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  • Weekend with dad
  • Traffic was heavy returning home from taking Mom to the airport to care for her sister's kids as she had a new baby in Tennessee. She worried about Dad's and mine eating habits and how clean the place will be once she returns home.Speaking of home I can't wait to crash in my bed.

    I got home just after nine o'clock p.m. I heard Dad in the kitchen probably making a late night snack with his beer to watch movies as he usually does on a Friday night. He never heard me come in. I went to my bedroom to strip to take a hot shower. It felt weird walking through the house naked, with my dick swinging in the air. I'm 18 years old dark black hair, blue eyes, sporting a very light mustache, some hair on my chest and a nice 7 inch cock, with a cute bubble butt.

    It felt great taking a hot shower; kind of relaxes my tense muscles. I even began to explore my toned body. As I began to rub soap over me I feel my arms, my chest and nipples, rubbing my stomach. Going down to feel my cock, I began to rub it gently fondling my own nuts. Oh what a sensuous pleasure it is. I washed myself off from the soap before I came. I got out of the shower reaching for a towel, when in walked Dad who was embarrassed.

    "Oh I'm so sorry son, I didn't know that you were back yet from taking Mom to the airport," he said shyly.

    "Its okay dad, were both men here; I wouldnt feel embarrassed if was the other way around." I said. I couldnt believe I had said it, but I did.

    "Anyways, did your Mom get off okay?" he asked.

    "Yeah Dad she did," I answered as I draped towel around my waist and walked past him and back into my bedroom. I couldn't believe I acted so bold in front of him.

    I never saw my Dad naked. He looks like a cross between Robert Reed of the Brady Bunch fame and Rock Hudson from his early days on Mc MiIlan and Wife. He has dark black curly hair, almost looks permed, hazel bedroom eyes, muscular arms, and chest and I see some chest hair. His crotch I never looked at.

    I sat at the computer waiting for the gay personals to come up to see if I have any mail. I never give out my real email address in case its anyone I know. I have a message from a hot guy in the same town. Yet he's older. Way older than I am. Still he seems hot. I 'll reply with: SUBMISSIVE BOTTOM BOY HERE wants your daddy cock to plow my ass. Signed, HOTFORMALE

    Click.I e-mailed it off. A bing sound happened, which means he's on line and he just received it. In the mean time I'll check my mail while awaiting his reply. Junk mail, junk mail, a letter from Mom on the plane from her laptop. She thanked me for taking her to the airport. She and dad haven't been getting along. I don't know why. They never fought in front of me. They act distant. Hope they don't stay together for my sake.

    Yes I am gay; been that way for a few years now. Nothing happened I just looked at men more. No one asks why I don't date. Jokingly I say to myself, "All the good guys are taken".

    Bing--a reply from the older guy. Lets read.

    You're young I'm older. Still I would like to meet with you. I'll be at the porn shop wearing a leather coat. Tonight at eleven o'clock.

    Cool! I'll get dressed and go. I heard Dad say 'I have to go out to the grocery store awhile so I won't have to go tomorrow".

    "Okay dad."

    "Do you need anything while Im there?"

    "No thanks".

    I got dressed and watched him leave and ran out the door myself. The lot was almost emptied. How would I recognize this guy except in a leather coat? I went in paid my five bucks for the back room. I'm surprised they let me through, considering I'm only 18, but I look like Im 21.

    Its dark and a lot of booths. I saw the back of the head of this hot guy in a leather coat. Thats him! I followed him to the buddy booth where there are glory holes. I entered the booth. His cock was very large. I knelt down and began to suck on it. In and out of my mouth he went. It tasted heavenly. I licked the slit and tasted his pre cum man juice. UMMM, more I want.

    "C'mon on take it," he whispered in a gravelly voice. "Take it like the cock hound, cum pig that you are."

    I just kept on sucking away til he came. I swallowed every ounce of man juice. left right away. I flew home. I didn't want my dad to know I was out that late.

