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  • My dad my ass
  • May 1974

    Sat May 4 Dad asked me to wash his truck and clean out his truck. I took the key to truck and went and started to clean it out. Dad's truck had jumps seat be hide the front seat. While cleaning I found a brown paper bag under his truck seat I open the bag and saw they were of naked mend having sex. There were five magazines so I took one of the magazines to my room and put it under my bed. Then I went back out to finish the cleaning of the truck. Dad came out and reaches under the front seat and took the brown paper bag. I acted like I didn't see what he was doing. I finished cleaning the inside and then washed the truck. Dad paid me 10.00 for washing his truck and told me I did a good job of cleaning his truck for him. And I think he was wondering if I found his stash in the truck. Later that day I sneaked the magazine into the bath room and look the magazine. This drummer magazine was turning on. Seeing guys in leather and guys controlling another it was getting me a hard on. I thought of controlling some one was for me. Making guys suck my cock and making them do things they really don't want to do. I knew I was attracted to guy and love to push others around but not thought of doing this to other guys. Dame I shot my load three times to day. I can't get the magazine out of my head and why does dad have gay magazines in his trucks??? Going to have to keep an eye on dad, He does spend lot of time with his buddies. Dad talks on the phone a lot.

    Sun may 5 I read stories in the magazine I took from dad's truck. I jack off each time I read the stories of guy controlling and humiliating guys. I love to do some of this to some guy and have him as my bitch slave. Dad makes phone call and closes the door to his bed room so I go into the bathroom connected to dad and mom's bedroom. I open the door enough to see dad talking on the phone and his back to me. He looks at his watch and says. YES I can't wait to have your cock; I need your cock and can't wait to have again in me. Yes I should be about hour till I get there. Bye sees you soon. I shut the door and waited for dad to go to the kitchen.

    Dad tells mom he's going to Dave place is there anything she needed. Dad acted funny when he got home, he paid more attention to mom then usual. Dad Is up to some thing. I wonder what he was doing at Dave's he was gone for four hours and he was clean up some. Ever night I would write in book what happen after hearing dad's conversations and tape them.

    Mon May 6 I keep thinking bout the stories in the magazine and hard to do school work. I keep jacking off looking at the guys fucking the younger guys. I look around to see who I would like to dominate over and have them suck my cock. I had to go the rest room at school before gym class and jack off. When I got home and read one of the stories I had to jack off right there and then in my bed, luckily no one was home at the time. I came four times today and I can't get enough.

    Wed May 8 I was in the bathroom reading the magazine and jacking off when I heard dad voice in his room. I heard Dad shut the door to his bed room again so I went to the other door and open it a bit and heard him say to some one I enjoyed your dick up my ass and cant wait till my wife goes out of town to see her folks and be gone the whole week end and she taking my son with her and we have the whole weekend alone here. Then mom entered their bedroom and dad hung up as soon he heard the door knob turn. And stated to look in the drawer for something, dad asked her if she seen his checkbook. She said no I not seen it honey and he kissed her and they stated to strip there clothes off and both got on the bed and started to have sex , usually they have sex in morning or at night when they go to bed. I watch them had sex and dad had mom on all fours and he fuck her in the ass. And I got a hard on seeing my dad big 7 inch cut dick fuck mom. I had a hard on and shot my load seeing dads' dick fuck mom. I shot all over a towel I was jacking off into.

    Thursday May 9 I got home from school and striped off my clothes and reread the magazine and looked at the pictures. I can't wait to have a guy suck me off. Mom told me were going to her moms for the weekend and dad's staying home to due to he got to work this Saturday and wont be able to come with us I asked mom if I could go over to jimmy's this weekend. She said I could as long as your dad says it ok, dad didn't say anything at first but said it was ok longs I didn't cause any problems with jimmies parents. I had no intention of going to jimmies place but I can go and stay any time I wanted any way. I stashed a tape recorder I got for Christmas in the bathroom door to dads room and hid it so I could turn it on easy.

    Friday May 10 After school I went to Jimmies place for dinner. Jimmie live a block over from my house, I went to jimmies for dinner and hanged out with him till about 8 and I left to see what dad was up too. I seen there was a car in the drive I knew to be dad's buddy Dave's car it had a fireman's sticker on the bumper. I peeked into the window around back of the house to see what was going on there was no one in the living room and the kitchen was empty also. So I crept into the back door not making a sound and I could hear some voices coming from dads' bedroom and the TV set in the living room, and the lights were on the TV were two guys fucking each other. I was excited to see what was going on with dad and his buddy. I crept to the bathroom and turn on the tape recorder. I quickly made my way down the hall and peek around the corner to see my dad with another guy in his bed naked and dad was being fucked in the ass by this guy and dads screaming fuck me harder. I stood there and could feel my dick getting hard as rock. I pulled my dick out and it was leaking cum out of it. I could see dad smooth ass and slightly hairy legs and Dave big dick going in and out of dad's ass. They were so into each other they didn't notice me when I walked up to them with my dick sticking out and dads' friend saw me and just froze and dad asked why you stopped. Then he saw me and he asked what the fuck I was doing home. I told him watch how you talk to me I'm not the one with a dick up my ass and asking for more, dad. They both turn white as a sheet, if you want to have me keep my mouth shut you both have to do as I say or I tell mom about you and your buddy here Dave and the magazines you been reading that you stashed in your truck and your phone calls to each other.

    Son dad told me he can explain and I hope you don't tell anyone about this.

    Dad I know Dave work for the fire department. How would his boss love to hear he's fuck gay and been fucking each other and I expect some of your other friends would love to hear about this. Dave told my dad to do something about this. I strip off my clothes and said the only way you two keep quiet is to let me on some of this action. I walk up to dad and told him they both had to suck my dick and we go from there. dad started to say no but I put my dick to his lips and I told him in a louder voice to suck it or I will tell every thing I know to mom and everyone at your station Dave that you're a gay fagot and loves to be fuck by guys.. Dad took my six inch cut dick and his buddy started to fuck him again. Dad try to stop me but I hit his face and take it you fagot you love cock I heard you so take it. Dave just kept fucking and kept saying do as he says bill we don't need any trouble from him. So my dad took my dick and gave me my first blowjob and was good at it, I shot a load down his face and then told him to swallow it and thank me for it. He swallowed it and didn't say a word so I slapped him and then he said thank you for you're cum son. Good bitch and you're going to get more bitch fagot. With that Dave shot his load in my dads ass the as soon it got soft Dave pulled it out and started to get out of bed. I told Dave you're not going any were, your ass is mine too or you both get into a lot of trouble. Since you shot a load in my dad's ass, the bitch is going to clean it off in front of us. Dave called me boy, I don't have to listen to you, and well you might if I had dirt on you as well. Dave looked shocked and dad turns around and took Dave's dick and licks it clean. I walk up to Dave and told him to suck on my dick and get me hard. Dave and dad looked at each other and Dave took my dick in his mouth. You see dad Dave like my cock as well as your. That's it dad and Dave stated to lick at my balls and dick, I was get it real hard so I can cum in your mouth too. See dad Dave has a good mouth just as good as yours. I shot a load in Dave mouth. Dave you like the taste of my cum. Dave nods his head, Dave I can't hear you. YES I LOVE YOUR CUM. Thanks with that I get up and tell them they can go back to what you're doing. And dad you and I will be getting much closer. And from now on dad you and your friend here Dave miller, better be nice to me from now on. And I gathered my clothes and left them both on the bed. Dave turns to my dad and said what you're going to do about him. Son no one going to believe you. Son well it's your word against mind but I do have proof and next week I will show your boss my proof. This week end going to be fun. I went into the bathroom and locked the doors and waited to see what they were going to do I took the tape out of the recorder and hid the tape and replaced it with another one. I went to my room still naked and place the tape to the back of my bookshelf and laid on top of my bed with my legs spread and reading the drummer magazine were dad and his buddy could see me. About a couple minutes later dad came into my room and asked why I was doing this to him and his friend. I told him due to the way he treated mom and me; dad you're so busy with your buddy and work. and now I know why you're a fagot and I found I get off watching you get fuck and from now on you do as I say or I tell mom and the guys at the station . I want you to fuck me now dad and I want Dave to fuck me in front of you.

    You're my son, you're a fagot and you do as your told or you find Dave and your ass in jail for sex with a me dad so just do as told and you be a bitch for me and you fuck mom too when I say so not jus once a week or you both will see the inside of a jail cell and you have so many guys fucking your ass your wont be able to sit down again. So we can do it the easy way or you can ruin your and your buddy Dave life. So if you keep me happy your both be happy all around. Tell Dave to get ready for me in your bed or I call the cops now. Dad got up and walked out of my room and I could hear Dave and dad talk and Dave wanted to beat the shit out of me and dad convinced him to go along and he would take care of it. About five minutes later I walked into dad bedroom and I could see them both drinking beer I took dads out of his hand and drank his beer. Ready Dave you are going to fuck me first than dad you fuck me next. I handed dad his beer back and I got on all fours and told Dave I not had a cock up my ass so you be getting my cherry and go easy. Yes sir I go easy, first he put some lube on his fingers and slowly inserted them in my ass it took a long time for Dave to open my ass and dad played with my chest and dick to take Dave's fingers off my mind. It hurt so much I was about to tell Dave to forget it but Dave put some popper under my nose and I inhaled I was so high I didn't know that Dave had replaced his fingers with his dick and the next thing I knew Dave was tell me to relax as his dick was pushed in. then Dave call me mother fucker and asked me how I liked being fuck by his dads buddy and having daddy watch. Dad was sucking my dick at the time. I told Dave to fuck me and he grabbed my hips and fucks me hard and long. Dave told me I was like my dad a good fuck and nice ass. I could see my dad getting a hard on and told dad to give me his dick and I wanted to suck it and dad needed no more words and he shoved his dick in my mouth by this time Dave was about to shoot in my ass. Then I heard Dave whisper in my ear thanks dude I always wanted to fuck your virgin ass and share you with your dad. With that Dave shot his load in my ass. As soon Dave pulled out of my ass my dad stuck his dick and fuck me hard and told who the bitch now son who the fagot. Dad took only a few strokes before he shot his load up my ass. And then both lay down on the bed. And said who took advantage of whom. I went back to the bathroom and got the tape and then went to my room and hid the tape in another place. Dad and Dave fell to sleep in the bed in each others arms. I walked to the kitchen for a beer and headed back to my room. On the sofa was a pair of pants , so I looked to see who's it belong too it belonged to Dave miller and I quickly got a piece of paper and copied his address and any information I could use later down the road. I found his badge number and his social security number and credit card numbers and ECT. I put in one of my books on my self and took a shower. I was just washing up and Dad came in and asked if he could join me sure but you have to wash me like you did when I was a baby. Dad stepped in the shower son I love you, please don't do this please son don't use this against me and Dave. Dad you and Dave just need to keep me happy or else and if you try to harm me I will spill it and I make sure you both will regret it. So start washing now. Dad picks up the wash cloth and began to wash me and I raise my arms up and dad washes me. I could see he was scared and turned on at the same time. I started to rise off and told dad your now my bitch too you do as your told and every one will be happy. Tonight you give me the rest of the magazines and your will raise my allowance too $ 40 a week for a start. I'm not going to mention this to mom as long you keep her happy and me. Got it bitch dad and for Dave we have our fun time the three of us and some one on one time. Tell Dave I give him a call when I want to play with him. And tell him I don't like to be kept waiting. You two have the rest of the night for each other and if your thinking of turning this situation around don't think about it I got proof of you two long before this dad and I will use it if you or Dave or any one thinks of trying to do anything to me. Got it bitch dad. Yes son you are in charge

    Sat may 11 I woke up naked and walked round the house to see what going on. I went into dads bedroom their in his bed was dad and Dave sleeping in each others arms I went to where I hidden the tape recorder and changed the tape and put in a new one. And went to my closet and hid the tape under a board in the floor of my closet. And sat in the chair in the living room waiting to for them to wake up, I was watching TV when dad and Dave came out wearing there pants and I told them to take them off and come over here and take care of my hard on. Dave came over as well as my dad and Dave started to suck me dick like he was thirsty. I told dad to join him and the both work my dick over. I could see Dave and dads' hadron's and then told them to shot their load over my chest so they both stood up and jack off on my chest. It took them no time to shoot there loads and then I told them to lick it up both lick it up and told them they may go and talk to them later. I was so high on controlling them, Dave didn't know what else I had on him and dad I going to love the way he is going to suck my dick when I want too. 9 pm I took a shower when I got out of the shower told dad and Dave to take me to the hardware store and to get dressed but not to put on their underwear back on and that they are not allowed to wear any underwear except jockstraps or go s commando . And told to get dress now and don't want me to wait or you not going to like it. They quickly got dressed and took me to the hardware store were I had them buy me some deadbolts and padlocks and locks on my window also. Then we headed home and had dad and Dave put a deadbolt on my bedroom door and on my window. I made sure they did it right and when that was done I locked the door and told dad to explain to ma that it was ok if I put a lock on my door and make sure she didn't get mad at me. Now no one will be able to get into my room at all. I had the only keys to my room. I locked it and told dad I wanted twenty dollar now and dad handed me the money and told dad I be gone for couple of hours I was going to the movies and see you when I get home tonight. I left to go to the mall that what they thought I was around the corner see what they were up too when I left. I knew where Dave lived and I knew I could get his number from dad easy. Got home around nine and dad was not there so striped and watch TV and waited to see when dad would get home. I was into a movie when dad came home and didn't say a word to me, he went to the refrigerator to get a beer and came into the room and handed me a beer. He sat and drank his beer. Boy you got me by the balls and we both know it. Dad I keep quiet if you just keep me happy and your secret is safe. I just want you to spend more time with me. I told dad when I ever I call you my bitch you are to do what ever I tell you to do and if you didn't I would tell. Now bitch come here and suck my cock as you can see its getting hard again I need some relief so get your sorry ass down here and take care of it and get out of those clothes my bitch. Son I know I shouldn't be thinking these thought of you sexually and even Dave had theses thoughts too and we wondered if you might be gay son So Dave and I thought you might like to go fishing with me and some of our friends. Sounds good bitch but for now your going to suck my dick and we are going to start to sleep together when ever we are home alone and I don't want to hear any thing or I have to punish your sorry ass. Dad stripped his clothes off and sucked my dick till I shot a load in his hot mouth.

    Sunday may 12 Woke up with dad cuddling up to my back and I could feel his dick and a chain where I kept my key to my room and dad hard dick was up between my ass cheeks and I woke up and I started to play with dad dick and he started to fuck me I told my dad to fuck my ass and make sure I don't hurt too much. My dad didn't need to be told twice and he slowly fuck my ass and kissing my neck and told me I was a bad boy for pulling that stunt with him and his fuck buddy he's upset you did that too him and at the same time made his fantasy come true at the same time and I could feel my dad shoot his hot load up my ass. I turn my head and gave my dad a long deep kiss and got out of his bed and walk into the bathroom and got into the shower. And started to shower and dad step in and stared to wash me again from head to toe. I got out and dried off and went to living room and sat and watched TV naked for most of the day until I knew mom would be home and dad clean the house top to bottom before she got home even change the sheet on his bed and did the laundry. I didn't have to lift a finger all weekend. When mom got home she was surprised the house was clean and dinner on the table. Dad even shown more attention to mom when she got home. Dad told ma he put the lock on my door so I could have more privacy and he was going to take me fishing next weekend for man to man time.

    Monday may 13 Called Dave and told him to pick me up after school and don't be late. I am out at 3:30 sharp.

    Wed May 15 I was hard most of the day thinking Dave was going to pick me up after school and I need some relief. Dave was waiting for me in the school parking lot. I got in his truck and we headed back to his place. He lived in an apartment complex on the other side of town. When we got into his place we walk up a flight of stairs. I told Dave I was thirsty and he asked me what I wanted I told him a beer and he came back with two buds. I took off my clothes and told him to join me and he removed his shirt then his pants I could see he was wearing a black jockstrap and sat next to me and drank his beer. When we finished your beers I said were your bedroom, he said down the hall walked down the hall and he followed me. I crawled on to his bed, got on all fours, then spread my legs apart and told him to come and get it. I know you wanted me for along time I could see it in your eyes last Friday , so come and take me if your man enough. He quickly got behind me and licked my ass and played with my hole. Dave told me I was just as a bitch like my dad is. With that he put some lube on my ass and slowly inserted his dick up my hole. Dave started to call me names as he fucks my ass and fuck me hard and deep. I can't wait to have full control over him and my dad, and then I have the last laugh. He fucked me for a while and shot his load in me and then lay on the bed. That when I got on top of his chest and shoved my dick into his mouth. At first he didn't want to do it, but told him if he did he could fuck me on fishing trip in the woods. That did the trick and I face fuck him and made sure he took my load in his mouth. After we both showered Dave dropped me off down the street from my house. Ma was waiting for me I told her I mention to dad I was going to be late; I was working on a school report with a kid from my class. Later that night dad came into my room and told me ma had asked him about me being late getting home and he covered for me. Ma was in her sewing room, I was laying on my bed reading a book for class. I told dad he was my bitch and he shut the door and came to my bed and undid my shorts and started to suck my dick and I laid back and watch my dad suck such pleasure in sucking me hard and shot a load of fresh cream in his mouth. Then I told dad I was going to sleep and can't wait for our fishing trip. When dad left my room I locked it and sat up reading the gay magazine that my dad had stashed in is truck now they were under my bed in a box with a lock on them.

    Friday may 17 6am I pack some clothes for our fishing trip and left it the back door and told ma these are for my fishing trip with dad. I locked my door to my room each time I leave the house mom hated the lock on my door. She told me I better keep my room clean or the lock comes off I told her It will be kept clean. Then I caught my ride for school. 3:30 Dad had picked me up after school with his pickup truck full of fishing equipment and my stuff. Dad asked me if I was ready for our trip and told him I can't wait to get away. We met at Dave apartment I sat between dad and Dave and I could keep my eye on the both and do what ever I felt like and knew I would not get into trouble I laid my hand on Dave leg and started to play with his dick and I could see dad dick poke up throw his fabric.

    7:00 pm. We drove for a couple of hours and we finally got our camping area it was in the woods not a soul around. We wear staying in a cabin along a lake that Dave family owned and there nearest person was a mile down a dirt road. We hauled all the stuff out of the truck, Dave stated a fire in the log cabin had two bedrooms with king size beds, full bath indoors, had electricity and TV, VCR. Dave told us that his family come up here and take turns to use the cabin and we should not be disturbed and down by the lake is a boat and the dock has a swing rope swim also. I put my stuff in one of the rooms and Dave and dad took the other room. As soon I was unpacked I strip off my clothes and walked out in front of the fireplaces. Dad and Dave were making dinner, I walk into the kitchen and got a beer and started to drink it and walked up to dad and started to strip him in front of Dave and told Dave you like my dad to be a bitch. Bitches don't wear clothes while they do their work, with that dad finished stripping and got on to his knees in front of Dave and I and I reach over to Dave and dropped his pants and told dad to suck Dave's dick now. Dad crawled up to Dave and stated to suck his dick and dad did what he was told to do. I started to play with Dave's ass and stuck my finger up his ass and took some butter off the table and lube up Dave's ass at first Dave started to protest and I just stuck my finger up his hole and when I thought his ass was lubed up enough I stuck my dick up his ass and when he protested I slapped his side and told him to take it like a man. I shove me dick up Dave tight ass and I could see he was getting more turn on by my dad sucking him off and me ramming his ass. It didn't take long for Dave to shoot his load in dad's hot mouth and I got off hearing my dad take Dave's cum and I just shot it in his ass and he just moaned in pleasure of being fucked and sucked off at the same Time. After dinner was over I told dad to clean the dishes and put them away. I told Dave to put some more wood on the fire place even though the weather nice during the day at night it was still a bit nippy out. I sat on the couch with my legs spread wide. I told Dave to sit and talk to me. I then Dave sat next to me and started to rub my leg and told him go for it that's why were here Is to have some fun and get to know each other and do some bonding and fishing. I told dad and Dave I'm going to bed and if any one like to tuck me in stop by if not see you all in the morning. So I went to my room laid on top of the bed nude and waited to see who would stop by. I wait and listening to what they said when I was not in the room.

    Sat may 18 5am I woke up to nose from the kitchen. I woke up with my usual hard no so I got up dad was making some coffee. I walked up behind him and garbed his ass and told him to bend over and get your morning fuck from your own son. I grabbed some butter off the counter and greases up his ass and shove my dick in with one hard push. Dad screamed out and I kept pushing and told him to shut up you bitch you like to be fuck and take. With dad screaming Dave came a running and saw I was fuck dad ass like white trash whore. Dave just laughed at dad for screaming and waking him up. Dave was just watching and waiting his turn at dad's fuck hole. I shot my load in his tight ass and then I pissed into is hole and told him not to lose it or he will have to lick it up. As soon my dick popped out of his ass I told him to take care of that and he walk quickly to the bathroom to let it out of his ass. I told Dave to let me see his nice hard dick and I grabbed it and pull it towards me and he didn't resist at all. I asked him if he enjoyed fucking me last time. He smiled and your just like your dad can't get enough of my dick no mater how many times I cum in him. By this time dad came back into the room and was on his knees in front of me and Dave. I took Dave dick and told my dad to open up and Dave just grabbed dads head and started to suck Dave's dick. I played with Dave's ass and chest while dad got Dave ready to shot. I told Dave to shoot his load into dads coffee cup. Dave pulled his dick from dad's mouth and I handed Dave a coffee cup and shot his load in it. By that time the coffee was ready and I poured a cup of cum and coffee to dad. Dad took it and drank it down with me smile. After breakfast we headed to the lake to go fishing. I wore my Speedo swim suite and a pair of shorts and muscle t-shirt and lots of sunscreen. Dad wore shorts with a jockstrap and button down shirt and hat, Dave wore jockstrap with shorts and a button down blue jean shirt. We headed for fishing for the day. We took a boat that was ready for us and head out. We were out for a couple hours then it begun to rain so we headed back to the dock and hauled all the stuff up to the cabin and left the fish tied to the dock. Dave fixed lunch, he made hot dogs and chips, we all drank beer. There was a knock at the door, we all were still dressed and Dave went to answer the door and it was a guy delivering wood to the house, he was around five-nine muscular had on a muscle shirt and worn blue jeans with holes in them. The guy said I got a delivery of firewood and wanted to know if we need some inside or not. Dave said bring some in and fill the box up and Dave asked him if he wanted a drink the guy said maybe when I get done. With that the door was left open and the guy came in and out with wood. The made six trips to fill the fire box and this guy had a tight ass and nice hairy chest. On one of his trips I decided to walk around in my Speedos and see if he could be gay. Dave asked me to put my shorts back on and so I did as the guy came in with a load of wood and had my ass to him. I couldn't see the expression but hoped he make a move at least or say something. The guy told Dave we had four cores of wood and he be sending the bill in the mail and he was done and had to get to the next customer. Dave shut the door and strip down to his jock strap and got between my legs and started to chew my dick thru my suite and dad strip totally naked and walked beside the couch and put his dick at my lips. I was in heaven dicks in my mouth and on my dick. They were working my mouth and dick over. And I didn't care at the moment at all what they were going to do to me. I was having fun with my dad and Dave. Dave pulled my Speedos down and went to work on my dick I pull my dick when I thought I was about to shoot and got on the bear skin rug in front of the fireplace and got on all four and Dave started to rim my as out and dad got under me and started to work over my dick. So dads cock was nice and hard. He kept his balls shaved and his bush cut short so I went down on dad cock while I was getting rimed then fucked by Dave. I shot my load in dad's mouth and dad shot in mine and Dave was still working on my hole. He must have fucked dad this morning while they got dressed due took Dave some time to shoot. I could feel dad cum go down my throat it was nice and creamy and tasted like corn chips. Between the fire going and the hot sex the three of us were doing we sweated like pigs. And I was sleepy so I just lie on the couch and fell to sleep with cum dripping down my face and out of my hole. The next thing I remember was it was getting dark out and dad and Dave were no were around. So I got up and walk to the bedrooms and they were not there, next I check the bathroom and kitchen and no dad or Dave. I look out front and saw nothing so I went to the back door naked and saw boat was gone and figure they went fishing so I grabbed my suite and a towel and headed to the lake, when I got there I figure no one was around so I decided to swim nude. I jumped in the water was a sock at first but it warmed up after a while and then got out and laid on the dock and waited for the sun to dry me off , also could see them come back. I was out about an hour had past and no one came so decided to go back to the cabin I was mostly dried so I went back to the cabin. I got myself a beer drank most of it before sitting down next too the fire. I was getting sleepy so I lie down on my bed and fell right to sleep.

    I was lying on my stomach when I felt some one hands on my butt then I realized It was dad had his dick pushing against my ass. Time for some fun son, time for daddy to get a good fuck out of his son tight hot ass, Daddy needs it badly. You wanted me to pay attention to you, now you're going to get it with that he shoved his seven inch dick in me. I screamed, as his force his meat in my tight hole. And I might pay for it in the end but I'm going to enjoy my time away from your mother even if it hurts you. The pain of his dick, I could feel the veins on it massive meat. Dad take it easy your hurting me, shut up you fagot son of mine. You enjoy seeing me get fuck now's it's my turn. Dave was holding down my arm above my head and his dick was leaking pre cum on my face. Dad tell me he enjoying fuck my ass and been trying to catch me naked ever since I was 13, and I saw your dick last year and knew your going to be just like your old man. Then dad bent down and kisses me on the lips and chews on my right nipple and left his teeth marks there. Dave told dad to hurry up and he wanted his turn before he shot his load. And dads went back to my ass and pushing and pushing his dick deeper into me each time his big balls hit my ass. His smooth balls hitting my smooth ass, I was hard a rock, Dave yelled look he's enjoying this just as we are. Dad then shot his load deep in my pussy. Dam this was hot and I knew I couldn't let them get away with it; they will pay for it in some way I make sure of it. They won't know when and were but I make sure they don't do this to me again. As soon as dad was done with me Dave took dad's place and just shoves his dick in me. And dad took Dave place at my wrist and dad tried shove his dick into my mouth. Dad said you like it in your ass now taste what your ass is like. I didn't want to taste his dick right then the Dave grabbed my dick and balls and squeezes them and I open my mouth and dad shove his meat into my opened mouth. I tasted some fresh cum and some shit on it, it was nasty and wanted dad to pull it out but his shoved it deeper in to my mouth but I ended up cleaning his cock off. Dave was fucking me slower then he had done before and he seemed to be enjoying what dad was doing to me. As soon dad pulled his clean cock out of my mouth Dave pickup the pace and drove his cock in me. Dad reached down to my dick and jack me off which didn't take long to do and I shot my load all over my chest and face. Dad then said to me this is the way to play with the big boy's son. Make sure you can back up your threats or you could end up on the wrong end of a dick. As Dave pulled his soft dick out of my cum filled ass. I told dad I got all our sexual fuck session on tape and your calls with Dave too. So next time you both you want to fuck my ass as tag teams get my permission. I just have to play it for mom and Dave's boss. They both left me alone and told me dinner we be ready soon and left the room. Dam I enjoy that but I was not going to let them know that, that would under mind my control over them. I give them some of there own medicine when I get back home. The rain storm started up again so we were done with fishing this weekend. I got and wiped my body off with a towel and went into the kitchen. I saw they had some pizza on the table and I got my self a plate and took three pieces of pizza and sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace. I sat on the couch and eat my food; Dave wanted to know if I wanted to watch some TV. So dad got me a beer and we sat down on the couch and watch a football game on TV. Dad and Dave got into the game me I like to watch the guy's ass showing. Dad and Dave drank a lot of beer and it was getting late so I grabbed another beer and went to my room to read the latest issue of drummer and went to sleep. I drank my drink and read more stories and look at the hot pictures of naked guy being forced to serve others and fell to sleep.

    Sun may 19 Woke up to some one lying next to me and found my self in my dad's arms and his chest next to my face. He was still sleeping, I want to enjoy this time. Dad hasn't done this since I was a child having him hold me in his arm like this. It was nice and I felt protected. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep and kiss his chest. I woke up when dad stated to move again. Dad started to rub my head then worked his way down my chest. I was awake but kept my eyes closed and wanted to see what he would do next. Dad then went for my dick and played with my balls. I opened my eyes to look into dads. Dad said good morning son I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. He pushed the covers down and went for my dick and started to wake up my dick and milk it dry. I got so turn on that I placed my hands on dad nipples and played with them till I shoot my load in his hot fucking mouth. I could feel my veins on my dick rub his throat and the cum just flowed down his mouth with ease. Dad said not a word and made sure he got my entire morning load in him. Then he lick my balls and put my legs over his shoulders then up in the air and work on my boy pussy. Dad would moan and lick it and the then he put his finger up my ass and finger fuck me till I was ready for his seven inch cut man hood. Dad slowly inserted his dick in me and I moan with pleasures and excitement. Dad then called Dave name and Dave shown up with a hard on and said boy is ready for round two. Dave came on the bed next to my face and I open my mouth to receive his seven inch meat. I played with Dave's balls and rubbed them and then went to work on his ass as he slowly faces fuck me. I inserted my middle finger in his ass. He was not expecting me to try to put my finger up Dave's pussy but he spread his ass cheeks so I can get a better insertion to him. Dave's moaning dad's getting to the point of no return and I so lost in this I'm getting hard again. Dad shoot his load in my ass at the same time Dave shoots in my mouth and on my face and I'm rock hard on. Dave leave the room and goes into the bathroom and dad lay next to me and kiss me and sticks his tongue in my mouth and we rub each other up and down end up in each others arms and kiss me on my head. Dad asked if I enjoyed my self so far. I look into his eyes and said so far yes but didn't like you gang banging the other night. He kissed me again and said we need to get clean up and get ready to leave and we need to stop and get some more fish so mom won't get suspicious. And get our stories straight. We fished and you had no beer just soda, and there was no funny business and I slept with you. And we played cards and watch TV. Got it son, yes dad but you better be good too dad.

    We got out of bed strip the sheets and put new ones on and packed old one in a bag for Dave to take care of. And took a shower, got dressed, packed the truck, then ate, and was out and on the road by 11am. I sat in the middle and dad was driving and we were one happy group. We stopped for lunch and didn't talk much. We arrived at Dave's place around 3pm. And help him with his stuff up to his apartment and dad gave Dave a kiss and I got a hug and a kiss and Dave said he be in touch soon and we left and stopped at the store and picked up some fresh fish and put it in the cooler and headed home. When we got home help dad with the gear and mom came out and asked how our trip was. I told mom it was great, got to fish some, swim and relax. Dad kept an ear out for what I said and he smiled and kissed mom. I thru my dirty clothes in the hamper and headed for my room. And unpacked my stuff and open my school books and started my home work. I was sitting at my desk and mom came in to pump me for more details of our fishing trip. She asked where did I sleep I told her dad and I shared a bed while Dave slept in the other room and dad and Dave made the meals and I took care of the fireplace, dad got mad at me due to I tried to drink a beer and not the sodas. So I ended up giving it to him to drink. I know I was not to have beer but thought it was a fishing trip it would not mind. Ma asked why I didn't do my home work at the cabin I told her I was going to do it when I got home and didn't want to think of school while I was fishing trip. Next time do home work first the have fun, I told mom sure mom will do it next time. Mom told how glad I was getting closer to dad and hope it continues. I just smiled at mom and me too with a devilish grin and a hard on in my shorts. I finished my home work by dinner time were dad was helping mom put stuff on the table. dad came into my room and I was looking over my homework and dad started to rub my shoulders then my chest and asked me If my homework was done I look up to dad and said yes dad my home work is done . Dad told me dinner was ready and to wash up before I came to the dinner table. Things seem to be going better around the house and hope it continued from now on. >From that day on I never wore underwear unless I need too.

    Tuesday may 21 Got home from school early and headed to my room, mom left note she be at hospital her girlfriend Judy was take sick and be with her and us guys were on our own for dinner and be home late. So I went to my room and strip off my clothes got a beer and sat at my desk and did my home work. It was getting around the Time for dad to get home. I heard his truck pull in the drive as I was still doing my home work. Dad came into the house and yelled hello, then dad saw the note on the kitchen table. Dad came into my room and started to rub my back then my chest and I got so excited him doing that. So dad said looks like were alone tonight. I turn in my chair and told dad to get out of his clothes and get to work on my dick. Dad didn't needed to be told a second time he strip off his shirt and laid it on my bed then his shoes came off then his pants which he was only wearing his jock strap. I spread my legs apart so my dad could have easy access to my dick. Now suck it dry and maybe you can fuck my ass in your bed or on the kitchen table my bitch.

    I moan again as he takes the head into his mouth and his lips tighten around the shaft, just under the swollen dick. He begins a sucking up and down motion, swelling of my head inside his warmth. His hand moves up the shaft and meets his lips. His hand goes down and his lips follow, until he finally removes his hand his face is buried in the soft black dads of hair of my manhood. I stood up from my chair

    Dads hand wrapped around my ass me and I am lifts my up, like an offering to his loving mouth. Each of his hands is on each cheek and spreads them apart. Dad begins to move my ass back and forth my balls are hitting his chin and his mouth taking my hard six inch dick is going in and out of his hot mouth. I don't know how long I can control myself. I reach out and take his head in my hands and push him with all my might, sinking Deeper down my dick. I pulled dads mouth off of me pulls him to lick my nipples and kiss me. Then I told him to get back on the meat he helps create me and do his job as my bitch. I could feel my ball about to shoot so I push dad mouth off my dick and told him to get on my fucking bed now. Dad was surprise it took it out of his warm wet hot mouth. Dad did as told and I told him to bend over the end of my bed. I spread his ass, my dick is nice and wet and I slowly pushed it in his ass. Dads face was buried in my bed and I slowly picked up the pace and fuck him, my smooth balls hitting his smooth ass and rubbing at the same time. It took me no time and creaming his ass. I could feel the veins on my dick against his tight fuck hole. And I scream dad I'm coming I'm coming in your fuckin hot ass. Then I felt a big load coming from my balls to his tight ass and in side my dad's hot smooth ass. Dad told me to keep fuckin him till I milked my self dry. I'm sweating dads sweating and the more I fuck him the more I need to fuck his sweet as and have his sweet mouth when ever I can get it. After ten minutes I shoot my load in him. I kept fucking as long as my dick was hard. And dads kept telling me how hot it was for his son to fuck him like a bitch in heat. I laid there next to him and listing to his words and made me happy. I lay on my stomach and told dad to go for it and make sure you go easy or you get it ten times back for me. Dad put a pillow under my stomach and went to the bathroom and came back some KY and put some on his fingers and rubbed it into my boy hole. Son I get you your own tube tomorrow and keep it in your night stand and I will also buy any other things you might want too. Dad told me to lift up onto my knees some and He could get his dick it in better. I was lifting up His three fingers still inside me. Dad put more lube and more fingers in me to make sure I was lubed enough and the put some on his dick then slowly inserted his man hood in to his creation and fuck me slowly and kissed my neck and my ear . Dad lifted me up on to my knees knew he wanted me on all fours. It felt so wonderful I was actually pushing back on His finger to get more of it; I loved my dad's finger fucking into me. Then dad was cupping my balls in His other hand and feeling them as he was fingering my hole. This really drove me nuts. I was hard again right there. That we being father and son. Dad took his hand from my balls and pushed under my legs to take hold of my cock at the base of it and he was jerking my hard fat cock as he was fucking His finger into my hole and hitting that spot again and again. Dad whispered into my ear how lucky he is to have a son that he could share this moment with. I hoped and pray you and could do this more, I love you son more then you ever will know. Dad fuck me, I want your hot man seed cream in me. Fuck me now and make love to me dad. Dad hard dick was moving in and out of me each time I was getting more turned on and I knew I found some one who really loves me for me. This is the first time me and dad were this close and I didn't want it to end. I could tell dad was about to shoot his load by his breathing and I didn't want it to end. Dad yelled out I'm coming son and with that a blast of his seed filled me and he kept fucking me till he went soft. And it fell out and I felt empty when he pulled his dick out of me. I turn around in a sixty-nine and we sucked each others cocks and was that way for what seemed like hours. Dad turn around so we are face to face and kissed me with tongue and all and said sorry son we need to get clean up before your mother gets home. I said I will have more chances to have you suck me off and fuck your hot smooth muscular ass, with that dad slapped my ass. Dad said lets get going and we still have enough time to go out and grab a bite. I smiled and walked with dad to the shower were we both quickly washed each other off and got dressed. When we got home mom was not home yet so I went to my room to read the magazines dad brought me and dad read the newspaper in the living room. Mom got home ten minutes later. I always write things down in a book.

    Monday may 20 Got home from school mom informed me that were going to dads brothers place this weekend and make sure I leave out clothes to pack and mom asked where is my underwear there's not been any in the laundry and you need a hair cut, your hair getting long and I want you to look nice. Dad came in to my room after dinner and suggested that I put some underwear in laundry every other day to keep up appearances and handed me a brown bag with new magazines and some KY. Don't let mom find these magazines and another bag from sports store in town, it was new jockstraps. Dad left my room I put magazines away and got back to my home work. Dad also bought me some new color jock straps I wore them instead of underwear. I tell your mom you're going to wear jockstraps instead of underwear.

    Thursday may 23 Packed my suitcase for our trip to see dad's brother and family he had two girls. They lived outside of Knoxville Tenn. It's a 12 hour drive and we were going to stay in motel the one night.

    Friday may 24 School was out for till Tuesday due to holiday and dad and mom were going to visit her cousin and told me we are leaving after I got out of school and to bring my homework with me. Dad and mom picked me up and we drove for two hours till we got out of the state and stopped at a truck stop to eat. We drove to nine o'clock and stayed at a holiday inn. I was in one bed and mom and dad in the other. I had packed my Speedos and announced that I was going swimming if it was ok with them. Mom said it was a good idea and we both well join them. Mom got out dads and her suite and mom went into the bathroom to change and told dad that you guys can change in here. dad just smile, I stripped as soon as mom was in the bathroom and dad striped right next to me and I grabbed dads dick and balls and gave them a pull as soon as his pant were down. Then we quickly put on our suites and mom was out in no time. My dick was semi hard and so were dads. Mom and dad grabbed their keys to the room and we walked to the pool. When we got into the pool there was no one there it was due to the pool closed at 11pm and it was a little bite after 10pm. Mom got into the hot tub and dad and I got into the pool, we goofed around and dived between each others legs and grabbed each others dicks and ball with each dive. Dad did get out and got into the hot tub with mom. I swam around for a while and then headed for the hot tub and it was about twenty minutes before I closed so mom said she was going to go back to the room and take a shower and you two guys can come back when the pool closes and I be in bed by then. Dad gave mom a kiss and she got out. Dad smiled at me and waited for mom to leave the pool area. Dad moved over next to me and under the bubbling waters I reach for dad crotch and begin to rub it and play with his dick. We did this for awhile and dad said he I hope you have some fun, I know my brother has only girls and they are a bit younger then you. I try to make it up to you son. I find a way dad you know that. Then the male desk clerk from the hotel came in and said it was closing time for the pool. We got out and quickly went for our towels as we both had hard on. We went back to our room with our towels in front of our crotches to hide our hard dicks. Dad open the door to our room and found mom was in bed watching TV.

    Dad told me to go and take a shower and I will wait. I went and grabbed some shorts to sleep in. Mom suggested why not you both share the shower it's big enough for two. I was surprised mom said that, still stun mom repeated her self and dad looked at me and I looked at him. Son if that's ok with you it's ok with me.

    Sure, I said not to sound too excited.

    Dad grabbed his pajamas bottoms and we both went to the shower together. So we both strip off our suites and started the water. I said we better make it quick or she might think some things going on.

    So we both started to wash and I needed badly so I told dad to wash my back and I started to jack off. When I turn around and told dad in a low voice I was about to shoot he got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and shot off. Then I washed dad back and chest and dad jacked off and shot his load on my dick and then pushed him down to clean it off. When we both got clean off and out of the shower mom had turned off the TV and was a sleep. Dad got into bed with mom and I got into my bed and fell a sleep.

    Saturday 25 Mom and dad got up before mom was dressed and dad was in the bathroom shaving and what not. Mom made enough noise to wake me up and told me to get a move on your dad wants to get there before noon and so I dragged my ass out of my bed, I had a morning hard-on and didn't try to hide it. Dad came out of the bathroom and I dragged my ass with the clothes I was going to wear that day. I got dressed, mom had put my bag on my bed and I put my short in the bag and the wet suites were put in a plastic bag and we stopped at the free breakfast that came with the room. Then we were off on the road, the traffic was busy for his time of the day. I read my homework and started on the questions and did my best to keep busy. I must have fallen asleep while doing my homework and realized it when I dropped my answer sheet and tablet on the floor of the truck. That when I found a brown bag with dads magazine. I pulled it out to see which issue it was. And it was a different one then dad usually reads. This one was sadistic masochistic, orgies, and one the guys are around my age. I put them back as so mom wouldn't see them. We got to Uncle Ben's place he lived on a farm with barns and sheds and had some chicken's coop and a couple of horses. Uncle Ben and his wife Sally and their two girls Jane and Jill. Mom and dad got out of the truck and gave them all hugs and kisses. Uncle Ben gave me a hug and told my dad and mom that I had really grown since the last time he saw me. Uncle Ben is about the same height as my dad and same slim build but Uncle Ben hair is cut very short and he was wearing bib overalls with no shirt and I could see the tattoos on his arms and chest. Uncle Ben said I'm glad to see you again and uncle rubbed my back then gave me a swat on my butt. Then they went into the house and Uncle Ben helped with the suitcases and he shown us were we where going to sleep this weekend.

    Uncle Ben asked how our dive was.

    Dad told him it was not so bad not as bad as he thought it would be. And we made good time too cut about hour off our time.

    Uncle Ben shown us our room mom and dad had one of the girls room and I had Uncle Ben's office with I hide away bed, in my room was a TV, and books, He used as office space. So I was able to do some of my homework in there and not worry about anyone bothering me. Every one was in the living room and kitchen talking there heads off. I closed the door so I can do my homework, finally some time to get my work done. I read my chapter and done the work that was assigned to me. I went down stair to see what was going on and then went exploring the barns for a while. I found a spot in the loft it was a hot for the time of the month so I took off my shirt and shorts and lay on them and fell asleep in the hay. When I woke up I had a hard on so I just jack off all over my chest. I just laid licking my man seed up and whipped the rest up with a rag I found. I finally went back to the house.

    Dads asked me were I been up too.

    I told him I was in the exploring the barn and out buildings and the land dad. Uncle Ben was smiling at me and handed me a soda pop and rubbed my head.

    Uncle asked me if I wanted to help him with the horses and chickens in the morning. While everyone go to church and I show you my farm. I turned to dad and he just smiles and nodded his head.

    Sure why not, can we go riding after the chickens get fed .Sure I even show you were we I fishing and swim, its the woods if you like said uncles Ben.

    Great I love to fish and swim Uncle Ben dad and I fish a lot and swim too. Dad looked and I and uncle and we all smiled for different reason.

    Since that is settled when we get the chores done I show you around stated we start at 7 am Uncle Ben. The rest of the day I hung around and read my school books in my room.

    Sunday may 26 I was a sound asleep when Uncle Ben came and woke me up and I was sleeping in the nude. I first I thought it was my dad but the rest had left for church in town. Standing there was my uncle in just his jeans with no shirt on. I could see his big hard nipples and the hair on his chest that went down into his pants. Uncle Ben could see I hand nothing on due to I just had a thin sheet tented that covering my dick. I thought I saw the out line of his dick in his pants.

    Uncle Ben shook me and told me to get up and get dressed we got to get going, do if I wanted to go horse back riding and see the fishing and swimming hole he uses.

    I jumped out of bed and shocked uncle, too see his nephew naked in front of him with a hard on. Uncle just stood there, staring at my naked body. I made sure I bend over and gave him a good look at my body. I was going to see if he would say anything and made sure he saw my dick.

    Uncle told me I had grown up to be a fine looking man and said he can see a lot of me in my dad.

    I said oh yea like the size of his dick or what?

    Uncle was a bit stun but he keep looking and my hard on and as I grabbed it. Do I have my dad's dick or what?

    Ben said, yes you look just like him at age but he was not as tall as you are now but a bit shorter at your age.

    I put on my blue jean shorts and shoes then my t-shirt and said lets go I'm ready. As we walked down the hall Ben picked up his shirt and we headed for the barn. It was a hot day it was in the 80's and was to get up to the 90's by noon. First fed the horses, while they were eating, we clean out the chicken pen and then feed them that took hour or so. Then it was Time to saddle up the horses and ride out to the watering hole Uncle Ben was talking about. Uncle Ben helps my get up on the horse by putting his had on my ass and giving me a lift up on the horse. Uncle made sure I was sitting properly on the horse and he patted my leg and then he mounted his horse. And we were off riding to the woods. Uncle Ben said I hope you like spending time with, I don't have son to spend time with doing men stuff. Your dads lucky to have a son and not girls, girls are not interested in fishing and hunting, are you interested in hunting. We came to a gate and he got down to open it, I rode thru it and locked up .With that we stopped right next to me, he took off his shirt and put in his saddle bag.

    Boy why not take off that shirt you look so hot in it. So I took off my shirt and he put out his hand and said I take that and took my shirt and put it with mine. It not too far from here, I get away every chance and usually go bare back some time too.

    I look puzzled and didn't know what he was saying bareback?? So we rode on uncle Ben made sure he was at my side most of the time on the trail. The trail was a dirt road that's not been use too much. The sun and the slight breeze felt great on my chest and I really like the feel and smell of the leather saddle and the leather rains in my hands for the horse. We rode for about another twenty minutes till we got to the lake in the middle of the woods. On the pond was dock that led out in the pond and a shed.

    I built it in my spare time and we come here to skate in the winter time, but in the summer I come here get away from the world, I like to ride the horse bareback said Ben.

    Uncle what is bareback? I look at him.

    Boy you're old enough to know; bareback riding is riding a horse naked and most use no saddle to sit in. but I like to ride naked and feel the sun on my body boy. Also it mean to fuck some one with out a condom .You don't mind boy I go naked here no one will see us, if that make you uncomfortable we can leave our clothes on. And uncle just grins from ear to ear.

    Hell no I think its cool to go naked and I love to go naked as you seen this morning uncle.

    Boy just call me Ben, its easer then saying uncle all the time and uncle make me feel older than I am.

    I sure and you can call me son, boy or anything you like Ben., this way you can pretend I'm yours when we are alone, I winked at him and he winked to me and smiled. With that we both stripped out of our pant and put them on the porch next to the dock. Ben shows me around where he keeps the horse in a corral behind the shed. And Ben kept looking at me and I saw he had a big hard on.

    Next to the shed is an old pump, I asked Ben does this work?

    Yes, it works and if we go swimming we can wash up out here. You will have to pump it to get the water to work. I do it all the time when I go swimming. The girls are too young to swim in the pond and I like my time alone said Ben.

    Cool. And we headed into too the shed. When we got in the shed Ben shown me around inside, on one walls were tools, tackle. One side of the room was an old metal bed with blankets on it and a long mirror the length of the bed. And next to the door was some towels and rope. On a self Ben reached for a bottle. He poured some of the bottle out on to his hand.

    Son come here I need to but some suntan lotion on your body so you wont burn from the sun. Then you can put some on me son so I don't burn also. I walked to Ben with a big smile on my face. Ben started to rub some lotion on my shoulders then work his way down my back. He made sure he put a lot of lotion on me. When he got to my ass he took a bit longer to rub it in and then put some in my ass crake and then got on his knees and did the back of my legs. Good now turn around, so I turned around and my hard 6 inch dick was right at eye level then he did my front of my legs.

    Ben don't forget to take care of my dick, I don't wanted to get burned. Ben froze looking at my dick. It had some pre cum on the tip and I didn't know what he was going to do. YOU WANT IT DON'T YOU. Ben then looked up at me and I had a devilish grin on my face. He just licked his lips and that all I needed I took his head and pushed my dick to his lips and at first I thought he was going to freak out on me. He open his mouth and I face fucked him. Dam I knew you a fucking cock sucker when you couldn't keep your eyes off of my naked body when I got up this morning.

    We shouldn't be doing this you're my brother's son and we shouldn't be doing this. As Uncle Ben tried to make since of what was happing.

    I bet you and my dad suck each other off when you were kids. I know you want it so bad since I arrived you not kept your eyes off of me and I see how you been looking at me. I grabbed his ass and started to suck his dick more and more. All Ben could do is suck harder and his hands reach for my ass and started to rub my hole with his middle finger. I push him off my dick and said would you like to do this on the bed or on the floor. I walked to the bed and told him to get into a sixty-nine and we both can enjoy each others cocks. Ben did as he was told and we both were hungry of some hot sweaty cock. We both started to take the shaft as much as we can and we both bobbing our head with the same stroke. I could feel Ben ball pull up and I knew he couldn't hold out much longer. I heard Ben moan a loud I'm coming. With that he shot his load in my mouth. I had his dick all the way down my throat and could feel the hot cum run down my throat and I was milking for all it was worth... Ben kept sucking me then Ben stuck his finger in my hole and was fucking my ass. That did it I shot my man seed in his hot warm mouth.

    Dam son I haven't had a load like that for along time, your dad and I would suck and fuck each other years till we got married. And once in a while we have sex but when he moved up north well you can figure that out. Our dad taught us to suck cock and his dad taught him. It's a family tradition; I hope you keep the family tradition going. Our dad would take us out to this pond and show us how to suck each other, it how we learn about sex. I don't know if your dad told you yet, we both started when were about your age and I was hoping to have a son so I could pass it along. Maybe some day I have a son like you. We both smiled at each other and got up to finish putting the lotion on my chest. Then I started putting lotion on his back. When I got to his nice firm smooth ass like my dads I stuck my finger up his hole to see what reaching I could get from him and his just moan with exotic.

    Boys keep that up and you have to take care of it, Ben turns and kisses me on the lips with his tongue.

    I took out my finger and told him let get out to the pond before some one come and looks for us. So I handed the bottle of lotion to Ben and ran out to the end of the dock and jumped in. Dam it was cold, it must be spring fed pond. I got use to it and swam around.

    I yelled Ben get your ass in here and join me. With that Ben came running out of the shed and did a canon ball dive. Water went everywhere. Ben swam out to where I was at and dove between my legs picked me up and flipped me over his shoulders. We play around in the water for about hour or so and Ben said better get out and dries off so we can get back before they send someone looking for us. So we got out and we lay on the dock for a bit in the spring sun. We didn't talk we just lay on the dick soaking up some sun.

    Ben looked at his watch and turns to me and said, son we need to wash up and get ready to go back to the house.

    So I got up and followed him to the shed were he go a big bucket and soap and towels and walked to the water pump. Ben started to pump water in the bucket and handed me a bar of soap. As soon as the bucket was filled he poured it over me.

    Dam that waters cold I yelled out. My dick shrunk up and my nipples got rock hard and I was covered in goose pimples...Ben just laughs and said just lather up and get clean the sun will keep you warm. I did as I was told; I started lathering up my body front and back. By the time I was lathered all up front and back Ben had another bucket of cold water got most of the soap off the first time and then here comes the third bucket of cold water.

    Dam its still cold, Ben just laugh. And I was rinse off of all the soap.

    Ben said now it's my turn. You go and get dry and are with you in a moment son and winks at me. Ben fills his bucket and pours it over his head and he pickup the soap and washes his hair chest and smooth legs and back. I pick up my towel and stepped back so I wouldn't get splashed with the water. Ben's nipple got rock hard and his dick did shrink a bit but not as much as mine did. After four buckets of water Ben was rinsed off of all the soap.

