who still had his eyes closed. When he finally opened them he looked at me, smiled, then rolled into my arms and began kissing my lips and cheek, then my lips again.

    "Jeez dad that was the most awesomest thing in the whole wide world. You're right, the feelings are the best thing I ever felt. Is it better when the sperm starts coming out? I can't believe how much it tickles, I wanted you to stop but I'm glad you didn't." He then kissed me again, keeping his lips against mine for a good four count. I held him to me and rubbed his body, loving the feeling of having him in my arms our hard cocks pressing against each other.

    "I'm glad you liked it son." Was about all I could say. London wanted to know if we could do it again and I explained that the body needed time to rest a little bit first. London's hand had slipped down and was fondling my cock and my balls so I did the same to him.

    I knew then that I was going to be willing to take this all the way, or at least as far as London wanted to go and I somehow I knew that meant that I would eventually fuck my son. My cock throbbed at the thought.


    Things with London went along in a similar vein for the next two days. He would strip to his underwear almost as soon as we hit the door to the hotel room. Often he would sit or recline on my lap while we watched TV and when he did that he would invariably and unselfconsciously play at the front of his underwear which of course would produce an erection. I usually had my arms wrapped around his chest and once, after he'd made himself hard as stone, he took one of my hands and placed it on top of his hard cock while asking me to feel how hard he'd gotten. Of course I praised him for his size and firmness and of course he giggled at the praise.

    I like it when you touch me there dad," he said, not for the first time. "I have a better idea though," he said then lifted his slender butt up and slipped his underwear down to his knees then put my hand back on his bare flesh.

    "It feels much better like this," he commented, "Don't you think so dad?"

    "I do London," I affirmed and allowed my fingers to play with all that made him a boy; squeezing or stroking his rigid little penis or playing with his marble sized hairless balls. I always got hard of course and it wouldn't do but my son would moved upward on my body enough to allow me to get out of my underwear, if I was wearing them, and my erection to spring up between his legs. Then he would then rub me and play with my stuff; squeezing and stroking my cock or playing with my balls.

    London's breathing became rapid fairly quickly.

    "Will you jack me off dad," he asked in a ragged and whispery voice. Using my thumb and fingers I slid the skin up and down on London's cock which caused more ragged breathing along with moans of pleasure. I added to his pleasure by kissing him gently on his neck which produced shivers of delight. He tried to jack me off at the same time but his body was so overwhelmed with the feelings that were ripping through him that he couldn't concentrate on what he was trying to do.

    "It's happening dad, it's starting to tickle," he managed to squeak out in his high pitched voice. I moved my fingers a little faster, wishing I had some lube handy and vowing to teach my young boy the pleasures to be found with such things. London started thrusting his hips up to meet my fingers and in a moment he moaned loudly and his body shook slightly from the throes his orgasm.

    I reached down with my free hand and began jacking my own cock, tensing and relaxing my muscles in an attempt to get there as fast as possible. Had I thought about it sooner I would have been able to cum right along with my son. As it was it didn't take long before a stream of sperm shot out in a nice little arc that landed on London's heaving belly and left a gash of white down into the very base of his rigid little cock. The next five didn't make it as far, some of them only burping out, but still and all it covered his cock and balls in white goo that looked like icing on a molasses cookie. Not that my son was dark you understand. Once I slowed to an oozing, London reached down and began massaging my cum into his cock, his balls and his belly.

    "I like your sperm on me dad," he said as he moved his fingers back and forth through the goo until it all but disappeared. "That was fun, can we do it again sometime?" I nodded my head.

    "We can do whatever we like son." I was considering how I might get my son engaged in more interactive pursuits and I should have figured out that all I'd have to do was suggest something and he would go along with it. I should also have figured out that London might suggest something, which he did.

    We left early on the fourth morning in time to meet the movers by ten and began the move into our rental house. On the outskirts of an older area of the city, it seemed like a quiet little town. In our little neighborhood the houses were mostly post depression era; smaller, 2-4 bedrooms with covered porches on streets lined with big old Oak, Maple and Hickory trees. Our house was painted a blue gray with white trim, had a fenced back yard with a couple of huge Oak trees and a stand alone car garage. It seemed like a good place to weather the next few to six months or longer if necessary, while my son and I tried to figure out where we wanted to move.

    "Can we get a dog dad?" London asked and not for the last time I said,

    "Sure. We can do whatever we like son." On Thursday I got London enrolled in his new school which he would start the following Monday. My son was excited about having a bedroom that was a half way decent size. When I asked him if he wanted a new bed he said that he'd probably be sleeping with me most of the time so it didn't matter. I raised my eyebrow a little but said nothing.

    Everything was pretty much in its place by five that afternoon although there were still some boxes to unpack. I still didn't feel much like cooking so I suggested that we go out for dinner and asked London what he would like. The answer was pizza so that's what we did. We ate at a local pizza joint that was situated in a small shopping center that had, among other things, an appliance store. Walking past it on the way to the pizza place I noticed a large sign in their showroom window that read: We match Best Buy prices. It wouldn't do but what we stopped by after dinner and looked at TV's.

    I wasn't a huge TV fan but I liked to watch movies, the educational channels or an occasional sporting event. Caroline didn't want our son to get too attached to TV so had been stead fast in her refusal to get a larger or newer set. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a pussy in our marriage but some things just weren't worth the battle.

    Since it was the dinner hour the place was pretty much empty so a salesman was right there to help me out. I told him I that I didn't know a whole lot about electronics but wanted something larger, and newer in a big screen. He wanted to know how big I wanted to go and if I was going to hook anything up to it like sound, movie and gaming systems. We didn't have a gaming system, didn't want one, but our other stuff was pretty old. I started getting concerned about how much it was going to cost. I could afford to spend three or four grand I just didn't want to. My sales guy looked like a light bulb went off in his head and asked me to wait a moment and left. When he came back he had a big grin on his face.