    I got on my computer to write the leather coat guy back. I hoped that it was him I sucked off in the buddy glory hole booth. You told me to take it like the cock hound, cum pig that I am. Sincerely H.F.M (HOTFORMALE) Click. Another e-mail sent.

    I went to bed. Dad got back close to 1 a.m from the all night grocery store. Next morning, I wanted to see if that leather coat guy replied to me or not. My computer as down DAMN!

    Dad was in the shower, so I went in to his bedroom to use his PC. I 'm sure he wouldnt mind. I turned it on, it was never logged off. Cool, less time wasted! I saw he had mail, but wanted to get to mine and quickly.

    Shoot I hit wrong button. I entered dad's e-mail. To my own surprise there was a letter from HOTFORMALE.I was shocked. The guy in the leather coat last night was actually my Dad that I was sucking. I turned around and saw a leather coat on the chair in the corner.

    It's the same one as my memory flashed back. I set the computer the way it was Before; I turned it on. Then I turned it off. I ran out of his room, but ran into Dad, who only had on a towel.

    "Slow down; whats the rush?"

    Suddenly his towel dropped. There was that very same cock. Now who was embarrassed? How can I get him to keep from being embarrassed when I am?

    I stuttered and said, "I'm late for baseball practice, I ran to my room and closed the door.


    I was in total shock. I didn't know what to think .I had to figure out all that went on last night at the porn shop. I sucked my own Dad off. Was I sick? Is he sick? Did he know that it was me? I've got to delete the letter in the computer. At once.

    "Son," I heard Dad call for me. "Your Mom is on the phone"

    "Okay Dad, I'll be right there."

    Can't do this now. Timing. Everyone gets distracted by bad timing. I started heading down the stairs when Dad caught me, still in his towel draped around his waist. "You can use the phone in my room."

    I couldn't turn him down. Something told me to go in there and talk with Mom. I went in there and mom started asking the usual stuff. Am I doing alright? What did I have for dinner last night! Did I stay in or go out? If I lied she'd hear it in my voice. I didn't want to say anything with Dad in the room.

    Suddenly he dropped his towel as I could see him through the mirror. His muscular hairy chest, a line going right down to his bush, below that is his very well hung man piece. Nice muscular legs. He was hot. I started popping a boner in my pants and covered it up by crossing my legs. Dad looked for his underwear. He couldn't find any clean ones.

    Finally Mom hung up. I had to sit there to wait. Wait for the swelling to go down. I got up and walked away from Dad. He noticed me acting very odd.

    "Son, what is your problem?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "First you ran into me in the hallway. Now you're walking sideways." Dad looked down. He saw me looking at his cock while sporting my own hard-on. "I can understand now. It's alright son. I get those too."


    'Son, all boys and men get hard ons. It's all apart of growing up. Men just need to release it."

    'How do you release yours Dad?"

    "By jerking off."

    "Any other way?"

    "What are you getting at? Ahhh _ heres my underwear."

    "This way _ " I got down on my knees and took his limp dick into my mouth and it began to swell.

    "What the hell are you"

    I sucked up and down the shaft of his cock and licked my tongue around the head and inside the slit.

    "Oh fuck you are so damn good!

    His cock grew harder and harder. He pushed my head so that my mouth would mount his horse cock. "Oh you are such a good daddy's boy. Are you done, son?"

    "Yes I am."

    "Good now drop your pants and get on my bed. Spread your legs because Daddy's on his way". I I stripped completely. Dad looked me over, "Damn son, you've got a nice bush there and an even better cock." He got down on his knees and began sucking my dick. His warm mouth enveloped my cock in between the walls of his mouth til it got pushed back to his throat. I looked at the ceiling. Then I watched him take my manhood in and out. Oh what pleasure and desire.

    The sick part was I'm doing it on the very bed where my Mom sleeps. The more he sucked, the more I forgot about Mom. Suddenly I felt myself quivering and shaking; I felt cum rushing out of my cock and running down my Dad's throat. What a release, what ecstasy!

    Dad was out of breath and got up and looked at me. Then smiled, "Stick around, it's your turn next. I'm not through with you yet".

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