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  • Father finds fulfilment
  • My Dads name is Simon Horniman - a fact that seems to create endless mirth wherever he goes. To make things even more complicated, he has a business partner, Alex, whos gay. Fortunately, Alex is pretty conservative and doesnt make a big deal out of gayness.

    They co-own a kitchen installation company; Alex designs them and Dad and his team install them. Apart from work, Dad and Alex dont have much social contact. They seemed to both prefer it that way - until my Mom died, anyway.

    My mother had been ill for several years so when she went it hit Dad and I pretty hard - but since it wasnt unexpected, we both were able to bear up. A few days after the funeral, Alex came round to offer his sympathy to Dad, who seemed a bit surprised that his business partner had actually come to the house. It had never happened before.

    Anyway, Dad invited him in and they both got stuck into the bottle of scotch that Alex had brought with him. Alex raised his glass and said: "To absent friends".

    "Yeah," said Dad. "Absent friends."

    Id never really had a good look at Alex before - certainly not without his business suit. He was a pretty handsome guy--about six feet, well-built, sandy hair. Nice.

    Alex stayed mostly quiet while Dad went on about what he was going to do with the house . . . what he was going to do about me (send me away to college, I gathered) . . . what he needed to do about keeping on with life. Alex just nodded and sipped his drink. At last, Dad ran out of things to say. He just slumped in his chair and stared ahead at Alex. Then he pulled himself up and spoke earnestly to his business partner.

    "Do you mind if I ask you something personal, Alex?" he said.

    "Go ahead," said Alex.

    "I know this is a weird thing to bring up at a time like this, but Ive wondered something for years and year. All the time Ive been slipping my wang into womens holes, Ive wondered what it feels like when it goes in."

    "Havent you asked any of these women?" says Alex.

    "Christ, no," said Dad. "You just dont do that."

    "So youre asking me what it feels like?" says Alex.

    "Sort of. Yeah. I thought you might know."

    Alex was staring at my Dad pretty hard. I think he was wondering whether Dad was being offensive or whether he really wanted to know. I guess he decided that he wanted to know.

    "Its hard to describe it," Alex said. "In the beginning it hurts a bit - but then that goes and you start to feel all sort of . . . I dont know what the word is. Filled, I suppose. Or maybe fulfilled. It changes the way you feel about your sex."

    Dad looked puzzled. "What do you mean changed?" he wanted to know.

    "I mean that, usually, guys have all their sex feelings in their cocks. But when you get screwed all the feeling goes out of your cock into your asshole. It is like your whole body is concentrating itself on your hole. Youre suddenly part of a new body made up of both your bodies with one connected to the other through his cock up your ass."

    Alex stopped, looking suddenly confused. He even blushed.

    "Look Simon," he said, "I really dont think this is the time or the place to be talking about my asshole."

    "No, no," said Dad earnestly. "I told you, Ive wondered about this for a long time and youre the first guy Ive ever been game to ask."

    Alex thought about this for a minute, staring down at the floor. Without raising his head he said to Dad: "Why dont you try it out and see what you think."

    My Dad looked genuinely shocked.

    "Jesus, Alex - that isnt what this is all about. Im not a homosexual and Im not planning to become one any time soon. I was just . . . just curious. Im sorry I brought it up."

    But Alex wasnt going to accept the brush off quite so easily.

    "Sure, I know you are curious about it Simon. And that is fine. All Im saying is that if it is something thats bothered you all these years, you should do something about finding out for yourself. Go pick up someone on one of the local beats and give it a shot. Its all anonymous, no one asks your name. Youll never see them again. And when - as I suspect - you discover you hate the whole process, theres no harm done."

    The he looked like something funny had just struck him.

    "Except maybe to your asshole," he added.

    Dad was looking shocked again. But even he saw the funny side.

    "Yeah, yeah, well - I dont think that sort of thing is for me. You know me fairly well, Alex. You know Im pretty conservative. It isnt that I wouldnt try it out once - I might if I ever got the courage - but I couldnt just pick up some stranger in a park at night and - I dont know - bend over a park bench, or whatever."

    Alex looked as if he was going to laugh out loud, but thought better of it.

    "Yes, well, maybe you have a friend you could try it out with," he said. And then a light seemed to go on over his head as inspiration dawned.

    "Youre not suggesting you do it with me, are you?" he asked Dad. But Dad just sat there, silent.

    "You ARE suggesting that," Alex gasped. "Bloody Hell, Simon!"

    Dad looked up at him and smiled a very little smile.

    "Yeah, its a dumb thought, I know," he said. Alex thought about that for a moment.

    "No," he said, "it isnt dumb. Its just a surprise, is all."

    "You dont know the half of it!" said Dad.

    They sat in silence for a bit longer. But you could see Dad had become more alert, more alive than he had been half an hour ago. There was brightness in his eyes, the furrows in his brow had disappeared and his body no longer seemed to have imploded - it had filled out.

    "Simon," said Alex thoughtfully, "if you think this is a good idea, Im prepared to give it a go."

    "When?" shoots back my Dad.

    "How about now," says Alex.

    "Where? Here? How?" asks Dad.

    "Not here, but now - yes," says Alex. "Why dont we go up to your bedroom?" Then it suddenly strikes Alex that this is not a good idea, what with my Mother having just left us, and all.

    "Oh, Im sorry Simon - that was a stupid thing to say."

    But Dad was on his feet.

    "No it wasnt stupid. It was a good idea," he says to Alex. So he grabs Alex by the hand and starts to lead him up the stairs to the bedrooms with Alex trying to hang back, no doubt thinking that things were moving just a little too fast here.

    Youre probably wondering where I have been all this time, out of sight but listening in to the whole event. I was in the kitchen when Alex arrived but when things started to get a bit steamy in the living room, I slipped round the back and climbed in the dining room window so that I could see and hear what was going on through a crack between the sliding dining room doors, without being spotted. When youre a reasonably athletic teenager, this sort of thing presents no insurmountable problem. But keeping track on what was to happen upstairs was a different matter.

    I figured out that my best bet was to climb up on the rear porch roof and get in through my own bedroom window. From there I crawled down the corridor to the dressing room attached to my parents bedroom, which has two doors - one opening up into the hallway and the other into the bedroom. The keyhole in the bedroom door should give me a good view.

    By the time Id finished this manoeuvre, Dad and Alex were already in the bedroom and were standing, looking at each other.

    "Have you taken a crap today Simon?" asks Alex. "Youll enjoy it a whole lot more if I dont end up trying to fill up a hole thats already stuffed with something else."

    Dad looks briefly uncomfortable but assured Alex hes already been to the john.

    "Do I drop my pants, or what?" says Dad.

    "What you do is relax," says Alex. "Simon, if you want to go through with this, we should approach it sensibly - with a bit of sensitivity. I dont do small-bam-thank-you-Mam.

    "So take some deep breaths and try to stand easy. Then Ill just slowly take your gear off, a bit at a time, okay?"