    "You might be in luck," he said and asked me to follow him. What he showed me was a Sony system with 42 inch TV. "A guy bought this last week, had it in his home for three days and returned it. He no sooner had it hooked up when his wife told him she was divorcing him. It comes with a complete sound system which includes eight speakers, 6 disc CD DVD player, and overall is pumping out 1000 watts per channel. We have to sell it without the boxes but it still comes with full factory warranty. Oh, and the stand comes with it. I can let you have it for about thirteen hundred and change which is a little less than half what it goes for.

    "Wow," was my response. "Do you deliver," I asked. The guy nodded his head.

    "Can do it first thing in the morning for you and we'll hook it up," I started to hand him my debit card thinking it was a done deal but stopped. I'd been considering upgrading our computer. It was five years old and slower than molasses in January. On top of that London was getting to a point where he'd need something better for school work. So, I asked. I'm not really a computer geek so it didn't take long and twenty minutes later my son and I were headed out the door.

    "Gosh dad I didn't know we were so rich," London said as we walked down the sidewalk.

    "We aren't rich son, but we aren't destitute either." He stopped and gave me a strange look so I asked,


    "Isn't that a lady that sells her body for money?" I thought I was gonna die and when I finally gained my composure I explained the difference to him. That was worth the price of a Cold Stone ice cream cone so instead of going straight to the car we made a detour.

    Back at the house we went about unpacking a few more boxes but it had been a long tiring day and I decided to take a shower. When I told London what I was doing he asked if he could take one with me; of course I told him that would be just fine.

    The last time we had showered together we had washed each other so as soon as we were soaked down this time London wanted to know if we were going to do it again and I told him that it was fine with me. I enjoyed the feel of my son's smaller hands roaming all over my body, his soapy hands and fingers as they massaged my shoulders or washed in between my legs, cleansing my asshole or my cock and my balls. Just as much, I enjoyed running my hands over his smooth body. Needless to say I got hard as stone and needless to say his washing of my body made London hard as well.

    I elected to wash London first, preferring him to get hard first. I started with his face so he closed his eyes and pressed his lips shut as I gently rubbed his smooth clear face then rinsed it off. We were fortunate in that the shower in our new house had a detachable nozzle which made the rinsing a whole lot easier.

    London purred as I washed and massaged his shoulders then moved down his spine, spreading my hands to do his sides. I pressed my thumbs into the small of his back then washed and massaged his butt then slid a soapy hand between his cheeks and cleaned his little puckered hole. London moaned as I washed his secret place, my fingertips brushing against the underside of his balls.

    I re-soaped my hands then got to my knees behind him, reached under his arms and began to do his chest, rubbing against his little nipples and causing them to stiffen. I rubbed slowly downward to his belly then on to his flat little pubic bone until I ran into the base of his nail hard boner. As both hands worked at his cock and felt on the marble sized balls London leaned back against me and rested his hands on my arms, all the while low moans were coming from his throat.

    "Oh gosh daddy," he said, the feelings of lust that were roaring through his compact body very noticeable in his still high pitched voice.

    "Does that feel good baby boy," I whispered. I didn't stay there very long however. I knew from experience the effect of soap on the sensitive glans when I had a hard on and I didn't want London to have the same experience that I'd had and run the risk of ruining the evening. I stood up, pulled the nozzle down and rinsed my boy off taking plenty of care with his boy stuff. When I was finished I dropped back to my knees in front of him.

    "How was that?" He fell into my arms and hugged me tightly, his rock hard cock pushing against me close enough to my face that I could had sucked him off. But I didn't. When he finally broke away he said he would wash me then went about working on my shoulders and back. Of course I had to stand up for him to do the rest of me and he wasted no time getting to my asshole, running his little fingers back and forth over my wrinkled muscle. I wondered briefly what it would be like to have his hard cock shoved in there and vowed to do everything I could to make that happen without forcing my son into anything and try to get him to make suggestions.

    Before I ever finished with London, my dick was standing out from my body, the stiff shaft pulsing with every beat of my heart. When it came time for him to wash my crotch London got to his knees in front of me which meant that his face was right in line with my cock. He washed me tenderly, cupping my heavy nuts and making sure I was all cleaned. He did my cock as well, stroking his soapy hand up and down on the shaft. He told me to rinse it while he washed my legs so I did then stood patiently while he finished my calves. His hands went back to my cock as well as my balls.

    "Gosh I love touching your stuff dad," he said. Then he did a totally unexpected and strange thing. He leaned forward and kissed the fat swollen head then pulled his head back and just stared at it for a second.

    "I really feel like I want to put my mouth on your dick dad," he said, his hands continuing to stroke me and fondle my nuts. "should I dad, should I put your dick in my mouth." It was what I'd was hoping he'd say.

    "If you want to son, yes, go ahead." My belly was tingling like crazy as I watched my son move his head closer then stop. "Do you know how to do it dad?" he asked, looking up at me with his large, innocent hazel-green eyes. I nodded my head.

    "You have to cover your teeth, like this," I said while showing him. "Otherwise you'll scrape me." London nodded his head then went back to the task at hand. Mouth wide open with his lips curved over his teeth he moved his head closer to me while holding my cock downward. I felt his lips graze across the head then the warmth of his not quite eleven year old mouth as he closed down on my cock.

    God damn I was in heaven. Memories of past boys and past blow jobs raced through my brain for just a moment before I fell sway to the powerful feelings and simply enjoyed my son sucking my cock. London moved his head to and fro a little bit, his tongue moving against my cock head as he suckled me like a baby at his mother's tit.

    For the obvious reasons, it didn't last too long. As I said, I was eight inches long with a moderate thickness so even boys with more practice than London tended to get sore fairly quickly. "Did I do okay dad?" he asked after pulling his mouth off my dick. I nodded my head.

    "It was great son, it felt great; you did an awesome job. Would you like me to suck you too?" London nodded his pretty blond head and a smile spread across his face.

    "Yeah, I would dad." I suggested that we get out of the shower so shut it down and four minutes later we were both fairly well dried off and on my bed, London lying with his legs spread open. I climbed on the bed and draped myself across his flat belly and simply gazed down at all that made him boy. His cock had remained fully hard, the stiff piece of flesh quivering in the air. His balls hung in their pale, blue veined bag, the weight drawing out most of the wrinkles. His cock head, red and swollen, begged to be sucked.

