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  • The professor and his student
  • "You're gay, aren't you?"

    It wasn't a question; it was a matter-of-fact statement.

    I wasn't sure what to say, so I answered with a question: "Are you?"

    "I asked you first," Art replied.

    He grinned at me, as if he knew. For as long as I have known him, he was incredibly perceptive. I sat on the couch opposite him admiring his beauty. He was fairly tall with delicate features and a slight build. If he were a girl, he would be called pretty, even beautiful.

    When Art was in high school, he used to come over for help with his writing assignments or just to chat. He and his family lived a few houses down from me, but they had never really maintained what one would call a friendship with me. They were a family, and I was single. It seems as if we didn't have much in common; I was an outspoken atheist, and Art's father was a Baptist minister.

    Art came over often for help on his college essays because he believed his writing still needed work. His writing didn't need any of my help of course, but I enjoyed his company, and I know he enjoyed mine.

    He was a freshman at the local college where I teach classical Greek and Roman history and mythology. His older sister was a student in one of my classes.

    I replied, "I don't think of myself as 'gay' or anything else; I enjoy any kind of sex. If it feels good, I'll do it."

    "My gaydar tells me you are gay; don't try to deny it."

    "Your gaydar?" That was a word I had never heard before.

    "Gay radar." He chuckled coquettishly. "Then tell me about the first gay experience you ever had, or the most interesting you've had."

    "Well . . . if you insist. I had many gay experiences through high school, but none of them went beyond mutual masturbation. Occasionally I had taken a penis in my mouth, but no one had actually ejaculated in my mouth. That is, until one day during the summer after my friend Don and I had just graduated.

    "We were at his house, and I had been helping him with his yard chores. His parents were gone for the weekend, so we weren't in any hurry to finish. Eventually we had called it a day because it was hot, and we were sweaty. He suggested that we shower together rather than take turns. I had no problem with that.

    "As we undressed, he mentioned that he was horny. I told him that I, too, was. We chuckled, and we both entered the shower with hard-ons. I stared at Don's circumcised cock; I was fascinated by it. He noticed my staring, and he ran his hands along the length of it. In the shower Don offered to wash my back; as he did so, his prick rubbed against my bottom, and he held onto my hips and rubbed his hard prick along the crack of my ass cheeks. Then he reached around and grabbed my prick and pulled my foreskin back and forth. I turned around and grabbed his thick, hard cock. It was beautiful, long, and very hard. I rubbed him vigorously a few more times, but I found it difficult masturbating a prick without a foreskin. I knelt down in front of him in order to pump his cock more comfortably. As I was pumping him, I stared at the large, bulbous head. I couldn't resist taking his prick into my mouth. I took only the head in at first and swirled my tongue around it. It was a wonderful feeling, but I felt as if I would choke on it because he wanted to push his entire cock into my throat. By this time Don was moaning softly while he held my head firmly in his hands. He was trying to hump my mouth. Then I got the idea to hold the shaft in both hands and suck aggressively on the head. This was less tiring, and I loved the feel of the hot glans in my mouth.

    "After sucking vigorously for several minutes, he shot several spurts of hot jism into my mouth. I had to swallow fast, but I got it all. I held his softening prick in my mouth, but I continued to exert more sucking pressure. After several minutes, I stood up, and we hugged while rubbing each other's cocks. We didn't speak; we just kept rubbing, but he was rubbing my prick with more vigor. He let go of me, and our cocks rubbed along our bellies simultaneously as we open-mouth kissed. Then I tensed up, and I came in several spurts all over his belly. He kneeled down and took my softening prick in his mouth and sucked until it was completely soft."

    "Then what happened?" asked Art.

    Before I could continue with the story, I noticed that his trousers stuck out in front. Mine were too, and he was staring at my crotch. He then stood up to stretch.

    When he did, I said, "Well, let me see." I reached over and touched his trousers. I could feel his erection through the material.

    "It's small," he protested.

    "Nonsense," I replied. "With your youth and vitality, I'll bet it's strong and very hard."

    "I want to see yours, then."