    "Sure . . . Okay," Dad said.

    Alex took a couple of steps forward and stood in front of my Father. He reached out and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then gently took hold of his pants belt and undid the buckle, kneeling down to untie Dads shoes, lifting one foot at a time to remove them first and then his socks. Alex was now kneeling in front of Dad with his face at crotch level. I held my breath. Would he take a lunge for the meat inside Dads zipper, or not? It turns out - not.

    Instead, Alex reaches out and undoes Dads pants and slowly lowers them to the floor. Dad steps out of them and is left with his open shirt and little white Y-fronts the only items covering his body. I strain to see, but theres not a sign of any activity inside his shorts. Everything is flat and unexcited. Which doesnt mean Dad isnt good looking. He is. About the same height as Alex, a bit thicker round the body but in good shape. His shoulders are broad and his waist really trim and theres only a little blond hair right in the centre of his chest with a treasure-trail leading from his cute little belly-button down to his groin. But his ass is fantastic. It is small and round and hairless and it looks good enough to eat.

    Alex stands up and quickly strips down to his shorts too, taking Dad by the hand and leading him to the bed.

    "Do I lie on my belly or my back?" he asks Alex.

    "Lie on your back Simon. Im gonna give you a nice massage to get you feeling nice and relaxed and happy."

    So, kneeling on the side of the bed, he starts on Dads shoulders, moves down to his breasts and on to his stomach where he hooks his fingers into the tops of Dads shorts and wriggles them down to his ankles - and then flings them into a corner. Dad is lying there all relaxed and smiling . . . but theres not a sign of life in his cock. It is a nice cock, good and long and pretty thick with just a light bush of blond hair around it--but definitely flaccid.

    Alex isnt looking. Hes got the KY jar in his hand and is greasing up his increasingly rampant cock. And rampant is the right word. I figure from the pervert hole where Im hiding that it must be a good 10 inches long and thick as a young boys arm. Oh boy, I hope my Dad knows what hes letting himself in for.

    "Simon," says Alex, "Im going to put a pillow under that neat little ass of yours and then I want to lift your feet over my shoulders. Then Im going to press my dick up against your hole and, as slowly as I can, Ill try to slide it in. Now, get ready because theres going to be a little bit of pain when the head goes in. But once the heads is through, the rest of it will slide in really easy. Youll see."

    "Alex," says Dad. "Just . . . just take it easy, wont you. Ive never done anything like this before."

    "Is that truly true?" asks Alex. "Are you really my virgin?"

    "I guess so," says Dad. "It sure as hell is the first time its ever happened to me."

    "Well, that makes it really cool for me too," says Alex. He jumps on the bed, takes Dads ankles in both hands and gently lifts them up and over his shoulders.

    I can just see Alexs giant rod poking gently at Dads rear end. His legs are splayed wide and his hole is looking straight up at Alex as he prods that enormous tool into position.

    "Okay, Simon, here goes," says Alex, and he moves forward an inch to start his cock on its journey up my Dads asshole.

    Dad is just lying there with a look on his face that seems to include apprehension, tension and maybe excitement. Hes gonna know soon enough what it feels like to be rooted by another mans cock.

    The head of Alexs giant slammer pushes past the lips of Dads asshole and my Father gives a grunt. But thats all.

    "You okay Simon?" asks Alex.

    "Yeah, yeah - its . . . its . . . its kinda good so far," Dad says.

    "Fine. So now lets get serious about ploughing that ass of yours," Alex mutters - and he begins to drive that mighty organ slowly but deeply into my Fathers rectum. In a minute or so, Alexs wang is right inside my Dad, with the pubic hair rubbing up against the cheeks of his ass. Dad hasnt made a sound.

    "Hows it going Simon?" asks Alex. "Is it hurting you at all?"

    "No," says Dad - his voice oddly calm and normal. "It doesnt hurt at all. It feels fantastic. Its like Im all full up with something hot and beautiful. Like I wanna take a shit - but not like that at all, really. I dont know what its like. I never felt anything like this before. Ever."

    "Hey, thats really cool, man," says Alex. "So here I go building up the pace a bit; give you a few more hot thrills while I enjoy myself rooting your virgin ass."

    Alex begins slowly slamming his massive wang into my Fathers rear end, getting faster as he gets down to really letting the sensation in his cock take over his consciousness.

    "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Christ," moans Dad. And then: "Oh, for fucks sake ram that fuckin cock into me. Give me more cock Alex. Fuck me Alex."

    "Im fuckin you as hard as I can, Simon," bellows Alex. "Im fuckin you and fuckin you and fuckin you, so what am I doin?"

    "Youre fuckin me," yells Dad. "Youre fuckin me with your dirty great big cock. And I want more of it, I want you balls to fuck me too . . . I want your whole fuckin body to fuck my asshole."

    "My whole body IS fuckin your asshole, you asshole," shouts Alex. "And now Im gonna fill you up with my hot white cum, man. Im gonna paint your insides with my cum. Im gonna pump so much cum up your date that its gonna flood out yer mouth."

    Can you imagine what all this is doing to me? On my knees in the dressing room with my eye clamped on the keyhole, my right hand clamped round my cock and my left hand pulling on my nuts; Im about to go into meltdown. I can hardly breathe--Im so agitated!

    On the bed something radical has changed. Dads once flaccid cock is now stretched so tight it looks like the skin is going to burst. Theres a great big purple head on it oozing out streams of pre-cum that is running down the seven-odd inches of penis and settling in his pubic hairs while his body continues to shudder and shake with every slamming thrust that Alex uses to drive his monster cock into that stretched and suffering asshole.

    "Alex, Alex," moans Dad, "Im gonna cum . . . Im gonna cum. Oh sweet Jesus, Im cumin."

    And a geyser of thick white juice bursts out of his purple cockhead and splatters all over his face and chest.

    "Im cumin, Im cumin," yells Alex as he drives that wicked great schlong even deeper into my Fathers red-raw anus.

    There are gasps and shudders and groans for the next few minutes while both men try to catch their breaths.

    "Simon . . . Simon," says Alex in a deep, throaty whisper, "you okay Simon?"

    "Yeah," says my Dad. "OK".

    "Ill just get up and go to the washroom," says Alex.

    "No," says my Dad. "Leave that goddamn prick right where it is. I want that cock rammed up my ass for the rest of my life. I wanna be fucked stupid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I want your spunk coating my bowels. I want . . . I want . . . I wanna be fucked again."

    "Christ, Simon," says Alex. "You really like it!"

    Dad raises himself up on his elbows and looks Alex in the eye.

    "Like it?" he says. "Like it? I dont want it to stop - ever. I wanna learn all sorts of new filthy things I can do with you. Teach me things I can do with you."

    Alex is smiling broadly now. He tells my Dad there is something new he can learn right this minute.

