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  • My name is payton jones i am 19 years old and i have lived with my dad ever since i was boy when my parents got divorced. Im 5"11" with dirty blond hair. My body is nicely toned with a 6 pack from playing high school baseball. I have always known that i was gay but manage to keep it hush hush because i always acted like a stight guy so no one expected it. But i had never had any experiance with a guy until dad showed me.......

    It was around mid august of last year and i had just turned 18, one morning i woke up and i didnt really want to go to school that day so i was like fuck it and fell back to sleep. I finally grow and set up in bed. I felt my hard morning wood trobbing in my tight boxer briefs. I set there for a second rubbing it and thinking of the dream i just had that gave me this bonner. It was five men fucking hard and cumming all on each other over and over again with big thick hard cocks, and they was all moaning in pleaser over the sound of their balls slapping each others asses and kissing and licking each others body through the tons of warm creamy white thick cum that covered them. I stood up out of bed with my dick still hard as fucking steel and seeing some precum leaking out where my dick head was, so i walk down stairs to the lab top in the living room. I notice that all the curtains are open so i walk over and pull them shut so no one can see my dirty secert.

    When i get to the computer chair before setting down i pull down my boxer briefs to my big thick size 11 feet and step out of them. I stand back up and look down at my thick cock. my dick is really nice i think, its 7 inches and thick cut with one vain that runs on the bottom left side, when its hard it stands up stright against my stomach with my piss hole looking me staight in the face and curves to the right just a little. I set down and log into my account on the computer and start searching gay porn. I finally find a web sight that lets you download gay porns for free and i start watching hot videos of men: muscular ones, hairy ones, jocks, twinks, military men, and etc. they are all cumming,jacking, fucking, sucking, rimming, frotting and its all fucking hot. Im really getting into it and enjoying every stroke on my hard dick. I can feel my body going numb with pleaser as i begain to feel cum submerage to the head of my cock as i watch this man fuck this guy hard up the ass while another one is getting his dick sucked by the man who is getting fucked and he starts cumming on his face. I let out a moan with my heavy breathing and released my load of cum on my abs all the way up to my neck. I set there and holding my throbbing balls and now limp dick slaping it in the cum on my stomach as i watch the rest of the men get off. About that time the hear some one putting thier key in the door so i jump up and exit off the web site and grab my boxer briefs and run like hell up to my room with my cum drained limp dick bouncing every where slapping my legs. When i get to my room and throw on some basketball shorts and a cut off shirt with my cum still on my chest kinda soaking through, i hear my dad yell "PAYTON" i guess he seen my car in the driveway, so i said "yeah hang on dad im up stairs" and i walk down to see dad.

    "Hey dad what are you doing home?" i asked and looking at him in his black business suit with his tie a little undone where he losened it. He said "i freaking got fired today, after being there for six years and they....wait why the hell aint you at high school?" I stand there not knowing what to say, and he says "oh well its whatever, im actually glad your here so i have someone to talk to." He asked me if i wanted something to eat and i said that i wasnt hungery so me and dad stand in the kitchen talking while he made a bowl of ceral. My dad is a really nice looking man you can say i take after him alot, he is 36 (18 years older than me) has dark brown hair that is really short he stands 6"2" and brod with a nice body with a six pack and pecks he wears size 12 shoes and has a nice structured clean shaved face with a noticable jaw line and adams apple. We talk for a while and watch tv until about one and i finally say that im gonna go take a shower, and he says that he is gonna get on the computer and check his email. I get up to the bathroom and think how close i have been to getting cought at looking at gay porn, but this was by far the closest. I got undress and hopped in the shower washing dried man juice on my chest that i didnt wip off. I scrub the rest of my body as and clean my hung dick and ball sack, and kinda thinking about having a quick jackoff again in the shower. As i stroke my hard dick and tickle balls it feels good while i use the water that hitting my cock for lube. Im kinda getting into it when i hear dad bang on the door really loud, and i take my hand off my hard cock and jump, dad says "payton hurry up i need to talk to you about something." He was being really serious so i said "ok dad ill be out in a min" noticing that my cock was already limp again within five seconds.

    Then he said "ill be in my room." I agian just said ok dad" and finshed washing my body woundering what he was wanting to talk about.

    I get out and wrap a white towel around me and dont even worry about going to my room and getting dressed since it was just me and dad in the house. I walk to his room and he has his tie completly undone but still around his neck and his white dress shirt untucked and unbutton with his white under shirt on. I asked "whats up dad? what did you wanna talk about?" with a shake in my voice. He looked up at me and said "have you been looking at gay porn on the computer?" My heart skipped a beat and i denied it. I looked at him like i was offended and said "umm no why" with kinda a laugh at the end. He took a deep breath and said "you wouldnt lie to me would you?" With a lump in my throat i said "no." He then said "well can you explain why all that gay porn is on your history on your account on the computer"? I stared at him in shock and thought fuck i forgot to log off mine. Then i told him "i didnt mean to click on them sites i thought that it was girl on girl when it said gay!" I was proud of myself for thinking of that so fast. But he said "oh well, if you was that cool if you are," he sets down on the bed and takes off his shoes and socks showing his big man feet and thick long toes and looks back up, "because i like dick to." My jaw drops and i said "what?" like i didnt hear him but heard it perfect. He said "yeah son i have liked men for a long time why do you think me and your mom got divored and she never comes around?" I set there and finally say it out loud "ok dad that was me that looked up the gay porn and i loved it i get off on it everytime i look at it and i never get off to girls, so there i said it im gay!" He then stands up and says "im fucking proud of you. i knew i always loved you haha." and he gives me a hug. "now look son im gonna show you something that you can have access to anytime you want." He walks over to his closet and get in the top right coner and pulls out a huge box, he lays it on the bed and says "i was hoping that one day i could share all this with you, go ahead and look around in it." he steps back and starts taking off his work cloths and i step over and set on the bed and look in the box that filled with everything. He has all kinds of dildos big, small, hairy, thick, long, and thin, he even had one that shot cum out.

