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  • Tim and his dad
  • My name is Tim. I am 35 years old. I am gay, and I live alone. That is until recently. My mother was killed in an automobile accident, and my dad, who had just retired from Civil Service, decided he didn't want to live alone. He asked if he could come live with me. At least for a time. Even though I was single and had been living my own life for quite a few years, I was excited about his coming to live with me. You see, my dad has always been a hot looking guy, and for years I dreamed about him. That's all it had been was dream.

    I can still remember the first time I saw him completely naked. I must have been about thirteen. At the time, we lived in a house having just one bathroom. I needed to take a dump really bad, so I knocked on the door.

    "Can I come in?" I called. "I need to take a dump really bad."

    "Come on in," my dad's voice came from the other side of the closed door.

    I hurried inside and quickly tended to my business. As I sat there I suddenly became aware of my dad as he stood under the spray of needles, the water running down his chest. God, he looked really good to me. I watched as he took a bar of soap and began washing his hairy chest. The soap made the thick black hair on his chest shine under the steamy spray. Then as I continued watching, he slowly took the bar of soap and went on down, soaping the thick black forest that surrounded his cock. A very nice sized cock, I thought. I watched as he continued soaping the area between his legs, washing his balls, and finally, as he reached between his legs, I saw him scrub his ass really hard. As he worked on his ass, I was suddenly surprised to discover that his cock was no longer soft, but was mostly hard as it protruded out of the thick black wet curls.

    I suddenly felt my own young cock spring up between my legs. I was embarrassed. There was no way in hell I was going to let my dad see me with my dick hard. I quickly pulled my shorts back up and headed for the door.

    "You leaving?" my dad called after me.

    "I'm through," I said, and hurried out into the hall. I closed the door behind me.

    I hurried to my bedroom, pulled some tissue out of the box, and thinking about what I had just seen in the bathroom, I stroked my cock. I was so hot that it didn't take long for me to shoot in the tissue.

    After I had shot my load, I laid there just enjoying the feel of being naked on the bed. I loved being naked, but my mom was always at home, so there wasn't much time for me to be that way.

    Suddenly I heard the water shut off in the bathroom, and I quickly reached for my shorts and pulled them up. I tossed the cum filled tissue in the trash next to my bed.

    There was a knock on my bedroom door. "May I come in, Tim?"

    It was my dad.

    I pulled my tee shirt down until it covered my still hard cock. "Sure," I called.

    The door opened and my dad walked into my bedroom, wrapped only in a bath towel. Just the sight of him made my mouth go dry. I forced my eyes to look straight into his and not linger over his body.

    "So, what's up?" my dad asked.

    "Not much," I answered. "Just laying here," I added.

    My dad gave me a silly sort of grin. "I can see that," he laughed.

    He sat on the side of my bed for a few minutes, talking about various things. Finally he stood to his feet. When he did, his towel worked loose, and quite suddenly it fell to the floor. He stood there in all of his naked splendor for me to see. I could no longer keep my eyes on his face. I had to experience another look between his legs. God he was so hairy. There was a continuous growth of hair from the bottom of his neck all the way to his toes. Such wonderful thick black hair.

    I watched as Dad quickly bent over and retrieved his towel. He wrapped it around his waist. "Sorry about that," he said.

    "Hey, it's nothing I don't have," I said. Where the hell that came from, I have no idea, for at thirteen, I in no way compared with my dad.

    "We are guys, aren't we?" Dad grinned and headed for the door. "See you at dinner," he said, walking out the door.

    I was suddenly hard once again. My cock was aching to be sprung loose from my shorts. I quickly pulled my shorts down to my knees, and started rubbing my dick, wrapping my fingers around the shaft. As I jacked off, I thought about my dad and all that hair on his body. What I wouldn't give just to feel those curls between my fingers. That thought sent me over the edge, and for the second time in just a few moments, I filled another tissue of my boy spunk.

    By the time I had started high school, I realized I was gay. I had dated a few girls because that was something you were suppose to do in high school, but I soon discovered it wasn't' what was between those girl's lets that turned me on, but what was in the boys blue jeans.

    I lived in a relatively small town, and went to an equally small high school, so most of my high school years, as far as sex was concerned, was contained to books and magazines, and, of course, images of guys in the locker room taking showers, and jacking to all these things.

    I did have one friend in high school, and he let me blow him a few times. He would never blow me, but he would stroke me until I shot my load. He seemed to like the feel of my cock between his fingers. However, that was as far as it went. We spent most weekends together, especially Friday nights, and I would end of swallowing a lot of his cum. When we were seniors, he moved away, and that was the end of any one on one sex for me. I ended up either laying on my bed or under the shower at home jacking my dick, and thinking about how sexy my dad looked. I tried lots of times over the years, but by the time I graduated from high school and was headed for college, I had only seen my dad in his complete nakedness a few times.

    During my college years I hit several of the cruise spots, and I did receive many a hot blow job. However, even during those times, it was still my dad I thought about. It was his hairy body I was picturing in my mind as I got my cock sucked.

    I graduated from college, landed a good job with a good company, and from then on, my life settled down. I finally gave up on trying to find someone, because most of the time when I went out and looked someone up for sex, I came home unsatisfied and feeling cheap and dirty. I decided that my life was going to consist of work and coming home to relax and run around my apartment naked. And that's just what I did for quite a few years. The moment I came home, especially on Friday after work, I would strip my clothes off and spend most of the weekend drinking wine, and walking through my apartment naked. I suddenly had quite a passion for being naked, and lots of times, from Friday evening until Monday morning, my body never felt clothes. For the most part, it was a good life, and I was happy.

    Then, when I was thirty-five and had just bought my first house, my mother was killed in the accident. I could hardly believe the words my dad was saying to me when he called.

    I quickly booked a fight, and in a matter of a few hours, I was back home. My dad was in shock, so most of the arrangements were left up to me to make, which I did. For a few days the two of us just sort of went through the motion, doing whatever was expected of us.

    The day following Mom's memorial service my dad was in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee when I woke up.

    "Morning, Dad," I greeted.

    I poured myself a cup of coffee and joined him at the kitchen table. Dad was looking sadly out the window. I hated to ask, but I said, "What you so deep in thought about, Dad?"

    Dad looked at me and then took a sip from his cup. "May I ask you something, Tim?"

    "Anything, Dad," I assured him.

    "Would you mind if I closed the house up for a month or so and came to stay with you?"

    I was completely shocked for several reasons. First and foremost, because this small town had been his home all of his life. He had been born and raised here. And second, I could think of nothing I would like better than to have my sexy day come live with me for a while.

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that question. Forgive me?"

    "Dad, you didn't say anything wrong. I was just sort of at a loss for words, because I thought this would always be your home. You've always lived here, you know. That was the reason for my silence."

    "This is no longer home to me," he said, a sad tone coming into his voice. "You're all I have left, and right now, I'd just like to be near you."

    I reached across the table and placed my hand on top of my Dad's fingers. "Dad, I would have no problem with you coming to stay with me. I want you happy, and if being with me will make you happy, then I'm all for it."

