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  • Bryan teaches his brothers
  • We grew up in the large west Texas town of Amarillo. A family of boys --three brothers to be exact. Even though Amarillo is one of the larger cities in west Texas, there was still never enough to do--or enough women for the men of our family. We were known around town for having been around the block a few times with many of the hottest women in town. Age and ethnicity didn't matter a bit to us. We just liked the ladies who enjoyed being fucked good by some boys who knew how. But if you're reading this, you probably don't care that much about that part of our sexual history. As I said, there weren't enough hot women to satisfy our collected horniness. That's why we had such a close and open sexual relationship. As the middle son, I learned about the capabilities for pleasure that my body offered from my older brother, Bryan. He was never bashful around me and actually loved flaunting the fact that he was getting hair in really cool places and was developing a huge dick. He would often parade around the upstairs of our house when my parents weren't aware. I soon started looking forward to seeing his developing body and knowing that I was only a little less than two years behind him in my own maturation.

    Finally the day came when I discovered the first short, curly hair in my crotch. I knew my dick would soon be growing and I'd be able to show off my equipment to my younger brother, Neil, and watch him envy what I had. Before very long, I had developed a full brown bush around my penis and had grown to a respectable 7 inches when hard. Bryan had told me that he could make himself cum and how great it felt and I couldn't wait to find out what that would be like. One afternoon during summer vacation, all three of us boys had been swimming in a local pond to help cool off from the intense west Texas heat. We were only wearing our boxers and were the only ones around this remote area. We were wrestling as we often did and I felt Bryan's crotch rub up against me and knew I definitely felt some hardness there. Before I knew it, he had jokingly pulled my boxers down and somehow managed to pull them off all the way and toss them to the shore. I reached over and grabbed Neil's and did the same thing. Neil and I looked at each other and at the same time said "Let's get him!" and attacked our big brother stripping him naked.

    Now the three of us were romping around splashing each other and laughing. We somehow drifted back to shore and were only in water up to our knees and soon slowed down our play to stop and check out each other's dick. Bryan's was the largest and hairiest and was semi-hard, swaying down half way to his knees. I was next largest in size and the sight of my brother's semi-hardon had me growing too. Surprisingly, Neil's dick was already the same size as mine and even a little hairier, even though he is almost 2 years younger. We all shared the same fat, mushroom- shaped head and low-hanging nuts.

    Bryan was first to move his hand to his dick and comment on how good it felt to be naked in the woods with his brothers with nothing to do but jerk-off. Neil and I looked at each other and grinned and he shrugged and said, "I will if you will - I haven't actually ever been able to cum, yet, although it always feels good to get my dick hard and play with it. Can you guys show me how it's done by professionals?" Bryan and I laughed and I said "Our big brother is the pro, let's watch him do it first and then we'll give it a shot, so to speak." Bryan winked and said he'd be glad to share his technique and expertise with us.

    We moved up to the shore and under some willow trees next to the water and stretched out on the blanket we had brought with us. Bryan reached for the suntan oil and, holding it as high over his now very hard dick as he could, dribbled the warm oil over the entire length of his cock. Both Neil and I had our hands on our dicks, lightly stroking as we hardened. Bryan reached down and started rubbing his balls as his dick-head pulsed. Slowly, he brought his fingers up the length of his dick and wrapped his fist around the big mushroom head. He let out a low moan as he slid his fist down over the rim and stroked the entire thing slowly. His toes curled and his balls twitched as he started stroking faster, making small circles over the head with each stroke. Neil and I couldn't stand it any longer as our cocks throbbed. I was the first to grab the oil but decided to help out my little brother by squirting the oil on his hard, hairy dick. He moaned as the hot lube ran down his balls and made his pubic hair glisten in the sunlight. "Wail on that thing, bro", Bryan said and Neil started matching him stroke for stroke, watching his big brother pounding his dick.

    I dribbled the hot oil on my dick and closed my eyes to savor the feeling as I wrapped my fist around my head and started sliding my fist up and down on my raging hardon. All three of us were totally into our dicks and sharing the pleasure we were feeling. It was a very liberating experience, knowing that your brothers were feeling exactly the same extreme pleasure you were. We felt no shame or embarrassment as we boldly watched each other and mimicked each other's techniques. Bryan seemed to enjoy working on his balls while he jerked off. I like to spread my legs and bring my feet together while masturbating. Neil seemed to enjoy trying both of these techniques and my leg position allowed him to have easy access to his hairy, low-hanging balls.

    We continued this mutual pleasure for quite a while, with occasional moans and comments like "work it man" braking the sound of our slapping fists on hard dick. Bryan started sucking air in his lips which made Neil and I zone in on watching him and his dick getting very close. His toes were pointing straight down and his rock hard stomach was pulsing as the first stream of cum shot out of his dick and hit him in the shoulder. This was followed by at least a dozen more blasts of his jizz.

    The sight of this sent me over the edge as I felt my orgasm build in my balls. I can't remember a stronger or more pleasurable orgasm. Everything around me seemed to be involved in the spasms I felt and I covered my stomach and chest in a huge load. Bryan and I gave each other a slippery high five with our cum covered hands. Then we turned our attention on our little brother, experiencing his first orgasm. His head was thrown back and his fist was feverishly pounding over his dick. His legs were spread in my fashion with his feet together about a foot below his balls which he was squeezing with his other hand.

    "Let it go, bro," Bryan said.

    "Yeah, man, get into that dick. You can do it, dude," I said.

    A low moan started in Neil's throat as his first orgasm started. His head started shaking and he opened his eyes and looked disbelievingly at Bryan and me. "Oh, my god, shit, fuck, I'm cumming," he gasped. Strings of thick, white cum started pumping out of his dick and his whole body convulsed with ecstasy. His fist continued to slide over his cum-covered dick as we kept rooting him on. "Yeah, shoot that shit, man. Get into that dick."

    Finally, Neil collapsed and could do nothing but breathe as he descended from his orgasm. Bryan and I lifted him up and gave him a slippery hug between us. We all laughed as we realized what had just happened between us. Sharing our little brother's first orgasm had totally bonded us even deeper. We knew this would be the first of many pleasurable afternoons we would share that summer, and always.

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