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  • Getting to know dad
  • I had just graduated from high school and I was about ready to head off to junior college when it happened. My mother came home from work early one evening (she worked the night shift and was not supposed to be home before 3 am), and there I was kneeling between my stepfather's legs sucking away on his dick.

    Needless to say, my mum went ballistic. She started screaming and ran out of the house and jumped in her car and sped away.

    I started to get up and my step-dad said, "Where do you think you're going? You're not done here yet. Get back down there and finish sucking me off."

    "Don't you want to follow mum and see where she's going," I asked.

    "Hell," he replied, "I know where she's going and I'll give her a chance to cool off before I go after her. Now get that cock in your mouth and get sucking."

    Well, he did go after her when I finished sucking him off. He'd really gotten into that since he caught me sucking off one of my friends two weeks before. I'd had to suck him at least twice a day ever since, so he wouldn't tell my mother.

    Typical of this asshole, when he did go to my mum he told her that he'd been asleep on the sofa and that I'd sneaked up and pulled his dick out and started sucking it and he'd been as surprised as she was when she woke him up with her screaming.

    Believe it or not, she trusted his version of the story. I never got a chance to tell mine, because when she came back the next day, she stormed into my room, started throwing my clothes out of the closet and emptying my drawers.

    "Get the fuck out of my house, you fucking faggot! How dare you take advantage of Gary (the step-dad). I want you out of here today; I never want to see your perverted face again!"

    "But mum," I cried, "I . . . "

    "Just pack your things. I'm going to send you to your father back east. Maybe he can make a man out of you!"

    Great, I was going back to live with a man I hardly knew. My parents' divorce had been so vicious that my real dad had had almost no visitation rights. I'd seen him only about three times since I was nine. The last time had been four years ago, and it hadn't been very pleasant. He'd seemed annoyed that he had to put up with me and since he was a fireman, he didn't have a lot of time to spend with me.

    Next thing I knew, I was in the car with Gary, my step-dad, on my way to the bus station. Mum wouldn't even drive me there.

    Gary reached over and squeezed my knee. "Think we have enough time for you to suck me off before you get on that bus?" he asked.

    "Not likely, you dick!" I shouted. If it wasn't for your lies, I wouldn't be leaving. You're the perv here, not me!"

    "Fuck it then," he muttered. "I'll be glad to be rid of you if the truth be known. You've always been a pain in the ass."

    "Except when I was deep-throating your dick eh!" I retorted.

    Gary dropped me off at the bus station and roared away--so much for the last nine years of life with my mother and step-dad. Oh well...

    I wasn't looking forward to four days on a bus, but it turned out all right. I sucked off three stoners who were sitting in the back of the bus, let an old guy suck me off a couple of times and got fucked by the bus driver three times in the bus washroom on breaks. So, all in all, the trip was enjoyable.

    When I got to my destination and walked through the exit doors , there stood my dad, looking like a thundercloud. God was he hot. For 38 he looked amazingly good. He was about 6' tall, very broad shoulders, tightly muscled, with black hair and eyes. He was movie star good looking and I'm not just saying that because I'm his son. Women and men got all melty when they got around him. He just oozed sex.

    That day, he was in a polo shirt that showed off his great physique and a pair of jeans that showed off what looked like an awesome package. I walked up to Dad and reached out to shake his hand and he grabbed me and hugged me. I immediately sprang a woodie; this wasn't anybody I remembered.

    "My god," he said. "You're a man now. I can't believe you're all grown up and so good looking. You look exactly like Brian. (Brian was my mother's brother.) He was about my height, 5'10" and 180 lbs., auburn hair and a tight muscular wrestler's build. I have to admit I wasn't as muscular or athletic as Brian but I did look a lot like him. I wondered why that meant so much to my dad.

    Dad grabbed my bag and we headed for his car. On the way back, he said, "What in the hell did you do that set your mother off? She sounded like a wild woman on the phone."

