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  • The doorbell rang at about 5:30 AM and I answered. A tall, dark, very young man with piercing brown eyes and an angular face with a strong nose stood at the door. He wore a tight thin tee shirt that strained against two prominent nipples mounted on muscular chest covering a large ribcage. This tapered down to a narrow waist and slim hips that barely supported a pair of beltless jeans. His thighs were unusually muscular. He offered a familiar lopsided grin that never failed to lift my spirits. In his right hand, he held a fishing rod. A tackle box was slung over his shoulder.

    "Hello, Raphael," I opened. "We've been telephoning all morning. There was no answer."

    "I was at the gym," he said in a slight Italian accent. "League rules limit how much practice the coaches can require in the summer, so most of the swim team meets twice a week to work out together under the direction of the seniors. I'm one of the organizers. Since I was going to miss today's session, I thought I'd better workout alone."

    "I'm really glad to see you're back on the team this year," I said.

    "Thanks to Danny," he replied. Despite being one of the top sophomore high school swimmers in the state Raphael had been on academic probation throughout his junior year and unable to compete. His father had hired my son, Danny, to tutor him. It had worked spectacularly well. Raphael's grades had turned around and he would be eligible to compete again in his senior year. In fact, it was all but certain that he would be elected captain of the team.

    The effort had been good for Danny as well. It had gotten him out of that computer cave he calls his room. Still no jock, Raphael had nevertheless gotten Danny to begin running and even doing some gym training. He had lost his pallor and was finally beginning to fill out. More importantly, he had been brought into Raphael's circle of friends and was accepted. Oh, Danny was still a highly focused nerd and computer geek at home, but at least he was developing another dimension. He could even crack a good joke when he wanted. I was very grateful.

    "I'm sorry, Raphael," I continued. "Danny and his mother left for Chicago about half an hour ago. His grandfather died late last night. I'm flying in on Monday after a business meeting I can't miss."

    "Oh man," he replied sincerely. "I'm so sorry. Danny really loved that old man. We can go fishing some other time."

    "To tell you the truth, Raphael," I offered. "I'm going anyway. I can't do anything here and They can reach me on my cell phone if a problem comes up. You know that you're always welcome in this family. I'd understand, though, if you'd rather wait until Danny can come too."

    The young man brightened visibly. "Thanks, Mr. Wade. I'd love to come."

    "Do you have a swimsuit?" I asked.

    "My Speedos are in my car," he replied.

    "Good. We can do some tubing or boarding when we're done fishing."

    We talked freely for the 30 minutes it took to get to the marina on Lake Michigan. Raphael was eager to do well both in school and in swim meets. He wanted to have a shot at the Olympics someday, and he felt he needed to get into a major swimming powerhouse, like Michigan or Florida or Stanford, in order to develop fully as an athlete. He really relied on Danny to help him out academically, and he was afraid that without Danny he would flounder in college and get into academic trouble again.

    "But you and I know that Danny's gonna go to MIT or Cal Tech or some such place," he complained. "They don't have major sports teams and I couldn't get in anyway."

    I assured him that if he landed a scholarship at any major college, he'd get plenty of tutoring if he needed it. He responded that no one could help him like Danny did. I was surprised at how insecure he was behind all that outward poise and charm.

    At the marina, we quickly readied my 28 foot Sea Ray and cast off. We spent the morning fishing, talking a little but mostly enjoying each other's company in the way that happens with a good fishing companion. We each landed some decent fish but we had no intention of cooking, so it was catch and release. After about four hours, we packed up the gear and I hauled out the wakeboard and tow rope. Raphael ducked down into the forward cabin to change. Raphael had never boarded before we started taking him out, but he adapted quickly and proved a real superstar. An aquatic acrobat, none of us could touch him now.

    He walked up from the cabin. Without his shirt, his erect nipples commanded my attention completely until, of course, he stepped fully up on deck. His broad ribcage was clad in a well- defined musculature. It tapered dramatically to his waist. Hi ships showed no flair, but his thighs were dramatically sinewed. Between his waist and his thighs was a substantial bulge kept in check with highly stretched lime green spandex. Why oh why did American men wear baggy swimwear?

    Since we had no spotter I spent a lot of time facing backward, watching his moves. I watched him play in the wake as I kept us away form other boats. He was one magnificent animal and my cock stirred in my trunks as I watched him cross the wake and somersault repeatedly. Finally he signaled that he was through. I went forward and cast anchor, then helped him aboard.

    "Pretty spectacular Raphael," I gushed while admiring him appreciatively.

    "Do you want to give it a try?" he asked as he unzipped his vest. His eyes briefly cast down toward my waist. My cock was semi-hard, but I didn't think it was too apparent in my more conventional swimwear.