    Ben dried off and we went to get the horses read for our return ride back to the house. As we got the horses read Ben asked me to keep quiet what happen here between us, your dad doesn't need to know. I know your dad and I had sex before but never with his child. That's a different thing.

    Ben you don't have to worry me won't say a word, and I hope we get to come back and visit you this summer here on your farm.

    Sure thing boy, we first we have to talk too your folks about but I don't see any problem. Want to ride bare back and see how it feels to ride a horse without clothes said Ben.

    Sure thing I think that be hot, I said with excitement and a devilish grin on my face. Ben helps me again get back up on the horse and I could feel his middle finger rub my man hole and I wiggled so I could let him cop a feel.

    With that he mounted the horse and headed back to the farm house. Dam uncle Ben looks so hot riding a horse naked and in the sun. He could have been a model instead he works the family farm and worked in town as a barber. I had my shoes on and my shorts and shirt tied to my saddle and we headed off. The feel of leather between my legs gave me a hard on , the rubbing of leather against my legs and ass, was a turn on I rode the horse with a hard dick hitting the saddle and I started to leak some pre cum on it and I took my finger and licked it up. We got to the gate and Ben suggested put our pants back on just in case some one would happen to meet us. So we both got down from our horses and I slip on my blue jeans shorts and him his blue jeans pants. He opened the gate and I walked the horses thru and he lock up behind us and he then again help me back up on the horse and this time I made sure to let him get a hand full of my ass before I got settled on my horse.

    We first put the horses back in the corral and put away the saddles and feed and water them again. I told Uncle Ben that I love to get in the hayloft and lay there and just let my mind wonder.

    Uncle said he love to go up in the loft and strip down feel fresh air over his body when he can. And don't get much male bonding here on the farm. And that he misses it from time to time. Remember tell no one about what we did boy.

    We heard dad's truck pull up and the girls making a racket as they got out. Uncle Ben told me to go up to the house and tell them that he is up in a bit. I put on my shirt and went to greeted mom and dad and aunt sally and the girls and told them uncle Ben will be up to the house shortly and I. dad pulled out a bag of food and we all went up to the house. When I got in I told dad I wanted to clean up before I eat dinner. Dad said it was a good idea, I went up stairs and went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I could see from the window in the bathroom that uncle Ben was coming up to the house. So I hurried up and got cleaned up and made sure I left some water for my hot uncle. I just wrapped a towel around me and head to my room and shut the door. I look at my self in the mirror to see if I got any sun tan and I was a bit red for the time I was out in the sun naked today. I heard a knock at the door and wrapped the towel around my waist quickly and said come in. dad open the door and told me hurry up, he need some help setting up the table out side for the barbeque. I stood there looking at me so I just flashed dad to show him my body. Just then some one from in the kitchen called for my dad and I told dad I get some shorts on and t-shirt and am down out side to help him. Dad closed the door and I quickly got dress. I met Uncle Ben out side my door on his way to the bathroom. He just smiled at me and told him I be out side getting the fire for the cookout. I brush by his body and he made no effort to move. Caught up with dad at the picnic table and he were just putting the charcoal in the fire pit. I asked him what he needs help with and he said he needs me to help him move the picnic table over under the tree for shade. So we both took different ends of the table and move it under the oak tree where the shade was better.

    Dad and Uncle Ben was stand at the barbeque pit cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, and polish sausage. Mom and Aunt Sally and the girls put the food on the table and I put out some lawn chairs around and I then brought out a cooler of sodas for us kids and beer for the adults. While dad and Uncle Ben cooked they kept looking at me and smiling and whispering to each other. When the meat was done they bought it to the table and we ate. Everyone made small talk. Dad sat to my right and uncle Ben sat to my left, mom and aunt sally sat across from us and the girls ate in the lawn chairs talking up a storm lost in there own little world. Every once in a while, dad or Uncle Ben would bump my leg with theirs. They would talk to their wives like nothing going on but I was getting a hard on and I knew if I stood up all will see my dick tent out of my shorts so I just ate and kept quiet. Dad and Uncle Ben would reach behind me and rub my back and I knew the rubbing was not just a friendly appreciations. I had to wait for twenty minutes till I could think of something that was a turn off before my dick went down enough for me to get up from the picnic table. After eating dad and uncle went to play horse shoes on the other side of the barbeque pit they took off their shirts and tossed shoes for hour or so and then dad stated I was to play the winner. Lost and I played Uncle Ben, he told to take off my shirt and get some rays. So I took off my shirt, while playing I asked Uncle Ben since he was a barber in all, if he could cut my hair for me. I was well over due with a hair cut and mom kept bugging me before we left to get a hair cut. Ben said he's got some clippers in the house and would be glad to give you both a haircut. Dad and I agree, Ben said we can do it hear or at my shop. Dad said lets go to your shop I like a good shave too and later we can stop off for a beer. So dad and uncle Ben told the wives were going into town for some beer and a give us both a hair cut. We piled into the truck, I sat in the middle dad, drove his truck. Dad and uncle made small talk. We got to the barber shop uncle pulled the blinds down so we wouldn't be disturbed bye anyone. Dad was first and uncle told dad to take a seat, he shaved his face and cut his hair. Ben put an apron over dad, then Ben asked dad how short he wanted it and dad said very short. With that Ben started to cut off all of dads' hair and cut it off. Dad then asked Ben to shave it smooth to while he was at it. Uncle Ben just smiled and then put shaving cream on dads face and head. Then took out a straight razor and sharpened it on the belt. Slowly dad stubble hair was going totally bald like his brother. I asked Uncle Ben have you ever shaved a guy's body before. Uncle Ben look like I let a secret out. Uncle Ben told both of us; this is not to be repeated. Dad and I looked at each other. Uncle Ben continued and said yes. I have a young man who into body building and comes around every once in a while after hours and I shave him from the neck down. I also shave his crotch with a straight razor to give it clean look. When I get done with his shaving I let him take a shower in the back room. Dad and I looked at each other, with a devilish look. Cool I tell Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben was just finishing shaving dads head. Then dad asks Ben if he could shave his back too. I wonder how dad kept his body smooth so much. With that uncle Ben then undid the apron. He told dad to take his shirt off and get back into the chair. Dad did as he was told but he also drops his pants and stood naked. Then he got back on the chair was push all the way back to have dad lie down and move up in the chair almost flat. After dad did that uncle went to his hot shaver and got lots of hot cream. First was dad chest were there was very little hair. Ben shave dads chest with a couple strokes. Dad told his brother to do his back, then dries his chest off and tells him to roll over so he check his back , dads back was not bad so uncle Ben put a light coat of cream and shaved it quickly. With dad whipped clean of shaving cream uncle Ben told dad he was done and he could get dressed. I was shocked that dad did it front of me. Dad got up and walked over to the mirror and checked his body out. Uncle Ben told me to get into the chair for my hair cut. Uncle told dad in the back room is a refrigerator to get us all something to drink, it's humid in here and I could use a drink. And with that dad still naked went to the back room to get us all some thing to drink. Uncle Ben looked at me and said he always love to show. I told you we used to fool around, and we use to shave each other from time to time when we were growing up. Then uncle asked me and said how short you want it son. I told him to shave it all. Ma might be upset at first fuck her, it's my head and I do what I want with it. That's when I heard the clippers turn on and started to cut my hair really short. It didn't take long for my hair to fall to the floor, dad walked and to see uncle put hot shaving cream on my head. Dad came over to me and stood there next to his brother as he starts to scrap my head of the hair stubs off. Dad hands me a beer and uncle one too. I start to drink mine and dad just stairs at his ass while I get my head shaved smooth and drink his beer. As soon my head was shaved dad told Uncle Ben to make sure the rest of me didn't need to be shaving also. Dad told me to strip and let his uncle see if I need to be shaved any where else. I looked at dad and Uncle Ben. I started to say no but.

    Dad told me to shut up and do as I was told. I was stun by this as well as Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben removed the apron I got up and removed my shirt. I started to strip in front of them both, dad grinded ear to ear, they both kept an eye on me then there was a knock at the door. I panic and dad grabbed his clothes and ran to the back room. I pulled my pants back on and sat down in the chair and Ben but the apron back on me then handed me my shirt. He went to see who it was; it was a policeman that patrols the area uncle said. Uncle Ben talk to the policeman dad came out of the back room and was dressed. That's when the policeman stepped in. he was a young policeman and Uncle Ben and him talked and introduced him to his brother and me.

    Policeman stated, to uncle Ben I wanted to make sure every things all right here last week we had a business down the street got broken into and did some minor damage but got to keep up with these kids these days. With that the policeman tips his head and you all have a nice day. With that the policeman was gone. I thought we all were going to get arrested.

    Dad said that was a close call.

    With that uncle said we better head on home. So uncle quickly cleans up the hair on the floor, we then headed back to his place. We got into the truck and I looked at both of them. Dad told his brother don't you think my son got a nice body and do you think he's ready to carried on the family traditions. Dad put his hand on my leg and began to rub it up and done. It seem it was a secret code they were talking I thought to my self, dad didn't know I knew the family secret was. I was not going to let on I knew what they were talking about.

    Uncle said we can find out tonight and see if he going to pass on the family tradition after everyone goes to see to night. Dad and Uncle Ben looked at each other and laugh and didn't say a word till we got to the farm. It was around 8pm when we got out of the truck and into the house.

    Mom said I like what you did to your hair son then looked at dad, now we have the triples, three bald men. Guys do you want to play cards?

    Mom and Aunt Sally just finished playing cards on the kitchen table and both dad and uncle sat down and I stood beside dad.

    Aunt Sally asked if the boys want to play cards. Dad and uncle looked at each other and both said yes at same time.

    I told everyone I was going up to my living room to watch TV with my nieces. So I sat down in the chair and watch some sci-fi movie for a couple of hours. After the movie went off the girls went to bed so I was lying on the couch with my legs spread and took off my shirt and groping my crotch.

    Around eleven pm aunt sally and ma when up to bed, I stayed and watched more TV, dad and Uncle Ben talked for a while in the kitchen for an hour or so. Dad walked in and told me to come with them and check the horses in the barn. Uncle Ben hand both a flashlight, we walked to the barn in silence. I walked behind and uncle. When we got to the barn, uncle turn on a light in the corner of the barn, under the light was a saw horse and a saddle we used to ride one of the horses.

    Dad turn to me and told me I was being introduces to the family secret and its time your be become inducted to the man hood of your family. Boy strip and we can begin. I strip off my shoes and pants. Dad and uncle did the same they both stood on each side of me and took my wrist and laid me over the saddle and tied my wrist and legs to the saw horse. With that uncle got some lube and spread my ass open and fingered fucked me till he got four fingers up my ass.

    Uncle said ever male child in our family has learn the art of pleasuring each other and bonded in this way for generation and generations. I learn this from my father as well his father. Not one male in this family has broken this tradition. Now it's your turn to become to enter your man hood of our family. Are you ready to enter your manhood boy? I looked at dad and then back at Uncle Ben.

    Dad, Uncle Ben I'm ready to enter my manhood and take my place in the family traditions and responsibility.

    With that Uncle Ben push his dick in my ass dad had grabbed my head and stuck his dick in my ass. I could feel the head of his dick slowly push against my hole

    Dad tightened his grip on my head. His hips slowly moved forward. When the tip of dads cock made contact with my tongue, a shiver went through my body. I lick the tip then the shaft, but dad had other plans for me tonight. Dad continued to slowly slide his rod into my hot wet mouth. Further and further it went in my mouth

    I knew what was going to happen to me next, I wanted it, badly. My throat Muscles involuntarily swallowed and massaged the head of dads six inch cock. I could feel each inch of my dad dick and I try to have him shove it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Uncle was fucking my ass like a mad man. Uncle dick was same size as dads but a bit thicker. I was being fucked at both ends and dad in my mouth and uncle banging away at my fuck hole and don't show like they are slowing down any time soon. I grabs dads dick and starts to play with his balls and dad slaps my hand away, boy you must want really want it dad said, uncle not missing a beat he continues to plow his dick in my hole. I reach for dad's balls and strokes them as dad fuck my mouth but this time dad didn't care what I did to his balls. I could tell dads was about to shoot his load then he pulled his dick out before it was too late. I could feel the veins of uncle's man hold going in and out and each time his hairless balls were beating my butt with each massive stroke. Uncle Ben was moaning and moaning I could tell by his breathing he was going to shoot any second. Here it come boy take my seen boy take it all moan uncle Ben.

    Each time I was fuck my dick rubbed the cool leather against my head of my dick, the smell sound of it was too much for me. I couldn't hold off any longer I shot my load all over the saddle and my balls. I moan like I never moan or shot my seed over and over.

    When uncle pull his dick out I heard a pop sound and then dad replace his dick with his.

    Son now it's my turn to fuck you hard and deep, my dad and grandfather broke us both in when we were your age and never stop fuck us till the day they died.

    Oh yea was all my dad could say, dad rammed his dick in me like he was boring a new hole for me.

    While dad fuck me uncle shove his dick into my mouth and told me to clean it off since it was my ass juice that was on his dick. I took it in my mouth and licked it clean and then he hit my face with his dick.

    Get use to it boy, your dad will fuck you when he need some relief and he suck you off when he wants it said Uncle Ben. Little did uncle know I had control over dad actions and his buddies too? Guesses dad never told his brother about his extra play time with Dave.

    Then uncle and dad rubbed me all over and told to relax and enjoy it while it last.

    I could hear dad moan oh Yes's as his dick entered my ass at first it was slow then became more frantic, moving in and out of me faster now, his hands pulling me onto him every time he ready to push back into me. My dad was fucking me and the thought made me hot. He began really pumping me now as one of his hands reached under me and grabbed my cock. He began playing with my dick as he pumped my ass. His pace was almost vicious now, our wet bodies noisily slapping together and the saddle, his pumping becoming more urgent. My cock was soon forgotten as he grabbed onto me to help in his efforts. When the pounding increased, I felt one last drive for home, him refusing to let our bodies separate and I could tell he was unloading inside of me. His body finished twitching while he finished emptying his load, his hand smacking me on the ass. Then dad and uncle untied me they rubbed me all over.

    Dad saw my cum dripping down the side of the leather saddle and took a finger and wiped up some cum and put it in his mouth and said finger licking good. Look he said fresh man seed. Uncle went over and wiped up a small sample and licked his finger too. What a waste of fresh cum.

    Dad said son since you're now a man recognized by our family tradition no female will ever hear what goes on with us men. Only the men carrying our last name know about this and we intend to keep it that way. What happened between us men stay with us men as it has been for over two decades and never been mention to anyone. We make sure the family goes on, so we don't stop having kids till we have one son to carry our family name got that son.

    Yes father and uncle I will make sure the family had an heir and the name is carried on to the next generation.

    I looked at uncle and he told dad aunt sally pregnant again, I hope it's a boy this time. so I have son to pass my name and have here to bond with. Both dad and uncle got to there knees and started to lick my dick and ass.

    Man I could get use to have both of them doing this to me but I'm not going to let them know that. Then dad said we better head back to the house they might wonder were we are at and come out here and find out what's keeping us.

    Uncle Ben grabbed some towels from a post near by and we all wiped each other off and we all had one last embrace before we got dressed. Uncle grabbed me and gave me a forceful tongue kiss and grope of my ass and balls. Then turn to his brother and kiss him longer and more passionate then he did to me.

    We all got dressed and walked up to the house. We all went to our own rooms. I heard a soft knock on the door; I went to the door to see who it was. It was my uncle and said can I come in for a moment.

    I said sure, it's your house and your office come on in. so uncle came in and went to desk and unlocked a drawer. The pulled out a brown paper bag and pulled out some nudist magazines, he shown me some pictures of some guys and with young men.

    Uncle then tell me to put them away when I was done looking at them. Then kisses me and rubs my ass very roughly. Then he says I see you in the morning. I looked at the pictures of the guys in each other arms and smooth bodies. I looked at them for a while then put them away and went to sleep. And fell to sleep with a hard on and a sheet just covering my body.

    Monday may 27 I was woken up by dad hand on my chest playing with my nipples and told me breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. And he pulled my sheet down to expose my dick and balls. Dad stuck his head in my crotch and sucked and licked my balls and dick. Got me all hard and then told me to hurry up and get clean up for breakfast, he quickly covered me up when he heard mom coming down the hall and knocked on the closed door.

    Are you a wake Jeff, yes ma I'm a wake I be out soon ma. The look on dads face as he was caught in the act. It was priceless. With that I pulled my sheet down and told dad to suck my dick and make it quick you don't want any one catch you doing it. Dad bowed his head and took my five inch man meat and sucks it till I shot my morning load in his hot mouth. Dad wanted to pull his dick out and play with it but I told he's here to take care of my needs not his. Dads asked me to forgive him for not thinking and told him don't make a habit of it. I also reminded him who the head roaster in this family and its not him, it was me. You're just a figure head that's all to keep up appearances so remember your place. After shooting my seed down dad's throat dad left me I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

    Standing at the sink I was shaving my balls and crotch and any hair that I could see. Then there was a knock at the door, it was uncle wanting to get into the bathroom. I told him I will be out soon.

    I forgot to lock the door and he came in and locked the door behind him and told me don't stop because of me uncle said. Son can you do me a favor before you leave to go home, he grabs his crotch.

    Sure uncle you want a quickie I reach and undo his pants and let them fall to the floor. And I keel in front of him and any moment some one would find me sucking his dick.

    Without thinking I inhaled his cock. As I began to bob up and down on his shaft he immediately started to moan. That it boy you do know what we like. Hearing all of this just made me suck harder. He had a smile on his face. Then he grabbed my head and started to fuck his dick to my mouth. That mouth fucking so hot son, I grunted as he continued his assault on my face. It seemed like an eternity yet I never wanted it to end. His Breathing became heavy and I could feel his balls rising against my chin. He started to moan softly as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could as his cum poured out of my mouth. I used my tongue to look for ever last drop. Then he pulled out. He slapped his dick hard across my face back and forth. Son that was so hot I fucked your aunt last night thing of you and your dad bonding with each other can't wait to have you here for a while this summer if you like. I quickly jumped into to the shower and uncle wiped off his dick and left the bathroom.

    I quickly showered and got dressed; I put on my gray shorts and t-shirt to match. I came running down to the kitchen table to find a plate of eggs and bacon. I sat next to dad and Uncle Ben as they had finished there meal and both rubbed my back.

    Uncle asked how I like my visit to the farm. I told him It was cool with the pond and the horses and all. Loved the fresh air and the quietness. I eat my bacon and eggs and listening to the radio playing in the back ground.

    Ma told me to finish up and pack your stuff we leave in half hour and to be ready you don't want to keep uncle from work and we need to get back on the road to make it home tonight jeff. I eat my breakfast and told uncle I had fun here and hope we can come back this summer.

    Uncle and aunt both said at the same time sure like to have you stay for a couple of weeks with us jeff If you like.

    I love to say with you all for a couple of week this summer. I said with a big grin on my face. I finished my breakfast and headed up stairs to pack my stuff and get ready for the twelve hour drive home. I went to my room and packed what I had left out. I gathered up the sheets and put them in a pile and looked around to see if I had missed anything. Uncle Ben knocked at the door and pushed it open.

    He said he enjoys our time together and hope I would come back this summer or some time. He the shut the door and gave me a deep tongue kiss. And told me to come back soon. And you're always welcomed here any time and all this time his rubbing my shoulders then gave a hug and a peck on the head.

    Then I headed down stairs to the truck dad took my bag and I carried my book bag and aunt sally gave us all a hug and a kiss and uncle gave a firm hand shake and told me to come back soon. Aunt Sally handed a bag of sandwiches for the road and told us to have a safe trip. I got in the back of the cab and started to read my school history book. I looked up as dad started the truck and say Uncle Ben whip his face as if he was crying. We headed out to the highway and I went to look for a pen and paper to write some notes from my book when I found a nudist magazine with a note attached to it. It read, HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AS MUCH I ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH YOU, YOUR UNCLE Ben . It had a lot of father and son pictures out on a pond swimming and fishing. I looked at dad and he looked at thru the rear view mirror and smiled. So I looked at for a minute then put it back in to my bag. Ma was reading the newspaper; dad had open his shirt and I decided to remove my shirt since it was a hot day and lean back to show off my smooth body. I love to see if I can get a reaction to the truckers with mom reading the paper I took the cooler and used it to stretch out on too to lay down a bit; I used my book bag for a pillow and fell to sleep. There lying out with no shirt on and my hand on my crotch which mom and dad could not see me. When I woke up I just laid there for a while soaking up the warm sun. I would let the truckers to see me while I played with my chest. I waited for a guy driving that looked hot and then rubbed my chest and if I thought he would be interested I would grab my cock and rub it. I had to watch mom and I knew dad was getting a good show too. We stop for gas and food around noon at a truck stop, dad loved truck stops and so we stopped at the flying J , dad pumped the gas I got out and stretched and put my shirt in my waist band of my shorts and started washing the windows , ma she thru out all the trash we had. There was a cute looking guy pumping his camper next to us. The guy was in his early 30's looked like he was in the military or something or a body builder, he wore tight black spandex out fit, it looked like he had at least boner showing. I just smiled at him and continued to clean the truck windows and I caught dad checking the guy up and down more then once. Ma had gone inside the building, dad turned to the guy and said hello to the guy and the guy winked at dad and me. I could see the guy checking dad out then I came around and I just stared at his dick that was pushing the material to show a little precum from his dick. The guys stalled for time at the pump and dad turned to the guy and grabbed his dick and winked. Dads told the guy you got a nice camper there does it have a lot room to move around. The guy said yes, would you like me to show you if you got a couple of minutes , dad looked at me , you and ma get a seat so we can eat, I be with you both as soon I check out this camper boy. I started to protest and he winked at me, I knew he and this guy are going to get a quickie. The guy said we park over there and pointed to the next too the other camper parked. Dad and this guy went into the building to pay for the gas. I went to find mom just coming out of the washroom.

    Ma dad said to get us some seats to eat and he will be with us as soon as possible. So ma and I found our seats and looked at the menu. Mom ordered coffee for her and dad and I had some ice tea. Mom started to wonder where dad could be. About that time he came in and told ma he was talking to a guy about campers and offered to show me his, if we can swing it I like to get one for our traveling and fishing trips. I was seated between dad and ma dad kept rubbing my foot during the meal. After the meal dad said better use the restroom. With that dad and I went to the men's room and both use urinals that were next to each other and this tall guy was pissing up a blue streak and when I looked over he was looking at my dick which was getting hard and so was his. Then dad said son we need to get going so put it back in and get your ass out to the truck. I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack when dad barked at me. I said yes daddy I get my ass out to the truck.

    Dad just smiled and told the guy, you got to watch him he sucks any cock that put in front of him. I heard dad say that to stranger as I headed out of the restroom. I saw ma she was standing next to the truck in the parking lot. We all waited at the truck for dad to open it.

    Mom complains dad take too long to do things when ever they go some where. I told mom he was right behind me and should be out any second. Dad came out with a bag in his hand and walked to the truck. He apologized to us both said he got some sodas for the road and some chips incase we get the munchies.

    We got in and I got situated in the back and dad handed me a magazine. It was a fitness magazine. I start to look thru it and we drove off after a while if fell to sleep.

    I was woken up by dad asking if I need to use the restroom. I found we had just stopped at a rest stop some were in Kentucky. I thought I better at least try to piss don't want to have to hold it any way I like checking out other guys out. I went inside to take leak. There were three urinals and I took the center one. Dad took the one on my right. I took my time as well as dad. This young man walked up wearing jeans, pulled his dick out and pissed. When the guy was done he just held his dick there and did nothing. Then his dick got hard and jacked off in the urinal and shoot gobs of cum then turns to me and smiles. He acts like nothing happened, put his dick back in but leave his zipper down and walks out. I turn to dad and we both shrugged our shoulders and zip up and head out. We stopped at the vending machines and get some more soda and chips. The same guy we saw minutes ago is hanging around. The guy must be cursing the rest stop; dad and I watched him for a while till ma got out of the women restroom. The guy got some soda and slowly walks out too a bench under some trees and watched everyone around him. We headed back to the truck and saw he was laying on top of one of the picnic tables by this time. Dad just winked at me and mom looked at both of us and wonders what was going on.

    What are you two up to, if I new you both up to no good mom stated. Dad and I looked at each other and both said at the same time. Who us just enjoying the view that's all. We got into the truck and head down the highway to home. As we drove done the highway back home I was getting hot again so I took off my shirt and stretched out for a while then fell to sleep. When I woke up this time it was getting dark. Dad pulled off the highway into a flying j truck stop Dad said we be home in two hours or so. We'll stop at the next gas station and get gas. You can make a pit stop and stretch and use the restroom; we won't be stopping on the way. So take a piss or shit.

    Dad I'm going to take a piss then check out some to the semi trucks.

    You be careful and don't be goon too long dad told me with a stern voice. I try not too dad then I started too stretched my legs and walk a bit before heading too the washroom. I walked around the gift shop before heading to the washroom. I saw this hot guy in jeans and t-shirt and a blue hanky in his right back pocket. The guy brushed up against me two times, each time he smiled and said excuse me son. Then he went into the restroom marked for truckers. Even thou I'm not supposed to go in that one I followed him in. he was standing at the urinal in the middle of a row of six. A couple of guys were pissing and stroking there dicks, I walked up to one near the guy with the blue hanky and watched him closely. I pulled my dick out and started to piss. The guy to my right was just stroking his big meat and a guy walked up to on my left sides and took the urinal next to me and started to piss with his left hand and reach for my ass and started to rub it.

    Nice ass said the trucker, I see you like cock want to go into the stall and take care of this for me, what do you say boy. How about a quick one I looked at him and smiled. I didn't even put my dick back in. I couldn't It was rock hard and I need to shoot it before I could stick it back in any way. We went into the handicapped stall and I dropped my shorts and sat on the toilet the truckers which smelled musky. He shut the door and locked it and dropped his pants and walked up to my face. To one side I could see a glory hole with a guy looking thru it. I started to put my mouth around the big shaft and he grabbed my head. You think you can handle this dick boy? He pumped that massive tool in my mouth I could feel his dick head push its way deeper down my mouth. Yea boy take my dick, take it, all you're a good cock sucker. He reaches for the dick that is pushed thru the hole in the wall. The trucker reaches and jacks off the guy dick while I suck his dick. He moans some and his body started to tense up and I sense he was getting close to shooting. I made short strokes just near the tip or head of his cock while moving further down a little bit at a time continue to make short strokes, creating more and many different sensations for him and me I went down as far as I could with my lips, I stir up some pre-cum, then I slowly work your way to the tip to receiving the delicious taste of his sweet precum cum. Then I went for his balls, I work one into my mouth than both of them. I then work my tongue all around them and even work with my lips holding them tightly to not let them slip out pull or tug gently on them. He began to moan and groan He became very vocal when I made a v shape with my tongue just under the head His massive thighs were tensed and his balls had tightened up. Suddenly without notice streams of cum were shooting. With each thrust he shoots load and loads down my throat, my eyes got bigger as he shot his hot creamy seed in me. With my lips around his dick, I felt like drank gallons of his cum running down my throat.

    Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and zipped up. Thanks kid I need that.

    He left me there with my dick dripping precum. I quickly pulled my shorts up and got back to the truck dad was still had the hood up and checking oil. Dad asked where in the hell you been your mother going nuts looking for you, all we could think you been kidnapped.

    Sorry dad I lost track of time, just waking around the trucks and thought I work out the kinks in my legs. I got into the truck and ma came back to tell dad she didn't see me. Dad told ma I was in the back of the truck and he was ready to go. Ma asked me where I been.

    I told her I was looking over a cool truck and forgot about the time.

    I apologized too her and she kissed me on the head.

    Next time be more careful and keep track of the time she said.

    Yes ma I will then went to look at the muscle magazine dad bought me earlier. I could see the guy's big baskets and the muscles on them. Dam makes me hard just looking at them. Lucky mom can't see with a hard on. Dad going to take care of this dick when we get home one way or another.

    It was dark out and mom fell asleep up front, I pulled my shirt up then I reached to my zipper and I open my fly and got a rag off the floor and placed it on my leg. I started to jack off, I couldn't wait any longer and I shoot my load with only four strokes. It shot a load all over my chest and scooped it up and licks what I could and then used the rag too get the rest. I laid there for a bit and decided I better cover up before mom saw me, I didn't care if dad had saw me.

    We arrived home around nine that night; we were all bushed for the long drive. When we got home mom went in and dad and I unloaded the truck.

    Dad told me he saw me jack off in back of the truck and be glad your mom was asleep boy.

    Cool it dad, I knew mom was asleep and I couldn't wait for you to suck It off there and then. I want you in my room and on my dick at midnight and don't be late bitch. I left dad at the truck. I took in the cooler out of the truck and pull out the soda and dumped the ice in the back yard. When I went to get my suitcases and back pack dad was finishing with arranging his stuff and he found my cum rag I used and dad was licking and sniffing it. You're defiantly my bitch dad make sure your in my room bitch and I slapped him on his ass and he jumped a bit. I took my stuff to my room and strip naked and put my stuff away and started to read my home work once more. School is out soon and I wanted to bring up my grades and go bake to uncle bens place for a couple of weeks. This time I take the bus to visit him and Aunt Sally. I got tired and put on a robe and took a shower around 10:30 pm. I could hear mom in her room getting ready for bed and she's talking to dad about something but I couldn't hear them clearly.

    I was drying off then head back to my room to do some more reading before school in the morning. I was about to go to bed when my door open it was my dad he was early. He quickly scouted into my room in his pajama bottoms. I could see he just finished his shower. I got on my bed with my legs spread and told dad to lock the door and strip now bitch. Dad locks the door and stripped off his pajamas and waited for me to tell him what to do. I told him to service my cock and drink my cum. Dad went to the end of my bed and crawled up to me and started to suck on my cock, first on ball then the other and then rolled them in his mouth. I was getting turn on by this. Dad is very good with his mouth. Then he worked his way up my shaft and made a v shape with his tongue. I was leaking precum. I force his smooth bald head down on to my dick I wanted my cock down his hot throat. With each thrust my balls hit his chin. I told my dad I loved his hot mouth over my dick and told how I love him as my cock sucker and bitch. Dad started to take his mouth off my dick and I forced it back down. I didn't tell you to say anything bitches. With that I shot my load in him mouth. Now take it all or you not fuck my ass tonight bitch. Dad swallow all my cum and lick the shaft clean and looked up and me and waited to see if I was happy with his job on my dick. I reach over to my night stand and pulled out a tube of KY. I rolled over and told dad to fuck me good then you can go for the night. Dad took the tube of KY and started to rim my ass and lick my man hole. He used his hand to spread my ass cheeks apart

    Dads finger pushing and spreading me then the KY on two fingers and he was saying He need my hole ready bad. Then He was ready to do it to me. He greased up his dick of his and he was rubbing it against my bare hole. Up and down the whole crack of my ass. Brushing against the hole and with each pass of his helmet he would push it in some the out and then pass again more in then pass again more then.

    he told me He had His whole cock head inside my hole his dick head inside me. I told Him to keep going fuck His cock shaft into me. Dad pushed. He was good at fucking a man. The head of His cock fucked more into me then that steel hard cock shaft of his bare pushing my pussy wide open and fucking into me. Now He was all in and he began to really fuck me. Hard fast hard slow deep in pulling out nearly all the way. I loved Dad's cock fucking me and I loved that getting fucked was even better then the first time with him and Dave. Dad's cock pounded into me again and again sending thrills throughout my whole body with every thrust of His powerful hard meat.

    Dad started to moan. That right Son I do what you tell me to do, it's all about needs and we are man. his Breath became heavy and I could feel his balls rising against my ass. He started to scream as his cum filled my ass. I bear down on his cock I could as his cum poured into my ass. He kissed me on my neck and told me he loved me. then got up and wiped his dick off on a towel on the floor then left. I just laid there in my stomach for a while. I got up and locked the door and went to sleep with my ass full of my dads' man seed.

    Tuesday may 28 When the alarm went off I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom across the hall to shower and get ready for school. I went to my room to get my books together and put on some tight jeans and a blue snap down shirt locked my door and headed to the kitchen for a quick bit.

    As I sat down to eat my cereal mom came in an informed me she won't be home till after 11 she had gotten a job at he local hospital working second shift. I work from 3pm to 11 pm and you guys will have to fend for your selves for the next couple of months.

    Sure mom I think between me and dad we can deal with it.

    Mom said you will have too, you both have to do the laundry and some of the house work.

    Sure mom, no problem. With that I was done with breakfast and put my dishes in the sink and caught my ride for school.

    Everyone was surprised it see me with my head shaved, got a lot comments how cool it looked. Lot of the guys at school wanted one but there folks would freak out. My PE coach love the idea of my head shaved.

    When I got home I put my stuff in my room and strip off my clothes since I knew mom wont be home till eleven tonight. I did a load of laundry and vacuumed the house. I love the idea of walking around naked, the freedom from clothes. I went into the bathroom and started to shave my head, loved it shaved and shaved the rest of my body and made sure my balls stayed smoothed.

    I then sat down naked started on my home work, finals were not too far off and I wanted to get a B+ this year. It was nice to feel the sun on me while I studied. I didn't hear dad pull up in his truck. The first time I noticed him is when he walked into my room naked

    Dad got down on his knees and put his wet lips over the head of my dick. I grabbed dad's bald head and guided him down more on my dick. Dad sucked and tickled with his tongue up and down my shaft. He even licked into my pee hole. I got up and bucked my hips from the intense pleasure. I needed to come, but he wanted me to hold on so he could make this experience last as long as possible. That didn't last long. Dad suddenly, swallowed my entire dick causing it to go down his throat. I couldn't hold on any longer.

    With a loud moan from me, I feel my cum start to make its way up from my balls too dad hot mouth, I shoot long spurt of white cum into dads hot warm mouth. Since there was so much of it, some of it dribbled out of dad's mouth and down to his chest. I scooped up the cum off his chest and feed it to him. He licked and sucked my fingers and swallowed all of my man seed in his mouth. Oh . You taste good, son." said dad as he moved up to the bed to kiss me. He liked the taste of his own sons cum. Now, I wanted to give him the same pleasure as he had given me, so we got on to the bed and had him get on his back. I started by massaging his balls and sucking him off like before. Dad squirmed and moaned, but I kept at it. Dad was getting to the point where he was about to shoot Hold on son I want to fuck your ass pleases son I need your ass. I said sure dad this time. Dad got up got the KY and I got on all fours with my ass sticking up in the air.

    Son you have such a hot ass and so inviting. With that He put some KY on his fingers, then pushed his finger all the way into my ass and started to fuck me. I gave a short cry of pleasure and continued moaning. Next dad took his large cock into my warm ass and started fucking. He rubbed smoothed stomach with his free hand. Dad started to buck his hips like he had never before, I was swept away when dad started to kiss my neck and bit at my shoulders and playing with my nipples. That made dad turned on more and moan all the more. I didn't care I just wanted him to continue fucking hard and deeper with his cock. Dad warned him that he was going to come. I didn't want to come so soon I wanted more of his hot manhood in all and was glad that continued to fuck me with great force until his father couldn't hold back any longer. Dad let out a loud scream and pumped spurt after spurt of the thickest, white cum into ass. I took all I could and I could feel some of his man seed leaking out of me. when dad pulled his dick out I felt empty. Dad scooted down on the bed and spread my ass cheeks and began to lick his cum that was leaking out of my ass. When he was done I rolled over and he came up to me and gave a deep passionate kiss and the started to chew and lick my nipples. Then I lifted my arms up over my head. dad took that as his next place to clean then licked my arm pits one at a time. Then came back to my open mouth were he stuck his tongue in to me and I could tastes my self and him at the same time. We were glad that this had been part of our bonding with each other. We got off the bed, showered together, and got dressed while feeling and massaging each other then got something to eat. We had taken out; when we got back home I striped and went back to reading and doing what homework. Dad went and called Dave to see what he had been up too and I decided to go to sleep and get an early start for school. So I went to bed I closed my door laid on top of the covers.

    Wednesday may 29 Woke up around five am, I heard dad get up and go into the bathroom. I poked my head out and walk down the hall. I looked into moms and dads room and saw mom still asleep. I opened the door to the bathroom to find dad on the toilet. I walked up to dad with my dick in hand and told him to open up and take it bitch. I whispered in his ear, `hello bitch. My heart was pounding and my cock was swelling. Without thinking dad inhaled my cock. As he began to bobbing up and down on my shaft he immediately started to moan.

    Sluts like you belong on your knees in front of me. with that he fell to his knees in front of me. Hearing all of this just made him suck harder. His head flew back with a smile on his face. Then I grabbed his bald head and started to fuck my dick to his mouth.

    That fucking mouth belongs to me bitch, me. It's nothing more than a pussy for me to use. You hear me you little cunt bitch.

    He grunted as he continued his assault on my dick. It seemed like a eternity yet I never wanted it to end but I didn't want mom to find us like this at least not now. My breathing became heavy and I could feel my balls rising against his chin.

    He started to moan as my cum filled his mouth.

    Swallow it bitch all of it and don't lose a drop. If you know what good for you

    He swallowed as fast as he could as his cum poured out of my mouth.

    Get it nice and clean bitch I told him I reach down and twisted his right nipple All he could do is moan from his pleasure he was getting from his son.

    He used his tongue to look for ever last drop. Then I pulled out. I slapped my dick hard across my face back and forth. Cocksucker, fagot, slap bitch slap whore slap fucking cunt slap.

    I was in total heaven as he kept dick whipping my face and verbally berating me. Pick me up after school and don't be late or you get more of this when you get home. Surprised I'm still hard bitch. Well I got more in store for you later. Now get ready for work bitch. I wiped my dick on his face and left the bathroom. Went to my room, I left the door ajar to see what was happening while I got ready for school. Dad came out ten minutes later shaved and dressed for work.

    Mom didn't get up till dad was gone to work. I asked mom if things were ok.

    Ma said everything's fine. And went back into her room and shut the door.

    I looked my door and headed down stairs and grabbed some toast then head for school.

    When I got done with school I saw my Dave's car and I went up too it and asked Dave where my dad?

    Dave said hi Jeff, get in. your dad sent me to pick you up. He called me and told me his boss wouldn't let him off early to pick you up. And your dad hopes you understand. As I get in the passenger door I see Dave had his legs spread apart. And his dick was showing thru his pants. And his shirt was open and out of his pants. Dave took me straight home and I invited him in.

    Where your mom at Jeff, Dave asked nervously as he looked around.

    A mom is working at the hospital these days second shift and won't be home around 11pm.

    Dave came in I told him to make him self comfortable and went to my room and striped naked and came out too the living room. Dave sat on the couch with his shirt and pants wide open and his legs spread apart.

    I knelt in front of the couch naked I lean into him. I took off his shirt and started to undo his pants. Then took off his shoes, he stood up and I pulled his pants down. I grabbed his dick and lick it with my tongue. I tasted the salty, dripping tip, enjoying the flavor. Dave arched and moaned. I took him slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue, trying to wring pleasure from him. I let the flare of his head snag on my lips, tugging gently, forcing further moans out of Dave. I sucked hard and added as much suction as I could before diving for the base, lodging him in my throat. I felt him buck his hips, grinding the head into my soft palette. I liked the slight tickle of his generous, silky pubic hair against my nose.

    I kept a brisk pace on him, moving him in and out of my throat expertly. My tongue complimented my mouth and I had him in warm, wet ecstasy. He reached out and ran his fingers through my hair. The gesture was tender and warm. It made me feel uncomfortable. This was just sex; it wasn't supposed to be romantic. So to keep him off-kilter, I sped up on him. I felt him thicken, his testicles raised and his breath picked up pace. So I stop completely And told him to follow me, Dave followed me like a lost puppy. I got into my room before he did and turned the tape recorder on and got on all fours on the bed. Dave walked slowly behind me and saw I was on all fours. I wiggled my ass and told him come and get it. He didn't need to be told twice.

    Dave talks to me as you would my dad when you fuck his cunt.

    Your one hot bitch and your pussy nice and sweet and I are going enjoy having you as bitch as your dad my bitch as well. Dave puffing while talking to me.

    Mmm Dave, I love your cock in my pussy. I want more of that hot dick I can feel it in my pussy. Give me more of your thick, hard dick Dave. He was deep within my ass and I took him I took it as best I could. That's when Dave let out the most load Ahh!!!!!! Oh fucking shitt! Fuck! Goooooood man! Damn so good. Ahh...

    I new he couldn't last much longer and end was near. His pace was so fast I thought I was being fuck by a rabbit. I felt him release his load His first spurt was so much force I thought he was going to shoot a hole in me.

    I caught up in it all. Ahh!!!!!! Oh fucking shitt! Fuck! Goooooood bitch! Damn you're better than your old man boy. With each pace Dave dick drives deeper and deeper into my ass and tons of cum fill me. Dave shot so much it started to leak out my ass with each stroke of his still hard cock.

    Dave was so exhausted he fell on to the bed, we both so sweaty and breathing hard. I turn over and my dick was standing straight up like a flag pole.

    We laid there for about five minutes or so till we caught our breathe, by then my dick had settled down and was now semi hard, with only some precum leaking from it. Dave kept an eye on my dick the whole time. Dave reaches over and started to play with my nipples and started to nibble on my neck and ears.

    He went straight to my cock and took it in his big, hot mouth, teasing me with his teeth, and sending shots of pleasure throughout my whole naked body. He took me in so deep, I felt like my entire body was experiencing the warm tonguing motions he was supplying to my fat cock. I could feel the tightness, and the perfect ness of the whole movement. In and out, and in again. I told Dave to take it easy I didn't shoot too quickly. Just looking up at this man's huge, smooth arms, and shoulders made my cock want to shoot. Then, oh^.ooh, that sexy manly chest and simply erotic tan. I was lost in such a trance that I erupted twice without knowing it, and was still hard for more. I pulled out of his mouth and saw his lips with my cum all over them. He came up and gave me an even more intense kiss than before.

    Oh man, you are so sexy; oh my fuck you are so good, you big hunk of meat. Ohm! you sexual take me, have me, now damn it you fucking old bastard. Oh the whole time we were moving up and down, and sliding over each other's bodies.

    I told him to get on his stomach and I give you a back rub. Dave naturally rolled over and I started to give him a back rub. I got up too get some oil out of my closet. And got some and had Dave spread eagle. When he was relaxed and drifted off to sleep a bit it tied him down. Dave usually gets relaxed and lets his guard down after having sex. By the time he realized what I had done he started to protest.

    Shut up bitch, you used me now it time for pay back. Dave started to complain I just put one of my socks in his mouth and continued to pay him back.

    I got the KY tube and the big dildo dad had bought me. Dave saw it and started to scream but it was muffled in protest but I just went on like I never heard him. I lubed the dildo up a bit, but not too much I wanted him to feel how it was to be forced to have a dick up an ass. I took the dildo and plunged it into his beautiful butt. Dave muffled screams turn into muffled pleasure moans. The more humped his ass with the dildo the more shrieked of pleasure ^ I could clearly see he needed to get off again, so I reached beneath him and pulled on his dick and balls. I left him tied up and went to my desk and opened my homework and started to read the last chapter in the book. I read about three pages and put the book down. in Dave ass was the dildo deep in his ass. I told Dave If he doesn't try anything I make him more comfortable, he nodded his head. I first untied the rope to the bed then retied his legs together. I sat on his back and told him no funny business. Got it, Dave just nodded. I untied his right wrist from the bed, put it on his back and sat on it. the lean up and untied the left wrist. I scooted down to tie his wrist behind him and rolled him to his side. Better Dave.

    Dave just nodded.

    Good I said and I played with his ass some mores I could see Dave sprang a new hard on. If you behave I take out the sock, Dave just nodded. I took out the sock and he thanked me. I let my hands move up and down his chest and face.

    How long are you going to keep me here, please untie me please? Dave begged.

    Your going to stay this way till my dad gets home from work, not until then.

    I turned him over and. I went in deep, and lay down over his back and on my chest. The whole thing was so satisfying; I jacked him off while I rubbed my dick against my chest. He was in such a high of horniness that it didn't take long for him to explode. Shots of fluid got caught on my neck and his chest, to which I delighted. I came up and ate his own cum off chest which made me splatter my cum all over chest and I had never experienced anything more exhilarating. Such a good looking hunk of a man.

    About this time dad got home from work. I could hear him say HELLO WHERES EVERYONE.

    Dads were here in my room. When dad came in and saw his fireman buddy Dave tied up on my bed naked and a dildo hanging out of his ass.

    Dad said what the hell happen here?

    I told dads were just having fun right Dave?

    Dave said, yes were just having some fun.

    Mmm dad, I love your cock. I want more of it. Give me your thick, hard cock dad. Dad strip right there and then dropping his clothes on the floor and comes to me next to the bed. As soon as dad pants hit the floor his dick was rock hard and he was stroking his dick and had a big smile on him.

    He was deep within my mouth and I took him into my throat. That's when he let out Ahh Oh fucking shitt son Fuck! God son Damn that was good. Ahh... I need that hot mouth of yours on my dick. I could tell he was about to shoot a load with out me working it over. Then he shot his man seed in my mouth. His creamy cum was all sticky in my mouth and I swallowed hard and fast. It was so good, and I couldn't wait for my turn. Just as all these sexual, passionate thoughts raced through my mind, my dad pulled himself up to my face and we were kissing again. Oh^ fuck me son Please! Fuck my nasty hardcore ass! Shimmy up inside me, PLEASE!"

    Hey you, sexy boy, fuck me." That's all it took, dad called his sexy boy. I took complete control over the situation and dominated him with his hot, naked body. We wrestled too the floor .we rolled around a bit then told dad to get on all fours. Sliding my boner up into him slowly, Dad said^fucks me fuck me hard and deep son I need it badly.

    I'm going to fuck you good dad, my sexy dad.

    Fuck me now with every inch of muscle you got son fuck me. Oh shit, you feel^oh dam good^oh fuck, oh fuck me son Fuck! FUCK! FUCK, Oh my god dad Oh^I put my dick inside him;

    Dad said it make him feel so hot to have his son hard boner up his ass. GO damn it, fuck me .And I exploded so hard, it felt like a bomb had shattered throughout my whole body, as if I could feel his cum leaking out of his ass.

    I didn't know it, but as soon as I finished fucking him, he tuned around to suck my cock. Dad enjoyed liking my cum my dick, then leaned up and me hard and deep tongue. We lay back on the floor and after a while he reached over to stroke my cock. All this time Dave was watching us from the bed. Dad got up and untied Dave and got into a sixty-nine position and sucked each others cock. Me I sat in my chair and watched them. I went over to Dave's ass and pulled the dildo out of his ass and Dave looked me with a smile,

    Dave just said thanks and went back to sucking dads cock. Dad and Dave shot a load in each other mouth. Dad and Dave went into the bathroom to take a shower. I took my new tape recording and put it a safe place, I locked my room and waited my turn to get clean up. Dad and Dave were drying each other off and I jumped into the shower and made sure I was clean.

    When I got out dad said let go out to grab a bite and go to a movie. So we ended at a local cafe and saw god father two. I sat next to dad and Dave kept putting his hands on dad's leg during the movie. After the movie we parted at the theater dad and I went to get an ice cream cone before heading home. When I got home I went to my room and fell asleep. I woke up when mom came home and heard them arguing again. I still couldn't make it out but I knew it was not like them to fight. They were slamming doors and yelling about money and dad spending so much time out. Mom grabs some stuff and left the house. I went to dad to see what was up.

    Son were having some problems and it's not because of you, so don't think it's your fault son. Its money and some of the bills we gotten behind in and. We will work it out son you'll see. Now go back to bed and sleep and talk to you in the morning. I start to leave and see dad go for the phone. So I shut the door only enough so I can see what he's doing. I heard him call his brother Ben in Tennessee. Dad had his back to the door while he started to talk to his brother. Then dad realized I was at the door still and put the phone down. He opens the door to see I was not there. Dad locked his door; I just made it to my room before he opens his door. I lay on my bed naked and hope dad would come and sleep with me.

    Thursday may 30 I was woken up by some one sucking on my dick, I looked out side and it was still dark out side. I saw dad was naked sucking my balls. Oh what a great way to wake up having some one sucking your dick or balls.

    I felt his mouth go around my smooth balls between my legs. Dad gently sucked on them, one at a time, and then he turned his attention to licking my big ball sac all over. I continued to guide him on. "That's good, bitch, I said that's so hot bitch I likes that. Keep sucking my balls. You know how to make me feel so good. Dad crouched down a bit more to get his tongue on the back of my balls. I spread my legs further as he explored the firm, smooth ridge running from my sac towards my butt. Dad lapped at my crotch with increasing enthusiasm. His efforts were met with increasing moans from me. I lifted my right leg and put my foot over the edge of the bed. With my legs spread wide, dad had lots of room to get right in between my legs and explore my underside with his tongue. "Oh, fuck, dad. That feels so good. Mmm, mmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Feels so good, dad, you like that Dad? I asked.

    I love that, son, he moaned. You are making me feel so hot. As he inched along the ridge, slowly moving further and further away from my low-hanging balls. The sounds coming from Dad became louder and louder. I knew this had destination, and I made up my mind to a pieces of dads ass I told dad to get his ass up here and sit on this pole and do it quick. As soon as dad got in position I

    I reached round and pull his firm smooth ass-cheeks apart for hi. This was the entire signal he needed, so I quickly slip up until I was staring at his puckering hole. It looked so ho to me, it was like a second mouth, pink and silky smooth between two white, hairy mounds of flesh

    Dad's moans became louder than ever. I push up and down. Oh, son I love to have your dick up in my ass. Now get your dick in there real deep. I slid it in as far as I could. His ass hole felt so good, as I fucked dad's ass deeper and deeper, exploring of his ass, Daddy moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Oh, fuck, boy! You know how to eat Daddy's ass well, he said. Oh yeah. Oh. Mmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. God, that feels good. Fuck Daddy's asshole, son. Yeah. Make me feel real good. I kept it up for as long as I could, backing off every once in a while to catch my breath,

    Oh, son, you treat Daddy real well.

    I just want to make Daddy feel good, I said.

    Oh, you do, son. I'm very proud of you. You're so good to me son. I want to suck your cock, Dad, I said, barely more than a whisper.

    I too want you to suck my cock, son. Make me feel really good to be able to share this with you son.

    Dad looked at my clock on the desk and saw it was getting late and he still need to shower for work. Son we got to talk when I get home so be here when I get home, do you want chicken or pizza.

    Dad lets have pizza easy to eat and clean up.

    Good I pick up pizza on the way home from work. Dad gave me a kiss and walked me into the bathroom. I laid oh my bed and laid there stroking my dick and balls tying to get my dick hard and have dad suck it one more time before he left for work. But I fell back too sleep luckily my alarm clock went off. A note was on the kitchen table with a twenty.

    NOTE READ: SON HERE IS SOME MONEY FOR LUNCH AND SUCH LOVE DAD. I pick up the money and stuck in my pants and headed out to school. I couldn't keep my mind on school today. Even in gym class I just wasn't paying attention to what was going on with me. I kept looking at the clock. Finally it was time to go home. I got home and looked for something to eat. Went to my room and strip off my clothes and pulled out the dildo dad had bought for me and lubed it up I got up on all fours and worked it in to my hole. I pushed it in slowly till I got it past my outer ring once it was in I slowly fuck my self in and out till I got it all the way in. oh Yes's I love it in my hole Ahh yes , oh mmm yes feels so good to have something in my hole. Mm yes, I continued to fuck my ass myself. I was interrupted by the phone ringing in the living room. So I just got up with the dildo still in me and I went to answer the phone.