    "Dad," I replied, "I'd rather not discuss this right now. I just spent four days on a bus, I'm dirty and tired and hungry. "

    "Well, he said, "I live in a one-bedroom apartment so it's gonna be tight quarters for the two of us but I think we can make it work. I have an old broken down sleeper sofa but maybe I can get an air mattress to make it more comfortable."

    When we got inside his apartment, I dropped down on his bed and fell into a sound sleep. When I woke up four hours later, could smell something good cooking. I wandered into the kitchenette and there was my dad whipping up some spaghetti and meat sauce.

    "Hope you got some rest, Scott. You were really beat."

    "Yeah, I did," I muttered. "I think I'll get a shower before we eat if you don't mind. "

    "Sounds like a good idea, son," dad said. "I'll get you some towels."

    I went back in the bedroom and started stripping off my clothes. My dad came in with the towels about the time I was down to my boxers. He just stood there and looked at me. "You've got a nice body, kid. Do you work out?"

    Work out, I thought. I don't think so. My work-outs were more of the sexual variety. "I was on the swim team, dad. That was my exercise."

    "Well," he smiled as he handed me the towels, "it seems to have worked for you." He winked and went back to the kitchen as I stepped out of my boxers and headed for the shower. When I came out, naked and rubbing myself dry, my dad was standing there, watching again.

    "Hey," he said apologetically, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. I was just going to tell you where the shampoo is."

    I laughed. "I found it, under the sink. Thanks anyway." He was checking me out. No doubt about it. This could get interesting. I scrambled into a pair of sweats and a T and went into the kitchen.

    "Just in time," dad said, "spaghetti's on so let's eat."

    We ate in silence because I was still pretty tired from the trip. After dinner, we both went and sat on the sofa and dad flipped on the TV. We watched a movie on HBO and then dad turned off the set and turned to me. "Okay, so what's up, Scott? Why did you mother go completely out of her mind and send you packing."

    I didn't know what to say. Should I just tell him the truth and risk getting booted out of here too or make up some story that would get him off my back. I decided to see how much he knew. "Didn't Mum tell you what was going on?" I asked.

    "She was talking a lot of shit, Scott, but she was hysterical and none of it made sense. That's why I want to hear from you."

    "Okay dad, Ill tell you, but let's have a beer first. I think you're going to need it."

    "Fine with me," he said, "You're 18 now so you can drink." He got up and got a couple of cans from the fridge. He popped the tops and handed one to me and we just sat there swigging beer for a few minutes.

    I decided that I would just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they would. "It's like this, dad. Mum caught me sucking Gary's cock."

    Dad looked like he'd been pole axed. "What did you say, Scott? I dont' think I heard you right."

    "I said Mum caught me sucking Gary's cock. She went ballistic and threw me out."

    "There's got to be more to it than that," Dad said. "Maybe I'd better get us another beer before you fill in all the missing details."

    After we were settled, side-by-side on the sofa, sipping another brew, I started telling him the whole sordid tale. I told him that I'd been messing around with friends for several years, and that I'd sucked a whole lot of cock. Then, I explained how he caught me deep-throating my friend, Doug, and how he had blackmailed me into sucking him off whenever he wanted. I went into graphic detail and the details became more graphic as I noticed that the sizeable bulge in his jeans was getting bigger as I told my tale of woe.

    "I ought to go out there and cut Gary's dick and balls off and shove them down his throat!" dad muttered.

    "There wouldn't be much to cut off," I laughed. Dad laughed too.

    "It's okay dad, I love sucking cock. I love men's cocks and I always have. I love getting fucked by a big cock and I love fucking with my big cock." By this time, I was wondering how my dad was able to sit there with that enormous hard he obviously had. He was enjoying this, the fucker.

    I teased him further by giving him graphic details about the cocks I'd sucked. Every story made him squirm even more. He especially enjoyed hearing about Gary's rather ordinary 6" cut cock. I had actually liked sucking it but I would never have admitted that to anyone. "Hell," I boasted, "I had a bigger dick than that when I was younger."