    "I might," I said hastily, "but don't expect this old man to match your performance."

    "Bullshit," he spat back as he fumbled with his vest. The zipper seemed to be caught. "You're one of the youngest dads in the school and probably in the best shape. What are you? Thirty-four? Thirty-five? You must have knocked your wife up pretty young. And don't think that Danny hasn't figured out that you got married in a big hurry. He knows his birthday and he knows your anniversary. And one thing that kid can do better than just about anybody is add."

    I changed the subject. "Got a problem with that zipper?" It had come about halfway down and jammed. Raphael's hairless (shaved?) chest was half exposed.

    "I can't get it down," Raphael acknowledged.

    "Well, that's better than not being able to get it up. Let me help you."

    "I think we may have to cut it off," the young man said.

    "That's a last resort," I announced. "These vests run around $70 each."

    I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers from the tackle box and pulled Raphael toward the front of the cockpit where the light was better. The nylon teeth had opened up about halfway down the vest. When I tried to squeeze the tough plastic teeth together with the pliers, they snapped away. I reached down behind the zipper and supported the mismatched section with my fingers as I worked with the pliers. You wouldn't think that contact between the back of the hand and the breastbone would be very erotic. For the first few minutes of my struggles we traded banter. After a while, the dialog began to lag. During the last five minutes, we were both silent, breathing heavily.

    Finally, I had the errant teeth marginally meshed. I tugged hard on the zipper and the vest opened. My hand brushed something unexpected. I looked down and saw about three inches of hard olive cock sticking up out of his Speedos. The shaft continued below the waist where it terminated in two large ovoid bulges. I stared fixedly at what then seemed to me to be the most beautiful sight in the world. After about after about half a minute, I realized that I should have made some crack and turned away. By this time, I knew that my fascination was obvious, and I was afraid to look into the young Italian's face.

    "Go for it, Mr. Wade," he urged in a quiet whisper. I felt strong hands on my shoulders, pressing downward. As I sank to my knees, I reached out behind him and grabbed his solid buttocks. I examined the underside of the thick cock in front of my face. It extended even farther past the waistband of the briefs. I let my tongue dart out to make contact at the cleft beneath the glans. The organ flicked away from the young man's abdomen then slapped back. Raphael grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tight to his groin. I could still smell the lake clinging to his swimsuit, and I smelled him as well. I ran my mouth hungrily up and down the exposed shaft as I squeezed his ass muscles.

    "I've dreamt about this," he exclaimed. "I never thought it'd happen." I hooked the front of his briefs with my fingers and pulled them slowly down, first exposing the foreskin gathered near the base, then the two ostrich eggs in the wrinkled sack below. His hard shaft sprang forward and slapped me on the cheek. I backed away until I could take the large head gently into my mouth, caressing its underside with my tongue. I took it in slowly until it pressed at the back of my throat. Opening wide it took the fat head in smoothly. Angling my head and pushing forward, I soon found my nose buried in his musky bush.

    Raphael grabbed my hair and worked me back and forth on the shaft. "Jesus, Mr. Wade," he exclaimed, "You're fantastic; even better than Danny. I can see that certain talents run in the family."

    Danny? My Danny? I flicked my eyes upward, searching for his and finding them. "C'mon, Mr. Wade. What do you think keeps a dumb jock like me and an ubernerd like Danny so tight?" Somehow, the idea didn't shock me. Instead, I became determined to give this boy the blowjob of his life, to make him forget every blowjob Danny ever gave him.

    I worked his cock alternately slowly and quickly. Each time he seemed about to blow, I slowed down until the throbbing subsided. He pulled on my hair trying to force me into an ultimate rhythm and begged loudly for release. I could hear other boats motoring by. One honked his horn loudly and hurled epithets toward us. I was completely hidden, kneeling on the steps that led down to the salon. The gun whale at the cockpit was high enough to prevent anyone from seeing what was going on from the side, but there would be a clear view of Raphael's ass from any boat approaching abaft. With his cheeks clutched in my hands, there could be no doubt about the activity taking place. I worked one of my fingers into his ass and he backed onto it moaning even more loudly. Finally, I acquiesced to his entreaties and kept my rhythm going when I felt him ready. He began to ram his hips into my head and I felt the first pulse well up from deep inside him.

    "Oh my God," he cried as he spurted repeatedly into my gullet, "Oh my fucking God!"

    I kept at it until I could detect no more fluid flow. His balls were drawn tight against his crotch. He used all his might to hold my head still as his ecstasy verged on the threshold of pain. Swallowing every drop of his spunk, I pulled off and led him by the hands down into the main cabin. I stood with my own rod pressing insistently against my trunks. Raphael dropped to his knees in front of me and untied the cord at he waist. He pulled the suit down and my cock sprang proud.