    It was mom; hi honey how you are doing.

    Fine mom you coming home tonight ma.

    No Jeff said ma, I have to work a twelve hour shift to night and I wont be home to night. I wanted to let you know I love you and. All of a sudden mom said she had to go and hung up the phone. She must have to take care of a patient.

    I sat down on the couch and watched some TV. Got bored with that and decided to look at the nudist magazine I got from my uncle Ben. I still had the dildo in my ass and my dick got hard looking at the naked guys. Just then dad walked in from work and saw me and striped his clothes off.

    Hi son I see you started with out me how was your day. By now dad was totally naked and his face in my crotch.

    He pushed me on my back on the couch; my legs spread and put over my dad's shoulders.

    My Dad finds a dildo in my ass and said what we have here as he plays with it by pushing it and out a couple of times. I'm glad you're using it on your self instead of others like me or Dave. Dad pulled out my dildo out of my, pop I heard and felt empty with I out. Dad had replaced it with his big cockhead run against my wet but still well lubed opening. His strong hands roamed over my smooth body, paying particular attention to my nipples. My dad, the man who had made me, loomed over me and pressed his hips forward, pushing half his dick head inside me. I groaned and moan in anticipation and suddenly he stopped. Dad just looked into my eyes.

    Son you're my reason for coming home and living.


    Dad heavy balls slapping my ass, oh I love you Dad, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT OH YEAH that it dad give your cock. His mouth now on my neck, shoulders, biting and sucking, leaves marks on my neck. He forced his cock into my willing hole.

    Now get up and bend over the arm the couch son so I can get better access to you hot ass son.

    I more than happily complied and bent over the arm the sofa. As soon as I got bent over the arm of the couch, with my ass up in the air for my dads easy access.

    I could see my dads' seven inch meat waiting for me to get ready for it. I knew I didn't have to wait long, dad was standing behind me with his hands on my hips and his cock swiftly buried in me again. In this position, dad had easy access to everything I had to offer him.

    I couldn't be more pleased. I bucked back hard onto my dad's invader, forcing my ass to slam back hard onto his advancing battering ram. Sweat poured off of us both and lubed the channel of my ass.

    My dad grunted, "I love you son. I love your ass....oh my boy...OH YEAH," he slammed hard, his full cock in and out of my ass. My cock was grinding against the smooth material of our coach, and when coupled with the assault my dad was bringing my ass, was quickly raising me to unbridled levels of passion and ecstasy feelings. I was getting close, and so was my dad.

    As his hands roamed over my hips and back and chest, he thrust forward again and again, and with each thrust the coach lurched slightly forward. And the sound of his dick sucking my ass up, his balls beating my ass each time he fucked my ass. All at once, it was my time, and as my smooth balls drew up closer to me, I let out one final groan and then sent loads of sweet cum over the couch

    I bucked once of my ass sent my dad finally over the edge. His cock slammed home one last time before emptying load after load of daddy spunk inside me. The warmth of his cum filled me and we both moaned together, lost in the ecstasy of our love. His softening cock slid from my ass and his cum kept leaking from my hole. Exhausted, he fell to his knees, spread my ass cheeks and lightly licked and kissed at my oozing, open love channel and I smiled and squirmed as he gently cleaned my used ass. When dad was done he went got a couple of beers and handed me one and sat down next to me on the couch were I was catching my breathe.

    Dad mom called and she's not coming back home, what up dad with you and mom.

    Dad took a drink and looked at his can. Son your mom and I are having problems and it not to do to with you, we both love you and wanted to keep you out of this. It's not so easy to say son. Let's just say for now we need to work it out between us ok son. I wanted to talk to you about seeing if you go to your uncles for the summer so we can work this thing out with your mother and me. I not going to lie to you son, if we can't work this out we will be getting a divorce. Just remember we both love you and you have done nothing to do with the problems were having. Understand son we might live apart for a while so I just want to let you know son. With that dad gave me a kiss and a hug.

    Dad you sure it would not be better for me to stay here.

    No son I would like you to go visit you Uncle Ben this summer.

    But dad, I looked into dads eyes, I rather bee here with you.

    I know son but I think best for you to go to Uncle Ben's for the summer. I come and visit and if things work out, your mother be there too my son. Dad kisses me on the forehead. We'll take more about later this week. Our pizzas getting cold and get us some drinks son. We both got up and walk to the kitchen and I got the beer out of the refrigerator and dad got the plates for the pizza.

    Dad ma called just before you came home. She at work and working a double shift and was cut short due to some one needed here. So we filled our plates and went back to the couch watch some TV for a while .I only dreamed things could be this amazing, and it had actually come true. I felt so relaxed, so peaceful, at this moment. I sat next to my dad watching TV naked. It was getting late and I need to do some reading and wanted to get up early. I told dad I was going to take a shower then head back to my room. I got up and kiss him on the lips. Dad reached up and grabbed my smooth ass and gave it a squeeze.

    Son I clean up the mess, you go a head son. With that I walk to the bathroom and left the door open since it was just dad and I here now. I took my shower hoping dad would jump in with me but he didn't. I got done with my shower and dried off and headed for my room. I could still hear the TV on in the living room. I crawled into bed and turn the light on. Dad stopped by my room and walked in with the dildo in his hand.

    Son you forgot this in the living room. I don't want your mother find this. Dad handed me the dildo and I put it in the nightstand. Then dad sat next to me son I hope you know I will miss you more then you will ever know. I hope you and your uncle can get to know each other. Son you made proud of you and glad we have more become closer and have same interests. Dad runs his hands over my head and shoulders then down my chest too right nipple. Dad squeezes it between his fingers. I moan so softly and I love it the way dads hand touched my smoothed body. I let my book fall to the bed and ran my hands over dad dick between his legs.

    I rolled over on to my stomach too revealed my puckering asshole. Dad started to rub between my ass cheeks and stuck his finger in to my ass. Then dad reached into my night stand and put some KY on his finger tip.

    Dad crawled between my legs and spread them to the max.

    Dad said to get your ass up in the air boy. I did as I was told and dad put a grabbed a pillow and stuck it under me.

    Son I love your dick and hole son. I moan and he ignored me as dad pushed his 6 inch rock hard dick pounded my ass, the more he fuck me the harder and harder he pound me and his hairless ball hit my ass. Plow with enough force to make my cock ram pillow while he fucked mine. It was bliss. Dad kept slammed and slammed and I felt my cock begin to cum. I spewed, what seemed like, 5 gallons of semen All over the pillow, but dad just kept going. Then, dad jerked violently. I smacked my ass hard and blew a large load into my asshole. He didn't stop for a literal 5 minutes. My ass had cum running out of it, when he pulled out. Dad lean down and spread my ass and stated to licked all of the cum until it didn't run out of my ass anymore. This was the first time anyone ever done that too me.

    The more he licks my ass the more I stuck my ass into his face and tell him to lick it clean and don't miss a spot. with each stroke of dad tongue sent shivers up my body. Dad's eager tongue makes it way up and down the crack of my ass and dad grip's my cheeks and pulls them apart and moans and moans.

    Son you got such a sweet ass, mmm I love this ass.

    I turn and looked to see dad with a big grin at me. I rolled to my back and saw I had cover with some fresh white cream that dad made me shot while he fuck his only son. The dad crawled up to my crotch and picked up the pillow case and lick it clean and then turn his attention to my cum cover crotch. He looked up to me and started to clean the rest of my cum. The dad crawled up next to me and took me into his arms and I fell to sleep naked that night. I even asked dad to stick his cock in me for the night. He did it felt so good in my ass.


    Friday may 31 I was wakening up it was just as the sun began to rise; dad was slowly pumping my ass. When he realized I was awake, he rolled me on my back and fucked me. He pumped harder and harder.

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I moan out load

    We fucked for about 20 minutes until we both came. We laid down holding each other. Dad said son I'm glad to find your gay son, that I have some one I can fuck besides your mother and Dave and a couple of buddies.

    Dad looked at his watch and said he needed to get ready for work then gave me a kiss hard and long and your mother might stop by and I don't want her find out about us. With that dad gave me a passionate kiss, and was headed for the shower to get ready for work.

    Me I reach for the dildo in my night stand, looked at it then bend over and pushed it all the way in and fuck my self. I realized at that moment I need a dick up my ass. The empty feeling I get after I just have been fucked. I need to fuck some one or be fuck. I must fill this empty void. I fuck my self for a while dad got ready for work and dad stopped in to see how I was doing and a saw me playing with the dildo in my ass and smiled at me.

    Dad came into my room dressed for work and kisses me on the head, and asked me if I need any money for lunch.

    I could use some money dad, how about a twenty that should hold me over for a bit.

    Here is thirty dollars son and you can pick up some dinner incase your mothers not back home. I fucked my ass for a bit and then decide I better get ready for schools don't want to be late with less than one week of school left.

    School was like always the same except only got a couple days left and finals. For the next week or so, I saw dad every night before I went to sleep.

    Tuesday June 8 School has been out for about a week or so. Dad came to me that night and told me Uncle Ben really could use your help and I would like you to. You be there for the summer while your aunt has her baby. I will miss you son as he looked into my eyes. Dad kiss's me on my lips.

    Okay dad I go to the farm and help Uncle Ben.

    Your have lots of fun there and you come home a new man. We come to visit when we can and spend time together. You be taking the bus to uncle bens. I can't get off work to take you there. Your bus leaves this Friday. So pack what you need to have for the summer son.

    Friday June 11: 8pm at the bus station

    Dad and I arrived at the bus station dad handed me some money and told me to put it away so I put it away in my wallet. Son I need your key to your room. I might have to sleep in your room till you mom and I can work on our problem. I handed dad the key to my room and luckily I had taken most of the tapes over to jimmies house the day before except for my diary which I work on every day. Dad told me to be careful of strangers and your uncle will meet you at the bus stop tonight when you pull in here is his number. With that we got out of the truck and walked to get my ticket and to then to the bus. The bus door open and people started to get on the bus. Dad hugged me and rubbed my back and told me he was going to miss me but we can talk on the phone and I try to make it up to see you as soon as I can.

    I took a seat in back of the bus the last row and sat next to the window dad waved once more as the bus started to pull away from the station. The bus was not that crowed. So I had the whole back row to my self. As soon as the bus shut off its inside lights I looked out the window as I watch the town I lived in all my life was passing away. This was the first time I left home and was alone. It was a mixed feeling of the unknown and a new adventure. I sat daydreaming and wonder what out there. A United States Marine Lance Corporal dressed in camouflage about 19 year old introduced him self as Andrew miller and told me he was on his way back to base. We made small talk.

    This man was seriously attractive. The total package exuded masculine strength and sexuality, but in a natural and laid back way without attitude. I was hard most of the way through lunch, thinking about the possibility of making it with him. He was around my height, 5 feet, 11 inches, muscular build but not over built with Blue eyes. He starts up a conversation with me and tells me his name is Andrew Johnson,

    I'm Jeff, glad to meet you Andrew. Andrew asked were I was going I told him to my uncle's farm outside of Knoxville Tennessee, were we he lives. Andrew kept looking me over as I was looking him over. Andrew asked me if I had any girlfriends.

    I told him I had no time to waste on girls never had anything to do with them.

    What do you do in your spare time the hot Marine asked?

    I hang out with my dad and his buddies and a friend from school. With that Andrew drops his hand on his crotch and slowly rubs his dick which was now pressing against is camouflage pants and saw he had undone a couple of buttons to his shirt as well.

    I look around to see if anyone was watching us. Everyone seem to fallen to sleep already my breathing started to pick up pace and I wetted my lips

    I unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled his camouflage pants open to expose his cock and balls. He helped me open his pant more, which it stick straight out. I placed my mouth over his cock. The smell was very masculine, and the wet spot tasted great, with its promise of much more to cum.

    He started unbuttoning his shirt while I worked on his manly meat. He then opened my belt and opened the studs of my jeans in one jerking motion. I let my cock and balls free. We were both getting really hot and aroused. I have always been turned on by pre-cum, and he was leaking more pre-cum than anyone I had ever been with. I couldn't wait to take his big, hard cock in my mouth. I started playing with his nipples and then on down the stomach. I went bent over to worship this hot man and his hard cock. I slipped my mouth over the bulge and chewed his cock through the fabric.

    What hit me in the face was one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen, or have seen since. It was about 7 inches long, and was so thick that my fingers didn't meet when I took it in my hand. It also had one of the largest heads I had ever seen, which was slick with the clear fluid leaking all over it. I started to lick the head and the taste of the pre-cum was really turning me on. I love to suck cock. I started some serious sucking, and he responded with low moans and thrusting his hips to slide his big cock further downs my throat. As soon as I had it good and slick, I took it all the way down my throat until my nose was in his pubic hair, and held it there. He started moving his hips to let me know that he wanted me to start sucking. I knew we could easily be caught but I kept quiet as possible. I happily started sucking with as much suction as I could manage, and he started getting louder in his moans and encouraging words. He was getting close and stopped moving, trying not to cum yet.

    His cock was continuing to leak He started giving me indication that he was about to go over the top. He I started whispering in my ear telling him how much he wanted to fill me up with his hot cum, and I responded with harder and faster thrusts on his dick. I grabbed his balls and dick and started pumping and he came almost immediately, shooting my mouth, in the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My ass contracting with my Cumming sent him over the top and he blasted the insides of my mouth, pushing as hard as he could against me and forcing my head against the seat. He came, and wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over us. When I came up for air we were looking into each other's eyes, and it felt as if we had just had an experiences that we both won't forget.

    I had some cum on my chin and he wiped it off and stuck it into my mouth. He looked around to see if anyone noticed what we had done but every one was till sleep. He reached over and grabbed my cock that was till hanging out of my shorts and was jacking me off at first then he bent over and took my cock in his mouth and uses his tongue on me

    He ducked down slightly to get his mouth around my hairless. I gently sucked on them, one at a time, and then he turned his attention to licking my big ball sac all over. I continued to guide him down on my dick.

    That's it man, take that hot cock in your wet warm mouth Andrew started to suck my balls and made his way up my shaft of my cock, he kept his eyes on me the whole time he was working me over like a pro, this dude done it before or is a natural cock sucker. I could feel my balls tighten up and I knew I was about to shoot a good load of my seed in his mouth. I told Andrew I was about to shoot but his kept his hot mouth on my dick. I just moan in a low voice, I grabbed dale head and made sure he would not lose a drop of my seen from his mouth. Each time his tongue touched my shaft it brought me to more of sexual high. Than all of a sudden I shot my load down his throat. Andrew took ever bit of my seed in his mouth. Andrew reached up and gave me a kiss. On his mouth was some left over cum and we both enjoy the cream together.

    We zip up and button up so no one be the wiser. And we pulled in to a stop the lights came on and the bus driver announced Columbus. And every one woke up and Andrew moves a bit.

    Andrew pulled an envelope and asked me for my address so he could write to me.

    I told him I would be at my uncle's place all summer and I didn't know his address. But I wrote my home address and told him to send me a letter their and as soon as I get your letter I will right back. We stayed on the bus to take on more people. Only one guy got on he was also wearing a Marine Corp camouflage uniform and sat across from us and both Andrew and him smile and shook hands as he sat down with a grin on is face. Andrew got up and sat next to the other marine and started to talk. I felt so used and felt empty. I thought I made a friend but I must be wrong. They talk for about for a long time and the other guy kept looking over to me and smiling. The bus passengers settled down again and drove into the early hours in night.

    Saturday June 12 9am

    The bus arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule at 9am, so I was cooling my heels on the bench outside the bus stop when Uncle Ben drove up in his pickup. He jumped out wearing just work clothes. He looked so good just like dad. He grinned wide as I got up and called out, hi, handsome, glad to see you again. He threw his arms around me for a big bear hug. I hugged him back; I could feel was his huge cock pressed against my leg and his smelled of old spice and his male musk and cum. When he saw me inhale, he laughed, "Sorry, Jeff I've been busy with work and didn't have time to shower .He released me and held me out at arms' length, saying, "Let me look at you, son. Turning me around by the shoulders and looking me up and down, he let out a long whistle.

    Nothing like a pair of black jeans to show off your hot body son, I bet you need to get out of those. By this time my boner was making impression against my pants but happiness at being with Uncle Ben again. He leaned over picked up my heavy bag as though it weighed nothing, saying, and only one duffle bag? Well, you won't need more than that we going to stay in town for a while I got some guys back at he shop I want you to meet and you can rest in back room for a while. Then we can go and get some thing to eat, boy I have someone I want you to meet, he's a good friend of mine...

    So we were off to the barber shop. When we arrived Uncle Ben took my bags and put them in the back room and shown me were the cot was at and the shower and a barbers chair and some clippers and shaving dispenser and a razor.

    Why not go take a quick shower and we go out for a bite. You must be tried and want to get some clean clothes on.

    Cool Ben would like to get cleaned up and all long trip on the bus and all. So I started to strip off my clothes and I heard a bell ring and said you got some customers Uncle Ben. So uncle went out to see who it was and shut the door and I stripped off my clothes and took a shower. I need it badly. I stroke my self and played with balls and dick. I was in the shower for about fifteen minutes

    I could barely hear what was being said in the next room so I open the door a bit with a towel wrapped around my waist. Uncle Ben was talking to this hot looking man.

    The stranger said I come get a trim and a shave can you do it now. So looked and listen to them. They stood talking to each other in the middle of the room. This guy looked like a body builder and had the tights clothes on me ever saw had to be in his 30's or so.

    Then they started to walk to the back room where I was at, I froze and waited to see what was going to happen.

    Uncle opens the door and there I was just a towel on

    Jeff this is Hugo, Hugo this is Jeff my nephew. He will be spending the summer with me and my family Hugo shook my hand.

    Nice to me you Jeff your Ben been talk about you ever since you were here last.

    Hugo is in his mid thirties very muscular and he's body make a v shape to his waist, head was shaved smooth and no facial hair. Blue eyes and earring in his left ear, was six one or six too feet tall. When he gave me a hand shake I could tell his was strong and the bulge in is pant was a big one. I couldn't keep my eyes off his hot body. His pants show each muscle he had.

    Hugo asked Ben if he had time for a total shave and started a big grin on his face.

    Uncle Ben looked at his watch and said I got time for a quick one. So he locks the door and put a sign on the door back in thirty minutes and closed the blinds to the shop. And he told us to come to the back of the shop and get ready for his shaving and Jeff you do the same we can take care of all of us at one time. We all went to the back room and there in a corner of the room was a barbers chair with mirrors all around it and some shaving equipment and clippers. The room was nice and warm and plenty of light near the chair was a small bed. Across the room was a shower and cabinets.

    Ben told Hugo to get in the chair I give you a shave first, and Jeff you be next.

    As my mind wandered, I was snapped back to reality by a gorgeous sight before me. His sexy, muscle-bound god striping off his sweat soaked shirt, his shirts was soaked with sweat from his muscles. I tried not to stare but it was almost impossible. I had never seen anything (not even in the locker rooms at school) I could feel inside me what a turned on. I stood with my tongue hanging out, Uncle Ben started to strip as well and he told me to get rid of that towel.

    Hugo put his clothes on the box and got into the chair I was stun to see Hugo's dick hang down so low. I knew I had to get a better look at it so I got closer.

    Hugo said go ahead Jeff touch it, its real and yes I'm hung like a horse. Its only five inches when it's soft, but grows to a foot long when it is hard. So I took it in my hand and came to life. I could feel his manhood come to life just by holding it in my hand. Go on boy you know you want to see how much of it you can take. Most guys want to see what they can do for me. With that Hugo spread his legs as far as he could while uncle shave his head and chest naked.

    My jaw dropped as I saw that his dick began to grow before my eyes. It was the thickest, longest dick I had ever seen! I was shocked to see the foreskin covering his mushroom head started to slowly expose its self.

    This was something I had fantasized about for much of my teenage life and now, here it was, right in front of me. Two incredibly hot muscular dudes their dicks sticking straight out. One's my uncle Ben and Hugo a hot farmer. And, as I sat watching this sight, my cock getting harder and harder by the minute

    The first touch of Hugo's dick made my dick jump and twitch but soon I began stroking his rigid meat, slowly moving the skin up and down over its hidden mushroom head, and the feelings became more and more pleasurable. I began sucking his huge horse size cock and the feeling of my full lips wrapped around his thick pole sent shiver of ecstasy throughout my body. I continued to lick his dick. I reached around and stroked his low hanging balls that were shaped like two large meatballs. I could feel the veins of his shaft and tell he could feel the hair on his balls and pubic area. I was getting into a good pace on them when uncle bed told me to move so he could now shave his balls and dick again.

    It's absolutely amazing. The taste of a man Musk can make and drive one crazy or at least me. I watched uncle put shaving cream on Hugo's balls and pubic area. Hugo still had his dick rock hard as uncle started to shave slowly with the straight razor. Hugo began to moan and groan in sheer erotic ecstasy as Uncle Ben had Hugo's dick in one hand, and shaving the hair away from balls and the base of Hugo big manhood. As soon as all the hair was removed uncle whipped him off with a warm towel.

    Your next son, with that Hugo got up with his dick swinging in the air. I sat down in the chair, Uncle laid the back of the chair all the way back and had me scoot up and draped my legs over the arms of the chair. Hugo had his face under my balls and licking my ass. It felt so good to have Hugo licking my ass. Uncle Ben had his dick in hand and placed it on my lips which automatic open and let his massive manhood in and slid down my throat with ease.

    That's it son take it all take my dick said uncle Ben. Grabbed my head and fucked my face as Hugo stuck his big tongue up my hole. Oh yes mm was all I could say. My dick was rock hard and I was enjoying this.

    Hugo looked up to Ben and said, why not sit in the chair and let the boy suck your dick while I rim his ass. Uncle Ben was all smiles Ben said boy get your ass out of the chair , with that I got out of the chair and uncle Ben sat down and spread his legs and as I went down on his crotch he forced my head between his legs. Yes boy work my pole in your hot mouth.

    While I was servicing uncle hot pole Hugo was spreading my ass cheeks and licking my ass. All I could do was moan with delight.

    Between licks Hugo told how nice a firm ass I had then he stood up and went to the counter and put something on his hand and spread my ass and stuck his middle finger in to my hole. I felt something cold inter my hole, I think he put his thumb up my ass and I moan a bit. Then he took out his thumb and inserted two fingers in me. He kept this up till he had four fingers in me. . This guy knew how to open a guy's ass the right way. Mm he was working my ass well. Then he pulled his fingers out and replaced it with his dick. I could feel the head of his cock push it way into my ass. I couldn't say much due to Ben had his dick down my throat. I'm glad I had my gag reflex was under control.

    Hugo told me to take his dick; with he shoved it in all the way with one thrust. Boy you got a lose ass you've been had lot of dick up your ass I see. With that he rubbed my ass then slapped it very hard. I jump a bit but uncle had his hands on the back of my head so I couldn't get away from his massive cock. Hugo was ramming his dick up my ass I thought I was being plowed by a bulldozer.

    I could tell by the way uncle was breathing he was close to shooting his load. Uncle pulls me off his dick. Hugo handed uncle a bottle of popper and put them under my nose and boy take a deeper breath. I took the deepest breath I could.

    Hugo pulls his dick almost out my ass but leaves his dick head in me and then began to fuck me again; he increased the tempo and began to fuck me harder and harder. Taking the bottle from my nose and take a hit then hands it too Hugo where he takes two hits of it. Hugo never wanted to waste time. Hugo fucked me for a couple of minutes but not wanting to cum to quickly although his balls were aching to shoot their load. I could feel his bare balls each time they hit my bare ass. Hugo kept stopping when he thought he was about to shoot, he would leave his manhood in my ass and wait for a minute or so. Then start up again. By this time I was working on the family meat.

    Oh boy if you keep this up. I will never get any work done or go home son. Said Uncle Ben

    Hugo is plowing his dick deeper and deeper into my ass until all I could do is moan for delight. Hugo ignored my moans and keeps fucking me harder and deeper by the minute, till Hugo shoots his load deep in my hole. We all were sweating like a pig.

    I could tell that uncle was about to shoot off in my mouth. Take it boy take it all was all uncles could say at the moment.

    I let it flow down my throat, and closed my lip and drank all of my hot sweet cum after he stopped Cumming uncle kept his hot mouth on his cock and worked my magic on my six and half cock and got me shoot another big load in his mouth and swallow it all. It felt like gallons of hot man seed while both men are fucking at both ends, dam what hot man sex. I'm coming yelled out Hugo, I'm coming and with that I got the biggest load of cum in my ass. And kept his dick deep in side of me.

    Uncle got up from the chair and gave me a passionate kiss and probed his gifted tongue into my mouth, were he could taste the cum still that lingered in our mouths, uncle pull his mouth off and onto my right nipple and started to give me the biggest bite mark I have ever had.oh yes I man I love that. I need to get cleaned up; I let you to play a bit till I get out of the shower. With that uncle went to take a shower.

    Hugo had his dick still in my ass and his arms reach around me and started to play with my nipples and began to whisper how good of a fuck I was and he could use a good fuck hole like yours this summer. With that Hugo pulled his dick out and swung me around and too my knees and told me to open up your hot mouth boy. I did as told and he shoved his dick that was just up my ass. On his dick was cum and some of my shit from my hole. I didn't have time to think I just open up and took in. That's it boy take my cock and clean it good. I gagged a bit but managed not much. Then Hugo picked me up and put me on the chair and took my dick in his mouth and swallowed my dick all at once. Mmm taste good son. That's all it took me I couldn't hold back any longer I shot my load in his mouth. OH MAN YES, OH MAN YES. I shot my load and I thought I had to be a quart or more Hugo sucked out of me. Mmmm boy you've got sweet cum boy. Hope you and I can do some more when your uncle not keeping you busy. Hugo smiled and uncle came out of the shower. Who's next for a shower? Hugo said I need to get one I got to get the bank. Hugo stood up leaving me on the chair with my legs spread apart and cum dripping from dick and ass. A cum in my mouth.

    Uncle walks over to where his clothes were and started to get dressed. Boy I'm glad you're going to be with me this summer. I could use some help around the farm and here. Uncle walks over to me after he gotten dressed and kisses me and rubbed my chest. As soon you gotten some rest we get you something to eat and show you around.

    I smiled, cool Uncle I like that a lot.

    I hope we can have lot more fun together. Boy call me Ben, uncle make me feel older, just call me Ben and I call you Jeff, cool fine with me. Cool I got up I could feel cum dripping from my ass.


    As I stood up from the barber chair, as I stood I could feel cum running down my leg.

    Ben told me he had to get the shop open and get back to work so; I got people waiting for haircuts. With that he bended down and gave me a deep tongue kiss and shut the door to the shop. I could hear the shower going so I decided to share a shower with Hugo. So I went to the big enough for two to fit in the shower. I stepped in and join Hugo.

    Jeff I'm glad you decided to join me in my shower. Hugo had a big grin on his face as he lathered his muscular chest. Boy you can do my back as he pulled me close to his body.

    When I got up to his soaped body he grabbed the back of my neck and gave me a tongue kiss. His tongue darted down my throat, I could feel him search me thoroughly and he was not gentle at all. He handed me a wash cloth and told me to get busy. So I lathered the cloth and began to wash between his shoulders he has a strong body for a man of his age which was 35 and work my way down to the crack of his hot ass cheeks.

    Hugo told me not too scrub a bit harder boy, oh yes that's it son oh man that feels good.

    I scrubbed really hard down the middle of his smooth hard body. When I got too his ass I took them in both hands I caressed them till I worked up a head of lather. His ass was rock hard as the rest of him. I spread his massive hunk of man ass and ran my right hand down to feel for his man hole. Even there was no sign of any hair. My middle finger found his man hole and proceeded to rub it nice and long. The water flowing over his and my body was so refreshing and I made sure the water had removed all of the soap and had to check his ass with my hot tongue.

    When my tongue found its mark Hugo just started to moan. The more I pushed my tongue into his man chute. He beneath began to be more labored and louder over the rush of water in the shower.

    Boy keep that up your tongue is so gifted and I have not felt this way in a long time boy. Oh yes boy that's it. I dug my tongue deeper into his hairless man hole. I washed his legs while I work on his eager ass while Hugo lean against the wall letting the water run down his body. Then I grabbed his balls and dick with one hand and felt his dick was rock hard again. Hugo started to turn so I let go his dick and balls as he turned around and his dick hit me in the face. See what you boy now took care of it. Hugo grabs the back of my head and shoves his dick deep down in my throat. His balls hit my chin each time he drives his dick in.

    I heard him whispering into my ear, "Take it you cock sucker, uh, Ha-ha, mm, yeah, takes it, take it, I know how much you want it" Hugo said. I was doing my best to accommodate his thrusts and get him off, You can take it, come on, you like it, take it, boy, uh, uh, take it, yeah, come on, take me how much you like my fucking cock, let me hear you moan, come on, boy, take my fucking dick boy.

    After being face fuck for ten minutes. He shot load in my mouth then pulls his dick out of me. I love sucking dick I looked up and told Hugo. He just looked down at me and smiled. I just went back to make sure I got every drop of man seed.

    That's enough boy, with that Hugo pulled me closer. Dam boy your ass is just as hot as your mouth. If I don't leave now I never get anything done around you. Hugo made sure he was rid of the soap and stepped out of the shower then turn. Boys have Ben bring you around to my place later. We can have a good work out. Hugo talking to me in a low sexy voice close to my ear that seems to put me in a trance.

    Hugo put a hand on top of my bald head and ran it down to my shoulders. Next he grasped my biceps, elbows, and forearms, squeezing and feeling the mass of each part. Then he spun me around and ran his hand along my back, and along my buttocks. He spun me around again and I examined his penis and his balls. He continued running his hand down my legs, grasping curves of flesh on the inside and outside of the full length of my legs.

    Hugo grabbed my genital squeezes them. Then His big hands running up body slowly, pinching my nipples hard then taken my head into his hands and give me a big deep kiss, son I hope you let me explore you more next time we meet. With that devilish grin on his handsome face. I was lost in space looking at his hot guy body. He rinsed off then walks out and dried off and got dressed.

    Me I was under the hot shower trying to wash my self and tiring to remember what just happen so far. I finely get rinsed off. I turn the water off and stood there playing with my nipples and my dick. I lean back and explored my body. Feeling every inch of me from my nipples to my freshly open ass, then I found a towel on a hook next to the shower stall. Dried my self off and was about to wrap it around my waist but decided just go and lie on the daybed and relax. I lie on my stomach and fell to sleep with the towel on the floor next to me.

    I was dreaming I'm lying on my back surrounded by six guys all in leather muscle bound guys gang banging me. One hot hairy is in my ass bang has hard dick in me with my legs over his massive shoulders. A dark man with a chain harness on has his nine inch dark meat in my mouth telling me to take it all. One Latin stud sucking on my left nipple and pinching the left one he is totally naked. The guy on my left a tall hunk with both nipples pierces has my dick in his mouth and I don't know how long I'm going to keep from shooting my load in his hot mouth, he is jacking off his dick while he enjoys him self. As one guy finishes they switches places with each other. All I can do is enjoy them and go with the flow and get as much as I can.

    As I was sleeping on the bed with my ass up in the air, I felt a rough hand rubbing my ass. I turned my head and saw it was e Uncle Ben who had dropped his pants down and play with my firm ass. I was lean, but my butt was fleshy and round. I guess you could say I had a bubble butt. Ben got his thick fingers on me and I could tell he wanted my ass again. I felt him fondle my big shaved balls and I was in heaven. My dick leaked precum on the sheets. I almost came all over myself when he lubed his finger and slipped it inside my tight asshole. I turned to see his hot dick dripping of pre cum. We looked in each others eyes; he walked to my face and pushed his dick between my lips.

    Boy I thought you need something to keep up your strength.

    I open my mouth dug my hot tongue on his dick head, just the way I like a guy to do to me. I sucked the throbbing head of his cock. Damn, I always dreamed of sucking and fucking a dick that big. I didn't know what I wanted more, to fuck his hot ass or to have his big cock reaming my asshole.

    With that I got on his hands and knees for him. I loved the fact that he was just as horny a little whore as me. I knew I could make him feel really good and I wanted to return the favor he had done for me. I grabbed the lube and oiled up his butt hole, slipping my slender fingers inside to get him good and ready. I unrolled a condom on the length of my shaft; even touching myself that way got me hotter.

    "Fuck me uncle, hard! Do my ass," Uncle Ben pleaded.

    I pushed his dick against my asshole and was happy to oblige. He was trying to be gentle, he eased it in, but I told him opened me up wide and deep. Someone Damn, I backed up to his dick, forcing it in all the way in on the first thrust. So, he gave it all he had, reaming my smooth plump ass with all his might. Uncle Ben started to moan and ram his big dick in me. That just made him wants to fuck me more forcefully.

    "Oooh, you like my big dick in your ass, don't you, Jeff?"

    "Yesss," I hissed and moaned. He pinched my right nipple and he practically growled for me. He let his prick come almost all the way out of my hole, and then drove it back in, power fucking him until he was wailing my name. Corkscrewing his dick into me, he would slow down until I begged him too speed up. Getting fucked hard and deep was one of my favorite things, especially when I had a dude worked into frenzy.

    Watching him in my mirror on the wall pumping that giant dick in me was making me crazy. I reached around and took over for him. I just wanted to feel all his creamy cum dripping in me. I didn't think I could last much longer and I wanted him to get him off and feed me his hot cream.

    "I'm going to make you cum so hard, you dirty fucker," as he whispered into my ear. He banging me mercilessly, he shot his load, filling me up again. My body spammed while he fucked me his last gallon of hot cum, spurting gush after gush of hot juice. I kept up jacking him until he begged for mercy.

    I flopped over exhausted on the bed. I shucked off the rubber and tossed it in the trashcan next to the bed. Uncle Ben stared down at me. Absently, I licked my cum drenched fingers and watched him trying to catch his breath.

    Can Get use to having your dick sucked all day boy, you want that?" Ben grinned.

    "Oh yeah, I can totally handle that," I smiled at him and stroked my half hard dick for him.

    Ben bent down and was going for my cock he looked like he was going for my crotch; again he ignored my cock completely. Instead, he took both balls into his mouth and rolled them around and around. The sensation of his hot mouth on my nuts, and his smooth thighs, was driving me crazy. I reached for his semi hard prick to play with his massive manhood.

    His rough tongue was soon sending shock waves through my body as he repeatedly licked back and forth over the puckered opening. I wasn't even aware of how my legs had gotten up over my head. He rolled his tongue and pressed it against my ass. It felt as if I was being fucked by a tongue as he worked it inside. He proceeded to work over my hole with more force. All the time, I was moaning and arching my back to get more of his tongue inside me. My cock was purple rock hard and my veins sticking out and so hard it was almost painful. There was nothing I could do to relieve the pressure building up again in my dick.

    As he continued to ream out my ass, Ben somehow managed to remove the rest of his clothes some how with out me seeing him do it. Uncle Ben body looked perfectly sculpted. The smooth pecks which a sculpture line ran down his abs to his groin giving him more definition. Then he came back to my cock and took it down with one gulp. And started to moan, he took his hot mouth off of my dick and told me how he was glad I came to stay for the summer. I hope you like it here, not much going on here.

    With that he started back on my body with his hot tongue lick of the pre cum that was on my stomach. Then back on to my hard dick. His rough tongue was soon sending shock waves through my dick as he repeatedly licked back and forth over the my piss opening then dove down with one fell swoop took my dick again and I didn't know how much longer I could no longer hold off.

    I kept running my hands over his head. My dick head was a dark purple from excitement and when he drew his head down on my dick, it happened...From the end of my cock, spurt after spurt of cum shot out! He was completely surprised. He quickly got my mouth deeper on my meat. I thought he was going to choke on my dick. He was caught off guard and had my hot cum shoot down his throat it surprised him at first. He made sure he cleans my dick off.

    I moan and tried to hold back my hot cream but I was not able too. I let load after load down his hot mouth. As another round of hot man seed exploded in to his hot mouth. As Uncle Ben takes his hot mouth off my cock and licks his lips.

    Ben finally pulled his mouth away from my cock; Ben fell on his back panting in exhaustion and sexual release. Uncle Ben swirled the cum around in his mouth enjoying it. He swallowed my load, and smiled at me. Son I need to get more that hot cum in your stomach. With that he licks up the rest of my hot cream off of me. Now get dressed and we get some food in you.

    Now clean up with this and we get something to eat, he hands me my wet towel. He got dressed then went to the wall and made a phone call. As I look in my duffle bag for something to wear on a hot southern summer. I pulled out a pair of cutoffs and a blue t-shirt. I wore no underwear; hate the feeling having my dick so confined and love the way they hang down so low. As Uncle Ben got off the phone I was dressed and waiting for him.

    Jeff let us get a bite to eat around the corner as Ben put his arm around my back and patted me as he rubbed my back. It was a hot Saturday afternoon. We walked into the caf uncle Ben said to every one as we went to your booth. A nice looking man handed us a menu and uncle Ben introduced me to max he owned the caf. Max wiped off his hand and grabbed me in firm grip.

    So son how long are you going to be staying with your uncle. I looked at Uncle Ben.

    Jeff's going to be here all summer and help me around the farm.

    Max said a strong looking guy like your self shouldn't have trouble working on a farm. As max looked me over like a prize horse or such and grinned from ear to ear. I give you both a couple of minutes and I send Alice over to take your order.

    I looked on the menu and look back as max as he went to the register to take care of a customer. I look back at uncle sitting across from me and grinning from ear to ear.

    Not bad looking for a fifty year old, mm son.

    I didn't realize I was staring at max so much with my mouth open. Uncle Ben told don't worry no one saw you son. My hormones were working on over time. Every hot guy I saw I checked them out. All they did was smile back at me.

    Alice came up to us and asked what we would like. Uncle introduced me to her as his nephew Jeff from up north and who will be spending the whole summer at the farm. Nice to meet you Jeff, what would you both like today.

    Alice said Ben I just have a piece of blueberry pie and coffee, and what will you have Jeff.

    I have a hamburger with pickle cheeses and onion and some fries with some coke.

    Alice repeated the order one blueberry pie and coffee, hamburger with pickle cheeses and onion and some fries and one soda pop. I get right too you.

    Jeff I hope you like I know it a slower pace here then your use too but you should be able to find thing to when your chores are done. I do appreciate that you came to visit Aunt Sally and me. Uncle paused when Alice brought the coffee and the soda pop too our table. Just then a policeman walked in to the caf. I took a good look and he sounded familiar. As he walked past us he stopped and talks to uncle for a moment. Roger this is my nephew Jeff, my brother's son from up north and who will be spending the whole summer at the farm. He reaches out his hand to me.

    Nice to meet you Jeff I hope you enjoy your stay and if I can do anything for yawl just ask said with a big smile on his face.

    Sure will let you know if I ever need anything.

    Well I let yawl eat yawl food, that's when Alice brought our meal to us.

    Uncle Ben said sit and joins us with that Rodger sat next to Uncle Ben and ordered just a cup of coffee.

    Jeff how does you like our little place in the hills of Tennessee said Rodger?

    Sir I just got in on the morning bus and I'm looking forward in exploring the woods and all.

    Son you don't have to call me sir just call me Rodger that's what everyone around here call me son. I smiled and check him out as much as I dared too. If you like I can give you a tour of the country side while I'm on my patrol some time if you like. Alice brought Rodger a cup of coffee.

    That be so nice of you, I hope it won't be any problem for you.

    Heck no, always likes some company when I go on my route.

    I eat my meal and listening to Ben and Rodger talk about the locals and what been going on around town. I finished eating and listen quietly as they talked. Alice brought dropped off the meal ticket and told us to have a nice day. Uncle grabbed for the ticket and Rodger said he get it, uncle insist the he pay for it and Rodger got up and said he need to get back on patrol and reminded me that he would be glad to show me around some time. And thanked uncle for the cup of coffee and welcome me to the town. I watch Rodger leave the caf and get into his car across the street and drive away.

    Uncle and I got up and uncle pays max for our meal.

    Max asked how the meal was.

    I told max it was good and like the seasoning he used.

    Thanks for the complement Jeff I hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to see you again. Come back again yawl.

    Uncle there so many hot men in this town, max is hot looker and Rodger got a tight ass. It is going to be hard to keep my dick under control with hot guys like that around.

    Yes Jeff they are very hot guys in deed. Boy you need to be careful you in the Bible belt and you got to be very careful here. As we turned the Corner uncle bumped into the gym coach at the local high school.

    Hi Andy when are you going to cut your hair, it's been over a month now.

    Ben I was going to get one today but you're not at your shop. Well I'm heading back that way now so if you want I can do it now.

    Sure said Andy. With that we all headed to the barber shop.

    Who's the young man you got here.

    Andy, this is my nephew Jeff, my brother's son from up north and who will be spending the whole summer at the farm. He reaches out his hand to me.

    Nice to meet you Jeff I hope you like it here.

    Sir I like already sir, it's a change from where I live its smaller and friendlier sir.

    Ben you have a very polite nephew, but son, Jeff you can call me Coach Andy or just Andy. Okay

    Thank you sir, I mean Andy. I smiled at both of them as uncle unlocked the door to the shop.

    Andy gets in the chair and we can get rid of that mop on your head once and for all. Coach was wearing a green t-shirt and some shorts. I sat across from Andy while uncle got ready to cut Andy's hair.

    Andy told Ben to cut it short, very short. I could see up Andy's pant leg that he didn't wear underwear or a jock strap. I did get to see a glimpse of his dick head and his shaved balls. Just then Ben put the apron on Andy. Andy asked me if I was into any sports. I told him I like baseball, and always wanted to get into weightlifting but the gym teacher said I was not built for it.

    Son the guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

    Andy I think it more was not up to it. I looked at floor

    Boy I'm have a set of weights at my place and if its okay with Ben here you can come to my place and I can put some muscles on you before you have to go back home.

    I looked up at Uncle Ben and saw him smiling and then nod his head. I see no problem longs you do your chores and stay out of trouble. I can not see why you can work out with Andy here.

    Thanks Uncle Ben.

    Boy I told you drop the uncle shit and just call me Ben and then winked at me.

    Sure thing Ben, we both smiled and Ben started to cut Andy's hair.

    Then it is all settled you can start any time son. Ben here has my number. Just give me a ring and we work it all out son. Ben had finished cutting Andy's hair and paid him. I could see that Andy dick was getting hard it was more noticeable now since he got off the chair.

    Then Ben asked me to sweep the floor and then we be going home for the day.

    We headed to the farm and it was a hot June in the south. Your Aunt Sally and the girls are at her folks for a couple of weeks so I'm going to need you to help me out and don't worry I plan of paying you son. I looked into his eyes.

    No problem dad told me you need help; I hope to have some free time with him this summer.

    Boy will have some free time. But your chores come first got it son. Your chores are: Feeding the chickens twice a day once in morning and at night, morning you're to clean the coop and put the chicken shit in a pile and end of week it sold. And cut the grass around the pond for us to use. You will be paid $50.00 a week as long as you do your chores. We arrived at the farm and Ben stopped to check for the mail and pull a letter and put it his shirt pocket. Then drove up to the house it looked the same as it was just as it was when I was here last.

    Son takes your stuff up to your room and I show you how to drive the tractor.

    I took my stuff to the room I had before and put my stuff on the bed. Ben was sitting at the kitchen table were their was a bottles of beer on the table. Boy drink up you looks thirsty. We walked to the barn where the tractor was at and Ben told me to sit in the driver seat and leaned over to show me how to start the tractor. Then climbed on to the fender and talked me thru how to operate it. It didn't take me long to figure how do run it.

    Boys have you done this before.

    No sir I do pick up on thing quickly, that's what my dad says all the time.

    Ben had me stop the tractor and he got off and then told me cut the yard. It took me no time to do it all. I was sweating so my shirt, I put the tractor back where it was parked when I got on it.

    Ben handed me a cold glass of tea.

    Thanks Ben I really need that, I drank the glass of water. It felt so good.

    Come on son I want to show you was I kept the chicken feed and the rake and shove and where you're going to put all the chicken shit at. Ben got a bucket of feed and fed the chickens. Son you need to watch out for the chickens they will peck your legs if you don't which it and I show you were they lay there eggs.

    I knew were eggs come from but in the morning it will be the first time I have to gather them.

    It was still light out and Ben said lets take the tractor to the pond and have a quick dip in the water to cool our selves off.

    Cool I'm all for that. I drove the tractor to the pond and as soon as we got there we strip off all our clothes. We raced to the waters edge and I dove in first and did a cannon ball and made a big slash. Ben on my heals and dove in.

    Ben swam out to where I was at and dove between my legs picked me up and flipped me over his shoulders. We play around in the water for about hour or so and Ben said better get out and dries off so we can get back before we lose the light and I'm getting a bit hungry So we got out and we lay on the dock for a bit in the sun. We didn't talk we just lay on the dick soaking up some sun.

    Ben looked at his watch and turns to me and said, son we need to wash up and get ready to go back to the house.

    So I got up and followed him to the shed were he go a big bucket and soap and towels and walked to the water pump. Ben started to pump water in the bucket and handed me a bar of soap. As soon as the bucket was filled he poured it over me.

    Dam that waters cold I yelled out. My dick shrunk up and my nipples got rock hard and I was covered in goose pimples...Ben just laughs and said just lather up and get clean the sun will keep you warm. I did as I was told; I started lathering up my body front and back. By the time I was lathered all up front and back Ben had another bucket of cold water got most of the soap off the first time and then here comes the third bucket of cold water.

    Dam its still cold, Ben just laugh. And I was rinse off of all the soap.

    Ben said now it's my turn. You go and get dry and are with you in a moment son and winks at me. Ben fills his bucket and pours it over his head and he pickup the soap and washes his hair chest and smooth legs and back. I pick up my towel and stepped back so I wouldn't get splashed with the water. Ben's nipple got rock hard and his dick did shrink a bit but not as much as mine did. After four buckets of water Ben was rinsed off of all the soap.

    We dried each other off and we all had one last embrace before we got dressed. Uncle grabbed me and gave me a forceful tongue kiss and grope of my ass and balls.

    I drove the tractor back this time and Ben explained to me what to cut at the pond and where not too as we made our way back to the house.

    I was getting hungry and so was Ben

    Ben decided it be easier to cook out side on the grill. Dinner Ben fixed some steaks on the grill out side; the fresh air was intoxicating I thought that I was going to burst. Although the food was delicious, I probably didn't savor it with the concentration that it deserved. Instead, I was more than a little distracted by my appetites, which Uncle Ben, who was sitting across the table from me, was doing his best to stoke. At first it was just the way he looked at me, and the way he put his fork in his mouth, but about midway through the meal I was startled to find his bare foot taking up residence in my crotch, under the cover white tablecloth on the picnic table. As I did my best to keep up my end of the conversation, his toes played my cock like a medical instrument, stroking out an extremely interesting feeling as they crawled up and down its growing length. I probably should have attempted to convince him to wait till we got into the house but he was instead In found myself spreading my legs, moving an inch or so closer playing footsy . Before I realized what was happening, he used his probing toes the opening of my short pant legs. By the time I said "Yes, please," to the offer of tea with dessert, he had worked his big toe inside my shorts, and into direct contact with my leaking cock.

    It would be a lie to say that I wasn't enjoying the excitement of activity under the table, but I eventually decided that at least one of us was going to have to behave like a grown-up at least till we got into the house. A large cum stain on my short, when I stood up at the end of Meal I quickly extricated Uncle Ben's foot from its station and shot him a mildly devilish look. While eating my strawberries shortcake with one hand, I did my best to keep my dick under control. And not a moment too soon, the instant we finished our dessert, Uncle Ben told me that it was time us to clean up dishes and head back into the house. I looked like it was going to rain.

    We no sooner put the dishes in the sink and Ben was over me. He pulled down me shorts and pulled my shirt off and he striped right there.

    A few minutes later we were settled into the big leather couch that next to the fireplace, and Ben turned to me with a smile. "Now it's time to get down to business. With that he laid a big hot tongue kiss on my lips. His hands where all over me, my chest too my ass; Ben acted like a man that's been in prison and had no sex for years. Boy lets take this up to my room were we be more comfortable.

    Any thing you want Uncle Ben.

    We soon entered his room and I put on one light in the room which gave us a soft easy glow to the room. I lay down on top of the unkempt bed. Ben crawled to me.

    Son you not how long I have waited for a chance like this, every time. Ever since I saw you the last time, I fuck me wife thinking it was you I was fucking. She needs to visit her parent so she can get some relief.

    That so hot Ben thinking of me when you're fucking Aunt Sally.

    I think of you I get a hard on. We were got onto his bed. I was feeling his bare chest skin and his hairy arm pits which made him laugh softly. We touch each other and explored each others bodies as we didn't get before. I took his bare hard cock into my hands holding his manhood it felt so good. As we laid I rolled over on to my back and he took my legs over his strong shoulders. There he slipped his strong bare hard dick between my ass cheeks I closed my eyes when he inserted his man meat into me, making love to me the feel of this strong body of his against mine. His hands were all over my bare ass as he humped his fat dick in my ass. I could feel his mushroom head enter my ass and the veins of his man shaft pushing its way in me. The further he pushed the more I moaned and groans.

    His smooth big balls hit my ass and each time making a suctions sound as he fucked me with his hard dick and deep, and deeper he went feeling up and in side me I was in heaven ..He bend down too kiss me on my chest and lick my sweat off of me.

    Oh boy you don't know how long it's been able to fuck someone like you, hot tight ass you got son. Bet your dad fuck you daily.

    We have sex most every night when possible.

    He so lucky son, If I had son like you I fuck him ever chance I could. With my 7 inch cock

    Ben breathing became more rapped we both started to sweat like pigs

    I was pushing back on his tool loving his dick fucking into me his body in me and he was pounding my male pussy with his big strong bare 7 inch cock. Then Ben was shooting his manly hot load of cum deep inside of me his cock pounding my prostate. I had forgotten how A big long dick could feel pressing against a prostrate like that. His cum flooding into me again and again I could feel the hot cream flow out of my hole. I bore down on his dick I wanted all of his man seed in me. Getting fucked by Uncle Ben is just as hot and pleasurable as my own dad fucking me. I loved his moans of pure pleasure they both gives me. I could feel Ben's dick go soft in me and felt it fall out I felt empty but knew I have his dick in my ass this summer. Ben came and lay next to me and started to kiss my neck and the he bit it and gave me a hickie in more then one place that night.

    Sunday June 13 5am I was woken out of a dead slumber by the sound of the bed creaking as uncle laid on his back with no sheets covering his hot body. I studied Uncle Ben's naked form as he lay there; broad shoulders, meaty chest sprinkled with dollar-sized nipples, the smooth beefy legs spread. His cock eight semi hard .The sound of the rooster crowing had awakened him at 5am. I lay in bed thinking about what happen last night and what was waiting for me the day ahead. Ben moving around in bed. By this I was in the arms of Uncle Ben with his dick poking me in the ass. There was sunlight was streaming through the windows, causing the stained glass panels in the top panes to cast a mosaic of colored shadows onto the old, thick rugs that covered the wide planks of the floor. I just lay there for a few minutes after my eyelids fluttered open, savoring the moment we had last night, I never seen his room before between the carved mahogany posts. Thanks to the ceiling fan a cool breeze blew softly through the room, enabling me to enjoy my having Ben next too me. Despite the fact that summer had already arrived I was happy to be here with him...