    I put my hand on his inner thigh, high enough so that the back of my wrist touched his balls. I squeezed gently then moved my hand higher and placed it flat on his balls, pulling them downward and thus pointing his hard cock straight up in the air. I worked slowly, drawing things out and building more suspense in London's mind and body. I opened my mouth wide as I lowered my head then closed down on my son's cock.

    "Ooohhhh," London moaned softly as his body stiffened with my first touch then relaxed. I dropped my head until it touched his flesh, his entire cock in my mouth all the way to its root, then backed off. I allowed my hand to play with his nuts, pulling and gently squeezing on the soft bag as I continued to give my son the first blow job of his young life. I reveled of the feel of him in my mouth; the soft skin under which rested the firm and almost bone hard flesh, the spongy feel of his cock head. My tongue swirled all around the sensitive swollen head during the entire sucking and London's hand gently pushed on the back of head as if to encourage me not to stop.

    He wasn't big enough for my mouth to get real sore even though it had been some time since I'd sucked on a boy's dick. I loved sucking a boy's cock and my son was no different in that regard. I heard my own moans, deep in my throat, as I paid homage to a boy. I took a moment to suckle just the head, moving my lips back and forth over the ridge a half dozen or more times before plunging downward and taking the entire thing into my mouth again. London's breathing was becoming more ragged and I knew that he wasn't far from orgasm so I kept sucking him, pulling his balls down a little farther and making the skin on his cock even tighter. After that it was only a matter of moments before my son came.

    "Ohhh gosh dad, oh gosh oh gosh," was about all he managed to pant out before his body went rigid and he began thrusting his hips upward, fucking his cumming cock into my mouth. Goddamn I wished my son made sperm. I was dying to have him squirt his watery, life producing liquid into my mouth, to taste the elixir from his balls. But he didn't so I had to be satisfied with a dry orgasm and the knowledge that he was still having a great time and it probably wouldn't be long before he was able to actually cum. He was beginning to get hair so it wouldn't be long and I hoped to hell that I was there, that I had a hand or mouth in his first sperming.

    London pushed my head away saying that it was too sensitive so I stopped and lay along side of him, watching my son's body slowly recover. When he opened his eyes, London smiled up and me then raised his head and kissed me on the lips then relaxed back onto the bed.

    "Oh man that was awesome dad," he said, his hand moving down to continue to play with his cock as well as his balls. "You want me to suck on you and make you cum dad?" I smiled and thanked him but told him that it probably wouldn't happen and of course he wanted to know why so I explained that with adults it took a lot more time.

    "Well I could try couldn't I? Maybe you could jack while I sucked on you or maybe you could jack off then tell me when you're gonna cum and then I could suck on your cock." Well, it seemed that my son was an eager little beaver when it came to sex, something that I would find out even more so as he matured.

    "Well if you want to try London that's fine with me," I told him. The idea of my little boy's lips wrapped around my stiffened shaft was quite appealing although the thought of squirting my warm sperm into his small mouth was even more so. I had London lay so that he was draped across one of my thighs facing me. I needed the visual of the boy sucking my cock and if, God willing, to see his face when I came in his mouth. His still hard young cock was easily within my grasp and it was there that my hand went as London lowered his head and started off by licking my cock like a popsicle or would that be a pops-sicle.

    I was a little surprised at my son's actions. I mean, I hadn't licked his cock like that so I wondered where he'd gotten the idea. I soon got too lost in the feelings and the visuals that were commanding my attention. London finished licking every inch of my swollen cock head then rose up a little higher, lowered his mouth over the head, and closed. Like the first time he did it, my body began to tingle as soon as the warmth of his mouth hit me. I watched London's face as he sucked me, the long lashes on closed eyelids, his reddish lips as they moved up and down my hard shaft, the sucking in and bulging out of his cheeks, and his hand moving up and down as he stroked my dick.

    For my part I absently stroked London's stone hard pony and let my eyes close. Fuck this was so hot. It was hard to believe the way things had gone in the short time since Caroline had been killed. God it had only been what, two weeks or less and here I was with my almost eleven year old son attached to my cock and I hadn't planned a bit of it, it just happened. After about four minutes London took his mouth from my cock and went back to licking it while he continued to stroke me. Then he surprised me once again by rubbing my dick against his face as though it were a piece of soft silk. I could hear him moaning very softly under his breath and then before I knew it he went back to sucking me. He swirled his tongue all over the head as he sucked and to my surprise I felt myself getting close.

    I debated whether or not to tell London I was going to cum. I really wanted my son to swallow my sperm, to see what it was like to have his mouth filled with the viscous liquid from my balls. On the other hand it really wasn't fair to the boy to not tell him.

    "I'm gonna cum pretty soon London," I told him quietly. He nodded his head but kept his mouth over the head of my cock and seemed to pick up his stroke. He kept on sucking me, running his tongue all over the swollen head. I wasn't exactly sure how it happened but I said I was going to cum and then London took his mouth away from my dick. He told me later that his mouth had gotten sore at the last minute. In any case he took his mouth from my cock but didn't move it away so when I came a second later the first glob of sperm shot out and caught him on the bridge of his turned up little nose and hung down onto his right cheek. He pulled his head back out of the way and the second shot went straight up in the air and came down on my hip. Then London surprised me again by moving his head back in harm's way. The third shot caught him straight on the lips then he quickly put his mouth over the spurting hose.

    I watched my son as he worked at swallowing squirts four through seven, all the while the globs of cum were still draped across his smooth face and his mouth. I could feel things slow down, my cock moved into ooze mode, but still my son kept me in his mouth. I finally had to gently move him away as the post sperming sensitivity was almost too much to bear.

    London looked up at me and smiled. I have to say that it was fucking hot to see my young son's face with my sperm on it.

    "I wanna go look at it dad," he said then climbed off the bed and headed down the hall to the bathroom. He came back a minute later, my cum off of his face and replaced with a smile. "That was pretty, I dunno, something but it sure was sexy feeling," he said as he approached the bed then climbed back on.

