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  • Daddys little fuck toy
  • My name is Kris and I have known for a couple of years now that I am bisexual. Im still a virgin, not having had sex either male or female.

    Im 20 years old and go to a local comunity college. I have always had sexual feelings for my father but would never bring my self to act upon them, until one day.

    My father has always walked around the house naked in the morning showing off his beutiful 10 inch cock. Whenever we would roughhouse I would get slightly aroused but always managed to hide my semi-boner. My father would even slap my ass on occasion when near me.

    Im kind of a scrawny guy while my dad is quite big and muscular. I have always imagined him holding me up while he fucked the living shit out of me.

    One day I didnt have class but my twin sister did and was already out of the house and both of my parents were supposed to be at work.

    So I made my way into my parents room with my dildo in hand and stripped naked. I stuck the suction part of the dildo to the wall and found the picture of my dad at the beach in his speedo. I squated down and began jacking off to the picture as I sucked on the dildo imagining it was my dads cock.

    I was moaning in pleasure when I head "What the hell are you doing?" I looked up to the doorway and saw my dad standing there with a slightly confused look on his face.

    "I was umm... I was..." I couldnt find the words to explain what I was doing, all I could do was mumble random things.

    "Are you jacking off to a picture of me son?" He said as he walked up to me.

    I was still squating down when he came up to me. At that point I was at eye level with his crotch and almost instictively glanced at the bulge in his pants.

    "You want daddy"s cock dont you?" He bagan stroking his dick through his pants as I tried to formulate an answer.

    "No I... didnt think anyone would be home. Im sorry."

    He made a slight smirk and said "Its ok son, you must be just like your father. I"ve always loved women but I could never pass up a cock if it was in front of me."

    "Im sorry dad but you always walk around the house naked with your cock bouncing around, and all I want to do is drop to my knees and suck it." I hadnt noticed yet but at some point in the conversation I had began jacking off my rock hard cock.

    "I thought you might" He stated as whiped out his big 10 inch cock still soft yet seemingly enormous. He started rubbing it in my face forcing the stench of his musk throughmy nostrils.

    "Its ok son go ahead and suck it"

    I put the picture down and began kissing his dick all over, licking the shaft as it started to get harder. I worked my way to his balls and tongued them, cleaning the sweat off. I popped each ball in my mouth a few times before working my way back up the shaft to the tip of his dick.

    I plunged it into my mouth and began to go up and down on it as he moaned with pleasure. i felt his dick get harder and harder as I sucked him off trying to take every inch in that I could.

    I grabbed his ass cheeks in order to slam his cock in my throat harder. All i could think was that I couldnt believe i was actually doing this to my father.

    "Oh my god!" he shouted "Im about to cum son! Im about to cum!" He shot his load all over my face then lifted me up to face him. We stared into each others eyes for a few moments before he passionately kissed me smearing the cum between our two tongues.

    "That was the best blowjob I think I have ever gotten son"

    "I cant believe I just gave you a blowjob dad" i said while still panting a little from the excitement. "Why did you come home anyway?"

    "To be honest I just didnt feel like working today, i wanted to come home and relax with my son for a while. What do you say we go get cleaned up in the shower. We can do a little more "relaxing" in there." He stated as he planted another kiss on me while our cocked rubbed together.

    "Sure" I said.

    As we walked to the shower he slapped my ass and said "I cant believe im about to pound my only sons tight little ass hole" After he said that my dick grew harder than it had ever been before.

    We entered the shower and as I bent down to turn it on I felt my dad grab both of my ass cheeks and rub his cock around my ass. I shivered in delight as I imagined what was to come.

    I turned around and started kissing him all down his body as I made my back to his cock and began sucking it once more. After I savored my dads cock in my mouth for a few moments he said "Now turn around and bend over, daddy"s gonna tear your ass up."

    I did as he asked and within seconds I felt his dick rubbing my ass crack. He began to put the tip in and I gasped in slight paint.

    "Its ok ill go slow" he said as I felt his dick slowly enter my virgin hole. He pulled it back and then shoved it back in until he had a nice riythm going.

    At first it hurt but it quickly began to feel like heaven."Oh fuck me daddy" I yelled, begging for more. As I said that he started thrusting harder and harder.

    After a few minutes of sheer pleasure he told me to turn around and jump into his arms. At this point I fully trusted him and would do anything he asked of me. Once in his arms he stuck his cock back in my ass and shoved me against the wall as he pounded me. We kissed and fucked for what seemed like an eternity.

    I thought he would come at any moment But I only under estemated my wonderful father, so I tried to hold back cumming as long as I could.

    Eventually he dropped me back to down so I could stand and twirled me around and began pounding me some more. This time he was fucking me like a wild animal.

    "Take this dick sone!"

    "Yes daddy! Dont stop! Fuck your little bitch of a son! FUCK YES!" I yelled as I bent forward grabbing onto the curtains and pulling them off.

    This didnt stop my father though as he kept pounding my ass hole like it was the last thing on earth he would ever do.

    At this point I was hanging out of the shower and we had fallen to our knees. I was gripping thee toilet with all of my life as I took every inch of his dick in and out of my ass.

    I started jacking my dick more when my dad said "here I go, Im about to cum!"

    He let out a loud moan as he came in my ass and as he did so I shot my load all over the shower floor.

    He leaned down and began licking my ass hole trying to gather every drop of cum that made its way out. Then he flipped me over with the back of my had on the toilet lid and we made out devouring his cum that was fresh my ass hole.

    We finished up the shower while making out during most of it. Then made our way to my parents bed.

    He flipped on the televison and I began to slowly suck on his cock again. I licked and kissed and sucked his cock until we both fell asleep.

    I awoke a couple hours later to the sound of my sister getting home. The first thing I saw was my dads cock still in my face. Somehow we managed to get dressed before she found us, but I knew that my dad had a new little fuck toy whenever he wanted it from that point on.

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