    My dad smiled and some of the sadness left his face. "Thank you. I appreciate that."

    "When would you like to come?"

    Dad was thoughtful for a time. Finally he said, "Well, I think I could have everything taken care of here in a week or two. Would that be too soon for you?"

    "Of course not," I shook my head. "Do you want me to come back and help you make the drive? Or, are you going to fly out?"

    "Drive," he said. "I want to have my truck."

    "Do you want me to fly out and help with the drive back?"

    "I'll be fine," he assured me. He looked at me sharply. "I wouldn't be interfering in your life, now would I?"

    "Hell no, Dad," I assured him. "I have no life, so to speak. I work, I come home, I sleep, so the cycle goes."

    "And you do what room for me, don't you?"

    "Dad, I have two extra bedrooms, so you can have your choice where you want to sleep."

    By the time the morning was over things had been settled between us. I was going to leave the next day, and Dad was going to drive out in a week. With the plans in place, the entire mood seemed to life around us. Where before both of us had dreaded the time I had to leave, it now seemed as if we both would be busy getting things ready.

    The next morning as I packed for my flight back home, I was actually in good spirits. I was really looking forward to Dad's visit. Of course, I had already thought about all the time I spent naked at home, and wondered how he would look at that. I wondered if he would join me. The thought of the two of us walking naked evenings and weekends, well, I must say that gave my cock a shudder or two.


    When I got home, I quickly attacked the house. I cleaned both spare bed rooms out, put clean sheets on the beds and decided I let my dad choose which room he wanted to stay in. I ate my meals out quite a bit during the week, so I went to the market and picked up food I knew Dad would eat. He had always enjoyed cooking, and I must admit, I inherited some of that trait from him as well. I just didn't care for cooking for one, so that's why I ate out so much of the time. Now that there was going to be two of us here, the cooking would be much easier.

    With everything I had to get done, the days flew by, and suddenly the day arrived when Dad was coming. It was going to take him eight hours to make the drive, and he left shortly after I went to work. He wanted to time it where I'd arrive home just a little before he did.

    Somehow I made it through my work day, and at five o'clock I made a mad dash for my house. I drove inside the garage, and hurried inside the house. My first thought was to be naked when Dad arrived, but I quickly decided against that idea. After all, I didn't want to scare him off the first night. Besides, I wasn't sure just how he would feel about me being naked in front of him.

    I hurried down the hall into my bedroom. I tossed my suit and shirt onto the bed and quickly jumped into a tee shirt and some gym shorts. I thought it better to greet him dressed this way.

    I was in the kitchen working on a salad when the doorbell rang. I hurried to the door and opened it.

    "Hello, Dad," I greeted him with a smile.

    "Tim, it's so good to see you."

    "Well, don't just stand there, come inside," I told him.

    Dad walked inside the house and looked around him. "Nice," he complimented.

    "I forgot you haven't seen it before," I remembered.

    I gave him a quick tour, starting with the living room, the dining room and then the kitchen. Then I took him down the hall. I opened a door on the right. "Here is a room you can have," I told him. "It's the smaller of the two, so I think you might be more comfortable with the second one."

    I took him on down the hall and opened a door on the left. True to my word, it was much larger, and it was right across the hall from the family bath.

    "I like this one," Dad said.

    "Cool," I grinned. "How about us bringing your stuff inside from the truck?" I asked.

    "All right, although I didn't bring much, just a couple of bags."

    Together we walked out to his truck and brought the bags inside the house. We sat them on the bed in the room he had chosen, and I said,

    "I'm working on dinner, so I'm heading back out to the kitchen" I pointed to the heavy wooden dresser with eight deep drawers and said, "Unpack your things and put in there," I told him. "Just make yourself at home."

    "I will." Dad suddenly walked toward me, and I found his arms wrapped around me, pulling him to me. "Thank you so much, Tim, for allowing me to come stay with you for a while."

    "Absolutely no problem, Dad," I assured him.

    Dad gave me a tight squeeze, and I was startled to feel the entire length of his body next to mine. For the briefest of a second I thought I felt his cock stir inside his jeans. He pulled away from me, and said, "Well, thanks all the same."

    "When you're through unpacking, get comfortable and join me in the kitchen. I think having you here with me is going to make me eat a lot more healthier," I told him, grinning. "During the week I eat out a lot after work because cooking for one is just no fun at all. Having you here, it's going to be so much more enjoyable cooking in the kitchen."

    I went back out to the kitchen and finished making the salad. Then I put a couple of steaks on the broiler, and by the time Dad joined me, everything was ready. I poured two glasses of chilled red wine and placed on the table. I told Dad to take a seat, and I placed his plate in front of him.

    For a few moments we ate in silence, just enjoying the feel of sharing a meal with someone. Dad drained his wine glass and I got up to pour him some more. As I sat it down in front of him and took my seat once more, Dad said,

    "Tim, I want to tell you something, okay?"

    "Tell me anything you like, Dad."

    "Well, it's simply this. This is your home, and I'm a guest in it. I don't want you changing a thing that you normally do, understand me? I do not want anything changed just because I'm here. Will you promise me that?"

    I took a sip from my glass. "You have my word, Dad," I said. "I won't do anything different just because you are here. And I want you to do the same thing you would do if you were back home in your own house. Promise?"

    "You have my word," he said.

    "There is one thing I practice here at home," I told him. "I just wasn't sure you would appreciate greeting me in that condition, especially your first evening here."

    "What, may I ask, is that?" Dad finished his meal and pushed his plate to the side. "May I have some more wine?" he asked.

    "Certainly," I said getting up.

    "Sit down," he said. "I'll not have you waiting on me hand and foot. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. After all, I'm only fifty-six years old. I'm hardly antique," he grinned.

    He brought the bottle of wine from the frig and refilled my glass. Then he filled his own glass back up. He sat the bottle on the table and took his seat once again. "Now, tell me," he said, "what is it you `practice', as you put it?"

    The wine made me feel flushed, at least I thought that was the reason, but I opened my mouth and said, "Well, it's like this, Dad. For years I've lived alone, so usually after work in the evenings and all during the weekend I go around the house naked." I studied him closely to see if my words shocked him.

    He was thoughtful for a few seconds, and then he said, "Like you say, it's your house, you do what you've always done. And, as for you being naked, I have no problem with that."


    "Nope," he answered. "In fact, I would have walked around the house that way for years, but your mother wouldn't hear of it. She was always afraid someone would come to visit and catch me in all my glory."

    "Can I ask you something, Dad?" I asked, not quite knowing how to voice my thoughts.

    "Anything," he said.

    "You and Mom, were you happy?"

    "For the most part we were," he answered. "Your mother loved me, I have no doubt of that. However, after she got pregnant with you, she never wanted anything more to do with me in that way."

    I was shocked, to say the least. "You mean sexually?" I asked quietly.

    Dad nodded. "That's right, after the doctor said you were on the way, well, that was it, not more playing for me."

    "God, that must have been rough," I said.