    "Did I do a good job of makin you cum dad?" I smiled and nodded my head and told him it had been awesome. "I'm not sure I could a swallowed all of it though; there was a lot." He then went on to explain how strange it tasted then wanted to know if I'd ever swallowed sperm before and I admitted that I had. London then wanted to know the circumstances around it so I explained that as a teenage boy, like many if not most boys, I'd played around with other boys and certainly swallowing another boy's cum was part of the deal.

    "Were you ever with someone when you were my age?" I nodded my head and of course he wanted to know the details. I told him a shortened version about a fourteen year old boy who had initiated me into the boy-boy club; that the boy had showed me how to suck on a cock and in fact he was the first boy whose cum I'd swallowed.

    "Did you ever be with a man when you were still a boy?" I nodded my head and again, told him a short version about being in a virtually empty balcony in a darkened movie theater when the man next to me put his hand on my lap. I was thirteen and by then I'd been with plenty of boys. When the man saw that I wasn't going to stop him he got rather bold and whispered to me to take my pants down so I did. He felt me up then praised me for my size as by the middle of my thirteenth year I was a rather small boy with a seven inch long cock when it was hard. He tried to suck my dick but it was an old theater with arm rests that don't move. He asked if I'd be willing to go to his van in the parking garage, that he'd pay me for missing the movie. I figured what the hell and said yes, the movie hadn't been all that good anyway.

    I followed him to a darkened corner of the older garage and got into a white, panel van. There were dark curtains right behind the seats and he had me follow him to the back. It was pretty cool. He had a mattress with blankets and pillows and everything and it was lit by a dark red light. The back door windows were also covered although he was backed in so no one would have been able to see in anyhow. Right off the bat he gave me a twenty dollar bill then asked if I'd like to take my clothes off. I stripped naked and the man began by running his hands all over the front of my body all the while telling me how cute I was, how nice my body and my dick were and how big my balls were and everything. He started to suck my cock and I asked him if he was going to take his clothes off too. I hadn't seen a man's cock before so I was pretty curious.

    He stripped off his clothes and I saw that his cock was actually a little smaller than mine and he was kinda hairy down there. He went back to sucking my cock and after a little bit asked if I'd like to suck his and when I did he told me I was the best young cock sucker that he'd ever seen and I must have had some practice. He also rolled me onto my belly and licked all over my butt hole which I'd never had done before. That was pretty awesome. After that he asked if I'd ever been fucked, which I hadn't and did I want to try it. No I didn't.

    The man asked me if I'd like to fuck him and of course I was all for that. He said he wanted to make me cum first so I'd be able to fuck him longer so he sucked on my cock until I squirted my sperm into his mouth. He told me I had the sweetest sperm he'd ever eaten then immediately put some lube in his asshole and had me fuck him from behind like a dog. I managed to last a good five minutes before I shot my sperm into his ass and all the while the man was telling me what a good boy I was, what a good lover I was and to fuck him harder and faster. Of course I did my best but the man was squeezing my hard cock with his asshole muscles so I probably squirted faster than I would have if he hadn't been doing that.

    I hadn't planned to tell my son all of that but as I got into the story I figured that it would be the quickest way to get to doing all of that stuff with him but without me suggesting it to him. I knew that he would ask a ton of questions and that, I was hoping, would include "can we do that dad?"

    "He licked your butt hole?" The scrunched up expression on London's face was classical YUCK. I nodded my head. "What was it like dad, did it feel good?" I nodded my head again and told him that it felt awesome. He wanted to know if I'd ever done that to someone else, licked their butt hole and again I nodded my head and of course he wanted to know if it was fun.

    "It sure was son; both doing it and having it done."

    "What was it like when you put your dick in him?" Again, I smiled and told my son that it had been incredible. I'd ended up getting a number of the boys that I'd been messing around with to do it. London wanted to know if I'd ever let a boy put his dick in me and I smiled and nodded my head and he wanted to know about all of that. We spent another five or so minutes with me answering London's questions which ended with the golden one.

    "D you think we can we do some of that stuff dad?" Once again, I smiled and said,

    "We can do whatever we want to son."


    London and I went to bed to actually sleep, the two of us cuddled up against each other. After that night, after that discussion, things seemed to move fairly quickly. Of course in retrospect I guess they had already moved fairly quickly.

    We got up late the next morning, or I should say, London slept late which was somewhat unusual. I was up, moving, drinking coffee and reading the morning newspaper (which I'd thoughtfully ordered before moving) by 6:30. London finally got up about 8:40. My cell phone had gone off shortly before that, the appliance company calling to let me know that they'd be there at 9 sharp to deliver and set up my new entertainment system.

    I heard London as he padded from the bedroom to the bathroom and looked up in time to see his delicious, pale little butt before he closed the bathroom door. Like his father, my son was a "morning" person so it was a good five minutes before I heard the toilet flush just before he exited the room, thoughtfully turning on the fan before pulling the door almost closed.

    He came in the living room and immediately climbed in my lap, kissed me full on the lips then cuddled up against me with his head on my shoulder. He let out a huge yawn then said,

    "What are we going to do today dad?" I explained the situation and he raised his head and looked me in the eyes, then looked down at our naked bodies. "I guess we should get dressed then huh?" I nodded my head.

    "Yes son, I'm guessing that would be a good idea." I responded then kissed the top of his head and by mutual but wordless agreement we moved. Quickly showered, dressed and back in the living room 12 minutes later London asked what we were going to do for breakfast. We'd brought the food from our other place but that hadn't included milk. I'd taken the opportunity to toss out many perishables as well as other things that my wife had stocked that neither London nor I cared for. Grocery shopping loomed on our to-do list for the day.

    So, as soon as the guys showed up I pointed out where I wanted the stuff to go and told them we were going to Mickey D's to get some breakfast. It was only a few blocks away so 10 minutes later we were back at the house and sitting at the dining room table eating our fare while the guys put the electronics in the entertainment center. After we finished eating London and I set the computer up on one end of the dining room table, a situation that I'd considered temporary from the very beginning. An hour after they'd arrived, the delivery guys left after giving us instructions on how to use our new entertainment system. I still needed to contact somebody if I wanted to get internet and more than two TV channels so I asked the guys and they gave me the name and number of a local company that could provide both for me.