    With his cock still jammed tightly into my Fathers hole, Alex leans forward and licks Dads cum from where it landed on his body and face. Then he shoves his body forward a fraction so he can easily reach Dads face and plants a huge kiss on my fathers lips. Theyre sucking each others faces for several minutes before they break. And Alex says:

    "Well, now youve tasted your own cum out of my mouth. Hows that for something new?"

    "Its wild," says Dad. "Its fantastic. What else?"

    "Well, how about you suck my cock clean when I pull it out of your bloody little asshole?"

    "Yeah, yeah . . . lemme suck it!"

    So Alex slowly pulls his softening prick out of my fathers hole and throws a leg over Dads body so his prick is hanging over his face. Without a moments hesitation, Dad lifts his head and grabs Alexs might weapon - and whatever else happens to be attached to it -- between his lips. He sucks it down his throat mightily.

    "Bloody hell, Simon, you sure this is the first time youve done this?"

    Dad lets the re-hardening cock slide out of his mouth for a moment and says: "Sure Im sure. But it aint gonna be the last! Im gonna keep suckin this monstrous goddamn prick until its hard again and then I want you to ram it straight back up my shitter."

    And thats exactly what happened.

    I lost count of the times I spunked all over the dressing room door that day watching these two men rocknroll their way into oblivion. But that wasnt the end of it for me. Oh, no. There was coming a time real soon when I would be sprung from behind that door and end up in a sandwich between my father and his new lover.


    Things have been pretty quiet round our house since my Dad, Simon Horniman, discovered he liked being balled by his business partner, Alex. Not that my Father has found a conscience, or anything. More like he and Alex suddenly remembered that I was in the house, too, and that they had better make themselves a bit more circumspect if there was any hope that I wouldnt discover my Dads new found predilection for having a mammoth cock jammed up his ass.

    Some hope. Id already beaten my dick raw watching them go to it in Dads bedroom. It took me quite a while - and a bit of scrubbing - to get the cum stains off the back of Dads dressing room door, where Id been crouching, perving on them through the keyhole.

    When theyd finished buggering each other in their first, furious encounter, I had carefully crawled back up the hallway from Dads dressing room, out through my own bedroom window, onto the roof of our veranda and down to ground level. When these two guys finally reappeared downstairs - both looking a bit flushed and guilty, if you ask me - I was innocently sitting at the kitchen table, reading a Superman comic book. I thought it was appropriate.

    "Oh, hi Dad," says I. "I didnt hear you come in. Hi Alex."

    "Hello son," says Dad.

    "Yeah . . . hello Michael," says Alex. "What are you reading?"

    "Superman," I tell him. Then - inspiration. "Its all about Superman discovers hes had this secret compulsion all his life to, er . . . ah, to do something really, really evil. Its something hes terrified that people are going to find out about, you know?"

    Alex was almost going purple, not knowing whether to laugh or cry or what. Dad, however, was cool as a cucumber.

    "Sounds like fun," he said, and turned round, walking out of the kitchen into the living room. He and Alex stayed in there for quite a while, having a long, meaningful conversation in very low voices. I can guarantee they werent talking about kitchen installations.

    From that day, Dad started spending a lot more time away from home. I assumed he was at Alex house, but I never asked. Sometimes, you can get just a bit too clever for your own good.

    It went on for about four weeks and, to tell the truth, I was getting a bit upset about being left alone so much. I figured the only thing to do was to talk to Dad about how I felt.

    When he got home about 11 oclock one night I was waiting for him.

    "Can I talk to you for a minute, Dad?" I asked.

    "Sure son - if it cant wait for the morning."

    "Id rather talk now, if thats okay."

    "Fine," says Dad. "Whats the problem?"

    "Dad, Im getting really lonely since you started going out a lot," I said quietly. Dad looked quite surprised, I think. It clearly hadnt occurred to him that Id miss him while he was out being fucked stupid by his new boyfriend. "I know its none of my business and I know its really good for you to find new interests since Mom died, but I cant help it - I really feel lonely without you being here so much."

    "Mikey?" queries Dad. "I didnt realise you liked being round me so much."

    "I didnt know either, Dad," I said. "Not until you werent here to be round any more."

    "Ah, you poor kid," Dad says to me and come across to put his arms round my shoulders. "You should have said."

    "Well, Im saying now," I replied. "Dad, I dont expect you to hang round the house like a hermit, but I wondered if, maybe, we couldnt spend just a little more time together. Play some ball or go to the movies or you help me with homework. Something."

    "Well, thats just what were going to do. From now on Im going to make sure theres a least two or three nights a week - and at least one day every weekend - when we can be together and do stuff. Would that make you happy?"

    "You bet it would, Dad," I tell him. And Dad does something hes never done since I started growing up. He plants a big wet kiss on my forehead. I just about passed out.

    "Well, thats fixed, then," says Dad. "We can start tomorrow. Ill be home at seven and we can go out and catch a movie, if you like."

    I had other ideas.

    "How about," I say, "how about we start tonight instead?"

    My Fathers eyes were wide. He didnt seem to understand what Id just said to him.

    "Tonight?" he said thickly. "What on earth can we do at this hour of the night?"

    "Oh, I dont mean we need to do anything, Dad," says I. "I just thought, maybe, we could stay together tonight, so we can be close to each other, sort of thing. You could come into my bed or I could come into your bed and we could, like, talk a bit. And just be a bit close to each other like when I was a really little kid. Is that OK?"

    Dad not only looked confused, he also looked a bit dubious.

    "I dunno, Mikey," says Dad. "It sounds a bit funny two guys sleeping in the same bed, doesnt it?"

    "Does it Dad?" I ask, trying to look all innocent. Dad looks at me for a minute.

    "No, of course it doesnt," says my Father finally - and with some exasperation. "Jesus wept, you are my son, for Gods sake. Come on tiger, lets get some shut-eye."

    And with a hand on my shoulder, Dad propels me up the stairs to his bedroom - the same bedroom where Id watched his ass being ploughed, long and deep, by his business partner, just four weeks ago.

    As soon as we get through the door, something dawns on Dad. Pajamas--more specifically, his lack of them. Dad hasnt worm pajamas since he was first married and it is clear this suddenly has become a problem for him.

    "Look . . . Mikey . . . the thing is I dont happen to have any jimjams at the moment," he explains - and I think how cute it is that my Father still uses the same name for pajamas that he used when I was a little kid. Tonight is probably the first time he has been obliged to refer to them at all since that time.

    "You go get yours from your room and Ill just . . . Ill just sleep in my jocks," he says.

    "Hey Dad, we can both sleep in our jocks - no big deal," I tell him. Hes cool with that; he clearly sees no problem about having a near-naked young man in his bed.

    "Okay, lets hit the sack," says Dad and with a few deft movements, he whips off his shirt, pulls off his socks, drops his pants and leaps into bed with the panache of a mountain goat.