    Dad smiled at me. "Well, it could have been, but after all, you're a single guy, so I'm sure you know how to take care of things, if you know what I mean."

    The sudden thought of my dad jacking his cock caused me to remember the time I had first saw him completely naked. When he had been in the shower scrubbing his body. I suddenly realized that after I left the bathroom, he most likely jacked off in the shower. The thought of that made me flush so much the room felt like it had warmed up a hundred degrees.

    Dad looked at me and grinned. "Can't you picture your dad playing with himself?" he asked.

    "Actually, I was thinking about the first time I ever saw you in the shower. I needed to take a dump, and at the time we only had one bathroom in the house. I came inside, and while I sat on the commode, I couldn't help but admire you as you showered. I watched you scrub your body all over, and at the time I thought I saw you start to get hard. I quickly left the room."

    "You are probably right," Dad said. "There were lots of times I took care of myself in the shower. Hell, I needed to release it some way, and that was the only way I could. I just didn't feel right cheating on your mother."

    Dad helped me clean the kitchen up and we headed for the living room. "You know, Tim, if you want to shed your clothes, I have no problem with that," he said.

    "I was just thinking about that. I guess maybe even though I thought I'd be comfortable doing that in front of you, well, maybe I'm not. At least just yet," I added.

    "Well, whatever you are comfortable with," he told me.

    What I really didn't want to say was that I was afraid if I was naked in front of Dad I would get hard, and I'm not sure just how embarrassing that would be.

    We sat on the couch, my dad on one end, me on the other, and for quite some time we just talked about everything, yet about nothing. Finally Dad said, "Tim, if you want to shed your clothes, it's perfectly all right with me."

    When he sensed my hesitation, he grinned and said, "If for some reason you're afraid you'll get hard in front of me, well, hell, we're both men, and it's we haven't seen before."

    I was amazed at how quickly Dad had picked up on my feelings. In fact, I was impressed as hell. After a few moments, I said, "Excuse me; I'll be back in a bit." I hurried down the hall and into the bath that was connected to my room. I had drank quite a bit of wine, and my cock was begging to be drained. I finished pissing, and coming back into my bedroom, I had a sudden thought. What the hell? I decided. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and quickly stepped out of my gym shorts. I made my mind go blank for a few moments, forcing all thought of perhaps seeing my dad naked as well. I definitely wanted to greet him the first time in the buff without a hard on. I studied my image in the mirror. Somewhat like my dad, my chest was hairy. And I had a thick treasure trail going down to my cock. Where my dad's hair was cold black, mine was dark brown. My bush was ever bit as thick as I remembered his to be. I think his legs were a little more hairy than mine. Other than that, we looked a lot a like, I thought. "Hey, did you get lost?" It was my dad, and he was calling from the living room. "I'm coming," I said. I took a deep breath, and for a moment, I considered wrapping a towel around my waist. Then I thought what the hell, it is my house, and I walked down the hall completely naked to rejoin my dad. As I came into the living room, Dad's eyes had a flicker of surprise in them. "Wow, you did get naked, didn't you?" I nodded. "Yep, I told you, this is the way I spend my evening and weekends." "Well, you'll certainly not get any complaint from me," he assured me. "Want a little more wine?" I asked. "I would take a glass," he said. Naked, I walked into the kitchen and got a full bottle out of the frig. I got two clean glasses from the cabinet, poured the chilled liquid, and I returned to the living room. I handed Dad his glass of wine and returned to my end of the couch. We sat in silence for a bit just enjoying the wine. Finally I couldn't keep from saying what was on my mind. I said, "Dad, if ever you care to join me, I would have no problem with that." "You mean get naked with you?" he asked, surprise showing in his eyes. I nodded. "Yep, that's exactly what I mean. After all, it's not fair that I'm the only one being comfortable around here." "I might just do that," he said at last. "It might take a bit of time for me to adjust." "Time's what we have," I assured him. We talked for two or three hours, just catching up on things long lost in the past. Finally I stood to my feet. "Don't let me rush you," I said, "but I'm a working guy, so I need to get my shower and think about heading for bed." "What time do you leave for work?" Dad asked. "Around seven," I said. "It takes me about an hour to drive each way. I'm usually home by six each evening." Dad also stood to his feet. "I'm a little bushed myself," he said. "I think I'll shower and hit the sack as well." "You'll find all the towels and wash clothes you need in your bath. Just make yourself at home," I said. I shut my bedroom door and then headed for the shower. I turned the spray on and quickly stepped underneath the needles. As they penetrated into my body, the events of the day began to leave me, and I gradually started feeling relaxed. I soon shut the water off, and stepping out onto the tiled floor, I dried my body. I brushed my teeth, ran a brush through my hair and hit the bed. As I lay there, I suddenly had a thought. What if Dad needed me during the night? I wondered. I got up and opened my bedroom door. I crawled back between the sheets, trying to will my brain to shut down. The thought of Dad being just down the hall was a little more than I could take. I wondered if he slept in the nude like me. I finally drifted off, and I was dreaming I was on some sort of island. It was quiet and peaceful, and I seemed all alone. Suddenly I heard someone call my name. Was there someone else on the island with me, I wondered? "Tim?" I was awake. I heard the voice again, and this time I knew I wasn't dreaming. "Is everything all right, Dad?" I called. The room was dark, but I could see his shadow standing in the doorway. "You mind if I lay down with you a bit?" Dad asked. "I'm sorry, but I guess being in a strange place after so many years has left me sort of unsettled." I moved over and patted the bed. "Sure, come on," I invited. I felt the bed move as my dad lay down next to me. "Is everything okay?" I asked once more. "I just needed to be near you for a bit," he answered. "Is that okay with you?" "No problem," I assured him. "You want to talk about something?" "No, not particularly," he said. "I was just a little lonely is all." "You're welcomed to spend the entire night here if you need to," I assured him. "Thanks, I appreciate that." We lay there in silence for a while, and at first, I found it so fucking hot thinking about my dad being this close to me, and in the same bed. Finally, I heard that sound that tell you when someone has fallen asleep, so I turned over on my side, and soon I was back in dreamland. Sometime during the night I started dreaming again, and I was back on that island. This time I was lying on a thick quilt, and I felt someone behind me. In this dream, it was wonderful, because who ever was behind me was also naked and snuggling tightly next to me. I could feel his hard cock sliding along my crack, and in the dream, I pushed back hard into the cock. As I did, I could feel a thick bush tickling my ass cheeks. My eyes suddenly opened. I wasn't dreaming. There was indeed a hard cock sliding along my ass crack, and I definitely could feel a wiry bush grinding against my cheeks. I suddenly realized that Dad had pulled me to him in his sleep, and it was his cock, his bush, that I had been feeling, that I was feeling even at that moment. I had to take several deep breaths just to force the air to flow evenly through my lungs. Was he awake?" I wondered. I listened, and from the sound of his breathing, I didn't think so. Suddenly I decided what the fuck? If he could rub up against me in his sleep, why couldn't I pretend to be asleep and enjoy the feel of his cock rubbing me. I slowly pushed into his body, not wanted to wake him up. I leaned into him, and I could feel the mat of his chest hair tickling my back. I was afraid to move for fear of waking him, but, oh, how I wanted to feel more of his hot body next to mine. As I lay there, I pressed against his, and I could feel his hard cock slide even further up my crack. I could feel his hairy balls rub the base of my ass. I could feel his ball hairs tickle the inside of my legs. Being this close to Dad was making my own cock so hard, and I was leaking like crazy. I wanted to turn so badly and run my fingers through all that chest hair, wanted to work my way down to the thick black bush, and I really wanted to wrap my fingers around the thick cock working its way along my hairy crack, but I just didn't want to do anything that would spoil this moment. Suddenly I was startled to hear Dad's voice. "I'm not asleep," he said quietly. I froze for a moment, afraid to breath, terrified to move. Finally I said, "Are you all right?" Even though the words sounded dumb to my ears, I didn't know what else to say. Dad pulled me tighter to him and said, "I'm very okay, Son. Ever since I can remember, I've dreamed about feeling you next to me like this." "Oh, Dad, so have I." I quickly turned over and faced him. My hard cock suddenly felt his own dripping dick, and my balls, and my bush both met his. I gently placed a hand on his chest, and I felt for the first time in my life, that magnificent mat of tangles that I had wanted to play in for so many years. I traced each one of his hairy nipples, and as I did, I felt his cock grow harder next to mine. I pulled him closer to me, and my hands went around his shoulders. Before either of us knew what was happening, my lips found his, and my tongue was deep inside his mouth. That kiss was so fucking hot that both our dicks felt like they were going to explode next to each other. "Oh, Tim, for years, I have wanted this. I just didn't know how to go about it." "I know, Dad," I told him. "Me, too," I said. "Why the hell you think I tried to catch you in the bathroom ever chance I got?" "Well, I'm here now," he told me. "And, so are you, so what are we going to do about it?" "I'd say we'll do whatever either one of us wants to do," I said quietly. "Can I ask you something, Dad?" "Anything," he said, pulling me close to him once more. "Have you been with another man?" I asked. "Nope, you're the first," he said. "In fact, for years, when I jacked off, it was you I thought about, and no one else." "Same here," I told him. "Like the time I told you about watching you shower when I was thirteen. I left the bathroom and went to my room and jacked, thinking about how you looked in the shower. Then when you came into my room and dropped your towel, then you left, I jacked again just thinking about how you looked as you stood there naked. You were so hot," I said. "You still are hot," I added. "So are you, Son," Dad praised. "Well, being this close to you, I need to do something," I told him. "Other wise, I won't be able to sleep tonight." "Do whatever you want," Dad encouraged. I decided I wanted to taste his thick hard cock in my mouth. I leaned over and gently took his dick between my fingers, I felt him shudder at my touch. I leaned over and slowly started tracing the head of his dick with my tongue. Then when I slowly made my way down his hard shaft with my wet mouth, I thought my dad was going to pass out completely. "Fuck, yeah," he called out as I started working his cock over. I went up and down his shaft, and each time my nose went into this thick black forest, and I breathed in his sweet man smell, I thought I was going to be the one to pass out. In just a matter of moments Dad moaned and said, "I'm going to cum, Tim. You want me to pull out?" For an answer I started going up and down his cock even faster, forcing him to fuck my face harder and harder each time I swallowed him. I felt his dick swell up, and I knew he was getting ready to shoot. As the first load hit the back of my throat, followed by more and more of his sweet man juice, I couldn't get enough of it. As he shot and shot, I sucked and sucked, until finally his nuts were drained. Pulling away from his cock, I grinned and said, "Well, how was your first time getting blown by a man?" "Fucking hot," he moaned. I wasn't sure what Dad was comfortable with yet, so I lay beside him and took my own dripping cock between my fingers. As I started jacking my dick, I looked over, enjoying the sight of seeing Dad lying there, naked, his dick, now a little smaller, lost in all those hot black curls between his legs. As I jacked off, I suddenly felt Dad's hand as he reached over and started playing with my chest hair. "God, yes, touching me feels so fucking good," I told him. As I continued stroking my dick, I felt Dad's fingers make their way down my treasure trail, and finally twisting my thick brown curls at the base of my dick. When I felt him caress my balls lightly, felt him gently pull the fur surrounding my ball sac, that drove me over the edge. My first shot went all the way to my nipples, followed by several more. By the time I had finished shooting, there was a trail of cum from my hairy nipples all the way to my brown forest. I couldn't remember the last time I had cum so fucking much. Both of us drained, we lay there, surrounded by silence. Finally I felt Dad's hand come over and he placed it on my stomach. "You think you're going to like your old coming for a visit?" he asked with a grin. "Fuck, at this point, I'll move you lock stock and everything here, and we'll make this permanent," I laughed. I turned back on my side, and I felt Dad lean into me once more. I could feel some of his cum that had leaked into his bush, and it felt wet next to my ass. I pushed back into him hard, and in no time at all, both of us were sound asleep.


