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  • A new daddy from silverdaddies
  • I had herd about silverdaddies from a friend I had been chatting with I had been meeting guys at the woods and chat lines I always loved guys over 55 but had no where to find them. I started on SD (silverdaddies) with a couple body shots and email face pictures to those who sounded interesting. Before I knew it I had 5 or 6 replies, I was so excited I did not know who to choose but one guy stuck out he was emailing me about how he loved to role play and be in the role of a dominate top. We emailed for about a week and he asked me if I could come to his house. I told him sure and we set a date for the next day. I came to his house it was big and in a nice neighborhood, I was a little nervous and excited as I rang the doorbell. A large man in his 60's answered the door he was about 6'1 and very large framed come in he send, you must be Tony? I came in and he told me to have a seat on the couch as he sat down next to me he said so was it a far drive? No I send with my head down kind of acting shy, He said so what would you like to do? I shrugged my shoulders and said I don't know what about you? he rubbed my leg and said well I want to be your daddy and you are going to be my boy, OK? Well I guess so I said, what do you want me to do? He said come with me as he led me to his bedroom, I want you to get undressed and get in bed and pretend you are asleep, OK, I said and started to undress. Oh god he said you are so hot Tony as I slipped under the sheets I will be right back pretend your asleep he told me and I am going to wake you up.

    I closed my eyes and about 3 minutes later I opened my eyes to see a large gray hairy daddy with a thick hard cock staring me right in my face. He said ok boy now I want you to suck it, I said no daddy I cant its not good, he paused for a moment confused. I then said you have to make me do it Daddy, he replied oh so thats how its going to be? He grabbed my head and pulled me towards his cock no no I said and he said yes boy suck it suck it for daddy he lined his cock up to my mouth and started pushing it in. come on boy suck it for me, I said no no daddy once more before taking his thick meat into my mouth yeah thats it thats how you do it boy as he pumped my mouth making me work his hard cock for about ten minutes. I could taste some pre-cum and I let it drip from my mouth as he moaned he pulled the covers off me exposing my ass, I wiggled it a little and moved my hips up and down while sucking his cock. I want that next boy he told me, no daddy I said. He pulled his cock from my mouth and took both my legs under my knees and pulled me to the edge of the bed. What are you going to do daddy I asked?

    He looked at me and raised my legs and started rimming my ass no daddy I said as he pushed my legs even higher, stop stop. He pushed his tongue in my hole and started fucking me with his tongue, oh daddyyyyy I moaned MMMmmm Mmmm . He started sucking my balls and running his finger around my ass I know he wanted to suck my cock but I told him I was strictly a bottom and I get off by pleasing cock and did not like being sucked. After working my ass for a few minutes he open up a drawer and pulled out some ky he spread it all over my cock and ass and started fingering me while jacking my cock, no daddy we should not do this I said, Its ok boy no one will know it will be are secret. He pulled me to the edge of the bed once more and put KY all over his cock he pushed my legs open and apart with my knees bent exposing my hole to him no daddy I say no, yes yes boy, I m going to fuck that tight ass. He lines up and starts to push ouuuu daddy it hurts, It really did it was huge he pulls back and lubes up and pushes again this time opening me up.

    Ouch Daddy Ouch daddy no more no no, it's ok Boy it won't hurt long he says as he pushes even deeper. I said Daddy no no OHhhhhhhhh MMMmmmmm MMMMmmmm Daddyyyyy now he's about all the way in me ohhh daddy thats it Fuck me MMMMmmmmm, We talked before in email about being clean and I told him if he was he could fuck me bare back so there I was taking a strangers daddies cock up my ass Bare back and loving it his cock was hard and big and he said he shot big loads. Well he was really fucking me hard and telling me what a beautiful boy I was and how hot I made him and I could tell his big cock felt like it was still getting bigger inside me I could see it as he pulled out and thrust back in it was massive and he was fucking me into an orgasm. I told him to kiss me and he started giving me hard sloppy wet tongue kisses as he started moaning louder, I was about to cum and he asked me if he could cum inside me?

    I said yes daddy yes give it all to me as I started cuming myself I saw his face and grunting and thrusting my ass I felt his man juice start to fill my ass I thrust into him wildly as he filled my man pussy full of cum. we laid naked making out for a few minutes than I started draining his cock with my mouth like a starved boy. As I was leaving he grabbed my ass and pulled me close and told me he thinks he is in love with me and started to kiss me deep and asked me to stay the night. I did and he fucked me twice more that night treating me like I was his prince. MMMMmmmm Daddy Love its the best

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