    I notice hes wearing another pair of those low-slung, hip-hugging Y-fronts - the same as he was wearing when Alex led him into bed for their session of furrow-ploughing, sperm-harvesting and other agricultural pleasures. Im in no such rush. As soon as my Father is in bed, lying on his back with his arms folded behind his head and his full attention on me, I start slowly pulling off my T-shirt and then slide my jeans down to the ankles. I step out of them and am just about to follow habit and drop my little white briefs too when I remember our deal is to sleep in our jocks. So I just stroll round -- to what used to be Moms side of the bed - and hop in. Boy it feels good in there.

    "Okay Mikey, what do you want us to talk about?" asks Dad.

    "Oh, anything," I say.

    Dad turns on his side and looks at me.

    "You wanna talk or not, son?" he asks. "I guess Im more tired that I thought, Dad," I tell him. "Maybe we can just sleep a bit, eh?"

    "Okay with me," my Father says, and reaches out to turn off the bedside lamp on his side.

    Suddenly its all dark and still. I can smell my Fathers manly scent next to me in the bed and it is all I can do to just lie still on my side. The urge is almost irresistible to reach out and grab him; his arms, his chest, his face, his legs. His cock.

    I cant get the images of him and Alex out of my head: Dad sucking Alex enormous throbbing prick down his throat, Alex licking the spunk off Dads face and chest and spitting it back into his mouth; both of them slurping greedily on each others asses. In about 10 seconds flat my own cock has engorged and is painfully straining against the fabric of my underpants. I am getting so work up I cant think of anything besides the fact I want to hold my Fathers penis in my hands. I want to suck it. I want it up my ass. I want my Dad to root the shit out me.

    But I think to myself: "You gotta cool it, man. Get rid of the hardon before your Dad sees it - or worse, feels it. Dont spoil everything before you even get started."

    Dad seems blissfully unaware of the turmoil inside my head. Hes been lying on his back until now and he slowly begins to turn away from me - then stops and slowly turns back so thats facing in my direction. Theres maybe 10 or 12 inches separating us in the bed. Then Dad speaks to me, really softly:

    "Mikey . . . Son . . . are you okay?"

    I open my eyes and look straight across to him, finding myself staring straight into his blue-green eyes.

    "Yeah, Dad, Im fine. Its just . . . I thought if we slept in the same bed I wouldnt feel so lonely. But the funny thing is, I do. I still feel lonely."

    "Come here my little boy," says Dad in this soft, deep, warm voice. And he reaches out and slips one arm under my neck and rests the other arm lightly on my waist. He gently wriggles forward so that our bodies must be about one hairs-breadth from each other.

    "You dont ever have to be lonely while Im here. Youre my boy and I love you. Ill always love you, Mikey, even when youre a middle-aged business tycoon and Im some clapped-out old fart living in a nursing home. Remember that, son."

    "I . . . I will, Sir," I stammer.

    "Okay. Now give your old Dad a kiss and lets go to sleep," my Father whispers.

    I move my face forward just a fraction and get ready to receive a little peck on my forehead, just like before. But it doesnt happen.

    Instead, my Fathers lips suddenly are pressing against mine. They are full and soft and moistly hot and they send an electric charge through me that is like being struck by lightening. And I soon figure that something very similar has happened to Dad, too.

    His lips pull away quickly and he makes a really sharp intake of breath. He waits a minute and, when he sees that I havent moved or pulled away, he moves tenuously forward again, pouts his lips and plants a little kiss on the end of my nose. Again he pulls back and waits - but I make no reaction. So he moves in again and this time plants two little, light kisses on my closed eyelids.

    This time I do move - forward. I wriggle just a fraction towards him so he knows I like what hes doing to me. I open my eyes and see him looking at me in absolute wonder. My Father opens his mouth to say something but I beat him to it. I put my lips firmly onto his and hold them there until I begin to feel what Id been hoping for: the tip of my Fathers tongue pokes really gently between my lips. Its more of an inquiry that a bold statement - and I immediately part my lips and welcome him in.

    No more butterfly kisses now. In moments our mouths are clamped together as tight as two cicadas rooting and our tongues are thrusting and poking into every crevice in each others mouth. My Fathers mouth tastes faintly of beer and salt - a little sweet and a little sour - and it is so good I want to climb right inside him and wallow in his smell and his taste. But suddenly he pulls away, gasping for air.

    "God almighty, Mikey, what the fuck are we doing?" he demands. "You cant suck your Daddys face like that, boy! And I cant suck my own sons face, either. What the hell are we doing?"

    "Whatever it is, Dad, I want to keep doing it," I blurt out. "I wanna be part of you like I was when you created me out of your spunk."

    There. Id said it. There was no going back now - and I knew what I was doing was dangerous. Just because my Dad had discovered he liked being rogered up his date by another grown man didnt mean he would accept being aroused by his own child in his own bed.

    "No," said Dad. "No." He waited a few moments and then, again, said: "No."

    "Why not?" I demanded. "Why cant we just make each other happy? Tell me why not!"

    "Because its not allowed," my Father shouted. "Its against the law and its against God and its against everything Ive ever learned was right."

    It was like he had hit me right in the face with his fist. My mouth was hanging open and there were tears welling in my eyes. So I just stuck my hand over my mouth, turned round and sat upright, swinging my legs over the side of the bed.

    "But its alright to let some other man push his diddler up your crack," I mumble under my breathe as I go to stand up. Dad grabs me from behind and yanks me back into bed, my legs flailing in the air and my head banging heavily against his chest.

    "What did you say?" he demanded. "What are you talking about?"

    I rolled over and faced him.

    "Im talking about you and Alex, Dad. I saw you so lets not pretend about that, okay? Ive been wanting all my life to be really loved by you and I thought that . . . well . . . now that youd discovered there are other ways of loving . . ."

    "The fuck with other ways of anything, boy," he yelled. "Are you telling me you spied on me here when I was . . . when I was . . . when something happened here?"

    In spite of all the fury and the drama going on, it struck me that my Fathers response was so unbelievably Victorian that I almost burst out laughing.

    "Dad", I said, "That was no something that happened here four weeks ago. I saw it. And, yes, I spied on you. And Im really glad I did because it made me think you might really be able to love me like I wanted you too. But I must have been dreaming - or having a nightmare, or something."

    My Father was aghast. His eyes were almost literally blazing and his face was burning red with big veins sticking out at his temples. I thought he was about to have a stroke. But as quickly as hed reddened, he calmed down, slumped back on his pillows and just looked at me. I didnt know whether to look at the floor or the ceiling - so I just looked back at him.

    "You are one real treat of a boy, arent you," he asked - rhetorically. "Now, lets see if Ive got this right. You spy on your Dad while hes discovering theres more to physical pleasure that bouncing round in the missionary position - and you take that to mean that Im ready to start buggering my own son. Is that about right?"

    "Whatever," I reply.

    "Come again, Michael?" he says, really coldly. "Was that whatever you said?"