    I came home from work the next afternoon and found that Dad had a wonderful meal put together. Actually it felt rather nice to come home, not only to someone, but to good food waiting on the table.

    "What's this?" I asked, coming into the kitchen.

    Dad turned from the sink and grinned. "I thought the least I could do was have dinner ready when you got home.

    My eyes sparkled as I looked at my father. He was taking me true to my word, I guess, because he was completely naked. I laughed, and said, "I see you have picked up one of my habits rather quickly."

    Dad looked down his body and then back to me. "Yep," he answered, "and to be honest with you, I have grown quite accustomed to it without any problem at all."


    I took off down the hall. "I'll be right back," I called over my shoulder.

    I hurried into my bedroom and quickly stripped my clothes off. I rejoined Dad in the same state as he. Naked.

    Dad turned as I came into the kitchen. He grinned, and said, "I see you're as comfortable as I am. Good. Dinner is ready."

    He had everything on the table, and even had chilled wine poured. It was quite nice, I thought as I took a seat.

    Over the meal we sat there enjoying the tasty food as well as the company. I had to admit to myself, it was much better coming home to another warm body to talk to rather than just an empty house with even emptier rooms.

    We finished our meal, and I told Dad to just sit at the table and enjoy another glass of wine while I cleaned up.

    "You don't want my help?" he asked.

    "You cooked dinner. It's the least I can do," I laughed.

    It didn't take me long to wrap things up in the kitchen. Dad poured us each a glass of wine, and we went into the living room. We each took our normal place on each end of the couch. We talked about several things, especially how glad I was to have him staying with me. "It's damned nice coming home to someone being here," I told him.

    "I'm glad," Dad smiled.

    A little later, I said, "Dad, you seem awfully quiet this evening. Is something on your mind?"

    "Not really," he answered. "Well, sort of," he added.

    "What?" I asked. I had finished my wine and stood up to go get some more. "More wine," I asked him.

    "I'll take a little."