    Reluctantly, Ben roused me out of bed and told me we will have plenty of time for more ass play he gave me kiss on my neck then slapped my ass, get going boy.

    I stubbed to the bathroom to take my morning piss and daily crap. When I came out he was down stairs, I walked down to get my shorts that I left in the kitchen. Ben had made some coffee and I smelled some real sausage and eggs breakfast. I couldn't help but smile, the irony I felt like I was at home.

    After the dishes were washing, we went out to the barn to feed the horses and the chickens. Filled the buckets of feed and let the chickens out of there pen and fed them. While they eat I clean the coop out and pile the chicken shit in the pile on the side of the barn. Then I came back, collected the eggs from the chickens. I got pecked at by some of them but I collected about six dozen eggs that morning and took them into the house. I had to carry three baskets of eggs

    6:45 am When I came back to the house Uncle Ben was putting the morning dishes away. I shown uncle the eggs I got today.

    Good we can sell them; we got about a couple of customers who like fresh eggs. They should be calling soon. Just then the phone rang, and Ben reached for a pad and said yes we have some extra eggs today; sure I will be glad to stop by and drop them off. As soon as he hung up another call came in, this went on for about a half hour or so. In total we had. Your aunt going to like this when she gets back. Uncle went to the pantry and pulled out a box of egg cartons out and put them on the table. Let see we have six dozen. We filled out the orders and put them in a box

    Boy we need to get cleaned up quickly and deliver these ASAP. With that I ran up to the shower and jumped into clean off. While I was in taken my shower Ben was strip naked shaving his face. Then when I got out he gave me a kiss. Welcome to the family farm son. Put some jeans and a nice shirt. YES SIR WILL DO SIR, I am ready for you by the time you get out of the shower.

    I dried off and went to retrieve a clean pair of pants and a button down shirt being Sunday and all. Uncle Ben wore a pair of black pants and a creamed short sleeve shirt.

    Boy the eggs are pack and the list is on top. We better get a going son; Ben patted me on the ass and gave me a quick kiss.

    I put the box between my legs on the floor. We drove towards the a small cabin in the woods with a lake next too her. Ben gets out and I hand him one dozen eggs this went on for the next four stops. The last stop he got out and told me to follow him to the door. When we got to the door it was Andy the coach for the local high school teacher. Andy standing there in gym shorts.

    Hi Andy here yawl eggs you order. Coach Andy was at least 6'1' 175 lbs, smoothed chest and formed a v-shape to his crotch. He is divorced with no kids. His wife moved back to California, I heard later on she hated being in the south.

    I'm grateful that you were able to bring me some eggs I forgot to get some yesterday; I don't know what came over me to forget them at the store. Hi Jeff how yawl like staying at yawl uncles place.

    I slept like a baby last night sir.

    Jeff calls me Andy or coach which ever you want I answer to ether.

    Thanks Coach I smiled and looked at his shorts tent out.

    I was staring at his dick poking out.

    Come in will you both, were my manners Sit, here the money for the eggs

    We both walk into his living room a rustic room with a fireplace on one wall.

    Thanks coach, nice place you got there Ben stated.

    Would you like something to drink, soda or some ice tea sweetened or unsweetened?

    Ben said I like some tea if you don't mind Andy.

    How about you Jeff would like something to drink.

    I kept looking at his dick; I realized I was staring at him. I said yes some tea will be fine thank you.

    Ben and I said sweeten please.

    I'll be right back. Andy came back with a tray of ice tea. We all grabbed one. Thank you for the tea we both said at same time.

    Andy just smiled, while you're here why not I show you around my place. So we followed him thru the house, the living room had a fireplace. First was the master bedroom a very big room with a fireplace, next was the big bathroom with a two head shower stall. At the back of the house was the office a sky light with one window facing the lake? Let me show you my basement as we walked down stairs he turn on a lights. There was bench-pressed and mirrors on two of the walls. In once corner was a wrestling mat in one corner was a fireplace.

    There were no windows and only one door to get out of the room. You could scream and no one would hear it. Its totally sound proof smiled Andy.

    Cool said uncle Ben, we both looked at each other and grinded.

    Coach I can wait for you to help me practice wrestling holds and stance. I don't have any wrestling gear with me. I always been interested in wrestling since the Olympics and read how they use to train nude. I could see coach face to red and his dick was leaking some pre cum in his shorts and was showing thru wit a big wet spot.

    Ben said boy we better get going we need to get to church we only have twenty-five minutes till church starts. I could feel my dick getting rock hard and started to tent out and I was not wearing any underwear.

    We arrived at the church just before it got started so we found a spot in the middle of the church, as we sat down all eyes were on us. During the service I saw Rodger in his uniform he sat just across from us. I was checking everyone out too see if I could recognize anyone. By the time I got out of church I was ready to jump into the lake or get naked.

    As we left the church we ran into Officer Scott by Uncle Ben's truck wearing his mirror sunglasses.

    Hello officer Scott, how are you today. I said

    Not to bad, Jeff right you can just call me Rodger But like to be called Rodger.

    Thank you sir, every one here making feel like at home sir, I smiled at him.

    Ben you got a very polite boy here, Ben just smile and rubbed my back up and down.

    I kept looking at Officer Scott the out line of his dick going down the pant leg of his uniform. To my self it as to be at least six inches or more, I love to wrap my hot ass around that night stick and the sound of his leather belt was a turn on too. I started to unbutton my shirt to let is some cool air. Then reached in a grabbed my left nipple and was hopping officer Scott was looking at me at that moment. With those glasses on I could tell if his was checking me out or not.

    Jeff don't forget we have a date to cruse my patrol some time soon.

    Sure I can't wait for you to show me all the good hiding places around here.

    Officer Scott had a devilish grin in his face.

    I hope to see you around I said to Rodger with a dervish grin in my face.

    By the time we got into the truck I had my shirt wide open showing off my smooth young chest. I pulling it off as we left the parking lot and I open my pants to let the heat out. I love the feel of he sun and a good warm breeze to rush over my body. I stuck my hands down in my pants and stated to play with my self on the way back to the farm. Ben couldn't wait to get his hands on my dick so I moved closer to him. He drove with on hand on the wheel and one in my pants. I didn't care if any one saw me with my uncle's hand in my pants.

    As We pulled into the drive Ben said we should start cutting the grass around the pond I have rented it out for next this Wednesday thru Monday to a group of nudist and tomorrow there be some port potties s delivered in the morning for them as we drove to the pond. We got out and we striped off our clothes headed for the she. Ben grabbed the bottle of sunscreen. Boys come here he bellowed, with that he proceeded to coat my body with the lotion. It was cold; I felt goose bumps all over me. My nipples got hard as he applied it to my chest groan. He didn't wait time covering me and I knew he did not want to fool around at that point.

    When he finishes with me he handed me the bottle and I enjoyed applying the lotion to his magnificent body. Then he handed me a towel use this to wipe your sweat off with.

    Let go I want this done before the sun goes down. With that he put me on the tractor and made sure I remember how to drive it. After he was sure I knew what I was doing he got off the tractor and got a weed whacker and proceeded to cut around the posts and dock area then around the shed.

    I had cut the grass for about an hour.

    Ben stopped me and told me to go into the shed and get some thing to eat and drink. He took over the cutting.

    So I went in the shed there was some water, soda, and some chips there. So I sat inside as I was told and eat and drank some water. I lie on the bed and fell to sleep.

    I hear some foot steps and woke with a start. It was Ben all sweaty, at first I thought he was mad but stood there with his dick in hand and said the work all done here now we can play some.

    I smiled and he walked to my face and told me to get it nice and wet.

    I stuck my tongue out just barely touching the tip of his tongue to the head of Ben's big dick. Ben took hold of his cock taking it away from me. I sat on my knees with his tongue hanging out. With a smile on his face Dan proceeded to slap his thick cock all over Tyler's face.

    Do you like that you cum sucking bitch, do you like it when a man cock slaps your little face or ass?

    Yes daddy sir, slap my face with it and do what you want with me ,I moaned and I licked my lips as he groped his balls with one hand and rubs my head.

    Ben suddenly stopped them slapped my face with his dick. Then pulls my head back and shoves his cock into my throat. making him gag nosily on the intruder in his mouth. Ben face fucked me for only a few moments before commanding him to get up on the bed and lay on my stomach.

    Close your eyes slut and get ready for some fun. Don't you fucking move while I lick your ass real good," I lay their as Ben spread my ass cheeks and slipped his tongue into my hole. The feeling made me squirm in ecstasy, which prompted a hard slap on his ass from Ben.

    I told you not to move, just sit there and moan for me you dirty fucking slut, he finished his sentence and then dove back into my ass. He slipped his tongue all the way into my ass and felt the hole loosen just a bit. He stopped his tongue assault, and slipped his middle finger into the lightly lubed opening. I tensed as Ben began easing a finger in and out of his ass, and then continued to lick around the opening into his male pussy. "O please put it in me now Ben fuck me hard and deep, I can't take it I want you inside me now, I need cock in me so badly please stuff me please. I groaned as the first finger was replaced with two fingers.

    You think your ready for it slut, well then I guess I'll give it to you then. Ben pulled his finger out putting one in my mouth. Taste your pussy boy and then maybe I'll give you my cock.

    I closed his lips around the two fingers that had just been buried in his ass, he no longer cared I just wanted to have a dick inside him right now. I licked both fingers clean. Ben then stood up throwing me to the bed, and leaping on top of me. With his dick forced into my hole, deep and with out any sympathy to me, he just fucked my as a hole to satisfy his desires. I was laid on my stomach then Ben told me to get on all fours. With that bed took out his dick. I felt empty.

    I got on all fours, shaking my ass back and forth at Ben. Ben slapped my ass and told me to stay still. Ben stood up taking position behind me, he eased his cock back into my hot asshole, and then pulled all the way out only to slam it back in. I began pushing it too him trying to keep Ben's cock inside me at all times

    Oh yes, yes that it give it too me please.

    Ben seemed to be losing control; he was plowing into my ass. Where do you want it slut, on your ass or inside your mouth? Ben could barely get the words out as he panted into my ear

    My ass please in my ass I want to feel your hot man seed in me, please.

    Ben's cock becomes even harder then. I could feel his cock get bigger and the veins on his shaft were more noticeable it was and then suddenly spurt after spurt of warm cream flooded my ass. I faintly heard him groan, "going to shoot." His back arched and with a prolonged yessss! Ben throbbing meat exploded He fucked harder as the cum filled my empty man pussy. Some of it spilling out the edges of my ass, as the cum began to stop flowing in me.

    Ben fell on his back panting in exhaustion and sexual release. I could feel the cum around in my ass enjoying we were both cover in sweat.

    Boy how about we just jump in the pond and cool off some.

    I Looked at him and gave him a hot kiss. Then we walked together and jumped in the pond and swam around with out a word being said. Then we saw some one riding up on a horse, as they got closer to the pond we could see it was Hugo.

    It was Hugo, wearing a shorts and a t-shirt.

    As soon as he got off the horse and tied it up he striped off his clothes and put some sun tan lotion on his body and came out to the dock to see what we had been up too.

    Hi Ben how's the water, I hope I didn't interrupt anything

    Hi Hugo, no you haven't come in enjoy the nice cool water.

    Hay Hugo come in and joins us the water is nice, I said.

    Will in a while just want to get some all around sun Jeff. With that he put some lotion on his dick, crotch and legs and put a towel down on the deck and laid out in the sun, every once in a while he would turn over and make sure his legs were spread to catch the sun raise and to show off his body to all.

    Ben got out and laid next Hugo and started to talk I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could guess what it was all about. I could see Hugo's dick get hard and he put more lotion on it. Then I saw Ben stand over Hugo and then squat over the top of Hugo's chest. They are in to a deep kiss by this time.

    I swam to them to see more of this hot action between my uncle Ben and his friend Hugo. By time I got there I just reach the dock and Ben was sitting on Hugo's massive meat.

    Oh yes it feel so good in me, ooh yes that's it mmmmm.

    Ben it's been a long time weeks since you been able to sit on my dick like that, take it all up your ass Ben take it now. Open that shut of yours and let me fill it with your hot sweet cum. you know the saying while the wife is away the men will play.

    Bounce on my dick and take it deep into your pussy, oh yes that's it deeper, that it bounce on it and take it all. take all my cock you whore. Take my dick and ram it in your cunt hole

    I had a hard on and I was not going to be left out of this fun. So I got out of the pond and walked up to Hugo's face and stuck my dick into his mouth. He going to get some of what he gave me the other day. Hugo open his mouth to say some thing and before he had a chance to speak I shove my dick into this mouth. And was doing push-ups and deep thrusting his mouth with my dick. I didn't care at the moment if he was gagging or not I just wanted to shove my dick down his throat. Could see he was enjoying my meat. It didn't take long for me to shoot a load in Hugo's hot mouth when I pulled it out.

    Need more of that hot sticky cock of yours cock sucker, slut.

    I love it when you talking dirty it makes my cock very stiff said Ben and I know you're going to give me a hard bum-fuck. I want you to ride you for as long as you can keep hard as a rock in my hole; fuck I love you like this. You've made me so hard and I know how good you feel inside. I love you talking dirty it makes my cock very stiff and I know you're going to give me a hard bum-fuck. I want you to ride me for as long as you can; fuck I love you like this. You've made me so hard and I know how good you feel inside me.

    Deeper into the bed. I filled the sheet s with another hot cum-load.

    "I'm going to shoot." I moaned. "Of fuck, stop, please, I don't know how much I can hold off before I blow my load." The finger wriggled deeper up my ass, the mouth hotter and tighter. I finally gave in. "Oh yessssssss." I shot, long and hard. He choked but only slightly as I spewed my cum down his throat. I could feel him swallow again and again. I gasped for breath and finally had to push him away. My Over-heated cock-head needed air.


    Hugo shot his load into Uncle Ben's ass. Uncle Ben shot all over Hugo's chest and I lick it up off Hugo's chest while they caught there breathe. Ben fell next to Hugo and kissed passionately and I lay on the other side of Hugo on the dock and we all laid there till we regain our breath.

    Be said we better get cleaned up so we went to a hose that is used as a shower. Uncle had installed just a week ago. We all took turns on washing each other, like they say more hands the lighter the loads. After get all clean up Hugo put his short on and got on his horse and started for the house. Ben and I just got into the truck nude; we followed Hugo to the house.

    We went into the house to fix some thing for a late lunch/dinner. It was cool to walk around the house naked and not worry about anyone seeing us naked. I made some sandwiches and we all drank some beer, lots of beer on the living room couch.

    Both of them were now in the living room Ben and Hugo sat on the sofa playing with each others bodies; I sat on the leather chair watching them drinking a beer. They were all using the coffee table between them to put the many beers they would down. I was about to comment, I was hooked admiring their strong bodies. Their cocks lay soft now yet still thicker and fatter then most I had seen hard on other I knew the very moment his bare dick was touched it would be hard as a rock Ben was on top of Hugo. His dick Head pushed into Hugo's tight hole around his big bare dick disappear into Hugo's ass I was allowing to feast on the nude bodies of the Theses hot man. I would look at one then the others masculine asses. So perfectly formed and strong as if they belonged to a statue of a Greek God. Their Legs powerful, from hard work and many hours at the gym, smooth and masculine.

    I couldn't get over they both had similar rippled ABS, Chest smooth as a baby's ass and large strong with Peck's standing out. Arms more then 20 inches of packed muscle, the working out every day on the farm

    Both Hugo and Ben's Monster dick was taking on a life of its own? It was growing before my very eyes. Ben then lifting up slightly from the muscled ass of Hugo's and seeing their hot thighs, and seeing Hugo's dick starting to double again and again to its final large size. Now the monster was up standing proud and hard. Ready to conquer all with two large smoothed balls to back it up filled with man juice. I had to get some of that some how and now.

    By this time they got off of the couch and Ben had Hugo bent over the back of the chair with his ass arch up. Enough room for me to get to his monster dick while he was getting fucked by Uncle Ben in the ass. Each time Ben would ram his dick into Hugo's ass, Hugo would shove his dick down my throat. with my head against the back of the chair and Ben shoving his dick in Hugo`s ass. Hugo smooth big balls would slap me each time he was fucked.

    Oh yes fuck me harder with your meat, give me all you can. Fuck me hard and deep man.

    I was doing my best just to keep up with Hugo monster manhood.

    I'm coming, I'm about to shoot my load yelled Ben. Yess, yes. Here it comes. With that Ben dug deep into Hugo hot muscular ass. Cum is dripping out of Hugo's ass and drips onto my chest and balls.

    Just then Hugo lets his nectar flow down my throat. He shoots so much it dripping out of my mouth down my chin too my nipples. I have Hugo dick in my mouth with one hand on his balls and the other on my dick stroking it and not trying not to shoot till I could get one of these hot men to take it.

    Ben fell to the floor so did Hugo. They both saw me with cum on my chest and my dick. So they both decided to lick each nipple. They bit and lick my nipples. When the got me so hot and bothered they stopped and Hugo picked me up and placed me on the edge of the leather chair and put my legs over the arms of the chair to make sure they both can get to me.

    Ben you got one hot nephew here I glad you told me about his sweet dick he had.

    No problems always like to share a good fuck with you buddy.

    With that they both got on there knees and went to work on me I knew right there I was not able to hold much longer. Hugo took the left ball and Ben working the right one. I couldn't tell you whose finger was fucking me and I really didn't care who it was

    They both lick my hard shaft and working to my balls like it was a Popsicle. It was so wild and I hope it would last as much as possible. The finger dug deep into my hole it hit my prostate and that did it I shot my load and shot all over there faces and my chest. The room started to spin and I thought I was about to pass out. They both laughed at seeing each other with my cum on there faces. And then lick each others faces clean. Then went to lick my chest and dick of my seed.

    Wow that was so hot having you both works me over. I was covered with sweat, almost as if I had a very high fever. Best sex I had so far and hope we can do it more this summer. Love how they both worked my each nipple at the same time, I was in heaven, I didn't want them to stop, when they finished cleaning me off with their hot tongue. Ben and Hugo pulled me off the chair and on the floor between them we had one big hug and fell to sleep in one massive body.

    When Hugo looks at the clock above fireplace, it read 5pm.

    Dam I need to get going I got to meet a guy about a horse. He bent over and gave Ben a kiss, grabbed my face and gave me a passionate kiss's, see you around kid. Then got up put his shorts and got on to his horse

    Ben started to give me a good tongue bath as we lay on the floor. He started with my neck too my quarter size nipple to my belly button where his stuck it in and dug into it.

    When be got to my shaft he slowly lick it, oh you taste so sweet son, I know it going to hard to control my self with you here.

    I held his head still and started moving my hips up and down, moving that dick of mine inside his hot mouth. Each time he did he tried to go a little farther. "Oh fuck son. Can't believe son that I'm sucking my brother's son dick, the same dick he suck just last week. Your dad loves me to suck his dick like his. Fuck man this is so fucking hot."

    Ben you can do this to me any time, dad does it most every night when he can. You're just as hot as he is Jeff.

    I glad your enjoying it, I'm having a great time. Oh that's it take my dick up your pussy mouth, oh yes. I rubbed his back and head, while he sucked on my dick. He got it to rise again. Then I pushed him back and said I got to pee unless you want to drink it.

    You never know I might son like a good drink of nectar for you son. That blew my mind for a moment. But I got up and we both went to bathroom together. I started to piss in the bowl and Ben walk up next to me and started to piss using his left hand, rubbed my ass with the other one.

    Son you got a nice hot ass as he made way to my ass. Boy you have such a hot ass. With that he stuck his middle finger in my ass and whispered

    You're going to find out how horny get boy I am going to need you to take care of it. Is that okay with you?

    My heart was pounding inside of my chest and all I could say was I'll do anything you want me to do Uncle Ben.

    That's a good answer boy he began to fuck my ass with his three finger. Open up and take care of it boy put your mouth on it and suck me off.

    Mm I moan and moan.

    He spread his massive legs and pulled me over between them. He put his hands on either side of my head and guided it towards his dick. By now that dick was hard and sticking straight up. I had a real good look I opened my mouth and he stuck it inside Again.

    Yeah that's it boy, take my big dick I'm going to stick it all the way down your throat".

    He held my head still and started moving his hips up and down, moving that dick inside my mouth. Each time he did go a little farther. "Oh fuck son. I can't believe that you actually sucking my dick like that. Fuck man this is so fucking hot."

    He put one hand on my forehead and the other hand behind my head and started moving my head up and down on his dick. I was still taking his dick. I knew he wouldn't stop and I didn't want him to stop. I was pleasing my hot uncle and that is just what I wanted to do.

    "Fuck, man. Suck my dick boy you cock sucker you're born to be. You're going to take a fucking load of my cream in your mouth. I'm going to give you one goddamned big load of cum. Yeah, that's it my fucking bitch. You're going to take care of me. You're going to take my cock in your mouth or in your ass every day if you like it or not boy. He was pumping my mouth faster and faster. He was holding my head tight so that I couldn't pull off.

    Take that load you cock sucking boy bitch, Take my goddamned load. Come on boy swallow that cock boy as he yelled at me. Here it is boy Oh fucking shit, oh fucking, fucking shit, and I'm going to shoot my fucking load in you boy. God I can't believe it. Fuck here it comes boy. Here it comes. Oh fuck, take that load boy, take that load. His dick was hurting my mouth and his balls beat my chin, and my jaw ached.

    Then all of a sudden I felt his dick get even bigger and he was hold my head still. He said "Here it is boy, here's what you need". I felt this warm stuff going in my mouth. I had never tasted anything like it before. I started to gag and pull my head away but he held me tight and wouldn't let me move. Then he lifted my mouth off of his dick and this white stuff started coming out of my mouth. He looked down at me and said, nice boy, I shoot in your mouth all my cum. I want you to swallow it all and not let it leak out. Do you understand me?

    Huh, boy, do you understand me son?

    Yes Uncle Ben. I will, I love your cream sir; you can fuck my mouth or my ass any time.

    No, you won't fuck in try, you'll do it." I would do anything to please him, and if he wanted me to swallow that stuff it's a pleasure. With that I licked his dick clean and balls. Then he told me to get in the shower and get clean up and ready to go visit one of his friends. I quickly got cleaned up and was drying when Uncle Ben got into the shower.

    Son were going next-door neighbor to visit be on your best behavior boy or I will tan your ass good boy.

    Uncle Ben I will be on my best behavior sir. I smile at him and held my dick and balls in my hand.

    Ben smiled at me, that right boy remember you're in the Bible belt and they frown on gays and adultery acts son.

    Ben stands next to me leans down and turns his head kisses me long and keep kiss. Then slap my on my right ass cheek,

    Now get dress, boy and soon we get there and visit the faster we can get home.

    On my bed was a new pair of bib overalls and a blue t-shirt and a pair of black boots in my size. I look over to the door and saw uncle standing there naked and with a big smile and he winked at me.

    I hope they fit your dad gave me your size boy. Now get a move on.

    I put the bibs on and some socks, I put the boots to my nose to smell them. Dam I love got an instant hard on just by smelling them. I stood up and stepped into the boots, they felt great.

    We got into the truck and were his neighbor's home Ben said one reason I never left the family farm I like the privacy and the kindness neighbors we made over the years. He turns to me and winks his right eye at me.

    We pulled up to the house it was half a mile from uncle's place. The house sat off the road down a dirt road. As we got closer to the house I could see an old guy and another man sitting on the porch drinking something.

    Ben got out the truck and wiped his forehead, hi Billy, hi Chris how things is going this fine hot day. Both stand up to greet us. Chris, Billy this is my nephew Jeff, he's going to be staying with us for a spell. Jeff from the big city south of Chicago was my brother lives. Billy stood about 5'10 and looked to be in his late 50's, and some gray hair but very slender. Chris is in his be in his mid twenties slender both wearing bib overalls with no shirt both showing there hairy chest and both had the same big nipples showing from the side.

    Glad to meet you Jeff we both hope you enjoy your time her said Billy as he stretched his hand out to me to shake. Chris did the same as soon as he could.

    Son you look like your daddy did when he was your age.

    Chris asked us if we like some tea, soda pop, or lemonade.

    Uncle Ben said I take some tea with some lemon and sugar, please if it's no trouble. Then Chris turned to me and I said tea will be find no lemon or sugar please

    Pop would you like some more tea.

    Son, yes I could use some more, be right back you all, would you like to help me Chris looked at me with a smile.

    Sure love too Chris. I got up from where I was. We went into the house to the kitchen. Chris opens the refrigerator and pulled out the pitcher of tea and some ice. Chris told me the glasses are over the sink.

    How is it going Jeff, I just arrived yesterday and was here about a weeks a go over the holidays.

    Cool better get these drinks to them before they have a fit and ask what we been up too. I grab two drinks and Chris had the Picher with some ice in it.

    We arrived with Ben and Billy they were talking about the local stuff. I handed Ben a glass of tea with lemon and sugar, I sat on the swing, and Ben and Billy were on the two big wooden chairs

    Chris show Jeff around Ben and I have some talking and it's not for your ears.

    Yes sir, come on Jeff let me show you our farm. With that I took another drink of my tea and sat it down on the railing. And walked to the barn with Chris.

    Chris asked If was hot with a shirt on, why not take it off and be cooler and you can always put it back on later.

    So I unbutton my bibs and took off my shirt and stuck it in my back pocket. I left the front and back down so my chest can get some fresh air.

    Do you have a girl back home? Chris looks at my bare chest as I take off my shirt.

    No girlfriend, don't have time for them.

    How about you Chris?

    Have a girlfriend Cindy, she is a nice girl. Was dating her for year or so. It didn't work out, she want to save her self for marriage. He looks down to the ground. But I don't think she was the one for me.

    Why do you say that as we entered the barn?

    It didn't work out. He was hesitant to say what it was

    I scratched my chest and play with my nipples. Chris just stared at me like he was hypnotized.

    Chris shown me around and asked if I had been doing since I been here.

    Not much just meeting a lot of new people.

    Chris said he needs to take a wiz, need to take one. He walked to the side of the barn and pulled his dick.

    Sure why not, so I followed him.

    Chris whipped his dick out and saw it was uncut dick about 5 inches soft. I stood next to and tried to piss. He pissed a blue streak and I just shot a short stream.

    Have you seen a horse piss Jeff?

    I told him not yet.

    Follow me and we can check out the horses we have, love to ride them when I have time.

    We went into one of the horses stall and Chris started to brush the horse down, want to help.

    Sure with that Chris handed me a brush and did one side as he did the other side.

    We been brushing for about a couple of minutes when the horse shitted and pissed at the same time. I had to step back to avoid being hit with the piss.

    Chris laughed and just continued to brush the horse. For some reason the horse dick grew and I saw a 14 inch dick appeared. Chris took the horses dick in hand and played with it and said he like it when I do it too him. Ever seen a dick that big Jeff.

    No it's the first time I seen a horses dick.

    Go a head touch it he won't mind, he like it when it's touch it, it won't bite you.

    I touched and felt different from a guy's dick. Chris smiled and kept brushing the horse.

    Chris clean up the horses mess and told me we better get back to the porch. You know Jeff your welcome to stop by while you're here visiting your uncle.

    Thanks will do that Chris and you come and visit too. Maybe if you like we can go swimming or something. I put my shirt back on and button up my bib top.

    Cool like that if I get my chores done in time and longs your uncle doesn't care.

    We arrived back on the porch were the two of them were looking trees.

    Billy asked Chris did you show him around.

    Yes sirs, Jeff even helped me bush one of the horses' sir.

    Ben smiled so did Billy and Ben said, boy its time to go don't want to ware out our welcome.

    Chris asked Ben, is it all right for me to visit Jeff when I get my chores done?

    Son that up to your pa not me.

    Yes sir, your right sir. Chris bows his head and knew he was speaking out of turn. Sir I apologize for speaking out of turn.

    Billy gave Chris a stern look. Then Chris stood behind his pa and kept quiet.

    Well it's been nice talking to you Billy stop bye, wife gone for a week or so.

    Thank you sir for the tea and showing me around your farm sir.

    Jeff you come back you here.

    Ben smiled as we left the porch and headed towards the truck

    I turn and said yes sir will do sir. Thank you again sir

    We headed home and it was getting late and we still need to do our choirs before night fall.

    We got out of the truck and I head for the coop and Ben headed for the barn. I fed the chickens and made sure they were all fed and watered. Then headed to the barn to help Ben with the horses. He was putting them back into there stalls for the night.

    I walk up to Ben as he just put the last horse into his stall. And waited for him. Uncle Ben I got a question for you. What is with Billy and Chris, why does he call his dad sir and not pop or dad?

    Chris is his step-son, his mother died a couple of years back and raised him and he got into some trouble and spent some time in prison. And Billy has to be very strict with him, he's out only because he vouched for him and if he mess up back he goes to prison, but good folks don't talk about it.

    We walked to the house and it was another summer night. Just as we got into the house the phone rang, Ben answered it on the fourth ring. He said hi dear how are you doing and talk to her while

    I went up stairs to get out of my clothes. I pulled down the sheet to Uncle Ben's bed and striped off my clothes and use the toilet to take a shit and piss. When I was done I went and lay in the middle of the bed waiting for him to come to bed

    Ben came into the room and strip off his clothes and crawled to me and started to talk but I put my fingers o my mouth to let him know I didn't want any talking just action. Ben started kiss my belly button and make his away up to my stomach to my left nipple. His tongue was working over time.

    Let just kiss and explore each other I explain to him while he kissed me.

    That's fine with me son anything you want. Just having you in my bed is hot enough boy. Ben mescaline hands roomed around my body and finding ever nook and cranny

    I explored his body and found out he is ticklish around his ears as I found out by licking them with my tongue. We fell to sleep in each others arms.

    Monday June 14 5:30 am.

    I was woken out of a dead slumber by the sound of the bed creaking as uncle lay on his side with no sheets covering his hot body. I studied Uncle Ben's naked form as he lay there; broad shoulders, meaty chest sprinkled with dollar-sized nipples, the smooth beefy legs spread. His cock eight semi hard .The sound of the rooster crowing had awakened us. I lay in bed thinking about what happen yesterday and what was waiting for me the day ahead. Ben moving around in bed. By this I was in the arms of Uncle Ben with his dick poking me in the ass. There was sunlight was streaming in the windows. I just lay there for a few minutes after my eyelids fluttered open, savoring the moment we had, a cool breeze blew softly through the room, enabling me to enjoy my having Ben next too me. Ben roused me out of bed and told me we will have plenty of time for more ass play he gave me kiss on my neck then slapped my ass, get going boy.

    I went through my usual morning routine, shit and piss then got dressed grabbed what I needed for the day and headed for chicken coop. I fed them and water the chickens, as they eat I clean the coop up. I didn't have to collect eggs but I need to mark them each day with the date they were laid time for more chicks to sell in the coming weeks.

    When done I walk to the barn to see if Ben needed some help with the horses. When I got there I saw uncle was naked doing his chores. He didn't say a word but smiled at me.

    Is there anything I can do for you Ben? He had a dervish grin on his face.

    Yes boy get your ass over here now.

    I went to were he was and stood waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. I could see his dick as hard but waited to be told what he wanted. To my right I saw the saw horse and saddle that he and dad fucked last time. He walked the horse out to the corral and walked up to me and grabbed me by the arm. He took me to the saddle and told me to bend over. Next to the saddle was some form of grease in an open jar he was using on the horse I think.

    Time to take care of business son

    He spread my ass cheeks apart then started pushing against my pucker. I felt the pressure and knew he was almost there. All of a sudden I felt the head pop in.

    I cried out and moaned

    Ben stopped pushing his dick in me. Are you OK Jeff?"

    Yes Sir Uncle Ben, I'm fine, that it just feels so good, I can never get enough of you

    With that Ben started driving deeper into me. I felt his balls crush against my ass with each thrust. I knew he was all the way in. Ben started slowly sliding himself in and out of me. I could feel the heat of his cock in my hole.

    I was enjoying the feelings that Uncle Ben was causing

    Fuck me faster sir, I want you to ram me hard and deep. I yelled out

    Apparently this had a good effect on uncle because he started fucking like an animal. He was pounding me hard and fast from behind. I could feel his breath and sweat on my neck. I knew I wanted to feel him inside me with his magnificent man hood. I can wait for him to shoot his man seed inside of me. I wanted to take it all. Uncle was like a fucking bull, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then sinking it back to the base. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I was in heaven.

    I could hear little grunts and groans coming from uncle, so I knew he was almost ready. My head was spinning, but I felt Ben's cock grow bigger inside of me and the hot jets of his love hitting my insides. He collapsed on top of me his body in hot sticky heavenly cum all over us. He kissed me on the back of my neck my shoulders.

    Boy we need to get cleaned up, I got to go to work and you can check out the town while I cut hair. So we walked to the house naked and carried our clothes. Ben took a shower first.

    I usually take half hour for lunch and stay open till four then go home do chores and then eat. We have cut the grass and so that's done for a while. It's up to son best for now at least till you know where things are.

    Your right I should first get my bearing before going alone.

    Ben got out of the shower and was drying off when brushed up against him; he gave me a kiss and a pat on my ass as I entered the shower.

    In the shower I just shaved my body top too bottom to keep the body smoothed. Some parts were hard but I knew I could get uncle to when I need it done. I dried off and took another piss and got some short one and a t-shirt

    After I dressed I went down stairs to the kitchen Ben was for me at the table. On the table was Milk, cereal toast.

    Boy you better get something to eat; it was going to be a long and hard day. We sat and ate our breakfast. Ben said he had a nice time, but he had to leave work and did not want to be late. When we finished we quickly did the dishes and left to go into town.

    I just finished the last cup and we headed for town. I left Ben at the shop and started to walk around. I needed to find a place where I can jack off. I don't like to walk around town with a hard on showing. I found an old warehouse on the out side of town. The warehouse that seems to be in ruins so I went in and looked around and saw there was no one around so decided to take off my shirt and pull my shorts down and jack off on some boxes I was lost in my own world when all of a sudden I hear.

    What exactly do you think you are doing and where the hells do you think you are boy? He asked. It was Officer Scott, dam I don't need this right now Like I really need to humiliate myself by explaining what I was doing. I could feel that my face was bright red.

    You do realize that what you are doing is illegal and you could go to jail for it.

    Officer Scott was wearing a pair of mirror sunglasses which I couldn't see what he was looking at. But he was hot in his tight fitting uniform.

    He had caught me jacking off on the wooden boxes I nodded. I was looking down at the ground this entire time. He chuckled.

    Not to the mention the embarrassment of having to go to court, in front of a room full of people and explaining what I was doing. I nodded yet again. Still staring down at the floor.

    Well I guess we'll just have to make sure this doesn't get to court.

    I saw him unzip his fly and pull his cock out. My eyes bugged out of there head and what this cop was proposing I do. Not because it was ridiculous, but because it's exactly what I wanted and his cock was huge, even when only semi-hard it had to be ten inches already.

    He pushed me down hard onto my knees, and pushed his cock in my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth as far as it would go. It quickly found the back of my mouth and my gag reflex. He know I'm not a virgin at this and my ass was used and filled, it had been recent since I had had a big fat juicy cock in my mouth, and this sure fit the bill. I sucked him as best I could. He was hard now and I knew I wasn't going to be able to get this monster all the way in my mouth so I wrapped both my hands around it and stroked him while I continued sucking him off.

    He was moaning, that's it boy take it, take it all. He pushes his cock deeper into my mouth. I didn't gagging on it, which surprises him. I knew he was trying to force his hot member down my throat anyway he could. Slow or fast he was going to get it down his cock sucker's throat. I was not opposed to the idea. So I greedily sucked at his cock, I encouraging him to give it too me. When I had it about three-quarters of the way in my mouth.

    He grunted boy get up and turn around boy and be quick about it.

    As soon as I stood up he had be turned around and bent over some creates.

    He took his night stick out and used it like butt plugs, twisting it around and pushed in deep inside of me.

    I could feel the wooden night stick make its way in me. Slowly he fucks me in and out.

    I begged him for more for him use me any which way he want to.

    He got a laugh out of it all, boy you better keep your mouth shut or I will tell your uncle and hall your ass in.

    Then he quickly pulled the night stick out from my ass. He replaced it with his cock. He shoved it hard up into me. Even still I knew he had more to give, so I pushed back. Wanting his whole cock deep inside my ass. I pushed back onto him over and over, trying to fuck him as best I could. It wasn't long before he pushed me down onto boxes, hard.

    My body rubbing the rough surfaces of the boxes against my naked flesh.

    He was fucking me mercilessly now. Forcing every inch of his 13 inches uncut cock into me. Even with the night stick having already stretch me out, he was still ripping me a new one with each plunge of his massive cock.

    I didn't know how much more of this I could take before I would pass out; I started to moan in pleasure then it happen I was shooting cum all over me and the wooden boxes. Oh yes that's it do what you wish with me I love having your cock in me, I was helpless now. He fucked away at my ass for what seemed like an hour. Harder and harder. Unrelenting deeper and deeper showing no mercy for my ass...

    He started to slow down, forcing his cock hard into me but slower. With each thrust his balls beat my smooth ass. And not quite pulling it out much either. I knew he was going to cum. I clenched my ass around his cock as hard as I could. He pulled out after the last thrust and told me to suck him off. I did as was told and started sucking his big fats cock again, stroking it just like before. His hands grabbed the back of my head and he started fucking my face once more. He was grunting and moaning loud, I knew it wouldn't be long now.

    That it boy bare down and milk that shaft deep in your hot mouth boy.

    I looked up at him and knew I wanted more; I licked my lips thinking how sweet his dick taste.

    He pushed me off and back against the floor; he started stroking it hard deep inside of me and fast now, Right in front of my face. I smiled and went to take it back into my mouth again, but he pushed me back, hard, and held me there inches from my lips, still stroking it in front of me.

    I saw the first load of cum .Then I felt it hit my face, he was cumming gallons. Only three shots and it already covered half my face, but he wasn't done yet, he was still jerking it fiercely, another stream of cum hit my eye, another on my forehead. Yet he was still pumping his nig hose. Three more shots finished him off and my face was completely covered in cum. I went to wipe some of it off but he caught my hand and told me not to get dressed or clean myself off until he had left. Then he spun me around so I was facing the boxes again He chuckled, and leaned down to my ear and whispered...

    I'm enjoying you boy, Cock sucker. Then he spanked my ass really hard with his hand.

    I will be seeing around boy he grabs his crotch; next time will have more fun. I know where you staying, with a devilish smiled as he walking out of the warehouse back to his county patrol car and drove away.

    I had his cum all over my face and I tried to lick as much as I could I sat there for some time. And wonder how he found me, could he been following me all this time...

    I didn't move for a couple of minutes the I stood up and pulled my shorts up. Kept my shirt off till I knew I got all the cum off of my face. I walked out of the warehouse and felt the nice hot sun beat down on my chest. I need to get a tan this year. So I walked to the barber shop, I stopped out side it and put my shirt back on. I could see there was one guy in the chair and no one was waiting so I went in.

    First thing uncle Ben said was, boy enjoying your self, I stopped to think of an answer, did officer Scott tell my uncle or is possible he knew what I was up too.

    Tom, this is my nephew Jeff who staying we my family this summer.

    Tom reached out his hand and shook my hand.

    Nice to meet you sir.

    I sat and waited in the chair, to see if uncle was ready for lunch or had something for me to do.

    Just then the coach Andy walked into the shop. Hi tom, Ben, hey there Jeff what's up.

    Not much just walking around town trying to get my bearings, uncle said I need learn where everything is at in town.

    Good idea, you should know where to go and not too son. Just then uncle started to get busy with some more customers.

    Ben if you like I can show Jeff around the town and we then can go over some wrestling moves

    Thanks Andy I appreciate it, I got my hands busy today, and I thought I could show him around some. Are you sure its no trouble. Jeff you go with him and do as you're told got it boy.

    Yes sir I will be on my best behavior uncle Ben.

    I follow Andy out to the street. We got into his truck. First he had shown me the library and the small grocery store and the only gas station and the school where Andy works.

    We headed out of town and too Andy's cabin.

    When we got to his place he said, follow me boy and keep up'

    Yes sir anything you say Andy

    As soon as we got into the house, do you want something cold to drink boy.

    Yes I like some cold water please.

    Andy got some cold water from the fringe and one for him self.

    Then Andy removed his t-shirt and I could see his smoothed v-shape formed chest that went to his crotch.

    We drank our water up and I put my glass on the counter in the kitchen.

    Let's get going we don't have all day you know.

    Yes, I'm ready to start. I said to my self wrestling with this hunk of a man should be interesting.

    We headed to the basement

    There was bench-pressed and mirrors on two of the walls. In once corner was a wrestling mat in one corner was a fireplace and a TV.

    I will get on all fours on the matt I talk you thru the basics.

    We started on the floor in the classic wrestler's stance. Andy was on all fours, with me on one knee, with my right arm over the his back and holding his right wrist. Since it was still summer, we were both in shorts. As I prepared to make my move, I noticed a strange stirring in my shorts. Andy counted to three and I was instantly focused on the match. We wrestled for a few minutes with no one getting the advantage at first. Then he managed to get my hip down and roll me on my back. As my shoulder hit the ground, I noticed Andy firm cock grinding into my thighs.

    We moved back to the starting position again, with Andy on all fours. This time I noticed that he wasn't wearing underwear. He just had athletic shorts. My cock was starting to get firm, especially when I rubbed my thigh against the back of his ass. Andy is physically larger. He has brown eyes and hair. He started growing way before me. He had a full chest of hair and hairy legs to match. I had yet to sprout any hair above my waist.

    One-Two-Three! While I was thinking about his underwear, he spun around and got the top position. My face went into the matt as he sprawled on top of me, with his knees on my shoulders and his arms holding my legs down. That time, I was sure his hard cock was grinding into my back as I put up a losing fight. As he climbed off me, I told him I had to piss he shown me where it was at to the bathroom. I didn't want him to see my aching hard-on, so I kept my back to him. Once in the bathroom, I took off my shorts, tried to piss through my hard-on and did everything I could to try to will this away. I was very turned on by his. I decided to go back to the match and see what will happen.

    When I walked into the room, Andy was sitting there on bench-pressed watching TV. I couldn't help but notice that his hard-on was stretching the front of his shorts. He asked if I was ready for round three. This time he would be on top. Since I was twenty pounds lighter than him, I said I didn't think it was fair. He told me I'd have to learn to wrestle from any position. As he lined up next to me, I clearly felt his cock against the side of my leg. Instantly, my hard-on returned. I put up a better fight that time, but not enough to win. Again face down, that time with his cock grinding into my ass and his chest on my back forcing me down.

    Finally, I was back in the dominant starting position, so I decided to surprise him. I leaned into him as I had each time before, this time I was getting turn on. He counted 1 -- 2, and then I reached back and yanked his shorts to his knees. His bare ass was up in the air for the world to see! I couldn't help but notice how much hair covered it. But that didn't stop Andy, He spun right around even with his knees stuck together by his shorts, grabbed me across the chest and threw me down on my back. I was laughing at him and he thought it was funny enough to chuckle, but I got no mercy. This time he lay across my chest, and used his free hand to take his shorts off. Then he held me down, while he spun his ass around and sat right down on my chest! "Think you're being funny, smartass?" Andy's fully erecting cock lying on my bare chest. I was mesmerized. Andy leaned forward over my head and let it fall on my face.

    Who's the champ? Andy asked with a devilish grin

    I stopped smiling and told him it was a joke and to get it out of my face. He slapped my cheeks with it his dick then moved off of me.

    You're on the bottom this time,

    He didn't move towards his shorts, he kicks them to across the room, just knelt beside me naked. I knew what was coming next.

    1 and 2!" and he yanked my shorts off, exposing my bare, somewhat tanned ass to the fresh air.

    I see you like to sun bathe Jeff.

    Yes I do and do it when ever I can

    He looked and me and licked his lips.

    I was an easier target this time I just lay their on the matt. He told me to get on all fours boy and do it quickly

    He wasted no time I jumped into position; he mounted me from behind, face into the matt and ground his 10 inch hard cock into the crack of my ass.

    Better relax boy it will be easer on your self if you just relax boy. Enjoy the ride, best just relax and go with the flow

    I no longer tried to fight him; it felt so good right there. We struggled with each other for a few minutes, but both of us were enjoying this too much to fight hard. He left me enough of an opening to roll over on my back. Then our hard cocks were grinding against each other.

    He looked at me and asked if I was enjoying myself. Andy than said boy for your first time, wrestling wasn't so bad was it kid.

    He moved up to my chest again. This time, he lowered his cock right onto my mouth. I didn't hesitate to open it and take in his cock.

    It was just so hot and I was so turned on

    He then told me to sit on the floor while he sat on the couch, and then I knelt down in front of him. I was able to get his entire ten inch uncut cock into my mouth. Andy's cock was thicker than mine, about five and a half inches longer then me.

    I sucked it with gusto, using my tongue up and down the shaft, stopping every so often to lick and suck his balls.

    Oh yes son work on that meat.

    He grabbed my head and forced more cock into my mouth, he gave no warning when his dick started throbbing and spewing cum into my mouth and throat. I had tasted many men's seed before and even my own cum; his was salty and slimy and different, but not too bad.

    He leaned back on the bench-pressed and told me that I had just given him his best blow job in along time. He said it was far better than any time he jerked himself off or his ex-wife could ever do.

    I stayed on the floor looking up to him, my cock pointing to the basement's drop ceiling. Without a word, he pushed me to the floor spread my legs my leg and started sucking my cock.

    Oh yes suck my cock coach, your getting me so turn on.

    Pre-cum was already leaking from it when he started. His tongue was working over time on my hard shaft,

    Mmm, keep this up I'm going to shoot my load in your hot mouth sir. I was so hot and hard it took only a minute or two in his warm, wet mouth before the cum exploded out of me.

    Andy stood up boy you want a drink,

    All I could do was nod my head.

    Jeff went to the fridge, grabbed us each a soda and walked back into the wrestling room. As he came back into the room, his cock was already slightly hard.

    I had to smile that he a bare ass. And walked like a peacock strutting around the room.

    He asked if I had a problem with what we'd just done.

    I said, "Hell, no sir!

    When I told him it was the best cum I'd ever had, he laughed. I damn near gagged on it. It was like chugging a whole can of soda in one shot.

    Up for another match boy?

    I knelt down in front of his growing cock and started sucking and licking his balls, they were much hairier than mine.

    He stepped forward wanted to fuck your ass.

    For sure to get a chance to have your ten inch uncut up my hole, hells yes bring it on coach.

    He disappeared upstairs and returned with a handful of rubbers and some KY. Rubbers or no rubber boy

    Rubbers please sir

    Good choice boy

    I got on all fours and stick my butt up in the air facing him. He lubed my ass with the KY and his two fingers. It felt so good, that my hard-on returned immediately.

    Andy slid the rubber over his fat cock, he knelt behind me. He entered me very slow at first; the pressure was so hot incredible; I had to concentrate on what he was doing so I could relax my ass muscles, so he would not tear me up inside. Finally, he got his fat head popped into me.

    He whispered into my ear .That's it son relax and enjoy it, I know I will. He was now sweating like a pig and so was I.

    Slowly, he slid the rest of his cock into my hole. My face was pushed into the floor and I couldn't see anything.

    Every sensation I had was focused on his cock sliding in and out of my ass. He started working it faster and faster.

    I would try to squeeze him with my ass muscles, but I couldn't feel anything but his rock hard dick. My cock just kept rubbing against the floor and getting more and more sensitive

    Oh yes give it to me don't hold anything back, I want your hot cock to explore and conjure my hole. I could feel his veins on his dick rub the side of my sphincter

    Boy you have such a hot ass, he bend down and kiss the back of my neck. I could feel his breathe on my neck and that sent me into space.

    Andy pushed deep into me and I felt the throbbing sensation of his cum shooting into me. At the same time my own cock shot a load of cum all over the floor.

    Andy fell on to me we became one, we lay on our sides on the floor, his massive dick was still in side of me even after he dick went soft. He kept rubbing my chest with on hand and the other rubbed my head and neck.

    Son that was so hot, I not cum like that in years most can't take my big dick, in the mouth or ass like you can. I mostly have to be satisfied with a hand job. But not you sweat hot stud. I wish you could stay with me and have hot passionate sex all the time.

    Andy's hot cum was now leaking out of my ass, son I hope you come back for some more lesson in wrestling

    Sure will but you have to pick me up for now. I don't know if uncle is going to let me use his truck or one of his horses.

    When his dick finally fell out I missed it all ready.

    We got into a sixty-nine position

    I took off his condom, I reach over and we sucked each other cocks clean.

    Then Andy turns around and came up to my face and lies on top of me and straddles me and kissed me deep and long.

    Thank you Jeff for taking my ten inch dick up your hot ass, not many can you know. Then kiss me again.

    We better get you cleaned up before I take back to your uncle. Don't think he would be happy to know I just fucked your ass. Little did he know uncle had my ass before?

    So Andy helped me off the floor.

    We walked to the shower which it had four shower heads; it was tiled wall to wall like the ones you see in a locker room. It even had a bench next to the showers; on it was a stack of towels at one end of the bench.

    I wanted to have a feeling that you are in a locker room.

    Andy got under one of the shower and took the one next to him.

    Jeff before you get dress and head for the barber shop I wants you to try some thing on after we take our shower.

    Sure what it Andy.

    You have to wait till we get clean up boy. Andy handed me bar of soap, boy you better make sure you don't miss anything. He went back to washing his chest and crotch. Andy was a host and didn't try any thing again. Just acted like I was just two guys taking a shower. Andy finished first and dried off and left me in the shower.

    When I was done I picked up a towel and dried off. Andy walk up to me what I thought was just a towel but it was not it was a white singlet wrestling out fit.

    Try it on son and let's see how it fits you.

    I put my towel on the bench and slipped it on.

    It fit nice and snug to my smoothed body.

    Come and see you're self in the mirror boy.

    I walk back to the rec room and saw my self in the mirror I could see ever nook and cranny and the out line of my dick and balls. They stick out like two ripe lemons and a banana

    Jeff can you do some thing for me, your picture in the singlet and you can keep it.

    Sure why not like your taking nude pictures of me. I said to my self it's a free country.

    Andy went up stairs to get his camera while I check my self out more; the singlet didn't cover my upper body that much only two straps cover that part of me. I love the feeling of this material against my body and m nipples are rock hard and my dick seems to like it too by growing rock hard.

    Andy came back and had his camera ready; he was wearing his shorts and shirt by this time.

    Jeff stands by the fireplace and put your foot on the rock there. I did as I was told I knew my dick was rock hard by this time.

    Thanks Jeff for letting me takes some pictures of you.

    No problem and thanks again for the singlet Andy.

    Just put my shorts on and shirt and wear it under my clothes.

    Cool sound great to me. So I put on my clothes and we

    Jeff want anything to drink before we leave, I smile and lick my lips. Fine right now thank for asking.

    We better get back to your uncle before he gets worried.

    Andy I hope some time you can show me some more moves that I might need to learn more move.

    Sure just let me know when and I try to arrange some time with you Jeff.

    Dam I didn't think it was this late, its going on 2pm, we better be getting you back to your uncle, he's must be wonder where you at Jeff.

    We got back into his truck and started down the dusty road.

    I told Andy for working on the farm and helping out I be getting about twenty dollars a week or so, this way I have some spending money to spend.. Andy handed me a piece of paper and I put in my pocket, Jeff that my number call any time.

    Thank I keep this were I wont forget Andy, I did enjoy my self.