    The rest of the day was spent shopping. We started at the supermarket after deciding some of what we wanted and needed. I had been thinking of getting London a new bike since the last one had been stolen some months before and decided to go into the city in hopes of getting a better price on a larger selection. I didn't tell London what we were up to so it was a total surprise. I elected to purchase a bike for myself as well as a roof mounted bike rack, suitable for two bikes, along with cable locks for each of them. The rack also substituted as a bike stand that would spend most of its life sitting on the covered front porch holding the bikes when they weren't in use.

    After that we shopped for some new clothes. It wasn't that he necessarily needed a lot of things except new underwear but my wife had always gone the cheap route despite the fact that I was in the haberdashery business. Although my son was a pretty normal boy I'd elected to get him something other than what she'd gotten at cheap-mart so we went to Armstrong's, an upscale store that handled things from Hilfiger, Gap etc. I elected to not shop where I was still on a leave of absence from.

    When it came to underwear I had hoped that London would elect to get at least a few things that were more revealing than boxers like so many boys were wearing. To that end I picked out some new underwear as well, eliciting his opinion in my choices. I wasn't a thong kind of guy by any means but did find some bikini briefs and picked a 3 pack with solid colors. I showed them to London who in turn showed some interest and asked if he could try some on. I explained that if he tried them on we'd have to buy them so he picked out a package that had a one of a solid color and two colored with stripes. We took them into a large dressing room and tried them. I loved looking at my son's body and I knew well that he liked looking at mine although it wasn't enough for either of us to cop a bone.

    "They fit kinda snug dad but I like em and how they look," he said after pulling on a pair of white with thin dark blue stripes. He turned in front of the mirror, checking himself out. "The sure make my butt firm, huh?" I nodded my head then whispered to him that it was because he had a nice butt to begin with, which caused him to smile.

    I'd put on a pair of solid maroon brief's and London checked me over thoroughly which included running his hand over my butt and cupping his hand on the front bulge, the warmth of his hand causing a slight stir. He decided that he liked the briefs but wanted to get some boxers too. An hour later we walked out of the shop and headed home where London and I got the bikes and rack off of the car. Of course London wanted to ride his bike so after stowing his new clothes away I gave him some parameter's and off he went. I called the number for internet service, found out that they were only six blocks away so left a note where London would find it should he get back home before I did. As it turned out I got back home a half hour later and my son was practically right behind me.

    We were both hungry so I threw together some sandwiches and chips and we sat on the back porch while we ate lunch. Ours was a nice back yard, fully fenced and a nicely trimmed lawn. A one car detached garage was at the back corner of the property and a fence ran from one corner of it, to a corner of the house. Entrance to the back yard could be through a gate alongside the driveway or through a storage area in the garage then out into the back yard.

    "Do you think we could get a dog, or maybe a cat dad?" London asked again and again I explained that was possible but I'd have to ask the landlord first. Then he asked if we could get a barbeque since we had a yard and porch, unlike the condo we'd moved from. That we could do and when I informed him of that, it prompted another shopping trip that resulted in a small gas grill. That required another stop by the local supermarket for hamburger and buns after the small local hardware store provided us with propane and a small home tool kit to put the grill together.

    After I fired the grill up to make sure it worked then my son and went for a bike ride together. We crisscrossed the streets adjacent to us in methodical manner in order to gain a good idea of the layout of the land and eventually came to the main thoroughfare of our community. We rode the length of it, maybe three miles, and then did the same crisscross pattern on the other side of Main Street, eventually coming to where London would be going to school. From there we headed straight home in order for my son to have a set route in mind.

    The bike ride worked up an appetite so when we finally arrived home a few hours later we were both hungry. I fired up the grill, threw some frozen fries in the oven and twenty minutes later we were scarfing down the first burgers that I'd made in a couple of years. After the kitchen clean up we plopped down on the sofa, a little bored. The cable wouldn't be hooked up until the next day, same with the computer.

    I got out a deck of cards with a game of solitaire in mind but that would leave London with nothing to do. I thought about teaching him rummy but he asked if I could teach him poker. I shrugged my shoulders, shuffled the cards and dealt them out for a simple game of 5 card stud, no wild cards. I didn't think there was any reason to confuse him more than necessary. I looked around for something we could use to bet with that would be easy to use but the fact was that there wasn't anything. London suggested that we play strip poker. When I asked if he'd ever played he said no but that he'd had a friend at school tell him about it.

    "Do you understand the basic principles London?" I asked him. He nodded his head and smiled.

    "Yup, the loser has to take off a piece of clothing until someone is naked," he said, "and the winner gets to decide which piece of clothing the loser has to take off and he gets to take it off," he added with a smile. I nodded my head in agreement then dealt out a half dozen practice hands to give my son the idea of how the game is played.

    I won the first two hands and started with London's shoes. London won the next one and elected to take my jeans off, gently unbuttoning, unzipping, and then pulling them down to my ankles. "I guess you'll have to wait till your shoes come off before you can take your jeans off," London explained. I nodded my head in agreement. Throughout the next few hands London kept sneaking glances at my crotch and since I was still wearing the bikini briefs it was a full crotch indeed.

    I won the 4th hand and elected to take his shirt off so London stood patiently while I, on my knees, lifted his t-shirt up over his head. London won the next two hand so my shirt came off, my son slowly undoing each button then sliding his hand inside and up across the front of my shoulders to get it to slide off. Before sitting down my son reached to the front of his jeans and appeared to do some readjusting leading me to believe that he'd already gotten hard. I won the next hand and went for London's jeans, the boy standing in front of me. I took my time unsnapping then unzipping the pants and took just as much time getting them down over his bubble butt and down to his ankles. London was also wearing his bikini style briefs and it was clearly evident that he had a boner.