    When I returned with two glasses of wine, I handed him one and took my seat once more. "Now," I smiled, "what's `sort of' on your mind?"

    Dad took a sip from his glass. Then he said, "I was wondering about something. It's kind of personal, and if you don't want to tell it, it's all right."

    "Dad, there's not a damned thing you can't ask me. To you, my life's an open book. What would you like to know?"

    "Well, I was wondering...did you ever...have you ever..."

    "Have I ever what?" I prodded.

    "Damn't, have you ever been fucked." The words out of his mouth, my dad's face suddenly turned bright red.

    I looked at Dad, and my heart quickly swelled up with the love I felt for him. I moved over by him, and my leg touched his. "Dad, can I tell you something?"

    Dad nodded but made no reply.

    "For years and years I dreamed of you fucking me. I wanted you to fuck me. Need you to be inside my ass. So, to answer your question, even as corny as it sounds, no, I haven't because I wanted you to be the first one inside me."

    "Are you serious?"

    I nodded. "That's right. All this time, all I've ever done with another guy is either jack or suck. I just never wanted anyone else to fuck me but you. Even when I was still living at home, I'd jack off thinking about your fucking me."

    "I shouldn't be so lucky," Dad said quietly.

    I looked at my father and said, "Can I ask you a question?

    "Anything," he assured me.

    "What about you, have you fucked another guy before?"

    Dad looked at me and placed a hand on my bare leg. "Would you believe I haven't? However, I have to tell you something. For years after your mother quit having sex with me, and after you got older and your body started developing, I also would jack in the shower picturing my cock up your ass. I shot many a load thinking about that."

    I looked down, and I wasn't surprised to discover Dad was hard, same as I was. I placed my hands on his shoulders and bent over to where my face was in front of his. I placed my lips onto his and gently kissed him. The kiss electrified both of us and almost immediately we were both leaking precum.

    I stood to my feet and pulled Dad up with me. I smiled tenderly and said, "Why don't we go make both our fantasies come true?"

    Dad didn't say a word. He just followed me down the hall to the bedroom. I fell on the bed and pulled him down with me. I turned and faced him, and quickly took him in my arms. As we kissed, our bodies touched causing us to shiver as if a cold wave had come over us. I felt my dad's dick move between us, and it stopped when it found mine. His thick black wiry bush mashed into my own brown curls, and our balls quickly found each other. As I kissed Dad, he returned my kisses with such passion it took my breath away. Our hands roamed up and down our bodies, and I felt his fingers gently squeeze the cheeks of my ass. Then he finger walked up my crack, pulling the ass hairs as we explored. His touch on my ass was making me so fucking horny I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

    I also explored Dad's body. I ran my fingers down through the thick mass of chest curls, gently tugging them as I traveled down. It still amazed me that I was finally getting to touch this hairy body that I had so long desired to feel, to be with. It was like a dream to me, and truthfully, I was afraid I was going to wake up any moment and find it was just that, a dream.

    My fingers ran into the hot cock hair, and I twisted and played with those curls, enjoying the feel of that wiry bush. I brought my fingers up to my nose. I had to smell Dad's man smell. When I breathed, I couldn't believe how hot his smell was.

    "Dad?" I spoke his name quietly.

    "Yes, son?"

    "Fuck me," I said. "Fuck me now."

    "Are you sure?" he asked.

    "More than you can possibly know," I assured him.

    Dad reached over and pulled out the drawer in the table beside the bed. "I was hoping I could fuck you tonight. I went out today and bought this."

    As I watched, Dad brought out a bottle of lube.

    I couldn't help but grin. I said, "You were hoping, were you?"

    "Damn straight, Tim. All day long I've been hard just thinking about the possibility of being inside your ass."

    "Then fuck me," I ordered.

    My dad lubed his thick hard cock up with lube, and then he applied a huge glob to my ass crack and hole. I felt as he worked a finger inside me. I leaned back into him forcing him to go deeper inside me. Then I felt the second, followed by a third. By this time he was finger fucking me pretty hard, getting my ass ready for his hairy fuck stick.

    He finally pulled his fingers out of my ass. "I want to fuck you spoon position," he told me. "At least the first time because I think it will be easier for you."

    "Whatever," I assured him. "I just want to feel your hard cock deep inside my ass."

    I felt the tip of Dad's cock touch the entrance of my hole, teasing me, enticing me for what was to come. Then I felt the tip slide inside me, and I couldn't help but take a deep breath.

    "Are you all right?" Dad asked.

    "Fuck yeah," I assured him.

    "I'll go slow so you can get use to me," Dad said.

    I felt a little more of him go inside me, and I was surprised it wasn't any more uncomfortable than it was. Then it happened. When my dad's lubed dick came in contact with my slippery wet hole, it slid all the way in before either one of us knew what was happening. Dad buried all the way inside me, and his dick was buried all the way to the black forest around it. I could feel his cock hair grinding against my ass cheeks. I also felt his full balls rubbing against my skin. For just a few seconds I thought I was going to be blinded by the bright light going off in my brain. Then I guess his cock touched just the right place against my prostate, because the pain went away immediately, and all I felt was pleasure and wanting more of him.

    "It's okay, Dad," I assured him. "You feel so fucking good inside my ass. I'm ready for you to fuck me."

    Dad didn't need any more encouragement. He placed his hands on my shoulders and slowly started working his cock inside my wet hole. Each time he entered me, I felt him going deeper and deeper, and as he drove his dick along the tunnel of my ass, I met each of his thrusts with my own. Each time he fucked me, I ground my body against his, and my ass swallowed more and more of his hairy fuck stick. It felt so good, and I felt so complete. I was already beginning to dread him pulling out of me. I didn't want to feel the emptiness I knew I would feel.

    "God, your ass feels so good, Tim" Dad moaned.

    "As good as you dreamed it would?" I couldn't help but ask.

    "Even better," he assured me. "So fucking good," he added.

    As we lay there in the spoon position fucking, it was as if we were in a world of our own, and no one else was there. Just the two of us, my dad and his son, and god, it was fucking marvelous.

    I felt my dad pick up his speed, felt his dick going further and harder inside me. Suddenly to my surprise I felt my cock jump up on its own accord and start to swell up.

    "My god, I'm going to cum," I groaned the words.

    With Dad still fucking me with long hard deep thrusts, I experienced an orgasm like none other I had ever had before. It was so deep that it made my toes tingle and my head spin. I thought for a second I was going to pass out.

    "Oh, Tim, I can feel you cuming," Dad groaned. "I'm going to cum as well."

    "Cum, Dad," I ordered. "Fill my ass with that thick hot dad juice of yours."

    That brought my dad over the edge. I felt his cock swell up and shudder. He slammed deep inside me and I felt the first spurt of hot man juice as it went deep inside my ass and sprayed the walls. I felt a second, a third, and finally a sixth and final shower inside me. I clinched the muscles of my ass hard, forcing the last of the cum from Dad's dick. Each time I gave his dick a squeeze, Dad moaned and pulled me closer to him.