    As he took my tool in his two hands he observed, "Danny has a good sized cock, Mr. Wade, but this here is one fine piece of meat."

    The young swimmer licked the head more lustily than expertly. I was not that much longer than he, but fatter. He took the head into his mouth and caressed the underside with his tongue. He grabbed my ass and let his lips slide down the shaft until the head was jammed at the opening. He opened his throat and I pushed against the back of his throat and he began to gag. I pulled out and let him cough for a minute. Then I presented myself to him again. He was game, but when I started to push his throat open, I heard that telltale gulp and pulled quickly out again. He managed to contain the bile in his mouth and swallowed the bitter fluid.

    "I'm s...s...sorry, Mr. Wade," he sputtered. "It's just too big for me to take down. I'll work on the head."

    I smiled as I reached down and pulled him to his feet. I led him to the steps up to the main deck and made him kneel facing away from me. I knelt behind him and admired the tight globes of his muscled ass. My cock throbbed as I ran my hands over their hard surface. I plunged my thumbs into the cleft and spread the cheeks, revealing a nearly perfect brown rosette. The small pucker screamed, "I am soooooo tight". I inhaled sharply, leaned forward and flicked my tongue at it. Raphael let out a small moan in response and pulled away.

    Reaching between his legs I grabbed his sack and squeezed gently--not enough to cause him any pain unless he pulled further away. Having exerted sufficient control, I plunged deep into his crack. He squirmed forward and I tugged him back gently. I tried to jam my tongue up his chute but his sphincter was shut tight. He moved his butt into my face to get more tongue. I pulled away and licked a finger, tracing the brown flower. Pressing gently, I worked my middle finger into the hole. It sucked my hand in until the knuckles rested against the warm skin. I worked the tight enclosure for a few minute, and then withdrew only to return again with two digits. The Italian pushed hard against my hand.

    "Oh God, Mr. Wade!" he cried. "It feels so good."

    "Not as good as what's coming next," I promised, reaching for a bottle of suntan oil.

    "I'm afraid," he replied. "I mean, Danny's a total bottom and I haven't ever done it with anyone but him. He seduced me while we were studying. He's the one with all the experience, going to the park and hanging out near the adult book stores. Besides, I don't have a rubber with me."

    "We won't need it," I answered. " I haven't had my cock up a man's ass in at least ten years. I'm way overdue and plan to feel every bit of the experience."

    "But you have such a big dick," he whined.

    "The better to fuck you with, My Dear."

    After slathering the oil on my cock and working it into his hole, I positioned the head of my cock against the opening. I reached around his hip and took another handful of nut sack, trapping his healthy hard member between my arm and his pelvis. I pushed, but he didn't open.

    "It'll hurt no matter what, Raphael," I said as straightforwardly as I could manage, "but it'll hurt a lot less if you help me." I gave his balls a squeeze as I pushed harder. He gave a quick intake of air and opened up for me. I entered smoothly without stopping and ended with my hips hard against his glutes. I could feel him cramp up, so I maintained that position for a good three minutes. He sobbed quietly. Despite his discomfort, he never lost his hardon. Finally, he began to move his ass forward and back, ever so slightly. I took no action myself, and soon he was sliding in and out on my cock a good three inches on each oscillation. He began to moan.

    "Come on, Mr. Wade," he begged. "You've gotta help me. Fuck me! Fuck me hard."

    It was, of course, exactly what I wanted. Releasing his sack and taking his cock in my fist, I withdrew until just the head of my tool was contained in his pussy, then slammed in hard until the slap of my hips against his oiled hams echoed in the small cabin. Raphael screamed. I repeated the motion about five times, then began withdrawing completely on the backstroke, plowing him mercilessly.

    "Jesus, that hurts," he cried, but his butthole sucked my cock back in hungrily with each forestroke. I loosened my grip slightly and he came in torrents. I milked him dry without pausing in my pummeling of his ass. Afterwards, he began moving his ass back into me with each thrust. I didn't care whether he was really getting into it or just wanted to get it over with. Either way, it worked as I began spurting directly into his cavity, until my white seed leaked past the tight gasket. I had no idea that I could still cum like that. I hadn't had an orgasm that big with Marie in many years.

    I collapsed against him and we lay uncomfortable but exhausted in that tiny stairwell, still pinned together. After a while, he reached back and slid his hand between his buttocks and my groin, gathering the fluid seeping past my cock. He brought it to his lips and licked his hand. I gathered up as much of his seed from the step and smeared it all over his face. He turned his head toward mine and I licked his face clean. We lay there for about 15 minutes until I softened and slipped from his rectal clutch. When I climbed up to the cockpit I discovered that the anchor had slipped and we were in serious danger of grounding. Oblivious to my lack of clothing, I clambered across the foredeck and quickly hauled up the anchor. Someone hooted from shore as I did so. Back in the cockpit, I started the motor, backed away from shore, then quickly headed up the coast toward the marina.