    I got tired of trying to move around with my jeans on so London allowed me to kick my shoes off, take the jeans off then put my shoes back on, although unlaced. He won the next hand and of course my underwear came off. He told me to lie on my back, which I did, the started at the back and slowly tugged the red cloth garment down with a little lifting on my part. When he freed up my cock and balls, he all but stared at my groin while pulling the underwear down over my shoes.

    London won the next three hands leaving me with one sock one while he still had both socks and his underwear. He had continued to push at his groin a few times using the palm of his hand. I won the next hand and of course I wanted his underwear off. Standing in front of me while I was on my knees, I took my time getting the tight fitting garment down over his delicious butt before working at the front. London was breathing rapidly as I pulled the waistband away from his taut belly then down over his raging young cock.

    I loved looking at my son when he was in a full state of arousal, his cock standing hard and proud in front of his flat smooth tummy. I took my time sliding the garment to his ankles, admiring the creases at his pubic bone, angling down to culminate in all that made him a boy. As close as I was I could see the tiny, mitochondria like hairs that were beginning of his pubertal years.

    "I like it when you undress me dad," London said and a slightly deeper voice, "It feels kinda sexy." I told him that I understood completely. I felt my cock start its rise to glory as we played the next hand and I got to all but stare at my son's body, anticipating what we were going to do once we were both naked. I won the next hand and took off a sock, London won the next one and I was fully naked while he had a sock on.

    "I'll just take my other sock off dad. Should we keep playing?" I told him if he wanted to we could. He shook his head and said, "I just wanna play sexy." With that he came over and pushed me onto my back then gently laid on top of me, careful to avoid whacking me in the balls as he settled in, aligning our hard cocks as he did so. I put my hands on his butt to help keep him in place as he lowered his head and kissed me full on the lips. As I rubbed and kneaded his tender flesh, London gently undulated his hips against me.

    After breaking the kiss I held onto him and rolled him to his side then onto his back so that I was looking down into his beautiful blue eyes. My hand moved down to take hold of his rigid penis and gently stroke him, eliciting a sigh, before I lowered my head to his and repeated the kiss. London's arms went around my neck and he kissed me back with vigor, pushing his tongue into my mouth. We continued to kiss, our tongues battling in and out of our mouths and I continued to fondle him, my hand going lower to cup and pull on his tender little nuts. God I wished he could make sperm. I was so dying to taste my son's nectar, to lap the gooey precum and sperm that he would soon be producing.

    London broke the kiss then moved away from me, slid down lower and took hold of my fully hardened cock while I rolled onto my back. He stroked me a few times then put his head down and licked all over the head. "I like tasting the sticky stuff that comes out dad," he told me then took my cock head into his mouth and began to suck me.

    I groaned out loud, felt my body break out in goose bumps as my son moved his mouth up and down and his tongue explored that satiny flesh that was my cock head. He started out slowly stroking me as he suckled, moved his hand lower to fondle my heavy balls, then moved it back up to stroke me again. Looking down on him made my heart swell with pride and my belly tingle with excitement.

    London couldn't maintain sucking me for very long because his mouth started to get tired so when he stopped he slid back up and half laid on me then kissed me again, long and hard. I reached between us and managed to get my fingers around his stiff cock and fondle him a little bit before we broke the kiss. I wanted to suck on London's cock so slid out from under him then half way sat up and leaned back against the front of the sofa.

    "Come up here son," I said and following my directions he straddled my stomach which brought his cock close to my mouth. I put a hand on his slender little butt and pulled him toward me, using the fingers of the other hand to pull his boner down and guide it into my mouth. Once it was there I put the other hand on his butt and gently pulled then pushed. London got the idea immediately and began to fuck his cocklet into my greedy mouth. Once he picked up a steady little rhythm I began kneading his butt cheeks, pulling them open and closed in the process and above me London moaned. Since he hadn't showered for at least eight hours his boy fragrance had come back and I reveled in the sweet musky odor of a growing boy.

    At one point I took my mouth off of his dick then licked and sucked on his balls. London continued to move his hips so that his cock sort of rubbed against my cheek but he put a hand down there and pushed his cock into my face so there was a bit more pressure for him. I wondered briefly what it was going to be like when he fucked me, and I knew I wanted that to happen, to have his stiff little cock inside my ass. I could hardly wait to hear him moan with pleasure at the feelings of having my sphincter muscle gripping his hot hard cock.

    I went back to sucking London's dick and kneading his butt and soon found myself pulling his cheeks open and slipping a finger inside to rub against the puckered muscle of his hole. London moaned for a moment then said,

    "Will you lick me there dad, will you lick on my butt hole?" Damn straight I would but like I said, it had been eight or more hours since he'd showered. I took my mouth from his cock and, using my hands, directed him to sit gently on my belly.

    "Have you pooped since you showered?" London shook his head. "Well turn around and let me smell, okay." I knew he'd washed thoroughly in there because I'd taught him too and I was there when he'd done it that morning. I stayed in the position I was in as my son turned around and straddled me on his hands and knees then backed up until his feet were against the sofa then pushed his ass backwards toward my face. The sight of his pink wrinkled hole almost made me gasp. The sight of his little nuts hanging like un-ripened apples made my dick throb. I inhaled deeply, picking up a slightly stronger odor than I had when I licked his balls, but it wasn't enough for me to need to wash it again. I leaned my head forward, slid down slightly and stuck my tongue out for a quick taste and then dove in.

    I licked, I slurped, I washed, and I worked and poking the tip of my tongue in the center of his hole. London responded my moaning loudly and pushing his ass farther back. I pulled his cheeks open as far as his body would allow while I worked him over and I heard my son utter his first, "Oh God". So intense were the feelings for him that London's head fell onto my leg and his fingers gripped lightly onto my calf muscles. Had I been lying prone I have no doubt that he would have sucked on my cock with a vengeance.

    My tongue licked downward along his perineum to the underside of his nuts, the new feelings causing yet another "Oh God" or "Oh gosh," I wasn't sure. I moved the small orbs around with my tongue a little then licked my way back up to his asshole where I licked around a little more. My neck was starting to get a little sore so using my hands I directed London to moved from above me. He rolled over onto his back, his legs spread and both hands working on his cock as well as his balls. He was breathing heavily and looked at me through eyes that were half closed in lust. God I wanted to fuck him.