    We both pulled off our trousers, but he was completely naked before I could get the rest of my clothing off. He was right; it was small, but it was a gorgeous treat to look at it in all of its circumcised beauty, nestled in a sparse nest of very light pubic hair. It was incredibly stiff, with an upward curl. The head had a dark purple color to it. I lunged at it, taking it into my mouth hungrily. I sucked hard, relishing the feel of it throbbing in my mouth. The entire prick was in my mouth, and I still had room to maneuver my tongue all over the shaft and head. I sucked hard, alternating between working the hard knob and sucking the entire thing along the shaft with my lips. I knew he wouldn't last long with my efforts. He suddenly grabbed my hair, thrust forward, and grunted as his scalding jism hit the back of my throat.

    "You have a quick trigger," I said, as I let his still-erect cock fall out of my mouth. I held his stiff cock and his balls in my hands.

    As soon as I stood up, he removed the rest of my clothing and grabbed my hard cock.

    "My god, it's a gorgeous uncut cock!" He kept rubbing my foreskin back and forth, fascinated by its ability to do that. Then he licked the underside of my prick where the head joins the staff. What a feeling! He opened his mouth to take it all in and worked it tenderly and lovingly; after several more minutes, I exploded into a mind-popping orgasm.

    He swallowed; then he stood up to face me. "Now who has a quick trigger?"

    We both hugged each other, and then he gave me a long, lingering kiss, which I returned.

    "So what happened?" He stretched out as he sat down on the sofa.


    "Between you and Don. After you two showered?"

    "Oh, yeah, there is more."

    I sat next to Art, and he began rubbing my prick. It felt good to be naked in front of a beautiful young man, who also happens to be naked.

    "After the shower we both lay on his bed. We had fallen asleep; but when I woke up, Don had my prick in his mouth. I shifted around so that we were in a sixty-nine, with me on the bottom. Since we had already come earlier, this was going to be done at a more leisurely pace. We enjoyed each other's pricks. Don worked my foreskin much in the same way you had worked mine. He concentrated on trying to bring me off quickly because of the attention he gave the head of my prick. As for me, I could feel his cock at the back of my mouth, and then I would alternate sucking the head of his prick like a lollipop or like an ice-cream cone. I wanted to come in his mouth, so he accommodated me by sucking my prick long and lovingly. He took long, deep strokes of my cock followed by a strong, outward sucking on the head. I wanted to hump his mouth, but I couldn't since he was on top of me. He would pump my prick with one hand and then suck the head of my prick; he alternated these movements until I stiffened, groaned, and filled his mouth with my come, which he swallowed."

    Art stretched out again. His hard prick was at full attention, begging to be sucked.

    Before I could reach over to fondle his prick and balls, he leaned over and took my prick into his mouth and began sucking in earnest.

    He stopped momentarily and rubbed his hands all over my chest and belly. "I'm glad you don't have a hairy chest or belly. Excess hair turns me off."

    "Me, too." I thought about his sparse nest of very light pubic hair.

    He went back to sucking me and manipulating my foreskin, but soon stopped and stood in front of me with his small, incredibly hard prick sticking out.

    "I need to come again," he said. "Really bad." It was throbbing again.

    I had no problem with that. I enjoyed the feel of his hard prick in my mouth, and I doubt that I could ever get tired of it. His prick felt hot in my mouth, while my nose nestled in his pubic hair. I wanted this to last, this feeling of being able to do wonderful things with my tongue on the head and shaft. His prick felt even hotter and somehow longer in my mouth as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer to him. He humped my mouth vigorously but lovingly, rubbing his hand on the back of my head. He lasted longer, much longer, but soon he grunted and thrust, held my head tightly, and spewed another copious amount of hot jism into the back of my mouth.

    "It looks like you need some attention now," he said.

    He was right; it was sticking straight up. I could have gone off easily myself. Art knelt on the floor between my legs and took my prick into his mouth while he played with my balls. He then used his tongue on the head of my prick and along the shaft.

    Art then looked up at me and asked, "When did you shower last?"

    "Why? Is there a problem?"

    "No, you smell fine."

    "I took a shower just before you came over. I had a hunch we would be doing this."

    "That's all I wanted to know."