    Dad and I laughed a lot at that. "So," dad said slowly, "I guess this means you're gay."

    "Jeez, dad, are you slow or something? I've been describing the cocks I've sucked and how much I enjoyed sucking them. Am I gay? DUH!"

    "Youre a smartass, Scott, you know that?" dad replied. "I'm okay with your being gay. If that's what you are, that's what you are. "

    "Too bad Mum didn't see it that way, dad."

    "Knowing what I know about your mum," dad laughed, "I think her reaction was subdued. She's always been a nutcase. That's why we divorced. I couldn't take her craziness any more."

    "I agree, dad, and that Garys a total prick. Too bad he didn't have one!" We both laughed uproariously. I was beginning to feel a buzz from the beer. I slid a little closer to dad.

    "So," dad asked, "is Gary the only older guy you've ever had sex with?"

    "No," I replied. I told him about Coach Hopkins and my algebra teacher. "In fact, I like older guys better than I do guys my age." I slid a bit closer to dad.

    "You know, Scott," dad said pensively, "you really are sort of a slut. You'd suck any dick that was put in front of you, wouldn't you?"

    "No dad, that's unfair. I never suck anyone with less than two inches." We both laughed a lot of that and I leaned forward and let my hand brush his fly. God, he was hard as a rock. I moved in for the kill. "I like big men, men with black hair and eyes, with furry chests and big bulging crotches." I rubbed my hand across his crotch and squeezed his erection.

    He pushed my hand away. "No, Scott. I'm your father. It wouldn't be right."

    I leaned in and grabbed his face and kissed him hard. His mouth opened and we sucked tongue for several minutes. I reached down and squeezed his big hard dick through his jeans. "Your dick is telling a different tale," I smirked. "Come on, dad, you want me as much as I want you. I knew that the minute I saw you at the bus station."

    "Oh god, Scott. I do want you. You're so much like Brian.

    Hmmm, Brian again! There was a story there. But it would have to wait. "C'mon dad," I whispered as I rubbed his crotch. "I want you as much as you want me. Make love to me."

    I pulled him up on his feet and we headed for the bedroom, pulling off clothes as we went. When he sat down on the bed I pulled off his shoes and socks and kissed his hot sexy feet. He moaned. Then I had him lie back and I unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans and jockeys off. I couldn't believe my eyes. He had this really enormous cock, at least 9 fat inches standing straight up in this awesome bush of thick black hair. It was uncut, like mine and the foreskin puckered over the head even in its engorged glory. I stepped out of my sweats and fell on top of him. God, he was so fuckin hairy and beautiful.

    Our hard dicks, my 7" and his 9" were rubbing between us as we kissed wildly. I was squeezing his nipples and he was squeezing my ass. We were like two wild me. "Oh god, Scott, this is so not right, and I want you so fucking much."

    "It's right, dad, because you want it and I want it, so shut up and kiss me you fool!"

    I pulled myself out of our lip lock and starting kissing dad all over stopping to lick and suck on his nipples as I made my way down to that perfect cock. When I reached it I took it in my hand and licked it all around like a lollipop. Then I stretched the foreskin open and pushed my tongue under it and ran it around and around the big head of his cock. He was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. I pushed the foreskin back with my lips as I let his cock slide into my mouth. God it was so big my jaw was stretched to the limits. I could feel his hands on my head, pushing me farther down on his weapon of death.

    "Oh yes, Scottie, such your daddy's big hard cock. I love what you're doing. Take it all!" I squeezed his egg sized balls gently as I let more of his cock slide into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed hard and felt the head slide into my throat. "Oh god, Scott, " he moaned. "Nobody's ever deep-throated me before."

    I continued to suck his cock in long deep strokes, all the way in and almost all the way out. He was moaning and twisting and I knew he wouldn't hold off for long. Then, suddenly, he pulled me off his cock and said, "It's my turn, baby boy. I want to taste that beautiful dick of yours."