    "Wow dad that felt way awesome. I never knew my butt could feel so good."

    "I'm very glad you liked it son. Would you like to try something a little different?" He asked if I was going to fuck him and I told him I was but not with my cock; I would use a finger. London nodded his head and said okay. I stood up, reached down for his hand then pulled him to his feet and led him to my bedroom. He climbed on my bed while I snagged a bottle of lube from my nightstand and immediately poured some in my left hand then slathered the middle finger of my right hand with the gooey stuff.

    I had London lay crossways at the edge of the bed the pull his legs back, exposing freshly rimmed little butt hole and when I stepped up close to the bed had him place his feet flat on my thighs so that when I moved even up against the bed it forced his legs back a little further. I put my hand down to his puckered hole and slipped the finger up inside of him, then slowly began to finger fuck him while my slippery left hand wrapped around his stiff little cock and began to jack him off.

    "Ooohh gosh dad that feels good," my son moaned as I worked both hands in tandem. I shoved my finger inside of him until my knuckles were pressed hard against his butt, my other fist gripping tightly as it slipped up over his sensitive swollen cock head. I found his little prostate and massaged it with my finger tip causing the cute young boy to moan even louder. My hard cock rested between London's inner thigh and my right hand and I found myself gently moving my hips to and fro so that the head practically rubbed against his wrinkled nut sac.

    I was amazed, after a good three minutes of stimulation, that London hadn't cum yet despite the fact that his breathing had gotten more rapid. I pulled my hand back farther and slipped a second finger inside of him, stretching his hole even wider. After about a minute of fucking his tight little ass with two fingers he told me to stop, so I did.

    "Can you put your cock in my butt dad?" he panted. I was pretty much shocked that London even considered that. Yes, I was all but dying to fuck my son but it wasn't something I was pushing for. I wanted him to arrive at that logical conclusion on his own, and now he was. It was just a lot sooner than I had expected.

    "Are you sure baby boy?" He nodded his head, looking at me through eyes that were practically closed in lust. I knew that look, had seen it before on a boy. and knew it for what it was and also knew that fucking him would require him to be about as hot for it as he could possibly be and right then, he was.

    The lube was sitting on the bed next to him so I took my hand from his cock, popped the top of the bottle with my thumb and poured some of the stuff along the top part of my cock. I closed it, quickly grasped onto my dick and slathered the head and half the shaft all the while keeping my fingers moving inside my son's ass. I moved in closer, my cock poking the back of my hand, and after focusing on London's prostate for another ten seconds I pulled my fingers out and shoved my cock head in.

    "Ooww," London cried out as his body tensed, his back arched up off the bed momentarily, and his hands gripped the bedspread. I stopped all movement while my eyes moved from his face to where my cock penetrated my son's body.

    "Relax baby and breathe," I crooned to him. London did as I told him to, working to relax his muscles. As he did, I moved his feet from where they rested on my thighs and placed them on my chest then gently rubbed the tops and sides of his thighs. His cock had all but wilted at the attack on his most secret place so I reached between his legs and began fondling it using the fingers that I'd lubed my own cock with. It took a good two minutes before he told me to go ahead and put it all the way in.

    I watched, mesmerized, as my son's asshole gobbled up every one of the eight hard inches of my thick cock until my pubic hair touched his butt. The tightness on my dick was fantastic, the feeling along with the knowledge that I was finally inside London's virgin ass almost overwhelmed me.

    "Gosh I can't believe how it feels dad," he whispered, "Your dick is so big. It feels like my butt hole is stretched out a mile." My son's cock was finally beginning to respond to my manipulation so I asked him if he was ready for me to fuck him. He nodded his head and said,

    "Yes dad." I started the process, slowly coming out of my son's ass about half way before going back inside, also slowly. I watched my cock slide in and out of him and I watched his smooth soft face. London's eyes were closed but it was clear by the expressions that crossed his face that he was experiencing pleasure and not pain. I began to pick up speed and at the same time began pulling my cock almost all the way out of his compact little body before going back in and bottoming out. I continued to manipulate my son's cock into full on hardness, the firmness of him allowing me to begin to actually jack him off.

    It didn't take long before London's breathing picked up and gentle mewing sounds could be heard. I began to move a little faster, pushing back into the tight confines of my adorable son's ass. I could feel my balls start to mash up against his butt as I pushed into him, farther and harder. I leaned my upper body forward some to spread his legs more open and the sounds from him turned into occasional moans.

    I could feel the tension building in my belly and in my balls. I could see and hear the tension building in my boy as well, the moans sometimes becoming gasps accompanied by the tightening in his facial muscles and sharper inhalations of breath. He put a hand down between his legs to feel where my thick cock was sliding in and out of him so I slowed way down so his fingers could explore, to feel the length of my cock as it moved in and out of his body. London finally took his hand away and rubbed gently on my belly and up to my chest as I picked up where I left off, moving my hips in one direction or another to go into him from a different angle to produce different feelings.

    I began plunging into London causing him to grunt as I alternately emptied and then filled his bowels. We both began breathing more heavily and I knew that an orgasm was not far away for either of us. As I felt the tension mount I focused on the sensitive head of my son's cock, gripping my fingers tighter and moving back and forth over the helmet like ridge.

    "I'm going to cum soon son," I all but whispered and London nodded his head and said he thought that he was too. London was still too young and too new to cumming so didn't recognize the signals that his body gave off. Before I knew it he all but screamed out, his high pitched voice sounding more like a girl than a boy and the contractions of his asshole on my cock took me over the edge as well.

    I came with a vengeance, my body injecting jet after jet of sperm deep into my son's bowels. I saw stars as I pummeled him, ramming my cock into him and slamming my hips against his ass while I kept on jacking him off. London continued to pant and moan.

    As with all orgasms it came to an end much quicker than I would have liked and I slowed down, both on London's cock as well as in his ass. My hand slipped from his dick down to his balls where I gently squeezed and pulled on the small eggs. I finally stopped all together, my hips up against his butt, and just stood there rubbing his legs while both of us panted in the aftermath of cumming.