    I looked more at the 100s of gay porn magazines and dvds and videos that he had that ranged from every kind form the 70s to now. He has more toys like cock rings, penis pumps, a fleshlight, a masterbater, anal beads, nipple clamps and differnt kinds of other toys and lots of lube, i even noticed that he had a blow up chair with a dildo on it. My dick was getting really hard under my towel because of all of this. He told me "go ahead play with anyhing you want i dont care." I smile a grab some lube and the fleshlight he laugh and said "yeah thats one of my favorites, i named him blake." i undid my towel and reveled my dick to dad and applied some lupe on my hard cock. Dad said "fuck payton you got a big dick!" i replied and said "yeah im one of the biggest in the locker room." I stared to jackoff with the fleshlight and really felt good when dad walked over with his shirt off and his muscels showing, he grabbed the fleshlight and started doing it for me. I layed back as he took long hard strokes going down to my balls. I leaned up and started to rub his dick through his pants and i could fell him getting hard, and thinking to myself my gosh how big is he? That dick feels huge. He stopped using the fleshlight and stood up and layed it beside me on the bed, he then took off his pants and i seen his hard dick outlined setting sideways on his leg through his boxer briefs. I rub his hard cock throgh them and he jacked me off with his big muscular man hand.

    He leaned in and kissed my lips soft and went back to looking at his sons big thick lubed up throbbing dick. I pulled down his underwear and got really turned on by his big dick that flopped out. I was amazed at it, i couldnt stop looking at the big, 8 1/2, thick, vainy, red, pulsing, uncut dick in front of me, thinking my gosh this damn thing has it own fucking gravity pull! My dad notices me stareing at his thick meat and laughs and says "well are you shocked with how big your daddy is? you had to get your big dick from some where!" He stands up and i lean in and start yanking on his dick, watching the forskin roll back and forth over his cock head. His big shaved balls keep swinging under my thumb as i jackoff and please him. He looks at me and i look at him and he smiles and says "you wanna suck on it?" I repelied "fuck yeah dad." I put my lips on his thick hard cock and start going up and down, he moans deep and tells me to lick under his forskin, so i do and he moans even louder with more pleasure. He then grabs my head and goes with the flow and says "yeah son suck and worship the dick that made you!" I suck him for a little longer feeling every vain in my dads big man cock and then he pulls my head away and pushes me on the flat on the bed. He kicks off his pants around his ankels and lays on top of me and starts shoving his tounge down my throght tasting his own dick. My cock is getting really fucking hard with my dads naked body on me and his huge dick rubbing against mine, while he is moving his hips to so we are frotting.

    He scoots down and starts teasing my cock with his tounge, he puts his lips up to my shaved pupic area and balls, i hear him gag a little but he goes on like a man and starts giving me head, with everytime he goes to the bottom he takes his tounge and licks my balls. He squezes my right nipple and sucks harder while i moan loud, thinking the everyone in town can hear me but not giving a fuck. Soon he goes to the head of my dick and starts licking the tip and i watch as his spit and my precum mix together on his tounge. He leans scoots up and kisses me and and i can taste my precum. I wispered to him "this is so fucking hot." and he went on kissing me. He then got up on his knees and spred my legs and slapped his hard cock on my asshole and says "you think you can handle this big dick son?" i repied in a deep breath "hell fucking yeah dad, give me all of your big dick dad." He reachs over and grabs the lube and puts a lot of lube on his dick and rubs it on my asshole and puts two fingers in. He moves them in and out for a moment and puts the head of his uncut dick up to my young ass. Then i feel some pressure on my ass as he slids it in. I let out a yell because it huts but it feels so good. He asked "are you ok?" i said "yeah" he then asked "do you want more or is that enough?" and i said "i want all of it dad!" he said "as you wish" he shove the last of his cock in hard and it hurt for a second and then he started to move in and out and we was both moaning loud!

    I was taking his huge dick every which way we fucked so hard with loud moans and his balls slapping my ass hard and fast. While i was on my back with my muscular legs and big thick feet resting on my dads sholders he i yelled "dad im gonna fucking nut, im gonna fucking nut, OH MY GOSH! FUCK!" He pushes my hand out of the way and grabs my dick while he is still fucking my ass hard and starts to jack me off. And then i feel my man pussy get really tight around my dads hard cock and my cum explods all over my abs and his hand and he licks his hand and eating it and then wipes the rest off me and eats it and enjoying my man juice. I set there for about 30 more seconds and watch as he fucks me harder and harder getting off with his son. He then pulls out and takes to long slow strokes down his dick pulling the forskin back and shoots 10 times all over me going everywhere including on my chin and lips. I lick off his cum on my face and he bends down and kisses me and says "fuck son that was the best sex iv had and i mean i have had sex with plenty of men." I look at him with my dick getting hard again and say "you wanna go again, im fucking horny as hell now dad!"

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