    Then he did the unexpected: he spread my legs apart and pulled me to the edge of the sofa. He ran his hot tongue down my shaft, under my balls, and between my butt cheeks. Then he darted his tongue over my asshole, creating a sensation that was overwhelming, and I felt myself get even harder. Art lightly rubbed the head of my prick and returned his mouth to it, sucking the head with a passion. At that point he slowly inserted a finger into my rectum, and I came quickly in his mouth; I couldn't help it. And I had wanted this one to last much longer.

    Both of us sat still for a short time. He lazily rubbed my soft cock.

    This was a good time for small talk.

    "Art, you've been visiting me for almost two years now, ever since you've been a junior in high school. What possessed you to ask me today if I'm gay?"

    "Well, with my dad being a minister, I'm not sure where he stands on gay issues. I know for sure many in his congregation are homophobic. With the way people are, I just had to be sure. If I had been wrong about you, I wouldn't be able to face you."

    "Tell me about your family."

    "My dad's easy to get along with, but I keep my atheism and homosexuality from him. My mother is more liberal about what I am, although she always wants me to tell her what being gay is like. I tell her enough to pique her interest, although she wants me to go into more detail than I want to give her. You know my sister Annette; she's in one of your classes. She's two years older than I am. We're really close, and she and I confide in each other."

    I brought forth the images of Annette in my class. She always wears tight, short skirts to class, and she sits with her legs spread. Occasionally she will bend over to pick up a book, and I will get a look at her beautiful cleavage.

    I came out of my reverie. "Ever have sex with her?"

    "Well, not really, but we often see each other naked, as we did when we were little. We often engage in mutual sex play. She thinks my prick is cute, and she has sucked me off several times. She knows that I have feelings for you and that I've wanted to have sex with you. She said that she wants to make love with you. She said that she has even rubbed herself to orgasm while in your class fantasizing about having sex with you."

    "I'm flattered." My imagination went wild at this.

    When Art left, we had made arrangements for another session of love-making. And perhaps with his sister, too.


    Two days later Art showed up at my door wearing a loose bathing suit and carrying a towel.

    "Let me guess," I said, "you want to use my swimming pool."

    "Yeah, and I'm hoping you'll join me. Actually, I want to swim in the nude, and I hope you'll do that with me, too."

    "Of course I will. I need the exercise, and getting away from preparing lessons and reading students' papers will be good for me."

    "But you're not doing either one right now," Art said.

    "Well, hell, I gotta eat food, too, in addition to your dick."

    I was preparing strawberries for a fruit salad and a strawberry shortcake. I also like to snack on strawberries.

    "Tell you what, Art, if you step out of that bathing suit and set up the lounge chairs in the shady part of the patio, I'll join you in a few minutes. With extra strawberries."

    As he stepped out of his bathing suit, he was sporting a very healthy hard-on. I looked at it, contemplating whether to stop what I'm doing so I could suck his beautiful cock to climax.

    He must have been reading my mind because he gripped me in a strong hug, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear, "Do you need a break from that? I have something for you that you'll love. It's smooth, hard, and creamy."

    I ignored him and continued with my chores, and he went out the back door to do his.

    I could hear him frolicking in the water as I finished up and put my fruit salad and strawberries in the refrigerator. I also got a bowl for the strawberries that I didn't prepare those that I didn't cut the green tops off.

    I removed my clothing before going outside. It was a hot day, and I love to swim in the nude.

    Art was in a lounge chair idly playing with his erection when I came out with the strawberries.

    "Where's the Cool Whip?" he asked.


    "Cool Whip! You don't eat strawberries plain, do you?"

    "Well, yeah," I replied. "Since you already have the run of my house, it's in the fridge; you can bring it out yourself."

    I sat down and started snacking.

    Art was out in a flash with the whole container of Cool Whip and right away dunked two oversized strawberries into it.

    On the third strawberry, he held it up to his face studying it the small end aimed at his face.

    Sarcastically I said, "Better study it carefully; you might have a quiz on it."

    "Have you ever noticed that on some strawberries, if you look at them a certain way, they look like the head of a dick?"

    Then he took that strawberry into his mouth and gave it a strong suck, with an obscene slurping noise.

    I swear I saw his penis twitch!

    The next one he dipped it into his mouth with a dab of Cool Whip on it, sucked off the topping, and smiled it me.

    One didn't need to be a Greek scholar to know the meaning behind that!