    Raphael came up from the cabin, still naked and still stunning. Despite our recent activity, my cock twitched at the sight. He must have noticed because he settled between my legs as I drove and tool my tool into his hungry mouth. As he worked it thoroughly, I opened the throttle wide causing the boat to pound its way across the moderately rough lake. The young swimmer gathered up oil and cum still oozing from his asshole and reached underneath my legs. He teased the pucker of my hole with his finger as he worked my tool with his mouth. We hit a wavelet with a hard smack and his finger was suddenly inside me. He worked it in and out while he furiously slurped at my cock. Within a minute I was cumming as though it were the first time of the day. He kept at it until I was on the verge of pain.

    I pushed his head away me and looked down to greet the broad smile of my dusky Adonis. Raphael rose and situated himself behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, his fingers massaging my nipples. He placed his rigid member along the crack of my ass and pressed into me. His balls hung below but its head reached the small of my back. I turned the boat square into the waves and kept her wide open. We rode from wave crest to wave crest with a series of hard smacks. With each impact, we were thrown tightly together and Raphael's cock responded with a throb of its own. The rhythm became hypnotic and each wave hit elicited an insistent "Unh" from my partner. Finally, the throbs became more pronounced and I could feel my back becoming wet. The young man's voice rose to a plaintive keening which he maintained until he was drained.

    As we entered the harbor at no wake speed, Rafael backed away slightly, so that his chest was no longer against my back, but he kept his cock pressed against my ass. We were protected from prying eyes on the shore and boats of our own size, but the really big yachts on our port side towered over us and provided a direct view of our compromised condition from their pilot stations. I thought for a while that we would reach my boat well without incident when I heard an "Oh my!" to my left. I looked up and met the eyes of a woman in her fifties. I didn't recognize her, but I had a nodding acquaintance with the owner of the yacht. I could only hope that she would be unable to identify either me or my boat in the crowded marina.

    After docking the boat, we began the half hour drive home. It seemed to take forever. We had exchanged barely a word since our encounter, except as necessary to make the boat secure. Finally, I ventured, "Rafael, I think I'd better be the one to talk to Danny about this. It would be better if he heard it from me directly."

    "Danny?" he exclaimed incredulously. "You're gonna fucking tell Danny? Why the fuck would you do that?"

    "Well," I said, "if you and he are lovers, I figure that you'd need to get it out of your system."

    "Hell no, Mr. Wade," he responded quickly. "I don't know what Danny would do if he found out. He'd be so fucking jealous." Jealous? Danny? "We've often talked about how hot you are and what we'd do if we could get you in bed." My son? Me? I couldn't get my head around that one.

    "Okay then," I announced. "We'll keep it quiet."

    When we got back to my house, I handed him the phone. "You'd better call your dad. Tell him that Danny wants you to stay over tonight because his grandfather died." Danny's father was a widower about five years older than me. After Raphael finished his call, I took him to the master bedroom and fucked his brains out for the rest of the night. After that, though, we had trouble getting together as much as we wanted. Raphael kept his relationship with Danny and I didn't begrudge it at all. Young cock needs young cock. Mostly, we'd sneak off to boat together, sometimes just getting a quick fuck in the cabin, other times reliving our first encounter on the lake itself.

    A few month's later, I discovered that my wife has been fucking Danny's father for two years. My detectives got them cold, and I didn't have to give up a goddam thing in the divorce. Marie didn't mind all that much, since Alonzo wanted to marry her and had every bit as much money as I. By the time it was over, Danny was at Cal Tech and Raphael at UCLA. One had an academic scholarship and the other got a free ride swimming. I sold my business out to my partner and moved to LA. I bought a boat big enough to live on that I berth in Marina Del Ray. Working part time as a consultant in LA, I find that can make twice as much as I did working full time in the Midwest.

    Though Raphael nominally lives in one of the jock dorms at the university, he spends at least three nights a week with me on the boat. Of course, he's finding college boys to fuck when he's not with me. As I said, I don't mind at all. In fact, he sometimes brings one over with him and we make a Raphael sandwich.

    Danny comes down from Pasadena about every two weeks. He's come out to me and I am totally "cool" about it. The three of us usually go boating at least once on the weekend. When I look at the two young men necking together, I get ideas, but as yet, I can't get past the taboo. Every weekend, though, I seem to get a little closer. I fuck Raphael weekdays. He fucks Danny weekends. What's the big deal if we do both at the same time. Seems efficient, doesn't it?

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