    Andy could we stop by uncle place so I could put the singlet away for now, I enjoy wearing it but I don't want uncle to find it just now.

    Sure thing son it's out of the way but I understand.

    We pulled up to uncle place and I got out and striped right there at the truck. I could tell Andy was enjoying me strip in front of him. I placed my clothes on the seat. When I got to the singlet I slowly let the straps fall down and played with my nipple. All of a sudden I stepped out of the singlet and played with my dick and balls.

    Andy looked like he was hypnotized by my body. I stood there for a while and got my dick hard. Then I put my shorts back on and then my shirt.

    I will be right back. I ran to the back of the house and stashed the singlet where I could hide it.

    When I returned to the truck Andy had been waiting for me on the passenger side leaning against the side of the truck. I saw his big dick tent in his shorts.

    Jeff I could use a little help boy as he grabbed his dick.

    He smiled; I took off my shirt and shorts

    No problem coach, always glad to help another man out. I pulled his short down and he took off his shirt.

    Oh yes take care of it son, as he rubbed my bald head and back.

    Mmmm, licking his shaft up one side and down the other the dive on to his dick and take more then half of his dicks down my mouth.

    Jeff in school every one called me horse, and

    Boy I love it when your warm moist mouth around the head of my cock working your tongue under it's partially my retracted foreskin.

    Andy's hips began to move while holding my head trying to push his cock deeper into my mouth. I pulled my head back to keep my tongue on his cock head.

    I was in control of this blow job, not him and I decided that liked it that way. I kept kneading the muscles on his ass the entire time I worked on his cock.

    I then have shoved his finger up his hot ass

    Andy finally let his load down my eager mouth I was sure it would drown by his hot cum, but I drank it all down and seemed to want more. I kept sucking on the head of his dick, licking the slit, and squeezing my nuts until I fed him a second load. I'd had multiple orgasms before form guys but that close together and even though his balls must be aching I couldn't get enough of his.

    I was actually disappointed when he pulled his dick out of my mouth which was just as hard as it had been when he'd started.

    He kept his hands clasped behind his neck. For some weird reason I couldn't understand at the time, I felt I had to wait

    I was still on my knees, I shaking and moaning.

    I had cum running down my chin, dripping onto my beautiful smooth chest

    I just licked my lips clean and smiled at him. Then any reached for red handkerchief from the glove box, used it to wipe the mixture of saliva and cum from his hard, twitching cock. I winced when the linen touched the extremely sensitive head but, he groans and kept on cleaning it until he was satisfied.

    His hand moved to the small of my back, just above the spot where my ass-crack begins to put run his finger long my hole.

    I spread my legs wider to accommodate him. I couldn't take my eyes off the strangely erotic scene in front of me.

    Boy you got a fine ass there were going to have to work on your move son. I can teach you move, you never heard of Jeff.

    I would love to have you teach me some new moves Andy, maybe work some way of pay or work the lesson off.

    We find a way boy and smiled at me, be better be going son don't want to have your uncle worrying about you.

    Sir your right I should be more thoughtful of my uncle and should always let him know where I am at.

    We both quickly got dressed and headed into town.

    We arrived at the shop and uncle was sitting in the chair reading his newspaper. He look up, son did you enjoy having Andy here show you around.

    Yes Sir Andy was very nice of him to take me around town and show me around. Thank you again Andy for a nice ride and hope you can teach me some wrestling move soon.

    No trouble at all, Andy looked at the clock on the wall, need to go talk to you both soon. With that Andy was gone.


    I sat down in the chair across from Uncle Ben.

    Son I know that there not much for you to do around a small town like this one, when your use to a larger city.

    Yes it true that it's slower pace here and I can see why dad wanted to move to a big town, but I think it cool here, it's nice to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the city. But I finding out I like it here and I know I going to like it here.

    Jeff you missed lunch son what were you two doing if I had to ask. Grins on both are face

    Andy was showing me some wrestling moves and gave me a singlet which I dropped off at the farm on the way back. I didn't want to have to carry it around or didn't want it to get lost or dirty sir.

    Jeff why don't you go and get your self a bit to eat, I am here. Its two now and I bet you have not eaten yet.

    No sir, I am getting a bit hungry.

    You go down the cafe; here is five dollars get a small bite to eat and don't fill up on food or soda. Make sure you back here by four and stay out of trouble son.

    Yes sir I will be good, I can promise that much, I had a devilish smile on my face. So I was off to the corner cafe to get a light sandwich

    The cafe was not busy at all just a couple locals drinking coffee at the other end of the cafe. I sat in the corner so I could watch everyone who entered the place. I sat with my leg spread apart so all can see my dick make a tent...

    Max came to my table and asked what I wanted. I told him uncle said not to get filled up with food or soda and asked him what I should do. He saw my dick tent out my shorts and looked around.

    Can I get some cool water please, I very parched, and I need something to quench my thirst.

    It only took a couple seconds for Max to get my drink and then he sat across from me. How do you like our small town?

    Cool, most are very friendly here not like in the city. I don't have many friends at home just some buddies I mess around with. I flashed my devilish smile.

    Max I like to ask you something and you don't have to answer if it's too personal.

    Sure Jeff asks away.

    Are you married or not, if so do you have any kids.

    I paused then asked another question

    What or where do one find some action around here I know, it's the Bible belt and all, I do go to church but not that straight laced , I do like to have some fun. I suck on the straw like I was sucking on a cock. I wait for a reaction.

    I could see Max think of a good answer, and his body shifted around a bit. I was married for five, we did have a son but he was killed in a car accident with his mother. That was ten years ago, the cafe keeps me busy. Would you like to see some pictures of them? You reminded me of my son.

    Sure cool love to see some pictures. I took a big drink of my cool water.

    Max got up and walked over Alice and told her to hold down the fort I'm going up stairs if you need me. Then Max walk back to my table

    Jeff let's go we can get to my place thru the kitchen so we headed thru the kitchen and up some stair and Max unlock the door at the top.

    Come on in son sit and take a load off.

    Max went into his kitchen to get us some I tea. I sat on the couch and waited for Max to return. With the tea and s photo album and sat next to me.

    Max opens the album and started with pictures of him as a teenager in high school. Pointed out one pictures of him in his football uniform.

    Max you were a hot looking guy back then and still are as he flipped the pages, the next one was him the marines during the war. There was some of him with just his pant on. I could see he was well developed. Another with him naked washing guys back, taking a shower all soaped up, and including a hard on if a full front.

    Dam you look like a god in this one.

    Max was you a body builder?

    Yes I was, I started at age fifteen and kept it up till I got out of the service and before I open the cafe. With that he turns to some pictures of him in just posing shorts. I was right he was a packing a big basket back then and one pictures shown his dick outlined. Then there was this one picture of him at a tournament with another guy and they were hugging each other and one with them him around each others waist and both had hard on.

    Max I hope some day I have a body like yours. Do you still compete?

    No, don't have time and I'm out of shape.

    Don't think that I bet you look great.

    No I don't Jeff, I'm too old.

    No your not I bet If you put on your posing strap or o what ever you call it you know I'm right. You will never know unless you try Max.

    Yes I will I got them still. Use them as underwear.

    Will you show me now, please, I would love to see what you look maybe you can help do a work out or something.

    With that Max went to his bedroom, he came back just in his white posing strap. And started to do some posse for me right there in the living room.

    Max you look like just as good as you do here in this pictures. Can I try one of them on to see what I look like?

    I don't know Jeff.

    Please let me try one on. I had swim suits that had less skimpy than that.

    Max went to the other room and came back and handed me one that was shear. Here boy try this one on.

    I stood up and striped off my shirt

    Boy you can use the bathroom.

    Max I seen man naked and I know you have. So if it's ok with you I just take a second to put it on. Before he could say another word I kick off my shoes and dropped my shorts and he saw I was not wearing any underwear. And slipped on the posing strap before he could blink...

    I could see in his eyes he was a man in lust, and by the way his dick sprang to life.

    Well Max what do you think am I built for it or not. I groped my basket and saw his mouth dropped open. I walked up too him and slowly massage his basket.

    At first he started to push me a way but I would not let his balls go. Son we shouldn't be doing this, I know your uncle.

    So what let him get his own?

    Son we cant do this.

    Why I said as I massage his dick to leak some pre-cum. You can say I forced my self on to you and you were cornered. I started to rub his chest with one hand and pull his posing strap down with the other.

    Max just frozen in place, started to moan. Oh yes that feels good.

    I was on my knees and sucking his basket in my mouth. My tongue worked over time. I reach around and played his back door and found the key to his excitement. I looked up at him.

    Can we go to your bed and explore some of your finer point max. I looked up at my standing stud--he was dripping pre cum from his throbbing hard muscle between his legs. I figured he was aroused by what we were doing,

    Max nodded, I got up and he took me by my hand and led me too his king size bed with post at eat corner.

    Wicked I said, bet you are kinky too. You can have at least five guys in this bed and still have room to get tied up in.

    Max led me to the right side of the bed and pulled my posing strap down to the floor, you can claim them when you leave. Jeff ever since you stepped into my cafe with your uncle I can't stop thinking how hot and sweet you are.

    I reach and pull his meat free for his posing shorts; he nine inch cut fell free

    I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I was mesmerized with the flow of his glistening skin over his taught muscles. God, I would do anything he wanted, this town is load with hot horny men. We sat on the edge of the bed looking over each others bodies.

    As I began to feel him up and get to know every inch of his dick, he watched every move I made. Finally I began to stroke him with one hand as I played with his balls with the other.

    Max moan with deep low whisper ohh yes, ohh yes that's it Jeff. It's been a long time.

    I began to work on his dick with my lips and tongue. I kissed and licked it all over. It took me a while to relax my jaws enough to take his fat dick in my mouth. In a few minutes I was sucking that big thing like there was no tomorrow. I would look up and he was still watching every move I made

    I put my hand down at the base of his nine inch dick. Not wanting him to shove that big thing down my throat all at once at least not this moment, he tried to pull away but my mouth was on it.

    I squeezed his dick a little harder and held on to him and he finally realized that I wanted him in my mouth.

    My head bobbed up and down on his musky shaft.

    Finally he lay down on the bed and put his hands are hide his neck and closed his eyes to enjoy his new found luck.

    Oh yes that's it boy take my dick and suck it good, oh yes that's it.

    I could feel Max's dick throbbing in my mouth each time I dove on it. I enjoy having a dick like Max's and know I'm giving him the pleasure of a life time. I kissed and licked and sucked every inch of his crotch.

    You're very good at this Jeff, where did you learn to do this.

    I took one hand and started to play with my balls

    All too soon I was swallowing his thick salty cream. I held it in my mouth as he shot load after load in my mouth until it went soft in my mouth.

    Dam boy you so hot, I not shot a load like that in year's boy.

    I lay on my back as we caught our breaths on his bed.

    As I lay next to max he rolled over to his side and saw my dick standing straight up.

    Max rubbed my chest and took some of his leaking cum and put it on my dick. Then straddled my chest and I could feel his dick and balls lay on my smooth chest. So of Max's cum leaked over my chest and he rubbed it into my nipples. It felt so hot.

    Max then reached around to keep my dick rock hard. Slowly he sat on my dick. At first I could feel my dick slowly push his cheeks apart then my dick found his rose bud. I then felt the pressure on my dick head push thru his spinpnkeer

    That's it max sit on sit on it all the way.

    Max slowly sit on my dick, he rocks back and forth and goes deeper each time. Max's hole is tight and feels great.

    Your dick feels so good in my hole. I haven't had one in a long time; I hope you do me some more Jeff.

    By this time I was shooting my load up his ass.

    Oh yes boy let it rip, fill me up and yes, yes that's it boy.

    Max bent down to kiss me on the lips, when he did that my dick fell out of his hole, cum leaked out on my crotch and stomach. Then laid down next to me and held each other. I looked at the clock it was 3:35,

    Max I need to clean up now, I have to be back at the barber shop by four, I don't want uncle to worry.

    Max got up and took my hand, we got into the shower. Max washed me like a baby. I was hot being washed for head to toe by some one I just met today. When I was done being washed and rinsed off I washed max body I thought it was only fair to do him. When done with the shower, I toweled off and max did the same. I went to get my clothes and max handed me two pairs of posing straps, the one I wore and the pre-cum one he was wearing.

    I thought you like mine to remember our time together.

    Thanks, I hope you can finish showing me your photo album.

    I put his pre-cum short on and got dressed, max put on the one I wore.

    I let you have these later when you return to see the rest of my picture album Jeff, I smiled at max. Looked at the clock and it read 3:55, dam.

    Max I need to go I doesn't want to be late.

    Go Jeff and we talk later son, and gave me a kiss. Max took me to his back door that leads down to the alleyway.

    I walked down the alley too the street and walked around the corner too uncle barber shop. He had a customer still in his chair. I let out a big breath; I was relief that he was still busy. I open the door and sat in a chair and looked at a magazine. I looked at the clock and it read four fifteen.

    How's that, as uncle Ben turned the chair to face the mirror so his customer see what he looked like.

    That great, with that uncle took off the cape and pay uncle.

    Jeff would you sweep up please I need to do something. And uncle locked the door and put the closing sign out, then walked to the back room.

    I did as he asked and asked if I was ready to get something to eat.

    I'm starving.

    Me too son, let go to the cafe and get a bit there.

    Cool uncle lets go. So we headed to the cafe. I handed the money uncle gave me earlier I told him I didn't need it and was waiting for dinner time to eat. We got the booth I had earlier. Alice was gone but max waited on us; the place was not busy at all.

    Max handed us the menus and asked what we will like to drink. I looked at max with a big smile and he smiled back.

    I take an ice tea with no lemon please.

    You Ben what do you want to drink; uncle smiled at me and then said ice tea with lemons. Please

    Coming right up you guys. Max was back in a flash with our drinks.

    I told max I have ham sandwich, cup vegetable soup and crackers.

    And you Ben

    I have a BLT on wheat and chips. Then we handed the menus to max.

    Not too long pasted max brought our diner to us. Thanks we both said then ate just looking at each other and smiling at each other.

    We finished are dinner and max came up to us

    Max said would either of you want any dessert, I have some nice Ice cream or cream pie today.

    Were is the restroom sir

    Max, Jeff it's around the corner too the right.

    Thanks I got up and found the restroom and found the urinal I pull the front of my shorts down, started to piss. Oh yes that feels so good. I heard the door closed and it was max too the urinal next to me and unzipped his pants.

    Max moan with relief he was not hiding his dick at all. After finishing he started to stroke it and get it rock hard. See boy what you done to me now my dick wont go down the minute I saw you come in I got a hard on, lucky my pants are baggy. He smiled at me and laughed.

    I smiled and laughed too. I have to go don't want uncle keep uncle waiting. Just then uncle walked into the men room.

    There you are Jeff wonder if you fell in but I see you're in good company may I join you two. Ben went to the toilet and pisses a blue streak. Ben washed his hands and turn to us. When you get done I will be at the table. Max acted like nothing was going on. It was thrilling to be walked on and almost be caught in the act. Max just smiled.

    Go son we hook up later and I show you my photos some time soon.

    I got back to the table, sorry I was so long. I had to piss a blue streak.

    I'm glad you're making some friends Jeff, max is a good guy he tends to keep to him self.

    Yes he is a nice guy, just need to have some one talk too. He must get lonely working so many hours.

    That what you pay for running a business son little time for the pleasures in life. You need to get out and have some fun each day Jeff. .

    Do you want any dessert you two. I looked at Max's crotch and so did Ben.

    I don't think so max, at least not for now. Just the check, max handed Ben the check, we got up, Ben put a five spot on the table.

    How was your meal max said with a devilish grin?

    Just great I said and looked at the bulge in his pants.

    Uncle handed max the money, max seem you might just have a new buddy here just smiled at both of us.

    Come again with a delish grin on his face.

    As soon as I got in the truck I took of my shirt and was glad to feel the sun and wind on my nipples. Uncle took off is shirt as well. We rode in the truck listing to country music.

    When we got to the farm uncle stopped and got the mail. We drove too the barn where he parked the truck.

    Boy you get to the chicken coop, water and feed them while I change my clothes and put the mail way.

    I went to barn to get the feed for the chickens and strip off my short and posing strap and put short back on. I put the posing strap were I could get it later. Then water and fed the chickens.

    Uncle came out in a very skimpy pair of black shorts, dam he looked hot in them. Uncle I'm finished with the chickens, do you need with the horses...

    Uncle strip off his shorts and got one of the horses ready, son take them off were going to the pond.

    I stripped off my shorts uncle took them form me.

    Get on the horse son, I got on. I felt the bare back of the horse next to my skin. Then Ben got on behind me, I could feel his hard dick poking me in my back, it rubbed up and down while we rode the horse. The feel of his skin next too mine is such a turn on and his arm around me if felt so secured. I had a rock hard dick. I was hoping to not shoot it over the horse.

    When we got to the pond he got of first then helped me down to the ground. Uncle took the horse to the corral to eat and drink. I went into the shed to get some suntan lotion so I would not burn, I started to get a tan already but don't want to burn.

    Here son let me put that on your back and you can do me. He takes the bottle and put some in his hand. Remind me son to get more lotion tomorrow. We were covered in lotion and headed to the deck. Ben grabbed a couple of towels.

    Don't jump in just yet son, I turn and looked at him. I wonder why he wanted me to wait. So I waited at the edge of the deck. When he caught up rubbed my ass and smiled.

    Boy get on all fours I want some of that ass you been giving out today.

    I was shock he knew what I have been up too.

    I know these guys, with a devilish laughed your not the only one son. Now hit the deck and get your ass up in the air. Boy I know you better than you know you're self. Your more like your father than you know.

    He grabbed the oil and squirted what I thought was quite a bit on my ass hole as he rubbed the oil in I buried my head in my arms and mumbled that I was sorry.

    He kind of chuckled and continued massaging my hole my gasps of pain were slowly turning to lust my ass muscles were loosening up. You're just a slut boy and need to be taught a lesson. And I'm the one who is going to teach you boy. Fuck your dad was a cock whore. He couldn't get enough.

    I felt his fingers run down my crack following the trail the oil had made earlier. I gasped when his fingers ran across my asshole and gasped again as he rubbed some of the oil into my balls. He pulled his fingers back the same route, but this time lingered a bit, massaging around my butt hole. Every time his fingers caressed my tight pucker

    I let out another gasp and moaned when his finger roughly pushed for entry. I was at full hard by this time. My dick was between my stomach and the deck. At this point I was afraid that if moved or said anything he would get more pissed

    With one hand he cupped and squeezed and twisted my balls, the other would slip a three finger into my ever hotter asshole. He did this for what seemed a long time, dallying longer on each return stroking deeper, adding more fingers and each time

    Oh yes, yes sir, I'm a slut and should be treated like one. I started raising my butt higher, wanting more, and needing more. I wanted his cock instead of his fingers up my butt. I just lay there, gasping and moaning, willing to take anything he wanted to give me. I looked back and as he was fucking four fingers in my asshole. Dam I never had that many up there before.

    Take that boy, you horny cocksucker slut I know you been fucking around your cunt is full of man seed boy.

    Withdrew his fingers and shoved it into my mouth. Tastes the man seed boy, taste boy what you put in your ass, as it comes out you're your ass.

    He plunged his hard cock into my waiting hole. He had prepared my pucker well, so his 7 fat inches filled me without any pain. Instantly he started fucking me like a mad man possessed. Thrusting his cock all the way in then pulling almost all the way out, relentlessly battering my hot ass.

    Oh yes do what you want to me just use me and have your way with my ass .please fuck me I need cock I cant get enough of it. I moved to meet each thrust and each thrust brought us closer to orgasm. As he fucked, he reached around and grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it in time to his own thrusts.

    Faster and faster I shouted, his moans and grunts getting louder and louder.

    His cock started to shoot his seed far up my hot ass, feeding the flames as he fucks me deeper and harder. As he buried himself deep in my butt, I could feel his hard cock pulsing and twitching inside me. I clamped my asshole down on his kept fucking me with his massive dick

    His breathing is racing and sweating like a pig. I knew he was about to shoot his seed in me any second.

    Your hole is hotter then your old mans was when he was your age Jeff.

    Mm, oh yes that's the spot, fuck me harder man please, I need that cock of yours up in me. I just wanted him to fuck me, deep and hard and as long as he could.

    You got it cock sucker slut, with that he fucked me so hard he drove my body into the wooden deck.

    Take it you slut take all of my cum. That's it boy take it like a man.

    All of a sudden uncle shoot loads and loads of hot cum into my ass. His seed leaked all over the place I thought the dam had broken and I was going to get washed away. He fell on top of me. We both were hot and sweaty as pigs.

    Get up boy and clean my cock now. Ben stood up and had his dick in his hand.

    I got on my knees and took his cock; it had cum and shit on it. At first I looked at it, and then uncle took my head and forced his dick into my mouth.


    After I clean off his dick of his cum up and licked his balls to make sure they were clean.

    Boy you do a good job of cleaning off my dick son. With that he pushed me into the pond as he jumped in, splash.

    He swam up to me and grabbed me close, then kisses me very passionately

    Jeff I love you, we both need each other.

    I love you uncle, you're so hot and I need your cock in me, I can see why dad let you fuck him, and made him your bitch. Like you said like father like son, we both embraced each other in the pond.

    We swam around the pond for a while till the sun started to go down. We got out and went to wash off before it got too late. As we went to the side of the shed uncle and I showed each other before heading back to the barn. We got back on he horse still naked and rode him too the barn. Love the feel of his chest and dick rubbing my back as we rode the horse. When we got we stay naked and clean out the horse stalls and fed and water them. By the time we were thru we skunk like pigs in heat.

    I got on my knees and begged uncle to let me taste his musky balls and dick.

    Boy you are just like your dad he had to have my dick every time I was naked or had to take a piss. He held it one hand and guided into my eager thirsty mouth.

    That's it boy take oh yes that like daddies little cock sucker.

    I bobbed my head back and forth to meet each of his thrust into my mouth. Between both of us being hot and sweaty, the musky salty it made me want his dick more.

    That's it boy take it all down your throat, oh yes. Suck my cock

    And then I felt his cock throb and shoot out a warm forceful blast of cum, I tried to swallow but he held my head and shot again and again. His cum was thick and kind of tangy

    Then he shot his load in my mouth. I took it all and had a small bit dripping down my chin.

    Swallow it boy, Oh eat my load, oh man. That felt good

    The first blast hit the back of my throat, second and third was quick and powerful and hit the roof of my mouth. The fourth splashed across my tongue and the fifth and sixth slid down the back of my throat. After a couple of minutes, she slid his dick from my mouth and I kiss the head of it.

    I put his dick back into my mouth As I was trying to get him hard again and hoped for a second load, Ben pulled it out of my mouth save for some later boy.

    I quickly licked any excess cum off of his now soft cock and kissed it.

    Boy your mouth just is hot as your old man.

    Uncle pull me up by my armpit, boy lets get back to the house so I can tell you what your chores to do Tuesday its going to be a busy day for you son. We walked naked and had our shorts In hand.

    When we got into the house I was shown the washer and cleaning supplies.

    Boy you wash the clothes and hang them on the line, make sure you put the fabric softener in the rice cycle so the sheets and clothes are soft. Ben grabbed me by my dick and balls and walked me thru the house.

    Tomorrow hay is going to be delivered make sure old hay is brought down and stacked in barn, and new is stacked up top. Henry will be delivered, I want you help him with it boy and don't forget to do the coop and make sure the stalls are clean and fresh hay is put down also Wednesday is pick up for the manure. Only then you have your free time boy.

    Ben went to the ice box to get two beers. Ben rubbed the cold beer can against my chest to my dick and balls.

    I jumped at first when the can touched my sweaty body then was glad to feel something cool against me.

    Drink boy this take care of that thirst of yours.

    Ben handed me the beer. And stroked my sweaty hard sensitive nipples. Uncle finishes his beer then gets another one

    Uncle sat down in his leather chair watching some baseball on the tube. With his legs spread apart. Then the phone rang.

    Jeff get the phone can you get it for me boy as he drinks his beer down.

    Yes sir.

    Hello, can I help your

    Jeff is that you.

    Yes Aunt Sally.

    Yes Jeff, I hope you're taking care of your uncle for me.

    Yes Aunt Sally I am.

    Good to hear that, can I speak to him please.

    Sure hang on and I get him. I put the phone down and went to get uncle.

    He was grumpy and said something under his breath. So he talked to her for ten too twenty minutes.

    I fixed uncle and me some bologna sandwiches to go with our beer. I could see uncle finish his beer so I got another one for him I put uncles on a paper plate and waited for him to get off the phone. I handed him the beer and sandwich as he sat down. He didn't look so happy.

    Boy you forgot to put some miracle whip dressing on my sandwich boy. He handed me the sandwich and slapped me on my ass. Now go and put some on not too much you hear. He drank his beer like I was not there. I was wondering what happen on the phone with Aunt Sally???

    I came back with his sandwich, he open it up and just ate it and stared at the television. I sat on the couch were I ate my sandwich and drank my beer.

    Remember Jeff the Hay will be delivered by noon. I want the laundry done and house clean and don't for get to c Boys get me another beer.

    Uncle got up and turns the television off. Time for bed boy you got a long day ahead of you, Follow Me Boy Now.

    I did as told I could see he was upset about something and I didn't know if I had pissed him off or was it something Aunt Sally said to him. His dick was coming to life. I had an idea what was going to happen

    He took me into the bathroom, boy get in the tub and on your knees. As I looked up to him with his dick just inches from my mouth I wanted his dick no mater how I got it.

    Open that mouth boy, get ready for something new boy.

    He had my attention, than brought his dick head only inches from my mouth. I closed my eyes to cherish what he was about to give me. Then I felt it on my lips. It was not his sweet cum but his piss, it was bitter and salty. I was shocked to feel the warm piss on my face and body. I tried to get up but uncle had his hands on my shoulders and kept pissing on me and tiring to get into my mouth.

    Boy sit still and just enjoy it, you know you will do as your told boy.

    He was right I would do anything for him and my dad. I love them both and enjoy being with them.

    I looked up at him with a hunger in my eyes like I'd never had before. I knew exactly what he wanted of me and I was more than happy to give it to him. I smiled up at him and, while stroking my head with one hand, lifted his cock to my lips.

    I heard a moan come out of his throat from deep inside him, like some kind of desperate need that he'd never had satisfied before.

    I felt his cock head to my warm lips envelop I gently begin to suck on it and lick the piss-slit.

    Drink my fucking' piss! That's it, you hot son, and you drain my fucking cock of all that golden man piss.

    I just looked up and smiled at him as he rubbed my head and cheek.

    Boy you done so well, I don't mean to take it out on you, it seems you like it, don't you son like your old man does.

    Yes sir I enjoyed that sir, you can do what ever you want to me uncle I'm here for your pleasures.

    Now boy get on your back and piss on your self your bladder should be ready to let lose by now.

    I read about this in my dads magazines a couple of times and wonder about it. So I lay with my feet on the wall and I let lose. Hot warm liquid flows over my body and up to my face.

    Jeff shoots it in your mouth like I did boy.

    The hot stream shot up my chest too my face, I got some in it was different then uncle piss both salty and bitter. Mine tasted like corn chips. It was not bad at all. Would like to try this again real soon, I think I could love doing it. It so hot and I don't know why?

    Uncle turn the shower on it was cold water I started to say something but realized his foot was on my chest and held me in place.

    Where do you think your going boy, the water was ice cold. The water was a shock to my body I couldn't move with uncles foot on my chest and new not to say a word. Dad told me to do what ever uncle says.

    I love my uncle; I do enjoy bonding with him.

    He stepped in the shower over me, turn the water to a hot setting and start to take a hot shower, boy get up and wash me now and make sure you do a good job. I crawled between his legs and started on his feet with the bar of soap he had dropped on the shower floor. I worked my way up his leg and made sure I got his cock and balls clean with one hand and his ass with the other.

    Do be playing around there we don't have time. As he reach around too his ass to push my hand way from his hole. When I got to his chest he lean to my neck and started to kiss it and then bit me and gave me a hickey

    Boy you taste so good. As uncle kiss my chest and neck. Hmm son your so sweet, your one hot stud.

    I washed his body from his feet to his head, and then I made sure to get all the soap off him. Nice boy now it's your turn boy hands on wall and legs spread.

    Yes sir, I got up and assumed the position.

    Hold still boy Uncle scrubbed my body and not let up till I was clean. He scrubs my dick and balls then make me spread my ass cheeks so he can scrub them too.

    I never had scrubbed that way before. I felt clean and reborn.

    He told me to rise off and clean the shower before you come to bed and don't keep me waiting son. With that he slapped my ass and got out of the shower and dried off and dropped the towel on the floor as he left the bathroom.

    I dried my self off and quickly clean the bathroom up. I came to uncle's bed to find him lying on top of the bed with his legs spread apart and him playing with his balls.

    Jeff you clean the bathroom boy.

    Yes sir clean and every thing is in its place.

    I'm counting on you to help your aunt around the house boy. Come here boy and suck on this for a while before we go to sleep. Won't have many more times to do it, in the open when your aunt comes home in a couple of day's boy. I crawled between his legs and started to work on his dick. I started to lick the underside of his balls and take my time licking them. I didn't know if he could cum again or not. I was going to put my best effort into it.

    That's it boy suck the balls and roll them in your hot mouth. Oh yes that's it boy, oh yeas. Come here boy,

    I crawled up to his chest and started on his nipples, licking them at firs then chewing them. Always love big nipples to chew on. I could feel him stroking my body as I chewed on him.

    Uncle kisses the top of my shaven head. Boy you need another shave here. You have stubbles here boy. He takes me into his arms. Boy let get some sleep for now you worn me out you hot cock sucker bitch. He smiles at me and hold me tight to his muscular smooth body, we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

    Tuesday June 15

    Like ever morning since I have arrived at the farm. I was woken out of a dead slumber the sound of the rooster crowing had awakened me. Uncle turned on his back with no sheets covering his hot body. I studied Uncle Ben's naked form as I have the last couple of days; his broad shoulders, meaty chest sprinkled with dollar-sized nipples, and those smooth beefy legs spread. His eight inch cock just hanging here. I lay in bed thinking about what happen last couple of days and what was waiting for me the day ahead when aunt returned with the girls.

    Ben moving around in bed and faced me Uncle Ben with his dick poking me like an arrow. The sunlight was streaming in the windows like always. I just lay there for a few minutes just savoring the moment just looking at him,

    Ben roused me out of bed. We will have plenty of time for more ass play he gave me kiss on my neck then slapped my ass, get going boy.

    I started to go through my usual morning routine, but he stood at the sink and told me to get on my knees, time for your morning drink.

    I got on my knees and opened my mouth, he put his dick in that was semi hard and I closed my lips on it and he piss into my mouth. Then went back to his shaving his face and acted like nothing happen then got dressed grabbed a pair of shorts and shoes and headed for chicken coop. I fed them and water the chickens, as they eat I clean the coop up. I didn't have to collect eggs but I need to mark them each day with the date they were laid just I had done before.

    We headed back to the house to take a shower before he went to work.

    Ben got out of the shower and was drying off when brushed up against him; he gave me a kiss and a pat on my ass as I entered the shower.

    In the shower I just shaved my body top too bottom to keep the body smoothed. Some parts were hard but I knew I could get uncle to when I need it done. I dried off and took another piss and got some short one and a t-shirt

    After I dressed I went down stairs to the kitchen Ben was for me at the table. On the table was Milk, cereal toast.

    Boy you better get something to eat; it was going to be a long and hard day. We sat and ate our breakfast. Ben said he had a nice time, but he had to leave work and did not want to be late. Boy here your list for today, after you do what you are on the list. After that you will be free to do as you please, but he here when I get home at 5pm.

    I looked at the list it read:

    Do dishes and clean house (change sheets on all beds and clean bathroom).

    Do laundry and hang on line, don't forget to use fabric softer and put away.

    Help Henry with put old hay in stall in barn and put new hay in the loft

    Uncle finished his breakfast and kisses me on lips. Here is my number if you need to reach me at the shop. As he wrote it on the bottom of the list

    I gathered the laundry and the sheets from all the beds. I headed for the washer. I started with the whites first. While that was washing I did the dishes and vacuumed the down stairs. I strip off my shorts and did my cleaning naked. I put the fabric softener in the rinse cycle. When I finished the down stairs it was time to put out the wash, I put it all in a large basket, I then put the dark clothes in the washer while I took out the whites to be put on the line. It was nice to go naked out side knowing no one was around to see me strut around. I had all the whites on the line.

    Around 10 a.m.: Went back in to the house, to get the second floor done. So I can be ready when Henry shows up. Just finished putting fresh linen on the last beds. When I heard a horn blasting out side down by the barn, I looked out the window and saw a truck with a load of hay. I slip on some shorts and t-shirt that fitted me tight to show off my ass and basket. I went to barn to make sure it was Henry and not some one else.

    I got inside the barn I found this guy throwing hay down from the loft.

    Hello Henry?

    Yes, who are you.

    I'm Ben's nephew, Jeff. I was told you too help you with the hay.

    Henry climbed down from the loft, as he climbed down I could see Henry was in his forties. Short hair wearing jeans and a black shirt, looks like he has some muscles on him too, I could see his arms were very muscular. As he turned I could see he had a mustache.

    He reaches out his hand to give me a firm handshake. Glad to meet you Jeff, I'm Henry and I have been delivering hay to your family since I was a teenager.

    Cool then you know my dad as well.

    Yes your dad went out with my sister when they went to school together.

    Cool, I made a quickly checked him out.

    Jeff has you ever worked with bales of hay before.

    Sir, just help uncle move one or two.

    Henry smiled at my responds. You use this hook to grab the hay and move it. Like this Henry son, take the hook in each hand and stick it in the bale like this, tosses it over to the pile. Got it boy as Henry looks at me.

    Good see those hooks by the stall there.

    Yes sir.

    Get them and follow me up to the loft to drop the old pales down before we put new one up there.

    I follow Henry up the ladder to the loft and begin to throw the old bales down.

    We got all the old hay down on the ground in a pile then stacked them in a stall then it was time to put the new hay up in the loft. We were both covered in sweat and hay.

    Henry had the back of the truck to the entrance of the barn.

    Henry opens the door to the loft and uses an electric pulley system to get the hay up to the loft.

    Henry hooked the bales up and I pulled them in.

    Jeff just make a pile and when we get about ten or more I come up and show you how to stack them properly

    We did about two bales at a time. When we got the enough Henry came up and shown me the proper way so the hay can breathe and not cause a fire or mildew. The hay needs to breathe Man, you've got a good-looking butt," Henry said out of the blue. I didn't believe my ears at first, but then he kept on talking. Looks like a couple of ripe melons you got there boy.

    Thank you sir. You got a hot body too.

    So Henry showed me how to stack the hay. How much more do we have to do?

    We got at least forty more to go. Should take an hour or so just stack this row this way and when we need to start the next one I show you how.

    You do this by your self all the time.

    No usually I have a son work help me but he had to go too get another load ready and Ben said he would be here to help.

    So this went on for each row Henry would stop and show me how to lay the next row. This want on for about an hour or so.

    I was on the last row of hay when Henry came up to inspect the work I did in the loft. I still had five more to go before I was done. I kept working while Henry checked my work.

    Jeff lets see how you did. I stopped and took a breather and took off my shirt. Which was soaked with my sweat my smoothed chest and wiped my face, He looked around and check out the rows and said if I ever need a job just give him a call

    It was hot up in the loft and Henry took off his black shirt which was soaked in sweat. With his shirt exposing his tattooed chest snakes, and a dragon on his back. Jeff looks like you did a great job

    Nice tattoo Henry I see one comes out of your pants. Cool.

    Yes want to see it.

    Sure why not, I think guy with tattoos are hot looking and hope to get one someday.

    Henry dropped his pants to show me his tattooed snake on his legs, he was wearing a black bikini briefs. And turn so I could see the snake starts at his ankle and comes around the both legs around his waist and to his nipples.

    What kind of snake is it Henry.

    It's a python, it took me four years to get it done and he dragon took another two half years.

    That hot looking on you Henry. Where did you get it done?

    >From a dude in the next county, my folks were pissed at first then realized it was my body.

    I never had seen anything like this before. I stepped closer to see it more clearly. Do you mind It I take a closer look at them sir.

    Sure boy get as close as you like, but I got to warn you they do bite. He laughed as I came closer to inspect them. Each nipple was an eye for python with it tongue sticking out to each other. As I got closer I could hear his breathing pick up as I got closer to him, I could see his dick tent out and was soaked thru.

    Man, you've got a good-looking butt," Henry said out of the blue. I didn't believe my ears at first, but then he kept on talking. Looks like a couple of ripe melons you got there boy. Take them off boy and let me see your butt. Henry pushed my shorts down dick stick out at attention almost to hit him in the face. He stands and grabs his crotch, you have wanted this don't you not boy.

    All I could do was nod my head and look at his body.

    Come here boy closer.

    I step closer; Henry puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees then pushes my face into his black pouch I could see his dick get hard in his underwear. There I am on my knees with his crotch in my face and I was under his spell. I lean forward and started to chew on his black pouch and to get more of it. With me naked and on my knees in front of uncle's friend, and friend of the family my mind was blown away.

    I take his black underwear crotch in my mouth and nip at it.

    Your good at this boy are you not.

    I just looked at him and put my hands around his ass and buried my face in his crotch.

    I knew you were a cock sucker boy the moment I saw you starring at me

    He pulled out his balls of his black briefs and step out of his pants and underwear so I could better look at his cock. He guided my face to his cock and forced me to suck him. I could not do anything except use my lips and tongue. I swirled his juices around in my mouth, now tasting his pre-cum as well as the manly sweat from his balls his musk was heavenly to me. I thought I was doing a good job considering, but he pulled away and pulled me back up to my feet.

    He turned me around placed my head against the bale of hay, kicking my legs further apart. He firmly grabbed my ass, spread my buttocks apart once more and moved his finger down to my ass. He then put his finger up my ass. He pulled out and started to place the head of his wet cock near my crack to find my hole. Once he found it, he started to enter my hole. It hurt at first when he started to enter then he carefully let it slide right in.

    I jumped and started to yell but he put his leather glove over my mouth as he leaned into my body. He stopped his movements for just a short time then he started to move his hot cock in my aching ass. I was hurting at first but, as he moved, my ass was becoming accustomed to his entry. I tried to relax as he kept shoving in and out. I held on for dear life since I had no choice but to let him have me. I was excited once again and my cock started to get hard as he pulled on my cock as he fucked me. That's it boy take my cock, I knew you wanted badly. He was now building up a faster rhythm and I backed in to my intruder to satisfy him. I could feel his cock starting to swell and then he lunged several times into my tender hole and started releasing his manly sperm deep into my ass hole. Here it comes boy take it, yes does it feel as hot is you make me boy, you like being fuck in that hot hole of yours boy. Yes I do need cock up my hole sir. I was beginning to enjoy it now but it would soon come to an end. He held his cock in me as he jacked off my throbbing cock until I shot my load all over the bales of hay and floor. Some of it even splattered on his booths. I almost fell on the lofts floor in pleasure. Just trying too catching my breathe He pulled his cock out and I could feel him rub it against my cheeks. He turned me around again as I fell to the floor with my legs now crossed. I was eye level with his cock. He took his cock and forced it back into my mouth. Clean off my cock, you cock sucking, ass hole. I licked his cock and balls until that they were clean then he forced me to take it all the way and held me there. Take it boy and make sure you clean it good. I was having trouble breathing, I couldn't catch my breathe too well so he released me. I came up for air and noticed his cock was ready to go again. He started to pump his cock into my mouth again and I gladly received him. Then he gasped and came again in my mouth. I lost control of his cock and it came out of my mouth and the rest of his cum splattered on my face and lips. I continued to lick off the remainder of his cum and milk down his cock his cock. He stood there for a while then stepped back He looked down at his boot where some of my cum had splattered from my orgasm. He looked angry with me, took my head and forced it down. You are fucking punk. You came on my boot. Now you have to lick it off and shine that boot with your tongue. Now get to work. Sorry sir didn't mean too as I looked up to his face. Clean them now and make sure you get ever drop of your nasty cum boy. I started licking his boot to get the cum off him his boot with my tongue. He seemed pleased as he pulled me back up again, this time He pulled me up once again and leaned into me hard as we fell against the bale of hay where he planted a tongue sucking, lip biting kiss on me. Mm boy your so hot, and suck a good cock sucker too. I laid there exhausted. You are not through yet, punk. Get back on your knees and take my cock back into your mouth. Yes sir anything you say sir. I did as he commanded; knowing what was in store for me next. I place his soft cock back into my warm mouth and started to move it back and forth to get it hard again to let him cum. He grabbed my head and held it down on him until my teeth hit the cock ring. I was aware then what he was going to do. He held me on his six inch cut cock as I felt a warm stream of his piss entering my mouth. I immediately locked onto his dick and not wanting to lose any of his piss. He knew who was in control of me and he knew it. I took a deep breath as his warm sweet piss was going down my throat. I started to swallow and let it trickle into my mouth. It wasn't as bad as I had uncles yesterday. In fact I found it quite exciting being used Henry he is such a hunk. He squirted one last trickle then released my head. By this time I was slurping away at his piss slot. I looked up at his handsome face as he looked down at me in approval. See, punk, that wasn't so bad. I was just having some fun with you. Now one more thing before I leave." I was holding on to his hairy balls and licking at his cock. He quickly turned around with his tight butt cheeks staring into my face. He leans over bale hay. He takes my head and guided it to his musky sweaty ass and pulling his cheeks apart, guided my face into his ass. His body still had the musky scent of his masculine body. I was turned on to him once again. There is something about a man's body that gets my hormones stirring. I gladly took his butt cheeks, and licked my tongue up and down his hairy butt crack. He slightly bent over to give me better access to his butt hole. Sir you got a hot ass here and mmm I will lick it clean for you. I searched for his sweaty butt hole with my tongue while parting his butt. I used my tongue in a circular pattern to maximize the taste. I wanted to eat his ass and eat it well. He sighed slightly and then started to manipulate his cock as I found his hole. It was tight and had the scent of manly sweat and leather. I shoved my face into his butt and licked him fast. I wanted him to feel that as good as he had made me feel earlier. He smelled so hot and tasted so good. Mm man your driving me crazy with your ass.

    I started to jack off once again as I lick his ass. My cock had once again come to full length. He started to cum again and turned quickly around and shot his second load of cum all over my face. Take it boy, you deserve it boy. I'm about to cum again boy. He shot all over me as I opened my mouth to lap at the stream of man sperm spattering my face. I licked at it as it run down my cheeks and into my mouth. You sure did cum a lot sir. It was great, sir your so hot. He paused then rubbed the last of his cum from his cock on my right cheek as I drained. I scooped up the rest of his cum with my fingers into my mouth Yeah boy you're definitely a true cock sucker. That was so hot. He walked to his clothes were and got dressed. He climbed down and went to his truck. I was still trying to catch my breathe lying on the bale of hay when he yelled up to the loft. Jeff I need you to sign this work order so I can get going.

    I put my shorts and shirt back on I had wet spots where my cock touch the fabric. So I climbed down to Henry.

    When I walked up to Henry he acted like nothing had happen, he was polite but.

    Jeff thanks for the help with the hay.

    No problem thanks for showing me how to stack them. I looked at the sheet I see uncle was charged for the time he was here stacking and arranging the bales of hay.

    Tell your uncle let me know when he needs his next load of hay. And son thanks you for your help. You made my job much easier this time. He smiled at me and walks to his truck and was gone in a cloud of dust.

    I knew I need to take a shower before I took the laundry down. No need to get them all dirty and soiled again. So I striped off my clothes and thru them into the last load of clothes. It was going on 1pm and I better get cleaned up. So I headed up to the bathroom for another shower. I went into my duffle bag and pulled out my black dildo that dad bought me last month and a bottle of KY It was eight inches long and two inches wide with balls as a handle.

    I went to the uncle bed and got on all fours and put some KY on the tip of the dick head. Then pushed it in my hole. I need some thing up there badly since I didn't have anyone to poke my hole. I had to take care of my needs for a dick in my ass. I push the dildo between my ass cheeks and pushed in past my fuck hole. As soon it was in if felt at home and happy to have a cock up my ass even thou it was a rubber one.

    Oh man it feels so good to had something in me. I need cock don't care who's it is long or where I get it, I need to fill my hole.

    I again push the large dildo into my ass. I forced it all the way into my butt I felt a surge from dildo enter my body through my ass. My body accepted it and craved it, increased then pace until of the dildo and my cock came to life it was hard as a rock and yet I didn't want to cum yet. The dildo was forced in and out of my naked ass and with each inward thrust, the pleasure increased in my body and cock. I could still feel my throbbing in my anus after about hour of pushing it in and out.

    My God, I knew...I am in heaven. I have never felt so full in my life. Cock was rock hard and I had not touch it yeti was shoving the dildo in and out as fast as I could. I came to believe I was addicted to dick I am a true male pussy.


    I lay on the bed totally horny from my self fucking with my dildo. I looked at the clock and saw it was getting late and I was going to get my work done I need to take a quick shower. So I kept the dildo in my hole and went to lie on the floor so I could piss on my self before I showered. I let the warm flow of my piss to shoot over my chest and face. Was trying for my mouth but missed it.

    I pulled the dildo out of my ass, as I pulled it out I felt a loss and emptiness. I never realized how much I needed dick so much till this point. I don't care how I get it I will have me needs taken care of. I turn the shower on and let the water flow over my smooth body. I took an enema while I was in the shower, killing two birds with one stone.

    I rinsed up and dried of and headed down to the washing machine and put the final load in and sat naked at the kitchen table to make my self a soda and ham sandwich. When I was done I clean my mess and decided to lie on the couch and relax. I must have fallen an asleep.

    I felt some a hand on my smooth naked chest and they brushed my nipples. I smiled and I thought it was uncle who comes home. To my surprise it was not uncle but Billy from next door. He was standing over my naked body with a big smile on his face. He had no shirt on just his bib overalls.

    Jeff didn't mean to wake you but I brought a couple of pies I made today. I knocked but you didn't answer so I came in, I hated to wake you. I also wonder if you can do me a favor, I need an extra pair of hands tomorrow. I was wondering if you mind giving me a hand.

    Oh hi Billy would you like something to drink. I didn't try to hide my naked body for him. I figure he already seem me naked already I got nothing to hide. And it seems he didn't mind or care that I was naked. I could feel my muscles hurting me.

    Yes I like some ice tea if you had some Billy just smiled at me.

    I went to the refrigerator got out the tea and poured him a glass of tea.

    Let me call uncle and make sure he doesn't have plans for me tomorrow. I got up walked past Billy and went to dial the phone. I didn't bother to get cover up. Hell we both guys. Uncle answered the phone on the third ring.

    Hello Uncle, Billy's here and wants me to help him tomorrow at his place.

    Boy I don't see why? Billy is the one who pick up the manure from the horses and chickens. You can't help him after your chores are done said Uncle Ben.

    I hung up the phone. Uncle Ben said it will be fine as long I get my chores done first

    Good to hear that Jeff, be at my place after your chores are done son. Thanks for the tea see you then. And patted me on the back as he left one more thing Jeff put some pants on when you come to work don't want to tear up that nice body of yours and smiles at me.

    Sure thing sir, will do, thank your for the pies Billy. As the back door slams.

    I put some shorts to take the last load of clothes to the line and take of the dried ones. My arms hurt a bit from the stacking of the hay. I folded laundry and put it away as best I could.

    I heard a knock at the back door. I went to see who it was. It was Andy.

    May I come in Jeff?

    Sure come in, would you like some ice tea.

    Sure I love some; I was wondering if you like another lesson Jeff.

    Would love too but right now my arm and back is hurting a bit. Help with the bales of hay today and I'm a bit sore. No problem I can take care of that for you boy. Where is there some oil at boy?

    I get some for you Andy; I went to the bathroom and got some oil and towels out of the closet.

    Here Andy is some baby oil and some towels.

    Good lay the towels out on the floor and take off your shorts and lay on your stomach. So I did as told

    Andy why not take off your clothes don't want to get oil all over them.

    Andy quickly strips off his clothes before starting my rub down.

    I could see Andy was going to enjoy this rub down.

    A second later Andy straddled me in between his legs. Then put on oil on his hands started to rub my shoulders. It felt really good to have his strong hands massaging my shoulders.

    It feels so good, oh yes that's the spot.

    He made some comment about my body, how hot I was and started to my back harder. He then started to rub the base of my neck which sent shivers down my spine and I started too excited.

    Oh yes mm yes I moaned in a soft way to let him know how much I was enjoying it, but from his vantage point, I'm sure he could see that in any case. He continued rubbing my neck and shoulders and then patted and rubbed my smoothed head and temples.

    Andy would you mind rubbing my lower back a little more, he did without hesitation, aching at the chance to have his big hands touch my flesh some more. He rubbed me harder.

    Yes that it, that feels great Andy oh yes.

    He positioned himself between my legs as he worked his way down each leg. Surely he had noticed I my cock was standing at full attention when I turned to see what he was doing to my calves.

    Lay still boy I want to do a good job on your aching muscles as he worked his way back up my body

    Finally, he long enough stopped trying to adjust myself and let my tool rest against the floor. While he was rubbing my ass, I had a good view of his cock dangling between his legs. It seemed to be a lot bigger than I had remembered from the other day. But, that could have been the eagerness to see him again too. I wasn't quite sure. In any case he spread my ass and poured some oil on it and said it needs to be worked over too. He got his dick in position and pushed slowly on my man hole. As soon as he got the head of his dick in, He moved his hands over my chest shoulders .he told me to push back a little harder. I applied additional pressure.

    That's it son, Oh yeah, that feels great he moaned. As I continued to push back into his massive dick. He began to kiss my neck and shoulders for a few minutes and he kept pushing into my ass, as if he was trying to get comfortable. If I didn't know better, I would think he was trying to get me harder. (Although, I don't think it would have been possible to be any harder than I already was.)

    After that, he took both hands to get a better grip on my body. He would pull his dick out just to the head of his dick and then ram it back in to my ass. he kept looking for my approval, and to give me better access.

    Oh yes son that's it.

    So I took that I must have been doing it right. The draft of air began to make me shiver a bit.

    It felt great to have his large rough hands rubbing all over my body. He looked at me lying there and the odd look in his eye had returned. He had a perfect view of my entire body at this angle, the lights from the window showing every part of me to him.

    He just looked at me and smiled. Not a word was said, as he continued to fuck me as he pleased and then I gradually started to work on my ass muscles. I could tell he was enjoying himself.

    Boy your ass is so hot and makes me so horny.

    Then he reached for my dick and ball and began to fondle them as he had done the rest of me. He came only inches away from me shooting a load right there and then.

    Andy fucked me like I was in heat. Between Andy's fucking and balls driving into me I was getting pounded into the floor.

    Your enjoying this boy .

    Oh yes I do sir fuck me do what ever you want to my hole, its your or anyone who needs it.

    Your going to get an ass full today boy, I knew the moment I saw you. You were just a pussy needing to be fucked hard.

    Andy really laid it too my ass, each time he pulled out he used his full weight on me and I could hear the suction of his dick working me over.

    That's it boy take it and I don't want to hear a whimper from your sorry mouth.

    Just fuck me, that's it sir that's it.

    Just then I felt a warm sensation that only could be Andy's hot creamy load dumping into my hole. Then I felt something start to run down my balls.

    Take that you cunt, take it all. This didn't stop Andy from plowing away for another five to ten minutes. That's it boy take it and enjoy the best fuck you ever had.