    Completely spent, we laid there Dad's cock still buried deep inside my cum filled ass. He pulled me tightly against him, and I felt his lips on the back of my neck. Then I heard him whisper,

    "I love you, Tim."

    "I love you, too, Dad. So fucking much," I sighed.

    We soon dozed off for a bit, and when I awoke a little later, Dad was still buried inside me. He spoke behind me, saying,

    "You finally woke up, did you?"

    I nodded. "Yep, I did. What can I say, you fucked me so well that you wore me out, and I just died off."

    "You enjoyed me fucking you, I take it then?"

    "Does the bear shit in the woods?" I grinned.

    "Well, if you liked it that well, perhaps there will be more for you."

    "I'm counting on it," I told him.

    "Tell me, would you like to fuck me?" Dad wanted to know.

    I thought about what Dad had asked. "Maybe," I answered. "In time," I said. "Right now, I'm just looking forwarded to another good fucking from you. You literally fucked the cum out of my dick, and it felt so fucking hot to shoot and not even touch my dick. You certainly found the right spot inside my ass."

    "Good, glad you liked it," Dad smiled. "Well, think about it, and if and when you are ready, my ass is yours."

    As we lay there talking, I suddenly felt Dad grow hard once more inside my ass. "Feels like you're ready for round two," I laughed.

    Dad flexed his cock inside my cum filled hole and said, "Feels like it, doesn't it?"

    "Dad, let me get on my back," I said. "I want to be able to look at your face as you fuck me. I think since you've already fucked me, and since there is so damned much cum already inside my ass, that I should be able to take you without any problem at all."

    Dad pulled out of me, and I suddenly felt so empty, so disconnected from him. I quickly turned over on my back, my own cock starting to stand up through my brown forest.

    "Side inside me, Dad," I ordered. "Fuck me now," I said.

    Dad was ever bit as ready to fuck me as I was for him to fuck me. He got between my legs and placed the tip of his dick against my sticky wet hole. This time there was no hesitation, and he slid inside immediately. The cum from his previous fuck created such a slick lube that he was all the way in before either of us realized it. I felt his black curls grinding into my own forest, and as I watched him fucking me, it made me so horny, made me want all of him over and over. The way I felt now, I could live with him fucking me the entire night, all the way to morning.

    Dad drove his cock inside my slippery wet ass each time a little harder than the time before. I loved feeling him back inside me, and I felt full and complete once again. As he fucked me, I reached up and kissed him on the mouth. When my lips found his, I felt his cock swell up even harder inside me. He moaned, and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Hell, I didn't want him to. I wanted to feel him shoot in me again. I wanted him to add his cum to the thick man juice he had shot there earlier.

    "That's right, Dad, shoot another load deep inside my ass," I told him. "Give it to me," I moaned.

    Dad groaned, "Fuck, I'm cuming."

    "That's right, I want to feel you shoot inside me," I said.

    Dad's cock swelled up, and I felt his balls slam between my legs as he shot off deep inside my ass. He didn't shoot as much this time, but fuck, it was so hot feeling his cum spray the walls of my ass.

    After Dad came, he lay down on my chest for a bit, and I could feel our chest tangles mix. I could hear him breathing, and he lay there holding me tightly. Finally he rose up and gave me a grin.

    "Damn, but that was hot," he said. "Now, I think it's your turn."

    Saying that, Dad pulled out of me, causing the emptiness to return once more.

    "Dad," I protested. "Why did you pull out?"

    "Because, I need to take care of this," he said.

    Saying that, Dad lowered his head down, and his mouth found the tip of my leaking cock. He slowly traced the edge of my head with his tongue, causing shivers to run throughout my entire body. Then I felt more of my dick go inside Dad's wet mouth, and he slowly worked his way down my hard shaft until his nose was buried inside my cock forest. God, it felt so good being buried deep inside his hot mouth.

    Dad started working his way up and down my cock, and I just couldn't help but start to face fuck him. As he went up and down my shaft, I fucked him harder and harder, slamming my balls into his chin, grinding my pubes into his face. It felt so good fucking that wet mouth and suddenly I knew I was about to cum.

    "I'm about to cum, Dad," I warned.

    Dad made a sound that told me he wanted to swallow my load, so I picked up my speed, driving my cock harder and deeper inside his mouth. I felt my cock swell up and start to shoot. I shot around eight times, and each time I did, Dad swallowed, and when I had finished shooting, he hadn't wasted a drop. He had taken it all, letting none fall from his mouth.

    Dad lay down next to me and took me into his arms. "You are so fucking hot," he told me. "I love you so much."

    "Love you, too, Dad."

    Later, still in bed, Dad asked, "Well, are you ready to fuck my ass?"

    I shrugged my shoulders. "Perhaps," I answered. "I know what I do want at this moment," I said.

    "What's that?" he asked, a smile forming on his lips.

    "I want you to fuck me doggie style," I said. "Would you do that?"

    I saw my dad's cock spring up immediately. He said, "You want me to fuck you like a dog?"

    I nodded and said, "I sure as hell do."

    I got on my knees and pointed my ass up toward him. "Go for it, Dad," I told him.

    Once again, Dad slipped inside me easily, due to all of the cum he had shot inside me. I felt him slide all the way in until my ass was buried in the black cock curls. I was really beginning to enjoy the feel of those curls grinding into my cheeks. I couldn't get enough of their wiry touch.

    Both of us on our knees, my dad behind me, we began such another round of fucking it took our breath away. We fucked like we were two teenagers. Two teenagers that hadn't been having sex very long and couldn't get enough of it yet, I thought. I still couldn't believe my good fortune, didn't think it was really happening. I really did think I was dreaming a wonderful dream, and that I would be waking up soon with nothing in bed with me accept my hard cock.

    "You like it doggy style?" Dad asked as he fucked my slippery hole.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad, I do," I answered. "I like your cock anyway I can get it."

    "You can have it any time and any way you want it," Dad assured me.

    This being the third time my dad had fucked me in less than two hours, he lasted much longer, and we both really enjoyed it. It felt so good feeling his thick cock driving in and out my wet hole. Each time he drove deep inside my ass, I'd grind against his thick bush, and he would moan like he was about to die. Finally I felt him swell up inside me, and I felt the first hot spurt inside me. As he shot, Dad pounded me harder and harder, and finally, his cock completely drained, he reached his arms around me, and pulled me tightly against his body.

    "You are so good to me," he said.

    "I'm just afraid I'm going to wake up and find out this has all been a dream," I said, falling down on the bed. His arms still wrapped around me, Dad came with me. We were will connected, his cock still buried inside my cum filled hole.

    "It's no dream," Dad assured me.

    "I think you're right," I said.

    Dad finally pulled out of my ass, and I rolled over. He lay next to me, our sticky bodies touching. We held each other, and for a time, neither one of us spoke. We were very content just to be next to each other, and no words were needed.

    Finally, I called, "Dad?"

    "Mmmmm, what is it, Son?"

    "I'd like to ask you something."

    "Anything, Tim, you know that."

    "How important is it to you to go back home when your visit here is over?"