    "Yes Dad. I said whatever. It doesnt matter now, does it?" It was my turn to ask rhetorical questions. Dad sat there in silence, deep in thought.

    "Yes, I think it does matter," he said at last. "It matters that we were both here in this bed, gently poised on the edge of maybe discovering something really beautiful between us - and I turn on you like some fucking fanatic. My own boy. My own, beautiful boy."

    Now, youll have to forgive me if, at this stage, I am getting more bewildered than ever. What had brought on this latest twist in a truly terrible debate?

    "The thing is, Mikey, that I suppose you were trying to be honest with me - and I was not being honest with you. So Im sorry. Im sorry I spoiled your fantasy - Im sorry I spoiled this night. And Im sorry I spoiled our relationship. See, Ive just remembered that it was me who started kissing you - not the other way round. And, if the real truth is to be known, it has been me - yeah, me - all these years and years whos been fantasizing about getting into your pants, long before you could ever have started thinking about me in the same way . . . well, a similar way, anyway."

    Bloody hell, I was absolutely stunned by what my Father was saying. I couldnt grasp the meaning of his words. Was he saying he had been lusting after me . . . lusting after my ass . . . all the time I had been lusting after his cock. And neither of us suspected a thing?

    "Dad . . . Father . . . Daddy," I stuttered. "Can I get back into bed please?"

    "With me? he asks.

    "Of course with you," I say. "Who else would I want to sleep with when Ive got the biggest, best, and ballsiest Dad in the world to love me and make me happy."

    Dad looked into my eyes and smiled the warmest, softest smile I had ever seen. He patted the bed beside him.

    "Get that sweet little ass of yours into this bed this instant," he said. And I did.

    "What were not going to need in this Father-and-Son bed are these goddamn underpants," he said, reaching down and pulling them off and tossing them into a corner. I start reaching for mine but Dad stops me.

    "Allow me," he says with a smile.

    "With pleasure," I reply.

    "No, with my pleasure," says my Father and proceeds to strip my briefs off, hurling them across the room to join his own. "Oh my God, will you take a look at the cock on my son."

    I stretch out so that my full eight inches of erect penis thrusts out of the bush of blond curls and arches back towards my navel. Without another word, Dad pounces on it and slurps it right down his throat, his head bobbing wildly as he makes lots of warm little animal pleasure noises.

    I just cant tell you how remarkable I felt at that moment. It was everything I had ever dreamed about, and more. Whatever else Alex had taught my Father; hed certainly shown him how to deliver a AAA Grade suck. I had never been circumcised so my Father was able to chew on my foreskin then slide it back with his lips and devour the length of my hot, red tool. In due course, my Father switches from working on my cock and starts chewing on my balls - then gently lifts my legs back against my body and licks, sucks and probes my asshole with his tongue.

    I think to myself: Two can play at that game. When he pauses for breath, I switch round and thrust my head right into his crotch, catching a deep, intoxicating breath of rich, male odours from his crack and wrapping my saliva-filled mouth right around his brown, richly veined cock. I figure his prick has probably been darkened by years of regular friction - and it is now wet and oozing pre-cum from the slit at the tip of his glans.

    "Oh Mikey, that is so goddamn good," Dad moans as I try to replicate the level of service hes already provided for my grateful penis. "Keep suckin it little boy, rip it into you, little son."

    I take time out to point out that Im no longer a "little boy" - but Dad isnt interested. He jams my mouth back onto his ugly big schlong and I diligently beaver away at getting the jizz moving from his balls into the head of his cock.

    Things are getting up a full head of steam when the bloody front door bell rings.

    "What the fucking hell is that," demands Dad. "Lets leave it go."

    "Might be important Dad. Ill go if you like."

    "No, Ill take care of the bastard," he says, thrusting himself out of bed and into a pair of shorts, which were lying over the back of a chair. He stomps down the stairs and I hear the door open. The voices are faint, but discernible.

    "Oh", says Dads far-way voice. "Hi Alex."

    "Its not possible", I groan to myself. This cant be happening. There is more mumbling downstairs and I am just about to get out of bed when I hear footfalls on the stairs. Two sets of feet. "This isnt happening to me," I think, desperately willing Alex to lose his footing and fall downstairs. But, of course, he doesnt and both Dad and Alex appear in the doorway, grinning like Cheshire cats.

    "Mikey," says Dad, "Alex has come over with a birthday present for you."

    "Huh?" I say, "Dad, it isnt my birthday."

    "Alex seems to believe youll think all your birthdays have come at once when he shows you the package hes brought over. Its for both of us, anyway."

    And, without a word, Alex unzips his fly and pulls out that monster cock of his, pointing it in my direction and giving it a few lefty tugs to get it right up into battle position.

    "Happy birthday, Mike," he grins.

    "Hmmm," I am thinking to myself, "maybe ten solid inches of Alex roger could add a little interest to our party. Why not?"

    "Hi Alex," I say, "thats a really nice looking package youre pointing at me. Wanna bring it a bit closer for me to have a good look?"

    "You bet, Mike," says Alex, "though I have to tell you that it is primarily designed for your Father. But since they reckon that its like Father, like Son, Im hoping you might get a buzz out of it too."

    "Could be," says I, taking a firm hold of Alex mighty tool at the same time my Father is kneeling down beside me so he can get a good look at that colossal donger as well.

    "Since we seem to have a plentiful supply of cock in this bed," says Dad, "maybe we can organise something so that all of us get to enjoy it at the same time."

    "Cool," says Alex. "How about a sandwich?"

    "Great," says Dad. "Mikey?"

    "Super cool," says I, "as long as I get to put my cock in my Fathers asshole."

    Dad and Alex give a whoop of happy surprise when they hear this and Dad leans forward to kiss me sweetly and tell me hed be in seventh heaven if he could feel his sons beautiful cock sliding into his guts.

    "And what do I do, guys?" asks Alex. "Hold the coats?"

    "No," I say, "you hold your horses until Im firmly planted up my Dads ass and then you can fuck me all you like. So, this time round, I get to be the meat in the sandwich."

    Alex lets out another whoop, making him sound like a cowboy or something, but asks me: "You sure you can take this amount of meat up you twat, Mikey?"

    "We wont know until me try, will we?" I say to him, before turning to my Father. "Dad, I wanted you to be the first to fuck me, but I guess it is OK if you dont mind Alex getting there first."

    "Well, I kinda do mind, Mikey," says Dad, "but if it means I get to be fucked by my own son in our very own first sex session, than I can wear that."

    So Dad lies on his back across the bed and I lift his legs over my shoulders, just like I saw Alex do to him. I see a pot of KY on the bedside table but decide our first fuck needs to be as intimate and personal as we can make it, so I just spit on my hand, rub the saliva on my cock and edge it slowly into Dads silky, pink anus.

    In just a couple of thrusts, Im deep inside my Dad, ramming my prick into his bowels while my balls are swinging wildly against his buns and my pubes rub up against the skin of his ass-crack.

