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  • While my step dad was sleeping
  • My name is Daniel, and one day I will never forget is the day things changed forever between my step dad and I. I'm twenty-four, and have been gay for as long as I can remember. My mom and I have always had a strained relationship, and I don't get to see her much. She has been divorced from my father since before I was born, but recently married Kevin. Kevin is a real mans man. He is about six-one, not really chubby, but not skinny by any means and very hairy. I love hairy guys and have been attracted to Kevin since the moment I met him, but never dared to act on my impulses.

    My family knows I'm gay; I came out when I was eight-teen. So Kevin knew I was gay and was cool with it. My relationship with my mother might have been strained, but I could always talk freely with Kevin. He was a nice guy, and never judged me. Many nights I would fantasize about him, and jack off to his picture. I did this so many times, all the while knowing nothing like my fantasies would ever happen in real life, since Kevin was extremely straight.

    I live in the country across the road from mom and Kevin. I am on city water though, while they still have a well. The city water has a really nasty taste to it, so I usually get my drinking water from my mom's house. Her water tastes like bottled water, since when they drilled her will she got lucky and they taped into a natural spring. I have a key to their house, and I go over to their house when I need and fill gallon jugs with water. One day I went over to their house for water, and got more then I expected!

    It was the middle of summer and mom was at work, and I thought Kevin was too but when I drove up I noticed that his truck was there. He must have had the day off. I walk into the house, and I hear the T.V. on in the living room so I go to say hello to him. When I walk into the living room I see Kevin asleep in the recliner in nothing but his tighty whities. I could see a couple beer bottles on the table next to him. He must have had one to many and passed out. I got hard as soon as I saw him sprawled out in the recliner. He had the chair laid back a little, and had his right hand behind his head. He was snoring quietly. I knew he was a pretty sound sleeper so I didn't think I had to worry much about waking him up especially since he had been drinking.

    I just stood there for a long time, just watching him sleep. He looked so sexy just lying there. My cock was rock had and dripping as I watched his hairy chest slowly rise and fall. I slowly walked towards him. As I stood above him I worked up the courage and stroked his arm to test the waters, and see if you would wake up. I had no affect on him by stroking his hairy arm, so I decided to take it a little farther. I ran my hand through his armpit hair, since that had always been a fetish of mine. I then started to rub his hairy chest and play gently with his nipples. Nothing I did seemed to have any affect on him, he was still quietly snoring happily. The only thing that happened that I noticed was the already supple bulge in his tighty whities seemed to grow a little bigger.

    I could see the outline of his cock through his increasingly tightening underwear, and I couldn't help myself any longer. I started to gently rub his package through his underwear, and caress his hardening cock and balls. As I rubbed his hardening cock through his tighty whities, I started to kiss and lick his hairy chest and stomach while I stroked his armpit. I ran my tongue around his nipples, and sucked on them lightly. Kevin was rock hard now, and I could see the outline of his rock hard cock through his underwear. I rubbed along the length of his big cock, and a wet spot started to appear.

    My self-control was growing weaker and weaker as Kevin Laid in front of me nearly naked, and now with a cock as hard as granite and begging to be freed. I nuzzled my face around the outside of his underwear along his hard cock, and his balls. Then I started to lick the wet spot that had formed on the outside of his tighty whities from the massive amount of pre cum that was leaking from his cock. I couldn't take it any longer I was so horny, and I had to see his dick for myself. I had only imagined what it looked like, and now I was about to see for myself.

    I cautiously started to pull his underwear down. Kevin's dick sprang to attention after being freed from its then tight fitting prison. I couldn't believe my eyes. His dick was about eight and a half inches long, and nice and thick. Kevin also had big hairy balls that were the size of large eggs. I pulled his underwear the rest of the way down to his knees, and stared in awe at him. He was still lightly snoring so I continued my exploration of him.

    I grabbed his rock hard cock softly and started to jack him off slowly, while I gently massaged his balls. When I started to jack him off, a big glob of pre cum oozed from the tip of his dick. I couldn't stop myself; I leaned in and licked the pre cum from his cock. Kevin tasted so good I had to have more. While massaging his balls, I stuck the tip of his cock into my mouth and started to gently suck. Kevin was still asleep, but in his sleep he let out a moan of pleasure as I started to suck his cock.

    I started to slowly take more and more of his cock into my mouth as I sucked. Kevin started to spread his legs more, and his tighty whities worked there way down to his ankles. With his legs spread as they were his furry ass hole was exposed, and so I decided to go for broke. I stopped sucking his cock long enough for me to stick my middle finger in my mouth and get it all lubed up with spit. After it was good and lubed up with my spit I resumed to suck Kevin's cock, and I started to circle my finger around his hole.

    Kevin must have really liked what was happening, because in his sleep he started to moan and slowly started to face fuck me. After his hole was good and lubed up with my spit, I gently started to push my finger into his ass. Kevin started to breath heavier, and moan louder the farther my finger went into his ass. As I was sucking his cock and pushing my finger in to Kevin's ass, something changed. When I get my finger all the way in, Kevin woke up!

    'What the fuck is going on?!?' I just froze with Kevin's cock in my mouth, and my finger up his ass. 'Daniel? What the fuck are you doing?' I took his cock out of my mouth, but before I could say anything he said. 'Don't stop, I've never done anything like this with a guy before but damn it feels good. Suck on my cock.' I started to suck his cock again, but I started to pull my finger out of his ass and he said. 'Don't pull your finger out of my ass, finger fuck me while you suck on my cock.'

    I took his whole cock into my mouth, and started to fuck him with my finger. I pulled off of his cock; long enough to give his hairy balls some attention. I started licking his balls, and then I took one into my mouth then the other until I was sucking on both his balls at the same time. The entire time I'm sucking on his balls and his leaking cock I'm finger fucking him, and rubbing his prostate with my finger. I start sucking his cock again, running my tongue around the edge of his cock head and flicking his piss slit with my tongue. Kevin is going crazy with pleasure, moaning and breathing heavily.

    'Damn your good at this!' he said, and I reply by rubbing his prostate with my finger while I start from the tip of his dick and suck it all the way down to its base. 'I'm gonna cum!' he yells, while grabbing the back of my head and shoving my mouth all the way down on his cock. Kevin shoots load after load of his hot cum down my throat, and into my mouth. I took every last drop of cum he had. 'Damn!' he says trying to catch his breath. 'That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever gotten. We would have done this sooner if I'd have known it would be that good.' After that I became Kevin's regular fuck buddy and I have loved every minute of it.

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