    Dad looked at me, his face displaying a puzzled look. "What are you getting at?" he asked.

    "Well, you're retired and not working, so what's keeping you back home?"

    "Where should I be?" Dad asked.

    "How about here with me," I asked quietly.

    Dad rose up and propped his head on his elbow. "Are you serious?" he asked.

    "Damned serious," I assured him. "Unless you have too many strong ties back home to leave there," I told him.

    Dad shook his head and said, "Not a fucking thing to keep me there," he said.

    "Then how about me taking some time off and together, we'll go back and get things ready. This house is certainly big enough that you can bring anything of yours you want back with you."

    "You really want me to move in here?" Dad asked.

    "I do, Dad. I've wanted to be near you for so long, and now, we have the chance."

    "What will your friends say?" Dad wanted to know.

    I laughed. "First of all, I don't have a hell of a lot of friends. The ones I do have, well, they won't care a whit that my father is moving in with me."

    "You know I would never do a thing to interfere with your life, don't you?"

    I pushed Dad back down on the bed and hugged him to me. "Dad, you could never interfere. I would love nothing better than to have you with me for as long as you care to be here."

    "You'll grow tired of me," he warned.

    "I think not. Anyway, let me be the judge of that. I say sell your house and pocket the money. If ever you decide to move out, then you'll have money to buy another one. I really would love having you here," I said. "I can't think of nothing better than to fall asleep each night with you next to me, and to wake up each morning and feel you beside me. Even better, inside me," I added with a grin.

    We lay there and talked for a long time, and by the time we called it a night, things had been decided. Dad was going to drive home in a few days, and I would drive down a week later. That would give him time to put his house on the market, and to decide what he wanted to get rid of and what he wanted to bring back with him. To my house. To our house. How excited those words made me feel. We both couldn't wait until we could be together. How different the world looked to us now. It was going to be wonderful being together, having each other, loving each other.


    I came home from work Friday afternoon. As I let myself inside the house, I was met by silence. I was amazed at just how quickly I had adjusted to Dad being there when I arrived home from work each evening. He had been gone a week now, and the house was lonely as hell. I was heading out the next morning, driving home to help him tie some loose ends up so he could move in with me for good.

    I walked into the kitchen and saw I had a message. I pushed the button and listened. It was my father.

    "Tim, guess what? You will never believe it, but I put the house on the market on Tuesday, and this morning I got a contact. The new owner would like to move in as quickly as possible. I told him he could have it in one week. Hope that's all right with you. Give me a call."

    Damn, that's awesome!" I said out loud.

    I picked up the telephone and quickly punched out my dad's number. When I heard his voice on the other end, I said, "Dad, how are things going? I just heard your message."

    "Isn't it great?" he asked. "I couldn't believe the house sold that quickly."

    "Well, you have taken very good care of it, and it is in a good location," I reminded him.

    "I'm anxious to see you," Dad said.

    "Same here," I assured him. "I was planning on leaving first thing in the morning, but I think I'm going to throw a few things together and hit the road. You mind me coming in late tonight?"

    "I was counting on you coming tonight," Dad said.

    "Okay, let me get off here, pack a few things and I'll be on my way. Oh, Dad, you need me to bring anything?"

    "Just yourself," he said. "God, I've missed you this week."

    "Same here," I sighed. I looked at the clock on the wall above the sink. "I'll see you around two a.m.," I told him. "I'll have my cell phone if you need to call me while I'm on the road. Bye, Dad."

    "Bye, Tim. Drive carefully," he said.

    I hurried into the bedroom, pulled a large duffle bag out of the closet and started pitching clothes inside. I thought I managed quite well, because in less than an hour after home from work, I was packed, out the door, and on my way to my dad's. There was a lot of traffic, but I finally worked out of it and was headed down the Interstate.

    Some three hours later, I pulled off the highway and hit a fast food place to grab a bite to eat. I ordered my food and then, scoffing it down, I quickly hit the road once more. I had been making damned good time, and I wanted to continue doing so.

    About an hour later my cell rang. I reached beside me and picked it up. It was my Father.

    "Dad, what's up?" I greeted.

    "Hey, Son, just checking to see where you were," he greeted me.

    I gave him the mile marker where I was. "I'm making good time," I said. "I should be there a little earlier than I had planned."

    "Good. I have missed you like hell this week."

    "Same here, Dad," I said. "It won't be much longer," I added.

    We soon hung up and I concentrated on the road in front of me. I stopped one last time for a pee break, and then drove the rest of the trip non stop. I pulled up in Dad's drive at one-thirty. Ever light in the house was on, it looked like.

    I grabbed my bag and hurried up the walk. Before I could hit the bell, the door opened, and Dad was standing in front of me, a big grin on his face.

    "Come inside this house," he greeted.

    I walked inside, and he closed the door behind me. He held out his arms, and I quickly went into them. We hugged each other tightly, not wanting to let go of each other.

    "God, I've missed you this week," he sighed. He had told me that earlier, and he repeated it again now.

    "Same here," I said. "That big old bed back home has been so damned empty with you gone."

    I walked down the hall, carrying my bag with me. "So, you've sold the house, have you?" I asked.

    He nodded. "Can you believe it? I put it up on Tuesday, and it sold this afternoon. The new owner wants in as quickly as possible."

    "We should have everything taken care of in a week," I assured him. I looked at Dad and grinned. "Do you want me in my old room?" I asked.

    "I think not!" he exclaimed. "My bed has been just as empty, and I plan on taking care of that right now."

    I followed him down the hall to his room. I walked inside and looked around. The room looked like it had when I was growing up here as a kid. Nothing had changed.

    "You hungry?" Dad asked. "I can fix you a sandwich."

    "Not hungry," I said, "but I sure could use a shower to get rid of the road stink, and kinks from my body."

    "Go for it," Dad said. He pointed toward the master bath. "You remember where its at," he pointed. "Towels are there too."

    I looked at Dad and grinned. He was fully clothed. I said, "What's this, you've quickly forgot how to walk around the house?"

    He laughed. "Well, actually, I have missed being naked. However, there has been too damned much going on here for me to go around that way. There have been people here daily since I came back."

    "Okay, I'll give you that," I said. I pulled the shirt over my head and gave it a toss. "But I sure as hell hope you don't plan on sleeping the way you are now." I dropped my jeans and shorts.

    Dad looked at me. "You take your shower, and I'll shut the lights all off. I'll join you in bed, and you'll see what I have planned for you, Tim."

    I quickly jumped in the shower. The hard needles massaged my body, causing me to become relaxed after the long trip I'd just made. I scrubbed ever inch, staring with my head and working all the way down to my toes. Then, shutting the water off, I reached for a towel and dried off.

    Naked, I walked into the bedroom where I discovered Dad in bed waiting for me. He was also naked, and the sight of his hot body caused my cock to stand up immediately.

    Dad grinned and said, "I see you're glad to see me."

    "Damn skippy," I said and joined him in the bed.

    He held out his arms, and I quickly went into them, our two naked bodies touching. "God, I've missed you so much this week," I moaned.