    Andy was only partly right. I am enjoying his dick in my hole at the moment and I knew uncle will have his turn very soon.

    Andy finally collapsed on top of me, are sweaty bodies rubbed each other he didn't say a word but I could feel his breathing on my back of my neck.

    I rolled to my side to see any wipe is leftover cum on my towel and put his clothes back on.

    Got to go boy hope to teach you another lesson soon, with that he was out the door. Me with a hard on and oil all over my backside, so I clean up the towels and oil and went up stairs.

    I had to take a dump and see how much Andy had deposited into me. I looked and it looked like a quart or so. My hole was happy for now. A bit sore but very happy.

    It was getting closed to the time uncle was going to be home. I jumped in the shower too get the oil off .I ran out side to get the rest of the laundry off the line and take it back into the house and put it away. I just got the last bit of laundry put away when I heard uncle truck drive up.

    He had a gotten pizza for dinner. He put the pizza on the table and was busy with the mail he had gotten. He sat on the chair with his legs spread apart.

    Boys get down here and take care of this boy.

    I got between his legs I reached up; I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard pink cock peeking out from his open pants shorts. With that he stands and undoes his pants and let them fall to the ground. I open my mouth and take his manhood most of the way done. I thought I was going to get some fresh cum but go his piss instead. It tasted like corn chips but a bit salty.

    Good Jeff you got it all boys. Boys get me a cold beer while you're up.

    I got him one and sat down next to him. How was your day uncle?

    Eat boy the pizza before it get cold

    I could tell uncle had something on his mind. The phone rang, he reach for it

    Hello, hi dear how are things going, and the girls, yes, yes, I see. That is great dear. Yes, yes. I see, yap. No it won't be any trouble dear. Yes. Yes dear. Find I will see you then. Give the girls a hug and a kiss for me, oh ok bye for now love you and hung up the phone. Uncle had a devilish grin on his face.

    Jeff your aunt and the girls will be coming home this Wednesday. There are some rules you have to follow when they are around, I want you to help your aunt around the house, and do your chores

    Uncle sat back down in his leather chair naked with his legs spread apart and waved me too his side. He had his dick in hand.

    I just get stared with sucking his hot musky dick.

    Boy lets get our work done before I have your ass tonight. And Billy is coming back around to talk to me son. With that he stood up and walks out with a pair of shorts in hand. We headed for the barn me trailing him with my shorts in hand loved being out in the country side. Went to feed the chicken coop and made sure they had water for the night and was lock up.

    Went to see what I could do to help Ben get his chores done so we could have some man sex. I watch his dick swing between his legs.

    Jeff goes get me another bale of hay and the night so humid I had my sweat rolling down my body.

    When I came back with the bale of hay.Were do you want this uncle?

    Over there boy I put it next to the horse stall and sat on it waiting to see what I could do.

    Uncle walked up to me with his dick a swinging. And he reaches down and grabbed it and step closer to my face. I open it and took his soft dick into my mouth. I was about to reach up to his balls and he slapped my hands away. Then I found out what he wanted. I felt his musky salty piss flow down my throat. He pissed so much I couldn't keep up and piss started to flow down the front of my chest and sweaty body.

    Thanks boy I need that and you looked like you were thirsty. He pulled his dick out of my mouth as it started to get hard. Need to save it for tonight when I fuck your ass boy.

    When the chores were done uncle grabbed the hose and sprayed me down. Boy I don't want you to smell like piss in my bed boy. He handed me a bar of soap and made me take a cold shower with the hose. I quickly washed my self off and stood there dripping from my quick bath.

    When we got back to his bedroom, uncles' attitude had changed again.

    Boy gets on all fours now as we entered his bedroom

    He said under his breath, that bitch knows how to mess my life up.

    Uncle slapped my ass I stung, he did it four times.

    I looked at him, what I did.

    Shut the fuck up boy

    I was a bit scared of his temper.

    Aunt Sally's coming home early, which I was planning to have more time with that ass boy, now I won't get as much of your ass boy.

    I buried my face in the sheets and fought to relax and not too complain. I heard him spit and let it drop onto his dick. I knew what was going to happen next but my ass was clenched up so much from what is about to happen to me.

    You're goanna like this, aren't you, Jeff? Yeah, you crave for my dick in your ass just like your dad does.

    He spoke with such lust in his voice. I heard him spit onto his dick again and lube himself up with his hand, and then he stuck some fingers in my mouth to get it wet. Lube it up good boy.

    Suck on this boy. NOW!

    I sucked on his finger and tried to get them wet as much as possible. I felt his finger pressing against my asshole and I jumped again as He shoved it up my ass. There was some pain and yet lots of pleasure I couldn't help it but moan and whimper while he works to open my ass more.

    That's it uncle that's the way to get me opened up, I want more.

    Then he started playing around with my ass in an almost sadistic way, with three fingers, each of them too soon, twisting them around and thrusting them deep in to me till he had his fist in my ass. Thankfully I was able to relax the muscles a little bit I was glad I was not a virgin at this.

    In the back of my head I knew it was for my own good to do so to relax and not complain.

    I enjoy being open and stretched and loosen me up like that, but then again, I imagine he was more concerned with being able to get his dick in my ass at all than he was with my comfort. Once he could feel that my ass was more ready for him he pulled out his hand out of my ass. I could hear him spit again, and pressed the head of his big cock against my hole.

    Here we go boy just relax and take what I give you son.

    I thought to myself and closed my eyes.

    He leaned over and whispered in my right ear.

    You ready for my dick, bitch cock sucker whore?

    I all I could say was its all yours uncle, when ever your ready between moan of pain and joy. He slowly worked his dick into my ass. I can never get enough of dick no matter what the pain is like. I started to almost yell. He stopped for a moment to cover my mouth with his hand. I was panting through my nose, I gradually got used to his dick assaulting again and he released his grip on my face as my ass released its grip on him.

    Mmm yes boy, your so hot, son. He whispered into my ear. He slapped me on my ass .Then he leaned back, grabbed hold of my shoulders tightly with both hands, and started slowly thrusting his massive dick in my hole. After the pain and subsided, pleasure took over. I was able to concentrate on the sensation of having this dick inside me and it occurred to me that my own dick was getting hard again. I was totally enjoying it; I wanted his dick in me as long he was able to keep it in me.

    He was increasing his speed steadily and as I got into his rhythm, I automatically started thrusting my ass back onto him.

    Uncle laughed a little bit and taunted me, "Yeah, you do like it, don't you boy just like your dad.

    I spread my knees open more and arched my back so he could fuck me deeper. With one hand he grabbed my chest and started pinching my left nipple, and with the other one he grabbed my shoulder from underneath and put a vice grip on it.

    You really like my dick in your ass boy.

    Yes I need a dick like you to fill me up and make me whole.

    He whispered in my left ear I knew if my brother ever had a boy he would be just like him. A cock sucking male pussy.

    I didn't know how much longer I could hold off with him in my ass. I could cum without even touching myself.

    Mmm, ohh yes, I try to speak.

    Say it boy. Tell your uncle how much you need this dick boy.

    I scream out, I Need It, I Need It I Need You to Fuck My Hole with That Big Dick of Yours Uncle!!!!

    Tell me how bad you want it you cock sucker whore.

    I want it so bad I could taste it in my ass sir.

    Then all of a sudden, with just the tip of his cock still in my ass, he stopped fucking me for a moment then he tried to push back to get more of it in.

    Uncle wouldn't let me see what he was doing, he wouldn't pull away ether. You want me to fuck your ass bitch?


    Say it BOY, TELL ME HOW BAD YOU WANT IT. Come on, ya little slut. You can do better than that.

    Please, SIR, Fuck Me Hard. I Need It I DREAM ABOUT IT. Give Me That Big Cock, Please, I'm nothing but a pussy cock sucking whore, who needs a cock in me all the time..

    Show some kind of respect boy and flattery couldn't hurt and I looked over my shoulder at him

    I looked at him submissively, I plead with him, "Please, Please sir let me have it! I could feel his sweat dripping down onto my back. Please sir please. I was whining begging him to fuck me now.

    He thought for a moment then started again, fucking my ass really hard and with out mercy. Slamming his massive dick not half way, but all the way in my hole.

    Take that, he moan and groan, both of us was sweating like pigs again by this time.

    I arched my back even more for him. I loved the feeling of his smoothed balls slapping against mine every time he fucked me hard and deep. His ramming into me made my own dick slap me in the stomach. I loved the feeling of his smoothed body next to my mine.

    I not surprised that he was enjoying him self so much. He leaned onto me as he slowed down his thrusting and kissed between my shoulders. He started licking on my neck right under my ear and I moaned with pleasures. I was so turned on by now. I almost wanted to get piss him off just a little more so I could enjoy it more.

    He reached up and took firm hold of my shoulder like he pulls me to him. With his other hand reached down and took hold of my dick and squeezed it, which I was grateful . Your dick feels so hot, Jeff, every inch of it.

    I told him you can do anything you like. He kissed my neck again, this time nibbling on my ear for a second. The feeling of this hot stud sliding in and out of me while stroking my dick, combined with his sweaty chest rubbing against my back. He then started to bit me first the back then my neck. I think were what finally did me in. I dropped all my weight onto the bed and closed my eyes.

    I couldn't hold on much longer, I knew I couldn't hold off much more. I was going to shoot I screamed between heavy breaths, Oh, My I'm Going to Cum. I was grunting and moaning loudly I was acting like some kind of animal in heat, grinding my butt up against him. I gripped the sheets with both hands and I came so hard, it seemed to time stood still. I shot my load all over the sheets and me When I came, my ass clenched up real tight around uncles dick which sent him over the edge. I felt his body start to shake and then his cock pulsing inside me.

    Uncle let out this sort of quick groan and gasped every time he shot another spurt into my ass. There was something so satisfying about feeling him cum inside me.

    We both dropped onto the bed next to each other to catch our breath. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear, reveling in a post-orgasm high, until I looked over at uncle

    I was lying in my hot cum and cum coming out of my ass that my uncle just gave me

    Uncle reached over and put his arm around me. It was the most amazing moment. We lay like that for about ten twenty minutes, enjoying the skin and kissing some.

    Uncle dick was still had some cum and man juice from on his dick so uncle pushed my head down.

    Clean it up boy it your mess so clean it up.

    I lick it up and clean his dick up and balls.

    Then uncle had me flip over on my stomach and he licked up his cum off of my leg and worked his way up to my ass cheeks. He spread them and took his hot tongue and used it to clean my hole. I was in heaven again to have his work my ass over again. After about hour or so and we realized the bed was extremely a mess and got up and fixed bed. Then head for a quick shower before we went too bed that hot steamy night.

    We slept in each others arms with his dick between my ass cheeks. What a way to spend my summer.


    Wednesday 16th

    The sound of the rooster crowing had awakened me as the morning breeze came thru the room. I was woken out of a dead slumber by my uncle Ben with his dick poking me in the ass. I just lay there still to see what he was going to do to me this morning for a few minutes I laid still and acted like I was still asleep. I enjoy my having Ben next too me. He gave me kiss on my neck then slapped my ass,

    Time to take care of business son He spread my ass cheeks apart then started pushing against my pucker. I felt the pressure and knew he was almost there. All of a sudden I felt the head pop in me.

    I moaned as I pushed my ass to meet his manhood

    Ben started driving deeper into me. Take that you cock sucker. I felt his balls crush against my ass with each thrust. I knew he was all the way in. Ben started slowly sliding himself in and out of me. I could feel the heat of his cock in my hole. He acted like a rabbit in heat.

    Fuck me faster sir, I want you to ram me hard and deep. I yelled out

    Glad to hear that boy, here it comes. Uncle didn't need to be encouraged because he started fucking like an animal. He was pounding me hard and fast from behind. He didn't care how I was taking it just that he was enjoying him self. I could feel his hot breath and sweat on my neck. I knew I wanted to feel him inside me with his magnificent man hood. I can wait for him to shoot his man seed inside of me. I wanted to take it all. Uncle was like a fucking animal, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then sinking it back to the base with one thrust. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I was in heaven.

    I could hear little grunts and groans coming from uncle, so I knew he was almost ready. My head was spinning and my whole was waiting for some of his sweet seed, I felt Ben's cock grow bigger inside of me and the hot jets of his love hitting my insides. He collapsed on top of me his body in hot sticky heavenly cum all over us. He bit me and left marks on my back and neck then kissed me on the lips, then he slaps my ass really hard.

    Time to get the chores done before Billy picks you up boy you don't want to be late for Billy boy.

    I went through my usual morning routine, shit and piss then got dressed grabbed what I needed for the day and headed for chicken coop. I fed them and water the chickens, as they eat I clean the coop up. I didn't have to collect eggs but I need to mark them each day with the date they were laid time for more chicks to sell in the coming weeks.

    When done I walk to the barn to see if Ben needed some help with the horses. When I got there I saw uncle was naked doing his chores. He didn't say a word but smiled at me.

    Is there anything I can do for you Ben? He had a dervish grin on his face.

    Yes boy get your ass over here now.

    I went to were he was and stood waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. I could see his dick as soft but waited to be told what he wanted.

    Boy gets on your knees and opens up.

    I did what I was told and waited with my mouth open and uncle walked up to me and put his dick in my mouth and I closed my lips around his man hood. Then he pissed into my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as he let it flow.

    You're a good boy and I glad you like being here. Ben rubbed my head as he held it in place with his dick still in my mouth, I sucked it dry.

    As I was still on my knees I hear a truck pulled up. It was Billy in an old black Chevy truck. Uncle pulled his dick out of my mouth and quickly put it back into his pants. I got up and wiped my face with a towel used to wipe down the horses.

    Billy yelled out to us when he entered the barn. I knew you two would be here in the barn. I was wondering what Billy had on his mind. Billy was wearing a pair of bib overalls and with a white t-shirt and a grin on his face.

    Boy your ready to work, I got two stumps to removed and start to build a new out buildings to put up before fall. I have the vet coming over I a while to check on my stock and might need some help with some animals.

    Jeff you listen to what Billy here boy do as you're told by Billy you will be punished.

    Boy lets go we wasting the day way.

    If Jeff gives you any problem you let me know will yawl.

    I treat him as my own. And make sure he doesn't goof around till the work is done Ben.

    I got into the truck and kept quiet, what did I get my self into now.

    Billy got into the truck and started it and as we drove down the drive way Billy put his hand on my legs. Boy I glad you decided to help me out. I don't what's gotten into Chris theses days that boy going to get a lashing if he doesn't get his ass in gear.

    I didn't say a word till we drove to the area and saw the tree stumps next to and old falling down building. We got out and Billy told Chris to get his ass in gear or he will feel the belt on his back side. Chris continued to shovel the dirt around the stumps.

    Jeff I want you to clean out this building and stack every thing that is not salvageable. Lumber in one pile metal in another and what ever is left put over there. I will be back soon I have to call the randy and see how much longer till he can get here with the end loader. With that Billy got into the truck and was down the dirt road.

    It seems strange to put an out building so far away for the other barns and house. I quickly got to work and had three plies of material. I took a break to catch my breath by this time I was sweating and had the top of my bibs undone. Chris body shined in the hot morning sun. I walked over to see how he was done and kept working.

    How is it coming Chris?

    Chris just wiped his forehead and said almost done, you done with cleaning it out.

    Yes, just finished and was hoping Billy would be back to tell me what's next and get some water too.

    I don't mean to be rude said Chris but if I get caught talking while doing my digging, I will be beaten. I looked down at Chris legs to find that he had leg irons on.

    Why are you wearing irons Chris?

    Part of my probation if Billy's not around I have to wear them. I really don't want to talk about it, now if you don't mind. Chris went back to his digging.

    About that time I see Billy's truck coming down the road. Right behind him was an end loader and another truck.

    Billy parked the truck. Jeff there's water in the back of the truck.

    Sir I have finished cleaning the building like you asked and was waiting for you next orders sir.

    You're a good boy Jeff get some water and when your done get a glass for Chris.

    Thank you sir, I walk to get me a glass of cool water. Poured what I didn't drink and poured over my head. What refreshing feeling of cool water on my bald head. I got Chris a glass of water.

    Here Chris some water to take care of that thirst.

    Chris looked at me then at Billy which Billy nodded his head. And Chris thanked me for the glass and drank it not too fast. I could see under closer look that Chris had some welts on his chest and back which I knew better to ask about them at that particular moment.

    Billy was inspecting the holes around the tree stumps. Chris you and Jeff start to tear down that old building since it will be replaced with a new one ASAP.

    Billy introduces me to the guy behind the controls of the end loader Stan. Man he was one hot Irish stud man wore blue jeans and red torn t-shirt looked to be 39. I found out later that his name was Stanly but went by the name of Stan O'Brien

    About ten minute later a big truck came down the road on the side of the truck as a sign. O'Brien construction and hot young man seem to be 29. I found out his name was Wayne.

    Stan pushes the old building down to the ground. Then pushed it to a pile a distant from were it was. When the old barn was down and piled up Billy took a match to it and it was a hot fire and smoke.

    As soon as Stan had the building down he went to work on digging out the stumps. No one paid any attention to Chris and his chains. It took Stan no time to remove the stumps and dump them on the fire. Then he began to dig out the foundation for the new building. It was going on noon when they took a break. Billy brought out basket of food on the tailgate of his truck. Everyone had removed there shirts by this time. There was fried chicken and chips in a big bucket.

    It's about time he showed up Wayne yelled Stan.

    Had some trouble finding this place as Wayne got out of the truck? Out stepped Wayne wearing only a torn blue jeans

    Boys help Wayne unload the truck and do as you're told. I smiled at Wayne and got out the lumber and stakes. Wayne checked the blueprints and surveyed the site. Then started to mark the sit were the new building will be.

    Chris was unloading the tools to get the stakes positioned. All you heard for Chris was the clanking of the chain he wore.

    Chris and I dug the trenches where Wayne had told us to dig, we just finished the ditch when a white truck came down the road it had the county sign on its door.

    You timed it right they just finished digging. I went to get a cup of water and one for Wayne and Chris. As I handed Wayne's his water I couldn't but help see his large basket in his tight ratty pants.

    Like what you see boy.

    Yes I do sir you got a well developed body sir.

    Wayne grabbed his crotch and gave them a squeeze and smiled at me.

    Stan dug a hole for the water and electricity and drainage for the inspector.

    The inspector for the county was a guy with salt and pepper hair.

    Billy it looks like you got some good help here, who's the boy there with no hair on his head. That's Jeff he lives next house down its Ben's nephew. Nice a good looking boy there don't you see.

    I could barely hear what they were saying as they pass by me as the man inspected the foundation.

    Send him over to the truck while I do your paper work. He can help me out I help you out. He winked at Billy as he walked to his truck.

    Jeff come over here please.

    Yes sir, I want you do me a big favor I need to have you help me out of a bind boy. I need you to help me out. Go over to the guy there he is the inspector and he like to talk to you; Billy rubbed my bare sweaty back. Go see him for me and make sure he kept happy boy.

    I walked to the other side of the truck where the guy was at working on some paper. Hello sir I was told you wanted to speak to me sir. On his shirt was a name tag with Mathew mason.

    Boy I know you're my father and his family as you can say the men in your family are very formulary too each other boy. He was the best cock sucker in this town. Then he left for college and got married to you mom. We have more in common then you think boy. Yes boy our dad and uncles broke us in when we came of age boy. We camped out by your lake and learn how to be real men. I hear you inherited that too from your old man. Now get down on your knees, now show me how good of a cock sucker or do I have to talk to your uncle boy

    Yes boy, I noticed you and was hoping you to help me out with a problem I got here and he reached down between his legs and rubbed his dick and balls thru his pants. I heard you good in helping out your fellow man in need boy if you know what I mean.

    With that he unbuttons his pant and zips them down. Then he waves me closer and put his hands on my smooth chest. I unbuttons my bibs the rest of the way and falls to the ground to my ankles.

    I stood there with my mouth open and my hard dick in hand.

    Come closer boy and we can get a better acquainted. As he licked his lips.

    I stepped out of my overalls and got to my knees I knew what he wanted he knew he was going to get it too.

    Matt stood in front of me he undid the belt of his trousers and let them drop to his ankles to reveal a very unremarkable sight. His limp cock was quite semi hard dick and just visible under a mass of gray pubic hair. He waved me over too him I crawled over to him. I began to rub his cock and balls, I took his semi hard dick into my eager mouth tightly closed my mouth around it. He then ordered suck it and suck it good boy. His huge uncut cock was pushing it way in my mouth. I just had only two inches of his 6 inches in my mouth. He was now fully hard with the anticipation of fucking my mouth and his foreskin had peeled back to reveal a smooth shiny bell end with a bead of pre-cum oozing from his piss hole.

    Open your mouth and suck cock Mathew barked. I just couldn't wait to get it all in my mouth. I kept my mouth firmly shut and shook my head from side to side.

    Suck it Mathew moan suck it boy you can do it oh yeah that it boy you do have your dads gift for a good cock sucker. My mouth was full and I couldn't breathe so I moved back off slightly to his raw meat. I kept it up till I could get it all in at one time it was awkwardly sucked but it did it. I finally got his six inch uncut meat in me. With out warning Mathew body started to tighten up and his thrust began to get more intents. Then he let lose a load of hot cum that I can only describe as a tangy tasted it was enjoyable.

    My sucking became a hunger, my tongue begin to explore the contours of his cock, the rim of his head and the veins, running my tongue over the dome of his head and back. As I did so I discovered his piss hole and probed it with my tongue to taste his salty pre-cum. It was at that point that I became aware of Wayne behind me he was rubbing some sort of cream ass hole. For someone with such big rough hands he was surprisingly gentle and it was certainly soothing. I soon discovered he wasn't just being kind. His hands began to work the cream into the cheeks of my ass. He Cupping each of my buttocks in his big strong hands he began to massage deep between them and searching for a way to my eager hole. My entire body began to relax as I fully expected him to work my ass over with that thick cock of his up my eager ass.

    Can I have his ass now Mathew, you had his mouth on your hot cock. How about it Mathew Said Wayne?

    Sure his ass probably has been fuck by many guys by now, if he is anything like his old man.

    I felt his warm breath and then his tongue licking and probing around my tight ass ring. It felt good and I was glad he was going to play with before he got down to business and any way I have some cum from uncle's dick this morning.

    I sucked eagerly on Mathew dick while Wayne gently licked my ass. I was now hot and horny for some action down there I'm very willing to accept Wayne's tongue but rather have his dick. But I hope he would use his tool on me soon. This he began to probe me deeper and deeper. I couldn't see my cock but I could feel it getting harder as I sucked on Mathew's semi hard dick, I knew I could get him to shoot again soon. Wayne was being rimming me. Wayne used two of his fingers were working alongside his tongue probing me gently. I felt pressure as his tongue gave way to the finger, which had now entered an inch into my hot ass. This was only two fingers but felt huge as he pushed deeper in me. My cock was now rock hard and leaking some pre-cum and jerking involuntarily as Wayne's finger found some hot spot inside me. He was actually withdrawing his finger now and pushing it back in and out. It felt good pleasurable and made me more horny. Pretty soon I think he was using three fingers to finger fuck me. My attention suddenly turned to the Mathews cock as it began to swell in my mouth and urged on by Mathew he began to push deeper into mouth. I didn't gagged but was in a position to enjoy it all he began to shoot his second warm load of cum to the back of my throat. He was practically pulling of my head as he pulled me further onto his cock to make sure I don't miss any of his hot sweet cum man he fucked my mouth like a pro. My mouth was full of his cock as his cream dripped out the side of my mouth.

    I was so horny for any and all cock I can find. I was totally lost in sucking Mathews cock.

    I forgot about Wayne till he gently but firmly started to push his thick cock into me. I could not believe how easily he had entered me. I felt nothing just this feeling of a very thick cock up my ass and I felt whole again with his cock in my ass. It felt fantastic as he pushed deeper and deeper into me.

    Oh yes fuck my ass Wayne use me and abuse me, my hole is you're to do as you wish.

    When Wayne ran out of six inch cock that was stuffed in my hole, He began to gyrate and grind his cock into the depths of my ass as I never felt before. He slowly easing back and then pushing it back in again with one stroke. I could feel the shaft of his cock now as it pushes slowly in and out of my sphincter. The veins of his shaft were like nothing I have felt in a long time. My decision to submit to anything they wanted to do to me magnified my enjoyment and the fact that I was being fucked up the ass. Mathew pulled my face to his kissing me with his tongue it was just too much and my cock felt like it was about to explode. Mathew stopped kissing me stood up and offered me his cock, which was now semi hard. I willingly took him in my mouth and began to suck. To my surprise he started to piss in my mouth, I knew better to keep a tight grip on his cock so the piss would not drip down my naked body. There was a strong musky smell which drove me wild. As I was just going to work on Mathews cock Wayne began to really fuck me hard and long strokes to my ass. I could feel his huge hairy balls slapping against my shaven ass.

    He fucks me like a drill piston in and out of my hot ass and his body tense as he began to pump his load into me. Wayne had no sooner pulled his cock out when I felt the now cum shoot into my body it was like he shot at least four or five big load of his seed in me. It felt like a gallon of hot creamy liquid. And held tight on his shaft, not wanting to lose any of it. He began to fuck me with a steady rhythm and I was able to give Mathew cock my full attention I lost grip on the cock and the excess piss ran down my face to my chest. Not satisfied I went back to work on his cock sucking him dry. As I sucked and licked up every last drop of Mathews juice. Finally Wayne collapsed on the ground and sat there on the ground with his pants between his legs and cum dripping from my ass and his cock.

    I just lay on the ground with my cock rock hard and I began to stroke it but Wayne crawled over and put his hot tongue on it and hand around my dick and started to jack me off.

    Oh yes, oh man I need this badly that all it took. Oh man I'm coming It didn't take me long to shoot my load in Wayne's hot mouth.

    Wayne kept it up and dove deep on my dick and shot my load down his throat with gobs and gobs of cum.

    Mathew just watches with his pants down to his ankles and grind, that the way your dad would have done it boy, yes just a chip off the old block. Yes in deed.

    We all took a ten minute break

    Billy yelled you guy done over there, if so we got only twenty minutes before the cement arrives and I like to finish before two o'clock today.

    Wayne got up and fixed him self and headed to the construction site.

    Well boy you better get a going back to work or your going to feel the belt that he use on Chris all the time. Tell your uncle I be stopping by soon, I need to talk too him.

    I quickly got by bibs back on and was back to work before Mathew could inspect what we were doing.

    We had the wire in and all the drains in and the pipes the will hold the electrical and water lines to the building, still couldn't figure what kind of building he was building.

    Mathew gave his approval of the work done and just then a mixer came down and backed up and started to pour the concrete slab. I watched Stan and Wayne do the leveling off and placing the supports bolts in to there place.

    Mathew signed off on all the work and told Billy he will be back when the slab has cured and get to the next phase of the building. Stan and Wayne put there tools back into the truck. Wayne and Stan got into the truck drove off^

    Boy you did well better then I thought you would but Chris here was a lazy worthless boy and will be punished for his poor attitude. Get into the truck Jeff. I take you to back to your uncle place. Nice job boy wish Chris could be as good as you are.

    I got into his truck and watch him put Chris into the back of the truck yelling at him again and again. All Chris could do was say I'm sorry I'm sorry I do better. Then hit Billy hit Chris in the head as he got into the bed of the truck.

    I had put the straps of my bibs back on and was sitting there sweating my ass off. As we pulled up to uncle's place he park next to the chicken shit I pilled up this week and Chris got out and started to shovel the manure into the back of the truck.

    Tell your uncle I be back tonight to pay him for the manure and to bring you your pay for the day. You did a good job boy just wish Chris could do a good job like you done today.

    Thank you sir for work and thanks again for lunch, I was glad to help you Billy.

    Chris cant you work any faster I don't have all day boy or do you want me to whip you here and now boy.

    Sorry sir sorry I will do better. Chris picks up his pace and starts to shovel faster and more.

    I went inside to get something to drink and decided to do my chores and do uncle before he got home; I was hot and sweaty and figure better off do it now and wanted to be ready for Billy when he came by later to talk to uncle. I clean the stalls and watered the horses and fed the chicken and made sure there pen was clean and check to see if there was any new chicks today. I got done around four thirty and knew I need get the last load a laundry and I thru my dirty bibs in that load and headed up stairs phone rang

    Hello standing naked as I answered the phone with sweat dripping down my body and smelling like manure.

    Jeff I will hour late so I bring dinner home tonight.

    Oh ok uncle, I did your chores and mine already so you don't have to worry about it sir.

    Thanks boy I glad you done it for me. You're a good boy.

    Oh sir a Mr. Mason, Mathew mason said hello, I met him at Billy's today sir. A silent pause for uncle.

    Cool, I see when I get home boy. See you soon

    I went upstairs to take a long soothing shower making sure I clean my self inside and out. I went to lie on the bed; the shower had soothed my acing muscles and fell to sleep.


    I lying on my stomach and dead to the world I didn't hear a sole around me just the cool breeze a crossed my naked tired body. I thought I was dreaming that I was getting a rubbed down by a hot sweaty cowboy with a nine inch uncut dick with balls the size of grapefruit. I could feel his hand running down my back to my tight buns and his fingers running between the two mounds of mine. It was not a dream it was my uncle trying to wake me up. I turned over and had a hard on with some pre-cum just oozing out of the tip of my dick.

    Wake up Jeff, Billy's down stairs and has some thing to tell you.

    Oh, oh okay uncle I'm getting up, I'm still half asleep.

    Put some shorts on and t-shirt boy and get you ass a moving don't want to keep company waiting you hear me boy.

    I was having a hot dream and it felt like It was real I said to my self. I dragged my ass out of the cool bedroom and put my shorts on and a white t-shirt. I quietly went down the stairs. Billy was on the couch and Chris was standing next to Billy. Uncle was in his favorite chair with his pipe in his mouth.

    Chris has something to say to you Jeff. Chris had his head bowed to the floor.

    I looked at Chris his head barley looked up to me and Billy hit his leg.

    Jeff sir I apologize for my lack of manners while we worked together and forgot to thank you properly when you got me a drink of water to day. And for my work today, sir reminded me I didn't pull my weight around the work site to day and hope you can forgive me I make it up to some how sir.

    Billy and uncle looked at to see how I would answer back to Chris.

    Boy I know you do better and I know you be punished by Billy here as he see fits. As I looked at uncle's face I knew I said the right thing at that moment.

    Billy got up and handed me an envelope with some money in it. Your uncle said you saving your money to down on a new truck.

    Yes sir, Thank you Billy for the money, I was not expecting anything sir. My folks can't afford it so I will have to earn it my self. Was going to find a job this summer but dad said uncle needed help so here I am working on the family farm.

    Uncle asked if Billy wanted something to drink.

    No thanks we have to be getting along got work to do in the morning Chris followed Billy.

    Thank you both for having us over and thank you Jeff sir for putting up my laziness sir. His face never looked up as he left the house. Billy got into the truck and Chris got in the back of the truck as they drove done the drive.

    Boy are you hungry or what?

    To tell you the truth I'm not really hungry just tired and sore from work, not that I'm complaining. Its just not work so hard and enjoyed helping out Billy.

    Uncle can I ask you about his guy I met at Billy's today. Mathew mason. He is the county inspector for buildings. He said you knew each other and used to have fun at the pond with your dad, uncles and his dad.

    Yes it's true I know him Jeff, his father and mine were fuck buddies when they were in high school and we all played together at the pond and he like to pick on your dad a lot. He comes around once in a while to use the pond. He likes to be fucked a lot and suck dick just like your old man.

    He told me he had no boys to share fun times with just a girl and hated that he had no sons.

    Let me get some oil and I give you a rub down to help with your aching muscles boy. So uncle left the room and came back with a sheet and I put a pillow down for my face.

    Here take this, it's just a tranquilizer it will help you relax boy. He hands it to me and I take it. Now on your stomach and relax boy. Just relax while I work on your muscles. Uncle did his magic on my aching back. I could feel the aches go away. I was so relaxed I didn't care what uncle did to me. I heard him go to the phone and talk to someone.

    When uncle came back he was naked and had a beer in his hand. He kept rubbing my body up and down with the oil. Uncle keeps it up for awhile then plays with my ass. All I hear is some grunts and uncle was on top of me.

    Fuck his brains out he likes it, boy can't get enough cock in any end of his body. .

    See what happens when I have too gone a day with out a good fuck boy said Hugo.

    Fuck me faster sir, I want you to ram me hard I moaned give it all to me don't hold anything back fuck me please.

    Apparently he needed no prompting he started fucking me like an animal in heat. He was pounding me hard deep and fast I could feel his breath on my neck and the sweat dripping between us was making me hot again. With each thrust I felt it thought-out my body.

    I need to feel him inside of me. I wanted it all and was hopping he wouldn't hold back any. Uncle was like a fucking machine on over load, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then sinking it back to me. I could feel his balls slapping against mine smooth ass with each thrust. I knew I need more dicks to fill me up I could hear low grunts and groans coming from him,

    I hope he was going to make this last as long as he could.

    I didn't know how much longer he could hold out. I wanted it to last for ever. I felt my balls draw up close to my body and I tried to tell uncle that I was about to cum, but he just thrust his cock deeper down my ass. I felt myself losing control and at the same time felt Ben tensing up. I knew he was Cumming too. My head was spinning, but I felt uncles cock grow bigger inside of me and the hot jets of his love hitting my insides. Again we collapsed onto the floor in a pile of body parts in hot sticky heavenly cum.

    Then I looked to one side and saw Hugo sitting in the leather chair there with his dick in hand and smiled at the both of us. Uncle rolled off me and brought his cock to my lips and stuck it in and I licked it clean

    Uncle Ben sat with his legs at my side and his crotch in my face was my mouth could only rest on his dick.

    Hugo got down from the chair and crawled over to my ass That's it son take it all take my dick said uncle Ben. Grabbed my head and fucked my face as Hugo stuck his big tongue up my hole.

    Oh yes mm was all I could say. My dick was rock hard and I was enjoying this. He spread my ass and lick the cum that was dripping for my ass

    Oh fuck I want your dick in me, your tongue is driving me crazy sir. I just pushed my as back to get it to go deeper. Into my eager wet hole Hugo made sure my hole was well lubed then he put me on all fours and slapped my ass again

    His hot tongue continued licking the sweat, cum and water out of my hole and he brought one hand up to his mouth in his index finger and pushed just a little into my tight cunt

    I let out a gasp and said Oh Hugo that feels so hot....don't stop.

    He had no fucking intentions of stopping. I just let him get used me any way he wanted. His finger up to his first knuckle; then two then shoved it all the way into me till he got his whole hand in my ass.

    Don't you move boy if you know what's good for you then slapped my ass really hard... then he pulled his hand out then inserted his 12 inches hard dick.

    He waited a second for me to get used to his invasion, and then push forward. Inch but thick inch, his cock pushed deeper and deep inside me. When he finally got it all the way in, my guts felt like I was on fire. He started ramming my ass, with no regard to how it was hurting me or how much pleasure it brought me. Back and forth, Back and forth for almost 20 minutes or more! When he got close, he would stop not bulling it out at all.

    Oh yes that's it fuck me, give it to me, I need dick in me.

    Just stay very still boy order me to be very still. I kept moving my ass and he slapped the back of my head. Boy what did I tell you? Then another whack to the head I felt Hugo's hand on my head.

    DAMN, please don't stop! Give it to me I beg you! Give me every inch of that fucking big cock Hugo I need your cock! I want to be rammed hard and deeper, deeper I want it all the way. I was begging to him.

    Inch by inch, that fat fuck stick disappeared into my eager hole.

    Oh man, it hurt like hells, but gives it too me more I beg you.

    But it was the erotic and I need it good. It hurt that why I so needed it to feel I am loved. The feeling of getting fucked by him or any man with a dick like his. He pushed his dick into slowly at first, and then increased both length and speed, slipping his massive meat all the way to the point of pulling it out of my hole on every stroke. With only a brief hesitation to catching his breathe from time to time. We both were sweating like pigs in heat, he would plunge it all the way back in. His aim was on target each time. He found my prostrate every time, making me feel like I was going to shoot any second. Then I felt gallons of hot cream shooting into my body, I was delighted and sadden to know he soon will be taking his dick out of me and I will be empty again.

    He collapsed on top of me, his hot breathe on my neck and his dick slowly became soft again as if fell out of my hole.

    Good boy. Uncle was pleased I saw him smile at me with his dick in rock hard now it's my turn to go again at your ass boy... I was hoping you could do it again, because I need your dick back in me and another shot at my ass". Hugo spanked my ass very hard

    WACK! Damn,

    He hit my ass hard with his hand. WHACK... WACK ... WACK. Again and again he laid one after another stinging blows. Hugo gets rolls off

    Uncle takes his place with leather strap in hand. The leather strap snaps at my ass.

    I yelped as loud as I could. Damn! It hurt!

    I knew I was in trouble now for cursing in front of company and uncle. My ass was burning and the pain was getting intense. Again and again, he hit my increasingly red ass. Finally, he stopped. Have you learn your lesson boy for improper behavior


    NOW IT WAS UNCLE TURN AGAIN. I waited a second for me to get used to his invasion, and then push forward both my ass cheeks glow with pain. Inch but thick inch, his cock pushed deeper and deep inside me. When he finally seated it all the way in, my guts were being torn apart for the inside out. I was on fire. He just started ramming my ass; he had no regard to how it was hurting me. Just on deep thrust into my hole when he got close, He didn't' stop he fucked me like a wild man and just to satisfy his own desires. He slapped the back of my head next time I wont be so easy on you boy remember that boy. He only stopped to hit me then continued to fuck me.

    My ass was so sore, I couldn't but I wanted more, when he finally banged it deep in me. I felt it throb and pulsate and his hot cum blasted deep inside me. He body was twitching as his load was delivered.

    That it boy you cock sucking whore takes it that's it boy. Then collapsed on the floor with cum dripping down his shaft breathing hard and sweating, he then swung around into a six-nine position and suck each other dicks while he gave me a blow job and Hugo want to work and licking my ass clean. It was on hot fuck session I can't wait till we do it again.

    Ben I like to put your boy here to work, I'm painting some rooms and I could use the help. It's an all day thing I should have him home by seven or eight

    Sure no problem I be late getting home I have a board meeting and don't know what time it will be over with. Just make sure he gets his chores done. I need boy to clean the stall too.

    Good I pick him up around eight am and wear old clothing so it won't ruin your clothing.

    Let take him to the shower so we can feed him some nectar of the gods.

    They took me to the shower and I was pushed to my knees and was told to open my mouth and then uncle put his dick into my mouth then pissed into it very slowly so I could handle the flow of his corn taste piss. Hugo just started to piss on my chest and groin area.

    I had no chose in the matter they are bigger and stronger then I. my tan body was turn on by what they had done to me and I just took it and didn't say a word. When they were done uncle turn on the shower and Hugo handed me the bar of soap and I started to wash his body down. The hard muscle I washed with delight. Uncle was watching every move I made. I couldn't tell if he was happy or mad.


    After washing Hugo and as he got out

    Boy stay in there and wash your hole out now, so I took the hose and stuck it in and turn on the facet and let the warm water fill me out I was on all fours when uncle walked up to me as I held my water in and begin to piss on me he hit my face and hair, then Hugo step next to him and let his hot piss hit my back and ass.

    Ah good, don't it feel good to let it just piss on a hot looking boy on all fours. Said Ben

    Sure does, these kids now a day need to learn some humiliation so they don't get so cocky. Said Hugo.

    Now boy you can let your water out and see how dirty you're really are.

    I let the water flow out of my ass; it was full of cum and little bit of shit.

    One more time boy make sure you get it all out of your ass. Fill it back up and hold it boy till I say so. Hugo and uncle were talking a distance away but close enough. I held it for five minutes and uncle came to see if I was clean or not. As the water escaped my hole.

    Good job boy now get clean up and get ready for bed, the two stood there watching me as they continued with their discussion. I finished washing and step out of the shower uncle handed me a towel and told me I be spending the day helping Hugo with some painting and other chores around his place and will be staying there till I come for you boy. Don't for get to do your chores before you leave at eight o'clock

    Yes sire, I will be on my best behavior for Hugo sir.

    Now take this now boy, he hands me a pill, it another tranquilizer to help you sleep boy

    Yes sir I took the pill and headed for bed.

    Uncle walked Hugo to the door and when he came back he went and took a shower. When he got to bed I was on my right side with my ass to him. He crawled up tome and whispered into my ear.

    Sorry to be hard on you boy, I don't want you to get too cocky boy and forget who's the boss around here. I strict but I can be fair.

    I rolled over to him and looked to him in the face, I know uncle you're trying to make me a good man. And I know you do it only because you love me sir.

    Yes boy I do love you, but remember who the boss around here is. I know this is your vacation time and understand you got things you want to do. he gives me a strong kiss and caresses my chest and plays with my nipples.

    You now get some sleep boy, the sun raises early and you got a full day a head of you, and boy I like the tan you're getting. Now go to sleep.

    I turn over and uncle presses up against me and puts his dick between my ass cheeks then his left arm lies over my chest. I fall to sleep so relaxed and full of pleasure.

    Thursday 17

    The sound of the rooster crowing had awakened me as the morning breeze came thru the room like so many days before. uncle Ben I was woken out of a dead slumber with his dick poking me in the ass. He didn't wait to see if I was awake or He spread my ass cheeks apart then started pushing against my pucker. I felt the pressure All of a sudden I felt his dick head pop in me.

    I moaned as I pushed my ass to meet his manhood

    Ben started dove deeper into me. Take that you pussy boy. I felt his balls bang against my ass with each thrust. I could tell he was all the way in. Ben didn't started fucking me slowly. I could feel the heat of his cock in my hole. He acted like a rabbit in heat.

    Oh Fuck me faster sir, I want you to ram me hard and deep like yesterday sir I yelled out

    Glad to hear that boy, here it comes. Uncle didn't waste Any time he just dove in my hole. he was fucking like an animal and that's what I wanted. He was pounding me hard and fast from behind. He didn't care how I was enjoying it he was getting another piece of my ass again.

    his hot breath and sweat was all over me. he knew I wanted him inside me with his magnificent man hood. No matter how long he took I wanted more cock in me. I wanted to take it all. Uncle was like a fucking animal, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then sinking it back to the base with one thrust. His nails were dinging into my flesh and he didn't care about anything but to get his full of my ass before aunt sally returns with the girls in the next couple of days. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. I was in heaven.

    I could hear loud grunts and groans coming from uncle, so I knew he was almost ready. i was spinning and my whole was waiting for some of his sweet seed, I felt Ben's cock grow bigger inside I felt his veins on his dick rubbing the walls of my man shut. I felt the hot jets of his seed hitting my insides. He collapsed on top of me his body in hot sticky sweat. He bit me on the neck and left marks then kissed me on the lips, then he slaps my ass really hard.

    Time to get the chores done before Hugo picks you up boy you don't want to be late for Hugo boy and you don't want to make him mad

    I went through my usual morning routine; shit and piss then grabbed a pair of shorts and headed for chicken coop. I fed them and water the chickens, as they eat I clean the coop up. I didn't have to collect eggs but I need to mark them each day with the date they were laid time for more chicks to sell in the coming weeks. So far we have a dozen or so new chicks to take care of

    When done I walk to the barn to see if Ben needed some help with the horses. When I got there I saw uncle was naked doing his chores so I striped to help him out. He didn't say a word but smiled at me.

    Is there anything I can do for you Ben? He had a dervish grin on his face.

    Yes boy get your ass over here now.

    I went to were he was and stood waiting for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. I could see his dick as soft but waited to be told what he wanted.

    Boy gets on your knees and opens up.

    I did what I was told and waited with my mouth open and uncle walked up to me and put his dick in my mouth and I closed my lips around his man hood. Then he pissed into my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as he let it flow it tasted like corn chips.

    You're a good boy and I glad you're here. Ben rubbed my face and then my nipples as he held it in place with his dick still in my mouth, I sucked it dry. his piss tasted like corn chips. Love corn chips.

    As I was still on my knees looking up to him.I you better go clean up before Hugo gets here we both walk up to the house naked. uncle was shaving while I was taking a shower.

    Boy if you need to get a hold of me try the shop if not have Hugo call the town office that were I will be at till at least nine o'clock boy. and got into

    Yes sir, I will remember that and what about the feeding at night sir.

    Well I do it when we get home unless Hugo and you can do it, will just see what happens boy.

    Yes sir. I got out of the shower and uncle got in. I check my body and told uncle I will be needing another shave soon sir.

    Will do it tomorrow, I take you into town with me and shave you there.

    Cool sir, I brushed my teeth and got ready for Hugo. Uncle got out and helped him dry off, and then I laid a wet kiss on his left nipple and lick it.

    Boys don't get me started again, save it for tonight hot fuck session.

    Yes sir. save it for tonight sir, understood sir.

    Uncle walked out and I clean the bathroom before I got dressed

    I put back on a different pair of shorts on and a white t-shirt.

    I went down stairs and uncle had out the cereal and milk, toast was made and on the table.

    Uncle ate his breakfast got up and kissed me on the head. Boy you better be good and do as you're told. Then he left for work. I hear the truck drive down the drive.

    I took off my clothes and I knew I had hour before Hugo would show up and did the dishes nude. Love being nude when ever I could be even in the summer, the breeze and the sun against my flesh. The clock struck eight and no Hugo yet so I decided to take a quick shit so I went upstairs to drop a load before getting to work and made the bed.

    I didn't hear a truck pulled up the drive. I hear the back door slam and knew it had to be Hugo I got done and flew down the stairs still naked had left my clothes on the chair in the kitchen. It was Hugo all right he was sitting in uncle black leather chair with his legs spread apart.

    Jeff why weren't you ready for me boy.

    And why are you not dressed, I saw he had my shorts and shirt in his hand.

    Sorry sir.Sir I was cleaning up the dishes and making the beds sir. didn't want to get hot and sweaty before I got to work for you sir.

    Come here boy and I walked up to him and stood there.

    He dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth and suck on my dick only to look up at me with lust in his eyes.

    Hugo took my whole dick into his mouth and his tongue licked the bottom of my shaft. Hugo must not eat his breakfast today. Hugo knew how to suck cock. He brought me to the point of all most shooting and stop dead in his tracks.

    Boy we need to get too get going the day is wasting and I some work to get done boy.

    I put my shorts on and my white t-shirt and followed Hugo to his white Chevy truck, it looked bran new.

    We drove to Hugo place it was off the road a bit like most places around here. He parked his truck in front of his garage and we got out.

    He led me into the kitchen from the garage, You hungry boy? Hugo asked.

    I wasn't hungry but I was thirsty he open the ice box and handed me a Pepsi.

    Drink up boy, let see you can't wear those clothes too good looking to ruin painting follow me. so he led me upstairs to the to his bedroom and open a drawer and pulled out some blue shorts with strings in the front and a white muscle shirt it had some holes in it the kind that very little clothing in front. Try these on see if they fit. Go ahead I have already seen you naked do don't go shy all of a sudden boy

    So I strip in front of him and saw I had a hard on, but proceeded to get into the shorts and shirt he handed to me. The shorts were too big for me and he tightened the shorts bye the strings in front to so they were snug.

    Now you look better boy, hang on one more things. He left the room for a couple of minutes. His room was very big, the bed was king size and had black sheets on it, on the walls were bare. Except for a big cabinet along one wall that all he had and a dresser. Hugo came back with a bottle of suntan lotion and started to puts some on his hand.

    Boy come here and let me put this on your back and legs, don't want you to cook in this sun boy. He pulled my shirt away from my body and began to grease me up front and back. His rough hands felt nice against my hairless body. He then put some on my legs and making sure he got his face in my crotch and smells me. This made me horny as ever as he did my other leg.

    Boys close your eyes now and he applied some lotion to my face. I could hear his breath on the back of my neck. Then he applied it to him self all over.

    Let go boy we got a shed to paint and a deck out back to do before the sun bakes us alive. I followed him down the stairs what an ass he has as I followed each movement of his hot Greek god.

    We stared with the shed it was going to be painted red with white trim. I was doing the red paint and using a roller and a brush to paint. The sun was hot and it was going to get up to the 90's today. So I started to paint in the shade. While Hugo worked on the trim on the other side of the shed.

    How is it coming Jeff, Hugo stood behind me and check out my work. He rubbed my back and told me I was doing an excellent job and went back to his trimming. Now I was working in the hot sun of the morning I was sweating up a storm.

    Here boy, Hugo came around the corners with a two bottles of Pepsi and handed me one. I had paint on my chest and on my legs. I don't know who has more paint on, you or the shed here. We both laughed and rubbed my back but this time he went and played with my ass. And I was getting a hard on from all this attention. My shorts tented out and saw his was hanging down his short pants leg.

    Looks like you got some paint on your self too and I pointed to the spot where his dick head was splattered with some white paint. He pulled his shorts up and saw his dick head had some paint on it He laughed and laughed. He took a rag and rubbed it off.

    You want to kiss it and make it better boy.

    I looked into his eyes and just bent down and kissed it.

    It took another hour or so to finish the shed; it was around noon when Hugo decided it was time to take a break. By this time we both had removed our shirts.

    Hugo had made some sandwiches with chips to eat with a side salad and some ice tea. We sat and listen to the ball game on the TV in the kitchen. After the game was over we started on the deck out back.

    Were going to stain the deck here boy. That was not so hard we both worked side by side and got it done less then two hours.

    Jeff you did a good job today now its time to clean up and relax. Follow me and I show you were we will clean up. Behind the garage where a shower and a sauna. Just drop your clothes here and I burn them later. No need to wash those old rags and we both got under a shower head and he scrubbed my back and I did his. I love his rough big hands on my body. He made sure to get every nook and cranny and when he got to my dick and balls he made sure he gave them the attention they needed.

    After he played with my dick and balls he gave me a very passionate kiss on the lips and stuck his tongue in mine.

    Jeff I want this to last so let go sit in the sauna and relax boy.

    What ever you say Sir I followed him to the sauna and sat the bottom bench while he took the top one and sat with his legs spread apart.

    Oh by the way I'm expecting you do as I say boy, so be on your best behavior or I spank your ass boy. And what ever happens here stays here got it boy.

    Yes sir any thing you say sir.

    Hugo reached up and turns the temperature on higher. The heat started to rise then sit next to me his legs spread apart.

    Oh yes it nice in here said Hugo. Hugo's dick was rock hard and was playing with it.

    I lay down and relaxed and enjoy the steam of the sauna. We were in there for about hour or so.

    Remember boy what goes on here stays here got.

    Yes sir.

    Maybe we should go to my play room, boy. He laughed with a devilish grin as they looked at me.

    So Hugo led me by my hand and we started down the hall to the basement door.

    Hugo punched in a few numbers on a key pad and the door open and the lights turn on.

    I was amazed and fascinated by Hugo's playroom. There was a sling hung in the Center of the room. Some leather items neatly hung on the walls along with several dildos and different sizes and colors, couple of then were largest I'd ever seem. I went to the wall with the leather goods and started quizzing Hugo as to their use and purpose.

    Hugo watches me as I looked around and inspected the new surroundings

    After several minutes of exploring of the gear hanging on the walls, Sir what are you into.

    I don't want to scare you boy but I'm into S&M and B&D You want to try some of them out boy?

    Cool Hugo I nodded my head, sure why not I'm game. I do like to play rough as you know sir .But I didn't know if I was into like pain, pain, but some bondage would be ok sir.

    Jeff gets into the sling boy and I get you ready for a new experience of your young life boy.