    Dad is looking deep into my eyes, with love flying out of them into my soul. I bend forward and kiss my Father deeply on the lips, my tongue searching inside his mouth and rubbing deliciously against his tongue.

    Right at this moment, while Im almost dizzy with desire and love, Alex presents his KY-slathered dick at my asshole, nudging it gently into place and pressing slowly forward to complete the entry. The funny thing is, I dont feel a thing until Alex mighty schlong is buried up to the hilt in my butt-hole. The excitement must have relaxed every muscle round my shitter so that Alex monster was welcomed inside without a murmur.

    So, weve got Alex repeating his fuck-fest on the anus of his new boy-friends son, me with my cock planted deep inside my own fathers crapper and my Dad with his cock so engorged with blood that it looks about to burst. It isnt too long before Im shouting: "Oh god, Daddy, Im gonna cum soon, Im gonna cum" and Alex joins in with: "Oh no, oh no, oh holy Jesus Im gonna explode!"

    Were racing towards climax and I can see that my Daddys donger urgently needs some loving relief too. So I almost bend myself double and bury my head down in his crotch, sucking his cock deep into my throat just in time to catch a stream of sweet, salty cum that comes churning out his balls while Im planting a gallon of boiling spunk into his guts. At that very moment, Alex lets out with a great yelp and I feel his filthy big prick bulge out even thicker, stretching my asshole to bursting point and pumping ropes of pearly juice up my date.

    It is enough to send us all the heaven and back - but it is just the beginning. Just the beginning of a journey that will take us all into a level of ecstasy that none of us has known before.


    "Simon Horniman?" asks the nurse behind the hospitals admission desk. "Simon Peter Horniman?"
    If Dads surname doesnt crack people up, its combination with those two "holy" personal names usually does the trick.

    "Yes," sighs Dad. "Thats me."

    "The Doctor will see you in a minute. Please take a seat."

    Thats easier said than done. Dad is packing a special load this evening, which is making it a tad uncomfortable to sit down. And it is all the result of his fixation with his business partners penis.

    As weeks passed in the evolving, three-way relationship between Dad, me and his partner, Alex, my Father began to dream up new ways to bind himself closer to Alex enormous wang.

    First he took a cast of that throbbing monster and had a rubber dildo made of it. He arranged to have a foam-lined hole put into it so he could stick his own cock in and walk around with a replica of this lust-object attached to his dong.

    Eventually, this wasnt enough for him - so he had another cast made in heavy, latex foam so he could walk around all day with his lovers cock buried deep in his asshole. In theory, this was the fulfillment of Dads big dream: permanent, excruciating buggery.

    In reality, it didnt quite work out the way it was planned. Sure, it was simple enough to have Alex work the giant dildo up Dads rectum but the problem is that, when it was in it wouldnt come out. Hed neglected to have the blunt end of this massive tool tapered so it could be more easily excreted. Once the blunt end of the dildo disappeared into his asshole, the lips of his anus snapped shut over it and - try and try as he would - there was no way it would come out through simple bearing down.

    So here we are the local hospital waiting for a Doctor to have a try at removing it without doing any permanent damage.

    Eventually, a young intern comes into the waiting area and calls Dads name, one eyebrow lifted archly at the sound of it. Since Dad is still standing there, he simply walks across to the Doctor and presents himself.

    "Come with me, Mr. Horniman," says the young Doctor. "My name is Daniel Lipschitz."

    "Hes got no reason to sneer at the other peoples names," I thought to myself as they disappear into a private examination room, leaving Alex and me gazing after them.

    Inside the private room, the Doctor asks Dad what seems to be the problem. My Father had already decided that it was pointless trying to be delicate about the situation so he came straight out with it.

    "Doctor, Ive got an especially large dildo up my ass and I cant get it out."

    Apart from a slight widening of his eyes, Dr. Lipschitz didnt make a single wrong move.

    "I see," he said. "And how long has it been there?"

    "Just since tonight," said Dad. "Ive tried trying to shit it out but it just wont budge and Im beginning to worry about a bit of traffic congestion building up behind it, so to speak."

    "Quite right, quite right," says the Doctor. "Well, I guess wed better take a look, eh? By the way, it isnt made of anything breakable, is it?"

    "No, its solid latex," says Dad.

    The Doctor has Dad take off his clothes and crawl up on the examination table with his head and torso pressed against the vinyl surface and his ass sticking up in the air, aimed squarely at the Doctors face.

    "Youve got a fine looking ass there, Mr. Horniman," says the Doctor.

    "Gee, thanks Doctor," says Dad - though, it has to be said, with a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

    My Father hears the Doctor snap on a pair of rubber gloves and then gently probes apart the cheeks of his ass, pressing slightly on the lips of his anus.

    "Try pushing out for me please, like you were trying to make a bowel movement."

    Dad tries, but nothing moves.

    "Theres no external damage that I can see, which is good. What we have to do is relieve you of this problem without hurting you too much. And Im afraid well need to go into theatre for that because we have to fully dilate your sphincter so the object can be extracted without causing any major harm. Ill also need to have you sedated and put under a local anesthetic because, otherwise, the pain would be considerable, Im afraid."

    This is deadly news to Dads ears. Hes all for being honest and straight-up with the Doctor but he doesnt want an operating theatre full of nurses see him being pried open using some bizarre set of gruesome metal instruments. And then the general merriment when the replica of Alex dong finally emerges in view from his poor, butchered asshole.

    "Doctor," says Dad. "I dont think I can do that. Isnt there some way of getting the goddamn thing out without putting me on general public display?"

    "Im afraid you lost that option when you put that goddamn thing in there in the first place, Mr. Horniman," he replies.

    Dad eases himself off the examination table and, stark naked, confronts the physician.

    "Look Doctor," he says, "Im no expert but wouldnt it be possible to grease up your hand and slowly insert it so you can get a hold of the thing and pull it out? Like - you know - fist fucking. That sort of thing."

    My Father expected he would get hammered with the full fury of the Doctors professional outrage. But it didnt happen. Instead, the Doctor looked thoughtful and gazed steadily at Dads face.

    "I really dont know, Mr. Horniman," he said at last. "It might work - it just depends on whether you are physically capable of coping with such an exercise. Would you tell me, please, if you have ever had any experience with, er, um, fist-fucking in the past?"

    "Here goes nothing," Dad says to himself and tells the Doctor: "Yes Sir, as recently as last week, as a matter of fact."

    The Doctor looks thoughtful again.

    "We could give it a try, if you feel up to it," he says. "I will give you a local anesthetic so you wont feel the pain and we can try doing it here in my examination room. But I have to tell you, I am putting myself at risk here because, if anything goes wrong, it will be the end of my career."

    "And the end of my sex life," says Dad.

    "No, Mr. Horniman," says the Doctor. "The end of your life is what Im talking about."