    We finished the strawberries in the next few minutes. Art got up to take the Cool Whip back to the fridge, but as he walked by me, he stuck his finger in the topping and handed the container to me.

    He dabbed some topping on his penis and stood close to me. "I have another strawberry for you to eat, and it already comes with cream."

    I set the container on the table and then grabbed Art's hips and put his "strawberry" in my mouth. I could feel his rigid penis sliding back and forth on the groove of my tongue. I applied stronger pressure from my palate to try to suck the life out of his cock.

    I kept up the pressure for several minutes, thinking he would cum soon. He was merely stroking my hair and ears as he stood there enjoying the sensations I was giving him.

    I was erect myself and tempted to stroke myself to orgasm I was so horny.

    Then all of a sudden Art grabbed the sides of my head with both hands and pulled me into his body; then he began humping my face hard.

    I felt his erection expand, and soon I could feel his cum erupting in my mouth. I tried not to swallow right away; I wanted to taste this young man's jism while I could before I swallowed.

    I stood up from my seat; Art still stood, so I hugged him. My erection pushed upward as it his belly. I knew if I rubbed my body against his too tightly that I would cum all over him.

    Art put his hand on my penis, but he was perceptive enough to know that if he put too much action into his manipulation that I would indeed cum all over him.

    I saw him reach over to the Cool Whip and grab a large dollop of it in his fingers. He sat down, peeled my foreskin back, and applied the Cool Whip.

    "Now I'm ready to eat your strawberry."

    The Cool Whip came off quickly, and then he sucked on the head of my penis while holding my foreskin back. With the action of his lips, tongue, and palate, I knew I wouldn't last long.

    Then the bastard stopped!

    "Art, what the fuck . . .!?"

    "Let's go for a swim first!"

    "Like hell! I'm ready to make an offering for the god Priapus into your mouth."

    "Spoilsport! Okay, but I'm going to flavor it up again."

    With an even bigger dollop of Cool Whip, Art again savored my cock. He varied his technique this time by using the foreskin to suck on, working his tongue on the head of my penis, and trying to deep-throat me. That last effort nearly caused him to regurgitate half a bowlful of strawberries.

    I came suddenly, when he was not expecting it, and I came all over his face.

    "That's what you get when you don't pay attention," I said.

    We spent quite some time swimming in my pool. I have always found swimming nude to be extremely erotic, and it has always given me a hard-on. I noticed it had the same effect on Art.

    He climbed out and stood on the edge, looking at me.

    "Is that a piss hard-on, or are you glad I'm here with you?" I asked.


    "Ah. You like water sports?"

    "Water sports?"

    "Yeah, pee play. It's a lot of fun. First, let me go into the house and get something."

    I came back with a tube of K-Y Jelly. I wanted that kid's beautiful little cock in my ass!

    "What's that for?" he asked.

    "You'll see. Now I am going to kneel down on all fours, and you are going to kneel behind me. I want you to pee on my asshole, then apply the K-Y Jelly to your dick, and then fuck the shit out of me. Doggy style, of course." I set plastic cushions down for us to be comfortable.

    "Jeez, sounds like fun." He peed all over my asshole, my balls, my back, and arched his pee so it even hit my head.

    Being the recipient of anal intercourse has never really appealed to me, and I had it done to me only once years ago. The experience was gentle and pleasant. However, I much prefer cocks and cunts.

    But I cannot resist this beautiful young man with the pretty cock. He inserted it easily into me, and he held onto my hips while he humped me. In just a few minutes I could feel the swell of his penis as he filled me with his cum.

    I stood up, and I could feel my own strong need to piss and come. I was hard, and my desire to masturbate myself to orgasm was strong.

    "Piss on me!" Art said, still kneeling.

    So I aimed at his crotch and emptied my bladder. When the last drop hung on my penis, Art was on it, sucking my cock hungrily. I wanted to cum, but I didn't want to be in a hurry to end it that quickly, either.

    "Let's take a shower together, Art. And if we feel like it we can do some more swimming. Want to have supper with me?

    "That'd be great!"

    "Your parents don't mind if you spend the night with me, do they? I would love to have you sleep with me."

    "It's no problem. I'm eighteen, remember? I sometimes stay over at friends' houses, especially when we've been drinking. And I'd love to sleep with you."

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