    I so quickly eager to get that big cock of his in me again. By the time I got to the sling, my own rod was at attention I tried to decide the best way to get on to the sling. Hugo picked me up like a sack of potato and laid me in the sling, fastening my ankles and wrists to the chains. They are to keep you from falling out of the sling. The sling was attached to the ceiling.

    I was helpless and I liked the feeling. I trusted Hugo and knew he'd give me a good time and not hurt me in any way.

    Hugo started to work on my shaft which was hard and longing for his hot mouth. I wanted to shoot my load in his mouth. I started to get very vocal when Hugo lick my under my dick head. Oh yes man that it works the cock over.

    I couldn't hold off any longer and I shoot my load into Hugo's hot mouth he took my seed

    Hugo stuck out his tongue to me to show me he had taken my seed. Then swallow some of it down and told me to get ready for another ride on his cock.

    Hugo got my ass really wet with my cum he just took, and then licked my ass with my own cum. He pushed his dick head against my outer ring. I just relaxed and let him in.

    Fuck me do what ever you want just fuck my hole. I need that big cock in there.

    Boy I want you to enjoy having my big cock in your ass boy.

    Don't move boy I be right back, his dick slip out my ass and I feel so empty not having his massive dick in me

    I pulled on the chains to see what he was going for. I need you dick in my hole please fuck me as I yelled out load.

    Hugo goes over the bench and goes thru some drawers something out at first I didn't recognized it. Then he brought it closer I saw it was gag from the bench and started to put it on me. I tried to move but I was trapped.

    Please no I will be quite. I'll be a good boy

    Hugo had selected a leather gag that had a short `dildo' attached from the bench. he shoved it in my mouth and fastened it in the back of my head. The dildo pushed almost back to my throat, but didn't gag me.

    I try to talk but it was muffed and knew he didn't care at this point if I wanted it on or not.

    He shoved his dick back into me inch by inch up my chute. I groaned and twisted as the wider part of his swollen shaft made my ring stretch some more.

    You feel real good, boy! You got a sweet fuck hole! It's so, so hot! I can feel your ass ring around it tickling my dick boy! You're so hot; he had to keep stopping so he won't cum in me too soon! Oh, did I tell you that part, boy?

    That I'm going to fill your ass up with my man seed? You did realize that your ass chute will be a swimming pool for my seed juice, right?" he pressed in another inch, not really wanting an answer, my mind went totally blank

    I love to be taken over by a hot guy like him. Hugo is a dominate man takes what he wants and answers to no one... He fucked my ass deep and hard

    Hugo was coated in sweat, my eyes wide, my mouth a tight watering as Hugo work me over and over. I tossed my head back and forth in an attempt to see what was going on with Hugo. Hugo s sunk in deeper in to my bowls, I, too, began to sweat. It dripped from me everywhere, and was splattered Hugo's sweat. It ran down my face to a pool around where now half hard of a dick. Hugo's dick had disappeared inside my body.

    He gave a hard thrust, plunging the rest of his dick inside of me and I was screaming murder he didn't stop to enjoy the deepness of my man fuck chute, he pulled his dick almost out of me then he began a power fuck me.

    All the way in, all the way out! He fucked hard he was enjoying the sound and feel as our muscled bodies met in fuck lust! He used his cock as a tool, to open up that tight,

    I feel his cum in me! Filling me up and make me whole.

    Oh, you got a hot ass bitch!" Hugo yelled as he creamed my ass, His cum jetted out in massive spurts, filling me up. He collapsed on my chest, breathing hard, and our faces inches apart. I looked into eyes that were saddened.

    He smiled, "Don't look all sad, boy, I just need a little rest, then I can fuck you some more!"

    I couldn't say a word with the gag in my mouth

    I w anted more cock and I wanted it now I said to my self

    His cock was still alive inside of met and I could feel it move in me like a snake. I wanted it to stay buried inside me as long as he could.

    Hugo soft dick falls out of my ass and some of his cream drips down my balls to the floor. Hugo goes to the bench and put some tit clamp on my virgin nipples

    I moan in pain as they clamp down on my nipples. But the pain subsides and true into exotic.

    Hugo he sat down on a leather stool with his legs spread apart. You love my cock up in side you boy. Boy you were born breed to lives to serve. Hell you likes it rough the rougher the better. What do you got to say for your self boy?

    I couldn't say a word I was till gagged and boy was my nipples were on fire and I was starting to get another hard on.

    Hugo laughed at me. Boy you are true horny boy you are.

    I fuck you a few more times and show you first hand boy some of my equipment on you boy. He grabbed a two inch wide black collar with a lock on it, shows it to me then and fastens it around my neck

    Hug fucked my hole out one more time before release me for the sling.

    Hugo picked me up and took me to a padded table. He had laid me down on my stomach then told me not to move or I would regret it.

    I turn to see what he was looking for and he saw me turn and was watching, he grabbed a paddle off the wall was hitting it in his hand.

    Boy I told you not to move and you did now you must pay the price for disobedience

    I couldn't say anything still had the gag tied into my mouth. but my eyes said I was sorry.

    He took my arms and strapped them to the table and put a leather pillow under my pelvis area, then strapped my ankles down. So there I'm tied down to the table and my ass is in the air.

    Hugo takes the paddle in his right hand and swings and spanked my ass very hard while I was on the table. It hurt like hell and my ass was stinging.

    I found myself liking it. I liked it a lot. The more he whacked me with a paddle the more I pushed my ass up to meet the paddle.

    You're my kind of puppy, as he hits my ass again and again. I knew you like it rough boy so I will give you rough. He wants back to his bench and retrieved a ten inch by four inch wide dildo. The butt plug was pushed in very hard .he drove it into me like something I had never had inside of me before. God it hurt but it was ecstasy.

    Mmm yes I could only moan my cries of ecstasy were muffled.

    Then he left me there with tit clamp on and a plug up my ass and gagged. What seems for hours at time I had waves of pain and ecstasy. It was a roller coaster ride.

    Hugo finally came back and took off the gag and untied me. He started to rub my legs and arms. He turns me to my side and removed the tit clamps that dug into my nipples. But he left the butt plug in my ass and the collar on.

    Will boy what do you have to say.

    Thank you sir so far I have found ecstasy that I thought I would never know about. Hugo kept rubbing my body to get the kinks out from being on the table so long.

    As I got off the table I saw that I shot a load all over me and the leather pillow.

    I see you enjoyed your self boy. He smiled, relax boy I', going to take this plug out. With that he pulls the plug out and it made a loud pop noise. Hugo lick the cum off the pillow then had me lay on my back so he could clean my crotch out.

    I just moaned and groan, Hugo you got one hot tongue sir. Hugo just smiled and kept cleaning off then took off the collar and put the equipment away.

    Its time we go up stairs and get something you to eat boy.

    We headed up stairs and there was food on the table, pizza and beer. We sat and eat and watch the six o'clock new.

    Dam I said to my self how long was I down there, it had to be at least three hours and it did seem longer. My ass was sore and nipples but I knew they be fine soon. We ate in silence and watched television till the new was done.

    Hugo cleans up the table and put the dishes in the sink. Jeff We could go clean the barn and feed the chickens then come back here and spend some time in the hot tub if you like boy.

    Sure I like that, it only takes hour or so do that.

    Hugo went left the room and came back wearing a pair of cut offs and a t-shirt and handed me my clothes. I got dress in front of him. He kept his eyes on my body all that time. After I got dress he walks up to me and kisses me passionately and I kissed him back.

    Hugo sir I'm enjoying my time with you sir.

    Glad to hear that Jeff, I enjoy our time too.

    We arrived at the farm and we went to feed the chickens and then went to the barn and made sure the horses and made sure he had enough water and food. Seeing them taken care of. Hugo helping me made the work easer and faster if I was doing it on my own. So we headed back to Hugo's place and headed for the hot tub. Of course we were naked


    We got into the hot tub and sat in the hot water, it felt good Hugo kept playing footsy with me.

    Jeff I be right back, do you want something to drink.

    When Hugo started to get out of the hot tub, I was on the other side and again watched his perfect body being pulled out from the water. I couldn't help but watch the water running down his back and into the crack of his smoothed ass. Shit, he really had it all. The perfect body I have seen in a long time, the all over tan with no lines, and the envy of most men and that v shape body and those muscles just in the right portions.

    Sure what ever you grab will be fine with me he stood there with his dick in hand we both laughed. Then Hugo went into the house.

    Hugo tossed us a beer and of course when I opened mine after it had flown through the air, it exploded all over me. We both laughed

    Well I won't let it go to waste; he started to lick my chest and nipples then worked his way down to my navel then too my hard shaft. Hugo licked up one side and down the other then took one of my balls in his warm mouth and his tongue play with for a while then ate the other one. He tugged at them as he looked up at me

    Oh man your so hot, and took my hands too his smooth bald head and kiss it , I like to come back some time and try some more of your stuff in your play room Hugo.

    Hugo looked up to me, any time boy any time just give me a buzz buddy. And he smiled at me; you can come over here any time boy just let me know you're coming. And went too work on my cock I was putty in his hands. He brought me under his total control. He stood up with his beer in hand. Boy you get on your knees and get to work on his, he was holding his twelve in uncut cock in his right hand and beer in the other one.

    I didn't have to be told twice. I was on my knees and, with both hands; I squeezed and caressed that python cock. Instant warmth invaded my palms as I gently stroked him. I could feel his vein on that massive python was full of life. I had my hand finally holding onto the base, that thick, juicy cock hung before my face. I then stuck out my tongue and began to lap up and down the length of Hugo's powerful tool. It generated heat onto my tongue as I lapped at it like a long tasty lollipop. That only lasted a few minutes. My lips parted and wrapped around the bulbous head of Hugo's tasty cock. My tongue swirled around the tip as I sucked him in. With my hand still firmly holding onto the base, I began to take him in deeper, munching and tonguing his perfect cock as best I could.

    Aaah, yeah, suck my cock boy; Hugo strongly encouraged me, he placing his hands on my bare shoulders and pushing me to the ground

    Oooh, yeah suck it, boy. Yeah, that feels so good. I'm glad you like it so much I'm going to shove it up your hot hole in a minute so get it nice and wet boy.

    I looked up to him with lust in my eyes and he knew I like his dick in my hole.

    Boy get it nice and wet , I going to fuck that hole one more time before you go I give you back too your uncle boy.

    Can't wait to have you in me again sir, you're cock is what this boy needs sir.

    You love my dick don't you boy.

    Yes sir I need cock in me to make me whole sir.

    You got it wet enough bend over the hot tub and I fuck you one more time boy. Boys spread your legs and get a good grip on the tub you're going to get the fuck of your life boy.

    I bent over and tried to get a good grip before Hugo shoved his dick into me.

    Sir spread my ass cheeks as wide as they could, now boy relax, one push of his dick up my ass. I was in pain real pain.

    Ouch that hurt he slapped my head.

    Boy I told you to relax and breath or you be tore up inside. And we don't want to go home all torn up inside and be no use to any one who wants to fuck that hole of yours boy.

    Oh the pain I felt I was having a Mac truck pushed up my ass. Inch by inch sir pushed his massive tool up my hole. The pain, the pain but turns to pleasure,

    Oh sir fuck me deep sir deeper sir. I can feel sir balls hitting my ass each time he pushes his dick deep and deep up my ass. I can feel the veins on his dick stretching my hole. Oh sir fuck me, fuck more, more sir fuck my hole. I was getting all sweaty as well as Hugo. With each thrust it had to catch my self, I could feel his thrust all throughout my body.

    Sir slapped my ass really hard, oh boy I'm going to shoot up your ass and you better not lose any of it boy. Sir just kept on fucking deeper and deeper,

    Moan and I could hear his breathing change like he was about to shoot his load then it happen with one load yell its coming boy its coming. From Hugo and I could feel the warm hot cum shoot into me.

    Take it, take it boy. Take it all and don't you ever lose a drop. With that Hugo slams his dick deep and hard, his ball hitting my ass at the same time. He left his dick in me till I went soft and fell out of my ass. As his dick fell out of my ass I felt empty without it. Then Hugo stood in front of me, open you mouth boy, I open it without hesitation and sir shove his cock in and I started to lick his meat in my mouth, I could tastes the cum and my ass juices and some shit too.

    Mm, mm, good I quickly work my magic on his tool. And bare down on it to make sure I milked it dry. He collapsed next to me and at first I thought we fall into the hot tub but he just gave ma big bear hug and kissed my neck.

    Yes, boy, that's the way to take care of me boy as he tries to catch his breath. Keep it up boy and you have to go for another round of my dick boy.

    Boy I love that ass of your and mouth. Hugo put his dick in my mouth; I was not ready for him to take it out yet. I like the way if feels in my mouth. Then I felt some warm liquid follow into my mouth it was him pissing in my mouth again. I started to pull away but he held me in place. I swallow as much as I could but he was pissing too fast for me to keep up. It dribbled down my face and onto my chest.

    Hugo pulled his dick out as soon as he was done pissing and told me to follow him. He led me to a garden hose and turns it on and washed his piss off me.

    Can send you home smelling of piss boy can we.

    No sir as my body reacts to the cold water hitting my body, I jerk back and Hugo grabs my ear.

    Stand still boy and I got to make sure you're clean. Then he took me to the hot tub.

    Boys bend over got to clean your insides now. He put the nozzle up my hold and flushed me out.

    It was cold and I started to cramp up and doubled over on the tub.

    Oh, oh as my hole is flushed out. When he pulled the hose out and the water was still running down my legs Hugo use the hose to clean me off one more time and wash the deck clean.

    Get back in the tub it will help you with your gramps boy.

    I crawled back into the hot tub and I seem to do the trick after about ten minutes I felt better.

    Hugo came out of the house with a towel and saw he was dressed in tight blue jeans and a no top on. Time to get out boy and dry off boy^

    I got out of the tub and Hugo too his time drying me off from head to toe.

    Thank you sir, I can't wait to come back and try out your other equipment sir and I promised not to tell any one sir.

    Good boy, your uncle will be wondering were you are, I spoken to him a while ago and I will take you home. Let's go boy.

    What about my clothes.

    You get them when you get home your going to ride back naked boy.

    What if some one see me naked sir?

    Well you just have to make sure they don't see yaw boy.

    He handed me my shoes and I put them on walking naked behind him as we headed for the truck. As I got into the truck I looked at sir and did as I was told. I acted like it was nothing to ride naked. The night hot air was nice against my body. Hugo kept putting his hands on my leg as he drove to uncles. It was dark enough that no one could see in the truck. When we got to uncle bens place, Hugo stopped at the entrance and told me to get uncle mail out of the box. I thought for a second and thought no one will be driving by and if they might see me. I got out of the truck and walked to the box and got the mail and got back into the truck. No one did drive by and if they would who cares. That's what I felt at that moment.

    I got back in and Hugo drove to the house. Uncle was not home so I got of the truck naked and Hugo walked me into the house.

    Would you like a drink sir?

    No thanks boy I need to get going here are your clothes and here is some money for the good work you done today and hope you come back soon boy.

    I took the envelope and than put on my shorts as I hear uncles truck drive up.

    Good your uncle is here I need to talk to him boy alone boy so give us some privacy boy.

    Hello anyone here,

    Yes Uncle I'm here and Hugo, will you excuse me.

    Sure said uncle, hi Hugo how did the boy do.

    I heard them start talk so I went up stairs and too my room and see how much Hugo had given me for my work. He had six ten dollar bills, let see I have 100 from Billy, 60 from Hugo that give me 160.000 saved so far. I put it away in my duffle bag in with my diary. I wrote my days entry and put it away.

    I need to piss so I went and took a piss then decided shave what need to be done. I shaved my crotch and chest and then did my arm Pitts. I took a quick look in the mirror and rubbed my head to see if I need another head shave. If so I let uncle do that for me for now. I took a shower but first I decided to give me one more enema before I would shower. I got the bottle ready and then got on all fours and inserted the nozzle and let the hot water warm me up. As soon I was full I held it for five to ten minutes. The longer I held it the harder it was too keep in side of me. But I love the feeling it gave me. I looked like a dog on all fours with my ass up in the air. And my dick sticking straight out too the floor of the shower by this time uncle had came up to see what I was doing. And stood there in the door way.

    Boy you look so hot there boy, uncle quickly stripped his cloths off his clothes and I saw him hold his dick in hand. I knew he wanted something me to do for him. But I would do what ever he wanted me to do.

    I opened my mouth and he drove his cock down my throat. Lighting flashed through the small window as I sucked him like a wild whore. I closed my eyes as more lighting flashed. He was fucking my mouth hard and fast. I knew he couldn't hold out much longer and then he stopped and pulled out of my mouth.

    Can you slow down boy; I want to enjoy this boy.

    I started to protest but he slapped my face. Then turned me around and pushed me up against the wall. He rubbed my ass sliding a finger up my ass. He stroked his finger in and out and then I felt him breathing on my hole. His tongue sent shock waves through out my whole body.

    Damn I was going cum if he keeps this rough work out with his tongue in my ass. His tongue play ended and he replaced it with that monster cock of his. He slides it all the way in. I felt his balls smack mine. He reached around and started stroking my cock.

    Boy you got one hot pussy boy.

    Damn it must be coming up one hell of a storm out side it is lighting ever few seconds now.

    Uncle fucked and stroked me in perfect rhythm. I started Cumming shooting my cum all over the wall of the shower. Uncle let go off my deflating cock fucking my ass. He would shove it all the way end and pull it nearly all the way out. I was about to pass out when he shoved his cock his eight inch cock in as far as he could

    That's it boy take my dick you know you want it badly you cock slut.

    I could feel him creamy jets of seed shoot into my gut. He began filling me up with his seed.

    After he squirted what had to be a gallon of his seed in me he pulled out. I could fill his cum running out off my ass and down my leg. I fell to the floor then I looked up and he was sitting on the toilet with a big grin on his face. He motion for me to come to him.

    Sluts get your ass over here and clean my dick off now.

    I wipe as much of his spunk as I could with my hand and licked them clean. Damn I felt so alive.

    I licked the head of uncle purple mushroom savoring his salty cock. It was all I could do to get about half of his stick in my throat. I was sucking his cock as if there was no tomorrow.

    That's a good cock sucker boy I always new you wanted cock and can't get enough

    I could feel his cock beginning to again swell as held him with my mouth. He pulled out my throat until his massive head rested on my lips. Then I opened my mouth wide as he shot his piss into my mouth. After he finished piss all over my face, I sucked up and down the sides of his cock. This was driving him wild.

    Oh yes boy that's it take care of It you cock sucker, He was screaming out in pleasure.

    Finally it was all he could take and he pulled his cock out my mouth and tells me

    Your mouth is so hot boy much better then your dad ever was boy, I'm glad you be around this summer boy.

    We better go check on the animals and make sure they are all right. He stood up and started for the door. Well boy you coming or do I need to drag your ass to the barn.

    I was lost for a moment then the lighting rang with a big flash then a bang. I got up and followed I grabbed my shorts hit the back door when the flash of lighting was over head. I could see uncle still naked down by the barn. I hurried to him to help him; I didn't know what I could do. Uncle put blinders on the horses that were getting upset to the noise. Uncle looked like a Greek god next to the horse. I was hoping when I got too his age I would look like him.

    The storm stay around and pour the rain down uncle tried to quiet the horses, we stayed with them till the storm past. I couldn't keep my eyes off of uncle meat swing between his massive legs and the light hit his body. While he calmed down the horses, I made a bed by putting six or eight bales together and thru some horse blankets over them to make a bed for us.

    Uncle I made a bed for to lay on to wait out the storm.

    Good idea best to keep the animals quiet as uncle inspect the bed I made.

    I got on the bale of hay and patted it, come and rest uncle. Uncles sit and try it out.

    Uncle gets down on the hay, I straddle his chest I lick his nipples and chest I nibble every once in a while. I need to fuck your ass; I want to lick your ass clean. With that uncle rolled over and stuck his ass up in the air. I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed his ass and parted them as far as they would go and stuck my nose between them and came up with my tongue fully extended and exploring his valley.

    Oh Jeff that's it you found it now get to work on it. Your tongue is so hot just like your dads. I see you learn a lot from my brother.

    I began to pushed between his cheeks and pressing against his hole. Just relax and enjoy it. With that, I began to push my cock into my hole.

    Oh yes that it fuck me boy fuck me, that's it.

    I knew you were going to love my dick in your ass uncle. Your ass is so fucking hot.

    Ben moaned loudly. I continued to push it further in, and after what seemed like I was riding a bull, my balls banging his against my ass and knew he I was all the way in his ass. then I slowly pulled it out and shoved it back in again with all my weight

    He started moaning fuck me boy fuck me as I moved my cock in and out of his ass. I couldn't believe what was happening to me I was fuck my dads brother the Greek god.

    I knew he was going to love my dick in his ass.

    Your ass is so fucking tight uncle

    uncle moaned and begging. Give it too me and don't hold back.

    I continued to push it further in deeper and deeper and being rough with him, I would slowly pulled it out and shoved it back in again.

    Yes yes that's it give it too me.

    I couldn't believe it uncle was into dick as much as I am what was happening to me

    I was really going to town now. I was shoving his dick in and out of him hard and fast as possible. The animal lust had taken over, and me. I was fucking out of control.

    We both sweating like to pigs in a blanket.

    Uncle kept yelling fuck me hard again more. Fuck me, Jeff Fuck me harder my cock banging him hard and longs. Uncle could tell I was close too coming because my motions had become more sporadic.

    Ohh, I'm close, I moaned,

    I want to cum in my ass now shoot your seed in my boy.

    Her it comes take it uncle bare down on my dick as I shot my load in him.

    Yes, that it boy give me too me. I didn't let my pace slow down one bit. I was banging his ass you could hear us over the thunder and lighting.

    With a bang I shot my load up uncle tight hole. I kept fucking him till my cock went soft. Then fell on top of him. As my dick fell out of his ass I heard a pop and we both smiled at each other and uncle rolled over on his side and gave me a long passionate kiss and he clean my mouth out with his tongue. He reaches over and blew the lantern out and we fell to sleep in each others arms.


    Friday June 18

    The sound of the rooster crowing had awakened me as the morning breeze came thru the barn something's different then I remember we spent the night in the barn

    Uncle Ben was still out like a light dead to the world his dick rock hard as usual. He didn't to awake him I just laid there looking at my Greek god he rolled over on his back and His spread eagle with his legs spread apart I watched his breathing and how the sweat shimmered in the morning light. He moans a bit as he stirs on the bales of hay, but his dick was like a flag pole.

    I could hear moans coming from him then the rooster crowed again that had awakened him he caught me staring at his hot body.

    Morning Jeff

    Morning uncle with a grin on my face as he woke up.

    Uncle moans and groans again. Damn I was hot boy as he rolled towards me

    Time to get the chores done before

    We didn't go through the usual morning routine; we just started our morning cleaning the barn, feeding the chickens and horses.

    When done I walk to the barn to see if Ben needed some help with the horses. We did our chores naked He didn't say a word but smiled at me.

    Is there anything I can do for you uncle? He had a dervish grin on his face.

    Yes boy get your ass over here now.

    I went to him waiting to see was up.

    Boy gets on your knees and opens up I need to take a piss boy.

    I did what I was told and waited with my mouth open ass before uncle walked up to me and put his dick in my mouth and I closed my lips around his man hood I looked up to his face. Then he pissed into my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as he let it flow it tasted the same as before like corn chips.

    You're a good boy and I glad you're here. Ben rubbed my face and then my nipples as he held it in place with his dick still in my mouth, I sucked it dry His piss.

    As I was still on my knees looking up to him, his shaft was now growing in my mouth. He decides to sit on a bail of hay not letting my mouth come off his shaft. I followed him.

    I was admiring his nice balls and cock while he had his eyes closed. I noticed he was starting to getting bigger and bigger, then it continued to grow right before my eyes.

    I could not resist so I touched his leg, so I rubbed them up and down. Then up to his balls and then to his still growing cock in my warm wet mouth. I love taste of musky men and the way it feels,

    Oh yes boy that's it.

    He spread his legs more giving me a better access to his crotch. I crawled between his legs and went down on his cock as he let out a sigh. I continued sucking and licking his cock and balls until I had him ready to shoot his load.

    I love your cock in my mouth or my ass uncle. I can not get enough of you sir.

    Oh boy I'm going to cum boy take it boy He reached down and shoved my head over his cock holding me there as he shot load after load of warm sperm into my willing mouth.

    Yes you cock sucker take it, take it all boy.

    I finished drinking his cum as he relaxed I kept my mouth on his shaft not wanting to miss any of his hot white cream. I used my tongue to make sure his cock was clean as a whistle and kept his cock in my mouth even when it went soft I kept it in till uncle pulled it out.

    He got up and walked to the wall and got some leather cored. He tied up my cock and balls. He led me by the leather cord too the hay where I made for us to sleep on then he laid me down on the hay spread my legs apart.

    You a good boy and I are going to reward you boy. He climbed on top of me and put his dick in my face and his hot mouth went for my balls that were tied up and it was a bit uncomfortable but it was hot.

    He kept his dick in my mouth till I was nice and wet. Then he pulled it out. Then he crawled to my feet then took my dick into to his tongue and started to lick my shaft than dove onto my cock and got it all the way down his throat.

    Keeps it going man you're driving me crazy. Oh fuck that so, so

    Ben you got such a hot mouth.

    Hot boy I'm going to make you shoot another load and use as lube to fuck you one more time boy.

    He kept pushing his head up and down on my shaft it didn't take long to shoot. Uncle took his mouth just in time to shoot all over my stomach.

    Put my legs over his shoulders. I had a good idea what was about to ah do.

    I felt the warmth and gentle pressure of one of Ben big hands resting at the base of my spine, just at the top of my butt crack, and then a finger from his other hand starting to pry my butt cheeks apart.

    I stopped breathing for a moment, hardly wait for him to begin then, as the pressure of his finger got stronger and he touched my asshole

    He pulled his finger out and looking up to me. I saw him scoop up some of the white creamy cum off my stomach.

    When he poking his finger up into me, I was eager to feel it slide in, and uncle then moved it in and out a few times with two or three fingers., almost as if teasing me to get me to get hard again or to make me go crazier. He knew I wanted him to shove his dick into me It actually turn me on even more, without me even thinking about it, my body relaxed, I made a low moan of satisfaction and begged him to fuck me hard to take me any way he wanted.

    Uncle pulled out again, wet his fingers once more with my man seed, and returned to my ass.

    I have to say it was so much fun and exciting to watch him work my as over. He pushed a fourth finger up me, and now when he spread open, I knew my hole was being stretched, it was comfortable, at another it was hurting and I wanted him to keep it going and not stop. I didn't care what he will do to me longs I get his cock up my ass.

    Uncle pulled out of me completely then his head bowed, in front of me as he rammed it back into my hole

    Excellent give it too me.

    Ben pulled it out again and this time he took the tip of his dick ran up and down my ass crack as there was an odd mixture of tickling and pleasure coming to my brain, but then it was undeniably there - I could feel it resting against my pucker. Was uncle tiring to drive me crazy or was he teasing me.

    uncle leaned forward slightly, the pressure on my butt increasing as he took some of his weight on his hands, and he spoke quietly, almost whispering, as if it was only me who should hear "But I'm not a gratuitously cruel uncle but I know you like it rough boy,

    With that he pushed forward and I felt the inexorable pressure of his dick head diving deep into me.

    I knew what to expect from uncle and his friends no mercy just hot wild lust and man sex.

    The lubrication of my own cum was so hot to me I started to grow another woody that was to be expected.

    He'd taken his hands off my butt and now rested them on my shoulders, not exactly digging his fingers into my muscles exactly, but exerting pressure so that I knew he was there, in me, skewering me with his dick and controlling my body totally.

    He began to fuck me then, pulling out very fast and deep and as rough as he could dish out, and sliding back in again, and the combination of the way that my body was responding to his dick and the feeling of his skin pressed against mine was fantastic - I couldn't help it.

    I kept making low groaning noises of pure pleasure, and yelling yes, yes, yes. In time to the rough fucking pace I was getting.

    I would love too gone on for hours as far as I was concerned, but suddenly his action changed uncle started to pull out much more quickly, then slammed forward so that there was a distinct "slap" noise as his skin collided with my butt. This was fun for me as I wasn't sure whether what I was feeling was the most intense pleasure I'd ever had in my entire life, or pure pain.

    My yells and moans of oh yes, yes, yes changed to be more ones of Uhhh...that's it YES More I want more yes that's it with each thrust, but then suddenly it all stopped we were both covered in sweat.

    I could feel him pulling back then, and his dick sliding out of me, and he stood upright. I looked up at him I saw his dick, still semi-erect, poking out as he stood there, boy now Clean it up now yes clean me up!"

    I open my mouth and licked his dick clean with my tongue, his cum and man juices and bit of shit too tasted great.

    Boy we need to get going I have to go clean up and I'm going to work will get breakfast at the caf boy. We both walked to the house naked and he shaved while I showered and we switched places and headed to town.

    I wore a pair of cut offs and a white almost see thru t-shirt and sneakers. Uncle wore his usual black pants and a blue shirt. He parked his truck behind his shop and we walked to the caf. Alice seated us and uncle had coffee and a bowl of cereal, I had a bacon two eggs sunny side up and toast. Max stopped by the table and asked how our meal was, I got the feeling max had to ask uncle something so I went to the restroom, I did have to take a leak and is seem the best time to do it.

    Max here got a question to ask you boy.

    Yes sir. I looked at max then Uncle Ben.

    Boy in need to go too Knoxville for the day I want you to keep me company.

    Boy I told max you can go IF you wanted too AS longs you do as max tell you and be on your best behavior

    Sure I would like to go, if your sure uncle it's all right what about my chores.

    Sure boy go and have some fun. I get Chris to help me out while your gone and I don't think you be needing any this time boy. If you need some max will get them for you and work the cost off here at the dinner. Uncle and max smiled at each other.

    Cool can't wait to get going.

    As soon as you finish your breakfast we will go. I do have to do a couple of things around here before I leave said max.

    Uncle finished his breakfast, I better get to work money don't grow on trees. So uncle picked up the bill and winked at me and paid the bill and left for work.

    Max looked at me and nodded for me to follow him. So I got up and we walked up to his place and locked the door.

    As soon as the door was lock, what have you been up too Jeff.

    I helped out uncle neighbor clean out an old out building and helped get it ready for a concrete slap so he can build a new building in its place.

    I know Billy and Chris well; they come in to the caf once in a while.

    I need to change my clothes and we will be off. Follow me boy so we can talk while I change boy so max took off his shirt and undid his pants.

    So I followed in to his bedroom where he was now totally naked. Come here boy now. See what you have done to me boy. There he stood naked and with a hard on sticking straight out. Come here boy it's your fault I have a hard on so take care of it now.

    I walked closer and dropped to my knees and started to lick the underside of his shaft.

    Get it nice and wet boy.

    I would my best to get it nice and wet; I knew what I was getting for dessert.

    We have a couple of minutes till we be leavening. With that he grabbed my arm stand me up and pulls my short to the floor and pushed me over the edge of the bed with my ass in the air. I felt his big hands spread my ass apart and he started to lick my hole.

    Mm nice boy really nice, he licks me and then spitted on my hole.

    Ready to for this Jeff.

    "Yes! Please!" I yelled. I was desperate to be plugged! "Fuck me, yeah! Please! I need your fat dick up my ass! Sir! Please, sir! Please, sir, Fuck meeee

    With one almighty thrust he smashed me open! His mammoth dick, only vaguely damp from the mucous and saliva of my own throat was thrust ball-slamming deep into my tight, dry asshole . . .

    I howled with searing pleasure.

    "Shut the fuck up," snarled max. "Take it, take it all boy.

    He dredged his dick out of my tunnel until just his fat, bloated dick-head remained inside. I suddenly felt empty, lost - aching to be refilled.

    You want it like this don't you boy.

    Yes I do sir please give it to me.

    He slammed that mighty man-flesh pole right back up my chute. The pain was agonizing - my entire body was cramping. The tender walls of my asshole parted for violently thrusting in my hole.

    But I took it. Like the way I liked it rough and hard.

    I felt strong, resilient, empowered. That huge slab of man meat Plugging my ass doing as he wishes with me I was in heaven.

    He was going like there were no tomorrow. Then all of a sudden he pulled it out and pulled me to my knees. His dick staring me in the face I just looked at it

    Clean it up boy, clean my dick.

    But sir you didn't cum yet. I knew I spoken at the wrong moment but it was too late to take it back.

    He slapped my face with his dick, do as you're told boy.

    Yes sir, I open my mouth and proceeded to clean his cock off even though it was still rock hard. It had some man juices and some shit on it. I knew I better clean it or I be sent back to uncle and have to explain why I was not going with max. Deep down I like it to clean hot cocks like his.

    Just as I was done max pulled his cock away and went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black jockstraps that had no label in it. He thru them at me and then pulled out a black thong with a mesh front and put then on. Put it on boy and get dressed we don't have all day.

    I put the black jockstrap with a mesh front on It was faded and look like an old pair. As I put it on it was snug fit, I wonder were he got theses at. Max had tight blue jeans and a white button down shirt and grabbed a back bag.

    Ready boy I looked at him and he walked closer to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I hope you will enjoy your self. We headed out the back door to the ally. We got into a brown Chevy Silverado truck.

    Max turn on the radio to a country western radio station. He had opened his shirt all the way out due to the heat but he had the ac on. He kept smiling at me.

    I kept looking at his crotch and his dick was pressing a good outline in his pants.

    We got off at exit 82 drove three miles then took a right pulled into a road and stopped at gate it said private club. Max used a card to open the gate; he gate closed right behind us and drove for about another 1/3 mile down a paved road.

    We are here he got out and grabbed the bag; I followed him to see about twenty cars parked in the lot. Boy you better be on your best behavior he said to me as we entered the building.

    At the desk was an older man wearing yellow shirt and black shorts. May I help you?

    You got a room for me, Max Fuller.

    Yes room for one for three days two nights can I see your card please.

    I brought my nephew with me today. I see there is an extra charge as you know.

    Yes that's fine. Max looked at me. Max shown the clerk his id badge and put it back into his pocket. Max filled out the forms.

    Son stand right there and he took my picture.

    What's that for I asked?

    It's for your Id badge everyone has to wear one at all times so we know you're checked in and also use to charge drinks and ECT. Here is yours keep it with you at all times.

    He hands me my id that hangs around my neck. I look at it and show it to Max.

    Your room is 202 second floor too the right.

    Max signed the form and we left for the room. As we walked too our room I saw two men walking around in towel around there waist and some were wearing very little for a bathing suit.

    As we found the room I went in and waited for max to follow me in. Max walked past me and put his bag on the bed. Well boy get undressed as max striped to his thong underwear. This club is a men's resort I come here to work on my tan and meet others. I should told you but your uncle that I was a nudist and he said it would be all right with him and he told me you're a nudist also like him but his wife don't like it when he goes naked in front of the kids and her.

    Get on the bed boy so I can take care of his, he had grabbed his hard on thru his thong. I am going to fuck you so I won't have to worry about have a hard on while you're here boy.

    I got on all fours I left my black mesh jockstrap on max went to a bag and got out a bottle of suntan lotion and put on the bed next to me

    Max spread my legs wide open as I lay on all fours. he massaged my ass hole, the hair was nice and soft and without a word he got between my legs and I backed up to him...his tongue went straight to my asshole, as he licked his ass he moved it back and forth, my tongue started to dart in and out of my hot manhole..

    Man your are hungry for me.

    I could feel his finger playing with me he applied pressure to my ass I jumped a bit at first he filled my ass with his finger out.

    Brace your self boy a second later I felt him push his Nine inch cut meet into my hole. I almost fell over if it was not for his big hands digging into my hips.

    Oh, yeah, that is good, keep going max make this boy feel so good.

    I could feel his dick all up in my asshole. He turned me over on to my back.

    Suck me off or fuck my ass I told max/

    As I spread my legs open for him, my smooth pubic area turn max even hotter for him

    He grabbed my jockstrap off and thrown it onto the bed next to us. He went for my hard dick and he sucked the pre-cum off the head and began sucking it (I didn't know he have false teeth) he slipped them out and went down on my thick the base of it, his lips was next to my hairless balls. He sucked and sucked on me.

    He began to suck my cock, holding on to the back of my hips as he forced my hot dick in his throat. Damn son your cock is hot better than any pussy I ever had,

    I am Cumming take my load max, I'm coming, and max I'm Cumming. I shot my jet stream of cum into his eager throat. I could feel the jets of cum shoot into his hot mouth...he swallowed my entire load.

    He put his teeth back in, I laid there lay beside of me, we need to talk. I hope your not upset that I didn't tell you about what I had planed for you, I wanted to surprise you and have some time with you alone Jeff.

    He got some suntan lotion and massaged his back, and went on down to my ass cheeks and my legs and to my feet...

    Oh, that is good, feels so good and makes me so relaxed. He went back up my legs and as I got closer to my thighs he spread my legs wide open. he massaged my thighs and my ass cheeks, without a word he got between my legs and I backed up to him...his tongue went straight to my asshole, as he licked my ass I moved it back and forth, his tongue started to dart in and out of his hot manhole..

    Oh, yeah, fuck, you you're driving me crazy, fuck me please fuck me as you will. Just fuck me before you drive me out of my mid-On, yeah, that is good, keep on max, make me feel good...he ate my ass the best he could, his tongue all up in me.

    Now you're going to get my dick boy and take every inch of it said max.

    He had prepared my pucker well, so his nine fat inches filled me without any pain. Instantly he started fucking me like a man possessed. Thrusting his cock all the way in then pulling almost all the way out, relentlessly battering my hot ass like he was getting full use of my hole. I moved to meet each thrust and each thrust brought him closer to orgasm.

    As he fucked, he reached around and grabbed my hard nipples and started playing with them.

    Faster and faster, I yelled out not caring who would hear us making hot mad sex.

    Then, as I started to clamp my asshole down on his meat.

    The echoed in the room of our hot wild sex.

    His cock shooting his seed far up my hot ass, cooling the flames his hands had stoked.

    He held himself buried deep in my butt, I could feel his hard cock pulsing and twitching inside me. I felt good ... real good it was the wildest fuck.

    Max collapsed on top of me on the bed to catch his breath, we were a mass of sweat, oil and cum. I felt his dick still hard in me.

    He caught his breath as I pushed his cock back deep into my hole.

    I groaned and moaned and whimpered as he pushed another couple inches into me, that's it give it too me, I want it all.

    Max moaned and I asked if I was ok my legs trembled as he pushed more into me. Good I can go for another round with you boy here it comes.

    "OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK YESSSS!!" I yelled my muscle tensed so tight max plowed me with his dick he awaited

    Go ahead give it to me.

    He pushed the final couple inches and I yelped out again and grabbed onto my pecks holding me tight.

    He pulled me into his sweaty body

    As he started to pump me a little as he whispered too me "SHHHHHHHHHHIT YOU so hot boy!!!!

    He stopped moving his hips


    HE started slow again pumping his cock he held onto me so fucking tight both of us were sweating like pigs

    Oh fuck this feels great!! Said max our sweat drubbing against each others abs as we made love his sweat dick was fucked me deep and hard

    He used every muscle in his body to breed me, and I told keep going, I want your dick up in me.

    I was close to blowing my load again and I haven't even touched it yet, this has never happen before.

    I can't get enough of your fucking ass boy screaming max I loved fucking your ass boy!!!

    He pulled out all stops and fucked me HARD moaned max.

    I started groaning as I started shooting ropes of cum in the air

    Ohh fuck I'm going to cum I kept shooting cum all over my abs my thick white creamy cum was flying everywhere

    My eyes rolled back into my head I was having an orgasm like he never had!!!!!!!!!

    Son take it take my loads!!

    Max sped up until he was pumping me fast. He grabbed my hips as he continued ramming me roughly, calling me his little bitch & telling me how he loved fucking my young ass. I didn't care what he called me as long as he fucked me in the ass. He was thrusting me forward on the bed making my dick rub on the sheets. I came from the friction of my dick on the bed and him thrusting in me. He finally came inside of me after what seemed like a very long time .My ass was happy after that for a while.

    He milk his nuts dry in me

    Boy you're fucking awesome, sweat all over my muscle and thick ropes of cum blowing up to my chest and abs

    Some of my white creamy cum flew over onto one of Max's forearms. FUCK!!! I said as my cock stopped shooting and it felt like I milked the biggest load I have ever shot into my chest and stomach. The bedroom smelled like cum factory

    When he pulled out of my ass and he moaned, cum started oozing out my wet hole, then he spread my as apart and started to lick the creamy cum that was leaking out of my hole.

    Lots of cum oozed out onto the sheets in really thick ropes. You could smell all of our creamy cum. It was awesome seeing how huge the loads were that he shot into my ass!

    Max kept his arms around me and we were all sweaty and both covered in his cum as he made out with me.

    Don't you should clean that up max?

    He smiled and said gladly my boy!

    He licked down my pecks and started eating my load off my abs and his cum out of my bush, then took my half hard cock back into his mouth to clean the cum off. I massaged his muscle back and shoulders as he did and listened to him slurp his cum out of my bush.

    SOOOO FUCKING HOT Max You're So Fucking Hot!!!!

    I pulled him up and wiped his cum off his body with my fingers and fed it to him and watched him eat the rest of his own load.

    He sucks them from my finger.

    He just smiled at me and was putty in my hands

    Come on boy let take a quick shower and I show you around and get some sun and work out in with the weights boy.

    I went to take a shower while max made a phone call and the hot water flowing down my body felt well, I didn't want to shower but max was right I couldn't go walking around smelling of cum all day but it would be interesting.

    I finished my shower when Max came in shower. Max acted like he had something on his mind. Max gave me a deep kiss as he got in and started to wash him self.

    Like some help with your back.

    Yes I love it Jeff my boy. I proceeded to wash his sculpted back and ass.

    Dam max your so hot I'm surprised your not taken.

    Not looking boy can we change the subject?

    I was surprise by that answer. So I washed his hot ass over and over while he washed his chest and groin areas.

    Sorry boy I just got a lot on my mine right now as he turn and kissed me on the lips.

    We both rinsed off and got out to dry off.

    Max grabs the sun tan lotion and starts to rub my back side, then my front side. I did the same for him.

    Max put his thong suit back on and I put on my jockstrap that had I hint of body sweat.

    Max grabbed his and id and room card and put it around is neck and I followed suite.

    Max grabbed two towels and the suntan lotion and of sun glasses and puts them into a small bag.

    Let's go and I show you around.

    As we walked down the hall with the towels in our hands. We first stopped at the weight room. The room was full of different weight equipment and about a dozen men just wearing jock straps while they worked out. Just down the hall were the steam and sauna rooms that connected to the indoor swimming pool which ever one was naked. I looked at all the naked men jumping and diving in to the pool the noise was very load.

    And thru this door is too the outside pool some of the men were naked and some had on jockstraps or thongs on. I could see men laying on chair and getting some sun. Over to the left is a bar were we can get drinks you need to show them our room key and its scans the drinks to the room. It was so interesting to see men naked and partly clothed and not thing anything about it.

    One thing to remember boy no sex in public will be tolerated me doesn't want to be thrown out boy. Can I count you to be on your best behavior?

    Yes sir I will be good.

    I'm going to get a drink and sit by the pool, I followed him and he got two drinks for us and we lay out towels on the chair by the diving boards. Max stripped off his thong to get all around tan. I followed suit and put some extra lotion on my pubic areas since I had no hair there. I did get a lot of looks from some of the men there. Max handed me a pair of sun glasses and I soaked up the view.

    I glad you thought of to bring these sun glasses it's easier to see the view I told max.

    Yes the view can be breath taking from time to time.

    I could see some of the men had shave there bodies from the neck down. And saw a lot of guys with tattoo's too. There was announcement Pool Volleyball in the Indoor Pool in Five Minutes All Who Want to Play Come to the Indoor Pool Now.

    Max I think I will go play volley ball going to come.

    No son you go I just lay here and soak up some sun, I check up on you later. With that max turn to on to is stomach. Jeff give my back a quick coating of suntan lotion, I don't want to burn too much. I grabbed the lotion and pour a gob on my hand and quickly rub it from his shoulders to his calves. I made sure his butt crack had enough lotion I just pour a gob on the crack. Don't want any one to think I was messing around.

    I quickly wiped my hands off and headed to the indoor pool. There were 13 guys waiting on one side of the pool when I got inside. A life guard wearing a pair of red Speedos was counting the guys.

    You here to play volley ball son.

    Yes I am.

    Good we have an even number of guys here, you two are the team captains you chose who you want. The winner team gets these body wraps for a prize. The team to reach 15 wins. The life guard picked the two blondes to be the leaders. Lifeguard flipped a coin and they called it.

    So all the guys lined up most were naked and each team captain picks who they wanted. I was the first to be picked. The life guard printed our names on each of our back and chest so we knew who we were talking too.

    Lifeguard asked me my name.

    Jeff sir.

    The lifeguard was packing a big basket

    My team captain was Art, he was 32 married I could tell by the wedding ring on his hand, stood 5 10 145lbs.hairy guy all over even around his balls but they were kept trimmed. It took only a couple of minute to choose the teams.

    The game began. We served first and went back and forth and every once in a while a guy would dive for the balls and accidentally knock some one down under the water and get a grope or two. The game lasted about an hour or so. We won the game 15 to 11.

    Art had asked me if he could buy me a drink or something. We dried off and he kept looking at my smooth body.

    I'm here with my uncle Max. Sure I don't see why not. We headed out to the pool art went to the bar and ordered the drinks as I stopped by to check on max. Max was laying on his back and asleep.

    How did it go, we won, we got these body wraps.

    Nice I'm going to sit in the steam room for a while I be here and meet you there in about hour and we can go for something to eat then.

    Sure I meet you in the room about hour and half max. Max handed me my id card and headed for the weight room and boy be on your best behavior.

    Yes sir wills sir. Max walked to the door marked weight room and went and sat next to Art on the bar stools. I put my id over my neck.

    So Jeff how does you like it here

    This place is so cool place the only place I can go naked like this is at the pond it surrounded by trees on the farm.

    Jeff do you mind if we go back to my room, I need to get some more cigarettes. I would love to hear more about the farm.

    Sure I don't want to get to much sun and my uncle will be in the weight room for an hour or so.

    We headed to Arts room. I was just down the hall from uncle's room.

    Here we are Jeff 210. All the rooms looked the same. As we walked in he shut the drapes and turns on the television and popped in a tape.

    I come here to get away it all and just have fun. The TV showed two young guys getting fucked by to older guy with big dicks. Sit down and he handed me a beer. He sat next to me and started to rub my back.

    I only have seen a guy like you that's shaved from head to toe and that was in a master slave movie. Is your uncle your master boy?

    No sir, I just don't like my body hair so I keep it smoothed for now sir.

    I see boy, he had his hands on my chest, and you like to be played with boy as he played with my nipples. I reached for his dick with my right hand and drink the beer with my left. I could see Art dick was already hard as a rock. Art took the beers and put them on the table. He stood in front of my with his dick only inches from my lips.

    Take it boy I know you been checking it out now take it boy. He takes my head in his right hand. He pushes it past my lips as I opened my mouth. That's it boy take it. I could feel the veins on his dick as it slides into my mouth. Get it nice and wet Jeff I'm gong to see if your ass is hot as your mouth is. With that he pulls his dick out and I could see it was covered in my saliva. I scoot back on to my back and he puts my legs over his shoulders boy.

    I hope you're a virgin boy, I would love to take your cherry but your not a virgin are you boy.

    No sir I been fuck by my dad, his friends and my uncle sir. A true bottom good I hate guys how want to fuck me. Wife doesn't give me enough sex to satisfy me boy.

    Sir fuck me please I need your cock in my sir.

    Art just rammed his dick in my ass with one good push.

    Yes that it shove that 6 inch dick in me sir, oh yes that's it don't hold any thing back give it too me deep sir. My wife doesn't like sex before we got married she let me fuck once a week but now I'm lucky to get any once every two weeks. I need ass at least five times a week. A lot of guy come here to get laid because there wives don't give them enough to satisfy their needs. And they rely on guys like you to take care of them boy.

    Oh yes fuck me fuck me like there on tomorrow. Art keeps looking at the guys on the TV to get ides on how to use me. I noticed his huge chest and arms when I was talking to him when they first met

    You're goanna enjoy boy he moaned as he slid it into my warm wet ass. Just relax and enjoy this big prick in your ass boy. He started to really moan as he started to pick up the pace.

    I was so turned on feeling his huge cock sliding in and out of my ass. I tighten up my ass. He started to fuck me deeper with his think cock. I liked to watch his hairy chiseled stomach as it thrust his erection in and out of my hole.

    I was licking my lips as he fucks me hard and deep. That's it; I knew you were going to love my dick in your ass. Your ass is so fucking tight," Art moaned. He continued to push it further in, and after what seemed like an eternity, I felt his balls against my ass and knew he was all

    He was all the way in. He then slowly pulled it out and shoved it back in again. He started moaning as he moved his cock in and out of my ass. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to meet his guy and get more cock up my ass.

    Don't stop fuck me hard with the meat of your.

    Art was really going to town now. He was shoving his dick in and out of my ass as hard and fast as possible. The animal lust had taken over, and he was fucking me uncontrollably.

    Fuck me harder, that's it give it too me and don't hold back.

    I could tell Art was close too coming because his motions had become more sporadic.

    Ohhh, I'm close," he moaned, "but I want to cum not quiet yet

    With that, he pushed it deeper into my burning hole, he shoved it deep into me, he started rapidly beating his cock he breathing became rapid

    Arts head went backwards, moaned, I'm coming boy I can't hold it much longer. Then he began to shoot his loads onto my hole. Art's spewed jets and jets of cum into me. Take it boy here it is

    I felt the hot cum dipping out of my hole he bent down to kiss me as his hard dick still in my hole. Then he lay down next to me and his dick was just going soft.

    Dam boy you got on hell of an ass there boy. You're the best ass I had in a long time I hope I see you again had have another go at it. He went to the safe on the wall and pulled out something and lighten I cigarette. Want one boy.

    No thanks I don't smoke.

    He looked at his watch dam I need to get going. I come here after work and while wife is at work before going home...

    Thanks for the wild fuck Art. As I started for the door, but Art stopped me and handed me a card with some twenty dollar bills.

    Buy your self a drink on me and let me know when you coming back so I can try to be here Jeff.

    Thanks will let you know if I get enough warning to call you but I will try...

    Art jumped in the shower and I knew I had to get back to max before he got too suspicious where I have been up too. Luckily the body wrap I won had a pocket in it so I put my card and money in it.

    I read the card in the hall way it read: Arthur O'Bryan assistant manger of Global Cable Company with his work number and his cell number. I looked at the money and it was five twenty dollar bills all new bills. I stuffed the money and card in my pocket and headed to the room. Max had the card to the room so I had to knock. I knocked three times and no one answers. So I decided to check out the weight room and see if he was still there. When I looked he was not there so I looked in the steam room and sauna still no max to be seen. I checked the pools areas nothing. It's been hour and forty-five minutes so I went back to desk and asked I could get a key to the room. The same guy was on duty and remember me, I lost my uncle can you give me a key for room 202 please. The guy looked and me and I shown him my id and he gave me a pass key.