    Dad looks shocked, but he is determined. Once youve had a fist and a length of forearm rammed up your date you know that you can survive anything. And he tells this to the Doctor.

    "OK then, Mr. Horniman," the Doctor tells Dad. "Lets give it a try."

    "And Doctor", says Dad, "dont you think you might call me Simon? It sounds a bit odd being addressed as Mr. Horniman by someone whos about to put his hand into your crapper."

    "Sure, Simon," laughs the Doctor. "And you should call me Dan. Dan, Dan the fist-fuckin man!"

    This makes Dad laugh too, until the effort of laughing makes him aware again of the giant lump of rubber thats lodged in his asshole.

    "The thing is, though," cautions the Doctor, "this sort of thing is really a team effort. I should have a couple of theatre attendants in here to help me - and help hold you down too."

    "How about my son, whos waiting outside - and maybe my . . . my friend too, whos also in the waiting room."

    "Your son?" asks the Doctor with some amazement. "You want your son to seethis? Does he know about what the problem is?"

    "Im afraid so," says Dad. "He was there when it happened."

    "Oi vey," says Dr. Dan - and then thinks better of saying anything else. "Well, lets get em in here."

    The Doctor goes back to the waiting area and recruits Alex and me to help with the unorthodox procedure thats about the take place in his examination room. When we get to the room Dad has already climbed back on the vinyl-covered table and is again pressing his face to the surface with his rear end facing the world. Wed already introduced ourselves outside so we get straight to business.

    "The first thing I need to know is what position you were in, Simon, when this, er, object was inserted into your bottom," says the Doctor.

    "It was more or less like this, Dan," comes Dads muffled voice from the tabletop.

    "Yeah, it was just like that," chimes in Alex. Dr. Dan gives Alex quite a look, as if to say: "So, youre the guy who shoved this into his bowels."

    "OK, so the first thing I need to do is have you two guys wash your hands thoroughly at that sink in the corner while I prepare to give Simon a local anesthetic in his spine."

    This does not appeal to my Father.

    "If its all the same to you, Dan," comes Dads stifled voice, "Ill pass on the anesthetic."

    Doctor Dan just shrugs. "I hope you know what youre doing," he says. "Alex, take hold of Simons shoulders will you and do your best to keep him rigid. Michael, if youll just kneel by the side of the table and do your best to hold onto your Fathers feet so he doesnt start flailing around when I begin the procedure."

    Alex puts Dads body into a wrestling grip while I get to me knees on one side and take hold of my Fathers ankles. Im looking straight up Dads crack with his balls and his asshole in full view. I wonder what Dr. Dan thinks about the fact that Dads crack is shaved as smooth as a babys behind.

    The Doctor has put on his mask and a fresh pair of rubber gloves and is grabbing a huge handful of sorbolene from a jar to ease his path into Dads bright pink asshole. Then he stands behind Dads crack and stares at it in deep thought, not sure what to do next.

    "Er . . . if I might make a suggestion," says Alex quietly.

    "Yes?" says Dr. Dan.

    "In my experience, it is usually best to start with one finger and then two, three, four and five and then use all five of them to gently stretch the hole open so your hand and wrist can slip inside."

    "Well," says Dr. Dan, "you learn something every day, dont you?"

    And with no further delay, he begins to press his fingertips against my Fathers asshole. First one fingertip slips inside, then another, a third and a fourth.

    "Alex," says the Doctor, "I dont see how best to get my thumb round and into Simons sphincter."

    "Make your fingers like an arrow-head or a spear-point with your thumb tucked inside your palm and then just ease the whole thing in a bit at a time."

    "Great . . . thanks," Dr. Dan says and proceeds to get on with it. By this time Dad is beginning to squirm a bit and his breath is starting to come in short gasps. Normally, hed love the experience of having some unknown hand shoved up his blurter but theres standing room only inside his colon and it is becoming pretty uncomfortable. My Fathers feet are twitching -- trying, involuntarily, to pull together. I have to hold on tight to make sure they dont move.

    In fact, Im concentrating so hard that, at first, I dont notice a physical change that is occurring inside Dr. Dans white physicians pants, right in front of my face. But, there it is, an unmistakable tenting in Dr. Dans crotch as his hand ploughs inexorably into my Fathers fundament.

    "I think were getting there," says Dr. Dan. "It can just feel the base of this . . . this . . . object. Simon, Im about to insert my wrist through your sphincter so hold on tight. You men hold on tight too."

    And we do. Dad gives a huge gasp as the Doctors whole hand passes into his bowels and his body gives a shudder. So does the penis that is now straining against Dr. Dans pants front and theres a small damp patch appearing on the white cotton fabric.

    "The bastard is enjoying this," I think to myself. "I wonder if were ever going to see what sort of tool hes got hidden in his pants. And I wonder if Dad is ever going to be capable again of sucking that tool into his vacuum-cleaner asshole."

    "Ive got it," says Dr. Dan with a note of triumph in his voice. "Simon, Im now going to try to pull it out. Ill be as gentle as I can but it is going to hurt a lot because it isnt just my hand thatll be coming out - Ill be holding on to your dildo as well. Is there something there you can bite on while Im doing it?"

    "He can bite on my wallet," says Alex. "Here Simon, grab this between your teeth and bite down hard." Alex puts his thick leather wallet between Dads jaws and pats his face to reassure him.

    "Here we go," says Dr. Dan under his breath. "Alex . . . Michael . . . be ready to hold on real tight."

    Millimetre by millimetre, Dr. Dan begins to draw his hand back down my Fathers chute. Dad is making gurgling, strangulated noises now and his face is blazing red.

    "I cant get it out," Dr. Dan says suddenly. "Theres just too much mass - my hand wrapped around the dildo is way too big. The sphincter doesnt want to expand any more."

    "Keep at it Doctor," says Alex. "Ive never seen that asshole refuse anything, no matter what the size is. And what has gone in has always come out. Until now."

    So Dr. Dan begins to strain mightily to drag the dildo and his hand, which is fastened around it, out of my Fathers hugely distended twat.

    A trickle of blood appears in the white sorbolene surrounding Dads hole but Dr. Dan keeps up the pressure until suddenly his hand - clutching to duplicate of Alex monster cock - flies out of my Fathers anus. Theres a loud POP as it appears and I instinctively looks straight at Dads quoit to see what the damage is.

    Apart from the fact that the hole is now gaping open like the entrance to a subway tunnel, theres only a tiny rip in the lip of his asshole to indicate any trauma.

    Dads stifled shrieks have now subsided into sobs as Dr. Dan holds the object up to view. It is covered in shit and slime, as is his glove, but it is intact, so we sigh with relief.

    "How do people have the imagination to invent something so incredible," Dr. Dan wants to know. "What kind of fantasy would induce anyone to create anything so unreal?"

    "Excuse me Doctor, but that fantasy is a direct copy of my cock," says Alex.

    "Dear God," says Dr. Dan. "Thats amazing."