    London opened his eyes and smiled at me then took my hands and gently pulled. I lowered his legs then leaned forward while he rose up and our lips met about half way and melted together in a kiss. When we broke it off London asked if I could move so that he could sit on my lap and of course I told him I could. I had him wrap his legs around my waist as good as he could, lowered my upper body so that he could put his arms around my neck, then started to rise up, my hands supporting his back as I did it. Once I got him upright I turned and sat on the bed with my son implanted firmly on my lap.

    London then kissed me with a lot more energy and enthusiasm, his arms going from around my neck to hold the sides of my head. He finally broke it off, put his arms back around my neck and rested his pretty little head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly for a moment then proceeded to rub his back. London heaved a large sigh and then relaxed against me. I waited for a moment before I spoke.

    "How are you feeling son?" I whispered into his ear. He hugged me a little tighter and responded,

    "Great dad, I feel really great," the snuggled his head into the crook of my neck a little bit. We stayed like that for about three minutes before London sat up. He leaned back a little bit, rested his hands loosely on my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

    "You're still hard aren't you dad?" I nodded my head. "Me too," he said with a half smile. "That was really awesome dad. It hurt when you first put your cock in me but when the pain went away it started to feel good, then really good, then great. I think I like being fucked." I paused for a second then said,

    "Well I like fucking you London, you're the best." My son beamed with pride then kissed me again.

    "Do you think that I can fuck you sometime dad?" I smiled and nodded again,

    "I'd be disappointed if you didn't fuck me son?" As a response London wiggled his little butt on my lap as if to remind me where I was at.

    "Since we're both still hard can you fuck me again dad?" I nodded my head.

    "Maybe you'd like to try something different. How about if I lay back and you can control things?" That seemed to appeal to the boy so with him still on my lap I maneuvered around a bit so that I could lay completely prone on the bed. That being done, London back and down between my legs to once again feel where our bodies were connected.

    "Gosh that feels weird dad," he said as his fingers explored the stretched rim of his asshole then down further to feel on my balls. While he did that I reached out and stroked on his ramrod hard cock. His balls were mashed against my pubic bone so I couldn't do much with them but simply admire them. London then put his hands on my thighs and began to rise up using his knees, not going far before sinking back down. I reached out with both hands, placing them on his butt cheeks and pulling them open.

    My son kept that up for a minute then began moving his hips forward and back, undulating them against my body and creating a slightly different feeling for both of us. After a short bit he moved his hands to my chest and leaned forward a little and fucked me that way, all the while his facial expression reflecting the feelings of sexiness, of lust, that were going through his eleven year old body. He eventually tired of doing all of the work even though I was making small thrusting movements with my hips to help share the work with him.

    "My legs are getting tired dad," he finally said and stopped moving. I managed to get back up into a sitting position then put my mouth into the crook of London's neck and sucked gently causing him to shiver from the feelings. I then put and arm around his waist and told him to hold on, then quickly rolled over putting London on his back. He kept his legs pulled back as I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed along side his shoulders. It was from that position that I fucked my son for the second time that day.

    I loved to fuck a boy in that position because it allows for a longer and more powerful stroke along with deeper penetration. As I picked up speed London began to moan and I wasn't far behind him. I began to fuck him hard, slamming my hips back against his ass from as far away from him as I dared. I held myself waist against him, my weight pulling the skin of my cock tight, and moved my ass in circles then fucking him again. I went into him from the side, lowered my hips so that I went into him lower then raised myself higher so that my cock scraped against the top part of his hole. I felt my balls whack against his body as I hammered his tight little hole and before long the familiar tingling of cumming started.

    "I'm going to cum soon London," I panted.

    "Me too dad, fuck me harder dad, make me cum too," my son whispered. I was a little surprised at his statement but put even more work into fucking him. Each downward thrust moved London's body on the bed, rocking him. Before I knew it he gasped loudly, grunted a few times then cried out. His hands went to my hips and began pulling me against him then I felt his asshole constrict against my dick and that was all she wrote.

    "Oh fuck London I love you so much," I cried out as my balls gave up a second load of their nectar to the temple of Priapus. I felt my cock thicken then six or seven pulses of cum transfer from my body into my son's. Below me London was whimpering, panting for breath and his face became a mixture of both pleasure and pain while I continued to slam into his young body.

    I eventually slowed down, continuing to gently slide my cock in and out of his asshole before finally stopping. I had to adjust my body a little bit then lowered my head and kissed London, my son responding although it was with less enthusiasm than before. I attributed it to his being tired. After all the boy had just gotten fucked twice, he was probably getting worn out. I knew that I was despite the fact that it was barely eight o'clock.

    Once again I told him to hold on and brought back up to sit on my lap and once again I nuzzled my lips against his soft and tender neck.

    "Gosh that feels so good but ticklish at the same time," he said with a giggle. I looked down and saw that his cock had softened almost completely but what really caught my eye was a spot above the base of his cock, not quit half way to his belly button. I reached down and wiped my finger across it then brought it to my nose. I was not quite shocked but close to it.

    "My god London you made your first sperm," I said with excitement. I touched my tongue to my finger tip and tasted the familiar gooiness although there wasn't much actual taste.

    "Really," my son asked with equal excitement in his young voice. I showed it to him as I said,

    "Really." He checked it out then hugged me tightly.

    "Wow dad, that's way cool. Now I can make sperm." I hugged him back just as tight as he hugged me.

    Indeed it was, very cool. My cock finally softened then squished out of London's butt causing the both of us to moan at the loss and my son to comment on how empty he felt with my dick gone. He crawled off of my lap and we both went into the bathroom for shower.

    Back in my bed ten minutes later London said he was really sleepy and he wasn't alone. I was pretty knackered myself. While my son snuggled in under the covers I went through the house turning off lights and locking things up. I returned to my bedroom to find London sound asleep, the covers rising and falling gently. I smiled to myself, turned off the light and crawled in next to him and in moments I drifted off.

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