    I got to door open and decide to put my money and card in my shoe and I take care of it later. While I was waiting I took a quick shit and shower. When I got out uncle was not back yet so I turn on the TV and see if there were any good movies to watch. There was nothing on so I looked in the drawers to see if I could find any thing nothing so I looked under the mattresses and found a gay magazine and a video so I popped the video in and watch a bunch home made gay video with what looked like four trucker type guys and two young black boys getting there ass fucked, I was so engrossed in the movie I didn't hear max come in with a older guy as they were talking about the game from last night.

    They both saw me playing with my dick and balls, the video a playing on the TV. I quickly put the magazine down and got off the bed. Both Max and his friend had on black thongs on. I turn the TV off but my dick stayed hard.

    Sorry I was not paying attention; please forgive me for my bad manners. The guy standing next to Max, I had seen him some where.

    Jeff this Hank Wilson he was my best man at my wedding and best buddy in high school, he is the reason I'm in this club boy he owns it son.

    Please for my rudeness when you came in. it's and honors to meet you sir as I shook his hand. You have a wonderful place here and so far I have enjoyed my self.

    Son I can see you enjoying your self, as he looks too Max then me.

    I didn't know what to do next I froze to see what was going to happen next.

    Hank was 57 tall six foot one, 200 lbs. very hairy front and back, he had a slight gut but still a hot looking man, no wedding rings on hand but did have a ruby ring on.

    Why don't you both come to my room I want to show you something both of you?

    I put on my jockstrap; I made sure my ass was to Hank and Max so if he was interested he got a good view of my ass.

    I put my id around my neck and followed the two men, I couldn't but help noticed there both had hot ass as the walk too an elevator marked private. We headed up to the third floor were the door open too a hallway which had only one door.

    Hank open the door the whole third floor is his place. Come in and relax would you both like a drink.

    Max said yes we both like a drink. Max looked at me to be on my best behavior, so far I thought I was in big trouble for what happen in our room.

    Hank came back with three glasses of whiskey on the rocks. Hank had strip off his thong, I could see his well trimmed pubic area with a metal cock ring on him. You two make your selves at home. Hanks cock started too wake up before my eyes.

    Now max is this really your nephew, tell me were did you too meet.

    I took a big swig of the drink and I almost choked on it. I looked at Max to see what he was going to say.

    Hank you got me he is not my nephew but a friend of mines nephew who is staying with him for the summer. So what you two been doing since he came to your town Max. Max took a drink out of his glass stalling to find the right words.

    Max, max most of the guys who come here are looking for some extra fun in the sun. I know you not remarried and you have not even mention another girl yet and you been coming here every other week end so.

    Just then a naked young man walked in, I'm sorry I didn't realize you had company, the young man had tattoos on his chest and nipple rings and a nine inch dick swinging back and forth.


    Max Jeff this is John my lover, John walks up to Max and me. As john got closer I saw a tattoo on his ass it was the emblem of the resort a yen yang on is right as cheek and dragon on his left shoulder blade. John 22 but looks like 17yr old five foot one, very tan smooth, pubic was kept trimmed and a shape of a heart. Hank got up to kiss him on the lips. Next to each other john looked like a little boy compared to Hank.

    John shakes our hands and sits next to hank on the floor.

    You got to keep an eye on theses young men; they need a lot of attention and discipline when they get out of line. Said hank

    Hank when did his all happen as max looked a bit surprised.

    Ever since we were in high school, I was interested in guys but never did anything about it till I got my divorced from Peggy; I caught her in bed with an eighteen year old that was cutting our lawn. She sign an agreement if we got caught fouling around she would get only twenty-five thousand and her car. She never knew I chose this guy because I would watch him swim in the pool after he cut the lawn. I taped the swimming pool room to watch him change into a suit I gave him. It was tight on him and practically sees thru. When I found out he was banning my wife I install a camera to catch them in the act and made sure he would fall for it as well as her, Said hank. How about you max, what have you been up too since your wife died asked hank.

    Well, after a while I, max was lost for words, ever since you invited me to your resort well, I got guys here to suck me off when I was needing some help. And Jeff uncle converted me. When Jeff came to my caf with his uncle and the kid seduced me in my place up stairs. He got me all hot and bothered.

    John show Jeff around I need to talk to hank for a moment. I looked around and saw cameras all over the place. John got up and shows me the view of the pool and poured me another drink.

    Keep this up I be drunker then a skunk. I all ready was feeling the effect of the drink. As I drank my drink I kept looking at the view. As we both looked out the window john put his hand my ass turn to me. I hope hank will let us play together, you got on hot ass there Jeff.

    Jeff I like to see Hank fuck your sweat tender ass. He loves hot young guys and guys who look younger than they really are john winked at me and played with my ass.

    John I need to sit for a moment, the room started to spin a bit. John took me to the bedroom which had a view of the mountainside john joined me on the bed and began to play with chest and dick. He got up went to the next room and came back with a brown bottle.

    Take a whiff, john put it under my nose and I inhaled.

    Wow what is that, it's making me feels so turned?

    It's called poppers, its make you feel great and makes you horny. Take another nose full. Then he put it up under his, his laid next to me playing with his nipples and balls.

    In come Max and Hank in a deep kiss with each others dick in their hands and john and I were laid there watch max get on his knees and take his friends seven inch cut dick. Hank had his hands on max head.

    It time we shown them our play room don't you think john.

    Yes let show them said john.

    Hank pulled max to his feet and walked him too the big book case along the wall and pushed it open. John pulled me too my feet and walked me too the open bookcase. Hank turn on the lights, there were no window only. On the walls were hanging chains, mirrors as a wall of sex objects. I have never seen so many different things use for pleasure on one wall was a big television and near by two beds had to be queen size and a padded table like the ones you see in the doctor office and a sling too. Dam I was shocked and so was max. There were cameras all over the place even one on a tri pod. We both walked around to check it out. That video magazine you found Jeff.

    Yes sir, what about it.

    I put john put in the room and I was hopping max would find it and look at it; I knew when I walked in max hand to be at least bisexual. Max and I looked at each other.

    Max you don't mind if I got to know Jeff here a little better do you, I know john here can keep you entertained.

    We walked over to one of the beds hank turn the TV on and on the screen were five guys having an orgy and he gave me a kiss hank stated to suck me tongue out of my mouth. Then made his tongue down my chest and sucked each nipple one at a time. This guy knows how to get a guy going. His mouth went to work on my hard dick and he enjoyed sucking dick. His hands were busy rubbing my legs and ass. He came up for some air.

    Son I love your dick max must get off on you a lot.

    He was rubbing my ass while I was he fucking my face deep. He pulled his dick out turned me around

    Get on all fours boy so I can get a better excess to your hot ass he wasted no time dive into ass with his hot tongue.

    He had one hot tongue, oh man that so hot. He was fucking me with that long tongue of his. I wanted his mouth deep into my ass so I pushed it into his face. He spread my cheeks and pushes his face in and started eating my ass licking my ass lips and then chewing on them.

    Oh men keep it up your getting so horny.

    Hank got up and rubbed his hard dick across my ass I begged to fuck me.

    Hell boy you're a real slut are you.

    Hey max does this boy like it rough and kinky or vanilla or what.

    The boy is a cock hungry pig hank as takes his mouth off john's balls. Max had put john in the sling max is on his knees eating out john's balls.

    I backed my ass lips on to his dick and started riding that man like he was a horse.

    Oh Man this guy's dick is so enjoyable the way he using his dick in my ass like nothing before. He could see I was about to shoot my load so he back out of my ass. He rolled me over onto my back and started to suck my dick in his hot mouth. With both hands he worked my nipples just the right way to make them hard.

    I started shooting my load as he sucked me good and hard. I came what seemed like ten minutes and was still riding that face He was sucking and licking like it was his dinner for that day. He then pulled me closer to his mouth and I started fucking his face with all my might then we got into a sixty-nine position and I started to suck his seven cut inch dick he just sucked my dick more too get me hard again.

    He pulled his dick out of my mouth Jeff sit on It boy sit on my laps and take a ride of your life boy.

    Sure anything you say sir any thing you say. I got up and sat on his seven inch dick.

    As I sat facing him and he was sucking on my tits. I threw my head back and enjoyed that deep ass pounding he was giving me and out of the blue,

    Yes that's it give it too me shove that meat in me all the way and bit harder I want to feel it. Shove that hot dick of your in me pleases.

    I shoot load on to his hairy chest. That set him off and he started shooting his big creamy load into my ass.

    Dam boy you're a slut just as good as my boy john yelled hank.

    My ass lips grabbed a good hold of that dick and milked the last drop out. We sat there for a few seconds to catch our breath. I eased off his dick and went down and sucked the last remaining drops off and cleaned his dick of my hot tongue and lips.

    I could hear max fucking johns ass like a jack hammer. John was screaming his head off to max. I could also see max kiss john.

    Hank looked down to me and told me to stay down there and he put his semi hard dick back into my mouth and pissed, I took every drop and didn't lose any. His hairy bush tickled my noise. But I did what was expected of me.

    Boy your better then john here he still has a bit of trouble taking piss but he is getting better. He watches max fucking his boy john in the sling and got up and walked over I got on bed and watched the video that was playing on the TV four guys in a four way suck.

    Hank took me to the bathroom, Jeff gets in the tub. I did as my host told me to do. I thought hank and I were going to take a shower but I was wrong. Now boy lay down and that's when max and john came in the bathroom, john joined me in the tub john stated to kiss me and play with my dick and I followed his lead and we were making out in the tub in front of hank and max. Hank put his dick above us and started to piss on us, I tried to get up but John had a grip on me. Max followed hanks lead and pissed on the both of us. John and I was sucking face and getting a golden shower but we kept on kissing and grabbing each others smooth bodies I play with his nipple rings and his nine inch dick and low hangers then I Soon felt John's pee trickled out from his piss slit over my stomach and my dick and balls.

    John's dick was sticking out and I looked down. Fuck me please I need a big dick in me, my hole is begging for a good plow job.

    Stand up and lean against the wall. I want to lick that pussy before I fuck it. So I stood up in the tub and stuck my ass out for john to eat it out. I braced my self and spread my legs apart. John wasted no time in spreading my ass and stuck his long tongue in my fuck hole.

    Jeff your hole is so sweet, mmm yes dude you're so hot. I wish you could stay for week.

    Mm oh yes that feel so hot, fuck me please fuck me silly. I need cock up in me. Please, Please fuck me I need cock in me. Just fuck me please.

    John stood up and kissed me on the back of the neck, his dick pushed against my outer rings and slowly pushed till his fat dick head was just inside me.

    John whispers into my ear, you like it rough boy, not too many guys can take my cock like you can.

    It felt like I was about get what my ass had been craving for. My body naturally push back to greet his dick head. I am a cock slut; I can't get enough cock up my ass. John slowly push deeper and deeper. I could feel the veins on his shaft as they go deeper in me.

    Push it in me fuck me with you dick shove all nine inches in me fuck me do as you wish with my ass.

    Fuck me faster man, I want you to ram me hard." I moaned. Apparently this had a good effect on john because he started fucking harder and faster as his nails dug into my hips. He was pounding me hard and fast from behind. I could feel his sweat on my neck. I knew I wanted to feel his seed inside of me. I wanted to take it all. John was like a fucking machine, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then ramming it back in me. I could feel his balls slapping against mine with each thrust. I was in heaven.

    I could hear little grunts and groans coming from john, so I knew he was almost ready. I started stick my ass back each time he would push in hard and faster and clamp down on his dick. I couldn't wait for johns cream to fill me up john would just thrust his cock deeper down my ass. I felt myself losing my self with each thrust my hole was taking. I could hear johns breathing increasing I knew he was about happen in my ass. My head was spinning and I was such a slut. I could feel john's cock grow bigger inside of me.

    Yes, yes fuck me hole, that's it.

    You such a slut boy you are you can't get enough of my cock up that hole, you must be real slut

    Yes give it too me I need cock in me.

    John kept fucking my pussy like there were no tomorrow. He pulled his dick out. Jeff get on all four Jeff now, I'm going to fuck you like a dog. So I got on all fours and made sure I had my dick hanging there with my balls hanging there I was waiting for john's big nine inch dick to pound my ass again.

    John wasted no time and shoving his meat into my eager pussy. With each thrust his balls banged my.

    You like it don't you boy, I could tell you are such a slut and needed to be fucked.

    Oh yes that's it fuck me and come in my pussy fill me up.

    I braced for the next impact when all of a sudden his hot jets of his seed hitting my insides. Again we collapsed too to the floor of the tub. This time john kept nibbling on my neck and ears.

    Man you're about the best ass I have had in along time. Most guys can't take me like you just did. Then started to kiss my back and played with my dick. We laid there for a bit then some one had turned on the cold water and we both jumped to see hank standing there watching us.

    You too get cleaned up now and no more playing around boys, Said Hank so we both got up and started to take a shower.

    John, what's this use for as pointed to a hose with a long metal wand on it.

    Oh that's for cleaning the inside out.

    What did you say; I looked at john with puzzlement on my face.

    It's used for enemas, you just stick the wand up your ass; you turn on the water to flush out your bowels. And to tell you it does feel great too. Bend over I will do it too you so you know how great it feels.

    I don't know about that john. John pushes me too the wall and inserts it in to me. I feel the metal wand being pushed up my hole. Like a cock but not quiet the same john fucked for a moment till my ass was relaxed.

    John turns the warm water on slowly and I feel the water rush into me. It felt like a balloon was filling up inside of me. The warm water felt great.

    Squeeze your ass shut and not too let the water go not just yet, hold it for a minute or so, I started to cramp up, john rubbed my back. I was full of warm water in me.

    Just a minute I know you must have been having some cramps that normal that will pass soon. I felt the warm water in me and I need to take let out of me. Johns was rubbing my back and chest and it felt good.

    Now go sit on the toilet and let it go, so I sat down and let it go.

    I felt strange; it felt like I was pleasure and felt like I was reborn or something. John held the wand in hand.

    A couple more of these you feel like a new person so I went back for more cleaning.

    On all fours Jeff like a dog, it's better for you to take it that way.

    I didn't care I want to be flushed again. John inserted the wand and filled me up again. This time it was better then the last time. I held on to the water as john took out the wand and I sat down on the toilet and watched as john inserted it up his shut.

    Jeff I do this when I think I'm going to get fucked or after I been fucked no mater I just like the feeling it gives me.

    Cool, I could see john's dick was enjoying too. His dick started to get hard again.

    How many time to you get fucked around here john.

    Hank fucks me around two to three times a day, and more if we have company over.

    I got off the toilet and let john take a seat I went and put the wand back in me one more time, I wanted to make sure I was clean as a whistle.

    I was filled up in no time, I pulled out of my ass and inserted into johns. I was nice grabbing his tan ass. I was still had my water in me and was holding it as longs as I could to make sure this time I was clean. When I did let it flow out of me it was clear water so I must be clean as whistle and waited for john to finish with his cleaning. He sat down and I scrubbed my self down to make sure I didn't miss anything. John just watched me wash my self

    What's keeping you two? I got out and started to dry off when hank walked back in to see what we were doing. He didn't look too happy to see john still in the shower.

    Were almost do sir, john waited for me to get out of the shower before taking his sir.

    John looked at me and didn't show any expression. And hanks face turned to a smile.

    Just hurry up you two we got reservation to keep. As hank left john turns to me and winked at me and I knew he was grateful that I can to his rescues. As soon as john was washed and dried we found hank and max on the couch talking. As we entered the room they stopped talking and stood up.

    Max don't they look hot!

    Hank I can honestly say yes they do look hot. We entered the elevator and took it down to the first floor to the dinning area were all the staff was dressed in shorts and thin shirts to show off there hot bodies and the guest were naked and talking like it was nothing. We sat down and ordered our food and we all had a glass of wine to celebrate your new friendship. We all drank the wine. I never drank wine before but it made my head spin a bit.

    When we all got done with dinner John and Hank headed for the pool area but they didn't stopped there we walked down a path into the woods away from the others.

    Max whispered into my ear, I called your uncle and he said you can spend the night here. So were staying the night Jeff.

    Cool Max, I was hopping we could stay the night. I like Hank and John. They are so cool and I like them a lot. Max put his hand on my lower back and rubbed it as we walked behind them. We walked down the path to a barn. In the barn were six or eight horses.

    There was this guy who was 28 yr old native Indian five nine very smooth chest and a nine inch uncut dick very muscular the only clothing on was his cowboy hat his black hair went to the middle of his back and some leather chaps on and a beaded necklace around his neck.

    Mr. Wilson the horses are all ready sir.

    Thanks Billy, every one this is Billy Peeplow, he take care of my horses and those members who like to board them here. We got several members who like to go bare back riding when possible and since I own fifty acres or so I better use it. I thought you two like to see some my land and Billy here takes care of the land for me,

    Billy helps me with my chaps; Billy helped me into my chaps. He shown me hot to tie the legs up and around the waist when he got done he patted my ass but one of his fingers strokes the crack of my ass than patted my right ass cheek.

    As I mount my horses. Billy gave my butt a boost and his middle finger went up my ass. When he pulled it out he sucked on it and washed it clean and just smiled at me. I winked at him. You guys came on the right day; john and I have a surprise for the both of you.

    What is it asked max?

    You just have to wait not all of our member get invited to one of our outings. We headed off with Billy leading the way down a trail thru he woods. I was behind max and john was at the rear making sure none of us fell or got lost.

    I love the feel of leather of saddle and the chaps that I was wearing I found I was getting more turn on more the usual with each step the horse took. I made sure my balls had plenty of room to rub the leather saddle. We road for about hour or more till we reached an area where a cabin near a small pond.

    Here we are our getaway from the world. We all got down and Billy took care of the animals and walked to a small corral and fed the horses. Come on I show you around. We walked to the main cabin and went in. it was nice and roomy. John made some drinks and passed them out. Billy came into the room and started a fire in the fireplace. We all watch Billy make the fire and each time he squatted max looked at his ass and smiled.

    Max come with me I got something I want to show you. So max and john left me with hank and Billy.

    Hank and I sat down with our drinks and as we sat on the leather couch hank reach down to my leg and started to stroke it. Does Billy over there excite you boy.

    I couldn't believe my luck. Sitting here looking at such a hot man like Billy. I must been lost in Billy hot body. Hank grabbed my leg and shook it.

    Did you hear me son, does Billy over there excite you boy. He snapped me back to reality.

    All I could do was nod my head and my dick gave it more a way with it rock hard and leaking pre-cum.

    I'm right you got the hots for Billy over there. As he whisper into my ear and all I could do is nod back too him and let out a gasp.

    Billy come over here in front of me, Billy took his place in front of hank. Hank grabs Billy's balls and dick and caressed them. Billy just opens his legs more for better access.

    Billy looks down at his boss and see delight in Billy eyes as his boss take his dick into his mouth and sucks on it too get it rock hard.

    I was locked in a trance watching them two. I got on the floor on my knees to get a better view of them.

    His meat is wonderful and alive, as hank let Billy cock slip from his mouth. I always enjoy milking this one of his milk. But he will have to wait later if he is good I will let you have a sample of his dick. With out a word Billy was on his knees and had his head buried between his boss legs sucking him off in front of me. Billy was an expert on milking his boss. It took no time to see hanks balls tighten up and I knew hank was about to shoot a load in Billy mouth. The anticipation of an eruption was making me go crazy watching them.

    Hank moaned here it comes boy take it all and Billy made sure it was deep in his hot mouth.

    I could see some cum leaking from the side of Billy's mouth. And after it was shot Billy took long strokes of the shaft to make sure he doesn't miss any.

    Jeff come here said hank.

    Yes sir.

    You see Jeff, Billy more then my hired help he also our playmate. Billy here has a shining for you boy and want to have a crake at you but he knows he has to be invited to play or he knows he will be punished. Isn't that right Billy looked at Billy?

    Oh yes sir that is correct sir as Billy stand up and spreads his legs. His dick is rock hard and some cum leaking from its head and only inches from my lips.

    Good I like to see Billy take his dick up your ass now boy.

    I looked at Hank then at Billy's dick swinging between his legs. Billy's Nine inch uncut dick was alive its head was just creeping out of its protective skin like a big snake.

    Sir were do you want me to do this at sir asked Billy.

    Right here in front of me on the bear skin rug Billy

    I got on the floor with the bear head on my stomach too keep my ass in the air and hank just sat down on his leather couch and hank spread his legs to get a good view of us. Hank reach into a drawer for a tube of KY and handed it too Billy. Billy only put the jelly on his dick head. I looked behind me to see what was going on.

    Billy got too his knees and crawled up to me. Billy grabbed my ankles and pulls the apart as far as they could go.

    He pushed the cock head against my ass ring and pushed, relax boy or you will know what pain is. Most guys have a rough time with my dick.

    I did what he said, I tried to relax , I knew I was in for a ride of my life Billy then pushed on the small of my back really hard, which seemed to help my pain a lot, and then he shoved it in. Something he had done relaxed my ass muscles for just an instant, and in that instant, he got it inside me!

    I couldn't believe how quickly he got it in to my hole. I expected some pain or o rip me open a little at a time and instead, I suddenly had his monster cock buried in me to the very base in me

    Yes, yes that it shove that meat into me.

    He just let it sit there a moment until your body gets used to it. Billy told me how great I was doing and then he went back to rubbing my back for me. How does that feel good, son?

    Yeah, it feels great. I said I love big dick in my chute, give all too me. A combination of rubbing my back and his grabbing of me it felt so hot. No one done that too me before and I liked it.

    Billy began to push his dick into my butt while he distracted met with the rubs on my shoulders and playing with my nipples. His whole body was moving on top of mine. I loved it, loved the feel of his cock moving in and out of me with every motion. Hank was watching us and playing with his dick and balls.

    I could feel every inch of Billy nine inch cock plow my hole and it felt like I was being drilled out by some digging equipment.

    Fuck me faster man, I want you to ram me hard take my pussy and abuse it.

    I moaned. Apparently this had a good effect on Billy because he started fucking like an animal in heat. He was pounding me hard and fast from behind. I could feel his breath on my back. I knew I wanted to feel him shoot his love inside of me. I wanted all of it all. Billy was like a fucking machine, pulling his cock almost the whole way out and then sinking it back to the base. I could feel his balls slapping against mine with each thrust. I was in heaven. Hank scooted himself over and I started sucking his throbbing cock. I could hear little grunts and groans coming from Brad, so I knew he was almost ready. I started sucking harder and faster on hanks. Hank moved himself around so he was under me sucking my cock into his mouth. I could only take that for a few minutes. I felt my balls draw up close to my body and I tried to tell hank that I was Cumming, but he just thrust his cock deeper down my throat. I felt myself losing control and at the same time felt hank tensing up. I knew he was Cumming too. My head was spinning, but I felt Billy's cock grow bigger inside of me. Then I felt his hot jets of his seed hitting my insides filling me with his hot seed. Again we collapsed onto the floor in a pile of body parts in hot sticky heavenly cum. cum dripping from my ass and my lips. No one said a word the three of us in the living room floor being kept hot and sweaty by our hot sex in front of the fireplace.


    I must fell asleep wrapped in the bear skin rug next to the fire. I was warm and sweaty but I felt so relaxed and contented like being born again. I found my self laying on my back looking up to the ceiling the room was dark only being lit by the fireplace. I feel a hand at my ankles and running up my right leg.

    His hands grasped my legs under my knees and pulled me down until my ass was at the edge of the rug. He leaned over further and pulled my head up and kissed my lips, his tongue probing my mouth, I kissed him back, his body pressed against mine. I could taste fresh cum in his mouth! The cum was not mine!

    I lifted my legs up around his body muscular body, I slid down even more so I could feel his cock against my ass and I badly wanted what I couldn't wait for it to happen. He reached down and moved his cock so that it was pressed against my hole while he kept kissing me , His tongue was fucking my mouth as I felt him push his cock against my cum filled hole. I relax and spread my legs wider and he pushed his mushroom head into me. It slipped in with no trouble, with a lubed hole from my last fuck. I raised my legs up to his shoulders and felt his slide in deeper. It felt so in creatable fucking' hot!!!

    You like it boy don't you with my cock shoved up your pussy.

    Yes fuck me fuck me I need a cock in my hole to make me whole.

    He pulled out his cock but left his mushroom head in me then back in me deep as it would go. Each time he did it; he picked up the pace and pounded my hole. I pushed my ass back each time he pushed in and it wasn't long before I felt his pelvis rubbing against my balls.

    I gave out a long loud moan and he held his cock deep inside me while he kissed my lips and made his way to my neck then too my right ear.

    He rose up and held my legs and watched himself as he began fucking me fast. I found if I turned my head, I could see what was happening in the mirror near the fireplace, his cock going fast in and out of me. He reached down and started jacking my now rock hard cock with his big hands as he fucked my ass and never lost his pace. It was the wildest thing I've ever experienced except for a three way with my dad so far. Max's cock sliding in and out of me I could feel his veins on his man shaft - and the feelings hell It was wildest thing so fare that ever happing to me in my life!

    Max moved his hips faster and faster, plunging into me each time as far as he could go at this point I felt I might be torn apart. My ass was bouncing on the floor from his pounding his dick into me. I looked around and saw no one.

    You ready for my load boy to take my load, max could hardly speak or breathe.

    My body felt like a rage doll that been chewed up and by a hungry dog.

    Max body began to tense up and I knew he was about to let his load go. Just as he began to shoot, his body rammed one more time in my pussy.

    I grabbed him and made sure he was not going to get away from me. I wanted the full effect and I could feel his warm cum filling my hole. He held it there deep inside my pussy his juice shot deep inside me and then his body jerked a couple times.

    We were both Sweating I could see his sweat running down his face and chest as he lowered my legs back onto the floor. He leaned over and kissed my lips hard and shot his tongue in mine, we embraced each other our sweat-covered bodies rubbing against each other. His cock went soft and fell out after a minute and he stood up and pulled me too my feet and walked me to a room down the hall.

    Max and I walked into the bedroom while Billy hank was pissing on john in a tub off to the one side of the room on to the right was a sling hanging from the rafters and a bed on the other side. This room had a fireplace also which kept the room was very warm.

    We approached Hank and Billy standing over john who was in an empty hot tube. They were still standing looking down at john covered in piss. Hank looked at us why don't you two piss on him he enjoys it and can't get enough. I looked at max and we both grabbed our dick and pointed them at john Max and I let our piss go and piss at johns open mouth and made sure he got what he wanted.,

    I stood next to Billy which Billy couldn't keep his hands off my ass while I pissed on john. He whispered into my ear telling me I have a hot body kid. Hank grabbed a hose off the wall and turn it on and sprayed john down with it.

    John let out a gasp when the water hit his body, the water was cold and I could see the effect of the cold water had on him. His nipples went hard, the balls disappeared and I could see goosepimply formed all over his body.

    Hank moved his hands across my belly while giving max a kiss. Inch by inch he worked his way down the body until reaching my balls. I push out my dick and arched my back in anticipation of what might happen. Instead, he take my dick and walks me too the sling.

    Get in it Jeff and we can have some more fun with your hot ass boy.

    Hank and puts me in it and ties my wrist and ankles with chains to the sling

    Hank explains we needed to tie me in so I won't fall out and hurt my self. By this time my dick is starting to get aroused. Max is over with Billy on the bed and getting into a sixty-nine positioning and sucking each others dicks.

    Hank pickup a tube of lubes and puts some on his fingers then pushes it into my hole. I see you got plenty of lube still up there boy.

    Please. Oh, please do it, I begged him

    Oh. Yes. Yes boy you got a hot pussy, moaned hank. .

    As his worked dick in me, he kept shoving into my willing hole. What made this memorable for me was that he would look into my eyes after he plowed into my hole to make sure that I was enjoying his meat.

    Ok, boy, I'm ready going to work your ass hot pussy boy.

    "Yes, yes, yes, it feels so great. You're so hot. FUCK ME!" HANKS FUCK ME. Hank pulled my legs wider my tight to get too my pussy, hank watched it flex, and shoved his cock back in me. Over and over he fucked me and it felt wild.

    "You like my dick boy? You like my dick in you boy?

    "Oh yes, oooooo... oooooooooooo, yessssssss.... I could barely talk and I could barely move. Hank had complete control over my body and I would have let him do whatever he wanted any time.

    Mm, your ass is so nice. Fuck, your ass feels great boy, this ass is made for fucking!" Hank came down too my chest and licked my right nipple. The heat from his body was amazing and so was his smell. He was really releasing a hormonal fragrance, something manly, and something raw. It was like he was an animal in heat and I was his pry, although, I didn't care. I was the one getting my hole filled he grabbed my ass and pushed his dick deep in me

    HANK MORE, MORE, I NEED MORE..." My screams filled the room, which made him smile.

    Hey slut, it's not over yet. I want you to ride some more." John positioned himself at my face with his dick resting on my lips.

    Jeff, you want to suck my cock boy john whispered into my ear? You hungry for it I know you boy?

    I licked my lips and opened it enough to let his cock slide right in.

    Please, give it to me, give it all to me," I heard myself beg and beg for that cock like I was like a little girl. I just turn my head and opened my mouth to received johns cock pushed it deep in my mouth. I gagged at first he caught me off guard. He started to piss in my mouth at first I tried to back away but john had me where he wanted. And hank started to suck it.

    Hank sucked my dick till I was about to shoot a load then he put some ice on it and went back to my hole and rammed his dick into me with out any mercy.

    John piss slow enough that I could take all of his nectar and not waste any of it. His piss tasted like corn chips. As he pulled out of my mouth he started to licking my right nipple and pinching the left one. He turns and looked at me and said I would look hot if I had nipple ring on my nipples.

    John I don't think my dad would like that and maybe down the road when I get older I will get some just like yours.

    I could feel hank pick up this assault on my ass Take It You Slut Pussy Boy hank yelled out between breaths. Then I felt a force filling up my ass , it was a big load of man seed. Hank kept fucking me till his dick went soft then I heard a pop and hank walked to my face and ordered me to lick it clean.

    As I lick hanks dick covered in cum and my ass juice john quickly started to lick my ass and all the cum leaking out of it.

    That was all I needed. "OOOOHHHHH, THAT'S IT, OOOOOOOO, GONNNAAA CUM, Oh I' GONNNNAA...AH, IAGGRRH...OOOOOOhhhhOO my cock exploded in seven or eight spastic surges, I shot a load of cum all over my stomach and chest. Some flew as far as my chin

    I could see john licking my hole while I lick hanks shaft clean. Oh man his is so hot. As soon as hank announced it was time to get clean up and get some sleep. Hank started to untie me and help me out of the sling he and john help me to the shower and washed me down and dried me off.

    Max and Billy were in a bed still kissing. Hanks told them both good night and see you both in the morning; they both kept on kiss and acted like we were not even in the room. As hank and john escorted me too the rooms down the hall.

    This was the master bedroom which it had a queen size bed with very little furniture said Hank, you can sleep with us or sleep on the couch, it up too you boy. Me I like you to join us and be more comfortable hank was rubbing my ass and watching my face.

    You sure theirs enough room for the three of us, I don't want to put any one out.

    John said, Jeff theirs plenty of room for four guys we should know.

    Well in Rome do as the Romans do with that we headed for the bed hank got on the right side and john was on the right. Me I was in the middle.

    You both sure I'm not going to be putting either you two out.

    Hank said boy it just makes it more fun and both of them laughed

    Across from the bed was a fire going in the fireplace. The room was nice and toasty. I lay on my back and hank and john laid on there sides facing me. Both

    Hank took his hand and rubbed my chest and played with my left nipple and john was playing with my balls and licking my ear after a while hank fell asleep with his hand on my chest and john just cuddled up to me and had his head on my shoulder. I fell to sleep with two hot guys next too me.

    I woke up with the sunshine in my eyes my body covered in sweat and I was lying on my side facing john with his back too me and my arm over his chest playing with his nipple ring. Hank had curled up to my back I could feel his morning hard on up the crack off my ass.

    I felt the pressure of his cock against my hole with thrill and anticipation. Then he thrust, just a little bit, and part of the head of his cock was now in me, spreading apart the walls of my asshole.

    I moaned a little softly not to wake up hank or john didn't mind, though. And he pushed his cock in a little more, then pulled back and pushed in again so that his cock was about halfway in me. There was a little pain but my hole adjusted easily now his cock drove open, I didn't care what he longs I got my ass fulled again with some fresh meat. I wanted more and I moaned I love the feel of a warm body against mine and I felt his smooth skin against my body and felt and smelled his body

    Now hank thrust in forcefully and was almost all the way in., at this point I knew he must be awake.

    I could tell he was extremely horny He was fucking me very forcefully and I felt his big cock going all the way in, all the way down to the base, and I felt his balls bang my ass and I just took it., I kept quiet and hoped john was not going to wake. I started to get a hard on and my dick was pressing against john ass.

    I felt the heat of his body next to me and felt the skin of his chest and stomach on my back and could feel was horny and need to get off I loved just lying there very relaxed and having a cock up my ass for a good morning work out.

    Hank was thrusting hard now and my muscles were taking the intense pleasure rippled through my body as his big cock plunged all the way in my asshole.

    By this time john had woken up and shoved his ass onto my dripping cock he pushed back partway and grabbed my hip so his ass could take more of my hard on. I wanted it to last forever.

    My dick popped into john ass and john clamped down and on my dick and thrust his ass back to get as much of my dick as he could before he had to get up

    I loved feeling the warmth of their body against mine

    Fucked me hank fuck my hole. I loved feeling his breath on my cheek and neck and the back of my head, and now he was breathing hard and fast I grabbed john and hung on to him. I felt like a sandwich and I was the meat.

    Hank grabbed my arms and shoulders with his hands and squeezed and rubbed his face against my back and he thrust harder and harder. With each stroke, I still had my dick up john's ass. When hank would fuck me I was pushed into john ass.

    Now he was fucking me very fast and hard and I felt almost dazed by the intensity of it and my mouth was hanging open in a kind of ecstasy and we started to moan and I could tell by the driven quality of his breathing that he was about to come inside me.

    Hanks cock fucks me harder and deeper than ever. All three of us started to moan, "Ohh! Shit, Oh! That's it" and all of a sudden I actually felt the squirt of a liquid inside my ass, I can never get enough of that juice up in side me

    Hank continued to fuck me but I didn't feel the squirts after the first four. But he thrust and thrust for a while and moaned and breathed hard and squeezed my upper arms with his hands as he discharged a huge load in me at the same time I let a load in john hole., I knew I had a huge load of cum inside my hole now and I wanted him to keep his cock inside me for a long time after he had finished.

    When he finally his dick went soft and popped out of me, it felt some thing was missing as he withdrew his big cock from my asshole.

    Hank rolled over and now was lying on his back relaxing and resting trying to catch his breath my cock popped out john's ass and john rolled over to face me and got on all fours to put his cock over my face.

    John lowered him self to push his cock in to my mouth. I open my mouth to take his pre dripping cock. John bended down and took my cock that was just in his ass and started to lick it clean.

    Between lickings john said what a hot way to wake up in the morning.

    I couldn't say a word with his dick fucking my face. He rammed it down me throat. I thought I was going to gag and pass out but I didn't. it only took a few strokes till john shot his load down my throat .

    "Oh, oh, oh...uh, uh...ohhhhhh john moans out load! His cock exploded in seven or eight spastic surges down my throat, shot straight in me. Some of the cum was dripping from my mouth

    Yeah, you want my cum, you want it boy?

    Yes please!

    Where do you want it boy?"

    On my face, and he wasted little time depositing his second load of spunk on my face.

    "ARGHHHHH, AHRRHHHHHHH, ARRHHHHHHHHHHHH," the familiar sound of a hot man then john turn around and licked his cum off my face.

    You two go wash up," hank said, john pulling me up with him, and we walked into their enormous bathroom. They had two sinks and a shower and a hot tube john took me too the walk in showers that could have held 8 people like they had is school. John turned the knob and the sprays of hot water felt good on my weary, sexy body john grabbed a bar of soap and began washing my back. I gave out a slight moan when he reached my ass. he took his time thoroughly cleaning it all up. He turned me around, held me tight to his body and soaped up my chest, abs and then my crotch. He was giving me a very careful cleaning. The whole time he was doing this his lips were locked to mine and my hands held on tightly to his huge muscular ass. As I rinse off I push john too the floor and told him to get on your knees boy and suck my cock I have to piss so take it.

    John opened his mouth and got on his knees I played with his nipple rings which got him all hot and bothered. I let the flow of piss down his throat. I hold his head in place even though he is not going anywhere.

    How you like it now johns, now the shoes on the other foot, you a sub so act like one boy...

    John just looked at me and tried to smile. When he was done I grasped his arm and pulled him up and started to kiss him.

    I took the bar from him and once again returned the favor I paid attention to his nipples, cock and balls the more I washed him the more he got aroused I smiled to see what a bottom he was. I turn him around and started at his shoulders and worked my way down to his ass cheeks. I then proceeded to spread them and finger his hole then washed it. I saw on one wall a rod that looked like a dildo. John told me it was an enema spray. I smiled at him and told him to grab his ankles and I was going to flush him out.

    I put the wand up his hole which it went with no problem. I turn on the knob and let it flow into his awaiting hole.

    We got out of the shower and he took his time drying me off with the big blue towel I had ever felt in my life. I plopped my tired body down onto the counter and watched him do the same, all the time admiring his majestic body and handsome face. Hank was no were to be seen in the bedroom. I could smell bacon and eggs being made.

    Still naked we made our way down the hall to living room with john two steps behind me. I heard max and hank talking. As we turn the corner hank was drinking coffee at the counter and max was making ham and eggs.

    John set the table for our guest now boy barked hank.

    John quickly got the plates and silver wear on the table and then asked what we like to drink.

    Max put the eggs and bacon on a platter and put it on the table.


    Saturday Jun 19 It was a bright and sunny morning with a warm breeze we just finished eating breakfast that max made and John started to do the dishes. I have not seen Billy since last night he must be out taking care of the horses. John was collecting the dishes and started to wash them. Would you like to see the rest of my place away from the club house?

    Sure we both said, at the same time.

    Then lets go as we left the kitchen hank gave john a quick slap on the ass and john jump at first then hank gave john a kiss and a grope. We headed out to the barn where the horses are kept and a small room where Billy lived.

    As we entered the barn Billy was grooming one of the horses he was wearing a leather apron to brush the horse his ass was exposed and looked inviting and my loins is on fire to see his ass. Then I heard a noise approach the compound. Hank left the barn to see who it could be. I see max was interested in Billy. Billy apron started to tent out. I follow Hank and I stopped at the barn doors. I could see hank talk to a man but I couldn't hear what they were talking about. The guy was wearing the skimpy shorts and tank top with the resorts logo. Hank looked like he was getting pissed off. Hank walk too the house for a couple of minutes then walked too the barn. I hurried back to max and Billy; Billy was explaining how to groom a horse.

    Sorry guys I'm needed at the club house Jeff I would like you too come with me. I looked at max.

    Go a head boy if you like I be there later said max.

    Sure I come with you hank, we walked too the golf cart parked.

    Ted this Jeff one our guest, I looked at him and his shorts got really tight quick. I took his hand and he had a firm handshake.

    I hope your enjoying your time with us. Said Ted with a grin on his face.

    Yes sir, I found this place to be very exiting and interesting as I shook Ted's hand. Ted was a salt and pepper guy his body looked like a body builder, his nipples pushing thru his tight t-shirt and his basket pushing out thru those tight white shorts. I can see the out line of his cock and balls. I sat in the back taking in the view of this male god. This place is full of hot looking men. When we arrived at the mail building I told hank I let him take care of business and I was going the gym to work out some kinks in my back then take a quick shower or hit the hot tub. Hank and Ted went into the building talking. I headed for the work out room and saw it was not busy so I decided to go take a shower.

    As I walked into the shower area it had ten or eleven shower heads, just off the work out room, I sat on the floor with my back too the wall I really didn't care if any one saw me right now. I took my cock and pointed upwards and released my bladder. I enjoy the feeling the hot stream of piss soaking my on my smoothed body and running all over myself, I even got a couple drops in my mouth. Thinking back at what happened the last couple of days my cock made hard, I closed my eyes and remember the hot action I been having. Leaned up against cool white tiled wall, I didn't care who saw me or what I was doing.

    I pulled hard on my right nipple and gave a little twist. Images of those hot men on of each other filled my head,

    Two guys walked by me and started to take a shower I don't know how long they been watching me.

    This guy was tall and with a small gut on him his dick was 5 inches with low hangers and said you want some more of the hot liquid boy. The other dude was very hairy and both wore a wedding ring on there fingers.

    I just looked at him and smiled they needed no more encouragement. Both had their dicks in hand and a grin on their face.

    I twisted my left nipple then both at the same time.

    They took aimed at me and let there piss flow over my body, I opened my mouth automatically and some of it I got in my mouth and tasted good!! It tasted like corn chips and it was, strong, but good. I little bitter-sweet and warm, it made Man this was making me feels so alive, warm. Catching some of piss in my mouth made my cock even harder. The flow lasted long enough for me to get several good sips from it before they stopped.

    I was now bathing me in golden liquid. I can't take my eyes of their beautiful dicks that are pissing all up and down my body. Finally I glance up at their faces while they continuing to piss on me. They were smiling at each other. Both of them must need to piss badly. They kept on pissing like a race horse.

    For me that am the fun part of getting pissed on even though could go both ways on this subject.

    There hot piss that just keeps on coming. Hot Man. Hot Cock. Hot Piss. Getting off to watching these man dicks piss the urine onto me. I wanted to jack off but I knew can't come yet. Pee flow lessening, lean my head forward, one of the guys squeezes his dick off, building up the pressure, and bam, piss striking my face and running off my head down my body. The tall guy was holding his dick at the base and bouncing the last drops down on my very happy chest as his dick starts to get hard. Smiles at me, says thanks and walks off, as he disappears around the corner.

    Wow what a session I thought that was good. I slowly get too my feet and turned on the shower very hot water letting it flow over my hairless body. I just enjoyed the way the water flowed over me I must have stood there for at least thirty minutes I started to soap my body off and started to play with my ass I don't care who see me I was enjoying myself..

    Some guy walked by me and said better be careful or they throw you out. I then realized what I was doing so I quickly rinsed off the soap and headed back to my room.

    I went to the desk to get a room key and hank and Ted were looking over some books. They both looked up and Ted came to the counter.

    Ted I like my key to my room max has the other key.

    Did you get the kinks work out of your sore muscles. Said Ted

    Some but I think I lay down and take an aspirin and rest.

    If here is any thing I can do for you give us a ring. As Ted gave me my key he ran his middle finger along the balm of my hand and he had a big grin on his face.

    I keep that in mind Ted you have a nice day.

    Hank said, I call later and see how your doing Jeff as soon as I get this fixed. I just nodded at him and walked too my room 212

    As I open my door I picked up a magazine and laid down on the bed and turn on the television .I couldn't been in there no longer then five minutes there was a knock at the door.

    Yes, as I looked thru the door.

    It's me Ted can I come in.

    I open the door partway, I saw it was Ted standing there and I let him and shut the door. What can I do for you?

    Mr. Wilson wanted me to tell you he will be busy for two hours and was concern about your statement about ache muscles. Did the hot tub and shower help you?

    No I still ache some in my lower back must been riding the horse the wrong way.

    Ted smiles at me, how about I give you a rub down and see if that will help your aching back.

    Sure I think it might help out.

    I will be right back with some oil, sheets and towels. Ted left and was back in less than two minutes. He had a handful of towels and sheets and baby oil. Ted took the bed covers off one of the beds covers too one side and spread towels down and covered them with two sheets. Now lie on the sheets on your stomach and spread your legs apart.

    I started to lay down I asked Ted wont you get oil on your uniform wouldn't be better to take it off , I promise I wont bite you.

    Its company policy, were not allowed to be naked on duty or be having sex with visitors.

    Who's going to tell Ted not and I don't think your going to say anything and didn't Mr. Wilson say to take care of me.

    Yes but I don't think he was talking about me being naked and give you a rub down.

    You like what you see don't you, and I can see your dick poking out.

    Ted nodded and started to take off his shirt. To reveal a hairy chest with some gray hairs near his hard nipples that were the size of half dollars. Then he was hesitant to take his tight white shorts. Mm nice I said to Ted, I lay on my stomach and waited to feel Ted big hands started on my feet the oil was rubbed in. he worked up my right leg then the left.

    When he got to my ass he took a long time rubbing them and was waiting for him to do the crack of my ass but he continued to my lower back and added some baby oil. He rubbed hard and long at the pit of my back. That feels good mmm yes that it right there.

    Ted went back too my head and worked my neck quite a bit and into my shoulders. He could tell I was indeed very tense in those areas so he spent a good amount of time there working his big hands.

    Ted worked lower part of my back, boy I do liked your butt the muscles in the butt are some of the tensest ones it seems on people. He made his way too my butt.

    As he got to my butt, he could sense me tense up a bit I was excited to have his hands on my body. So he just worked around the top portion for a bit until I relaxed. As he went a bit lower, I was no longer tense up anymore so he proceeded to work each lobe thoroughly and forcefully. As he rounded down to my thighs, I spread legs open just a bit more so he lowered my hands down a bit to my inner thigh. At that, he shifted my whole body so that my legs were spread apart more than what is "necessary

    I didn't push anything at this point. He was in his shorts still at this point.

    He worked his magic up the right leg of them just a bit but that was it. He continued down the legs and feet until he had finished my back side. But one thing that was always amazing to have this done to me was having the Ted take his hands and reach under me, allowing my own weight to put pressure on the muscles around my chest and stomach. Then he would begin to work his hands up and down a bit, allowing them to slide out to the sides and across my ribs. It was just the perfect amount of pressure and felt great.

    Ted started on my chest, allowing my hands to reach in under me so that my finger tips were close to my right nipples. He continued this, slowly working his hands down farther and farther on my body. When he got to the top of my hips, I reached under one side and then worked his other hand in on the other but found something that caught me by surprise.

    His cock had grown and was poking off to one side inside his shorts. So as I reached over with my hand landed right up against his cock. His body tensed. I reached over to the out line of his manhood,

    He froze and stepped back a step and looked down at his bulging cock.

    Again my hand reached to the mid section of his shaft but this time he didn't tense up. He stepped back up to me again I raised my hand to reach for his hard dick. By this time his dick was level of my face. I reached for his button on his shorts and released it and it popped open like a cork.

    Ted told me to turn over so he can finish. At this point I gowned again and with my eyes was partly closed, slowly rolled over.

    Ted just stood there for what seemed like an eternity, he was staring at me in a way I never saw before. My cock was indeed hard. But compared to his nine inch uncut cock, he had what seemed like a monster straining to get out of the band of his shorts. Just a couple centimeters of his cock head had been peeking through peeking out.

    He worked down my stomach and could feel my smooth young stomach. Working down the center of my body and then letting his hands wash out over my ribs, just pushing the stress and tightness right off the sides of my body. My eyes were partly shut. His breathing remained very slow and methodical.

    He worked on my groin for a long time much longer than he typically think if he was not interested in me. I felt so comfortable with Ted rubbing my cock to be worked over.

    The closer and closer Ted worked on my balls, his hand made a sudden movement again. I saw him reach over top of my cock and cradle it. At the same time, he let out a low moan.

    I looked at him and he was not paying attention on my face reaction.

    He figured that it was time to move on to the rest of his legs so as he began to work up my right leg and down the left legs, pushing and pulling on my muscles from my knees up to my groin, since he was mostly focused on my exposed cock,

    I reached for my cock and balls

    Ted Continuing down my legs to my feet, he began to massage my feet

    As he finished and laid his hand next to me, Ted walk to my chest, as my I pulled on his arm, he resisted and forced his hand down too my cock but then I released him which he kept his hand on my cock and balls I reach over and unzipped his shorts at was all need to cause his shorts to fall of his muscular frame, causing length of his cock until coming free and stand attention and I could see some precum leaking from his big mushroom head.

    I pulled it over to me and began to work on it. As I massaged, I could not resist the urge to bring his cock closer to my face so I could smell his cock. And as I bent up and pulled it closer, I was rewarded with a beautiful manly scent from his crotch

    So there I lay, an exposed cock from a hot naked guy next to me. What was I to do? I decided that there was only one thing I could do. So I put his dick into my mouth and taste it His hairy bush brushed my lips as I took his dick into my mouth.

    Ted moaned as my tongue circled around his picker piss hole I pushed oh his ass to get all can in my mouth. Ted and I got into a sixty-nine and we just sucked each other till we both shot a load in each others mouth.

    There was a knock at the door. Ted quickly got off the bed and we quickly whipped our selves off and clean any mess as I got up and answered the door.

    Yes who's there?

    It's me hank can I come in.

    Sure hang on Hank I be there in a second. By the time I open the door Ted had put his shorts and shirt back on and started to clean up the sheets and towels.

    Ted was nice enough to give me a rubbed down to take care of my back ache.

    That was very thoughtful of you Ted I wish I thought of that, good job.

    Thanks Ted for the one of the best back rubs I had in a long time. Ted just gathered his stuff and left the room.

    O man, what a fine asses you got there boy! Hank said, and slapped my ass hard. Oh yeah!" I moaned as licked my lips . Hank climbed on the bed and patted the bed his cock sticking out I sat next to hank and put his hand on my leg close to my soft cock.

    You got hot body boy. As he rubs me up and down, boy I know you like cock so get down there and take care of it.

    I started to suck hanks cock deeper it took his shaft.

    I got to my knees and hank spread his legs wider apart for better access to his manhood.

    "Yeah, that's it, suck my cock!" moaned Hank.

    I got on my knees too and placed bobbing head between his legs

    "That's it, fuck him good!" Hank shouted. Hank leaned over took the back my head and pushed it deeper on his cock.

    Hank pulled his cock out. "Now lets see the other hole you have boy, time for me to see how your ass is boy. Get up here on all fours and be quick about it.

    Hank said, nice ass boy as he spread my butt apart. Hank stuck his tongue to taste my hole. It sent shivers up my spine.

    I felt his wet cock-head pushing against my sphincter. Hank pushed forward. I gave a little low moan as I felt Hank's huge cock entering me. His big cock hit my prostate and I felt my balls tighten, hank reach around and squeezed my balls to see what I would do, I just moan and his ass muscles around my shaft. I was on the edge, of another load. I did not move, afraid if I blew load too soon.

    Hank started moves his hips, driving his cock deeper into me with each thrust. His balls slapped mine, I could not help it but with each move Hank made my cock harder too the point I was aching. The two of us were moaning aloud. What the hell I thought no use of holding back anymore. I closed my eyes, with my cock flapping from each thrust in the ass I didn't know how much longer I could hold off.

    While Hank's big tool was hitting my prostate over and I grabbed my dick and started to squeeze my balls and cock. My cock was now leaking huge amounts of pre-cum. My body was starting to shake, my breathing stopped for a few second. Ahhhhhhhh!!

    I looked down and my hands were covered with my sweet warm cum, Hank's cock fucked me like a machine.

    I threw my head in my neck and with a loud cry my cock exploded as hank kept riding my ass.

    Hank's motion became faster and wilder.

    O, men cream my ass! I yelled out.

    He put his hand around my chest and pulled me against his sweaty body. His tongue entered my ear; his hands pinched my nipples hard, then I felt his hot seed filling my bowels. With his weight he pushed me down on the bed, for a few minutes we laid like this, a pile of hot sweaty flesh on top of each-other. Finally Hank pulled his cock out of my ass and got up and we kissed me on the lips.

    Come Jeff, have to get back to the office" Hank said, wiping his cock clean on a towel from the bathroom.

    I got up too, feeling Hank's sperm running down my legs. Hank went to the bathroom and came back with a towel and thru it too me clean boy max and john should be coming back soon.

    I laid there excused and tried to catch my breathe.

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