    "You wanna see it?" says Alex. The whole process of extracting the dildo from Dads ass has obviously turned him on in a big way.

    "Sure, why not?" asks Dr. Dan whose own prick is now standing at full salute inside his theatre whites. Poor old Dad has almost been forgotten, it seems.

    Alex gently lets go of my Fathers shoulders and his hands fly to his crotch, tugging at the zipper and dragging his mammoth cock and balls into full view.

    "Shit - its identical," cries Dr. Dan.

    "And it tastes good too," leers Alex.

    Still clutching hold of my Fathers shit-covered dildo, Dr. Dan falls to his knees in front of Alex and grabs hold of his cock, thrusting it straight into his mouth. The damn thing is so big it is all Dr. Dan can do to get the head into his mouth but he is attached to it like a limpet mine and you can see his throat muscles working furiously as he sucks it for all his worth.

    "Mmmmm, mmmm," moans Dr. Dan.

    "Oh fuckin hell," yells Alex, "you fuckin little cock-suckin faggot. You fuckin, fuckin, fuckin, cock-suckin doctor cock-sucker."

    Alex doesnt mind a bit of repetition in his conversation, but I say nothing. With my father collapsed on the table with his asshole still gaping wide open, I throw myself on the floor and push in between Dr. Dan and Alex, grabbing wildly at the Doctors white pants until I free up his straining cock.

    At first I think he is wearing a cock-ring of some kind but I soon see it is really a thick rubber band, twisted first round both his cock and balls, then around his balls alone and finally around his cock. The rubber bites deep into his flesh and it clearly keeps him in an almost permanent state of red and angry erection. I grab hold of the cock and suck its purple head straight into my throat. It is a nice, average-size, circumcised prick and it tastes beautiful - a bit like cheesecake, I suddenly realise.

    "Maybe he enjoys shoving it in his Mommas cheesecakes when shes not looking, I think to myself as Dr. Dans schlong twitches and wriggles inside my mouth. My right hand has gone up and grabbed Alex big, pendulous balls which I tug and twist and yank so he becomes more and more frantic.

    And the more frantic Alex becomes, the more voracious becomes Dr. Dans sucking on the head of his mighty cock.

    "Ah Jesus, Im gonna spend," yells Alex (he prefers saying spend to cum for some reason). And he reaches out and seizes the back of Dr. Dans head, ramming that wicked great monster cock right down his throat. Dr. Dan is gagging and shaking but he wont let up and goes on furiously sucking until Alex arches his back and sends a bucket load of blazing hot spunk coursing down the good Doctors throat. It has just the right effect on Dr. Dan whose own cock lurches wildly, grows suddenly thicker and longer in my mouth and spits out a stream of magnificently creamy, cheesy, cream-cheesy semen into my body.

    Despite the fact that Dr. Dan has swallowed all Alex cum and I have gulped down all the Doctors tool juice, the smell of cum still fills the room.

    "Oh this is lovely, this is," comes a voice from my Dads direction. "This is just what a poor old guy whos just had a steamroller jammed up his fundament wants to see when he comes to."

    Alex has the grace to look sheepish. Dr. Dan is just dazed. Hes collapsed back onto his ass on the floor with his legs spread out, his pants around his ankles and his rubber band armoured cods making fitful little leaps and bobs because the blood cant escape from his engorged cock.

    "Jeez, Simon - it was just the heat of the moment," says Alex. "You have no idea what a turn on it was watching that guy with his arm up your twat."

    "Yeah Dad, I chime in, "we just couldnt help ourselves."

    "Well, Im glad you enjoyed my pain and humiliation," says Dad. "Now, whos gonna close the circle and give me a bit of relief? Its gonna have to be a blow job because trying to slip your cock into my twat at this moment would be like waving a pencil around in the Harlem tunnel. Even yours Alex."

    For the first time I notice Dads cock is erect. Despite his gaping asshole - maybe because of it, who knows - he has also been turned on by the little orgy that has occurred in the Doctors examination room.

    "Let me, Dad," I say, getting to my feet and stepping over Dr. Dan to get to my naked father, who is now standing (a little unsteadily) up against the examination table.

    "Thank you son," says Dad. "You sure our Doctor friend isnt up to showing us again how well he sucks cock?"

    Dr. Dan seems to snap out of his reverie.

    "Sure Ill suck you Simon," he says. "Just give me a moment to adjust myself here."

    Dr. Dan dives into his crotch and starts unwinding the rubber band from around his cock and balls, letting the blood flow back into his body and the last few drops of semen, held back by the tourniquet, ooze out of the head of his dick. He kicks off the pants of his theatre whites and bounces up onto his knees in front of my father, going straight to the action by engulfing my Fathers wang in his lips. This time Dr. Dan has no trouble getting the full erection into his mouth and in a moment his sucking determinedly at this rock-hard length of flesh.

    Hes not bad, this Doctor guy, I admit to myself. Just 10 seconds into sucking my Father off, Dr. Dans prick is beginning to show new signs of life. And hes making those little animal noises again. "Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm."

    "I suppose it is too much to expect anyone to give a flying fuck about me," I say to nobody in particular. Alex looks up and makes a move to reach for me but Dr. Dan is too fast. He takes Dads cock out of his mouth for a moment and gasps: "No, no - you come over here too, Michael. Ill do you and your Daddy together."

    So Dad and I stand side by side up against the examination table while Dr. Dan takes it in turns to suck first one, then the other, of our cocks. Sometimes he tries to jam both of them into his mouth at the same time but, what hes making up in quantity, hes loosing out in quality so he goes back to giving alternate, separate sucks on our big, thrusting schlongs.

    Im the first to blow my load - right into his throat - while my Dad looks on hungrily. As soon as hes sucked every last drop of semen out of my cock head Dr. Dan turns his attention back to my Father and proceeds to give him a more leisurely blowjob, pausing to licks his balls, chew his pubic hairs and reach behind my Dad to feel his ass and check out the status of his distended hole.

    Its quite a performance and my Dad is in seventh heaven when he finally blows his wad into Dr. Dans mouth.

    It takes a while for us all to recover our wits after this cum-fest gross-out but we finally stagger round and put our clothes back on.

    "What shall I do with my private version of Alex cock?" asks my Dad, holding up the dildo that had so recently been buried in his ass.

    "Im afraid youre gonna have to make do with the real thing from now on, Simon," says Alex. "Put the imitation one in this shopping bag and Ill dispose of it somewhere it wont hurt anyone else."

    "Id like to check you out in a couple of days, Simon," the Doctor tells my Dad. "Just to make sure that crazy hole of yours is healing itself. Just keep it clean and dry and I think it is going to be alright."

    "Well, Doctor," says Dad, "I wouldnt mind checking you out at the same time. Do you do house calls at all?"

    "In your case, I certainly do," comes the reply before we say goodbye to Dr. Dan and make our way out into the night.

    And, you know, he certainly did.

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