    With that he pulled me up on the bed and had me straddle his face and feed my cock into his mouth. He was a great cocksucker, and believe me, as one who knows, no amateur. Within seconds, I knew he was going to send me over the finish line if he kept up his excellent sucking so I leaned over and said, "Let's turn around and 69 each other."

    Well, within seconds, I had his enormous fat uncut pole deep down my throat as he swallowed my fat 7 inches. We were both so worked up by the thought of being together that it only seemed like a minute when I felt his urethra swell up in preparation for blast-off. As I felt the first hot spurts of his delicious cum hit the back of my throat I let loose in his mouth. We were sucking each other's juice like two starving men. I had pulled back and was holding just the head of his cock in my mouth for the final shots because I wanted to savour his cum. It was very thick and ropy like mine and sort of sweet. It must be a family trait I guess.

    We both continued to suck each other gently after we came. One of the many advantages to being uncut is that you can pull the skin back over the head when you cum and someone can continue to suck you if they're not too rough.

    Neither of us got soft. We were so into each other that we both remained rock hard. Finally, dad pulled off my cock and turned around and took me in his arms. We shared the remnants of each other's cum as we kissed wildly.

    Dad whispered in my ear, "God, Scott, you're a fucking wet dream. I want to fuck you, baby."

    "Oh god, " I moaned. "I want you to fuck me so bad, daddy."

    Dad rolled over to the side of the bed and reached in the nightstand drawer and pulled out some lube and rubbers. He pulled on a condom and then took some lube and rubbed it up into my hungry hole. Then he greased up his 9" monster and positioned it at my hole and rammed it all the way in , in one stroke. I screamed from the pain but as he began to fuck me the pain died and was replaced by sheer pleasure. The only guys who'd ever fucked me had 5" dicks but dad's monster was hitting places I didn't even know I had inside me. My cock was dripping cum with every stroke.

    He fucked me very slowly for a long time. He knew how to rotate his cock inside my ass until I felt like I was having a continuous cum. We tried every position he could think of. We did me on my side to start and then he turned me over on my face and fucked me hard that way. Then he picked me up and sat me on the dresser, held my legs in the air and fucked me so deep and hard that all I could do was beg: "Fuck me dad, fuck me please, fuck me."

    "Oh yeah," dad groaned as he pounded his enormous tool into me, "you love my huge cock, don't you, you slut. You're a regular cock pig aren't you Scottie?"

    "Oh yes, I moaned, "I'm your cock pig daddy. I've never been fucked like this before. Fuck me pleeeeease!"

    He took me over to the bed and had me get on all fours. Then he fucked me mercilessly, doggy-style as he came closer to cumming. I was having one continuous cum from his deep fucking.

    "Oh god, bitch, " dad screamed, "I'm gonna cum soon."

    With that, he pulled out of me suddenly, flipped me over, threw my legs up on his shoulders and rammed his beautiful hard cock all the way back into me. He leaned forward and kissed me wildly as he pounded me harder and harder. I heard him moan and I could feel his cock swelling up inside me just before his cum filled my guts, like liquid fire. I thrust my ass up trying to get more of his dick inside me as he filled me up with his wonderful love juice.

    When he was spent, he collapsed on top of me. He kissed me on the mouth and said, "Damn, I have never in my life had a fuck like that. I'm sure glad your mum wanted to get rid of you. You may be a cock pig but you've got a future with me."

    Considering the fact that his cock was still hard in my abused ass, I knew he was right. That night, he fucked me three more times and when we woke up in the morning he fucked me again and later we 69ed to another awesome climax.

    As he walked out the door to go to the firehouse, he smiled and said, "Don't do anybody I wouldn't do. I'll be home about 7 and I want you greased up and ready. God, wait'll I tell the guys about you."

    "Now what could he have meant by that?" I wondered.

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