    "Same here, Tim," Dad said. "I don't know when I've jacked off so much," he grinned.

    "Me too," I laughed. "I'd come home from work, get naked, and almost immediately I would get hard. This was odd, because before your visit, I was always naked around the house, and I didn't get hard like that. Not until I went to bed, usually. This week, I'd come home, and just being around the house, an image of seeing you naked, well, as you said, I just jacked off a lot."

    "Well, we're here together now, so I'm sure things will work out," Dad said.

    "Or in," I added with a grin.

    Dad's cock suddenly leaped between us. "Oh, I'm sure about that," he agreed. He looked at me. "Tim, I want to ask you to do something."

    "Anything, Dad," I said.

    "I want to fuck you," Dad said.

    I was puzzled. "So, why should you need to ask that? It's not as if you haven't been fucking me," I reminded him.

    "I know, but, I want to fuck you, and then I want you to fuck me. I'd really like to feel that cock of yours inside my ass."

    "Are you sure, Dad? You've never been fucked before, have you?"

    "Nope, but I want you to. Like you told me one evening at your house, I've just been saving it for the right guy. For you," he added.

    I looked at Dad tenderly, and I suddenly felt so much love for him. The only words I could say were, "Oh, Dad." Nothing else would come out of my mouth.

    Dad gently kissed me on the mouth, and then suddenly I felt his tongue work inside, and the kiss became much more passionate. He pulled away and said, "I need you, Tim. I want you so much."

    Dad reached for the bottle of lube and quickly greased his hard cock. After applying a generous glob around and up inside my hole, he crawled between my legs and quickly entered me. He slid all the way in until I felt his thick black forest up against me.

    "Oh, yeah," I moaned. "I've missed that hard cock of yours, Dad."

    "And I've missed fucking you, Tim," Dad sighed.

    "Well, fuck me now," I ordered.

    Dad didn't need any more encouragement. He started working his cock in and out of my slippery hole, pounding me hard with his body, slamming his balls against me as he went deeper and deeper inside me. He found my prostrate very quickly, and from the way it made me feel, I knew it wasn't going to be very long until I was blowing my load between the two of us. I watched as he fucked me, loving the look of bliss I was seeing on his face, the pleasure in his eyes. Suddenly it was if we had never been apart this week that the time and distance between us had never happened.

    Suddenly my dick twitched, and I knew I was going to cum. "God, Dad, you fucking the cum right out of me. I'm getting ready to shoot. Keep fucking my ass!"

    "Oh, Tim, I'm going to fill your ass," Dad groaned. "I'm going to shoot my hot dad juice in you."

    While my cock was shooting hot creamy juice into my own chest tangles, I felt Dad's dick swell up and start erupting. He filled me with so much cum I felt it start to leak out of my well ridden hole. I could feel his wet bush plastered up against me, and it felt so fucking good.

    "Damn, that was awesome," Dad said. "I've missed your wet hole so much."

    I've definitely missed that big cock of yours plowing inside me," I grinned.

    His cock still buried deep inside my cum filled hole, Dad leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. "I love you, Tim."

    "I love you, Dad. Always have and I always will," I added quietly.

    For a time, Dad continued to lay on my chest, his cock still deep inside me. I was amazed that he always stayed hard the way he did long after he had shot inside me. It felt so hot to have a hard dick inside me, along with the cum it had just placed there.

    Suddenly rose up. It was quite sudden, and it sort of startled me.

    "Something wrong, Dad?" I asked, concerned.

    "Yes," he answered, "there is. It's time I felt that cock of yours deep inside my ass," he said.

    "You sure you're ready for that?" I asked.

    "More than ready, Tim," Dad assured me. "All week long I've been fantasying about you fucking me. I've shot off many a load dreaming about it."

    The words suddenly made me hard. The thought of being in my dad's tight virgin ass was more than I could handle. I was more than ready to experience that.

    I sat up and reached for the lube. I slicked my dick heavily and then squeezed a big glob out into the palm of my hand. I reached for my dad's ass and filled his crack with the slippery stuff. Then I squeezed out another big glob and started working his hole with it, gently probing with a finger until I was all the way inside. H moaned as he felt me enter, and I stopped.

    "You okay, Dad?" I asked.

    "Oh, yeah," he assured me.

    I started playing with his hole once more, gradually working a second then a third and finally a fourth finger in. His hole was surprisingly receptive, and it opened up quite readily for me. I decided he was ready to take me.

    "I'll try and be gentle, Dad," I said.

    Dad didn't say anything. He just pushed his ass back until he felt the tip of my cock in his crack.

    I slide along his slick hairy crack for a time, letting him enjoy the feel of my cock back there. Then the tip of my dick found his hole, and I teased it a bit, causing it to open up even more. Then I gently worked the head inside. God, but it was so tight. I slowly went in another inch or so. I felt dad shudder.

    "Dad, you okay?"

    "I'm fine, Son. Slide all the way inside," he told me.

    I did just that. I really didn't mean to, but with the lube so heavy, I went in without any problem at all. "You have all of me, Dad," I told him. "I'm buried in all the way to my cock hair." Dad pushed back, riding ever inch of my cock. "Oh, yeah," he said, "fuck your ole man," he groaned.

    Dad's hole felt so fucking tight it was awesome. I hadn't dreamed it would feel this good being inside his ass. I started working in and out, and I thought I would die it felt so good. His ass was so tight that the walls sucked hard against my shaft each time I penetrated him. It felt as if he were sucking my cock completely off of my body.

    "Oh, Dad, this is so fucking awesome," I groaned. "You're so damned tight I don't know how long I'm going to last."

    "Don't worry about it," Dad said. "I'm sure my ass is tight. Remember the first time I fucked you?" he reminded. "You were so tight it was almost over before I entered you. The next time will last much longer," he assured me.

    I started fucking his ass hard, grinding my cock forest into his skin, slamming my balls against him. We were fucking doggy style, both of us on our knees in the bed, and it was just so good. Suddenly I knew his tight ass was going to literally suck the cum right from my cock. I knew I was going to shoot, and I wanted to fill his tight hole with my son juice. I felt my cock swell up.

    "I'm going to cum, Dad," I warned him.

    "Fill me," Dad ordered. "Give me your thick creamy load."

    That did it. I went into him as deeply as possible, and my cock started erupting. Spurt after hot creamy spurt sprayed inside his wet slippery ass, and I drained my cock completely. It was so good.

    Dad pressed hard into me, still riding my cock. Some of my cum leaked out as he pushed against me. He reached between us and placed some of my cum on his finger. Then he placed the finger on his lips and licked the cum.

    "Love your cum, Tim," Dad moaned. "It felt so good having you inside me," he added.

    "It was awesome, Dad. Your ass was so fucking tight. The suction you gave my cock drove me over the wall."

    Looking over his shoulder, Dad grinned. "So, you think you might be willing to give me another fuck?"

    My cock twitched inside his wet ass. "Oh, definitely," I laughed. "Maybe even before we go to sleep," I added.

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